Hump Day Giveaway: Mountain Buggy Terrain

As Steve Winwood said so aptly in the 80's, roll with it. (Yes, I'm totally dating myself.)

I don't think there's any better time than spring to get a bambino out in a running stroller. It's not so cold you have to worry about the babe freezing under four layers of blankets, and it's not so hot you start to ration the goldfish to limit the extra weight because it's such an effort.

But let's face it: anytime can be rough when the passenger is unhappy. So we culled those very helpful surveys from Train Like a Mother for tips on how to maintain a smooth ride when you're out for a run:

“Start the kids in the joggers when they are super young, so they come to love spending time there.”
—Julie (counts her best running friends as the ones who will push her jogger for a bit)

“My 4 year old son listens to an iPod shuffle, which keeps him quiet the whole time we run.  I download whatever is popular, and he’s happy.”
—Katrina (wishes it weren’t so difficult to find a running partner that can maintain her pace)

“I have started using a portable DVD player, and I bring snacks, toys, and promise a treat when we get home.”  —Elizabeth (loathes pushing the double stroller for trail runs, but does it anyway)

“I gave my youngest one Dum Dum for every mile we ran. He loved unwrapping them as much as sucking on them.”  —Katie (can’t part with her 15 year old jogger with an estimated 10,000 miles on it.  “If it weren’t for the jogger, I would have been on anti-depressants. I’m going to use it again when I have grandkids.”)

"Find a route with dogs, tractors, construction, horses, or lots of people. Talk to the kids and engage them in the environment.  A promise of swings and playtime at the park afterwards also helps."
—Laura (organized a team of five pregnant woman to be on a relay for the Akron Marathon; she was 8 months preggo when she ran it.)

"Ipod Touch or iPhone with games or movies.”
—Leslie (prefers to run alone)

And one tip on how to keep the mom happy:
“I make running with a jogger easier by telling myself how awesome I am to be out running pushing two kids in the double with a third on her bike.”
—Julia (runs in Five Fingers to focus on her form)

We've got another way to make the miles easier: a Mountain Buggy Terrain, a stroller that lacks nothing in comfort and features for you and your tyke.

For when you need a break. (Oh, I crack myself up.)

For you: an adjustable height handlebar (the importance of this is huge; it's as important for us tall folk as it is for shorter ones); two brakes, including one hand one; 16" tires that can conquer trails, sand or pavement with minimal effort from you; plenty of storage for bottles for both you and the babe, diapers, games, whatever it takes.

For the wee one: a super comfy seat that fits from newborn up to 77 pounds (a special car seat adapter is available); a sun shade that works as well as a beach umbrella; a removable front bar; and a cushy suspension system so a diaper doesn't have to be the only shock absorber going.

We've got one Terrain ready to roll to the house of one lucky winner; to enter, we need you to answer one of these questions on entertainment and running: 
1. If you push a babe or toddler, how do you keep it happy when she'd rather be anywhere but strapped in?
2. If you don't push a kiddo, do you do anything special to keep them entertained at home while you run? (Like do you have special games or television time reserved for when you're running?)
3. If neither apply, how do you keep yourself entertained on a long run?

Let us know, and you could have a seriously cool new pair of wheels.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 5/2/12 and ends on 5/9/12; the winner will be chosen through and announced on 5/12/12. The value of the prizes is $500. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

483 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Mountain Buggy Terrain

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  2. I keep my 21-month old son entertained with food, drinks, and/or a book. I also try to talk to him and have him say “hi” to all the people we meet on the trail.


  3. We do a lot of singing (sort of the triple whammy…running, singing AND pushing the stroller, talk about a good workout!)…also snacks are essential…and maybe a stop at a park but at the END of the run or you never get loaded back in…

    I used to bring home cake pops from Starbucks after my runs, but I’ve stopped doing that so much…didn’t seem to make sense that I was getting in a good workout and then bringing home treats for everyone else?!

  4. I keep myself entertained on the long run with music or NPR. funny how quickly time goes by when you are distracted and laughing out load. Would love the stroller to push some babies in… just need the stroller, oh, and the babies.

  5. I keep my toddler happy while walking (currently pregnant) by bringing her a snack and showing her interesting things (birds, dogs, ponds, puddles, cars, etc.) as we pass.

  6. My son loves running in his jogging stroller with me. I always take some snack and a sippy cup with water and milk and that is usually enough. When he was younger I would attach some toys to the straps and he really enjoyed it.

  7. #3 (b/c i cannot run w/ the kiddos yet – twinkie heads are too bobbly.)
    My running partner keeps me entertained. I love doing long runs w/ her b/c it keeps me distracted from the pain. Have to admit that I don’t run as often when she’s gone.

  8. I am getting back into running so I am currently on a run/walk program. When my son gets fussy I start running and he starts laughing. It is certainly helping my training 🙂

  9. It’s the iPad to the rescue if I run during the day when the kids are up, I could be gone for hours and they would never know!

  10. i know snacks are a must for the kids, but it is nice to have room for all your snacks and stuff too. drink holder, baby wipes… you name it, the stroller will hold it.

  11. 1. If you push a babe or toddler, how do you keep it happy when she’d rather be anywhere but strapped in?

    To keep my 7 Month old son happy if he gets cranky while in his stroller I sing to him ” Itsy Bitsy Spider” Is his all time favorite song! Other than that he is a great baby and usually can entertain himself 🙂 Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! Hope I win this beautiful stroller!

  12. If neither apply, how do you keep yourself entertained on a long run?

    I daydream a lot when I run (I know that’s dangerous when running on roads but it does happen). I don’t listen to music because I need help being aware of what’s going on around me.

    I’d love this jogger as a gift for my sister. Please consider me for this buggy giveaway.

  13. Baby is on the way, so no need to entertain the little one yet. For myself I have a playlist on my iPod that keeps my tempo going during a long run. I also like to vary my route – destination runs are the best!

  14. My daughter loves being outdoors and usually bringing a stuffed animal to hug is enough to keep her calm.

  15. I dont have a baby or a stroller but a good one is a must. I would like both in the near future. sounds like getting the babe trained early is a must.

  16. I don’t have a jogging stroller yet so I utilize my older kids or my mom to watch the baby while I go for a run. If it’s a long run, I pop her in her regular stroller and my mom will go for a walk with her along the trail that I’m running so I can usually pass her and see her for that added inspiration when I am ready to quit.

  17. When we go out for runs together, I take snacks, and a water bottle for the babe. I also try to go out around her nap time, cause there’s a good chance she’ll fall asleep and let me finish the rest of my run uninterrupted.

  18. Like one commenter above, or maybe more – there are a lot of comments here, my almost 2 year old has some favorite toys (like the whisk) that are stroller only. We also run with a group so he gets lots of attention & people saying hi. We also pack good snacks. I used to say that we were going running, but since he LOVES running himself, I had to start calling them stroller rides so he doesn’t have his expectations dashed.

  19. I have a one year old who so far has been fairly easy to entertain in the stroller. He loves looking around, and usually one toy and a water bottle are all he needs to be entertained on runs up to an hour. But this spring he has discovered a love of playgrounds, and now points out when ever we run by. So I’m sure soon I’ll be having to make some stops!

  20. I like to use the stroller to jog to the playground on recovery days–there’s one 1/2 mile away, but I’ll do a 3-4 mile loop to get there, let her play, and then it’s a short stretch home. Snacks are a huge help, too!

  21. I hype the stroller ride before we even go anywhere…then, with snacks and sunglasses (a must), my 2 year old daughter begs to go in the stroller when I run. She usually falls asleep within 5 minutes. It’s pretty great.

  22. My daughter LOVES bubbles, so I give her a no spill bubble container and she holds her arm out the side and giggles as our movement generates bubbles…also provides me with motivation to keep that stroller moving!

  23. Since I have no jogging stroller, I run while the kiddos are at daycare or I leave them with the hubs or grandpa and sneak out the door before they realize I’ve left. To entertain myself, I prefer to run in neighborhoods on nice days because a lot of people are outside in their yards or they’ll have their windows open. It’s my way of spying on people without being arrested as a stalker…

  24. Snacks, toys, and a good game of I-spy!. My youngest is one and my oldest is nearly five. So glad that he’s old enough to ride his bike…he is too heavy to push!

  25. I don’t have a jogging stroller to take my son along for my runs, so no need to keep him entertained. Although I would love to take him with me.
    As far as entertaining myself, I listen to my ipod or I just enjoy the scenery.

  26. I acknowledge her every sighting, so she feels I’m “listening” though I am also one-earbudding to have my necessary tunes on. We bring lots of books, small McDonald happy meal type toys and a water sippy and a blanket. If she gets sick of all of that, she screams the rest of the way home…good way to get some speedwork done at the end of my run!

  27. If I had this, I’d be pushing my 2 year old son. And to keep him happy, I’d have either an iPhone or Nintendo DS or him, but he might be happy with just going “fast” with car sounds, lol.

  28. I’m a new momma to a 5 week old girl, so since she is already such a fan of music, I will probably sing to her to keep her occupied. I also practice German in my head to keep me distracted on long runs.

  29. Around 20 months my son would no longer sit in the stroller for me no matter what I brought with to entertain him. However, my husband can take him out with just snacks and he will stay put. I think it is because my husband is super fast and my son likes the wind in his hair!

  30. I have cycled four kids through jog strollers. With our oldest, I entertained her with a CD player, food, and one GIANT lollipop. With the next one, she was entertained by clapping for the other runners we saw and encouraging them. Now I have 16 month old twins in a double, and I entertain them by talking to them. (Probably bore them into submission for the ride.) All have seemed to do pretty well. I have ran with a jog stroller in events of all distances through a half-marathon.

  31. I’m pregnant with my first child, so I don’t have kids to entertain yet, but I entertain myself on long runs with music or podcasts.

  32. I’m lucky enough to have a toddler who loves stroller runs! We live in a small town so everywhere we run is familiar and she keeps me entertained with her commentary about what we did here last week or why we can’t go to the candy store in the middle of our run. She does occasionally throw shoes or hats overboard though for entertainment purposes…….

  33. The kiddo is still pretty young, but we choose different routes to get him as excited as we are to be out and about.

  34. since i can only run with my toddler and rarely get to run alone, this would be awesome!! i currently run with a rusty old jogger. i always bring snack/drink/cars, i’ll point out things along the way and on the worst days, when nothing will appease him, i admit… i turn up the volume on my ipod, run a little faster and remind myself that i’m a better momma when i run! thanks for having such an awesome giveaway for us momma-runners 🙂

  35. We play eye spy, which entertains for a bit. When I’m desperate, a stop at the bakery for a donut gets us through a few more miles!

  36. Our stroller is not really runner friendly. I can only tolerate it for a couple miles so promising my daughter she will get to run when we get to a certain location works. If I am alone on a long run I listen to podcasts and search for the perfect photo opportunity to add to my “On my run” photo collection. It is a fun way to share my running experience with the non-runners in my life. 🙂

  37. I have an 8 month old and I clip toys to the seat belt to keep her entertained and prevent her from throwing them out of the stroller.

  38. If I am pushing my kids (almost 3 yr old and 15 month old), I either bribe them with lollipops or I tell them stories. I live in an area with lots of hills, so running up a hill and telling a story about bunnies or what not, make you feel really hard core.

    I entertain myself with podcast-your podcasts as well as few others-I just wish your podcasts were longer since 30 minutes only covers few miles. 🙂

  39. i actually don’t have kids yet and this stroller would be a great excuse, one big and neccesary purchase done. love all the entertaining ideas, no wonder mothers are great inventors.

  40. I always have snacks, drinks and toys! A toy camera is always a good snack, that way my son can take pictures along the way.

  41. I give my 2 year old a squirt gun so he can keep the “bad guys” away….usually that means bugs, gnats, etc. Sometimes he squirts bushes, dogs, parked cars, etc.

  42. My 3 kids are older but am expecting another baby in July. This will be my first experience with a jogging stroller. I had forgotten that I will need to actually plan to keep baby entertained! As of now, I entertain myself on walks by enjoying the silence and counting down days until I will be running again!!!

  43. #2 – I meet my girlfriends every Saturday morning at 7 am for a run. Before I go to bed Friday night, I put out a loaf of bread dough to thaw. I make it into cinnamon bread before I head out the door – dad puts it in the oven when the kids wake up (after I’m gone). All 3 of them look forward to “yummy bread” every Saturday – and it seems to make up for me being gone!

  44. His favorite binky, sippy cup, snacks, my iPhone (play his favorite Disney shows) & I make sure plenty of dogs are around. He loves saying Hi, to dogs… But not people!

  45. I keep myself entertained with my iPod. My little guy just sleeps for right now when we go out (he’s 2 months.) I have to say that reading other folks’ answers has given me plenty of ideas of what to do when he’s not sleeping the entire run.

  46. Before my second was born, my running time was “me time” and “daddy and daughter bonding time” for my husband. They would do something fun together such as brunch. After my son was born, it is a little more difficult to get out for long runs so I’d love this stroller so that I can take one of them with me! Love the tips on how to keep little ones happy in the stroller.

  47. I actually love running with jogging stroller buddies…they are a welcome distraction and fun to chat with along the way. I’ve used snacks, portable dvd players and stops at parks halfway through the run to negotiate a peaceful ride.

