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Hump Day Giveaway: Ragnar Trail Alafia

One Ragnar hump day giveaway in 2017 just wasn’t enough. Our love of adventure racing is a mighty, mighty thing. Earlier this year, we sent a team of BAMRs off to train for Ragnar Adirondacks. Now we want to get another batch o’ BAMRs ready to hit the trails at Ragnar Trail Alafia (which is near Tampa, fyi).

A trail Ragnar is a little bit different from a road Ragnar. At Alafia, rather than cram into a van and hopscotch through the weekend, the team of eight runners stays put at a campsite. Then each runner takes on one of three trails and the relay begins. Each runner then runs each loop once, so every member of the whole team ends up running the same mileage. When you're not running past emerald green pools, palm trees, ferns, hardwood forests, and towering pines, you'll kick it with your team as you camp under billions of stars overhead, we’re told. It’ll be like camp -- but with Gu and Twizzlers.

Wanna know what a Trail Ragnar is really like? Ask Julie, mom to 12-year old twin girls, and 11- and 18-year old stepdaughters, who just ran Ragnar Zion.

Julie, left, and teammate Mary T., who has excellent taste in hats.

"This was my first Ragnar,” Julie says. "I attended the 2016 AMR retreat and Hillary Hansen (best Ragnar Captain ever) asked if anyone would be interested in forming a Ragnar team. Always up for a new adventure, I jumped at the chance. The team quickly picked Zion Ragnar which is run on trails and trades vans for tents.

"I was very nervous about the night run, knowing that at least one of my runs would be in the dark. While I have gotten up at ungodly hours to run in the dark on the road before I had never run on a trail at night. I intended to practice this beforehand but could never get up the nerve with visions of the boogie man stuck in my head. I went into it thinking I would just wing it and hoping I did not have a complete meltdown as my team told me it was my turn."

Win our giveaway and you, too, can be like Hillary and jump for joy.

"That night run will forever stay in my memory,” Julie says. "I headed out at about 11 p.m., in the pitch black with the exception of glow from the stars and moon. I turned my hand held light on, headed down the trail, and something magical happened. I felt like I was flying through the trails and something that I was so nervous about had me grinning the entire time. Even when I saw a snake in the middle of the trail I leapt right over it because my badassery was turned up to the max.

"I will also wear as a badge of honor that I got my BRF, Nicole, to not only go camping (which she had NEVER done) but to run trails (which she does NOT like) and I have witnesses who heard her THANK ME for talking her into this. YAY!!"

You know you want your own medal to bite.

"There is something life changing about the Ragnar experience, it is hard to describe but doing it with BAMRs made it even better,” Julie says. "I will forever be bonded to my teammates, BAMRs who made this experience so memorable and who were there for the laughs, the tears, the nerves, the joy, the final run through the finish line. Finishing a Ragnar you earn more than just a medal, but the title (in our case) of BAMRAGNARIANS something I am so proud of.

"I will also say hats off to Ragnar, they know how to throw a race. This is without a doubt the best run race I have ever attended. The amount of times they cleaned and emptied the porta potties alone still has me amazed (don't act like you don't know how important that is). I really cannot wait to do another!"

Are you ready to hit the Ragnar Trail? Here are the details:

We’re giving away seven spots on a team for Ragnar Trail Alafia. Coach Jenn is going to be captaining the team and will help pick the runners. Winners will also receive entry into our Train Like a Mother Ragnar plan, a sampler of GU, Nuun, Balega, Hyland's Calms Forte + Good Morning tablets, two GoMotion Xtend LightVests, and CEP compression socks. We’re going to outfit the team, too. Each winner will get her choice of a BAMR tattoo tank, short sleeve tech tee, or long-sleeve tech tee from the Mother Runner Store. 

What is included in winning: Ragnar entry, 12-week Train Like a Mother Plan, and all the goodies mentioned above.

What is not included in winning: transportation to and from the race; hotel before or after the race; meals before, during, and after the race.

Dates: Race is December 8-9, 2017. You need to be in Tampa, FL, by 3 p.m. EDT on December 7 and, depending on where you're coming from, you will likely not be able to head home until December 10.

Okay, a few more important details:

How do I enter? Write 250 words or less about why you want to run this Ragnar and email to [email protected] by August 23, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. We will announce the 7 winners on August 31, 2017, on our website.

Do I have to be a super-speedy runner?
Absolutely not! But you definitely need to be a fun runner: We value entertainment way more than we value speed. That said, by the time the race rolls around, you need to be able to capably cover the combined distance of the various legs.  Remember you will get a free 12-week Train Like a Mother Plan tailored for running Ragnars.

Is this contest open to mother runners from other countries? 

Yup: If you can get your jet-lagged self to Tampa by 3 p.m. EDT on December 8, you and your cool passport are welcome to try to snag a spot on the team!

Can I do a joint entry with my BRF (best running friend)?
Not this year, since we only have one team. One mother runner per entry, please. (And don't worry about showing up solo. As the mother runners who joined us last year prove on a daily basis: You'll make friends quickly and meaningfully faster than you ever have in your life. That's the beauty of Ragnar.)

Get to writing, BAMRs! And just in case you want to go ahead and register for a Ragnar, use code AMRBAMR to take $80 off every road and trail race for the rest of 2017, except Hawaii. For Hawaii, use AMRRUNSHAWAII for $200 off!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I’m doing rainier trails in a couple weeks. Can’t wait!! I have been wanting to do other trails around the country, just can’t afford to get my whole team there. Tampa sounds amazing! Never been to Florida!!

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