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Hump Day Giveaway: Hyland’s Homeopathic Gift Basket

When I was four years old, my best friend was a boy named Paul. We were inseparable, taking Gym-and-Swim classes at the YMCA, attending preschool together three mornings a week, and playing in Magic Potion Land. Situated under the spreading, canopy-like branches of a massive pine tree in my parents' backyard, Magic Potion Land was our laboratory for making, you guessed it, magic potions. Water, rose petals, dandelion heads, pine needles, bark, berries, and acorns fermented together in concoctions we dreamed would cure every illness in the world.

As we say in vid: "If only our bodies could race as fast as our minds."

Fast forward to third-grade: We had to do an art project and writing assignment about an invention we dreamed up. Firmly in my dork-phase, I immediately started work on a robot, but at the last minute I scrapped it in favor of a vaccination that would be an elixir for any type of disease, from chicken pox to cancer.

As I've gotten older, I've left the science behind (Archaeoastronomy and Psych 101 were my requisite two science courses in college), yet I still search for alternatives to traditional medicine. I like Advil as much as the next mother runner, but I always hesitate before I pop a pill like that; same with Tylenol P.M. Yet with each passing year, I need more help getting to sleep (and staying asleep). I was delighted when we hooked up with Hyland's Homeopathic because they make Calms Forte, a product that slows my mind so I can drift naturally off to sleep. It allows me to wake up ready for action, whenever that may be--when my alarm clocks sounds at 5:15 for a morning run, or at 2:27 a.m. after John has a nightmare. And when I bang my shin while trail running or clock my shoulder in the weight room, I turn to arnica to lessen the bruising and swelling.

Today's giveaway is a veritable treasure chest of alternative remedies from Hyland's, everything from my trusted Calms Forte and Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica to Bioplasma Sport,  Leg Cramps, and Restful Legs. All together, there are eight 100% natural products. Everything a mother runner needs to sleep well and stay pain free. For a chance to win, post a response in the Comments section, telling us: What's your go-to alternative relief? Ice? Acupuncture? Camomile? Fish oil? Biotin? Red Vines?

All the goods in the giveaway

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 6/20/12 and ends on 6/26/12; the winner will be announced on 6/28/12. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $75.42. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


161 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Hyland’s Homeopathic Gift Basket

  1. ooh…I love and I mean LOVE my chiropractor! She has quelled the sciatica, kept me from preterm labor more times than I can count and stops pain before it gets out of hand.

    Love the Hylands teething tabs for the wee one.

  2. Ice (or frozen peas) and Rock Tape!

    (Speaking of frozen peas, husband and I disagree over usability/ cook ability of said peas after using on sprained ankle. My POV: they were in a sealed bag, did not thaw, so why not re-freeze and open/ cook later? His: ew, they were too close to smelly feet. Thoughts?)

  3. Arnica! Arnica! Arnica!!! I love that stuff!.. cream, gel, tablets… as long as it’s Arnica… Did I mention I’m a fan of Arnica?

  4. Tiger balm, an ice bath in the warmer months after a long run or bike ride, my foam roller, and daily fish oil supplements work wonders.I also drink a warm cup of Natural Calm with magnesium to help enhance sleep for recovery. Would love to try Calms Forte and some of the other products in this giveaway.

  5. My go to natural remedy for sleep issues, stress, and general malaise is: RUNNING! But I do like Badger Balm’s Warrior Balm for sore muscles. chamomile for frayed nerves. ginger tea with honey for colds, and arnica for bruises and swelling.

  6. Ice and/or heat for muscles, accupuncture for TMJ, Hyland’s Teething tabs/gel, and cough syrups are a must for my son, Yoga/pilates for anxiety, Colloidal Silver and garlic for earaches and colds, and local raw honey for allergies. Love love love Hyland’s baby products and would love to try more of the products!

  7. I’m a mother of 3 kids and have use your products since they were babies. I try to stay away from regular medicines as much as possible. Your products are a must in mu household.

  8. Depending on the specific injury or ailment, I use Hylands Arnica Gel for our families bumps, bruises and muscle (growing) pains a lot.

