Hump Day Giveaway: Give It To Us, Straight Up

Pull up a chair and give us your thoughts.

When SBS and I set out to write Run Like A Mother, we wanted to write a book unlike any other running book out there. A book that, more than anything, would echo the conversations girlfriends have on a run: funny, insightful, helpful, honest.

While we're thrilled the book has been successful--it's about to head into its second reprint--we're not just gonna take that and be done. (During my many mentally untough moments, I tried to convince SBS to chill, but Miss. 7-time-marathoner has endurance like no other.) So we have talked for hours about what the next round of RLAM should be.

We've got some ideas, but, unlike most four-year-olds,we are well aware that this is not all about of us. It is about all of us, from beginning runners to Boston qualifiers.

So consider this giveaway a focus group of sorts. We want feedback on RLAM: the book, the blog, the Facebook page. Some leading questions you can answer, but feel free to pave your own path with your comments.

What topics would you like to see covered, either at all or more in depth?
What topics have you had enough of?
Do you like advice coming from your peers, or should we involve more "experts" (coaches, nutritionists, trainers)?
If you've read RLAM, what's your favorite chapter? Why?
What holes do you see in the book?
Our social network: what posts do you like on Facebook? What posts do you like on the site?

I promise we're not fishing for compliments here. We want honest thoughts: the good, the bad, the ugly. We can take it.

And then she asks me, do I look all right? Oh my darling, you look wondergirl tonight. (Especially when you add in the accompanying capris.)

For your helpful responses, we've got a super sweet giveaway: the Skirt Sports Wonder Girl Dress and Under Skirt Capris. You may recall I wore a SkirtSports dress in the Nike Women's Marathon, and I loved it: no chafing, no pulling, just dressed to the nines (a bit faster than my average mile pace). The undershorts I wore, like the capris, kept my inner thighs from turning to raw meat and had two medium-sized pockets that held my essentials.

As we stare down winter, April feels marathons away. If you're north of the Mason Dixon line, this flirty dress and accompanying capris will inspire you to keep moving, if for no other reason than you'll feel fast when you wear them on your first spring fling. If you live in warmer climes, you can dress it up now and have a ball. (And if you don't take home the dress, take heart: Skirt Sports likes everyone to win. If you register on their site, you get 10% off. And they're nicely selling copies of RLAM, so toss one in your cart if you need a copy.)

So wonder girls tell us: how can we better serve you?

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164 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Give It To Us, Straight Up

  1. The twitter, blog and facebook page are constant reminders that I am not the only mom out there struggling to fit it all in and get it all done. I am shown creative ways to make time for myself and I am reassured that my running goals are not silly or selfish but are actually the best thing that I do for my family and to inspire my kids. Keep it coming ladies!

  2. Oh, so much to love about the book and all that is RLAM! In the book, I like all the tidbits you included (quotes, comments, routines, opinions, etc) from the other RLAMs, I love how bluntly honest and humorous you both are. I love the FB page and features of inspirational RLAMs that come in my email Inbox.

    With regards to the book, I would love to see a page such as “Lost your Running Mojo”…meaning when you are in running funk and feel so tired and overwhelmed by it all…especially while training for a race. I have been battling that for a few weeks and my marathon (#2 for me) is in less than three weeks. I am totally depressed about it.

    Anyway, that chapter would be a good one to read over and over to help dig out of the ditch or depression (and sefl-pity).

    Thank you for a great book, website and FB page. I really feel like I belong here with the rest of these wonderful ladies and I love that someone “gets me”.

  3. I remember when I first picked the book up, I thought that I was dumb for buying a running book becauseI wasn’t a ‘real’ runner. I had just started running a year earlier, had been sidelined after 8 weeks with a stress fracture and hadn’t run as much bc I was pregnant through the winter. I was never so happy to see a book that talked to a ‘beginner/5Ker’ as well as the more experienced runner. I read the book in no time – liked your facebook page and have the blog come to my e-mail everyday. Your blog not only inspires me but also can make me laugh. It definitely helps keep me motivated.

    I also love the facebook activity! I never feel stupid asking a question or going there to find out an answer to a question that may have already been asked. I don’t read many books (with working full time and three kids – well 4 if you include the husband:) but this is on I couldn’t put down!

  4. Love the idea of an RLAM2 and the suggestion about a Marathon Like A Mother in the same format with the anecdotes and real life stories on surviving the journey. Can you get that done by next fall? Kidding.
    Love the format of the book and the .2. And that I can pick it up and start reading anywhere and go back and re-read something and it still feels brand new. I go between relating to Dimity and SBS –it changes on any given day. Even though I had been running a few years, I never thought of myself as a runner. Your book changed that and it helped me believe that a race was possible. I see myself as a runner now, which has been a life changer on many levels.
    Love the postings that tie running into everyday life. Dimity’s writing is so relatable that way.
    Please keep up the facebook activity–I get a ton of info there and motivation. Wish it was easier to search back. I know the Discussion board was started in an attempt at that. Not sure if that has been active–I can’t see it from my phone, which is how I’m on facebook most of the time.
    Like the idea of more training plans for a variety of distances. And the possibility of virtual training groups where we can train along side each other and track miles and encourage each other–in a dedicated forum. Could be race specific so we could find other RLAMers doing the same race or just distance and date specific (another person doing a half somewhere else on the same date).
    Love that others have suggested a meet up or RLAM event. That would be cool, but I know a lot of work. Maybe you could recruit some local volunteers to help you pull it together. Sign me up if you need help with a MN meet up!
    The only thing else I could add is that I hope you don’t try to be all things to all people so that you lose the realism of your writing.
    Good luck on the next venture–can’t wait to follow along.

  5. What I loved about the book was the overall tone of it. Lighthearted, but not snarky. You balanced good information with entertaining anecdotes. My favorite thing about your sites are: for Facebook our “piles of miles” days when we all contribute an amount; it makes me feel like I am part of something bigger. Of course I love the Wednesday gift days even though I never win, and I also love when you ask questions and get everyone’s answers. With so many viewpoints presented I can always find someone’s answer that rings true with me and my personality. Plus, I just like the fact that being from Central Washington, I have run a couple events with Sarah (well, to be honest…way BEHIND her!) and that just gives me another sense of connection. I really wish I could win this dress. When I ran the Eugene half last Spring a woman near me had a dress and I was extremely jealous.

  6. As many commenters said, I love this site and the facebook pg as is. You are doing a great job.

    Questions on FB
    Follow this mom
    the TMI posts/status
    the honesty

    I’d like to hear more from peers (as opposed to famous athletes). I’m a newer runner and PR’s isn’t even on my radar screen. I’m working my way up to running 10 and 1’s!!!! For me, I need motivation to keep getting out there as opposed to upping my PR. Ha!! Having said that, I loved reading about SBS qualify for Boston and peeing her way to the finish line!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love the book, the site, and the Facebook page. They give me that little nudge I sometimes need to keep getting out there each day, and a place to celebrate with other moms who know that some days, just getting out there is a triumph in itself.

    I would definitely like to see more info on nutrition and incorporating great, healthy foods into a busy family routine. The “.2” sections in the first book were great little bonuses at the end of each chapter that I really looked forward to – I would keep those for sure.

  8. Love the book and the site. I would like to see more “tips for getting it all in”. As a working mom of an infant I find that to be the biggest challenge. I LOVE “Follow this Mother” for that reason. Sometimes all I need to get out there is a little inspiration.

  9. I haven’t yet gotten tired of any of your topics! And RLAM is on my Christmas wishlist…from myself! Thank you for uniting us moms all over the country, and for giving us this sisterhood. And showing us that just because we don’t run a sub-8-minute mile, we are still runners!

  10. I love the (sometimes brutal and occasional but appreciated TMI) honesty from the book site and FB pages. I see a lot of newbies that are struggling to get through the book and see how they may get discouraged and perhaps some guest posts or Mommies on the Run features from newer runners on the blog could help with that. Also maybe a “lets get started” discussion page about buying proper clothing from hat to shoes to send newbies too so they know the how and whys of proper fitting and technical fabrics. Not everyone will have to read it but its kind of a resource many of the new runners I talk to struggle with. They don’t understand why they need $10 pairs of socks or why their basketball shorts or old cotton sweats make running so unbearable. Those of us who have learned by trail and error aren’t so desprate for those answers but it might keep the newbies on track. I’m not suggesting specific items but maybe a page referance in the book or some direction to the discussion boards for our newer runners would help.

  11. I realize this isn’t something that either Sarah or Dimity have any experience with, but I would love to see at least a chapter in round two devoted to running as a single mom (or a partnered mom that finds themselves regularly parenting alone, i.e. military wives, or partners of fishermen, truckers, oil workers ect. that are often gone for long stretches of time). It would be really nice to be able to pick up the book and flip to a reminder that I’m not the only one.

  12. I haven’t read the book yet. Plan on getting a copy at the Philly expo this weekend. I came across the FB page first. I love having a place to go to talk about the challenges of balancing out all the roles we play. Most of my friends that don’t run don’t understand, so this is a great place to go to listen to others, offer and receive tips and advice! You also keep current on your FB page, which others let days go by without posting anything! keep it current, keep it fun and keep it objective. I love it! You have a follower and a soon to be reader of the book!

  13. I read RLAM – my sister got me a signed copied for my birthday! It came at the perfect time. I have been running off and on since high school but since having kids I wasn’t taking the time for me. I have been running for 6 months and counting!
    RLAM has provided me a running group since sometimes finding running partners is crazy hard with my schedule.
    I love the laughs
    Sometimes i feel like an outsider since I rarely race – and i rarely increase my miles (not sure my knees can handle it). That aside, I love hearing about the racing stories.
    Knowing that there is a community of women that are showing their kids the importance of exercise is very exciting! Keep up the great work.

