Hump Day Giveaway: Handana

Me (pink) and Dimity on our PacNW run before we started perspiring like crazy. (Photo by Larry Steagall.)

Dimity and I are heavy sweaters. As in, we perspire profusely when we exercise. Gallons. Buckets. Rivers. I was reminded of this earlier this month, when Dimity and I ran together on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. At the end of our hour-long outing, she cursed the tech tee she was wearing. "This fabric totally doesn't work; it's soaking wet." I was confounded by what she was talking about. A tech tee that really wicks? What did she expect--to have her sweat evaporate while she was running?

Riiiiiight: Dim lives in the Mile High City where the air is as dry as pasta straight out of the box. Here in the moist Pacific Northwest, at the end of a workout, we runners are used to feeling like we just ran through a sprinkler--or jumped in a pool fully clothed. Lately, on my training runs for the Twin Cities Marathon, I've been searching for a patch, any patch, of dry fabric with which to wipe my sweaty face. I've resorted to using my Badass Mother Runner hat, and I've even doubled over to mop my brow with my running skirt. Yes, my skirt.

The handy dandy Handana

So I was so happy when Katie Niemeyer from Handana sent us samples of the product she created. Katie's backstory: She had an autoimmune reaction that caused her skin to blister to the point of second and third degree burns; when sweat dripped in her eyes, it created a terrible burning sensation. When the Austin resident started training for her first marathon in the Texas heat, she often stopped in her tracks because of the extreme pain. Handana allowed her to wipe the sweat away before it reached her eyes.

On my 8-mile run yesterday, wearing a Handana from Katie allowed me to leave my hat on my head--and my skirt where it belongs. While I'm not sure it would hold all the moisture I produce on a longer run--since it couldn't evaporate from the wicking material here in the PacNW--it did its job of mopping my face. The Handana also did double-duty on snot-elimination when my nose starting running faster than my legs.

Like any founder of a nascent start-up, Katie is looking to spread the word about her product, so she has offered six Handanas for today's giveaway. To enter, click on the Comments button (below this post on our website) and tell us: How much do you sweat when you run? If you want to tell us how you wipe it away, we'd love to hear, but basically we're curious if we're really world-class sweaters or not.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 8/29/12 and ends on 9/04/12; the winner will be announced on 9/08/12. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $15. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

Dimity's snot-festooned tights after a long ride. Say it with us: "Ewwwwww!"




338 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Handana

  1. Indoor runner (right now) in the Northeast here. I too double over and use my shirt to wipe the buckets of sweat, which seems to stink more so than regular sweat, and my treadmill gets covered in drips.

  2. I look like I just stepped out of the shower after running.
    I envey those ladies who still look cute at the end of a race!
    No makeup, no fancy hair for this runner, after the first mile the makeup would be running down my face and my hair is plastered to my head!
    Shirt sleeve works well for mopping up!

  3. I sweat even when it’s really cold outside. I am a faithful Headsweats hat-wearer. It catches all my drippys (drippies?) and keeps my face relatively dry.

  4. I sweat so much (maybe more than my husband)! And snot too – my shirt gets used for the snot and forehead sweat, or I wear a visor to help soak some of it up so I can see where I’m running. I’m loving these handanas!

  5. I sweat before I am even out the door…hey tieing your shoes with a toddler and a preschooler pulling each arm is a work out in itself right?! I have a head band that I wear that helps but I often have to take it off and use my shirt to wipe my forehead. Luckily I have some really awesome stretch marks from the above 2 children that I get to show off to whoever happens to see me lift my shirt up. (not embarassing at all :))

  6. In high school cross country I was nick named “sweat hog”. As an adult in Arizona, well, let’s just say I’m not less sweaty. 😉

  7. I am a major sweater and running really brings it out of me! I have come home from a run and looked like I’ve already taken my shower…without smelling like I had! I wear a visor and glasses, and try to use my hands to wipe the sweat that still gets through. A handana would be great for the sweat and the runny nose…that ends up getting wiped on my shorts/tights. I don’t even want to think about how much sweat ends in my nose and vice-versa!

  8. OMG….this is so COOL! I’ve been using a bandana wrapped around my right hand all summer long. I’m a sweat monster in the MD killer heat this summer. This NE girl needs cold weather NOW.

  9. I never used to be a sweater, but now that I am running I find that I am sweating like crazy! I look like I just got out of a sauna! I usually rip my head band off and start using it to wipe my face off. My husband looks at me like I am crazy. Especially since the sweat inducing run that completing wipes me out, makes him look like he was maybe out for a tiny walk!

  10. I have been carrying a old hand towel when I do my long runs. I moved from dry California to hot and humid PA this summer, I have been absolutely drenched on my runs. I was actually wringing out my ponytail on Saturday. And my eyes burn when sweat gets into them, because of my contact lenses. I would love to try this!

  11. I didn’t used to sweat very much, but lately I find that I drip sweat. When I run on my treadmill at home, I’m amazed at all the drops of sweat all over the machine. Yuck! I could use one of the handanas! I was wishing for something like it today on my long run!

  12. I sweat profusely and I live in Denver! I’m soaked after every run. I’ve tried running with Kleexex in my waistband, but it disentigrates, or shifts inside my shorts and becomes unreadable (and unusable). If I’m on a long run I stop at my car on a loop and wipe my face, etc. with a towel and keep going. This looks like a great solution!

  13. Living on the coast of the west African jungle, the humidity and temp rocket! I sweat so much that shorts, socks, shoes, hat, hair and of course shirt and bra are soaked. On any run over 10 miles I have to change shirts ( dry wick shirts too!) One run that was only about ten or so miles I took my shirt off and wrung out a good cup of sweat, my friend who was near by gagged… The sweat in the eyes is the worse and I, like SBS, wear an asics hat…the sweat still gets through. The handana would be awesome to try!

  14. here in humid Florida, I sweat tons! My shirt is soaked, my tights are soaked from sweat and from wiping my hands on them. I have a black visor i wear when i run and it has white sweat lines in it from when all the moisture dries out! Looks as if i’ve been running in the rain 🙂

  15. OH my STARS and GARDENS, I sweat than anyone on the planet, I swear. No really, I’d enter an “I sweat more than you” contest any day and I would win. It’s ridiculous. You’d think I ran 30 miles after just 2. Ridiculous. I wish I could send a photo. Never seen these Handanas…very cool as I loathe wrist bands.

  16. you really don’t want to know how much I sweat… ewww! Let’s just say most of my running wardrobe is black, because the dark sweat lines are less apparent on black. 🙂

  17. This looks like such an amazing invention! I sweat A LOT, and often start sooner than I think I should…it often feels like “breaking the seal” with going to the bathroom…seems like the sooner I start to wipe it, the more I have to throughout the entire run! Yuck!

  18. Unfortunately for me, humidity reigns queen supreme in Maryland. I’m training for my first half marathon – the Disney Princess in February – and looking for the perfect sweat mopper! This looks like it may just be what I’m searching for!

  19. I sweat. A lot. Eye-burning run-off pouring off me. When I get home I’m told I smell like metal. Lovely. Add midwest humidity and the occasional hot flash while running and, well, you catch my drift. Or metal whiff. This would sure work better than the wadded up ball of paper towels I use when the sweat band fails.

  20. I don’t sweat a ton on my regular morning runs, but when I run later in the afternoon or evening it’s a lot hotter where I live and it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaad. Plus I ALWAYS have a bad runny nose when I run. Would love to try this – looks like it might also do double duty for me as I struggle with cold hands due to crappy circulation.

  21. I sweat buckets and buckets (and on top of that my face turns BEET RED, so I always have an awesome post-workout glow)! Almost every part of me is drenched by the end of a good run. Handanas sound like just the thing I need! 🙂

  22. I don’t think I am a very heavy sweater. If it’s breezy, I will be fairly dry even after long runs. However, I am very salty, so a way to keep salty drops out of my eyes would be perfect.

  23. When I get back from a run my bra is soaked, my shirt wet, my hair dripping, my cap soaked, and I have sweat running down the insides of my legs (which is just gross).

    My cap has a sweatband in it, but the sweat still drips in my eyes and burns. Something to wipe my eyes would be great.

  24. I look like I’m going to keel over by the time I’m done – COMPLETELY sweaty and red-faced. I’ve tried sweatbands, but they’re annoying, a Bondi headband on my wrist, but it doesn’t quite fit right. I can ignore it all but the sweat on my nose, for some reason. Usually I end up using my shirt to get rid of the sweat that’s going to drip. That’s the best I can hope for.

  25. I’m a big time sweater! My running group laughs at me at the end of my run since I end up having a “sweetheart” neckline from the boob sweat! I sometimes carry a bandanna but it soaks through and I’m constantly re-arranging where I tuck it.

  26. I, too, live in the Pacific NW and get very sweaty when I run. I’ve always sweated more than most people I know, including my husband. Speaking of him, I often run before he goes to work. When I get back and he leaves, he won’t kiss me good-bye because I am too sweaty. 🙁 I would like to try the handana!

