Hump Day Giveaway: FASTZach

Adrienne here. Hi.

One of my all-time favorite things to do in a new place is go for a run. Seriously. On my list of things to do in new places "go for a run" is just under "try the local snack" -- both of which are in the top five.

The challenge with running in a new area, however, is figuring out a route. I've thrown myself on the mercy of various concierges, should I happen to be in a place with one. I've pestered friends, family, and BAMRs. I've studied a variety of different mapping sites and cobbled together turning directions. None of these choices is perfect, mind.

From a recent run in New Jersey, helpfully "laminated" against sweat and rain with packing tape.

Now I have a new tool in my arsenal: FASTZach. It's an easy-to-use app that will tell you where to go and how many miles it will take you to get there. Go look for yourself.

In FASTZach, you select your distance (up to 150 miles!), your preference for pedestrian paths, and your desire for points of interest. Then, bingo-bango, you get a route, which the app will talk you through turn by turn.

I've discovered FASTZach is also great for new routes in familiar places. I've generated quite a few even for my teeny town.

The folks at FASTZach want you to discover how useful their app is. Two lucky winners will get an annual subscription to FASTZach's service so that they can get out and route!


All you need to do is comment below and let us know the most memorable vacation run you've ever taken. Was it on the French Riveria? Around your mother-in-law's condo? Through the Outback? We want to know!


The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 2/22/17 and ends on 2/28/17. We will announce two random winners on our Facebook page on 3/2/17, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of this prize is $59.99. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

205 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: FASTZach

  1. My favorite vacation run was in the trails of south mountain in Phoenix, AZ. I always get lost through the trails and it took me a lot longer to navigate my way out of the trails than I thought it would. This app would be great to use for these times.

  2. We were sailing a boat on our vacation in the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands and our first stop was Port Townsend where I needed to do an 18 mile training run. Woke up to it POURING. We were anchored in the bay and my husband took me in the dingy to the dock and away I went. It was a very memorable wet run but it’s also very beautiful there. It was a cold ride in the dingy back to the boat. A run I won’t forget 😉

  3. Traveling in New Zealand, I was based out of Wanaka while doing some summer mountaineering. Stuck in a house with 8 other people I didn’t remotely connect with, I’d run the trail along the lake to connect with myself and refocus. I remember one night as I headed back, turning around to be confronted with a full moon that seemed to take up the entire night sky. I’ve never in my life before or after seen anything like it and while any pearls of wisdom that might’ve come to me at the moment have been forgotten over the last 20 years (yikes), the image has stayed sharp and pure…. These days as I’ve taken up running again as a result of relocating away from family & friends in NW Washington to Portland suburbs I’m rediscovering my love of running as a way to refocus and find myself as I’m at home alone with small children and no support. The running reminds me of what I’m capable of and gives me strength, freedom & confidence.

  4. Running early morning in the Quarter in New Orleans, I got mistaken for a local and was asked for directions by a tourist. I was able to point them in the right direction in my favorite city in the world!

  5. My favourite vacation run would have to be when I ran the sea wall around Stanley Park in Vancouver. Running next to the ocean was amazing for this inland mountain girl.

  6. My most memorable vacation run I’ve ever taken is the only vacation run I’ve ever taken. It was last summer along W Market Street in Akron/Fairlawn, OH. I ran from my hotel up and down W Market and into the Summit Mall parking lot. It wasn’t particularly scenic but I’m exited to have an activity listed in my Garmin account that says “Akron Running” instead of all of the local communities I usually run in.

  7. I was on a trip with a friend (NO kids, NO husbands!) and set out for 4 miles. Got caught up in the gorgeous Alabama scenery and came back after more than 8!

  8. At a work conference in San Diego. The hotel ( Marriott or Hyatt) offered turn by turn routes on a path that took you out overlooking the ocean. Beautiful.

  9. My husband and I were honeymooning in the Napa Valley and went on a run from our hotel. We didn’t really know where we were going and accidentally ended up running on private property, but we were so glad we made this mistake, but we ended up getting such a beautiful early morning view of the valley.

  10. I would say it’s my run 2 spring breaks ago in Myrtle Beach – just a taper run (I was running the Diva half there that weekend), but I ended it w/ a barefoot run on the beach w/ my 3 kids, some of us closer to the water than others 🙂

  11. I have had the chance to run in a bunch of Canadian cities where I am travelling for work. Loved the river path in sunny Saskatoon – I ran there as an employee of the YWCA and again many years later as a United Way staffer. Also had a couple of super fun runs in Montreal – up and down the hilly cobblestones in old Montreal and along the waterfront.

  12. My first ever long run in our new home state of New Hampshire! I mapped out a hilly 13.1 miles and aimed to crush my PR. It was amazing to push myself on new, challenging terrain. All I could think about was how I was going to cross the finish line of the 2017 Chicago Marathon in October. I ended up embracing the hills and PR’d by over 9 minutes! Welcome to new beginnings 🙂

  13. On Spring Break several years ago I was in the middle of training for OKC Half. We were visiting Ruidoso, NM and I was able to get in my long run at 7,300 ft, much different than the plains of my town in Oklahoma. On my run, I came upon a herd of deer eating their breakfast. In the quiet serenity, I was one with nature…amongst the herd…and appreciated the miles that much more.

