Hump Day Giveaway: How Far Have You Run?

When Sarah and I were at the Ogden Marathon Expo, we saw a vivacious woman walking around with the cutest shirt on. We've seen a lot of running fashions in our day, but we hadn't ever seen anything like she was wearing.

"My run is good, bad, down and dirty, uplifting, heady, healing, and on some very lucky mornings over the top pure bliss – but never, ever solid color boring. So why is my tee?" (quote from said vivacious woman)

Eventually, we introduced ourselves  to Jenn, an ultra runner and mother who started a company called Run Pretty Far.

I liked her tees, but after we got in touch, post-Ogden, I loved how she wrote about running. This little ditty on how women start to run is from her explanation how Run Pretty Far came about:

"It starts with the simple desire to lose a few pounds or scratch off a bucket list item. We begin nervously, but as the layers of doubt and fear and fat are shed, the magic of the run sets in.  Over the miles, we stir our souls, open our hearts, sharpen our minds, and strengthen our bodies. As we break down what was, we allow our best self to shine through. This completely predictable, yet always powerful story begins again each day when another woman laces up, dusts off her heart, and says 'I’m going for a run.'"

Arm warmers in a tree. There's something you don't see every day.

She's truly another mother runner--um, hello: running ultras, being a mom, owning a business?—and we want to spread her love-the-run love. So today, she has offered to give away two gifts sets to two random winners: a performance tank (shown above) and a pair of arm warmers of your choice. (I promise: The arm warmers will come in handy sooner than you think.)

Despite her engaging, beautiful designs, Jenn's mission with Run Pretty Far is pretty simple: to give women of all sizes affordable apparel and accessorizes that optimize the joy in their run. (How could you not feel a slice of joy when you put on paisley arm warmers?)

So we're going to keep this question for the giveaway simple: How far have you run? You could answer miles, in minutes, in pounds, in experiences, in any creative way you think of on your run this morning.

Let us know how far you've run, and you could run (pretty far) away with sweet new duds for your upper body.


p.s.  Started a new system of announcing winners of giveaways on Fridays. Still looking Lindsey, the nervous soccer coach, to claim her Merrell prize. Look for the Run Pretty Far winners this Friday.

534 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: How Far Have You Run?

  1. At 50 I started watching what I ate and exercising. Now at 52 I have lost 95 pounds and I am in my 5th week of training for a half marathon–October 1st!

  2. Not far enough – I’m still looking for the inspiration to get me going. I just got your book in the hopes of gaining some additional insight and motivation. A few chapters in and I think it’s working! I am excited to join this community of running mothers:)

  3. I have run far enough to know that I need to keep on running!! It is such great therapy for me! Right now, due to the heat in the South, I am in triathlon training mode. However, I am so looking forward to the cooler temperatures and delving into my half marathon training!!

  4. I have run far – 13.1 is my longest distance, with 365 miles so far this year. But I haven’t run far enough. I always want to keep going and push myself to run farther and farther. I love that feeling of running farther than i ever have before! Training for my first full marathon now, and who knows, maybe an ultra someday?? I have however, run far enough to know that I love running. I love what it has done for me and the person I have become because of it. I’ve run enough to lose weight and gain sanity. I feel strong and calm… a better person and a better mom!

  5. I have run 4 1/2 marathons, one 26.2 — through two pregnancies, lots of weight — I’ve basically run to get a huge part of me back …. it’s honestly been the most incredible journey — thanks!

  6. I have run 7 miles at once, but am currently training for Hood to Coast and a half marathon after that…EEK! Kickin it up a notch now, this weekend calls for a 12 mile run!

  7. I’ve run far enough that I want to run with my kids too. We are doing a couch to 5k program together and my 7 year old son and I ran/walked together tonite!!

  8. As a new runner, I still feel like a bit of an imposter. I’m still mostly in the walk /run mode (usually 4-5 miles total). My longest run (without stopping) is 1.5 miles. Never thought I would ever be able to do that. My runs can just keep getting longer.

  9. The farthest I’ve run is 26.2 miles, I have run through SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and off medication, I have run into the arms of the Lord and found peace in my life, I have run my blood pressure down 10 points and run 60ish pounds off my body! I have run myself into a more peaceful, centered, and happier person and mommy!

  10. I’ve run far enough to know that…although I have never run in my life and was never athletic, that I could become an athlete at 34….running in Arizona summers at 8am in the morning is probably too late to avoid the heat…running with people on my mind that I have lost gives me the strength to finish…if I share my success, others will get the running-bug, too…my boyfriend will be cheering me on whether it’s a 5K, 5 miler, or 10k….running doesn’t seem to get easier, but it does seem to get more fun!!

  11. I have run across the USA following my husband of 18 years for his USMC career. I have even run around the world for the same cause for his career related moves. I have run from age 13 to 41 to maintain my sanity. I have run from things that frighten me and I have run to things that I love. I run alone and I run with my family. I run and won’t stop. I can’t count high enough to say how far I have run, but I know I will run as far as I can.

  12. I have run far enough to lose my boobs! I have run far enough to know that running makes me a better mother. I have run far enough to fall in love with running!

  13. Not counting all the running from here to there and everywhere I do on a daily basis for my kids (which of course is why I do real running to begin with), I have run, in the past year, one marathon, one half marathon, two ten milers, and far too many training runs up and down the same darn 4 or 5 or 6 or 12 mile path. Today I ran 9, meeting with two different sets of friends along the way – my hubby laughs at me as I piece together my longer runs so I run with more than one set. But my favorite part, those last 3 blocks where I blew past a teenager, and ran my heart out to show I can get through the fatigue and make it strong to the finish line (OK, to my car).

  14. I’ve run 50lbs away over the past two years. With those lost, I have found joy, confidence, energy, strength, love. Running 50lbs away has brought me back to my authentic self- the person who I feel I was meant to be. It has brought me closer to that person I was pre-kids. I know I will never totally be that pre-kid person EVER AGAIN, and I don’t want to be. But there were aspects of me that I missed after kids, and I feel like running away those 50lbs has brought some of the pre-kid me back. I’m back baby, and I feel good!

  15. I’ve run, 150 temper tantrums, 45 milk spills, 33 I’ll be home lates, 22 I have to go POTTY NOW(s), 15 last minutes birthday party invites, 7 can you please watch these extra kids for 2 hours and 1 year of, I only have to run for a mile to feel better and go back to my life as a Stay at Home Mommy.

  16. I’ve run “to the moon…and back,” like that board book “Guess How Much I Love You.” I always wish I kept a better running log so I could really count the miles, but how to quantify: away from fear, into calm, out of sadness, toward bliss, from anxiety, to strength, achieving goals, finding new friendships, among heroes, past negativity, through crises, against the tide, within myself, out of bounds, under the radar, and on and on…

  17. I’ve run myself right out of my own head 😉 The absolute best point of running to me is when I just stop thinking about all the crazy things going on in my day to day life and just run, no thoughts, no worries, no anxiety, just run…pure bliss 🙂

  18. I ran 11.6 miles on Tuesday — my first half marathon is in 10 days. My run started with a gray fox & a black bear on the trail in front of me & ended 11.6 miles later with a 911 call to help a biker who fell off her bike. (She’s fine.) Who knows what my next run will bring!

  19. I’ve run far enough to go through 2 pairs of Asics in 9 months, and recently started my first Newtons! Training for my first Half!

  20. Well, Wednesdays are not typically run days so the most I ran today was around the house with my 20 month old. He is all boy, all toddler, and all energy! He alone is the best workout in the morning.

  21. How far have I run? I can remember when a 5K seemed like such a huge distance then I ran a couple of 10Ks, and then I started running with a great group of women and with their help and encouragement I ran a half-marathon. Now I’m training for a full marathon and each long run brings a new PR in distance – I’m up to 16 miles and it never ceases to amaze me how far I’ve come both literally and figuratively.

  22. I’ve run far enough to know cancer can’t beat me. That first post-diagnosis/surgery run of 4.5 miles was harder than any of the previous half marathons I’ve done. And reminded me of the “why” in the big picture of being a running mom.

  23. The boring answer: since June of 2006, I’ve run over 10,000 miles.

    The deeper answer: since June of 2006, I’ve run enough to save my soul, through heartbreak, emptiness, and devastating loss. I’ve run into it head on and came out a stronger person.

  24. I have run to a place where I am delighted with my 44 year old self and tickled that I keep on running! I started running when I was 40 and surprised myself with entering and finishing 5K races. This summer I have run in a 12 mile race and have a 1/2 marathon in two weeks! I am a runner!!!

  25. How far have I run? Through thirty years of time. I have run with varying degrees of intensity, having raised 2 boys and started my own business. These days my mornings begin with either running or biking. Last year I ran my first marathon. So far this year I’ve run two 5ks, one 10k, and 2 half marathons. Right now training for my 2nd marathon in the fall.
    Thanks for the inspiring words and women through your blog!

  26. I’ve run far enough that I sometimes check out my own legs in race photos; but not so far that I check out my own abs.

  27. I’ve run far from the woman I was at this time last year, a distance that can’t be measure in miles or minutes. I’ve left her behind and discovered the woman inside, a happy wife and Mommy. I have run into this woman who CAN, who never imagined she could, and who surprises herself with every run. 13 months, tons of races, hundreds of miles, and countless gallons of sweat later, I have shed the Doubting Donna and revealed the Just Go Jenny in myself, and it feels GREAT! At first seeking to simply get through 3.1 miles and enjoy a Bloody Mary as my reward, I am now reaching for 13.1 miles and an even bigger reward – finishing 13.1 miles. Sure, I’ve shed some pounds like I wanted to, but I’ve gained confidence and joy that I never knew I had within myself. THIS is my therapy, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  28. Marine Corp 1/2 is my longest..considering where I started in Feb, it’s still almost unbelievable that I did it!

  29. I’ve run far enough to play with my children. I race them and run around the yard, down a dirt road, through the neighborhood. It’s not about the miles or the pounds, for I am new runner. But, it’s about the dream of running as a family. We’ve just started running, the six of us, and while the distance is short (for my children are quite young), the ability to run together has been many years in the making. I hope it’s a weekend tradition for many years to come.

  30. How far have I run? Far enough that, in a time of transition and just in time for my 40th birthday, I am training for my first marathon. Longest run so far = 14 miles. 16 on tap for this weekend!

  31. It started after being married to my long time runner husband for 7 years and a desperate desire to get rid of the excess from my second child. The farthest I have run to date is a half marathon, but my regular three to four mile runs (that help keep me up to speed as a sprint triathlete) keep my head clear, make me a better mom and make the best use of my me time!.

  32. I think I’ve run not nearly far enough. Most days it’s far enough and then tomorrow comes and I realize…need to do it again. So, maybe the truth is I’ve fun far enough and not nearly enough. Just blessed that I run because I can.

  33. I have run 13 miles lots if times. I am now coming back from an injury and looking forward to many more 13 milers.

  34. Running has taken me everywhere. Through the highs and the lows. I celebrate happy events with a run. I go out for a run when I am angry or depressed to work through my issues. I run with my sisters, my husband, my father and my kids. It has brought me great joy over the years!

  35. I have run off 90 pounds, 3 lost jobs, a pack a day smoker, 2 high school graduates, a cheerleader, a dancer, an inlaw with Alzheimers, too many uptight clients to mention while qualifying for Boston and heading to New York, and have many more miles to go…

  36. I haven’t run nearly enough yet. I’ve run 3 marathons so far in 2011 and have at least 1 more on the schedule for this year. The idea of an ultra is starting to sound appealing.

  37. After running hundreds of miles this winter/spring, my running family, the Spokane Marathon Mamas, and I joyously completed our farthest run ever in May, our first marathon. Iwould have never been able to run that far without the support of my friends and happily, we all continue to run far whenever the opportunity arises!

  38. I am a new runner. So each run I am increasing my run both in time and distance. At the moment my longest run has been 2.25 miles. That just amazes me!!!! Two months ago I had all I could do to run 60 seconds. Running is one of the best things I have done for myself. I run every other day. I run by myself or with my kids. I love the feeling I get when I run a little bit futher than the last time or run a little bit faster!!!

  39. The furthest I have run in a literal sense is 8 miles-new runner-training for my 1st half. Philosophically speaking i have run far enough to out run family history of obesity, depression, cope with a husband with cancer, new mamahood and far enough to chase down my demons, look em in the face, smile and keep running. I have run far enough to know I can go further than I EVER imagined-in all facets of life.

  40. I have run 40lbs worth! It actually started as a fast walk…and then a jog…I’m still just a fast jog but getting faster! Good thing, I have many more pounds to go!

  41. I love this. I love her description of women running. I totally get it and agree. How far have I run? I’m run myself from self-doubt (possibly a little self-hate?) to self-acceptance and self-appreciation. I’ve been skinnier, but have haven’t been fitter. I’ve had less body fat, but I’ve successfully grown and birthed 2 babes. I’m proud of what my body is and can do for me. I had 10 more pounds on my body than I did 8 years ago, but that weight is seen as needed and usable muscle to me, when once I would have hated it.

  42. How far depends on the day. 2.5 miles yesterday and 11 tomorrow (presuming I don’t kill the alarm clock). I’m looking forward to my first half the end of August!

  43. Not far enough. Running has been the one constant in my life since I was a teenager. I have become a student, a PT, a wife, a mother, but I have always been a runner, and I hope it is something that continues to define me as I get older. Even though I have taken breaks for various injuries and pregnancy bedrest, running is something I always come back to and don’t feel quite right if I’m not doing consistently. When I look in the mirror after a long run-sweaty, tired, but beaming-I feel like I am looking at the real me. I hope to be one of those women who are winning age group awards in my 80’s because I’m the only one running in that category!

  44. I have run away from the 235 pound depressed and anxiety ridded mom, who functioned everyday only because of medications. I have run to a healthier, fit, more attractive, happier, calmer mother and wife, who is free of mood altering chemicals.

  45. I’ve run from being the girl that didn’t like sports and preferred to read books, to an enthusiastic outdoor person! Running from some sort of body shame (where I didn’t even want to wear shorts) to actually knowing and being impressed at how my body works… And wearing pink running skirts happily 🙂

  46. I started running in high school for cross country my sophmore year. I was slow,hated it but it made me feel good so I kept going back to it. 20 years of off and on running under my belt. Still makes me feel good.

  47. I realized this week I have run into a new love, of running. I used to run to get skinny, but now I run for my mind. It clears me, fuels me, inspires me, motivates me and I am so thankful for my new love. I AM another mother runner with a 6 month old son. I think running makes me a better Mom and Wife.

  48. Last night I ran 2 miles in the heat and humidity of central Illinois – one of my shortest but hardest runs yet thanks to my amazing running partner who dragged me out there on the spur of the moment because she needed a sanity restoring run. I traveled across the world from Australia and left my running girlfriends behind but was thrilled to find a fellow mom of three just down the road who has helped me rack up more miles than I thought possible!

  49. I’ve run away from that chick that sat on the couch every night with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. The woman who hadn’t run more than 100 yards since the high school physical fitness test. The person who was jealous of my athletic friends and who couldn’t understand why anyone would run a marathon (and who wasn’t sure how long a marathon was). Now I’m training for my third!

  50. I was a sprinter in high school and one semester of college and then became a long distance runner. I have done one half marathon and one Ragnar Relay. I ran until 31 weeks with my second baby and now I am aiming to become serious about my training so I can feel strong and empowered. I am running to stay “me” among the daily routines and chaos of two small kids. I run because it reminds me about the amazing ability of women to do difficult things and push ourselves to achieve our dreams and goals.

