Hump Day Giveaway: Five (5!) Saucony Sports Bras

There were more trees on my bra-top-only run, but other than that difference, this gal and I are twins. (In my dreams!)
There were more trees on my bra-top-only run, but other than that difference, this gal and I are twins. (In my dreams!)

On Facebook yesterday, I admitted that on a recent run, I peeled off my shirt to sport just a bra on top. I also ‘fessed up that the only reason I was so brazen (in my mind) was because I was running solo on a remote trail in an old-growth forest where my chances of encountered another human were, oh, slim to none. My flabby midsection and riddled-with-odd-dots-and-blemishes upper body is not something I care to showcase in my urban neighborhood on my daily runs.

But I asked other mother runners if they run in just a sports bra, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many gals dare to bare. Here are a variety of responses:

The Energy Enforcer by Saucony provides a smooth transition from shirt to bra-only.
The Energy Enforcer by Saucony provides a smooth transition from shirt to bra-only.

Dani: “Yes! Running gives me confidence and running in 80 degree weather at 5 a.m. means everyone who sees me knows exactly why I am doing it, too.”

Iliana: “Same thing [as Sarah] happened to me a year ago on a summer morning running through London’s Hyde Park during a work trip. I could not take the heat any more and I figured nobody knew me there so I went for it. It was very liberating as I have serious issues about my stomach after two babies.”

No cape necessary: Wear Saucony's Athlete Avenger by itself.
No cape necessary: Wear Saucony's Athlete Avenger by itself.

Heather: “Did it for the first time a week or so ago…through town….and it was so liberating!”

Shannon: “When it is warm enough, I do it and I don’t care who sees me. I’m out there running! Even though I’m not perfect (A cup and nothing close to a six-pack), I’m in better shape than most people driving by and at least I’m working toward a better me.”

Jennifer: “All. The. Time!! And I make no apologies for it!!”

Michelle: “When it’s 80 at 6 a.m. and I’m on a marathon training run, heck ya, I’m in a bra and shorts. It bothered me at first. But I figure if you are offended by seeing me, it’s your insecurity, not mine.”

Sheryn: “…I run shirtless more often than not. I am surprised at the number of people who wouldn’t dream of it. So I wonder: Do you judge (or even notice) when others are running shirtless? If the answer is no, then peel off that sweaty shirt and be free!”

Emily: “I even ran bra-only when I was pregnant—started doing it after a run when my shirt got so sweaty that it felt like it weighed a solid 20 pounds. I had tons of body image issues in my 20s that kept me from going shirtless (including a boyfriend who always referred to it as my problem area), but having a child and also taking on some race goals made me much more confident. Now I know my core carries me through hard runs, so I kind of don’t mind who sees it.”

Pam: “I run in just a sports bra all the time in the summer. So much cooler than wearing a shirt and less laundry.”

Jessica: “Isn’t this why there are sports bras in such fun colors?”

Saucony's Athlete Avenger bra: vivid color, subtle padding.
Saucony's Curve Crusader bra: vivid color, subtle padding.

Whether you dare to bare, or care to keep covered, we have the perfect sports bra for five ladies: Today’s Hump Day Giveaway is a bra from Saucony’s new line of sports bras. (Which, Jessica, come in all sorts of fun, show-them-off colors, like Karma and ViZiPRO Pink!) There are five styles, and each winner can take her pick. Turns out my fave is also Saucony’s bestseller—the Curve Crusader. Like several of the company’s styles, such as the Athlete Avenger and Dainty Dazzler, the Curve Crusader has a light-yet-effective lining of spacer fabric, which means the first things someone sees when I’m heading toward them are not my high beams. (Because, I swear, no matter how sweltering it gets, my girls always act like it’s nippy out!) All five styles halt bounce, especially the Diva Believa with its supple underwire support. And all five are superheroes at moving moisture away from a hard-working body.

For a chance to win one of the five Saucony sports bras, tell us where you land on the sports-bra-solo question. I don’t know about you, but after reading the responses above, I’m re-thinking my attire for tomorrow morning’s run. What’s it going to be, chica: Are you going to run with your sports bra on display or not this summer? (To be entered to win this giveaway, you need to go to this post on our site and hit the Comments ribbon. Answers submitted by clicking reply to our daily email will be discarded.)

Diva Believa': underwire underwear--or outerwear!
Diva Believa': underwire underwear--or outerwear!

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 6/19/13 and ends on 6/25/23; the winner will be announced on 6/29/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $36-$48. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

Wanted to end on a high note by dazzling you with the Dainty Dazzler.
Wanted to end on a high note by dazzling you with the Dainty Dazzler.


1,394 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Five (5!) Saucony Sports Bras

  1. I wear a reflective vest, kinda my security blanket, but under that I go as bare as possible! (The heat is my nemesis!)

  2. I really would love to go solo with the sports bar but with the extra weight from the kids and my body not looking the way it should, I can’t go solo. But the Saucony bra would help so much in holding the girls in as I run in the mornings.

  3. It was my goal for a year to run a race in one. I bought a cute one with matching capris and hung it in the open for months as inspiration for geting fab abs. Alas I did not have those abs by race day and seriously contemplated ditching the ensemble but said “screw it” and went for it anyway. Not only was I feeling cool in the 87 degree weather at 7am but obtained a PR and broke 30min in a 5K!

  4. I keep on telling myself every summer that my stomach will be flat enough to go with just a bra, but…no dice, this summer either. If it gets hot enough, we’ll see. But that’s what sweat-wicking shirts are for, right? A nice bra would be good- salted through most of mine

  5. I’ve taken my shirt off during some summer runs, but only in the forest preserve. Once I’ve reinterred civilization, the shirts gone back on. This was a huge step for me!

  6. No way! I need to lose some of the flab before I do that. Thankfully I have access to an indoor track to run in during the super hot summer months here in Vegas!

  7. I started running a year ago at age 42 after having 4 kids.
    I’ve never done it but wouldn’t completely rule it out… I wish I had started running pre-kids — I definitely would’ve done it then!

  8. I’m in Fl where it hits 80 degrees before 8AM so yeah, it’s sports bra all the way for me. Mine are kind of ratty and some don’t match the skirts or shorts I have. With a green bra, bright blue Nikes and a black skirt I run down the road in what I call my clown outfit. Oh, and add a camelback for that oh-so-sexy look.

  9. Since my sports bra looks too much like a bra, I will not run bra solo. I may have to check out these colored Sauconys and give it a try… I run at 4:30am and it is hot and humid at that time in South Louisiana.

  10. That is my goal for the end of the summer!! I should do that now since I run super early and it is dark out but maybe in a few weeks if I can lose a few more pounds and tighten up my belly somewhat! Props for those that are comfortable enough, I admire you!!

  11. I would love to go with just a bra and shorts, but I lack the confidence. My tummy is a landmine of scars and stretch marks from various surgeries and kiddos. Maybe I could after a much needed tummy tuck!

  12. I would love to run in just a sports bra. Even when I run at 5 am it’s sweltering. I just need a little bit more confidence with a new pretty bra.

  13. I was out running this morning and thought about joining the handful of men out running shirtless, but was too self-conscious of my sweat stained, no-longer-white sports bra. Time to go shopping!

  14. I don’ think I could ever go solo-sport-bra-running. Just not my thing. Unless I was home on a treadmill or something.

  15. Maybe…? Thinking maybe. I’m working on it! Maybe if I had a cool new bra! Congrats D on your finish 🙂

  16. I wouldn’t currently because I’m very not comfortable with my weight but I could see me doing it minus some pounds!

  17. I do not like to bare my bra on the run. Maybe if I can get my mid drift to look at little “tighter”, I’d feel more confident!

  18. I am not a solo sports-bra runner unless I am utterly desperate for relief from the heat. Hasn’t happened since college-not sure it will happen again any time soon.

  19. If I was running on a beach…absolutely! Around my small town where I am also the pastor’s wife…no thanks!

  20. I’m almost there. Still feel that I’m too jiggly & don’t want to scare folks. Plus, I think I’m already talked about too much in the neighborhood. You know, the crazy girl that runs in circles. But, it’s so hot & humid that I’ll probably begin running shirtless soon.

  21. We just had this conversation after the Seattle R&R this weekend as there were many ladies wearing a sports bra only…I can guarantee that would never be me, but kudos to those who do.

  22. I am definitely NOT a bra only runner. I have some major tummy issues and haven’t ever been able to rock the bra only look. I will occasionally run bra only if I am on the treadmill in my house, but only if my three year old isn’t home. He like to say, “everything jiggles when you run, mommy.” I do, however, LOVE these bras!

  23. I am not someone who runs without my top on. If I were running a route that was more secluded I might consider it. I already wear super short compression shorts so if I rock just the sports bra with that it would be like running in my bikini.

