Hump Day Giveaway: Drawstrings and Other Annoying Things

I'm pretty unpicky when it comes to gear. I mean, I just I want it to flatter me as I'm in motion and when I'm standing around, post-run, chatting (oh, I mean stretching); wick away my sweat; not chafe; not ride up or fall down; match but not look too matchy-matchy; not retain that gross post-sweat smell after I've washed it; and have a slice of style.

O.k., maybe I'm a little picky.

My biggest beef, though, are drawstrings--or lack thereof. A few years ago, I realized how vital they were when I ordered a pair of tights from Athleta, which are no longer on the site. They were cute, with a little reflective flower on the leg, and came in long (huge bonus: no more floods for me in 25 degree temps). Anticipating that I'm-running-in-new-gear-so-I-love-running feeling, I took off, not realizing they didn't have a drawstring--or even very substantial elastic, as most yoga pants do. The pattern of that run: take five steps, feel pants creeping down to mid-bun, hike them up to rib cage, repeat.

I didn't love running that day.

I am in love with my Lululemon Empower Crop II capris. (Who doesn't appreciate LLL, whose booty-licious design flatter every figure?) But I had a similar plumber-ish experience with them at the Austin Half-Marathon. Their drawstring is uncut, requiring an ultra-tight, loopy knot that's tricky to tie and hard to undo when you need to drop your capris asap. Before the race, I hadn't tied the knot tightly enough--or ever run in them, to be honest--and had to hike those suckers about 1,000 times over 13.1.

At the Denver LLL store post-race, I asked for a recommendation to get them tight but still quickly un-tie-able, and Carley, who was helping me, mentioned many people cut the string. Oh. Such a simple solution, but it makes me wonder: why didn't they cut it in the first place?

Sweet relief for me--and for anybody following me.

I know you want to me to wax on about drawstrings, so I'll oblige. My award for best drawstring ever goes to these New Balance Capris, which sport a drawstring that has a thin coating of rubber on one side. So even if they come untied, the rubber keeps the drawstring where you tied it. No slippage. Brilliant.

Tough to see, but this is drawstring nirvana.

O.k., my rant about drawstrings is now over. But I can't be the only picky one out there. For today's Hump Day Giveaway, we want to know, what are your biggest beefs about running gear: apparel, gadgets or shoes? (Feel free to be specific; as much as it sounds like complaining, manufacturers really like honest, helpful feedback.)

Fill us in, and you'll win gear that (hopefully) is free of any complaints: a RLAM tee and RLAM visor. (Although we didn't manufacture them, we'll happily field any issues.)

So, what's your drawstring?

115 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Drawstrings and Other Annoying Things

  1. Ditto all the comments above and maybe one new one. I really hate tights (long, short, capri — doesn’t matter) that have a single seam from front, down through the crotch, up the back. Hello, camel toes. Ugh. This is particularly troublesome b/c I usually have to buy men’s tights so that my ankles will be covered in the cold (I’m 5’11”). Any thoughts on good — dare I ask, LONG — tights for girls?!? Preferably with a sewn-in panel in the crotch area?

    And on the drawstring loop issue (yes, I’ve cut ’em, too), if no one’s mentioned it yet, you can also use those spring-loaded slides thingies (like you put on trail shoe laces) to get the waist loosened quickly. I discovered this when I was pregnant and all the pants have closed loop drawstrings — so not fair to a pregnant lady when she’s gotta go!!

  2. I have a hard time finding a shirt that doesn’t rub after a significant number of miles (under the arms), even the sleeveless kind. In addition, I hate spending money on running gear, can always think of something better to spend it on.

  3. I took the advice of many and got a skirt. A sassy black number with cute pleats across the back. I was so disappointed that the little shorts underneath rode up…..all the way up. Skirts don’t look so cute when you’re digging the shorts out. ๐Ÿ™

  4. My pet peeve: Fuel belts. After I had my daughter two years ago, I could no longer stand to have a fuel belt around my waist (too much pressure on the bladder and whole GI area). Now I have one of the fuel belts with little bottles that I wear around my hips, but it is not designed to stay there, and requires constant fiddling. It works, I guess, but bugs me. Wish me luck on the Fargo marathon this weekend – my first!

      1. Thanks for the good wishes; I had an amazing time! I don’t think the smile faded from my face, even when mile 23 seemed to stretch out for an eternity. I finished right on target at 4:28. Any people from Fargo out there? You were incredible.

        The belt slid around a bit, and I didn’t notice the rather nasty chafing until after the race. I’ll figure something else out for next time, I hope.

  5. Okay, a little silly, but I have one shirt with diagonal stripes on the shoulders (basically where the seam attaching the arms is). Something about it makes my posture look terrible, like I am completely hunched over. After 30+ years of my mother telling me to stand up straight, it bugs me that it makes my only-so-so posture look even worse!

  6. I haven’t found a shirt or tank that I love. I have a very long torso and everything rides up over my not-so-flat belly.

