Hump Day Giveaway: Coolcore FTW

You can feel it too, right? That cold breeze that gets up under your jacket on your extra dark morning runs? Winter, my northern hemisphere friends, is coming.

Soon. This awaits (some) of us soon.

I’ve found the secret to getting through these soon-to-be frigid months — when the bleakness starts to wear on your last nerve, get out and go for a nice long run. The trick, however, is making sure you have something warm to wear because there is no bad weather, really, only unsuitable clothing.

Coolcore is super suitable for this time of year. The same chemical-free textile technology that keeps you cool in the summer protects you from too much cool in the winter. To say nothing about its ability to wick away the sweat you work up to keep you dry and cozy.

Coolcore keeps the warm in and the cool out, too.

Coolcore is giving away one wonderful outfit to some lucky BAMR this week. You’ll get the new Elevate Running Tight, which feature an interior draw cord, a thigh pocket for your phone, and reflective details. You’ll also get the Interval Long Sleeve Tee, a great base layer that also has thumbholes. THUMBHOLES, people.

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite non-running way to get active in the winter. 


If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won this warming goodness, use code AMR17 for 15% off anything your chilly heart desires!


The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 11/1/17 and ends on 11/7/17. We will announce one random winner on our Facebook page on 11/10/17, as well as notify the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of this prize is $114. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

460 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Coolcore FTW

  1. We don’t normally see much snow in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas, but when its too nippy outside I love doing Insanity with Shaun T. Brings the sweat and keeps my endurance up.

  2. Well I live in Florida so it does’nt snow here but it does get cold and 40 degrees in Florida is really cold for our thin blood. That being said we can run all 12 months but we still need to layer up to stay warm in our winter months!

  3. I am a big fan of the website “Beachbody on Demand”. You get access to such a variety of workouts all in the comfort and privacy of your own home! I have virtually (no pun intended, well kinda) become a self taught athlete using this website. I do admit I still run in and on the snow and ice. I just strap on crampons (who came up with that name!) on my running shoes and off I go.

  4. One of my favorite non-running winter activities is sledding at our local park with my kids. It’s the same park where the local schools and college host their cross country meets. It has some awesome hills for sledding.

  5. Ugh. I would so much prefer to be outside walking/running. In the cold months, I guess I like trying out new classes at the gym (I’m going to try PiYo this winter).

  6. I grew up cross country ski racing but don’t live close enough to trails now so I will always get out and run in the snow on the trails. If they’re too deep with snow, I hit the roads but it’s rare that the snow sticks around in Denver.

  7. Hmm while I’d like to say I do some amazing cross training or turn up the heat between the sheets or something exciting like that – nothing of the kind. I run outside, year round, rain, sleet or snow!

  8. I’m terrified of running on ice and snow, so when the roads are messy I use my elliptical or go to the gym and use an app to do my own spin class.

  9. When I’m not running, I stay active chasing my two little boys around and doing workouts from Beachbody On Demand.

  10. Skiing when we get to the mountains and workout videos inside when we can’t. I became a much more willing outdoor runner in winter last year thanks to seeing BAMRs running outside in all kinds of temps!

  11. Is extreme coffee drinking a sport?! No? Ok..well, we love to bundle up and go hiking! KS isnt great for winter sports…lots of COLD and wind….but not usually enough snow to do anything with. However, when I do get the chance—I love to ski and sled!

  12. I especially enjoy lugging in firewood, then doing numerous sets of “wine glass lifting” by firelight. Seriously, though- I inherited a basement gym.

  13. Playing outside with my kids in the snow, whether it is building a snowman, shoveling the walk or sledding; all require lots of energy!

  14. Females in Action boot camp class – at 5:30 AM, it is already cold out! But after a few minutes of moving, the sweat is flowing!

  15. My favorite non-running inside activity is spin class. My favorite non-running outside activity is cross country skiing. Overall, I prefer to run if I can!

  16. I love doing cross training workouts in my basement when the MI weather is too much to run in 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win!!

  17. If there’s snow on the ground I’m old fashioned and pick up the shovel then once that’s done, playing in the snow with the kids is a good workout too!!! If I’m stuck inside for the day I love my beachbody workouts and usually choose a 21 day fix workout to sweat a little!