  24. I prefer to keep my mid-section covered. I would feel self-conscious. Although, sucking it in and standing up straight would probably help my form!!

  25. My pregnancy with twins has resulted in a loss of confidence in my midsection, skinny but wrinkled. Ahh! Too embarrassing to rock the sports bra only look for a whole run, but maybe to cool off for a few minutes!

  26. Well I’m currently 9 months pregnant so haven’t been rocking the sports bra only look (except for inside my apartment) but after thinking of making it a goal to be confident running in a sports bra only next summer, regardless of whether I have my pre pregnancy body back.

  27. When the weather is hot and humid I strip down to as little as possible! After losing 70 plus pounds, I may not be perfect but I am confident in what I am doing… If someone else notices my lack of short I hope they balance that with the obvious commitment to a better me and look past it. If they don’t, that’s their issue, not mine!!!

  28. I know that before the summer is over, all my training will have led to the confidence to go sports-bra-solo!

  29. I love colorful bras under thin running tanks. I would love to be brave enough to go without the tank! Someday!!!!

  30. By the end of the summer I’m sure I’ll dare to bare, this week it’s already starting to heat up in Wisco!

  31. I did it in my younger years – prior to the road map on my belly. But all these posts have inspired me to give it a try – if I’m sure I won’t see anyone I know!

  32. I probably would though never have; one downside for me being fair skinned would be having to put sunscreen everywhere.

  33. I have thought about it, but never had the courage. Running in Texas, it gets really hot. After reading all the comments, maybe I will try it…one day! 🙂

  34. I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable wearing just a sports bra on a run; and it gets plenty hot enough to do that here in Southern Nevada. It’s really about my belly – having three kids has left me with just a tad more loose skin than I’d like, but it’s not too noticeable until I start bouncing around 🙂

  35. I live in Phoenix and it is already at least 80 degrees when I run at 5 am. With all the work I put into training my body, I don’t mind a few early morning drivers seeing me on my daily workout!

  36. I actually did it this weekend and it was so much cooler! We were actually at the lake where I didn’t know a soul. Would I do it around folks I know….with these rolls…no stinking way!

  37. I am still a ways away from feeling confident in my own skin to run without a shirt. I know I will get there some day. Until then, I will stick to housework only without a shirt.

  38. Despite thinking of my stretch marks as tiger stripes, I haven’t dared running in just a sports bra. I haven’t worked up that confidence about my baby pooch yet!

  39. I used to dare to bare…two babies and c-sections later, its something I’ve just again started to contemplate. After reading the comments from the Tribe, I’m ready to show off my stretch marks with pride!

  40. I don’t run without a shirt, mainly because my girls are big enough that the bras I have to wear aren’t the fun, cute, colorful styles. My bras are functional but boooooring.

  41. honestly, i probably would if i had a cuter bra. it didnt dawn on me until i just read this what a practical, serious looking piece of equipment i currently use.

  42. While I admit to having been tempted, I am currently 60 pounds down from my heaviest weight. Combine that with having been overweight during both my pregnancies and my skin has done more stretching than the most devoted yogi! I am super-happy with how I look and feel in a light t or tank. Good enough for me!

  43. Have no problem going shirtless on a trail. Through town would be a different story, just because I’d hear about it later…. 🙂

  44. I have never run in just a bra. I don’t wear a bikini either so I would probably consider a tank before just a bra.

  45. I run with a shirt. I’m very pale ( red head) so if its daylight that just means even more sunscreen if I go without a shirt.

  46. I don’t really run without a shirt, despite being in Hotlanta, but after seeing all these replies, it’s making me consider it. But when it’s hot & humid, it’s nice to have something actually wick the constant dampness (combined w/sweat) off your skin!

  47. Even though I’ve thought about doing this when it is VERY hot, I have never done it and most likely will not this summer. I think my tummy is too jiggly!

  48. In the south, even when its “cool” outside, the humidity will make you drip with sweat and many times I wish I was shirtless. Even though my body doen’t have rock hard abs, a cute sports bra would for sure have me feeling more confident to shed the shirt!

  49. If it is hot enough I will run in a sports bra. It has to be supportive. I’ve had the ladies slip through while running and it was quite embarrassing (nursed 4 kids and losing weight=flabby boobs)
    I grew up going to the beach all the time so bikini or barely any clothes I’m totally used to, though I don’t have that rocking body anymore LOL.

  50. I hope to one day! I don’t feel very confident yet to expose my midsection, but I plan to one of these days!! No matter what I think my midsection looks like, I should be proud because at least I am out there running!! I bet a cute running bra would help to overcome the insecurities!!

  51. I haven’t run in just my jogbra because I feel a bit self-conscious but am seriously considering it as it gets hotter. When I see a woman running with just the bra though I think she is confident and silently cheer her on.

  52. She barely remembers the girl who cowered in the corner of the eighth-grade locker room struggling to cover her late-to-develop body from her more voluptuous peers. The swimming pool,which was once a source of freedom and joy, became one of dread during her adolescent body shame. Three decades later, she runs free, out of the corners and into the light! There is no room for shame or for dread, because the joy of movement and new-found strength relentlessly crowd them out. Her belly button, marked with a pure, simple diamond twinkles in the sunlight and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

  53. Maybe? Before kids I would wear a sports bra only on top for tris but since kids have switched to the longer stomach covering tri tops. Maybe on a solo run?

  54. I’ve always wanted to go running in just a sports bra but haven’t felt like I have the body for it. I’m hoping this is the summer I can make it happen!

  55. I probably won’t do it this summer..but i’m not opposed to it. If it was super hot–I would strip off my shirt 🙂

  56. I always feel like I’m close to being able to. My mid section is my toughest area and I have a 15 year old that scoffs at the idea of wearing just a sports bra…ugh. I tried the argument that when she runs 3 miles or more in over 90 degree weather she can judge. But, honestly, I do feel self conscious. However, I’m working on that…sometimes, you just have to go for it, no?

  57. No, not this summer. But it is a goal of mine. Reading through the comments of those who do run in just a bra is very inspiring and perhaps this goal is not as far off as I had thought.

  58. I will definitely run in a sports bra if I start getting too hot! And I agree with many others- there are a lot of people out there running in next to nothing and they have the look like they have nothing to hide! We should all take a page out of that book if needed(:

  59. yeah….no. Thanks to bad genes, ice cream, and three rather large babies (all c-sections), one could liken my ‘core’ to that of a mushy squishy, jellybean. Thankfully, I’m well endowed so what sticks out isn’t the belly. 😉

    I only have one sports bra, and yeah, I wash it nearly every day. I really need to get another. I love my saucony shoes, so I’m guessing one of their bras might be pretty awesome too.

    One for big boobies, please.


  61. If great big dudes with hairy backs and boobs bigger than mine can run bare chested without second thought, then darn it, I can run in a sports bra!

  62. My goal is to someday feel confident enough to run in my sports bra. I’m getting closer, but not quite there yet!

  63. Two days before this post I ran with only the Sports Bra on top for the first time. My body is far from perfect, but I also don’t run into many people when I’m out in my neighborhood. I can’t say I’d do that at the gym though…ettiquette/germ issue 🙂

  64. To date I have only ever run in bra only on the treadmill at home. This discussion makes me rethink my approach a bit… especially as I am contemplating moving from MN to FL. I suspect the humidity in FL would get me over my self-consciousness pretty quickly.

  65. I am 6 months postpartum and not quite ready for it yet, maybe after I loose another 10 pounds and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

  66. I have exercised in a sports bra only a handful of times. My preference is to wear the longer tanks with built in sports bra which are way more comfortable, in my opinion!

  67. Usually no- I don’t tend to put sunscreen on under my shirts, and I’d be afraid of burning my vampire white skin 😛

  68. Not this summer since baby #3 is due in August but hopefully I will get my body back and give the bare belly a try next summer.

  69. I definitely will NOT be running in only a bra- I’m relatively new to running (about a year) and will not be showcasing my belly!

  70. All the time when I am in my house on the elliptical, much to my 4 yr olds son’s dismay. Actual conversation: him: “Mom, why are you just in your booby-slippers?” Me: “Because it is really warm and no one can see me” Him:”What if the neighbors come visit?” Me: “I would put on my shirt”…a few minutes later… Him: “Mom are you going to put your shirt on soon, people can see your belly-button, you know that is a private part”. Running outside without a shirt is not on my radar. Some people were blessed with smaller “parts”, I have been blessed with larger “parts” and just too much jiggling going on right now 🙂

  71. I have always secretly wanted to do this, but am afraid of terrifying neighbors and small children. Maybe I will set a goal of one sports-bra only run this summer…after dark so the neighborhood crime watch doesn’t get alerted.