  7. Just last night at running class we discussed the importance of clothing. I say get rid of the drawstring all together. Besides…my dryer eats enough socks in one year…it does not need drawstrings for nourishment as well. Happy Running

  8. I like wearing UA compression shorts, but I have blown through 2 shorts from my thighs rubbing. My Victoria Secret running pants show NO SIGN of any fabric break down after running in them for 2 winters. I want a pair of compression shorts that are stronger in that area.

  9. so glad to know i’m not the only one with drawstring issues or who is tugging and hiking up her running pants or capris in a oh so awkward kind of way way too many times during her runs.

  10. Not sure if it counts, but…while our goal is to run for whatever reason, looking decent is always nice…How about a shirt that is long enough and with a scoop/v-neck that is flattering rather than up to the neck making a gal’s chest look bigger than it needs to…And here is another – how about a running skirt that has a waist band that is smaller than the hip area…I am not a board, I am a woman and as such I have curves…

  11. My biggest beef is with drawstrings that go awol in the wash. You know? You throw in the laundry and out they come sans drawstring! Or one part is lost somewhere in the band! Urgh! I know I should remember to tie the suckers before they go in the wash but who has time for that? Why don’t they put a toggle on them so we can just pull them taut and push the toggle up? Maybe cos it would irritate? I dunno, there has to be a solution for awol drawstrings!

  12. I’m fairly new to this running thing. I ran in junior high and high school but that’s been a long time ago. I have found that I don’t like shorts without pockets. I’ve also found that my shoe laces bug me. I tie them in a double knot but at times the loop will get in a position where it rubs against my leg and drives me crazy. There’s probably a simple solution to this problem but I haven’t found it yet.

  13. I had a stop watch that would beep randomly. It got worse and I couldn’t get it to stop and couldn’t think of anything short of bashing it with a hammer so I stuck it in the freezer. That watch lived there for a long time!! It did finally stop beeping but it made my husband question my sanity for putting a stopwatch in the freezer……. To time how long it takes for water to freeze of course LOL!!

  14. Although it’s better than it was a few years ago, there’s still so few tanks and running tight, capris, shorts, that have a small pocket. I think they should come standard on all running clothes.

  15. My number one issue is all the freaking pink. I hate it. And I won’t buy it. I’m a woman not a 7 year old princess. After that, it’s finding a sports bra (a natural 32EE is not easy to support). And then it’s finding sleeveless technical tops that aren’t racerback, since apparently no one makes a racerback bra for a gal my size. Then it’s tops that reveal my belly button because my boobs use up so much of the fabric. Then it’s built in panties. Even though my measurements will be dead-on for a pair of shorts or skirt, the built in panties DIG IN and I get lines. Or tops that are available in women’s sizes, but aren’t actually cut for a woman’s body. I know I’d have more options if I got over the pink thing, but I can’t/won’t. It’s just ugly.

  16. Oh, so many pet peeves to choose from!

    I’ve got to agree with the short shirt/longbra issue…drives me CRAZY having to tug things down into place.

    But I did just get a Nike running tank that is nice & long…yay!

  17. Oh boy… I have a few. My armband that I put my iPod Nano in, is great, but I have to tug it up because even on the tightest setting, it still doesn’t always stay up. Ditto with the earbuds, they don’t always stay in. Also, I hate when I find a shirt I love, order another in a different color, and they don’t fit the same. Really? And I agree with all the “built in bra” comments. Please. I’d love to be small enough to wear something with a built in bra.

  18. No pockets! I wish every pair of running tights, capris, jackets and vests came with at least one pocket…and a zip-up pocket please so my starbucks money doesn’t fall out.

  19. Mine is actually drawstring too. I started running to lose weight, but I don’t want to have to keep replacing my pants-just put a drawstring in!

  20. I love my booty! Love, love, love it!!
    not all clothes are made for a bootay like mine.
    That’s not my complaint tho – the complaint is once I finally find something I can wear I buy tons of that piece – problem? every single one seems to be cut a tiny bit different. WHY?? Why can’t they all be the same?
    Maybe it isn’t a article issue – but a ‘try on before you buy’ issue.

  21. Wow, I was just thinking about this last night, as I set aside my running gear for my morning run. I wear compression shorts (or tights or capris) and I am SO tired of black! Can’t anyone make a nice short that won’t ride up in blue or purple or red or green or . . . .

  22. I’ll just ditto all the comments on ride up shorts and lack of pockets of any sort. I also end up wearing the same comfy capris year round.

  23. Running bras. Ugh. I don’t need much support ( 32AA) but seriously, how hard is it to make a bra that fits? I’ve tried just about every brand on the market with no luck. They are either too tight, too loose, too big, too small -UGH! The worst part is trying to pull that sweaty sucker off after a run. I end up dancing around the bathroom trying to pull it over my head.