  48. I’ve taken my 10 year old with me – she on her bike & me running, but I’m pregnant with my 3rd……. I’m not sure how, but I will get out there!

  49. I have 2 1/2 year old twins and so far they do really well in the stroller. However I do make sure to have snacks if they get fussy. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  50. I take lots of snacks and usually bribe with a park trip at the end.
    Or I get up way early and he is still in bed but i turn on cartoons quietly and leave a granola bar partly unwrapped on the table so if he does get up and daddy doesn’t “hear” him, he will be occupied and eating which ensures my house will not get trashed.

  51. When I run I push my daughter in her stroller. I put my iphone in the cupholder and play music for the both of us. Luckily the music and vibrations put her to sleep!

  52. Looks like a great set of wheels. I tend to work out at lunch during my workday or try to escape early before they wake up on weekends because two big toddlers in a double is too much for me to push. I’d love to run with just one of my twins and it would be a (relative) breeze because the chosen one would be psyched for some “alone” time with me and I’d be pumped not to have to tell them to stop touching each other.

  53. We are so far just walking after a pretty rough and inactive pregnancy, but he usually just falls asleep in the stroller. Although there are times when nothing makes him happy about it, and then you either call it quits, or call for backup!

  54. I run alone, for now, because I don’t have a jogger (hence responding to this post :)). I entertain myself by singing along with my music and fantasizing about vacations we can take when the time is right, again, first as a family and eventually just my husband and I. Once I HAVE a jogger, my 2-1/2 year old will enjoy being outside with me, feeling the wind in her hair, listening to my terrible singing. 🙂

  55. My daughter usually loves to be in the stroller, especially when we go by lots of people walking their dogs. I always make sure to have plenty of juice and plenty of snacks. Sometimes I bring along a stash of chocolate-chip cookies and ration them out as the miles go on, especially when I want to do a long(er) run.

  56. My son loves to ride in the stroller. He loves to look around at all of the interesting things as we go along. When he starts getting a little fussy I just start asking him questions “What does a doggy say?” or if we hear a sound (a bird, a dog barking etc) I ask him “What was that sound?” Keeping him engaged in his surroundings and asking questions that require a tad bit of thought seems to do the trick!

  57. When I go run, it’s usually before my girls are awake. However, when I have to get a run in and they are awake, my oldest loves to watch Spiderman (she’s 3 so no idea where that came from) so I promise her that if I can run, she and I can watch Spiderman together the next time she watches it. My hubby is home during the run and he keeps them pretty entertained!

  58. I crave the quietness & solitude of running by myself after being surrounded by my 3 loud little kiddos all the time, so I usually wake up super early to get my runs in while my husband and kids are still sleeping. However, there are times when I borrow my neighbor’s running stroller for my almost 3 year old, while my 5 & 6 year olds are on their bikes. Snacks, and watching her big brother & sister, are entertaining for her. I would love to win a running stroller of my own!

  59. I rarely push my little one so on long runs I keep myself entertained by
    1. Listening to AMR podcasts or
    2. Catching up with a friend – whoah, where did those miles go?

    And… If I win, I am going to regift this to my BRF who is 20wks preggo and too uncomfortable and sick to run.

  60. The unwritten rule is no questions will be asked about snacks consumed while I am out running (as long as messes are cleaned up and wrappers properly disposed of – NOT behind the couch or under the pillows!). They usually don’t mind me heading out…

  61. When I run with the kids, we sing songs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sung “Wheels on the Stroller go round and round” while running.

    When I leave them at home, they get to watch PBS Kids or go to the park with Daddy. On my long run last week, they met me about 3/4 of the way through with PowerAde and HammerGel. That was a fun surprise!

  62. Running is usually my solo time, so I don’t have to keep the kids entertained: Daddy handles that. I do, however, try to make sure that before my Saturday-morning long runs, breakfast is ready to go, the table is set, and their paper and crayons are ready for coloring afterward. I am super thankful to my husband for watching them any time I want to hit the pavement, and I do try to make the job easy on him. 😉

  63. We don’t have tv so the only time my kiddo gets to watch it is when I put a movie on for him while I beat feet on the treadmill. It’s a treat for him and I get at least an hour of running in.

  64. I have mucho respect for parents who run while pushing their offspring in a jogging stroller. Most days it is a challenge to get myself moving. I have walked pushing a competitor stroller and it was such an improvement from the standard stroller of yesteryear.

    On long runs I just recently started running without tunes. I love it, the sound of my breathing and foot steps keep me putting one foot in front of the other. Almost a soothing effect. I live running through neighborhoods as there is much to look at and keep my mind off of the miles left until I finish.

  65. I don’t push a baby, I don’t have a jogging stroller, so my husband keeps her entertained. I keep myself entertained by running with friends. I love to talk while running!

  66. Most of the time she’s quite content on her own (although I can’t run more than a 5k yet, so it’s not a super long time). As long as she’s not hungry that is, so I normally take at least a little snack with us. Sometimes we talk about what we see outside.

  67. I push my two year old on the weekends when I am going for a medium distance run. To keep him happy, I promise him a trip to the playground a little over halfway through our run. He gets to get some energy out and I get to rest or do some strength training while he is playing. That way its a win win situation!

  68. We either run first thing in the morning or right before bed. If we run in the morning I either fix a to go type breakfast (pancakes, waffles or french toast, no syrup) and let my LO eat on the run or I sing action songs as I run which really helps my breath control. In the evening we have installed some LED headlights on the stroller and put the switch where my LO controls them. He loves to turn the lights off and on.

  69. I rely on my other 3 children to entertain the baby in the stroller. They do a great job! Much better than I would do!

  70. I leave my 7 year old son at home with his dad or he’ll run with me if I’m doing 3 miles or less. On a long run, my entertainment is the scenery. It’s my “me” time so I just clear my head.

  71. I sing to my 19 month old . . . and he’s starting to fill in the words when I’m too out of breath to sing them. Mostly I tell him to “get out his spider” and we make it climb up and down the water spout. A recent addition was a pair of binoculars, he loves looking at the “boodies” (which is hysterical because it sounds so much like boobies when we’re walking around after the run looking at birdies =)

  72. My babe is only 7 months right now so she gets bored pretty quickly. We switch up ‘games’ often to keep her entertained. We always run where there is something going on, a lot of people, animals, etc. We will ‘race’ and do the vrooooooom sound often. I switch up her toys every twenty minutes to keep it fresh. I sing and dance to entertain her and make goofy faces. At water breaks I stop for a moment and play peak a boo from behind her. The thrill always gets her laughing and having a good time. We have been running together (infant seat and jogger) since she was 7 months old so she is pretty used to it!

  73. I let her watch The Fresh Beat Band on the iphone. She knows how to work it so she will usually watch till she gets bored then find one of her games to play. She’s good for about 2-2.5 hours then it’s time to go to the park to let her run out her energy 😉

  74. To keep myself entertained on a long run I usually have a mixture of listening to podcasts, a great upbeat music playlist, or see if my friends will go with me part way to break up being by myself for so long.

    If I am forced to run on a treadmill for a long run because I don’t feel like being in the rain then I usually set up my iPad and watch shows or movies. 🙂

  75. I usually don’t go much farther than 4 miles with my kiddo, otherwise running seems to take a backseat to entertainment! But for the 4 miles of bliss, i usually pack snack, bribe with the playground (or ice cream on running club nights) and making him a part of the conversation. We use it as time to chat and when i slow my roll, he hollers “go faster mommy!” good motivation for me! 🙂

  76. My baby is due next month and I can’t WAIT to get back out for my daily runs! I haven’t pushed a baby in a jogging stroller (yet!), but when training for the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010, I had friends split up the duty of running with me for those super long runs. For example, my husband would run 10, then a friend would meet me for the last 7. It was a great way to break up the monotony and help me refocus. A jogging stroller is still on my list of things to buy for the new baby – I would LOVE to win one (who wouldn’t?!)!

  77. I keep my younger {3 year old} daughter happy by giving her food, chatting with her about what we see {dog, cat, bird, flowers}. My older daughter is too big for the stroller so I usually leave her home with Daddy!

  78. i have my 4 year old play at the park with his grandma while i jog around them…now im due in august with another boy and need to find a way to get my jog in.

  79. My son is 10 months old and I am an avid runner, would love to get the opportunity to run with him on a stroller!

  80. I tell my almost 3 year old it’s time to investigate & use our eyes & ears to see what is happening in the neighborhood. I also pull out the bribe card – I tell him if he can be content while I run, we’ll end at Jim & Patty’s, a neighborhood coffee shop with toys, chocolate milk & delicious baked goods. Usually the lure of a donut muffin is enough to keep him settled for 40 minutes or so!

  81. I’m expecting my first kiddo in a few weeks. I love running and can’t wait to start back. I stay entertained on a long run by listening to music. Running is such a great way to clear my head. I can’t wait to add it into my routine when my son is here.

  82. I fantasize what food I’ll indulge in at the end of my long runs. I have spent many miles dreaming of nachos and margaritas. Unfortunately, by the time I finish my long run, none of the things I’ve dreamed about ever sound good, and I never have time to indulge in much more than chocolate milk or a smoothie anyway. Such is the life of a mother runner.

  83. I can only walk with mine, since I don’t have a stroller that can handle running. Making up songs is a great way to keep them entertained and they love expressive hand choreography to go with it(does that make sense? lol).

  84. I snagged a jogger via Craigslist when my kiddo was wee. The bonus is, I get cardio and stregth training in one, it’s heavy! Fruit snacks and a game of i-spy do the trick to keep my little one happy…and a trip to the park afterward.

  85. No running stroller here so the kiddos (#1 is 4 and #2 is 3 months) stay home while i run, or i go over lunch at work. Last weekend daddy & i traded off, i went as they laid down to nap & he went when i got back. My entertainment? Since i just got back to running post #2’s arrival i am just happy to get out for a mile or 2, and i am entertained by how tough that feels!

  86. Right now, he is entertained as long as he can see what’s going on! But, he’s only 9 months. He loves being put in the stroller and usually crashes around mile 2.

  87. I started running with my baby when she was about a month old just to keep her happy. She really didn’t want to sleep anywhere else, but the jogging stroller. Walking was not enough for her. I had to run to keep her happy and asleep. I started going on nap runs.

  88. We’re pretty lucky that our kids enjoy riding along on runs. But we always have a sippy cup, snacks and a toy readily available in the double jogger.

  89. My 10 months old daughter has not appreciated going on a run with me so far. The last time I tried, I ended up carrying her, on my hip, the mile back to our house while pushing the stroller at the same time. My solution has been having my husband watch her while I run early in the morning. For my own entertainment I usually listen to audiobooks. I don’t have the time to read and this keeps me up-to-date with the latest New York Times bestsellers. It makes the miles shorter and keeps me very entertained.

  90. I always have her favorite snacks on hand. Watermelon, yogurt squeeze, cereal etc. I run with other moms too so for her to be able to see that she’s not the only kiddo helps. Sometimes I feel like I’m training for a relay when I’m grabbing snacks from the stroller and still trying to run at the same time. I’m sure it’s a sight 🙂

  91. I always tell my boys 2 and 4 when I get home we will all stretch and than we race in the backyard and ride bikes. If it is cold Than my husband is the best at keeping them entertained with playing superheroes.

  92. I run when the sun comes up, so there is no need to entertain the kids while I’m on the road… sleep takes care of that. However, I’m always exhausted and don’t always get up early enough to run- on those days I wish I had a stroller like this so I could take my youngest out running while the older two are at school. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  93. I don’t push my kids in a stroller, or have a treadmill (I would love to have BOTH options!) I have to wait till my husband gets home from work to run, which in the summer works out beautifully 🙂 I listen to music when I run, but have an awesome running partner to do long runs with. We entertain each other!

  94. I’ve been really lucky in that my daughter really likes to ride in the stroller while I run – of course some juice and snacks help a lot too 🙂

  95. On long runs I keep myself entertained by listening to my ipod and taking in the scenery. If there is a person ahead of me, I often wonder to myself whether I am strong enough or fast enough to pass them. 🙂 Anything to keep my mind off of how many more miles I have to tackle!

  96. It all depends on the mini-me’s mood….. There are times when she tries to chat away with me, or we play games like I spy or her favorite is to listen to The Wiggles on my ipod…. Always something new!!!

  97. Pushing my 3 and 4 year olds is always interesting! I plan runs around snack time and fill there bags with all kinds of food. We bring chalk and pick a goal, if they let me run 3 miles I will stop and let them draw on the trail. Then the 3 miles back involves a lot of eye spy games

  98. We have lots of fun looking for parks! If that gets old I always have a back up plan; we bring “Scooby Doo” and Scooby snacks! If the weather right my son usually falls asleep!

  99. We take lots of snacks and their favorite toys, normally the kind that make noise and entertain them. We take games too b/c they occupy the older children really well. My little niece can play her gameboy and iPod(pretend iPod) as well as any teen! LOL!

  100. I have to admit my son is pretty laid back. Give him plenty of snacks and his water and he is good to go. On the days he forgets how fun it is to have his mom push him I sing and talk to him as much as I can, when all else fails I sprint for as long as I can. I also make sure to have his blue/security blanket so he can fall asleep.

  101. Wow, I’d love this! My 2nd starts Kindergarten in the fall so I can downgrade to a single for my 3yr old 🙂 Last week I MAYBE played Justin Bieber from my iPhone to keep my kids entertained the last mile of my run. I’m sure everyone else on the running path appreciated it. Snacks, small sticks, flowers, and looking for dogs also pass our time.

