Hump Day Giveaway: Run Disney Princess Half-Marathon with Sarah or Dimity!

Insert yourself here...

Neither Sarah nor I had ever been to a Disney property until last fall, when were fortunate enough to speak at and run the Disneyland Half Marathon.

I know I have a flair for drama, but wow. Just wow.

Or insert yourself running by these lovely ladies...

Both Sarah and I were awed by how important and valued the race experience made every runner feel; whether you are a 1:40 half-marathoner or a 3:30 half-marathoner, Run Disney recognizes that 13.1 miles is a heck—to use a Mickey-esque word—of an effort. As such, every.single.runner deserves to have a send-your-corral-off-with-a-flourish start; the opportunity for pictures galore; plenty of fuel and entertainment--and cheering crowds and squads--along the way; and a finish line finale and massive medal that recognizes your effort.

A tiara-topped medal for all your mettle. (Insert this around your neck.)

Needless to say, we can't wait for the 5th Annual Princess Half in Orlando on February 24 for a couple reasons. We get to re-live that Disney vibe, but more importantly, we are busting at our sequined seams to run with two mother runners!

Here's the italic print so you know exactly what we're offering: We can't offer airfare or lodging or meals.

Now here's the bolded print: We can offer two entries--valued currently at $150 apiece--to two women who can get themselves to Orlando and otherwise afford the trip, both financially and time-wise.

Or give us your best muscle woman pose to insert yourself here...

And the bolded, underlined print? Either Sarah or I will run with you (assuming you want us pressure).

So here's what you need to do: Look at your calendar and your checkbook. Decide if this is something you can swing. If you can--and we certainly hope you can--we need you to comment below with this information:
1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity);
2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR;
3. How fast you anticipate you'll finish (we don't want to promise any finishing time we can't deliver);
4. If you'll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.)

Finally, insert yourself here, with a great post-race smile + medal. (You can stand between us and say what most BAMRs say: "Oh my gosh, I feel so short!")

The deadline for entries is next Wednesday, November 7. We will announce the winners the following Saturday, November 10, which is, coincidentally, absolutely perfect timing to begin the 15-week Train Like a Mother Half-Marathon: Finish It plan. Both Sarah and I will comb through the entries to pick the mother runner who most intrigues us--and will run with us for 13.1 miles. 

Finally, entries for this are open to any BAMR from anywhere--not just U.S. of A. residents--provided you have enough frequent flier miles to jet your BAMR buns to Disneyworld!


186 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Run Disney Princess Half-Marathon with Sarah or Dimity!

  1. 1. Very hard choice but I chose Sarah
    2. A couple of reasons. Like Sarah, I am very competitive. I have also set a goal to try to qualify for Boston by 35 (32 now!!). But mostly because your story about the dissolution of our first marriage really hit home. I’ve used running as my therapy to help me work through a very hard break up. It wasn’t easy but reading your story was such a comfort and blessing to me.
    3. This will be my first half so I am guessing around 2:30. Race Pace on my iPhone says 2:13:54.
    4. I am so not creative. The only thing that I can think of is the whole tutu thing with maybe a tiara pinned down (of course). And maybe some glitter to mix things up lol

  2. 1. Dimity
    2. Sarah is more of a “put your head down and DO IT. Push harder to surpass what you THINK you are capable of accomplishing.” Whereas Dimity is more “but if you can’t, that’s okay too! It’s important just to try! And have fun! Here, have a Peanut M&M!”

    This race calls for tutus and tiaras. It is more about photo ops than personal records. It’s more about being like Goofy than Goucher. And then…here is the kicker…I started to think about costumes. I’m short and a little stocky (I’m 5’3” with a 29” inseam). I request Dimity for the pictures…and for the costumes in my head (more on that in #4).
    3. Sub-2:00
    4. Cruella Deville and Dalmation puppy OR Audrey Heburn a la “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with a Tiffany’s box.

  3. 1. Dimity
    2. I am running with my cousin from Ohio and this will be her VERY FIRST HALF Marathon and she is nervous! We are running as a team “Bibbidy/Boppidy” and are going to do this together. I think Dimity would be a terrific help with motivation and fun to talk with!
    3. We want to have fun and take lots of pictures and not get swept! So, does 3+ hours sound reasonable?
    4. Team Bibbidy/Boppidy is going to dress as Cinderella. (My cousin’s favorite princess! I’m actually going to surprise her with a half marathon princess box mailed to her house in December filled with running things like a tutu, arm “gloves”, motivational quotes, funny pictures, a blue sparkly sweaty band and of course, TLAM book!) So yes, we can ALL be matchy matchy!

  4. 1. I’ll run with whomever would like to take it slow and easy (for you) and just enjoy the sights of a Disney race.
    2. It would be fun and inspirational to run with either of you. It would help me to get my running mojo back since having had twins (They turn two this month so it’s time to lose the weight and get back to running; no more excuses!) 🙂
    3. I probably would be in the 3+ hours range.
    4. I’m not much for costumes but I could swing something.

  5. Jen lives in Portland, OR.

    I (Stacey) live in Durango, CO.

    Even though we’ve lived over 1,000 miles apart for a few years now, Jen and I still consider ourselves running partners, so when we saw that you were offering *two* entries to the Disneyland half, we had to submit a double entry:

    Jen and I have been BRFs for a decade. The first day we met, we talked about our shared love of running. The very next day, we ran a 10k together. Since that time, we’ve run 5ks, 10ks, halves, marathons and triathlons together. We’ve run in the midst of moves, pregnancies, fights with our husbands, career changes, toddler tantrums, a few tears and a lot of laughter, together.

    Now we’d like to run in DisneyWorld together. With you!

    1. Jen will run with Sarah and Stacey will run with Dimity.

    2. Since having a running assessment last spring, Jen has been pushing the limits with her mileage & pace. The thought of running with Sarah would keep her working hard, especially during the winter months. Jen also has the Oregon connection with Sarah (Jen’s even met her in Bend!)

    While Jen and Sarah blaze ahead, I (Stacey) would enjoy a more relaxed (while still challenging) event with Dimity! I love the idea of us talking about writing, kids and running in Colorado.

    3. Jen says she expects to finish in 2:10-2:15, although her PR was two weeks ago at 2:06 – she would certainly love to set a new one! No doubt running with Sarah will help. If our race includes pausing for pictures with princesses (as it should), I (Stacey) am estimating a 2:40 finish – no photo ops, maybe 2:25ish.

    4. In addition to being BAMRs, Jen and I work full-time, so we’re thinking of superhero costumes: any mother who manages to balance work, family and self enough to train for and run in events like this joins the ranks of Wonder Woman. And besides, who can pass up the chance to wear a cape?

    We would *really* love to run together and with you at the Happiest Place on Earth. Our five kids (Jen – 3 and Stacey – 2, ages 3-8) would love it, too: possibly even more!

  6. 1. Dimity
    2. I would want to run with Dimity because I too am constantly injured! From foot to knee to IT, I’ve had issues with just about everything on the right side of my body! I’d be happy to share some war stories and encouragement. And on a more serious note, I’ve really appreciated Dimity’s candor with mental/emotional health issues. I’ve had similar challenges and would be honored to race with someone I really admire.
    3. I’d love to PR with a 2:39. The Princess was my first ever half marathon back in 2010, and I’d love to make it extra special for its 5th anniversary.
    4. Costume? I’d love to do something a little princess-y, but I am not a sewing person. More like running clothes that suggest a certain princess. 😉

  7. Did someone say Disney???

    1. Dimity

    2. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sarah twice, I’d love to meet Dimity. Her combination of humor and heart leads me to believe that despite some anxiety we’d have lots of laughs.

    3. 3rd 1/2 marathon and this one will be under 3 hrs – I was sooo close last month. I’m thinking I can do 2:45ish

    4. Costume…hmm well I look like quasimodo when I run so maybe you can be Esmeralda!

    It would be awesome to complete my 3rd 1/2 marathon (in my first year of racing) with one of the women who keep me laughing and running!

  8. 1. Sarah
    2. I used her playlist to run my only sub-2 in the Portland 2010 Half. I love her taste in music and getting a chance to run with her would be a big motivational kick in the pants to do it again.
    3. Really, really would like to get in below 2 hrs.
    4. Sure, um…princess with outfit least likely to hamper my goal time….Pochahontas?

  9. 1.) I’ll pick Dimity.
    2. I just LOVE her name!! It would make me seem SO cool to run with someone named Dimity. 😉
    3. I’m slow… 2:33
    4. Let’s be Chip n Dale… We wouldn’t have to shave! Whiskers and bushy tails are TOTALLY applicable! 😉

  10. 1. Sarah
    2. I’ve done a couple marathons and a few halfs, but I still feel like a rookie. Sarah’s totally got the race thing down to a science and it would be really cool to see it all in action on race day. I always run solo, and I would love to see how the other half lives!
    3. 2:00 (but I’d be willing to ramp up the goal and go for an Own It time instead)
    4. Absolutely. I would come up with something good and chafe free. My little boys with think it was the coolest thing ever to see mommy run in a costume and they LOVE a good craft project!

  11. 1. OMG! Either one would be a true gift! I had my first picture taken with both of you for the NWM 2010 (first marathon) and then I met SBS at the Girlfriends half just a month ago!
    2. Either of you would be so informational and inspurational for me!
    3. I would love to be aroun 2:00 if not a fewminutes under!
    4. Race outfits are my thing!

  12. 1. I would love to run with either, but if forced to choose – Dimity.

    2. Because I would slow SBS waaaaaay down.

    3. I’ve only run 2 halfs – second one was 2:30. But…..if I followed the Train Like a Mother Own it Plan, well surely I could better that time.

    4. I’m not creative, but my best friend is, so I’m sure she would come up with something for us.

  13. 1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity);


    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR;

    She’s way too fast for me but I know she’ll push me! Dimity, I feel like we’d just end up goofing off. We are too laid back! Though that would be fun too!

    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver);

    I’m aiming for 2:10! I finished my fastest half in 2:15, but that was two years ago now. Still, I’ve been in the 2:15-2:20 neighborhood consistently without doing too much speedwork.

    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.)

    I solemnly swear something awesome. Though I don’t know if I can beat your tiny hats!

  14. 1. Whichever of you would be willing to go slow!
    2. Because I will be going slow!
    3. My goal is to survive. I am a newish runner so winning this would push my training into high-drive.
    4. Hell yeah! That’s a given!

  15. 1. I would like to run with Sarah, although I would be honored to run with Dimity, as well.
    2. The reason for choosing Sarah first is the Oregon connection. I grew up there and miss the NW vibe since I have lived all over the states and even in Japan over the last 20 years.
    3. My goal is 2 hours. I haven’t run that distance since before my son was born and the race would be great motivation.
    4. Costume- A princess, of course, how could one not?

    1. Forgot to share my time. I would love to say sub 2, but since this is my first, I would be happy with 2:15-2:20.

      Costumes on someone 6 feet tall is always amusing, so why not just go for Tinkerbell.

  16. 1. Dimity?
    2. I know that you’re both happy to go at any pace, but since Dimity typically races a little slower, you’d be my better pacer.
    3. I’m hoping to break 2:00 again. Haven’t been able to since my son was born. Training for a 2:00 half with a BAMR will be a great motivation to get back into more serious running!
    4. I was thinking Finding Nemo? Marlin and Dora perhaps? Just keep swimming (or running as the case may be)! 🙂

  17. 1. It’s cruel to make us pick one of you! I pick Sarah.
    2. I have two 9 year olds and my BRF also has two 9 year olds! It’s such an interesting thing talking with others who have same-age, same-grade kids. My BRF’s kids are both girls, but mine are boy-girl and I have a 6 year-old boy besides. Anyway, it would be fun to talk family, friends, running, work, travel…. All we can in a 2ish hour time.
    3. I just finished the Columbus Half in 2:11 and was THRILLED! I ran a 2:10 back in 2001 and just feel so happy to be able to put in some good training time again. I would LOVE to get under 2:10 and think I can!
    4. If you want a costume, I will come up with the coolest costume on the planet, EVER! But if you don’t want a costume, I’m cool with that, too.
    5. Pick me. Please.

  18. 1. Would love to run with either!
    2. I am much more type A like SBS! Although…I could be convinced to stop at all the picture stops with Dimity!
    3. It would be a tough decision…speed and a PR (1:45) with SBS or a picture challenge and still come in under 2:00 with Dimity!
    4. Already got it for the Disney 20th anniversary full…who represents the AMR tribe more than Mrs. Incredible!!

  19. I would want to run with SBS (love you too Dim!!!)…I have known Sarah for 6 years now as a runner, parent/teacher (me) and cherished friend. I have never run with her…We have seen each other through some, sometimes serious, ups and downs and I value her friendship more than I can type. While I am not a fast runner, steady and good and enthusiastic, I KNOW in my heart that no matter how slow or fast I would run, Sarah would encourage me no matter what. We would laugh and chat and be silent while we run knowing we respect our individual running paces (she is so fast!) and each other. I would not expect her to stay with me the entire time and if she went ahead of me, I would love to see her cheering, smiling face at the finish line…

  20. 1 Sarah
    2. Because she is so fast and I am so slow. I want to face that intimidation straight in the face, and maybe she could help me with my form and improve my speed. Lord knows we will have plenty of time 🙂
    3. 2:30 which would be a PR as the fastest I have done is 2:41…but I am going to put this TLAM training to the test and hope I can improve.
    4.I love dressing up, I take every chance I can get, so I will have to come up with something however I don’t yet know what that will be and I definitely don’t want something that chafes.