    I do like under armor running shorts ( not the really short ones) they seem to stay put and give you good coverage.

    p.s. If anyone is looking for a great bra ( not for running) try the Spanx Bra-llelujah. It’s the best bra I’ve ever worn. A bit pricey, but so worth it.

  24. I really, REALLY hate the built in jog bra. Such a waste of material. I can never find one that covers my girls. And I have to wear a separate bra underneath anyway. My two cents!

  25. I am currently annoyed by socks that blister. Just when I think I have found the perfect sock for me, it works for a while and then starts to blister. Haven’t tried the double sock method yet, but on to that next!

  26. I hate loose fitting shirts. Since I started working out, I have to either have a tank top on or a t-shirt that hugs my body close, and nothing can be around my neck. It has to be a scoop neck or a v-neck shirt. Also when I run, I tuck the cord of my ipod shuffle in my bra so it’s not bouncing all over the place. Do I sound a little neurotic when I run???

  27. I struggle with the pocket issue and ride-up issue on shorts. I just got some Patagonia running shorts that are perfect; they don’t ride up, they have two zip pockets in front. However, putting things like way too big keys, gels, etc…make you look like you’re carrying serious baggage and it feels funny while running so I don’t use the pockets that I thought I would love. Most often I’m pushing a jogging stroller so store all the extras in the jogger ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love skirts but am always tugging on the shorts regardless of how well they initially fit.

  28. Hmmm…I have been looking for a pair of bike shorts that have a flat seam and a diamond int he panty area. I don’t know why…but I can’t find them. The last pair I got (Target C9 brand) about 10 years has had a few whole thanks to my enhanced thighs. So, I have sewed…but been looking for a replacement for a couple years now.

    So I guess I don’t like unflat (is that a word) seams.

  29. My biggest beef is when my favorite gear wears out and I have to start all over again ๐Ÿ™ and earbuds…slippery little suckers…but I’ll keep looking.

  30. My biggest problem with running gear is that (3 kids later) I want to cover my belly, but every tank top or t-shirt chafes my underarms. Any long sports bras that offer enough support? Because I haven’t found one.

  31. POCKETS! I need pockets to put my GU, my phone or ipod in, pockets to slip my kleenex in since I can’t blow snot rockts like some of my bestie running buddies. I need pockets. And there are rarely enough.

  32. No matter what manufacturers claim, there does not exist a sports bra that will keep DD’s from moving. ๐Ÿ™ So. I have to wear two bras to run. In the heat. In Florida. Suckage.

  33. Oh and I have to add that I liked the Under Armor Bra because it made me feel like a ‘normal’ runner in a bra…not a woman in a straight jacket! Also…why do the larger bras only come in black and white and the smaller sizes come in cute colors and prints?

    I take issue with running pants not ever coming in a LONG size. I look like I am Noah’s Wife all winter waiting for the flood. STUPID! The cute pants that fit correctly are always too short.

  34. I have lots of issues…I hate shirts with built-in bras (not supportive enough), shorts and pants without pockets, pants that stretch and fall down, shorts that ride up, but my biggest complaint of all….shorts that make me look like I have a penis. (I don’t.)

  35. Running bras – ick! The only one that has successfully held my ample bosom in place while running is the Enell, and while it does the trick, there is so much reinforced fabric on the back of it that I feel like I’m encased in some hot contraption. I wear technical shirts, which are great for running/sweating in the Texas heat, but that bra stays wet on my back for hours (if I let it – usually I can’t wait to rip it off).

  36. One-size-fits-all running hats drive me batty because they don’t usually fit me. It’s been really difficult to find running hats that can adjust tightly enough to not be blown off my head in wind–and even when they do, then I have this long strap flapping around at the back of my head. But, I don’t like to run without a hat, so the hat is a must, flapping strap or not.

  37. I’m there on the drawstring issue! I bought a running skirt that I really liked, the purple camo It is a little big, but it seemed fine at home. The first day I wore it running, on a 2 hr run, it was fine, shorts rode up a little since the were loose too. Second day was awful! I was doing another long run, but was alone so brought my phone & put in handy side pocket. Skirt started falling down right away. So decided to carry it, plus I was carrying water bottle, which I usually don’t, so ended up with something in each hand. Which I usually hate. And skirt KEPT falling down. Finially figured out the first time I had worn waist belt for water which held up skirt. So will have to fashion some drawstrings myself. ๐Ÿ™

  38. The cord on my new SkullCandy earbuds!!!! For whatever reason, that cord flops hither and yon at the slightest jog! Like it’s on a wild ride of its own! Length? Weight? no idea what the problem is with the cord, but it frustrates me every time! Love the earbuds- they don’t make me feel like I’ve recently had my ears surgically widened like the iPod ones did! ouch! But I’ve found myself shoving the cord of my Skullcandy buds in the front of my tank top by the first half mile. I’m certain it’s an attractive look!

