Hump Day Giveaway: Oakley Sunglasses

I am rarely without my sunglasses here in Colorado, where a gloomy day is as rare as China missing a gold medal in diving. (Guess what I'm watching right now?) If my glasses are not over my eyeballs, they're perched on my head or on the brim of my hat. The sun shines crazy here, which I--and my mood--just love, while my eyeballs love my Oakley shades, which protect them so well and give them more style than they've seen in years. (Trust me: yaaaeeeaarrrs.)

I don't just wear Oakleys in Denver though. I've been spotted wearing them:

in Austin and....
Atlanta and...
Portland, among other places.

Following in my wake (ha!) are other jetsetters like

Kickass triathlete Laura Bennett.
And beach dominatrix Kerri Walsh. (From
And cycling goddess Kristin Armstrong.
And on joker and soccer legend Julie Foudy in London (from

One of you lucky ladies gets to follow in the wake of Laura, Kerri, Kristin, and Julie; today we've got a pair of OAKLEY Commit SQ up for grabs.

This pic doesn't do these shades justice: They are the sassiest shade of pink.

These shades have subtly squared shape (that's what the SQ stands for) and a women's fit, meaning they sit so fine on your face. The polarized grey lenses keep out even the brightest sun, while offering count-individual-leaves clarity. And these babies ride so light on you face, no matter how far you go.

To be entered to win these great shades, we want to know: What out-of-the-ordinary thing (or person) have you spied on a recent run?

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 8/1/12 and ends on 8/7/12; the winner will be announced on 8/11/12. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $150. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

655 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. A few weeks back I ran with my hubby in his 1st 5k. It was mascot city at the run….a shrimp (from Bubba Gump’s), an otter type animal (from Molina health care) and “Mr. Ray” (from the Aquarium of the Pacific. Such an odd mix of characters all wanting to high five my little one (being pushed in the stroller)…they scared her to death! πŸ™‚

  3. A skunk on the side of the road. I thought it was a cat until I got close. (Also, I can’t smell, or I’m sure I never would have thought it was a cat!) I’ve never been that close to one, and it was one of the few times a year where the fact that I can’t smell is glaringly obvious.

  4. Occasionally I will see antelope out on the path I run-most recently it was once that had been munched and was missing a leg. Eww. More pleasantly I see a guy riding a unicycle regularly. He’s awesome.

  5. Well, a couple of weeks ago I saw two snakes. Not that exciting. Hmmm….a funny
    race sign that said, “This seemed like a good idea when I signed up!”

  6. At about mile 10 of a half marathon, there was a rather large, squished turtle on the road. I took it as motivation to not slow down – look what might happen! Don’t be the turtle…

  7. I passed a cow pasture on my regular route. Recently on a run, I saw some cows being…amorous (?). They were quite noisy, and it seemed to be kind of a group event. I got the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing, which didn’t help my breathing much. (I often see them poop, and I often hear their attempts to make baby cows, but seeing them going at it is still surprising.)

  8. We saw a baby owl that looked like he had just been dropped off by mom or some bird. He let us pass by and was gone when we came back by.

  9. Ran this morning at bootcamp and was able to be there while one of our fellow boot campers ran 400m continuously for the first time. Great to see how a wonderful group of supportive women can make a difference for people who otherwise would never dream of running/exercising! πŸ™‚

  10. Oh, I’ve seen some craziness lately, including a hazmat truck that almost ran me down, a truck pulling a lit and smoking grill, and a lady out for a walk in her (not-a-sports) bra.

  11. This summer has included trips to both Gunnison, CO and Corvallis, OR. The scenery and wildlife in both of these towns has been breathtaking for summer runs. Deer, birds, berries, wildflowers and mountainous views were the norm!

  12. While completing my 16.3 miles of the 216.6 mile Cascade Lakes Relay this weekend, I spied all kinds of wonderful and amazing things!!!

    * multiple shooting stars during my 1am run
    * a Victorious Secret team member (who didn’t feel so fantastic about her body) running in a negligee, cheeky panties, and angel wings during the 2.1 mile costume leg of the relay – oh wait! THAT WAS ME! It’s still shocking that I did such a crazy, daring thing!
    * the most beautiful parts of Central Oregon on some back gravel roads that I’ve never seen before
    * a man from the 12 Elvises team that apparently read his team name wrong when they asked him to join and instead dressed up as an elf – with a green thong and banana hammock and that man ROCKED the end of the race!
    * a skink – a small lizard with a bright blue tail that made me scream and run the fastest mile of my life.
    * hundreds of amazing runners from all over coming together to support each other, give each other water during their horribly hot 90* runs, and cheering each other on at every opportunity. What is better than that?!?!


  13. Mine is not anywhere near as fun (or gag-inducing) as some others, but it was cool for me. I run in our very suburban neighborhood well before the sun comes up, and on occasion spot raccoons, armadillos, and rabbits who live in the dedicated green space and have wandered out. On Friday’s short run I actually spotted an owl on the hunt! I didn’t see what it was after–probably a rodent! Eek!

  14. The other day on mile 11 in some super nasty heat/humidity, I got the lovely opportunity to watch a dog vomit while the owners just stood and giggled. It was not my favorite moment of my run, to say the least.

  15. I came across another person on the road walking with ski poles. Nordic walking or something, I guess. I’d only ever seen that in an episode of Modern Family.

  16. running on a trail near a river that has occasional short parallelling “canals” (for flood management), a large osprey circled overhead with a fish in it’s talons while being bombarded by a bald eagle and a few brave seagulls… this is in an urban area in western oregon… pretty cool.

  17. After reading some of the things people have seen, mine doesn’t seem so weird, but I did run through a local community college and saw a tortise wandering around near the classrooms. It was a Saturday, so everyone was gone and it was just taking a stroll. As I live in an urban area, it was strange to me. The best thing I saw on a different run was a $20 bill next to the curb. No one was around so I pocketed it. That was a good run!

  18. I was running with my son in the jogger & there was a couple running just ahead of us. He kept saying, catch them mama! As I tried to pick it up, they entered an intersection (we were in our neighborhood, fairly quiet but lots of unmarked intersections) when an older woman, think Grandma, barely able to see over the steering wheel, barreled through. The runners dodged left while “Grandma” slammed on her brakes. The funniest thing was that she gave the runners such the stink eye, while raising up both hands as if to say, what are you doing? The runners nodded and kept on. I couldn’t believe one, that Grandma was driving so darn fast, and two, that she got so irritated with the people. I was glad in that moment that I had yet to catch the runners per my son’s request!

  19. I was running along the canal path trail near my house last weekend. There was a older lady in her backyard, adjacent to the canal path, with her dog. She was wearing a “housecoat.” I smiled a greeting to her and she promptly turned her back to me to pull a weed. To my horror and dismay, as she bent over I was treated to her bare behind. AHHHHH, the horror!!! I still can’t get the image out of my mind. If I see her again, I will have to look the other way.

  20. Am a new mother runner. I started 6 weeks ago training for my first 5k! It took my 62 year old father completing his first 5k to get me off the couch. I live in the country and see all kinds of beautiful things durning my runs; horse running in the pastures, cows grazing and deer in corn fields. The other morning I was running and taking in all the beauty. I was thinking to myself how lucky I am to get this as my running scenery (especially since I work in the city) when I look over a see two cows fornicating….!!!

  21. The last time I went for a run I spotted a lady dressed in her Sunday best, frilly hat and all, walking a pot bellied pig. I live in the south…what can i say!

    I just wished at that moment I was running with my iphone and not my ipod!!! I laughed so hard I peed my shorts and had to run back home…it was hilarious.

  22. One time while running a half marathon I passed a superhero action figure that was on the path. I thought about stopping to pick it up, but didn’t. Two years later I wish I would have.

  23. A duck swimming in the creek next to the path where I run (yes, it is absolutely wonderful and I appreciate it) quacking it’s little head off. It was trying to swim upstream and it looked little and young. I think it was trying to call to it’s momma for help. I stopped and watched it in case it really needed a rescue, but it just kept on quack quack quacking and swimming the wrong way. It still makes me smile.

  24. I saw a 50-something woman walking down mainstreet USA in a one-piece bathing suit and shoes. It wasn’t that odd, as the town I was in is a lake town and the park is not far from where she was…but it was hilarious to me at the time. And, liberating. I thought ‘rock on lady!’ and decided then an there (truly) to stop judging myself so harshly and to stop judging others too.

  25. I saw a mountain on fire behind my house. I also saw fire crews taking care of that fire. It all turned out great, thanks to the fire fighters!

  26. Today, record heat in Oregon and I saw another runner in full length black sweats! Sweatshirt too! It was over 80. So weird!

  27. A few weeks ago I was running in the nearby park very early in the morning, which I was sure was empty, when I heard “Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittnes…” sung VERY high-pitch!
    As I turnned around, I spottted a man walking in the woods singing out loud the song from the “Sound of Music”! I was so astonished that such a shrieking voice could come out of a man’s body that I stopped mid-step and waited there till he was gone. Oh, the crazy parks of Tennessee!

  28. I ve never seen anything really interesting on a training run, though at one of my first 5K s there was a person dressed in a huge plush penguin costume. I thought it had to be so hot and uncomfortable in the costume, at least I should be able to beat him. Nope!

  29. Its too hot to run outside much, so I’ve mostly been relegated to the boring dread mill. But a few weeks ago we ran a small 5k fun run and I had the pleasure of watching my 6yo son run the whole thing and beat half of the adults! So proud πŸ™‚

  30. I love people watching in central park as I run, but the other day I could have been without the visual of a naked bum washing himself in the water fountain ( one that I will forever avoid now thanks to him). I actually did a double take without taking out any other runners to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating from the heat! It actually made me run faster thinking about him coming after me if he saw me looking. I can thank him for speed work that day! Lol.

  31. My long runs take me through an area of town where there are a lot of bars and restaurants, so once in a while we see some really drunk people on their way home….sometimes it’s funny but sometimes it’s scary!

  32. Our town recently had its big summer festival, and chairs were lining Main Street for a week, as people claimed their space along the parade route. One person put a toilet out by the road, to hold their spot, which was good for a laugh.

  33. I haven’t been able to run recently due to meniscus tears in both knees, but the most out-of-the-ordinary thing I’ve seen is numerous used pregnancy tests litter on a neighborhood street. It was really odd..

  34. The most out-of-the-ordinary thing out there is ME! No one around me would have ever thought 2 years ago that I would be a runner!!

  35. There is a “pet” deer in my neighborhood. She is not in a fenced area. Sometimes she will run along side beside me on the road as I run.

  36. Okay.
    So this is a multiple encounter of weirdness that puts a smile on my face every time. Every couple weeks or so while running in my neighborhood I cross paths with a fellow runner.
    This “young” man, I’m guessing around 75-80 years old is in his typical running garb of jeans a long sleeve button down shirt and a kerchief around his neck. He is jogging along very friendly and says good morning in a thick accent. The kicker is that he pushes a dolly (like the kind you haul a refrigerator on) with his Australian mix looking dog sitting happily on the dolly. LOL
    The first time I saw this I had to do a double take and make sure I was not hallucinating.
    All I can say to this is that he is still running at an advanced age. Whatever works I’m gain!

  37. I saw a woman watering her house the other day. To be fair, she was likely cleaning her siding off but as I ran up on her it looked a lot like a crazy lady watering her house with a garden hose. πŸ™‚

  38. Funny this should turn up at this time. I just had a 20 mile run recently where everything seemed rather odd and it had me wondering what I would see next. As I ran along the sun baked dirt roads north of Boulder, CO, 6:30 a.m. as the sun rose and the temperatures began to sore into the 80s I spied a figure moving toward me, methodically and causially weaving back and forth across the road. There was little around us for several miles. As I got closer I saw that it was a man in a wool hat with ear flaps, a dark blue down coat, heavy dark pants, and black winter boots. He appeared happy as a clam, and greeted me with a friendly smile and a β€œGo pink!” (I was wearing bright pink shoes and shorts and a purple jog-bra) and then mosied on down the road as normal as can be. First thing I thought was β€œWell he can’t be training for Badwater because that was earlier in the week”. This was one of several things that happened on my way that day. For the complete story see: (

  39. while running the Grand Rapids 25K (5th 3rd race)…I saw a man holding up a sign that said “Worst Parade Ever!”-

  40. I was on my usual 5K run and saw a guy come out his backdoor and stand on his porch wearing only burgundy Y-fronts (the back of his house was visible from the street I was on). At first I think he was startled to realize anyone was out at 6 a.m. and could see him, but then he started preening. It wasn’t pretty. Burgundy y-fronts with white trim, honestly, who thinks that’s good looking???

  41. A few summers ago my sister and I were running a Rock Island Trail here in our hometown of Peoria Il and as we were trailing along we noticed a man walking toward us a bit of a ways down, as wer got closer he was dressed in what looked like a confederate uniform complete with what looked like a old time gun in a holster, shaggy beard, hat, all of it! And he just had this aura that gave us the creeps. That trail is one of my favorite places to go, I now take me kids there to ride their bike alongside me as I run. We now see turtles and frogs and lots of insects that they love being boys but I will never forget the lone confederate man.

  42. I haven’t seen anything too out of the ordinary but I have seen wild turkeys and last weekend I saw about 4 or 5 deer really close to me.

  43. My shadow! I was running one evening and I was hot and tired; that’s when I saw my shadow. I could see my horrible form and was an instant reminder to straighten my back and stop swinging my arms like a monkey.

  44. Since I am in my third trimester my training runs have become walks and I am now a volunteer at races rather than a participant. While playing safety cop at a corner in a local triathlon this past weekend there was all sorts of equipment on display: road bikes, cruiser bikes and various types of strollers. However, an unexpected piece of equipment pushed through the cross walk was an upright vaccum cleaner. Had it been a racerΒ at the handleΒ I would have thought they were going for a sweep of the competition! The man who was pushing the vaccum made it look like it was the most natural thing in the world to bring to a race. I wish I would have been able to ask him why he had it!

  45. There are wild turkeys in our neighborhood (really, it was their turf first) and they are out quite often. Recently I was out early, it was very quiet. I felt like someone’s eyes were on me and sure enough- there were some turkeys hanging out on a front lawn!

  46. Though my favorite place to run is around a lake, I am usually running around the track in the gym! Therefore I see many funny things! ;). The people using about 5-6 full sized towels! (do they really sweat that much?!). The lady running the treadmill in her string bikini! (watch out or you’ll get a free show!) or the guy with a stain on the butt of his drawers sticking his butt up awkwardly in the air, which leaves you wondering what could have happened until you realize, “I don’t really want to know!!!”

  47. I once had a stare down with a possum, then later met a little stump of a dog named Shorty, and finally observed a cow outside it’s confines, lazily munching on the new suburbs grass.
    These comments crack me up!

  48. I have found ME again on my recent runs! After months off due to injury, I am so happy to be running in SUNNY Buffalo, NY again!

  49. A month or so ago, I saw a guy pushing a double stroller wearing a kilt (and he was shirtless). I promise and I have a photo to prove it!

    I have been thinking about sunglasses lately. I always wear a hat or visor–but maybe the around the eye wrinkles will be less down the road if I add sunglasses.

  50. On my early morning run today I spotted a fox running towards me on the road carrying a freshly killed, mouse size breakfast. He paused, seeming to question “Friend or foe?” and then darted off into the woods.

  51. Oh my. I ran Bay to Breakers this year for the first time… so where do I start? I saw two completely naked male runners (let me tell you that 6:45 a.m. is too early to be exposed to a close-up full frontal that does not belong to your spouse!). A whole group of women in “Dodgeball” costume, fake unibrows included. What was possibly hundreds of men in dresses, skirts, fishnets, stockings, heels. It was a total blast!