  72. In the heat of NC summers- most definitely a yes to running in sports bra only. Feeling the air on my bare midriff feels like I am self cooling. I am also fortunate enough to be blessed with a small top shelf which requires minimal padding :}

  73. In my ideal world, I would run in booty shorts and a bra. I don’t really like things touching me when I run. But also, in that ideal world I wouldn’t have a two-baby-pooch which continues to linger because I feed it chocolate way too often. So, I always run shirted, longing for a flat stomach!

  74. The only place I would feel comfortable (and have stripped off my shirt on occasion) is on the treadmill in my basement. I already feel like people stare at me when I run because I am a bit heavier, so no need to attract more attention:)

  75. Who won the bras? Hopefully me and I just missed the e mail!:) If not, Congrats to whoever!!!:) Have a Happy Friday everyone!! Judy S

  76. Running? I’m older, approaching 60, it was something I used to do. Running? I’m a marathon swimmer, still older, fairly accustomed to wearing revealing wear in public without blinking.
    Running? Well, to mix it up I do train for 5K events…although the “bounce” for me was never felt to be attractive.
    Running? in a sports bra? Why not, I’d give it a try…once. But maybe, just maybe, it’d be something I’d want to continue…

  77. Props to all you brave ladies! I wish I had the guts to do that…but after 2 kids I am way to insecure..oh well!

  78. I wear sports bra only in the house, not quite got the confidence level to do it outside, but I am getting there so maybe very soon.

  79. I love running in a sports bra. I wear a pullover that doesn’t have any hooks. I have always run this way and love it!

  80. After six months of hard training, I finally feel comfortable running in a sports bra and shorts on a hot day…especially if wearing one of these gorgeous Sauconys!

  81. I don’t think I could ever go bra only. I have a pouch not a six pack….my mantra is keeping running and someday it won’t jiggle!!

  82. Even in the hottest weather I choose to don a tank top over my sports bra. Regardless of it being for running – it is still a bra. It just doesn’t feel right.

  83. Doubtful. I’m just not confident enough. In my basement on the dread mill, yes, but out on the roads. Slim chances.

  84. I don’t typically run sans shirt, but maybe it is because my sports bras are not cute. At all. Not to mention, they are not the most supportive and no one needs to see that! It is high time for a new one and perhaps if I had a darling Saucony sports bra, I might have the confidence to run without a shirt. 🙂

  85. I’m hoping to one day! I just have to find a bra that hides my headlights! I thought I finally did but…..not quite.

  86. I think the only way I would run in just the sports bra is alone, in the wilderness, where not even animals could see me. Probably not even then. After two babies, I have A LOT of extra loose skin in the middle…ain’t nobody wanna see all that jiggliness! Hehe!

  87. I’ve gone solo running before, and agree it is so liberating! Loving these comments, which make me think I should do it more often. Although I have to admit most of my bras are very old (ie from marathons I ran a decade ago pre-kids). I was shocked to learn on a recent podcast that we should be replacing these gals once a year. Yikes!

  88. I’m not at that point in my training, that I could run in just a sports bra…but someday, I could consider it!

  89. Possibly…..if the circumstances were perfect. Thus far in my life the circumstances have never been perfect.

  90. I only run in just a sports bra if I am on a trail and no one is around to see me. Even though I am a small person who can still wear a bikini, I don’t like the idea of seeing things jiggle when I run. I might be willing to give it a try though… the farmers tan isn’t all that attractive. 😉

  91. If I win one, I promise I’ll run with JUST the bra on, and will provide photographic evidence to prove it, just help me photoshop out my scars & stretchmarks. Bonnie & Clyde need a new hooter holder….

  92. I want to, I really do! I’m chicken, but maybe I will start out slow and just do an early morning run shirtless and see how it goes. The allure of it being liberating has me wanting to try it.

  93. I generally keeps my shirt on due to my fair skin, but if it’s hot enough, I will take it off. I agree that with all of these awesome colors, we should show off these beautiful sports bras!

  94. Oh I do when I go out in the country, however with strawberry blonde hair and pale complexion my sister rides me about the new “sun damage” on my shoulders! Despite the best SPF efforts!

  95. In hot weather, for the last few miles of a long run, and for track workout (ie any time I need to feel a bit lighter and speedier)…of course!

  96. No can do. Gotta wear a shirt. Even in my fittest days I wasn’t able to feel comfortable sporting only a sports bra. Did it once and felt like EVERYONE was watching!

  97. A singlet is much more flattering on me than just a bra, so I won’t be shirtless this summer. I love a good supportive sports bra, though!

  98. I’m trying to get past caring. It shouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, I’m still letting that extra layer of jiggle still call the shots.

  99. You bet! Its not the nicest abs in town but I love sun. (and a nice tan makes everything better, even an encased 6 pack…)

  100. I’m 65 years old. I really don’t think most folks want to see my antique physique, so I cover myself up.

  101. I run without a shirt on occassion, as it gets TOO HOT for one here in SoCal sometimes. I usually try to confine it to roads less traveled, but if it is hot, it is hot! Working my abs lately has given me more confidence, but having four kids in six years makes tightening everything up more of a challenge!

  102. finally, at 44, feeling like I am in the strongest, healthiest shape EVA, so yes, this may be the summer I run bra only! Watch Out!

  103. definitely..if it’s hot and i’m trotting i’ll wear one of these darlins..k? ‘specially if it’s free and all that!

  104. I haven’t done it for a while (it was in my pre-two kids body that I used to do it). However, I’m getting inspired to try it again. The first time I ever took my shirt off on a run..I just giggled. I felt so confident, naughty and was a great feeling!

  105. I SO want to be daring! Now that its summer and my stomach is already super white compared to my runners tan I might just give it a try! Why not?! These look awesome!

  106. After losing 120 pounds, I have MUCH pride in myself, but also A LOT of loose hanging skin. So, it’s covered up for me. But, I applaud any other woman who runs shirtless!!! 🙂

  107. If I wear a snug fitting running top I feel like I am fully exposed. So while running bras can be uber cute, nobody on the road is gonna see mine.Although it does sound like it could be a liberating experience, so who knows? 😉

  108. I only run in just a bra in the comfort of my own home on my treadmill. Otherwise I always have a shirt on =o) But I only have sports bras that look very “bra-ish” and nothing I would want to show off!

  109. I shouldn’t be so self-concious, but I haven’t run shirtless post-baby (and he’s 3). I still buy the cute colored sportsbras too when I’m working out from home. I let it all hang out then!

  110. Yes, I definitely would. I figure if it’s hot, and I’m running, I’ve earned the right to go “topless”. It would be much less embarrassing than the numerous times I’ve almost gotten caught taking a pit stop on the side of the road.

  111. I have yet to try just wearing a sports bra on top as after 3 kids, my midsection isn’t fabulous to look at (although it’s not horrendous either!). I would be willing to give it a try if I had a nice looking, bright one and would even be willing to post a pic!

  112. I would love to try these! I have always been self conscious about running in just the sports bra, but I live in Florida and it is soooo hot here! Tammy B

  113. I did it once in a night 5k that I run each June in Florida. I figure the dark is forgiving. I’d probably go shirtless on my morning runs more often but I pass by a lot of construction workers & that creeps me out enough with a shirt on.

  114. Until I find a more secluded place to run, I’ll be wearing a small top over my sports bra(s). See I use 2 of them. One to pull them all in and one to bind them down. I’m very blessed in the boobage area. It’s hard to find good running bras in my size. I would LOVE to try this one out!

  115. I finally upgraded to sleeveless shirts! Just not ready to run in my bra only. Although I could use a new sports bra!

  116. I haven’t gone sans shirt. I’m too modest, but I definitely coordinate colorful bras with my other running gear since the straps and back of it show with most of my shirts.

  117. I never have run in just a bra. Maybe I would, I love how my body is coming back per baby thanks to running

  118. Tricky question. I’m currently 8-mos post-baby 2 and not quite ready to bare this belly. Also, the only sports bra that fits my breastfeeding boobs right now is crazy old and not at all right for exposing to the public. With one of these Saucony beauties on, I might just get brave!

  119. I will be wearing a shirt until these nursing breasts no longer require 2 sports bras to run comfortably. Maybe if I win one of these bras my days of 2 sports bras will be over sooner than later

  120. I couldn’t show off my sports bra in the current condition of my body, but if I EVER get back into great shape, I will whip off my shirt and run proudly in that bra! 🙂

  121. My bra will not be on display. I’ve found enough shirts that feel like I’m wearing next-to-nothing to keep me happy (my husband claims that at least one is see-through, but I still feel adequately covered).