  39. First my complaint is all the gear in general that I complicate the simplicity of running. Second is my addiction to all them (I POD, hand held water bottle, shoe pocket, sports beans, head sweat hats etc.) I can’t leave the house without my “stuff” what gives???
    I totally agree with the compression shorts (or lack of in running skirts). Also particularly irritating is the garmin pressing on the bony part of my wrist. I have a perma red, sore and shiny spot on my wrist where the garmin rubs. Then I discovered a wrist band to go over the wrist so it doesn’t rub, oh and then cord keeper for my IPOD cords……get my drift on GEAR OVERLOAD!!

  40. Oh the shoelaces!!! I once lost a race because my shoe FELL OFF. I agree with all the posts about bras. IF they can get humans into space, why can’t they develop a running bra that does not make you look like you have a large tumor in the middle of your chest?

    Lastly, I have a long torso, but am otherwise petite. So I share that problem of the gap, showing off my midriff, which just feels weird to me. Can’t we have long ‘n’ tall like the men-folk? I’d rather not swim in my singlet just so I can cover my belly button.

  41. I have to wear motion control shoes. And I HATE how they all look! Can’t they make some that look cool instead of making them look like old people shoes? Stupid over pronation!!

    I actually almost always pull the drawstrings out of my pants, if I need the drawstring to keep it up they are not the pants for me! I love my CW-X capri’s and shorts. They came with a drawstring, but fit so well I don’t need them. And the support web that the company is always touting is awesome!

  42. Well…most of my ‘beefs’ have been mentioned…shorts that ride up, skirts that do not fit well or properly (and NEVER have a drawstring!!!) but the biggest thing to me a a sports bra. I am a 36D and can not find a bra I like….well…scratch that…I did find one that I loved that was made by underArmour but they have discontinued it! I loved that it had padding on the straps over my shoulders…nice that it did not rub my shoulder raw. It had no hooks or zippers….say hello the massive chaffing that even a VAT of Glide could not fix. It was padded so that no one knew when the ‘lights were on’! It did not give uniboob….separate compartments for each of the girls. It stayed in place and kept the girls there too.

    The one I still have is so worn and nasty that my husband offered to buy me more…said I looked like I was going to get a black eye soon from all the bouncing (really worn out of shape!!) but now it is gone….they no longer make it and an internet search mission turned up empty…well none in my size.

    I wish companies would ask for feedback from the ‘real people’ that purchase and use their products. I wish companies would let folks know when they are going to discontinue items so that ‘real people’ can buy all that there is left! Perhaps companies could have reps at races/expos and ask runners they see in their clothing and shoes what they like and dont like about the products. Just a thought…..

  43. I have two. First, headbands . . . I have yet to find a headband that stays on my head! They always slip off . . . I am beginning to wonder if I have a weird shaped head or it is just small!

    And, I love running skirts, but have only found one that has compression shorts that are long enough! I love the Atalanta running skirt, but, yet, the company is going out of business. I wish that most running skirt companies would make LONG compression shorts, I hafe so easily.

    1. I have NEVER found a headband that will stay on my head either. Totally sucks when there are such cute ones out there and I have crazy hair that doesn’t always want to be shoved into a hat.

  44. Shoes! I am a flat-footed, 12AA wearing mama, which no stores seem to carry. The specialty running stores will gladly order for me, but i want to go and try and buy. And they try to steer me towards mens shoes, which are too wide. So many gripes with my feet and shoes…

  45. Built in jog bras–can’t stand ’em! I’m pretty small-framed but have larger-than-average girls. If I buy tops that fit me but that also have jog bras, I’m forced to squish my girls into gravity-defying positions in order to accomodate the bra. This has the unfortunate effect of creating cleavage that seems to start up under my chin. Eek. Not what you want on your run, thank you very much.

  46. I REALLY hate when my shorts โ€œride upโ€. There is nothing more unflattering that when your shorts creep up mid-run to reveal my bulgy thighs or stretch marks. The rubbing of thighs also becomes quite uncomfortable overtime and chaffing is no fun either. I have loved running skirts because they donโ€™t constantly have to be adjusted while I workout.

    I also really dislike anything that bounces. I dislike hydration belts and waist pockets that bounce up and down, when placed around my waist. This is why I really like the handheld water bottles now. This way, I have complete control of the motion. I donโ€™t need any more โ€œjiggle in my middleโ€!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I prefer to wear sleeveless shirt when running and the ones with bulky seams and extra piping drive me crazy because, no matter how much body glide I put on my inner arm, I always end up with a raw red spot due to chafing. Also, totally agree that drawstrings are a must to keep my pants/capris/shorts up – and they must not come out when washing either. Love your book!

  48. Definitely my headphones – can’t keep them in! So wish I knew of a better product to stay in while running.

  49. My biggest beef is so called v-neck t-shirts. They are never low enough to not bother my neck and I hate the feeling of anything around my neck when running. Every t-shirt I have tried never have a v-neck low enough to make me feel comfortable. I would love to get a moisture wisking shirt but the v’s are never low enough. I wear cotton t-shirts so the v is low enough to not bother me and instead I deal with the sweaty, sticky shirt stuck to my body. So, I would love to see manufactures make the v’s lower on the necks of the shirts.