  14. I would love to see topics on nutrition in the “real” world. Not everyone can afford all organic and top shelf foods and supplements. I would like to have an expert on nutrition outline an “eating plan” for moms and families on a budget. This could incorporate non-organic and organic foods, real life eating plans and supplements that can boost our current health and recovery, if needed.
    As and “older” RLAM I would like to see topics directed at running in your 40’s and beyond.

  15. Already posted eaarlier, but just want to second what realrellim said in her post. I felt like I could have written it myself about wanting to know what was ok for the body, etc., post partum. I started running earlier post partum with my most recent baby (my 3rd, born in April), but I feel like there is so little out there about post partum running that is actually very helpful.

  16. You could add reviews of jogging strollers, for those of us who run with an “entourage.” Also, conversations with moms who run in different parts of the country and their reviews of the best places to run there (for example, I’m from Philadelphia so I would give a review of the Schuylkill River Trail) and/or places to avoid. I think someone else mentioned talking about the particular challenges of running based on kids’ ages – running six weeks postpartum presents different issues at home and with your body than running with a three year old, more than one kid, with a 10 year old, etc. Finally (for now!) a section on community outreach and how to motivate girls to start running – there are already programs like Girls on the Run but even if it is just going to schools and talking about running. I know that when I was a pre-teen I was never encouraged to run or knew about women running and I really wish I had – it builds so much confidence – I think it is so important for young women, women and moms! You know, the whole “pay it forward” concept that you’ve started with RLAM going to the next generation…

  17. I have been following you two since the RW article about the Nike Marathon. That article got a storm brewing inside me that has been ongoing since. The book has fueled that fire and the blog/facebook give me a daily dose of the connection to other mom/runners that I dont’ get in my ‘real’ life.
    I like the humour, honesty and open conversations that everyone can have. I also like the that the two of you respond, quickly, to the conversations. You don’t just get is starting but you participate.
    The only thing I feel I’m lacking from RLAM community is a connection to the Canadian running scene. I understand that you can’t comment on something that you don’t know about, but resources that are also available in Canada would be a great start. Or companies that will ship products to Canada would be helpful (hint, hint). Even highlighting races north of the border. I think there are a few Canuck moms that follow RLAM in many ways…just looking to RLA(C)M!

  18. I have loved everything, but one thing I would really enjoy, especially in RLAM2, the Book, is a chapter on training/helping to train your children. My 7 year old wants to start running and I want him to, but I do not want him to push too hard (he tends to do that himself and is very competitive) or do anything that would injure him. I guess some tips on helping children getting into running themselves. Oh, and on the blog maybe a “follow this mother” being a new runner who we really follow her progress.

  19. I am almost finished reading the book, and I have loved it. As for topics to add, I am a beginning runner and could use some examples (personal even from you ladies) of how you increased your distance, pace, trained for 5ks, 10ks, halfs, etc. Does that make sense? You can look on websites all day long and find training plans, but I want to see real-life examples. If this was already covered in your book, I’m sorry! I must not have gotten to that part yet:)

  20. Your leadership with our insight. Best formula. Real feedback from those that followed the training plan in the book, strength plan, etc.

    I enjoyed the book and as I read it, felt it was geared towards the beginner runner, FANTASTIC, was still enjoying it. Got the most insight/ideas for myself from the ‘Boden’s’…

  21. I loved the taboo topics in the book that only you and your best girlfriends would discuss. We need to know that yes some people pee when they run, you’re not the only one and here’s somethings you can do about it.

    I think there was more than enough music suggestions, I think that makes a good FB topic every once in a while but I think tastes are pretty individual.

    I love the advice from peers – which is what I think made this book unique. You get lots of “experts” in the magazines and online sites, but I think your niche is the girlfriend angle.

    In the book I kind of felt that, as someone who didn’t start running until after I had my baby, that there wasn’t that much from that angle.

    Overall I love the book, the site and your FB posts – I recommend it to all my girlfriends. Thank you for what you have done!

    1. Oh and more for the slow runners. I felt so connected to Dimity through the book with her slower than superwoman pace and then suddenly she shot down from like 11’s to 9’s. In 3+ years I’ve gone from not being able to run at all to 12’s and finally I’m done to 11:30’s with the hope of single digits one day.

  22. I love the book, blog, and facebook page. I did think that some of the parts in the book about music could become dated pretty quickly (maybe that content is more suited for a blog than a printed book). I love the conversational tone of the book. I’ve reread it so many times.

  23. I know you aren’t fishing for compliments but I love your blog! I like the follow that mother. It is fun to read about everyday people doing big things.

  24. What I have taken from the RLAM book and website and face book page is strength and courage. I am not a natural runner. Hell, I’m not sure I can call myself a runner yet, still doing run/walk intervals…but what this community has done is give me the strength to know I CAN. Running has given my an identity outside of my husband’s wife or my children’s mother and while I cherish those roles, spending time with just me makes me better at them.

    I appreciate the meet this mother segments because I find them uplifting and a powerful source of motivation. I LOVE the face book page, I love the random questions Dimity asks, even the TMI ones! I love that moms post their races and problems and people pour inspirational thoughts and advice over them with no malice or discontent. I’m getting emotional because even though I’m in the beginning stages of my journey, I feel empowered by this community, that you all created.

    The only suggestions I could really put forth are maybe to add some forums, and dedicated links to training, injuries, gear, etc.

    Thank you all for all you do.

  25. There was a book written about real estate— for real estate agents- and the man that put the book together interviewed ‘top’ agents across the country. They had to do a certain volume of business to be featured in the book. Maybe you could do something like that- you could interview “mother runners”- from all over- with different skill levels- maybe they’ve all done a full marathon- or maybe they are hooked on 5K’s… or different segments of the book with conversations alot like the first edition- but with more runners involved…
    The real estate book is really cool- some parts are interesting to me because the specific agent’s business model is like mine, and other parts aren’t as interesting… and then there are parts that kind of gave me an ‘aha’ moment…
    Book is called “Billion Dollar Agent, Lessons Learned” by Steve Kantor. He’s a great guy if you want to get some input from him on how he did it… he’s a very giving person.
    Your runner friend in AZ, Sheila

  26. Regarding the book: I’d like to see more guidelines for getting back into running after pregnancy with specific recommendations about what’s reasonable and what’s asking for injury. I’m thinking of an article in a recent Runner’s World on the topic and there was a sidebar with other women talking about post-baby running. I think one of them ran a half-marathon at something like 10 or 12 weeks postpartum, and I still can’t imagine that was a good thing to do for one’s body, even though I understand the urge to do it. I’d love to see guidelines for women who did nothing through pregnancy, for those who walked or otherwise exercised during pregnancy, and for women who continued running (assuming, of course, that mileage suggestions and such might differ for those three groups). I know it’s information that I would have appreciated because I was torn between erring on the side of caution and not getting injured, and still being jealous and/or feeling wimpy when a friend who had a baby a few days before mine decided to walk a 10K–with her baby in a front carrier–at 10 weeks postpartum. What does challenging but safe look like, and how much is too much?

    I wasn’t a fan of the running while pregnant chapter, but I think that was out of sheer jealousy. I was reading it while nursing my newborn and healing from a c-section (complete with a section of my incision that didn’t close and had to be wet-packed (ow ow ow ow ow), and I desperately wanted to be outside running nevertheless (it was before the magical 6-week mark, but I was very ready to be done with being pregnant). So the problem was probably on my end. 😛

    The chapter about gear was awesome. It was the one that convinced me to try a running skirt, and now I’m a total covert. Or at least I am when it’s warm out.

    I would like to see a little more advice from professionals regarding nutrition. Nutrition is something I struggle with now, in part because I have a baby who doesn’t want to be put down and a 5 yo in half-day kindergarten (read: I eat between diaper changes, nursing, and driving older child to/from school and doing violin practice/homework and making lunch/dinner for said children and going to work). Recipes for quick snacks and things that can be eaten easily with one hand would be appreciated. I’d love to see some good treats for stressed times too. I’m definitely eating too much chocolate these days (still losing the baby weight anyhow) and I don’t have as much time as I really need to make some sweet-tasting but super-healthy runner snacks.

    As far as social networking goes, I love the posts on the blog and enjoy reading the comments too. I’m not on Facebook (nor do I plan to join), so it has been a little frustrating to have to go over there to read about contest winners–especially when those are posted later in the day. I’d love it if that could stay here for those of us who aren’t on FB.

    It would be really fun to have a discussion board too, though I know the RW forum has one and theoretically that might be enough.

  27. I still have not read the book but as I read FB postings, I know I would really enjoy it allot. As for the postings, I can’t say I get something that pertains to me everytime but I learn something new anyway. Just a mom who like to run and read about other runners experiences.

  28. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who struggles sometimes to feel like I fit in here. Believe me I want to run more, I think, and eat better, be more organized, but I struggle with it. I just can’t seem to make it work. I have a stressful corporate job and wish there would be more talk for women who work outside the home. We are not all SAHMs. I think being a working outside the home mom presents a whole new set of challenges in terms of time management.
    But everyday I come to the facebook page because I really do want to be more like the runner I see here–dedicated and positive. It gives ms something to strive for and emulate.

  29. I love you guys! RLAM is the best! Some ideas on what I’d like to see is more information on how to run at 5am when it is dark (safety issues), why am I not losing weight while running and having a tremendous calorie burn (and not crazy eating, I swear!), is it ok to strength train at 9pm and then go for a run at 5am. I loved the chapter about how to look good for race pictures – what about something on how to keep my feet looking nice too (callous – protect my feet while running but awful to see; I’ve lost a toenail and sandal season is almost here. Any tips?). Just how exactly do I learn to run faster? How long does it take to improve my pace by 5%? But really, anything D and SBS come up with, I’ll read it!