  27. I sweat a TON too, more than the average person I think. If I’m running a 10K or longer I have issues with sweat burning my eyes and no dry spot on my clothes to wipe it. The handana seems like a good idea!

  28. Years ago, I barely knew the meaning of “sweat”. Now with menopause kicking in…holy sweatballs Batman! I’ve purchased a pink shammy and have cut it up into usable sizes. It works but…

  29. Boy, do I sweat. In fact, I think “Georgia” when translated means “Place with super high humidity”!! I am also one of those who hates the sweat running down my arms. Yuck!

  30. I sweat so much in the humid state of PA! This summer has been horrible and my shirts and skirts show it. I would love to try one of these.

  31. I sweat terribly… my shirt is soaking wet, my shorts look like I had an accident, even my shoes are wet. I carry a microfiber towel with me to wipe away the forehead sweat because it does burn when it hits your eyes.

  32. On average, one liter of sweat per 10-miler, or 100 ml per mile… just kidding! A LOT. I use my skirt all the time, too!

  33. Buckets, loads, massive amount of sweat. I am worse than a man! Nasty for sure, but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t 🙂

  34. My husband won’t even come near me after a run…I am just too gross for him! No romance in running sweat 🙂

  35. I don’t live in what’s traditionally considered the “hot” zone of America, but let me tell you about the humidity in the Northeast. You wake up in your nice air conditioned house at the crack of dawn, give yourself the pep talk to take that morning run because you know that once the sun comes up its all over. One look out the window and you konw its trouble: windows are sweating and the air looks like clam chowder. Stepping out the door is like getting slapped with a wet fish and you start to sweat before you’ve taken your first breath. Now, I have a few genetic factors working against me too: Italian mop head. Between the hair on my head and the rest of me (yes I shave, wax, blah blah blah but its still there) there is no hope of running without sweat. It drips off me like I’m in the shower. But honestly a good sweat feels good and make me feel like I am making progress, except for the eyelids. I just can’t get used to the sweaty eyelids. It drips into my eyes causing me to weave like a drunken sailor as I desperately search for a spare inch of dry fabric without breaking my stride. A handana would seriuosly rock the sweaty eyelids!

  36. I am a heavy sweater as well! On a long run I wear a headband and a wrap a headband around my hand to use to mop up sweat. The handana is a great idea!!

  37. I live in a dry climate (Boulder, CO) but still sweat like crazy – even when it’s very cold. My nose runs all year long too. The handana sounds like it was made for people like me.

  38. No way around it, I sweat like a man. I sweat more than a man. Nothing dainty or delicate about me when I run. I used to use an old piece of cotton t-shirt tucked in my shorts, now I push a stroller and keep a sweat towel over the handlebars. Was thinking I would have to push my son until he was a grown man just to have that towel, the handana would solve that problem!

  39. Sweating is like breathing – even whilst running in winter since I live in south Texas. These things look awesome! No more looking like an 80s throwback!

  40. I hate the sweat dripping in my eyes, it really stings sometimes! And this summer it’s been constant. I work nights and so often I have to run at 2pm, the hottest, sweatiest time of day.

  41. Yes – lots of sweating going on here in the muggy midwestern summer. Fall and winter are much better, but then the salt just crusts onto my face. Lately I’ve started tucking a washcloth into my fuel belt for this purpose. I feel like a total dork, but it works.

  42. I would love this. I sweat moderately when I run, but immediately after I stop running, the sweat pours and pours. I overheat easily so a Handana would be awesome to have so I could talk to my running buddies without them worrying that I’m going to keel over and die (because honestly they act like that!)

  43. I live in Florida and the humidity has been crazy lately, not even sure you could call it sweating, more like a hose has been turned on my body and water just drips out of me!!!

  44. I sweat A LOT! Runs rivers down my face – eeewwww! I usually use my buff to wipe sweat, but it is kind of bulky – works best during cooler weather. This looks brilliant!!!

  45. To say I sweat buckets during a run would be an understatement. My biggest challenge in training for a marathon so far hasn’t been the mileage (17 last weekend) its hydration because of the water loss. I literally can wring out my clothes after a run and have a puddle of water to stand in. I also laughed when I saw Dimity’s picture of her pants. Second challenge is the sinus issue. I just know I’m going to blow on somebody at the marathon. Would love a chance to try this product, looks like a keeper!

  46. I sweat like there’s no tomorrow! And the bad thing is my running partner NEVER sweats, so I’m the one who looks like a beast!
    I currently use a headband that is so completely drenched after my run, it’s ridiculous. The fun part is when I walk through the door, the first person I see gets that sweaty headband flung right at them. 😉

  47. I would love to try one of these out. I sweat from my head and my head alone, and I’m constantly wiping my forehead to my shoulder on my runs. What a great idea and I love that it was created by a fellow mother runner!

  48. I live in Australia so I am not eligible for a prize but I am a champion at sweating. It get pretty darn hot here in Melbourne in Summer!
    I currently run with a big handkerchief wrapped around my hand which I use for all sorts of snot and sweat combination. Our bodies are gross sometimes….

  49. I am new to running and have been wondering what everyone else uses to mop themselves up during a hot sweaty run in Florida. What a fabulous idea!

  50. Handana … what a BRILLIANT idea!!! I immediately begin sweating waterfalls from every inch of my body the moment I begin to exercise (running, kickboxing, strength training, even Yoga!). It’s ridiculous! I’ve been using my own homemade version of a Handana for a while now (because I hate sweat in my eyes–and it’s a steady stream, baby, unless I wipe it away on a very regular basis) so I am SO excited about trying this product out. 🙂

  51. I sweat in my hair so much you’d think I had the hair bugs from the itching! Also if I wear the wrong moisturizer the sweat burns my eyes so I wipe of on the back of the hand. Over and over. Gross! I love the name ‘Handana!’

  52. I love the idea of the handana! I sweat buckets! BUCKETS! I could have used a handana this morning on my 3 miler – it wasn’t even all that warm (58 or so here in Seattle) and my hair and clothes were soaked by the time I was done (seriously – I look like I have just hopped out of the shower when I am done with a run!). I was having a hard time wiping the sweat off my face with my short sleeved shirt on – this would have been perfect!

  53. I sweat A LOT, and almost immediately into a run. One of the things I like about running on a treadmill is I put a giant fan right in front of me. I always say that I LIKE running into the wind because it helps blow the sweat off my face. :/

  54. I love my husband so much because he says sweet things like this when we run…”Honey, I’ve always heard that those who sweat the most are the healthiest.” I don’t think that’s true, but without stating the obvious, he let’s me know he loves me, sweat and all. I would wear my Handana proudly every morning on my runs through the streets of Surprise – all the other runners and bikers will surely turn and look twice – after they wipe the sweat from their brows the old-fashioned way!

  55. I am soaked to the bone every time! It doesn’t take much for me to start sweating buckets. Once the sweat mustache appears it’s pretty much the sign that it’s going to be a very sweaty run.

  56. It doesnt matter if I’m running in 90 degrees or 9 degrees…I cannot return from a run with any dry spots on me!! Oh, and as for Dimity’s snot infested tights…I feel ya, sister!! Not sure what is more gross: wiping snot on my running clothes or a sweaty tissue. Eeewwwwwwwwww!!!!

  57. Oh. My. Goodness. I have been talking about something just like this for a while– so glad someone has finally invented it! My husband laughs because it seems I’m wired backwards– my blood all goes to my extremities and my core gets super cold when we run during the winter. Under my layers, my stomach feels like an iceblock, but my hands are on FIRE. Fast forward a couple of seasons, and my hands turn into fire hoses with all the sweat they produce. This looks like the perfect solution. God bless you, Katie Niemeyer.

  58. I never sweated (swat?) until I started running. Now I love to get my sweat on during a run but I swear that I have 42 years of sweat saved up! I swear like mad! Our area was hot for us this year which didn’t help! Use my shirt, sleeves and sometimes a wrist band. But I don’t care for how the wrist band feels. These would be fantastic and I could wear them in my first half in Feb at Disney!

  59. Way too much! Like I am usually greeted by a chorus of “ewww” from hubby and kids when I return. I am totally cool with wringing out my gear post run. Makes me feel pretty tough!

  60. I sweat like crazy and run during my lunch hour at work, so often when I go back to work, I look like I just got out of the shower. For my nose, I’ve worn tennis wristbands for a half marathon and rubbed the bottom of my nose raw from the constant wiping with the bad texture – ouch! I’d love to try something softer for the sweat and my nose.

  61. I sweat buckets, even mid winter, thanks to my autoimmune disorder. I have resorted to using my sons shirt (that he is wearing) to wipe my face, much to his disgust (he rides bike while I run). What a great idea!

  62. I don’t think I sweat as much as you (just saying, not judging!). Still, I sweat enough to be uncomfortable, especially when it’s as hot out as it’s been this summer. I’ve tried wearing a baby buff that my kids have outgrown around my wrist, but it’s too thick and ends up itching like crazy. Lately, I’ve found that a visor at least helps keep the sweat out of my eyes. But the handana seems like it would help alot!