  122. I keep my shirt on for another reason, my underarms chafe! I could tolerate a short run in just a bra or a tank, but for a long run I need the extra protection of a sleeve. I would never judge a topless runner.

  123. I’m a little shy–and babies have left my stomach a stretch mark mess. So out of consideration for others, I wear a tissue thin tank over my sports bra during the summer. Maybe one day…:)

  124. I would if I had a padded one. I, too, always have “high beams” – people have commented on my race photos, even WITH a shirt on. 🙂 I’m not in the best of abdominal shape, but I’m out there exercising. Why not?

  125. This is why I run, so I can wear just a sports bra and shorts. I’ve a bit more running to do before I toss my shirt, but yes, I’d do this!

  126. You betcha! My triathlon suit I got this year is a two piece too – crop top (basically a sports bra) and shorts.

  127. I still have a little weight to lose before I would be comfortable running outdoors in just a sports bra, but I do at home.

  128. Yes, I will be wearing just a bra this summer!! In the Great Lakes the humidity gets stifling and the less clothing, the better! I’d run naked if it were legal! (well barring some anti chafing gel and sunglasses)

  129. I don’ t think I will for two reasons: since I’m still breast feeding and even my most supportive bra starts bouncing a little once I’ve hit 2 miles, and I’m so white I’d blind everyone on the road or in the gym!

  130. No way–my abs (or lack thereof) have always been a self conscious part of my body. Even more so since having 2 kids. While running has made me more confident in certain areas of my life, wearing just a sports bra is not one of them. A sweaty mess or not, I’ve got to cover up.

  131. I’m not that brave yet to run sans shirt, but I am hoping this won’t eliminate me from the contest. I could really use a new sports bra and love the look of these Saucony bras. Maybe when I re-reach my first weight loss goal, I will try liberating the sports bra.

  132. With my current bra, I wear a tight tank over it to keep the girls from bouncing all over the place! Letting them loose doesn’t necessarily sound like a great idea for me or potential onlookers!

  133. Generally I wear a shirt over my sports bra, but on super hot/humid days I’ve been known to bare it all!

  134. Um…no way! I could never go shirtless with just the bra. Although, I always said I could never run….so who knows! But for now, I will cover these babies up 🙂

  135. After reading all the “heck yeah” comments about going shirtless, I may give it a try. I’m nursing right now so I have to (ugh) sport 3 bras at once to keep the girls in line so I may get some odd looks for that and (hopefully) not my lack of 6 pack 🙂

  136. I never have but have wanted to! I’d need a bra with great coverage, a remote run, and probably some peer pressure!

  137. Not crazy about the idea except maybe on a beach. I don’t like a guy running bare chested out in public either though.

  138. I’ve never run without my shirt and don’t plan on it unless some miracle takes away my leftover baby belly 🙂 maybe some day, I’m still working on it!

  139. Double Dog Dare Me? I might consider it on one of my early morning runs. Usually my shirt helps conceal all the action going on.

  140. Definitely covering the belly. I have stretch marks from pregnancy that have left my midsection looking like the skin of an 85 year old. I don’t want to look at it. I can’t imagine others wanting to either. BUT I love a fun color sports bra peeking from under a tank!

  141. I have not yet displayed the girls while out on a public run. I so wish I could get over that. It gets hot has hell here in MartlNd in the summer & that is when I’m taking on my marathon pan it training. I do rip of the shirt while running in my basement on the mill. It feels great. After 5 c- sections…I just don’t feel like I have a good looking core.

  142. In the summer I think about just wearing just a bra all the time but at 47 I just can’t bring myself to do it. I do sometimes kid my children and pretend that I’m just going to wear my bra and shorts when I am taking them to school. I often run right after I drop them off.

  143. If only I could gather the self confidence to run in only a sports bra! After 3 kids and not enough core work..I have to say I just don;t have it yet, but I am definitely in need of a new one. It’s the most important thing I wear when I’m putting in the miles.

  144. Four kids & 2 decades ago I loved wearing sports bras as shirts. Feeling inspired to give it a go again. Watch out neighbors, here come my stretch marks!

  145. I probably wouldn’t take off the shirt as I still have a “jelly belly” after 80 lb weight loss, but I certainly am planning on wearing as foundation for running in costume!! (Disney 10K, WDW Marathon….)

  146. I went all last summer without evening wearing shorts running (capris only). I finally broke down and got a skort this year (100 at run time tonight), but still was majorly self conscious!

  147. I don’t think I’m brave enough to run without a shirt. My belly bounces a bit too much and I have super pale skin that I try not to expose to the sun. But I do run around the house in my sports bra 🙂

  148. Running shirtless helps my form, I need to do it more often. Bad form does not look pretty when you are baring it all 🙂

  149. I have run only in my bra when it is super hot out, but since I live in an area with very large Amish population I get self concious when they go by in their buggies.

  150. May have done it before baby left me with a lingering flat tire, but beyond the honks from drivers by my route, I think it would make my husband uncomfy.

  151. Yesterday I went for a run with my girlfriends. It was 70 degrees at 7 AM and we joked about starting a trend in our town – 40 year-olds in sports bras, running, walking, shopping. If I had one of these numbers instead of my ol’ dingy reliables…. I might have actually done it!

  152. I have gone bra-only a few times when I really felt over-heated (and often when I was in college and quite happy to show some skin. . .) . I’m actually quite happy to bare the midriff while running, but I live in a big city and honestly am just a little worried about being hassled. I don’t think i’d be unsafe. . . i just don’t want teenagers hollering at me.

  153. Yes, but only once I get out on the trail and away from my neighbors! This is the first year I’ve had he courage to wear a bikini to the local pool, and I’m 43, in better shape than 33!

  154. I will totally run sans shirt with sports bra only. I did it tonight on a run with my 11 year old. She kept saying mom someone might see you. I said if you don’t like it don’t look. My bathing suit covers less and I walk around in that. If you are confident enough to run outside and look like a hot sweaty mess, why not be comfortable? Really it’s not that big of a deal.

  155. Heck yes! Dimity knows how hot it can get in Colorado Springs and thats where I run. I’ve been with a stroller running group for over a year now and I’m so proud of the confidence I’ve gained from being with these women (not to mention I now have great arms pushing my 3 y.o. in a stroller for an hour each day). If it’s cute and my girls are secure, then the shirt comes off!

  156. Oh, I miss the days when I could totally rock the sports bra with no shirt… ah, good memories…. then baby #4 came and ruined it all! Someday maybe…..

  157. I wish I could run shirtless. Too much jiggle in the middle and way more jiggle on top 🙂 Maybe one of these bras could curve the bouncy upper half. Would love a great sports bra for my first marathon in November!

  158. Like SBS, I worry about the “headlights”. I have only run once or twice with just a sports bra and they were only because of desperation ~ overheating! If I had one of those bras, I may just throw caution to the wind….

  159. I wish I could run shirt-less, but I just can’t do it. I suppose if I knew that nobody would see me I might consider it, but otherwise, no way.

  160. If I had this bra, I would totally be running sans shirt. Due to a baby appearing in early July, I will be running again in the late summer/early fall – still hot enough here in Texas to run shirtless! Have to start training again for my half marathon in January and work off baby #2!

  161. A giant baby belly (assisted by consuming mountains of banana pudding) that ended in a C-section….three years later and still, not so much. But, if this heat keeps up I might just feel the need to flaunt my stretch marks!

  162. Definitely with the shirt…just can’t do it. Much prefer sweating it out with my shirt…need to focus on the run and forget about my clothes (and all other worries swirling in my head the rest of the day)

  163. When running on the beach on vacation, I have no problem going sans shirt. However, I am not as comfortable running in my neighborhood in just my sports bra.

  164. I haven’t been brave enough yet to run in just a sports bra, but someday maybe I’ll get tough and try it out!

  165. When it’s 110+ I suddenly get over my body issues. Plus I figure 3 kids and running despite the heat should be worthy of bragging rights, not self-deprecation.

  166. I haven’t been brave enough to run in just my sport bra. However, I am inspired by the women who participated in SEAK here in NYC so maybe this summer, I will!

  167. Shirtless only if I am forced to run on the treadmill in my bonus room ( it gets hot up there!). Outside summer running = a tank or singlet.

  168. Oh it’s been so hot here already that I am seriously considering sports bra running. Up until just recently I’d have said no way. I would however need to get a cuter bra if I am going to do that.

  169. Normally, I would say no…but I recently lost 15 lbs and now…well..yes! That is, if I had a bra that actually fit me. Mine are too big! Yay!! It’s definitely an issue of body image for me.

  170. I like to run in just my sports bra..of course my barely B’s are easy to contain. My biggest concern is catching fire in the sun..redheads with bitty boobies in barely there bras burn badly!

