Hump Day Giveaway: Mile Markings Temporary Tattoos

A Mile Markings Temporary Tattoo—and one of co-founder and #motherrunner Eleni Drake's favorites. Back in my on-again-off-again running days, I was training for a random half and did NOT think of myself as a runner," she says, "I was at a local park with a 0.8 mile loop, just going around and around and around. One of the ladies that I kept passing told me 'You are relentless!'" she remember, "It really was a turning point for my journey as a runner, to change my self-talk to be more positive."
File under: cobbler's kids with no shoes; chef who doesn't cook for herself; doctor who doesn't take care of herself.
As long as I have been writing about running, I've heard, believed and written about the power of mantras. Of short, powerful words that you can focus on when the going gets tough on your run. Instead of say, focusing, on a tight lower back or the upcoming hell—I meant hill—or the ___ more miles to go, you repeat STRONG or YES or KEEP SWIMMING.
I have written about the power of a mantra countless times. I've told you all to do it again and again. I proposed, to the last round of the TLAM Club, that you have a last-mile mantra. If you have listened or read closely, I have probably spun a few tales about my own mantras: you know, fake it until you make it. I did have a great run with "I am here now," but sadly, I was there about four years ago. I am not sure why, but a mantra is my rare exception, not my running rule.
But I have Plans. (And yes, that deserves a capital P.) I'm headed back to Minnesota. Not for my dream trail race, but a favorite nonetheless: The Medtronic TC 10-mile at the Twin Cities Marathon in October. And I want to run it fast. How fast? I'm not sure yet—but, at that point, I will not have crossed a finish line in nearly 1.5 years. I want a Win. (And yes, that deserves a capital W.)
Of course, I'm going to train properly—and emphasize all the foam rolling and glute strength this body needs—but I'm also going to practice and then use a mantra. During my first hardish workout in months last Saturday, I had four 8-minute intervals at 10K pace, sandwiched by a 45-minute warm-up and 45-minute cooldown. During the last two intervals, I kept saying, "I am strong. I am strong. I am strong."
I still looked at my Polar M400 too many times. I still sliced and diced and counted down the seconds until 8:00, but I got into a rhythm with my breathing and the three words. And I liked it. I don't know if that'll make the final cut as The Mantra, but it's a, um, strong start.
My CliffsNotes for my TC 10-mile Mantra? Mile Markings Temporary Tattoos, co-founded by #motherrunner Eleni Drake and her husband. Eleni, who is training for her seventh marathon as I type, started Mile Markers because, as she says, "When you run for awhile, you learn that it's a mental game. It's good to have a word or phrase in your head to motivate you when the running gets tough. My problem was that during a race, my running brain can't remember what the word is!"
A sampling of the unique fonts/colors/designs that Mile Markings offers.
I can totally anticipate having that problem—which is why, once I have The Mantra, I'm ordering a bunch and plastering them everywhere I will be able to see them as I conquer the TC 10 Mile. Eleni gives each a personal touch—the fonts and colors are endless—and I just love that they're made by hand by a #motherrunner.
Sarah's #BAMR ankle before Boston.

Today, we've got a chance for you to plaster yourself—and your BRFs—in Mile Markings. We have three prizes to give away:

  1. A Marathon Training Pack of 10 Temporary Tattoos, which includes one custom mantra of your choice.
  2. A Half-Marathon Training Pack of 6 Temporary Tattoos, which includes one custom mantra of your choice.
  3. And one Custom Saying/Design of your choice with six duplicates.

In order to be entered to win, please let us know in the comments below, what would words/design/animal/whatever would be on your custom Mile Markings tattoo?

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: If you'd like to place a Mile Markings order for your Ragnar team or BRFs or your next race, use code AMR to get $5 off any purchase $10 or more. 

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 7/27/16 and ends on 8/2/16. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 8/3/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $10-15. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

199 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Mile Markings Temporary Tattoos

  1. I recently found out that I’ll be running in the Twin Cities 10-Mile run too! I’d love to have an image of a pug. We recently lost our dog and she’s inspirational in the best way.

  2. I love a good mantra. I think if go with ‘You’ve got this’ or ‘The pain is temporary’ – ‘She made me do it’ applies this year in particular for my BRF too.

  3. I’d put, “Finish what you started.” It reminds me of early morning runs at ridiculous hours, running in piles of snow or high humidity, and that I did all of it for a reason.

  4. I have a few I would LOVE!

    ” Head – Heart – Feet” ( I used this while training for NYC last year and worked super hard with injury)

    ” Look how far you’ve come, you filled your heart with love” ( line from song Try Everything from Zootopia….this song has MANY lines that hit me hard )

    Don’t beat yourself up, don’t need to run so fast ( from Try Everything )

    My kids names: Kylee, Trey, Skyla, Chloe and Elodie ( my everything )

    Enjoy your journey ( sometimes we stress to much on the race & forget to enjoy and take it all in. It’s your big reward for working your super momma butt off. Take it ALL in so you NEVER forget that race you did and worked SO hard to place your toe over the start and finish line.)