  21. 1 – Would enjoy running with either of you but will say Dimity.
    2 – I work with someone who is from Colorado and we have a “running” joke that all things lead back to CO. The snacks we eat are made there, products we like are created there, people we read about live there – thus, just another connection I can make with Colorado!
    3 – My fastest half is 2:14 so somewhere around there (plus or minus 10 minutes) is what I would shoot for.
    4 – Nothing too fancy – girly and practical – skirts of course and some kind of matching BAMR shirts!

  22. 1.Dimity
    2.I am 5’1 and I believe we could set the record straight that height is just a number!We could find our happy pace together. We could be an inspiration to BAMR’S and their fear of running with there height gifted or midget like friends.
    We could change lives you and I!
    3. 2:20
    4. Peter Pansies

  23. 1.Dimmity
    2. I was always the tallest girl in my class growing up. I was always in the back row of class pictures with the boys. I always coveted the front and center spot that the cute little girls got. I figure running next to Dimmity, I will feel like one of those cute little girls. Also, spending 13.1 miles next to such a tall BAMR is bound to help me appreciate my height more!
    3.I’ve run 4 half marathons and my PR is 153.03 of course I would love to beat that. However, if my sister could run it with me after years of illness and injuries, all that would matter would be crossing the finish line hand in hand with her!
    4. I am thinking something of a Wonder Woman theme! I know it’s not disney, per se, but maybe we could add some fairy wings?

  24. 1. Sarah
    2. I follow D on twitter, and it feels like she does most of the blogs (?). Sarah’s comments here and there have really struck me, too. She’s a strong woman, though I’m not sure I’d be too chatty, being busy trying to beat her…
    3. Wow. After my first run, my running friend and cross country coach said “you could easily do 1:40”. I wanted to punch her, but I was too polite, giddy with my accomplishment, and tired. If I could get that, wow! I guess I’d really be happy to beat my first (and only) half time of 1:53.
    4. I could be Dory (my running mantra is “Just keep swimming”) but that wouldn’t be very cute, or princess-y. Definitely Disney themed. It would be fun if the 4 of us were Cinderella, Jacque, Gus-Gus and Bruno. No painted make-up, of course. But maybe ears & tails.

    Thanks for the dream!

  25. 1. Who you want to run with: Dimity
    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR; this is my first and I’ve just made it off the couch to start training…I can’t hang with Sarah the professional… Yet… But I will
    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish: 3 hrs
    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. A princess… Of course but I am committed to showing my daughter that princesses do more than what is expected of them. Like make strong decisions… And run… And win.

  26. I would love to run with either of you, however, Dimity would probably be the better choice for me because I am not a very fast runner (I’m actually more of a run/walker) I ran the Princess Half “with” my sister 2 years ago (we ran our own races) and I finished in 3:05. I have lost about 50 pounds since then and have become a faster runner, so I would like to think I could finish between 2:30 and 3:00. I am planning on running the Princess again this year with some other BAMRs from the school that my kids go to, so if I don’t win, I look foward to meeting you both at the expo….I have my books all ready to take with me! As far as costumes, last time we just wore matching sparkle skirts and same color tops, and I always need to wear a head sweats visor to keep the sweat out of my eyes! This time I plan on wearing something a little more princessy… I’ll figure something out!

  27. Like many BAMRs the Princess Half is on my race bucket list…and it would be a dream come true to run with one of the amazing women who have inspired my running since I discovered their blog, books and community. Plus– what an appropriate place for dreams to come true! 🙂
    1. Truly, I can’t choose! Met you both at the Concord, MA house party and would love the opportunity to run with either of you.
    2. Fine– Sarah. I loved a recent post when she mentioned pushing friends to a specific time goal in an upcoming half. I need that nudge. See #3.
    3. Just barely broke 2 hrs in August– would love to do it again in less than 1:59! 🙂
    4. If there was ever a time to try a running skirt I’d say this is it! I would be happy to coordinate costumes.

  28. 1. Either Sarah or Dimity
    2. Focus and confidence
    3. I would love to finish in under 2:30
    4. Hmmm….I’m not the running skirt kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong. I love running skirts, but my body type is a tiny waste and a big butt and thighs. So, running skirts don’t quite look right on me. I rock the cute shorts and tights instead. Princesses can wear shorts too right????

  29. Best Prize giveaway EVER!!!

    . Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity);
    Sarah – Go Oregon!!

    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR;
    From what I see on Twitter we have friends in common – would love to spend some time figuring out all the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon…

    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver);
    between 2:00 and 2:15 depending on the heat (hey I’m an Oregon girl born and raised!)

    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.)
    Done the Minnie Mouse so I’m thinking we’d have to tackle something more adventerous along the lines of Nightmare Before Christmas perhaps??

  30. YES! Disney Princess is my goal race – I ran my first 1/2 there in 2010… 10 days after finding out I was pregnant with my daughter (my first). My training had rocked right up until 2 weeks out and I was exhausted… apparently pregnancy does that the first trimester!

    1. I want to run with both of you!
    2. Dimity because I’ve battled depression ever since my daughter was born. I’ve had to FIGHT to get back into running, and as I did, my goal has been to run the Disney Princess 1/2 NOT pregnant. I’d love to run with Sarah because I like her all out attitude… and music choices.
    3. sub-2:30. I finished in 2:56 in 2010, walking a pretty fair amount of the last 3 miles. I’m on track to be about 2:30 for the Dallas 1/2 on Dec 9th. I’d like to keep training and PR at the Disney Princess.
    4. Costumes, yes. Princess costumes, with tutus… pick your color/Princess: Yellow=Belle, Pink=Sleeping Beauty, Blue=Cinderella, Purple=Rapunzel… And you TOTALLY have to have your hair styled by the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique at the Race Expo.

  31. 1 & 2. Dimity, because it sounds like her running style and training methods align a little more with mine.
    3. I usually aim for 2:30. I have one clocked in at 2:27 and another at 2:39.
    4. You’re asking a former theatre costume geek to come up with a costume? Do you realize the deadliness of this? 😉

  32. 1 and 2. I found your site this week when a friend of mine was featured and I have been back everyday. It would be hard for me to pick either of you at this point but you would both be great.

  33. 1) Dimity
    2) Her laid back attitude and style inspire me to not get overly frustrated with my running! I ran my first 1/2 over Labor Day weekend, it wasn’t what I expected and I finished with a time way over what I wanted. Dimity’s ability to keep going when she is forced to back off or get on a bike truly motivates me not to obsess over time. I have to remember… I am DOING IT!! and that is something! 🙂
    3) I ran my first right at 3:00 but I think I could totally pull off a 2:30 or 2:45. I want to be at a 11 to 11:30 pace. Plus, I mean we are totally stopping for pics with the Princess’s right???? 🙂
    4) Ohh Costume Ideas?? OF COURSE???? I have two young boys sooo I am constantly surrounded by men in my household!! I would have to go ultra girly for this one! I may never get to dress anything up in a tutu so it better be myself! 🙂

  34. 1. I would love to run with either one of you guys; you both make me smile and keep me on the running path! Although I think Sarah would leave me in her dust 🙂 ps. I met you guys at the Zooma great lakes race; it meant the world to me that you signed me book! I brag about it to anyone that will listen. I also used Dimity’s manatra throught the race; it really helped!!

    2. I want to finish between 2-2:10…I think I know I can do it!
    3. OMGeeee the costume ideas are endless. I really want to dress as Belle because growing up (and now) she is my favorite Disney princess because she was the only brunette AND she is a book worm like me  . I could also see running as a fairy or even Minnie mouse!

    This would be a once in a lifetime race for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter to win the race admission!!!!

  35. 1. I would love to run with either of you, but I’d probably go with Sarah.

    2. My long runs are pacing about 8:30 min/miles right now and I am guessing Sarah is the best pace match for me!

    3. 1:50ish? Slower if we decide to stop for character pics

    4. I can! I actually have a small side biz where I design running shirts with wings printed on them…. what do you think? (the front says “it’s not sweat, it’s pixie dust!”….

  36. 1. I am a newbie, both to half marathons and to AMR, so I’m not sure who to pick? Based on the comments about sarah being fast and dimity talking triathlons, I’m going to go with dimity 🙂

    2. I guess that’s part of my #1 answer. I’d love to talk tris and I’ve never run a half before, so I’m not sure how fast I’ll be. Also, dimity will make me look short, which will be novel 🙂

    3. based on those charts in all the books, I think I’ll be right around 2 hours? But I really just want to finish without barfing….lucky you

    4. I am horrible at costumes. My poor kids. Um, but I will try? Fair warning, I’m not much for pink and princesses so we may end up as some obscure characters 😉

  37. 1.have to go with Dimity if she would have the patience to run with a newbie.
    2. I have never raced but would love to try a half marathon, especially at Disney. Running daily til my treadmill exploded in flames, just before Sandy, I’m struggling with getting out there and this would be “magical” motivation.
    3. Not sure about time as I haven’t raced. Guess I could do 2:15 to 2:30.
    4. Thinking Ursala would allow me to accessorize with sweat and lots of towels.

  38. 1. I would run with either of you, although Sarah is probably too fast for me!
    2. I find both of you to be so inspirational and think that either of you would help pace me to a 2:00hr half.
    3. As stated previously, 2:00-2:10
    4. I can’t guarantee a super cool costume for you all, but I’ll be going as Belle, who is by default the patron princess of all librarians. And since my son works at the Magic Kingdom, I would have a chance to see him and also tell you some super cool, super secret things about the Disney Parks.

  39. 1. I have to pick only one? Very Sophie’s Choice, Ladies. In that case, I’m going with Dimity
    2. I feel like I relate more to Dimity’s posts and comments on the podcast. I’m not very type A when it comes to running, which is more similar to Dimity. Also, she seems a little goofy (see what I did there?), which I am as well and I think we could have fun running the Princess.
    3. I could finish in just over 2 hours, but seeing as it’s a Disney race, I’m not too concerned with my finishing time. Running through the happiest place on Earth is all about having a good time and getting good pictures.
    4. Part of me wants to be all girly and glittery, but being that I too am a very tall mother runner if I dressed up as Tinker Bell I’d just end up looking like the Jolly Green Giant (think about it, their outfits are a little too similar). I think we should both dress up as Snow White because next to us the other runners will look like dwarfs :).

  40. 1. Dimity
    2. So I can get personal coaching for perfect race photos and what to do with my arms!
    3. 2:00 – 2:10. Or maybe longer.
    4. Really cool? How about really sparkly?

  41. I went to a fancy running store right after I had my second babe to buy some “real” running shoes b/c my feet were killing me. As I was feeling moderately guilty for slapping down what at the time I thought was a silly amount of money for something other than Jimmy Choos, I saw your green book. I swear there was a spotlight and a choir singing when I picked it up. I read it cover to cover and from then on I have left my guilt at the door every time I lace up. I’m now a mother of three and without running I’m fairly certain I’d be living in an asylum.

    1. Sarah
    2. I keep talking myself out of a full and given a half to talk about it, I bet she’d convince me! That and I think she’d help me PR for a half.
    3. 2:15 (hopefully)
    4. Glitter running skirts and fairy wings are a must right?!?

    My husband proposed to me at Disney World, it would be amazing to go back!

    Thanks for the giveaway ladies!

  42. 1. I would love to run with either Sarah or Dimity, both are hilarious and would be awesome running partners. Being that I do have to choose, I would pick Dimity.

    2. I think I might be a little intimidated by Sarah’s drive. Also, my husband and I want to move to Denver in the next year or two and what better way to make a new running buddy.

    3. Hmmmm….how fast…or slow you mean? My goal (right now) would be 2:15. I am running in my first half marathon this Sunday, so I guess I’ll see how that goes first.

    4. For costumes, since this would be my first Princess race, I would want to do traditional princesses (sorry not to creative here). I would love to be Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora or Ariel. Since it’s all about me, Sarah and Dimity could be the step sisters, dwarfs, fairy godmothers (no need for new costumes) or sebastian and flounder =)

  43. I would love to run this race and it is on my birthday! I hoped to run it last year with a high school friend to celebrate our 40th birthdays, but she bailed so I ended up running a local FULL marathon to celebrate my 40th.

    1. Who would I like to run with? Dimity
    2. Why This BAMR? Being almost 6 foot, I cried when I read your letter to yr 16 year old self. I too was that gangly awkward adolescent girl – often referred to as Amazon Woman – and have empowered myself through running. When I run it’s just me and my awesomeness:)
    3. I would love to run a marathon in around 2 hours, but since this is Disney and there are plenty of picture opportunities probably closer to 2:20.
    4. Costumes? Of course how about a pair of 6 ft Timkerkbelles

  44. Isn’t it sad that I’m 34 years old and have never been to Disney?? Pick me!

    1. Sarah aka Champy although either one would be AWESOME!!!
    2. I have boy/girl twins so I think we’d be able to make the miles fly by chatting about how fabulous Mama’s to twins are. 😉
    3. 1:45-1:50 finishing time
    4. Costumes are a MUST! I’m thinking going the traditional princess route or Humpty Dumpty.

  45. 1. Dimity 2. Another tall mother loves other tall women (It’s not easier with the larger frame) 3. 4:05 – 4:20 finish 4. costumes? never dressed up before (How about bubble bees)

  46. 1. Sarah
    2. Although I love both Sarah and Dimity’s personalities I think I possess a similar determination to Sarah’s. She seems very time goal driven like me!
    3. I would love to meet or beat my one and only half marathon time of 1:45.
    4. Since this is a princess theme race I would say rather than a particular costume, maybe I’d wear a running skirt and feel “princessy” for the first time ever!

  47. 1. Who’s slower these days?
    2. See #1
    3. My 2 HM’s have been 2:12-2:14.
    4. Given that I’m 5’1″ and quite a bit slower than either of you, I think you could be Snow White, and I could be the newest dwarf, “Pokey.”