  102. I keep my kids entertained with snacks and when I stop to stretch they stretch. I also promise them they can run the last little bit home. Oh, and number 2 applies to me. They get to veg out and watch tv while I run!

  103. My first kiddo always needed constant entertainment. Sometimes when we’d be moving at an easy pace, we’d sing songs together. He’s still is a complainer now as he rides his bike along side me! Lots of bribes needed for him. I learned my lesson and my younger one became my brf as soon as possible and loves it!

  104. A running buddy that is also pushing a toddler (peek a boo), special snacks, a scenic route, and ending the run at the playground. And okay, I will admit it…Elmo on the iphone, in a pinch.

  105. He (8 months) usually crashes in the stroller once I get going. But there have been a few times where I’ve had to do the long walk back with him on one hip pushing the empty stroller. I try to vary the toys I bring to keep him interested, along with sippy cup of ice water. I think the water is more for me (like when moms who are cold bundle their child up like Ralphie’s little brother in a Christmas Story, when it isn’t that cold out). 😉 Thankfully I get to run the long runs stroller free.

  106. I rarely run with my 4yo (just have a regular stroller…for now!) but when I do, she gets the biggest kick out of keeping track of how many people we pass. I also promise playground time. There’s one in our apartment complex so she has to cooperate the whole time before she can play. Stopping at a playground along the route made it so hard getting her back in for the ride home. PS this giveaway is amazing! I’m due with #2 tomorrow (!) and this has me dreaming.

  107. 1. If you push a babe or toddler, how do you keep it happy when he’d rather be anywhere but strapped in?

    When we are running/jogging we sing lots of songs. We say all our animals and colors and we try to count. We have many conversations (which are becoming more two sided every day). Then once I am done I let him out of the stoller and we do a little run together.

    And when all else fails I pull out the snacks 🙂

  108. I definitely have to have snacks and toys when we go out. Now that they’re older they have handheld games they play.

  109. With a 2 year old and an 8 month old, when I absolutely have no other way to get a run in…I corral myself and the treadmill inside a very large gated circle and stick the kids on the outside with every toy I can find and put cartoons on extra loud so they can be heard over the roar of the old treadmill I run on! And I can often be heard saying, “Do not throw toys over the gate!”, “Please don’t sit on Oliver!” and of course, “I’m almost done!” But it’s all worth the extra effort when the 2 year old stands next to the gate cheering me on and asks if she can run when I’m done:)

  110. Well my babe is only 4 months old right now so I just make sure she’s fed and dry before putting her in the stroller and heading out. Usually she’s asleep by about 1/2 a mile into the run. If not she seems to be kept pretty happy when I play music on Pandora on my phone.

  111. Most days my kiddos enjoy going for a “ride”. On the days they aren’t so agreeable I resort to BRIBES! I am not above it and freely admit it. Whatever it takes… Right!?!

  112. My kiddo eats and plays with an iPod. I try to change up the games and cartoons on it to keep it new and exciting. Sometimes after longer runs we grab a treat:)

  113. I don’t know how I will entertain the baby yet because he is not born and I ‘m the grandma, and I can’t wait to take him on runs! My babies were born before jogging strollers, you wouldn”t believe how I had to run with little ones in the old days! I have read all the comments and now I’m prepared to take my grandbaby out and put in some miles!

  114. I have a 10 1/2 month old, so she doesn’t quiet understand the promise of a treat and playing afterwards just yet. I have some toys I hook to the stroller, but her favorite thing right now is holding her sippy cup! She has learned to make noises with the water and basically spits the water all over her. Lol whatever makes her happy! She also really loves watching the people with their puppies and seeing all the people on bicycles! She loves people watching! 🙂 Thank you for hosting the giveaway! 🙂

  115. I’ve only run with my two kiddos a few times and I need all the help I can get with keeping them entertained (or maybe just on task!!). My 5 year old (who bikes along) stops every hundred yards or so to “check out his spokes”. When I run by him pushing my really large and cumbersome bike trailer/stroller (with one year old inside) older son gets upset and thinks that I am leaving him. So I slow the pace, wait for him to catch up, he rides ahead, stops to check the spokes and the cycle repeats itself. But it is time with my boys and I love that!

  116. For long TM runs at home. I set the girls up on a blanket with a bowl of snacks and a DVD they pick. This usually keeps them happy for all of 5 minutes. Thankfully the TM is in the basement where the girls don’t get to play that often so all the toys down there are still considered “new”.

  117. 1. I am still trying to learn how to keep him happy. I did so much walking prenatal and then afterward, it was all sling or bjorn…. he’s not used to the stroller. TRYING to get him used to it! (He’s 14 months old)
    2. We go along busier streets with a running path so he can watch cars on one side and see the walkers / runners with dogs.
    3. Ipod although pre-baby, my husband and I ran together and we had each other to chat with. Sans music, just conversation. LOVED IT. (Miss it)

  118. Daddy entertains when I run without the kids! On my weekend run, if my 5 year old is dressed when I get back, we go for a little run. So she has a “to do” while I’m out. She loves it!

    1. My weekday runs are often commutes to or from work, so the kids are entertained by their own car commutes (again daddy! Isn’t he wonderful!)

  119. My kids, although they range in age, share a love for some favorite shows and/or movies. When I run in the afternoon or evening, we put on one of those shows while I run on the treadmill. The funny thing is that, even if I’m jamming to my tunes (on my I-Pod), watching them watch their show (laughing and acting out favorite parts) is super entertaining and puts a smile on my face. They look forward to this time so much that they regularly ask, “Mom, when are you going for a run?” Can’t disappoint my kiddos. 🙂

  120. I keep the kiddos entertained with singing, dancing, clapping, crazy stroller driving, looking at cool things in our surroundings, bringing along toys/blankies, and plenty of drinks and snacks!

  121. I usually give the little guy some snacks, and I try to point out things for him to look at while we are motoring around. Long runs aren’t always an options due to lack of patience.

  122. I’ve never taken any of our kids out running. But we’re expecting baby #4 and would love to lose the baby weight fast this time and this stroller might be the ticket!

    If our baby/child didn’t want to be in the stroller while running, I’d try to distract them with a song, game, or attach some toys or books to the stroller with those toy links!

  123. I usually go early in the morning, make sure he has a drink and a toaster waffle, and is still a little sleepy when we start out if possible. I hadn’t thought of giving him some music…may have to run a splitter on my iPod so we can both hear the tunes!

  124. The times that I have taken my two year old along on a run, I always supply snacks and a drink. He’s good to go and just enjoys the scenery!

  125. I’m pretty lucky that my husband will work his work schedule with my runs so I won’t have to take the kiddo, but when I have to take her, I will bring the iPhone so she can watch Blue’s Clue on Netflix and I also bring her favorite blanket so she will also nap. We will also play, what sound is that and what animal she sees.

  126. I will do almost anything to not have to run with the jogger since it feels so much harder with it than without it! But I’m open to giving it another chance should I win this! I entertain myself by having the exact same playlist so I know exactly what to expect at each mile, and by looking forward to back to back Ke$ha songs around mile 4 that always give me a much needed boost!

  127. My son Eli and I look for signs of the current season. Lately, we have been spotting all the beautiful flowers (he names the colors) and listening for the sounds of the birds.

  128. My daughter loves my phone and Angry Birds! On long runs I resort to strapping the portable dvd player to the snack tray- but honestly I will reschedule my whole week to avoid having to take her with me on my long runs!! The alone time is the BIGGEST reason why I run- if she were with me every time I might lose my love of running! lol!

  129. I delivered my first child this past Tuesday, so I haven’t pushed him around yet, but when I jog or run, I am always listening to my headphones…love music…it keeps me happy on a journey! Thank you!

  130. I run during lunch, so I entertain myself with the Zombies, Run! app on my iPhone along with my songs to run to playlist.

  131. If my little one is fussy and wants out. I start singing ABC’s with her or counting. It not only keeps her happy for a bit but it distracts me from being exhausted.

  132. I occasionally push my toddler and to keep her busy, I always take a snack! And we see how many bumps we can hit or how fast I can push her. She thinks we are playing so I can get in a few miles!

  133. I have tried everything to keep my kids busy during a run. I use a trailer to store my kiddos (2 and a 4 yr old). I have used Leapsters, kid computer, a portable DVD player, food, drinks, bribes that we will stop at the park or for a treat. They still fight and try to fall out of the trailer. I only take them when I have no other choice now.

  134. My kids have a snack, cars and a book or two, though I find I am often stopping to retrieve something that they’ve jettisoned!

  135. My son has CP and is developmentally delayed. The simple joy of the wind and sun on his face would keep him entertained. His smiles and laughter would keep my spirits up the entire run. I would probably find it in myself to keep the run longer for him. My bike wouldn’t see the road as much if this buggy were next to it. Hmmm, a ride or a run with Noah? Run with Noah would win every time.

  136. I always have snacks and drinks, and the promise of a stop at the park! But I’d much rather leave the kids at home 🙂

  137. I’ve only taken my little guy out a few times (he’s not quite six months yet) but so far I keep him entertained by singing. I seem to entertain the other runner too- though I’m not so sure that’s a good thing! 🙂

  138. I don’t get much time to myself or to spend with my kids since I had to go back to work shortly after my baby turned 3months. I owned a jogger with our 1st child but have yet to replace one for our second child. To have a jogger again would give me that download time & enjoy the outdoors with my baby which the both of us would love!!!

  139. So far, I’ve been really lucky with my 11-month-old. She’s happy just to watch the scenery until she falls asleep.

  140. My 3yr old son is addicted to our i-phones (angry birds)…but thank goodness because it does help maintain some peace and quiet for a few miles anyways. Sometimes the portable DVD player with Scooby Doo in it also works. My favorite time though is when its nap time!! We bought our Schwinn jogging stroller used and it has done the job (I loathe the front fixed wheel) but I am totally drooling right now over the Mountain Buggy Terrain! What an awesome Humpday Giveaway!!!

  141. My son just likes the thrill of the ride. I just have to throw in a few zooming noises every once in awhile to make it seem like we’re going faster than we really are 🙂

  142. I know this is suppose to be what we do but I don’t have young children. My best friend whom I am hoping to win this for has her 5 year old ride her bike while my best friend runs. My best friend is expecting so she hopes to teach both her children about taking care of your health.

  143. My kiddos look forward to Mom bringing back breakfast 🙂 I’d certainly <3 to endow my soon-to-be another mother runner sis with this sweet ride 😉

  144. The really little ones stay happy as long as I keep moving. Toddlers get snacks, and the big kids ride their bikes. Running to a playground is always a good motivator too. 🙂

  145. If I take my 2 1/2 year old, I always have snacks! I also take small toys she hasn’t seen/played with in a while. She thinks they are new and they entertain her longer. And, of course, my iPhone is loaded with toddler friendly apps!
    If I run outside, I enjoy the small amount of time with me, myself, and I! I listen to my favorite tunes and enjoy the peace, tranquility, and beauty of my neighborhood. Us Mamas don’t get much time to ourselves, so I enjoy that time no matter what I’m doing! 😉

  146. As a mother runner, I use many stratigies to keep her entertained. I hind things so as she gets done with one thing I have something new to give her. I try not to use food but some snacks are good. I have found that her iXL works great now. And at least her games are mostly educational. I’m glad that she does like to just sit back and ride for the most part. I have been using a regular stroller and the tires are slick.

  147. The girls usually take a toy, a sippy cup, as well as some fruit snacks or fish crackers. 2-3 miles into a run they are either sleeping or fighting. I have contemplated tying my bondiband around the ankles of one of them so they can’t kick each other, but it hasn’t got quite to that point yet. Having another in September, so I would love to have a decent single jogger:)

  148. Snacks work like magic…my daughter also stays pretty relaxed while we run. If she isn’t happy, I resort to entertainment options. Talking, singing, iPods, etc. i have a love hate relationship with the jogger. I hate pushing it sometimes, but I love that my daughter can join me on runs.

  149. I have made many a run with my boys in toe! I love it! We have done everything from seeing what animals we see to counting trees. When they are in a good mood….which sometimes is not the case….:) we sing! I just love hearing them sing and imagining the faces they are making on the funny songs!! Nothing more motivating than little boys singing head shoulder knees and toes with excitement!!

  150. Lollipops!!! I’ve learned my little man will do just about anything for a lollipop. I bring along the biggest one I can find, since he likes to chomp on them, so it will last a long time. He starts out the run with an iPad with lots of games and movies on it, a bottle of water and some snacks…then when he’s had enough and fights to get out of the stroller I bust out the lollipop and Ta-Da!!! I can usually sneak in at least another half hour or more 🙂

  151. Lots of snacks and his two favorite toys of the day. Finding steep hills to run down and shouting WEEEEE! This gets me about an hour of running.

  152. I have tried a number of things. We started off with an iPod touch loaded with games and movies and have graduated to an iPad loaded with games and movies. I have also used Netflix on my phone on occasion. We also always have snacks and drinks. Now, my son has graduated to his scooter (thank GOD- he weighs 70+ lbs!!) and my daughter is solo in the double jogger until he gets tired. Then I am pushing 100+lbs of kids and the scooter :/

  153. Tomorrow I’m attempting my first (of hopefully weekly) runs while a sitter watches my kids. I have been too terrified to take them along! I don’t want to miss out on my Moms on the Run classes when my husband works, so I’m having a sitter watch the kids at the park we run from.