  51. I have run back from a point when I was injured so badly that I could not answer the phone two feet from me in my hospital room in 25 rings. Now, two years later, I am on week 12 of a marathon training program. I used to run in attempt to lose some weight, get rid of some stress. Now I run because I CAN RUN AGAIN!!

  52. I have run away from my depression and weight gain that occured when my healthy mom died in a freak carbon monoxide accident. I have run towards a healthier life for myself and my daughters. I have run far away from the person I became after the accident and I love the person I have become. Awesome, awesome looking shirts and such a wonderful spirit behind them.

  53. I haven’t kept track of my total mileage, but my longest single run is 26.2 miles … Can’t wait to run another 26.2!

  54. I have run near and far…and each time i am out there, i’ve found a little more of myself. Running has become my saving grace,allowing me to be the mother, sister,daughter, friend, and wife that i want to be!

  55. to the moon and back in terms of dealing with the grief of losing my 15 year old brother in a tragic way. more tears have been shed on my early morning runs than anywhere else.

  56. Over the last year I have ran from a happy mother of two toddlers consumed by the everyday tasks of life all the way to a inspired, driven, slightly smaller, much more satisfied mother of two toddlers that I can now keep up with without losing my breath!!!

  57. I have run into motherhood – I started running just weeks before we got the phone call to pick up our adopted twins – and I have surprised myself by not stopping. I ran a half this spring, my longest distance yet. And I plan to keep going!

  58. I’ve run farther than I ever would have a year and a half ago because then I wasn’t a runner. I’ve run far enough to find that I’m stronger than I ever dreamed I could be. I know that I can run a half marathon and finish strong. I also know that, even though I haven’t yet, I can run a marathon and will finish it. I’m now happier, stronger, have lost over 60lbs and the only thing I take daily is a vitamin. I believe I’m a better mom and wife because I feel better. This is all because of how far I’ve gone as a runner and it’s way more than the 487 miles I’ve logged in a year and a half!!

  59. I’ve run through college, medical school, marriage, up to week 36 of my first pregnancy (we’ll see how I do with subsequent babies!), and am now running my way through Family Medicine residency. I’ll keep running throughout my life’s journey.

  60. My longest distance is 26.2 (don’t know how many total miles during training for the full and my 6 halfs), but have run far from grief and yet it is my running companion at times still. Lost my husband several yrs ago (am remarried now), but my late husband comes with me on those last miles of a long run (in my heart and thoughts). Nicht vergessen…

  61. I have run through those get er done days, I have run when I feel like I could fly. I have run bricks with jello legs, i have run to not be last. I have run with smiles, frowns, love and frustration. But mostly I have not run far enough:)

  62. I had brain surgery eight months ago and today I ran for 20 minutes without walking. I didn’t go far–maybe 1.5 miles– but at the end of my run the emotion i felt was the same as when I crossed the finish line of my first marathon four years ago.

  63. I’ve run over 200 miles since I started 6 months ago, 13.1 miles is my farthest to date. But I’ve run far enough that my 3-yr old is eager to catch up with me and that’s what’s I really care about.

  64. The farthest I have run in miles 7.5 ( but 1/2 marathon training soon so I will blast past that.) But mentally I have run far enough to lose the “fat girl, the bookworm, the unathletic wall-flower” I have left her in the dust and revel in my new identity as a stong, athletic, capable and (hopefully) inspiring mom.

  65. I am a “re-runner” (slowly finding my way back to “MY peace”-running)- I’ve just finished my 1st 4 mile week! 🙂 Def. not where I was…but felt good 🙂

  66. How far have I run? In beginnings, as I “wogged” (walk-jogged) my way through those first miles. In “.6s” – the distance I can successfully dance my run hidden by the trees on the route I take when I want to cut loose. In texts, assuring my husband “yes, dear, I am still running” and am not lying dead in a ditch somewhere. In blisters, that I still get every time I run. In tears, as I tackle yet another “personal growth spurt.” In jumps, as I leap to touch the elusive leaves hanging just out of reach. In gallons of pee, as my twice-pregnant body struggles to hold it in as I reach that final stretch. In five underwires that could no longer hold up their massive responsibilities and popped under the pressure at the most inopportune time. And, most importantly, in cheers and words of encouragement from family, friends, and the complete stranger on the street who have no idea how much a smile or a “go girl” can cupport me when I just can’t imagine running another mile…

  67. The longest I’ve ran is 7 miles last Sunday while training for the Bronx half marathon (Aug/28/2011). The week before that the record was 6 miles. The week before that it was 4 miles. I’m surprising myself every week – there are no limits. 🙂

  68. I just started running in October. I cannot tell you how far I’ve run in miles total. I can tell you definitively that I’ve run so far that I found a new me. The new me is inspired by running and will not quit. The new me picked back up after pneumonia and started over. The new me picked up after a bad fall on my run and was out on the street the very next day, bandages and all. The new me gets up and laces my shoes every day regardless of weather to be certain that I will get in my run. The new me is 25 lbs thinner and doesn’t recognize the girl she used to be. I am so grateful for the new me. She’s way more fun too! 🙂 that’s how far I’ve run… All the way to a new me!

  69. My running journey isn’t as long as others but, with that said, I have ran with my heart and soul through Two pairs of shoes, My BFF encouaging me through my first 5k, Up hills, Trails, Tears, Family day at a 5k with a high five from my 5 year old, A few bumps and bruises, 100lbs, Down hills, Doing teadmill time (ughh), The heavy legs that don’t want to respond ( Double Ughh!!), Hot days, Five water bottles, Blisters, Cold days, Neighborhoods and God’s Country!!! I couldn’t tell you an exact mileage as I don’t count what’s behind me but I look forward as to what tomorrow may bring.

  70. I’ve run far enough to lose 25 pounds; far enough to compete in 5 half-marathons, several 5K’s & 10K’s and just close enough to my first Marathon in October! I love Running!

  71. I looked back at my running log thus far from this year….from January 1 to June 30 – 6 months – I have run 273.16 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That BLOWS MY MIND considering last year from January to June, my mileage was a BIG FAT ZERO! Now, THAT is a pile of miles! 🙂

  72. I’ve run MUCH farther than the knee surgeon said I’d be able to. I was given the advice after my second surgery at the age of 25 to “only run if someone is chasing” me… This past spring my hubby and I decided to start running together (he was already a sporadic runner) with our 2 daughters. I was nervous to start, but am THRILLED to report that my knees are stronger than I thought they could EVER be!!! What the heck does that doctor know anyway?!?! Just kidding… I am careful to wear a knee brace for every run, and I spend most of my run glancing at the ground to make sure that I stay on relatively even terrain, and if it’s not even, I make sure that I take my steps carefully!! I’m feeling great, and have almost reached my pre-pregnancy weight before my second daughter’s first birthday!!! 🙂

  73. I ran 500+ in 6 months training for my first marathon starting just 4 months after having my first baby. I completed in under 5 hours with a very good friend when Parker was just 10 months old. We trained through a Cleveland Ohio winter and I couldn’t have done it without Dana or my husband with all of the support they gave me. It was the most amazing experience 3rd only to getting married and having my little boy 🙂 I also couldn’t have done it without the constant posts of other mother runners and the motivation reading these stories gave me! 26.2 miles baby in 4 hours and 50 minutes is the longest I’ve run but it doesn’t stop there!!!!

  74. I’ve run far enough to know that I cannot race, I know I need to just run for minutes rather than miles so I do not overthink or analyze a run. I have run far enough that I now can just enjoy the run, while knowing that I NEED to run for my sanity and my family. I have run far enough and long enough to know that 20-30 minutes is the magic number for this mommy and her family…we both get what we need and want in that time frame!

  75. I’ve run a half marathon—three actually. But it isn’t the miles, or the races……I have run far enough to know I can do anything I set my mind to. I have run far enough to be amazed at my 41 year old (today) body. I have run far enough to feel powerful and proud.

  76. When I ran in high school for volleyball we had to run a mile. I would cry the entire way. After I quit volleyball I didn’t run again. Ten years and two pregnancies later I decided it was time to work on getting fit. I started with work out videos and then a friend challenged me to run a 5K with her. I started the couch to 5K program and took it in baby steps. I am proud to say I ran three 5Ks, three weekend in a row this spring and I didn’t cry once! I will be competing in a sprint tri in a month. By this fall I hope to be running a 10K and next summer I am looking at a half marathon (with no tears). It feels great to be kicking some old demons out the door!

  77. Running has taken me to the western most shores of the United States (2010 Big Sur Half Marathon), the beautifully painful hills of Oregon’s wine country (2011 Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon) and the tree-lined streets of Green Bay, Wis. That’s right, Green Bay. Running has taken me to some amazing places, but some of the best runs have been right out my back door in northeast Wisconsin. That’s where I went from a sometimes athlete to an always mother runner.

  78. I’ve run through the physical pain of a frustrating knee injury and now through the emotional pain of realizing how tough it is to recover from the lost momentum of struggling through that injury. No fears though, I’m confident on the realization that I started from ground zero a little over a year ago and I have the strength to build it back up again! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  79. I have run 3 marathons, about a dozen 1/2 marathons, and several other shorter distances in the past. As a mother, however, I have done nothing. I just started running again, after 6 years and 2 babies, and I am registered for an October 1/2 marathon.

  80. I’ve run far enough to know that running will always be there for me, even if people aren’t. The farthest distance I’ve run is 12, training for my first half in October! yay!

  81. I have run all the way to a clear head & a whole lot of patience. I don’t think there is a pill that can do what running does for my psyche.

  82. I am 41 years old, and I have run thousands of miles in my lifetime, but recently re-discovered it.
    I run, because if I don’t, I would be on antidepressants or an alcoholic, period.

  83. I have run far enough to make me a more confident, more patient, stronger mom. Every run I complete makes me feel better about myself. That is why I plan to run forever!

  84. Love her running explanation! The farthest I have run has been 26.2. Training for my 3rd one now. I’ve also ran off 26 lbs since I starting running in fall 2008.

  85. I’ve been running for over 20 years and couldn’t possibly count the miles. I’ve run through stressful times to the point of tears and to calm my nerves before special events – my wedding. I’ve pushed both my kids in our well-loved jogging stroller before dawn and on longer runs. But I think that every mile that I run gives me more self-confidence and every race empowers me in my life. When I doubt my ability to do something, I think to myself that I’ve run many half marathons, 10 mile runs, 10ks, 5ks, and 9 marathons and therefore I can do just about anything!

  86. Marathon – this past spring. It was my first and my husband’s first, too. Whole family came out with us to Hawaii for race. The problem is, I am now in a bad, bad, anti-training rut. I have been running consistently for 3 years and off and on for 15 but I cannot get my rear in gear. Hoping to win so I get a little inspiration.

  87. I’ve run far enough to leave a quarter of myself behind. I’ve run out of 4 sizes of clothing.

    I’ve run far enough to find self confidence and pride.

    I’ve run far enough to catch the sunrise every day this summer.

  88. I ran 10 miles yesterday, first time in my life I’ve ever reached double digits!!!! I don’t think my mind was ever clearer than after that run.

  89. Running has brought me to the location of inner peace. For someone as tightly-wound as I am, that’s a pretty far-off destination.

  90. A couple of weeks ago I did my longest run ever in my life (training for my first half). 6.5 miles on an early Monday morning. Later that day, we found out about an “underground” 5K happening on the very streets we had run earlier. Ran that race (which was one of those where you try to cross the finish line as close to a specified time as you can), and placed 2nd and got my very first (and last, I’m sure) running trophy. 9.5 miles that day!

  91. I’ve run far enough to realize what an integral part of my life running is. I’ve run far enough to know that being a runner is simply part of who I am. I’ve run far enough to know that running makes me a healthier, saner, happier, and less stressed individual. I’ve run far enough to have spent thousands of dollars on race fees, gear, and fuel. I’ve also run far enough to take the leap into marathon territory…something I never thought I would do a few years ago.

  92. I’ve run a long, long way — out of one country, home to another — out of a bad marriage, into a good one — and through the ups and downs of raising kids to be strong, confident adults.

  93. My personal far is 26.2 (x3). I have 3 kids and find that a husband with a busy work schedule and kids with all their activities keep my current mileage a bit lower. For now, I am happy with 13.1 and hope to someday climb back up to that 26.2 status. Someday. Someday.

  94. In high school I ran to stay in shape for sports In college I ran for vanity and stress relief. After I got married I ran to pass the time when my husband traveled or worked long hours. As a mom I’m running for a healthy heart, a sound body and a sane mind and a little bit of vanity and probably to prove to myself, my kids and other mothers that we still are athletes. Running has grown with me and I’ve grown with running.

  95. I’ve run my mouth alot this year?? Count at all? Trying to get out 2-3x a week…..average about 5km a run. 🙂

  96. I look at how far I’ve run not in miles but in my life’s journey. In January, 2010 I couldn’t run one mile. My 3 young kids, my career as a surgeon, and my husband all came way before I did. While those 3 are important still, so is my sanity. Signing up for races has given me the strength to be a little selfish. And running has become my selfish escape.
    In 2011 I’ve finished 2 half marathons and I’m currently training for another half and my first full marathon. I’m routinely finding time 3 days a week for me. I’ve found a great women’s running group once a week and made new friends – sisters in training.
    The new me puts my needs on the list and sets a healthy example for my family. I’d say I’ve run pretty far!

  97. 7 hours and 29 minutes. When I was lost. In the forest. During a 25k. Which was on fire. Now, in some circles (firefighters, trail runners, etc…) I am (in)famous. “Oh! So YOU’RE the one….” LOL. Must use secret identity!!!

  98. I have run through college and grad school…i have run through break-ups and make-ups…I ran through real love and real tragedy…I ran through my engagement, my wedding, my first pregnancy, then my first miscarriage… I ran through the first couple of months of my second pregnancy…Now I’ve run through 14+ months of breastfeeding…infanthood and now toddlerhood…I’ve run off 55 pounds of baby weight…And now I’m learning to run through motherhood…

  99. I run to be a “finisher”. I run to prove to myself that I can do hard things. I run not because I am fast or have great technique, but I am mentally strong and determined. I run to encourage those around me to believe in themselves! I run because I can! (Note: some may call my run a jog! Ha! But like Dimity says….you call yourself a runner!!)

  100. I’ve been running since Junior High, really would like to know now how far (mi) I HAVE run over the years! Almost always enjoy adding more, have loved seeing how my running and attitude has changed. Hoping for another 25+ years of running!!

  101. I’m not sure the distance I have completed since starting running, but I do know what I have taken away from running. I am more determined, happy,proud,rebellious, and strong. Both mentally and physically. While running with my friend yesterday I choked up telling her what was going on in my life and how it was falling apart around me. But we kept running. Not once did we stop for me to pull it together or have a pity party. That’s what the running was for. If only I knew that it would bring me this much joy and clarity in my life, i would have stuck with it after high school. I am a better mother, wife, daughter, sister and aunt because I run. I take my “me” time out on the road and enjoy every second of the run.

  102. I’ve come from someone who almost threw up last summer while doing an hour long run (longest at that point) to someone who has recently just run a 15K. This particular 15K is one that I thought only crazy people ran…guess I’m one of the crazy people now! Definitely aiming for my first 13.1 in the next year.

  103. I’ve run far enough to overcome 10 (yes, 10!) miscarriages, a broken heart, through nearly every discouragment, disappointment, and challenge that has come my way in the last 5 years. I don’t care how many miles that is. All I know is that for me, it is a long way 🙂

  104. The furthest I have run (race walked) is 10 miles….. I am building up my pile of miles and will be tackling the Marine Corps Marathon this year!!! I am running for my health (having had weight loss surgery), for inspiration, for the fun of it!!! Just happy to be another mother runner like everyone here!!!