  171. Ahhhh…I so envy those who go shirtless, alas, I am just not part of that crew. Maybe someday? A girl can dream 😉

  172. Once I get a decent sports bra ( currently doubling up with 2 mediocre ones) I will definetely be considering it . I am training for my first marathon and I’m thinking summer + many miles= soggy nasty shirt. So I will try to throw caution to the wind and try it.

  173. I always start out with a shirt but if it’s super hot I’m stripping that baby off. My run is about me, not about everyone else. If you want to look, go for it.

  174. I run with a tank over my sports bra, but if I had a fancy sports bra like this, which would draw the attention from my three-baby mid-section, I’d be willing to ditch the tank 🙂

  175. I never have been on a run without a shirt over my bra, but hey…why not??? Someone who wants to think it’s crazy…try running yourself then judge me 🙂

  176. I used to run shirtless, but now I suffer from major jiggle disease! Since I gave birth & breast fed, my girls are loosy goosy and could put my eyes out since they bounce so much! So I wear 2 sports bras and try to gather them in – it’s not pretty! I also have a loose caboose so I like to wear a shirt that is long to cover it!!! Oh the joys of motherhood! I would not change a thing!

  177. Nope. Can’t bring myself to do it. I had to be convinced just last week by the girls in the local running shop that it’s okay to have my sports bra show if I’m wearing a running tank. I’m almost comfortable with that! It’s a step at least!

  178. I never would start a run without a shirt on, but if I get hot enough, I have no hesitation to take it off and bare my sports bra to all.

  179. No way!! I live in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone and that news would be spread to every household before I even got back from my run!

  180. I have big “girls.” I always double up, if not triple up, my sports bras. I am a good 20 lbs overweight, too, so I don’t have the confidence to strip down to my three sports bras just yet. Hopefully next summer!

  181. in my house on my TM yes just in this beautiful bra
    outside…no way…here’s why…mid 40s, 2 kids, 4 abdominal surgeries and a 70 lbs weight loss…nobody wants to see my mid section…!

  182. If I win one of these bras I will totally go shirtless on a run. Usually I would NEVER. I wear a the ugly Enell running bra which is super functional but looks a little like a torture device.

  183. No way! I can’t imagine being comfortable enough to run in just my bra. But, I used to put a running skirt over my running tights and I am comfortable enough to run in tights alone now… maybe someday, but not in my own town 🙂

  184. With as hot and humid as the metro east STL area is I wish I had the guts (or the body) to go in just my sports bra, but the mid section is not there…

  185. I’m just not one to run in a sports bra only. However, with two teenage daughters in the house that also run…my good sports bras have a way of “running away” so I’m in need of a new sports bra. (That I would hide and keep all to myself!!)

  186. Hurdle 1A to going shirtless for me is the fact that I burn easily and apply sunscreen poorly (and right now I live solo!); hurdle 1B is that I don’t want someone to leer at me in an intimidating way, nor to complain about any leers and have someone tell me that “I was asking for it.” I don’t have body issues — if someone looks, I don’t care — it’s the fact that someone WILL want to make me feel physically unsafe because I’m a female, and that someone WILL tell me that it’s my fault, not the creeper’s fault!

  187. I would LOVE to run in just a sports bra! Probably not this summer, though. As soon as my tummy is all gone, though, I sure will. I need some good new ones, and these look really nice.

  188. I ran in just a sports bra once and would again if I was hot enough. Otherwise I prefer to keep the tank on! Too many stretch marks on this tummy!

  189. Pre-babies I ran in just my sports bra. If boot camp and half marathon training goes well this summer, maybe I’ll be brave enough to do it again.

  190. While I wish I was brave enough to run in just a sports bra, it currently isn’t happening. I just lost 46 pounds from running but giving birth to triplets 24 years ago has left me with far too many stretch marks and loose skin. I wear a sports bra and a skimpy tank to hide the evidence. 🙂

  191. I keep it covered, which is odd since I’m not particularly modest. But winning a new bra might persuade me to lose the tank this summer!

  192. I still feel a little bit self conscious to run in just a sports bra, but I have gotten to the place where I can run wearing a tank, so hey…never know! I need a lot of support for my chest, and those bras don’t seem to be as pretty. But I love all the great colors that I’m starting to see out there so I’ll probably get on the bandwagon.

  193. I’m a little shy but as the days get hotter and more humid, I’ve been tempted more than once! Definitely going to give it another thought and perhaps go shopping for some bars in becoming colors.

  194. If I could find a cute bra with good support I might. I have an Enell “last resort” and that keeps the girls under control but it is not so etching I’d wear without a tank top (I think there are 14 hooks in the front).

  195. I haven’t done run shirtless in years! I tuck my shirt under my bra sometimes, but I don’t take my shirt off. However, this post might be my catalyst for change!!

  196. nope – not just a bra for me – there is a big difference between an A cup running sans shirt and a C/D cup – and I think a bit of modesty is just more my style! I have yet to find the perfect running bra so I would LOVE to win this!

  197. If its super hot and I am in the park I will. I worry I will see people I know out there but if they know me they know I am not of perfect body but I am out there working on it anyway! We should all feel comfortable since we are running not sitting!

  198. I just don’t think I’ll get there again no matter how fit I am, BUT a great looking sports bra still boosts my confidence and makes me feel good for some reason!

  199. When it is HOT I run in bras and shorts and a big ole smile. 😉 😉 I will be 38 on the 26th of this month and I have decided this is my body deal with it. 😉

  200. I don’t think the world is ready for my 34 DD’s out there on their own with only a single layer bra between the the girls and the outside world 😉 I actually wear two bras when I run!

  201. At 8 months pregnant, definitely not this summer, but I hope to be feeling good enough to consider it next summer.

  202. I am running Utica’s 15k boilermaker in July, and think I will have to run in a sport bra only due to heat so I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect one that can go solo.

  203. I have run without my shirt once. I’m 50/50 about it. I live out in the country, so I don’t have to be worried about dozens of cars seeing me. But it’s a small community and I don’t know if I’m ready to be known as the girl who runs in her bra… (it’s a pretty conservative town) It is getting so hot, though! So, I’m not sold on not doing it. 😉

  204. Over the past 5 years, I’ve lost 75 lbs and am now a marathon runner. I’ve always wanted to run sans shirt, but never had the courage. I think this could be the summer before I tune 30. I think all the years of being large would go away and this would be my freedom run!!

  205. Not sure if this is something I would feel comfortable doing at this time in my life. I am working on feeling better about my body.

  206. Funny thang, I just started running bra-only two weeks ago cause it is sooo hot and I love it. Still feel a little self conscious with my post 3 baby tummy but it just encourages me to do more core work on days I would rather skip it. So inspired by mamas that run shirtless.

  207. Not for me…but if I had less belly, I would! A great fitting, supportive sports bra makes me want to go shirtless. For the well endowed, this is a must!

  208. If you could guarantee me no one would see my post-6-babies stretch marks and belly, then MAYBE I would. Otherwise not so much!
    Would love to win one to wear UNDER something though!

  209. I wouldn’t go shirtless with my current bras…they’ve all seen better days. I might consider it with something new (and it would give me more reason to work on my abs)

  210. If I’m too hot, the shirt has to go! In fact, I once had to sacrifice my shirt to deal with a bloody nose while running!!

  211. I don’t think so! I wish though! Too much going on around the tummy even after loosing 20 pounds this year!

  212. Nope. I have no problem going “topless” while at home on my treadmill, but I think I’d feel way too conscious of my post-3-babies belly running in public.

  213. I will likely not be running in my sports bra only as I will be running pregnant this summer – although I totally admire Emily for doing so! My fingers are crossed that I win this one as I could use a larger sports bra for the preggo boobs!

  214. No, I do not bare my midriff but have occasionally thought about it now that I am living in a hot and humid region. A tank covers up the sports bra for sure!

  215. Because I’m not perfect but I’m a proud mother runner who has 3 kids, works full-time, runs at every opportunity and and doesn’t really care what anyone thinks!

  216. I’ve only run shirt free twice. The second time I ran into my professor and lost my confidence. The 90% humidity of my new home and a cuter bra might push me over the edge though!

  217. So yes!!!! When I first started running, wearing tights and a tank made me feel like a ‘real runner’ and now that I’ve lost the baby weight, I feel sexy and totally awesome when I run in just a bra. Might seem superficial, but my running gear has a huge impact on how I feel when I run.

