Hump Day Giveaway: NordicTrack C900 Treadmill!

This treadmill wants to live with one of you mother runners!

Get three runners in a room, and you’re not likely to find agreement in their feelings toward a treadmill. Moms tied to home because of a deployed spouse or napping baby think a treadmill ranks right up there with plumbing and TiVo as greatest inventions ever; women who live in always-sunny-SoCal think they’re instruments of torture. Then there’s the rest of us, neither loving nor hating treadmills.

Yet instead of seeing them as a mere necessity, maybe we should start viewing a treadmill workout as a natural complement to running. Got a rollercoaster race coming up yet live in Florida or NOLA? Hop on a ’mill and make your own hills. Only have 30 minutes but want to get a booty-kicking, calorie-incinerating workout? Crank up the incline and get a major sweat on. A treadmill offers incline intensity and variation at a runner’s fingertips (and under her feet).

In an effort to help change some attitudes about treadmills, NordicTrack has shown incredible generosity by offering a NordicTrack C900 treadmill as a giveaway. Yes, you read that right: A free treadmill could be a permanent part of your family room, basement, bedroom, garage, you name it. (Delivery and installation included. Suggested retail $1,599; Black Friday special $999.)

And this beauty won’t become just a fancy clothesrack. The C900 just snagged the highest possible score in Consumer Reports “Budget Folding Treadmills” category. With its commercial-grade motor and 20” by 60” two-ply belt, this baby can handle up to 350 pounds and you can crank the incline to 15%. (I get winded simply envisioning that incline!) With that much terrain variability to play around it, this treadmill is ideal for training and losing weight.

Rice paper illustration not necessary for entry.

For this extra-special Hump Day Giveaway, we decided we needed an extra-special way to enter and win. Instead of a random drawing, we are going to choose the winner based on…an original, treadmill-related haiku. Since it’s been a while for most of us since sophomore English class, let us refresh your memory: A haiku is a three-line poem with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second, and five again in the final line. I solicited a few on Twitter to get your creative juices flowing:

Up on the treadmill,
ready to rock out my run.
This is my me-time
-Becky Cooper

Dislike the treadmill.
Use anyway when needed.
End up enjoying.
-Alison Taylor

You used to taunt me,
silently, piling on guilt.
No more! I own you!
-Katharine Grubb

The run I adore
sits between front and back door.
Treadmill is freedom.

A few quick rules: Only residents of continental U.S. can apply. One haiku entry per person. Submit your original, treadmill-related haiku by clicking the “Comments” link below this blog post, not by emailing us or posting on our Facebook page. Contest is open until Wednesday, November 30 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. We’ll choose the winner based on what we deem as the most clever, well-done treadmill-related haiku, announcing the chosen winner on Friday, December 2. So in between making gravy, shopping Black Friday sales, and running to regain your sanity, write 17 syllables of inspired poetry for your chance to win a NordicTrack C900 treadmill!

570 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: NordicTrack C900 Treadmill!

  1. Oh RATS! I left this and came back and pushed post before I had fixed this!!! :0)

    Here it is again:

    Oh how I loathe thee
    you are so necessary
    keeping me healthy!

  2. Dear Treadmill Dreadmill
    This Mother Runner’s Freedom
    Bring me sanity

    Yes, I posted once before. I thought the contest ended last week. And I hurried. And I didn’t have the 5 – 7 – 5 rule. A week later I got it figured out. 🙂

    1. Can I modify my own poem? I wanted to use the word “child” but thought it was two syllables. It’s not! So…

      Child sleeps. Treadmill hums.
      Another Mother Runner
      Is getting it done.

  3. Oh, how a treamill can save a mother runner! See below:

    I can’t get away,
    So with you I must stay stay sane,
    Love or dread….I depend!

  4. Here’s my entry:

    This ambivalent passion
    Might save me from sloth

    But like a mother who refuses to name a favorite child, and because I’m a dorky English teacher who can’t stop at just one haiku, here are my other attempts.

    Me: cold-weather wimp
    You: fold-up torture device
    We need each other

    BAMR seeks TM
    I’ll pound, curse, abuse–but love
    You’ll always be there

    Hills build strength and speed
    My home: pancake-flat Kansas
    I’ll tackle ‘mill hills

  5. Here is my attempt – what a fun contest! Thank you Nordic Track!
    dark. snow blowing. Cold.
    inside, warm and dry. Blow on.
    mama’s gotta Run.

  6. I see the treadmill.
    The treadmill sees an athlete.
    I think, why not me?

    (Not sure how to show the emphasis for that last line…but it’s written in the spirit of “Yes, even I can be an athlete!”)

  7. As a mom of 18 month old twins and a 3.5 year old the value of my hand me down treadmill is immeasurable.

    Sweat, Perspective, Peace
    My Naptime Solace, Run, Breathe
    Run, Slow, Long, Fast, Far

  8. No wind in my hair,
    But no one looking at me,
    Running at home…..aaaahhhhh.

    (back story: I’m a wimp and won’t run in public until I lose more weight. Still not quite there…)

  9. Logging miles with Dillon’s Panthers
    Is not possible on the open road
    Clear eyes, full hearts… Run!

    In honor of the FNL boys who got me through training for my first half :).

    1. Ugh. I need to go back to 4th grade because I counted words, not syllables. Perhaps I’ll try again another time when I’m not so brain dead.

  10. My old treadmill broke
    Running in the dark morning
    and snow is a joke!

    Please pick me, I need
    some sanity! Can’t take my
    daughter out in dark!

    1. Oh no! Does two verses count as two haikus? Please consider the second one only if so! Haha, typical time strapped mom, skimming the instructions!

  11. Miles and miles I go
    In the dark and in the snow
    Treadmill, love you so.

    In the dark and in the snow
    The treadmill I go

    1. Miles and miles I go
      In the dark and in the snow
      Treadmill, love you so.

      (mine posted wrong the first time..please don’t hold it against me. The above is my poem!)

  12. It’s not too pretty

    But–if weather is shi**y,



    In Minnesota

    Fair-weather runner am I

    A treadmill for me?!

    1. I’ll buy you a treadmill Jen If this is Jen Yamzon. I’ll buy you whatever you desire on a working mans wages. Sorry to stalk you like this it’s just another hopeless chance to tell you i’m sorry for the way I treated you and violated you at times. What can I say I was On drugs, But not anymore unless prescribed and prescribed to me. I bet you look all sexy from all that running you do. I’ll go on a hike with you if you want sometime? Your probably spoken for well pretty much gaurenteed spoked for how drop dead georgous you are. I could go on all night and I don’t even know your gonna get this message tell you new lover he is a lucky man and to take care of you or he will end up trowing away his life to. By the way my moms got lukeemia so maybe you should give her a call at (209)489-5891 we don’t have a house phone anymore so call me or her on more time 2094891171 or 2094895891 I’m sure shed like to hear your wonderfull voice before she dies. Anyway stay healthy and have fun and live every second of every day like it’s your last because you never know. I love you deeply but still could be just your friend if you let me. God Bless you and your family take care May,27,2012

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