  105. According to my daily mile I’ve run 1720km which is 4% of the distance around the world or 898 doughnuts worth of calories. 🙂

  106. How far have I run? I’ve run far enough to know that I can still run farther! I can take on these challenges in miles & in motherhood and cross that finish line! I’ve run far enough to shed 50+ lbs, to gain self-confidence, to be happy with myself. I have run far enough to make me a better mother & a better wife. (Although I am pretty proud of the 2 1/2 marathon’s & other races I’ve completed, plus the 17 mile training run as my longest to date).

  107. The longest distance I have gone is 7.5 miles, but I am a fairly new running mom (only since Oct of 2010) and I don’t know what I would do without it. My best 5k was 27:30 and that was on a bum leg that put me out of running for 2 months and the day after my Grandfather died. I have run so far that I can’t function as a mom without it. Keeps me sane, fulfilled, happy, confident, safe, healthy and moving. It keeps my head from exploding at everything being thrown at me. I run for my mom, who is not here anymore. I run from my fear and self doubt-until I can stare it in the face and run laughing at it! I run to be strong, inside and out.
    I may never do more than a 10k, but I will always run!

  108. SO many miles I can’t count, but my favorite run so far BY far was just Monday. An un-timed 5K race that Grandma was nice enough to volunteer to push the stroller for my 4yr old and 1yr old. After I finished my 10K I ran back on the course to find them and my little 4yr old jumped out to run with me! A balloon in one hand and mom’s hand in the other we ran over a half mile into the finish with the parade crowd on either side cheering on my little dude! Heart swelled with pride and I think my grin was a mile wide. Best.Run.Ever!
    Just added it all up…since officially recording my miles (ran about 18 months before this) I have run (drum roll please…) 3,670 miles – not too shabby knowing I had a baby in there too!

  109. how far have i run today? 3 miles, yesterday? 5 miles. Longest run ever without walking? 8 miles. I’m signed up to do a 13.1 in St. Louis in October

  110. I’ve run off 25 lbs and, away from my 4 children and back to them. The run has made me a happier mother runner’

  111. I have run to where the sidewalk ends and beyond. I have run with a run that is measured and slow, but I have run to where I have found my confidence and my best self!

  112. I’ve run from being a girl who was nagged by her husband to get active alllllll the way to the woman who made her husband sit down this past weekend and make his training plan so he can keep up with ME! I haven’t started to keep track of actual miles until recently, but in emotional and mental growth miles, I’ve run around the world a thousand times!

  113. I am training for my 6th marathon, but I am new to speed work. Although I hit a major running mile stone (ran so hard I almost puked) during our 400 repeats (we did 12 of them)- I was sort of sad about how this hard workout did not amount in huge mileage for the day. My husband usually asks “how far did you run” and all I could say was “just over 5, maybe 5.5”. I gotta get over this high mileage thing!

  114. I have run enough to work off 40+ pounds. wear a bikini on vacation and look awesome at my 30th HS reunion this past weekend!

  115. The farthest distance that I have run has been 26.2 last year during the Philly Marathon and I am currently training for both the Philly and Austin, TX marathons in Nov and Feb respectively. If anyone would have told me that I would run a marathon, I would have told them that they are crazy. But I think how my running career came to be is a pretty unique one…while in college I was also involved in Army ROTC and later an Army Officer. So running became part of my job requirement. That was were deals were made and performance reviews held, all during daily runs. And being one of the few females in the unit, you had to keep up with the men. So now as a mom, wife and business owner, I run to de-stress, build self-esteem and overall confidence. Running is not only a part of me, I am a runner!

  116. My furthest run is 13.3 miles. It was a training run leading up to my first official half. I follow the Galloway training plans which encourage you to go the distance before your actual race. It was a huge mental and physical accomplishment for me – I proved to myself that I CAN , regardless of my brain telling me otherwise. It made me recognize that I’m capable of so much more than I give myself credit for. A proud personal moment for me!

  117. I started running about a year ago. My hubby was about to go on his 6th deployment. I had to kids and no day care, time alone or release… For a year. I run off ten pounds. I ran into a size six. I ran to tune out my kids and constant responsibility. I ran pushing a 120 pound stroller packed with two growing kids, water, stacks, toys and crayons. I ran to sanity. Hubby came home safe on the 20th… I haven’t stoped xoxox

  118. I have run so much, that between my husband and I we have gone through 2 motors and approaching 4,000 miles on our treadmill we bought in 2006. And our treadmill is only used from the months of November-February! I cannot imagine how many miles I have logged on the asphalt and trails in the ‘good’ months. I will be running my 2nd marathon in September, and my husband (3x Ironman finisher) will be doing his 2nd 50 mile ultra in October.
    Love to run, and look good while I’m doing it! That shirt is awesome 🙂

  119. I’ve been running for 15 years, except 9 months I took off while pregnant. I run about 1100 miles a year so that makes over 16,000 miles!!! Wow, thanks for making me do the math. I’m amazed!

  120. I have run a few 5K’s, a half-marathon, hundreds of miles on my treadmill, and miles upon miles on the trails in my town….but more importantly…..I run as long and as far as I can to get away from anxiety, self-doubt, and negativity. I run to be a better mom….a better wife….a better human being…. I run as many miles/hours as it takes to clear my head and find the girl I want to be….the girl I was before sleep deprivation, a stressful job, and motherhood took over…
    I’ve been sidelined by some injuries over the past six months and the triplets (anxiety, self-doubt, and negativity) are back in full force. I start training for another half-marathon this weekend, and dammit, I will run as many miles as it takes to lose them in my dust! 🙂

  121. The furthest distance I have ran, is my first Half Marathon about 5 1/2 weeks ago. (I’m going to run my second in 3 1/2 weeks!). I’ve also lost 52#….still trying for 10 more to reach my goal weight! I would say I’ve come pretty far in mind set….I have only been running for 8 months and have never considered myself to be athletic or very interested in exercising before. I now have a new outlook about that subject and a new lifestyle, and body to go with it!! I love running!

  122. This last Sunday I ran 5.73 miles. I was well on my way to six and with some walking did get in six miles. But I was so rudely interrupted by the ever so subtle gurgling of my bowels which force me to walk or make a pit stop in the bushes if I persisted on walking. I took the lesser of two evils and walked the remainder of the six before making the walk of shame into and out of a drugstore that I violated. My husband says my face will now be as a mugshot on their walls after the evils that I bestowed on their bathroom.

  123. My longest run was 18.8 miles — last weekend — in preparation for my first 26.2 in September. It was alternately awesome and awful.

  124. I’ve run far enough to lose 40 pounds after having 3 c-sections in less than four years. I’ve run past looking frumpy. I’ve run so far that I got tired, and needed to quit, and I quit for two years. Then, the run called for me. The road called me back. I pretended not to hear, but it drew me back. I’ve run far enough to hear all of my favorite music, to hear the trees rustle, and to listen for cars and bears alike. I’ve run to clear my head, to think through my problems . . .and my husband’s problems. . .any my mother’s, family’s, friends’ and kids’. . .I’ve run away from the weight again, losing 10 of the 15 I gained when I took that break, trying to feel good about myself when I hit the dressing room of my favorite store and, more importantly, trying to feel & look good when the people I know in this little town see me on the street. I’ve run from sitting sedentary at the computer. I’ve run to make my children proud. Running to look better and keep up self esteem. Running to say “I did that.” Some days it’s 3, some days it’s 12. Best of all, at age 43, I’m running toward my first marathon.

  125. I run far…. far away from the problems and stresses of every day life. Far away from the piles of work on my desk and piles of laundry at home. I run far away from my fears and my anxieties. The funny thing is, no matter how far I run, I end up right where I started. Only now, everything I was running away from no longer seems so bad.

  126. My longest run was 13.1 miles. I wonder how many miles I have run if I strung them all together? I run to finish, not to win. I run to meet new friends and stay in shape. I run to be sane and I run to clear my head. Maybe one day I will run that 26.2? Maybe not.

  127. I have run in the mornings with my dad when I was 13, by myself in college to burn off stress, with a single running stroller, with a double running stroller, in the mornings before the hubby left for work, all through my neighborhood, back after two knee surgeries, two half marathons, more than 250 this year and 46 years. I like my story.

  128. I have run far enough to melt away the stress of being a mom to four kids, a wife, a college student, and a volunteer for a number of organizations. My longest run so far is 13.1 and I hope to get to 26.2 someday.

  129. I’ve run far enough to know that no matter what life throws at me, running will always be there as a way to bring me back to myself and who I really am. I’ve outrun broken dreams, loneliness, fear, pain, and sorrow and in the process, straight into joy and acceptance.

  130. I have run a full marathon. It was a significant/impossible/mind altering/freeing goal of mine I undertook back in 2007 after I had been married for 7 years and struggled with years of infertility. Six short months later I found out I was soon going to finally become a mommy through the miracle of adoption. Now, I have 2 children through adoption ages 2-1/2 and 1 yrs old, however, longest runs are now around 6miles then my toddlers are DONE with stroller time 🙂

  131. I’ve run far through all kinda of hurt — when my knees hurt, my mind hurt, my heart hurt. And I’ve always felt better afterward.

  132. I run long enough to energize me, then I run a few minutes more.
    I run far enough to wear me out, then I turn around.
    I run to try to change mind, body, soul.
    I run until I don’t want to change…I run to love my mind, body, soul.

  133. I haven’t run very far. YET. I’m only on my 6th week of regular running, with my first 20 minute run ahead of me in a few days. The longest I’ve run in one stretch is 8 minutes. I did it twice this morning with a 5 minute walk in between. If I were to give it my best guess, I would say that in all of my runs in the past 6 weeks, I have covered about 17 miles – with walking intervals included.

  134. Longest run–5K!!
    I am really proud to claim this because running a 5K race was my new year’s resolution, and I have never stuck with any other resolution!! (:

  135. I’ve run for just more than a year, after never having run at all. In that year, I completed C25K, a couple 5K’s, a 10K and a half marathon. Now training for a full. In these 14 months, I’ve run more than 600 miles, which I never ever would have expected from myself.

  136. I’ve run a few 13.1’s and think that may be going the distance for me. More importantly though, I’ve run far enough to find myself, like lots of other mother runners, I’m sure! It’s helped me to know who I am, who I want to be, and to know that I am not done running yet.

  137. 13.1 is my farthest so far, but I’m training for the Portland marathon now so hopefully come October I’ll be able to say 26.2!

  138. I became a runner a few weeks after I was diagnosed with MS. My BRF got me going and for the first few weeks I was, quite literally, running scared. I purged all my anxiety and uncertainty into my runs and after a few weeks, not surprisingly, I began to hurt. My BRF kept reminding me “slow down, take it easy.” But I was running away from something and it took many miles, a lot of soreness, (thankfully no injuries) and many more reminders from her, to finally slow down. After a while I became more tortoise less hare (though I’ve still got some speedy rabbit in me) and realized that I couldn’t outrun this anyway. Now I don’t run away – not from MS or anything. I have since become a runner, and then a mother (something else that scared me) and three years later I’m very glad to say I now run for many reasons, none of which are fear. I’ve come a long way.

  139. 26.2 but the it’s not the miles it’s the journey that gets you to the starting line. I just watched 11 friends finish the Lake Placid Ironman over the weekend and I have been hit by waves of inspiration….not so much that I signed up for an Ironman but a renewed desire to keep doing what I love swimming, biking and of course running, which is my #1 love.

  140. I have run away from 30 years of not thinking I could run. I was the kid who threw up her breakfast after running the mile for Presidential Physical Fitness testing. And it wasn’t from “pushing myself”…I was no where near first. But I have finally embraced fitness, and running in particular. I completed my first half last spring (no walking!) and will be running another this December!

  141. I am a mama of 2 boys, ages 3 and 5 months. Even when I am not “running” , I am. If your a mom you understand 🙂

  142. I ran far enough in track practice this morning to realize I am not slow no matter what my realtime speed is. It is all a mind game we all must overcome.

  143. I can’t really measure in miles, but I can measure in endurance. When I began in February of this year, I could barely go one mile. It was a 16 minute pace and I felt like I was going to die. Next week I will be running my first 10k! Something I never thought possible.

  144. I’ve run 16 – 20 miles at a time down the streets of Los Angeles, shedding the tears that came with the loss of my aunt and, a month later, one of my best friends. I’ve run 26.2, pounding the pavement to get rid of the memory of my mom’s stroke and her subsequent healing. I’ve run mile after mile, forming opinions, debating options, and finalizing details. I’ve run 13.1 with my best friend, giggling and enjoying each step. And this week I ran 3.1 after swimming 550 meters and cycling 10.67. All told, who knows how many miles I’ve put on my feet – thousands? hundreds of thousands? And I’m nowhere near done.

  145. I started running 7 months ago and I was hooked after my first 5K! I went from barely finishing 3mi to running my first half-marathon within 6mo. I’ve run enough that other people ask me about running. That’s a huge confidence boost!

  146. One mile yesterday-probably too far too soon since my tendonitis is still flaring but I couldn’t resist. I needed to feel the joy again-and I did!

  147. This year so far, I’ve logged about 200 miles. The longest I’ve run so far is 6.2 miles. I am training for a half, though

  148. I’ve run away from an unsuccessful marriage and away from 30 unwanted pounds. But I’ve run TOWARDS a healthier me – physically and mentally. It’s been a long, hard road but it’s made me stronger and I’ve never looked back.

  149. Throughout my life I’ve run pretty far, but not quite far enough!! Working on crossing off the life checklist and training for my first half. There have been many miles, tons of minutes, not enough pounds!! 🙂

  150. It’s been almost exactly one year since my first race ever. Since then I’ve raced five 5ks, two 10ks, one half marathon and am now reaching toward my first full marathon!

  151. I started running about a month ago with a group of my close Mommy friends. Since then we have already covered between 45-60 miles and run together in our first 5k. I run mostly with my Triple jogger, complete w/ my 3 1/2 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old and 1 yr. old!! Best workout of my life. I have never been a runner, but love it more and more every time I go out. Running my first 4 mile run this weekend 🙂

  152. I have run far enough to know I’m still at the beginning of a long journey. I’ve run enough miles to know I can only save myself and no one will do it for me. AND I keep running to see how I will amaze myself next.

  153. I have ran through three relationships that didn’t work out, I ran through the fun and carefree years in my late 20’s, through a pregnancy and the 3 1/2 years since my son was born, trough a 30 lb weight gain since I gave birth, and through many days and nights when alone. Most of all, I have ran through self doubt to become a beliver again. Over the past 6 years since I started running, many things have changed, but nothing more important then my soul. PS – I ran my first half last September 🙂

  154. I ran 10 miles in Hurricane Ike! (2008) It was my first attempt at a half and they shortened the run for obvious reasons, but namely due to a flooded course! My second attempt at a half was completely cancelled due to Mother Nature as well. So, I trained 3x as long just to complete a half marathon…third time was a charm!

  155. I’ve run pretty f**king far. Trained for and complteted one full marathon, 2 half marathons, lotsa 5ks, 10ks and a 7k. And lost about 45 pounds along the way. =)

  156. Never thought of myself as a runner, until lately! So this is the first time I have ever kept track and so far 27 miles in the month of July!
    I never would have believed I could do that…but now I am looking for 30 plus for August!

  157. I have run over 1000 miles this year which is pretty remarkable considering I was sidelined for a long time with injury!! I had fleeting thoughts that I may never run again- thank goodness my drive and motivation runs faster than my fear!!