  30. I really liked the book because no other book I had read about running had ever really spoken so directly to me as a mother and obsessed runner. I did find many of the chapters were too basic for me as someone who has been running for a while and has already (sort of) figured out how to fit it in to my life. I wanted more on how to negotiate your running life with your kids and your partner specifically. The book was very good, but what came as a big surprise was that the Facebook page was GREAT. Boy, now, these are my people. I can’t believe how many posts I have read and thought, “oh my god, someone else thinks just like me.” The one about the mom with the sick kid and her first thought was, “I hope this doesn’t mess up my run!” All the thoughts I have that I can’t admit to my non-running friends or my husband. I think the posts on the FB page are what you can turn in to your next book. They go in to a depth that your first book couldn’t. Thank you so much for creating this community for us. We need it!

  31. I love the Facebook page I am not sure I would have signed up for a 1/2 marathon without the support I got there. What I would love to see training plans for regular runners like me for all distances not just marathon.

  32. What about running and the aging mother? In the past year, I’ve been pushing myself and doing just fine with it, but getting closer to 50 is starting to frighten the runner in me. There are many successful 50+ women out there; some of those stories are sure to be inspiring – and calm the nerves.

  33. I loved the book! My friend Tina told me about it and it gave so many helpful hints on things I had no idea about. I am a beginner runner and still struggling. I admire you ladies that can go more than 2 miles ;). I would love more expert advice, but I love the peer advice to. A good mix is nice. I like the facebook page where we can get, give and learn more. I don’t make it to the blog as much as I should since I read most of the posts on FB from my iphone. I wish there was a RLAM iphone app :). I love seeing other moms making it work. It is such an inspiration. Thanks for all you have done.

  34. Overall, I enjoy the blog, the FB and the book, and I so regret that I missed the run with Dimity when she was in Chicago. My son had a doctor’s appointment (scheduled months earlier) at the same time or I’d have been there! Come back sometime!

    The only thing I might change, in a revision of the book, is to make it a little less straight-oriented. I am a straight and married mom, and I know that most moms are straight (including the authors), but I noticed now and then as I read that there were chunks of the book with which a gay mom just couldn’t identify. Just something to consider…

  35. i love it just the way it is. loved the book. love the webpage. love the fb page. it’s all brilliant!
    the only thing i’d like to see more of is specific training plans…oh, and maybe a contest win for me! Hahaha!

  36. Well, to be honest I have asked for the book for Christmas so I’m waiting on that!
    Otherwise I just love having a community of moms who run, who are honest about their struggles, who are making it happen every day. Checking the blog and the FB page just makes me happy and makes me realize I’m not alone.

    I’m sorry I don’t have any grand advice here, because truly I like what you’re doing. I may have suggestions after I read the book…but it may be too late by then.

    Thanks for your honesty and for giving us a place and space to be real about running and parenting…and friendship, and eating, and music, and all the other things that tend to spiral out from running and parenting!

  37. I love the real women stories and the FB page! Oh and I love the contests! 😀 I think the one major thing I would love to see would be more on nutrition and running. That is the toughest thing for me right now! But all in all…keep up the good work and keep RLAM!! 🙂

  38. I have reread many of the chapters in RLAM now multiple times. I love the ones that refer to ways to fuel before and after and especially the ones that touch on how busy people fit exercise – running or other types – into their day. That’s always my constant struggle. I always gravitate toward the sections of fitness magazines where people share their successes and how they acheived – they motivate me to suck it up, so to speak, and quit leaning on excuses. Knowing Dimity is also a huge motivator as I can hear her humor and voice as I read, which also just makes the experience of the book that more real. I’d love to hear more personal experiences of everyday moms keeping themselves happy and healthy and how they do it with the increased business that comes with kids as they grow older. Thanks for #1 – I now know I can look forward to #2 – it will be my Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Harry Potter 🙂

  39. I agree with an earlier poster about not feeling like I fit in sometimes. I started running this year for me…for weight loss…for health. I do enjoy working towards doing the best that I can do – PRs are awesome to get (I’m hoping for one in December in Vegas!), but I know I’m nowhere near the caliber of other people here. Most of the time I still don’t feel like I’m a runner yet…

    I REALLY enjoy the stories about life in general intertwined with the running stories. It’s always a good thing to hear how other mothers deal with children that sound an awful lot like mine!

    I have enjoyed the book so far and am looking forward to a future full of running!

  40. I love the book and the website. The best thing I like is that most of my runner friends dont have kids and I would never consider asking them some of the questions I had. With us moms you can ask anything (and you do) and we all understand. Thanks for a great book, website, and FB

  41. I love the FB page because I feel like it connects moms who love to run, regardless of speed! It is so nice to have encouragement and advice from people who are just like you and know how hard it is to still have your “me” time while being a mom, wife, etc.

    I love every chapter of the book- as I have posted before, my favorite suggestion is to drink chocolate milk after a long run. I had never heard that before and I think it is the best advice I have ever taken (about running)!

    I also love the video you posted about RLAM. I cried, I laughed- it really hit home. And I loved the song- King of Anything- I now start off every run listening to that song.

    Thank you for all of your support- it is so inspiring to know that there are so many amazing moms out there!

  42. I love the blog, the FB page, and hope to get and read the book soon! I love when I wake up early before my run (and my family!) and find an email waiting for me from this site! I would like to see more about fitting in running, stretching, strength training, and cross-training (is that really possible or am I out of my mind?). I’ve been running for a long time and know that I need to find some balance there to avoid getting injured again. I’m hoping to meet SBS this weekend at the Philly Expo!

  43. You are my running club and I thank you for being there each and every day. I flip back and forth between the blog and FB , Since I run alone and am married to “super fast sweaty runner guy who lettered in Division I Track and Cross Country” you are the ones who speak my language.

    Keep it all up as best you can. Write more. Blog and Tweet when you can. And remember to ENJOY running while you’re doing all this work for us. If you field a race, I’m there. If you find a way to hook up RLAMers in different cities that woule be awesome. And if you find a nutritionist who can help explain why 30+ miles a week with speed days and tempo days and long days and 3 or so races a month has failed to help me lose one.single.pound.ever — that would be great, too.

    At a 10K last weekend I wore my big headband that says “Run Like a Mother” (it’s contraband I guess, not officially licensed by RLAM) . My 7 yo points it out to people and says, “she wears it because she runs like a Mom”.

  44. Without RLAM I would never have known how noramal/OK I really am. Running is my outlet and my therapy. I love to read your posts and all the input of other like minded mothers like myself. Thank You!

  45. Loved the book-it is becoming a staple birthday gift for my friends. I enjoyed the conversational tone of the book-plus it made me burst out laughing at times. I enjoy the posts; though I don’t always have the time to reply…I make myself find the time on Wednesdays though…enjoyed the video blogs. I love the facebook option for a quick connection without the commitment of reading an entire blog…I love hearing advice from both of you and the fans. If you are looking for ways to change, an expert once or twice a month might be a nice addition. Love all the stuff…thank you so much!

  46. I haven’t read the book, although it’s going on my Christmas list, for sure!

    I love how being hooked up to the FB page keeps me in the know for when the new blog posts are up. And basically, I just love reading the blog… I can totally relate, like the post yesterday I read that talked about how much Dim loved the silence of being on a child-free trip, and yet was so happy to be back home with the kiddos, had missed them so, and then remembered why she enjoyed the quiet trip in the first place! Being a mom is such a contradiction. I love knowing you guys are out there, feeling just like me!

  47. I loved the book. I have already passed it to two running friends. I loved the way that fun stuff, like the music selections were interspersed with really helpful stuff. When I bought it I had just started training with a friend. My first two years of running were completely solo. The section/chapter on running partners was great….and perfectly timed for my situation. Thanks to you both! I’m hoping to be in Philly this weekend to get the book signed?

  48. Ooh! I’ve never run in a dress and I ALMOST bought one this summer but chickened out! I love everything about RLAM. I have been running for a long time and am approaching the “Masters” level. I hope to run for many more years and it is great to hear from all types of women, runners, moms, leaders, and athletes. Keep it coming from ALL walks of life!

    I would love to see more on women’s races and training that is specifically geared toward women.

    And more on music! It is everchanging and I am constantly downloading all your songs so keep those playlists coming.

    Thanks for changing mine and so many other women runners’ lives! You are amazing!

  49. I love the personal stories and the tips from other runners. I have been running for a while, but I love reading about everyones trials and tribulations. As a single mom runner, it’s always great to get encouragement (even if you/they don’t know they are encouraging!).
    Keep up the great work!!

  50. Love the book, love the blog. Please keep up the conversational tone and the wealth of input from real mother runners. I love the follow this mother series. I agree with the comments that more nutrition content would be great. Maybe more on finding running buddies? Keep up the great work!

  51. Love your humor and candid writing.
    Would love more on newbie runners like myself who had never ran until last year, and YES still logs in 12 min. miles and feel proud for doing so.
    Would love blog to be more user friendly – difficult to find the post I want to read or re-read for motivation. I don’t really know how you would compartmentalize it but I’m sure there are lots of ideas here.
    Love the giveaways… now just hoping I win something.
    Love the playlist recommendations.

    Favorite thing: I love laughing hysterically at all the things we share in common and all the adventures and mishaps.


  52. I like a combination of advice, from the experts and my peers. It’s great to hear what works for the average mom just trying to eke out low mileage, but get something done each week. But the experts can help give that push, or kick in the behind when we need it.

  53. would love more from experts… especially on how to manage issues post new-motherhood. Ie how to handle aging knees; advice from nutritionists for those of us whose metabolism is slowing down in our late 30s, etc. Also, maybe a little more love for the back of the pack… just sayin’.