  9. We used Acupuncture for my son when he was 2 months old and had reflux. My husband also uses acupuncture for his back.

  10. Oh yes I have to rely on remedies for my aging body. I will use rescue remedy for those nights I just can’t slow down my brain. I have my massage therapist on speed dial and my trusty “stick” roller for my hams and quads.

  11. Well – today (6/22) is my 44th birthday! So this would be the perfect gift! I do the traditional things ice, ibuprofen, water…but I love the natural homeopathic pick me, pick me!
    It is my birthday 🙂

  12. Distraction is my best pain reliever! When I don’t focus on the pain, I don’t notice it (power of the mind). I also go to a chiropractor when migraines really start act up and I start to have repeating migraines. Dark chocolate also helps too 🙂

  13. Lately it’s been the chiropractor. He’s helped with my toe pain and helped relieve a neck pain that I thought was due to inflexibility. cool

  14. I am all for natural remedies. I have never been a pill popper. Heck, I gave birth to 2 children without drugs. My go to fix it is my chiropractor. My first chiro got me through my pregnancies and running. My new chiro is even more awesome. She also does ART… I love her! I am training for my third half marathon this fall and she is helping me along the way and I feel great. I love the Hyland products. I’ve used several for my children, some of which I used myself as well. It would be great to try some ‘adult products.

  15. My “alternative” relief? Well, I think I have hit an all new low (or amazing high), my relief is Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. Oh yes, you read correctly, it is a veterinary liniment…and what’s worse…or better…is that I LOVE it. That and an ACE bandage are my best friends (well and a bottle of wine)!!!

  16. Coffee and ibuprofen for pain…sometimes I get my massage therapist neighbor to work my shoulders for me. I have awful shoulder pain when I DONT run!

  17. Boring old ice. I’ve dabbled with over the counter stuff, but never kept at it long enough to know whether it really worked.

  18. A long hot bath with lavender epsom salts soothes my sore muscles and my stressed-out soul. Getting to enjoy said bath without kid interruption is another story!

  19. I take melatonin, but will definitely have to give Calms Forte a try.

    I use several essential oils for different purposes. White Flower Oil (which is a Chinese blend of oils and can be hard to find — I buy it in Chinatown from a druggist) is fantastic for aches and pains. Lavender oil for headaches and general relaxation. Peppermint oil for an upset stomach.

  20. I tend to not use much of anything myself, except an occasional acetaminophen, which is a little weird as a doctor. BUT, I do offer the alternative treatment option of high-dose Omega-3-Fatty Acids (fish oil) for perinatal depression. The evidence base is limited at this point, but promising. (My other favorite alternative treatment — exercise of course!)

  21. I always take ibuprofen before a long run and drink chocolate milk to refuel and help my muscles. It probably isn’t the right thing but a hot tub after just feels so good!

  22. I use ice and (if needed) Ibuprofen. I’m excited to try out those products, though! Thanks for telling us about them. The thought of a good night’s sleep is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to me. 🙂

  23. I am always looking for more natural things to use in life. Flaxseed oil supplements are helping prevent clogged glands in my daughter’s eye!

  24. I recently discovered beet root juice to help with my breathing (asthma) & I use oregano oil whenever I feel something coming on (tickle in my throat or possible cold)- works every time.

  25. The most surprising thing I have found is that vitamin d makes a tremendous difference in my mood. It was very helpful with winter blues.

  26. For running pain, I typically turn to ice and ibuprofen. However- in general, I am a Green Tea Drinker…At least 2 cups a day if not more. I stay more “well” when I’m on the green stuff, seem to have less inflammation and my skin looks better (to me). In the summer, a tall glass of iced green tea with honey is primo after a hot, sweaty run!

  27. I use arnica, too, and I love it. I have been looking for something to help with sleep issues… will have to try Forte. Thanks!

  28. My foam roll, racquetball & PT are my best friends right now while recovering from a plantar issue. Thankfully I work at the PT office & can put myself on the schedule whenever I need to. 🙂

  29. Epsom Salt soaks!! I know Epsom Salt isn’t really THAT alternative, but I have had many doctors tell me it doesn’t help, and it DOES. When I do a hot Epsom soak after a long run, I am markedly less sore the next day. I swear by it.