  5. So many mantras I’d love on my arm for a race but I think I’d go with “feed the athlete”. It’s a line from one of my favorite AMR podcasts #176 on mental skills.

  6. I would love “I know every mile will be worth my while.” which is a quote from Go the Distance in Hercules, one of my favorite Disney movies.

  7. I would LOVE the Marathon training pack! I’m currently training for my first marathon (it’s in October) and I have to do ALL of my long runs all alone. Most of my runs are alone for that matter and I’ve struggled mentally so badly! Especially with the heat and humidity we’ve had this summer it’s been so tough! I’m so glad you posted these!

  8. I love Oiselle’s motto “Head up, wings out.” Whenever I’m feeling like death while running, I remember this and stick my head up high and relax my shoulder blades, which often makes it feel soooo much easier. I also like “You get to do this” and “run fast.” I’ve honestly thought about getting run fast actually tattooed to my inner bicep.

  9. “Turn Up” Whenever my friend and I run together, I tell her it’s my time to “turn up” – get loose, go wild, go crazy. It’s the closest I get to being trendy.

  10. “Nothing to it but to do it”. It’s a mantra that my older brother uses and passed along to me. He and my dad are my running role models. 🙂

  11. Because running is my only away time these days with a baby and a toddler at home “do not disturb” would be on mine!

  12. “There will be fruit snacks.” – this was said to me by my BRF as I was finishing my first 20 miler training run. The promise of fruit snacks when I was done. Thanks Courtney!!! They were awesome. 😉

  13. Win the day, though I already have a real tattoo of that so I guess it’s cheating to get another one. “One step closer” would be my second selection.

  14. “Suck it up buttercup”
    I am going to run the St. Jude’s full and if the kids can kick cancer in the b***…. I can suck it up!

  15. You’re kinda a big deal. Saw that on a sign on the last mile of a marathon. Really struck me how small the percentage of marathon is in the general population, and I’ve done it. I can do it again!

  16. I have a couple I like : “I can. I will. I must.” I also like ” this is easier than adulting” finally the not original but needed ” do you want Boston?”

  17. Suck it up Buttercup…or if I need to be nicer to myself “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”

  18. I’m a clean slate (no real tattoos) My personal Motto is: Run Strong …… this keeps me going. When I’m feeling really good and the running Gods are with me, I change over to “Get some road kill” but this is rare and far in between.

  19. My Mile Marking tattoo would read “I want it!” When I am out there training, I often ask myself, “Do you want it?” And I answer myself, “I want it!”

  20. My new favorite mantra, thanks to coach MK, is simply “yet”. I may not be able to do everything as well or as fast as is like to but I remind myself to add YET and there are no limits to the possibilities of what I can achieve!!

  21. Hooray for the TC 10! I’m doing it, too, as part of the Loony Challenge – I’m doing the 5k and 10k on Saturday, then the 10 mile on Sunday.

    Any plans for a AMR meetup in the Cities? If not, you are welcome to attend our annual marathon weekend party! We carbo load with all our friends running the various races and it’s been great fun!

  22. I have “breathe” and “dig deep” bracelets, but I also like the idea of “strong” and “you can do hard shit!”

  23. “I’m never doing this again…until next time!” haha, I remember my first half marathon-I said I’d never run again….and then ran one 6 months later and am still running them!

  24. Try Easy – my mantra since a trainer once told me – you need to try as hard as you can, but you need to let it be easy. To me it means stop fighting against myself and let my body do what I worked hard for it to be able to do. Try easy…it stuck!

  25. I’ve been a “runt” my entire life. I was a tiny scrawny kid who was always underestimated. Even now as an adult, an Army veteran, business woman, and accomplished athlete, there are times when I feel like I will never be seen as more than a child, since I never grew much bigger! One of my favorite stories since my childhood was “The Little Engine That Could.” So mine would be either that title, or what the little engine says as it’s climbing up the hill- “I think I can, I think I can!”

  26. I have used “Just keep swimming” in my last half, and right now I am using it especially again as I “swim” through the humidity 🙂

  27. Dimity, so happy you’re running the TC 10 Mile. I’m running it too! It’s my fav.
    Good luck training. Hope to see you on the course!

  28. I think mine would say “Fly.” I love this mantra because it reminds me of a song by Beckah Shae that came on in the last 3k of my PR half. I literally felt like I was floating to the finish, and “fly” reminds me of that moment and that feeling.