  54. Things I love…I love your voices, they are clear, ever present and revealing. I appreciate that you don’t push products beyond the new trends in running gear. I don’t want to hear about the best sales at Target on this blog. I appreciate that you are honest about the challenges of parenting. You have pushed me to find my own running mates and I am very thankful for this. I also really appreciate the intensity balance in running goals between Dimity and Sarah. While I would love to run as fast as Sarah, I am much more like Dimity working to balance tris, runs and crazy endeavors. What would I like to see change. I would probably appreciate half the fb posts, but then again, I can always skip them. I would also love to see more blogs about the economy of running. How do we stay in the game and keep out checkbooks balanced (not that anyone actually does that anymore)? Finally, I really appreciate RLAM. I haven’t read the book yet but I just ordered it. Thanks! PS. Dimity, do you watch Parenthood? The song If I had a Boat was the ending track last night. Thought of you. Possibly the best song ever.

      1. Count me as a Lyle lover too! And my Dad’s favorite song is If I had a boat! Favorite line:” The mystery masked man was smart, he got himself a Tonto cause Tonto did the dirty work for free. But Tonto he was smarter and onday said kimosabe, kissmy ass I bought a boat and I am going out to sea.” Totally unrelated to the topic, just a minor diversion. I shall now continue to read the comments.

  55. I loved your book, it was so motivational. I gifted it to 3 of my girl friends. But what I love more than the book itself is the community that has grown from it that I can proudly be a part of. On your web site and on face book. It’s been so nice getting to “know” you both, so thank you 🙂

  56. This is tough… I SOOOO love the blog and FB info, and I’m looking for the book for Christmas. Everything is so good. I struggle with carving out time and making myself a priority, so anything along those lines helps me. I’m one of those beginner/slow runners, but I’ve run three marathons. I don’t know where I fit in. 🙂

  57. your book is so motoviating , and funning at the same time , I only wish it was around back in the day , I enjoy the all the input eveyone give and the feedback on what to do and not to do ,the best was the water bottle choice , I love my pack . anyway keep up the good work and feedback and suggestion . I don’t know anyone here but I feel I do. thanks again.

  58. I love love LOVE your blog and your fb updates. 🙂

    I don’t know what sort of feedback to give you though. I feel like an interloper who’s not 100% addicted to running any longer. I had to cut back due to nagging achilles injuries (yes, both sides at once!), so running is more of a cross-training workout for me on the days when I’m not in the aerobics studio, on a spin bike or on the tennis court. Is it okay for me to be a part-time runner and still be part of the RLAM family? Maybe I’m looking for other RLAMers like me…

  59. I would like to see more on nutrition. I know it’s probably a lot to ask, but you really should put some more tabs on your website. Tab #1: Gear Reviews, Tab #2: Nutrition Tab #3: Training Tab #4: A list of things that drives us crazy (ok, we might not need that tab.) It would be nice to see a few more gear reviews. For instance, I bought a Garmin 305 but really wish I would have researched it further (I want heart-rate based calorie burn and my Garmin doesn’t do that.) And replacing that watch probably won’t happen for years. Oooh, maybe a tab for general complaints, complaints that our non-running friends would never understand. But seriously, thank you for being here. I am a runner and only have 1 other running friend. So your blog and facebook page are a godsend!

  60. My favorite thing about the RLAM website and book is the sense of community you’ve created. I’m a fairly new runner, and I’ve gained a lot from your advice on running gear, the “TMI” info, and especially from the general encouragement to keep on running.

    I’d like to see more on nutrition. That’s still a mystery to me. Maybe more on strength training too.

    Keep it up, ladies! I’m so excited about the prospect of another book!

  61. I love the conversational tone and your accessability. I love the .2 with every chapter, some of my favorite info is in those sections. And honestly, I love the giveaways from the blog.

    I can’t think of a single thing I would change. Keep it up!

  62. I LURVE everything about the book and want another one!!!

    I would love to hear MORE real stories from real mamas. I don’t think I could ever get tired of reading about the featured moms. I have found a great deal of inspiration from so many of the Facebook posts, blog posts, and quotes throughout the book.

    Reading your book inspired me to run more; however, as a new runner I sincerely didn’t know where to really begin. I’d love some lose training programs or to read what others do.

    Thanks for all that you two have done!!

  63. Hmmm . . . I just read the book and then started following your blog about 2 months ago, so all the topics seem new and fresh to me! I personally LOVE the TMI posts – the recent one about bathroom issues while running was so great – I am not alone! I have thought that so many times on here. Thank you.

  64. I love visiting the FB page. Always a new running thought to ponder and inspire. I like how you turn your thoughts into a forum and a place for everyone to shout out… love it!!

  65. I love the practical, no-holds-barred information on all the topics mother runners care about. Y’all have certainly stimulated some, um, *interesting* conversations amongst my mother-runner friends. I would love more info on handling non-running spouses, especially when you need their cooperation for childcare during long runs and races. Also, anybody else on special diets? I limit carbs, and it works for me (don’t worry. I know it’s not for everyone. I won’t try to convert you.). However, I struggle to fuel during long runs. My body has NOT responded well to any of the gels, drinks, or chews. What about diabetics? Gluten-free folks? How do you balance competing needs and sensitivities? Finally, I think a collection of inspirational stories of/from mother runners would be nice, a good pick-me-up when we’re down. Profiles of mothers who have achieved, overcome, or conquered could keep us going when we’re ready to give up. Thanks!

  66. The tough thing is the balancing act that we all struggle with as running moms, and I think that’s what you’re struggling with too sometimes. How do you cater to the newbie and the ultrarunning phenom? How do you speak to both the one who can plan intervals scientifically and the one who can’t say fartlek without laughing? I think what you’ve created is working specifically because you’ve sought input from a variety of moms, so that you’ve reminded us all that what qualifies us as part of the RLAM community isn’t experience, distance, or pace, but that we run and have–or have had–children. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind some more specific injury prevention advice for the aging runner. Yikes, did I just peg myself as an aging runner?

  67. I love that you guys are on top of the fb page. If there is a question you are there to answer and even re-post it so everyone can read it and help.
    Not many ‘business’ pages do that.
    I have yet to read the book, but am looking forward to it.

  68. I love, love, love how there are days when you can put into words how I feel but don’t have the time, energy or brain power to get those thoughts together! I love getting my facebook updates because most times they bring a smile to face – on days when they are needed but mostly on good days where it just makes things better!!

  69. Love the book, love the fb.
    Love the discussions and overall support.
    I am on the food/nutrition bandwagon. I would also like to see more on the beginner.

  70. Could there be a RLAM event? I know you do runs when you hit bookstores for signings, but what about a fun run or something like that? Perhaps it could be a benefit to support a youth mentoring program around running that would inspire girls to RLAM when they grow up. Even if it were too far away for me to be a part of, I’d still like reading about the community that gathered and appreciate the focus going beyond ourselves (not that it isn’t good to reflect, but it is also good to do more). And if you held it near Baltimore/DC I’d be there!

  71. LOVE love love the book. Reading it for the second time right now to get me motivated through the winter. Only thing that I have trouble with is going back/ stopping in a chapter to read the highlighted areas with quotes, tidbits… (I know they have a name for those sections…?) Anyways, I reccomend the book to anyone I know that even thinks about running. Awesome, insightful, inspiring, informative… What more can I say?!

  72. I just finished reading the book while on a plane home from Boston. Thanks to you both, I am convinced that I can run that Marathon next year, and that I may be crazy to shoot for two. You both have an engaging, easy-to-read writing style, and I could related to so much of what you wrote. Thank you for doing what you do!

  73. I absolutely loved the book. As a new runner (just started this summer, training to run my first 5K in October) and mom of a toddler, it was invaluable. Now, to answer your questions.

    One thing I would like to see covered in more detail is dressing for the weather. I know it varies by individual, but I would have liked to know if tights, a long sleeve tee and fleece vest were too much for a cool fall morning. I know it sounds stupid, but I hate getting too hot, and each race I run is like a dilemma. I’d also like to hear you guys’ thoughts on running shoes; minimalist, barefoot, cushioned?

    I can’t think of any topics offhand that I’m tired of. Some don’t apply to me, but I find all the discussions interesting.

    Do you like advice coming from your peers, or should we involve more “experts” (coaches, nutritionists, trainers)? I like the peer advice. Experts might be nice, but I like hearing from “real” people.

    Favorite chapter: Obviously, I love the clothing, shoes and accessories chapters. I also like the chapter on managaing children.

    Holes: No holes, really, but like I said before I’d like to see more on choosing running shoes.
    Our social network: I love the Facebook site. I especially like when you guys take a concern given by a mother and then pose it to the group. It makes it more “real” and kind of lets us see that, hey, we’re not the only crazy people who do x/y/z. I really like the “TMI” posts bc those are the things no one talks about, and yet, you do! Love it in the book, too.

  74. Love, love your book. I was browsing in B & N in late March (when I was training for an 8K-my longest distance ever at that time!) and found it. It was so helpful and moving. I had only been running for not quite 4 months at that time, and I think your book and blog and FB are the reason I am still running (nearly a year after I started). I *love* the community feeling. I am a slower runner and I have yet to run a half marathon (coming up in Feb 2011!), but I have never felt like I wasn’t part of the crowd. I love the input from real mother runners in the book. My husband’s favorite section is on the “horizontal sweat sessions.” ha ha

  75. I love it all!
    What I would love to see is more advice for newbies. This will be my first winter running so any and all advice and experiences regarding running the the elements. Should I break down and buy a treadmill or stick it out in the dark and snow?