  63. I guess I sweat less than others, but still, after ten+ miles in the hills in full sun in Northern California, sweat running into my eyes makes for one crazy momma sighting. I find myself trying to keep running, though I am swerving all over the road or trail while holding an iPod without ripping out my headphones and wiping my forehead on the shoulders of my tee. I write my route out on my lower arms so I don’t get lost. So if I wipe my face on my arms, the writing disappears and I get lost. (Don’t laugh, it has happened and I’ve had to call home for back up.)

  64. I don’t even have to be running to sweat like a crazy person. When I came home from school pick up today my oldest asked me if I was planning on changing as I was drenched from sitting at a picnic table for 20 minutes. So, when I run? Ridiculous. My noncotton running clothes weigh a ton with all the sweat they absorb. While my previously mentioned oldest (who runs with me) barely glistens. Geez.

  65. Not only am I world class sweater, I’m 51 year old mother that’s having killer hot flashes. They really make running miserable and a hot flash sweat is totally different than a running sweat. I carry a finger tip towel and wipe my face because I don’t like the burning sweat in my eyes either. I think I need a Handana! Love you girls!

  66. I was not a sweater until I started running. It takes a good 8 minutes in and then it starts and doesn’t stop. I usually use the inside of my shirt to wipe my lips and my runny nose. Those two bother me the most.

  67. Wow, this is a sweet looking/sweet idea! I sweat like a madman…hair dripping wet even when tied In a ponytail…the ends drip, drip…then the hat is soaking wet and you can’t wipe your face with your hat…well, you can wipe your forehead by pulling it up and down. But with the Ga weather, if you have a sleepless tank or something, there’s not much sleeve to wipe on…for the snot and sweat. Then you start using the bottom of your shirt, but then the front part usually soaks up the sweat, so no room for the snot. Lol. I used to have a little wrist pocket, but that gets soaked pretty quick too. Sometimes you get confused as to which part you wiped your snot on or sweat, but it really doesn’t matter when you’re all done. Anyway, very cool idea. Better than having snot marks everywhere, now you have a snot band!

  68. Had a short run this morning before hubby went to work. I was sweating like crazy. I said to him apologetically “I would give you a good-bye kiss if I weren’t sweating so much.” He said to me (him realizing how much I was sweating), “Wow honey! You’re sweating like Shaq!”. It was hilarious. He still got a kiss.

  69. Big time sweater! I live in rural Iowa where it’s been crazy hot and humid all summer. I always wear sunscreen so the sweat mixed with sunscreen in my eyes is a pain and I never have a dry spot to wipe them on. I need something like this Handana.

  70. I am a sweater! I just started training for my first 1/2 marathon so right now I am trying to figure out what to do with my sweat. Yesterday on my 6.13 mile run!!!!! I was pondering what to do with the sweat that was burning my eyes. This would be great.

  71. I sweat a ton and it just seems to get worse each year! Lately my eyes have really started to burn as the sweat pours into my eyes. My latest trick: I borrow my 6-year-old’s wrist sweat band. He would be sooooo upset if he knew I stole it, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! I NEED this handana!!!

  72. Humid MN summers leave me dripping. I sweat so bad that when I throw my headband into the laundry, it leave a splatter on the wall. I frequently wish for something to wipe the sweat that’s running down my nose. This looks perfect!

  73. It really is embarrassing how much I sweat– it pours off of me, my hair is a wet mess… everything!! I literally drip when I get done with my run. This is ingenious– I would have never thought of a handana. Awesome. 🙂

  74. I also sweat buckets. I had to give up my nice, sleek running sunglasses for more of a Jackie O. look because the sweat from my head was just raining in my eyes. I admire women who “glow”, but I am definitely not one of them.

  75. I sweat a ton when I run! If I forget my wash cloth on my run, my running tank is soaked from wiping the sweat from my face and arms. Holding a rag is a pain while running, can’t wait to check out the handana, what a neat idea!!

  76. So apparently I am not the only one this happens to. I have been through every size of wristband along with the headbands that pop off. As a matter of fact, if you decide to make underwear, I will order those as well! I am on a serious hunt for something to go on my hand or wrist to wipe the waterworks away! This looks like it just may do the trick.

  77. I sweat so much my hair gets curly ~ and I grab whatever is handy: sleeves, shirt, bra, gloves ~ would probably use my socks if I could get them to my head!

  78. The amount I sweat used to be so embarrassing. The older I get and more kids I have, I have gotten over it. I am proud for getting up and getting out there! I figure I can always follow my sweat trail back home if I get lost, LOL! A handana would be a great addition to my running attire. What a great idea she had!

  79. I sweat like a whore in Church on Sunday, which is fine. I use my shirt to wipe it off while running, which isn’t always dry;)

  80. I run in the Michigan heat….i sweat a lot and often have burning eyes…i use sweat bands on my wrists to wipe sweat and snot!

  81. Strangely my body doesn’t sweat that much on a run, even in the North Carolina humidity, but my face always drips. Perhaps its the anti-aging stuff I smear on at night! I could so use a Handana!

  82. Buckets. . . and I live in the dry climate of Colorado. I wear a visor to keep the sweat out of my eyes and it is routinely drenched to its max. capacity.

  83. OMG! I so need this! At least it would stop the sweat running down my eyes & face. I’d still drip off my hair, arms legs….but it would help!

  84. I sweat a ton! Kids won’t come near me, I’m always the sweatiest of the group, and what’s worse is my face is red for HOURS after. I turn into a beast!

  85. I sweat so much that my kids won’t touch me after I run and they look at me with that “ewwwww!!” look on their faces 🙂

  86. I had no idea how much I could sweat until this summer in Virginia. I use the hem of my shirt, but by the end, its useless.

  87. I sweat like nobody’s business. It drips in my non-existant cleavage and down my (very existant) ass crack. And, of course, all over my head. My snot would rival that of Dimity’s, though most of it is expelled snot-rocket style, cuz I’m classy that way.

    In other words, these handanas look very clever and I would be a most excellent and appreciative candidate!

  88. I don’t get runners who just glow and glisten! I soak!!!! I’m not allowed to even sit on the floor in my house after a short, let alone long run!! What an awesom invention!

  89. Lately…a lot. As in, go directly from front door to bathroom, peal off clothes and shower. It’s gross. I wear a Bondi Band but I still get drips. One particularly humid day, I had sweat droplets on my eyelashes!

  90. Love the idea of the Handana as I am a super soaker sweater. Hoping they have these on sale at the Disneyland 1/2 Expo this Friday!

  91. Running in FL with this heat and humidity makes for some superior sweating! I’ll start my run with my shirt on, but usually end up finishing in just my sports bra because Ive taken it off and am using it as a sweat rag. Would LOVE a handana to help mop me up!!

  92. If I started my run soaking wet I would still be drier than when I finish! Running in this San Antonio, TX heat and humidity is the pits. I wear my Bondi Bands with a Headsweats hat on top to keep the sweat and sun out of my eyes. The I keep a towel on the handle bars of my stroller for the rest of my face. It’s not a bad setup until I am lucky enough to run alone. No towel for the face. All that trickling sweat makes me itchy!

  93. I sweat a LOT! With the heat and humidity in MD my clothes are soaked after 30 minutes. The sweat flings from my arms, my shoes take 12 hours to dry and I can ring out my shorts and top after my long runs. It is so bad that on every long run (10 miles or longer – I’m training for the MCM) I lose at least 3 lbs and I hydrate a lot.

  94. I seem to sweat a lot more since having my children! Not sure why that is. I wear a hat a lot of times now to help keep te sweat out of my eyes! This looks great. Would love to try it!

  95. Sweating and East Texas are pretty much synonymous…a handana would be perfect! I swipe the left side of my forehead with my left head and the right side with my right, so maybe I need one for both hands!! 🙂

  96. I sweat buckets and always have. I usually wear a t-shirt and wipe my face on the sleeves. They’re as wet as my back and chest by the time I’m done with my run. These are a great idea!

  97. It ia so hot here in Eastern Carolina!!! I push a stroller on most runs and on one run a few days ago, my daughter told me to stop wetting on her!!!I drip like a sprinkler before the first mile chime from my watch!!!!

  98. Sopping wet. Soaked ponytail to my squishy toes. Dry wick undies are worth every penny but I still believe black shorts are my best friend.
    A handana would def. help!

  99. I am super sweaty and proud of it! My whole family is this way – I never run without a headsweats hat or visor – otherwise I’d be blinded and burning through my disposable contacts way too fast. I would love to try these!