  48. I would love to have a chance to participate in the Disney Princess run either in honor of (hopefully) or in memory of my aunt who is the #1 princess in my family and taught me to be the princess I am today!

    1. I would hate to have to choose who to run with…I couldn’t keep up with either one if they didn’t slow down for me!
    2. I would love to run with either one of them because I truly enjoy reading about their lives here – whether it be general life situations or exercise related things. It’s nice to have a place where I can read that other mothers out there think and feel the same things I think and feel at times!
    3. If I run it on my own I would want to finish in around 2 hours. However if I run with my aunt (not the one listed about) that recently started running it would be a slower pace…I’m not sure what pace she’s going these days!
    4. We would definitely be dressed up like the princesses we are! 🙂

  49. 1. I’d love to run with both of you but my pick would be Sarah
    2. Because our paces jive with one another pretty closely
    3. Time: 1:45-1:50. Or if Sarah is feeling really ambitious we could try to beat 1:45
    4. I am so NOT a costume-y princess-y runner, so I think we should keep it simple with a fun skirt and a BAMR top!

  50. 1. Dimity
    2. I could never keep up with Sarah if I tried lol but i honestly feel like Id connect most with Dimity. From reading her sections in your books and listening to the podcasts I feel like we have more in common….mostly the desire to not run a full ha ha ha!
    3. I’m aiming for 11:00 miles which puts me at roughly 2:24:00…not fast I know…I just started running this spring/summer and this will be my VIRGIN 1/2 : )
    4. I love Disney but I also love running in clothes designed for running so I’d use my mad crafting skills to make us matching BAMR princess headbands, c’mon they’ll be awesome lol

  51. #1 and #2 – I would be willing to run with either Sarah or Dimity. Just to have the opportunity to run with someone who truly loves running is such an amazing experience and to do it at my first HM would be fantastic!

    #3 – 2:10 – 2:20 finish time would be a realistic time for me.

    #4 – Costumes! How fun! Tutus, tiaras and something glitter would be a must! 🙂

    *As a side note, I live in the Orlando area, so getting there is absolutely no problem for me. 🙂

  52. Greatest giveaway. Ever. Seriously.

    #1 & #2 – Sarah. While I’m coordinated like Dimity and will find every way to injure myself when given the opportunity, in my head I’m competitive, and I would like to see that translate into some extra push with Sarah.

    #3 – 2:15 would be realistic given the course, and a PR for me

    #4 – Heck yes!

  53. I would love to run with both of you!!
    For the simply reason that I could have one of you on each side of me to hold me up as I cross the finish…hahahahha….no, really, I would be honored to run with either of you, you have BOTH been such an inspiration to me! 🙂
    My last finish time for a half was 2:22:03, I would LOVE to make it under 2:15.
    As for costumes…well, I am sure I could come up with something creative if picked! Creative…but comfortable!

  54. I’m standing up and screaming and waving my hands – please pick me! This race is on my bucket list and I would love love love to go!!!

    1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity);

    This is a tough one. I think I’d like to run with Dimity – I’d prefer not to be puking at the end after trying to keep up with Sarah! Puking at Disney World just seems so…un-American!

    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR;

    Like I said, it’s the puking issue. 🙂

    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver);

    I ran my last half marathon at 2:04. If I could break 2 minutes I would be one happy mother runner. On the other hand, running that fast might make me puke. So, if you pick me, you’ll be taking your chances.

    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.)

    I’d love to pick a costume. It just wouldn’t have anything on the head. I sweat like a crazy mother runner, and I’m pretty sure that pink fluffy sparkly headgear would lose it’s awesomeness all droopy and sweaty on my head. Other than that, I’m game!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. 1. Either one for sure, but if I had to pick, it would be Dimity
    2. I like Dimity’s sense of humor in her posts, and I would pick her brain while we ran about how she balances everything in her life (running, family, work). Although she might get sick of me asking questions the whole race!
    3. 2:20 (That was the finish time for my first (and only!) half, so I’m guessing I’d be close to the same
    4. Yes! How about poodle skirts? I just dusted off my ancient sewing machine to make costumes for the kids (and myself), and I must say, I make a mean poodle skirt.

  56. 1. This is hard as I would honestly love to run with either one of you! Sarah seems more hardcore and I’d hate to hold her back, but I’d give my best shot! And you are both so much taller than me that you might actually have to walk while I’m running at top speed (imagine what it would look like if you tried running with a little dachsund). 🙂
    2. You are both so inspiring. I’ve been on this journey since 2009. I’ve lost 80lbs and started running in 2010 because of a friend. I know that reading your books and becoming part of the FB page has kept me motivated to keep it up. And then I’ve been able to pass on that knowledge and now have a group of ladies I am motivating!
    3. My absolute fastest half is 2:26….so not super speedy. And for these Disney races I take WAY longer because I keep stopping to take photos! LOL
    4. I LOVE to run in costumes and would definitely help costume you! Oh yes, it will be awesome! 🙂

  57. 1. Either is fine
    2. Just being given this opportunity would be wonderful. I really want to win so that I can take my 18 year old daughter on this trip with me for her Senior year. I am a 2 time cancer survivor and this is something we want to do together and to do it with you guys would be so much fun!!
    3. Pretty slow I will admit – I am getting there and working hard every day but my goal is to finish in under 2 1/2 hours!
    4. I am as crafty as they come so I can whip up something fun and creative!!

  58. 1. Dimity
    2. I have already met SBS at a reading, time to spread the love!
    3. About 2 hours
    4. I’ll try but it won’t be anything too elaborate!

  59. I’ve been saying for awhile to my husband that I really want to run the princess half marathon and then to see that you two will be running it made me want to run it even more. I thought how great would that be to meet you both at the expo and get my books signed. Then you posted this giveaway. OMG!!!! I’m crossing my finger and toes that I win. It would be so awesome to run with either of you lovely ladies. I got your first book from my sister for mother’s day a few years ago when I really started to get into running and I treated myself to your second book. So, I’ve been giving it some thought since I got the email about your hump day giveaway.

    1. I have finally decided that I would love to run with Sarah.
    2. I would also love to chat about marathons. I’m running my first in 2 weeks and would love to chat about what I could do different next time, get some great marathon advise and hear some great stories.
    3. I would love to run it in 2 hours but will be happy with 2:10.
    4. So I’m not really costume kinda person, but I would be willing to create and wear a tutu and a tiara to feel like a princess.

  60. 1. I would choose Dimity.
    2. Because Sarah is really, really fast. I’m so not.
    3. No time goal. I want to see the sights, take some pictures and enjoy all the race has to offer.
    4. I’m ALL for costumes! I’m thinking along the lines of tutus and tiaras…
    My fingers are firmly crossed!

  61. entry

    Hi! my name is Pattie Lant. and I run. kinda. Never mind, yes, I do run. but I am not seasoned. I have done multiple 5Ks, a 10k, a 5 miler and a 2 person half marathon relay (I did the short leg). If you select me, this would be my first half marathon and that thought kinda freaks me out. I know all of this information has been asked for, but I just thought I’d share. Oh, and I live in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

    1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity)
    I don’t know. I follow you on facebook. I read your blogs. But I don’t know who I’d prefer to run with. You are both awesome!! I don’t have a running partner and I have never ran a race WITH someone. I’ve been to a race with a friend, but we just run our own race. The true answer is my bestie, Kimberly Truesdell. Who lives in Fort Wayne Indiana.

    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR Ummm. The reason why I would want to run with Kimberly is because she is a true runnsperation (I just made up that word: do I get bonus points?) She just completed her first FULL marathon. and On the day she ran her marathon, I was hundreds of miles away logging a 3 mile run. It was a miserable day, but I thought, if Kim is out there running a full marathon, the least I can do is put in my 3. She makes me feel like I too can (maybe someday) run a full marathon. But until then, maybe I will give a half marathon a shot!

    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver) My current pace is about 11 minute mile. I am guessing it would take me 2.5 – 3 hours. I will know more once I start training.

    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.) I am so down for costumes!! You could dress up as my fairy godmother! and I would be Cinderella going to the ball!!

    5. Once again, this is me giving you more than you asked for, so sorry! I would really, really, really, really like to win this! I have a 19-month old at home. I hardly ever get out for any me time. and when I do I feel guilty. I never drink because I am always paranoid that I’m “on call” as a mom. My husband is great, but I just need to get out of town. If you would kindly supply the registration, I would love to give my credit card a workout!

    6. If you haven’t noticed, I was really campaigning for to pick me and my bestie to win your prize together. We like to go on an annual girls weekend trip, but our funds are short for 2013. Last year we did the RnR New Orleans half marathon relay and I had such a great time! She also has a little one, who is 15 months old.

    7. Even if I don’t win, I can not wait to start training like a mother!

  62. 1. I would love to run with both of you. If forced to pick I’d choose Dimity.
    2. I never get to run with someone who has an unusual name like me. I’d love to hear people trying to read our names on our bibs and cheer us on. The results could be hilarious.
    3. 2:00 to 2:15
    4. Of course you have to have some kind of costume to wear at a Disney race!

  63. 1. I would love to run with either of you!!(But honestly I’m very competitive with my past PR so whoever is going to push me, if I had to choose, that would be my choice)
    2. I have read the books. Listened to Sarah speak at a “Run momma Run” event. I enjoy hearing that, yes there are other Momma’s out there going thru the same things I am. Your books have been inspiring, made my laugh, and given me some good guidelines for switching up my training plans.
    4. I’m honestly not much of a costume person…but if necessary it can be negotiated:)

    MY KIDS WOULD love for me to win this entry:) LOL As they have been begging for a Disney World Trip…. That would certainly be good motivation for this single momma, to save up some money and take them on their dream trip!!

  64. Ok, so here’s the thing. the greatest distance ive ever run is 3.5 miles. But I’m convinced it’s time to do a half marathon, and SPECIFICALLY the Disney princess. Looking for training books led me to this blog, and wonder of wonders, you have a giveaway for the very thing my heart desires! I do plan on bookmarking the blog and buying the books, FYI. But I currently don’t know you guys, so umm I can’t give you a preference on who I’d like to run with. BUT I can tell you–I am planning on running this thing solo, so I would lovelovelove one of you for company. I also promise that it will be, um, slow enough. And there will be enough glitter and ruffles to be fit for a princess. Oh, please oh please. Pick me.

  65. 1. I would like to run w Dimity!
    2. We like Colbie Caillet, and just from listening the AMR podcast I think we would click. I don’t take myself too seriously!
    3. 3 hours
    4. I’m really not real hip on costumes… Heck with two boys, a husband who is on virtually every board in the State if Texas, I am doing good to get my training in! Maybe we could do a Ball cap with a Tiara!

  66. 1 Dimity

    2. because she more like me but would love to talk to SBS about running a full want to try my first in May!!

    3. 2:10

    4. I LOVE costumes, I have to be able to move in it but I am not afraid to wear anything and would love to be a funky punky princess 🙂

  67. Holy cow!!!! This would be so cool….I feel like I’m dreaming already from reading the post. Such a fun idea.

    1. Really…don’t make me choose. Hell, flip a coin I would run with either one of you anyday.

    2. You both make me laugh, you inspire, you have made me a better person, wife, mother. You post info that always hit’s me in the mommy heart. You make everything better.

    3. I think I can do it under 2hrs. I can’t remember my 1/2 times. What are you going to do if we can’t hit our time???? 🙂

    4. Oh, boy….costume’s are not my strong point, but damm….I’ll work on something for a once in a lifetime chance for running with either one of you. I’ve never been to Disney in my life. Our kids have never been. How fun! I would love a shot of feeling like a kid again for 13.1 miles.

  68. This contest combines two of my favorite things – RunDisney and Run Like a Mother (the book) – it was so awesome to see you both at the Disneyland Half and I’m super excited that you’re doing another Disney race. But unfortunately I don’t see the Princess Half in my plans unless I win the contest – my hubby thinks we need to vacation elsewhere and he’ll need a Disney break after I used my running to justify two Disney trips this year so I could get the Coast to Coast medal. On to the answers –

    1. SBS
    2. Why – because I live in Denver and have heard Dimity speak more so it would be fun to spend the time with SBS and I know she’d push me to meet my goal of:
    3. 2 hours – I would be as excited as you both are to hear that
    4. I would be thrilled to help you both make costumes for any Disney princess you desire. I have three rules for Disney race costumes: no wings, no tutus and must be doable with running attire. So you will get a costume that is functional and still has the authentic look of a Disney princess. My first thoughts are Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) for Dimity and Belle for Sarah.

  69. 1. Dimity
    2. I relate to her funny posts and would like to talk about getting into the triathlon world.
    3. My first 1/2 ever is this weekend (RockNRoll Savannah!) so for Princess I’d like to break 2:00
    4. BAMR, sparkle skirt, and a tiara of course.

  70. 1. I would be honored to run with either Sarah or Dimity, but if I have to choose I’ll choose Dimity.
    2. Dimity because her sense of humor and “voice” in the books just resonates with me. I think she’d be great company. It would be fun to run with Sarah too, as I could use a little speed work ;).
    3. 2:25-2/30
    4. I am not a very “princessy” type runner girl but I think I could rock a purple sparkly tutu. Dimity and Sarah can pick their colors and we can coordinate 🙂

  71. 1. Dimity – love her up front approach about telling it as it is with a touch of humor
    2. It’s been a rough year just getting over a tear to my calf muscle and the need to run is overwhelming me. With the possibility of running the Princess sounds awesome.
    3. I would love to break 2:30 and I know a BAMR would get me there!
    4. Costume would be tinkerbell and Minnie of course!