  50. After reading the other comments I realized my problem; running socks! I have really small feet and for some reason all the socks I find are too big either in the toe area or the heel.

  51. I have all kinds of issues that try to “keep” me from running. Socks that fall down, shorts that ride up, sleeves that bug me once I start sweating…not too mention the cold days that need extra annoying layers. My favorite shorts are a pair of cut off cargo sweatpants that cling to my legs, have pockets, stay cool and no chafing. They are not the prescribed running wear but so far, so good!

  52. Count me in on the beef with shorts. I’ve been sticking to capris but as the temperatures get higher that is not going to fly. I want to try a running skirt, but since I carry my weight in my hips and thighs that seems to be an issue. On the last sizing guide I checked I was a Medium in the waist and an XL in the hips. Ugh. I need something that will fit in both areas, so I will have to check out some of the recommendations from above.

  53. My headphones. UGH! I must have abnormal ears because they NEVER stay in my ears. And headbands never really work for me. Even the awesome and cute bondibands dont stay in place. I guess I have a long skinny head. I wear them with normal clothes to be cute but they do no good whatsoever while exercising or running.

  54. okay I love my water belt but it has two problems. First I have the velcro that is used to hold in on. If you lose weight the belt no longer fit, but I give it to the manufactuer they have fixed taht but they did not fix the pocket. The pocket is so tiny taht you can barely get two GU’s in it. Reallt 2 GU’s on a twenty miler just doesn’t work.

  55. They don’t make many running clothes for petite women. I am 5’3″ and have short arms and legs. The long sleeve tops go over my hands…which is ok when I run in the winter. No need to wear gloves that I usually take off after a mile anyway. I bought a pair of CW-X 3/4 tights and the part that is supposed to go over my knees to help keep them stable is around my calf. If I hike them up, then I have all sorts of extra material around my upper thighs. Running pants, forget it! The are on the gorund. Running tights bunch up around my ankles and can cause blisters if the elastic is too tight. Dimity, I have a pair of those Athleta capri thights with the reflecting swirly design on them and I love them but wish they would stay up! I’ve thought about taking them to a tailor to see if they could add a drawstring. I only wear them when I have no other clean running gear.

  56. Just a few- most shorts – I have a few pairs that work like a charm, but most always ride up throughout the run and/or cause chaffing. I do love my running skirts though.

    Running shirts- most are too short for me.

    And gps gadgets that never click in. I have just stopped using mine, but still get annoyed sometimes when I run with my friend and she spends the first 10 minutes trying to get her garmin to work and fretting when it doesn’t because she won’t get the entire run recorded.

  57. Gonna have to say my biggest beef is running shorts. Have never found shorts that I like, so wear capris in the summer, and have the whitest knees in the nation. I used to use an amphipod water belt, but now can’t stand the restricted feeling of having something on my waist on long runs, so just carry my water now. And like most of you, want more pockets in my running pants so I’m not jamming 2 gus, keys and cell phone into the tiny amphipod hand-held pocket. Hence the reason why I have 2, so someday when I’m mentally ready for a long run, and the zipper finally gives, I can swap and go.

    I am definitely going to check out though. Thanks.

  58. My biggest beef isn’t to do with any particular brand or product, but my stinkin’ thunder thighs. I absolutely cannot stand wearing shorts when I run due to how they ride up and bunch. I’m very self conscious about my body, so I can’t deal with the visible chub-rub, both comfort-wise and sight-wise. And so, I always wear capris or long pants to run in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I totally agree with you! I am in the same situation and very self conscious of my inner thighs…cannot wear anything but capris/leggings…You are not alone! : )

  59. earbuds and sports bras. the earbuds I can’t get to stay in place. and the sportsbra is nearly impossible to get off, so subsequently has morphed into my husband’s favorite post-run entertainment.

  60. Lately my beef is that sportswear companies and stores don’t carry maternity running gear – they have TONS of cotton t-shirts and yoga pants at maternity stores, but I’m looking for moisture wicking performance stuff. Going up a size isn’t feasible either because then the neck, shoulders and chest are too wide ๐Ÿ™

  61. I can’t wear shorts, they ride up too quickly, so I’m stuck with pants or capris. But no pockets? I also have a hard time with figuring out the best way to carry my ipod. I’ve been clipping it to the side of my pants, but sometimes this just makes them scoot down to my hips, and then I’m distracted. Oh and the ear bud thing! That too! I could probably think of five more things but then I’d just start to get annoying…

  62. I have so many running tanks that ride up while I’m running. I have a narrow waist and wide hips and fitted tops always creep up and expose my not so toned, I’ve had 2 babies, belly. As for shorts, I have never found a comfortable pair, they always bunch and ride up. My solution is…they. are. awesome.