  158. I’ve run so far that I can’t imagine not running anymore. What did I used to do with my free time? Especially on Sundays, when now my day has to be planned around my long run.

  159. Miles 4.25 so far. Really I have come full circle from run when chased to…when can I run again. I run at 5am before the family can notice I am missing, before my job as a dental hygienist, before my day can convince me not to…..

  160. This past weekend some friends and I ran in the 39th Annual Wharf to Wharf race in Santa Cruz, CA. They had convinced me to sign up a while back and I was pretty reluctant at first but then I began to look at it as a personal goal. I started training with the Couch to 5K program and finally was able to complete 3.1 miles about a week or so before the race. Only problem was the race was 6 miles long. Double the amount I had just accomplished. I was really starting to stress out over it, but finally just let all that go and told myself to just have fun and do my best. I ended up finishing the 6 mile race in 1 hour, 20 minutes and 30 seconds and was extremely satisfied and proud of myself! =)

  161. I’ve run far enough to know that I feel better, stronger, faster, thinner, and happier when my body is in motion. Somtimes fast, sometimes slow….sometimes far, sometimes short…sometimes pleasurable, sometimes painful…it’s the process that counts!

  162. I’ve ran….
    *away from 60 extra pounds
    *away from stress
    *towards a healthier me
    *towards a more patient me
    *7 miles is the farthest
    *every single day, every step….I’m what got me there…me…no one else!

  163. I have run 1,345 miles in 30 months. I have run myself into a healthier marriage and a better mother, by shedding unneeded stress. Each mile clears my soul.

  164. This year is my 10th anniversary of running first 1/2 marathon. When I started, I could only run a minute. I have run far enough to outrun depression and obesity. I love color and always wear something bright – just for me, just. To make it fun for me 😉 love this shirt, hope I win!!!!!

  165. Newbie runner here. I’ve run far enough to know that if I keep on keeping on, I will run a whole lot farther than I ever dreamed possible.

  166. Thought provoking question. I’ve run so far people call me a runner even though I still don’t consider myself one. All I know is that 10 years ago I didn’t and I started on a life journey which took me to my first 5k, two pregnancies and marathon dream that.blossomed from a Team In Training meeting to 7 fulls and too many halves to count. My kids have watched me and I hope are off on their own running journeys.

  167. Started using Nike + after my first half (Jan 2009) and finally made it to Purple status this week – which means I have run just over 1500 miles! Hoping to run 1o00+ this year though! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirt!

  168. I have run on and off for 10 years……farthest distance: 5 miles. I run for my sanity. I LOVE her writing….my family knows not to mess with me when I say “I’m going for a run.” LOVE it!!!

  169. I ran so far on my first treadmill that I literally wore grooves into the track. I ended up getting a new treadmill (once the grooves got to dangerous to try to run around) and I have now had treadmill #2 for 3 years and I hope I still have a few more years on it! Although I love to put the miles on outside, with 5 young children and a husband who is never home, those treadmills have gotten ALOT of miles!!!!

  170. I have run the distance between being afraid to run and loving to run. Its been the longest journey of my life, every step a new challenge. It has also been the most rewarding and confidence building thing I have ever done. 20 years and thousands of miles have led me to this place. There is so much more ground to cover….

  171. In almost a year I started out running the very few minutes that Couch to 5k starts you out with and my longest run so far has been 4.17 miles. I’ve completed one 5k. But mileage is only a small part of how far I’ve run. I was the chubby kid in school who barely could accomplish 1 lap in gym class. I always felt that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ when it came to anything sporty. And now I run at least twice a week and never less than about 2.5 miles. So in my mind, I’ve run to the end of the earth in back because I am proving to myself that I can do it. I can run.

  172. I’ve outrun the crazy 🙂 When I started running, I was feeling so much pressure – to lose weight, to be in charge (3 kids and a home business!), to get it all done, and I felt like one more “go round” with Barney or Bob the Builder and I would be finished. So I hit the pavement, and before very long, Christina Aguiliera and I realized that “I am a fighter” and after an hour’s worth of nobody needing me, and me actually taking care of myself – I can say that I have run so far, I’ve outrun the crazy 🙂

  173. The farthest I have run is 41 miles. The bummer is….. I was attempting a 50 mile race. I will finish next year!! Lessons learned, friends made and I love to run!!

  174. Officially, three 10ks and two half marathons. Unofficially, I’ve run hundreds of miles that got me through pregnancy and PPD.

  175. 26.24 (according to my gramin)…my one and only marathon this past fall. I think I may have another marathon left in me. We’ll see. 🙂

  176. I started running about 5 years ago. I ran on treadmills, then roads and now trails. I’ve run from corporate stress, baby stress.. from the days when I ran with a plastic water bottle in my pocket to fuel belts. I ran and met my the best friends in my life – my running ladies. we’ll keep running!

  177. I’ve run far enough to know that I’ll never stop running for as long as my legs allow it! Just Another Mother Runner…..

  178. I can’t even count how far I’ve run or how many races, etc. The proudest ‘how far/long’ is 9 mos through my pregnancy! I’m hoping to never stop, to one day be the 80 yr old winning age group prizes because I’m the only one left in my age group (cause that’s the only way I’m gonna win my age group).

  179. Far enough:
    *to have gained and kept 5 amazing friendships and running soul mates (we joke that no one gets this much of our undivided attention and time these days)
    *to have seen 1 husband crawl across our floor to get from room to room post-half after “training” just 2x on a treadmill
    *to have participated / celebrated with 20 friends / family in 3 Disney marathon/ half-marathon weekends
    *to have run a 10miler with my mom just years before her stroke
    *to have earned the name mommyrunrun from the 2 most precious little boys, ages 2 and 4
    But never far enough:
    *to know where running will take me, what it will carry me through, who I will meet or what I will conquer with it.

  180. Love these! I am in the process of learning to run again! I have to say I am finding it tougher this time around, tougher toske the time and commitment, but am determined to do it for me!
    My longest timed race was a 15 km run during a triathlon, but have done some 2 hour runs on a long runday with crazy, entertaining friends. Here’s hoping that I stick to it!! Love your blog!

  181. The longest race I’ve run is a Half Marathon and I feel so proud of myself for doing it. In the car the other night, I said to my husband, “I need to be diligent about running 4 times a week?” He asked, “Why?” My response was, “Because 3 of my next 4 races are 10 Miles or more.” He looked me square in the eye and said, “Five years ago, did you ever imagine those words would come from your mouth?” That’s when 1 mile took me 14 minutes and a number of walk breaks. I’ve come so far.

  182. I have run to a point I never believed existed – where the miles seem less like torture and more like a reward. I have run far enough to feel that running is now part of my life and will be for a long time. I have run long enough that I miss it when I can’t. I have run so far that my kids think I am a runner, even though the farthest I have gone at one time is 9 miles…so far. I am training for my first half.

  183. I started bootcamp last November which is when I started running again. My first 1/2 ever was on the 4th of July and I”ll be doing my 2nd 1/2 in late August. . .not sure how many miles I’ve run, but definitely enough that it is pure bliss when i do!

  184. I have run for a year and a half. I started to lose some baby weight after my second was born and loved that I had something for myself. It meant that I had to get up really early to make time for myself, but I loved every minute of it and now have two of the greatest running buddies ever!

  185. My longest run to date is 13.1 miles. But in truth, I have run to places I never thought I would see, I have run with deer, I have run with sisters, I have run with new friends. I have run to my daughter’s arms. I love the run.

  186. The farthest I’ve run is 13.1 miles. But that doesn’t explain it all. I’ve gone from being a non-athlete to a runner. I’ve gone from avoiding hills to choosing hills on my weekly long run. I’ve run away from the high blood pressure problems my mom and both grandmothers had. I’ve run through a job loss, my sister’s divorce, a whole-house renovation, and my latest, mothering two teenagers. I’ve run while on vacation and at scrapbooking retreats. I have found that I am much STRONGER than I ever imagined!

  187. I have run far enough to consider myself a “real runner”. The farthest distance I’ve ever gone is a 10k, but I feel like the runner I was two years ago compared to the runner I am today is drastically different and better.

  188. I have run for exactly one year. I have run into a smaller pants size. I have run through my mother’s fight with breast cancer and her death. I have run through temper-tantrums from both children and adults. I have run from the winter-blues. I have run from mountains of laundry and dirty dishes. I have run from needy clients, needy children and a needy husband. But most importantly I have run TO happiness through the many hills and valley’s that 365 days can bring.

  189. I’ve run really far but I haven’t run far enough. I hope I can never give a “final answer” to this question! 🙂

  190. 7.1 miles is my longest to date, proving to myself that I can tackle a 10k.
    In the past, I have run off and on to either get in shape for whatever upcoming sport season or cross train during the season. Then, it was a chore and it hurt. But this year, it has changed and I’m liking it! Its MY time. I run in the rain and feel like a rock star. I run in the moonlight and feel peace. I come home from my runs feeling light, quick, and nimble like a gazelle (something my body structure wouldn’t normally be associated with). I love my runner’s high!
    I’m also curious to try arm warmers and will put them to use in the NW.

  191. The most I’ve ever done in a race is a 5k – but I’m lokking forward to my fist 10K in October! I’m not a “real” runner yet, but maybe someday I’ll get there.

  192. I have run far enough to want to come back and be excited about coming back. I have run far enough to get me through bad days and to put an exclamation point on the good ones. I have run far enough to escape my problems and find they aren’t quite as big as they’d become, by the time I come back. I have run far enough to consider myself a runner. I have run far enough to inspire and encourage others. I have run far enough to be a better me.

  193. Beautiful products!

    Over the past year, I’ve gone from an accidental runner (“I’m 41 and have never run a mile in my life, but these new sneakers happen to be running shoes, so why not?”) to training for my first half-marathon this fall (and I’m on the hunt for a great outfit. I may come in last, but I’m gonna look great doing it). I’m not particularly fast or prolific, but I am dedicated and willing to take my triumphs where I find them. (10 minute splits on today’s run? I’m a freakin’ gazelle!)

    It’s funny: I’m now in the best shape of my life, but that’s only a small part of why I run.

  194. The farthest distance I have completed in one day: 26.5 miles (per my Garmin) at the Flying Pig Marathon. Then I walked (shuffled) about 3 blocks back to my hotel room. It was one of the proudest days of my life!

  195. I have ran 28 pounds lighter and from a size 10 to a size 4. Started running 2 yrs ago at age 60 and have ran 6 5k’s. Betterd my time in each race. A group of co-workers ( 10-15 yrs younger) started running and I have always been active (walking, riding a bike , working out at the gym) asked me to join them, have been hooked ever since. Right now we run 3 days a week,usually in the morning (6 am) because it’s so hot here. I’m also addicted to cute running stuff!! I may be old but I like to be stylish!!

  196. I’ve run far enough for long enough that I no longer have self doubt about the way I look, the way I feel or the things I’ve acomplished or not accomplished. I’ve run far enough to realize that the best things in life make you sweaty and the sweatier you get the sexier you are. I’ve run far enough to know that you make your own happiness and if your just sitting around waiting for it you will, sadly, miss life.

    1. Check out my comment a few below yours. I commented and was then scrolling up to see the last few posted. We share a same and seem to share a similar running mentality 🙂 How funny!

  197. I’ve run far enough to convince myself that I am worth it… and I really can do this.

    And oh, how I needed to hear that quote about how Run Pretty Far came about. LOVED it.

  198. I have ran in and out of childhood and young adult memories and right thru self doubt. Far enough to inspire others and further than I dared dream just a year ago. I have ran right into the the person and life I imagined to be mine and ready to keep running for Marathon #2 and defining myself each day.

  199. I just really started this running thing in January. According to my Garmin, I’ve run 420.57 miles since then! Longest distance/race was 13.1. But, I’m looking forward to the WHM in Nashville in September, the 1/2 in Savannah in November & the St. Jude 1/2 in December. I have ‘loved the run’ so far!

  200. I’ve run so far that I’m almost to the blue level on my Nike + chart, I’ve gone through at least 4 pairs of shoes, and sweat more liters of water than a warthog on a 100 degree day in the Savannah.

  201. My running journey began about 6 years ago.  Today, 65 pound lighter as a result of changing my eating habits and running, I feel fantastic and run most days.  At first it started out as a means to an end.  Just get the run in on the treadmill at the gym to stimulate my body to burn fat.  Then it turned into running outside with my kids in the buggy.  Now my kids are older and we run together.  I never thought I would enter a race.  This year I will run a 14K trail race in Helena Montana, this will be my longest race to date.  Some day I hope to run a marathon.  I find running free, easy and challenging at the same time, invigorating, inspiring, and most of all a great stress reliever.  
    Thank you.


  202. How far have I run? Far enough for me to forget I have cancer; far enough for me to feel like my old self; far enough for me to enjoy life again and far enough for me to be a better wife/mother/person.

    Training for a 1/2 marathon this September and though the training has been hard, it has been worth it. I’m proving to myself (and others) that I can overcome difficult situations and come out on the positive side.

  203. I’m about to wrap up week 9 of the Couch to 5k, so technically not that far. But I’ve looked forward into working variety into my runs and been able tour some small towns in our area while traveling this summer. It’s been freeing and given me something new to look forward to. Short answer: I did 3 miles this morning, but it’s my longest continuous run to date!

  204. I wish I knew my lifetime tally..that would be so cool! 🙂
    My longest race has been 26.2- I don’t know if I dare try to go father than that!
    Thanks for the chance!

  205. I have run my way out of depression, due to fighting a chronic autoimmune disorder called fibromyalgia (widespread pain and fatigue.) Just before my 35 birthday, I felt like an 80 year old, who couldn’t get off the couch, couldn’t sleep because even the bed hurt. I signed up for a marathon, and never looked back. I have run 2 half marathons, 2 full marathons, a 14 mile trail race, many 5ks and on August 7th I will complete The Iron Girl Triathlon, in Syracuse (1/2 marathon in Sept, and full in Nov.) I am a mother of two (5 and 9), and a home daycare provider to many other children (ages 6 mos and up.) I have run through the feelings of “I’m not worthy of this time, and I am not an athlete, I am not good enough.” I have run above and beyond my chronic illness. I have run into good health, both mentally and physically. I literally “run to live,” and wouldn’t change it for the world.

  206. I’ve run 7 marathons, only one of which was close to home. I’ve flown over 17,000 miles to get to 5 of them – driven almost 1,000 more to get to the other two. I’ve prayed over all 154.4 of those marathon miles, as well as whining about, hoping for, putting up with and pushing myself through the hundreds of miles I ran to train for them all. How far have I run though? Not far enough – I’m only 33, and I have decades left of running to do!

  207. Far enough that forgetting about taking care of me is a distant memory, but not so far that I am anywhere near “finished”.

  208. I have run far enough to really miss my friend, running, when I can’t do it for an injury or vacation or whatever. I am now resting my heel from PF pain and I will miss my new found friend dearly.

  209. I’ve run through too many pairs of sneaks to keep track. I run for fun, for exercise and for sanity. The distance doesn’t matter – I’ll sign up for 5ks, 15ks and 10 milers. I’ve finished 6 marathons from the east coast to the west coast; in Dublin, Ireland; and Athens, Greece, where I completed the 2,500th anniversary of the original marathon!