  72. Oh this is a hard one, cause I had the opportunity to run with both of you in KC this past March in the random snow storm we were having that day. But it was one of the most awesome runs ever and I didn’t care that is was cold and snowing. Really the opportunity to run with either of you ladies again would be an honor. I really enjoyed meeting you both and having the opportunity to run together.

    My practical time goal is under 2:30, 2:16:25 is my half PR time so some where in-between that works for me, really just finishing and having fun.

    Costume, maybe a Nuu-Muu if either of you have one…I own 2, the first one I won from one of your contests. Otherwise, silly ideas would be deviled eggs (white shirt, yellow circle in the middle [egg], with red devil horns on), hence deviled eggs. I’m also always up for a fun tutu and a crown, who wouldn’t want to be a princess? Another funny costume idea is a loofah (lots of tulle on a shirt) and a bar of soap.

    This race is 4 days before my 34 birthday and this would be my 8th half marathon. It would be an amazing opportunity.

  73. I’m already committed–registered a few weeks ago and am eagerly looking forward to starting the TLAM Half Marathon Finish It plan bright and early on November 12! That said, I’d still love to have the chance to run with either of you. If forced to choose, I’ll pick Sarah We can talk about Oregon!

    I’m hoping to finish in about 2:30, maybe better if training goes well. As for costumes, this will be my first half and I’m not sure I’m up for an all-out dress up experience. I’m thinking I will go with my lucky shirt–black, long sleeve BAMR tee, what else?–and blue sparkle skirt over my capris. I’m pretty sure SBS already has that outfit, so we’d match with practically no effort needed! 🙂

  74. 1. SBS
    2. Because I am looking to break 2 hours and I have 4 1/2 minutes to shave off my PR to do that.
    3. 1:59:59
    4. Why, simple, a BAMR costume!!

  75. 1) Dimity
    2) a) I’ve never met anyone named Dimity and gosh darnit, I think I deserve that in life, no? b) Not sure if it’s a nod to Sarah, a hit to Dimity or just the reality of life, but based on what I’ve read, I’m more Dimity’s speed – literally. As soon as I say that, I’ll learn that Dimity’s been fibbing about her race times though…and if I’m going to run with one of you, I’d like to be able to talk. 🙂
    3) I’d like to shoot for a PR – 2:05!
    4) Girls – for this opportunity, you name it, I’ll come up with it.

  76. 1. I have to say dimity….
    2… Because I’m a brand new runner! Sarah is super fast she would think we were walking.
    3. I think three-ish hours. It would be my very
    First half!! My family and I are Disney freaks! So I would have to stop at the picture ops!!
    4. It would be fun to be the step sisters from Cinderella!!!

  77. 1. Either!! Granted I’m a run/walker so whoever would be less annoyed with that 🙂
    2. Both of you are inspiring to all of us mother runners. I would love the chance to share “my story” and inspiration for running with you guys.
    3. Ultimate Goal 2:15, Intermediate 2:30, and Last Resort 2:45
    4. Im not all that creative with costumes but I could come up with something. But it will definitely include wearing something to raise awareness for Organ Donation.

  78. 1. Dimity
    2. I’m part of Moms on The Run in the Twin Cuties and got to run with her for about 5 minutes around Harriet last spring. It was definitely not enough time to chat. I was also huffing and puffing while she was still drinking her Caribou!
    3. My goal would be under 2:20. It would be my 3rd half. I encouraged two girls through those first 2 races and want someone to push me to do MY best.I had a very negative (mostly in my head) experience running (mostly walking) a Disney 10 miler in September. I know it can be better, but I’m unlikely to sign up for another Disney race on my own.
    4. For sure! For the Tower ofTerror 10 miler, I researched and experimented until I successfully tie dyed a Mickey into a synthetic running tank. My running buddies from Apple Valley were “like totally awesome valley girls” during the Monster Dash 1/2 last weekend. We could always accessorize with headbands. Not sure if you remember my source is spandex world!

  79. 1. I would have to go with Sarah
    2. It’s a height thing and a speed dream! I want to use her to speed me to a princess pr!!
    3. I want 1:59 so bad! My dream half is under two hrs and I want to take my rocking mother runner, running partner with me :-). We are both moms of two girls and they would be do proud !!
    4. Yes costume!! I am a preschool dance teacher and mother of two little girls 22 months apart. I live and breathe princesses. All I’ll say is it would be sparkly enough and pink enough to impress my baby ballerinas, embarrass my second grader, make my hubby blush and my kindergartener proud! I am thinking we need a mother runner princess soundtrack to go along with it 😉

    Pick me, pick me!!

  80. 1. Sarah- because that is the name of my oldest daughter I am partial
    2. I might actually do the speed workouts before it if I was trying to keep up with her
    3. 2:15 would be a PR
    4. that princess from BRAVE since our family motto for the last year has been- Brave, Adaptable, Resilient and Strong – something I am trying to teach my three daughters to be, plus I have always wanted to be a redhead!

  81. 1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity): I’d gladly run with either one of you! I’ve never run with anyone else, because everyone I know who runs is so much faster than I am, but I’d love to have a running partner for a day! I would hate to ruin either of your stellar times, but I do talk to runners as they pass and tell people I happen to pass they can do it and t keep it up. Therefore, I’d probably have to say Dimity as I sense you definitely are a talker during races like I am! 🙂
    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR: I run because I can…plain and simple. When I read Dimity’s blogs or chapters in the books where she talks about how difficult certain workouts are or how much she hates intervals on the track, I realize Dimity’s runs because she can, too. Dimity clearly loves running…just not every given workout. That’s how I am, too.
    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver): I’ve ran two halfs…3:01.37 and 2:58.48. I’d love to run a 2:30, but would be happy with 2:57!!
    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.) Dimity, you would dress as Mary Poppins and maybe you could have something in your bag of magic to help me pull off a new PR! And I’d either run dressed as Dory from Finding Nemo…just keep swimming! Just keep swimming OR as Mulan…to celebrate how I’m not afraid to tackle 13.1 miles!

  82. Hi there –

    I’m one of your loyal Canadian BAMR’s – in fact I just got my BAMR shirt a little while ago. I won’t lie, I’m a little scared to hit send on this e-mail…I’ll try not to turn this into a novel, but here’s why I’m entering:

    About a month and a half ago, my family re-located from Ontario to Drumheller, Alberta (you know, where all the dinosaurs are!). The last three months have been a little bit of a gong show to say the least. I was running everyday – I’d only just started in the early spring, so I think I was up to about 3-5km. By the time we flew to Alberta for my husband’s job interview right at the end of July, my last run occured on the streets of Drumheller on the 1st of August. We flew home and immediately kicked into high gear, trying to get the house ready to sell and started packing up our home (which we had just moved into a year and a half ago!).

    I was also a Weight Watchers memeber and was only 3 lbs from goal when we left Ontario…I haven’t signed back up yet, and I know I’m no longer only 3 lbs away from goal…

    It’s been a bit of an adjustment to say the least and I’ve been struggling to find where I fit in. Not only as a new resident, but still trying to find my groove as a mum. My daughter will be 2 on Valentine’s Day.

    I came across the Disney 1/2 Marathon while still in ON, but pushed it aside because my life was in such complete and utter up-heaval (sp?!). I’ve been desperately trying to find the motivation to get back to being a BAMR – I feel more able to take on the world after I’ve gone for a run and I feel like I’m a better wife and mother as well. I’m sure there are plenty of other BAMR’s out there who deserve to run in this marathon with you ladies, but when I saw that this was open to Canadian residents too, the Universe gently tugged at my sleeve and whispered to “GO FOR IT!” I downloaded the half-marathon guide and nearly cried when it started printing.

    So, to answer the rest of the questions (!):

    1) It doesn’t matter who I run with – it would be an honour to lace up with either of you. I think that pretty much covers #2 as well.
    3) I can’t really give you a time…that probably doesn’t help much, does it?!
    4) I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’m sure I could whip up something for you ladies – I’m taking my daughter out for her first Halloween as a bumblebee and I managed to make her costume.

    So, there it is. I don’t envy you all the entries you’ll have to go through. I’m still working on getting up the courage to send my picture in for your ‘What a BAMR looks like’ project…we’ll see.

    Thanks for letting me ‘bend your ear’,

    Pam Sherwin
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Pam – I know you don’t know me, but your response reminded me so much of my own! Goos luck getting your mojo back. I have been struggling for the past 10 months (gulp) and am seeing some disappointing pounds come back on after 2 years of solid maintenance. You can do this! Wishing you all the best.

  83. 1. It would be an honor to run with either Sarah or Dimity; however, if I had to choose, I would go with Sarah

    2. I would run with Sarah because I’m from the Portland, Oregon area and have been to a couple of events with her – one 5-mile run a couple of years ago along the waterfront, and then I went to a house party at Sweet Spot Skirts (where I met both of you). I would love to spend 13.1 miles picking her brain about being a BAMR and being inspired to hit my PR!

    3. It’s my goal to complete it in under 2 hours…I have come close…2:04 is my fastest. But, I have a hint of a hamstring injury, so if I don’t make a sub-2, I will definitely finish for sure and feel good about it.

    4. Black shorts, black tank, bright tutus that are stiff and stick STRIAGHT out, crowns and flashing wands

  84. 1. Dimity!
    2. We can commiserate about injuries. :). Also I love it that she’s tall like me, and she seems pretty chill and fun to be with! Sarah would be awesome, too, though! 🙂
    3. 2:15-2:25ish.
    4. And yes, the costume will be epic. (Don’t want to ruin the surprise..) hehe

  85. 1. I am new to racing and to this site, so I would be grateful to run with either of you ladies. I would be by myself, so a running buddy would be awesome!!
    2. I would run with either of you for the company!! Im not picky!!
    3. I anticipate that I will be able to do the half marathon in 3 hours. I’m currently running at a pace of 16 since I’m a beginner so I dont have a PR to beat. I want to do a half marathon since its on my bucket list and have never done one before. I am coming up on my 100 pound weight loss milestone, so this race would be a perfect celebration! A year ago I couldn’t walk one mile. I have done two trail races this past month and I have a 10k coming up in 2 weeks!
    4. I would love to wear an awesome running skirt and be any kind of princess with a crown! I dont have any girls at home, so I would want to be totally girly!!

  86. I would LOVE to..

    I’d run with whoever would have me because…
    I’m slow. My first half in April, I finished at 3:33. My next is this weekend, and I’m not expecting to be under 3hrs
    I am the QUEEN of costumes.

    Might nit be fast, but I am interesting

  87. Dimity, for speed reasons! I think I would want to finish between 1:50 and 1:56. My favorite Disney running costume is the Incredibles, but I also love brainstorming and creating new costumes 🙂

  88. 1. Dimnity
    2. Used to live in Colorado and miss it dearly. I feel like you represent a reality of working motherhood and the complexity of gen x mothering that isn’t glossed over.
    3. 2:15-2:30
    4. Never did the costume thing but I feel like the fairies are easiest costumes to run in but the evil stepmothers not well represented.

  89. 1. This is tough but I’m going with Dimity.
    2. Cause she’s “freeballin'”. 🙂
    3. Never ran a half before but I’m thinking 2:25 would work for me.
    4. Not sure if it’s okay to dress as two dudes at a Princess half but I think Dim would look super cute in a Pinocchio hat and, at 5’2″, I would make a great Jiminy.

  90. 1. Sarah! I was lucky enough to run Vomit Hill with Dimity 🙂
    2. We chat on Twitter and Email, so chatting over 13.1 miles would be awesome.
    3. I would love to finish just under 2:00 hours. It’s been a season of PR’s, and adding a half PR to my list would rock.
    4. I’m not super princessey, and since I’m married to Pete Parker, aka Spiderman, I’d go with a Disney Incredibles Superhero-Bad Ass Mother Runners theme. Red and Black is an awesome color combination.

    I ran this race in 2010 and loved the energy. Whoever wins this will have a blast!

  91. 1. I would LOVE to run with either of you. If you are making me choose, I’d pick Sarah.
    2. I pick Sarah because her live tweets from Disney on Ice cracked me up. And they are exactly what I think when I see the show.
    3. I did the Akron Half marathon in 2:05 (I swear Akron is uphill both ways). I’d like to finish in under 2 hours.
    4. How about Fairy Princess BAMRs in binders!?! No matter what we need some Team Sparkle Skirts. Oooo, now that Star Wars is part of the Disney Family Princess Leia (with sparkle), Queen Amidala, and Ahsoka! That covers all 3 generations of Star Wars.

  92. Okay, not entering the contest b/c I am already registered and have an awesome running princess, but just wanted to throw in that this will be my 3rd Princess Half and it is SO MUCH fun! Definitely in it for the picture stops, not the time. In fact, a half I ran just 3 weeks after last year’s princess netted me a finish time of an exact HOUR faster than my Disney time! Whoever you run with, you will have a blast! Hope to see you ladies there at the expo!

  93. 1. Dimity
    2. I chose Dimity because I think i can keep up with her pace.
    3. 3:30
    4. Costume? Maybe Katniss from Hunger Games!

  94. 1. Who you want to run with: I am not a picky person! 🙂 SBS could probably be great to run with to help me go for a sub 2:00 which life and injuries through training has made it difficult to get there the last few years. However, she would have to slow down a bit! 🙂

    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR; She might help me get that elusive sub 2:00!!!

    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver); Sub 2:00..1:59:59 is okay!!! 🙂

    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.) Sure! Its Disney and a must!!! I never had except for an alien hat for a few yards in the Space Coast Half last year! Only for others!!! 🙂

    Thanks Dimity and Sarah for the opportunity! I want to run Disney one day, but it hasn’t fit into my husband and my running schedule with the kids in the past years!!!