  18. Indoor classes at the local Y, or chasing my son up and down the hills outside while sledding! I love to hear his giggles and the warm relief of hot tea after the fun and smiles outdoors.

  19. Running outside and watching the snow fall, while you run through the big snowflakes. And making a snowman when you are done with the kids.

  20. Hi everyone – wanted to remind you that we are having our Friends & Family event going on until Monday 11/6. 40% off your total purchase. Your AMR17 code will be good through 12/31/17 to follow up on any additional purchases. : ) Please note ‘AMR’ in the comment box so we know who you are! Thanks and Enjoy!

  21. A coworker and I do DailyBurn during our lunch hours on the days I don’t run, but I love running in the winter! I would much rather run in the cold than the heat!

  22. Nothing more fun than a Dance Party with the kiddo in the middle of winter. Family fun and cardio rolled into one.

  23. Playing in the snow with my kids. They just got their own snow shoes and we are gonna hit the trails this winter!

  24. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, but shoveling snow is a necessity (we get lots of it and it’s already here this year) so I tell myself it’s cross-training!

  25. Love me some swimming in the warm pool at YMCA. Just got to make sure my hair is completely dry before going back outside! #haircicles

  26. I run outside all winter here in MI but I also enjoy snowboarding and cross country skiing when there is enough snow!

  27. Any activity that gets me outside breathing the fresh cold air in the wintertime makes me feel good..which includes both downhill as well as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, walking, hiking, shoveling and, when I’m feeling crazy, sledding with the kids! Just embrace the winter and enjoy the change, which has been my motto since transplanting from Florida 26 years ago!

  28. Shoveling, walking my dog and hopefully making a few snowmen are the ways I plan to stay busy this winter in addition to a few short runs outside, if the streets aren’t too icy. Already sprained my ankle once, don’t really want a repeat of that!

  29. I am hardcore and prefer not to use a treadmill so my favorite non running activities in the winter still involve running! I love to snow shoe, but usually end up running. I love to cross country ski, but on groomed trails where I can go mimic a running pace. I also love to run on snowy, icy days, but I wear spikes on gore Tex sneakers or trail shoes and it’s more like scrambling than running.

  30. Cross country skiing is my wintertime favorite, but the last few years we’ve been living in the south, so I’ve just had to stick with running year round.

  31. I love to do a program called PIIT28 and it’s a mix of Pilates and HIIT moves and is awesome for keeping my running muscles strong and also gets my heart rate up! It’s no match for running in my books, but it gets me doing SOMETHING in the cold! #winningatlife

  32. My other running mothers and I (there are 7 of us) try to go for a long run all winter long, but when it is just too cold, snowy, or icy in O-H-I-O we head to the YMCA and hit the treadmills. We will also do a “triple A” workout (arms, abs, and a$$). We all take turns calling out an exercise! After our workout we hit the local coffee shop!

  33. I take as many neighborhood kids as I can sledding on “the big hill” a mile away. Driving in snow doesn’t bother me. And of course hot chocolare for lol after!

  34. Shoveling, between our driveway, our elderly neighbors, my mother in law and her brother who lives next door, there is always something to shovel!!

  35. Snowshoeing, power yoga and barre. The latter two are also two of my faves during the three other seasons, but they’re especially enjoyable when it’s cold outside. That said, I rarely hesitate to strap on my running cleats, bundle up and head out the door for a run in the winter!

  36. Even though I live in Upstate NY I LOVE swimming outdoors on a cold snowy day. Our gym’s outdoor pool is open during much of the cold weather and it’s wonderful!

  37. Hot yoga and cycling are my go to during winter. This winter I am going to push myself to get outside to run more and to lift weights. Plus, I am looking into Pilates.

  38. I live in Florida, so winter is when it’s finally comfortable to be outside! Running, long walks with the dog, trail walks with the family, and some yoga to keep me sane.

  39. I go back to the gym for spinning or weights, but on a snowy day, I actually really enjoy shoveling snow. That’s crazy, right?

  40. Family time at our local fitness center! The kids get to swim in the smaller pool and climb the rock climbing wall. And my husband and I take turns in the lap pool!