  14. I travel a fair bit for work – so my most memorable run away from home was running along the canals of Leiden, Belgium. I had to pause to take my picture with one of many windmills.

  15. Last summer during an Epic Family Camping Trip out west, I did an early morning run of 6 miles on a trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where we were camping. The run itself was a lot of fun (ND badlands! climbing up and down a small cliff to cross a dry stream bed!), but the most memorable part of the run happened when I woke up and left the tent to get ready for the run….and encountered a herd of buffalo roaming around the campground! Including a baby buffalo right outside the bathroom.

  16. I love running in new places. I mostly do an out and back so I don’t get lost. It would be really nice to have some different routes while marathon training. I stick to the same routes it gets kind of boring.

  17. One Christmas day while visiting family in Pittsburg, my husband and I ran a number of laps around an empty shopping mall. No way we could have gotten lost. The security guards in their cars probably thought we were either nuts or criminals!

  18. My then fiancée and I did a 5k running tour in St Thomas. He wasn’t really a runner so he started in July to get prepared for the run in October. We did the tour in the morning before heading to the courthouse to get our marriage license for the following day. It was definitely a great way to see the sights and a beautiful run, a great way to end our last day as single people and a way to start off our marriage. But it was hot even at 8 AM and the courthouse has a strict dress code so we used public bathrooms to change but we were still gross and sweaty. My poor husband had to wear dress pants, I luckily got away with a dress.

  19. Most family vacations are so packed with activity that I don’t run or just hit the hotel treadmill. Lots of walking with the family! Grand Canyon, Arches, and Zion National Parks were beautiful. As well as Yellowstone.

  20. My husband and I took a trip to California a few years ago. We started in the San Diego area and drove the coast to San Francisco. We had plans to run two races to bookend the trip, the first being a 10 mile trail race outside of San Diego. Days and days of rain flooded the course and they almost called the race. At the last minute, they let us run, what was now a very muddy and wet course. Complete with two full blown stream crossings due to the massive amounts of rain, and mud so deep your shoes where stuck at times!!! Laughed and had fun the entire time but muddy from head to toe by the end!

  21. There have been a lot of great vacation runs with my husband. We do a family vacation with my in-laws in the Berkshires every summer, built in babysitters while we go out running!

  22. It wasn’t anywhere exotic or even that exciting, but it was one of those epic runs that you always wants to have. It was in Victoria, TX at my sister in laws house down those back country roads with just pastures on either side of the road AND I found my in laws missing tortoise (one of those giant 100 pound ones) while I was out! I love running those back roads where there is no traffic or lights!

  23. I will never forget waking up before the sun (thanks to jet lag) on day 1 of our 5 year anniversary Hawaii trip this summer and running to catch the sunrise on Bali Hai

  24. This is one of my favorite things too! I travel for work and have gone on good and not so good runs in unfamiliar places. I got lost once in an area with too many cul-de-sacs. Running in Tanzania on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro was amazing last year.

  25. Savannah, Georgia! The condo we rented was in the middle of downtown so I was able to run through all the historic plazas and Forsyth Park. Such a beautiful city!

  26. My most memorable run on vacation was with my hiss and and kids on the beach in seaside Oregon. Love the Oregon coast!

  27. The Dingle Half Marathon (in Ireland) with my husband. I had originally signed up for the 50 miler but it got dropped by race director, switched to marathon but got pregnant (after 12 years of trying!!), so dropped to half and walked it with the hubs.

  28. My favorite vacation run started in downtown Montreal pass brownstones and beautiful parks in June!! It was simple but beautiful.

  29. Wow! This would be so awesome!! My family travels a lot so I run in new places all the time. A couple of my favorites, rim of the Grand Canyon, streets of NYC, Central Park, around the Washington Monument in DC. I love to run when we travel!!

  30. My most memorable run on vacation would have to be a group trail run that I took in Kananaskis (rocky mountains in Alberta) whilst at a public health conference. So it was all healthy types going out for a run and the folks from out west were used to running at higher altitude and not afraid of bears. It was first week May and the bears were waking up. They said just don’t be the slowest runner and you’ll be fine “hahaha”, but they weren’t really joking. I was the slowest runner as I just had zero lung capacity up there, and i almost pooped my pants multiple times from seriously thinking that a bear was around every corner the whole run. We ran down into the valley which meant we had to run all the way back up. The whole “no runner gets left behind” motto didn’t apply. But they continuously sent various runners to loop back to check on me (yay lol). My goal was to not get eaten by a bear and I met my goal. I’ll never forget that run LOL.

  31. My inlaws have a summer home on Cape Cod, MA. I love running when we are there. Last summer another member of my moms running group was also down the Cape and we were able to get together and run along the ocean. It was beautiful and so wonderful to share with a friend!

  32. My husband and I took a vacation to New York City without our kids and we went on a run through Central Park. I travel for a living and run in cities all across the country, but Central Park was at the top of my running bucket list. I’m so glad I got to check it off the list with my husband by my side!

  33. Our last day in Kauai I ran 3 miles up to the Catholic church (the oldest Catholic church on the island). I was able to watch the sunrise during my run, and then I attended daily Mass. After Mass, I walked the grounds of the church and then ran the 3 miles back to our condo. I had many lovely sunrise runs on that vacation, but none were so complete as the run with Mass in the middle.