    On my regular runs, nothing too extraordinary, every now and then a wild rabbit πŸ™‚

  52. I was going to say a giant snapping turtle in the middle of the road, with two neighbors trying to figure out how to pick it up and move it back to the pond without getting hurt. BUT…. this weekend, I saw the same bakery delivery truck no less than six times. By the third time we were waving at each other like we were best friends!

  53. I run at Lae Murray several times a week, and I have a favorite elderly man who carries his oxygen tank and always gives a smile and tells me how great I am doing! He is such a bright spot of sunshine! I always ask him how he is and he tells me, “I’m getting better!”

  54. I passed a 20 something year old guy wearing baggy sweats (yes he kept grabbing a hold of them so they wouldn’t fall down), a tight white tank top, shoes that I’m sure have never been tied on a 90+ degree evening, with a huge smile on his face enjoying his run…. I’m still confused…

  55. The most unusual thing I saw, or maybe I should say my dog who is my running partner saw, was 2 small deer statues under a tree in a front yard in the neighborhood. She usually runs along with me so well, but she sure wanted to go check out those deer!

  56. I was not going to enter but since my Oakleys hit the pavement this morning I figured I would give it a shot.

    On a recent run on a trail just outside of my neighborhood, I saw two men bathing themselves in the creek. They started to hoot and holler at me saying “Well hey there, good morning, we are homeless. Come on over”… drunken laughter.. yada yada. Needless to say I ran a little quicker and picked a different route home.

  57. My running buddies and I don’t SEE much until after the sun comes up in the am (rural wooded area with v. few lights). We HEAR the wildlife. Oh, what an imagination can come up with when it hears rustling in the woods!
    Yesterday, I spied the rumored to be extinct long sleeve shirt! We haven’t seen/needed long sleeves in a very long time. It was nice to be chilly. Keep it up, Mother Nature!

  58. I recently added a grueling hill climb into my long run. On the way down I was looking down a ravine, thinking “only bears could handle that terrain”. Not a second later, I spotted not one, but two black bears on the next ridge. I fumbled in my Spibelt for my phone/camera. As I fumbled, I lost site of them and quickly realized I had to run. Put a little spring in my step back down the hill!

  59. Last spring I was stuck at my mother’s house with my daughter while husband was overseas! I had discovered a great neighborhood with some awesome hills for hill repeats. As I was coming up a hill on my second repeat I ran an into an older man in a white robe, flip-flops with tube socks, holding a glass with some beverage (looked like brandy to me), pushing a shopping cart and then asked me if I was running late for the bus??? It wasn’t even 6am yet? My hill repeats were done and I was on my way!!!! Things that make you go hmmmmm……

  60. Just this past Tuesday, I spied a little kitten in the high grass next to the road while I was running. It was near a golf course, and I wonder if he had brothers or sisters near him. He kind of poked his head out, then ran ahead, and then went back into the grass! So cute!

  61. Have seen many wild life such as deer, coyotes, and wild turkey but my favorite
    was when an albino deer literally jumped right out in front of me. My heart stopped but it
    was so beautiful!!! I think of that albino deer every time I run on that road. I love running
    because you see so much (good and bad).

  62. My two daughters! After months of cajoling and reminders about the upcoming cross country season…they are feeling the heat of competition and realize that training is the way to improve their performance. That gets the shoes laced up!

  63. I have seen lots of things on runs with my son in the jogging stroller…snapping turtle, caterpillars, gigantic bear cub sized raccoons and deer. My son always appreciates the wildlife lessons I am sure. πŸ™‚

    However, none of that compares to this woman I saw running during my first and only (so far) marathon in 2011. It was mother’s day and she was wearing a shirt that had a picture of her child on the back and it said, “running in memory of.” I think it was around mile 15 or so, and I almost emotionally lost it when I saw her, especially since it was Mother’s Day. I got right up beside her, told her “Happy Mother’s Day” fought back the tears and finished proud. I finished feeling so blessed that I got to hug and hold my child and let him wear my medal at the end of that race. I still think of her, and I am amazed at what an awesome person, runner and mother she is.

  64. I live in a semi rural suburb of Atlanta and I love seeing our local groundhogs!
    They just look at me at stare as if to say “Lady, you crazy!!”

  65. I saw a whiteness of swans. Six of them. In lake Michigan. (I could write, “herd” of swans, but it doesn’t sound as nice, don’t ya think?)

  66. I did a trail run on Mt. Ranier last week. I talked with a woman who was hiking the Wonderland Trail and looked like she had just put on fresh makeup and styled her hair. The odd thing was that she had run out of water and food and was complaining about it. She had just hiked past a stream but I guess she didn’t think to take iodine pills or a water filter with her on her week long hike. Makeup is so much more important than safety, isn’t it?

  67. I run in a park that is surrounded by city. It is a largish park (around the park is a 4 mi run), but not so large to explain the deer that sauntered along the running path. I stopped cold as he looked me over. (Yes, a buck.) Then he wandered very casually off the path to much some leaves. I’ve never seen a deer so close and so calm.

  68. On my long weekend run two weeks ago, I saw a lovely little bob cat hanging out in the only shade that was on the trail. Of course he didn’t want to but did move once he heard me singing all the way up the trail.

  69. While on vacation in NW Nebraska, I saw a snakeskin poking out of a hole in the ground. I made a note of where it was and stopped to pick it up on my way back. I pulled on the skin- which had about 10″ showing and found that there was about as much UNDER the ground as was showing above ground. never did get the head portion out- it broke off. I guess they sometimes need to catch their skin on something to help them shed, but this was a BIG snake! Carried it home for the kids to check out. Got a few odd stares as I ran through the neighborhood clutching my trophy!

  70. I am on vacation right now. I get to run on the boardwalk next to the ocean. On my recent run I saw dolphins! I never get to see that at home. Another reason to run on vacation!

  71. I passed a fellow runner this morning in the park. We crossed paths on the people trail in my town. As he approached, I thought “Why is this guy wearing gloves?” It was about 80 degrees at the time. When he got a bit closer, I realized he was wearing leather driving gloves. Huh? So strange!

  72. I am always amused by the unusual things I see by the road side … like, how exactly does someone lose ONE dress shoe, or worse, personal hygene items. My most recent odd sight was while running on vacation in Paris, I spotted a fair at the Tuileries gardens – it just seemed so out of place to have Ferris wheels and rollercoasters sandwiched between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. I had to run by and take a peek.

  73. Sadly, the most unusual thing I’ve seen on a recent run is other people! Despite living in a city with 60+ miles of paved walking/biking trails I almost never meet other people!

  74. On my last long run a crop duster flying so low that I couldn’t take care of an urgent need! I had to call for an emergency pick-up!

  75. We live on an island in Maine and yesterday while running across a causeway I passed a clammer out in the mudflats digging for clams. Not an unusual sight here – but atypical for other parts of the country. This morning a fox crossed the road right in front of me.

  76. I live in an urban area, but the other day I saw a chicken literally crossing the road. I guess it wanted to get to the other side.

  77. During a 12 mile training run for my inagural half and witnessed a deer zip out of a neighborhood and jog down the sidewalk in front of me. Thankfully it was early enough that cars weren’t on the street!

  78. I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary lately, as I have been sticking to park paths around my son’s pre-season soccer practices and my younger son’s sports camp. However, while hiking with the kids earlier in the summer we encountered a baby deer. Yes, Bambi! The deer in a total panic ran right towards us as we stood silent on the trail watching. We were close enough to pet the deer that was probably only a few days old, but she was off pretty quickly upon seeing us.

  79. In my neighborhood, most people don’t have fences, nor do they chain their dogs. As a result, I am often chased. This weekend on my long run, I saw an amalgamation of 6 of the wandering dogs having a play date in one front yard. It made me laugh as well as keeping them off my heels!

  80. About a mile from my house, a goat is being kept in a side yard and contained only with a wire fence. As I approach, she always moves to the fence nearest the road and will run along with me as far as she can. I’ve started to stop and feed her weeds I pluck from the ground. She is the cutest thing and I will deviate my route so I can stop and pay her a visit.

  81. Yesterday, I saw an animal dart across the road- but I didn’t know what it was! I described it to my 6-year-old, and he said ” oh, that’s easy- it was a badger.” He was right.

  82. Last week I saw a guy light up a cigarette after a track workout outdoors. He was pretty fast too! I was pretty shocked to see him light up!

  83. So, I haven’t seen anything unusual on recent runs, but many, many years ago, a friend and I were running before high school soccer practice, and happened upon a baby skunk wandering around with its head trapped in a Yoplait yogurt cup (the kind that are narrower at the opening than the base). We yanked the cup off and RAN. The little guy didn’t try to spray us, maybe he knew we had rescued him? I’ve since learned that those cups have a request on the label to crush them before throwing them out. By far the most unusual thing I’ve ever seen on a run.

  84. Something strange? I was leaving out of my driveway when I spotted a skunk in the field next to me. I was tempted to go back to the house and ask my husband to shoot it. But I left it alone. Now I smell skunk spray every morning as I hope I don’t see it again. I like seeing foxes, which is rare.

  85. I was enjoying a nice 3 miler and as I’m running along the edge of the road on a stretch without a sidewalk I see a car coming towards me and driving it is a clown! Full red curly wig, face paint and a red nose! I laughed out loud and was disappointed that there was not anyone to see it with me. And it turns out, if a clown doesn’t know someone is watching, apparently he doesn’t have to smile.

  86. The most unusual thing I have seen recently in my early morning runs through my neighborhood is a fox! I have seen it a couple of times but saw it clearly last week.

  87. My husband. He’s so supportive of my running and never complains about it. He, however, is very overweight and not into running (or exercise) at all. I was running at the local greenway one afternoon and as I was coming up on the final mile, I saw him walking toward me, trying to jump start an exercise plan. I was so shocked! He told me my dedication to running motivated him.

  88. I was running a 5K with my BRF who is recovering from a fractured foot, trying to keep her paced slow, and we were passed by this awesome woman in a t-shirt that said “You have just been passed by an 84-year-old”. Credit to my BRF for having the sense to crack up laughing instead of crying!

  89. what a great question…fun to read all the responses. The only thing that comes to mind for me is animals– a family of raccoons one early morning (with my son in tow who was very interested), a white rabbit (they’re usually gray around here), turkeys, and a chipmunk who was squished in one of my sprints of an interval run! The howls and squeals (from me) lasted for about a 1/4 mile….

  90. The other day I passed a man running on the bikepath he was wearing suspenders that held up his running shorts and no shirt on. Very strange combination.

  91. Since I do most of my running on a treadmil at the gym, I get to see some GREAT fashion! There is this one person that literally has every dayglow color on including bright yellow, zebra stripped spandex shorts! I love it!

  92. On my long run, I run under I-75 and spray painted is a cartoon of a muskrat smoking a pipe wearing a hat. Not as exciting as some of the other postings, sorry.

  93. I usually run in an upscale gated community near where I live (a safe place to run)and saw a family of wild pigs just milling around on the bike path last week, so funny, I never expected to see them in there as I thought wildlife wasn’t allowed! They were quite timid as they ran off and hid in some bushes as I approached then came back out after I passed by.

  94. I thInk I am going to need to make something up! Nothing very exciting on recent runs. Though I do run past a buffalo out in our field and though it’s not a strange sight for me I guess it would cause others to stop and wonder…

  95. Drawing a blank on anything really out of the ordinary. I am sure I’ve seen it, but maybe too in the zone to hold onto it!

  96. Yesterday I saw the sun rise over Ankara, Turkey. The weather, combined with the quiet before the hustle and bustle of the city revved up for the day, made for a perfect morning. I’m lucky enough to be the only female (and mom) to my deployed location–one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

  97. I trail run in my backyard. Last week, I saw a deer. That was the first time in a year of running…which I am celebrating today!! A glorious year!!

  98. On a recent run I saw two men in a lake in red women’s one piece bathing suits being photographed by two women who looked like lifeguards. No idea what was going on but it was hilarious.

  99. I saw a vegan food truck which is pretty unusual for our quiet little neighborhood. Lots of customers though with some amazing packets of vegan foods!

  100. I ran with a heard of deer! (Ok, I sprinted and they trotted… But it was for quite a long ways! Then they looked at me a bounded off) it was surreal!

  101. Can I post what I DIDN’T see? First run my son looses his hat, second my daughter looses hers. How is it that I can be pushing them in front of me, they drop something and I don’t notice that I’m stepping on it or rolling over it or going past it? Can you say in the zone? Or maybe zoned out is a better description.

  102. Running on the Highline Canal here in Denver on Sunday, came across an older man driving a horse-drawn carriage being pulled by six minature ponies. Made me start humming ‘Surrey With A Fringe On Top.”

  103. I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary recently, but I found myself on the running path last winter with two cross-country skiiers. I also commonly pass a man playing his bagpipes.

  104. The other day I was running and feeling better than usual. I was really enjoying my long run. I passed lots of joggers with their dogs. Typicaly this would be no big deal. However, that day I was passed by a guy with a jogger stroller like mine but his had a tiny dog in it. One thing for sure his stroller was lighter than mine.

  105. A few weeks ago on one of my runs I rounded a corner and came face to face with a buck only 10 feet away. He just stood there looking at me!

  106. I run at all different times of the day and keep encountering various wildlife. Last week it was a mother turkey and about 15 baby chick turkeys crossing the road and the week before it was a swarm of dragon flies darting all around one area-amazing and beautiful. Small wild bunnies are also known to appear as well. Last summer I had the pleasure of sharing the road with a young doe who was just standing right there nibbling some grass.

  107. I was running at work a few weeks ago, and got hissed at and chased by a flock of geese. Besides avoiding their poo all over the sidewalk (because frankly, we all know they do that on purpose), I looked like a complete dork being chased by all these geese. I’m sure the deer I ran by got a good kick out of it, it came out and ran with me for about 10 seconds. It would have been really cool, except that I’m pretty sure she was snickering at me before bolting back into the bushes.

  108. A couple of months ago during an early morning run I saw a man in his “tighty whiteys” walk out onto his front porch to retrieve his newspaper. He stopped like a deer in the headlights for a second when he spotted me running past his house, he then bent down quickly to get his paper and awkwardly covered his lower half with it, then ran back into his house. Very awkward indeed!

  109. We recently went on vacation to Yosemite and arrived to our destination as the sun was setting. I woke up early and I thought I might as well go check out the area with a run before the demands of breakfast making were upon me. I got about 1/2 mi. from the VRBO rental we were staying at & somehow found myself in between a mama bear and her two cubs were on the other side of me. YIKES!I’m a city slicker and don’t have experience with this kind of wildlife, but I knew from watching Grizzly Adams re-runs this is not a good position to be in. I backed away slowly in order to keep an eye on mama bear, since she had her eyes on me. The mama bear made her way over toward her cubs while I ran back from where I came in record time!

  110. I belong to a fairly large running group and one Saturday we were all heading out on the trail. We run on a fairly busy trail with lots of runners, walkers and families. As we headed out down the trail, you could the faster group ahead of us – laughing, shouting, but not exactly understanding what they were saying. As our group rounded the corner, we saw what all the noise was about.

    There was an elderly gentleman standing on the side of the trail holding a sign that said “Jesus loves you!”. The gentlemen, and not a crazy man, was calling out “Bless you, have a great day!” to every group. When he saw our group (all women), he called out his “bless you” and added “Go Ladies, looking good!” We responded back with our thanks and blessings to him. He brought such joy to so many people that day on the trail and to our group, his blessings/greeting must have helped. We had an incredible run that day! I wish he had been there last week on our 14 miler!