  95. 1. Either would be so fun! But I would love to run with Sarah….
    2. Because I’m itchin’ to set a new half marathon PR and I know she would push me to run my best race.
    3. 1:45-1:55
    4. Belle’s supporting “cast”: Lumiere and Cogsworth! 🙂

  96. 1. Dimity (both of you are great, but rules say I have to pick one)
    2. I would relish the help and inspiration you would give me in my first half. (Not to mention, I would not be short in a picture next to the two of you 🙂 )
    3. 3:30 first timer & really slow runner
    4. Costume – I will be Jessie from Toy Story and yes would totally help put together something.

    I’m just so excited you will be there and I hope I get the chance to meet you! Love your blog & your book (I have Train Like a Mother).

  97. I already registered so I don’t need the entry but it would be freakin’ awesome to run with you guys! (insert non-creepy “I’m your biggest fan” comment here)
    1. Dimity
    2. from reading RLAM & TLAM Dimity has more of my running style and sense of humor (however I LOVE you both, and I actually dig SBS’s taste in music just a tad more than Dimity’s- no offense)
    3. Hmmm… probably 2:45, but not sure since this is my 1st half I’ve ever trained for (my first 2 were with no training and before baby #2)
    4. Any of the princesses… except for Snow white or rapunzel or cinderella or jazmine (Me, my sister, my sister-in-law, and my sis’s bff are running together)

  98. Several of my friends are going to the Princess, and I really want to go. I ran my first mile ever on April 30th. Since that time, I’ve run 2 5k’s, a 10k, and would love to add a half marathon to my list. Winning this would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

    I would want to run with whoever would keep me going. I might need someone to help drag me across the finish line.
    I have no idea how long it will take me. I ran a 10k just over an hour, so 2 hours? Who knows!
    I’m sure I can come up with some crazy costume, or my creative friends will help me at least. 🙂

  99. My BFF and I have been chatting about running a Disney race, and we have definitely put it on our bucket list. To run it with SBS or Dimity would be AMAZING. I’m totally geeked out just thinking about it.

    1. Who to run with – such a tough call. Dimity runs closer to my pace but I would consider training for a PR, and Sarah might be a better candidate.
    2. I’m also picking Sarah because I’m short (5-foot-3). I am more likely to come past Sarah’s armpit in a photo than Dimity.
    3. I would want to go sub-2. My PR is 1:54:12.
    4. Costumes. Gah! It’s so not Disney but I’ve been dying to wear my blue Team Sparkle skirt ala Rainbow Brite. I’m a child of the 80s, what can I say. But, to do Disney, I might go Ursula. Put the bad ass in BAMR.

  100. 1&2. I would love to run with either of you. It would be an honor…Is this a trick question? Although, Sarah may kill me with her speed. I will be turning 40 in March so maybe a trip to the hospital would be a great exit of my 30s, not. So I better go with Dimity and hope I can hold on.

    3. Well, my half PR is 2:06 2012. I almost pooped my pants getting there. I would love to get under 2 hours without the restroom haul and I will be training for it.

    4. Costume? It’s gotta be magical and glittery for Disney. Sexy glittery pirates sound good to me. “Under 2 hours or walk the plank!”

  101. 1. Either one is fine but whoever is slower is better–I’ll finish but it might be a while.
    2. Sarah has three kids like me so she feels my pain!
    3. Finish in 2:45 or so (I said it would take a while but I’ll get there!)
    4. I ran a 5K dressed as Snow White. I could be Snow White, Dimity Belle, and Sarah Cinderella. It is the Princess Half after all.

  102. I’d love to run the Disney half marathon because running, generally speaking, makes me feel like a princess. Not in the ‘I look so pretty’ kind of way, but the ‘I can just be me for a few hours without doing something for someone else.’

    I met Sarah and Dimity at the Zooma Great Lakes Half Marathon in Wisconsin in October and it felt like I was meeting my Fairy Runmothers. I’ve known them — read their work — since their first mother runner story in Runners World in 2008, when my son was born. They’ve help guide from someone totally new to running to someone who has managed to eek out five to six half marathons in each of the past three years.

    I’ve come close, but I haven’t run a sub-2 hour half marathon since 2010 and I think running Disney with Sarah would help me get another one. Her attention to speed and ability to turn it on when it needs turning is something I could tap into to help push me through to the finish line in under two hours.

    I have to admit, it may be a total and complete pipe dream, but I would love see another PR. That would mean running faster than 1:58:35, which I got in May 2010.

    I am totally not a girlie girl, but I have to say: I’d love to do a race wearing Tinkerbell green wings. And of course a green sparkle skirt and those little green pom poms on my shoes. OK, so about that girlie girl thing …

  103. I would LOVE to win this prize! I have been debating on registering for it to get my coast-to-coast medal, but I havent been able to justify the trip. Wining would mean it was meant to be.
    I would love to run with Dimity. I had a chance to run with Sarah before in Eugene where we talked about Disney races. As AMAZING as that was, Dimity is more my speed and I think she is brilliant. I currently run about a 2:25 half. And, as I am 5’2″, I think we could run as Sully and Mike from monsters inc with blue and purple spotted shirt and skirt and a eared hat for Dimity and green skirt and shirt for me with a big eyeball on it.

  104. 1. I don’t have a specific reason to pick either one of you, I like speed, and I suffer from IT issues – so I’d be a match for either I guess!
    2. See #1
    3. Based on my current speed, I could resonably finish in 1:50 – perhaps faster by then.
    4. I’m not a big costume person – other than being a spectator – however if I had this opportunity, I might just have to be something scary – because by the end of my long runs, that’s exactly how I look – scary!

  105. If you can’t see me jumping up and down right now, visualize when I met you both in Cape Cod (Ummmm, can I be totally corny and ask for a picture?) LOL….

    1. I’m going to pick Sarah.
    2. So many reasons, actually. I also have three little ones, ages 3, 3, and 1 – Irish twins not full on twins – which basically means I have all the hardships of twins BUT with an added pregnancy! LOL…. So, I know we’d have plenty to bond over BUT also, I am very competitive and like the idea of challenging myself to keep up with Sarah, who is definitely faster than I am at this point. (I love shooting for a goal that may or may not be within reach and I just know she can help me with that.)
    3. My last half (in the heart-crushing hills of Cape Cod – yes, I’m almost over it) I finished in 2:25:59, so I’m hoping between the training and weight I’ve shed, I can come in just over 2 hrs (or just under if Sarah really kicks my A$$)!
    4. See answer 3. I think wings will be essential and maybe some fairy dust. hmmmm… yes, a costume that says we’re gorgeous and sweaty works for me! 🙂

  106. Ermegherd!!! This is so awesome!

    1. It’s like trying to pick your fav child…or best friend. I love you both. Tick tock…fine. I’d pick Sarah.

    2. I would love to just chat away with Dimity and have fun with the race, buuut..I’ve very competitive with myself, so I pick Sarah to keep me on pace. Sarah answered all my emails this year with my PR questions and I PR’d every time I crossed a half marathon finish line this year (that’s 4 times folks).
    3. I finished my last half at 1:54.12 with gas still in the tank, so I think I can hack a 1:45.
    4. Can we streamline Tinker Bell wings into something more aerodynamic? If not..I will settle with some hint of bodyglitter. lol.

  107. SUCH a cool prize! I grew up in Florida so I went to Disney World a LOT as a kid. I have been back only a few times since moving to South Carolina for college 25 years ago. (Has if been that long???)

    1. I would love to run with either one of you, but if I had to choose, it would be Dimity.

    2. I think I may have more to talk about with Dimity – triathlons, not wanting to do another marathon, distaste for speed work, how fun it is to be SO tall…oh wait, I’m only 5’3″…never mind.

    3. My current PR is 2:23 so I’d like to get to 2:15. I really think I could do it with one of you by my side. (As long as you did most of the talking.)

    4. NO. I am not creative and am way too competitive to make a race “fun”. After all, with my blazing speed, any kind of costume would have a catastrophic impact on my pace.

  108. 1. It’s so hard to choose!! How about both? If I must choose 1, then Dimity.
    2. Why Dimity? Well because you asked me to pick only 1 and I’m not sure I could keep up with SBS! It would be a privilege to run with either one!
    3. My finish time would be 2:30 or hopefully less – which would be a PR.
    4. Costumes? Of course!! I’ve been stocking up on my Team Sparkle goods….!!!

  109. First off this race is on my bucket list. I already got through the jumping(pushed) out of the plane. Let’s try something closer to the ground.

    1. Sarah

    2. I pick Sarah just for the fact, her legs aren’t as long as Dimity’s . I might be able to keep up with her.

    3.I would like to finish. I have never ran a half before so finishing would be great!

    4. Lately we have been dressing up as characters in our favorite books. I will think about it.

  110. 1. I would like to run with Dimity
    2. I think Sarah would be toooo fast for me, I would only slow her down.
    3. I have 2 half’s coming up and I would really like to be about 2 hours.
    4. Costumes are not really my thing, but I think we could come up with something princessy without going to crazy.

  111. 1. I would run with Dimity (although if I could I would say both of you because you both rock).
    2. I chatted with Dimity for a little bit at an event and would love to chat with her more. We could talk about the great white north and all things hockey.
    3. Although I would love to get a PR, I have run the Disney races before and they are truly about enjoying the moment. So I would say 2:10. We could stop and get pictures along the way with all of the characters and enjoy the run.
    4. Well, lets just say Disney’s recent move plays into this. Since I am a HUGE Star Wars fan I would say we would definitely Star Wars are costumes because there are some new princesses in town. Princess Leia and her mom Queen Amidala.

  112. 1. Tough call! For this race I would choose SBS.

    2. I am hitting 40 in March and I would love to hit a big PR before I exit my 30’s. SBS has rocked a lot of her running buddies to PRs, so why not me?

    3. With proper training (the Own It plan, perhaps?) and good raceday conditions, I think we could break 1:50.

    4. Costumes would be a must, but they can’t impede our running! While I do love a good Team Sparkle skirt & would incorporate that, I’m not very princess-ish. Maybe we could be some of the Disney villians?

  113. So funny, I was JUST looking at the Disney princess half website this morning. I live in Wisconsin, so race or no race, Florida in February is VERRRRY appealing! Plus, we northerners don’t have too many race opportunities over the winter months, and I’d like to keep the racing mindset going because I’m thinking about going for my 2nd full marathon next year.

    Anyway, running this thing with one of you would be such a treat!! I was thinking about running it myself anyway, but I perform MUCH better with a running buddy!

    1. I’m going to say Sarah, just because I’m interested in PRing and want/need to be really pushed!
    2. Oops, kinda covered this one aleady. 🙂 I haven’t really fully gotten my running mojo back since having my first baby in March, and I was disappointed with my time of 2:19 in the Zooma Great Lakes Half a few weeks ago. So maybe Sarah can help me whip myself back into decent racing shape!
    3. Under 2–my PR is 1:58, but I’d love a time that’s well under 2 vs. baaaaarely squeaking by under 2. 🙂
    4. Totally down for a costume, as long as it doesn’t involve wings (they just don’t seem like the best road to a PR…). Tiaras and tutus are definite possibilities! I’m all about pink and purple. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this contest, ladies!


  114. Oh man…I cannot believe I am responding to this! I lost 60# in 6 months back in 2010 after having 2 kids in my late 30s and spending most of the previous decade as an obese woman. I took up running at the age of 39 in order to get the last 10 pounds off. I have never been athletic and did not believe that I had the ability to make it even 1 mile without walking. Every small milestone amazed me and I was hooked.

    In the summer of 2011, I trained for and completed my first 5k, the Warrior Dash and the the Twin Cities 10k. My sister in law, a long time runner, trained with me for the 10k, and wanted me to tackle the Monster Dash Half later in the month with her. I’m a mom of 2 who works outside of the home, including regular travel – I just didn’t see it happening! But have always wondered…

    Now my (much younger cousin) just took up running to lose baby weight and recently finished her 1st 10k as a milestone to the Princess Half. She’s been asking me to train for it, but I have really let my running go (struggling to complete 5ks these days!) and am using time as an excuse again. Even my hubby just said “let’s get you to Florida to do this race” just 2 days ago! I balked, no longer confident in my abilities.

    Sorry for the long intro, but your give-away really struck me as yet another huge sign that maybe I really should do this…maybe it is time to realize another dream.

    My answers:
    1. I would want to run with Dimity.

    2. Even though you are waaaaayyy taller than me, I love your approach to running and related to so many of your stories in “Run Like a Mother”. I also absolutely LOVED your post TC 10 mile blog. It really touched me.

    3. Pace??? Just finishing without walking would be a huge accomplishment! I imagine the best I could hope for would be 2:30.

    4. Costume? You are both BAMRs!! Who needs a costume? You both have princess-status to me already. Besides, what costume isn’t going to drive you crazy by mile 5? You need to create Princess BAMR tshirts that have tiaras on them in pink and purple. That, plus a matching running skirt and some type of princess-like hat (I’m a total sweater…a hat is a must), and we are all set.

  115. Great idea! Hearing you on the podcast and reading your blog and books, I feel like I already know you. But running with you would be so much better. I would love to do this!
    1. I would be happy to run with either of you.
    2. Both of you would make me laugh and challenge me to dig deep. If forced to choose one of you, I choose Dimity. She gets distracted just like I do.
    3. My half times seem to be getting progressively slower. 🙁 I would love to run it in 2:30.
    4. A costume? Sure! At the very least, color coordinated.