  63. My drawstring is definitely shorts that ride up on my legs. I HATE running in shorts that will not stay down in that all important inner thigh area and so I am constantly running along pulling them down. Not to mention the chafing that occurs, I still haven’t found a pair that is exempt from this problem. I have switched to running capris most of the time now:)

  64. My biggest beef are jog bras that say they are a particular size but they don’t fit. I’m a 38B (well, closer to a C since I’ve been nursing), which is a weird size, but many bras claim to fit that size. For example, the sizing might say Large (34C-38B), and there is no way a bra can fit well for a person with a 34 ribcage and also a person with a 38 ribcage. Even with adjustable fasteners, it rarely works.

    I have found my dream bra, however, FINALLY. It’s sold by Title 9 (my most favorite women’s sports apparel company ever), and it’s called the 3-reasons support bra. I have 2 and plan to order more. I don’t wear anything else anymore! It has adjustable straps, too, which is great for nursing moms whose boobs might be slightly different sizes on different days! The fit is superb, the support amazing, the wicking to die for. Am I slobbering over this bra? =)

  65. shorts that ride up, hair elastics that don’t hold tight enough and haven’t found a bra that holds these ladies down…

  66. I struggle with my fuel belt. I am so short waist-ed and would just like it to sit low on my hips, but as soon as I start running it slides up to my natural waist and just moves around too much. I synch it up as tight as I can, but until I have basically drank all my water, I am constantly putzing around with it.

  67. I really dislike that my Garmin watch’s band holder thingy busted after a month…. I know. It’s a tiny thing. But it’s the most expensive thing on my body at any given time (oh, okay… my engagement ring wins that, I guess) and now I have an elastic band wrapped around it to hold it in place. Otherwise, it’s the never-t0-be-washed-away stink that some of my favorite running clothes seem to hold that bothers me. And when I say STINK, I mean so totally offensive you want to blame the baby’s diaper….

  68. I hate the ride up between the thighs from running shorts…I know I have big thighs, but it gets old! I also hate the variation in sizing…I can have on size Medium practically falling off and another so tight I can barely breathe!

  69. Earbuds! OMG, they drive me nuts (okay, it was really hard not to use a four-letter word that starts with an “f” right before “nuts”). I spend the first mile adjusting my right one (because I only run with one in for safety reasons). It is constantly trying to jump out of my ear, or the wires are always pulling it down or out or making an annoying sound as they tap against me with every step. UGH! Aaaaanyway, I’ll calm down now…

    (PS: Not trying to win extra bonus points here, but just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I’m enjoying RLAM. I am injured — just four weeks from my first marathon. I’m pretty bummed out about it. I’m riding the recumbent bike, which is actually growing on me. I got a Kindle for Mother’s Day and I was reading Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. It just wasn’t working for me in the gym. I had to use too much brain power to figure out what the heck Fanny and Edmund and Ms. Crawford were all talking about. Anyway, the lovely thing about a Kindle is that — poof! — new book downloaded instantly. I chose RLAM and am so glad I did! So much better. So…thanks!)

    1. Kerrie, ME TOO! My solution is to tuck them under the straps of my sports bra (in that little pocket under your collarbones). I crank the iPod volume to max, and it’s my own personal boombox. I can have my tunes but still listen for coyotes and California drivers.

  70. I need more places to store stuff than the average shorts provide. I need a pocket for – key, cell phone, inhaler, pepper spray. You can’t put all the things in one or two larger pockets either because of the annoying rattle. Do I always need the Race Ready shorts? I love when it is cold enough to wear my running vest – plenty of storage!

  71. i hate running shorts. they ride up and make me drag them down for the entire run. and the only color that looks good on me is black. any other color and my back end looks huge!!

  72. I HATE when you find a pair of running shoes you love, and they discontinue them!! It happens to me alllllll the time! Current pair? Nike Free 5.0’s. Being phased out for the nike free run plus or whatever they call it. I’m really upset over this, because the 5.0’s were the best thing I’ve ever put on my feet. I don’t have the luxury of being able to buy like 7 pairs at once and store them in my closet once I find out they are on the “endangered list” like some people do.

  73. This is so funny, because my biggest beef is drawstrings, too. Only I can’t stand them (sorry, sorry, many apologies!). I hate that they always get “lost” every time I wash them and then I have dig them out, ughhhh….. And I hate that they make it very difficult to got to the porta potty. Ok, I’ll get off my draw string rant now, lol! I just always pull them out : )

  74. You had me at “booty-licious design flatter every figure…” REALLY? I’ll take that! I’ll just have to look those up! I’m pretty much a purist – footwear & socks are key, but everything else, I buy on sale – proper running stuff, but the majority was on sale. Why pay full-price?? Anywho, as for drawstrings, it must be functional and easy or it gets CUT! Finish a long run, things start moving around downstairs, got to get to the potty YESTERDAY and there’s a knot that makes me cry. I’ve pulled shorts down with that pesky, dang knot still in place with brush burns on my hips to prove it! Yikes!