  154. I sing the “C is for Cookie that’s good enough for me song and we substitute, “T is for tree”……”R is for rock”, “p is for puppy” (you get the idea) that’s good enough for me…….song over and over and over again….OHHHHHHH cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!!! CHA CHA CHA!

  155. I pack toys, books and snacks of course, but when he is really grouchy, I sing. I can’t carry a tune, but no matter, my boy loves it when we sing together.

  156. My son is still pretty entertained by various hanging object – especially Captain Calamari. My runs are pretty short right now, so hopefully as they get longer he’ll remain content!

  157. So far, I’ve been a solo runner. I listen to music, but on low volume, so I can get lost in my rhythmic steps. I am excited to take my little guy with me this spring and use the helpful tips from all these comments!

  158. Lots of snacks, a fully charged ipad and NO headsets for mommy. The kids love to talk to me when I run and although not easy, it’s a good excuse for me as I’m not distracted by my phone or computer.

  159. I’ve got two in a double jogging stroller and they keep each other entertained for the majority of the miles. For the longer runs, I keep a few super balls on hand to let them pass back and forth to each other and give the older one some books to read to the younger one. I agree with the advice to start them young so they don’t know any better.

  160. The double stroller with 70lbs of boys in it and the dog are my running partners. Snacks, band aids to unwrap, mini magna doodle and lots of “can you see___” games!

    I also try to time my runs for afternoon nap time! Two sleeping passengers and the puppy is exhausted when we get home!

  161. I use food and drinks to keep my 2 year old happy while in the stroller. I have also started going to a park by an airport to do my runs that way he has a lot of different things to look at.

  162. I have to pick the perfect time to put my toddler in a stroller otherwise I am getting more of a workout chasing her!

  163. I don’t have a jogging stroller but the couple of times that I’ve borrowed one, I entertained my kiddo by singing Old McDonald & Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee over and over again! She loves doing all the animal sounds 🙂

  164. I keep my 3 year old entertained with books, toys and snacks. Plus, he knows we’ll head to the playground when we’re done!

  165. I pack a snack and make a scavenger hunt list. I usually drew the picture and when she found everything we soul sing the Dora song as i am urging away. We did it!

  166. I keep myself entertained ( and perhaps my babe by my horrible voice) by belting out the song I’m listening to on my iPod. I can’t hear myself since I’m plugged in and i don’t really care what the occasional passerby thinks!

  167. Oh I’d love this! I have twins plus one and only a double jogger so I can’t run with them anymore. I’d love a single to be able to take my daughter. Prior to my third, I would keep the boys entertained with snacks, a drink and running fast to make them giggle. Right now, I keep them busy but putting them in the gym babysitting room while I hop on the treadmill. For my long runs, I keep myself entertained by adding new music to my playlist, listening to the radio, or going through grocery lists in my head!

  168. I sing!!! mostly kids songs. When that gets old—I say stuff like, “What is that over there—like real crazy like”—they look so concerned and involved. And I should mention that I do it with my grand kids. They are here quite often and I can’t go out unless I have a system. I have only borrowed a stroller a few times so I’m not sure what else I would do. Run ON!!

  169. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who has mastered the iPhone. She watches movies, listens to music and plays games. Sometimes we bring snacks. Sometimes we go running at nap time in hopes that she will sleep in the stroller. (She is my 3rd child. My 9 yer old jogging stroller has a huge and growing rip in the seat that I’m afraid we will lose something — or her! — through one of these days. I sure could use a new stroller — or a good seamstress who could repair the one I have!)

  170. I haven’t pushed a kid in a stroller since we moved to Alaska and the jogger didn’t move with us, but when I did it was all about the iPhone! But you’ve got to have a good case, just in case it gets dropped by “accident”. Snacks and playground time after are a must!

  171. SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS. I have discovered a new tactic too- if you dump the crumb dust from the Cheerios box or puffie container- it keeps my daughter busy for miles. She licks her finger and picks the crumbs up one by one!!

  172. I run with my 6.5yo in the jogger. He stays entertained with his Nintendo 3DS, an iPod loaded up with his favorite tunes & games and/or by chatting with us and keeping us company. He’s old enough to cheer me along through the difficult parts of my run, and even run along side for a mile or more. I love that I can still take him along and that I’m setting a good example for him as he grows. 🙂

  173. My son (20 months) is usually pretty quiet on runs (i think its relaxing for him), but sometimes we will sing songs and I always talk to him throughout the run pointing out airplanes, dogs, cats, etc…goldfish and a sippy cup of water are always a must! We stop by the playground at the end of a run sometimes to swing. Occasionally have to break out the iPhone for him to play with.

  174. Having 2, almost 3 girls(oldest4) Im constantly having to change what keeps them busy and not dying to get out. The oldest lives to draw/color, and my iPhone. Snacks no longer apply with her, she’ll eat but its not entertaining. My 2 year old now loves my iPhone which causes a lot of fighting of whos turn, how much longer etc….. I recently found some cheap tablets($60) that I hope work and keep them busy for the new arrival of #3. We also sing songs, I spy, and whatever else pops in my head;) I think I’m really going to have to work on finding some new tricks Ito put up my sleeve for the 1/2 marathon training this fall…..more bribes;)

  175. When I run with my boys in the double jogger, its often about finding new ways to entertain them. We bring snacks, drinks, toys and books. We also play games like counting and naming cars we pass. My oldest is a huge Transformers fan so he loves that. We also make a game of my interval training where they’ll tell me where to go and stop, usually from one street sign or mailbox to another. Finally we sing. Rather they sing and I listen. I will miss these times when they get too big to come with me.

  176. I run with my joggers almost every run. I try and start and end at a park so my kiddos can get the wiggles out after the run. A drink and snacks are a must, anything not sticky!!! I also love when my running buddy helps me push the jogger. You know you have a great friend when they help push your 100+ pound jogger…

  177. I run on the treadmill while my kids play in the child care center at Lifetime. They love it and I get some well needed time to myself.

  178. It has been a while since I have pushed a little one because pushing a 5 year old is NOT easy, but with another one on the way some entertainment advise would be nice. If she is with me now, I run at home and put in a movie hoping not to get too many questions/distractions during the run.

  179. We practice nursery rhymes, pack plenty of snacks, and have Dum-Dum lollipops on hand in case of emergency!

  180. I keep my 3 entertained with squirt guns and Popsicles in the summer and hot chocolate and heating pads in the winter! Also our library has these little tvs you can rent with stories on them!!

  181. My 11 year old gladly runs or bikes alongside me. She sees it as special mother/daughter time because that is how I build it up. When she asks me what my favorite thing to do is, I tell her, “running with you”. I’m gonna use it for as long as I can.

  182. My babe is still small enough (read: nonverbal) to be entertained by the sights with minimal input from me. When running without the baby, I am a devoted Bruce Springsteen fan! He makes the miles go by.

  183. We look out for animals and try to keep track of how many of each we’ve found. We often end the run at a park. And of course, lots of snacks!

  184. My little boy enjoys when I do speed intervals. When I run fast he laughs and giggles. When I am too beat to continue we slow down where he can really enjoy scenery. The speed really intrigues him in his otherwise slow-paced lifestyle. And the slow times turn into sweet moments where he learns about nature and the changing seasons.

  185. Picture a mom, totally sleep deprived, losing her mind from the non stop 5 year old ninja and a 7 week old blessing who has discovered being held is far better than a crib, bouncy seat, bassinet; wearing her husbands shorts and old t-shirt; she has 20 lbs still to lose to fit into those work clothes before leave is up; pushing a standard stroller with car seat attached…. What entertains my kidos – the ninja has himself covered but the 7 week old she actually entertains me – she lead me to my first sprint home a couple of days ago as her smiley face turned and the world’s record of explosions started with a scream that followed and didn’t stop until after the second bath. Pretty sure the image was something like “Biggest Loser” meets “Rocky” with a bit of “Throw Momma from the Train.”

  186. My whole family has developed a love of running, myself, my husband and my ten year old , iright now my toddler is entertained by a babysitter or my husband and I take turns while the other isrunning how cool it would be to all run as a family!

  187. I pack snacks and toys that are attached to the stroller (so they don’t throw them out). I’ve still had times where I’ve gotten half way out and they aren’t happy campers and I’ve had to get them out. But most of the time I avoid it with snacks and toys.

  188. As a mother runner with 4 kids 4 and under I am WELL aquatinted with keeping those kiddos happy (although sometimes it ends in epic failure). My go to technique is snacks, snacks, snacks and well… More snacks. I pre package in snack size bags and make sure they are all slightly open so I don’t have to stop when they need more. I also refuse to do long runs and limit myself to 6 miles or 1 hour for the kids sake and mine. I also make every attempt to go in the mornings when the kids are naturally happiest. I actually think they enjoy the adventure (most of the time).

  189. I keep my son happy with goldfish and juice! At 21 months, he knows the routine so well that he starts asking for juice as soon as I put him in the stroller!

  190. I entertain the ones strapped in with food, beverage and if nothing else works, a Leapster or iPod. When my kids were very little, sometimes a magazine or a hook on toy would work.

  191. I tell my oldest (3 yr old) stories. When I’m tired and pushing the pace, my gasping bits of story are especially hilarious and entertaining to him. I incorporate whatever we see along the way into the story and the rest comes naturally. My baby sleeps almost the entire time in the stroller, so I do very little for him at this point.

  192. I’m expecting my first babe this August and have been unable to run during my pregnancy. I don’t have a stroller yet but have been in the market for one! When I was training for my half, I entertained myself on the long runs by thinking of clever Facebook statuses in order to brag about my running prowess. 🙂 I forgot most of them by the time the run was over, but the ones I remembered were gems!

  193. snacks, a pinwheel, a bubble machine (handheld), run towards nearby wildlife (geese), off road it for a terrain change and bumpy ride, use a fun used for stroller only juice bottle

  194. When I did push my twins, I made sure they had plenty of snacks and that I could see them through the top of the BOB to keep my happy knowing they were not choking on cheerios or fighting too badly.

  195. I don’t have little ones to entertain, but would love to put my grandson in this for a run.
    On long runs I conquer all of my problems and most of the worlds. LOL

  196. been trying for that baby…no luck yet. 🙁
    i always admire women running with the stroller and hope one day to be that mom. in the meantime, aside from admiring all those moms, i wile away the time by thinking about my training or going over my to-do list, or mostly, by spacing out and enjoying the scenery of the lake that i run around.

  197. My youngest is still in her carseat and falls asleep almost instantly on our runs. For me 2 y/o, I have snacks and a drink for our shorter runs. Our longer runs usually consist of running up to the grocery store where he gets a treat if he’s been good. I’ll also promise that he can get out and run/walk with me the last 5 minutes if he’s good.

  198. I’m done running for the rest of this pregnancy, but when I did use the treadmill I would let the kids watch TV. We have a pretty strict half hour–hour TV limit, so watching TV at all is a bonus to them. Timing it to my run was the best of both worlds.

  199. I try to get my long runs in early before the kids are up & then we can do something fun together in the afternoon.

  200. I have provided lots of snacks and drinks to keep my kids happy in a stroller while I push it. Bouncy ride is always one of their requests. As in doing “wheelies.”

  201. I run my one year old twins in their jogger all the time. I make up silly songs and talk and engage them the whole way. When that doesn’t work I give them a sport water bottle to work on their sippy cup technique. They get hydrated as we go and as a bonus they keep nice and cool in the heat (and I’m not giving them sugary or salty snacks the whole way).

  202. I started refusing to push D in the jog stroller about a year ago when the combined weight of the two became too strenuous around my local hills, however, to keep him entertained, we always packed lots of snacks with some treats, I would make sure my music was audible to both of us, and these days I would definitely bring his iPad with us too. And when none of the above worked, I just pushed harder and ran faster until he stopped screaming! These days, my running time is his daddy time. 🙂

  203. My kids honestly rarely complain about riding in the stroller… in fact my daughter is quite sad that with the upcoming birth of #5 that she will be retiring from stroller riding.

    I have brought along the portable dvd player for really long rides (12+ miles) but usually resort to books, snacks, binoculars and a favorite toy. Runs less than 4 miles are usually a no-frills affair… makes the long runs more special. I also try to plan my runs around nap time so that at least one of my kids is sleeping for most of the run.

  204. I definitely need my music to stay entertained. I also look at how people in my neighborhood change up their yards.

    Very excited for this giveaway! I was just researching how I can continue to run through pregnancy and after.

  205. I don’t push, because somehow I don’t think my hand me down graco pastel pink stroller with wobbly plastic wheels would cut it :). So I have to resort to entertainment via dad when he’s home.

  206. The birds, trains, big trucks, and every other noise he hears entertains him. He loves being outside just as much as I do…so long as he’s full of course. 😉 Typical Boy!

  207. I don’t have a jogging stroller, but sometimes my kiddos drive their power wheels beside me. Otherwise I suffer on the ‘mill and hope they find enough toys to pacify them while I get my miles in.

  208. I entertain my daughter with music, snacks and my iPhone if needed. She knows how to do more on my phone than I do!

  209. ipod, always with the ipod. I usually wind up trying to do math in my head either for my current pace of if I wanted to run a half in X amount of time, what would my pace be. etc. I usually get distracted and wind up starting over so it takes the whole run!