  30. Tension Tamer, Bedtime, or Nighty Night tea…along with some aromatherapy (love it!), lavender, neroli, ylang ylang or sandalwood usually does the trick for me.

  31. If I have shin splints (my most common pain), I go for the ice, but other than that, I have no alternative relief for the pains of running. I’d love to try some of these products.

  32. Tylenol PM has been my sleep aid for a while. I have recently started taking benadril. I have tried every sleep aid from pharmaca but to no avail 😉

  33. I use Melatonin to help me sleep. I’ve been using a massage bar from Lush to help with the soreness of my legs. Feels and smells great!

  34. Cherry juice for help with sleeping, epsom salt lavender baths for sore muscles and regular chiropractic visits to make everything else feel better!

  35. For pain I typically take acetaminophen. And to help with sleep I’ve been taking a natural sleep aid (Sleep PM?)–my husband found it at Walgreens. It’s nice b/c it knocks you out but you don’t feel groggy the next morning, but rested.

  36. Ice baths followed by a hot shower if I know I’ve pushed my luck.

    For aches that JUST WON’T BE QUIET, Flex Power is a game changer.

    Massages make a BIG difference in muscle and mental recovery, too. I feel more in tune when I’m on a regular schedule with my massage therapist.

  37. Ice ice and more ice! I have a whole section in my freezer dedicated to various forms of ice for me! Cups, packs and of course, peas!

  38. I have recently seen an acupuncturist for insomnia. Seems to be working AND my menstrual cramps have gone away! My whole family takes Juice Plus everyday to keep us healthy at the cellular level. As a result we are never sick!

  39. I swear by Dry Needling. I’ve had just about every body part (from my running muscles to my TMJ weary jaw muscles) dry needled with success. My PT hits the offending muscle knot with a dry needle, and it’s resolved the next day. I worked for 6 months to fix a knot in my calf, and, when I finally agreed to dry needling, it was improved the next day. It’s easy, quick, and incredibly effective. The only problem is the needle poke is a hard sell. The needle insertion is painless like acupuncture, but you do get a little yowsa when the needle penetrates the offending muscle. Here’s some info:

  40. I’ve recently discovered the magic of Arnica. Chiropractic care is an almost weekly maintenance must do. I’d love to sleep more, but that doesn’t seem to happen. So, I take naps with my boys on the weekends, and on my half day during the week if I’m lucky. I wish I could get back into regular massages, but time and money never seem to be coordinate.

  41. I try to avoid taking stuff but Advil when needed. I am hitting those menopause years and can’t get a good nights sleep to save my life.
    Getting up at 4:30 for my run can be very challenging after a sleepless night. Help!

  42. The kids use the “willy pad” a lot (two towels w/rice in the middle that gets activated by putting in the microwave) but cold always seems to triumph heat when it comes to aches. Instead of ice, I like a good bag of frozen vegetables for my knees or ankles when they’re aching.

  43. What do I do for relief from running/life? I think I just hang in there until the pain subsides. Some ice and warm baths. Obviously I have a lot to learn. These Hyland Products sound great and even better when endorsed by Mother Runners. By the way I see the word “superstars” written all over this commercial.

  44. I currently am not using anything. Does Epsom salt count.If I am in really bad shape I will get a massage.

  45. I was always skeptical about chiropractors, but a good sports chiropractor got me from crutches to marathon in one week, so now I’m a believer.

  46. Heat and ice are my go to. They usually fix the problem without a worry. I have started venturing into essential oils, though I’ve yet to use them after a run.

  47. I have to be honest, I hardly ever have trouble falling asleep…but I DO have restless legs that I take medication for…so I am definitely going to pick up some of the restfull legs to give it a try!