  75. I know this is a really simple, inexpensive fix, but it drives me nuts that the laces that came with my Mizunos are too short to tie a double knot if you actually lace them through all the holes (did anyone follow that? ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I pay $100 for shoes, I just want them to come with laces that work. I had to retie my shoes twice during a recent 5K, and I’m blaming that for my seriously lackluster time.

    The interior key pocket on shorts drives me nuts too. Why is it on the inside of the shorts? I don’t want my key rubbing up against me for ten miles. I agree with previous posters that pockets are a must (and so hard to find!), but I want mine on the outside. I don’t need another excuse to chafe!

    Hands-down favorite is my Atalanta running skirt. Two nice pockets = my go-t0 gear for every long run.

  76. I have two–make that three: shorts with no pockets. On the days that I can beat the pollen and run outside, I want somewhere to either put a key or my ipod nano (I cannot cannot cannot wear it on my arm—for some reason it is incredibly uncomfortable)…no pocket means that I have to improvise and without fail, improvisation causes some other ailment.

    next– my new nike sport (dont remember the exact model name) headphones…. the cord is too short and the extension cord they provide is too long. My first run,I did not use the extension—my own fault for not having tried the headphones first, but who thinks about headphone cords being too short. So I am getting out of my car plugging my ipod in and realize that the cord is too short. yikes! Next run, I try the extension… I am left with two choices- to either let it dangle so that I looks like I have a third (but shorter) leg, or to put the extra cord in my shorts. Neither choice made me happy ๐Ÿ™

    Last–my “spy belt”–I got this a few years ago so that I could wear my race bibs in a place that did not say, hello world, look at my chest!–and had a pocket. Well, it does all that, but every few minutes I am having to re-adjust the belt and put in back in place because it keeps moving up to the point that I might as well have been wearing my bib across my chest.

  77. I so agree with Dana & Lisa – could I please have a running skirt made for a woman with a little booty?!?! Having to constantly yank and tug at the compression shorts underneath just kills the mood! Manufacturers need to recognize that girls with curves run too!

  78. I hate sleeveless shirts with giant armholes. Maybe I’m getting old, but I just don’t like people seeing the sides of my running bra!

  79. i’m going to agree with katherine and say the built-in jog bra. i’m pretty slender but “my girls” are on the larger side. tops with built in bras that fit the rest of me don’t fit my chest at all and the elastic of the bra simply rides up my boobs. i have to wear a separate sports bra no matter what so the built-ins are just an extra layer of irritating material.

  80. Shoelaces! Why can’t they make shoelaces that stay tied without having to double-knot them? Every pair of running shoes I’ve ever had won’t stay knotted no matter which brand of shoe it is, and I hate double-knotting as it makes it a hassle to undo, especially mid-run if I get a rock in my shoe. Really, they can put a man on the moon so why not laces that stay knotted?

  81. Car keys have gotten a lot larger — and the miniscule “key pockets” that come built into most running shorts or running tights are way too small for my Honda car key to fit into. Nothing is worse than having to carry your car key in your hand.

    I do have a Lululemon cuff wristband, which I have found to be a good alternative, as my car key fits into that nicely.

    Also – what is the point of a key pocket without a zipper to close, so that your car key doesn’t fall out during a run?

  82. Now that I bought a running skirt from, I can’t stand the ones with the long shorts underneath. They are too bulky and warm. I absolutely love my new running skirt.

  83. The length or lack of, of most running shirts drives me nuts. I am fairly tall, and need a longer, stay put running shirt that first off, doesn’t ride up, and secondly doesn’t make me look like I am “too tall women with too short shirt” Most running shirts cut me off at the weirdest point on my body, and if I don’t wear a tank top or something under it, I just look dispreportionate. I have finally found that Under Armour does make some longer tanks and shirts for running that do fit better. But, I would love to be able to buy all brands and styles, and not have to wore about the length. And, most of those wonderful tech race shirts…you guessed it…”too tall women with too short shirt” shirt. So, if anyone can help me out in this department, let me know.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. I hate socks that slip down into my shoe leaving the skin on my heel wide open for a blister. I used to look high and low for socks with little cotton ball bunny tails at the heel but I can’t find them anymore. Now it seems the only option is socks so high my ankles never see the light of day. There has to be a middle ground.

    Also, how do people carry their iPods and actually use the Nike+ feature? If the iPod is in an armband, I can’t see the buttons to hit “End Workout.” It gets soaked with sweat in my hand or shorts pocket. I’ve clipped it on my shorts, but then my shorts ride down. I’ve gone to a Nike+ SportBand until I solve this. I wish there was a wristband of sorts.