  111. A man on a bicycle heading straight towards me!! This was during a 5:30am group training run, and neither of us had any visibility gear on. Our bad! It was like playing chicken, and I lost because I guess my reflexes were better!

  112. I’m from Colorado Springs. Recently I was visiting Portland, Oregon. I was on a fantastic sea-level run around the Portland waterfront and I saw SBS!!!! That brush with greatness helped me enjoy the rest of my beautiful run thru Portland!!!

  113. My running partner and I often see bunnies, dogs & cats on our morning runs, but 1 morning about 1 month ago we heard a rustling at the gate next to us and right in front of us a deer jumped over the fence and right into our path. Talk about deer in the headlights, how about Runners in the headlights, scared us to death. Of course the deer ran away and we had a hard time finishing our run we were laughing so hard! I love being a Mother Runner!!

  114. On an early Saturday morning run (early for me is like 7:30), I saw a kid about 12 or 13 years old sitting in the backseat of a car playing a handheld video game with a blanket and a box of brightly colored cereal.

  115. One of our neighbors insists on running in super short spandex shorts and no shirt. We all just roll our eyes when we see him heading out because he really does look pretty silly. He’s a super fast runner and enjoys the attention I guess, and now some friends that I know who live in a completely different part of the development even know who he is!

  116. I ran in the Color Run in my city this summer which is a place to see a lot of crazy things. I saw a person drop to the ground while going through one of the color tunnels. I thought he had tripped, but he was just rolling around in the color dust to get completely covered – with 15,000 people running through the same place.

  117. Our running group recently had a women’s safety forum. So my running partner and I have been extra alert lately. We have begun to notice many different types of runners and techniques. Our favorite is a gentleman at our favorite running track that we have begun playfully referring to as “Velociraptor”. He truly looks like a velociraptor when he’s running. Arms up in front of his chest, hands bent at the wrist, and weird almost sideways strides. His technique is unorthodox, but he keeps on trucking. So whatever works, right?

  118. This was a while ago but around 4th of July my husband and I were out running our usual trail. Along the way I start to notice matches. About every 10 feet there was a burnt out match. It was just funny and helped to keep me going to see where the next one would be. Go figure the trail led to the local high school. Other then that I am probably the weird person people see. I usually run with my two year old, which means a lot of singing and talking.

  119. I was running the Vegas strip early one morning. As I ran past the the bus stop this guy turns around and smiles at me, then all of a sudden yells, “Jesus is coming, lady! You’d better get ready!” I proceeded to run faster.

  120. While on a recent long run, we come around the bend in the trail (paved) and see a man pushing a small stroller. To myself I think – Wow! That is a tiny stroller. Why didn’t they come that small when my children were smaller? Then we look down and see that he has a cat…on a leash…with a HARNESS. Say what? Maybe this is normal but it seemed a little strange to me.

  121. Yesterday, while running around Town Lake, I spied “Thong Man”. He was riding a bike, wearing nothing but a thong–at least I think it was a thong. This is not the first time I’ve seen him, and you should see the double-takes he gets when he passes by!

  122. One super early morning run, my sis and I spotted a squirrel on the side of the road. Right as we got even with it, it took off running with a mockingbird chasing it. Seriously, the bird was dive-bombing the squirrel, hitting it’s back and attacking the poor thing. The squirrel made it to the other side of the street and up a tree, but the bird didn’t give up. We laughed for a miles after that.

  123. My husband and I were running, both with headphones in, and heard some noise in the bushes. It totally startled us. We looked over and a huge raccoon ran up a tree and into a hole probably 8 feet up. It totally freaked me out. Glad it was scared of us too!

  124. I was out running on a trail and when I came around the corner there were about 15 wild turkeys just standing on the trail. I’m new to the area and I guess they are fairly common but it was quite a sight to see

  125. It’s terrible, but I count roadkill. And not the Hood to Coast type of roadkill either. Whether it’s a dead possum or a tiny mouse – I count them. Guess I’m doing too many runs of desolate trails.

  126. While on my weekly long run, a beagle decided to run with me. Thing is, I was running on the side of the HWY,and he decided it would be fun to run in and out of traffic. Being the dog was running with me, the drivers thought he was my dog! Needless to say, they were mad I wasn’t controlling “my dog”!

  127. As my buddy Kim and I were running on a recreational trail that winds through our town, we saw a guy walking along with his dry cleaning slung over his shoulder. As we ran by, we asked him if he had happened to pick ours up along with his! He laughed and wished us a good day.

  128. The coolest thing ever was when I was running up a trail, looking down at the trail and when I raised my eyes, I had almost run right into the middle of an elk herd. The biggest one was just standing on the trail…looking at me.

    Breathtakingly wonderful.

  129. On my run 2 days ago I “spied” a family of deer in the redwood forest trail that I run on!!! It was awesome, and definitely helped motivate me to finish my run πŸ™‚

  130. I thought I saw my son, by himself, down the street from my house! I was ready to kill my husband when I got closer and it was another little blond boy, wearing the exact same neon Come and Smell the Animals at Rosamond Zoo shirt! What were the chances! Anyway, located the dad and went on home to tell my husband what happened!

  131. Ok this isnt that odd maybe, but on my run this evening I went a different route to a dead end near our water tower to find there is free mulch and firewood for village residents! Hard to think about fire in August still but never knew this little perk was sitting back there πŸ™‚

  132. At last year’s Turkey Trot, there were two men who took turns pushing another person in a wheelbarrow. It was fun to watch them, but the sad thing is that they were running faster than me!

  133. During a 5k on a local running trail, two young boys competing in the race were standing beside the trail relieving themselves! At least they were facing away from the other runners! When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

  134. I see deer nearly every day. Sometimes they just stand by the road until I get really close to them. Its port neat:-)

  135. I would have to say my neighbor washing his truck. Not that that is an out of the ordinary thing, but I run after 9pm. He was washing it while we were on the cool down walk lap. So washing a truck at 10:30pm in the dark is not exactly normal.

  136. My running partner and I get so busy chatting that I don’t end up looking at much going on around me. Where we live there are TONS of mosquitoes so we usually go into “town,” about 10 miles away and run trails there. Last week we were pressed for time so stayed closer to home but forgot our bug spray. The mosquitoes were SO bad we ended up calling my running buddy’s daughter to bring us mosquito spray.

  137. This morning my running partner and I saw two young boys (around 11?) around the lake we run. We thought it to be very out of place considering they were on their own and it was 5:30 a.m. We were just discussing whether we should contact someone, when on our next lap we saw them running, and the cops not far behind. Not sure what they were up to, but clearly it was no good!

  138. I think the strangest thing on my last run was me! I was 9.5 months pregnant and running/waddling a 4th of July race with my oldest daughter!

  139. I always tend to run into and almost on wildlife! The other day a fox “raced” me for a couple of yards which was surprising and unexpected. I’ve also come upon a turtle who hurried up and went inside his shell. I looked for him on the way back from my loop but he was gone! I definitely find animals make runs interesting! :]

  140. Last fall on our Saturday long run through downtown Austin we had to cross a parade complete with cheering fans, jugglers, cheerleaders and a marching band. It wasn’t a holiday so we had to ask – turns out they were filming an intro for the Austin auditions of “America’s Got Talent”!

  141. It’s normally at 5:30 am when I run, but I was 10 feet away from a deer on a recent outing when I saw it nearly lose its life to an oncoming vehicle. And over the past two weeks, I have run past two different pair of shoes (1 pair ladies flats, and 1 pair of mens loafers) on different streets and they are placed together right side up. Was it someone out for a walk who then decided that they would see what this barefoot thing is all about?

  142. I usually run in the evening, often into dusk. One time, as I was passing under a tree, a falcon dove into the tree and a split second later flew out carrying it’s dinner- a squealing bat! Caught me totally off guard and startled me it happened so fast!

    Love the pink glasses- my 6yo daughter would also approve!!

  143. I run near my house, and we have a man made lake that I run over on two bridges on my route. The other day I was running with my dog only to see a dead frog in the gutter of the street. I have no idea how the frog made it all the way up there, but I was just hoping my dog wouldn’t catch wind of it because I was trying to figure out all the ways I’d be able to pry it from his mouth without actually touching it. Luckily he never saw or smelled it!

  144. Ran yesterday in 90+ degrees during the hottest part of the day. I saw a jogger in long sleeves and long pants, all black. Given how hot it was, he could have been in a clown suit and it would have seemed more normal.

  145. The other day on a run I rounded a corner in the Connecticut suburbs to find a fox eating a freshly killed wild turkey. Definitely woke me up!

  146. The bears, mountain goats and mule deer I’ve encountered are one thing, but the lone deer leg sitting on the side of the trail took things to a whole new level.

  147. A few weeks ago, I ran an extra half mile to spy on the concert setup for Kenny Chesney. He did a free concert later. It was cool watching the crews working, seeing fans already in line 14 hours before the show starts, and the sand sculpting guys creating their art. Fun run even with the high temps and ridiculous humidity.

  148. Well let’s see besides the standard hissing geese and nipping dogs, once while running with my running group, another girl whose pants were slightly too big kept having to hike them up as she ran, and I therefore saw her upper butt cheeks πŸ™‚

  149. I live around the corner from a Marine…not sure if he is still enlisted or just once a Marine…He runs around our neighborhood with his son on his shoulders. When his son is not available (I’m guessing!), he will run with a metal bar across his shoulders. He’s a tough cookie. BTW, I think the boy is about 4 or 5. On a personal note, the other day as I was running in our very quiet neighborhood, a teenager leaned out the window of the car he was riding in and told me I was hot. I actually looked around to see if there was anyone else running, but nope, it was just me!

  150. I was doing my usual 3.1 on the treadmill in our basement. My four year had found a flashlight that casts constellations on the wall. Of course he insisted on trying it out while I was running. So he turned of all the lights and I was running with no light other than the glow from my IPad. I asked him to turn the lights on for mommy, and he ran over to me and said, “Here momma let me shine the stars on you, then you can see.”. So I ran for a while with the ” stars” shining on me. Having my little guy around to entertain me helps the miles go by faster. πŸ™‚

  151. On a trail that I run frequently near my home (a trail that I never see anyone else on) I came across a guy, trousers down, crouching behind a tree not far from the trail, and going #2. He was a fellow runner – just as surprised to see me running down the trail as I was to come across him. He quickly pulled up and ran off ahead of me – as if nothing happened. It was very strange. From now on I will step a little deeper into the woods if I need to “use the facilities” while trail running!

  152. I went running one morning and ran into a large flock (group?) of wild turkeys. There must have been about twenty of them! That was a fun sight πŸ™‚

  153. While running yesterday I was nearly attacked by a stray Manchester terrier that delayed me a bit. I was thinking about the dog on my return, when I heard a loud rustling in a bush in someone’s yard. I thought, oh no, the dog is coming after me! Then I saw hooves fly up about 10 feet away, a flick of a white tail, and a flash of antlers as a buck dashed away. This was in the afternoon in the middle of the city!

  154. A older gentleman pushing his dog in a baby carriage! Turns out he lives in my town and pushes the dog around twice a day because the dog can’t walk. I can’t help but smile (and stop being lazy and take my perfectly healthy dog for a walk).

  155. Honestly, nothing out of the ordinary for me during my runs as of late. But, my BFF did mention her boyfriend who is an avid runner as well was running during the very early AM recently and ran right past two people in a VERY awkward and compromising position under a bridge. We shared a laugh when she told me he showed her the point he stumbled upon them when he uploaded his run on the computer – you can see he definitely sped up!! Unbelieveable!!!

  156. A few years back, before I was a runner & before I had any knowledge of barefoot running, I saw a man in his 70s running barefoot down a busy road. I actually thought it was so strange (him being barefoot & all) that I called 911. I was afraid he was either being chased by someone or had alzehimers or something. Now I see him all the time & just laugh at my past mistake!

  157. Ran a Warrior Dash last weekend and saw LOTS of mud!!! I usually try to avoid getting dirty so this was way out of the ordinary for me!

  158. I have been running on an inside track for the last month due to the heat and some breathing difficulties.
    I have seen the samething and same people over and over and over! Can’t wait for it to cool way down so I can go back outside!!

  159. A whole lot of naked people. It was the Bare Buns 5k at the local nudist ranch. SO much fun. I highly recommend running naked if you get a chance (well, I wore a sports bra and shoes but that was all). Quite the display of raw humanity!

  160. We live 10 min from downtown Minneapolis and have a trail we run that heads towards DT and it is not surprising to see deer from fawns to 10 point bucks along the trail, 5miles or less from the city!! Who would have thought.

  161. My good friend used to run with her dog, who ALWAYS pooped like a horse does- just letting it fall mid stride! The first time I saw it it was so hilarious I just about tripped myself laughing!

  162. I often see a turban-wearing man, running down the street in red robes. I have no idea if it’s exercise he’s after, or a person. But the silver sword strapped to his leg suggests something non-exercise related.

  163. The best and really only crack me up thing I see (HA, EVERY time I run) is my 7 year old daughter doing her normal crazy antics. Sitting and playing in the dirt waiting for me to catch up. Or running to the next “telephone” pole so that she can stand in the “shadow” while she waits for me to catch up.

    I have just turned 51 and decided I needed to start running so that I can catch up to and keep up with my little spit fire! I started running just 3 weeks ago but I am already loving it!!

  164. Every time I run at my in-laws lake house I run across the road(grade) that crosses the lake. It never fails that the birds are hanging out on the wires above. Every single time one of them attacks my head!

  165. a couple of weeks ago, I was heading out around dawn, babes still asleep in their beds. going up a small paved hill that leads too many ravine trails, I saw a women getting out of her SUV. She was older than I was, was heading out for a run with her dog, and…had a truck tire tied to a body harness. She was going to run the trails pulling a truck tire behind her for resistance!!! I tried to muster an appropriate encouraging statement that expressed my great admiration but all I could come up with was “have a great session!”, thinking that she wasn’t a “you go girl!” kinda-woman. This bad-ass woman deserves some new Oakleys but since I don’t know who she is (and couldn’t even think of something clever to say to her at 6am), I will take them and be inspired by her bad-assed-ness every time I wear them.

  166. The most unusual thing a saw/experienced on a recent run was being slapped in the face by a wing of a crow. The crow was on the street munching on something. I ran toward it, assuming it would fly away when I got close. It didn’t fly away until I was just one or two steps away, at which point it launched itself into the air, smacking my forehead with it’s wing on it’s way. UGH!!

  167. On my recent run around my neighborhood loop,
    I was amazed to see how many drivers were distracted.
    Avoiding boredom, and realizing I might need to leap
    into the bushes, I watched them text, talk on the phone, look at garage sale signs,
    weaving into the bike lane.Staying on the
    sidewalk, I waved at the ones paying attention to the road!
    We never know, as drivers and runners,
    a split second of distraction could change lives
    forever. Keep safe, stay alert, and Run Defensively!

  168. I run on a rail trail in my home town. Many times I will cross paths with an older gentleman who has weighted his body down with old socks full of rocks. Brings on a whole new meaning for strenght and cardio training for me πŸ™‚

  169. I recently returned home from a run to find my neighbor boy, on his 5th birthday, outside his house sliding down an inflatable water slide, his birthday gift. What made it so wonderful was that it was only 6:45 in the morning! He was on that slide, with and without his siblings and friends, for 12 hours that day.

  170. I run on post in Fort Campbell, KY. My long runs take me past some old bunkers that look like the mysterious door they find on LOST. Very cool.