  100. OMG I sweat so much its not funny. My family wont come near me when i come in from running. I can’t go out in public either as Im soaked to the skin. The seats of my car get all gross if I had to drive somewhere to run. I need one of your handy dandy Handana’s so badly!!! 🙂

  101. I’m with you guys. I see all these runners on my trail who look so cool and calm, while I look like I’ve taken a dive into the little stream along the trail…and they’ve probably been going for 20 miles while I’m dripping at mile 4. Awesome. I generally just lift my shirt and wipe if I need to, or pull my hat down to wipe up the moisture. It’s not working so well for me, but maybe the Handanas will help? I’m sure willing to try!

  102. I sweat so much that when I come home, my kids hide from me because I’m so gross. I ran a 5k in the shade at the beginning of the summer & my mom asked how much it had rained during my run because I was completely soaked!

  103. In SC, it is incredibly humid. I am an excessive sweater in general but in the hot, humid, SC heat I may as well be a sprinkler. It is actually embarrassing. I have tried everything and have given up on finding a solution. If in not selected as a winner, I’d love info on ordering a handana!!! Thanks for thinking outside the box 🙂

  104. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I sweat a ton and I always forget a towel or headband until I’m a mile out and I start dripping. I just use my shirt and keep on keepin on. This is a great idea! And since I had my baby a year ago I’ve started jogging with the stroller and poor little guy gets drenched when I bend over to pick him up.

  105. I think this is genius! I am a bit of a sweater, especially here in VA in the summer. I also CANNOT wear any kind of hat when I run, makes me feel like I am going to pass out. A handana sounds perfect.

  106. What a great product idea. I sweat so much I usually carry a bandana with me. True but slightly gross story. I lost or forgot my bandana during my first marathon and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. When I found one on the ground a few miles into the race, I didn’t hesitate–I picked it up and made it my own and slightly prayed that no one had peed on it.

  107. I totally thought I was the only one who ever used a running skirt to mop up face sweat!! I feel so much better knowing I am not alone in my sweaty goodness…and that I am not alone in finding anything to wipe sweat on.

  108. I live in Florida where there are no words to describe the amount of sweating I do!! I try to use wrist sweatbands but they just make me sweat more! I would love to try this!!

  109. Running in NC’s 98% humidity in August…….yeah, I am soaked! Been running in the rain the last week or so and you can’t even tell the difference when I’m done! Started carrying a towel, but….well, you know!!! I would love to try the Handana!!!

  110. I am soaked by the end of my run! I can usually literally ring out my clothes when I am done. I would love to have something better than my sleeve to wipe my face and my nose with!

  111. I sweat a TON! Living in hot and humid Kansas City, for most of my summer runs, I end up with no space of dry left. I can even wring out my skirt and shirt after 12+ milers, even though they are tech fabric. It is super annoying to try to find a dry spot to wipe my eyes, and I, too, have been known to try to bend down to use the bottom of my skirt.

  112. I lived in S FL my whole life until moving to NC earlier this year. I have crazy man sweat. In the summer, you can wring it out of my running clothes…really. I have to wear a visor or headband to keep sweat out of my eyes.

  113. I am a SERIOUSLY heavy sweater! It is extremely humid in the summer when I head out for my early morning 8 mile runs at the Jersey Shore and I always have some sort of “sweat wiping device” on my wrist. Oh, and there’s always a big towel in my car for the trip home! The handana was made for me!

  114. I live in the deep south where it’s hot & HUMID! I drink & drink & drink while running & never have to pee but when I’m finished I can wring out my clothes. It’s disgusting. My shoes squish too without running through puddles. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  115. I sweat so much it runs in my eyes and drips off my nose and chin. I prefer winter running so I have a sleeve on which to wipe the sweat, but honestly, I get so hot, I usually have to take off whatever outer layer I’m wearing.

  116. Here in humid MD it is like walking out into a sauna! I look like I have just taken a shower when I finish my run. Usually I tie a bandana around my wrist and use one side to wipe my face and the other side to wipe my nose. It really sucks when I forget which side is which!

  117. Why didn’t I think of this?? I look like I showered in my running clothes at the end of a run. The wrist band I use is a joke.

  118. I live in sunny and HUMID South Florida, so I sweat a lot! Summer runs means drenching clothes and a lot of trying to save my eyes. The handana sounds like a really useful thing!

  119. Here in VA I get some pretty crazy humidity. I sweat like a champ- never considered myself a sweater until I started running. I usually just let it run freely down my face/body/legs etc. and squeegee my face with my hand. Ugh.

  120. Here in the hot Ca valley we sweat at 6am!! And sweat a lot! I always wear a hat with a terry band and use my shirt to mop up the excess and snot. Nothing like baring my stomach for all when I need to wipe or blow!

  121. At the end of even a 3 mile run, I have rivulets of sweat running down my back, my legs, everywhere. DRIPPING. It even sounds like a leaky faucet if I stand over our wood floor. And then I have to mop not just my brow but the floor! Usually, I try to find a dry spot on my shirt to wipe my face (and, in the spirit of being a classy runner, it doubles as a tissue). During a recent mud run, my husband proved his love by letting me wipe sweat from my eyes using his shirt. He might appreciate me winning even more than I would!
    I’ve also learned that one of my favorite light blue running skirts turns into a sweat silhouette of my bum after a long run. Note to self: never wear that one during a race with photographers!

  122. Am I allowed to enter even though I’m not a mother or a runner, just a fan? Anyhow… when I take a brisk walk, I turn bright red and sweat so much that people have actually come over to ask me “Are you OK? Are you going to pass out?” I wear a sweatband to try to keep it our of my eyes, but even the sweatband cannot stem the tide. So the sweat ends up dripping into (and stinging) my eyes.

  123. I sweat so bad that on a dreadmill in an air conditioned shaded gym, my ears sweat profusely and my yurbuds won’t stay in my ears. I actually have to stop and dry off the insides of my ears.

  124. I live in Ohio where it is raining one minute and snowing the next. We have dry, hot conditions one week and hot and humid the next. You never know what the weather is going to be when you wake up. We say Ohio is bipolar. But one thing I know for sure is I am going to sweat bucketfuls and my nose is going to drip no matter what the conditions. I make sure I have a sweat band wrapped around my arm to wipe the excess off my face and a sweat band along with a sweat band visor on my head to try and keep the sweat out of my eyes. I need a handana! BTW the snot pants ewwwwww! But I can relate.

  125. Oh, I forgot…I wear those 70s style terry cloth tennis wrist bands to wipe my brow, a towel if I’m on the treadmill, or my sleeve.

  126. I sweat tons. I have taken to wrapping a bondiband around my wrist to help out as a wiper for my face. A Handana sounds like the perfect product to try out!

  127. Oooooh I sweat just thinking about going for a run….buckets and buckets. I also turn beet red within the first couple of minutes of exertion. People often ask me if I’m OK…thinking I’m about to pass out. But no…it’s just lucky version of glow looks like more like the sun punched me in the face rather than sun-kissed.

  128. When I read “dry like pasta right out of a box”..I was like what? here? CO? Only because we moved to Boulder last November and I still sweat like I live in Wisconsin (the tropics to me). There is nothing I won’t wipe my sweat on, if it’s dry, it’s game. When I’m running I feel like I should have a sign on that says “warning: flash floods”, and from the looks of all of these posts…at least I’m in good company 😉

  129. I sweat so much I have to wear certain shirts on long runs. In fact, sometimes I wear my winter headband so it will soak up the sweat. If I’m not wearing that, I pull up my shirt and wipe my head on that…makes for a very wet shirt at the end.

  130. I sweat all the time. Even when I’m not running, lol. I live in AZ where the temps are in triple digits from May to October. Not much I can do, other that just let the sweat run.

  131. You’re not alone, ladies! I sweat like a man whenever I do any form of exercise. My kids think its funny to say, “Mom wet her pants again” when I return home from running or kickboxing with sweat-soaked shorts!

  132. I have always sweat enough to match a pig going to the slaughter house. But recently, while training for my first half marathon in this past July in the awesome humid weather of NC, my sweating had gotten to a whole new high. I basically look and felt like a thunderstorm or tsunami had been covering me my whole run. I finally did one of the sweat calculators on my last half about 2 weeks ago and it said what I already knew…I sweat way too much lol. I’ve tried carrying a handkerchief, small hand towel, and even wear a visor but alas, I still end up with sweat in my eyes and a drenched outfit half way through my runs.

  133. I didn’t sweat until I started running. Now I know that I’ve had a good workout when I come home and my bra is dripping.

  134. I am a sweaty mama! I use my tank, and have come home with a chaffed place between my brows from wiping the same spot with an already soaked tech tank.

  135. I am soaked 5-10 minutes into my run. . . If I use my self-tanner a day or two before, I can see my tanner drip off my legs (and make my socks pinkish). . . nice! My stroller handle is soaked at the end of my run. . . yuck. . . but it’s all good!!!

  136. I sweat so much that my eyes kept getting inflamed and it turns out that it was because I was dripping so much sweat into them during my runs. So I had to switch to running in my glasses, but those get all wet from my sweat and then I’m searching my body for a dry piece of fabric to wipe them off on and I come up, ironically, dry.