  34. On a vacation years ago, I got up at 4:30 on a Saturday morning in New Orleans to run my 14 miles before the August heat and humidity became too unbearable. There were many people out, but most were NOT running. Most stared at me with blurry eyes. The sun came up while I was in the Garden District. It was magical. And HOT.

  35. Maui 1/2 marathon in September 2016! I was there for the wedding of someone very special to me and got to do the race on the same trip- what an awesome experience!

  36. I paced my best friend of 30 years in her first 10K at the Nisswa Firecracker Run in Nisswa, MN over the 4th of July while we were vacationing in cabins. It was so fun to be able to share that moment of achievement with her!

  37. My most memorable vacation run was on a girls weekend in Naples FL. After a very very (not just by mom of toddler standards) late night, I got up and got ready for my run only to realize it was pouring. I decided to just get out there for 10 minutes since I already had my clothes on. I made it for 5 miles and it was so much fun. Raining sideways, puddle jumping, knowing it was snowing at home, the best Bloody Mary at the end – all of it was spectacular.

  38. While vacationing on Maui, I needed a good route for a long tempo run… so entered a local half marathon. It was a lovely, well supported course– and (added bonus) I won the race!

  39. My most memorable run was at Disney World last May, on the morning of littlest’s third birthday, my husband and I snuck out before everyone woke up and the humidity crept up. I remember being very slow as tired!

  40. My most memorable vacation run was several years ago, when I was visiting my brother in London. I was able to see a lot of the tourist highlights that way.

  41. Most memorilable vacation run was a 7 mile training run mostly on a bike path in Bethesda Maryland- my phone died about half way through but luckily I found my way back to the hotel – and was so proud that I had the energy to walk through some of the D.C. Museums that afternoon!

  42. Best vacation runs for me are in beautiful Central Oregon. There is truly nothing more beautiful than being out at sunrise in the high desert.

  43. My favorite vacation run is an annual occurance during the trip we take each spring to Destin, Florida. Coming from the (usually) cold Midwest, that first spring run in shorts and a tee feels magnificent with the warm sun and salty fresh breeze. Despite the fact that I’m not one to run on sand, I always make it a point to run out to Norriego Point across from the Harborwalk where the bay meets the Gulf. It’s a spectucular view in the early morning sun. Every year I still return from that run with a big smile on my face.

  44. Every year we camp down at Carlsbad State Beach and I go for a long run down the coast. I love watching the ocean, the surfers and saying hello to all the many other runners along the way. Because it is a straight line down the coast, I have the luck of never getting lost.

  45. Last spring I was training for my first full, as part of the TLAM program. My first long run of more than a half-marathon distance was scheduled for the week of my daughter’s spring break, which we were spending at the Oregon coast. Not having ANY idea where to run there, I emailed the local running club, whose director responded within under two hours and suggested that I run the (permanently-marked) course of the Newport Marathon. Both the course and the weather were gorgeous and made my first 15+ mile run seem like fun rather than a chore. Incidentally, I will be revisiting that course this coming June, when I run my second marathon there!

  46. My husband and I were traveling and decided to stay at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. The next morning I decided to go for a run on some of their ‘running paths’ that go thru some areas of the base. I got back and told my husband…”wow…I didn’t do very good…felt like such a struggle to run 5 miles”. When we were leaving the base, we saw a sign that said “Altitude 4093 ft”!! No wonder I felt sluggish…in my city..San Antonio, our altitude is only 809ft!!!

  47. We were on a Disney cruise and I had done a couple runs on the ship through the week. When the activity flyer came the night before we landed on the Disney island, I saw they were have a 5k on the island! Super fun and I treasure my Disney medal!

  48. I love winding through the gated neighborhoods on the oceanfront near my parents house in Florida. Can’t get in with a car, but you can from the beach access 🙂

  49. Nothing to exciting but I was able to get my runs in my mother in law’s gated community.. Felt safe and wasn’t afraid of getting lost.. 🙂

  50. The most memorable run was in St. Thomas at Megans Bay. The rest of my family went snorkeling and I went for a run on the beach. It is one of the hardest runs I have ever done. My legs were burning for days, but the best part was all the encouragement I received from the people on the beach!

  51. My husband and I went on vacation in Australia and we ran through some of the parks in Sydney and ended our run with views of the Opera House. The flowers and views were just gorgeous!

  52. Not vacation per se, but on a work trip in 2003 to Portland, OR I landed a spot in a Hood to Coast van. Stayed the weekend, saw OR by foot. It was amazing.

  53. I hadn’t been running very long yet and was still only running 2-3 miles most outings. I went to Chicago to visit my best friend. I didn’t realize how close to the lake her Lincoln Park apartment was until I went to go for a run. She told me which way to turn out the front door and within minutes I was on Lakeshore. I ran along the lake, enjoying the scenery and perfect weather. I went out further than I had thus far and felt like I could have gone more. I felt so strong and at ease and totally in love with running. Now I always look for fun routes, ideally long bodies of water to run on trips.

  54. I wouldn’t call it a “vacation”, but while doing medical volunteer work in Haiti, I was fortunate enough to run around a couple of beautiful rural villages. Certainly, a white lady with time and calories to spare makes for a strange sight there! Hot, humid and spectacular!