  171. On a recent 14 miler, I was weaving my way through a very upscale neighborhood in our little town. It is the happeneing neighborhood that everyone wants to live in becase it is close to shops, schools, all the things to do in our little town. As I was running along, out from behind a parked car, running up to join my run….two chickens, a pretty orange colored one, and a solid white one. Of course, I chatted them up, and they returned a cluck or two. Later found out from a friend that their names are Colonel Saunders & Fajita… owned by one of her neighbors..they run free through the hodd! Very funny!

  172. Out of the ordinary? Hmmm nothing recently. Now that the temps are no longer in the upper 90s here in MI, maybe the out of the ordinary thing is I’m running outside instead of on the treadmill in the A/C.

  173. This question is so unfair because I totally go tunnel vision when I run! That being said, I actually stopped to take in the breathtaking view from both sides of the road that I was running on Saturday. Absolutely amazing stuff. Every so ofter I am reminded just how lucky I am to be able to run here!

  174. A runner pal and I set out recently on a country road and spotted a black squirrel. And right after that I was running trails through the woods behind my house and went through a big spider web and was scared half to death when the creature ended up on me still inside his web.I had so many “Moves Like Jagger” trying to get him off I should have been on You Tube!! Yikes!!

    I would look so snazzy in those pink sunglasses during my triathlon training on the bike rides and runs!!

  175. I do a lot of my running at a local wilderness trail. It’s not unusual to spot bunnies, ground squirrels, gophers, even rattlesnakes, but on yesterdays run we ran into a coyote. It was awesome!

  176. This is not that weird, but I was running in my home town while visiting my parents recently, and I saw several different old men riding their bikes. Not together, individually. And not fast, just leisurely. So many that I noticed that there sure seemed to be a lot of old guys that liked riding bikes again, like it is some new trend.

  177. On a recent run I saw someone walking their pet pig and pet cat – both on leashes – right down main street in our not so small town. I really should run with a camera!

  178. We were running at sunset the other night and saw a family of deer cross the road in front of us. There must have been 8 of them. Including a young buck. They stopped in the road and just watched us run closer to them until we were almost close enough to touch and then ran off. Really cool.

  179. During a solo trail run a couple of weeks ago I spotted a doe and her fawn playing in the river to beat the heat. The fawn acted just like a little kid in a pool πŸ™‚

  180. There was a lady who hula hooped an entire 5k that I ran in March! In a St. Patrick’s day get-up, of course. It was impressive

  181. Well, seeing another runner during my 5 am runs is a sight, but nothing sticks out as much as my last 5k when I saw a man in a dress suit (running) or the woman in jeans. Both shocked me!

  182. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary on my running routes…best I can come up with is my dog being the odd site. He always runs with me and there is one spot with a bush on our path and he ALWAYS has to do his dirty business on it. Not next to it, ON it.every.single.time! That may have been some gross TMI, but that’s how everyone rolls on this site…right?

  183. I saw a mama deer and her two tiny spotted new babies hanging out in our field when I rose at 5am for a 10k a few weeks ago. It was the sweetest thing to make mama to mama eye contact before my race.

  184. I live out in the country so I see very few runners. Sadly, people comment on my Five Finger shoes and think they are the weirdest thing around, so I guess I’m the odd one! So from my viewpoint the odd thing I see is too many people one their ATVs rather than on their feet.

  185. I went running on a wicked hot night and took a gel type frozen doohickey out of the freezer( meant for coolers or bruises) and put it under my shirt. Nice!!

  186. I live in the country, on the middle of 100 acres of tree fruit. Peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots. I see coyotes, foxes, squirrels, owls and tractors all the time. I recently interrupted two people having intercourse on the hood of their car at 6:30 am! But something different humbled me recently. While on a run I came upon one of our blocks that was to be picked that day. The men had showed up to begin picking. There they were carrying their ladders and working with such speed. The tractors were trailering bins loaded with fresh peaches. You could smell them. On my way back it was their break and their small grills were lit and they were making their meals. I felt nothing but thankfulness. These hardworking men are a main reason there is food on my plate and a roof over my family’s head. They work hard while here I am a stay at home mom training for her first mom and I can’t help but think if I had a full time would it be possible?

  187. I spotted a huge set of keys on the trunk of a car parked out on the street–not too far from where I had just seen a homeless guy milling around.

  188. Hot air balloons! About once a month they can be spotted early in the morning in Pflugerville TX. It is such a pretty sight to see on a long run.

  189. I was running along in my neighborhood and had a great pace and was really into my songs when I look up and there’s a huge albino wild turkey to my left! I jumped and pointed at him and say “you stay right there turkey,” then ran faster! I of course ran home to tell my husband who thinks I’m a spaz anyway and didn’t find it as hilarious as I did so I put it on Facebook and got the responses I wanted! My neighbor the next day sent me a picture of the turkey and asked if that was the guy and I said yup that’s the culprit I’d know that Turkey anywhere! So I put up his mug shot and laughed out loud just cuz I think I’m hilarious! This is completely true! The craziest stuff always happens to me!

  190. Not so unusual for me anymore, but most of my runs go through a nearby green space, and I always have to watch out for coyote scat (poop) on the trail.

  191. The most out-of-the-ordinary thing seen on a recent run was seen by my neighbors – me running down the street. Let’s just say it’s been tough to get myself motivated in the 100+ degree heat we’ve had in the Midwest.

  192. Once as I was running through subdivision near mine I saw a deer leap over a backyard fence and go across the street. We live in the high desert and there are not many deer so close in to town.

  193. I spied ( with my little eye) my very own shadow as I trotted along our neighborhood bike/running path on a recent 3 miler. Been in a bit of a slump lately so getting my butt out there sadly counts as unusual these days :(!

  194. I dont see much thats unusual except for me and my dog. We like to run past yard sales in case we want to come back later.

  195. Not that exotic, but I was very surprised to encounter 2 deer in the back of my subdivision…deer are fairly uncommon in my area of metro Atlanta…quite the opposite of where I used to live in NJ!

  196. A man runs at my local park in the same pair of shorts everyday that I swear are actually super tight, speedo swim trunks. It’s extremely unattractive.

  197. Saw lots of unique costumes whiel runnign Boston this year. However the msot memorabel was a guy- runnign a what appeared to be a cotton t shirt and NO PANTS…I saw his bum cheeks, it took me a bit to get past him but that was serious motivation to pass him and I never turned aroudn to see what was covering the front….oh the chafing!

  198. A couple weeks ago I came upon a groundhog by the side of the road (alive, thankfully). I scared the bejeezes out of the poor thing and he scurried into his hole so all I could see was his rear end sticking out. I guess he figured if he couldn’t see me, I couldn’t see him.

  199. At my first half-marathon in May there was a man dressed as snow white handing out apples! It was a much needed laugh around mile 8!

  200. The other night on a late evening run a very young colt ran across the road curious about the flashing headlamp on my head.

  201. I was out on a training run and I saw a cat run off with something in its mouth. A few seconds later 2 birds start to repeatedly dive down at the cat. I’m guessing the cat had a baby bird…

  202. On a recent run in my hot and sticky DC suburb I saw a guy running in black long pants and thick jacket – maybe he was trying to make weight for something?

    The day before that on a bike ride in the same park I saw a mama and tiny baby deer eating right next to the road and a mile or so later a guy standing in a parking area playing a guitar and singing (at 11 am on a Monday).

  203. Today a momma deer and her half-grown baby came leaping across my running path. I’m blessed to live near the Lake County forest preserve trails in Illinois, so enjoy the birds and animals who live in the forest/prairie areas.

  204. The craziest thing I ever saw running was during a 5k race. As the gun went off, these two guys came running by carrying a canoe. They ran the whole race with the canoe propped on their shoulders.And wouldn’t you know they crossed the finish line before me.

  205. On a recent run in my neighborhood one more morning, I saw a couple on their driveway pointing at something across the street. I looked at them at first and then as I turned to look myself, I suddenly found a deer – a male buck with a large rack of antlers – staring at me. I stopped and we just stared at each other for a second. The woman across the street was getting in her car and said, “Be careful – good luck!” to me. I thought, “Gee, thanks, lady.” The buck then turned and ran into someone’s yard and over their fence.

  206. While running on my favorite trail in the fall with my daughter…coach curly. We saw a chicken and a roster. To this day everytime I pass that spot I laugh. It was just so random and made us both laugh out loud that day. I love the crazy stuff I see on my trail runs. I’ve also seen a fox. Which in my head I said wow that is cool and then the my next thought was holy shit….can it hurt me or my daughter. I’ve saw a HUGE snake at the end of my 16 mile run last sunday. Made me jump backwards. It was a big guy and moving fast too. I let him finish crossing before I went any further. Another 1st for me was seeing a blue herion for the 1st time this year.

  207. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood where I can easily rack up 5 miles and the oddest thing I might come across is a few squished snakes or frogs (esp after a good rain). What’s neat is if I leave and cross the street to the next ‘hood (which is just as nice as mine) I can run by a pond with ducks, and a small horse farm. There are about 10 horses…in a residential neighborhood.

  208. I always wonder about the random things I see at the side of the road – shoes, toys, etc. – how did they end up there? But I live in a rural/suburban area and I see a ton of wildlife. My most memorable was seeing a brand new baby deer walking with its mommy πŸ™‚

  209. I’ve only ever come across other runners, bikers, motorists, and the occasional road kill on my runs. Maybe I should venture out to somewhere new.

  210. A few weeks ago during a dusk trail run…I saw a squirrel ball itself up and drop/fly out of the tree above me…just missing hitting me by inches…he (I assume it was a male squirrel–didn’t stick around to figure that one out)did this again to someone running a few minutes behind me. Craziness!

  211. As I finished a seven mile run the other weekend, I looked down at the sidewalk as a feather seemed to be blowing slowly across….upon closer inspection, the feather was being carried/dragged by the tiniest little ant. He seemed to be quite proud of his treasure and was clearly on a mission. Couldn’t help but feel a little humbled at His ambition, but also wondered what exactly his plan was once he got back to the ant hill?

  212. I was running my first 13.1 in Savannah (Rock n Roll series). After 3 or 4 miles, people (men and women) were peeing on the side of the road. They would just pull to the side and squat or stand. This was my first long race, so I was SHOCKED to see something like that happen!

  213. A snake that I thought was dead but slithered AT ME when I got next to it. Oh how I wish someone had been filming me… even I know how hilarious my reaction was. πŸ™‚

  214. I have just delivered my second child a month ago exactly and as many of you will remember, I have not yet had that oh-so-pleasant appointment with my OB, where the only good news that you get is that you can go back to working out… So, I haven’t been running at all, but I have been checking out every single runner that I have spotted on the road while driving my older child to his activities and when taking my newborn to way-too-many doctors appoinments. The mornings have been absolutelly perfect for running – cool enough to run with clear skies and gentle sunshine. I’ve really missed getting out on the road – can’t wait for my Dr. Apt on wednesday and an all-clear for Thursday morning!!!

  215. Every saturday along the beach road, I see a guy with a camouflage motorcycle with a German shepherd in the sidecar.

  216. I feel like I have boring runs after reading some of these posts…haha! I did see six deer while on a run in the mountains of NC. That was pretty cool :))

  217. I live in outside of an urban area in a very rural state (MT). So I typically see wildlife on my runs (foxes, deer, the occasional skunk), but one day I was running on a gravel road that has some good hills…came over the top of a hill and there in the ditch was a sofa. Not in too bad of shape. Over the next hill…the matching chair. Cracked me up. Was someone trying to give me some options for rest breaks? I was glad to see these items were gone the next day- I would hate to think someone would just throw them out and leave them.

  218. A woman in my neighborhood power walks with a gigantic fanny pack that she leashes her teeny tiny dog to and wears the 1980’s type mega head phones. I finally introduced myself to her and we now high five whenever we pass each other!

  219. I saw a woman who looked like she was going to knock herself out due to a poor choice in running bras. I hurt just looking at her.

  220. It’s not that it’s “strange” per se, but the other day while running I literally had a hummingbird follow along with me for several feet! It was so close I almost thought it was going to attack me! LOL

  221. I saw a guy warming up for a 5 mile race at my daughter’s school – he had his number pinned, was stretching and WAS SMOKING A CIGARETTE all the while!!!! Really, dude?!

  222. Our very urban neighborhood run frequently features a florida red fox who seems to be telling my daughter and I that our time on the road is special just because we are out there together…..I know cheesy!

  223. I saw a bald eagle on a recent run, but my favorite sighting was a nest of owlets and a mother owl that flew right over my head. I was so tempted to take a photo of them, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Such a cool moment though.

  224. Mongoose. I guess they brought them to Hawaii to get rid of the rats. However, it didn’t help get rid of the rats because the rats were nocturnal and the mongoose is not. They are all over and frequently cross my running path. The way they scurry kind of creeps me out.

  225. On several occasions I have passed a woman taking pictures of herself IN HER UNDERWEAR along the Potomac River. Whenever she comes into my vies, I cannot stop staring. Who takes pictures of herself like this in downtown Washington DC?

  226. The most out of the ordinary thing I’ve ever spotted on a run? A pair of silver plated, um, how do I say this…”man parts” You know, the ones that guys hang off the back of their trucks? Yes, someone obviously lost a pair on their commute home one night, and I stumbled across them on my run. For those of you wondering, I did leave that road trophy right there on the sidewalk. πŸ˜‰

  227. A young guy riding a bike, smoking, and using a cell phone…people riding bikes and smoking is a strange sight!

  228. There’s lots of chipmunks and geese on my runs along the river. But the worst is the worm-fest in early spring when these little caterpillars start hanging down from the trees and they hit you in the face. After one run, I think I imagined the creepy-crawlies on me for about two days after. I changed routes until I know we were well past their season.

  229. Hmm…I am always amazed at the Christmas lights that are still on in the early morning hours in JULY!!

    1. My mother in law leaves her Christmas tree up (and lit!) basically 12 months out of the year. It is her favorite holiday! πŸ˜‰

  230. In my neighborhood most usually it’s your average everyday people and animals (those poor geese have no where to go), but to my surprise this summer on a regular basis I’ve been seeing this HOT mature man (always sporting his shades – brand unknown – haven’t gotten that close). I’m very married but can someone spell M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N! I need some of that in my life…the shades ladies, the shades! I’ve got values but can’t help but notice…the shades! (lol!)

  231. I was running the other day and a fox ran right out in front of me. I’m pretty sure it was as scared as I was, but I screamed much louder.

  232. I love seeing kids out in the yard playing, but love it even more when their parents are out playing too. I also enjoy seeing people out walking their dogs. Nothing else really extraordinary usually happens along my running routes through my neighborhood.

  233. Me! It was me and my 2 babies and the double stroller out there… Strange! Ha! And, I had to run without my sunglasses because I couldn’t find them. So… These would be perfect! πŸ™‚

  234. While running around the pond in our city with my husband two nights ago, we saw a guy wearing his underwear. No, they weren’t running shorts that looked like underwear, they were full-on underwear. What was he thinking??

  235. I was on the rail trail training for my 1/2 (long run) at 7:00am there was a man riding a bike smoking a joint, drinking a cup of coffee. He was also wearing a suit coat…

  236. Me! I am a new runner.
    Sometimes I’m like “YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am SOOO totally running.”
    Actually every time.
    My first triathlon is September 8th.
    I’m like Bob on ‘What About Bob?’ Instead of sailing, I RUN!!!!!!!
    (Swim and bike)

  237. On a long run recently, I saw a guy running along with those kangaroo shoes or powerisers. It was crazy. I thought it was a sure thing that he was going to fall as he went careening down the hill going the opposite way of us. I literally stopped dead in my tracks to watch him. It was crazy to see him bounce along the trail!