  137. I canNOT believe it! The handana is a dream come true! I’m an average sweaty runner momma but but but I do normally wear a wrist band which I usually take off mid run to wipe brow w/ my hand held wristy…literally, the handana would be perfect-perfect solution …and why didn’t I think of that?!

  138. buckets. kiddie pools. livestock water troughs cannot contain my perspiration. I am one sweaty betty and I am proud of it!

  139. The better in shape I am, the more I sweat. I always need a hand towel or something to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Of course the rest of my body is completely drenched. But I love it. 😉

  140. I sweat enough that my non-padded sport bra actually registered almost 1/2-pound on my bathroom scale after a recent run…and I’m a 36A! Ewwwwwww!!!!!

  141. I sweat lots and lots. I will not wear a tank top. I need the sleeves to wipe my face. I also flash everyone when I left my shirt to expose my belly and wipe my face.

  142. I sweat a ton when I run. It’s insane! When I get home, I have a huge ring of sweat around my neck. And it doesn’t stop when my run is finished…I take a shower (which is luke-warm at best), and then continue to sweat for about a half hour afterward. Yuck!

  143. I always say that “I glisten…like a pig!” :0) The worst for me is that I have short hair that is hard to pull back and I find that my head sweats. It literally feels like I have a hot helmet on with sweaty roots and ugly hair.

  144. Umm…..I live in Atlanta; I come home soaked with sweat after a run in January!

    I have a Buf that I use as an all purpose, whatever I need it for. Hold my hair, wipe sweat, stash a buck, whatever…

  145. I live in Arizona where it’s hot just about every day. So no matter what time of the day I run I was sweaty. I usually just use my hands to wipe the sweat off, but that obviously doesn’t work. I have it dripping down my face and into my eyes and it’s just not that comfortable at all. I try to bring a bandana, but I always forget or they get so soaked of sweat they don’t do much good.

  146. I would say I sweat a moderate amount unless I am running on the treadmill. Then, for some reason, I sweat a huge amount! Last night for example, I did a late run on the treadmill in my basement and I was dripping sweat from my hairline into my ears and couldn’t keep my earbuds in because they were too slippery. Eew.

  147. I so need one of these. I got contacts just so I didn’t have to run with my glasses. They fog up and slide and jump. It was so hard to wipe the sweat while wearing them. Thought the contacts were a good idea now I can wipe the sweat easier. It still gets in my eyes. I’m such a dripping mess by the end of a run.

  148. I sweat a lot when I run. I wish I could go run an errand after a run w/o having to take a shower, but that is not an option. This product seems like a great idea! 🙂

  149. I rely on my hat to soak it up and protect my make-up in a race. You know it’s bad when it’s dripping off the rim and there are whit rings on the hat in photos. And that is one use since I hand-wash my hat daily.

  150. I wipe sweat with my shirt usually, but it’s hard to find a dry spot, like you said. I have blown my nose on my husband’s shirt during our first half marathon (he totally loves me).

    But I sweat like it’s going out of style, too. Unfortunately, so does my husband and one of our sons.

  151. I’m one of those thick cable sweaters. Hand knitted. Thick. Seriously, no tech shirt ever stays dry and my workout clothes are always a pile of wet on the bathroom floor before I scoop them up for the washing machine. It’s kinda gross, but I know y’all get it. Those things look really cool, although my hands sweat too. But at least they’d soak it up.

  152. I sweat enough that my 8 yr old once asked if I showered before I left because I was dripping all over. I always use the bottom of my shirt to wipe it away and I always end up getting it in my eyes so they are burning like crazy! If I don’t win I just may splurge on once of these!

  153. I live in the southern california desert but you’d think I live somewhere humid based on how disgustingly sweaty I am at the end of a run. My kids don’t want to hug me.

  154. My “tech T’s” and shorts, capris, etc are all usually dripping by the end of my run. Seriously, I look like I jumped in the shower and didnt bother to dry off during my run. Also, I usually wear a Bondi Band but unfortunately, they dont manage to hold all my sweat and so I still end up with sweat dripping into my eyes.

  155. It used to be I didn’t sweat that much, but I think I just didn’t run in the humidity before this summer. I went for a run the other day, and my light blue shirt was entirely dark blue when I came back. I used to tuck a tissue in my waist band until one dissolved from the sweat. My nose runs worse than my sweat, and I love the idea of a “hand tissue”.

  156. I recently moved from the PNW to Virginia, where I have noticed that I am WAY more sweaty, even at 8 am. So much so that I left a wet spot on the sidewalk where I did my stretching and ab work! If I don’t soak my clothes right away, my husband says with a smirk, “you ran today, right?” It was good to hear that I am not the only sweaty, stinky mother runner!

  157. I most definitely sweat TONS! I live in Alabama, though, so the humidity is against me. But this little Handana is GENIUS! Love it! I would use it for skiing as well (when I visit my family in Wisconsin)

  158. I sweat just as much as my nose runs… or my nose runs just as much as I sweat, whichever is greater! Winter is coming to Chicago and one of those Hankie-Handanas sure would be useful 😉

  159. I swear I sweat more than most people! I looked over at the gym and a woman was running with her hair down!! When I take my hair out of the pony tail when I’m done running I call it a “sweat mullet” bc it’s slicked to the sides and top and literally stays in the pony tail when I take it out.

  160. What a clever idea!!! The humidity has been way up here in Kansas and this would be just the ticket to wipe the sweat instead of the bottom of my shirt, as then no one would need to see my belly!

  161. I am a heavy sweater!! Constantly dripping sweat in the Kansas heat! This product looks awesome, better then the “rag” I am used to carrying with me on all runs (except this morning forgot it and the sweat burned my eyes the whole 4 miles of my run, urggg)!!

  162. It’s purely coincidental that I am leaving a comment on a giveaway post. I am a brand new fan who wishes she had found your books and podcast earlier, but am glad to be reading/listening now. I am running in Seattle, WA, and sweat between 1-2 pounds of water per run. I wear wool running socks because after 3 miles, synthetic running socks don’t wick away enough sweat, and blisters form. I like the idea of the Handana, because my shirt can only do so much.

  163. I am a pretty good sweater. I hate having it on my face b/c it can cause some pretty nasty breakouts. I always run and workout with some sort of towel tucked somewhere so I can wipe my face off.

  164. I’m pretty convinced I sweat more than any other person at my gym…I always wonder why these people don’t sweat; meanwhile I’m over there with a virtual waterfall off my body. Gross.

  165. I sweat so profusely I can hardly wait to get out of my clothes after a run. My husband has come downstairs on many a Saturday morning to find me standing naked in the laundry room in a pile of sopping wet running clothes! 😉

  166. I don’t think of myself as an excessive sweater (that’s my hubby), I do sweat enough in the often-humid-midwest to need to wring out my skirt multiple times during a run. I just always hope the people in the passing cars don’t think I am peeing.

  167. I notice that the fitter I get, the more I sweat and the quicker it starts. I am amazed at how much a person can sweat! I always wear a hat when running so I can use the band inside to catch the sweat on my forehead before it runs into my eyes – so annoying! I think in Run Like A Mother you two pointed out that this is why we have eyebrows. 🙂

  168. Another member of the sweating buckets when running club here. I sweat so much on a long run last year that shirt I wore wicked my sweat all the way down to my gray running skirt and the sweat pattern looked like I had peed on myself. Lesson: don’t wear a gray running skirt; stick to black or a fun pattern.

    I carry a washcloth to wipe the sweat. It used to be a baby washcloth but I have “graduated” to a regular one. I also wear a wicking headband (BondiBand that I read about in “Run Like a Mother”, thank you!) but I carry an extra one for anything longer that 4 miles so I can put on a dry one mid-run. My socks are usually SOAKED when I finish a long run even if it’s the middle of winter and dry as a bone outside.

  169. Due to our extreme summer heat, I have been running at 10pm this summer. I still sweat buckets, I guess I am just a sweaty person. I wear a hat, with built in sweatband,or a headband but still end up with burning eyes. I can deal with it when I can get right home and grab and towel but it’s the worst when you run a race and are waiting around more. This looks like it would be awesome, at least stop the eye sting.

  170. Hello! Wicked hot in Rhode Island! I usually run with a group at lunchtime, where the temp is over 90 degrees and sweating is the normal. I love the idea of not having to lift up my shirt (pleazzze, no one wants to see that) to wipe my face or blow my nose (gross!). I would love to know how to get one.

  171. You are calling my name when you use the word sweat! From head to toe, from 3 miles to 26.2, plus the hand towel that is stuck in my waist band. Ugh. Living in Florida doesn’t help.

  172. Living in Utah, like Dimity, my sweat evaporates pretty quickly. However, I have a perpetually drippy nose. So I want a Handana to see if it will work as a replacement for the kleenex I carry in at least one hand for the duration of every run (which get pretty gross by the end). I think I’m a medium sweater, overall.

