Hump Day Giveaway: Every Mother Counts/Oiselle Hoodie (x2!)

Who needs Herb Ritts when you have arms long enough to take an iPhone self-portrait?

Thanks to our line of work, Dimity and I have been fortunate to meet so many great women--Joan Benoit Samuelson, Kara Goucher, Deena Kastor, Kathrine Switzer, and Katie Couric. (Oh, wait, sorry, that last one was only in our dreams. Come on, "Katie,"have us on as guests!!) And last week I had the delight of running with Christy Turlington Burns, the supermodel-cum-super-mother-runner who founded a non-profit organization called Every Mother Counts, which is focused on reducing maternal mortality globally. Christy and I had connected via Twitter, then Dimity and I recorded a podcast with her (airing tomorrow on and Stitcher; available on iTunes on Friday), so the next logical step was going on a run with her, right? I thought so, too. So while I was in Connecticut for family stuff, I hopped a commuter train in my best mother runner attire and headed into NYC to meet Christy.

I'll admit: Walking from the subway I was suddenly seized with panic and thoughts of, "what am I doing?!" Here I was, about to sweat with a woman who had graced 1,000+ covers of fashion magazines. I was going to be trotting alongside a woman whose face had been the inspiration for the mannequinsin the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yet as soon as we spied each other through the front door of her two children's school, I felt at ease. Stray wisps of chestnut hair had worked their way out of her ponytail, and her 42-year-old face was devoid of any make-up. Christy was undeniably beautiful, but she was just another mother runner like the rest of us.

Sweating in the almost-shadow of the Freedom Tower

As we ambled a few blocks to the West Side Highway Bike Path, we quickly fell into a discussion of Garmin versus Nikeplus. Then the conversation turned to how our respective marathon training was going--Christy is doing her second consecutive ING NYC Marathon (she finished last year in 4:20, which included doing a quick interview at Mile 18. No lie.). Sure, we didn't trade neighborhood gossip or gripes about our husbands like my pal Molly and I do, but the conversation flowed fairly naturally.

The anecdote I must share before I get to the giveaway (I promise, it's coming!) involves Sting. As in, the lead singer of The Police. Christy and I were running north; the path was damp and there were few other people on it. A nondescript cyclist, who barely registered on my radar, passed us heading south. Christy exclaimed, "That was Sting! How cool is that?" I could only laugh: Here was a celebrity in her own right, getting all sorts of excited about seeing a celeb--who I hadn't even noticed. As I lamented not really seeing him, Christy assured me, "I'm sure he'll pass us on the way back," to which I replied, "Great--be sure to point him out ahead of time." And on we ran, talking energy gels, kids' soccer games, and marathons we contemplate running (her: Big Sur; me: Paris).

A sweatshirt that says so much more than three words.

Sure enough, when we were about 4.5 miles into our 6 miles, a bundled-up biker zipped by us. Once again, I paid the fellow no mind, and once again, after he had ridden by us, Christy informed me, "That was Sting again." Do'ah! Here was a woman who had Bono and she'd gotten the thrill of seeing Sting not once, but twice--then there was me, a chick who has some U2 songs on her iPod, getting to see the back of his fleeting head. Oh, well.

Now for the giveaway: Every Mother Counts (EMC) has partnered with the niftiest of boutique women's running brands, Oiselle, to make a clothing collection promoting the organization. Forty percent of the proceeds from the EMC Collection  goes to EMC to support maternal health. (In addition, Sally Bergesen, the CEO of Oiselle, will be running with Team EMC in the NYCMarathon to raise funds for maternal health. No word on whether Sally will spy Sting along the route or not....) Oiselle has generously offered an EMC Hoodie for two lucky winners. I don't know about you, but I think this 50% poly/50% cotton, French Fleece hoodie looks like the perfect thing to slip on after running the Paris Marathon--or any other race (or run) you might be planning.

To enter for a chance to win, share with us: What famous person would you like to run with?To leave your comment, click on the orange “Post Comment” ribbon below this post on our website. (Read: Don’t just hit “reply” if you get this post via email.) Good luck (and to end this post, please join me in a chorus of, "Every Breath You Take").

The gals at Oiselle waving hello

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 10/3/12 and ends on 10/9/12; the winner will be announced on 10/13/12. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $78. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

669 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Every Mother Counts/Oiselle Hoodie (x2!)

  1. I have recenlty started this running journey. I would pick Jimmy Buffet! He would be a blast and we could talk about the ocean and drinks! More realistically, I would like my husband to start running with me!

  2. Nina Tottenberg or Cokie Roberts from NPR. I usually nerd out and listen to news podcasts while I run and I think both women would be a great conversationalists on a long run.

  3. I’d most like to run with Jennifer Hudson – I am getting serious about my post-baby weight loss, and her weight loss journey as a fellow-WWer is very inspiring to me!

  4. Channing Tatum, just cause he’s so hot.

    For a really long run, Nicole DeBoom or Kara Goucher…I totally admire both of them.

  5. Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. I don’t know that he runs, but I know he does yoga. Even if he wanted to flow through poses in the middle of a track and I could run around him, I’d be a happy woman.

  6. Wow, I am not really sure if I’ve ever though of running with a famous person, I tend to zone out when I run. I would however love for my husband to love to run. I would enjoy running a race with him someday 🙂

  7. I’d run any distance with Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), but with him just slightly ahead of me so I could watch him run, still be able to talk to him and he would motivate me to run faster!

  8. I would love to run with Kara Goucher. She is a mom that rocked it only a few months after having her kid. I loved seeing her come back. It is an inspiration.

  9. Oh, goodness! I’d have to say either Amy Purdy (an athlete whose legs were amputated at the knee due to meningitis at 19) or Dimity. Amy, because I just love her positive attitude towards life and Dimity because I can identify with her on so many levels and the miles would just fly by! Although, I’d probably have to take 3 steps to her 1. 🙂

  10. I would love to run with Mary Lou Retton! Her perfect 10, changed my life forever! But I run everyday with the best running buddy ever!

  11. Tatyana McFadden, gold medal Paralympics winner and multiple marathon (NYC, Chicago…) women’s wheelchair division winner. I would love to hear her work out load (especially her incredible arms) and also discuss how she got started, and I’d love for her to meet my daughter.

  12. If I could, I would choose Mary, yes, THAT Mary, as my running partner. She is the ULTIMATE mom and given that when I go for a run, I often think of my kids, my marriage, my family as a whole, etc., she is certainly one from whom I could glean wisdom. I think she would bring such grace to a run and I would love to get her insight on if I’m doing an okay job in life and how I could improve – of course within reason; I certainly can’t be lumped into the same category as the “Mother of God.” 🙂

  13. Hmmmm… tough!!!! My first thought was Ryan Hall…..then i went to another mother runner Jillian Michaels if she wont yet at me! Then i thought someone to keep my mind off running and just entertain me, so Adam Sandler & Kevin James….

  14. Captain Sullenberger–I think I could really learn a lot from him. And, in the future, I can’t wait until my son is old enough to go running with me. 🙂

  15. Hmmmm…the run nerd in me picks Kara Goucher. But the girlfriend in me pick Reese Witherspoon, and the desperate housewife in me picks Ryan Reynolds. 😉

  16. Hello, Ryan Gosling and Jack Johnson!!! They could run ahead so I could chase them and become faster. But I’d love to run with Shalane Flanagan or Kara Goucher to get some tips!

  17. I would like to run with Oprah. I’m thinking about jumping to a full (GULP) and i’ld love to hear what her training was really like.

  18. I would love to take a run with the Queen Rania of Jordan. We lived in the Middle East for a while and I’d love to spend time with her and hear her vision for women in the Middle East (an area in desperate need of the idea that EVERY Mother Counts).

  19. Well I know that the question is which famous person would you want to run with but honestly there isn’t one. The ONLY person I’d give literally anything to run with would be my own mother. I lost her weeks before my first child’s birth three years ago. She wasn’t a BAMR but she was a BAM! I just started running this spring and have come so far and would love to run with her to show her how amazing I am! I don’t mean that conceited lol I’m getting healthy, happy and in love with my tennis shoes and the road. I run with her “on my shoulder” every morning but to be able to gab with her again face to face while doing someone I love would be the high of a lifetime. To me she is famous. Though she may not have sold records, made movies or been a spokesmodel she was MY role model each and everyday and still is!

  20. I’d like to run with Kerry Walsh Jennings. She’s my fitness inspiration. She has kids, like me, and still is amazingly fit. And the way she played through all that pain at the London Olympics and still brought home the gold is simply incredible. PS- just ran my first 5K today! I’m new to running and am so excited to start this journey.

  21. Tina Fey. I get the feeling she’s a total BAMR (especially as the daughter of Donald Fey!), and I’d love to hang out with her. Sarah and Dimity, too: I still haven’t found my running groove since my kiddos started school, and I could use a little pep talk about how it’s OK to take time for myself to run.

  22. As crazy as this might sound, I’d go back in time and run/walk/whatever with Harriet Tubman. She led so many slaves to freedom and safety. I am SURE running was involved and she did NOT marathon distances but cross country (literally distances). If I had just a little of her strength, stamina and determination I’d be golden.