  55. Omg! I NEED this! Marathon training and heading to NYC in April and will need to bust out a long run. Most memorable vacation run was in the quiet hills of Montana!

  56. A few years ago I had the opportunity to accompany my husband on a work trip to Paris. Our hosts knew that I was runner, and invited me to join an expat group of mother runners on their regular morning run. Waking up at o-dark-thirty to run through the streets of Paris is a memory that I will never forget. Like, hello Arc de Triomphe before the onslaught of tourists. In addition to the sights, I was once in again reminded of what a lovely community of mother runners there are all around the world.

  57. I have a few awesome ones — most memorable ones would be in Paso Robles, CA out in beautiful wine country or on a quiet dirt road on Mount Desert Island in

  58. Any run while I’m on vacation in Hawaii is a memorable run because, well, um Hawaii. It doesn’t matter what island (Oahu last year or our favorite, the Big Island) or the weather (frequently muggy but windy), those will always be memorable.

  59. I am hoping to have a memorable run this weekend on my beach vacation on St. Simons Island, Georgia. But for now I would say my favorite was a quiet run on the Rail Trail near my parents at Morgantown, WV. Lovely temps and fall color made it just breathtaking.

  60. Decades ago while backpacking in Europe with two college classmates, I would get up early and scout the new places we were in by running from the hostel. The best run was on a tiny island in Greece. I stumbled across some ruins that were not marked by a plaque or any other indication that they were there. I thought to myself that in the US, this would be fenced off with a fee station. The whole trip was eye-opening for young me.

  61. My most memorable vacation run was in Rockport, Massachusetts. It was just the right amount of hills and beautiful rocky beaches.

  62. Favorite vacation run was in Maui last summer. My husband and I went out for a 3-4 mile run our first morning there and found a hill to run up so we could then turnaround and get an awesome view of west Maui. The best part is someone else was out running and came up the hill after us, we chatted a bit, found out he was from Texas and has been a runner for many years and was wearing a Grandma’s Marathon shirt (which he ran the year before) – we are from Minnesota ourselves, so loved finding that running connection so far from home.

  63. My favorite vacation run is along the beach on Marco Island, Florida. We visit annually and every time I run it, the ocean, sand and sun make it feel special.

  64. The New York City Marathon! After 6 years of unsuccessful lottery entries, I fundraised for my IRun4 Buddy, who is Autistic. For every donation to my fundraiser, I put the name of the donor’s child on my jersey. It made the run so much more memorable to run in celebration of a different child each mile. Even more special was having my mother at the finish line, who is a native New Yorker. Being able to finish in “her city” meant the world to both of us.

  65. I found my route from the local running store’s website which was nice. I ran in Madison Wisconsin through University of Wisconsin and then along the lake. I’ve never actually seen people ice fishing so that was fun to see. I also realized that running in snow is pretty cool. I travel a lot so this app sounds like it would be great to have.

  66. Most memorable vacation was a run around Washington DC when I was in middle school. It sticks because it was such a great way to see our nation’s capitol and because it introduced “running tourism” into my life. since then, a marathon in Alaska and regular daily runs in Hawaii top the list.

  67. This past summer I turned 40 on the 4th of July. So, I decided while visiting my parents to run in their towns annual Midnight Run which features a 1 mile fun run, 5 and 10K. I ran the 10K which went out onto Honeymoon Island (a Florida State Park) which was lined with luminaries. It was really an awesome run that I look forward to doing again someday.

  68. My most memorable run was a tempo run in Monterey and Pacific Grove, California. I had to stop in the middle of the run to take photos of seals on the beach. One of my favorite places in the whole world!

  69. My most memorial out of town run was a Georgetown 5k. It was SO hot they had heat warnings but we did it! I am from Minnesota so…big difference!

  70. Little Rock Marathon 2014. Weekend away with the girls. Saw Dmity and Sarah there. The weather on race day was miserable. Midrace they cancelled/rerouted participants. I was at mile 21 or 22 so I kept going. My main concern was “Am I still getting that huge medal?” Spectators handed out rain ponchos to runners. A man from the military (not sure which branch ) ran a few hills with me at the end (he was in boots) and distracted me through them. Also ran with a priest for awhile towards the beginning of the race. I did finish and I did get that Epic medal. But I get a do over of that race sometime in the future.

  71. I’m not sure if I could call it running, but that was my intent! The mountains surrounding a resort I was staying at in Scottsdale, AZ provided me with treacherous climbing (and footing), some interesting and creepy wildlife, a little history but the most gorgeous scenery once I made it to the top

  72. Most memorable vacation run was hands down the Kauai Half Marathon! Such beauty and running in my most relaxed place on earth!! Loved it!!

  73. I also love to run in new places. My favorite has to be a run(s) I took along Playa Guiones in Nosara, Costa Rica. Nice, wide beach with hard-packed sand once the tide is low. Gorgeous view of the Pacific!

  74. I would have to say it was last year’s Austin Half Marathon on Valentine’s Day. This year’s holiday I am pregnant and taking a break from running, but we did get engaged. So, I’m looking forward to next year with a new husband and baby in tow!

  75. My most memorable run was in Monterey, running my first half marathon. Can’t get any better than those ocean views. Heavenly! Of course, I had to only follow the crowd!