    If I win and pay postage, can you send it to Australia?!? Or maybe you’ll just have to come visit 🙂

  218. I will not be running without a shirt anytime soon! But hoping in the near future! Hoping this helps with the DD runners so there is no bounce

  219. Today im 40. Happy birthday to me and heck ya i will run with just my sports bra i font do crossfit to cover up 🙂

  220. I have heard a lot of criticism about Cher on The Voice. I repeatedly heard that she should dress like a 67 year old. So on that note, this 61.5 year old better choose to cover it all

  221. Definitely just a sport bra in the summer, especially if I can’t get out in the cooler morning. Comfort trumps appearance when I’m running!

  222. I haven’t run in just a login bra in 15
    Years and that last time was bc a runner fell near me and I gave them my shirt to control the bleeding.:) I like wearing a tank while I run when it’s hot.

  223. Stomach has not seen light of day since puberty. (Literally)
    I don’t see a need to start now – and it’s not even because of the shape of my midsection, it’s just not comfortable to me to not have that layer to catch sweat so it doesn’t drip drip drip everywhere!

  224. I used to…3 kids ago. My stomach is too flabby and stretch-marked to be seen post twins. Maybe next summer?

  225. No way. No day. My “girls” are just too big and the sports bras for big boobies are not always the prettiest.

  226. I’ve never been brave enough to run shirtless, even back in my pre-child, flat-belly life! I love a good sports bra, but alas, it will always be covered up by a tank or tech tee in the summer.

  227. Sorry ladies, but I am fairly firm on this one. In that I am not that firm in the abdominal region, at my very fittest. Therefore, it would take A LOT of heat (which I don’t get in maritime western Washington!) to get me to take off my shirt. That being said, I run in a tank top, or a tank/sports bra combo pretty much year round. While I don’t show my abs, my arms MUST not have a ‘farmer tan”. Oh vanity, when will I be over you.

  228. I was inspired when reading about all of you that strip down to the sports bra no matter where you are in your running adventure. I decided what the heck—I live in a rural area. Decided today was the day —- woke up to a stormy rainy day and the temperature only reached 45. Guess it will have to wait until another day.

  229. If I had a bra as beautiful as those featured in this story I think I would. My size typically is only available in white and I deserve a colorful bra as I train for my first half-marathon!! Come on running bra manufacturers and running stores, give us bountiful moms something to feel good about – we are working hard too!!!

  230. I used to about 10 years ago in college, but haven’t yet after having 2 kids. Have been tempted though and I wouldn’t rule it out as it gets hotter this summer.

  231. I have never run outside in just my sports bra. I’m the leader of a running club and I’m not sure that I would feel ok being shirtless with my group, but I think I will try it in my neighborhood when I’m running solo, (especially if I win one of these bras in a fun color! 🙂 ).

  232. Did it for about five minutes along the gulf coast in Indian Rocks, FL in preparation for the Disney Princess Half. At 43, having had three kids, I felt like a fool. I guess this princess needed her cloak.

  233. I haven’t done it but I’m training this summer for my first 13.1 in September. I’ve had two c-sections so my midsection is what I am most self-conscious about. That being said, I’ve seen runners of all shapes and sizes out there doin’ their thang….and I’ve learned in life to never say never.

  234. I run in a bra with a loose tank on top when it gets hot. I haven’t been brave enough to just go with the bra. I have to face my neighbors!

  235. I never have but now I’m thinking I might. Training just began for an Oct. 26.2 so I may go for it this summer!

  236. Probably not, it doesn’t usually get that hot around here or I run early or late enough to not worry about temperature. I’ve considered it though and I’ll do it one day!

  237. I used to run shirtless occasionally, but since the birth of my twins, I figure no one wants to see my stretch-mark scarred stomach. Now I only go shirtless on the treadmill in my basement.

  238. I love Saucony shoes, I’ll bet their bras are just as awesome. I don’t run without a shirt yet, but if I’m being really honest, one of the reasons I’m working so hard is so that I CAN someday. 🙂

  239. I like to keep covered on my runs, but I did do my first triathlon in nothing but some shorts and a sports bra a few years ago. I cringe a little at the pictures, but I’m glad I had the nerve to do it.

  240. I’m in the Pacific NW and it rarely gets hot enough to make me want to run in just the bra – but I have on occasion, and I will this August when I do my first triathlon in Idaho, in mid-August. My body is far from perfect, but I am much more appreciative and accepting of it now (at 49) than I was when I was younger.

  241. I would live to try running sans shirt although I have to admit the 3 sports bras I do own have seen better days, I’ve had them for roughly 3-4+ years and refuse to wear them sans shirt 🙂

  242. Not ready to ditch the shirt quite yet… unless I’m running on my treadmill at home. Love the red bra!

  243. Sure, why not?!?! Since I have to put on a million layers for winter running, I might as well strip down to minimal layers for summer 🙂

  244. I love to run and I am a mother of four ! With that said I need a good bra to keep the girls in place ! Tee hee

  245. I prefer to keep my shirt ON, but in the right gear and the right circumstances, I’m not above going shirtless. 😉

  246. Nope- I always wear shirts over my sports bras. I’m too self conscious. That said- I still buy cute and colorful ones!

  247. I have never run in just a sports bra. I am hoping to focus on increasing my core strength this summer….maybe if my abs start looking toned I would give it a try!

  248. Well I’ve never run in just a sports bra before but I’d definitely start if I had one of these!!!

  249. I’m actually not that self-conscious, but I’ve never done it. Maybe when it gets smokin’ hot here in a few weeks. And I solemnly swear that if I win this contest, I will run with my bra on display and send you a pic! 🙂

  250. I run in sportsbras only ALL SUMMER. It is too DAMN HOT not to. I couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks of it. Would love to win one of these!

  251. I will not being going without a shirt! However totally need some new sports bars because all this running that I have been doing has caused the girls to shrink in size and now I think I need some new ones.

  252. I actually do run in just a bra from time to time. But I’ll be honest, it’s only on those days that my self confidence is booming!!

  253. Mmm…no- not this mother runner! I’ll keep my badges (stretch marks/loose skin) hidden, and just keep bragging about my boys!

  254. I’m kinda on the fence, but the more I hear other mother runners do it, I’m thinking I just might do it on my long run Saturday morning! I feel liberated already:)

  255. I would consider it if I had one of these beauties! I’m well endowed up top plus breastfeeding so if I could keep my girls in place and high beams on low I would so run shirtless!!

  256. Ha! That’s actually one of my running goals for this summer…to be able to confidently run in just a running bra & shorts! Getting there, slowly but surely!

  257. When I’m out and about, I *ALWAYS* wear a t-shirt, but in the privacy of my own home, I do just a sports bra – the area I live in I get enough looks running, don’t need to encourage unwanted attention 🙂

  258. I have not yet run shirtless, but I have been SOOOO tempted recently. After reading all these comments, I think I might just have to give it a go! It’d be easier with a cute bra helping me out!

  259. One of my goals through running is losing weight and I really hope that this summer I can shed the last few baby weight pounds so that I can be a bra runner and show off all my hard work!

  260. I’m afraid children would run and hide and grown men would cry if I ever ran in shirtless! Not only that, but I’m also a teacher and can you imagine my 5th graders saying “Mom! Mrs. Black runs in her bra!” :O

  261. Back in the day before two kids sure! Now with my raisinesk like stomach not so sure but maybe if I had a cute bra to lead the eyes elsewhere. 🙂

  262. I live and run in South Florida. Not quite ready to run shirtless and in just a sports bra, but sooooooon!!!

  263. I just finished the Cleveland marathon. I got so hot that my motivation was to make it to 20 miles before I took off my top! I made it to 19 and I did not care. Race pictures were not horrible either.

  264. I ran in a cute running bra before. Mostly on a trail, but I peeled off my shirt towards the end of a humid 20 miler too! This year I am in love with the new Brooks tank. It is see through but you are also covered. Love it! I ran a half in it and my cute moving comfort bra last weekend!

  265. I’m use to wearing my sports bra and a shirt or tank over it, but as the weather gets warmer and my stomach gets flatter…I’m definitely willing to bare the bra! And why not, these new Saucony sports bras look great!!

  266. Hey, I figure if a dude with a bigger cup size than me can run without a shirt, I can run in a sports bra. :^D

  267. I almoooost did the other day, but I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get my music untangled in the process. I soldiered on. It was probably for the best.

  268. Oh my gosh, I wish I was confident enough to run sans shirt! I pass an elderly lady running several days on my way home from work. She runs in a sports bra and shorts and I always think “you go girl!” 🙂 maybe I will have the confidence to run like that when I’m in my 70s – actually, I hope I’m just still running!