  238. I guess I should pay more attention when I run! The most unusual thing I’ve noticed is how many people in my little town are out early in the morning to get donuts! Iive in MA, pretty sure the Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Creme is our state bird πŸ™‚

  239. I recently ran an out-and-back 5k. I got to that point in the race where I was no where near the turnaround but the leaders were already coming at us from the other direction. The woman leading the pack fit the picture-a young woman in a sports bra and short running shorts with such a narrow waist you question if all the vital organs are actually in her abdomen because there doesn’t seem to be enough room. But, the guy trailing her didn’t fit the picture at all-cotton t-shirt and cotton shorts running full-out Phoebe (FRIENDS) style with arms and legs flailing! More power to him! Whatever works!

  240. I usually run early in the am before the sun is up so I don’t see too much but I keep an eye out for wildlife. I’ve spotted a heron flying overhead, a fox, a turkey, deer and a skunk who forced me to make a quick u-turn.

  241. I regularly run a closed 2.5 mile very hilly paved trail. Its so safe that Ive been known to run it before dawn. One recent morning I heard the loudest and scariest noise. After a few tense minutes where I ran so fast my heart was pounding, I determined the offending noise was a few bullfrogs around a pond, and their scary loud calls. Needless to say I chuckled about being scared of s frog.

  242. Sounds like a lot of other runners encounter wildlife on their runs…something that I look forward to on every run. Where I live and run, rural Idaho, I have seen all of the following animals on different runs: deer (lots), fox, wild turkeys, rattlesnakes, badgers, skunks, peacocks and have even come “face-to-face” with a coyote and moose. I have actually seen moose several times, but twice they were within 25 feet of me. As much as I love the wildlife, a little too close. πŸ™‚

  243. This past week I was in the UK, just south of London and I saw hail! I have never run in hail and as it grew bigger, gotta say, it hurt. I was running with my husband and we just started laughing! What else could we do?

  244. I saw a woman in her bathing suit running. Wasn’t really odd, this woman could totally pull it off. Kudos to her!!

  245. The most unusual thing was a guy running with one of those parachutes attached to his back (for the extra drag resistance), he is hardcore!!

  246. A toddler whose parent was nowhere in sight because he was chasing the dog instead. I bet if I had been wearing OAKLEY shades, the kid would have been way more likely to trust me when I tried to help, because they are SO COOL!

  247. I ran up on an osprey sitting in the middle of a trail, scared the s*!t out of me since it was almost as big as I decided it was another mother protecting her babies and i turned around and took another route.

  248. I saw a snake that had just been run by a car. Half of its body looked like a snake sticker, the other half was still moving trying to get off the road. If I wasn’t so afraid of snakes I would have tried to help it end its misery but instead, I just screamed and ran away!

  249. Running 6 on a country road …I saw about 15 buzzards perched in a tree. I am assuming they were waiting for me to keel over! πŸ˜‰

  250. I live in a bonafide suburban community, and on a run, I was chased by a billy goat. Yep, a billy goat, horns and all. Apparently he was being kept in a large backyard and had come unattached from his rope. You can bet that resulted in some speedwork on my part!

  251. My ex-boyfriend!

    I ran a 5K the other weekend with my family (husband and two girls in a double jogger) and two of my best friends. About two miles in I was running with the jogger (hubby had stopped to nurse his knees) and thought “I recognize the back of that guy.” Sure enough as I came up to him (yup, I caught up to him) it was him – my ex from high school. I said “hi, how are you?” and kept going. It was a race after all. Wonder what he was thinking as the not-so-good-at-running girlfriend of his past cruised by him pushing a stroller. I hope he enjoyed the new and improved view. πŸ˜‰

  252. Ok I have to tell you all about Chief Green Shorts. He is an older gentleman that does lots of 5 and 10k road races in and around my home town. He is a overly tan, shaved legged, totally into running guy that wears theses tiny lime green running shorts that show everything the man was blessed with. lol It is kinda a right af passing for my friends and myself to become a real runner to beat Chief Green Shorts. He is the first thing we look for when we arrive at a race. He is all we can talk about. Who out of our group will battle him or defeat him finally? I have since beat them tiny shorts off him and have went on to winning first female overall in races while some are still on the mission to pass him at least once in a race. Whatever the goal is just keep running!!! lol

  253. While slowly re-starting after baby #3, several older (70’s +) bikers all clad in matching black leather all with lady friends of the same age riding with them passed me by; I can only assume I Looked pretty pitifully because they circled back and all the ladies whipped out their goodies and cheered me on! Yup i saw their breasts swinging under their arms when I whipped my head around! Needless to say I felt a lot better about my post preggo and breastfeeding physic and tacked on an extra mile!

  254. On one of my running club routes there was a dried up banana peel that stayed there for the longest time. We would giggle everytime we took the route til one day it disappeared. Sure miss that ol peel. Haha!

  255. I was once passed on a very rural road by a tandem bicycle race. I was unaware there was anyone in the area who rode tandem bicycles, let alone enough to warrant a road race.

  256. My 2 strangest things are:
    #1 a guy running barefoot leaning back in a squatty position. It was so strange we all stared at him. I couldn’t figure out how to get my body into that position let alone run!
    #2 we were getting ready to start a run at 5:00 am when an armadillo just wanders across my friend’s yard in a neighborhood in Florida. You don’t think of armadillos being in Florida – or at least I don’t! I thought they were desert animals!

  257. I always see wild-life, living in the country…BUT not too long ago on a run with my 11 year old, we saw a turkey caught in a fence. We went back and were going to help her get out, but she freed herslef when we were about 2 feet away.

  258. While on vacation last week in Myrtle Beach I went running Wednesday morning in the rain. The run was lovely but I saw 2 grown men playing beer pong on their driveway at 10am! Too funny!

  259. Sounds silly, but a puddle! We are in the middle of a huge drought and heat wave here in Kansas and I ran one morning after a freak, small storm. It was awesome to see puddles!

  260. I always look for items in the road while I run and then make up a story about how they got there. On a recent run, I saw a smashed nail clipper. Ten yards later, I saw a part of a weave and some hair clips. After that I saw a knit hat. I imagined that there was a warrior-esque fight among ladies with weaves who wore knit hats for protection. Their weapons are hair clips and nail clippers. Someone lost. Big time.

  261. After trying to figure out how to get my run in, I put my 2 kids on their bikes and had them ride along a trail while I ran. Only to see going the other direction, another mom, with her 2 kids riding bikes. Get it how you can with the kids off for summer.

  262. Running/walking through the Oregon Zoo, we stopped to watch the Polar bear pee and poop. It made my 3, 5 and 7 year old’s day! It is a great place to run, except on Tuesday, when it is apparently super cheap and wicked crowded!

  263. So during my triathlon a few weeks ago, I saw this chick with regular glasses on. She was squinting in the sun and she looked ludicrous in her tortoise shell everyday glasses. That chick seriously needs a pair of Oakley frames. Oh wait, that chick was me and some of the volunteers at the race were actually riding me over my lack of athletic style.

  264. I saw a coyote the other morning. The odd thing was that neither is us knew what to do. He just looked at me and then took off into the field when I didn’t stop running towards him!

  265. Nothing interesting lately, but a cople weeks ago, a giant snapping turtle was making his way across the path. I was worried about where he was heading but wasn’t going near him!

  266. Other than the usual dead armadillos and such I was reminded of the beauty all around us when I was spooked by of all things but a salamander … with the most incredible iridescent neon blue tail!! But then I was informed by my 11 year old son that I’m a bit slow, “it was a skink, not a salamander Mom”.
    That darn “salamander” was larger than the ones I see and save in our pool and he waddled on out into the middle of the path and just eyed me up and down as if to say I was not threat but I better watch out for him!!!

  267. OMG! The coolest owl landed right next to me while I was on the go last week. So adorable. Just landed, looked up at me and off it went. An amazing early morning adventure!!

  268. I was just complaining to my BRF about the fact that we often see…um…used contraceptive devices on the side of the road. Seriously people! Get a room! With a trash can!

  269. I live in the country and often see wildlife on my morning runs like deer, coyote, cows, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, etc., but the other day I was running at the Lake of the Ozarks and I saw a fox. Pretty cool! I imagine I would see way more if I had some cool Oakley sunglasses though :)!

  270. Okay this is going to sound like I am making this up…but a couple years ago on a trail run in my town, I got the wonderful privilege of seeing a naked man riding his bicycle. This trail isn’t usually crowded, a lot of times I see more horseback riders than anything else, but it’s an old railroad track that has been turned into an Oregon State Park. The part through the city is paved but is a dirt trail once it’s outside of the city. This is where I like to do my long runs since the surface is more giving than asphalt. He acted like nothing was out of the ordinary when he pedaled past me. It’s an out-and-back route so I knew that I could possibly run into him again, so I opted to get off the trail and run on the highway shoulder on the way back. I wonder how comfortable it is for a man to ride a bike naked? Just sayin……

  271. I guess that one of the coolest things I have seen was while running a half marathon in May. It was a straight “out & back” route, so the amateurs like myself could see the elite runners pass us. There was a man (who looked 50-ish) pushing a woman in a wheelchair! In a Half-Marathon! And he was FLYING… probably came in the top 20 or 30 runners. That is a race sight that will inspire me for a long time to come…

  272. A guys carrying his bike b/c he got a flat tire riding on a trail path that had a lot of rocks and other debris on it. It was scary b/c it was in an isolated area of the path and spooked me. I know, not much fun, right?

  273. We run before the sun comes up on most days, but there is a trail nearby that we see coyotes waking along with homeless people coming out of the bushes.
    Once there was a horrible smell, and come to find out a few days later they found a dead body off to the side of the trail…fun times!

  274. On my long run last Sunday, at my turn around point, the word “hair” played in whatever song I was listening to, and I saw a rabbit at that exact moment! I knew then and there that I was going to have a kick ass run… and I recorded my first ever negative splits and sub-10:00 mile!

  275. A few weeks ago I was out at the crack of dawn and heard a rustling behind me. I made a grab for my phone and as I turned around there was an armadillo scooting down the path in the opposite direction. I think I scared him more than he scared me!

  276. I run in a populated neighborhood, so I usually see the same people/houses everyday. But, there are a few ponds in the area, so during the spring and summer I get to see mamma and baby ducks taking their walks. So sweet!

  277. I saw someone running in jeans and regular shoes. Thought maybe he was just dashing for a second, but saw him still running the loop later! Jeans must be so uncomfortable to run in!!

  278. I saw a guy dressed in a Paul Bunyan costume during a 5k race I was in. it made me smile, but was very strange at the same time.

  279. Actually *I* was the unusual thing spotted. Just this morning my 6 y/o balked at the stroller until I agreed to let him bring his kitten, in the carrier of course.
    So I pushed my big ol’ double stroller with my tall, skinny 6 y/o spilling out on one side and his trusty kitten on the other.
    We drew some funny looks.

  280. I was running on a path that is open to runners and bicyclists. A gal passes me on her bike, pulling a trailer meant for a small child. Only she a pug dog in the trailer, who was staring at everyone with those big bulging eyes. At least he didn’t try jumping out!

  281. I most often run on a military post where I work so not a whole lot of interesting things to see but there is a pond that I used to run around until my foot almost happened upon a sun bathing cotton mouth snake….oh I did see a skull in a ditch once…freaked me out on first glance but then I realized quickly that it was only a Halloween decoration!!

  282. I recently saw a Barred adolescent owl who kept flying a bit away from me on the trail and then get paranoid that I kept “following” it, very cool. But the weirdest thing I’ve seen while running was a huge fully stocked bar on wheels being pushed down the path by a group of burley men for tailgaiting on a gameday!

  283. I always watch out for cars on my runs, but one morning I was almost taken out by a drunk walker. He was a stumbling and doing that I’m-not-drunk-I’m-just-fancy high step that we’re all tried to pull off. We were heading toward each other and I thought he saw me, but at the last second he wobbled right in front of me, looked at me, gasped, and lunged to the other side. It’s rough being drunk at 5:30AM.

  284. As runners, we tend to encounter lots of weird things. From the person running a race in jeans and a t-shirt, to the woman who not only looks like a zombie but is running listening to the songΒ “Zombie” on stereo speakers or something.
    I have completed (EXTREMELY SLOOOOWWWLLYY) the NYC Marathon two times (and I’m training for my 3rd!). During this race, there are definitely people dressed in interesting attire – bears, fairies, Eiffel tower, etc. But weird things like that I almost expect to see….still weird but these things don’t really stick in my head for too long.
    Last year, while at the marathon start village, my mom (she ran the marathon with me last year!) and I took a little stroll just to do some people watching. I saw a gleam out of the corner of my eye and I realized there was a guy walking with a head-to-toe outfit of aluminum foil or something similarly metallic. But not just that, attached in like a fringey patternΒ -starting at the top of his head and going to his ankles- was attached rows of BEEF JERKY packages. I’m trying to process this and the guy is getting closer when my mom goes up to him and says, “What the hell is that!?”
    The guy responded, “Beef Jerky! You’re welcome to one if you’d like.” He said this like it was totally normal to have beef jerky hanging off your clothes.
    I don’t even eat meat – but when I’m on a long training run and the hunger pains start up, I always think, “Damn, if I only had beef jerky!”

  285. I enjoy running a trail close to my house which goes over a river, I often enjoy seeing the ducks. but lately I’ve been looking for my sunglasses which bounced out of my stroller while running, so it’s very fitting for this contest πŸ™‚

  286. I saw a lady jogging in the park while 1. smoking 2. wearing a long denim shirt (during the Texas summer) 3. wear cut off denim shorts with her cheeks hanging out. I was shocked, amused and grateful that at the fork in the path she went one way and I went the other.

  287. The guy driving a 2 seat Porche convertible looking for his 2 lost standard poodles. I’m not sure where he was planning on putting the dogs when and if he found them, cuz there sure wasn’t a whole lot of room in the car! Passed him twice but never saw the dogs.

  288. I’m afraid I was the out-of-the-ordinary thing just the other day. I took my potty-training son for his first no-diaper stroller run. He had another first along the route when he had his first “pee-in-the-ditch” lesson!

  289. While running on the trail in my county last weekend, in the heat from hell, I was struggling with mile 3, when a biker came towards me. I realized as he passed by (with a huge smile on his face) that he was a double amputee and that he was kicking some serious butt on that bike of his. Made me feel like a wuss for struggling…and helped me get through the rest of my run.

  290. While out running on a trail last week, I about fell over when I saw a “naked man” wearing a bike helmet peddaling like crazy on his bike down a country road. I did a double take, OF COURSE, and realized he had on the skimpiest and I mean skimpiest speedo a man could ever wear!! Since it was in the high 90’s here in Wisconsin, I suppose I could understand wanting to be cool on his ride . . .

  291. I see lots of things on my runs in my rural area. I have encountered deer, donkeys, turkeys, fox, turtles, an armadillo (From a distance). But the most memorable was earlier this year in late spring when a wee little baby goat chased my husband and I on an out and back run for two miles. We finally got it returned to its owner, but that little guy ran at heel ten times better than golden retriever did on that run!

    1. Several years ago I saw a mountain lion. I didn’t run that route again for months. Scared the daylights out of me. But, you asked for recent. πŸ™‚

  292. I saw two badgers while out for a run one morning. Rather than continuing my loop I turned right around and turned it into a speed workout. I’ve run this particular loop probably 50 times in the past couple years and have never encountered one of these mean little furry animals. Turns out there have been plenty of sightings this year.
    About a week later I was with my BRF for a long run and a woman drinking coffee on her front porch warned us of badgers on the route we’d chosen.

