Hump Day Giveaway: NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill (Round 2!)

Does Dory talk to you on a run?
Does Dory talk to you on a run?

I could launch into a bunch of reasons why we're giving away a second amazing NordicTrack Commerical 1750 Treadmill in as many months—the Polar Vortex just blows (and I'm not talking the wind kind); the Superbowl is the biggest eating national eating day behind Thanksgiving (2,000 calories in 3 hours?!); our partners at NordicTrack are beyond generous—and while all of those are true, the real truth is this: I am just too excited about this contest to waste space on negative temperatures and guacamole.

But I'm not too excited to give some space to the lovely and lucky Angie, who won the first treadmill in the AMR holiday treadmill contest.

Love her backdrop--and smile!
Don't sweat on your cute artwork, Angie!

Here's what Angie says about her latest love: The 1750 is crazy cool. I’ve named it Scotty because I imagine I'm running on the deck of the Starship Enterprise. Want to run Heartbreak Hill? Boom! You’re there. A jaunt through Africa? Scotty (and his Google feature) will hook you up! My favorite feature by far is the speaker system. No more headphones falling out mid-run. I can hook up my phone or iPad to watch a show, catch up on podcasts or simply rock out. Oh, and the fan system… amazing! There are so many more features to explore. I’m just getting started. I’m looking forward to many happy miles on the coolest toy ever!

And a family that runs together? Check it.

Angie's son (check those cross-country calves!) and daughter (check those cute jeans!).
Angie's son (check those cross-country calves!) and daughter (check those cute jeans, probably hiding cut calves!).

And, of course, I've got to give some space to the phenomenal NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill. I've had, ahem, plenty of time to log plenty of miles on it, and I'm still crushing hard on it. My joints are thriving on the FlexSelect Cushioning, spring-encased dampeners on the belt that reduces the shock on your joints by 30%. My head loves the myriad programming options from Heartbreak Hill to my own Private Hill Tour. (Yeah, haven't quite hit that 15% incline yet...someday. I love that I can change the speed and incline with just one quick button push—sometimes all I have the energy for—and the fan and the fact that I can ditch the headphones and...

And now I know you want to know how to win this beauty—beyond pulling a Tonya Harding on Angie. Put away your knee-crushing pipes and crank up your creativity, mother runners, because this is going to be fun!

chase the feeling IM

Step by Step Instructions

1. The basic premise of this contest: your entry is a personalized treadmill display. By personalized, I mean anything creative that explains you and your running: rename the buttons, quote crazy inspiration on it, bedazzle it, ice it with chocolate frosting (um, not really). You can use your computer (and any app/design/collage program), Sharpies, or anything in between. Nothing, save for elements that would garner an "R" rating,  is off limits. (TMI, of course, is totally appropriate.)

2. Where do you get the display if you don't have a treadmill? If you want to do something with your computer, you can grab any images of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 off this page, where I've helpfully—but definitely not professionally—shot a handful of pictures various aspects from the fan to the bottle/phone shelves of the treadmill.

start:stop buttons
A close-up of the 1750 start/stop situation.

3. You don't have to use the images on this page. If you have another 'mill at your disposal you want to use, that's totally cool. If you'd rather have your kid draw a design of your dream treadmill display, that's cool too. Do whatever you want on your computer or sketch pad, but please note: we just want one single picture/image. No videos, please.

4. The contest runs from today (2/5) for two weeks. The last day to turn in an entry is February 19, 2014 at midnight PST. 

5. When you've polished up your entry to your satisfacation, please email to us at AMRtreadmill [at] gmail [dot] com. (Please note: this is a different email than our typical one.) Ideally, it will be in a .jpg format in a file size that is no larger than 1500 pixels x 1500 pixels. If that doesn't work for you, send it as best you can and we'll do our best to work with it.

6. If you want to share it with the world via social media, we'd love for you to do so. You can tweet it to @NordicTrack or us @TheMotherRunner with #AMRtreadmill; you can put it on the NordicTrack Facebook Page or on our FB page; toss it our way on Instagram.

Simple and funny: a great combo.
Simple and funny: a great combo.

Got a question? Someobdy else probably has the same one, so please ask in the comments below and we'll answer as soon as we can.

[Some fine print for this mighty fine prize.] This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. (Sorry, Canada and points beyond!). It begins on 2/5/14 and ends on 2/19/14; one winner will be announced on 2/22/14. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $2,499.00, plus delivery and installation. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

18 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill (Round 2!)

  1. Haha if every runner and their mother obsessed with Ryan Gosling or something? He shows up on like every other running blog! Just an observation, that’s all. 🙂

  2. I am working hard to come up with my dream treadmill screen. With this polar vortex I could really use a treadmill. I need to stay on track with my training plans. Thanks Nordic Track and AMR for a second chance.

  3. Like everyone else, I would LOVE to win this. 3am, Idaho winters (or 100+ summers), and country roads (no sides) don’t really make for the safest of miles. It would be awesome to have this as an option to get ‘er done!

  4. I Would Love O Win This. I Started Running In September And Love Love Love It!! I Have Priced Treadmills And Cant Afford It, So Winning One Would Be Nice!

  5. I love this idea and boy oh boy could I use a new fancy ‘mill… mine is “3rd hand” and so difficult to do my intervals on. Not to mention where I live… #rainywashington … not to mention no gym anywhere nearby and 3 kids to manage… okay I need to get my creative juices moving… thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to see all the entries! #pickme

  6. This is perfect! Staring once again at my local frozen horizon and no treadmill (my grandkids call them tread-miles!), I will be snowblowing away my cobwebs and entering this awesome giveaway AND looking forward to reading others’, too! Yeah!

  7. I’m laughing // smiling already even if I don’t win. Looking forward to seeing (I hope) many of the entries when the dust settles. (Such as Ryan, above)

  8. This is a great contest , especially as my treadmill is 13 1/2 years old and getting a bit shaky! Have to get the creativity flowing!!

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