  269. I only dared to bare my sports bra in high school.. not sure it ever came out in college either but to none the less the comments yesterday also made me ponder the idea a little more! Hmmm decisions decisions 🙂

  270. I always run on my treadmill at home in a sports bra and shorts, because I just get too hot otherwise! Outdoors I haven’t worked up the nerve, but maybe if I had a really cute Saucony bra to wear, I would. 😉

  271. Nope…love my sports bras and tanks….The tank helps absorb the sweat. However, I may change my mind if I would join a few fitness classes and got back my 6-pack abs….(probably isn’t gonna happen this year).

  272. Stomach doesn’t look quite the same after having the kids, so I’ll be keeping my shirt on, but I still need the support 🙂

  273. I am what you call a “head sweater”. I am always wiping my brow on my shoulder or shirt sleeve, so I have not attempted to run sans shirt. I may try it someday or maybe on a shorter run – I think I owe it to myself to experience this liberating feeling.

  274. Running sans shirt this summer IS on my summer to do list!! I have lost over a hundred pounds and have maintained that loss for a year and a half. 5 weeks ago, I had a well earned tummy tuck!! I cannot wait to get the okay from my doctor to begin running again!! Love your blog!!

  275. Before I had children I ran in just my sport’s bra. I did have a six pack after all. After three children, I wouldn’t even think about only running is a sport’s bra. My 11 year old refers to my belly as having a six pack of pudding cups.

  276. Absolutely! I hardly ever see one other human being on my runs and when it’s hot out I could care less about a shirt, esp. if I had a cool new sports bra like this!

  277. Truthfully I hadn’t really thought about it, but until recently I’ve been doing most of my runs on a treadmill. This week I’ve been trying to beat the heat and run early in the morning. After a few days of running outdoors I’m completely onboard with running in my bra. It’s too hot for anything else!

  278. No way would I ever run shirtless. I can’t stand to look at my body – no way would I make anyone else! Jealous of those that do!!

  279. I wish I could, I have thought about it. But my boobs aren’t the only thing that bounces. I do hope one day to be able too. As of right now, its just a sports bra with a tank over it. I would love to try out a Saucony bra, I didnt know about them until this post.

  280. Love this post! I tell my kids – the ONE time I actually wish I was born a man is when I see men running with nothing but their shorts and shoes on. One of my fitness goals is to “feel” thin enough to rip it off” (ok, I will leave the bra on…).

  281. I use to run in my bra all the time…that was 8 years ago, when I lived n a warmer climate, and before I had my son. Now a days I’m less likely to lose the shirt by habit. That said, on a warm day I still consider it.

  282. Perhaps if I looked like the people on the pages of Runner’s World, or if I were 20 lbs lighter or 20 years younger, but now, in this state? No way! (I do wish, though, that I had the confidence to say screw it all, heck yeah, I’d do it!)

  283. Maybe if I was 50lbs lighter I would think about going shirtless 🙂 But as of right now that would be a big no 🙂 Not that there aren’t some days that I would like to! But right now I would just like a sports bra that fits me! 19 months later none of my pre-baby bras fit and I am wearing the nursing sports bra that I bought while I was preggo and had much more impressive boobs.

  284. I would have never have believed I would even consider running in only a sports bra…and I still haven’t done it. BUT this is my first summer as a runner and I can already tell I’m not a hot weather lover. Come July and August, you just might spot me out there in nothing but my Curve Crusader! (And shorts. I promise not to lose the shorts).

  285. For me, it’s a modesty thing. Because living in humid and frigginhot Florida, nobody would blame me for going bra-only. However, I feel “naked” without my tank top!

  286. I am a new mother-runner and until this conversation, I could never imagine myself running only in my bra. I am 15 weeks pregnant, and it makes me smile to think of myself running with my ever-growing belly out there for the world to see and admire!

  287. I haven’t dared yet!!! Probably because the sports bra I have now creeps up when I run. By the time I’m done running nothing is covered!!!

  288. If I can drop these last 10 pounds and lose some more of my jiggly belly then heck ya! They are very cute

  289. LOVE to run and I’m currently training for the Cascade Lakes Relay. The race takes place in southern/central Oregon with tons of elevation, hills, and HEAT. I’m positive I’ll be going shirtless on at least one of those legs. Meanwhile, I’ll be doing afternoon training runs on the weeks leading up to it. Homegirl could use an updated bra selection!!

  290. I have way too much jiggle in my wiggle to go shirtless. But a very pretty sports bra (and completing my weight loss journey) could make it a possibility. 🙂

  291. I wouldn’t think twice about running or racing in just a sportsbra if the temperature warranted. My body isn’t that of a swimsuit model, but it’s fit, and I’m proud of the work I do to keep it so. I’m quite certain that most have seen plenty things more alarming than sweaty ol’ me 10-minute-miming down the trail!

  292. I’m keeping my shirt on! Unless I get lost, then I’ll look at the road map on my stomach made by the stretchmarks from my three LARGE babies. 🙂

  293. I normally wouldn’t dream of running in just my sport bra- but I’m inspired by all the mother runners who say they do. May try it tomorrow!

  294. I’ve not ran shirt free before but after reading this I may start although I live in a very rural area and know everyone so I might still be to self-conscious.

  295. I’m not sure I could but I have a couple races scheduled in August. With the Boston heat, I just might have to!!!

  296. I won’t be running sans shirt this year, but its my goal in life to do it at least once. Once all this fluffy stuff is gone 🙂

  297. I would love to take my shirt off during the summer but I am always afraid what other’s would think. I got really close to it this morning! Maybe if I had a pretty one I would!

  298. I think the only time I would go running in just a sports bra nowadays would be in the early morning when not too many people are around!

  299. I live in a very small town not sure if I’m ready to run shirtless. But if I had a super cute bra I might reconsider. 🙂

  300. When I overheat, I definitely shed the layers! I wish it was totally acceptable to run in just underwear!

  301. I keep my shirt on, but I may be nearing a point that I’d run without it. Bought my first (modest, comfortable, athletic) bikini for this summer, so who knows…

  302. This summer may bring a permanent move from my northwest cool climate to east coast heat and humidity. I may just leave that shirt in Seattle.

  303. Depends on how hot it gets! Most my current sports bras look too much like a bra so they wouldn’t quite cut it 🙂

  304. I’m just about 4 months postpartum. While I lost all the baby weight by my 6 wk pp visit, I’m still very jiggly in the middle…so shirt it is for me! Maybe some day I can be a sexy stripper runner! hehe. But a cute bra is always a nice pick-me-up (pun intended?) to make you feel more confident!

  305. I won’t be running in only a bra…. I’m waiting to lose another 30 pounds! Maybe if the fall is still warm?

  306. Not if there is anyone around! Too many surgery scars from breastbone to hip to exspose that to anyone :-0

  307. I regularly run in just a sports bra on top, including in races. Why shouldn’t I? They cover more than bikini tops, and running makes me SWEAT like a mofo! Nekkid bellies FTW!

  308. I just had a baby, so I don’t think I will be ready to bare the stomach this summer. But maybe next year with a cute, and dark colored sports bra!

  309. I have no problem with ladies who go shirtless, but I just can’t do it. I’ve got DDs (now that I’m pregnant they’re DD+ and growing) and these gals need to stay put away for the safety of others on the road : )

  310. I dont think so… not yet anyway. I think most people don’t want to see my tiger stripes anyway (stretch marks)

  311. Would not be caught dead running (or anywhere else) sans shirt but a sports bra that actually does what it needs to do…. oh what a blessing that would be!

  312. I so need this cute bra!!!! When the mercury is high enough the shirt will come off, no matter who I scare in the process!!! 🙂

  313. Usually I’m out in doubled up, fitted, bra-lined tank tops. I generally don’t even wear a bra. But I think I could be persuaded to go this route–definitely cooler, that’s for sure!

  314. I will definitely run in just a sports bra this summer–with this crazy heat/humidity in the Atlanta area, sometimes midesty becomes less important during a workout.

  315. I might be tempted to if I didn’t have uni-boob! It’s so hot down here already that I need to find a way to cool off, even at 5:30 am.

  316. I just started running a few months ago and the thing that struck me the most has been the new found respect for my body and all that it’s capable. To run shirtless would be the ultimate celebration of my newfound self love, guess I know what I’m wearing on my long runs from now on!

  317. I run in a neighborhood that I don’t live in, so I would be willing to try. I haven’t been shirtless since having the kids 6 years ago.

  318. I’ve been running for quite a few years and have never been bold enough to run sans shirt. However, maybe if I won one of those cute bras, I might find the courage… 😉

  319. Would not yet but perhaps once I.get closer to my fitness goals! Of course one of these cute bras might help hah

  320. I have to run with a shirt on. I just think of a bra as underwear not a shirt and am unable to get past that. But more power to the women who can.