  23. Ofcourse SNS and Dimity. Kristen Armstrong would be great too. But as strange as it sounds being a 40 year old mom, I would love to run with Bethany Hamilton. My 9 yo has been in awe of her, saw the movie 4 times and read her book as well. She is an amazing, strong, grounded young woman and I would love to spend a few hours understanding her. I feel like she is an outstanding role model for young girls..who in this day and age don’t really have that many.

  24. Michael C. Hall (Dexter). I think it would scare the h*ll out of me to see him running towards me that I would away as fast as I could!

  25. I would love to run with Pink and Jillian Michaels.
    Pink is just a bad a** and Jillian just “gets me”. I can relate to her on so many levels.

  26. I would like to run with Christy Turlington becuase I have just stumbled across this site and would to learn more about the cause and some of the work. It just seems that she as an interesting like with meaningful contributions.

  27. Julia Roberts. She is my all time fav leading lady next to Katherine Hepburn, which a run with her just isn’t possible. Julia knew how to run in “Conspiracy Theory”- bet she’d be competitive. Hope she’d be chatty.

  28. I think Jillian Michaels. I listen to her podcast while running and think it would be fun in real life. Janice should come too because its their interactions that I find so amusing!

  29. She isn’t famous but my answer is my mom. After finishing a 5K last Saturday, she expressed interest in running and told me that she had downloaded a training schedule. She will be 56 this month and the thought of running a 5K with her make me so excited!!!

  30. Tough choice but I’d have to go with one of my all time favorite athletes Magic Johnson! Or my favorite Dodger Andre Ethier!!

  31. Steve Carell because I love to laugh and to run! Which isn’t always easy to do at the same time, but it’s the best when it does happen with my running sisters!

  32. My first thought was Oprah-I think it would be really interesting to discuss ideas and issues with her through the miles. 🙂

  33. If I could run with anyone famous it would be Chelsea Handler. I believe she would be worth taking my headphones out for!!

  34. Michael Franti. Hopefully he would sing while we’re running 🙂 I already got to run trails and vomit hill with Dimity, that was awesome!

  35. I am torn – the side of me that would love to run with eye candy as distraction would choose Ryan Gosling; the part of me that wants intellectual conversation would choose author Harlan Coben and the part that wants a BRF would choose my sister. She is my true inspiration and lives 3 hours away so our runs together are few. Now get all three of them together and I am one happy girl!!!

  36. I’m not much of a star gazer, so anyone who would be willing to run a nice slow pace and enjoy visiting with me.

  37. This one is difficult for me, a name does not enter into my mind quickly. As far as an another mother runner I think would most like to run with Britney Spears. As far as man candy, I think it would be Jake Gyllenhaal or Shemar Moore. 😉

  38. I second this one! “You gals of course! I’m talking about Dimity and Sarah of course!” With the help of a dear friend and the book she passed on to me, yours, my running journey began!!!

  39. I just read in Runner’s World that Ziggy Marley is a runner. I think it could be pretty fun to run with him. Very chill, laid back. He could sing me through a few miles.

  40. Hmmm…anyone that would encourage me to keep going! Misty May-Treanor & Kerry Walsh would be fun or Jillian Michaels 🙂

  41. Hmmm . . . I think I’d love to run with Hope Solo. She seems to be an amazing athlete and it’d be fun to chat with her over a long run.

  42. I would have to say Ryan Reynolds. Especially if it was a really hot day and he was forced to take off his shirt. Hey a girl can dream,can’t she? 😉

  43. Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon – but really my daughter or son, those famous in their own right, would be the best running partner(s) ever!

  44. I would love to run with Jennifer Garner. She seems like an amazing mother and friend and every interview I’ve ever seen with her is hilarious. Plus, if we run thru any sketchy areas she can always pull her “Alias” moves out and kick butt!!

  45. I watched the Kona Ironman a few years ago and they aired a feature on the “Iron Nun.” They have to keep creating new age brackets for her! She’s doing it again this year and I think she’s 82! I’d love to run even a block with her!

  46. My list of would love to run withs is lengthy, but I’ll just mention a few notables with an Olympic theme. These athletes always inspire me with their determination & hard work. Michael Phelps, Apollo Anton Ono, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Mo Farrah.

  47. I would choose to run with Dean Karnazes. I love his book 26.2. It was such and inspiration to me and really motivated me to run. What an amazing experience that would be!!!

  48. I’m not much of a celebrity person but I’d love to run with Jennifer Weiner. She’s a wonderful author, I’m sure the run would be fun and interesting 🙂

  49. I remember watching Jennifer Garner on David Letterman once and she was nursing some abrasions from a fall she had taken while running through a park. She had joked how silly she felt as she biffed it in front of a bunch of strangers, some of who may have even recognized her as a movie star. I think it would fun to run with someone like her (a mother of 3) that could be so down to earth and laugh at herself.

  50. Funny you mentioned Bono – I’d like to get his short legs and heavy black shoes out there next to me! He could sing acapella instead of me listening to him on my iPod.

  51. I’d like to run with Reese Witherspoon. We could talk running, new babies, and she seems funny. Plus, we could refuel with some yummy, Southern food!

  52. I would have to say either Tina Fey or Ellen Degeneres. They both seem so down to earth, and like they would be easy to talk to…plus funny!

  53. I want to run with my husband, just him and I on a trail, no kids, no distractions…just running, talking and bonding!

  54. Celebrity to run with? Hmmm, probably an athlete and/or famous trainer to keep me motivated (i.e. Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, etc.). Someone to provide me with good info while running, analyze my form, offer advice, etc. That would be fun and helpful!

    I also want to say that I just adore Christy Turlington Burns. She is so awesome, loved her since her supermodel days and her work on this project “Every Mother Counts” is amazing.

  55. I would love to run w/ David Sedaris & Ira Glass. They may not help me keep my pace, but I’ll be damned if there’s anything better than the soothing tones of Ira’s voice or the deadpan delivery of David’s monologues! Okay, now that I think about it, I may want to change that to David & his sister Amy. Or Joan Jett.

  56. I would love to run with Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon. Both appear to be very down to earth and it would be interesting to find out more about them as individuals, not just characters.

  57. If I could go back in time, I wish that I could run with my mother. She ran almost every day for as long as I can remember, but I wasn’t a runner when she was alive. Now, I would give almost anything to be able to go on a run with her, sharing the joy that running brings. I carry her in my heart when I run, but it isn’t the same.

  58. I would like to run with the Army veteran that I met last year at one of my girls dance competitions. He had a prosthetic leg and at one point I glance over and he was rotating his prosthetic 360 degrees. I stopped him, thanked him for his service and I asked him about his ‘new’ leg. I’m so intrigued by the new technology available to our injured veterans. I’d love to run with him and ask him more questions!

  59. I would love to run with Team Hoyt in either a race or a triathlon! It would be an awesome experience to meet and run along beside them. Mr. Hoyt is such an inspiration & motivation to parents and runners, alike!

  60. I would love to run with Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s my secret soul sister (she doesn’t know it, but she is). I just know we’d get along famously despite our extreme differences when it comes to height, beauty, economic class, and degree of fame. 🙂

  61. I would love to run with Jack Johnson. He is so creative and seems so laid back the time would probably fly by. Although technically my first pick would be my husband; he’s pretty famous in our house!

  62. This is tough… I’m a lone runner and not very fast, so it would have to be somebody I could keep up with. I think I could keep pace and carry on a very interesting conversation with Oprah!

  63. Lorelei Gilmore. Okay, technically, Lauren Graham. But she’s a badass single mother that I look up to and, while I’m not sure she’s a runner, I’d love to spend some time with her. And the only free time I have is when I’m running.

  64. Al Roker! (Honestly, I had to Google “celebrities who run” and then go from there. He looked like the most fun.)

  65. I would love to run with Dimity or Sarah (or both – how cool would that be!) I would love to pick their brains about how they can fit so much into a day.

  66. Several come to mind: Bono (but only if he sings while running), Deena Kastor, Peter Sagal, or best of all, Bill Clinton (does he still run? He used to).

  67. I have had my run-with-someone-famous moment: SBS in Eugene when I got 2 miles of her undivided attention. AWESOME! Too bad my RBF Ian couldn’t remember this monumental fact when HE got to meet Sarah at the Disneyland meet-and-greet. I need to run with more women.
    That said, I would love to run with Jennifer Garner. She seems to balance three kids, a husband, a career and fame with grace.

  68. It was hard to narrow it down,but I think Jennifer Hudson would be very inspiring to run with. She’s overcome so much and seems to have come out stronger for it.

  69. I would love to run with Tim Tebow. He has a very inspirational story and I think would be able to encourage me through the hardest runs I’ve done yet.

  70. I would like to run w/ Jennifer Garner or Reese Witherspoon ’cause they’re both mothers and seem very down-to-earth. And, of course, Sarah & Dimity.

  71. I would want to run with Ellen Hart. She won OVERALL Title Nine Mother’s Day run. She is in her fifties or sixties. I want to be able to be a competitor for as long as I can.

  72. Alison Sweeney from Days of Our Lives and The Biggest Loser! I bet she has stories to tell and she is motivated too!

  73. Hillary Clinton-she was “in
    Office” for 8 years and then ran for President. Now she plays a major international role. She is
    A strong woman!