  41. I love running in the winter, and would prefer cold weather running to warm weather running, hands down. I do not mind some HIIT workouts when it is way too cold to be outside, though.

  42. Winter in the Midwest causes me to get religious about my kickboxing, spin, and step aerobics class classes! Although, as long as it’s not icey, I love me a freezing temps run!!! As long as you’ve got the right clothes!!! Those are some of my favorite runs!!

  43. My favorite non running activity is ice skating. I skated competitively as a kid, so I love putting on my skates and going around the rink to see what I can still do (which isn’t much). Actually that is how I started running…my runs were cross training for skating.

  44. karate and kickboxing! (Although I must confess that I live in San Diego where winter means a little rain, if that.)

  45. My family and I started taking figure skating lessons and have now found our new family winter love. We get time together to be active and get motivated to be out of the house.

  46. My first choice is always running but if it’s too snowy to get outside I fire up my old p90x3 dvd’s and get a workout in that way. Not as much fun (or as good for my head) but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do….

  47. Downhill skiing and sledding with my kids. Also, just joined a gym so am excited for fitness classes, yoga and bouldering this winter!

  48. I love packing up my 5 kiddos and heading to Tahoe for some downhill skiing! Keep meaning to try cross country skiing but get too distracted by downhill and never quite get around to it. Maybe this will be the year!

  49. Since I became a convert to strength in Stephanie’s TLAM Ultra training….it will now be STRENGTH at the gym. 🙂

  50. Water aerobics! It’s easy on the joints, there’s resistance in every direction you move (great strength training), and the tropical atmosphere (87 degrees in the natatorium) is a welcome reprieve from the cold. 🙂

  51. I still run when the weather cooperates, but I also enjoy doing indoor exercise DVDs like Les Mills Combat. I also like doing free weights.

  52. It’s Florida. We don’t do winter…lol. Same thing all year ’round. Well it might get a bit cooler for a few weeks here and there. : )

  53. Barre class! I have just started it recently and I am looking forward to being nice and warm inside, rather than training for a marathon like I did last winter.

  54. I adore going outside and playing with my son. Especially when his cute little cheeks are red with excitement from the snow!

  55. XC skiing on a sunny day with my kids is wonderful, when the weather is nasty I’m okay with spin classes and swimming. I also occasionally enjoy “getting busy ” with hubs!

  56. Stationary bike! I get to people watch at the gym, or catch old episodes of Law and Order. Not to mention I love how it makes my legs stronger… don’t know why I don’t do it all year long!

  57. I walk my dog in the winter (out of necessity), but if I can’t run then I prefer to workout indoors! Pilates is usually my go to workout.

  58. I’m hoping to start a more effective cross training program so I’m also hoping that swimming at the gym turns into my new fav way to get active in the winter… but the thought of getting into a pool when it’s sub freezing out doesn’t thrill me… maybe I’ll start hot yoga!

  59. We just created a home gym with a treadmill, a Wahoo bike trainer, and a Red Cord set. It will be so awesome on those chilly days when I just can’t drag myself outside.

  60. I love walking the dogs and hiking in the winter. And it’s nice to be able to run later in the day-not having to beat the heat!

  61. I enjoy shoveling snow the first few months of the winter, but done with it by Feb., and REALLY done with it by March. I also enjoy short walks with the dog in snowy weather.

  62. I am a Deena through and through.. But if I had to pick one, it would be noon hour aerobics classes at the local gym. 🙂

  63. My favorite non-running winter activity is snow so love CC skiing but otherwise ice skating on my pond in my back yard with my kiddos! I also love ice fishing but that isn’t super active. Need warm layers for that too!

  64. I try to get outside unless it is snowy or icy but when the weather gets yucky I will move things inside to the stationary bike, weights, and break out some old school exercise dvds. Nothing better than cracking up at some of the attire and getting my sweat on!

  65. When chilly weather hits I love to mix in more heavy lifting!! There’s something so satisfying about weight lifting in the colder weather!

  66. Baking! I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it. It warms the house and my family’s heart!
    ***from the heart of Big Snow Country***Michigan’s Upper Peninsula***

  67. cycling…….thankfully other than some scattered days, the weather is reasonably cooperative to outdoor activities around here.