  76. My most memorable vacation run was January 2017, running 13.1 miles in loops and loops and loops around Pop Century resort at Disney World. The half marathon I’d picked up my bib for was cancelled due to weather, but the weather wasn’t bad enough to stop hundreds (thousands?) of us from getting our miles in at our resorts. People even came out to cheer and set up informal water stops. A bittersweet victory and memorable run!

  77. Running around the marina in Cabo. Even though I would get up early it was in the 80s with high humidity but I felt like a bad ass getting it done before my family woke up.

  78. I ran through the cemetery in Key West. It was very peaceful and I loved looking at the all of the old statues, crypts & stones. My imagination was working overtime thinking of the history of all those who were laid to rest in that place.

  79. most of my favorite vacation runs have been with AMR – but otherwise, I enjoyed running down into the woods in Forest County, PA crossing through state forest and private land. Coming back up was slightly less fun.

  80. Our family vacations on Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho, & I’ve always wanted to run the Long Bridge into town (Sandpoint). I got to last summer, & loved the 2 mile run into town… then learned on the 2 mile run back that I had been running WITH the wind! The run out was memorable for the views, & the run back was memorable for the wind!

  81. I have traveled to 38 states and 23 countries and I run at least 10 miles, 6 days a week so I have had to get very creative about finding routes. If all of them, my most memorable runs have to be on the South Island of New Zealand. The paths were plentiful and beautiful; the views were spectacular; and, with absolutely no predatory wildlife, I have never felt safer out running by myself. Best running of my life for sure!

  82. I LOVE to run while traveling, makes me feel great and I get to explore areas I would normally not get to see. Picking a favorite was hard but I my favorite out of town run was on Old Mission Point Peninsula in Traverse City, MI. My BFF and I ran thru vineyards, farms and had a great view of the water over challenging hills. We turned around at the water and ended in a row of grape vines at a winery. I loved it!

  83. Running early in the morning on the Disney World property is always a treat. I love watching the employees traveling to their resorts and the park. From the Contemporary I can run right up to the Magic Kingdom. It’s peaceful and beautiful early in the morning.

  84. Last summer I was a new runner and I ran 4 miles to Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, MA which was my longest run at the time. Now whenever I pass that distance I always think of that beautiful run and the amazing feeling of accomplishment.

  85. Every year we try to make it a priority to go to the beach with our pups. We just love running up and down the beach with them getting our runs in. They love it too!

  86. A half marathon in Dublin Ireland celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. My husband is not a runner but is my biggest supporter. He didn’t even bat an eye when I told him that’s what I wanted to do to mark our milestone. Of course there was plenty of celebrating (and Guinness) after the race for both of us.

  87. How about my worst one?! Travelling for work in RI and started with a lovely route that then turned into an industrial area…which I could not find my way out of. Ended up stuck on the wrong side of the river (literally and figuratively) and was about ready to call a cab when a postman drove by. I flagged him down and he helped me with a route back to my hotel. Intended 5 miles turned into 9! I could have really used this app!!!

  88. My most memorable, but not my most favorite run was in the northern panhandle of West Virginia in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. We were visiting my in-laws. I asked my husband a good route since its where he grew up. He gave a suggestion with a warning to not go past a certain point. I did not listen because I wanted as little double backing as I could manage . I went down a nearly mile long steep hill and runners that go down must go back up (at least for an out and back). I just kept thinking this hill has to stop at some point and it did nearly a mile later. I was far out enough in the middle of nowhere my phone could not pick up any signal. No more streaming tunes, no GPS, no full credit for my run on my watch and app…no help! I’ve been told nothing good happens after 2am. I now believe nothing good happens where the internet and cell service cannot reach you. I feared angry dogs I heard barking at me and dodged more roadkill than I care to remember. After I drug myself back to my in-laws with a look of utter defeat, I told my husband what had happened. He just laughed at me and then with a smirk said “I told you not to go that far…” I have not run that far since then while visiting my in-laws!

  89. The beach at Siesta Key. The sand is like flour and it’s packed hard enough down by the ocean that you can do a regular run on it. It’s like running on a trail vs a tough sand run. And lots of gorgeous views SBS birds!

  90. One of my most memorable was on spring break a few years ago around Beaver Lake in Asheville, NC. I was training for a marathon so found a run blogger in Asheville and asked her for a route. It was perfect!!

  91. At a family reunion in Winter Park I got the chance to run my 15-miler in the mountains! It was gorgeous, but right around the 8 mile mark the altitude started to hit me. But it’s hard to care when the weather was so perfect and the scenery was amazing!

  92. Portland, Oregon last summer. I was there for a 3-day conference, and did 3 beautiful runs along the Willamette River, desperately scanning the path around me to try to spot SBS!

  93. For my 40th birthday my husband surprised me with a trip to Seattle. He got us a hotel room on the waterfront and we did our 10 mile run together with Mt. Hood in the background. Even better, unknown to him, it was fleet week. So the view was very nice with lots of muscled navy runners (we can all still look…right ladies). Seattle runners don’t wave back like Ca runners do so we made it our mission to get a smile or wave from everyone we passed and had a blast. Best birthday gift ever!