  321. Well I haven’t had the guts yet , but with these
    Cute bras, maybe just maybe I could get the guts
    To do it. Either that or I could find a SUPER high waisted
    Capri or shorts to cover my mushy tummy.. lol

  322. I will go sans shirt when it is gets over 75 and I am far from the public…when I get to my neighborhood, I put my shirt back on or my daughter would be horrified. 🙂

  323. I used to work-out in just a bra + shorts. But then I had kids and my mommy-bras are too ugly to show off. I think all I need is a cute bra and I’d be baring my belly again!

  324. Umm…no.
    I’m new to running and definitely NOT looking pretty without a shirt…yet! At this point, I’m just looking for a great sports bra with a lot of support for the Double Dees. Will one of the Saucony bras work that hard?

  325. It’s on my bucket list! I’d love to run w only a sports bra & after reading this I may just do it this summer 🙂 especially if I had one of those bras!

  326. I’ve been working towards feeling confident enough to go sans shirt but honestly, this heat has kinda forced the issue. TOO HOT to wear extra stuff, my confidence will just have to catch up. 🙂

  327. I have run in just the sports bra on the treadmill in the basement alone, but outside the shirt is always on, don’t want to scare the neighbors;)

  328. If it’s hot enough, I will run without a shirt. Since I do love colorful sports bras, I do need to do it more often!

  329. I’ve always been covered. In as much fabric as possible. But this post has me thinking. I’m going bra-only… as soon as I get a decent, new bra!

  330. Carrying triplets did a number on my body, stretch marks on top of stretch marks. My stomach has not seen the light of day since they were born, and won’t anytime soon!

  331. I will
    More than likely run with a short unless I can somehow find how to cover up my post baby belly and rrun sans short!

  332. I go sprts bra only for my cool down, after my tech shirt reaches maximum capacity. I’m very pale and prefer a shirt mostly to avoid too much sun exposure.

  333. I did it once last summer and I felt very overexposed. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. A tank top isn’t that much more material and at least I feel covered.

  334. I would love to win!! I need a new sports bra now that I am going on 16 weeks pregnant. I think once my belly starts showing I would most definitely run with just a sports bra on and show off my bump and the fact that I am actually running!! This is my 3rd child but my first time every running through my pregnancy so I want to totally embrace this season of running. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  335. I’m not sure that I’m brave enough! Lol Although, if I’m wearing one of these cute bras….I might consider it!

  336. I would love to run in just a sports bra! Right now mine isn’t very cute so a new one would be perfect 🙂

  337. I would do it if I didn’t fear removing my shirt could possibly blind someone. My pale tummy is not for human eyes without sunglasses!

  338. In my basement on the mill…yup!!! I love wearing just my sports bra. But, if I run outside, I got to stay covered up on our military base.

  339. I have lost 31 pounds and finally feel ready to run in a sports bra. However, I am still wearing an old on that is white and gross. Would love a new one to show off along with my new athletic body!

  340. I ran shirtless for the first time in public yesterday–the weather forecast had changed enough from the night before when I laid out my running clothes to the next morning when I actually ran that I was *roasting* in my long sleeve tech shirt. The end of my group workout called for 100 yd strides on turf, so my goal was to be speedy enough that no one would see all my jiggles. I felt very cool and liberated and am now emboldened to go shirtless again as the summer progresses. I would LOVE a pretty new sports bra to help me explore this new penchant 🙂

  341. I do not think I could pull it off and be able to concentrate on my run. I am little but still have a bit of the mommy squish. BUT If I had a cute bra maybe!!

  342. I wish I could muster the courage. Even before kids I detested my white tummy. One day I did whip my shirt off in a fit. Indeed it felt liberating and so much cooler. But it’s just not something I do.

  343. I live in Arkansas with some intense heat and humidity!! I will definitely be pulling off the shirt and will need a great looking sports bra!!!

  344. It has taken me a while to be comfortable enough with my appearance to do so, but now I love feeling the extra cooling breeze on my skin while I run! Good bras are few and far between, however, so I would love to win this giveaway!!

  345. After many months of losing weight and building up my running distance I am, for the first time in a long time, comfortable with my body and I will run sans shirt as much as possible! I’ve earned it! 🙂

  346. Hmmmm… probably not, unless I could somehow hide my mother’s belly 🙂 But I will let it peek out from under my tanks!

  347. I haven’t yet dared go bare. But after reading about SBS and all of the awesome responses, maybe I will, especially if I win one of these awesome bras!

  348. As a teacher in my small town, I can only imagine the unflattering photos that would turn up of me running in a sports bra. Given the comments from other [braver] mother runners I will definately running a little more bare on my next vacation run!

  349. Nope! My post baby midsection is not something I let others see. Although if it is REALLY hot and I have the right pair of shorts on to cover up portions of my stomach, then I would seriously consider it.

  350. Oh, I’m not bold enough to go sans shirt! But this will be the first summer of running for me, so who knows? I may change my song 🙂

  351. No running just in sports bras for me. It just wouldn’t be a pretty sight. But I would like a good one! Pick me!

  352. I just started running after my cool awesome big sister Jennifer @jennifart503 inspired me by running her first 5K. Since, unlike her, living in our beautiful native portland, I am stuck in hot dry inland San Diego, I have a feeling I may just be sporting a sports bra on my runs very soon-especially if I get a cool new saucony one from AMR!!

  353. I’m working on my figure and a goal is to be able to give it a try to run in a sports bra only. I’m not sure if it’s more of a mental goal or physical one!

  354. I wish I could say I go in just a sports bra, but I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last few years (131 pounds!) so I have quite a bit of flabby skin, especially in my tummy. I know I shouldn’t worry about it, eye of the beholder and all that, but I just don’t like it!!!

  355. Oh, in the good old days I would rock a running bra all the time, even in the day light. What happen to that runner? I need to find her again and brave the mid section exposure. We are all strong female runners even without the six pack 🙂

  356. I felt self-conscious taking off my sweaty shirt and baring my sports bra and white belly for just a few minutes in front of others (so I could change into a dry shirt) after a race on Saturday so I’m not sure I’m ready to run shirtless on purpose just yet.

  357. I’ve always been nervous about removing my shirt to show sports bra only, but with these fun colors, maybe I’d try it.

  358. I think that at 51, my sports bra only running days have passed me by. Still love the fun colors, though!

  359. i admire women who do it, but never have myself. i live in olympia, wa, and am training to run a marathon in california at the end of august. if ever i were going to try it, this would be the time.

  360. A couple summers ago I ran all the time in just a sports bra but haven’t done it since. Maybe it’s time to do it again!

  361. I probably won’t run in just a sports bra this summer. While it seems like it would be so freeing, the lack of extreme heat here combined with a baby in the last year are holding me back for now.

  362. I won’t mind baring all as long as the flashy sports bra detracts attention from my muffin top which probably needs a little bit more of a tan then it won’t draw so much attention anyway.

  363. I won’t mine baring all as long as the flashy sports bra detracts attention from my muffin top which probably needs a little bit more of a tan then it won’t draw so much attention anyway.

  364. I ran in a sports bra only for the first time just the other day! I had a sports bra under a running shirt and got sooo hot! People were running around in skimpy bathing suits so I figured what the heck, it was nice! I will defiantly do it again in the Michigan heat.

  365. Truth be told, I am too self-conscious to run in only a sports bra in public. I envy the ladies who have the moxy that I don’t. That said, I do strip down to just my sports bra when I am running at home on the treadmill.

  366. I live in a small rural town and I’m pretty sure someone would try to call the cops for indecent exposure if I ran in my sports bra. If it wasn’t so conservative here I would definitely rock the sports bra on my runs!

  367. I do sports bra only runs all the time (with bottoms of course!)…I usually start with a tank and ditch it halfway, that way I am already carrying something to wipe my brow with….plus I always think I run faster once I ditch my shirt?! It just feels good! 🙂

  368. I am sure I could never run in just a sports bra. I feel a little too old (seems like something a teenager could get away with, not a mother of 5) and a little too flabby (again, a mother of 5)!

  369. I just hope to run this summer – I just had an MRI yesterday for probable stress fracture…but probably I would only run shirtless if there was a 99.9% chance of running into no one!!!

  370. I wish I had the confidence. I am almost 54, and though in good shape for my age, I think running in a sports bra “sans” T-shirt is best left to those younger than I! Good for all of you who are bolder, though, I applaud your nerve!

  371. I have had bra-only runs (Illinois summers are HUMID), but it wasn’t until the need hit that I felt comfortable ditching the shirt. Midwestern modesty?

  372. I wish I had the body and/or the body confidence to rock only a sports bra. Nope- I need to cover my gut with a shirt. I like the bra to peek out though- so color does matter!

  373. Always a shirt for the run. I’m too self conscious about headlights and bounce, as I’m more on the busty side.