Hump Day Giveaway: Run Twin Cities!

I’m not much for repeating routes. It’s why I love living in a city laid out on a grid, with unlimited options for loops. (Even if running home on NE 27th isn’t all that different from NE 26th….) It’s why I’m so jazzed to use the FASTZach mobile app, which helps me find all sorts of new routes in Portland and when I’m traveling. And it’s what’s compelled me to never repeat a marathon until I tackled Boston (can ya blame me?!) for a second time last year. Prior to that, I’d run a dozen different marathons—a factoid I’m curiously proud of.

Two of the BAMR cheer squad -- Dimity (the tall one) and Jo (the less tall one) -- at the TCM marathon in 2016.

But one other route is so captivating—and lined with such enthusiastic spectators and organized with such runner-centric details—I’m once again going to break my one-and-done rule: the Twin Cities Marathon (TCM) on October 1. It's also a goal race for the Train Like a Mother club, which means there will a huge BAMR contingent ready to run or cheer.

I ran TCM in 2012, and I have incredibly fond, vivid memories of it. The weather was crisp (below freezing at the start), but the sun shone brightly. The autumn leaves were at their peak, and thanks to the sunshine, it was like running under a stained glass window in glorious shades of yellow, red, and vermillion. The mostly rolling course went past numerous lakes, providing bursts of blues and greens into the stained glass effect.

These faces (and more) might be there to cheer you on.

The course winds by beautiful homes, many with large front yards with parties of cheering spectators—I’ve never seen or felt more exuberant hometown support at a race. Last year, I worked the race expo, and I keenly felt I was missing out on the fun on a solo run along the banks of the Mississippi River. I vowed that morning: I’m going to run TCM next year! So I’m making good on my promise to myself. While I won’t hop on the official Train Like a Mother Club training plan until the end of May, I’ve already done a few routes that simulate the final gradual-but-steady climb that greets runners in the final 10K of the marathon.

Of course, each of those simulation-routes were different 😉

If you want to join me at the TCM marathon on October 1, AMR is giving two lucky women an entry each to the race. To sweeten the deal, the winning runners will also get a free entry into the Train Like a Mother program (either traditional or heart rate) for this race. All you need to do is comment below with an answer to this question: are you a "never the same race twice-r" or a "give me a familiar route-r."

The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 3/29/17 and ends on 4/4/17. We will announce two random winners on our Facebook page on 4/7/17, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of this prize is $125 for race entry and $80 or $150 depending on the training program. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

266 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Run Twin Cities!

  1. For full marathons I want to be a one and done…so many to choose from and why train all those miles to run the same route again 🙂 1/2 marathons I would make some slight exceptions for if the scenery was wonderful 🙂

  2. I am definitely a repeat racer. I have never thought of myself as a “serious” enough runner to race very far from home. Fortunately, running in Colorado is beautiful! However, the idea of hanging out with a group of BAMRs may be the key to getting me out of my comfort zone.

  3. I’m all about the familiar! I like challenging myself to improve on segments and I just feel more comfortable when I know where I’m going! I have several races I repeat each year, including the TC 10-mile…but hanging out to cheer on the marathoners after the 10-mile last year has compelled me to want to do the full…at least the last 10 miles will be familiar 🙂

  4. I prefer new races with different scenery, unless it is a special race that I try to do annually with friends. Though my long training runs are generally on the same path so I can judge distance/time and compare to previous runs.

  5. I repeat races but I like the big ones, either marathons or where I train really hard for a particular time goal, to be new. I think it brings a renewed energy to my running.

  6. I don’t mind repeats. It’s nice to feel comfortable with logistics of a location on race day. Wouldn’t mind doing this one though!

  7. I’m always up for trying new courses, but I would rather run a handful of my favorite races. Twin Cities is one of those races in my book. 🙂

  8. I have several shorter races that I repeat each year but my six half marathons have all been unique and in a one else hour radius. I think that will change soon though since Dayton, OH is not exactly the running capital of the world.

  9. In training, I like to mix it up. But in some races, I’m a streaker! I was so upset to have been injured last year for a local half. I broke my streak of running it since its inception. (But I froze my mitts off giving medals at the finish! Had to participate somehow!). ran it again this year, though.