  173. Too much. I cannot finish a run without being so inappropriately wet & stinky that it is out of the question to go anywhere but the shower. I would love to be one of those that can exercise and then go run their errands or whatever. It would be so much easier to fit it in. That’s why the early am is about my only hope. Not enough time in the middle of the day to exercise and get clean!

  174. I always come home in wet clothes and lately thru both my bra and shirt where my bra rubs it. It is such a lovely picture

  175. I’m a super sweater. Not only a super sweater but my face also gets BEET red about five minutes into my run, it’s a hot look. For the first time last week I actually had a reaction around my eyes from my sweat, so this would be perfect. Luckily, I haven’t had the reaction again, so hopefully it was a one time thing.

  176. I also sweat a lot. I use every square inch of my shirt to try to mop up it all up. Plus Bondi bands to try to direct the sweat away from my eyes.

  177. I am not someone who sweats tons but when it’s hot, I hate the sweat dripping into my eyes. In fact, living in the dry climate of Colorado I can get home after a run and if it wasn’t super hot out by the time I’ve putzed around the house a bit, I might forget to take a shower. I usually do get the jog bra off and wash my face but then I can be good to go. No one has said anything about the smell yet 🙂

  178. I’m probably an average sweat-er (I typed sweater, but that just didn’t seem right. I’m not striped and made outta wool.). My mother made a point of telling me that my sweat marks were in the shape of my sports bra on my Mother’s Day 5K. (I let her slide – it was Mother’s Day, after all.) I love when someone is brilliant enough to address a need and then make a product to fulfill that need. Go Katie!

  179. I sweat a ton! And also get really red in the face. I look anything but sexy when I workout. I wear a headsweats visor that helps with the dripping down my face. Or the inside of ny shirt.

  180. LOTS, and lots, and lots, and lots… I thought I was wet after living/running in PacificNW, THEN my dgt and I ran several times while on vacay at Myrtle Beach, SC. HOLY COW! Running at 7am, I was drenched 2 minutes in, don’t even bothering to try to wipe any away. Would love to try one of these!

  181. I sweat a lot – but I’ve only been running in the summer. Will be interested to see the difference when we hit the cool, dry season of winter in Texas.

    The Handana is a really clever solution – would love to try it!

  182. I sweat so much, I didn’t even know a person could sweat this much. During yoga it is a stream pouring onto my mat (thank goodness for bondi bands). When I run my try to find any spot on my shirt to wipe my face…which even with my wonderful bondi band gets insanely sweaty! usually my shoulder/upper arm or the very bottom but then I am giving everyone a show LOL

    The part I hate the most is when I am in a rush after a run so I take a shower before my body has cooled down and I am still sweating after I get out UGH GROSS!!!!

  183. I sweat so much when I’m running that I can literally wring the sweat from my fastinista gear — cute running skirt and matching sweat-wicking top, of course! For wiping the sweat from my brow, though, I am limited to old school — and less than fashionable — cotton sweatbands for my wrist. The Handana is adorable!

  184. OMG I sweat like a pig-man and it is so embarrassing. I also sweat terrible from my head, no way could I ever have short hair again. I looked like I just got out of the shower!

  185. I am a “sweat like a man” gal who lives in Mississippi so during our humid summer weather (pretty much half of the year), I am soaked completely. When I run pushing my two year old in stroller I always bring along a towel and extra shirt or if running solo I might run a route close to the park where I can run in restroom and wipe face with paper towels.

  186. I live in the great PNW too and find I am a sweat machine while running on even an average-not-overly-warm day. This new product might work out great for running here.

  187. Since I was never an athlete before I started running, I definitely wasn’t used to all the sweat involved. I don’t really notice how bad it is until I get home and have stopped running. When the sweat is literally pouring off of me and my kids and husband refuse to let me anywhere near the living room that’s when I know I had a great workout!!

  188. Great idea! Depends on where I run on if I sweat too much…on the treadmill in the basement..check. Outside and it’s NOT 80 degrees, doing fine! This would be great for those treadmill runs since I am not really coordinated enough to use a towel, put it back and not have it fall off the treadmill and not trip all at the same time!

  189. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only crazy sweater!! I feel like I’ve got a water hose attached to me or at least I tend to look that way after I run!! If I’m with my husband I tend to go for his shirt as there is not a dry stitch on my!! Otherwise I wipe with my hand and sling it!

  190. Oh, I’m often soaked after my training runs, like I’ve jumped into a pool. Yuck!! I’ve been taking along my son’s old burp cloths with me, but they don’t really do the trick and I occasionally drop them. A handana would be perfect!!

  191. On my last couple of long runs, I’ve noticed I am sweating sooo much. I know the humidity has been higher than usual in my area, so that is likely the culprit.

    The other day I was wearing a tight tank and little shorts and I realized I had no way to wipe off the sweat. I was thinking that I need to have something for my upcoming half because it is in lovely, but humid, MAUI!

  192. I sweat a little during my runs, but I have to say…I find that when I actually STOP moving, that’s when the sweat starts pouring out. So, if I take a short walk break, I am wiping sweat away like crazy…DURING the run, though…not much. I usually use my sleeve to wipe it away. 🙂

  193. After most summer runs, the kids come running toward me, yelling: “MAMA!!!” but then back away when they notice the rivers of liquid awesome running down my arms & legs, dripping from my chin.

    Actually, I’d love to win this for my BRF, who simply can’t stand sweat on her palms; she runs with a white handkerchief and (sadly) lost one of her monogrammed ones during OBX half marathon a couple of years ago.

  194. When I did Stroller Strides here in Portland, I would always have a towel hanging over the handlebars to wipe the sweat away and keep it from burning my eyes. Now that I’m without stroller (and a place to hang my sweat towel), a handana would be awesome! I’m tired of lifting up my shirt to wipe off the sweat.

  195. Face bright red and dripping, I’m quite the sight. I’m a salty crusty mess if I don’t get in the shower quickly after a run.

  196. Can you use a Handana to wipe sweat from your butt crack because I have sweat dripping down my back, down into my pants and into my butt crack. It’s bad. LOL! I sweat so much that people stop to look and wonder if I’m okay. No, I’m not working out harder than my friends, I just sweat so much it’s insane. I probably shouldn’t comment on how I wipe the butt crack sweat away. 😉

  197. I sweat in the oddest places… or I just think it is odd that my arm sweats right where they bend in the crease then drips off my elbows. I also sweat under my sunglasses. I wear a hat when I run to keep the sweat from getting in my eyes from my forhead. The nose running on a cold day is another challenge if I’m wearing short sleeves. I then pull the shirt up and use. One of my fellow runners does the farmers blow which is most impressive. I like the idea of the Handana.

  198. I used to think I sweated a lot, and then I moved from the northwest suburbs of Chicago to Charleston, SC 7 years ago. Now I sweat even more. For the first couple years I lived here I would bring a second singlet for the second half of my long run and stash the stinky sweaty one in my camelback backpack. I also tried bringing an oversized washcloth or hand towel on long runs until my running partner kindly confided that it smelled even worse than I did. 🙂 A Handana would definitely help.

  199. What a creative idea! Love it. I generally just use the edge of my shirt at the peril of flashing everyone my sports bra and not so lovely midriff. Yikes! But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 🙂

  200. I’m a sweater! My husband has very politely asked that when I come home after a run, I strip down and wipe off in our laundry room before heading for a shower. Apparently the sweat-drips on the floor (and sweaty butt-prints on the couch if I sit down to take off my shoes) are gross. Who knew!? 🙂

  201. The Handana looks like an awesome product. The race photos from my second half this past weekend look like I took a very dirty shower. Ringing out my pony tail during the race produced cups of sweat that poured down my back, shoulders and onto my legs. It just been extra humid and hot this summer.

  202. Living in Georgia I sweat on my short easy runs! I wipe my sweat on my shirt. And I have to do the same when my nose starts to run.

  203. I sweat (glisten? glow?), but lately (thanks to Georgia humidity at its finest!) the sweat coming off my head is POURING. I sometimes wear a sweat band, but forget it more often than not. So, I use a shirt sleeve/shirt hem and/or my hand to try to keep it back. My chest sweats pretty good too – but the sports bra/shirt usually soaks it up.

  204. Living in the humid southeast and being a super sweater myself I have actually resorted to wiping my face in my skirt, too.

    I’d love to try one of these new “face wipes”.

  205. I think I am an average sweater. Although my face seems to be the worst. I like to run sans shirt so wiping my face is a struggle. I have used my running skirt but typically try to wipe my face with one of my sports bra straps – not a lot of coverage but it is easier to get to than my skirt!

  206. I sweat more than any of my other runner friends when I run. I literally have it running down my arms, legs, face, you name it. I wear a Bondi Band under a hat and that helps my face. I have to wear sweat wicking materials. I love running skirts and dresses because they hide offending sweat spots in…ummm….delicate areas. LOL! If it is hot enough I even attach a camp towel to myself somehow so I can wipe off. So the Handana sounds like a great idea! I would definitely put it to good use!