  74. I would love to run with Adam Sandler I think that would be the most entertaining runs ever :)I run 5 days a week and need to mix it up…

  75. Tough to choose just one and here is why. On the one hand as I sit and listen to the Presidential debates while I type this, I’d like to run with both of the candidates to find out how they propose to fill any Supreme Court (or Circuit Court) vacancies that come open during their term if elected. On the other hand, I’d love to run with my brother who was definitely well or widely known in our hometown and left me with so many questions that I’d love to ask him.

  76. I give all of you ladies credit… I would be so overwhelmed to be with a celebrity – and that includes you ladies, Sarah and Dimity – that I would not be able to run!

  77. I’d run with Patrick Dempsey’s wife (who I just found out is a runner) & ask her inappropriate questions about him! Lol!

  78. Id love to run with Dean Karnazes! I dont think hed mind my slow pace and we could talk about all of the cool places hes run.

  79. As a political junkie, I would choose Bill Clinton. He’s exceptionally smart and quite the talker – the miles would fly by!

  80. I’d like to run with Ziggy Marley. I saw his “I’m a runner” on Runner’s World a while back, and he was running some trails and talking about not counting miles, just running how his body told him to – I could use some of that.

  81. I would like to run with Kelly Clarkson or Pink. Lots of great running songs, maybe they could talk their way through a run and inspire me to keep moving too.

  82. John Bingham. Reading his book made me feel like, despite always being the last kid picked in PE class, and never being athletic, I could be a runner. And now I am!

  83. I would like to run with the First Lady. Michelle Obama is such an inspiration for girls, women and everyone else!

  84. I LOVE these sweatshirts and think this cause is amazing. Picking a celebrity to run with would be hard for me — I think Christy Turlington would be pretty awesome though!

  85. I want to run with you two (Sarah & Dimity) and my BRF of course! And I’m not just saying that to win something. I guarantee if you came to Winnipeg(Canada), I would probably scream like a 10 year old at a New Directions concert!

  86. I would like to run with you (SBS) or Dimity. Your first book came along a few years into my running lifestyle. It was so helpful and down to earth in your honest, practical advice and loved the humor! Thanks for all you have done for all the BAMR’s!

  87. Not big time famous but I would love to run a marathon with either the Two Gomers (who have the podcast Two Runners Run a Half Marathon) who made me think that I could attempt my first half (coming up Oct. 27th!) or the authors of Train Like a Mother who designed the Finish It Half Marathon schedule I have been following!

  88. I have two, but one was taken from the running world too soon…Steve Prefontaine (an idol since high school) and Kara Voucher. Their determination and commitment amazes me.

  89. I would like to run with that guy who is considered the “world’s most photogenic runner.” He’s really nice to look at & all our pictures would be great (once we cropped me out).

  90. I would like to run with Misty Hyman, the second queen of butterfly (Mary T. being the first). She inspired me as a kid and still does today. But I’m thankful I swim in the age group behind her at USMS meets! Surely she runs as slow as I do…

  91. I would love to run with Lauren Graham (of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls). I love her shows and she recently took up running (like me) and she’s a talker (like me). What a pair!

  92. I would love to run with the guy who does Elmos voice. I am not sure if he runs.. but I have lots of questions to ask him and the miles would fly by.

  93. I don’t know why but I would love to meet and run with Emma Watson. She’s so gorgeous and such a good role model. I’d also love ot run with Kristen Bell. She’s just awesome!

  94. I’d love, love to run with Oprah Winfrey. She ran a 4hr marathon! She would have to slow down for me but man would this be the best race ever!!!!

  95. I want to run with Ellen Degeneres so she can make me laugh all the way to the finish line. I think she could also find a way to incorporate dancing into the run!

  96. First choice = SBS and Dimity (I’ve received email replies from each of you, and both of them made me swoon).

    Pro runner celebrity choice = Desiree Davila (because she’s little, like me, she makes it look SO effortless, and I usually see her running in clothes the rest of us might wear).

    “Regular” celebrity choice = The cast of The Avengers. (We’ve been watching on a loop since the DVD came out last week, and I can’t pick just one hero. No idea if any of them run, ever.)

  97. I would run with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They could do all the talking while I am entertained and catch up on world events!!

  98. I love your books and blog…and always get excited when I see your draws (always stuff any mother runner would love!)…but it’s always for US residents only! Don’t you love your Canadian readers? 😉

    Borders aside, Run Like a Mother totally inspired me when I started running again, after years off, at 42 with two preschoolers. Thanks lovely ladies.


  99. I would love to run a race with the either one of the QUEEN’s of mother runners! You two would keep me laughing for sure. If I couldn’t have that I would love to run a race with ton’s of mom’s from the tribe….running buggies/kids and all. All mom run. I think that would be a blast!

  100. Reese Witherspoon…or Phoebe from Friends as I love her lack of care as to her form…She just runs, because she can.

  101. Jennifer Garner would be fun. =) Other than that, I’d really love to run with my college roommates again! It’s been 13 years since we’ve run consistently together and it would be GREAT to connect with my friends spread out over the country. =)

  102. Drew Barrymore.If she would do all of the talking and tell me her life story I think I could log a lot of miles! She’s a fascinating new mom runner!

  103. I would like to run with the late Princess Diana. I think the conversation would be awesome. I’d have a lot to tell her.

  104. Clara Hughes. She is our Canadian inspiration! Summer and Winter Olypian athlete – who has medal in both cycling and speed skating.

  105. of course SBS and/or Dimity.. and Raina from Small Town Runner or Amanda – Runninghood! And I wouldn’t turn down Kara Goucher either..

  106. I would love to run with Kate Middleton- she is in great shape and seems so normal even for a future queen! My second choice would be Carrie Underwood- her legs are rocking!! It would inspire me!!

  107. Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. He seems like a really nice guy so he’d be encouraging and he’s also really weird/funny interviews so he’d keep me entertained. 🙂

  108. I would love to run with Molly Barker, founder of GOTR. I would bring my daughters and we’d talk GOTR. She is my inspiration 🙂

  109. Love Oiselle – Represent PNW! I would love a trail run with Pre, but that would be rather difficult. My choice of someone still with us is Galen Rupp. He always looks like he enjoying the run so much.

  110. Hmm that’s a tough one…so many to choose from! But if I could only pick one it would be Scarlett Johanson. I love her, especially as a kick-ass super hero in Ironman and The Avengers.

  111. Lucille Ball, may she rest in peace. I Love Lucy is my all-time favorite show and she would be such a hoot to run with, can you imagine? Women didn’t ‘run’ in that era! Ricky would be so mad!! “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

  112. SBS or Dimity!!!! Although, being 5’3″ means I would have 3 strides to each of your 1, it would still be super fun to run with you!!!

  113. Chrissie Wellington, though I must say this was a difficult question. My husband and I talked about our choices for quite some time.

  114. Dean Karnazes! Of course, he would be done with one of his 100-milers before I got my running shoes tied and my Garmin strapped on, but I’d still love to take a run with him!

  115. Peter Sagal, no question. Maybe with Michelle Obama, too – but I doubt I could breathe well enough to participate in the conversation. That’s OK; I enjoy listening to both of them speak, so I’m sure I’d be happy enough in silence. 🙂

  116. I think I would like to go on a run with Scott Jurek so I could get some tips on long distance running. Got to meet him one time and he was really nice and friendly.

  117. Tina Fey! Or Mindy Kahling! I just want to laugh the miles way! Then go eat those calories right on back and laugh some more! So flippin’ awesome!

  118. OK. I’m getting to this kind of late, so it’s almost impossible to be original. I would love to have SBS and Dimity team up with me and my BAMR buds here in (or near) NC for a 24-hour ultra. BTW, that’s a serious offer if y’all can make it happen! 🙂

  119. Okay….I have to think about this one, the famous person I’d like to run with is Tina Fey, because I would ask her to tell stories and forget that it was any work to run I’d be so entertained.

  120. Scott Jurek!!!! I am in awe of him after reading Born to Run and Eat and Run. I would like to think he would share his bean burrito and chia with me in the middle of a long run. I am guilty of actually saying WWSJD (What Would Scott Jurek Do?) when we have a running dilemma.

  121. Love that hoodie!

    I would love to run with Matt Long. His book The Long Run was awesome and he has a truly inspirational story. I recommend it to every runner or non-runner who is willing to read it.

  122. I would LOVE to run with any of the US presidents — or Ryan Hall. Let’s see…my list is pretty long…OH…Peyton Manning for sure!

  123. I would love to run with the group The Barenaked Ladies – their songs are so clever and I can just imagine them writing a song about me running! And, of course, I would love to have one of you guys in my running crowd someday! 🙂

  124. Love the hoodie!

    Honestly, I’d be fine running in the vicinity of a famous person. We wouldn’t have to talk or anything. Ryan Gosling would be preferable. 😉

  125. I would LOVE to run with Bill Clinton. I would totally pick his brain on what Arizona could do better for our education system. Always thinking about my children’s future!

  126. I’m a Jersey Girl, so I’d have to say either Bruce Springsteen or Jon Bon Jovi. Both are from my local area, so not such a far-fetched thought!!!

