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Hump Day Giveaway: Putting the Squeeze on Shin Splints

Please tell me I'm not the only one gritting my teeth over this adorable mama-baby squeeze.

With the possible exception of the constrictor snake family, the act of squeezing is universally good. Popping a pimple is oddly satisfying; freshly pulped oranges make any breakfast five-star; clearing out your closet—and eliminating the make-me-feel-awful-about-my-body jeans from six years ago—is seriously effective mental medicine; doing Kegels helps your lady-bits return to their pre-baby firmness (well, okay, not quite); and you can’t go wrong with a hug, especially when it’s given by a dirty-fingernailed, rumple-haired kid.

As many of you know, compression also helps muscles spring back after a tough run. RecoFit, a Boulder-based company founded by a mother runner who craved relief from shin splints, knows this better than anyone. And, being a female-run business—read: craftiness is in the company DNA—RecoFit has upped the ante with these brand spankin’ new calf sleeves, which incorporate pockets for removable, moldable ice packs. Particularly helpful for shin-splint sufferers, the sleeves incorporate two of the four key components of RICE—rest, ice, compression, and elevate—are covered. (And if you rest and elevate while wearing them, you’ve got a home run.)

A seriously *cool* idea for relieving shin splints

We’ve got three pairs of RecoFit’s brand spankin’ new sleeves to give away to readers. All you have to do is answer this question: If you squeezed your drenched sports bra after a run, what good things would be found in the sweat that drips out? Odor of determination? Stench of speedwork? A waft of revitalized-woman? Click on the word "Comments" at the bottom of this post (it's a hyperlink) on our website, and let us know.

P.S. These sleeves are so new, they’re not even up on RecoFit’s site yet. But if you—or your shins—can’t live without them, you can e-mail recofit at gmail dot com and order yourself a pair. And, if you like the RecoFit Facebook page before you email, you can get 25% off your first order, bring down the price of the $60 ice + sleeves to $45 (+$5 shipping and handling). Yup, love the craftiness.

330 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Putting the Squeeze on Shin Splints

  1. All of my tension & stress would drip out, as I become filled with gratitude & peace for being able to get in a good run. <3

  2. My sports bra would yield not too much sweat, as I’m not a major dripper. However, there would probably be some sports drink that didn’t quite make it to my mouth, some crumbs, and huge waft of gratitude to myself for making a sacrifice of family time for me time. My workout time keeps my head in the game for the rest of my life, and I need that time to recharge.

  3. I’d have to go with “it’s tears from my fat crying”, as from an expression gained from a friend of mine. For sure, I would know that I earned every drop, and that’s what makes it worthwhile.

  4. The sweet smell of ” I am good enough!!! As a mother, wife, OT, and runner…perfection is soooo overated!!!!!!!!

  5. The essence of ME. Because between a demanding full-time job, two small children (one still in diapers), and a husband who works nights, running is the only time I have that is just mine.

  6. If you were to wring out my sports bra, first you’d find a whiff of my perfume, maybe a shiny barrette or bow lost in a layer and a little bit of lipstick at because even though I’m running, I can still be a girly girl.
    Then you’d find the tears I’ve shed for the loss of my mom and the anguish of my younger sister’s brain cancer. And without my sports bra and several thousand miles, I wouldn’t have survived these.
    After that you’d get the really smelly sweat – the dirt, grit, determination and ridiculously strong will that I’ve developed and am passing along to my son, my students and to the girls I coach by example, every single time I lace up my shoes and squeeze on my sports bra to fit a run into my already jam-packed life.

  7. The sweet scent of achievement, if I could, I’d put the bra in a trophy case on display, I’m that proud of my sweat!

  8. My dear friend and I are in our late 40s and early 50s. We’ve been trailing running for 6 months now no matter what the weather. We wring out the the stench of our battle cry: We are Warrior Women! Nothing can stop us!