  293. I saw a lot of squished dead frogs on my run through my neighborhood today! I have no idea why there would be so many but it was gross! poor frogs!

  294. I live in rural area. Recently, I had a – as in just one wild Turkey cross the road in front of me. I have also had to stopped for a herd of cows to cross to be milked.

  295. The other day I saw an empty pregnancy box on the side of the road. And my mind wandered (as it is won’t to do on a run) and I wondered who on earth would stop by the side of the road to take a pregnancy test?!

  296. When I first started running, about a year ago, I was doing my typical neighborhood jaunt. In the distance I saw a woman with a stroller moving at a decent pace. I thought, “how nice, she’s out for a brisk walk while toting baby along.” When I got close enough to check out the little cutie in the stroller I realized there were three Chinese Crested dogs in the stroller (you know, the ugly tiny hairless ones?) I politely said “good morning” and kept moving while a bit shocked. I hope my face didn’t give away my thoughts..”what on god’s green earth are those…?” Plus the fact that dogs IN a stroller is just down right wrong.

  297. We just got home from an amazing trip to Driggs, ID. While there I saw my 7 yr old daughter out run all 4 of us (pretty fit) adults to the top of a 10,000+ foot mountain peak, two days in a row! Then I saw my 10 year old daughter beat most of the track running group at speedy 400’s! Crazy what fresh mountain air can do!

    We’ve also recently seen a mama moose & her baby on the trails by Snowbird & I jumped over a rattlesnake on a canyon run!

  298. I see all manner of wildlife on the Sammamish River Trail (cranes, bunnies, ducks, otters) but the funniest are the roosters that hang around Bothell landing park. Kinda random.

  299. While not a run, I saw something strange on my long hike last week. There were no trees or bushes available to ‘take care of business’ behind so I saw two ladies holding up a sheet while a group of women did their business behind it. How they procured a sheet on a hike I will never know.

  300. Went out for a run a few weeks ago early in the morning and ran by one of the numerous cow pastures that surround my little town. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and when I looked over there was a younger cow running along the fence line with me! I think he just wanted someone to play with but I prayed there wasn’t a hole in the fence just in case he wasn’t just racing me!

  301. My BRFs and I always see turkeys on our runs. We live in a very populated, albeit suburban area but we run on trails through nature preserves and the turkeys are always there. We’ve taken to calling ourselves the turkey trio because of it. They never fail…the turkeys and my running pals.

  302. It wasn’t too recent, but at the Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon in Portland, I saw a guy in pleather tight pants, aviator goggles and pleather platform boots that must have been 10″ high. I saw him as I passed him about 1 1/2 miles into the race and then again as he ran across the finish line. I couldn’t believe he did the whole thing in that get-up!

  303. On Saturday, our Team in Training group met for our weekly run, and as we were waiting for the last of the marathoners to come back in, a guy jogged up, clad in the smallest spandex outfit that I have ever seen on a human. No, really. Imagine what one of the petite Olympic gymnasts would wear if they went for a run: XS boyshorts and a skinny tank. Now, stretch that out and squeeze a 5’11”, 275-pound guy into it, complete with plenty of hairy belly sticking out between the tank and the shorts.

    I felt like I was in an SNL skit.

  304. passed by side of the road chickens pecking away a couple of times while visiting my parents in Southern Ontario – sadly, I wasn’t out for a run because I am waiting on the advice of the sports med doctor on my back & legs.

  305. Last week I saw a guy hula-hooping in his front yard. That same day I saw a guy running while carrying a carton of eggs!

  306. I saw a Muslim Mother Runner at a 70.3 triathlon in full head to toe coverings. It was 95 degrees outside and she kicked ass!!! I was definitely cheering the loudest for her (don’t tell my husband who was also racing!)

  307. I live in the middle of Indiana. On a recent run on the trail, I saw an OTTER!!! I still don’t understand why it was there.

  308. having to head out in the early am, to avoid the triple digits we’ve had here in the boondocks for nearly 30 days straight, i guess i’m getting out before the coyotes have headed back to their hideouts…i like to run around the section with my dog,& after we turned a corner & headed south, we heard a coyote right where we’d just run by. so, i started howling back @her. after a couple of exchanges, i realized the sound was getting closer…we were followed (NOT chased) for a 1/4 mi. i’m usually bringing up the rear, but that day i made GUS, (my favorite running buddy) stop & do a meet&greet, as i kept heading home. now, understand there’s a big difference between being followed & being chased! i enjoyed the experience, BUT probably will keep my mouth shut (for a change), next time around. πŸ™‚

  309. This is a bit of a lame answer but we just moved from FL to CA, (Central Valley area) and the oddest thing is that I DON’T see much on my runs–most surprisingly, PEOPLE! In FL I was used to tons of folks out from pre-dawn with headlamps all thru the mid morning. Here I have had the roads (literally, I can run down the middle of the road in some places) and paths all to myself. Kind of nice, kind of weird…

  310. I live in “the country” and while animal spottings are frequent, I saw the cutest thing the other day; a baby deer eating grass in a field right next to a baby cow. Makes me think the mama deer and mama cow are somewhere around taking pictures with their iphones and tweeting and blogging about their little ones right from the corner of the pasture.

  311. LOL! Beside the trail that I head up for my long runs, is a small backyard (in the middle of a housing developement) and in it are some cows and -yes – a buffalo! Strangest thing. I saw 2 women on horses going for a ride last Sunday too. Now all this isn’t too strange other than I live smack dab in the middle of suburbia Phoenix, AZ.
    πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance…

  312. My out of the ordinary thing was A PERSON! Actually 3 people, all out walking. I live in the interior of Alaska in a very very rural area and most of my runs don’t make it to any nearby driveways, thats how far apart neighbors are. So to actually see three people, none of which was riding on a four wheeler or bike, was surprising. Now I just wonder where they all came from lol

  313. I run out on country roads and during my last run a turkey ran along next to me for a short moment….I felt nervous the whole time- thinking it would dart out in front of me and trip me- but he took off the other direction after our short run together.

  314. Two poor schmos were out advertising a daycare in costume. Winnie the Pooh and Elmo. My poor dog refused to get anywhere near them. We went around them only to see mickey mouse dressed as uncle sam and the cat in the hat as uncle sam as well just around the corner.
    With the heat they were facing, I now remind myself that my runs will never suck as bad as a day spent inside one of those costumes.

  315. I hate to say that my runs are pretty uninteresting, but at last nights track workout there was an elderly woman pounding out laps with her walker and her friend who was using a cane!

  316. Have to go with my pet peeve lately and say I saw someone who *actually* picked up after his dog. Seen way too many lately who aren’t and it drives me crazy!

  317. On a recent early morning long run I saw a pair of heels that someone must have left from the previous nights festivities. I thought about picking them up but I still had a few miles left on my run. I also thought she might have sobered up and remember where she left them. Talk about a walk of shame πŸ˜‰

  318. I saw two black squirrels and two white squirrels playing tag with each other. Very rare around these parts (most are the typical gray color). It was fun to watch them run and frolic. Hmmm…. I don’t recall ever using frolic in a sentence before.

  319. Less than a mile into a recent run, I had a squirrel drop down from a tree above my head onto the pavement literally right in front of me. I may or may not have screamed out loud.

  320. Does it count if it was on a treadmill? I was running at the gym and soon I notice that the guy on the treadmill next to me. At first I just thought that his treadmill was off balance. But I glanced at him and finally noticed that he was just trying to keep up with his setting and consequently started running weird. Funny enough: it was the same speed that I was going πŸ™‚

  321. My runs in the suburbs are pretty routine. My favorite sight on early morning runs is a group of large white cranes gathered at the shore of my neighborhood lake.

  322. The oddest thing I saw this summer was 2 deer run across the street, right in front of me, in my childhood home. Not in the woods, on a busy neighborhood street. Apparently, they’ve been quite a nuisance, eating peoples flowers and veggies. I didn’t mind, just startled me for a moment.

  323. This morning during a five mile run…we are booking it up a hill. The local police walk around the block checking to make sure all the doors are locked at the local restaurants. As we are hoofing it by we notice two cruisers and two extra policeman. We are thinking….robbery maybe? NOPE….good ole law enforcement had locked their keys in the car and were trying to jimmy open the door:-) Happens to the best of us!

  324. A dead racoon in my brother in laws yard?? I wish I had something much cooler to say, but I live out in the sticks….I never seem to see any LIVE animals.

  325. When I went out running early yesterday morning I spotted four or five deer up ahead off the path. They crossed over the sidewalk by the time I got there, and were watching me from up on the hill. This is probably not entirely unusual here in suburban Denver but it’s a first for me and was very cool!

  326. I once saw a woman holding her toddler over a trashcan to poop! Now that I’m a mom I’m still not sure that was horrifying or pure genius!

  327. I was running in my neighborhood with my boxer and out of a wooded area came FIVE puppies!!! They followed us home and the kids and I took care of them until we were able to find homes for each and every one. (My boxer tolerated them but was at the end of her patience level by the time we placed the last one). Hope to never see THAT again on a run!!!

  328. The most uncomfortable thing so far has been a man all on his own by the river on my dog park trails. He got up to move or follow me (I’m not sure which)as I ran by. I don’t think I’ve run as fast and I did up the embankment that day, nor have ever been so glad to have a BIG dark colored great dane by my side.

  329. I LOVE Oakleys. πŸ™‚ But since I have moved to Pensacola (about 18 mos ago) I have really noticed some odd things on my runs. Beach towels, blow up beach toys, socks, underwear, pillows, shoes, bras, underwear, hats, full soda cans. The only connection I can make is that these things are flying out of people’s vehicles as they are going to or from the beach. Oh and two weeks ago, I spied a man setting on the seawall holding his phone up in the air like he was waiting for it to be struck by lightning.

  330. I can’t think of anything too unusual on my recent runs. I often run by a glacier. I did run a the Douglas Island half marathon last weekend in Juneau and there was a spectator dressed like the Tour de France devil with a pitch fork and all:)

  331. I’ve been running on the treadmill lately, so the most interesting thing I’ve seen recently is Cupcake Wars on the Food Network! Don’t ask me why my gym has the Food Network on all the time – it can seem like a twisted joke some days!

  332. Not so out of the ordinary for around here – lamas, chickens and rooster that will chase you, peafowl, deer (one so close I could have touched it, but instead I decided to scream, cause it scared me) the duck at the lake that sounds like it’s laughing at me, the biker that never-ever looks up. But this random guy takes the cake dressed in long pants, a winter coat and hat, carrying a backpack, walking the streets reading a book and smoking a cigarette? That’s weird.

  333. I was running across a small bridge last winter and almost ran right into a buck haha! I could tell he wasn’t budging, so I had to turn around πŸ˜‰ I ran a race on Independence Day and saw a spindly old man all decked out in red, white and blue. But the best part of the outfit was the uber small shorts (ie, they didn’t have a sling in them and he wore no underwear)

  334. I saw my neighbors’ boxer named Mia–who promptly ran out and bit me on the ankle. I proceeded to transform into a raging lunatic screaming at the neighbors from the middle of the street. (Something about having the right to walk down my own street safely….it’s all kind of a blur.) The neighbors have since built a fence preventing this from happening again. I am still skittish to run in our rural area–fearing animals. But I NEED those sunglasses to hide my identity from any other neighbors who I am sure heard my crazed profanity driven speech.

  335. This am I saw an old rusty water tower in the brush off a newly opened trail. My boys were with me, and I tried to convince them it was space trash! I think one of them might have believed me!! πŸ˜‰

  336. While running my last marathon I saw spectators handing out bacon and about a half mile later there were belly dancers.

  337. mating millipedes…maybe I look at the ground too much. My runs usually follow the same routes, so I don’t see too much that is out of the oridnary.

  338. I’ve been having issue with my leg, so this past Monday I opted to run through the local park with the girls, but opted to skip the hills. My calf was bugging me mid-way through, ironically the same time we were running past the signs for “Instruments of Torture,” then we passed the homey with the ‘do rag trying to bust open (presumably his own) car window-I don’t think he knew the sweet spot to it & crack it open because it literally sounded like a construction site with a hammer going on, then we passed the trail that leads down to a park area where dogs can run around leash free and, ahem, get busy {awkward}. All this in the span of four miles.

    If you’re ever in San Diego, you should totally run Balboa Park. It’s awesome. Really.


  339. I was on the treadmill at the gym and a very large weight fell off of the bench press bar as a guy was lifting it. It flew in the direction of the treadmills and smacked the front of mine! Loud and scary!

  340. I finally saw someone out on one of those moving elliptical things! I’d read about them and wanted to see one in action, and then I saw a guy “ellipticalling?” down the street. Looked like fun (but I’ll stick to running)!

  341. I have run with wild turkeys on the greenbelt near my office in Davis. But the oddest thing I have ever seen is this past sunday during the San Francisco marathon – only in SF would you see a man running in leather shorts with leather criscrossed suspenders that had rivets on them and no shirt. Leather doesn’t breathe – talking about some serious chaffing!

  342. I saw a white squirrel at the same time my friends were tooting thier horn at me. They thought I was ignoring them but no… just distracted by little snowy guy.

  343. You won’t believe this but…
    No joke. Strolling, and strumming, and singing. It surprised me so much I stopped and watched him, and finally remembered to take a picture as he was walking away! It was awesome!

  344. A Golden Asian Pheasant (looks like a tropical peacock) crossing the road….and I live in Upstate NY. My phone photo is not good, but it is there! (It was coming from the direction of an estate type property gonna guess it was someone’s hobby fowl…)

  345. Deer mostly are the strangest things I encounter on my long runs! Not too out of the ordinary for this native South Texan girl, but for those who come to visit and those who are “newish” to the South Texas area, they seem to think it’s pretty amazing to run next to a big buck! I’m in serious need of some AWESOME shades!!!

  346. Just last week I had a deer run right out in front of me to cross the street I was on. Scared the you know what out of me!

  347. I live and run in rural new mexico and often get to run alongside jack rabbits and cottontails. Some new sunglassess would come in handy with our crazy sunshine here as well.

  348. I spied a small herd of caribou while vacationing in Banff Alberta Canada last week….two larger deer and two small babies. It was awesome

  349. Running near my sister’s home I came across a family of deer. I live next to NYC and don’t expect those types of things, even when I am not near the city. That was pretty cool.

  350. Nothing recently but there is a woman I occasionally see running pushing a double jogging stroller with 2 large Raggedy Ann dolls in the seats. Looks kind of creepy the first time you see it but I am told by another runner she pushes those dolls for strength training.

  351. While on a recent run along the bike trail I saw a covey of quail. I looked it up, that is the official name for group of quail :). It may not be out of the ordinary for some but I had never seen them in person before. Love seeing new things on my runs!

  352. Other runners! I live in a very small, rural part of Texas where most people still think I’m crazy because I “run for fun”…I’ve finally started seeing other people put pounding the pavement though and it’s refreshing to see someone else is getting the same benefits I do!

  353. it is not unusual to see bald eagles and white squirrels while out on a run, but I always feel that they are a good omen when I do see them. And today I saw Olympian Carrie Tollefson! and I wasn’t walking (coming back from an injury)!

  354. I haven’t seen anything too unusual on a run, but I did recently see an older man running in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. In July. In Tennessee. Definitely out of the ordinary.

  355. I had a family of wild Turkeys (2 adults w/6 youngsters)cross my path while running on the American River Parkway. It wasn’t a rare sighting, but a bit unusual to me since they took their dear sweet time crossing!