  68. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the Georgia climate lets me run outdoors pretty comfortabl year-round. But this year my plan is to do some winter cycling, and not just on the trainer.

  69. Sledding with my kids — they’re still young enough that I need to pull them back up the hill, and that’s a heck of a workout!

  70. I hate going outside in the cold, but make the exception for running! I will shovel snow, though — it’s a good workout!

  71. “there is no bad weather, just unsuitable clothing” GREAT statement! No excuses! I like to strength train at a local gym and sneak in some SSSCs through the day when I’m on conference calls in my home office.

  72. Walking the dogs and roller skating with my daughter. We have an indoor roller rink that brings back all sorts of memories.

  73. I live in Austin, TX, so winter is actually the best time for running and being outdoors! I’m looking forward to cool Sunday mornings on the trail!

  74. I love to shovel. Crazy as it sounds…..especially when I’m the only neighbor out there and it’s still snowing. Great exercise.

  75. Taking my dog to the park. She loves running through the snow, and for me walking through the snow in my big heavy snow boots can be a bit of a workout. Especially because my dog loves the chase the ball but isn’t great about bringing it back. Lots of extra walking for me!

  76. Hoping to do more strength training this year and actually get some use out of the gym membership I’m paying for anyway 🙂

  77. I’m in Houston where winter is a relative term. A long walk on a cool day is the bees knees! Ohhh- or a hot yoga session where you are nice & cozy and then BAM! You go outside to a different extreme. I don’t know why, but I find that satisfying. 🙂

  78. Still running here, but I add in extra cross training/strength to prep for the spring races, and my favorite is Brazil Butt Lift. Really. Haha! It’s super fun, killer butt/leg/core work, and the Latin style danc-ish workout with a beach background lets me channel a little bit of summer when we’re buried in the snow.

  79. I play in the snow tih my daughter and dog. When there is no snow, we go to the county park and play on the equitment together.

  80. I’ll be swimming (indoors, obviously) and then enjoying a post-workout stint in the whirlpool! I love swimming while seeing snow outside!

  81. I love classes like Zumba and Xabeat. I have a dance background and its fun to come back to that during the winter.

  82. Snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Living g in the upper peninsula of Michigan, we are blessed with such beauty that it is great to spend time outside enjoying it.

  83. Tae Kwon Do 🙂 The kids and I take classes all year, but it’s nice to be inside and get in a workout during the winter. We are 1 year away from black belts 😉 woohoo !

  84. I will run outside in almost any weather. We do get ice in NW Ohio so when that happens I’m indoors on my bike trainer!

  85. I run in nearly all kinds of weather. When I need to go indoors, I attack the treadmill and weights. Yoga is year round to keep me balanced. Outdoor weight training includes walking my dog, Bernie. He’s 40ish pounds of I’m excited to be alive, I want to meet everyone I see, and I really want to run instead of walk.

  86. I run as long as I can each winter. Living in Indiana, we have had some mild winters and some rough ones. However, if it becomes to treacherous to be out, I head to the gym for the treadmill, swimming and biking. Anything to stay active!

  87. I run year round only opting out if it’s icy or really super low wind chill. On those days I’ll do strength training and Bosu!

  88. I love to go sledding with the kids, getting back up the hill is always a fun challenge with the sleds and maybe one kid in tow.

  89. We only get a small smattering of snow here in Arkansas, so I love to get out (even in frigid temps!) and go for walks or hikes with the kids. Also, can I just say the treadmill is my best winter friend as well?? The 2 hour of free childcare at the gym helps the treadmill feel like a treat hahahaha!

  90. I’ll swim indoors about once a week, just to switch it up a bit. Swimming feels like such a treat in the frozen north!

  91. I live in Florida so the weather is pretty warm most of the year, but on days it is cold I like to find a good Zoomba video or play Dance, Dance Revolution!

  92. I don’t mind running if it’s just cold, but when it turns icy, I stay inside – either on the cardio equipment at the gym, or in the pool.

  93. I’ll run in almost any weather conditions, but if I have to stay inside, I will hit the gym and take a High Fitness or Zumba class.