  76. Ok, I’ve been withholding this comment for a while and I think I should just come out with it, since you asked. I almost quit your book. Friends recommended it so I checked it out from my local library (after a LONG wait…it’s quite the popular book). I had just started running and was training for the Girlfriend’s Half. I was frustrated with running because all of my friends are faster than me. I’ve always been an athlete and it hurt my pride, to be honest. So when I read your book I felt very insulted by the few comments that were made insinuating a 12 minute mile is not really running. These comments were found towards the beginning of the book and hurt my feelings, to be honest. During the weeks I was reading I was running exactly a 12 minute mile (on my fastest runs). I had been working unbelievably hard and just COULD NOT increase my pace. I almost quit your book…and running in general. I felt like an outsider and not a “real” runner.
    I talked to my friend Ashley, who knows you personally, and she said it was not your intention to suggest those things and that you are not the kind of runners who would want anyone to feel like an outsider – and she encouraged me to push through and finish the book. I did, and I am glad I did.
    I really enjoyed your chapters on speedwork, hills and gear. Knowing the “inside stuff” made me feel more like I belonged in this great female running community. The other stuff still hurt a bit, but I realize that was not your intention. You clearly want to help us mommies get out there and pound the pavement any way we can.
    Hope my honesty is understood. I heard you speak at Old Town Battlegrounds and I can tell that your desire is to create an encouraging female, mother runner community. I really had a great time that night and love the running family that is growing around me.

    1. Thank you for the honest feedback. We really appreciate it, and hope you realize it’s never our intent to make anybody feel slow or bad about their running. Glad you have not quit running–and glad you’re loving the family vibe. There’s a place in the pack for everyone for sure. 🙂

    2. Id have to echo some of what rushartist said, While I LOVED the book…there were a few comments that kind of bugged me. Cant quote them but remember one about 3 miles or a 5k (cant remember exactly) being “nothing” and the comment about the pace. Ive been at this quest for running since June (when I read your book) and at that time and even now, 3 miles is a big achomplishment to me. So I guess even 6 months into this journey, Im still looking for comments and advice that I cant relate to.

      1. I’m sorry that you girls feel that way. Much of that is perspective. Many of us have been running for a long time for long distances and its hard to remember (or maybe its easy to forget) how it was when we first started out. BUT We were all there once. We all had to start somewhere and many of us started out after we became parents and had to learn to juggle and ballance the family with our runnning. We were discouraged and felt very alone. No matter what the distance or the pace please know that those of us who talk “big” are very proud of you guys starting out because putting one foot in front of another is an amazing accomplishment in itself. One of the best ways to get faster or run a little farther is to either find a running group or just a friend who is a little faster or runs a little farther than you already do. They will be happy to slow down a bit or use their easy run with you as a warm up. In no time you’ll be doing the same thing for your friends that YOU have encouraged to start running too. This book will not only give you persepective but will also give you to the tools to encourage and inspire others.

  77. great that there’s more to come!! enjoyed the book, love all the random topics on the fb page!

    personally, i’d like to see more about the balance of: pre-pregnancy weight. pregnancy weight-gain. post-partum weight loss. weight loss associated w/ breast-feeding or not breast-feeding. and weight loss associated w/ post-partum exercise. all of the above incorporated w/ more nutrition advice / inspiration?? i feel like i’ve lost my weight, not because i’m eating great (because there’s no shortage of chocolate in my life!), but because i’m breast-feeding, and i’ve started running again. i’m a little concerned about what’s going to happen when the breast-feeding is done… all my calories will be my own!!

    thank you!

  78. I liked the book, however found the set up distracting with all the .2 add-ins. It made it difficult to read because I found myself going back and forth.
    Loved the chapter on running and relationships.
    Future book suggestion: would like to see chapters about training written by experts (How to get faster for a 10k over 6 weeks) (Thinking about adding in a triathlon, how to manage training for three sports). Maybe more personal stories about how moms manage things. I’ve enjoyed each week when you pick a mom who writes a blog. You could probably find a mom to write a chapter of each book and that would make a wonderful compilation of stories.
    Enjoy both of your writing styles so usually enjoy most anything you write about.
    Not a huge poster on facebook so can’t add much opinion about that area.

  79. I love this blog, the book, and the facebook page. It’s so encouraging to hear about others’ runs — both the good and the bad — and know I’m a part of such a great community.

    I’d like to hear about running with kids (7+ years)…actually running with them (not how to leave them at home and run) 🙂

  80. I really love the information you put out there. I feel like I am in a running circle of friends. I love the everyday Mothers you feature every week, all so different and amazing. I love your personal stories and your truthful thoughts on running, family, injuries, friendship and everything else you cover. I read the book when it came out and I’m thinking its time for a refresher. I have been avoiding Facebook so that means you guys get lost too. That said I would love more nutrition advice, I always feel like I am missing something in my diet. I would love some some input by pros about training for us mortals, you do have some sweet connections that most of cannot access. Thanks and keep RLAM!

  81. I can’t remember if it was added or not, but a running woman’s safety from predators would be good. My running club is putting on a self defence night for the women in the club, which i think is a really good idea.
    Running with dogs could be a good one also as I know a few mums who run with their dogs. I have a friend who is a vet, mum, and runs with her dogs. She has also developed a pooch to 5k program also.
    Having the book available in a downloadable (still have to purchase it first) format. An e-book in a non-editable pdf format perhaps. This would be really handy for impatient international readers.

  82. being a total newbie to running, I would like to see more about just getting started and training plans for 5Ks and 10Ks. I haven’t read the book yet, but am hoping it’s available for Kindle download 🙂

  83. I love the book and have read it several times. It really motivated me to sign up for my first marathon in February. I agree with one of the above posts about what to eat when not training for a race. I would also like to see maybe a recipe section for busy families. Lastly I would like to see more about running longer distances and how to improve times. I love the Facebook updates too 🙂

  84. The book has been my running mama bible, my go to gift for many-o-mom runners in my circle of friends and the only Amazon review I have ever written!

    I related to pretty much every chapter in the book, but the one that resonated with me and was even going to email SBS after reading it, was the marriage chapter and non-runner spouses. I read that and at the time it was EXACTLY the place I was in. I need to go back and read the book again, because I’m probably in yet a different place than I was even a few months ago.

    Feedback: In project retrospectives I like to give feedback with Start, Stop, & Continues. So here goes….

    – Structure of the posts. I get it and like the routine (shyeah, I know, I know! runners and our routines!) Runner/mama topics, Humpday give away, FB announcement, Follow this mother.
    – Random questions/comments on FB to get people chatting
    – Alternating voices/opinions. Love your tag team approach
    – commenting on posts, me and my friend Sarah commented how we feel like rockstars when we get a SBS or Dimity “like” on our comments.

    Stop: (This is the toughest)
    – A lot of attention on races. Believe me, I have the bug now, but I didn’t used to want to toe the line. I think there are a lot of moms out there that just want to run to run and don’t need races. I have a mom friend I am giving the book to next week and I can’t wait for her feedback. She is a runner and runs 3-5 miles when she can with a group of moms. But I don’t think they’ve ever raced. But they still rock the RLAM vibe in my book. Who knows, maybe she’ll run a race with me after reading!

    – More discousion topics, either on the blog or on fb….
    – On nutrition & running
    – Nutrition when not running (injury, de-training)
    – Newbie Chronicles (Newbie mom or newbie runner)
    – Section on race reports from other moms around the country
    – How to’s – Strength training
    – How to’s – finding local runners
    – General How To’s
    – Training plans or endorsed training plans for other distances besides a marathon
    – More tweets!

    I love this site and fb site and it has been my go-to interweb hangout hot spot!

  85. I like to read stories of real women, not pro runners, I know I am never going to be an elite. I get much more encouragement out of real womens stories.

  86. This may beyond the scope of what you’re asking, but I’d love it if you had a dedicated forum (like Team Estrogen has for female cyclists). The FB page is great, but I think there’s a lot more potential for growth and communication in a forum.

    I’d prefer more posts from our peers, since I think there are so many sources out there for info from people with initials after their names. 🙂 Also, as others have mentioned, I love the honesty and that no discussion topic is TMI. You all are doing an awesome job!

  87. I loved your book for pretty much the same reasons as everyone else that have already been listed. things I would love to see in upcoming editions…
    time management tips, realistic post baby weight loss tips, running specific weight training routines, but from the prespective of other moms who have sucessfully “been there”.
    I love the conversational tone and the humor. Can’t wait for RLAM II (and 3 and 4 ….)

  88. I am a big fan of the book and check the facebook site frequently. Allow me to do a bit of navel gazing – the book I would LOVE for you to write is a marathon training guide. I’ve never done one, but I am seriously considering one next year. I’m not necessarily talking about a training plan – those are pretty readily available, but I would love the anecdotes, the tips, the support in the journey.

  89. I love the facebook page, website and book! I’d like to see more information for the empty nester moms. We face a lot of different issues that still have us putting running/me time on the back burner. We also face a lot different life issues – finding our identities outside of our homes/children, menopause, lower metabolisms, etc. As others have stated local running groups, online training plans/groups,spotlights on running moms at all stages of life, running races as group or starting a RLAM race are all things I would be interested in.

  90. I love your book and have many pages dog-eared. I really like the conversational tone and the fact that you have quotes from ‘real life’ runner moms.

    I’d love to see more expert advice particularly for beginners. More advanced runners probably already have found what works and doesn’t for them.

  91. I have literally been thinking about what to write here all day. Pretty dumb but it’s, like, PRESSURE to give you good feedback and not just gush about how much I love RLAM in all its forms.