  116. This is such a great giveaway and a great incentive to start training!

    1. Who you want to run with: I would be honored to run with either of you, but I would choose Dimity.

    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR: While training for my first (and thus far, only) half marathon I unfortunately injured my IT bands. Because I was running for the American Cancer Society in honor of my parents, I could not NOT run! I ran the entire 13.1 with two painful knees (that have since improved with physical therapy). I would love to train for and complete a half (INJURY FREE!) with someone who understands the frustration of being derailed by an injury. I’m nervous to train for another race but I can already imagine how inspriring it would be to know I have a BAMR by my side to keep me motivated!!

    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish: With the IT band injury my finish time was 2:45. My original goal was 2:15. So I’d shoot for 2:30!

    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.) OF course!! With my pinterest know-how I’m sure a very cool,runner friendly costume would be easy to find and make the run even more fun and memorable. My two daughters would most likely insist on something sparkly.

  117. 1) & 2) I would love to run with either BAMR! I think Dimity would keep me laughing for the whole race, and Sara would challenge me to step up my game, and I might keep HER laughing for the whole race.

    3) Finish time: If I could do it in 2 hrs, I’d be thrilled, but that wouldn’t account for stopping for pictures. 2:15 is my PR for a half and 2:30 is my lollygagging, talking the whole way, relaxed type of half.

    4) I make a pretty rocking tutu and would customize it to your color preferences. I would also make a matching tutu for my daughter, our cheering section, as it will be her B-day the following day The big 8. (Could also make some for your daughters, but I think now we’re entering bribe territory–oh who cares? Tutu’s all around!)

    Thanks for the consideration,


  118. I would love to win this! I met the two of you at the Disneyland Half and I have had my nose in your books ever since. 🙂
    1. You are both amazing but I would have to choose Sarah this time.
    2. I want to run with Sarah because she is speedy. I want to beat my current PR of 1:56. I would love to run a 1:45, but would be happy with a 1:50. I know Sarah could be my motivation to get me there!
    3. 1:45 – 1:50
    4. I will come up with amazing costumes for us! We probably need to be princesses, but I promise I won’t choose Rapunzel. That hair could be dangerous! 😉

  119. 1. Sarah
    2. Our name means “Princess”–too fitting for us to run together! 3. Provided training goes well–2:30-2:45
    4. Honestly, it’s hard for me to find running clothes to wear to a race. I’m not sure if a costume is within my grasp. But, if you want one, I’m sure I could come up with something!

  120. Please pick me! I am traveling from Canada with my family and friends to Orlando for this one…. The race is 2 days before my 40th birthday! I don’t have any runners in our entourage and it really would be a dream come true to run with a real live BAMR!

    1. I am so thrilled you will both be there… So either of you!

    2. Dimity because she has a beer before races (that’s so BAMR) and SBS because she might Over Share and give me good advice on coping with chafing.

    3. My PB for the half is 2:17 but I am intent on destroying that with the help of the Own It training program. Knowing that I could run with one of you BAMR would give me the incentive I need to even run the Coffee Cup miles!

    4. Absolutely! I have some brilliant (functional yet photo worthy) plans.

  121. 1. I would be honored to run, or try to keep pace with, either of you.
    2. I would want to run with either of you because you have both provided insight on how important it is to find the time for myself. The days I get out for a run I can tell I’m a better person. Juggling a husband that leaves before the sun rises, a teenage daughter and two boys 3 and 4 years old, I need all the energy and good-naturedness a woman can get. Thankfully, my oldest and dearest friend gave me your book ‘Run Like A Mother’ shortly after I started running again back in March. I can’t tell you how many times a recall a comment that was in the book while I’m out hitting the pavement.
    3. This is my first 1/2 marathon participation in my live and would like to finish in 2:30 but I really just want the experience, to finish strong, and see my family at the finish line.
    4. Costumes: absolutely. My first thought are butterflies because in your books you provide a visual that training right, with determination, and dedication the running becomes effortless and you float through the air. Besides, butterflies are beautiful in any shape, size, and color which translate to the both of you and how you both have made women all over the world feel about themselves.

  122. Gosh, I’d love to run with either of you! But if I had to pick one, it would probably be Dimity. Only because, Sarah, you are too darn fast for me! I’m running my way back from knee surgery this past August, so I’m hoping to finish around 2:20. I just made a few tutus for halloween, so I’m sure I could come up with some costme Ideas, although I loved that Snow White runner’s costume that was posted here last year.

  123. 1. Whomever runs the slowest – as I am a turtle!
    2. Neither of you would have to stay with me – I’m OK being a turtle – and being Disney – and this is #1 on my Bucket List – I would take my time to get in all the pics I could!!! Just to prove to all those nay-sayers (my husband…) that I DID IT!
    3. I’ll be lucky to finish in the allotted amount of time!! I’m going to start Jeff Galloway’s training program – I have did my first 5K race October 14th – so I am very very new to this!
    4. Costumes? AS MUCH BLING AS OUR BODY CAN HANDLE!!!! We’ll shine like the top of the Chrysler building!!! Hey – how about body paint??? heheheheheeeee – show those princesses a thing or two about a thing or two…..sorry too many movie quotes!!!

  124. 1. This is ridiculously hard! I feel like you guys just asked me to choose one of my kids as my favorite!!!! I have long thought, based upon various things she has written, as well as her writing style, that Dimity and I would be fast friends. However, I think SBS would totally push me to achieve my goal of a sub 2:00 half. If you choose me, I will be working under the Own It plan (it got me to a 2:01:08 on a very hilly course in June)! So, whichever one of you wants to get me across…

    2. See above…I want one of you to choose ME instead, based upon my adoration of both of you and and sub 2:00 goal!

    3.anything under 2…even a 1:59:59!

    4. I love doing costumes and given until February I can come up with something great. And I have never been to Disney, so it would be amazing to be at Disney in a fantastic costume. However, it would be totally functional, I promise!!!! I am trying to PR, after all.

  125. 1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity): I would be absolutely HONORED to get to run with either one of ya! I know that kind of sounds like a cop-out, but as a new-ish runner that is definitely new-ish to the BAMR community I am in absolute awe of what both of you have accomplished and continue to do so!
    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR: See above…I kind of answered two questions at the same time! LOL
    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver): I’m currently working on getting my finish time down to 2:30 from 2:41, so I would anticipate at least a 2:30 finish…not the fastest runner out there, I know!
    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.): I’m one of the most uncreative mother runners out there so this is probably the toughest question…but I picture Dimity as Cinderella and Sarah as Belle. 🙂 Of course, I would be running as Aurora (my favorite princess since I was a little girl!)

  126. Oh my gosh! I am beyond excited about this giveaway!! First, let me start by telling you that last year I was signed up to relay the Wine and Dine Half at Disney with my BFF (also my BRF). I was running the first leg, only 4.8 miles. While my friend and my husband (who was also running) ate at our hotel before the race I only had a Cliff Kids bar. Saving my calories for food and wine baby! Then I was so pumped up when I got to the relay point (endorphins and Disney magic and all) that I ask if I could keep going with my friend. Great idea! Until mile 10 when I bonked…. That last 5k was not magical. Now finishing the half without prepping was not the dumbest thing I’ve ever done with my friend (we did go to college together), but it wasn’t smart. Since that time I’ve wanted another chance to do a Disney half marathon. Just last week I informed my husband that I am training for the Princess Half and just like Kevin Costner I’m going to will it to happen for me! Field of Dreams style.

    I love both you ladies but as running partners go I would probably slow Dimity down a little less than Sarah…. A realistic time for me would be 2:15-2:20. That said, I have rheumatoid arthritis and some days I’m slower than others…. If you pick me I’m going to make you the badest ass fairy godmother runner costume ever!!

  127. 1)Dimity
    2)I was a bewildered newbie, preparing to run my very first half-marathon alone, wandering around the RunDisney Expo this past September when the announcer said, “Hey, don’t forget to check out the Another Mother Runner booth!” Mother runners?!? “Hey, I’m a mother runner!” I thought, so I walked around that crowded convention hall 5 times until I found the booth. When I got there, Dimity engaged me in conversation right away (Sarah had to step away to record a podcast, but not before picking up the stack of books I knocked over with my purse – SO sorry!), and immediately, I felt connected to a community of women who knew exactly how I felt, that running isn’t just something I like to do…it’s something I have to do. I just completed my 2nd half-marathon last weekend, wearing my Run Like a Mother shirt, so even though I was on that course alone too, I could feel the BAMR community there in spirit! I would really LOVE the opportunity to have a real, live running buddy to tackle those 13.1 miles with. Plus a character photo is much more fun with more than 1 person! On top of all that, I’m a home-schooling mom to my 4 children(ages 1-7), and by February, I’m gonna be ready for a good vacation!!
    3)2 hours
    4)Maybe we can dress up like the Incredibles…being able to manage life and a good training schedule is it’s own super power!

  128. 1. I would love to run with either of you. It would be an honor and so amazing to run with either of you who have been such a part of my running journey through your books and blog.
    2. Either of you would be awesome!
    3. I am currently training for my 1st half. My goal was to finish under 2 hours. I’m going miss that due to IT band issues, so my goal for this one would be to finish in under 2 hours. Gotta keep trying! I’ve always wanted to run a disney race!! {{Glee}}
    4. I’m a creative blogger, so I could take on the challenge to come up with some type of costume…however, I’m competitive, so I also think, “A Costume, won’t that get in the way and what about all the sweat….let’s run!”

  129. Wow. I was going to enter but I read a handful of the entries and all I can say is I’m not worthy!! This is an awesome treat and I hope the winners are BAMRS who are don’t have a regular running partners or were looking for some motivation or have always had the dream of running Disney or haven’t had the opportunity to have crowds cheering for them. Good luck ladies, I’ll be here cheering for you when you win.

  130. 1. Can I choose both? NO? Ok, then I choose Dimity.
    2. Dimity is tall. I am not It would just be too funny to see little 5’1 me and super tall Dimity running down the street.
    3. This will be my FIRST half marathon since having my FIRST baby (Elliot) on May 5th. I ran the Wineglass Half while 8 weeks pregnant. I continued to run throughout my pregnancy (a total of 9 races… get it?) and lead my fun run at a local running store! I have had a few set backs trying to get my running mileage back up (oddly running AFTER post-prego has been more difficult than running while prego for me). This race would be an amazing goal and incentive to get back where I know I can be.
    When would I finish? I would hope around 2:30. Hopefully faster but really, my goal would be to cross the finish line again, this time as a BAMR!
    4. Ready, here is where the height thing plays in. Dimity – Snow White – me a Dwarf! And my friend is short too, so TWO dwarfs. It would be awesome if we could recruit a five more ladies just over the 5 ft mark to be dwarf.

  131. 1. Honestly, I’d be honored to run with either of you. But if I have to pick, I’d pick Dimity.
    2. I’m honestly not sure why. Some of it is gut instinct telling me that we have similar personalities.
    3. Somewhere between 2:00 and 2:15
    4. I’m thinking “The Incredibles”. Because mother runners are incredible!

  132. Holy Mother Runner, is this a Halloween joke….

    1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity) Seriously?? Either- beggars can’t be choosers. I think I would slow Dimity down a little less than Sarah, but I would try to ikeep up with etiher..OMG getting to 2 hours would be amazing…
    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR You 2 are the reasons I started running..and registered for a 1/2 marathon as my 1st race (wait, were you trying to kill me?)
    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver)2:10ish was my last 1/2..I hope for a sub 2 (and I’m cool with a 1:59:59)
    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.).Batman and Robin…Maverick and Goose (ok, that would a tough coustume to run in.

  133. 1. I cannot choose. That is like asking me to pick either chocolate or wine. Love both for different reasons. Don’t be cruel.
    2. I am an avid listener to your podcasts and I think I’d be able to chat away with either of you. BAMRs typically have no problem finding common ground to talk about and maybe we could solve an issue of the day – like world peace or why pie has to have so many calories.
    3. I’d expect to run the half between 2:10 and 2:20 but Disney races are not the place to burn up the pace, if you ask me. They are to be savored and enjoyed for all their craziness.
    4. I’ve run 3 Disneys in the past year and am not a huge fan of the costumes. I am, however, the QUEEN of sparkling out a tech shirt so that’s what we would do. Give me sparkles and some glue and I’m all over it.

    By the way, thanks for the heads up on the NPR radio show, Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me. I love it! I listen to it when I’m doing housework and my kids think I’m crazy because it makes me hoot with laughter.

  134. 1. Dimity

    2. Reading your books I was struck by how much your relationship seems to mirror that of my relationship with my BRF Lynn. I am Dimity- I love running and what it does for my body and psyche, but I am never one to push it until the tank is completely empty (Lynn, on the other hand is SBS all the way- the yin to my yang). We just finished training for and running our first half marathon together and while it was an AMAZING experience, I am left feeling a little disappointed. We did every long run together for over 12 weeks of training- starting at 5:30 am to avoid oppressive St. Louis heat in the summer, rescheduling work and other commitments, whatever it took to get it done. This was probably the most committed relationship we were both in this summer, and considering the fact that we are both married with kids, that’s saying a lot! On race day we ran the first 6 miles together. Lynn was having an awesome run; me, not so much. I encouraged her to go on- after all, it’s a race and I wanted her to give it the all-out effort I knew she had in her. She did, and finished 15 minutes faster than our expected time. I struggled (mentally, not physically) and the wheels fell off around mile 8. I ended up walking most of miles 8-11, and finished 6 minutes later than I hoped. While I am disappointed in myself for not being mentally stronger and running better, I am so proud of my BRF. And while Lynn is (deservedly)pleased with her effort, she feels guilty for leaving me behind. We are already planning and training for our next half, but I wish we could have a do-over. And in my fantasy do-over (hey, dreams do come true at Disney, right?) Dimity would stay with me and keep me mentally strong while SBS encourages Lynn to leave it all out on the course.