  210. I have three kids ages 5, 3, 2. I run with them in a triple mountain buggy. They love pandora music and after a long run over five miles i give them each a plastic medal for their hard work

  211. I keep my iPhone on shuffle and blare the music so we can all listen. And then I pray they don’t start fighting and throwing things out 🙂

  212. I give my 3 year-old my iPod Touch, and once he tires of that I have him count landmarks for our next turn.

  213. I’m so lucky – both my kids have LOVED the stroller. My oldest now rides her bike, but my son, at a year, never utters a peep for the whole ride – the faster the better! Of course, some goldfish crackers and his favorite red shovel help too.

  214. When pushing my kiddo (3 mo) in the store (while in car seat), there is a hanging toy that has high contrasting colors and makes a soft sound. But, I mostly love to have eye contact with him, talk and smile. If he’s tired, I follow his lead and let him withdraw and relax.
    I love music when I’m running! Some songs kick at just the right time when I need a little ‘umph!

  215. When my toddler was a baby, I would bundle him up and hit the road–he didn’t know any different. But I soon realized the stroller veered to the left. Which gets, re-steer, really old really quick, re-steer, but it was my only, re-steer, option until I got my guy into, re-steer, preschool.

    I keep intending to invest in a high end jogger, because I could do long runs during the week, but it never seems to quite happen!

  216. I really try to run w/o my toddler but for some shorter runs (and for those days we both need some air!), he come along in the stroller.

    We make a game of naming types of cars, like VAN, BUS, TRUCK, etc.. He really likes to point them out!

  217. I pass over the iPad with toddler friendly games and Disney movies galore! And SNACKS. Lots of snacks!!

  218. Luckily my kids do not require anything special to keep them entertained. I will usually bring a snack and a drink for them but that’s all they need. Sometimes we will talk to each other but they usually just enjoy the ride.

  219. I don’t run but my partner does and I keep the little one entertained- because we dont have a running stroller- by showing him his favorite book, and playing music. How I keep myself entertained during long rides( yes I’m a cyclist) PODCASTS ! Omg! the best ones are This American Life, RadioLab, 99% Invisible, and Freakonomics.

  220. Snacks! As terrible as that is…… But sometimes the running itself keeps the kiddos entertained: when I first started pushing my double jogger I would alternate running and walking, and each time I started running again my daughter would squeal in excitement to her little brother : “she’s running!!”

  221. When we go for a run we bring snacks and multiple bottles of water. Usually, the first miles are mine, and during that time she is trying to motivate me to go faster or she’s just taking in the scenery. The last mile is all hers and that’s when she gets out and takes a run herself. Every so often I do get some run time to myself, but I always feel like I am missing something, strange.

  222. I am blessed to be able to say that my daughter was the one who entertained me on stroller runs! She sang songs, played enthusiastically and yelled “Run faster Mom!” whenever I needed a boost. Sad to say that at almost 6 years old, she is out of the stroller now….on to the bike!

  223. I try to keep my daughter entertained with different apps on the iphone and use the apptivity case to protect my phone then teether it to the stroller so she cant throw it down. When Im on the treadmill I am the entertainment, apparently Im hilarious when I run!

  224. My baby is only 4 months. Right now we are fortunate enough to have two sets of grandparents knocking down the door to babysit. My husband and I started training together so we can hang out and destress!

  225. The key to getting our runs done is her iPod touch…I’ve loaded it up with games, movies, music, etc. and she is good to go for over an hour as long as we have it. Oh yeah, and snacks…snacks are also a must!!! 🙂

  226. My 3 1/2 year old likes to listen to music, or else we talk about things we see, or what we’re going to do that day. If we go in the early morning, he gets to hold the flashlight. If we go in the afternoon, and I’m lucky, he might fall asleep! He’s also a little coach, telling me to go faster, or to catch someone ahead of us on the path.

  227. I’m due with our first child in October, do I don’t currently have a child to entertaining, but look forward to taking our little one on runs as soon as they’re here! This was actually the main reason I started running a year ago, because I knew I could run while I was pregnant and I also have always dreamed of being able to push my kid(s) in a stroller on my walks or runs. Right now, to keep myself entertained on my long runs, I listen to my iPod and focus on enjoying the scenery. For me, running is my time to spend with God, collecting my thoughts, or even to just zone out – whatever the day calls for! I love getting that “me” time and look forward to my runs every day for that reason!

  228. When I go for a run, my wonderful husband will take the boys and play baseball or sit with them on the couch and watch a favorite TV show or movie they all get involved in. By time I get home, they don’t realize I even left!

  229. I JUST bought a shirt today that says “Have Stroller, Will Run” and its true – I use a third hand old school jogger when running with one kiddo (21 months) and a second hand Ditto Dream when running with 2 kids, 21 mos and 3 1/2, (sometimes with 2 kids, 5 & 6, on bikes leading the way). If possible, I ensure to run during nap time, but if I can’t, I have a kid’s playlist of music appropriate for them, that they enjoy, and that peps them up as they sing along.

  230. My 17 month old is usually just as happy to get ut of the house as I am, but for those rare moments when he wants nothing to do with it, I sing obnoxiously to him or make racecar sounds as I swerve on the sidewalk. Generally this comes when we’re close to home, so luckily I’m not looking like a fool for too long, ha!

  231. I don’t have a stroller that would work for jogging so I just entertain myself on the treadmill with music and books! But with this spring weather id love to put the kiddo in this fancy stroller!! Oh please please pick me!

  232. My son who is now 11, loved it when we (hubs or I) pushed him around in the jogger. If I the one doing the pushing, my husband would be running in front, and we’d pretend we’re chasing dad. He loves it, and tells me to go faster- how about that for motivation.

    On days that we don’t run together, hubby takes him to the park to shoot hoops or swing the bat; this gives me over an hour to enjoy my run, without having to worry what the little guy is up to.

    So you’re wondering why I am trying to win this- it would be a perfect gift to my brother/sis in law this July, when their baby boy turns 1.

  233. The trail I run on has a park that my 3 year old loves to go to. So, I just promise her she can play there on our way home and give her some snacks, and she is good to go!

  234. Food, food and more food! However my daughter didn’t last to long in the stroller, I could not handle the constant questions…..

  235. We have a park that I like to run to…it gives them something to look forward to. My boys also like to have their “running” water bottles…they are just freebie bottles they got at a kids’ fun run, but they think they are essential when working out 🙂

  236. If my 3yo is in the stroller, i hardly have to entertain her, she barks out orders at me! She’s my little trainer! She’s always happy when she gets to go for a run with me. Sometimes I’ll run and she bikes alongside me, hubby rollerblades and the baby goes in the stroller.

  237. snacks, juice, toys, books… but usually have to stop at a park! I figure we are both exercising then

  238. My little one is too little for the electronics, but I plan on using the ipod as soon as she is old enough 🙂 This would be a godsend for me to get back on the running track!

  239. I get up as early as 4 am to get a run in before kiddo is up. But more that he is older, he has asked to run with me and even trained for a 5k. The upcoming little one could join us on our running adventures in this stroller!

  240. My son does great out for runs….until the stroller broke!
    But we are entertained by the sights. L loves pointing out all the things he sees. It’s like an I-Spy game!

  241. snacks, we sing songs or I try to distract him by pointing out construction vehicles or other trucks we pass by. When desperate we take out the lollipops and cell phone

  242. As a new mom, the peanut is 6 months now..I sing out loud to her and she loves it sometimes she even hums along with me. I started running with her at about 8 weeks so far she has been one of the best running partners I have ever had!

  243. When I go for a run…DAD is in charge so that is entertaining enough! The thoughts of what is going on keeps me entertained on my runs!!!

  244. If it is an area that you frequent on your jogs. It is fun to have taken pics of some of the sights and develope them and put them in a small album and as you pass the sights, the little one finds the pic in the album to match. Or make up silly songs about your jogging adventures.

  245. Snacks and promising to stop at the bridge when we are done to look for fish and turtles. The dogs on the trail help too!

  246. #2 To keep my older two entertained, I put on one of the Star Wars movies. My little one naps when I run at home.

  247. during a run I:
    • bring lots of snacks
    • bring lots of books (they can’t read, but it works)
    • have them make up songs about me running (the “Go Mommy Go” song is my favorite)

    If they’re not with me, Nick Jr saves the day.

  248. I’m the crazy singing lady on runs. Whatever keeps the kids happy! I also pack lots of snacks and ration them out during the run.

  249. Lots of snacks, sippy cups, toys and books! I also sing songs with them to keep them entertained. But, sometimes you just have to listen to a little whining every now and then in order to get your run in. I’ve got two sets of twins, ages 2 and 9 months, so if I want to run, I just need to tune out the whining and/or crying. 🙂

  250. I run the baby by the lakes and specifically go to trails that I know have dogs – my son loves dogs. Sometimes if its a tough one I just turn up my iPod and run run run

  251. My 1.5 year old loves riding in the stroller, so I’m a lucky mama! But she loves to have snacks and a sippy to keep her happy 🙂

  252. I put my youngest in the packnplay, the next youngest watches a movie and the oldest two stay in their room after a long string of threats. Put on pandora (Hey Ya! station) and get to running and “arm dancing” 🙂

  253. I get good chats in with my 3 year old while I run. She asks about everything we pass… “mommy, what’s that?” Mommy, who’s he?” “mommy, where’s the train?” “Mommy why aren’t you answering?” “Mommy, are you tired?”

  254. iPod + external speaker = 2 happy passengers. I strap the iPod onto the old baby carrier bar so there is no fighting over it.

  255. I like to keep as little as possible in the stroller with me on a run. I take strictly the necessities and one favorite toy of choice to the tot and one drink and one snack…the rest can wait til we get back! If she gets cranky I just sing to he or talk to her – asking her questions usually gets her distracted. I’m not the mother runner with crap falling out of every pocket and tuck away on the stroller. I refuse! The kids can entertain herself until I get done running!
    NOW – when she was a n infant – there was a whole different story!

  256. I keep my kiddos entertained with music, books and snacks! If its a ‘good’ run I will let get in a ‘run’ while I stretch!

  257. I don’t push my favorite fan on runs anymore because I made the mistake of buying a cheap jogging stroller and it was ok until she go to be about 25lbs. I learned my lesson there!

    So, I make every attempt to run while she is still happily asleep (she is three). With the exception of Fridays. Fridays are the my ladies run group day and my husbands day off. I don’t feel guilty about leaving her then because my husband entertains her. The love to have daddy daughter movie dates in our living room and go for walks.

    When I was still pushing my fan I would often entertain her with extra snacks. And our favorite thing to do was talk about what we were running by.

  258. I entertain my little one with lots of different snack options, toys, and books. I keep plenty of back up options below the stroller just in case she gets bored and ditches everything. And if all that doesn’t satisfy, we sing, count, practice the alphabet. Man, I am tired just thinking about all the work that goes into being the entertainment department!

  259. My 1 yr old does not mind the stoller at all, a binkie, a toy, some snacks and a sippie
    Cup he is good to go!! But for my daughter who is 3 1/2. I have to have he music on
    And she loves to hear me sing along with it while screaming run mommy run! The best part of all
    If she is good half way through the run we stop at the entrance to our subdivision at the
    Dollar store and she gets a “pop-pop” otherwise known as Popsicle and she gets
    To enjoy it for the second half of my running loop! I have learned now always bring napkins so she
    Doesn’t use her brothers blanket to wipe her hands and face!! We always have a blast!

  260. I sing to my kids to try to distract them, though they usually don’t mind being buckled since they LOVE going for walks in the stroller 🙂

  261. I keep my daughter entertained with lots of books, stickers, or a magnidoodle pad.

    One trick that has been particularly helpful is the “I-spy” game. We have an old “baby’s first words” book that is full of everyday objects, from transportation to nature. Object of the game is to find as many things from our book outside on our run as she can. She can spend an entire 45 minute job pointing out butterflies and stop signs!

  262. My 2 1/2 year old needs to have lots of snacks while in the stroller! I can usually get through a short run with her but have to resort to bribes if I am out longer 🙂

  263. Lucky to have a tot who is content to watch the world go by as we run! But, I try not to run for too long without a stop somewhere interesting like the grocery store, park, etc.

  264. First off, I am a mommy to be and absolutely LOVE the Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller!!! When our little bundle of joy arrives, we will be moving to Alaska and I am sure the scenery will be entertainment enough! IF not, I am already jotting down some of these idea’s the other parents have! 🙂

  265. I don’t take my daughter to run with me often, so I would love to entertain my self by explore new neighborhood while I run, usually I choose different places, another thing to keep me entertain is my iPhone. Listening to the music will keep me enjoy my exercise, thank you.

  266. We talk about all the things we see along the way my two year old especially love to point all the birds!

  267. I medicate her. Heavily. I’m kidding! Lots of toys. Lots. And my phone. And her dad’s phone. And whatever other electronics we can find to keep her busy.