  9. The essence of determination, committment, & sometimes sheer stubbornness. The nectar of successfully completing what I set out to do despite the doubts & the pain that may have accompanied it.

  10. A totally gross, but exhilarating sense of satisfaction. It’s all the stress and calories that have left my body. It feels better than checking off that last item and ripping up a to do list that’s been hanging over my head for too long.

  11. The peace that comes with knowing I can check another day off my marathon training plan and the peace of mind that comes with leaving some stresses in the dust.

  12. As a cross country and track coach, when I finish a run with my team I am spent. And it feels great to see how many kids can out run me with that number increassing as the season progresses. This past season I had my first girl athlete out run me on a 3 mile run, I just couldn’t keep up with her. It never felt so great to be beaten and I love it when kids can out kick me at the end. They know when I am timing their intervals that I have done the same hard workout earlier in my life and when we are grueling through a long run in the heat, I’m with them every step of the way. I’ve even been on runs with the team pushing a double jogger with my own 2 kids. So when sweat drips from my sports bra, it’s more than my sweat…it’s for my team.

  13. Determination perspiration. I do think a bit of my boobs leak out with every major sweat though. After two kids and a major weight loss, I’m having to rethink my whole relationship with bras. Now if only my @$$ would shrink at the same rate.

  14. I’m training for my first half and enjoying the longer mileage. I wanted to teward myself so I invested in a nice sports bra from my local running store. It didn’t agree with me — I actually had blood on the back clasp and bottom of the cups where it rubbed me raw — but it was still a glorious 12 miler!

  15. Is it bad if I say it smells like chocolate. I swear running and chocolate are the two things that keep me moving these days:)

  16. Depends on the day. Some days stinky baby spit up (gotta wear the running clothes so I can squeeze the run in when they are ready) and other days the liquid gold that proves to myself how amazing I truly am and that I deserve the title of running mama.

  17. the aftermath of 2Toms SportShield! I always glide some on my ribcage. I sweat so much under those girls that I always chafe! Argh, but 2Toms helps a lot! I totally need those calf sleeves!!

  18. I believe I wring out all the self doubt I have let follow me since I was a kid and I believed that awful gym teacher – who told me I was not an athlete!

  19. I have been fighting shin splints for weeks now. Been saving up for some compression sleeves. These would save me and keep me from giving up on running.

  20. Equal part drops of frustration that I couldn’t run further/faster and drops of pride that I ran that far/fast 🙂

  21. I would squeeze from it all of the things that leave my body during my runs…*drip* stress, *drip* worries, *drop* fear, *drip* negativity. Gone…all that darkness in a puddle on the floor, and me left feeling light as a feather.

  22. Hmmm. The smell of happiness, determination and my saving grace. (But honestly, it smells like ammonia after I run, does this happen to anyone else?)

    1. yea! i read about it somewhere-i think it has something to do with a chemical in your blood after running… i think if you search a phrase like “smell ammonia after running” you can find it

  23. What would drip out of my sport bra after a run would be the irritation with my kids, the annoyance about my husband’s wet towel on the floor again and the frustration of daily life that melted away during my run. Running makes everything seem so much sunnier (even in rainy Portland!) and I “don’t sweat the small stuff” nearly as much.

  24. If I were to squeeze out my sports bra I would be left with a puddle of pure satisfaction… Given the numerous injuries I have endured, I totally enjoy a good run on a beautiful day!

  25. Oooh, I’ll go with perseverance, a sigh of relief, and random chords from the 1980’s power ballads that I haven’t gotten around to deleting from my playlists yet.

  26. ohh i need these! If I squeezed my drenched sports bra after a run, the resulting sweat would fill up a cup of:

    relieved stress
    gratitude and

    I suffered from debilitating shin splints last year – side lined me from a marathon. I love compression (currently CEP) and would love to test out the recofit!

  27. When I go for a run, the sweat I leave behind is full of the trials and tribulations of my day. That has been replaced with vigor and vitality do that I can do it all again the next day.