  127. Even though she is not famous…not into famous people really… I would love to run with my sister. She is on a downward spiral with her weight (going upward) and has every excuse in the world why she can’t exercise. That would be my dream running mate:)

  128. I would choose super mommy Jennifer Gardner. With having a career, a family and hot hubby, I’d love to pick her brain on how she keeps it all today!

  129. matthew mcchonaghy!! he will run shirtless and must be 30 pounds skinnier! fantasy remember. or Christian grey from fifty shades!!

  130. I was totally stumped by this question so I had to read some of the comments to even think of someone. 🙂 Bob from the Biggest Loser!! I would love to run with Bob!!!!

  131. Haruki Murakami! He’s a very interesting man and author AND he loves to run. I recently read What I Talk About When I Talk About Running and it really resonated. I’m by far a “great” runner, but much like RLAM, he made me feel okay with that. He works his booty off, but humbly admits to the ugly parts.

    I’ve also read his fiction and the man has a wonderful imagination and mind – running with him would be such an experience!!

  132. i would love to run with the singer P!nk! she is one bad-A..-Mother! she is such an amazing mother who juggles a lot but still manages to stay true to herself even in Hollywood! Luv ya P!nk!!!

  133. I’d love to go for a run with Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the now famous pilot who landed a plane in the Hudson river (about a mile from where I worked at the time). I think he could do wonders in appeasing my terrible fear of flying (so I can do more destination marathons and half marathons)!

  134. Anne Hathaway. People are always telling me I look like her so I think it would be funny. Plus, from the interviews I’ve seen and read, it sounds like we have a lot in common, like separated at birth in common (except she’s younger).

  135. I’d love to run with y’all of course! I heard a little rumor about a marathon up here in the cities this week. Need a tour guide?

    I’d also love to run with Jillian Michaels. Maybe I could yell at her to pick up the pace 🙂

  136. I would like to run with Christy Turlington Burns also. I’ve been following her on Twitter for a while, and she seems like she’s as beautiful inside as she it outside. Her commitment to other mothers is inspiring.

  137. I’d love to run a long run with Robin Williams. Especially the long, long runs when your brain starts to mess with you. I figure if anyone could keep from focusing on the those voices he could. Just laughing all the way! Especially if he was dressed like Mrs. Doubtfire or Armond from the Bird Cage.

  138. Not that it would be possible but you didn’t say they had to be living, so I’d say Kathrine Switzer or Greta Waitz! They’re such an amazing inspiration!!

  139. It took me a while to think of someone, because I don’t really think about meeting celebrities. But I wouldn’t mind running with Adam Levine. 🙂

  140. The first celebrity I thought of was Peter Sagal – I’m sure he would be a great (and funny) person to run with. He’s quick-witted and I’m slow-footed – surely that fits together somehow. 🙂

  141. I’d like to run with the POTUS (it doesn’t even matter who it is at the time… Obama, Romney, Bush, Clinton…). I just think it would be pretty darn cool to run in that tight group of Secret Service guys while I discuss the current scoio/politco/enviro climate with the man (or woman??) in charge. As in “Hey Mr. POTUS, sir, Why can’t we give Peace a chance for a change” 😉

  142. This is random, and I have no idea if she runs, but J.K. Rowling! I love her, and would love to ask her about her new book 🙂

  143. Now that he is over 21, I’d love to run with Zac Efron. He’s such a hottie that I could run after him

  144. Oprah and Gail (can I pick two?) They seem pretty funny together on the shows I’ve seen throughout the years…I’d imagine they would inject some humor into running as well!

  145. ANy of the moms on the US Women’s Olympic Soccer team. Amazing how they work so well as a team, and are moms. It would be great to be surrounded by such strong women! OR else a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal, no explanation needed.

  146. I’d like to say Jillian Michaels, but I’m pretty sure she’d kick my butt for going too slow, so I think I’d like to run with Michelle Obama, especially to talk working mom stuff.

  147. I would love to run with Flea (Michael Peter Balzary of the RHCP). Ever since I found out he’s a runner I have thought how cool it would be to run with him. He would have the best stories for a long run.

  148. I know it has been said, but definitely Pink!! She is such a strong honest woman and mother who portrays a very genuine life, which I strive for. I don’t think she has any idea of her ability to impact a woman’s self esteem and build a sense of empowerment. Plus she is one hell of an athlete!! have you ever seen her in concert- unreal!

  149. Running wise I would have to say Kara Goucher. Now celebrity wise I would have to say Sarah Michelle Gellar in her kick butt Buffy The Vampire Slayer days. I figure if a girl can take on vampires, she can run pretty fast too.:)

  150. My husband. He is not a celebrity in terms of fame and fortune, but he is a celebrity to me and our two daughters. He has run 7 marathons, and lots of halfs and other races. I committed to doing the Barcelona Marathon for my 40th Birthday exactly a year ago. One month later, upon returning from a run with our 1 year old in the jogger, his left knee was done after several months of it hurting. That was his last run. Since then he’s had a series of surgeries and just this past Thursday on Sept 27, his knee was opened and cartilage was inserted. Now he has a year of recovery and rehab ahead of him. I got to run the Barcelona Marathon in March and there he was cheering me at seven different points during the race. He has NEVER made me feel guilty about my running. He ALWAYS asks me about the details of all my runs when I walk in the door. He’s been on crutches and yet he still takes care of our two girls so I can run early with my training buddies. He is on crutches again and I am taking some time off so I can help him and yet he is still encouraging me to go for my runs. He is our celebrity. I know one day we will run races together FINALLY!

  151. Julie Bowen. I know she is a runner and a mom and she’s got a great sense of humor, a nice way to pass the miles =)

  152. I would love to run with Kristin Armstrong. Her encouragement and support of women athletes (at all levels of ability) is inspiring.

  153. I’d like to run with actress Cameron Diaz & hopefully get some tips from her on how she maintains her awesome abs!

  154. I had to get some ideas from others as I am not a celebrity watcher! Bob Harper seemed like a great idea! After years of watching the Biggest Loser on my sofa eating ice cream I finally got up and started running. 2nd choice…just because…John Travolta.

  155. I would love to run with Jess from the runwithjess blog. She seems to be the kind of person that would motivate you but also that you can have a normal conversation with.

  156. Ryan and Sarah Hall. Respect them as people.
    Would love to give the hoody to a young mom of 6 who is training to run a half with me. She amazes me! And needs all the encouragement she can get. No reality TV show, no one would believe her life.

  157. I’d love to run with you guys! That counts, right? Your books were the inspiration for getting off the couch after 4 kids in 6 years and a boat-load of medical issues. Other than that, I’d run with Christy, too! She is such an inspiration in true beauty and using her influence for such a needy cause that doesn’t get much attention otherwise.

  158. I would have to say I would run with Matthew McConaughey. I would totally pretend that I couldn’t keep up just for the view and the incentive!

  159. I would absolutely love to go on a run with Kara Goucher (my pace, not hers!) my son is about 6 weeks younger then Colt. Would love to chat it up about how she travels with a toddler! Not to mention we are both from Duluth, MN and graduated from East high school (years apart), but still great running conversations would ensue!

  160. I keep trying to think of someone really awesome, and besides the obvious ones that have already been named, I’m just going to go with eye candy: either Adam Levine or Joe Manganiello. I’d have to run really fast to impress them, and I’d get a sweet workout sucking in every ounce of untoned skin I have 🙂

  161. of course it would be someone to slow down to my “conversational pace” so I’d say Whoopi Goldberg; she’d be hysterically funny

  162. Hmmmm…no one super fast-geesh I want to be able to socialize! I’m going to go with Kelly Ripa or Jillian Michaels! ok, they are both probably fast, but I like them!

  163. I would love to run with Will Smith. He has always been one of my favorites. But as for a famous woman, probably Reese Witherspoon.

  164. I would love to run a marathon with Will Ferrell…. I am sure the miles would just melt away in laughter!!! Will, are you available to run the Marine Corps Marathon with me in 3 weeks??? I could use the extra momentum to get me to my qualifying time!!!

  165. Wow! This is a tough question. I could go hot and say someone like Channing Tatum (we would be running and not talking so it would be great! I’d probably have to run just a little behind him!) or I could go with someone fun like Neil Patrick Harris (don’t know of he runs but I think he’d be a blast to hang out with). Female-wise would have to be SBS and Dimity though!

  166. I’d love to run with Kara Goucher. She seems so nice and down to earth. She’d have to slow down a bit, maybe it could be a recovery run for her. 🙂

  167. Such a tough question. So many. I’d love to run with some elite women runners, like Paula Radcliffe, Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, but I don’t feel worthy! So, my choice would be another mother runner, Julie Bowen, from Modern Family. She looks great!

  168. I would like to run with Dolvette Quince from the Biggest Loser. He would toally motivate me, and if he ran just a few steps ahead of me, I would definitely pick up my pace to try and catch him!

  169. I would love love love to run with Joan Benoit Samuelson. She’s from the town I grew up in, and I remember going to the dedication of the statue of her in front of the town library when I was in elementary school, after she won the Olympic marathon–we all got commemorative hats. I run the Beach to Beacon every year, and some years she runs–but we don’t so much run together! (So close, yet so far!)