  94. On a Disney Cruise ship. Mind you, I couldn’t get lost, but it was totally unforgettable. The sunrise, salt air and rolling waves made it feel like running on a treadmill in heaven.

  95. My husband and I wanted to run along the Mississippi in New Orleans. We did for a short way. Then on through some popular areas of town. French quarter was much tamer that Monday morning. Of course we had to end the run sampling beignets.

  96. Last year, hubby and I took the kids to Honolulu. I gave myself a self-guided tour of Honolulu and Waikiki while the kids played at the pool. Win, win for all!!! I got my run in and some much needed me time and they got to stay and play.

  97. I just returned from New Zealand where I ran next to sulfur hot springs boiling up from the earth. The air smelled like rotten eggs, the landscape looked like a moon crater, and there was total silence except for my breath. What an inforgetable run!

  98. Last winter I had my longest long run of my half marathon training while I was on vacation in Florida. It was beautiful running on the beach, but I hadn’t anticipated how difficult the temperature would be for me. Being from Central NY, I was used to my long runs being in 10 degree snowy weather, not warm sunny 80s!

  99. I was visiting my mother in Tennessee for Thanksgiving. It was unusually cold that year, and my daughter got to see snow for the first time. On Thanksgiving Day, my family was gracious enough to let me head out for a run. I went to a nearby Fort Donelson National Battlefield and ran in borrowed sweatpants and sweatshirt. The run was tough, as the cold and hills were definitely out of the norm for this Florida girl, but the views were just amazing, and I felt like a total BAMR when I was done!

  100. I took a beach vacation at Hilton Head Island with my mom for the first time in years last summer and thought, wow, what a great opportunity to run on the beach! I set out on my early morning run on the sand along the water with the sun rising above the ocean horizon next to me. I felt joyous. Until I got back to our hotel room and noticed that my entire left side (the side that was facing the sunrise) was sunburned. Horrifyingly peeling, blistered, one-thousand-degrees-to-the-touch sunburned. I spent the rest of our vacation with the left half of my body beet red and throbbing, and I kept the bizarre tan lines on my left side for over six months afterward. Now, I have no choice but to believe strongly in sunblock and maybe to do an out-and-back on the beach so at least both sides get some sun time!

  101. NYC Central Park, Siesta Key Beach FL, or Park City UT trails? I better go back and run them again to make a final decision.

  102. My favorite memorable run while out of town was San Antonio. there’s a great riverwalk and I just followed it for 5 miles and turned back. Never had to wonder about cars and was completely safe.

  103. Definitely the run I did when my husband and I were in Yosemite for the weekend for a conference for him. It was incredibly beautiful and I ran from one photo spot to the next, taking pictures of waterfalls and lakes and rivers. Yosemite is one of my absolute favorite places and I hope to get back there some day!

  104. Just went to Tampa for a quick getaway in January from Minnesota. Running on the beach was truly what I needed to hit reset.

  105. I knew I recognized that route in the image… Mpls Chain of Lakes! 🙂

    I’ve had a few memorable runs, both hot, sweaty, and humid. Veracruz, México along the ocean and mountainous, twisty, curvy Benidorm, Spain, located south of Valencia on the Mediterranean.

  106. I was traveling on business. I knew there was a great river side trail nearby. I asked the concierge for directions. Either he was wrong, or I followed incorrectly, because what ensued was me running by myself through a questionable neighborhood, complete with very crowded homeless shelter along my route. I was terrified and couldn’t get back fast enough. Still ended up with a 4 mile run, so all was okay. Colleagues told me later how bad the neighborhood really was!

  107. One memorable run was while I was at a conference with teachers at a camp in the woods. I scoped out the entry to the lodge and the circular drive the night before. I was up at 4:30, quietly slipped on my running shoes, because I had slept in my running clothes, grabbed my flashlight and barely snuck outside because of the squeaky door. I ran the driveway and circular drive for 45 minutes, all the while running my regular route in my head. People thought I was crazy!

  108. I would have to say my favorite vacation run was on Isle de Re, France. At only 13 or so miles long, it was a challenge to find a run that wasn’t beachside. I was up to the challenge. I figured I could always stop for a croissant if I got lost.

  109. My most memorable run while on vacation was when I ran down in Tampa, FL. It was the first Christmas after my divorce and 1st without the kids so last minute I hopped on a flight and spent the Christmas weekend running around Tampa enjoying the sunshine since I was from OHIO. Now all long holidays with out my kids I travel just to run somewhere new!

  110. I was determined to squeeze in a run while on a trip to Ireland. I asked our tour guide’s advice and notified her of my plans. I had a great time but I learned a valuable lesson about trying to cross the street at a roundabout when the traffic is going the opposite way than I was used to! I won’t try that again! Better to run further to find a safer spot! #rookiemistake

  111. This is tough but I am going to say my favorite is the runs I get to take on the beach in Florida when I am there in January for a conference of psychology professors who want to improve their teaching. It’s such a lovely contrast from NJ weather at that time.

  112. I think my most memorable vacation run was running on the trails near Loon Ski resort in the NH mountains last summer. It was so beautiful and I discovered how fun trail running could be

  113. Great run in San Diego on a 10th anniversary trip with my husband. We are at vastly different paces so split up at the trailhead – which he had selected – which warned about mountain lions on the trails! We survived – celebrating 20 years this year. 🙂

  114. I love running on vacation. My favorite path is near my grandma’s house in Litchfield Beach, South Carolina. It’s such a familiar path to me at this point and it’s comforting to have a new but familiar path each time I go visit. My favorite path I’ve done only once on vacation is the Paris marathon course!