  210. I have run farther than I ever thought possible. I started running to enhance my Weight Watchers plan and it gave me a non-scale-related goal. I started the Couch to 5k program in Jan 2010 and haven’t looked back since. I’ve had stints of ‘I don’t wanna’ that lasts for weeks sometimes, but I always find myself back on the treadmill or running my fave path after I put my big-girl panties back on. I ran my first half marathon in May and am glancing at another in November. Me? A runner? I always giggle when people say that about me (and the first words I say in response, which should be ‘thank you’ are instead ‘Oh, no. I run a 10:40 mile. *I’m* not a runner’) but yeah, I guess I am. I’m excited to see how much farther and further I can run! 😀

  211. I have run far enough so that i have always come back from a run with a clear mind and a solution to problems i may be facing

  212. I’ve run far enough that I now call myself a runner, even in front of dh’s friend who is a 2x iron man finisher. I’ve run far enough that when I’m having a crappy day, dh asks if I’m running that evening-or reminds me that I have a date with my running partner that evening. 🙂 I’ve run far enough that I’m ok with telling people that my half marathon pace was 10 min/mi, and even that my 5k pace is probably 9+ min/mi!
    My furthest actual distance is 13.1, and I’m now training with a friend for the Seattle Marathon!

  213. I’ve run from fights, stress, cranky kids, household chores, bad tv, and pregnancy weight. In the end, I always run home.

  214. I did a 100 mile run, once. So that is the furthest I have run in a single stretch. I never keep logs, so I have no idea what my lifetime miles are. As my life has gotten busier since I had my son, I am just happy to get out for a run, and I don’t need to prove anything by running crazy distances.

  215. I’ve run/ jogged/ walked through 40 pounds, being left at home during a deployment, 4 years of teaching public junior high, a divorce, a marriage, and 39 weeks of pregnancy. I’ve run through 5Ks, 10Ks, and a half marathon. I’ve run through dreams, visions, and nightmares. I’ve run from stress and to help. And now I’ve run in to being a mom!

  216. In distance, the longest I’ve run is 13.1 (twice). I’ve run off 20 lbs. I’ve run through the death of my brother and my father. I’ve run through two miscarriages and after the births of my two daughters. I’ve run to find myself, a strong relationship with God and a sense of peace no matter what circumstance crashes into my life. Most recently, I run to calm my nerves and curb my tongue while living with an aging parent who: refuses to admit she doesn’t hear well; refuse to admit the 3 acre farm and 100+ year old house are too much for her to take care of on her own; and, most importantly forgets I am no longer 16 and can stay out late. I run to overcome the “guilt” I feel for moving my husband to my mom’s house so we can take care of her and her home – even though he felt this was something we needed to do. I run to feel alive and free. I run because I NEED it. I run because I can!!

  217. Since becoming a mom this March my longest run is 3 miles… man it has been the hardest three miles of my life. But with jogging stroller ready- the goal is half marathon number 10 this coming Feb. So I hope to add many a mile to my tally!

    1. I’ve run enough half marathons… enough to be a half fanatic…. But more important to me, I’ve run far enough to feel at peace, strong and happy.

  218. How far have I run??? Well, physically I’ve only covered 6 miles at one time (so far), while training for my first half marathon in September. I didn’t realize when I signed up to do this with my sister-in-law that I would learn so much about my strengths and limitations – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I always wanted to complete a race before I turned 40 (4 years from now), but my life is so busy, that I really didn’t think I could carve out the additional time needed for training for a race.

    You see, I am mother to three kids (9, 6, and 2), I work full-time as an assistant professor at a local community college, I’ve committed almost 13 years to the Air National Guard, and I recently decided to run as a candidate for the school board for my kids’ school. Not to mention all the volunteering I do for the kids’ school and our church. Crazy?? Yes!! Exciting?? Ehh..maybe! I think crazy is more appropriate…

    Anyway, with the craziness of my life, I have learned to cherish my training runs. Even though my sister-in-law and I live 4 hours away from each other, we communicate several times a week about our progress. She’s much smaller and more agile than I am (which makes me realize my limitations much more acutely), but I am so excited about the progress we are both making physically and mentally. I have always had to stay in shape to pass the PT test for the military each year, but since training for this race, I have learned that exercise, especially running, is extremely therapeutic for my soul and well as my body. I’m a better professor, better officer, and above all, a much better mother. I just hope and pray that the example I’m trying to set for my children is one which they will seek to emulate throughout their lives. Let the racing begin!!

  219. I completely agree with the concept of starting to run for one reason and then ending up on the other side of self-mastery and self-discovery. I have run from depression, self-doubt, fear, a compulsive eating disorder, years of misconceptions, and the scars of abuse.

    I have run far enough to realize that I am powerful, capable, and nothing stops me but me. I have run pretty far, and I plan to keep running as far as I possibly can.

  220. 20 lbs, almost two years running, 1 marathon, 5 half-marathons. I feel like I’ve been doing it forever, in a good way :-).

  221. I realize I am a novice runner, I have run for over 2 years and competed in 14 5Ks, 2 10Ks, and one half marathon…so far. I have run as far away from pain as my fat old legs could carry me…I leave my soul on my run…until it chases me down…and then I run again…

  222. I have run many miles in this journey. I started sitting on a couch, and trying to walk/run 2 miles … to completing 3 half marathons this year. I have run almost 500 miles this year … and will be running my first half marathon. I have run away from sadness, stress, and excuses. I have almost run away from obesity … I started at 276 pounds and now 40 pounds later I have found myself. I find joy in the struggle of the long run… even though I am not always successful. I have run away from the notion that I have to be the best always (since I usually come in close to last at races) and instead realize that I have to be MY best. Thats really all that counts. Heck my blog is even titled “Running away from Obesity.” 🙂

  223. Distance: a 13k (8ish miles) Tower of Terror run in 2009 (and got pregnant on that trip!)

    Now my I run through cranky Mommy to Happy Fun Mommy.

    Future Distance– My first 13.1 this fall!

  224. Just ran my first 16 miles this weekend. (The very first time I had the guts to post on your blog, I was talking about how I had just run my first consecutive 16 minutes. Oh how times have changed!) In terms of pounds, I have run 25 pounds off. And I love it!

  225. Distace: 6 miles is my longest. Other: into friendships, community, goal setting. Afk me next year and it will be 13.1 (x2 at least) + my hood to coast milage.

  226. How far have I run? All the way through post-partum depression to positive self-esteem, happiness, achieving goals I never thought I could.

  227. My longest run to date was 7.26 miles–I felt freaking incredible and like jelly all at the same time 😀 As my previous view on running was “why? Not unless I’m being chased!” this was a huge accomplishment for me. I started running in Feb this year with a mere 30 secs at a time (and that was pushing it).
    I’ve also run INTO love–for my body, for my marriage (which was seriously lacking in the “love” dept when I couldn’t stand what I saw in the mirror), for my daughter, and even for the awesome planet that has a million beautiful places I have yet to run–empahsis on YET. And of course, love for RUNNING!!!
    Very cool post and question–so glad I stumbled upon this blog/site/book!!!

  228. This morning I woke up and ran a 5k. In february, I discovered a stress fracture in my femur after an 18 mile run. In April, I discovered a baby growing in my belly. Since then I am still running. I’m back up to 8 miles. I run. I take a walk break. I run. This morning I ran. No walk breaks. That 5k felt as good as crossing the finish line at a marathon!

  229. I’m a very slow mother runner, but I go pretty far. I’ve outrun the stress of my son’s IEP meetings, the need for high blood pressure meds, and many business decisions. I ran right over a high school coach who told me I’d never be a “real” runner, and my own self doubt. I’ve run to calmer, saner mornings and deep, cleansing breaths. I just start each morning in the dark (5am-ish), and run up the sun. And, if it’s my favorite long slow distance day, I keep going.

  230. I’ve run through 36 weeks so far this pregnancy! I may be a lot slower, and my runs may be a lot shorter, but I am still pounding the pavement. 🙂

  231. I’ve run away from ocd, depression, and low self-esteem. I running through grad school and children growing up way too fast. I’m running toward a master’s degree in elementary ed, a teaching job, and a marathon (someday)!

  232. I LOVE that quote! Mostly because it fits me to a T. I ran to lose those last few pounds (and gained a few instead) but i ran far enough to fall in love with myself!

  233. I have piled up 343.86 glorious miles this year! 93% of them have been amazing! The other 7% were harder than I ever thought possible, but I kept going because I knew I’d never forgive myself if I quit. I’ve discovered along the way, that every single step has made me a better person, a happier mom, a woman more comfortable in her own skin!

  234. I love the gear. What cute shirts!

    I have run to prove I can. I blew out my knee just over a year ago. I didn’t know if I could ever run safely again. I had a complicated recovery. Now I’m running again and I’m doing it for the joy of running. I’m done chasing times or worrying about what others think when I walk. I love it more now and feel more like a runner than ever before. I have run about 150 miles PS (post surgery).

  235. I’ve run myself right into all of the things I’ve always wanted to do. My runs give me the clarity and strength I need to start the things I never thought I would finish. And it is getting me back into college volleyball shape!

  236. I’ve run my way out of a depression so deep I didn’t think there was ever a light to be seen again. I’ve run my way out of 70 extra pounds. I’ve run thousands of miles and I’ve run to a new, strong, unstoppable woman who has only gone 13.1 miles so far but who sees 26.2 in the future 🙂

  237. I didn’t start running till a few months ago but I am in love with it. Since I bought my treadmill 2 weeks ago I have run 26 miles on it. My goal is to run 1000 miles, in 7 months, while my husband is deployed. I know the closer I get to 1000 miles the closer he is to coming home! 🙂

  238. I’ve run 21 races since my running journey began last September. My longest being a 15K. I think back to all the times I said I was “not a runner” and would “never run” and realize just how far I’ve come.

  239. I’ve run off 55 pounds. I’ve run far enough to know that I am, without a doubt, a runner. I’ve run far enough that my thoughts no longer circle around how hard running is every second that I am running, but they swirl in and out of how good I feel and how I love the sound of my feet hitting the ground and “Look at me! I’m a runner!” And then, of course, they come back around to how hard running is, but at least I can appreciate it.

  240. Until last year, I never kept track of how far I ran each year. I figured I only ran about 400 miles or so but then when keeping track I ended up closer to 800. This year I’m sure I’ll be over 1000 as I’ll finally have free time to run without pushing a jogger as all my kids will be in school this fall (at least for the mornings :)). I’m very excited to have the time to run on my own. Even though I loved pushing a jogger for so many years (almost 9 years!) and giving my kids a great example of getting out and getting fit, I really enjoy the time running by myself and/or with friends on trails.

  241. I think I have run pretty far…26.2 is the furthest distance I have run at one time, I have run through one of the most personally trying years in my life and, most importantly to me, I have run so far away from the chubby girl who got stood up for her freshman homecoming dance and she can’t even find me anymore!

  242. I have run FAR – from wanting to change my self image to setting in to who I really am, from the death of my father to the new life of my kids, from needing release to balance and calm. And, I recently ran a marathon and raced a 3:46 for my first time out!

  243. I’ve ran far enough this year that it will take a miracle for my boyfriend to catch up, and I’m stinkin’ proud of it!

  244. Farthest I’ve run? 15+ miles on a half marathon race day. It’s always a family event. It was 2008, I “ran” with my father. He’d tried for 3 years to run this particular race and kept getting swept. This particular year he was determined, he even snuck up behind the elites and second wave so that he could get a good head start. I caught up with him at mile 8, speed walking his 6’4″ frame along the edge of the course. He was going faster than my race pace, definitely faster than his race pace and he was starting to wind down. To keep him motivated, normally he’d send me away, fearing that he was holding me back, but I stopped when he stopped, went when he went. I ran back and forth, acting like a crazy cheer leader telling the crowds his name so they could yell his name! Pumping my arms, skipping, smiling, trying to show my support. We danced and walked and jogged and huffed and sweated each step to the end. He finished the race, and our entire family was a rush of happiness, pride, and tears! He’d made it! Our time was unofficial because it was outside of the scope of the race, but best medal ever. And checking my GPS, I’d put in a lot more mileage than intended as I ran back and forth. He showed me that it takes more than putting one foot in front of the other to cross the finish line. I still have the picture of all of us with ice wrapped to our knees and my dad with a huge sweaty grin on his face. He showed me it takes a lot of heart and not a little bravery to face your fears and overcome them. He passed away suddenly four months later and the process to train for that same race the next year was so very different than ever before. The motivation was different. I really dreaded it. My husband, who’s usually done well before me, stayed and ran by my side the entire time, murmuring encouragement and love. With each step it became easier, my heart grew lighter. When I crossed the finish line, I felt that I could overcome anything (even a lot of mental mileage and embrace the positive). Thanks, Dad.

  245. Oh my gosh… I’ve run through my parents’ divorce, and the death of my grandmother. I ran far enough to leave an emotionally abusive three-year relationship. I ran to like myself again. I ran 26.2 and got engaged at the finish line, ran through 4.5 months of pregnancy, and am now training for a 13.1 PR… and running to find my former BAMF and new BAMR self again. I’ve run alot of miles of road, and so many more miles of mental space. And not stopping any time soon!

  246. Training for my second half marathon now. My love for running started 14 years ago. No coaches telling me what to do, only enjoying it on my own. Running has saved me… getting through years of ups and downs.

  247. I’ve run through 1 umbrella stroller, 2 jogging strollers, 100 pair of running shoes. I’ve run through cotton, lyrca, spandex and tech. I’ve run through wind, rainbows, hail, sunshine, tropical storms, snow, rainbows, sleet and everything in between. I’ve run through roads, trails, creeks, mud, mountains, trees and meadows. I’ve run through a son, a daughter and another son. I’ve run through happiness, heartbreak, prayers, grieving, celebration and loneliness. I’ve run through 3.1, 6.2, 8, 10, 26.2, 32, and 50 miles. I’ve run through the making of a life and the ending of a life. I’ve run through the grace of God for 25 years. The real question is not how far have I run but how far WILL I?

  248. Distance wise- 18.32 miles is my longest run so far. Life wise I found myself 260 pounds after having my third son (who is now 2). I now weigh 135, run 50 miles a week and with every step Im happier, stronger and more than I ever imagined I could be.

  249. Started running to lose weight after baby #1(6 yrs) and was sort of on and off, started doing 5K’s after baby #2(4yrs) started to feel the enjoyment of the alone time during a run. Over the past 2 1/2 years “trying” to have baby #3…I NEED RUNNING to survive. I stopped for awhile to do fertility and will NEVER do that again.My motto is, “Spirit may be broken but my legs are not!” Currently training for my 1st half…woo hoo!!!!

  250. I’ve run far enough to know that my mental will is my strongest muscle; that running with friends is better than running alone – regardless of speed or distance; and that running is an addiction you can only understand (and appreciate) if you are or have ever been a runner.

  251. I have ran a few 13.1’s. My first Half I ended up catching a bug and didn’t realize it til it was over. that could explain why it was the most horrible race I have ever ran. After that horrible race I wanted to attack the Half so I signed up for another half in OBX. It turned out to be a much better day. 🙂

  252. I’ve run far far away from my asthma. In fact 26.2 miles away…twice. Because of running, my asthma is controlled and I can keep sane. I love to run!

  253. Not sure how far I’ve run in miles, but here’s what I’ve left behind:
    *I ran through my husband’s depression;
    *I ran past my bad relationship with my family;
    *I ran through 30 pounds of baby weight;
    *I’ve run through dozens of pairs of running shoes and several sets of running clothes;
    *I’ve run through a couple of foot injuries;
    But all that I’ve run through and all that I’ve run past is just preparation for what lies ahead.

  254. This year, I’ve run farther than I have ever run before. From self-conscious to confident. From depression to contentment. From completely burnt-out to ready to tackle each day. Running is not about distances logged, it’s my release.

  255. I’ve run as far as my 6 year old will go beside me on his bike, and often enough to keep pace and enjoy the distance!