  170. Some of these comments are too hilarious!
    I just wrote about meeting Meb last week, so he still tops my list of who I would want to run with, closely followed by SBS & Dimity of course! Aside from Kara and the other more well known runner athletes, I would also put Dorothy from Mile Posts on my list as a seriously BAMR that would have to make me run faster. 😉

  171. I would love to run with my Dad. He’s not really a celebrity, but he lost over 100 pounds in the last 2 years and I would love to go for a run with him. If he’s not available, Blake Shelton. I’m not a huge country music fan but I love his personality.

  172. I would love to run with Beth from the Shut up and run blog. I am a social worker as well and I have admired her insights that she shares. She also makes me LOL!

  173. I would love to run with Amy Poehler. She is such a crack up that I know I would have a good time and not even notice the miles!

  174. celebrity/famous person??? could it be my dad? My dad is confined to a wheel chair and has been for the last 10 years~ he can not walk or dress himself, etc. I would LOVE for him to just be able to walk with me but run would be a total bonus!

  175. My running partner from when I first started running, Sarah. It’s been twelve years, and I’ve moved to two different states since then, and I miss her every time we lace up. We had the perfectly matched pace and – best thing – she talked the entire time so whether we were running three or 13 miles, the time flew by.

  176. Well Op or Ellen would be amazing, but I’d be all caught up in celebrity awe that I’d probably trip over myself and of course I love both of you – so If I had to choose one – I’m gonna say Dimity – cuz I’m just gonna throw this out there that maybe I’m not so graceful myself and maybe Dim has tripped over a curb once……

    you guys rock!

  177. Ok, I don’t even know if he’s a runner, but I would love a run with Jeff Probst. He’s seems like a great conversationalist, and I’d love to chat about all the crazy Survivors he’s met.

  178. I would love to run with my 76 year old daddy. I know that he is not famous. After doing eight marathons and countless other races. He had to stop running before I started.

  179. My all time favorite running partner is my dog, Rosie. But if I could add a third running partner, it might be Christopher McDougal who wrote “Born to Run”. His book transformed my running style and attitude and made running a lot more fun for me…or Sarah and Dimity.. you guys do that too!

  180. I’m not interested in running with a Hollywood celebrity. I’d much rather run with someone whose podcast I listen to during my actual runs: SBS or Dimity or Peter Sagal from Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

  181. I adore this project!! Famous person?? Dwayne “the rock” Johnson. Might seem weird, but he’s the only Hollywood “crush” I’ve ever had and I respect him as an athlete. Definitely, hands down…

  182. No question. I would love to go for a run with Paula Poundstone. I know that our shared (and some might argue unhealthy) love of vacuuming would be enough to carry us through anything.


    I would also LOVE to run with Michelle Obama or Jamie Oliver. I could talk to either one about raising HEALTHY, HAPPY DAUGHTERS!! 🙂

  184. Hmm, tough choice…Julia Louis Dreyfus, she would be fun to chat with, David Beckham would be good to look at, of course I would have to run backwards It would however be completely amazing to run with the hard core Misty May-Treanor…she rocks!

  185. I would love to run with Reese Witherspoon. Our kids are nearly the same age (save the new baby!) and she’s got such a light sense of humor. Fun, fun miles.

  186. I would like to run with Japanese author and long-distance runner Haruki Murakami. His novels show how he can spin out a long thought and he claims that long-distance running is how he works out many of his writing ideas. That would be an inspiration and an interesting chat too!

  187. No one. I just haven’t gotten into the running with someone thing, despite all of your efforts to convince me of how great it is. I love running solo. Just me and the road . . . .

  188. Jillian Michels (or Bob) I would use the time to quiz them on other health/fitness stuff! Or Kara or Adam Goucher…I would quiz them on form, breathing, etc…after almost 2 years I should be better at running..maybe they could help.

  189. Hmm, great question! I’d have to say, Michelle Obama, or John Stewart. Either would be awesome! (Though I imagine John would be more entertaining…)

  190. I would run with Peter Sagal. He’s really funny, plus he’s actually a runner! It seems like we could knock off a lot of miles with witty conversation.

    1. Robin, I’m sorry, they would be too busy running with ME to run with you. Just kidding, we obviously have the same taste in men as these two top my list!!

  191. SBS and Dimity. After all, their book and encouraging email posts, got me off the couch and on the pavement once again. Thank you guys!

  192. I would SO like to run with Gwen Stefani! While we put in the miles, we could discuss all of the reasons why we are totally destined to be BFFs! And, I could learn the secret to getting her unreal abs!

  193. Oh, I would love to win this as I am a hoodie-a-holic. 🙂

    If I could only run with one famous person, I think it would have to be Amy Hastings. I love her grit and determination and she just seems like she would be a blast to run with (if I could keep up) 🙂

  194. I would love a run with Will Ferrell. I am assuming I would be laughing so hard that I wouldn’t even notice I’m running!

  195. Olga Korbut, an Olympic Gymnast when I was a kid. She was one of my heroes and I would love to meet her! She showed so much grit and tenacity! What an athlete!

  196. Peter Sagal of NPR’s ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!’ I loved reading about him in a recent issue of Runners World. He could keep me entertained. The miles would fly by!

  197. Many on here have said Jillian Michaels, and while I like her, I would have to say I’d want to run with Bob Harper. He seems like he would be motivating (which I usually need), entertaining and just fun to run with!

  198. Carrie Underwood, a country girl like me with great values…surely we’d have something in common to talk about. And of course I’d be super motivated by her beauty/shape!

  199. I’m sort of clueless about most celebrities, but I would love to run with Christy Turlington as well. The Every Mother Counts foundation seems pretty awesome, so I’d love to hear her talk about it in person!

  200. Oh man! I’m so glad that is the question!!!! 🙂 After I met you and Dimity (and acted like a starstruck goofball), I thought, “how cool would be to run with them?!” So, my answer is not Sarah or Dimity; it’s Sarah AND Dimity! Is that greedy?!

  201. Connie Britton! She’s a brilliant actress, beautiful, and always seems to down-to-earth in interviews. Plus I’d hope she’d turn a bit Tammy Taylor on me and give me a great pep-talk to get me through the last 2 miles.

  202. I can’t think of a hollywood celebrity that I’d like to run with, but football celebrites I have lots! JJ Watts, Montee Ball, Jimmy Leonard. I’m a sucker for Wisconsin Badger football players!

  203. I would love to run with another mother runner of course. Top of my list would be Kristin Armstrong, Kara Goucher, Paula Radcliffe or SBS or Dimity! Yes, I rank you ladies up there with the best. Does Katie Couric run? I would invite you too to go with me if I got to run with her.

  204. Celebrity? Candace Cameron Bure. She inspires me to be more healthy, a better mother and to have a better relationship with Jesus.
    Realistically? My best friend, Autumn. She lives in a different state than I do. She was the one who got me started on running. She has completely turned her life around, losing 100lbs and taken up a LOVE of running. She is a complete inspiration to me.

  205. I really want to meet SBS and Dimity! And I think I would have found a way for Sting to run me over or something because I have been utterly smitten with him since I was 12.

  206. Oiselle is my absolute favorite brand of running clothing. I love that they have partnered with Every Mother Counts. They really are such a fabulous company.

    What famous person would I like to run with? Great question…I would like to run with Lauren Fleshman. She is an amazing runner and an entrepreneur. She sound like a very fun person and she has dealt with a lot of injuries. I would love to get talk and run with her.

  207. oops, sort of counter productive from yesterday…I checked out their sizes…nothing over a large; so don’t enter me in the contest. Glad they are made in the USA.

  208. loved reading about your NYC run with Christy (and Sting)!

    I think it would be extremely fun to run with any member of the women’s us soccer team — alex morgan, christie rampone, megan rapinoe, sydney leroux, etc…

  209. Dara Torres. One of my idols. #1 is terry fox but he is no longer with us. It is because of Dara that I have found you guys…she tweeted about your book and I bought it that same day.

  210. Wow! What a lot of exciting choices. Mine would be to run with Whoopi Goldberg. I know, she doesn’t run….but it would be fun. She is so funny. I would be laughing the whole way!

  211. Clearly my first choice would be SBS and Dimity! I would also love to run with the entire cast of Glee. I’m a middle-aged Gleek and am not afraid to admit it.

  212. If I could run with someone famous it would be Ray Zahab (of Running the Sahara fame…) I’ve met him and he has such an inspiring story from unhealthy daily smoker to running across continents in one go! It would be pretty awesome to run with him and hear more of his stories…

  213. I would run with Jon Stewart in a heartbeat. I have a feeling he would talk the whole way and keep me laughing…LOVE that guy.

  214. I would love to run with Tina Fey. Tina would keep me laughing and keep me from focusing hardcore on my Garmin (a blessing and a curse).

  215. So many great ones listed, but I’ll have to go with my gut and the first person that came to mind was Sean Astin (yes, Rudy…Samwise Gamgee from LOTR). I think his Run3rd Mission Statement really says it all:

    Why Do I Run?