  28. The hard earned sweat of a breast-feeding mom, determined to train around feedings, and supplement with fenugreek when long runs diminish my supply…so that sweat smells a little like maple syrup!

  29. My sweat is proof that I ve run through a fat day, through frustrations, through happiness, loneliness, self doubt, regret & guilt. Its proof that I m choosing a healthier stronger me regardless of how I feel when my feet hit the pavement.

  30. Oh, that would be dripping frustration from work, the possibility of eeking out one more block, the elation at getting through a good run, and sunblock.

  31. I’ll have to think back to last SUMMER, which is the last time I ran this due to horrible shin splints!! What comes out of that bra? All of the stress, anxiety, and frustration that has built up since my last run. I can only imagine the mess that will come out of my bra when I am finally healed up and can RUN!!

  32. The determination of a single mother runner planning to quiet the naysayers once again. I’ve already disproved the statement that “mothers with three kids cannot run half marathons”. Next up, 26.2!

  33. Sweat of gratitude that I am able to get away from my children so I can retain some modicum of sanity; sweat of appreciation that my husband puts our girls to bed so I can run; sweat of motivation to keep pushing myself even when I hate running

  34. The handfuls of M&M’s I ate at today’s staff meeting….the run burned off both the dietary blunder and the stress of work.

  35. Out from my sports bra would come the possibilities of the future and my hard works. Lots of things in the works right now where I’m praying and waiting for the fruits of my labor to pan out, my bra is filled with hopes and dreams of the seen and unseen.

    Those sleeves look AMAZING! I would love to add those to my gear collection.

  36. What would come out of my sports bra when I wring it out?? Hmmm…The lingering essence of mood swings, depression and negative thinking that has become more stable since I started running in July. They’re not gone completely but much less noticeable than they have been since 2009…I have bipolar disorder.

  37. Interesting question! I would have to say determination (to keep going), hope(that I am getting stronger by the mile), and hopefully the rest are byproducts of the calories I just burned off!

  38. I would have to say my sports bra would be extra dirty because all of my frustrations, stress, problems, anger, angst, anxiety, etc would gush out of that mamma jamma. I love the Nike ad of the woman running that says, “Who says you can’t run away from your problems”-that is what I do-push it all out of not just my body and mind, but out of my soul, so I guess my sports bra is dripping with soul sweat-coincidentally amazing running fuel! 🙂

  39. Definitely determination, a feeling of accomplishment, the tiredness that comes from a good workout & the knowing I’m a bad momma runner! 🙂

  40. After today’s run it would be drips of “keep-up-with-the-guys” – I ran for the first time with a newly formed running group at my gym. There were only three of us and I didn’t want to hold the men back too much so I ran faster than I’ve run in a long time! But it felt good! 🙂

  41. You would find the gratefulness of someone who runs because she can, mixed with the patience that her running gives her to teach middle school, not to mention the good ‘ole fashioned smell of “AHHH – that felt good!” 🙂

  42. Streams of stress, tears of loneliness, and a big amount of bad moods….GONE, thanks to a good run. I would love to win these. Really need some relief.

    1. Sweat, stress, and strength. And my shin splints could really use these–running the Colfax marathon relay in May to raise money for Inner City Health Center and my shins are screaming this week.

  43. Pent up stress and frustration (better to sweat it out than unleash on my headband, teenagers and co-workers) and a whole lotta pride.

  44. My sweat contains the smell of persistence and the uric acid that keeps this nearly 48 year old mother runner feeling younger than ever.

  45. The sweat from my sports bra is the remainder of the stress and frustration I took with me and how I kicked its ass along the way…it’s also my reminder that I am running for those who no longer can

    Please please please….I am on the verge of quitting because I cannot figure this out after new shoes and inserts! I NEED to run!

  46. Droplets of perseverance and determination. I have been suffering from shin splints on and off for the last three years. A pain in the leg is such a pain in the neck!