    If it’s just me, just remembering to breathe and not die because I just started running and am severely out of shape keeps me busy 🙂

  268. I use excellent baby sitters (hubby is often traveling) so I don’t feel guilty on my run! My daughter packs some random toys, I pack some snacks, and the babysitters work their magic!
    Also, to keep busy on a long run solo I do math. I try to work out what fraction of my run is complete, what I have left. Sometimes I will think up a race length and finish time, and calculate the pace. Super dorky, I know. 🙂

  269. My son is 20 months and 30 lbs, so a bit on the heavier side. I tried pushing him once in my Joovy Kooper stroller, which is normally a great stroller, but doesn’t work great for running. I haven’t tried I again, but I would love to a better stroller so I can get some good runs in this summer.

  270. I tried going the tech-free route (books, games, snacks) but the most effective “toy” is still the iPhone.

  271. Snack and Juice typically work to keep my daughter happy, but in a pinch I’ll hand over the itouch and let her watch videos.

  272. Snacks, a favorite lovey or a drink do the trick for maintaining happiness here!

    I’m just getting into running, so this would be amazing! Great giveaway!

  273. I run when it is nap time and the fresh air puts my son a sleep or he just looks around and beg to be back the stroller.

  274. I have LOTS of baby songs in my iPod, and we have stroller speakers. She just loves for me to sing to her, and she babbles along! Poor neighbors, lol.

  275. 1) Snacks, Snacks, Snacks, along with some singing and books keep my kids entertained. We also talk about what we see along the journey.
    Thanks for the chance to enter. 🙂

  276. I try to choose interesting places to run so my son has plenty to look at and usually his treat for sitting so well during a run is playing at a playground after.

  277. Lots of snacks are a must! I also talk to my son a lot to keep him occupied. When I am really desperate I give him the Ipod to play games on.

  278. I would love to win! I don’t have a jogging stroller & so I have to run super early in the am or after the kiddos have gone to bed – which makes it hard. If I had one, I’d keep my 2 year old entertained by bringing snacks & books – I love the suggestion of a sucker for every mile! Thanks for the chance.

  279. I try to go running with otter moms so that the babies talk and keep eachother entertained. Or the IPhone is always great in a pinch.

    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  280. Holy Moly! What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been looking for a jogger on craigslist, but this sure beats any I’d ever find there! Right now I rely on my hubby’s goodness to make his schedule work around mine to stay home with our daughter, but with his work picking up and the weather getting warmer, I really have been wanting to take her for runs with me.

  281. I usually attempt a huffing- and- puffing conversation with her about whatever we are seeing. The last time she was in the stroller, I got her to say “Push mommy!” as I was running up a hill. (just a little extra motivation)

  282. I am a single mama, so the kids have to come with. Thankfully, the toddlers LOVE riding in the stroller. They’re so busy, it’s one of the few times they’re just sit happily and enjoy the ride. The seven year old runs with me. He is in track and already eager for long distance!

    When I’m on my own, my “Run Baby Run” and “5K” playlists on my Ipod Nano keep me entertained, challenged and focused. Louder and crazier the music the better! 🙂

  283. I no longer have to bribe my daughter. Yay! She has signed up to run a Jr marathon at the half I will be running.:-). If I decide to have another this year, he or she will be bribed with whatever it takes!!! IPod, snacks, play after. I am not above nor do I look down upon bribery. It comes with the child territory!

  284. When I would push my daughter in the jogging stroller, I would either promise a stop at Starbucks on the way for a chocolate milk or time at a playground. For indoor runs on the treadmill, my daughter has always been extremely entertained just watching and laughing at me. She used to watch in her bouncy chair as a baby, so now at three she likes to pull up a chair for the show.

  285. I don’t run with the kids in the stroller anymore, but I am running my first race with my 6 year old this weekend. Spent a lot of time with the kids in our BOB.

  286. I would give my son something he could throw (like a tennis ball), pick out an inanimate object in front of us while running and see if he could hit said object with the ball. It kept him entertained and involved (he thought it was hysterical to see me chase after his ball) and forced me to have a speed workout of sorts (chasing the ball). The route had to either be on trails or quiet streets, however! We would also pick out bikers or runners in front of us and pretend they were robbers and we were police chasing them.

  287. Running with kids= treats, routes that allow lots of things to look at, or running during nap time. And though I love chit-chatting with my littles, I have to admit that the nap time runs work out fabulously well.
    The ones that stay home are usually allowed free reign as long as they don’t kill one another or burn the house down. So far, so good.

  288. She just loves the jogging stroller! I don’t have to entertain her at all. She points out birds, dogs, etc. She tells me to “run faster!”, and loves every minute of it. I don’t usually go more than one hour, just because she’s almost 40lbs now, and I can’t push her that long! I (we) would like to try this one out to see what it’s like.

  289. With the previous cold weather and my early morning training runs (doing my first full Sunday – Flying Pig!), I have not taken my 2.5 year old running in a long time. We all know it is hard to make a toddler so anything they don’t want to so have been nervous about getting mine back into the jogger. With the warm weather, my “bribe” is usually a popsicle – she loves it and the dripping mess isn’t on my furniture. The only real entertainment for long runs though are my running buddies… oh the places conversations go!

  290. Mostly, we do a lot of talking, kind of I Spy for little ones & food. Then there are the hills, on those I just tell them mommy is working hard while getting stronger & I can’t always talk!!

  291. Although I don’t have a kid yet, pushing one in a stroller is something I will be accustomed to within the next several months. When I go on long runs, I choose a route that is visually pleasing and I often times will go with my husband or a friend. Running with someone makes everything seem to go by so quickly even when there is limited conversation. I also make sure I have a pocketful of gummy bears when I need that extra blast of carbs.

  292. Miniature Tootsie Pops are fabulous! I’m wondering how many of these contributors keep the iphones and ipads from falling out of the stroller on a run…

  293. I rotate which kid I bring with me. That way they think it’s something special they get to do while the others have to stay home with dad.

  294. A snack, books and my smart phone. If all else fails an episode of SpongeBob will get me 20 minutes of running. I am not too good for bribery if it saves my sanity 🙂

  295. I’ve been fortunate that my kiddo seems to entertain himself while being pushed in the stroller–if he does get restless, then may be a game of “where’s the kiddo?” through the window on the sun shield : )

  296. Always head down to ‘our’ trail. That way we can count squirrels, see lots of dogs out walking, listen to bird calls etc. When all else fails…Bribery.

  297. I don’t have a jogging stroller so the hubby stays home with the little one and I try to run when he is napping. Otherwise we entertain him with his favorite movie, the Polar Express. Sometimes when I run on the treadmill at home, I have to “take turns” with my son (age 3). He will run for about two minutes then he will let me run for a few minutes. When he gets tired, then I get the treadmill all to myself. For myself, I couldn’t run without some good tunes on the ipod.

  298. When I ran with a jog stroller (double) the entertainment was having my older daughter report in to the stroll-ees about my condition. As in, “Mommy, why is your face so red? Mommy, why are you so sweaty? Mommy, why can I bike faster than you can run?” The steady, demoralizing commentary was apparently captivating to the 2 year old contingent! Further entertainment provided when I attempted to push the flagging biker up hills while pushing stroller (and squelching curses).

  299. I don’t have a jogging stroller or a treadmill, though I wish I did. Instead I’ve stopped listening to music on my runs and am really enjoying the extra stress relief. Life is so busy and noisy that the one of the few chances I get to be alone and disconnected from technology is out on a run. And of course, I have a great running buddy to help pass the time with on a few runs a week!

  300. I sometimes run with friends, but usually my entertainment on a long run is my iPod. Not sure if I could make it through a solo, double-digit run without it !

  301. For now, I run before my kids wake up, but I’d love to be able to run with the younger one when the big one is at school (no jogger yet). I entertain myself on runs with music and the sights and sounds of nature that surround our neighborhood. I’m sure my kids would enjoy those things, too, at least for five minutes–then the snacks will come out!

  302. Keeping littles entertained involves plenty of snacks and fun games on the phone. That can keep my 2 year old happy for hours. Unfortunately, I’ve never forked over the money for a running stroller, so during my marathon training I had to work my schedule around nap time or dad time. I finished my first marathon last weekend at 21 weeks pregnant, and have my sights on a half-marathon in November, so I would REALLY love to include baby #7 on my training runs and get back to running as soon as I’m cleared.

  303. I don’t have a jogging stroller, but I do let the kids ride bike with me when I run sometimes. It’s usually at a slower pace since the little one can’t keep up, but it gets everyone outside for a little exercise!

  304. I didnt start running until my kids were too old for a stroller. How do I entertain myself on long runs? So far only my iPod. But I’m starting my first full marathon training cycle soon and I plan on saving up my RLAM podcasts to entertain me on my really long 20 miler! LOVE THE PODCASTS!

  305. We take the leapster and the IXL and lots and lots of snacks…the importance of snacks can NOT be overstated enough…if their tiny little mouth is full, it is not whining or asking me a million and five questions that I do not have the breath to answer while pushing said stroller!

  306. We’re expecting our first in June, so I don’t have any tips or tricks yet. But when I currently run alone, I love to zone out and sing to my playlist in my head. All the songs have to be in the same order so I know what’s coming next and don’t have to think too hard. I can imagine when I have a little one, it will be quiet thinking time for both of us-I’m deaf as a doormat, so I wouldn’t be able to hear him talk to me anyways!

  307. I did my first run (which happened to be a 6 mile race) with a stroller last weekend. Luckily the route was heavily laden with fire trucks, ambulances and cop cars. And with all the other people around he managed to entertain himself. Winning this would be great, as I had to borrow my friends stroller 🙁

  308. to entertain my little one I sing songs with her, not the easiest to do while running, but keeps her happy.

  309. I love long catch up sessions with my running besties, the time and miles always fly by. Now… if I had kids, the stroller help make the miles fly.

  310. I push 2 kiddos right now. My 9 month old baby is perfectly content to be along for the ride; he has been riding since 6 weeks. I keep Baby Mum Mum Rice Husks for him in the pockets of my stroller; he can feed himself if we push into an eating time.

    The 2 1/2 year old is a bit more difficult. Since the weather has improved, she is much better as she HATES the rain/wind shield. When we run at the park, I stuff her seat pockets with snack size baggies of cranberries, cheese balls, and mini marshmallows. She can feed herself. There is a nice playground near my starting point so I often run and out-and-back route making sure to go out a big further so as soon as we get near the playground I can let her out. She plays while I feed the baby with those super pureed pouches from Target. When it is time to go, she walks back to the car.

    My oldest was much easier with a very cheery and outgoing personality. I taught her how to cheer for runners and greet them-so she kept herself busy talking to EVERYONE.

  311. I keep my two-year-old entertained with Goldfish, chocolate milk and plenty of toys. I’ve often been tempted to bring the portable DVD player, but have always decided not to. I don’t want to start that habit. Like one of your responses above, I started him in it young so he’s used to it and likes it. I hope the second child enjoys it as much.

  312. I don’t have a jogging stroller, but if I did… Oh how sweet that would be! I am in awe of all those mama’s pushing a jogging stroller and killing it. Makes me want to be apart of that elite group of BAMR. I will say, if I won, I’d have to train my daughter to say “good morning” to everyone we pass by. It’s a game i like to play… Who’s will say “hi” back and who won’t. That’s what keeps me entertained on my long runs. I like to think of myself as a social butterfly and strive for 100% feedback from all thoses passing by!

  313. We started running with our son in the jogging stroller when he was six months old… And toys and lots of snacks got him happily through many runs, including a handful of 10-12 milers. Once I’m running with him again (currently on preggo hiatus) I’m planning on making our runs special Mommy and big brother time, with a fun destination- I’m thinking good playgrounds and/or the ice cream shop.

  314. Ooh, great giveaway! I didn’t get back into running until my now nearly 4 yo son was about 2 1/2. He’d already outgrown a regular stroller so there was no hope of getting him into a jogging stroller. Hence, I run at 5:30 am while he’s still sleeping! That said, with thoughts of going for baby #2 soon, a jogging stroller is the one thing I’d love to add to our arsenal of used baby gear. I love listening to a local early morning radio show for short, morning runs, and a well selected playlist for longer ones.

  315. I didn’t run when my kids were little, so I guess I will tell you how I entertain myself. I pray and think and daydream and when I am getting tired, I listen to my ipod.

  316. the jogger and i are great friends. i bought a single when my daughter was 8 months old, and a double when my son was born 10 months later. i provide child care for my two nephews (the same age as my kiddos) and sometimes wish my double were a triple just so i could run off some of the stress that comes with raising two three year olds, and two two year olds.

    that obstacle aside, the trick mentioned above about running near tractors, construction, other peoples pets is a great one. also, the kids each get to bring one small toy that can easily be attached to the shoulder strap clips on the stroller. that way there is no fighting and no dropping.

  317. I didn’t use a jogging stroller much when my son was little- (we had a used one that we got on our local Freecycle that was not very easy to push-hopefully for the next baby, we can get a better one!!) But now, my son (4.5yrs) waits patiently for me to get back from my solo run and then we go on a “run” together! He really loves these 7-10 block long outings and they are a great cooldown for me.

  318. I let my kids watch movies in my bedroom while I hit the treadmill or I’ll take them to the track and let them play in the middle. I recently found a park with a half mile path around it. i haven’t taken the kids there yet but I”m sure it will be much less boring than the track for both of us!

  319. I attached toys to the side of the stroller with the rings. She’s still under a year, so I will have to think of new ways soon. I keep myself distracted with podcasts (including yours!) and music.