  356. I am training for my first Ironman which is a little over 3 weeks away. In early summer, I was running along a trail when I glimpsed a man down in the ditch next to the path zipping up his pants. I guess when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go, but I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t following me until I was far enough away.

  357. One morning, what I thought was a cat, turned out to be an armadillo! That made me pick up my pace. Those things are faster than you might think. I have also seen foxes and can expect to see deer just outside of town when I run around sunrise on Saturdays. Wildlife is about all that is out at that hour in my itty bitty town.

  358. I was running in Michigan and saw a perfect skeleton of a cat on the side of the road. No skin or tissue, just bones it was kinda creepy!

  359. I occasionally see quail, they are sooo cute skittering in a line across the path! Another rare sighting is … someone who actually PICKS UP after their dog! I am proud to say that when my pooch runs with me, we always clean up after ourselves. Now, if I could just get her to drop trou to the side of me, instead of mid-stride, in the middle of where I’m running…

  360. A few weeks ago I was running on a trail with a friend and we saw a flock of ducklings running after their mother down the path and into the field. They were so cute and a few go hung up on things and flipped over and fell. Totally made the run.
    Besides that, I’m usually the something unusual people see on a run. My black lab has 3 legs and we get lots of stares and questions when out on walks (or short runs). But she is fabulous if not a bit tired of the questions.

  361. A couple of weeks ago I saw a big tarantula. It was so quiet and still out (early morning on a Saturday) that I could litterally hear it moving across the road.

  362. Probably because of the whole “Keep Portland Weird” mentality around here, not a whole lot seems out of the ordinary in these parts. Although the most unusual thing I have seen as of late was a man running downtown with a sleeve of tattoos on his leg. No tats on the arms, just the one leg.

  363. I did the Helsinki City Run in May and there was a guy dressed as a penis running the race. Otherwise, I don’t see much exciting stuff running in Finland.

  364. On a recent pre-dawn, try-to-beat-the-heat run I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a skunk. It was too close for comfort. After a brief standoff, it waddled off and I ran on, happy that the only stink was my own….

  365. I don’t know about out of the ordinary, but I do see lots of wildlife, which in a housing development could be unusual. Deer, turkeys, skunks, and once an oppossum.

  366. Well beings as I just did a Warrior Dash, I saw an Elvis, a Spiderman, and a Batman. But on a regular run about 2 months ago I saw 4 snapping turtles and they were big! I avoided them by a wide margin…

  367. On Saturday I saw a man pushing a jogging stroller that held two small dogs (spaniels?) sitting side by side. They were very calm!

  368. An armadillo on a pre-dawn trail run. Sure, it’s Texas but this armadillo was not road kill! You don’t see live ‘dillos often.

  369. A guy in my neighborhood that mows his yard in a speedo and goggles…I asked him if the rocks hurt his legs, and he said no because he bags the grass. He also uses an electric mower so he drags a really long orange cord around. He should start a lawn service with that look.

  370. I love looking for different feathers – hawk, blue jay, crow, anything really. I imagine tucking them in my shoe so I can run faster (like Hermes). I also grab them to bring home to my boys.

  371. There usually isn’t too much excitement on my runs at 5am, but last week I saw 2 punk teenage kids hanging out in their car getting stoned. They both shrunk down when they saw me…probably weren’t expecting to get caught that early in the morning πŸ™‚

  372. I would have to say that I am the strangest thing I have seen out there recently! At 23 weeks pregnant I am now sporting a Maternity FIT Splint (thank for the tip) to keep the belly in check and a camel back since my fuel belt doesn’t fit anymore. I live by a church and this past Sunday morning someone literally came to a complete stop to look at me as I ran by. I feel like I need a shirt that says, “warning, pregnant runner on the loose.” Maybe those Oakley shades would help direct everyone’s eyes upwards…..

  373. During a race in a college this summer, I was shocked by the number of large, over-the-ear headphones some people were racing in. Perhaps they’re cool when walking around, but it looked hot and just plain silly during a running event!

  374. A doe and her two babies came out of the woods and ran directly across the trail I was running not more than 3 feet in front of me! It initially scared the heck out of me, but then I was in complete amazement.

  375. Not sure what he was dong there, but I rounded a corner on the sidewalk at a fairly busy intersection this morning and nearly ran smack, head-on, into an unmarked police car parked right up on the sidewalk. That was the “bad” surprise. The good one was the young doe just standing by the running path watching me go by.

  376. I recently saw a mother quail and her babies scurrying quickly behind her. I see lots of animals during runs, but spotting the quail family was a first!

  377. Lately due to the heat, allergies and my schedule most of my runs have been on the treadmill. So nothing too weird to see. Sometimes I wish I could be out and see some weird exciting stuff, but at least the runs are getting done πŸ™‚

  378. While on a beach run with my hubby in Ft. Lauderdale several years ago, an older gentleman came running in the opposite direction up the beach…in a thong and a baseball cap…

    Neither of us said a word (maybe even took a breath) until he was out of earshot. “Did you see THAT?!?” “Um…YEAH!” was essentially our conversation. The image is still BURNED in my brain.

  379. During my first half marathon we ran past a gigantic cow statute. Still not sure what it was for, but it was just sitting out in-front of a business in an industrial park. I almost stopped for a picture with it!

  380. someone wearing a “I am Canadian” t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!
    I live in Sounthern California and I am Canadian so for me that is out of the ordinary…I shouted “LOVE the shirt!!!!”

  381. On a trail run I saw two snakes tumbling together off a steep edge onto the trail. First it looked like they were mating, then it became evident one was actually eating the other. Very different activities.

  382. Last fall I was running at dusk carrying my little dinky flashlight just cruising along to my ipod when out jumped the Army ROTC guys from a side street in full on camo packing heat. Scared the bejesus out of me! I never saw them coming and nothing like 30 guys in full combat military gear running at you full speed with guns. I’m pretty sure my scream broke their cover.

  383. During a 5K on the 4th of July I had the pleasure of seeing a gentlemen set up a sprinkler on his parking for the runners and then come running down his driveway with a cooler filled with water bottles. The support of those not racing is always such a wonderful surprise and push to get it done.

  384. As a trail runner, I have no idea what is normal anymore while running. I think I’ve seen it all. But one of the best recent sightings was at a local race. Right on cue, a bald eagle started circling the starting coral during the national anthem. S/he flew away as soon as it ended. Coolest start to a race ever!!

  385. On Saturday’s run with the kids we picked up two very large, bumpy green balls. I told the kids they were walnuts. I posted it on my blog and was corrected, they were osage oranges…..whatever those are….they look just like really green walnuts. πŸ™‚

  386. Earlier this spring I saw a group of about 5 deer by the river while running on our city’s greenway path. Other than that, I usually run the same neighborhood paths and see the same not so unusual things…

  387. Lately, I’ve been trying to get my longer runs in on Friday mornings so my husband can have Saturday mornings for his long runs leaving Sunday a day for our family. In order to get this in, I’ve been getting up around 4:30 and running from my house to work. One morning I spied a mamma skunk with her babe so I quickly left the trail for the street. The following Friday, I avoided three raccoons and then 3 miles later was blindsided as an owl attacked my ponytail/head. I think I’ve had enough of my ‘nature runs’ for a few weeks!!!

  388. I go to a local park in the early mornings, and the most beautiful/unusual thing I’ve seen is an elderly lady and her husband who both wear sweat suits and wrist/ankle weights, and they walk at a reasonably fast pace, and the woman holds her husband’s arm because he’s sight impaired.

  389. Major road construction! They are tearing up a major road about 2.5 miles from my house and it’s making a headache for runners, bikers and drivers alike! Since the road they are tearing up is a bridge across a major freeway and less than mile from where two major freeways meet, it can be quite a mess for all of us to follow the detours.

  390. I recently saw a man running in just his tighty whiteys … We were at Ragnar, so maybe its not too unusual given the event…. But, still …I though he was pretty outrageous.

  391. Most of my runs are really early in the morning, so I usually don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I did see an ambulance leaving the station on my last run, which hadn’t happened before.

  392. I am convinced I ran by Roger Sterling — the character from Mad Men — yesterday. He was on a bike, wearing a neon yellow t-shirt and spandex bke shorts? What’s that? You think I had a heat hallucination after five miles in the middle of the day? There’s no way he’d be tooling around the New Jersey suburbs? Bah! I know what I saw!

  393. Not so long ago my running partner and I had a coyote run across the road right in front of us and just a few months before that we had a fox do the same.

  394. A few weeks ago we were training at our Shelby Farms, our local (and awesome) park with trails, etc and there was a family walking their Llama. That’s right, a large, white Llama. That was a first for me! Definitively an interesting site to see!

  395. Recently I saw a large turtle cross the road in midwest indiana. I could see it from about 1/2 mile out while the hot road shimmered, then when I came upon it realized it was quite a large turtle. But the strange thing is, is that it was crossing from one corn field to another and I couldn’t think of where a pond or creek or lake could be for at least a mile away. That was one lost turtle or a strange heat related hallucination.

  396. Nothing too weird or exciting in my suburbia- I think the guy who lets his dog chase runners on our open space is weird tho, got a snout to the crotch last week. I can’t blame the dog tho, it’s his owner who is a wanker πŸ˜‰

  397. I live in HOT Phoenix and I saw someone the other day running in long pants! Even in the winter, I don’t run in long pants here.

  398. Earlier this week when I was headed out for an early morning run I was having trouble picking up a satellite signal on my Garmin so I stopped and waited for it. Once I picked it up, I turned and started to run. As I looked up I saw a deer literally 5 feet in front of me staring me down. I was so close to running right smack into it! It took a good half mile for my heart rate to come back down to normal.

  399. Hmmm… Tough one. During my first marathon in 2008 (Flying Pig in Cincinnatti) my BFF/running partner and I ended up following a guy wearing super short running shorts, a cotton t-shirt and a fanny pack. A honest to goodness fanny pack. And he seamed to make an odd squishing sound with every step he took. We made it quick business to pass him as soon as possible. πŸ™‚

  400. As I ran around the lake path in a local park, I happened upon an installment of “The Moving Wall” — a traveling exhibit that is a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. It was humbling to see all the names of those who lost their lives in service to the U.S., and even more humbling to see some disabled and elderly veterans visiting the wall. As I ran my laps through the path lined with American flags, I was reminded to be grateful for my ability to run.

  401. The craziest thing I have a seen on a run lately was the Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausage Mascots! I trained for 8 weeks to PR (23.52 – wohoo!) in the Sausage 5k last weekend, and I managed to beat all 5 Racing Sausages (the fastest which came in at 26.30 min wearing a 6ft sausage costume!). Nothing would have been more humiliating than being beaten by a Sausage Mascot! :). I have a picture, too – wish I could post it!

  402. Sometimes I like to run at night down the state trail near our house. I was out running this spring and kept imagining that some high school kid playing Hunger Games had an arrow trained on me a la Katniss. The image amused me and made me a little paranoid….:)

  403. I must run a pretty boring route because I don’t really see anything out of the ordinary. The closest thing would be the deer that didn’t immediately run off into the woods like they usually do.

  404. During my last half, I saw a woman who was about 70, chugging smoothly along. As we approached a house lined with a group of older spectators, this woman called out a hello. Apparently these we her friends and she said she would see them at brunch later that morning. As if running a half at that age were an ordinary, rather than extraordinary thing. Very cool.

  405. Nothing too dramatic here in the suburbs. For that I am grateful. However with my BRF, we once ran into (literally almost) a group of about 7 deer on the trail. I’ve also seen a fox, and a drunken raccoon. (Lots of wobbing that day)

    Also, I have a question about something I saw on my long run last week. This other runner had what appeared to be a sucker in his mouth as he was running? Choking hazard? Pain relief? We passed on this loop twice, and he had it both times. Does anyone here run with suckers in their mouths? I’m curious about how that works…

  406. The most out of the ordinary thing I’ve seen on a recent run is the dead raccoon on the sidewalk. Not in the road but on the sidewalk, yuck! It was also the day I was doing an out and back and there wasn’t a sidewalk on the other side!

  407. The NOSE of the DOG that BIT me in the BUTT at mile 20 of my 20-miler last Saturday! O U C H! Yes, I did call animal control. And that mile ended up being the fastest of all 20. Adrenaline!

  408. My reflection on the gym window. Feeling good 30 lbs lighter, but almost didn’t recognize myself. Soooooo excited to be able to run again.

  409. I haven’t been out for awhile, having to do my workouts inside, but I am probably the oddity when I am out for a run around our country road with two dogs and two cats that trot along with me πŸ™‚

  410. Last month I was in indianapolis for work, and spent my mornings running on their canal which travels behind several of their museums and government buildings. The first morning, as I was gaining my bearings (trying to figure out where I was in relationship to the few landmarks I knew), I ran past two pachyderm statues, one wearing a handknit cowl and the other wearing handknit booties. They were part of the Indiana State Museum exhibit and they had been yarn-bombed!

  411. It never fails that I see while running a either a runner or a person on a home smoking a cigarette. I want to ask them what the point is, but I’m not that brave. The best run was the other day though running I’m my neighborhood, a guy was on his deck playing his guitar, so I made route change so it was like he was playing for me!

  412. On my most recent run, I saw a beautiful, yet intimidating, rattlesnake coiled up on the road. I live in the desert so snakes are common in the hills and under rocks during the summer, but that was the first time I’ve ever seen one on my running route. It definitely gets your adrenaline pumping!

  413. One Sunday morning as I rounded a corner I found a large group of young people just coming home from an obviously very fun night filled with LOTS of drinking. They started cheering for me…and then 4 or 5 of them linked arms and joined me on my run. The girls were wearing very high heels and they all just matched my pace. I was amused and just when it started to get weird one girl said, “Oh no…i have to quit or I’m gonna puke” At that point I ran faster to get away!

  414. I’ve seen lots of wildlife lately on my outdoor runs(deer, turkey, turkey vultures, squirrels, etc), but the most disturbing thing I’ve seen lately was a woman on the treadmill next to me who may have had on the worlds least supportive bra…. It was painful to watch!

  415. A beautiful bald eagle. It was flying above us. I can not explain how majestic it looked. I had no idea how big they were either. I can see why it represents USA.

  416. This morning, I saw a couple running with a jogging stroller before the sun was up @ 5 am – that’s dedication!

  417. I saw a rather portly guy in a turquoise speedo and a gal dressed as a fairy taking a photo shoot in a tree by the Portland Opera House. Hmmm. This wasn’t a professional photo shoot. It was early and I think this was their fantasy. I just couldn’t look at them, nor could I look away.

  418. Well besides the animals I have seen wild turkeys, on the trail in a resident neighborhood, and recently large daddy long leg spiders. I am afraid of spiders but know those aren’t going to bother me but these were huge! Oh and the guy runnerwith shorty shorts on I have seen his butt too many times.

  419. During an early morning run with my run club, we saw 5 deers, 1 turlte and heard frogs croaking in a pond. An awesome way to start my day.

  420. Not too long ago I was running on the treadmill at the gym and there was an older guy on the rowing machine making very loud noises. It totally sounded like he was having sex. It was embarrassing! And I had my headphones on as loud as I could sound!! I kid you not.

  421. I run a trail that goes over a river on an old railroad bridge. It’s beautiful! Many peolpe use this trail, so there is usually some oddity of some kind or other. But the coolest things I can remember seeing on this particular trail is the salmon spawning. It’s one of the few things I will stop and watch for a minute or two.