    I’ve been long distance running for 25 years. It is one of the most rewarding physical activities imaginable. It is hard. It is painful and it is fun. It confers legitimacy on my day. It makes me feel alive. Simply stated, I love running and I love running far. Above all else, running is selfish. Therefore…

    1st I run for me

    My family waits for me. My family listens to my stories from the road. My family has faith in me. My family loves me, trusts me and depends on me. My family is patient. My family is strong. Therefore…

    2nd I run for my family

    While running is in many ways about solitude, I rarely run alone. My thoughts are always with me. My hopes, my fears, my dreams, they come along too. From start to stop I yearn to understand the greater meaning of my journey. With every beat of a runner’s heart, with every pounding step, life itself is affirmed. And so, it costs nothing, yet can mean everything for any runner, for me, to make a simple dedication, to say that these steps I am taking are not mine to own. It means something to me to declare that because I am alive and I care for others…

    3rd I run for YOU

    —Sean Astin, Actor/Runner, January 21, 2012

  216. I would love to run with Kara Goucher. I’m not sure the world would consider her a celebrity, but she is definitely one in my book!

  217. You two, duh!
    or Kristin Armstrong
    Such great inspiring and soulful authors all of you. Your words inspired me to become and actually call myself a “runner”.

    or better yet, how ’bout a huge BAMR tribe run 🙂

  218. Though it’s already been said, my top pick would be Peter Sagal from Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. I love listening to his show while I run because it often makes me laugh. I can only imagine it would be the same to have him by my side…

  219. Never thought of this before, but Jennifer Garner. Love her “work” she seems friendly and we have the mom stuff to talk about.

  220. I’d like to run more with my husband. he’s a lifelong runner and when we ran together for the first time last month, it made me feel more like a real runner.

  221. Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Garner or Kara Goucher definitely in the running but hands down…

    Vince Vaughn. You know when you start laughing so hard your stomach cramps up and you have to stop running? Yup.

  222. I’d like to run with Michelle Obama and if there were a way I could just lounge and drink some wine while I watched George Clooney run, I would do that.

  223. Well, I’ve already been lucky enough to run with Dimity, and would love to run with Sarah; other than those two, I’d love to run with Kristin Armstrong, Deena Kastor, or Julie Bowen (of Modern Family fame!)

  224. Hmm, I would love to run with Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t know if she runs (and if she doesn’t she’s probably a heck of a lot faster than me!), but I have always loved her and would sure enjoy talking to her on a run!

  225. My first choice would be my aunt Marge, because she is the one who got me running and exercising – she had to have a knee replacement a few years ago and isn’t allowed to run anymore.
    Bobby Flay would be a great choice because I could pick his brain for cooking/business tips while we were running

  226. Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Gardner or Sandra Bullock. They have kids and seem to enjoy a “normal” family life

  227. That’s a difficult decision for me. I think if it was a male I would chose Russell Crowe. If I had to pick a female it would be deb from dexter.

  228. Sounds like it was an awesome run!!! Let’s see…so many to choose from, but I’m going to go with Sandra Bullock. She just seems like she’d be easy to talk to and easy going!

  229. Truthfully, the only people that I could think of would be you two! Sarah and Dimity, you seem like such down to earth, “normal,” and awesome people, that I feel that the conversation would flow and we would have a great run. I am pretty sure I would stutter and fall on my face with some famous people, or just have nothing to talk about with others.

  230. Love her organization! If I could run with any celebrity I would choose….hmmm anyone that could make me laugh and/or would provide music!

  231. “Christy was undeniably beautiful, but she was just another mother runner like the rest of us.” This line brought tears to my eyes. How I struggle with image, how others see me. Take away the make up,lights and cameras and in the end , we are all the same. Who would I like to run with? The Susan B. Anthony of running- Katherine Switzer. She was so brave to run Boston when women weren’t allowed to run it.

  232. I’d love love love to run with so many famous people. Does Skinny Runner or Dimity count? They’re my top two. Pink. Julie Bowden from Modern Family.

  233. I would love to run with Christy Turlington Burns!!! She is so beautiful inside and out – love her charity work.

  234. Man, I wish I was clever enough to think of Jason Bateman or Peter Sagal – two of my favorite funny men. However, I find it impossible to laugh and run (just ask my husband) so I would be inclined to have to pick the most boring person on the planet. I wonder if Alan Greenspan would be down for a few miles?!

  235. Allison Felix, (even though she is a trackster, maybe she’d do a long run with me and we could nerd out over sprinting talk!) or Jennifer Garner…she seems so down to earth.

  236. I have a couple: Elton John because his music is terrific, Bill Clinton because he seems so smart and passionate and I’d like to pick his brain about current events and Richard Gere because I’ve had a crush on him ever since “Officer and a Gentleman”. Also Kelly Ripa because we could talk mom stuff and share workout tips. How does she stay so thin?

  237. This is a hard decision…could I run with a pack of famous people? Okay, my top two would be Kara & Shalane. I know they work hard, but have fun too.

  238. Hmmmm, I suppose I would like to go for a run with Katie Couric actually, although I don’t think that she runs. I am fascinated by her tenacity and I find her both darling and hilarious. I have always thought it would be fantastic to get to know her a bit as a person!

  239. I would run with Oprah. First of all, I’m pretty sure I could keep up and second, she’s a celeb who has interviewed ALL of the big-name celebs. Win/Win! But I wouldn’t mind passing a few others on the route…;)

  240. No one famous. Just my husband. He needs to get in better shape, and I would love to have a long run with just the two of us away from our 3 kids.

  241. I have run so much by myself lately, my favorite person to run with would be my running BFF who has been out on an injury for 2 months.

  242. This is hard. I’d run with the mail lady if could get her to go. I’m not real picky on running partners and I’m not much of a “star” watcher/chaser. People have to be really famous for me to know them b/c I don’t catch a lot of tv or movies. Hmmmm….. I get to meet Desi Davila this weekend and although I don’t think she will be running with us, I’d love it if she did. So I’m going to pick her. She’s my favorite elite marathoner. I like that she doesn’t run in her underwear like so many other elite marathoners. Can I tell her that? :o)

  243. Two actually…LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. Yes, clearly an NCIS fan. They’re both fit and talk about eye candy!! As short as I am (5’1″), they would look like my security guards during my run. Only thing is…I would have to run in between them to really make my day.

  244. I’d love to run with Sarah Jessica Parker….she seems to have so much grace and confidence – both of which I could use more of!

  245. Sarah, how fun to run with Christy Turlington! She seems like a very classy sort of mother runner. And I’d love to see Sting (seen him in concert, but that’s it).

    If I could run with a famous person, I’d run with the lead singer of Mumford & Sons (not sure he runs, but his music sure goes with me on all of my fast ones these days!).

  246. Oprah! SHe could get me through the marathon in 4 hrs. ( I Ihear people reference this every time I run one, even though she did it so many yrs ago!)

  247. I said it the other day on FB, but now I want to win one of those awesome sweatshirts (what a great cause!), so I’ll say it again: SBS & Dimity of course, for a good long run, and then I’d want Jon Stewart to join of for the last several miles.

  248. I would choose food writer Mark Bittman. I’ve learned so much from his “How to Cook Everything” books, and “Kitchen Express” has SAVED me on many weeknight dinners. He was sporadically blogging on training for a marathon for a while too. We could trade injury stories and then get a great meal!

  249. I love the Every Mother Counts program!
    Honestly, and I’m totally not saying this just to suck up, I’d love to run with you two ladies. It would be cool to run with Dean too of course! As far as typical celebrities go, I think Julie Bowen seems cool, or maybe Alanis Morissette maybe?

  250. i think it’d be fun to run with alanis morissette. though i enjoy her music, i’m not necessarily a huge fan. but i love her, and i love her personality. i think she’d make the run really enjoyable

  251. Well of course, Christy Turlington!!! Despite all the things we dont have in common, there would be so much to talk about…the balance between kids and work and time for ourselves. I am always interested in how others make that work. Mothers suppporting each other is a topic I cant get enough of. It would make the miles fly by.

  252. I’m not much of a celebrity watcher; I think it would be great to run with my brother, who passed away many years ago. He used to run cross-country.

  253. Neil Patrick Harris seems like a funny dude that would keep me laughing the whole way. I’ve always wondered if Sandra Bullock and me could be besties too.

  254. I would love to run with Michelle Obama for two reasons. First, I want to know how she manages to stay in great shape while juggling a lot of things out of her control. Second, a run is one of the best times to find out what someone really thinks and I would love to hear her honest, unfiltered opinion about a lot of things!

  255. Bruce Springsteen! I am in my 4th decade of a not-so-secret crush on him. He stays in such fabulous shape that it’s hard to believe he is in his 60s. He definitely shows that keeping fit keeps you young. Seeing him in concert is almost a workout in itself, plus think of all the great songs of his that are on many a runner’s playlists.

  256. I would love to run with any of the trainers from The Biggest Loser. I find Bob, Jillian, and Dolvett to be so funny and inspiring. But, also Kara Goucher seems so down to earth and she has ties to MN! Oh, and how about that SkinnyRunner! That would be a hoot.

  257. Honestly, I’m the worst at recognizing famous people so I’d have to be introduced to them. 🙂 I’d rather run with my best friend, Michelle, who lives states away. She has always encouraged me and supported me in my running before I could do that for myself.