  10. Depends….like to go out and see new routes but sometimes the convenience from the ‘ol tried and true works better.

  11. A little of both. The worst race course in the world – have run almost every yr since I was 10 yrs old. So I guess that’s to say, I go when my running buddies go – especially if it’s my 70 yr old aunts and uncles (the annual hometown “fun” run with the stupid hill).

  12. I’m a familiar race person in general, but I enjoy the “destination races” (both full and halfs) I’ve done in London, Oxford, and a few other places.

  13. A little of both – there are a couple races I love doing over and over, but my preference is trying out new ones! Whenever we travel my first order of business is to see where I’m going to run, and as my daughter has relocated a couple times I’ve planned races around visiting her. (Hoping for Hershey half marathon this year since she just moved to PA!)

  14. This was my first marathon and after foot injury and twins…I have not ran one in 7 years Great place to start back at it and now I’m only 2 hours away

  15. Give me a familiar race!! 2017 will be the fifth year in a row my husband and I have run Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth and plan to keep doing so in years to come. I’ve never run the TC marathon and would love to though!!!

  16. TCM was my first and only marathon, but I would definitely do it again…it was an amazing course with awesome crowd support. I do the same 1/2 marathon every June with friends…love the familiarity of the course. There’s a mental tack taken away from knowing what’s around every curve.

  17. There are a few I would do again for sure! I’d love to run JFK again- maybe this time while my husband is stateside and not deployed- but the excitement of a new course and a new city is my favorite way to be a tourist!

  18. I do most of my training these days on the treadmill, making for a VERY familiar route haha! However, I switch up what I’m listening to, so that keeps it fresh, and my workouts are varied, which keeps my head in the game!

  19. It depends. Some races I’d do over and over (like London Marathon. Love everything about the race except the lottery to get in).
    I’ve done Chicago twice and will be doing Disney (Dopey) twice but my motivation was redemption/pursuit of a PR and for a friend.
    I’ve come to realize that Marathons are hard on the body and are very precious and to be treasured. So i want to experience more and I pick and choose now and I doubt I’ll repeat a course unless there’s a really really good reason to.

  20. I think I’m a little of both. I run the same route around my neighborhood and it doesn’t bother me. I also run a few of the same races every year and I enjoy knowing the route. On the other hand, I like to try out new running routes with new scenery. I would prefer that if I am going to run another marathon, that it be one that I haven’t already done, in a city that I haven’t been to before.

  21. I haven’t run enough marathons (3) to be a repeater. There are a few races I like do over and over. I am way too much a creature of habit with my around town running route – that is where I really need to branch out (and perhaps try FASTZach!). It would be fun to win this entry, as I have been trying to decide what marathon I should do next.

  22. Love a familiar route, especially TCM! We live close to the marathon course. As soon as I cross the Franklin Bridge and Minneapolis turns into St. Paul I have a huge surge of pride about “coming home”. TCM is one of the best marathons in the country!

  23. I used to love familiar courses, but I’ve grown weary of the same local marathons every year. With the exception of the Top of Utah Marathon and it’s gorgeous fall colors, I’ve made it a goal to run in as many different places as my legs will take me. Last year it was Amsterdam. The year before was Berlin. I don’t know what’s next, but wherever it is will be memorable.

  24. Can I be both? We move a lot~ Each time I get to a new city, I’m excited to run the local (and new to me) races. However, I enjoy running them multiple times if I’m lucky enough to stay put for long enough!

  25. I am a one time race (marathoner); except for the Philadelphia marathon. I love traveling to races, running new routes and areas and meeting new people. That is also why my 2BFRs and myself do yearly destination half marathons. We get to see each other and experience many different and great places!

  26. I am somewhere in between. We are a military family, so we move every 2 or 3 years. I run the same races sometimes for 2 years, but then we move. I run everywhere. I prefer to mix up my training run routes!

  27. I am a repeater for some races, but always looking for a new race to try. Living in WI, it would be an easy trip to the twin cities for the 10 miler. I actually added it to my goal race sheet this year, but have not committed to it yet, i.e. Paid the fee- as I’m waiting to see how my first half goes, first half sprint and a fall 50 mile relay with 5 friends….didn’t want to be over ambitious #alltheraces . But it is on my radar!