  94. Snowshoeing!!! I bought snowshoes for my husband and I last year for Christmas and we never had enough snow in the Chicago area.

  95. Do I dare say shoveling snow? It’s cardio and weights and my driveway and sidewalks get cleared. Plus sometimes you have to go out and shovel multiple times if it’s coming down fast so multiple workouts in 1 day.

  96. I’m a downhill skier, seems like from birth. But last year found so much joy in Nordic skiing – great conditions and more of an aerobic workout AND the kiddo dug it last year too!

  97. I like to snowshoe for winter cross training. I would like to learn to swim but don’t think that will happen, but I do like to aqua run.

  98. My “gym” in the garage, so weights or my spin bike. My favorite is definitely sled riding with the kids…if we get snow that is. We love flying down the big hill, and it’s built in hill repeats!!!!

  99. I loathe winter so my workouts head inside. I have a treadmill, but also winter is the time I really get back into strength training. Also restorative and yin yoga are great for relaxing and treating tired muscles with love. But more importantly…Adrienne, is that your dog? Looks like mine! So cute! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  100. Strong believer in mixing it up (all year long) to help prevent injuries; if weather causes me to miss a long run, I go for a long swim instead.

  101. Well, even in winter I still mostly just run, but I have a great treadmill for the really nasty days. I’m trying to learn to love Yoga more as an alternate indoor activity.

  102. Yoga and weights. I always say I’m going to focus on strength over the winter, but even when it’s cold, I still run more than anything.

  103. Well I run year round… coldest run to date is -21*f (w/ wind chill) with my dear hubby. Good times! But besides running, we love to hike in our Western North Carolina mountains!

  104. I don’t do much of any workouts outdoors in the winter. I usually stick with strength training, fitness blender workouts and the treadmill

  105. I love going to swim laps. Now that my big goal race is done and it’s the “off season” I get to enjoy some other sports too! My oldest daughter wants to get up early and come with me which is the icing on the cake!

  106. Snowshoeing!!! I’ve asked for race snowshoes this year for Christmas… my current ones while lightweight are 7 years old and time for an upgrade! We have snowshoe trails in Gatineau Quebec and i want to get out a few times a week this winter, as opposed to a few times over the whole winter 🙂

  107. My favorite non-running way to get active in the winter is to walk around the campus’ lake at lunch time. It’s so lovely at that time of day and there is plenty of wildlife on the trail. And the coolcore gear will keep my core temperature well-regulated.

  108. I love Cross country skiing, but honestly most active in winter is either running my kids to activities or I just stick to the occasional outdoor run.

  109. Sledding with my boys keeps me active along with boot camp. I’m trying to stay injury free this winter between training cycles.

  110. My 4 legged furry friend does not allow me to skip on outside days, he’s pretty bossy really. Now that we are back in CO, I enjoy skiing on my off days.

  111. We bought some snowshoes a couple of years ago, and I use those on my local park trails when I can. Hoping to get a lot of swimming in too ( indoors!).

  112. I try to find apps or links online for additional cardio. I run outside regardless,of weather, but prefer to keep everything indoors!

  113. When there’s snow on the ground I get out my classic and skate skis and cross country ski! It’s works a completely different set of muscles than running, but I get the same ‘runners high’!

  114. Last winter I joined a local gym. I found what I like best about the membership was the group exercise classes. I am really bad at doing the off-day core work- but I found those classes to be very enjoyable! I’m planning to join again this winter.

  115. Hmmm…. I don’t really do anything different in winter. I would rather be under a warm blanket. But maybe I need to take advantage of my Y membership and add in strength training. I do a little here and there but I need to get serious about adding strength.

  116. Burn Bootcamp! I’ve been doing it since January and am so much stronger that it’s made my running better!

  117. To keep up with fitness – something from Beachbody, like Hammer and Chisel which is my current favorite. Just for fun – snowboarding, but I don’t get it often enough! With the kids – hit a trampoline park

  118. I am a huge fan of snowshoeing, and I still do get out and run on the snowy trails most of the winter. My pup loves it, too!

  119. I keep up with my daily walk at lunch time. Just put on my boots and take a quick walk around the block to get the body moving.

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