  258. I would like to run with Cathy Zielske. I have been reading her blog for a long time and am taking her Move More Eat Well class. I love her sense of humor.


  259. Mirinda Carfrae (to inquire how her short hair, like mine, manages to look so great during an Ironman) and Chrissy Wellington (to pick her brain about running through injury…after bike accident, she freaking won the Ironman!~) And I would be so inspired to run with the two of you, together, separately…..

  260. Do I sound too much like a suck up to say you guys? Yes? OK, how about Kristin Armstrong (Runners World author) because everything she writes may as well start, “Dear Kate….” for how much it resonates with me.

  261. Reese Witherspoon (after she has her baby). I love her movies and think she and I would be instant BFFs, I’ve heard she runs quitte a bit.

  262. I would like to run into George W. I just like the dude. Love that sweat shirt and as far as your running interview…um, I’m still trying to get past the fact that you can run and talk at the same time. LOL. 🙂 Cool beans though, I’ll bet that was fun. Jessica

  263. I have a list of folks but it goes something like this….Matthew McConaughey (he could set the pace (wink)), Richard Branson (cause I would just love to pick his creative business brain),Katherine Jenkins (cause she is doing her first major race this sunday and her voice is heavenly and I think she would be encouraging), and Pink (cause she is a true BAMR). Call it a creative powerhouse with a dose of hotness….

  264. Oprah Winfrey. I’ve never run a marathon but consider myself a runner and I know Oprah does not. It would be awesome to have girl talk with her while running and to hear her training stories and motivation. Plus, it would be cool to say I ran faster than Oprah! 🙂

  265. I would love to run with Jillian Michaels….I used to be intimidated by her, but her podcast has become one of my best running buddies, and what could be better than the real deal!!!

  266. Will Ferrell – he’s done a sub 4 marathon previously, so maybe he’d be ok with chatting it up for the 26.2 miles and hitting closer to my pace – sub 4:30. 😀 I think he’d have me in stitches the entire race!!!

  267. I would love to run with Pete Thomas from “The Biggest Loser.” I met him at a running expo recently and not only is he pretty handsome (and really, really tall), he’s got an inspiring story to share about overcoming obstacles (physical and mental) to get healthy and stay that way. When I make up excuses for why I can’t run today, I think about Pete and how far he went. He reminds me about taking full accountability for my own life.

  268. Sarah and/or Dimity, obviously. Since that is out of my reach, and the White House isn’t too far from my home, I will go with Michelle Obama. I am sure she has some stories to tell. Her or Anthony Bourdain. I could probably beat him, and then he could take me to brunch somewhere awesome.

  269. I’d love to run with Oprah! It would be so cool to hear about all the people she’s interviewed over the years and discuss the books she’s read. I of course would have to bring my BRF and Oprah can bring Gayle! 🙂

  270. Everyone who knows me knows that my celebrity would have be Jon Bon Jovi as I’ve been a fan of his since I was 16 (I’m now 42). Though I don’t think I’d be running much as I’d be squealing like a 16-year-old teenager!

  271. I’d have to say someone who wouldn’t freak me out too much, and I could keep pace with – Al Roker! I remember he ran the WDW half marathon the same year as me and I was so jealous because he got his picture taken with Phineas and Ferb (so I may have celeb-stalked the brightroom site) and I couldn’t find them anywhere on the course!

  272. I’d pick Kristen Armstrong to run with — although I don’t know if I could keep up. We could trade raising twin stories. That would help the miles pass.

  273. I would LOVE to run with Sully Erna. I follow him on facebook and twitter, and absolutely love his voice! His music is beautiful! I am an even bigger fan now that I know he runs! He even shared his marathon training program with his “followers”!

  274. Jon Stewart! I think that we would be about the same pace because I saw how out-of-breath he got approaching the stage at the Emmys. He brilliant, funny and a great conversationalist.

  275. The two of y’all! If not y’all, then I would have to go with . . . wow this is hard . . . . while not famous, it would have to be my first BRF Emily. I miss her and how we could laugh for those grueling long training runs. I have not had that since she moved to Germany.

  276. I would love to run with Adam Sandler. The miles in a marathon would just fly by while he told jokes and made me laugh.

  277. Since Matthew McConaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal run together, I think I would just join up with them. I mean really…who needs natural scenery, when you would have that to look at!!

  278. I think it would be awesome, intimidating but awesome, to run with Madonna. I don’t know what but she was the first one to pop into my head. But Gabrielle Reece would be awesome too!!

  279. Right now, for me it would be President Obama. If I could get him as a captive audience, I would be able to have a frank conversation about a couple of issues that puzzle me.

  280. I am torn. Every morning when I watch the today show I think to myself, Natalie Morales seems like the nicest lady, I would love to run through New York City with her. We could talk triathlons, raising boys and current events. But then every afternoon when I am banging out a sprint series on the treadmill and watching Ellen, I am pretty convinced that she is the funniest person maybe I would run with her. However, I don’t know how much running I would get done… we might just have to briskly walk and laugh 🙂

  281. I would love to do a long run with Jeff Galloway! He is such a wealth of knowledge…imagine being able to pick his brain, WOW, how cool would that be! 🙂

  282. I don’t even know if she runs, but I think I would choose Katy Perry. I love her tunes and I have so many questions for that crazy, creative, unique girl!

  283. I would love to run with Chelsea Handler. I think I could run miles without even know it because she would be so entertaining. The long runs would seem to fly by. 🙂

  284. I would love to run with Neil Patrick Harris or Ellen Degeneres. I am sure either one of them would have me laughing so hard it would be a challenge to keep running but that would just be extra training! 🙂 I love their attitudes about life and find their smiles to be infectious. 🙂

  285. I’d love to run with Michelle Obama. I admire her healthy lifestyle as well as her dedication to the children of America. Picking the First Lady’s brain over a morning run through DC would be so inspirational for me… I wonder if secret service would run with us? 🙂

  286. I would love to run with TobyMac! When he sings with Mandisa on her It’s a Good Morning song..he sings about running 1/2 a marathon! Yeah Baby!

  287. I would pick Matt Nathanson, and have him sing to me the whole way! I would probably keep requesting ‘Faster’ over & over!

  288. If you hadn’t mentioned Sting in the post, he would have been on my list – I just love his voice, and he could brabble on about almost anything and I’d listen. But, given that he featured in your post, I’d say Brian Green, author of The Elegant Universe – perhaps he could make me understand physics on the run! Or Louise Erdrich, who is the most amazing story teller ever.

  289. Tom Cruise. He’s my favorite person to watch running in movies – ask my kids who I’d marry if anything ever happened to their dad and they’d say Tom – which I remind them I wouldn’t want to marry him, I just like to watch him run.

  290. I would want to run with Oprah and Mandela. I know the conversation would be great and I would hope the pace would be slow enough!

  291. I would,like to run with Jeff Galloway so I could say thank you for creating the run walk run style, enabling me, at 39 and terribly overweight to learn to run, and enjoy it. 18 months later, 1 marathon down, 2 halfs and several 10 miler races, I am still running injury free. That rocks my world!!

  292. I would love to run with Molly Ringwald. She would be a hoot. Run. Laugh. Hydrate. Run. Laugh. She is very down to earth and just seems to be a genuine good person. I think we’d have a great time together.

  293. I’d love to run with Dimity & SBS to gain more practical mother runner advice, & Scott Jurek for advice on fueling the body on a plant strong diet (I read his book recently & am fascinated by the idea of an ultra although I NEVER intend to compete in one).

  294. I’d love for the opportunity to run with Michelle Obama. She’s doing so to try to improve kids’ health in the US and encouraging them to play sports, be active – plus, we’re both from Chicago – so we’d have lots to talk about.

  295. That’s a hard one. I always run alone, so imagining running with someone (even a celebrity) is tough. If I had to chose, I think I’d choose Sarah or Dimity (yes, you’re celebrities). You’ve given me so much good advice and I’d love to spend a few miles with you!

  296. I would like to run with Jeff Galloway! He would be so motivating and I’d probably get my best time ever with his help. : ) I would like to bring along a gaggle of BRFs with me too!

  297. My first choice would be hit the pavement with Pink. How awesome because she could sing while we run!!
    My second choice is Reese Witherspoon who would make me laugh and smile with her fun and sunny personality!! And both of these women are Mothers just like we are!

  298. I would love to run with Will Farrell – he’s run a few marathons and I think our paces are similar. I just know he’d have me laughing the entire time!

  299. Well I would say Kara Goucher but who am I kidding, I could never keep up with her 🙂 So I pick Geddy Lee, singer of my favorite band!!

  300. I would choose you guys, Sarah and Dimity. I have only been running a year. Your advice, books and podcasts have helped me so much. Thanks!

  301. I got my wish, I got to run with Dimity this summer!! Sarah was too early, too many miles to catch;)

    After you two famous BAMRs, the other famous people I would like to run with would be Jillian Michaels, Michael Phelps, Keanu Reeves, John Cusack or Mic Jagger.

  302. These types of questions are really hard for me. I would think running with a celebrity would be awkward. But, I would love to run with you ladies and I’ve also dreamed of working out with Jillian Michaels screaming at me!!