  48. Ice and advil, but also an extra rest day if possible, too. I think clean eating is a big help too. I have used arnica but would like to try Calm

  49. We love Hyland’s! We started using the teething tablets…then the calming ones…and now my husband swears by the migraine relief. I have the athlete’s formulas in my Amazon shopping cart, but I haven’t ordered them yet. As for other alternatives…I use melatonin when I’m struggling with sleep and probiotics. I take a few supplements as well. They are all a part of keeping me healthy.

  50. I use CherryFlex ProSport Shots or a teaspoon from the tub after running longer than 8miles. I use more of it after a 13mile. The benefits of tart cherries is all over the news for muscle and joint de-inflammation and high in antioxidants. Keeps me moving the next day.

  51. Love all these ideas! Love homepathic and i always make an appointment for the day after a race with my Chiropractor! Huge fan of Biofreeze and Sombera! Would love to win this and try new products!

  52. Nighty Night Tea from Traditional Medicinals is my favorite tea for the evenings. For sore muscles, I love my Blue Poppy Pain Stick that I bought at my accupuncturist’s office. It’s litterally a tube of goodness that you can pack in your purse. I put it on shoulder knots, knee pain, you name it. I’ve also been known to stop at the local animal feed store and pick up some DMSO. Not just for horses!

  53. Little man usually falls asleep on our runs so when I get home I have a bit of a break. My first relief is a shower, depending on the weather it is either hot or cold. Then I take a 20 or 30 minute rest, usually in front of the tv or with a book. During this time I use Mary Kay’s Mint Bliss foot and leg cream. The lotion has a great minty smell and just rubbing it on my feet and legs is relaxing. And don’t forget drinking water.

  54. I love arnica! I have also been trying to use as many homeopathic remedies as i can before I turn to the “hard stuff”. Tea is wonderful and I have been getting schooled in essential oils.

  55. I used to tend towards aleve until it tore up my stomach – now I go for ice, something like bio freeze and stretching. Would love to try more natural products!

  56. I am always in search of non-Rx remedies. Topical DMSO is wonderful for acute injuries, and hydration hydration hydration seems to cure so many ailments as well. Thanks for the homeopathic options!

  57. I use Calms Forte on occasion to sleep, if the tea isn’t working. Ice is my go-to pain reliever most of the time. And a cool shower just makes me feel good

  58. Isn’t Red Wine Homeopathic? Come on! It’s gotta be close! (Obviously I could use some healthier options 🙂

  59. I take fish oil everyday. Ice my feet when I need too. And sometimes all that I need to fix everything is a nice quiet warm bath!

  60. I’ve gotta say that I’ve used the sample pack of Calms Forte you put in our swag bags at a house party and I LOVE the stuff. If I don’t win this prize I am gonna buy a bottle of that stuff.

  61. Iced Tea Bags frozen in the freezer for relaxing eye soothers from being out in the wind and sun. Yogurt for skin soothing mask from again hot sun and wind.

  62. On occasion I go with the chamomile tea to get to sleep. If I am really sore after a long run I like the shock and chill of an ice bath.

  63. My go to depends on what I’m coming from. If its from a run that was a bit too hard, I’ll use my compression socks and roll out my legs. Sometimes ice baths. If it is from doing a silly Spartan Race with my husband last weekend causing three layers of skin to extract itself from my body, I go for the wine and antiseptic ointment! 🙂

  64. To relax, I drink a cup of chamomile tea before bed every night. For aches, I do the ice-cup-pop trick of freezing water in a Dixie cup with a Popsicle stick plopped in and then using that to ice and massage sore muscles.

  65. I turn to compression and, this week, made a return to yoga. I’m sure ice would do wonders but I can’t sit still that long and I don’t like the cold.

  66. I turn to heat, ice, and tylenol for pain relief. As for falling asleep i’m always so tired that I dont need any help 🙂

  67. Ooooh! I love this give-away! I use melatonin to help me sleep, too, and just saw it also helps with inflammation. So maybe I’m getting double for my money? I also use a cream from New Zealand (my husband’s a kiwi) and it has arnica, peppermint… all kinds of healing oils in it. I love it.