  47. I would ring out all the stinky stress that I sweat out and leave it on the ground!! Also in that sweat would be the pride and elation of my mileage!!! The day only gets better after a good run!! 😀

  48. So funny you should post this today! I was going to write a post on your wall about the fact that post babies I always get shin splints when I run too frequently. Drives me nuts!

    What would I get if I squeezed the sweat out of my running bra? The sweet saltiness of the ocean, a reminder that I am living my dream of moving to Australia, and can now run outside every day of the year! Well, if my shins would let me that is…

  49. The smell of hope dripping from a breast cancer survivor that began running at the age of 50. The glisten of courage to run her first marathon in Chicago at the age of 54. The salty taste of determination to make it all happen, and a few drops of crazy that is also required!

  50. a mixed fluid would drip onto the neglected dirty floor: the cautious drips of uncertainty of the first mile, the outpouring of joy and freedom of miles 2 to 6, the earnest effort of miles 7-9, the tears of emotion from mile 10-12 (yes, I am THAT sappy runner), the intense drench of satisfaction of that last mile. only to be washed and repeated. a cleansing.
    btw: ice skating with the kids gives me terrible shin splints that interfere with my mother runner bad ass-edness. I could seriously use these 🙂

  51. Dripping with sweaty excellence!

    I need these now. I’ve been scouring the Internet trying to find something to help my shins!

  52. Man would I love these- everything is aching now-a-days!

    Recently, dripping out of my sweaty sports bra is drops of nervousness… that is to say- my first 10 mile race is this weekend and my first half is in April and each time I run the nervousness sweats on out. Each run makes me more confident that I can definitely complete my goal… Starting off I know will be nerve racking- but the training runs I know have prepared me well!

  53. If I were to run right now and squeeze out my bra after, it would reek of pain relievers and tears. I’ve been injured for almost 3 months now and been whittled down to NO RUNNING. ='((

  54. Taste of Toxins: I run to keep the cancer cells from coming back. I envision the sweat of my labor containing all of the toxins that are in my body. This leaves my body strong and healthy and ready to fight any new C cells that might sneak in 🙂

  55. The smell of victory! I’m still in the stage where it is a mental struggle just to get out of the door, so every run is a win!!!

  56. Drips of determination and resiliency…Determined to survive as a single parent while my husband is deployed to a war zone.

  57. gratitude…a random breeze, strong legs and feet, well-lit paths, red lights, ice-cold water and end-of-run coffee, beautiful family to run home to, and the ability to do it all over again tomorrow.

  58. If my bra was wrung out, it would be dripping with gratitude for being able to run and sweat so much, along with all the irritations of everyday life that seem to go away after a run.

  59. In the summer in Phoenix, when sweat is pouring off me faster than a melting popsicle, I try to think of it as “clarifying” sweat – clarifying mind, body and spirit of the stresses and frustrations and disappointments of life. On long runs, I have to stop to wring my hair and shirt out a few times, and I visualize all the negative crap that I am leaving behind. I finish exhausted but feeling clean and clear.

  60. Awesome giveaway!
    If you were to wring out my sweaty sports bra, you’d get tears of relief because once again the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder effectively did its job and kept my very well-endowed self tight and held-together.

  61. Thoughts of “I can’t believe I pulled that off. Again!”. I started running last April and couldn’t run a mile. Now I’m training for my first half-marathon. And I think I’m getting shin splints (and am terrified!).

  62. These are amazing! I am also a shin splint sufferer and these look perfect! I think that stress would drip from my sports bra. I am a SAHM and a lot of times I destress by starting my day with a run…or I destress at the end of the day with a run. It’s my haven for when I’ve had a bad or trying day!

  63. If you wrung out my sports bra after a hard run contained within those fluid drops would be the molecular equivalent of Shell which is confidence, pride, determination, selfishness, honesty, loyalty and links holding together the atoms of love and hardwork. Nice to think I leave little drops of me every where I run.