  303. I’d love to run with Kelly Ripa. I’d love to hear how she balances her job(s), three kids, husband and staying in shape. She’s a bundle of energy!

  304. I’d like to run with my hubby. We never get any time together anymore. But I’ve been informed that will never happen 🙂

  305. How awesome that you not only got to run with Christy Turlington Burns, but also saw the back of Sting’s head! But I can’t believe that you ladies expect us to only pick one celebrity to run with?! I have away too many to pick from Kara, Meb, Ryan, Mo. Maybe they could create the ultimate dream run. The only thing is I would probably end up on my bike so I could keep up with them!

  306. I’d love to run with Ryan Reynolds…. can’t beat the eye candy, and my kids would be thrilled to know I ran with the Green Lantern!!!

  307. Celebrity? I’d like to run with Joan Benoit Samuelson–I’d want to talk about how we can keep running as we get older. Except I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with her!

  308. Desiree Davila – she’s tiny, she trains in MI with winters, (I live in WI). She’s about running her best and not about endorsements.

  309. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor! What an honor to be in the presence of the first female Supreme Court Justice!

  310. Madonna. I hear she has a home on my long-run route. I would love to soak up her fitness advice. I would say Jillian Michaels except she would beat me to the ground and gasping for air wouldn’t work for good conversation.

  311. Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie (Flight Of The Conchords). They could sing “We’re Both In Love With a Sexy Lady” and keep me laughing the whole time. Might not be a good workout, but it would be fun!

  312. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger because he says things like this – “I’m not a good runner, but I’m better than someone who doesn’t do it at all.”

  313. I would love to run with President Obama. He seems like a pretty cool guy to hang out with and I would love to here some of his thoughts on some issues.

  314. There are so many amazing mother runners I’d like to share miles with…I’m torn…if I truly have to find an uber-celebrity who I’d like to run with…who I think the miles would pass easily with, and who I don’t think I’d be too starstruck to make a blubbering idiot out of myself in front of (that’s debatable in every case, actually)…I’d pick Sarah McLachlan, but I don’t even know if she’s a runner! Otherwise…some of my favorite authors are also on my list of dream running buddies…Dimity and SBS of course, and I’d also really like to share some miles with Kristin Armstrong (not the Olympic cyclist, although I’m sure she’s great too!), the runner, writer, and former spouse of Lance Armstrong. Those hoodies are fantastic — and the message is amazing, and so important!

  315. Channing Tatum! I could totally chase after him on a run, and the miles would literally fly by! LOL! (I’ve been happily married for 16 years, but I can still admire that cutie pie…for miles, and miles, and miles) 😉

  316. I would love to run with Chris Freytag. Chris inspires me to workout every day, she’s a role model and shows you that no matter what you do … as long as you’re moving, you’ll achieve your goals!

  317. Obviously, my first choice would be Dimity and SBS, as I have run with Dimity in a dream and always smile when I hear her voice on the podcasts, like I have a secret :).

    I would also love to run and chat with Katie Perry. I have always enjoyed her music, but after my daughter and I saw her movie, I was really blown away by her character and work ethic. She will make an awesome mother runner someday!

  318. I would love to run, of course, with Sarah and/or Dimity. If they were busy I would love to run with Kate Winslet. Once we settled into our run I would ask her why she didn’t let Leonardo DiCaprio on the piece of furniture with her and let him freeze in the water when Titanic went down. Of course, we would be running behind Ryan Reynolds the whole time.

  319. I would like to run a marathon with my brother, ok, he isn’t famous but he has run the London Marathon 3 times and I just feel it would be a really wonderful experience if we could do that together….
    If it has to be someone famous then it would be Denzel Washington….just because he is sooooo yummy!! 😉

  320. I would love to go on a run with you two, you guys are truly famous. Second on the list would be Joe Tericani, who runs The Marathon Show. He makes everyone famous 🙂

  321. I would most like to run a marathon with my Air Force Hubby!! He has always been a great runner and is such an inspiration to me. I struggle with running, but make myself do it because of how I feel afterwards. The first 5K I ever ran, he ran along side me the whole way. I am sure he could have run circles around me, but having him there by my side meant the world to me!

  322. Of course I would love to run with Kara Goucher or Joan Benoit but outside of those amazing running women I would choose to run with Jon Bon Jovi!!!!!

  323. The only person i like to run with…my 4 year old son. I wouldn’t want any other running partner. He points out the wildlife on the trail along with all the robots he sees! 🙂

  324. There are so many celebrities I would love to run with, but if I had to pick only one it would have to be Reese Witherspoon.

  325. This is a tough one! I don’t have a favorite celebrity….and i am clueless about thier real lives.

    I guess I would choose Tracy Pollan (wife of Michael J Fox) as I am running this year to raise money for Parkinson’s research. My mom is living with this disease and would love to pick Tracy’s brain about all the work they are doing…..beyond the monthly newsletters I get.

  326. Why you two, of course! guys inspire me everyday. DON’T THINK, JUST GO. I say it EVERY DAY.

  327. I’d love to run with Guliana Rancic, she just seems so friendly and down to earth, liek soemoen you could just start talking to & there’d be no awkwardness. i really admire her openess with her infetility struggles and brest cancer. Plus I’d love to give her a big hug and congratulate her on the birth of her son.

  328. Oh, so many. Either Kara Goucher or Kristin Armstrong to talk mommy/work/life balance. Or Ellen DeGeneres to make me laugh.

    I once ran “with” then-President Clinton. Actually, he and his secret service detail passed my marathon training pack on the Rock Creek Bike Trail. But he chatted us up a bit, asking what we were training to run, wishing us luck. Some of his SS guys were also training for Marine Corps Marathon, though I hoped they didn’t have to do all of it in their Kevlar vests with sidearms.

  329. As a Doctor Who nerd, i have to say…I’d lose my mind to run with “The Doctor”. David Tennant’s Doctor if I’m being picky

  330. Hands down… I’d love to run with Mark Texeira of the NY Yankees! Love everything he stands for faith, sportsmanship, family, team, and easy on the eyes too!! 🙂

  331. Jennifer Garner – I would love to get her perspective on growing up in a small town, reaching success in love and life and how she defines that in the Hollywood glitz and raising her children by finding time for her. Oh and of course her hot husband…

  332. I’d love to run with Drew Barrymore. I’ve always liked her – she seems flawed and real and super nice.
    Or Kara Goucher. She seems really fast and real and super nice.

  333. I would love to run with Dimity and SBS! I’m not tryig to be a brown-noser, but it is true! It would also be very cool, albeit intimidating, to run with Kara Goucher.

  334. Way to leave the indimidation behind and level the playing field with sweat and swift feet!! I’d love to run with Kelly Ripa! I think she would be totally down to earth and share stories of her fitness while being a busy mom. Plus she’s a total riot 🙂

  335. I’d love to run with Kristen Armstrong, author of “Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run” and give her the biggest thank you hug!

    The words in that book game me such motivation when I ran my first marathon — it made me laugh, cry and find determination I never thought I had inside me. Every time I re-read it, it makes me fall in love with running all over again.

  336. You two, of course! 🙂
    If that doesn’t count, then Apollo Ono. I really want to find out why he switch from “sprinting” in speed skating to marathon running.

    Quick Sting story: in High school, my class saw Sting in Three Penny Opera on Broadway. The girls, along with 2 teachers waited to get his autograph (which I’ve lost over the years!). He was super nice and surprisingly short 🙂

  337. I would like to run with Sean Astin. He does alot of great things when he runs, and it would be great to talk to him about his inspiring programs

  338. This is a tough one. I would have to say Kara Goucher. She is from my home state of MN and I admire her so much! Although it would be fun to choose a celebrity that I could beat…and that certainly wouldn’t be Kara. 🙂

  339. Celebrity- Jimmy Fallon to make me laugh.
    But, if I could run with anyone living or in heaven, it would be my Dad. He was a track star in HS and college having some records broken just 12 yrs ago. I’d like to bond with him over something he loved so much and now I love many years later. Plus, it would be funny to see him in his 80s short shorts and high socks.

  340. Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION. Would love to talk with him about his start in music, what inspires his songs, why he always wears flowered shirts and dock siders at his shows, etc. After that, it would have to be Bob Marley, if he was still alive.

  341. Johnny Depp, does he even run?! I don’t care, we could just go around the block if he doesn’t. Mmmmm, yeah, Jonny Depp. 😀 THAT would be a memorable run. Lovin’ me some Jonny Depp. ♥ Of course, if he really couldn’t go for a run, I guess I could settle for Jason Statham… he’s got to be a runner, have you seen that body?!!

  342. I think it would be fun to run with Johnny Depp, especially if he was dressed & in character for Captain Jack Sparrow!

  343. So easy…Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers! He was featured in the “I’m A Runner” column in Runners World last year when I started running, and I really liked his story about why he started running and his first marathon. I ripped it out and kept it for inspiration!

  344. I would love to run with Jared Leto. I have loved him since his days as Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life. His music is awesome and he is such a passionate person.

  345. I’d love to run with Seth MacFarlane and he’d do all the Family Guy, American Dad and Cleveland Show voices for me the whole time 🙂