  422. It was not very recent, but definitely memorable — a man running in a gas mask! I live south of Quantico Marine Corps Base so perhaps I should not have been surprised, but it was something I have not forgotten. Oh, and the man running on Quantico who kept taking pictures of me and my friends as we ran past. Creepy but somewhat flattering.

  423. On my early morning run on Monday I came upon a hot air balloon taking off from a grass air strip. I stopped for a moment to watchen them take off, then continued on my run. Beautiful morning!

  424. I saw a red-wing blackbird following overhead during my run – then felt it’s claws on my scalp! I screamed and ran really fast – and thankfully the bird did not follow me or land on my head again.

  425. Once when running at the end of town, on my way home, there was a huge raccoon walking around in front of someone’s garage. I just tried to stay sorta quiet and quicken my pace hoping he wouldn’t chase me. He didn’t, thankfully, but it did get my heart pumping a little quicker.

  426. My husband and I recently moved to an Indian reservation. The other day when I was doing my six and a half mile loop I had to dodge about seven cows and four horses that were using the side walk. And one of them was a bull!

  427. I run down a pretty quiet road lined with cows. One morning they all looked up and all at once started mooing. I believe they were cheering me on. I also get to watch the highway patrol pull people over that are going over the 45mph speed limit… that’s entertaining:)

  428. A man at the gym wearing sweatpants…the band would have wrapped around his waist twice, he had it folded over and clipped with a pedometer. In these pants, a button down shirt and a Gilligan’s Island style hat he climbed on the treadmill and proceeded to run a VERY fast five miles. I was awestruck.

  429. I most recently saw the fattest Weimy dog ever! They are usually so sleek and streamlined. This boy was round and waddled. Kinda felt bad for him. πŸ˜‰

  430. I spied a 3 legged alligator. I’m on vacation in South Carolina and there it was by the running path. Actually ran passed it, then turned around and snapped its picture, because, hey, I’m on vacation! If I win, I’ll send you the picture. It was about 5-6 feet long. We just don’t have stuff like that in Minnesota.

  431. Love those Oakley shades, I need some coolness for my eyes! Training for my 1st marathon (Chicago), so it would be perfect timing! πŸ˜‰ I got some great runs in while on vacation at Wildwood, NJ last week, jumped over huge horseshoe crabs on the beach and saw all sorts of craziness on the boardwalk every morning!!!

  432. A big security truck chasing me down on the path at my work. The didn’t realize I was an employee just trying to get her run in.

  433. I live in a suburb of San Antonio, and by far the most unusual thing I have seen on a run was lightning bugs this past May, and then again last week. We don’t have the bright little guys here. To see hundreds of them, lighting up the creekbed by my home, was just awesome and took me right back to my childhood vacations.

    I try to bring back “finds” for my two preschoolers. Once this year I found a Finn McMissle car (from the movie Cars 2) in the flowerbed outside an architect’s building – my boys were thrilled! Also rubber bouncy balls, a set of car keys, and in June a pack of sidewalk chalk still in the box. I look ridiculous sporting these things on my run, but the boys love it.

    In the spring, I found a black Juicy Couture purse at the edge of a bar parking lot on a Sunday morning run. It was full of expired prescription pills, all different kinds, and for different people. No ID, so I couldn’t tell which one owned the purse. Gave me a creepy feeling and I ran the 4 miles home with the purse so I could turn in the meds to our pharmacy for proper disposal. Goodwill got the purse.

    Lastly, my DH and I have started keeping track of the number of disposable flossers we find on the road (but don’t touch!). It’s so random – who flosses their teeth in a park, or throws their flosser out on a highway access road? I spied 7 flossers on Sunday’s long run! Gross, esp that that many people litter…but yay for good hygiene?

    Fun question to pose for this contest giveaway – I’ve enjoyed reading all the responses!

  434. This morning I ran along Massachusetts Avenue at the DC line. Cars, runners, bikers, commuters at the bus stops… All very typical and not unusual. Then I saw a black baby squirrel making off with a rather large orange peach from a closed produce stand. No one else seemed to notice, which was the really odd thing!

  435. I guess I run in uninteresting places. I don’t see much of anything unusual. I actually don’t see much at all through the sweat in my eyes, haha. I really zone out. πŸ™‚

  436. Great question and great stories here!

    On a recent run with my group, we heard an older gentleman yelling to us from his car. The first group he passed thought he was yelling “Good morning” to them. The second group heard him yelling “Get out of the road!”

  437. I live outside of town, and mostly jog on county roads. I’ve only seen a snake once, but been petrified ever since. Recently, when the grass was super high on each side of the road, I heard a rustle and saw something jump – so naturally thought SNAKE!! It was only a little cottontail rabbit though. GOOD ending to the story!

  438. Was on my long run (9 miles for the first time – yay!) this past Sunday on my new favorite trail and a fox ran across the path. Gotta love living in Colorado!

  439. At a 5K race last Saturday, I actually saw someone running with a CD Walkman! Talk about a blast from the past!

  440. I run trails by my house most of the time, smallish critter sightings are the most exciting thing going on besides loosing the dog. But it was the cat (cougar) screeching I heard last night that got me a little worried.

  441. I recently crossed paths with a snake that slithered across the trail on a recent run. I screached, and then laughed.

  442. While out for a run the other day I saw a 10 year old boy outside screaming/yelling at the top of his lungs “Where’s my wife!” over and over..and here I thought you couldn’t get married at ten years old. πŸ™‚

  443. I live in small town central Pennsylvania and last Sunday on an early morning run before church, I saw a horse and buggy pulled over and the Amish or Mennonite man was fixing the wheel that fell off the buggy.

  444. I ran my first 5k last week and spotted a woman running with a double stroller and twin 1 yr olds. She came in after me and I made sure to clap and shout for her as she crossed the finish line πŸ™‚

  445. There’s been a lot of road construction in one of the neighborhoods I run through, and the other day, I ran by a group of the construction workers. Oh my Lord, are those men tan! I used to achieve a pretty dark tan in my lifeguarding days, but these men have reached new levels in my opinion.

  446. My neighbor! My husband and I have been taking turns in the morning training for our next half and the other day, she surprised me at the crest of a hill. I was looking down and when I looked up, she was there. Really, it scared the crap out of me!!:-). I think we have inspired her…yay!

  447. I recently got nipped on the shorts by a Canadian goose, thankfully just the shorts and not my rear, had that happen before and it HURTS!!!

  448. Nothing. I’ve had the most boring runs lately. Probably because I’ve been running less and doing Insanity (my legs can’t take much more of both). However, I did see my son wear a Superman shirt, a superhero cape, and swim goggles to the park. Or when he wore the all-out Superman costume on a super hot day to the park. Strange kid.

  449. I’ve taken a break from running recently (had baby #2 5 weeks ago!) but on one of my last long runs in Japan before we left – I saw an old man out for his morning walk. As I got close to him I noticed that he had something on both of his legs. The sun was out really bright and I forgot my sunglasses so I was squinting and starring much harder than normal! When I got right next to him I could see that he had full leg braces on both of his legs and was using a cane. He was shuffling about but surely making some good progress considering. In that moment I thought – this is the image that will stay in my mind when people talk about how Asian cultures are leaving the US in the dust w/ education and technology. It’s b/c of that drive. I’ve never seen an elderly person w/ two full leg braces and a cane get their exercise on in the US.

  450. Huge dead frogs on the side of the road after a rainstorm. We are having a drought here in WI and after a recent and rare rain I saw a number of really dead frogs on the road. Not sure why but they were there!

  451. I saw ME SMILING and enjoying my run! I had been in quite a negative place about runinng. But recently I joined a new running group and between the camaraderie, competition (bc I can’t help myself), and new routes it’s been quite fun. I also just got a pair of Brooks Pure Connect shoes which have increased my pace and made me feel like I’m prancing through my runs! So yes, ME *smiling* is an out-of-the-ordinary sight!

  452. My husband and I were jogging on the cart path through a golf course when we spied a little boy peeing in his back yard……he put it away really quickly when he realized we were running past!

  453. Out of the ordinary for some, but for us awesome and normal. Deer, we see tons of deer, snakes (not so awesome), centipedes, rabbits, and earlier this week I saw a cluser of snails just in the middle of my street. Weird.
    PS I LOVE pink, and as a fellow Coloradoan Dimity I SO understand the need for some sporty shades!! πŸ™‚

  454. I run mostly in the country so wildlife is my most frequent sighting. A skunk that refused to give up his middle of the road position slowed me down one day-I opted to throw handfuls of gravel at him from as far away as possible and he finally sauntered off the road. A copperhead (shiver), deer and armadillos are other recent sightings.

  455. I went camping in north-central Wyoming just before my marathon. While on my last run before the big race, I set off for an “easy” 8 miles (8 miles is never easy at 9,000 feet elevation). I’m running along the highway (on the left, like a good girl) and a car goes by me on my right. I glance over my shoulder at it, and I see a HUGE bull moose in my blind spot (kinda behind me) charging at me. I swear, it was so close, I could have hit it with a rock. Fortunately, the car going by spooked it and it veered off and went about 100 yards down the road. I stopped for a minute and realized I was only about 0.6 miles from turning around. You know you’re a runner when you have to think hard about whether to turn around, or run towards the moose. I did the smart thing and turned around.

  456. On Monday, there was a city utility truck on my street with flashing lights and city workers. Not really interesting, except it was 5am. City workers at 5am?! Then on another street in my hood, I saw two people wearing all black running from a house (about a half of a block away from where I was) to a car parked two houses further down the block. I don’t want to know what they were up to.
    It was a pretty disturbing 3 miles.

  457. I live in the city so I don’t end up seeing too many things out of the ordinary. Things I see on my run: the same bad ass older woman almost everytime I run at 5 AM, turkeys, deers, raccoons, and far too many rabbits and squirrels that torment my dog. It’s fun living in the city and still getting to see wildlife.

  458. The most unique thing that I have seen recently on a run is being surprised by a skunk. I had not ever seen one in the neighborhood considering I have seen racoons and opossums I’m not sure why I was so surprise to have seen the skunk I was simply happy that it was on side of a yard and I was on the other. πŸ˜€

  459. During a recent run the skies opened up for my last few miles and poured so hard that I thought I was swimming. When I got to my road, which is slightly uphill, all I could see was a good 3 inches of water running down at me. I felt like a salmon swimming upstream.

    On a side note- I love the pictures of Dimity! What beautiful shots and a beautiful smile.

  460. My BRB calls me the “Beast Magnet” – I seem to attract the critters… The two most memorable sights:

    #2 – Mtn biking at dusk a bat decided my white helmet looked (radared?) like a tasty treat and dive-bombed me. Apparently it was pretty funny looking to my buddy riding behind me – she didn’t see the bat, just my arms and legs flailing all over!

    #1 – My BRB and I were checking out the trail course for a 1/2 coming up. Had a map, but the trails weren’t marked too well, and we got off course. Were following a stream, and came to a dried mud-puddle with lots of tracks; people and critters, so checked them out. Had some larger tracks, wasn’t sure what at the time, cat, bear? Ehh – keep moving… Followed the stream a bit further, came to a crossing, and I was standing on a log looking across the stream to see if the trail continued. I happened to glance down, and it took a few seconds to figured out what I was looking at… A den under an uprooted tree, complete with a fresh, bloody kill. Ruh-Ro! Added a bit of speedwork into our long run that day πŸ™‚
    After I was home later, identified the tracks as cougar. Called the land company where we were running, let them know what we had found and where. They were very skeptical, but let me know later that they had competed a trap and release of a cougar in that area.
    Love the PNW!

  461. On a recent mountain trail marathon, The Twisted Ankle, I jumped over what I thought was a winding root. While I was in mid-air, the guy beside me screamed, “RATTLESNAKE!!!” All I could do was land, scud to a halt, and nervously look back. Sure enough, a 3-foot rattlesnake stretched all the way across the trail! His rattle was rattling and he did not look happy. It sure lit a spark under me, though! I finished that race in record time. πŸ™‚

  462. Hmmm … it’s not necessarily “out of the ordinary” but it scared the peets outta me … a skunk! You aren’t quite sure where to turn or what to do or if you should turn around! Best to not get sprayed but yet, you don’t want to delay your run … what’s a girl to do? Run faster past the spot the skunk was of course! πŸ™‚

  463. The funniest thing I have ever seen on a run was when my BRF and I were running at a Battlefield and we were intrigued with the cannons that were displayed there. So she went around to the front of the barrel to peek in and see the inside, next thing I see is her screaming and jumping up and down hysterically!! As she looked into the end of the cannon a bird flew out at the same time and scared the bejeesus out of her! Watching this grown woman who has been through everything, squeal about a little bird was quite the site to see. We laughed about it for the rest of the run!

  464. I’ve seen a variety of animal friends: bunnies, squirrels, dogs, etc. Today, after a long, hot, dry summer so far, I enjoyed a nice summer rain on my run this morning.

  465. I was in Sacarmento last week for a wedding. I ran on a trail behind the hotel where there were wild turkeys. I just don’t see that here in New Mexico!

  466. Turkeys. Lots of turkeys. On a recent early morning run in my neighborhood I came across a family of turkeys in the middle of the road. Being that I was running toward them, I had plenty of time to count them – 2 adults and (I’m not making this up) 18 babies. I kept thinking that they would eventually get out of the way…let’s just say that the level of panic that occurred when I finally caught up to them was pretty intense. And yes, turkeys can fly!

  467. On my most recent 5K I saw an ex-friend’s husband (working traffic control as a police officer). I was a little surprised but did my best to ignore the fact that if he recognized me, he might trip me. He’s mature like that. πŸ˜‰

  468. Nothing out of the ordinary running in the country here. Just the usual deer, crane and turkey crossings. Thankfully no skunk yet!

  469. On a long early morning run last week my running buddies and I passed by a husband and wife out cooking on the grill (we are talking 6 am!). We asked if next time he wouldn’t mind cooking us up something for a little mid-run snack! Totally random (but whatever they were cooking smelled deliciously calorie filled and would have been much better than my tri-berry gu, lol)

  470. A random guy wearing sweats on a hot, muggy, Atlanta summer morning “taking pictures” of birds with a high tech camera at 6:45 am. It was truly creepy and I was thankful that there were other weekend warriors out that early with me.

  471. A large deer while running along Lake Michigan. I was on a residential street and saw it in someone’s driveway and about 3 houses north of that it came out of anger driveway and bolted across the road into someone else’s front yard and just kept running. Oh, to run that fast!

  472. I’m currently on the injured list and have taken up Pool Running. So, the most interesting thing I’ve recently seen is a big, fluffy duck. He plopped right into the pool and kept me company for many, many laps. πŸ™‚

    Love those sunglasses!!

  473. My SIL and were running by the high school when we saw a girl in blue suit. A skin tight one covering all her skin including her face. She (we think) had on a wig and dress over the top. So strange.

  474. My family has a vacation house on the Jersey Shore so when we are there I run the Seaside Heights boardwalk (yes, that’s where the film the show Jersey Shore). Last week the people watching was amazing! I saw many people doing the walk of shame, people eating funnel cakes at 7am, a guy dressed for winter running in 90+ degree weather, more mohawks and tattoos than I can count and many, many people who should really buy a mirror or reconsider their choice of swimwear.

  475. When I run my kids are with me. My 9,8 and 4 year olds are on their bikes and i have my 3 year old in a jogger. I always pass this older gentleman on my runs and he always says the same thing. “You still haven’t caught them? Good luck getting them today,” The kids think it is hilarious and it makes my day and me smile.

  476. Running through my suburban neighborhood, I don’t see anything too exciting, but on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I usually come upon used condoms in the road. Ewwwww…..but I guess I should be grateful people are using them!