    3. I’d like to finish in 2:45. I think Lynn could do 2:30.

    4. I would gladly dress as a Dalmatian puppy and be chased by a Cruella deVil clad Dimity. Even though fear won’t really be a factor, hopefully a few giggles and fun photo ops will help spur us to the finish.

  135. OH my stars and garters!!! I’m nervous just even entering this giveaway…training through the midwestern winter terrifies me, but it’s possible.

    1. I’d like to run with Dimity.
    2. Because… So many of your posts this year have resonated with me that I just know the conversation would be so fluid that maybe my run would match that! (if I can keep up!) Both of you, Sarah and Dimity, are so fierce in your own way that you almost scare the running shorts off of me. And you motivate me to keep doing this running thing…
    3. 2:20-2:30 I just ran a half in August and missed 2:30 by the 7 minutes I had to wait in line for the latrine at mile 3. Some old guy budged in line right when it was my turn. I tell myself he has prostate issues and try to grace him for taking my spot. (but seriously, I timed it, and missed 2:30 by exactly the 7 minutes I had to wait! bugger!)
    4. Costumes? Hmmmm, I could barely find a pair of running shorts to run in for my August half (I seriously have like 15 pairs of new shorts and only 2-3 of them work for me) But I’m creative and have a 2.5 yr. old… if you want costumes, I’m down with that. Oooh! I just got a great idea! 😛

    Okay, pick me, we’ll have a blast and I’ll have a new goal, something I really, really need!

  136. 1.I would be honored to run with either of you because you have inspired myself and so many other women as this great nation.
    2. I would want to run with either of you because you both represent what I didn’t give myself with my two oldest children ~ time by myself and the recognition that it was OK BECAUSE it would make me a better mother, wife, sister, friend, teacher etc.
    Thankfully, I read you book Run Like A Mother shortly after my third and now know better!
    3. I am not a fast runner. I always say I’m the turtle not the rabbit but at least I’m out here!
    4. Absolutely you will wear a costume! Wonderwoman because you’ve shown other woman that they CAN DO IT ALL!!!

  137. 1. Either of you would be awesome, but Dimity wins by a nose
    2. the CO girl connection!!
    3. I’m not in a great running place at the moment (which is why a half in Feb would be AWESOME to train for – I need to sign up for one in any case!), but I think I could manage 2:00 – 2:10, maybe faster by Feb.
    4. I will rock a costume given the chance. I think being a couple of Powerpuff girls would be awesome. I’m a bit more into kicking ass than the princess deal.

  138. 1. I want to run with both of you because you have inspired me to embrace my Bad Ass Mother endorphins and have empowered me with the mindset to continue running and begin my quest to become an IronWOMAN!
    2. I want to run with both of you because I cannot believe that the Disneyland ½ was your first Disney race. You both are so experienced and I’m shocked! I began running in the summer of 2008 with the single goal of running my first WDW Marathon in January 2009. After I completed that marathon I didn’t want to run another step NEVER, EVER, EVER – EVER!!! Once I made it out of my recovery I signed up for the Goofy Challenge for the following year. I have since completed 4 WDW Marathons, 3 Goofy Challenges and 2 Disneyland ½ marathons (Coast to Coast). I remember how excited I was to see you at the expo and meet you both in person! I would want to run at “conversation pace” so we could chat about how awesome Disney races are, what other races & events do you suggest as I look to complete my goal of 50 marathons in 50 states, and brainstorm different ways for new runners to introduce themselves to the sport of running. Also, running the Princess would help me accomplish my buck list goal of running all the runDisney events in one calendar year (and me not paying for the entry fee) without my husband threatening to divorce me.
    3. I normally finish a ½ between 2:15 – 2:20 not stopping for photos (using the run/walk ratio of 2 minute run with a 30 second walk). However, if we stop for photos, then I would think we would finish between 2:30-2:40. During this year’s Disneyland ½ I had the absolutely BEST TIME stopping for all the photos with the princesses, the storm troopers and the army men! After 4 – Disney ½ marathons this was the first time I did and it was a BLAST letting go and embracing the experience and excitement of a Disney event.

    4. I have never worn a costume for any of my Disney races, but my running partner/friend Alison says that at the Princess it is mandatory. Even though I love, love, love Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White, I’m now 41 and I know the value of being yourself and being the best you can be – or at least I preach this to my children and fake it for myself. So in that vein I propose that I make the “princess” costumes for each of us from scratch ! The look would be a cross between Disco Barbie and Wonder Woman with BLING, BLING, BLING! I envision wearing our Bad Ass Mother Runner blue shirts (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and bedazzling it with gold & silver rhinestones to emphasize the script, tutu’s with lots of tulle, sequence and crinoline, matching sparkled arm bands and compression socks, regular running briefs so we don’t chafe, and of course the most obnoxious CROWN’S/tiara’s I can find (although I do want them to be dignified and stay on our heads while running). And this goes without saying BLINGED OUT laces for our worn kicks!

  139. I will seriously drop everything and sell my kidney on craigslist if I need to so I can be there!

    1. Sarah, although I can’t go wrong with either
    2. We could remind each other at certain times during the race to take gu. I’m sort of OCD like that as well
    3. I’d love to go sub 1:40 (PR is 1:41), but if a picture op arises, I’ll gladly sacrifice a PR to have my photo taken with Mickey.
    4. You’re talking to the girl that’s been known to dress at trail race aid stations dressed as the Aid Station Wench. Of course there will be costumes!

  140. i’ve never wanted to win something as much as this!! how FUN! the only problem is i have no way to decide between you two- i enjoy reading & listening to both of you equally! i’d probably run around a 1:50ish… depending on my december marathon recovery & my tenuous IT band. why would i want to win this? are you kidding??
    thanks for the generous giveaway- so fun!

  141. 1. Seriously? This is like asking me if I love my son or daughter more. Like my four year old I just want your undivided attention for several hours!!

    2. You both rock. I’d be honored to have my finish-line picture taken with either one of you.

    3. I’d love to run a sub-1:50. My PR right now is 1:54

    4. Costumes — I’d not much of a costume girl; however, I’d love to run in matching tiaras!

  142. I’m sure you’ll get TONS of entries, but this race is close to my heart – it was my very first HM and training for it and running it was what made me realize that I. AM. A. RUNNER. What a life-changer that event was. It’s the only medal I’ve ever framed.

    1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity) – I’d run with either of you!

    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR – Love that I’ve had a chance to meet Sarah and know her a bit, and love that Dimity is also a recovering Minnesotan. Think I could easily cover 13.1 with either of you sweet girls. (And I pride myself on a pretty wicked sense of humor, just like both of you, so I can promise some laughs along the way. 🙂

    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver) – I have races that I run for FUN with friends, and races that I run to push myself. My fun races usually come in between 1:50 and 1:57. My fasties are usually closer to 1:40. I’d be happy to be anywhere in that window!

    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.) – I teased last time I ran this (it was almost 4 years ago, coincidentally) that if I ran it again, I’d wear a shirt that said “THIS IS MY COSTUME.” I’m not much of a costume girl…think it’s much wittier (or just more me) to come up with something subtle – could also wear a shirt that says “HIT” on the back. (As in “hit and run” think about it.) 🙂


  143. 1. I’d be honored to run with either!
    2. You’re both clearly amazing women!
    3. This would be my first race post-baby and I won’t have my usual amount of time to prep, so I am not 100% sure. Typically I come in around 1:44, but have the goal of breaking 1:40 stuck in my head.
    4. I have never donned a costume for a race before, but would LOVE for this to be my first!

    Why I want to win: I am working (slowly but surely) on eventually doing a half in every state and have yet to do Florida. Plus, I am currently pregnant with baby #2 and had to stop running because I was put on bed rest. I already have a fall 2013 half on my racing schedule and would love to add one in early 2013, especially one that will be soon after baby. LET ME PROVE WHAT A BAMR CAN DO SO SOON AFTER BABY #2!!!

    I am due Jan 8, but the Drs are confident I won’t make it until then. We’re 29-30 weeks now and praying we can make it to 32, then 34, and hopefully even 36 weeks. Any prayers and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated!

    Great giveaway ladies, thanks for the opportunity!

  144. Me, me, pick ME!!!
    1. I love both you ladies SO much. I guess if I can only choose one, I will pick Sarah. However, I would be totally thrilled to get the chance to run with Dimity too!
    2. I am choosing Sarah because I see so many similarities in us: our ages, our marathon times, our aversion to wind, and our approach to races in general. Sarah, when you posted about your mom asking if you could use your camera could sneak and take photos in that beautiful mansion, and you whispered back, “I’m on it!” I almost fell out of my seat!! I could so see myself doing the same thing with my mom. 🙂
    3. Halfs are my favorite distance, and my half PR is 1:40. Although I’d love for us to push each other to run fast, but I’d much rather stay together and have fun than to try to PR. That being said, anything under 2:00 is a-ok with me!
    4. Costumes? Oh YEAH!!! I realize there are challenges to running while dressed, but after seeing the shots of you two ladies in bright pink and blue, I totally want to bippity-boppity-boo (or something like that)!
    Living in Atlanta, it’s not too bad of a flight, and I have permission from hubby to to the chance if I get it. Also, I’d like to extend an invitation to both of you. If either of you want to run an Atlanta area race, please come stay with me. You’ll save some $$ on hotels and probably sleep better too. I’m even fairly close to the airport. How’s that for a sales pitch? 🙂

    1. Ha! Just saw you replied too! Oh my gosh – can you just SEE IT if we got to do this together? Finally get to run together, and with two other girls who are (shall I go so far) running ‘solemates’? Serendipity.

      Regardless of this one, if you EVER wanted to do a race like this together, I’d totally travel with you to do it. (And, my parents live in O-town and my car practically drives itself sooooo…)

      1. Well, Feb 24, that’s kinda my birthday! It’s really on the 25th… and I will be a young 31 in case you’re wondering. As a birthday gift, my parents would love to watch my kids for me if I went to run in FL 🙂

        1. I would pick…Sarah
        2. She’s from the PNW (I live just across the river), so she would understand that I think the idea of running in a non raining state wold be AWESOME! Also, she lives where young people go to retire 🙂
        3. I’ve done 6 half’s this year and finished between 2:23 and 2:29 (for the road races anyway), although I would love to be under 2:15… but if I stop to take pictures, which I’m pretty sure would happen (How would you not take pictures at Disney?!?!?), then it would 100% be about the experience for me and not about the time
        4. I believe in glitter and sparkles for road races, and that dressing up is fun (trail races are a whole different beast, I like to pretend I’m Katniss) My 4 year old is going to be Repunzal tonight so I may just use her dress as a running skirt!

  145. Finally! Not only a contest we can enter from Canada, but THE mother of all contests. We LOVE running, we LOVE Disney, we LOVE Dimity & Sarah (want to be just like them when we grow up!). We consider ourselves to be the younger and less successful Canadian cousins of Dimity & Sarah – and our goal race is the Princess Half! We are already booked for our race to the Castle. So, we would like to pair up!
    1. Jodi would run with Dimity and Alana would run with SBS
    2. Jodi is the “Sarah” and Alana is the “Dimity” of our partnership – we would mix it up so that Jodi would relax and enjoy the experience more, and Alana would push herself somewhat (or screw that, we just embrace who we are and Jodi runs with SBS and Alana runs with Dimity – whatever!)
    3. We want to stop and smell the roses a bit (ie take some character photos – fine, we admit we just want some photographic evidence that we actually ran a half marathon). SO Jodi will run for 2:30 and Alana for 3-3:15.
    4. Costumes are our specialty! We have every single colour of Team Sparkle skirts between us – and really, half of the appeal of running is the shopping! Give us two more runners to dress up and we are in costume heaven!!!
    5. We know there is no #5 so please take this as a desperate plea from your sole sisters to the north – if you choose to meet us and run with us, you will love us. We are a hoot. Promise. We will have been training for this race for a full year by the time we run it – it is a dream come true and the only thing that would make it better would be running with our idols/mentors/BAMRs Dimity & Sarah.

    PS Yes, we are the ones who have blogged about how much we love you guys – And Dimity, after Disneyland, I (Jodi) was the one to suggest to runDisney on Twitter that you guys should run the Princess!!! (I’m sure I was the only one with that incredibly original idea)

    Vote for Princess Jodi and Princess Alana! XOX

  146. 1. Whoever is most willing to run at my tortoise like pace.
    2. It would be an honor to run with either of you. I take my sweet time so whoever is less concerned about their finishing time.
    3. This would be my first 1/2 so my goal is to finish without falling out!
    4. I have a princess adoring 6 year old who would be more than willing to advise me on proper princess attire. She has plenty of tiaras and fairy wings!

  147. 1. Both of you, but only if we all hold hands.
    2. You two are like a Reese’s Cup, can’t have the peanut butter without the chocolate.
    3. Depends on whether or not you swing me when we run.
    4. We go as Fireside girls.

  148. 1. Dimity
    2. Because we both turned 40 this year! And because I plan to do my first sprint triathlon in 2013 (I have dreams of doing an Ironman before I turn 50) and I need some tips on getting over my bike fears (I’m not a great swimmer, yet, but I’m confident I won’t sink).
    3. I would love to come in under 2:30
    4. My new favorite Disney movie is Brave. Merida is bad ass for sure. I have some sewing skills and I’m thinking some kilts wouldn’t be bad to run in.

  149. 1. Dimity
    2. I think our styles would be similar
    3. This would be my first half-but I’ve got the book and I will train (I am slow!)
    4. I ‘mnot afraid of costumes.