  256. The better question I like to ask myself is how far will I run? Running to me is about setting new goals and pushing yourself to discover the road ahead.

  257. 2.5 marathons finished, but I’ve ran far enough to regain my self confidence, balance, and a healthy habit I can maintain for a lifetime!

  258. I have no idea how many miles I have ran over my lifetime. But I do know that it has taken me far enough to lose the baby weight from 2 babies and return to my original size within 3 months! I plan to run as far as my legs will go for another 34 years!

  259. I have run far enough that I no longer just think of jogging as a way to stay in shape. It’s what helps me clear my mind and also keep me focused on the things that are most important in my life. I have also run far enough to appreciate when I get new shoes and the new miles I get to put on them!

  260. When the other option was medication, I chose running. I ran away from post-partum depression and have never looked back. And though I have a slow and steady style, I have run far enough to finally admit “I am a runner.”

  261. I’ve run from hating exercise to the point of skipping gym class and failing it to finishing my first half marathon this spring. Lost 20 pounds but gained a new passion.

  262. I ran a marathon, so that is the farthest at one time. I’m working on running more this year than last year: last year had a marathon and a half marathon race plus training while this year has just the marathon (NWM), but a longer training time.

  263. I ran away form home thousands of miles ago. It made me realize that I can run as far as I set my mind to, and that I don’t really wanna stop.

    Love the quote from the vivacious runner. Sums it up PERFECTLY.

  264. I’be run enough to clear my mind. This used to take 10-12 miles while triathlon training. These days, though, I am happy with 4-5 miles after work when I can spend time alone!

  265. Over 5 years and probably a couple thousand miles, I’ve transitioned from a dancer to a runner. And I’ll go as long as it takes to earn my place in the pack that scales Heartbreak Hill on Patriot’s Day. Sartorially speaking, if I look good doing it, all the better!

  266. Running has been a consistent part of my life since high school track and like others, I feel lucky to have found something which keeps me mentally and physically healthy. I don’t keep track of miles much but I get itchy when I don’t get out, preferably on the trail, at least a few times a week.

  267. I’ve run farther than I ever thought I could. Before March, I couldn’t even run a mile! Back then, my goal was to only be able to run a mile straight through. Within the first week of running, I was hooked! A 5k later, I am now proudly training for my first half-marathon in September. Running has enabled me to realize I can push through my own mental limitations!

  268. The furthest race I’ve run is 13.1m, and in running for 13 years and training for that, I’ve run tons of miles. But, my biggest accomplishment is running through postpartum depression and a nasty divorce. At the end of both of those “ultras”, I’ve become a smarter, tougher, more loving woman and mother! So blessed for my abilities to both hit the pavement and run through some b.s. when I need to!

  269. I’ve run long enough to eat 297.46 donuts. When I reach an even number, a coworker said he’d buy me how many I had “burned off.” I have yet to make an even number.

  270. I ran a 34 mile trail race. It was hands down the hardest (athletic) thing I have ever done, and one of the most fun. My leg locked out at mile 12 and I had to make a decision – keep going or accept defeat. I kept going. For 8 hours, 2 minutes, and 40 seconds I experienced every emotion possible. I look forward to returning to the same race next spring.

  271. I just had my 1st fitness-versary on Sunday – one year of my adult life where I really committed to getting fit. In that year, I covered over 540 miles – not a ton, but a great amount for a 3 times a week, 5K distance runner like me. I am very happy with that.
    The longest I’ve run as an adult, I think, is 5 miles. (6 miles when I was a cross country runner is high school).

  272. LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt! I will need to check out her website!! So I was going to put something generic here but in truth I’ve run far enough to heal. When I started running, I was broken. I had delivered my third child stillborn and didn’t know how I would ever be ok again. Running helped me heal and get me back on track. When look at where I was 2 1/2 years ago to where I am now – wow. In miles – I started out where running a mile was painful and now – well, I finished my first half (in my daughter’s honor) in June and am looking to do another one. I think I have ‘run’ pretty far! 🙂

  273. According to my Nike+ Dashboard I’ve run nearly 200 miles this year, which is 200 more than most Americans! My longest run ever was 13.1. That was before the kids and I am working hard to get there again this October. A sweet new tank would be a great motivator!

  274. I have ran further than I ever though I would. When I was little a doctor said I would never be a runner. Well I have proved him wrong. I did hurdles in high school, a half marathon (and several 5Ks) in college, and in the Spring I plan on completing a Tough Mudder. I love running. I may never be the fastest but I have fun and complete my goals. 🙂

  275. How far have I run?

    Since November 2010:

    I’ve lost 54 pounds
    Two 5k races
    Two 10k races
    Bloomsday- Spokane
    Rock n Roll Seattle Half marathon

    and am now training for my first triathlon. (Delayed until October due to knee injury/rehab)

    I’ve contracted a case of “adult-onset athleticism.” and, it’s awesome.

  276. I’ve run off 92 pounds in the last two years, and a whole lot of stress. Amazing how clarifying the run is.

    13.1 is my longest distance, although I really cherish the 10Ks. Thinking about when my next half is this fall.

  277. I have run miles and miles and miles. Some miles have been on my own and many to allow me to be a better mom to my kids and wife to my husband. Some miles were with my team for the Ragnar Relay this past weekend. And I also ran/run with my kids, 8 yrs old and 4 yrs old, who like to do the 5k races with me and who are triathletes like my husband. I love that running has infused my life and the life of my family and we get to enjoy it together!

  278. I have run for 21 years. The starting line- my childhood. Racing my brothers and father to the bridge a mile away so we could spit off the top. Current position, it feels like 50 feet from the starting line. Currently doing triathlons and running because… well because what else should I do? The finish line- I hope to be one of the old ladies shuffeling along at the local 5k. Winning my age group because no other 90 year old woman is crazy enough to be out there.

  279. I have run…
    … from anxieties, insecurities, bad relationships;
    … through a PhD program, 37 states, and several pairs of shoes (some of them rather ill-fitting!);
    … to a rewarding job, a strong body, and Portland marathon in 2012.

  280. I ran 5 miles today…far enough to shake the bad dream I had last night….and short enough to be back home in an hour so my boyfriend can get to work on time 🙂

  281. I’ve run far away from the old, lazy me. I’ve run 8 minutes off my mile pace since January. I’ve run 32 pounds off my body. I’ve run a 10k as my longest distance. I’ve run to a new goal – I registered for the Savannah Rock and Roll Half just yesterday. I’ve run from being unhealthy – high CRP, high blood pressure. I’ve run from being scared to run…….

  282. I’ve run enough to finally feel ready to run that first race. Started running this past April and am signed up for my first 5K next weekend!!

  283. The farthest I have run is 18 miles, 3 hours and 15 minutes without stopping. But I’ve run from less than half a mile two years ago to 18 miles last weekend to knowing I can run 26.2 this November.

  284. I’ve run on both sides of the U.S. I got back into running to heal from a major car accident. Running healed my emotional being, while P.T. and O.T heal the physical. Since my accident 7 years ago today, I have completed 7 marathons and more that 2 dozen half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, and I’ve signed up for my first 50k in November. Running has made me a better person. I am thankful for each day I get to run!

  285. This year, I began to run. I have run through severe asthma, bitterly cold temperatures, heat and humidty, black flies, back and knee pain, and I’ve conquered every goal that I’ve set for myself. I have run far enough to make new friends, and share a new interest with old ones. I have run far enough to lose 20lbs, and to gain a new sense of self-assuredness. I am now preparing to run my first half-marathon in a couple of months. I can’t wait! 🙂

  286. I have run far enough to lose the demons that were chasing me and I have recently discovered trail running and found my bliss.

  287. The furthest I’ve run 13.1, but like many of us, we’ve run away from fear, self doubt, and unhealthy habits by running! I’m coming up on my one year anniversary with running (August) and I’m so excited to be running the first race I’d ever run for a second time!

  288. I’ve run through 18 pairs of running shoes. I’ve run through babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and now I’m heading into 3rd grade. I’ve run through two different sizes of shorts, pouring rain and strong headwinds, walls of runners at races where I’ve given up my race pace to just have fun. I’ve run through crowds of women, all cheering each other on. I’ve run through redwood forests, through the Sierras and through oceanside scenery so breathtaking that I never wanted the run to end. I’ve run through the years to truly feel like a “real runner” and I LOVE it!

  289. The furthest distance I have run continuously is 14 miles. However, I have been a running for 16 years and counting!

  290. Longest run to date is 15 miles. It was a 1/2 marathon, and quite a few of us were surprised with the longer distance. I’m still trying to outrun my insecurities and self-doubt. Though after completing my 70.3 1/2 Ironman, I’m realizing I can’t put a distance on that.

  291. I’ve gone from not being able to run without crumpling over from a stitch in my side that felt like a chefs knife digging between my lower ribs, from not being able to run past aching knee pain caused by doing too much breastroke (in the pool) in highschool, from feeling like I couldn’t breathe past the first hundred yards. I’ve run from that to now feeling like I could run on and on. I run slow. I run with small steps. And I don’t actually run very far (about 4.5 miles is my farthest). But I smile most of the time I’m out there (I can tell because people who pass by either smile back knowingly or look at me like I’m a little crazy). I really like running, and I really never thought I’d say that. And I’m signed up for a Dirty Girl 5K next month (my first race), a North Face 10K in September, and a half marathon in Vegas in December. So, hopefully, I’ll be going farther and farther every day.

  292. I’ve run far enough away from what scares me and just enough to have the courage to run back to it and face it.

  293. In miles? 32.4 at Ragnar NW Passage last weekend. (I’ll definitely be losing my first toenail & possibly a second as well.) Metaphorically? I’ve run away from depression and toward a newer, happier, healthier version of myself.

  294. Far enough:
    *to have gained and kept 5 amazing friendships and running soul mates (we joke that no one gets this much our undivided attention and time these days)
    *to have seen 1 husband crawl across our floor to get from room to room post-half after “trained” just 2x on a treadmill
    *to have participated/celebrated with 20 friends / family in 3 Disney marathon/half marathon weekends
    *to have run a 10miler with my mom just years before her stroke
    *to have earned the name mommyrunrun from the 2 most precious little boys, ages 2 and 4
    But never far enough:
    *to know where running will take me, what it will carry me through, who I will meet or what I will conquer with it.

  295. so far this year 650 miles.
    my longest run in one day is half marathon distance, I did that twice and will do it again in Sept and Oct and Feb 2012…its paid, no turning back…
    the furthest I HOPE to run before I turn 45, 26.2
    I have not told anyone is top secret..!

  296. My longest run has been 13.1 miles which I’ve done three times! I run far enough to be able to spend time away from my family. I run far enough so that I can pray.

  297. Well, since December 27, when I got my Nike Plus, I’ve run over 500 miles. Who would have thought. I think I might be close to 1000 miles since I started running 2.5 years ago. I have also run off 36 lbs. Love Jenn’s writing!

  298. I’ve run farther in the past 5 years than I ran in the previous 45! I’ve run far enough to build confidence and shed the last 10 baby pounds. I’ve run 26.2 miles – twice! I’ve run far enough to make friends and challenge myself.

  299. I’ve run 3 marathons. I’ve run through 3 kids. I’ve run off (and put on) more pounds than I could possibly count. I’ve run in every town I’ve ever travled to, from Finland to Costa Rica and all over the U.S. I’ve run through grief, joy, nervousness and a whole host of emotional cycles, until I felt whole again. Over the years, my ability has changed, but the one constant is the love of the run. It’s my sanity.

  300. I’ve run far enough to feel strong, be inspired, feel free, teach my kids, love myself, push myself forward, look good in my jeans, be moved deeply, know I need to rely on God, be energized,to feel alive.

  301. I have run full circle, back to the confident, strong woman I was before my marriage fell apart three years ago. And lacing up my running shoes last summer to complete a C25K plan, followed by a 10K this April, was a significant part of getting me around that circle. Now my daughter is starting to join me on my runs, and we plan to do a mud run in September.

  302. The farthest I’ve run is 26.2 miles. I’ve got two marathons under my belt, and planning to add to that number next year.

  303. I’ve run far enough that I’ve gone through several pairs of shoes and lost more toe nails than I care to remember. I’ve run far enough that I’m now in the purple level for my Nike+ account. Only 1400 more miles to get to black!

  304. Physically the furthest I’ve ran is 13.1 miles. Mentally I’m limitless (on a good day anyway) spiritually the furthest I’ve gone is beyond words and numbers.

  305. Since January I’ve run 4 half-marathons, 2 10Ks, over 500 miles in training, lost 35 pounds – all in celebration of my 50th birthday! I will run 2 more half-marathons this calendar year! This by someone who never ran! If I can do it, anyone can do it – it just takes one step at a time!

  306. I’ve run far enough to no longer hesitate when someone asks if I’m a runner; far enough to inspire my kids, husband and a couple of friends to start running; far enough to see a goal realized and to set some new ones; far enough to help regain a piece of myself that’s been missing for a while; far enough to know that I have no intention of stopping!

  307. I just started running in February of this year, and just started tracking my miles in May……so far, I have run off 17 pounds, and 200 miles, and my longest run to date is seven miles.

  308. Wow, I could express this in a lot of different ways….I have run through at least four pairs of shoes. I have run off 25lbs. I have run 920 miles. Dailymile tells me I have run off 535 donuts. My farthest run has been 13.1, but I am doing 15 this weekend. Hope to run many more miles! Love the Run Pretty Far shirt!!

  309. I’ve run through teary goodbyes, barf stains and lately, through non-watch runs. With a 6 month old, the road back to running for my own sanity and health has been extremely difficult but unbelievably rewarding. Getting rid of my watch a few weeks ago has further reinforced that for now, it’s not about mileage, times or negative splits, it’s about doing something for myself, that will benefit my entire family.

  310. The first race I ever ran was a half marathon. While I had never run previous to training for this race, it sparked the fire that has kept me running since 2009. A baby compared to most, I’m sure.
    It’s been really hard not training this summer, since I’m expecting in January. Especially because it really feeds my soul as a mom, business owner, friend, wife, etc.

    Here’s to 2012!

  311. I am SO thrilled you are talking about Run Pretty Far. I discovered this company several months ago and I absolutely LOVE their stuff. The farthest I’ve run all at once was 26.2 miles. In the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve run over 1500 miles. It still never ceases to amaze me that I’m capable of that. 🙂

  312. I so admire all of you who can rack up such big distances! I think 4 miles is my longest single-run (‘L’ on forehead), but I’ve gone over 1,000 total miles on my Nike+ log!

  313. What a great question–and what great clothes! This year I celebrate my 11th year running…and the 10th anniversary of my first marathon. I plan to celebrate by running by 9th one. (too bad it’s not 10th!) I came to running after college, and my college buddies still laugh that I would never go for a run with them…but now I run marathons and do triathlons! I have run through countless pairs of shoes and thousands of miles, with several incredible women I am blessed to call running partners, through happy times and sad times, through a pregnancy and countless miles with a jogging stoller, in many countries and cities I was visiting, watched many beautiful sunrises…and the list could go on and on. Running has blessed me far beyond what I could have imagined 11 years ago when I thought I’d give running a try!

  314. Longest so far is 13.1 (just a few short months ago!)…and 3 more of those on the schedule starting in just over a month. Reading this post reminded me of my first 10 mile run…double digits were haunting my dreams for months before I got there. I did it and cried a little while I sat there afterwards thinking about the first time I even attempted to “run”…didn’t get very far that evening, and I still can’t believe how far I’ve come since then!

  315. 336 miles (this year), 15.5 miles (in a day), 20 pounds, and 721 miles by the end of my marathon training this year!