    The book is fantastic and very mom-friendly with it’s short-ish segments. When (hee hee) you write the next one, I hope you’ll keep that style. I think you have a great mix of people with letters after their names (PhD, MD, blah blah) and Mere Mortals giving advice. I also found there to be relatively little jargon that wasn’t explained… but I came into this with a bit of running under my belt so maybe I missed something. Sounds like others could use a “real” running/training dictionary and not just the hilarious one we all wrote together. That might be something to consider on the website. (Fartlek, anyone?)

    The blog and FB page are simply fantastic. I am a solo runner *always*… partially by choice but mostly due to circumstance. So you ladies ARE my running group. There’s always some one that has been where I am so I can learn from her. And there’s always someone facing something I’ve already dealt with so I can feel a little bit helpful to her.

    I love the sliver of hope I get each Wednesday when I post on the Give Away blog… No luck yet but here’s hoping.

    And I love that you all understand that naptime has come to a sudden and bitter end so I must end this post now. Oh, well!

  92. Oooh! This is great.

    I’ve read the book three times all the way through. The facebook page is so fun (love the TMI posts) and this blog is the first one I check every day. It has helped me to keep my motivation. I almost always run alone so this is my running group (even though I tend to be more of a lurker than a contributor).

    I would love to see you expand beyond the blog, facebook page and book to more real life interaction. What about a RLAM online training group (kindof like the Runners World Challenge)? We can train wherever we are for a race (maybe something with a half and full marathon option) and use an existing site like daily mile or even the facebook page to track our progress and communicate then meet up in person to race in a fun place.

    A RLAM retreat would be tons of fun too. Three or four days with some of the experts you have talked about over the past few years. Runs, yoga class, form analysis, speed workouts, food, xclusive shopping at title 9 or athleta, etc.

  93. I have read RLAM and passed it on to my friends and family. I think it is inspirational in many ways. The only thing that I think could be added is a chapter on the recreational runner momma. When I read it, I felt like if I wasn’t running hardcore, then I wasn’t a true mother runner. I think this might dissuade others as well. Many moms run just for exercise or to get out of the house and never enter a single race. Other than that, keep up the good work. Love getting your fb posts as well.

  94. I think what is so great about the book is that it appeals to newbies and veteran runners alike. It gives moms a great intro to running but covers such a broad range of topics that even those runners who have dozens of road races under their belts can learn something new. And now that we are all off and running, maybe RLAM2 could crank it up a notch. Maybe MLAM–Marathon Like a Mother since so many of us are itching to go long since reading book 1. Or TLAM–Tri Like a Mother as many of us are also tri-curious but may find the idea of training to swim, bike, AND run daunting as a mom. Or CLAM–Compete Like a Mom because now that we’ve all conquered the roads, it’s time to start bringing home the hardware. Just don’t lose that personal feel. What attracts so many readers is the warm, advice-among-mom-friends you get when you crack open the spine to RLAM1.

  95. What topics would you like to see covered, either at all or more in depth? – I would like to see more about your favorite gadgets, clothing brands, etc.

    What topics have you had enough of?
    Playlists. I think music is such a personal choice that reading someone else’s playlist rarely does it for me.

    Do you like advice coming from your peers, or should we involve more “experts” (coaches, nutritionists, trainers)?
    I like a mix of both. I’d like to hear what I *should* be doing AND what actually works!

    If you’ve read RLAM, what’s your favorite chapter? Why?
    I can’t pick just one. I can say that I didn’t want it to end and I remember rationing out the last several chapters to make it last. I told myself I could only read some more when I needed the encouragement to lace up that day. I did particularly enjoy the chapters about running partners and friendships built around running.

    What holes do you see in the book?

    Our social network: what posts do you like on Facebook? What posts do you like on the site?
    I do not like that I have to go to facebook to see who won competitions on the blog.

  96. Hey guys! first, like everyone else, I LOVE the book and read thru it in like 2 sittings on vacation this summer b/c I was enjoying it so so much. Things I especially loved- the alternating chapter writing- you both have such great perspectives and are so funny but in different ways and alternating your writing is a great way to showcase that. There are too many loves to list them all so I’ll cut to the chase on things I’d like more of: more detailed training plans with options for advanced runners (sometimes I felt is was beginner-runner centric, though I still love it), more professional advice and I love the idea a previous poster (Terzah) had about a section of each stage of life running.
    You guys are awesome and I’m sure I’ll love your future endeavors! Oh, and I also like the idea of covering distances past the marathon since I hope to run Comrades in a few years! ( :

  97. I’ve been following the blog for a long time and am just a mostly a silent follower on the facebook page. I don;t feel qualified to give running advice but love to offer encouragement! Agree with lots of the comments here. Would definitely make the trip for an RLAM race or meetup or retreat. I come here for inspiration and motivation and would not be running as often and as far without my daily checks to the fb page. So it would be fun to see these ladies in real life.
    Wish list: All the good conversation and tips seem to come on the facebook page, but that is hard to search back through old postings. Is it possible to get all that juicy info on the blog page where we can access it easily. Facebook stinks at being able to search old posts. Probably a lot of work?

    Love following along on your race plans, even if they fall through. Training along side you is great motivation. Asking us to chime in with what we’ve done helps me feel accountable.

    Love the “follow this mother” postings and following other women’s journeys. I like the mix of newby runners, experienced runners, women with different goals that you profile.

    Maybe guest bloggers? Would Kara Goucher do one for you? Just a thought! Or some everyday RLAMers? I would like to see a follow up on the woman you profiled last summer who was introduced started running after she was attacked. Did she run her first marathon this fall? How was it?
    Maybe an “Ask the Expert Day” where you have an “expert” (though I think you guys are experts) and we can ask questions they can respond to on facebook or the blog.

    How about a section on the site where you can meet up with other RLAMers for a run? Or a local RLAM chapter or running club–you could visit!
    Now, I’m just having a brain dump, I’ll stop now!!

  98. I really love everything about you guys!

    However, my favorite thing to follow is the entire process of training for a race. The decision of what race to run, the training ups and downs, and then the final race report. I love it!!! It helps to give me motivation and peaks my interest in new races!

    Oh yes, and I REALLY LOVED the video at the finish line of the Nike Woman’s race in San Francisco!

    I’m happy to RLAM!

  99. I’m here because I already love what you guys are doing 🙂 I had been reading your blog and occasionally following you on Facebook when I finally realized I should also read the book! I bought it on my Kindle and loved reading it, though the formatting was really goofy and hard to follow. Throughout the book I kept thinking, yup, I totally know what you’re talking about… I think that’s the attitude and familiarity that you guys are so talented at expressing.

    I’d love to see more specific ideas and plans for strength training. Since I hardly get enough time to go out and run, I usually forget about strength training completely. (I’d also love to have abs that don’t prove I’ve birthed 3 kids, but that may just be wishful thinking) Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but it would be helpful if this site had categories like gear, training, motivation, pregnancy, etc. to look up older entries that are relevant to what I’m wanting to read about that day. And if you had a RLAM race, I’d consider making a trip 🙂

  100. I think it would be cool for you guys to interview RLAMers (maybe one per category) in each of the “life stages” of running motherhood:

    Running while pregnant
    Running w/ infants
    Running w/ toddlers
    Running w/ little kids
    Running w/ elementary schoolers
    Running w/ tweens and teens
    Running beyond the empty nest

    and throw in Running as a stepmom, Running w/ infertility, Running as a single mom etc. Profiling moms who run w/ their kids would be great also. I really hope my kids want to run, and would love to lead them to it w/o pressure.

    This would give those of us still thinking the stage we’re in is all there is a look at the future of our running!

    Great job to both of you! Excited that there might be another book!

  101. Sorry, it helps me to cut/paste.

    What topics would you like to see covered, either at all or more in depth? — More on running in pregnancy. Probably done with that. Maybe not. Who knows? Anyway. Training plan for a half-marathon?

    What topics have you had enough of? None — I love RLAM and it is the only thing FB/blog I look at daily. It might be nice if I could figure out a better way to locate things I want to look at again (e.g. music ideas, product ideas, etc.)

    Do you like advice coming from your peers, or should we involve more “experts” (coaches, nutritionists, trainers)? Peers are great — I love the honesty. Actually tried running in my tights commando yesterday. (peer pressure you know…it was…different.) An occasional expert might be good.

    If you’ve read RLAM, what’s your favorite chapter? Why? I’d have to go back and look. The postpartum chapter resonated…I was on maternity leave when I read it.

    What holes do you see in the book? Well, there is a whole new role for the power of on-line support!! I’m a psychiatrist, so the mental health benefits could be written about in more depth (biased, sorry.) More on how to start for newbies?

    Our social network: what posts do you like on Facebook? What posts do you like on the site? I would love to see some of the FB content moved to the site so I can find it more readily again. I love the interaction on FB!! I can pick and choose what is helpful and what isn’t.

    I echo some of the women above — I love the virtual community, but it would be awesome if we could find a way to connect with local women and have RLAM groups locally. I would totally fly anywhere to run an RLAM race!!!

  102. Hi Dimity & Sarah! I absolutely love your book and just bought another copy to give to a friend for her baby shower! She is a runner (has run a few marathons and recently ran Boston this past April), but has stopped running since she became pregnant. she was very excited to receive the book to help her get back into running after she has her baby in January. That being said, your book has been an inspiration to me and to thousands of other runners to help keep us motivated all-year long. I really like the discussions/questions on the FB page from other mothers (everyone from the newbie to the multi-marathoner). I would like to hear from “professionals” about proper form and injury-prevention and recovery. In your book, I especially loved the chapter on peeing, pooping and periods. I would never feel comfortable asking another runner about these issues, but reading it in your book gave me the answers I needed. Thanks for creating such a wonderful book, and I hope to see/hear more in the future!!

  103. Agree with the posters above regarding RLAM meetup’s. It would be great to have some kind of tool on your website or Facebook page where people could post locations and coordinate meetup’s.