  29. Just Keep Swimming! I am training for my first Tri (sprint) next weekend and “Just keep Swimming” started as a way to get out of my head while swimming, but I’ve started singing it to myself anytime things get rough. It works in any situation! 🙂

  30. It would be the unofficial team name for my BRFs: Rebellious Runners. Complete with a skull and an orange daisy! Wish I could post a picture of our banner!

  31. I was running the Tokyo marathon this past February and saw a rare sign in English that said “Fight and Smile”. It was the right reminder at the right time and has been my mantra ever since.

  32. depending on the race I intended to wear it (ie: is Dolly with me?) I would either get “IRun4Madelyn” or “WeRTeamMaddie”.

  33. This is why I don’t have a real tattoo yet, I have too many ideas! One would be “Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong” with a lily. Another is “Run and not be weary. Isaiah 40:31” . And the other is “13e.1ieve.”

  34. I am training for my first marathon and every since I registered (gulp), I have had one goal: to be “Badass at the Wineglass”. So that would definitely be my tattoo of choice! I want to feel badass that day, meaning: strong, ready, capable, confident. It doesn’t mean a certain time or pace, but a certain frame of mind because I will be chanting it in my head whenever things get rough: Badass at the Wineglass, Badass at the Wineglass.

  35. My mantra this morning in the rain while doing 1k repeats was : “MK is right about HRT”. I discovered that my 10k pace equals my 2nd 2k in the EAT workout.

  36. I would have “run the mile you’re in” as my mantra. I also like the idea of using them to motivate you to get out there and run. The run/love infinity sign comes to mind.

  37. I would have “Phil 4:13 I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength”
    And another one is “Believe in Yourself”

  38. i don’t know for sure yet, but when I come back from this stinking injury and can run again it will be something like “remember when you couldn’t do this….”

  39. I am enough.
    Those three words have helped me through not only my first full marathon this past April, but have encouraged me through the toughest year of my life. When many things in my personal life were confusing & terrifying, remembering “I am enough” helped quiet the little devil on my shoulder.

  40. “Go Team Mendy!” and “You are strong.” I’m running a half marathon as a two person team with my BRF. She combined our names (Mary + Wendy) when she registered us as a team.

  41. “With joy and appreciation” (is what I have on my Road ID too, but I can’t read that teeny font while running, ha).

  42. Decisions, decisions! Maybe “We run for chocolate” for all the gals who take part in the annual chocolate run my local running grrrls do every year, or “Be Here Now” just for me? Regardless, I love this idea! Thanks!

  43. I think I’d use “Have Fun!” But there’s a chance I’d want some sort of mind puzzle to solve as I go. 🙂

  44. “Run and Not Grow Weary Isaiah 40:31” “Run and Not Grow Weary” or “40:31” Any variation would work for me!

  45. For our last marathon we wrote on my RP’s arm with a sharpie, “UNF$#%WITHABLE” (with the actual F word in it). That would be AWESOME as a temporary tattoo.

  46. This one may see strange but during the last quarter of a race I will repeat to myself “don’t dishonor what you have already done”. To me this means you have already done 75% of the race as best as you could, just because your tired is no reason to give up and slow down your pace. Keep it moving!

  47. ‘Just keep running’ was my mantra for my first ever half and I recall it in hard runs. But today it would have to be ‘You are STRONG’ because when it’s hard as hell and I’m suffering and want to quit, I get a boost from remembering that I am strong.

  48. Mine would say ‘don’t be stupid.’ Which is usually just what I need to hear to not go out too hard, not get in my head too much, etc. etc. I wrote it on my hand once for a race and I moved up several corrals for the Peachtree Road Race AND didn’t get injured. It works! 🙂

  49. I few years ago I ran a 5k that had special meaning- it was not my first race but I really wanted to do well- I trained hard and as I was in the last stretch my mind began to falter- I talked myself out of it and I remember saying to myself “Trust in your Training”- that has become my mantra for tougher and longer distances. So that’s what I’d go with : Trust in your Training. BTW, those tattoos are awesome!

  50. I have 2 favorites. Keep Moving Forward with an arrow and another one that’s a little wordy but seems to work. Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Heart getting stronger.

  51. 5,6,7 – this is my “why” for fitness. The first for reasons I want to run are superficial. The 5, 6, and 7th reasons are the ones that make it stick….leaving a legacy for my children!

  52. I’d have an image of a roadrunner — as an AZ girl (now in the Midwest) this zippy bird has become my running spirit animal. Words: Girl On Fire

  53. SISU I’MUA VASBYT SMILE – words to remind me to be tough, to keep moving forward, that I expect it to be hard and I can do it anyway, and to remember that I love this, chose this and I’m lucky to be able to do it!

  54. I recently read that Kate Grace keeps the Zen saying “Chop the wood. Carry the water.” On her mirror. I looked up the full saying and loved it. I’d go with “Chop the wood.”

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