  115. I live in Coastal NC and it is very flat. My most memorable vacation run always involves hills. I look for them when we travel and enjoy doing hill workouts that I usually can not do in my hometown. Blowing Rock, NC has some great hills for running!

  116. The family was in Wisconsin Dells for a chess tournament. I was training for a half marathon. I used map my run to plot out a course. It was beautiful and HILLY! Not what I bargained, for but the Wisconsin farm land was an escape for this farm girl turned city slicker!

  117. I am a consultant and travel for work. I have to venture out and run right away in every place I am sent too. I try to ask and look up safe areas and I get my feel of the cities I’m working in from running and always just go my three or four miles in and turn around. I have heard comments that I see more of the cities I visit from running around them than that of the people who do live in the city themselves. Currently I am living in Boston for a year contract and I love running around the Charles River on the Esplanade. I’m currently training to do the Rock and Roll Marathon in DC on March 11 and find myself going further every long run and I can just run up and back along the river, one side in Boston the other in Cambridge. I love to run, wish there were more dirt trails but a girl cant have it all right!

  118. I think my most memorable wasn’t for the best reasons. While on vacation in FL, I ran through an undeveloped subdivision that looked jungly and found wild boar remains, got too far out in the heat without water, and then was informed after the fact that I was in a very unsafe area the entire time.

  119. Chappiquidick last summer! It was so beautiful. Now, when the weather is cold or windy or just yucky I picture running on the Vineyard.

  120. Not the most scenic OR fun, but the most memorable was when we visited Orlando in July at the peak of my race training schedule. We were scheduled to head out to the parks at 7:30am and I needed to fit in a 3 hour run. I wasn’t comfortable running around outside at 3:30 in the morning and it was HOT and HUMID out there, so I got up and hit the fitness center treadmill. I plugged away from 3:30 to 6:30, got my run in and then we were off to walk around the park all day. It wasn’t the most fun run I’ve ever done by far, but it was definitely one I will always remember!

  121. I am just getting into running and bringing my husband along for the ride. On a recent cruise we ran a 5K on an island just the two of us. No stroller (kids were in the kids play area), amazing island scenery, and gorgeous weather! This run amped me up enough that the next day when we got home I signed us both up for our first half marathon!

  122. I went on an American Heritage tour a few years back with my stepdaughter and about 300 other 8th graders. I got up in the mornings and ran in places, like New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Virginia. They were amazing runs in as much of a direct line away from the hotel as I could manage. This app would have been awesome!!

  123. I love to run in new places, too! I usually remember more about my runs than the actual vacations 😉
    My favorite vacay run is probably when my husband and I hiked the Manitou Incline near Pikes Peak, CO (and watched a couple people run up it!). He took the turnoff but I kept going to the top and even ran into one of my running friends from ten years ago that I hadn’t seen since (it’s such a small world! And running friends are lifelong friends!). After taking some pics at the top I ran down the trail to the bottom. I rarely do trail runs but it was so amazing and exhilarating. I will never forget that run!

  124. I also love to run in new places. Most memorable: three way tie between mountains of Vermont, rolling hills of Sonoma wine country and High Bridge trail in Virginia.

  125. The San Antonio Rive Walk…did this in December some years back and it was so beautiful.Ran early in the morning so I could see all the Christmas lights and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  126. My favorite vacation run is Sabino Canyon Rd I Tucson, AZ. A 7.5 mile out and back with gains over 800 ft. Beautiful. Love to run on vacation.

  127. Stayed in a small motel right in Mammoth Cave National Park and ran the rolling trails right outside my door first thing at 7am. So peaceful and beautiful.

  128. My most memorable vacation run has to be the NYC marathon. I had only ever been to Manhattan so getting to see the other boroughs on foot was a really cool experience.

  129. My favorite vacation run was during a visit to Gettysburg. My husband and I had toured the battlegrounds, done a ghost tour, and loved the town. Just before heading out, we decided to do our training runs near Devil’s Den and Little Roundtop. It was the most peaceful and surreal run either of us had ever been on. I had chills nearly the whole time!

  130. Favorite vacation runs were on Mt. Desert Island in Maine – I could run from where we were staying for a little bit, with a short path through the woods, to the park road that circled the island and ran along the coast – each time I ran, it was so different and so beautiful. Fogged in one day, bright sunshine a different day. Gorgeous!

  131. I tend to back off on my runs while on vacation. When I was training for my first marathon, we went on a cruise 2 months before the race. I had a 16 miler to do during that time and ran it on the track on the ship. 12 times around was one mile. It wasn’t the most enjoyable run to do, but I thought it was neat to run in the middle of the ocean!

  132. I went for a run while visiting my parents’ house to the bike trail we used to frequent when I was a young girl. My daughter biked with me. We didn’t have music along so she was singing our favorite car ride songs. It was not my fastest run or toughest, but maybe one of the most memorable.