    Maybe adding a feature on race profiles or reviews by RLAMers would be neat.

  104. Love the book
    I like reading the comments throughout the chapters from other mothers.

    Love the blog
    I enjoy reading the “Run like this mother” – reading other’s journeys is inspiring and keeps me motivated.

    Love the FB page
    I like being asked “what did you run this weekend?” The chance to “shout-out” to those who “get it” is fun and makes me feel accountable.

  105. I love the posts that deal with the questions you can’t go ask at your local running store, like dealing with your period, overactive bowels and the benefits of waxing. These are issues I thought I was dealing with alone until reading the book and following the blog. These are the questions that no man can truly answer and other women can find camaraderie in our similarities. That’s what I benefit from the most!

  106. I love how FB/blogs/the book are all mixtures of new runners and more experienced runners and everyone in between! I’m a slow new runner and feel like I belong to your tribe just as much as veterans of multiple marathons! I also loved the support I got after I posted on your FB page about some nasty comments I got re my recent marathon performance. What wonderful women out there!

    I would love some more guidance on running and weight loss. Like someone else wrote, I struggle with losing weight no matter how much I exercise. How about some nutritional guidance / weight loss info? I know it comes up every once in a while, but something more dedicated to losing the muffin top would be wonderful!

  107. I love, love, love your book!! I randomly picked it off the shelf at a bookstore one day, and I was hooked. I have probably read it 5 times now, in very small increments (I have 4 boys). Your book inspired me to start running, and I’m doing my first 5K next week.
    I love the quotes and stories from other runners (and your stories as well) the most because they make me feel like I have friends, a community I am now a part of. I can’t think of much I would change…maybe add more for beginners?

  108. For me I think the book is great, fabulous really. I think now is time to go into more depth. Maybe more interviews/real stories with moms who make it happen everyday. Maybe training programs/diets. Motivation. The real low down on running shoes and clothing. Perhaps a future RLAM marathon akin to the Nike womens. Or maybe local RLAM chapters for running groups. I would also love to see more merchandise. I love the blogger highlights, the facebook posts and the personal stories. Fostering a virtual support system in the polarizing motherhood and runner niche is just awesome. Lots of ladies are mothers. Lots of ladies are runners. But few are both. You help bring the two together in a fun, supportive, prideful way and help our little group find a common bond. I’m primed and ready for phase 2 of RLAM. Bring it!

  109. It would be great if you had the topics from your discussions in categories on this website. An easy way for someone to find information without the work. Thanks!

  110. I love the book…all of it. I’m getting the hang of the facebook page and love that we can talk with each other on it, as well as with you.

    As for the blog, I’d love for it to be broken down into sections, like training, injuries, races, running gear, etc. The idea of a forum would be one I’d want to explore…a forum for marathoners, another for beginners, etc. It’d be nice to talk with people in the same place as we are.

    Also, I’d love an “ask the expert” area for specific topics (injuries, training plans, etc.). I know you guys are experts, and we value your input, but sometimes it’s good to hear a sports medicine opinion or a trainer’s advice.

  111. I love the book, blog, and FB page. I finally consider myself a “real” runner and owe a lot of it to the RLAM community (even though I am not yet a mother myself). I would love to hear from more peers and more women who are just running to run, not to do their 10th marathon. I sometimes get too hard on myself when I try and compare myself to those people, but I know there are more people like me out there. Also, maybe more talks about how to get through those dark times when you just don’t want to run and what to do about it. And I love the idea about listing women’s races. Thanks for everything!

  112. I am new to this blog and can’t wait to read the book! I have found all the posts encouraging and motivating and love following along with new and seasoned runners. I love hearing how other moms make running a priority as it helps me to do the same. I would love to follow blogs of moms just starting out and running shorter distances.

  113. There are so many things I have loved and related to in the book it is hard to find fault… I am almost 6 feet tall and not a natural runner, so I REALLY appreciated the tips on where to find LONG length workout wear. I live in capris year round as SO few stores/brands acknowledge that a woman with a 35″ inseam does exist!
    I would like to hear more on being a mother runner with tweens and teens… I have turned in the diapers and car seats for demands for rides and cash! We have encouraged all 4 of our kids to be active in sports, but in so doing, have really eliminated MY time to be active.
    I also like the idea of connecting RLAMers locally for run/support groups. How much fun to complete a race with a group who came together because of the book/site…

  114. I love what you’ve done so far! I am so happy I found you!

    For future stuff, I’d love to see:

    *more detailed training plans and info (especially for those of us who are relatively new)
    *more info re: injuries (I’m really struggling with one right now so it’s on my mind!)
    *more strength training specifics
    *more giveaways! 🙂

    Thanks for being here!

  115. Dont’ know if it would work, but it would be great since this is such a hub for running mothers if we could break out into groups. Like everyone go to the RLAM site, then, for example I’m interested in doing a marathon in all 50 states (and I know they have their own group, but you can’t join until you’ve done 10 states) so it would be fun to interact with other mommies working toward the same thing, and then maybe meet up for the actual marathon. Especially since I only do two marathons or so a year, it would be great to be in touch with other mommies who also have nearly everything interrupted in their lives. There is also a group for Half the Marathons in Half the States (25 halfs) but it’s different if you know someone who is posting is a mommy. Maybe it’s too specific, but another group could focus on nutrition and post weekly recipes, and another group could post ideas about cross-training (I miss yoga!).

    Personally, I look forward to the blogs, but keep the posts on Facebook, since I like scrolling through responses. It does seem a shame to have such a resource in Sarah and Dimity and not take it a further step. Ok, now I’m done.

  116. I am with the Mama’s who suggest hearing more from the non marathoners/hard core runners. I do so look up to those people, but it will never be me. By choice and reality! I would love to hear a bit more from those that are just trying to get it done. How do they really get it done? And how do people REALLY feel on a run? I look around me and assume everyone is just more fit and can do better instead of really understanding how hard it is on them too physically! No matter what their level. Everyone tells me to get off the treadmill and go outside. If I get off the treadmill, the run doesn’t happen. I have a 4 and 6 year old who we homeschool and the hubby works an hour and 15 minutes away! I need reality as it is for other busy not looking to race Mama’s.

    I too just want to be healthy, not prove anything to anyone, even myself. A year ago I might have said it different. I would love more nutrition advice, that is the place I slack the most! Less experts. More real stories. JMHO if people want experts, they read Runner’s World. They want real stories about real women, they come here! 😉


  117. I love the real Mom runner advice. I read some on Runner’s world and I just can’t connect to hardcore men that run 70 miles a week and their answer to everything is run more. I am halfway through the book and sometimes I connect with it so much it makes me cry. I would love more nutrition info. I am currently training for my first marathon and I’m starving. Maybe I just have food on the brain.

  118. I am loving the book, but only about half-way through…those darn children keep interrupting me! My absolutel favorites about your book are the websites that you list (where to buy favorite items, etc) and the stories. I love the stories from Dimity SBS as well as little quotes from other moms about their running experiences. I feel like every running mother can relate to your RLAM book, but it does seem like it focuses a lot more on the beginner runner (with info on the training plans, etc). I would like to see more focus on nutrition/weight loss (suggestions for how to eat healthy but still consume enough calories and what not to fuel long runs). I personally struggle with how to lose weight and run…I know, most pepole think running = weight loss, but not for me. I would also like more suggestions and information on good/quick cross training and strength training. I know the RLAM book has a few chapters on this information, but more in depth would be awesome. While info from experts/ultrarunners/olympians, etc is always nice, those people are in the elite group, which is not your “average” runner. I love the information that my peers have to offer. My favorite part of the book, so far, has been the humorous sections…like “quirks” that we have when we go running (like stopping at a certain spot every time, etc…the OCD stuff about running that each person has). I would love to see more chapters on others experiences, rather than just small snippets. And, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your FB page 🙂 Keep up the good work ladies!

  119. I really like that you used REAL runners for your book. Experts are nice but some things are better said when said by your peers.

    I’d love to hear more about getting out of a rut. And perhaps training plans (5K, 10K, 1/2, full). And maybe explain some lingo for us newbies (tempo runs, repeats).

  120. The biggest thing I got out of the book (and my husband had several running books on our shelves) is that it convinced me that as a mother of 4 (ages 2-16) who had never, ever run that I could absolutely do it. And I have. I have to throw my support behind the women who have asked for more stuff for those of us who just run to escape the insanity in our homes not because we’re training for something. I have done a 5k, 10k and will run my first half but I’ve got nothing scheduled after that because I don’t like feeling like I *have* to run.

    ACK! I’m rambling! So~ I’ve enjoyed the posts about getting out when kids are sick, husbands are traveling, what are quick easy things to make for dinner. Everything injury related!

  121. I loved reading the book and have suggested it to every running mama that I know. My copy is on loan to a co-worker and I can’t wait to get it back so that I can re-read it. I heard of the book because a fellow running mother suggested it on a 10 mile training run. I bought it that night… and finished the read before our next long run the following Saturday. Just so happens to be that this other mama knows SBS. And they’ve run together here in PDX. Ha!

    I appreciate the honesty of this book. I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t all about training plan(s) or weight loss. There are lots of other books out there for that type of thing. And I appreciated the chapter about pooping, peeing, and your period. I’m happy I’m not alone in my pre-run morning rituals.

    Someone else mentioned the secret handshake. I like it.

    I’ve never followed a blog… ever… yet, I find myself looking at the RLAM site daily. I find inspiration, motivation, and once in a while I find myself laughing out loud while I drink my morning coffee while the house is still quite. I love the giveaways and was really sad my luck didn’t pan out on the Keen boots. 🙁

    One last comment… I think it would be really neat to have group runs. Maybe a community within your own community of ladies that have found the balance with running and motherhood. Sure, there are lots of group runs in every major city… but, why not one just for us?