  316. March 2011 I started running and fell in love. The longest run to date has been 17 miles. I used to think 1 mile was far now I think 17 miles isn’t far enough.

  317. The longest distance I’ve run has been 50 miles…4 times this year alone. I’m prepping for my first 100 mi race in exactly 1 month!! It’s intimidating when I think about the whole, but when I focus on the little parts, one aid station, one marathon at a time, it becomes less so. In the last few years I’ve run off 70 lbs and gone from huffing and puffing 1 lap around a track to cruising mountain singletrack all day. Running has helped me discover who I am…and how very strong that woman is.

  318. Since March, I made a decision not to let chronic pain stop me from running the Marine Corp Marathon in October. To date, I have run 365.70 miles. I have learned when to run through pain and when to take it easy on myself, and I’ve learned not to berate myself on those days where putting one foot in front of the other seems impossibly hard. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned to appreciate what my body can do after years of being frustrated with what it couldn’t do.

  319. I *love* the inspiring quotes, the sense of community and even embrace the tears the shared stories written above (& some of my runs) brings!

    I’ve run from a nervous, hanging behind a couple of friends in the back of the pack kinda girl into a fastionista that isn’t afraid of the attention a sparkly pink skirt brings as I dig deep and stride strong to the finish line.

    I started with one mile (or maybe a 1/2!!) and worked my way slowly up the race distances – now I’ve completed two 1/2 marathons & training for a third! 🙂

  320. Since 04/26/11, I have run 249.03 miles, have gone from a 13 minute mile to just 0ver 10 minutes per mile, have run a 5 mile race and 2 5K races, have lost 32 pounds and found me. Running has given me back control over my life, allowed me to take charge of my health, to focus on what my body can do instead of listening to what Ive been told I can’t. I’ve run from 12 major surgeries in less than 10 years, the loss of a business, unemployment, and depression. For me running isn’t all about the time and distance – it’s about the feeling of goodness, the self awareness, the feeling of learning to like my body and what it can do. It’s about watching my 8 year old participate in Girls On The Run and my 22 year old daughter run her first 5K this past Saturday and win first place in her age division – the joy we feel from running TO what we can do. How far have I run? – so very far even though I feel as if I’m just lacing up!!

  321. I was ‘Lost’/Searching for Something, So I Started to Run…
    I Have Run To Escape It
    I Have Run to Embrace It!
    To Find Myself
    To Balance Myself
    To Gain a Sense of Self…
    I Have Run anywhere from the Free & Fun 20 Minute Mile Run with My 6 Year Old Down Our Road to the 26.2 Marathon on a Lonely/Cold/Dark/Windy Road.
    I Run to Push Myself/Challenge Myself/Better Myself.

  322. I’m so sad because today I could only run a few feet. I hurt my IT band while training for a September marathon and I’m trying to build up my base again. Things aren’t looking good. My new motto is Run Smart, Run Strong! If I can’t do this race, there will be others and I need to be thankful that I’m healthy.

  323. I am a fairly newbie runner! I began running in April and since then I have run 157.88 miles!!! This is coming from a gal who has always DESPISED running. Of course I was 20-something pounds heavier but I hated how it made my chest feel, my legs, everything! Now…I love it!!! Being a mom of 3 it’s something I have just for me 🙂 It makes me feel alive & strong! HAPPY 157.88 to me….and many more to come!

  324. I don’t have the long distances (yet!) but I have run far enough to see improvements in my fitness. I no longer need to walk the uphills, now I look forward to them because I know they make me stronger!

  325. I was running when I collapsed, the first of many major signs of my impending childhood cancer diagnosis. I ran through chemo; hello cross-country team; only to discover that I hated being asked to race. I’ve ran through my mothers cancer treatment and ran the day I lost her. I’ve run far enough to break into a smile every time I run, be it for five minutes or two hours. I’ve run far enough to realize how lucky I am to be able to lace up my shoes and put one foot in front of the other. Most importantly, I’ve run far enough for my son to see the joy it brings me and join me.

  326. Love this site. Love the contest.

    The longest I’ve ever ran is a marathon in Atlanta. That, of course, was before I had children. I wonder if I’ll ever do another one…

  327. i’ve almost made it a year. i’ll celebrate that year with my second half marathon. hopefully it won’t also end my running life. training through august in texas may be a bad idea.

  328. Far enough to reclaim my body and mind in a way that hadn’t yet happened since my son was born 14 months ago. Getting back into training has made my summer.

  329. Two years ago a did a half marathon, but this year was much tougher. No measure of miles but I have run through the pain of a miscarriage and into the joy of a healthy pregnancy. I’ve run through the discomfort of a parental divorce into the unifying power of marathon relays. Every step was healing.

  330. I don’t know how many miles I’ve run but I know where they’ve taken me.

    I’ve run from my mistakes only to face them head on during my runs and figure out their lessons. I’ve run from depression, through a 35lb weight loss, through joy, through stress, through sports, through doubt, through accomplishment, and now through pregnancy.

    Oooo, hope I win! I love the shirt!

  331. I’ve run from a size 12 to a size 4, and finished my first 1/2 marathon ever in May! I ran enough to lose all of my pregnancy weight from 2 pregnancies and 3 kids. 🙂 I ran to realize, how much happier I am even the day after a long run. I don’t usually keep logs and miles, because then I forget to go out and have fun. I am just hoping to keep going for a long time!

  332. I’m seriously regretting the fact that I haven’t always kept track of my distances as I am a numbers girl – an accountant to be specific!! Last October I ran my first “race” – 5 km in the Run for the Cure, then another 5km in the Santa Shuffle in December, 10 km in the Resolution Run in January of this year, 21.1 km in the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon and a 5 km simulated race on July 1st for my birthday as I really wanted to do a 5 km race but just couldn’t find one that would fit into my crazy schedule lol – so that’s a total of 46.1 “racing” kms. Note that I keep putting “racing” in quotations as I feel like one of the slowest runners out there but I’m loving setting new PB’s every time I “race”!
    Deanne, 46 year old Accountant

  333. I cannot wait for it to be cool enough to use arm warmers!! I have run 14.06 miles, but that distance is going to be a memory soon enough because I’m training for my first marathon. I love every step I’ve taken to get here.

  334. I’ve been running for about 20 years, 12 years of marathons, and countless miles traning but as any runner knows, that’s not enough. For me running is a lifestyle and does not necessarily need to be counted. It has become as natural as eating, drinking and sleeping and is an element that I need to feel healthy and complete.

  335. First season running…mother of two, grandmother of two. Have completed 2 half marathons, placing in the top 25% of my age class (50-54)

    Running 20-25 miles per week.

    New gear???? LOVE it! Bright and colorful needed here in Portland, OR

  336. I’ve run off 25 pounds.

    I’ve run from a longest distance of .25 miles to a longest distance of 26.2 miles.

    I’ve run from depression to mental health.

    And now I’m doing it all again, post-baby, as another mother runner!

  337. How far have I run? Far enough today to see cardinals and squirrels, to run past elementary aged runners who inspire me (and I hope when they see this 30 something out running, it might inspire them to keep at it for years and years), far enough today to enjoy the sun chasing away the morning fog, to feel my shirt getting soaked in sweat before some people have even gotten out of bed, far enough to drive home in my car with a happy smile on my face because I’m so glad I got up and ran, even though I considered going back to sleep. How far have I run today? Only a 10k, but far enough to know I’m going to have a great day because of it!
    ~K~ runner_girl5k(at)yahoo(dot)com

  338. I just started running in March this year and I’ve run 8 miles as the longest distant. I’m pretty amused by how much my body can take…I started from struggling with running just a mile. I’ve done a few 5Ks, 10K, and I’m currently training for my first half marathon. I know my body can eventually take me to a full marathon!

  339. I have run off 20 lbs and 2 dress sizes. I have run off saddness, turmoil, and heartaches. I have run to celebrate, smile, and feel good about myself. I have run through more shoes than I can remember and more stinky clothes than I care to count. I have run farther and longer over the years than I thought was ever possible. Though I may not have an exact number to tell me how far I’ve gone, I know that I have run pretty far.

  340. Hmmm….if we are going total miles since I started back at running 2 years ago I have run off a total of 70 pounds which was enough miles to burn off 1’284 donuts if I liked them and to power 3’983 televisions. Now if we are going for our longest distance on one run that would be a 20 miler. I have not run a full marathon yet, but that is in the books for next year!!

  341. I have run for almost 6yrs with a boyfriend then fiance, and now husband. It is a long journey from just dating to married for over three years and we have both run together from the very beginning. I have loved watching us grow individually and as a couple through a sport we both love.

  342. I haven’t run as far as I would have liked mile wise. But when I do run it comes from the heart and I know as long as I finish it strong & feel good when I’m done then that’s as far as I need to go.

  343. I’ve run… farther than I ever imagined (26.2 miles!), harder than I ever imagined (hello, trochanteric bursitis!), longer than I ever imagined (“I’ll run a 5K and that’s it!” -Me, January 2007)

  344. I run to feel strong and in control. I run as far as my legs will carry me and sometimes farther. I run away from the day’s pressure’s and to find peace of mind. I RUN FOR ME!

  345. I have ran over 30 lbs, ran through mud (Dirty Dash Boise ’10 and upcoming ’11), ran in heat and many other fun races. Currently training for a 1/2 marathon, and hoping these fun races keep me running to the next goal and next 20 lbs!

  346. I’ve run from a couch potato for over 30 yrs to a happy, healhty recreational athlete in her mid-forties.

    That seems pretty far to me. 🙂

  347. I’ve run 26.2 twice and am currently training for marathon #3 but just this last weekend I ran 10 miles with my daughter in the jogging stroller. It was the furthest I’ve ever run with her and it made me feel so strong and proud! I felt like I really was a bada$$ mother runner:)

  348. Instead of answering how far I have run, I am going to focus on how far I will be running. In November, I will be running the JFK50, which will be my first Ultra. Truthfully, the thought gives me a sort of a freaked-out thrill. The miles I will be running between then and now completely boggle my mind. Marathons, and there are three of hem, have suddenly become training runs. I often wonder what the heck I am doing, but I already know…I am being me and doinf what I always wanted to do: become an ultrarunner and all the while be a good mommy too.

  349. I’ve run far enough to know that running will always be a part of my life. I’ve run far enough to know that I need running to keep me sane and keep me grounded.
    Great give away and great question! Love this blog so much!

  350. As someone who always vowed “I would only run if I was being chased, ” I have run off 25 pounds, about 10-20 miles a week, six 5K races, one 10K race, one 1/2 marathon and planning for the second 10K, second 1/2 and possibly an full marathon.

  351. I have run from a broken, defeated, discouraged girl to a strong, confident, capable, woman. In under a year I’ve gone from gasping at the 1 minute Couch to 5k run, to completing four half marathons. I’ve changed from a mom whose biggest hobby was surfing the net to one whose toddler thinks running and the gym are just part of the routine.

  352. I haven’t run far in miles (4 miles has been my longest run), but the “distance” I have come with running is immeasurable. Two years ago, I turned 40 and had probably never run more than a 1/4 mile at a time (hated having to run the track in gym class). Now, I am a runner!

  353. I wish I could say I’ve run far enough to find myself, but I’m not there yet. I still struggle with insecurities and frustrations, but I can say that I’ve run far enough that I know to leave those things on the road. And little by little, I’m getting closer to being the sure, confident momma I want to be.

    (But literally, my farthest run is my half marathon this past March. This year? I’ve run a total of 433 miles so far…my goal is 1100k or 683 miles.)

  354. I have run far enough to no longer be afraid of running. It used to scare the bejesus out of me- I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew it would be bad. Even in school, I was afraid of the mile. Could I make it? What if I ran out of breath? Would my legs give up? I’m going to be the slowest person!

    Now, I no longer feel that way! And miraculously, running has also made me shed my fears to try other new things.

  355. I have just started running but I have run far enough to perk my inner determination. I know that I can do it now and there wasn’t anything but my insecurities holding me back!!

  356. The farthest I’ve run in one day so far is about 14 miles, training for 13.1 but of course that is just the start of it. I’ve run myself into amazing confidence and fitness. I’ve run into an amazing group of friends … not just running buddies, friends. I’ve run myself into being a more sane, patient and all-around better mama. I learned to love running somewhere along the way.

  357. How far have I run? I have run away from being pre-diabetic, away from out of control cholesterol, away from too many extra pounds, and away from “I can’t”. I have run from couch potato to triathlete! Quite a long distance!

  358. I NEVER thought that I’d run 1 mile, let alone 400 last year, in my first year of running! I just checked and was shocked to see that I’m not far from 1000 total since I started April 2010. What? Who am I? Oh, that’s right, another mother runner!!

  359. IN my 3 year running life I have run through Arizona, California, North Carolina, Florida, and Alabama. I have run through my wedding, 1 baby, 2 beagles, and 1 more baby on the way. I ran 6 races 10k or greater in the 9 months between my two pregnancies all in Vibram 5- fingers including PRing in the 10k, 15k, Army 10-miler, half marathon AND winning my age group in the 15k. I am about to run the Montgomery Alabama Half marathon at 20 weeks pregnant. I have run through countless amount of cupcakes from my favorite local bakery Cupcakes Y’all 🙂

  360. My longest run was the furthest away from home too. I live in NJ and traveled all the way to New Orleans to run the Mardi Gras Half Marathon. 🙂

  361. I’ve run miles away from poor self image and depression. I’ve run miles towards better health, more energy and nice calves.

  362. I’ve run 50 pounds away.
    I’ve run stress away.
    I’ve run self-doubt away.
    I’ve run shyness away.

    I’ve ran into self-esteem.
    I’ve ran into a deeper relationship with God.
    I’ve ran happiness into this mama.
    I’ve ran 13.2 miles.

  363. My “farthest” run was a 10K a few weeks ago. I’m pretty new to running, only began about 4 months ago, & I ran the race with my friend who is a total veteran, already completing a marathon. She’s awesome & inspires me so much but I’ve been a little timid about trying to keep up with her. But at that race we ran every step together. It was a super hilly course & crazy hot, but we killed it. When we crossed the finish line together I was SO proud of us & of myself (I beat my best 10K time by over 2 minutes!). I had pushed myself out of my comfort zone & proved to myself that I am, indeed, capable of amazing things. Happy Hump Day!!!

  364. I’ve run a half marathon. I’ve run off 30 pounds. I’ve run away the blues, the jitters, the crazies. I’ve run away, “get me away from these kids,” “how can I survive homeschooling,” “how can w survive cancer again?” And yet, I run again each time because there’s always something that running will make better.

  365. I have run enough miles that I have lost some pounds, gained confidence in myself and helped my body become healthier. The ” I can do it” attitude that running has given me is currently helping
    me train for my first marathon in October.

  366. The furthest I have run: 30 pounds, countless minutes and 3.1 miles (new to running and I asthma so this is about my max :))

  367. The farthest distance I’ve run is 13.1 miles, but in training to run that distance I’ve logged many more miles and made new friends. I’ve found a way to become a better person, a better mom and a way to recharge my mind and body.

  368. I have run off 10 pounds when I didn’t know I had 10 to lose ( a lot on my tiny frame). I have run to an identity as a runner. I haven’t hit double digits yet, but I will before 11/6.

  369. I have run far enough to know that I will keep running forever. My IT band began acting up about 6 weeks ago after a half marathon. Since then I’ve been doing PT + yoga with minimal running. Yesterday my PT “let” me run 2 – 1/2 miles wedged between 1/2 mile walk breaks. It was the familiar bliss and I knew I could stop worrying about whether or not I would be able to get back to running after this annoying break.