  207. OMG, you have NO idea!!!! I live in excessively humid during the summer West Virginia and I soak through everything. And I am super salty to the point it hurts my face to wipe it off. I am afraid I will be attacked by a deer thinking I am a salt block one day!

  208. I sweat so much! I never used to and I don’t know what happened to me but short runs, long runs, it doesn’t matter, I’m just dripping sweat. I wear a hat to combat some of it dripping in my eyes but it still drives me crazy. This would be an answer to my problems. I’m constantly looking for a dry spot on my shirt to wipe my face with and sometimes I resort to just wiping with a soaking wet spot! I’d love to win is ingenious product!

  209. I sweat but I have to admit, I love it! I was never an athlete growing up but now that I found running in my late 30’s, I feel like I am catching up on all of the exercise I missed when I was in my teens and 20’s. Sweating is a great badge of honor for a terrific workout. The sweatier I am, the better the workout. In fact, after a kick a$$ kickboxing class this past Sunday morning, I was so sweaty and drippy, I steamed up the car windows on my way home from class! (Eww…)

  210. Most…probably all….of my running shirts have stains….bottom of shirt right in the middle….from me lifting my shirt and rubbing my face. It drips in my eyes, which stings from the salt, runs down my temples, my upper lip and chin. All a hot sweaty mess. And this humid Jersey summer we have been having has only made it worse! Great invention!!!

  211. I am an Olympic Champion sweater! My issue is sweat dripping off my elbows and down my arm. In the summer, if I stop running, stinging sweat drips into my eyes so I try to keep moving! Winter can’t come fast enough for me!!

  212. It is what it is….I sweat buckets when I work out….The worst is my nose in the fall….that and the days I forget to bring tissues for me and my son. I usually carry a hankie and a bandanna…this would seriously solve a whole heap of problems.

  213. I am one nasty mother sweater! Its pretty bad when I come home and the two year old loudly will proclaim, ewwww momma nasty! HA. But I will say most days I take pride in the sweat that drenches my sports bra, I know, totally gross, but its my small daily medal of how hard I really worked that day.

  214. I have always been a “profuse sweater.” head to toe, especially in my, *ahem* crotchy region:( it was especially out of control when I had my last daughter! I felt like I was menopausal! I bring a towel with me on super hot days, otherwise I’m a flinger. just wipe & fling. gross, I know. but at least during about 5 months of the year there could be snow on the ground…

  215. Yay! I’m not the only one! My clothes are so heavy with sweat after even a short run, that my tiny dog can’t even drag them away. (yes, she steals my damp running clothes….especially my sports bras, EW!!) I sometimes carry a bandana, but unless it’s very worn it won’t absorb the sweat. The Handana looks sweeeeet!

  216. When I started doing aerobics in the 80’s with my best friend Heather, she would finish the class and look flushed, and I would look like I just got rained on, but with smelliness and a red face.
    Its the same today when I run. But now I am full of salty scum all over my face. Im a sweater, too, and need that handana!!

  217. I was actually just thinking of trying to come up with something for this very problem. I had cancer in one of my eyes and all of the different treatments they did to it have made it ultra sensitive..especially to sweat from runs. Why reinvent the wheel? I would love to try a handana! What a great idea!

  218. I very rarely sweat, even after running half marathons, my family always asks me if I really just ran a race! BUT, I have allergies and asthma so my nose is CONSTANTLY running. This would be a lifesaver since the tissues in the bra just aren’t cutting it anymore! (The shirt collars, sleeves and hems have had quite a snot workout themselves!)

  219. I sweat enough to disgust me, even though I know I’m doing something good for myself. I’m known to use my shirt to wipe my face during walk breaks. I love it when it’s cold enough to start wearing my running gloves, since they have a bit of terry cloth to wipe my nose or face. Hanadana sounds like a perfect warm-weather solution!

  220. I sweat a lot. I didn’t realize how much until a recent 14mi run when I stopped to open a package of Stingers… and I couldn’t get it open because my hand were too slimey from sweat… and so was my shirt, my shorts, and everything else. I couldn’t wipe my hands on anything enough to tear the package open along the “tear here” line. I finally resorted to jumping up and down on the package until it “popped” open. Apparently I need a Handana much more than I realized.

  221. I would love to try these out! I too am a heavy sweater and also living in the midwest (I’m pretty sure that <50% humidity is just a myth). I'm just wondering why I didn't think of a product like this myself 😉

  222. One time I was sitting at my kitchen table cooling down after a run and I was dripping sweat on the floor ( I was planning on mopping later anyway). My 7 year old son came in and said “Mom, your dripping on the floor, here let me clean that up for you” then he got a dish towel and wiped it up. WHAT! That was a new one, him cleaning up one of my messes! So sweet!

  223. Sweat is just part of my world, I sweat when I go into warm stores in winter. I sweat when I am outside in summer. I sometimes wonder if I don’t have mild Hyperhydrosis or something… I love a good sweat after a run though! Once I am clean my skin feels great, my body feels cleaner from the inside, and gosh darn it, I do get a glow!

    I want one of these for fall running. Too warm for gloves, but I will still have “crisp air snotties” that require wiping, and sweat that literally drips off the end of my run cap, and also down my face, to my nose, and then hangs out, annoying me. One of those would be perfect to solve my sweaty, snotty woes whilst running like a gazelle (do gazelles sweat?).

  224. Most of us down here in Atlanta are used to the extreme humidity, but it’s never pleasant in the heat of Summer. It’s so bad that sometimes I refer to myself as “my own little weather system!” When I get home I “precipitate” all over the place. I can literally wring a cup of sweat out of my skirt and tank. Even my socks are swollen with sweat, and don’t get me started on the blisters that form then. These days I can tell you the 10-day forecast by heart. I daydream about the first crisp Fall day every single morning!

  225. I sweat so much that I drink and drink and drink during runs and never once have I had to stop to use the bathroom. NEVER. ONCE. Not even on my 3+ hour runs.

  226. I can’t even begin to describe how much I sweat. In the summer here in Georgia, even an early-morning run leaves me and whatever I’m wearing completely drenched as if I’d been caught in a downpour. Immediately after a run I either need to spend some quality time on the porch dripping off, or head straight up for a shower – no bustling about getting the kids ready for school until I’ve dealt with the sweat.

  227. I used to be able to exercise like a crazy person and never sweat…20 years, 30 – 40 pounds, and 2 kids later….I sweat buckets and it is a problem! My shirts often look like the pants in the Eeeeew!! picture – gross indeed! Love this website – totally helping me move more and get motivated. I am focused on a 5k in the spring.

  228. I sweat, oh, how I sweat. I usually pull down my already-soaked headband and swipe it back up over my face. Best freebies next to water during a marathon were DRY paper towels.

  229. I used to brag to my husband how I never sweat. He always used to tell me then you aren’t working hard enough. After I took up running I had to tell him he was right. At the moment I use the inside of my shirt…..but a Handana would be awesome!

  230. I sweat so easily that I’m actually looking forward to cooler weather so I am not also sweating from the heat! Funny story, my mom NEVER sweats. Never. Until she started CrossFit at the age of 58. Now that she is weight lifting and doing all the rest of that cah-razy work out, she has started to sweat. Her trainer said that her metabolism is changing (for the better) and he was happy she was sweating. But she needed a solution. Until now she has been taking one of her grandmother’s hankies to delicately mop her sweaty brow. She asked if she could wear a headband and I emphatically told her NO! She asked her 30 year old trainer the same question and all he said (with a smirk) was that headbands made him think of Jane Fonda, who he had, um, admired, as a 12 year old boy…
    We about peed ourselves from laughing over that one!
    But my mom still needs a solution and this looks PERFECT! I’m going to try ordering one for her now!

  231. I live in VA and sweat like a horse (esp. in this humidity)! I was able to wring out my jog bra last night – eww! I was fighting a cold last week so ran with a cloth snot rag and loved how I was able to mop everything up with it and keep my hands drier so now I run with strips of old t-shirts wrapped around my hand. I would LOVE a Handana!

  232. So glad to hear I’m not the only major sweater out there! I sweat constantly, while running, during Pilates, vacuuming the house, you name it! These sound like a great idea!

  233. Um, sweat while running in the summer heat of Arizona…of course! My running bff, while visiting her mother in St. Louis and training for last year’s St. Louis Rock and Roll marathon, actually had to change clothes mid run. Her shorts were so sweaty and wet, they were falling off! So she changed and hung them on the sink to dry (as if they could!). When she got back from the second half of her run, she went to the bathroom to clean up and thought the sink had sprung a leak. Her clothes were so wet, they dripped all over the floor and made SERIOUS puddles. Yep. We sweat with the best of them. Her tech tees and dri fit stuff doesn’t contain the amount of sweat produced.

  234. I’m known among my BRFs as the one who “sweats like a dude.” Lol My daughters are the same way, too! I like it though, it shows how hard I worked and makes me feel pretty bad-ass.