  68. I get such a “hangover” from any PM painkillers (ex: Tylenol PM.) I’ve turned to melatonin and it’s worked great!

  69. My go to isn’t so much natural, but it at least isn’t a drug….kinesiotape, I have used it with success on nearly any injury, ache, or pain I have had, it is amazing! But in a pinch, good old ice never fails!

  70. I am not a big fan of any type of medicine unless necessary so I just try to tough it out with plenty of water, ice and rest.

  71. I am addicted to visits with my chiropractor. Not just for back pain but for any ache or pain I might have. I also find that regular adjustments keep my respiratory problems and migraine headaches at bay. She also sells BioFreeze, which I LOVE!

  72. My mom is friends with a woman who makes herbal remedies and she keeps me hooked up with all sorts of ointments. Her achy breaky ointment is the best for muscle pain.

  73. I am in LOVE with Melatonin and an aid for great sleep! It is an herb you can buy in any drug store ad it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep with no groggy feeling in the morning. Plus, it makes me have the craziest dreams!!!

  74. Ice pack wrap and Ibuprofen are weekly remedies, but prefer massage magician, Chris. Unfortunately, the $120 per visit makes this more of an occasional splurge fix.

  75. I just tried arnica for the first time after a recent massage, for a knotted calf muscle, and I could not believe how great it worked! I’ve also used mustard oil for sore muscles (not as gross as it sounds!), and although I like it, you can’t beat how quickly the arnica worked! Love trying new, not-so-chemically things!

  76. Honestly, I still try to tough it out. Part of me still wants to believe I’m invincible and getting past the pain without any intervention makes me strong. I am, however, a lot smarter about what I put my body through!

  77. Probiotics. I had severe IBS during college (triggered mostly by a bad diet and the stress of working 4 jobs and working on my Masters). Probiotics have become my best friend.

  78. Lately I’ve been using China Gel for my legs at night and that’s been working wonders for my jumpiness and any latent pain I might have. I like tea for relaxing, but mostly, just being active enough during the day is what allows me to sleep. I LOVE Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune-Up balls for rolling soreness out.

  79. I turn to ice and heat myself, but know many people who use arnica (perhaps I should smarten up and try this myself 🙂 ). I am always open to trying more natural remedies and also stop to think twice before poping the advil!

  80. I use Absorbine linement on my legs. Yes, it is meant for horses but is does wonders for me and my daughter says I smell good and minty.

  81. Lacrosse ball massage therapy is my favorite. I keep a ball in my purse, car, and tote bag and have been known to roll my feet on a ball under my desk or even to target a sore glute by sitting on a ball in my office chair!

    I always forget about arnica! Love camomile tea for calming and soothing colds, even for the kids.

  82. I’m usually an ice and advil kind of girl, but I know a few ladies who use arnica and I’m beginning to think that stuff is magic! Seriously- what else can make bruises disappear in two days?!?

  83. A cup of tea is my go to alternative to help me relax. I’m new to all these alternative medicines so I’d love to win this!

  84. A cup of tea and a piece of good dark chocolate. There is almost nothing that this combination can’t make better – apart from sleeping better!

  85. Heat, ice, and water. I always feel if I drink more water, I’ll heal faster, I’ll feel better, I won’t get sick. I’m also a big fan of Emergen-C.

  86. Arnica cream if it’s after a long run. Arnica tablets as well if it was a really long run. 🙂
    If it’s sleep, then evening primrose oil to stay asleep. I’m not having problems falling asleep lately. But when I do, I grab valerian.

  87. I don’t think of ice as alternative 🙂 I love homeopathy, have for years. A nurse friend of mine was also a practitioner and got me started on it after my (adult) tonsillectomy – calendula rinse to help my throat heal, and homeopathic ipecac was the only thing that controlled my nausea! I’m a huge fan of arnica, topical and systemic. I’ve also found some homeopathic help for insomnia, acid reflux, allergies and my husband has benefitted from Migraide (migraines).

    Do want to try acupuncture!

  88. Usually I go to ice and Advil, but since I received some of the Hyland’s products in the gift bag from the Denver house party, it’s becoming my “therapy” of choice. The Calms Forte is amazing, and I just bought some Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica. I also love the allergy medicine.

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