  64. If you wrung out my sports bra you would find the essence of a 20 something mom, trying to reconcile who she was with who she wants to be.

  65. If I squeezed out my sports bra after a good run it would be a mixture of the stench of satisfaction, the aroma of superwomanhood, and the drips of stress just falling away.

  66. My post-run bra has a glistening glow. It smells earthy and raw. I feel strong when I smell the dried leftovers and I remember that when I’m running I’m in my most natural state: beautiful, free from stress and frustration, and light on my feet.

  67. All the grouch, impatience and anxiety that I leave behind with every step on my runs. Grrrr!

    I’ve been searching for a shin splint solution. Brilliant!

  68. I sooo need these!!! I suffer from shin splints and have had a stress fracture in each shin over the past few years!!! Please pick me!!

    My sweat would wreak of many TMI conversation with my BRF!! And lots of other good girl talk!

  69. I love peeling off the sweaty gear. It shows commitment, love, health. One, I love that I’m healthy enough to run X many miles. Two, I have a commitment to myself and training for the upcoming 50K. Three, that I love myself enough to stay active and, boy, I feel good!!!

  70. I’ve been running for a long time but it has only been in the last year or so that my jog bra has actually been full of sweat after a good workout. I used to be able to wear one for a full day and then put it on the next day and not think twice. Don’t know what the change is but I’m hoping that it means I’m sweating maturity and becoming a lean, fit machine in my older age 🙂

  71. Drops of satisfaction and relief for getting through another run. Full of endorphins and self satisfaction, I can get through the rest of my day.

  72. The tears of pain I’ve not cried over the years. From losing my father, not finding Mr. Right, the pain I endure running, the stress I won’t let go of…

  73. Ha! What would wring out of my sports bra, post run? Besides a whole lot of stinky sweat, you could find my ID, my car key, my iPod…one of few times it pays to be on the busty side. And to think, I used to use my bra to sneak around mini bottles of alcohol in my younger years…

  74. If you squeezed hard, it would prpbably yell something like, “don’t make me say it again, don’t ….. your sister!!!” The sweat releases the urge to sound like my mom!!!

  75. today it will be the stench of sweat earned from hill repeats. And probably a little rainwater….it’s looking wet out there. These sleeves would sure come in handy when I run the half marathon I’m training for….after a 2000 ft. gain in elevation, followed by the 1800 ft descent, I’m gonna need some shin relief!!

  76. My sweat is made up of the frustrations of the day, worries about how I’m raising the boys, worries about how I am doing as a mom, wife, employee or friend, worries about my family or friends that are having difficulties, thinking and planning for coming events or projects … it’s all in there. Running and sweating just works the worry and bad out and leaves the good stuff behind, so I am ready to take on the day!

  77. Great question! All of the doubt that I have about being a mother runner. Yes, once again I proved that although I might be slow, I can still run!

  78. It would be drops of satisfaction for getting out and working my body. Also included would be stress leaving my body, calories burned and any other bad toxins in my body. I have suffered from shin splints and they are the worst. It feels like they will never heal when you have them.

  79. you’ll find nothing but a stain of what was once the sweat of frustration, anquish, stress and tears… because I left everything out on the road!

  80. You’d find joy, determination, perseverance, and a little bit of sanity. If only I could bottle all that up to use when potty training my 3-year-old gets tougher than I’d like!

  81. You’d squeeze out all of the negative feelings/bad mood of the day. That’s what gets left behind when I run. Love a drenched sweaty bra after a run…one of the biggest highlights of my run is coming home to see how wet it got. Nerdy and gross, yes, but a good visual of that effort is such sweet satisfaction.

  82. Oh my, just thinking about these squeezing my shins makes me feel better! on the other hand thinking about my sweat drenched under things does not make be feel better, nor creative when it comes to naming them. All i can think of is EWWWWWWW!