  133. Everyone’s runs sound fantastic! This is my most memorable, though least favorite vacation run,We took a camping trip in northwest Arkansas, and since I was doing a half marathon training plan I knew I’d need to run. I should never have left the park; down a quiet two lane highway, I ended up running past more and more delapidated housing, and finally ended up in a pit bull’s territory. He was guarding a yard full of male chickens raised for fighting (we learned this from the local police after the incident). I ended up getting bitten by the dog on my calf. I had mace with me but couldn’t bring myself to spray the dog! I wish I could have sprayed the owner (who was watching from his porch).

  134. My fav vacay run was along the horse paths around Griffin Ranch in La Quinta, CA. It was a thrill to get off the concrete sidewalks and onto a slightly more forgiving terrain. I saw no horses, or any sign of them, so all was good.

  135. My favorite vacation run was earlier this month along the Chicago lakefront. We used to live there, and it was fun to be back! I’m looking forward to vacation runs in Nashville and Boston in the upcoming months and would love to find routes with this app!

  136. One of my most memorable runs was in Provincetown, MA. I was there with some other friends and another mother runner and I took a nice long run from P-Town into Truro and back!

  137. 10 miler in Sedona on a weekend trip with my family. Longest run (and most consecutive minutes alone) since my daughter had been born 8 months prior! He red rocks were absolutely stunning.

  138. Hmmm, I generally run on most of our vacations. It is a great way to explore a new place. I will say Vieques was a memorable experience.

  139. My favorite was a run last year along the ocean in Florida. The view was beautiful and also it was warm and I had just left my very chilly WI home. It was wonderful getting away from the Wisconsin winter for a few days.

  140. A portion of the Trail of Tears in Missouri. Still my favorite after all these years. I,always pick somewhere to run on my vacations.

  141. Probably my most memorable run on vacation was the 13-miler we did last month in Orlando. We were *supposed* to be running the Disney World Half Marathon that morning (as part of our Dopey Challenge races), but, due to lightning, it was cancelled. So we got up at 6:00, whispered hello to the babysitter, and went out for a rainy “half marathon.” We saw many other runners who were out that humid morning, earning their bling! <3

  142. My favorite vacation run was in California. I do not remember the name of the trail (something with Coyote), but I do remember it was uniquely beautiful. Plus, the Beware of Rattlesnakes warning sign is something you just never forget!

  143. I did a 17 mile run in Kinsale Ireland in training for my fall marathon . I am terrible about getting lost and would have been less stressed with FastZach. But the views were awesome and there plenty of other runners along the way.

  144. My favorite vacation run was along the Seine in Paris. It was amazing and also a bit dirty and lots of up and down next to the river on an old concrete sidewalk. Would love to try this app!

  145. I also love to run in new towns. My favorite was when we spent several day exploring Maine. Each morning I would get up and run in whatever town we would be in. Maine is such a beautiful state!

  146. A few years ago I traveled to Puerto Rico for a work conference. Some of the leaders had set up a 5k and being a fairly new runner I was horrible excited! Well as it turns out, I was the only one! The morning of the 5k about 10 people showed up, but it was raining so every one of them – even the organizers! – bailed! It was only drizzly out and I was ready for a run so I ran solo and it was beautiful. So glad I did!

  147. It was a work trip not vacation, but the running there made me feel like I was on vacation. Running in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. I ran by the beautiful parliament building and then along the Ottawa river. It was so unexpectedly beautiful.

  148. Running in Aruba with my husband along the beach. We had quite the adventure trying to find a way back to the hotel. We were not seasoned runners back then and didnt realize how far we had run out in the hot sun. We couldn’t find a cab or bus back to the hotel. eventually we found a hotel worker from another hotel on a golf cart who drove us to a shuttle van that took us back. We even have a video of us running on the beach! Quite memorable!

  149. In 2014 I was training for the very flat Chicago Marathon and would go up almost every weekend to my in-laws Lakehouse. Believe it or not there are hills in Illinois. In fact the lake is surrounded by one big hill after another and probably not the best place to do your long runs. It’s my favorite place on earth though so if the choice was between going to paradise but having to run hills or not going, I’d say bring on the hills!

  150. This is such an amazing tool!! Would have loved it when traveling in Sydney Australia. There I got lost and ended up run/walking 20+ miles past the Opera House and other historical landmarks. Luckily I was in shape enough to do that back then. Now as a Mom of three I don’t have the luxury to take such unplanned adventures. FastZach would be the perfect compromise for the practical adventurer in me these days 😉

  151. Quick shakeout run in Downtown Napa the day before I ran the Napa to Sonoma half marathon 🙂 Both were awesome runs!

  152. Running through a park last year with my brother who is stationed with the Navy in San Diego. I was finally able to keep up with him even though he still made fun of me for being slow… like a brother would do:)

  153. what a great ap! My most memorable was when I first began running… I was doing the Couch25k program, and I ran for 20minutes without stopping in Williamsburg VA. I still remember feeling so badass!

  154. My all-time favorite vacay run was in Boston, on the Sunday before Boston Marathon Monday. I was there to cheer on my sister, who was running the ‘thon the following day. I went out for a 7-mile long run, and hit up all the best sights: Boston Common, Public Garden, Beacon Hill, Comm Ave, and, best of all, ran across the Marathon finish line. I am nowhere close to BQing myself, but it was easy to envision myself running down the home stretch and across the finish line that day!

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