  320. My five-year-old just likes to be running. If I take walk breaks, she asks when I’m going to start running again. Snacks and chatting about things we see along the way entertains her, too. My youngest is only six weeks, so she just sleeps while I walk.

  321. I run in the evening, when my husband is home. So HE entertains them. 🙂 To keep myself entertained, I listen to music on my iPod Shuffe.

  322. Luckily my oldest keeps the ‘baby’ well fed and entertained on my runs. Lately, I’ve had them sing to me. It keeps all of us engaged, although I don’t know how inspirational “Itsy, Bitsy Spider” is.

  323. I haven’t put my 2 year old in a jogging stroller yet, but he does get to have Daddy time while I’m out and running. They do fun stuff that we don’t normally do-watch special shows, projects.

  324. Thankfully my 2 year old is still very content just looking at all the scenery as we pass by. She’s been in a jogging stroller since 6 months or so and it’s really the ONLY time she sits still willingly! She gets a drink, a stuffed animal and maybe another toy and she’s good, unless of course we see a swing set and then all she wants to do is swing. Do you think we could get the Mountain Buggy with blinders so she couldn’t see the swings : )

  325. When it’s just the 21-month-old boy with me, it’s juice, animal crackers, and raisins to eat plus his trusty soccer ball (that he only throws out when we’re going uphill and I have to go back down the hill to retrieve – because that’s FUNNY!!). I will let him walk the last 1/2 mile with me (it’s a big downhill stretch and he giggles the whole way home).

    When the 10-year-old girl comes too, she’s bouncing a basketball to keep both of them entertained. I let her bring a snack too 🙂

    I can normally get in a good hour walk this way.

  326. My kids won’t stay in a jogger for very long, but water, snacks, and coloring books keep them entertained for a little while.

  327. I keep my treadmill in my garage along with a trampoline, balance beam, slide and other cool gym toys that don’t get played with unless we are running (or doing yard work).

  328. I don’t have a jogger but when I go out running my husband is really good about doing something with our son that he doesn’t get to do everyday (ie going to the playground, or watching more than one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!)

  329. I keep myself entertained on long runs by indulging in adrenaline-inducing dYdreams. I imagine myself running against Kara Goucher in the Olympic trials, running a half with my daughter and granddaughter (my daughter is 4 months old now), running with spectators all around me, cheering me on.

  330. We play I spy, call out colors,and count the puppas that we pass on our run. We count clouds, sing songs, it is a regular carnival.

  331. I try to run while the kids are sleeping so I can avoid trying to entertain others while running. I entertain myself by doing math (breaking the run down in as many ways as my fatigued brain will allow) and singing along to my iPod.

  332. For treadmill runs, I use the tv or Daddy to keep the munchkins entertained. When my oldest was little, she was great at keeping herself busy in the jogger–a sippy cup and a stuffie were all she needed. My second is a preemie, so we’re just shy of her being able to ride in a jogger now. I’m hoping she’ll love it, but we’ll see.

  333. This is funny that this is todays giveaway. The first thing I actually thought of this morning was, “Ugghh my running stroller is a bust… I need to look into getting a new one”.

    I try my hardest to leave the chicklets at home when I go for a run. If that’s not possible, I bring candy.. Yes, candy. It won’t hurt them, right? It’s a win-win for both of us. I get my run in and they get there favorite food, I mean…treat. 🙂

  334. My one year old, loves our kitchen whisk and generally prefers it to all of the other toys on the living room floor. So, I save the whisk as a ‘stroller only’ toy. He will stay strapped in as long as he’s able to weild his wisk in the stroller and point at things as we roll by. It keeps him happy, keeps me giggling and putting one foot in front of the other. I often wonder if people watching us stroll by instantly think of Don Quixote and The Man of La Mancha, like I do. It’s like he’s clearing the path for my kick ass run – and guarding me from rogue windmills at the same time. “Look out world, my Mom’s comin’!”

  335. Just starting to run with the jogging stroller – with my older daughter (almost 3), she gets out and “runs” with me every mile or so. Haven’t taken the younger one out yet but I would imagine snacks are the way to go with that one 🙂

  336. I chat with my 3 year old while we are running. If it is the 4 month old in the stroller it takes about 2 minutes for the rocking to lull him to sleep. If I am alone, I count footsteps until my mind wanders into the rhythm of my run.

  337. When running with my 20 month-old son in the stroller, snacks and water are a must!! Pacifier blanket for anything over 6 miles, and lots of talking and singing. When we do our hill workout I always tell him to peddle or push harder:)

  338. If I’m lucky, running time means Daddy Daycare! When I run (on the treadmill) with my three kids in the room, I depend on video games, legos and crafts. Actually, I fell off the treadmill once because they were being crazy 🙂 Skinned my elbow on the belt – not a happy day for Mama or the kiddos.

  339. I like best to run by myself,… It’s my “me” time. However if I have my two year old with me, I pretend to spot dogs, cats, horses and ask her to look for them. She’s an animal lover but this trick only buys me so much time lol.

  340. Dum dums work well for both kids (and lots of other snacks too). But I try to use it as speedwork. I rin as hard as I can to the park, fire station, duck pond, whatever. We stop for 5-10 minutes, sometimes more, and then I run as hard as i can home.

  341. I’ve gone so far as to bring my boys’ scooters, stashed underneath my super old-craigslist found-falling apart jogging stroller so that we could stop midway for a ride. I’d love some new wheels!

  342. i don’t have kiddos to push… yet! that plan is in the works and a GREAT stroller win would be 1 less “baby” purchase to make.
    Currently I entertain myself on long runs with a buddy or on the trails.

  343. Lots of snacks! And we play a version of I Spy, which mainly is just trying to keep him distracted by everything else around us. He loves to ride though…even at almost 3 yrs old, it’s hard to get him to walk instead of ride.

  344. Ah, this would be awesome! We have been hunting for a good used jogger because I am too cheap to buy a new one!

    I don’t run with kids because we don’t have a jogger yet, but I’m pretty sure that my youngest would be happy to have his hair in the breeze, a little music and his blankie.

  345. I enjoy running because it gives me space and quiet to think, most often it’s my thoughts entertaining me. But often I crank up the tunes of course! And I would love to learn to entertain my baby boy while jogging- we’d both enjoy this awesome stroller!

  346. I let him get out for run breaks. He loves to run [read – skip] with me so I let him skip for 25-50 yds every couple of miles.
    If he’s not in the mood for that, I ply him with treats and my iPod.

  347. I want to push a kiddo – there have been many missed runs because I haven’t gotten a stroller yet! 🙂 But for now – I leave my kids at home. Their entertainment is their father. 😛 I entertain myself by swimming around in my brain full thoughts and blissfully think without being interrupted!

  348. Snacks and water are a must, a favorite animal or blanket and the Disney station on Pandora. The combination of all these either puts my kids in pretend play mode or sleep mode. I’ll take either one!

  349. My 6 month old has a special vibrating ducky toy that hangs over him in the stoller. He yanks on its leg until the motion from the stoller puts him to sleep. It’s so sweet to see him sleeping while he hangs on to the ducky’s foot.

  350. I always bring snacks for my 18 month old daughter when I bring her on my runs; I point out everything to her flowers, trees, birds, squirrels, cars, trucks, planes. etc; and I play peek a boo through the viewing window.

  351. I have three little boys ages 4,2 and 11 months and have a double BOB stroller. I use that baby gift more than any other gift I have ever received. However, I do have occasion where I only have one kid with me and this would be awesome to have!

    As far as keeping my kids entertained, they don’t need much. They have all been running with me since they were small little babies and as a result I have the best kids to run with ever. They rarely complain and always want to go. Usually just a snack and a bottle of water will keep them happy for runs as far as 10 miles! Love those little boys.

  352. Since my baby is still cooking inside of me, I keep myself entertained while running with music and the thoughts in my own head:) I’m looking forward to the day when I’m back out running and hopefully can take our baby girl along with me:)

  353. When I go for a run, i attach toys, sippy cups, snack cups, pretty much anything to the harness with Reagan’s plastic toy chain links. This way, everthing is in reach and I don’t have to stop and pick up things that she throws overboard!

  354. Most of the time I run with my almost 2 year old. She’s been in the jogger since she was little, so she’s not to bad. Although she’s a bit of a busy body. So I start out our trip with little or no entertainment so I’ll have a large variety when it’s needed. I keep a few little toys and a sketch board in our stroller. And any yummy cereal wih a few mini chocolate chips seems to do the trick. Afterward I like to take her to the park as a reward or let her ‘run’ in the cemetery across from our house. She burns energy and I get a cool down.

  355. I feel like I’m a circus show when running with my daughter. I have to have an endless supply of snacks, I sing as I go, point out things she might enjoy, play peek-a-boo through the window in her canopy, tickle her, you name it, I’ve tried it. All worth it just to go for a run!

  356. My goal for when I run is to keep my two in the stroller from hitting or pinching each other. They do really well for the first 35 minutes playing I Spy and then it’s downhill from there. I usually try to end my run at the park and they know if they do well we will end up there. The reward of the park plus a snack when we get there usually works. It doesn’t work as well when my older two are on their bikes with us. They tend to make the entire run a nightmare no matter what I do.

  357. Two words: FRUIT SNACKS!!! What is it about those little delicious, rubbery chunks of sugar??? A little secret…I SWEAR by them for my mid-run fuel, too, so it’s a win-win. 🙂

  358. I tried running with my LO, Alejandro, numerous times. We weren’t able to afford a really good jogging stroller, and he despises the one we have. It reclines way too much, and he wants to sit up and look around.

    So he stays with his papi while mami runs. 🙂 I try to arrange my running time close to his bedtime, so papi stays with him for maybe an hour. 🙂 He LOVES his papi time! 😀 They roll around on the floor and fly like airplanes! Alejandro enjoys using papi as a bridge as well. 😛 Then, they read stories together (His favorite is Bunny Kisses, Goodnight Moon, and Llama Llama Nighty-Night) and off to bed he goes! 🙂

  359. I keep myself entertained with music. I change up the playlist every couple weeks to keep myself from getting bored with it.

    I’m expecting my first little one in November and would SO love to win this stroller! I’m already registered for a half marathon next April, so a good jogging stroller will be essential once my little one is here.

  360. My kids are older so no stroller here. On my long run I rely on a really good playlist. Especially since I’m usually running alone. Would love to win for my sister who has a 1 yr old and is new to running and tryig to figure out how to juggle being a runner and a mom.

  361. So I don’t yet have children, that is in the works at this point in time. But to keep myself entertained while running for long periods of time I sometimes listen to music, sometimes I do a bit of random off roading, sometimes I watch other runners from behind the shade of my sunglasses, but most of the time I think and pray. Running is my time to clear my head, which I’m sure if I was pushing a babe around that things would be different but for now this is how life is.

  362. while i’m currently not pushing a little one around, i will be in a few months and will need all the help i can get. right now on my long runs (which have sadly turned into 4 milers from the combination of baby and the texas heat), music really gets me through it. that and mixing up my route so it doesn’t seem to long

  363. I load up on the snacks for the stroller – starting the boy with the healthiest (when he is in a good mood)and ending with the most unhealthy (when he is getting kinda ornery and will only sit for that last 1/2 mile with a cookie in his hand).

  364. My baby LOVES munchies but he just stuffs as many as he can into his mouth so we have to stop every little bit to ration out some more. I LOVE my baby and he would rather be outside!

  365. We have been running with our little ladies from the very beginning, we don’t bring much. Maybe a snack, a drink, and their blanket if they are feeling needy. They are mostly entertained by themselves and nature.

  366. The stroller we have (ancient and not big enough now that my youngest is 4) has a built in set of speakers. I let her choose the music and play it from my Ipod or an old CD player. Also giving her a bottle of water and cup of Annies bunnies helps.

  367. Since I have a dance music and hip hop loving 2 year old, Pandora has become my best friend when we run together. I will find a dance or hip hop station that has only the radio edits, and turn that on. He bops along, and I don’t have to try to have a conversation with him since I am way out of breath when running with the jogger.

  368. My lil man is only 10 months (today!), so we have to change it up often to stay entertained in the jogging stroller. Some days all it takes are cheese puffs. Other days Mommy has to have an entire conversation. The hard days are the singing days… nothing like trying to belt out “If you’re happy and you know it” while huffing and puffing up a hill with lil man babbling along!

  369. I started my running career in earnest when my kids were just shy of 2 and 5. I ran my first half marathon in June and the next month we moved cross-country to Washington State and I bought a double BOB, as my hisband’s schedule is all over the board. They’re older so they ‘entertained’ each other fairly well that first fall and summer and are now turning 4 and 7 this summer, with number three on the way in August. I started a Galloway method, so the six year old gets out and runs certain intervals with me, and other than a few figurine toys and a snack, they just get to sit for a bit while mama gets her sweat on-isn’t that what the volume up button is for on our iPods? To drown out kiddo complaints? Ha! We have some great back roads and trails in our area, and I’d love to introduce baby number 3 to the world of running in that stroller while his brothers are at school! (and as for entertaining when I’m gone? That’s what their father is for, ha!)

  370. I try to get out and back in before they ever wake up in the morning, so they are entertained by sleeping 🙂 To keep myself entertained I try different things, counting my pace, singing the song on my iPod. Anything except thinking about the list of things I have to do that day or thinking about breathing, if I start thinking about breathing then I can’t, LOL!!