  83. it would be the sweet (sweat) of satisfaction and determination! I do not ever “glisten” I sweat and I love to sweat a ton! Ringing out sweat makes me very happy because it is liquid proof of how I am transforming myself every day into something better – a better me, mom, wife, friend, everything!

  84. pride. i never would have guessed that i would be a runner, but i’m doing it. and while i don’t do it like i should, each run gives me a new sense of pride in myself

  85. what technically can be described as post-baby hormone stink … my husband says Pond … I’d like to think it’s my super hero odor shield that allows me to repel punk-ass kids and yuckipants who are out to harm me or my family!

  86. My running bra drips MOTIVATION…i get up at 4:30 am every day (even weekends) to run so I can get back before my family wakes up, so I can have time with them before I go to work. Motivation, baby.

  87. I sweat a lot so it would be a puddle of pride, happiness that I found something I love (running), and depending on the day/run some “oh yeah baby you’ve got this” or “relief that I got my miles in even if it was not pretty”.

  88. If you squeezed my sports bra, one of the pads might fall out. The situation is that bad, folks. Oh, and the sweat would be a mix of all my kids’ leftovers I ate the night before and the herbal tea that is my bedtime ritual.

  89. If it was that drenched, I’d say torrents of tears….not from crying or pain or sadness, but from being so freakin happy and proud that I was able to achieve so much.

  90. Drips of determination and perseverance from finishing my runs, along with lots of stress-related issues that are magically gone after a good run.

  91. Well, besides a ton of sweat (seriously, it’s somewhat disturbing how much I sweat), you would probably find my emotions of the day. I run to relieve stress and achieve that “Runner’s High,” and I run also when I’m extremely happy–like yesterday! I just love to run.

  92. you would see the sweat of exhileration and accomplishment and maybe find a piece of gum and my key (always put them in my bra)

  93. After a good long run: determination, perseverance, stubbornness, renewed sanity, clear mind, focused thinking, clearer dreams, visions and plans, gratitude. A cleansing sweat to (at least temporarily) wash away tension, negative self-talk, anger, sadness, fear.

  94. it would drip with pride…pride that I found time for me, pride that I run at all, pride that people support me so that I can run! 🙂

  95. All of the crap from the day…stress, aggravation,annoyance, etc, etc,etc! A good run/workout gets it all out so you can start fresh the next day!

  96. Liquid of loving my run and the sweat of satisfaction from knowing I gave it my best. I think you’d also find tears of relief from my students because getting my run in makes me a much happier person in the classroom.

  97. Right now I can’t run because of a knee injury, so after a painfully short walk, not dropping a single tear of sweat I hear a faint voice reminding me:

    As long as you wake up breathing, it’s a good day.

  98. Sanity tonic is running through my sweat after every run these days. It keeps me together when dealing with an angry 2 year old, struggling to talk.

  99. Lately the stench of failure. I have been depressed and down about not working and being rejected for positions. Sweating and running makes me feel good and gives me back my self-esteem, removing my doubt.

  100. My sports bra was dripping of mile repeats and the satisfaction that I nailed them yesterday! Towards the end I kept repeating “I’m a BAMR” in my head and it helped me finish!

  101. During a good run I sweat out all the problems and issues I have going on. I love running alone so I can do some of my best thinking.

  102. All my frustration, worries, stress, and all the negatives I sweat out on a good hard run- that’s what would come out of my sports bra!

  103. Oh I’m still suffering from on and off shin splints – I want these! I’ve never been a winner yet….C’mon…big money, big money! ;o)

    If I were to ring out my sports bra it would drip out a few ounces of mindless banter, another few ounces of TMI Tuesday tidbits, and lots of appreciation for being able to run on my own two legs with some amazing women here in Okinawa, Japan!

  104. Drips of possibility. I always tell myself that unless I cannot breathe or I am in pain, that my run is possible–I just have to put my mind too it–no matter the distance, pace, or time.

    Btw…you come up with the most unique comment questions!!

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