  150. 1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity) Sarah
    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR -because we could call ourselves Sarah squared!
    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver) Well I usually do around 1:35 but Disney races are fun, so I would just want to finish happy and strong.
    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.) Well I could, but it won’t be a tutu because I am not a frilly girl.

  151. Finally, a contest I can enter from Canada!
    1. Sarah
    2. First, she’s closer to my height (I’m 5’2″); second, I think we’ve got a similar pace; and third, I’d love to talk about Boston.
    3. Around 1:57, ideally a little bit faster
    4. Will have to think hard about wearing a costume….

  152. 1. Probably Dimity…but I would be THRILLED to run with either of you so I don’t have a strong preference!
    2. Because Sarah is a bit more competitive…and I’m not a competitive racer. I have always dreamed of running through Disney and I just want to soak it all in.
    3. My first half marathon I finished in 2:40, which was slower than I planned but the weather conditions were just awful. So I’m hoping to beat that time – 2:30 is my general goal.
    4. Costumes…hmm. I will think of something.

    This is your best giveaway yet!

  153. 1. Who you want to run with (Sarah or Dimity) Love you both, but Sarah.
    2. Why you want to run with that particular BAMR I think Sarah and I have more in common “running-wise”. Read: time goal oriented.
    3. How fast you anticipate you’ll finish (we don’t want to promise any finishing time we can’t deliver) Under 2 hours, would like to PR. Current PR: 1:52
    4. If you’ll come up with a really cool costume for us to wear. (A joke. Kind of.) I’m game. I will brainstorm. I love Disney, so it should be easy.

    P.S. I have a voucher for a free flight, so I can make it for sure. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use it. This race has been on my list since they created it a couple of years ago. I would love to run with Sarah!

  154. 1. Sarah, because she spells her name correctly! 😉
    2. I love both equally, hence the silly reason above
    3. 2:10
    4. Tutus and fairy wings for sure. I’ve always wanted to do that!

  155. 1. Dimity
    2. She’s a little slower and even still I would have to train super hard to run with her.
    3. If I train hard and consistently all winter long I could probably finish in 3:30. I am a s l o w Mother runner. But after the tough up and down year I have had this would mean the world to me.
    4. I would make tutus and we can be princesses- I would be Sleeping Beauty and Dimity could be her favorite Disney Princess.

  156. 1. This was very hard- If I had a choice, I would run with BOTH of you, but if have to choose – Dimity
    2. I have not had the chance to meet Dimity, like I have the pleasure with Sarah aka SBS. It would be awesome to run with this woman I feel I already know through Facebook and the podcast, and who I feel a kinship as a Penguin Runner- who enjoys the journey of the run as much as the finish!
    3. I usually run 2:03-2:08 – but since I have been working on the Run Like a Mother HM Own it Plan (RLAM W3 D3!) I hope to get under 2:00 by Tinkerbell. This means I would could run an average pace of about 9:30 to 12:00 to enjoy the race with Dimity
    4. This would be a dream come true! I am running the Tinkerbell in January and then flying out to Princess to run with Dimity in our matching Sparkle Skirts! I would love it if we could be Tinkerbell and Periwinkle to go against the Costume theme! ( Also since I am running in the Autism Speaks Team Up gear at Tinkerbell)

    (I get your emails at [email protected])

  157. 1. Not that I don’t love Dimity, but I want to run with SBS.

    2. She IS my BRF after all 😉

    3. I generally run anywhere between 10-11 minute miles, but SBS can push me. I’m down with that!

    4. I’ll definitely dress up. In a house full of boys I need all the frill I can get 🙂

    Dear sweet Lord I hope I win this!!!

  158. 1~ either~ I just want to go to Disney
    2~both will motivate me because I usually am solo when I race
    3~would love to do 2 hours (usually a bit over)
    4~wonder women would be appropriate for them (although that’s not Disney)

  159. 1. Don’t make me choose! But, Dimity.
    2. Mainly for the triathlon angle. And because I like freakishly tall people. And because she says things during the podcast (not that Sarah doesn’t, and not that I can pinpoint any at this moment) that totally happen to me in my family and I think – celebrities/BAMRs, they’re just like us!
    3. Here’s the deal. I’d say 2:15 or so for me, but if you’re willing to run with a posse of mother runners (there are 6 of us from a local Moms Run This Town group going to the Princess together), it will be slower than that to keep us all together.
    4. I’m already piecing together a Jesse the cowgirl costume, and I’m not sure what the others have planned, but one of the ladies is an inspired running costume creator. We could come up with something, for sure!

  160. 1. Dimity
    2. I run intervals – I think she would be less annoyed by the run/walk
    3. Around 3? Pics and smiles!
    4. Not really an all out costume person but can come up with something. I won’t go all glittery.

  161. 1- Either, as long as you’re willing to go at a 2:30 pace 🙂
    2- I think Sarah would push me since she’s the competetive one and Dimity would be the more relaxed partner
    3- 2:30 Did Princess last year at 2:34 including a pee break
    4- Sparkle skirts finally has a white skirt AND Disney just bought Star Wars. Princess Leia anyone?

  162. I started running when I lived in Florida. My first mini marathon was the Minnie Mouse Marathon (which was a 15k and now the Princess Half) and my first Tri was the Disney World Olympic Distance Triathlon. If we run together I can tell you all about the brain eating bacteria they were concerned about in the lake at Wildnerness Lodge. Good times. I have always wanted to run Disney again.

    1. That is a tough one. Probably SBS but you are both wonderful.

    2. I would love to learn more about marathon training with a crazy schedule, two young kids and an amazing husband. I would also love to get your opinion on the reality of qualifying for Boston. Last but not least, I would love to PR at the Happiest Place on Earth.

    3. 1:45

    4. I am a dance teacher so I have a sequin and a tutu problem. You’ve been warned.

  163. 1. Dimity
    2. I love her self-deprecating sense of humor and overall attitude (and share it). I would love to meet her and to run with her would be all the better!
    3. I don’t really care. My fastest half was last April in 1:48 but I was gasping for breath and miserable. I’m not running with Dimity unable to talk, so slower than that.
    4. Yes. Although it won’t be one of the standard four. I have an 8 year old girl and am never going back.

  164. 1. Dimity
    2. I am a Tri girl and would love to chat with Dimity about tris and Sarah is way too fast for me.
    3. 3:15
    4. Tiara and tutu!

  165. 1. Dimity
    2. Although it would be amazing to run with both of you, I don’t think I can keep up with SBS!
    3. I followed train like a mother and just got my first sub 2 hour half. Hoping to get closer to 1:50 next time!
    4. Costume…hmmm, a tutu. My daughter will have to pick the color to match the princess!

  166. 1. Hard choice, but Dimity is more my speed.
    2. The humor. I met you both at Seattle R&R this past June and found that chatting about TMI, triathlons, and other random things was a great connection with Dimity. In reading recent blog entries, it feels like we have encountered similar situations as well.
    3. Sub 2. I did a sub 2 at the Indianapolis Mini in 2011 and have since then done a few halfs just over that 2 milestone (by 2-3 minutes).
    4. Costumes? You bet! I was a Disney Imagineer for a few years and a customer for over 10 years. I changed careers in order to start my family and support them (I am now a fundraiser). Let’s talk and decide something we can both agree on, and I will get sewing!

  167. 1. who to run with…I feel like I am picking teams,I never liked to be Team captain..but I choose Sarah.
    2. Honestly Dimity cracks me up and I am not the greatest laugher/runner……
    3.My goal would be between 2:08-2:10
    4. costume….of course, I am game for anything but would love a cute Minnie ensemble

  168. 1. Either one would be great but I think Dimnity as Sarah is so scarey fast I could never keep up..I would try but end up needing medical attention!
    2. As I said above, SBS is turbo charged! Also, I felt a kindred spirit with Dimnity when I heard her read the poem about the trail based on the Giving Tree.
    3. I would hope to finish in under 3 hours as I want to enjoy this race and take as many photos as possible. I love taking pictures and this would be such an opportunity.
    4. Custumes?! Hello?! I wear a tutu in every race I run. I make them in all different colors based on the theme of the race. I would love to create one especially for both of you.

  169. 1. Dimity

    2. Sarah is FAST…and I am SO not that fast

    3. 2:20

    4. Dress up?!? Yes, please!

    My family already has a week at Disney booked for that week. This would be the icing on the cake!

  170. 1.OK, possibly this is creepy, but my RBF and I usually pretend like she’s Dimity and I’m SBS because I’m super type A and competitive. BUT I’ve been injured and have been following Dimity’s bike-to-run plan for 2 weeks now. So I’m not sure…but I think I’ll be ready for SBS.

    2. A few things (in addition to pace): remember the podcast when SBS said something about her indulgent food being something prepackaged from Trader Joes? Um, that’s me. And I’ve been through my own version of “the streak.” Starting to feel like a stalker, but seriously…

    3. My best half marathon is 1:31 (over the past 3 years, I’ve improved from a 1:50 to 1:41 to 1:31 in my September half). I’d like to be able to run Disney for fun.

    4. Can we run with mermaid tails?? I know Ariel’s not the most PC Disney girl, but wearing a mermaid costume would pay homage to the HOURS I’m spending going nowhere doing my “aquajogging” 🙂

  171. 1. Sarah…..or both: )

    2. Sarah would be a great motivator for all the miles…..but in reality i would just be lucky to run with either to pick your brain!

    3. Two hours

    4. As long as you are willing to dress up, I’d make our costumes….would include glitter, pink, and feathers!

  172. So funny about this giveaway…I have wanted to run a half at Disney for so long but never could get anyone else interested in running it with me 🙂

    1. I would be honored and tickled to pieces if either of these girlies would run with me! Can you tell I am desperate for a running partner? 🙂 I am!

    2. I think I answered this question in number 1 above.

    3. This would be my first 1/2 ever! So far…I have only run 5Ks & 10Ks. I think I could do it in under 2 hours.

    4. Costume – I love that we can dress up! It would be fun to be Huey, Dewey & Louie, or dress-up as different birds from the ‘Enchanted Tiki Room’.

  173. 1. Sarah
    2. Because Dimity is focusing on her triathalon (and not necessarily road races) and I like to go fast and I have some of the same preparation tendancies that Sarah has. Plus Sarah is a few inches closer to my height.
    3. Between 1:45-1:50
    4. I am not a huge “costume” person but I could certainly come up with some cool outfits.

  174. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ZOMG. If I have to chose? Dimity….

    2. …only because SBS has speed that terrifies me. I’d love to pick her brain a little on the triathlon idea that’s been playing around in my head. Also, I have NO IDEA how to make a snot rocket happen. Maybe she can give me some pointers.

    3. I don’t mess around with my runDisney races – I take every single picture opp on the course, and thank every volunteer. I don’t think I’ve finished a runDisney race in under 3 hours. So…. 3:05?

    4. I don’t just *like* running in costume. I LOVE COORDINATING MATCHY MATCHY themed costumes. I also own every color of Team Sparkle skirt available, so the opportunities are endless. So, yeah, I mean, I GUESS if a costume is necessary, I could do that 😀

  175. 1. Sarah–though I don’t think anyone could go wrong with you two!
    2. Sarah, you are such a self-motivated person that I’m sure I could learn a ton from you in 13.1 miles. I’d love to hear race recaps, what you were like as a younger runner and where you see yourself going as a runner. I just finished my first marathon through injuries and some burn out. It would be great to run a race with someone with so much focus. I’m feeling a little slackness coming on :(.
    3. Time? So this would be the cruel part: 2:20-2:25. So, pretty slow!
    4. I love purple…purple fairies it is. I’ll bring the wings.

  176. Let me start by saying that the princess half marathon is what started me into considering more running (kind of my goal) I’m super excited about this offer.

    1- CHAMPY
    2- I chose Sarah because of her connection to Oregon. In the past 18 months I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to visit 5-6 times for business and have met some awesome runners-bikers-hikers, etc. I admit I’m afraid of the hills out there so I have yet to attempt to run them yet! PLUS I think I have two trips or so planned prior to the princess half so we could totally “train” together 🙂
    3- I would like to finish the half marathon. I believe Disney says 16 minute mile… So she could probably lap me a couple times.
    4- I would probably do a theme around “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”…I hear the theme SONG in my head “SARAH AND ANOTHER MOTHER RUNNER AND ME!!! (please sing to theme song).

  177. 1. I would love to run with either one! Don’t make me choose!

    2. Why can’t I choose? Well one loves Phish Food ice cream and the other loves Usher. Too hard!

    3. I want to finish under 2 hours. If I train hard, under 1:50.

    4. Costume? How about clown fish?!

  178. 1. Dimity
    2. Well, I’d definitely be routing for a shout out of “God Bless Central Park” (that *always* makes me laugh when I’m recycling through podcasts) to lighten the “I’m running my first half marathon and want to die” mood. Also, truthfully I have running and aqua-bike questions coming out of my ears and would like to hear Dimity’s laid back but determined perspective.
    3. My goal is 2:15-2:30. I’ll be a smidge disappointed if I can’t make 2:30 work.
    4. Most definitely! I’ve already got my “design team” (AKA my 4 year old preschooler) working on it.

  179. OMG…I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I am so in love with reading and checking out BAMR’s latest posts and information!

    1. Who do I want to run with??? Either one would be SO Amazing! I would love running with such an inspirational woman and be able to talk about running and exercise in general with such a pro!

    2. As stated above, either would be awesome!

    3. I would like to finish in about 1:35:00-1:45:00

    4. I could come up with a great costume for us!

  180. This is so awesome! I hope I’m first to answer 🙂

    1. Dimity…
    2. … for a VERY practical reason – SBS is too fast for me! Also, I’d love to talk about triathlons.
    3. 2 hrs or just under 2.
    4. Of course.

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