  235. I wear a visor (usually) that has a sweatband. But sometimes sweat so much it can’t keep up. So, (I can not lie) I wear old fashioned sweat bands on my arm. During triathlons, it’s the bike glove. Either way, this would be a nice win for me.

  236. Umm…yeah…I can sweat walking from my desk to my car in winter, so when I’m running or exercising in general zero amount of sweaty bands, bondi bands, hankies bandanas keep it from going into my eyes. I pull up my shirt, shake my head around like a fool and close my eyes and try to let it roll past my eyeballs in order for it to not sting. I’m the one in the gym or at bootcamp no one likes to follow because there are puddles on the floor.

  237. I sweat so much that my husband made me change my clothes to go workout after a run. I was drenched and he didn’t think that look was appropriate for the gym. lol

  238. I sweat like a toddler running around on a humid, August day. My shorter hair actually drips more sweat on my neck and shoulders. I typically use my shirt or, yes, my skirt to sop up my awesomeness.

  239. Hot and humid Washington, DC. I sweat so much I can actually weigh my running garb after a run. Pouinds of sweat! This is an awesome alternative to running with a bandana or a hand towel.

  240. I’ve been sweating a lot in our hot humid summer weather. Typically, I wipe it off with my shirt. What a neat invention the handana is.

  241. Oh boy do I sweat!!! I think you could ring me out when I’m done with a run! I have to wear a hat or a headband just to keep it from dripping all in my face …

  242. Well, I live in the South, and so I can step outside and start sweating. But, when I run, I look like I just came out of the shower – and not in a good way!

  243. I sweat a lot – and with the sunscreen it does burn my eyes. I have been tying a bandana around my pack and using that as a dry place to wipe my eyes.

  244. I’m such a heavy sweater. It really does look like I have jumped in the lake. I never have a dry spot on me. I use a wrist band. (From the 70’s with the matching head band.) I just don’t wear the head band. It works for awhile but than it gets pretty wet too.

  245. Awesome idea! I carry a towel with me so I can mop the sweat off my face. Even with a headband and hat it runs in my eyes and burns.

  246. I’m from Kansas and the humidity here is terrible. I sweat like crazy. I usually wear a bandana but that only works for short runs. I also play sand volleyball and I think this would be great for that too!

  247. I sweat, A LOT, plus I live in Austin where it’s hot… I started carring a small square towel with me just to have a sweat mop for my eyes and to stop the rivers that roll down my arms and drive me a little crazy. I am interested in giving this product a try!

  248. Maybe I don’t notice how much I sweat when I’m outside, but when I’m stuck on a treadmill for speed work, I’m dripping. The console and the motor is so sweat splattered, it looks like a murder scene…a calorie murder, heh heh.

  249. I just have to think about running and I sweat. I can’t get very far without getting soaked. Right now I take one of my son’s old cloth diapers on my runs (we only used them as burp cloths!) since they are soft and absorbent. This product looks great though and certainly would be handier than carrying around a big white cloth!

  250. I used to live in the dry air of SLC and now I’m living in the midwest and I must say I sweat large amounts wherever I am! Since I’m six months pregnant, I’ve been running on my treadmill in the basement, and I sweat like never before. I could really use one of those handanas! Thanks for a great give away!

  251. I also live in the Pacific NW and sweat profusely. I often attempt to wipe my face with my technical tee. It doesn’t ever work very well. Never tried wiping my face on my skirt. Sarah must know some tricks that I don’t know. This handana looks wonderful. Very interesting.

  252. I live in Western Pa., where the summer is often hot and humid…needless to say I sweat buckets. Usually finishing off a run looking/feeling like a drowned rat. No matter what, there isn’t really anything I have found that has worked to relieve me of the monsoon of sweat pouring off of me!!!

  253. I break a sweat in the first mile of my run while my running partner still looks fresh as a daisy. I live where we have hummmid weather so I am soaked after my run . I pull up the bottom of my running tank in the summer to wipe my eyes. In the winter my jacket sleeve looks like the picture of Dimitys pants leg.

  254. I am a sweaty mess after any run, I notice after about 10 minutes it starts and doesn’t stop! I’ve used my kids old bibs for a sweat rag when I’m on the treadmill or a folded up paper towel (which usually disintegrates before I need to use it) on my long runs outside. My kids and husband ate always grossed out and let me know it!

  255. I too live in the Midwest and have sweat buckets this summer (when I still had some running mojo). If I don’t keep my short hair out of my face (headband, visor, etc.) my face drips like mad. Seems more frustrating, though, the number of farmer blows…..

  256. Sweat always makes me feel like I’ve been working hard enough – its the snot (especially in the cold) that gets me down.

  257. I am from the Midwest where the humidity is high and so is the amount of sweat that comes pouring out of me. I don’t run without my “SWOT RAG” which is an old washcloth that mops up my sweat and my snot! I absolutely hate that feeling of sweat running down my arms! I am I weird? So I would love a cute Handana to wipe up all my drips!

  258. I often feel like I’m taking off a wet swimsuit when I disrobe for the shower. Well, that’s my running bra after I’ve sat in the A/C long enough for the rest of my clothes to dry on my person. Last year about this time I was looking forward to winter to lose the swimsuit feeling. But guess what? It doesn’t stop!
    Rub it off – well, I rub my elbows on my shirt/skort and my forehead on my shirt. I don’t tuck my shirt so the part that overlaps my skort stay pretty dry.

  259. Right there with, ya ladies! I sweat buckets when I work out. The most annoying part??? My bulldog follows me around after a run, trying to get a taste of my salty legs. 🙁

  260. Sweat? Please – I’m training through a Florida summer! So how much? 6 pounds worth on an 8-mile morning run. I checked. And I’m under 120 to start, so yikes!

  261. I didn’t know what sweat was until I became a runner. I mean, I used to get a little damp when I worked out, but running has made me into a different girl. I’m in Chicagoland, so I know nothing about “dry air” – the humidity here can make it seem as if you’re swimming instead of running.

  262. Usually my BAMR hat takes care of the sweat. My issue is the snot, Shirt, gloves, sometimes one of those pocket wrist bands–I use anything. My nose starts running as soon as I walk outside.

  263. I seriously never sweat in my life before I started running. I was convinced I just didn’t really sweat much – now (after running for almost 10 years) my body just sweats at the thought of running – by the time I come home from an actual run – I sometimes change my clothes in the garage before even entering the house. ;o)

  264. Under normal circumstances, I perspire but when I run, I sweat! I always carry paper towels or a wash cloth to wipe my brow and blow my nose. I hope Katie’s business does well. Thanks for the giveaway.

  265. I envy those who perspire because I sweat! To the extent that when I stop there isn’t a dry spot left on my shirt or skirt. Lately even my socks are soaked!

  266. Oh yes I sweat. The volume depends on the weather we are having here in Wisconsin. I pretty much use
    my shirt as the sweat and snot wiper (gross I know). This sounds like a great product.

  267. I am right with you both in the profuse-sweaters club! I return from my runs soaking wet from head to toe! I’d love to try the Handana.

  268. Here in South Florida, where the humidity is well into the 80 or 90% when I run in the predawn, it’s also hard to find a dry spot of fabric to dry sweat, especially when you sweat like I do. And while the rest of the country celebrates the arrival of September and, with it, fall, for us, it is our most humid month, and the perfect opportunity for me to try out the Handana!

  269. “that’s not sweat….it’s awesome sauce!” is what I tell my GOTR. Well, I am covered in barrels of awesome sauce at the end of every run. I usually take a small towel with me when I run to mop up the spilled Awesome Sauce. I would adore trying something more practical.

  270. I remember running in cross country in high school; girls would say, “We don’t sweat; we glisten.” Not me. Never. I glow like a nuclear power plant. Personally, I love getting the leg sweat going…it means I had a great workout!

  271. I moved from Georgia to Wisconsin five years ago, and the first winter, my sweat glands basically shut down. I think the temperature was a huge shock. Now I’m back to my usual sweat-in-the-eyes look. Since I spend at least 3 months out of the year wearing just a sports bra, I often find myself two or three miles into a run cursing myself for not having any dry material I can use to sop up the sweat.

  272. I use to be blessed with the magical ability to run or workout without sweating. My friends would curse me, and yet I still floated on through without a drip or smelly whiff to me. Then I got pregnant. Whew! Now I can hardly stand to be around myself! There’s sweat in places I didn’t even know I had sweat glands in. I would LOVE this to help combat the onslaught of wet!

  273. What a great idea! I live in Arizona, so that dry heat pretty much takes care of any sweating one might do when running outdoors. But unfortunately in the summer I’m forced to run on the treadmill at the gym and I sweat a ton!

  274. I sweat A LOT! My tech shirts wick so much sweat that they are soaked by the end of my runs. Every part of me sweats too. I can tell that I have had a good run when there are gnats stuck to in the sweat on my legs!

  275. I sweat a Tennessee River full. The awesome thing is I’ve been making my own handanas for a while out of unused sweatbands from swag bags. It would be cool to have the real thing! Legit.

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