  122. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win! I love the RLAM site and honestly can’t think of one thing I’d change. I find it always inspiring and love the variety of running moms you profile and follow. Thanks for a site that is always encouraging and inspiring.

  123. I also like the alternating posts. I’m disappointed that you only announce giveaway winners on Facebook, since I am not a member because of privacy concerns. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m looking forward to it! I really enjoy the profiles of average running moms, and this is a very encouraging community.

    Please, please announce giveaway winners here or on Twitter! Thanks.

  124. I’m a huge fan of the book! In fact I was just thinking I need to read it again for some inspiration. As far as the blog and FB go, I agree with what some of the others have said about addressing topics for those of us who are still new to running, or not striving for a marathon or a BQ. Would love to see some guidance on nutrition, how to do tempo runs, why I should embrace hill repeats 🙂 Keep featuring a range of mother runners – we all have something to add to the conversation!

  125. Probably not too helpful, but I already really love what you guys are doing, and I don’t have suggestions. I love the blog and Facebook is perfect too. I’m sure I’d buy a book you wrote, if you chose to write another, but I don’t have a suggestion as to what I would like to see in it. I always love the blog entries, because they are short sweet and right on as to what I am going through as a running Mom.

  126. What topics would you like to see covered, either at all or more in depth?
    I personally struggle with understanding technical terms, specially when it comes to a training plan. I would love to have all these terms and plans for different events (half, full, 10k, etc) explained in plain english. I have been trying to actually train and do different things to improve my times, but everytime I go into runner’s world, I stop reading after 5 minutes because I feel frustrated because I dont get it.

    What topics have you had enough of?
    Nothing really. I like how you spice things up and cover it all.

    Do you like advice coming from your peers, or should we involve more “experts” (coaches, nutritionists, trainers)? I like advice from the both of you as I do consider you experts. It would be nice once in a while to feature other’s but the main reason I keep checking your posts all through the day, is because I love to hear first hand from other RLAMers.

    If you’ve read RLAM, what’s your favorite chapter? Why?
    Honestly, I enjouyed the one that covers injuries the most because at the time, I was struggling with ITB Syndrome and I felt all alone in the world surrounded by non-runners that did not understand how I felt. When I read the chapter, it made me feel like it made sense to be so sad, frustrated and also, gave me hope that it would pass.

    What holes do you see in the book? I don’t. really. I love it “just the way it is”

    Our social network: what posts do you like on Facebook? What posts do you like on the site?
    I love when you post little video bits on stretching, or other exercises. I ADORED the video of “Why I ran” with the Sarah Bairelles song. This things make me feel motivated, and part of something. I would love to see more of you and Dim in camera. Perhaps you could film some of the women when you go out to do book readings into giving brief tips on different things they do or use for their running and have a little online video channel featuring them all. Perhaps you can ask people to submit short videos on tips on how to improve our running, juggling with a house with kids, a job and training.

    I hope this feedback helps you!

    and GREAT JOB on creating this online community that has already become a part of my day and my life.

  127. I like Dimity’s posts that tie everyday life back to running. I easily fall off the running wagon so i come here for motivation and those posts always help me see the big picture behind my running.
    Wish it was easier to search recurring themes– injuries, gear, etc. Although that’s a facebook limitation.

  128. I love the way it is now.
    Things I would like to see:
    – training plans- detailed
    – real training plans for loosing weight. * I can’t run and loose weight while others can. help!
    -contests-just would like to know when they will end. that’s all.

    I really do love the FB and web page. Thanks so much!

  129. I love the book (I’m due to read it again and I’m gifting a copy to my sister who’s running her first full with me this spring – WOOT) but I think I love the FB page even more. What a GREAT group of women supporting and encouraging each other.

    I think I’d love to see more more more about food. Specifics. Recipes. Stuff that is easy to make for Mom’s of kids who don’t eat ANYTHING (so that even if THEY won’t eat it, it’s no big deal to get some nutrition into ME). I struggle with food…

  130. i love that the book covers both technical running topics (what to wear, hill training, strength training) and useful non-tech topics (getting into racing, journey of a runner/mother). it seems like a lot of women on your FB page (me included!) would like more specific information about training, tapering, theories on different training techniques. maybe you could review & give specifics on several training methods? you did some of this in the book… could be more in depth?

  131. Nutrition guides would be great. I would also like to see a variety of training plans. The Marathoning for Mortals training plans were great, but I would love to see some from you guys that include the hill repeats, tempo runs, ect. With detailed instructions on how to do that stuff.

    Loved your book! As a stay at home mom, finding my own identity can be tough, but I’m proud to call myself a Bad Ass Mother Runner!

  132. For me personally, my struggle is always with food. If I can get it scheduled, I can go run for days, but I always feel better with good fuel. And I have a hard time remembering how great I’ll feel running after a grilled chicken breast and salad as opposed to the chicken nuggets I’d LIKE to eat. Anyway, that being said, I think more advice from experts on how to incorporate healthy, good-for-runner foods into every day busy life would be great for me. I especially loved the recipes y’all included in the book, so maybe some more along those lines??

    HUGE fan of the book, and of both of you! Thanks for making “Running Like a Mother” more fun and do-able for so many women!

  133. I absolutely love the FB page – it feels like a message board that goes slow enough that I can keep up with it. I would love to hear more about 5K’s. I don’t think I’ll ever do a half or a full marathon. But beginners never feel put down on here – I like that!

  134. Love the blog and facebook page- how peole support one another and encourage one another. Love advice and encouragement of the new runner. I feel stuck in the middle-20 miles a week and no marathon on my horizon. Would like to read more working moms (lots of us work outside the home).

  135. I love the blog and FB page and love hearing about moms both just beginning and way way way out of my league. I do agree that it would be nice to hear about those of us more normal runners. I have done several halfs, and dream, daily almost, of some of the bigger races out there. But in all honesty I am usually a mom just trying to jam 3 runs in a week and sometimes those need to be as short as 2-3 because its all the time I have. I would love hearing more from moms like me (that said all of us that posted this thought should comment more I guess). And nutrition, I love that idea!

  136. I am about mid-way into the book and I really enjoy it, it definitely lifts me up and keeps me going when I down. It is nice to see not only do I the newbie runner have certain thoughts, but so do long-time athletes and long distance runners. I would love more insight from experts in nutrition etc. or your selves to help folks shave time, be better, stronger and healthier. The blog is great as well, I really would not change anything here. Your facebook page could do the same, have simple tips everyday or inspirational quotes. Just a little something to keep us all going.

    Over all you guys rock – you are doing all this and raising families! Keep up the great work!

  137. I love that the facebook page is so honest. I like reading about what other moms are dealing with and about their accomplishments. I would like to see more information about new runners because that is what I am. I am so grateful to have found your site because just reading it makes me want to get out and run.

  138. I think you all are doing a great job. I would like to hear more from moms who are putting in less mileage (aka not marathon runners and not pros). Those who are running to be fit and to get time for themselves… not to set a PR at their fifth marathon or whatever. Also, maybe a little more on diet (as in food finds) that give energy and are good, healthy choices? I enjoy this site a lot and I look forward to every post! Thank you…

  139. Feedback…hmmm…

    I love the encouragement, the alternating posts, the giveaways.

    I would love to see the development of a secret handshake so I can impress my friends. (seriously…a way to be a presence at races would be cool. I am not sure what that would look like.)

    I would love to see:
    – a compilation of all the women’s races
    – specific strength training
    – 1 spot on website for injury (versus scanning facebook)
    – 1 spot on website for gear (versus someone asking about Garmins each week)

    Thanks though…

  140. Loved the book, read it last year and need to read it again. I find so much inspiration to keep going from the posts on facebook. i love when you take a question soemone has posted on your wall and repost it to get a lot of comments- i htink that’s really helpful.For me i liek the advice coming from peers: what to do when work gets in the way, or sick kids throw things off, etc. I think mroe activity on the discussion part of FB would be greta- it seems ot be picking up which is great. A lot of itme I want to find something on the wall but if its way back its hard to find. I also liek when you post about moms on the blog- keep those coming!

  141. I appreciated the post awhile back about being new to swimming. It would be nice to see some newbie runners and running posts featured. Maybe some newbie mothers to follow? Or advice about what was hardest and easiest to overcome when starting out?

  142. Thank you for asking for feedback! I guess I would personally like to hear from from my running peers than the ultra, pro runner. One thing I’ve struggled with, is being able to identify with the RLAM community. I know it can’t be all things to everyone all the time, but when I injured myself and had to dial my running back a notch (or two), I felt like I didn’t belong here anymore. Like I was an imposter. I wasn’t trying to PR or beat any records or qualify for anything other than personal goals (run pain free, stick to my PT, etc.). So – I admire and applaud those who are setting new PRs, qualifying for marathons, etc., and, I would love to hear about those who are out there just because it feels good.

    1. ((hugs)) Carolyn. You totally belong. One of my fav quotes: “If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.”
      We are all moms. We are all runners. I am not fast. I am a 10-10:30 min miler. But I enjoy it!! 🙂

  143. I have not read the book yet, I’m waiting on it now. I love to hear from both peers and professionals. I think a good mix is quite nice because they have so many different things to offer. I’m excited to get my book and start reading. I’m a new runner and need all the motivation and encouragement I can find!

  144. I love the way you and Sarah alternate blog posts and comments on FB (ie, “Dimity, here”). I also love the consistency of the posts. I would include a chapter in your next book on single parenting and running. Also one on ultra running (distance beyond the marathon). Also, I like statistics. I like reading about professional athletes and their histories. If I can think of any other ideas, I’ll post again. Love your book and your attitude!

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