  370. I have run through runner’s toes (2), sciatica issues, and now shin splints, but most of all my longest run is still on going for my sanity. I am so much happier and patient now that I run 5 days a week. My almost 9 yr old complained that I did not cuddle with him in the mornings because I’m always running or sweaty when he gets up – I had to remind him that I don’t yell anymore or get angry. I’m a happy mom because of running!

  371. How far have I run? I’ve run over the rainbow and it’s fabulous!!!!

    Can’t wait to start training (in Sept.) for my first half on Thanksgiving!!!

  372. Two years ago, I only ran from danger or to catch a train. I am now training for my second half this year.

  373. In miles my furthest distance at one time is 13.1, but I have been running after 3 very energetic children for almost 7 years now and that feels like a much BIGGER and BETTER accomplishment.

  374. I have run from 100% non-athlete, jogging in loops around my Va Beach neighborhood in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, to now–13.1 under my belt and a sprint tri coming up next month, just organized a FB page for my neighborhood’s women runners (50+ members and counting), and spending all my extra money and time shopping cool new workout and race gear!! (nothin’ more motivating some dark mornings than a cool new top or running skirt!!)

  375. I’ve run far enough that my new friend and I were able to cover all sorts of topics. She is a math person and she said she runs numbers in her head as she runs, using mailbox numbers to see how many different combinations she can come up with. I’m a writer so I look at Street signs and try to spin a tale. And of course we talked about how our training is going and how cool this website is.

  376. I have run over 39 lbs (twice) leaving the fat kid that I was behind. I have run to get past my dear Labs devasting bone cancer. I have run for me, for my dad, for anyone fighting depression and done great things for myself. I have run to smile, to train, and to make new friends.

  377. I’ve run when young and single and time was my oyster. I had no idea how precious a solo run was. I’ve run when married with little ones in tow or on a old treadmill in the garage during the cold winter months. I’ve run with the jogging stroller for 10 years now. It is worn out, outdated, and very squeaky. (I’d never be able to sneak up on someone with that thing.) My youngest is 4 and getting too big for a stroller. I’m finding more time for solo runs again. I’m starting to run farther distances now and think a bit more about my training. I first starting running mostly for exercise and weight control, but my running has evolved into a form of meditation, a mood enhancer, an important part of who I am. I guess I’ve run far enough to learn that even when there are a million other things that need to be accomplished, nothing makes me feel as good or more ready to tackle the other tasks than a good run!

  378. The furthest distance I have run is 13.1 miles. However in the last two years I have run enough to lose 70 lbs, while finding strength as my Mom battled breast cancer, piece as my husband battled alcoholism and in the end I have found a powerful, sexy and energetic women inside.

  379. I’ve run 60 pounds far. Because I left those 60 pounds on the pavement, I was able to run my first ever race (a 5k in September 2010) and my first ever half (in June 2011). I can’t wait to see how much farther I CAN run!

  380. I run far enough to keep my sanity. Some days that’s 5 miles, some days that’s 12, depends how much the kids were whining and complaining that day.

  381. I have run far enough to leave baby weight behind (and not on it), to gain confidence and pride, to leave crabiness at the door, to despair when the garmin is out of charge, again, and to dream about new running gear and shoes more often than is normal. I have run far enough to imprint it into the memories of my children and to inspire them to race. I have run far enough for today, but not tomorrow.

  382. (So far) 27.50- didn’t hit the tangents at my marathon. Hubby is hinting fir me to do an ultra, I think I want a few more fulls under my belt first.

  383. Distance-26.2 but more importantly…I have run from letting an autoimmune disease control me. Some days it may control my body, but with the confidence and strength I have gained from running, never my mind!

  384. I have raced 48.7 miles in the past 18 months, and have loged hundreds of traning miles, but my longest at one time was a 8K and once I did 8 miles on the eliptical. I am working on that elusive 13.1 for the spring, as I contiune to run the race the race of a life time mommy hood. 🙂

  385. How far have I run? Hard to say because many times I dont keep track of the miles. …. I just run. I run away from home but always find my way back …a better, stronger, saner mommy. I run away from school …but return a better, more focused teacher. I run away from so many things but running fills my head and my heart right back up. It refuels me so that I can go on. Speed and distance are not as important as peace and sanity. My motto in running and life…forward is a pace.

  386. I have run far more than I ever thought was possible. At one point in my life, the thought of running was something I could not fathom. However, now running is a part of me. It gives me time for myself and time to decompress/dream/pray/think.

  387. I just calculated how much I’ve run: 57.6 OSPs. I’ve run enough to fill 57.6 olympic swimming pools with sweat.

  388. It’s been a little over 3 years since I started running again. I fell away from running after grad school…3 kids…loosing touch with myself…life in general. Well I finally decided for myself to find my footing again. I started with walking every other day, usually with 1 kid in jog stroller and chasing down the other 2 who were on their bikes. This eventually evolved into run-walks…more running less walking…running, running, running. So now that I’ve found my feet again I’m 39 pounds lighter and have done 2 half-marathons, 5 marathons (last one finally a BQ!) and currently training for an 50 mile ultra this fall. I have met some beautiful, amazing strong people along the way from my running buddies…to the pacers in the last marathon I did…the amazing bloggers out there 🙂
    The whole experience hasn’t always been rosy…injuries…fading motivation…not enough time….we’ve all been there but running always is there ready to take you back. A pair of shoes waiting by the door, all you have to do is put them on and step out.

  389. I just started running this past April with a group in Richmond, VA called Mother Runner While the furthest distance we have run to date is 7.5 miles the act of joining the group and making a change in my life feels like my biggest run so far. I’ve realized amazing it is to run with fellow mom’s, no matter what the distance. The group will start training for the Richmond Half in a few weeks and I can’t wait. It’s truly something I never thought I would be doing but I am enjoying every moment of it!

  390. I still consider myself a newbie, but I have run enough to know I can’t stop. And shouldn’t stop. It makes me a better person.

  391. I’ve run far enought to show me that anything is possible. I’ve run far enough to escape the stresses in life and then a little further to give me the strength and patience to handle them when I get back home.

  392. I’ve run past two post partums, and I’m working on my third. I’m slow and short distance, but running makes me smile now.

  393. I have run far, through life and death, through heartache and happiness, through the first year with a teenager, through two full semesters with two young sons and full- time mommy- hood. I have run far enough to see my strength increase-strength as a wife, mother, student, and person.

  394. Thank you, thank you for finding this woman and posting this website! I am in love and now I am obsessed with this Fastanista collection!

    How far have I run – I’ll tell you in my mental mileage! Per my own self challenge for a New Years resolution – I have logged approximately 215 miles. I’ve had a few injuries along the way but I all in all I have run myself from being a new mommy frump-a-licious mess into a slender hot mess of an athlete!

  395. I joke with people that I run…not very far, and not very fast…but I run.
    Running is something that I do just for me. I am 25 lbs. lighter since last year at this time and the longest I have run so far is a 10K, but I am far prouder of myself than those numbers show.

  396. I’ve been running 4 months and 4 days! Well I’ve actually been running around crazy after my 2 kids (under the age of 4) for a while now, but after loosing 38lbs (54 to date) I officially started running on March 23rd. I LOVE Jenn’s quote about the best run! This 32yr old mom became addicted the first time I laced up my running shoes and set out! I ran my first race (and my longest run to date) an 8K ( with my little brother (training for his 1st ultra), something I never thought would happen!! The best part for me?? Seeing my 3 1/2 yr old get addicted too! She ran her first race the same day as mine. We have 2 more we’re preparing for and possibly a 3rd before this year is up! Plans for my 33rd birthday?? Weekend getaway with my hubby and friends to do the Warrior Dash in GA!!! Woo Hoo!!

  397. 13.1 is the most mileage at once but I’ve passed the honeymoon period and have run off 30 pounds, countless bad moods, and have run until I realized “I AM a runner!”

  398. I love that top almost as much as I love her quote! : D
    How far?
    Hmmmm….longest mileage at one mill session: 22 miles

    Longest in a race: 26.67 miles because apparently I didn’t run the tangents that well.

    Enough to drop 50 lbs of unwanted flab, not to mention stress, self-doubt and impatience with my kids.

  399. So far, this year I have run 131 miles. Currently training for my 1st race- a half marathon. I’m in awe that I have pushed through the pain & kept up with running. I just started in April of this year after refusing to run for the whole of my teen/adult life. 🙂

  400. The farthest I have run is a marathon….but I run for many reasons. To find myself, to grow up, run from my kiddos (hey, I always come back:) and stress in general. If you would have told me 20 months ago that a half marathon didn’t phase me and I would be training for the Chicago marathon I would have told you you were crazy, but your not and I am….

  401. I have run away from stress caused by work, kids and marriage. I have run away from a messy house and dirty dishes. I have run to happiness and peace of mind and that is what helps me run back home 🙂 I love that shirt!

  402. Distance 13.1. But I have run through weight loss, self doubt, sadness, anger and joy. And learned a lot about myself along the way.

  403. I’ve run through at least a couple lifetimes and versions of myself since I started in the 90s. (4 cities and 6 jobs ago) I’ve gone from someone who was satisfied to eke out a few miles to someone who’s (still) BQ-obsessed. I’ve gone from someone who struggled to finish a long run on the weekend before noon to someone who’s up before 5am to make sure I get a run in before an early work day (today!). I ran on my wedding day, and I’ve returned to running after cancer. I’ve run before seeing my dad in ICU. I’ve run to plan my life and hold on to my sanity. The longest journey begins with a single step, every time I choose to run, and I plan to keep choosing that as long as possible. In the end, how far I go matters to me but matters less than THAT I go, and that running returns me to myself.

  404. i am not able to run at the moment 🙁 due to a sore knee (and I am sorely missing my runs), but the furtherest i have run, non stop would have to be 9km in 1hr15min. Other then that I have done a 30km event where we walked/jogged the event in 5.5hrs. There was a killer hill right in the middle of the trail too! This weekend I am taking the family on a 4km fun run/walk.

  405. In distance, how far I’ve run is just 13.1 miles, but running has taken me much farther away. It’s how I clear my mind, and on a really good day it can be an almost out of body experience letting my mind travel wherever I want to go.

  406. To date the greatest distance I have gone is 7 miles. The farthest I have gone mentally is knowing that I can and will do a 10k in october and a 1/2 marathon in January. I never had gone that far before. 🙂

  407. I just started running in April ( very Slowly at first) and while I didn’t start out logging how far I’d run (now I wish I had, it would be nice to look back and see exactly how far I’ve come) and my running at first was sporadic I would say I have run approx. 80 miles and I am pretty proud of that! I think I have run far enough now to know for sure that I can…that while I might not be a fantastic runner (yet) the fact remains I have become a runner! Thank you to my Marathom Running Hubby who challenged me to stop just running after the kids and run a 10K with him…now I am planning on running a half with my sisters (who are just starting to run as well) in the future!

  408. I have run a marathon, that’s the furthest distance I have run. However, coming back after having my first baby feels like the longest distance yet 🙂

  409. How far I have run can not be measured by how many overall miles I have run. It can’t be measured by the 16 marathons I’ve run, countless halfs, ten milers, 10K’s, and 5K’s – single, double and triple stroller runs…

    How far I have run can only be measured by who I am today and who I was 10+ years ago. I reckon I’ve run so far from that overweight, unhappy girl that I plan on never be able to run my way back to her….not in this lifetime!!!

  410. I usually run far enough to stay sane, but not too far so that I can return home to my kids! But my longest was a half marathon, so 13.1.
    And that little expl totally made me tear up!

  411. I’ve run at least 2,000 miles since my first child was born–pushing one or two of them along the way. I’ve run long enough that 10 miles feels like nothing whereas when I started I couldn’t imagine making it around the 5 mile lake path one time let alone actually doing it 4 times. I’ve run long enough to build confidence. I’ve run long enough that when I am not able to do it, I am devastated. Can’t wait to start piling up the miles again-39 weeks pregnant…ready to lace up and go!

  412. I don’t keep a running total of miles or minutes. I’ve run 5Ks and marathons. I’ve run enough years that I’m sure I would have gone across the county by now at least once. 🙂 I’ve run far enough to inspire my kids to run as well.

  413. I’ve run as far as 4 pair of shoes, 2 significant injuries – back to back no less, and a jogging stroller.

    I’ve run 2 half marathons and a number of shorter distances…all long enough for me to realize it’s not about the distance or the time. It’s about getting out and doing something I didn’t think I could – and loving it.

  414. I am in the process of becoming a runner . . . again. I have run far enough to respect my body and what it can amazingly do for me. I have run long enough to enter the amazing world of no negative thoughts and just in the state of the trance. I have hard enough to learn the focus of the breath and one stride at a time.

  415. I have run farther than I ever thought possible! After a few unsuccessful tries at running I finally found my mojo last October. A new stride, awesome shoes and actually being able to do it and not feel like I was going to die keep me going!

  416. Technically the longest I have run is 13.1 (training for NWM now). BUT, I have run far enough to conquer broken hearts, mourning, stress, and to finally (maybe) consider myself a runner, even at a 10 minute mile. I always thought you need to look a certain way (you all know what that woman looks like) and run super fast, otherwise you are just a jogger! My boss put this great character on my desk with a slogan that says “I am a runner” that I am supposed to repeat to myself every day 🙂

  417. Love the pretty things! but I think I love her quote about the run best.
    How far have I run?
    I have run far, far away from obesity, depression, self abuse and darkness into the light of the living and enjoyed every step of the journey.
    I ran 22 miles to honor a fallen soldier who was killed in Afganastan for Run for the Fallen last summer. The final mile was “his mile” and when I finished, I fell into the arms of the soldiers mother, brought to tears –
    I have run for hours with my daughter (in the jogging stroller) on early mornings to watch the sun rise, count the trees and say good morning to the ducks.

    1. I would LOVE to do the Run for Fallen Soldiers! What an amazing way to use your energy! I am sure that mile means so much to his family! you moved me to tears!

  418. Longest run post baby #4 = 16 miles, miles this year = closing in on 1000!, but how far have I run?..Far enough that I am a runner, through and through, that I am fit and happy, and that I am a new and better person for all of the miles…the past 15 months (age of #4) and the past 19 years (total years running.)

    1. I have run 60lbs off. I then went on to run a marathon unknowingly while pregnant. I ran throughout that entire pregnancy. I ran a race three days before he was born. Drum roll….he is my ninth baby. I feel fantastic and wonder why I didn’t do this through my eight prior pregnancies. I am fitter and thinner than I was when I met my hubby. So I could really use a cute running t-shirt!!

  419. In miles, the farthest I’ve run is 26.2 – a distance I hope to run again this year : ) In experience, I’ve run far enough to know that running is a part of who I am, and I can’t imagine a life without it.

  420. Technically I’ve run just about 800 miles this year but those 800 miles have taken me from beach to plain; from every emotion around; from Mommy to Mommy Runner!

  421. I’ve run far enough that I’ve worn out my jogging stroller. We purchased it used 6-1/2 years ago when my oldest was born, and it currently has at least 1500 miles on it if not more. Since my youngest was born 16 months ago, I put 300 miles on it and another 230 on our double jogger (which was also bought used).

    I’m guessing that’s why the well-loved and well-traveled single jogger has a hole in the seat at the spot where it attaches to the frame (the other side is fine, but the snap that attaches it to the frame broke years ago so this side has been bearing all the stress). Bits of the stroller have been breaking over the years, but apparently it’s time to retire it. Now I’m hunting for another used single jogger that will get me through the next 1500 miles (and with any luck, I’ll snatch one from Craigslist within the week!).

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