    Beyond that I am a sucker for gear at Target. The C9 by Champion. Maybe that’s just because Target is magical like that or because I can’t afford to shop anywhere else…

    1. I keep my nano in a pocket and despite sweating buckets, it doesn’t get wet. When I did use an armband, I’d just take armband off close to home and then hit the Menu button thru the neoprene holder.

  85. I hate the short shorts that are made for running. I feel like I need a pair of bike shorts under them to stay modest and I hate how most running bras make me look like a uniboob. Can’t any manufacturers make a decent running bra that lifts, separates and holds those girls in place.

    1. Kerrie–
      Check out lululemon: I got a cute pair of shorts in their store that have built-in compression shorts with runner-style shorts over. I don’t see them on but I got them in store only a month ago so I’m thinking they’d still be in stock.

    2. For good sports bras that banish the “uniboob” effect, try Moving Comfort. Specialty running stores usually carry the brand, or try their website They specialize in sports bras and the company is run entirely by women, so they know their stuff.

  86. I just recently ( like yesterday) bought two thin dry fit Nike singelets. It is already like 90 in Texas. Anyways the one I wore this morning already has a start of a run in the material. I know its thin but come on. When you buy something to workout in you would think a company would make clothing you can actually own for a while and not have to worry about it falling apart in a month. Also clothing that should be able to last through a few washing cycles.

  87. In between pants… the pants/shorts/skirts you bought because they fit and looked great quickly became your favourite but then as you loose just enough of your butt that they don’t fit quite right and you end up hiking or contemplate suspenders but not enough that a smaller size is the way to go. Everyone in our group has a pair and you know within the first 5 minutes who is wearing theirs

  88. the built-in jogbra. hate them all. there is not point. why do they design something made to fit ONE woman. really not intelligent as far as marketing/sales are concerned. i have broad shoulders and no boobs. Large and medium shirts are generally great on my shoulders but do nothing for my girls which bounce/swing all over. And I feel like a “fat guy in a little coat” in a small if i can get it on. The only built-ins that fit me are racer-back (t-back) b/c they don’t need to fit my shoulders. If they got rid of all built-in bras I PROMISE they would sell more…yes, I’m happy to pay for BOTH a jogbra and a shirt…it’s that important.

  89. I’ve tried on probably no less than 25 running skirts, and still haven’t found one that properly fits me. I have bigger hips than I’d like (“running my butt off” isn’t living up to its name)…. The compression shorts that are in the skirts I’ve tried aren’t compressing anything at all! One sales person told me their solution to that problem was to cut the shorts out of the skirt and use her own shorts underneath–but I’d rather be able to buy a skirt that fits! (Only one that I’ve tried really fit well, and it looked more like a cheer-leading skirt with pleats and slits all the way around–very unflattering!) One solution might be to offer skirts and compression shorts as mix and match like most companies do for bathing suits now for those of us who wear different sizes on top and bottom! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I completely agree with Dana — I have also yet to find a running skirt with shorts that stay put. Unfortunately, constantly yanking at the “compression” shorts to get them back into place quickly kills any of the cute girly sexiness I was going for by choosing the skirt in the first place!

    2. I have wide hips and thighs and I wear skirts with the briefs..there is no chafing, no yanking the skirt down and the skirt stays put. The larger the size, the longer the skirt and the wider the brief and I don’t experience any chafing..unless I go for a long run, 10 or more miles or it’s raining..then I just slap on some body glide and I’m good to go.

      1. I agree with Rebecca: A skirt with “spanks” underneath (the Running Skirt style) is the solution, Dana. No shorts to yank down. And I don’t feel overexposed in it. The wind has blown my skirt up to reveal the spanks maybe once, if at all.
        TONS of cute color combos to choose from. And nice identical twin sisters own the company. Tell them we went you!

  90. I can’t stand when I have a top or bottom devoid of any pockets. I know it seems like all the mfr’s would put them in but I have plenty of perps hanging in my closet.

    Yes there are days when I don’t wanna wear a Spibelt or Fuelbelt and just a tiny pocket for my pepper spray or key would be nice!

    1. I hear you, Marcia. I’m alllllll about pockets–for nano, in particular. I’m finding more and more shirts now have a pocket. Like a lot of Asics ones have zippered pockets and New Balance ones have pocket up near the neck.

  91. maybe it is just the size of my large booty, but unless I buy shorts so short that I can feel my bum bouncing out while I run, the shorts tend to ride and chafe. At a recent 5k, I wore a pair of Nike shorts with plenty of coverage and they rode so bad that my inside thighs were rubbed raw only after a 5k!

    I love my Brooks shorts but they are so short, I feel like a cheap date if I go anywhere besides for a run in them! Like when I showed up at pre-school drop off in them I could feel eyes burning through my bum, which was probably falling out of the back…..but on race day said Brooks shorts were AWESOME!!

    Sighhhhhh….what to do go short and be a little risque like or stay long with chaffed legs?

    1. Get your self a running skirt and some body glide and your good to go… is my favorite : )

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