  371. With the twins being 6, they usually stay home with Daddy, and I go early before they wake up. But with the baby due soon, I’m going to have to find a new routine!

  372. I never ran with my oldest in a jogger, but surprisingly he does well (when I want to push all 40 pounds of him…). My youngest was in it from the beginning, and it’s super therapeutic for him. He naps, takes in the surroundings…I’m pretty sure he think’s it’s his second crib.

  373. I just started running with my boys(3&4) in the stroller again. They each get a granola bar and water bottle as a snack. While running we talk about the things we see(dogs, bugs and flowers), run through the sprinklers and try to catch butterflies and birds. They coach me every step of the way with “good job mommy” or “speed up mommy”. It has been a fun way to get some recovery miles in for me and share my love of running with my boys.

  374. I hand over my iphone, prepped with a new downloaded cartoon. Snacks and juice box always! A backup toy too, usually a mini book or stickers or something along those lines.

  375. I keep myself entertained on a long run by thinking about a specific person in my life for each mile I run. So I will think about my husband and each of my kids and what might be going on in each of their lives then branch out to other family members and friends. It works for the most part and if all else fails I promise myself some sport beans every mile!

  376. Baby girl is 7 weeks old so we haven’t gone for a run together yet. I’m hoping by starting her early she’ll accept it as part of her routine. She’s pretty mellow anyway. As far as my entertainment on a long run, it really depends on my mood. It usually takes a couple of miles to get into the mental groove…more if it’s been a rough day. Sometimes I just let my mind wander…other times I need to convince myself to run to the next phone pole…and the next one…and the next one…

  377. I drag my husband along on my long runs. Music is too distracting for me but he’s good at chatting to keep me from getting bored or shutting up if I need to focus 🙂

  378. My 2 older girls are gone while I run, but my 5, 3, and 2 year old are home. I do not have a jogging stroller, YET..but my husband entertains the little ones the best way he knows how. If I do not get a stroller soon to take someone off his hands, he may have me run in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep = )
    He actually pulls my runs/walks up on maymyrun and they cheer me on.

  379. When my kids were really young (6 and 18 months) I would bring little toys and board books to keep them busy. But now at 2 and 3.5 years they LOVE going in the jog stroller. All they need is a little bag of Goldfish crackers and that’s it. They love pointing out the dogs and squirrels and birds they see and waving to the mailmen and landscapers. The always ask when they can go running again but as they grow the stroller is starting to get HEAVY!!

  380. With my first, we would sing songs, look for birds, or “fancy” cars, etc. As he got older, he would play on the iphone or listen to music. Now, he is too heavy to push! With my 10 month old, he just snuggles in and settles down for a good nap. I enjoy running with my boys! It was hard at first but some of my best runs have been pushing a jogger.

    I was prepped and ready to run with my youngest last night and when I opened the gargage I found my neighbors cat jumping out of my jog stroller… the cat peed in the stroller! Really hoping I win a new stroller!

  381. 1. If I have both kids, we talk about what we see around us look for things we like (like a reverse ISpy).
    2.If they’re at home, my hubby or my dad usually stay w/ them, so they’re happy with that.
    3. I make to do list in my head for the rest of the day/ week, or just concentrate on my tunes!
    No matter who I do or do not take w/ me I’m just so thankful to have the health and ability to get out and run, it’s soooo much cheaper than drugs or a therapist!!

  382. Two words: Angry Birds. My son is two and has mastered levels I couldn’t win. This entertains for hours. He’s great with the sound effects too.

  383. I am not yet a mom but hope to be soon. I hope that my running now will help me run again once there is a kid in the picture. I imagine pushing a kid in a stroller while I run to be a great extra push for me and make the days without the stroller seem easier. For me, all runs must include music to keep me entertained. I look forward to having a little one to talk to during my runs and to point out interesting things along thr way.

  384. Keeping my daughter (3) entertained is harder than my son (1). For my daughter, I let her take a toy (usually a baby doll or sometimes her Leapster) and she keeps herself busy with that. For my son, as long as I have some tunes, he is very happy. If I run with my single stroller, I have a little steering wheel that attaches to the tray and whoever is running with me gets to pretend they are driving the stroller (it even has a horn that they beep when we come up behind someone). When all else fails, food always works so we always have snacks/water with us.

  385. I entertain my kids with my iPad and MANY lollipops. When all else fails, I turn up my headphones to drown out the whining and screaming and I ignore the nasty looks I get from anyone who passes us.

  386. I haven’t had to push my son yet, but school’s coming to an end for the summer and I know I’m gonna have to so thanks for the ideas. I entertain myself on long runs with talking to my BRF. One of the best parts of running are those conversations.

  387. My two year old loves when I run. She brings books or toys and I listen to my iPod without the earbuds so she can hear the music too. She usually says “turn it up” and we sing together! I also ask her to find things (bird, butterfly, flowers etc.) and she thinks that is supper fun! I get kind of lonely when she isn’t with me!

  388. We sing! (Which means I can’t go as far or as fast) but it passes the time. We find every possible dog we can too!

  389. luckily I don’t have to push my boys in a stroller, and lately I’ve been entertaining myself by concentrating on running with good form.

  390. 1. When I have my daughter along for a run, I switch the entertainment and bribes around: We generally run on a bike path that ends near a great playground. That gets her IN. During the run, I keep her occupied with an iphone, rotate in snacks, and… we sing. I’ve long been that crazy lady in the neighborhood who runs with dog and baby, singing the alphabet or some other kiddie song at full volume.

    2. If DD stays home, my husband is in charge of entertainment. Isn’t that why we keep men around? Bug killing, nookie, and being “on duty” when we run?

  391. I don’t take him with me now because I haven’t been able to afford a jogger yet. However when I do snacks will be on board as well as his favorite show in the ipod touch.

  392. My kids have always enjoyed the jogger! Because I started when they were yoyng, its a way of life here! When I do treadmill runs at home, I use the TV…their movie time & my workout time.

  393. Back when my son was young enough to tote along, I did a lot of biking. We chatted about everything as I pedaled. Now I keep myself entertained, at times, on long runs by wondering what it might be like running with grandchildren (if I am ever so fortunate).

  394. Special snacks and drinks and now my iPod touch to play zombie killing games for my 4yr old. My 2 yr old likes to call to our dogs that run with us and tell them they are good puppies.

  395. I always bring music for my son to listen to, snacks and luckily he always seems to fall asleep during the run. This stroller looks awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


  396. I was lucky with my now 5-year-old… He loves to talk about and to anyone or anything. Get him in the stroller and as long as don’t mind listening to (and giving occasional grunts back) a detailed monologue, you’re good to go! My new bambino will hopefully just as happy to hit the road. We’ll find out in a few months!

  397. I’m on kid 3 who resides in a jogger so this mom can get a few minutes of running sanity. With my third, I have no shame putting Barney on my iphone, hooking her up with headphones and running on my merry way. When that becomes monotonous to the babe, snacks are shoved in the top of the jogger and all is well (for at least another 10 minutes).

  398. Snacks, sippy cup, pacifier, and if all else fails, I make some car noises and steer like a crazy person.

  399. When my daughter was little I’d entertain her with one of daddy’s golf balls to hold in the stroller (the only thing I could find in the garage one time and it seemed to stick…) and food/drinks. Once she got older it helped to have a running buddy pushing a stroller as well. My good friend has a daughter of the same age and they love each other. She was always entertained by looking for her friend plus we would trade off strollers sometimes just to keep it interesting. Also, the girls could get out and run around for a few minutes while we would take a break.

  400. I either TM or go out when my hubby can stay home. To entertain my 2 year old while I TM I use a combination of pretzels, Angry Birds on the tablet and a giant stack of books.

  401. My little man’s rider includes but is not limited to:
    Drink (preferably two parts juice one part water)
    Snack (any variety of cheese cracker or animal cracker)
    Music (Yo Gabba Gabba channel on Pandora)
    Songs (let by stroller operator)
    Stop at the park
    Push the buttons on the keypad to open the garage door upon return from run

  402. It depends on the distance. We head out the door equipped with snacks, books, and for very long distances our Ipad which has videos and games. We also play I Spy and sing songs. When I really need to convince my mini running buddy that Mom needs a run, I take a route that goes by the park. We take a break mid-run and by the time we get home, all the ladies are happy!

  403. Right now my daughter is young enough (6 months) that talking to her seems to keep her entertained. I also try to go around her nap times so that she’ll sleep for at least part of the run.

  404. My daughter is 5 now, and I still push her in the stroller. It’s a lot harder now than it was when she was 1–both for my muscles and for my creativity in trying to keep her entertained. When she was little, she usually fell asleep after a few minutes. I have bribed her with usually-not-offered “fun” foods, but the thing that really gets her excited about a stroller run is if I tell her she can pick the route. Seriously! I probably look like a crazy person because I’ll start making a turn, and she’ll say, “No, I don’t want to go down the hill–I want to go over the bridge.” Of course, sometimes that plan backfires because she doesn’t quite understand that if we find ourselves 2 or 3 miles from home, we have to make it back, but it’s been fun for me to have her play such an active role (and she LOVES to tell the story of our jog stroller accident: when she was 2 1/2, the front wheel popped off of the stroller and we really wiped out).

    She’s also a little competitive and has been telling me, “Faster, Mommy, faster!” since she first learned to put those 2 words together 🙂

  405. Big kids get tech time Sunday mornings and the little one gets special time at home with dad while I am out! 🙂 that stroller is fabulous!

  406. I give her whatever she wants for a snack, a drink, I pull the shade whenever she says anything – if she’s cold, I stop and cover her up. If she’s happy – I get in my run!!!

  407. #3. Sometimes I make up dumb cadence songs that really make no sense at all. Other times I think up lists of things to be done at home which I them promptly forget when I do get home. Entering this for a friend that is due in July she started me on my adventure in running last year so with her unable to run I thought this would be a perfect way to get her back into it after baby comes

  408. I used to run with my kids, but they’re heavy now. I used snacks to keep them happy.
    When I had a TM at home, I let them watch tv or did it while they napped.
    Now, I leave them at home with Daddy and entertain myself with audio books.

  409. Summer is easier to keep the kids entertained. Their favorite activity while I run is to play with the hose in the front yard and try to spray me while I run by on our court. At least it breaks up the repetition for me, and cools me off!

  410. My kids are usually happy to be in the jogger. It helps that I usually ran at times they’d nap, and/or combined it with park stops or a trip to the library. It helps that there are a ton of parks where I am, so when I’m really desperate, I’ll run to a park they don’t know about or that they haven’t visited in a while as an incentive. Also, I think my kids are pretty low-key about needing entertainment while running. They’ve mostly been content to chill and watch the scenery or nap. That may be true of me too. On long runs, I mostly just run and look at whatever there is to see. It feels refreshing to just be out alone, without extra stimulation. Disclaimer: I live in Colorado, so the views and trails are pretty nice. And as a bonus, last weekend’s 20-miler took place in the mountains, where I ran along two lakes and into Rocky Mountain National Park. The views definitely compensated for the lack of oxygen. If I had to run all that along city streets with traffic, it would be a completely different story.

  411. My sweet 3y/o boy loves to sing (hymns, celtic music, and/or katy perry and lady gaga (sigh) and ask questions relating to construction, sewer pipes, utilities, and occasionally nature… but usually just engineering type questions… I’m a physical therapist… so this keeps us both entertained as I related it all back to the human body and he interprets it through the mind of the engineer. We also have a Z-bar and water on hand… oh, and a lacing string which is his cord/hose/tube/pipe to work out his own construction things inside the BOB. This keeps us entertained for miles… in all types of weather… regardless of where we travel. 🙂

  412. I don’t push the babes, I’m lucky in that hubby stays with the girls while I run. I try to go before they wake so at most he might have to do is toast a frozen waffle. Ha! I entertain myself with a really random playlist on my Shuffle. =)

  413. We play games along the route like counting school buses (good for the afternoon run) or playing I Spy or I Hear. The kids always love when I promise them a stop at a park along the way too for a break for them and strength training on the equipment for me!

  414. Wow, I think I drooled all over myself when I saw that stroller! I started my kids as soon as possible in our garage sale find double jogger, so they love for a run. We often talk about all the things we see unless I’m doing hill repeats. They know then that Mommy doesn’t talk and they should cheer and sing songs. Love it!

  415. I push my little one more often than not. He’s a great sport. I always bring along sme toys and point out the exciting sights as we go.

  416. 1. Okay…when I’m pushing them I will often sing…yes sing or talk to them. I obviously can’t keep up as great of a pace as I would like but I love the time that we have to just talk and not do anything else. The other thing they love to do in the stroller is EAT.
    We have a local track. I bring a whole set-up. A bag of toys, lunchboxes with snacks, a timer (so they can play the game – time mommy), and a small pop up tent! They love it and I have an excuse to stop for more than 30 seconds on my repeats!

  417. I’m a wuss. Every time I’ve taken my daughter out in the jogging stroller, I feel like I might die. It feels so much harder than running without it! But the times I have taken her out, I make sure to take along her favorite toy of the moment and her sippy cup.

  418. We play I Spy, have lots of snacks,count how many
    times we need potty breaks. And always make sure
    that the run ends at a playground. Oh, and I have a special
    playlist that is just for my son that I play for him while we run. ( and
    make sure he knows how much I need my coach with me to make sure I
    know when to walk/run)

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