  28. I keep debating with myself if I want a chance at winning this prize 😉
    I’m a “repeater”runner. Love the TC 10 miler! Been debating about the marathon – it’s been in the back of my mind.

  29. I’m more of a familiarity runner, but I will get out of my comfort zone to run a new race that I hear others rave about. I love running bigger races that provide lots of spectators and lots of fan fare along the way!

  30. Both! I have a few favorite races I have wanted to do more than once, but I like trying new races, especially if there is an interesting destination involved.

  31. Both! I love running a new race but the comfort of the familiar often draws me back. Due to family schedules, the date of the race is often the deciding factor.

  32. I typically run 2 halfs per year. Spring is always a new race, but I tend to stick to the Detroit International in October because I LOVE THIS CITY! However, would love to run TCM so would be willing to skip Detroit for a year!

  33. I’m both! I’ve run the Twin Cities Marathon seven times. My dad ran the first. I grew up in the Twin Cities and this course is like running in my backyard during the most stunning time of year in Minnesota. It doesn’t get much better than an October marathon surrounded by lakes and the changing of the leaves.

  34. I love doing the same races over and over. I am a creature of habit and love knowing what I am getting into. It’s also fun to see how you improve on the same course.

  35. In the past, I have been a creature of habit and have run the same races year after year, always trying to best my previous time. As I near my mid-40’s, however, I am becoming more excited by the race day experience than the focus on a shiny new PR (and let’s face it, I just don’t think I can outrace my young, spry 30-something self anymore!). I have only ever run one marathon course and would love to branch out this year, especially to a neighboring state!

  36. I like the “tried and true” of familiar races and courses, but also like the occasional “new to me” course… the only way to find new favorites! Twin Cities is AWESOME! I grew up there, parents still live there, and ran the marathon 2 years ago. Epic course! But yes, if you do it, prepare yourself for the gradual uphill towards the end (the only part of the course I wish I could change!!)

  37. I love a new route or race but if i am working on time my familiar loops give me comfort. Twin cities is a bucket list item for me. Would love to do it with the group.

  38. I get bored easily with the same routes, but this year I Got a PR on my half marathon time in a race that mimicked my long run training route. It felt like a home court advantage, knowing exactly where I was, and more importantly exactly where the finish line waited! The best part of that advantage was seeing friends all along the way!

  39. I’m more of the same course runner but love to run new ones. I ran the Twin Cities Marathon last year and am gearing up again for it this year. What a wonderful course!!!

  40. I rarely repeat races, but I would agree that the Twin Cities Marathon is definitely worth repeating! It’s the only marathon I’ve run more than once!

  41. I have a few “must-do”races every year, for various reasons. On the other hand, one of my favorite things to do is visit a new town/city, and run a random race there. So I guess I’m both!!

  42. I luv the familiarity along with the “race” against myself on the same course. It also makes me feel like I am learning something new about “racing”

  43. I’m a little of both – I need new routes for my daily miles, but I like the familiarity of knowing what to expect at a race. I guess I’d have to choose a same race twice-r!

  44. I am definitely a “give me a familiar route-r”!! I love TCMarathon and have run it 4 times with the 2017 to be my 5th year in a row!! My goal this year is a 5:15 marathon to have a new PR. Hopefully training this year in Colorado will help me meet this goal!

  45. I’m not certain how many more times I’ll do 26.2, but I’m DEFINITELY running Twin Cities this fall. My brf and I ran it in 2014, and it’s my favorite so far of the 6 I’ve run. This one is special to me, because I hope to qualify for Boston–I’ve squeaked before, but not gained entry yet, and this year I’ll be hitting a new age group. Post-race, we return home to Chicago, and work the mile 18 aid station at THAT race, which is our other favorite 26.2 activity, (especially knowing ones own race effort is in the bag.)

  46. I like running the same route… I see new things that I missed the first time around.
    I am already signed up for the TCM. This is my first marathon. I am looking for training and the support.

  47. Some races are worth for me to repeat some are not! It all depends… Did TCM last year and I would love to do it ahah this year!

  48. I loved a good 5k repeat to keep my running in check, but I moved after a year beginning longer races. So I am now left to explore new territory. The TCM has been in my sights.

  49. I do like running the same race more than once – love knowing what’s ahead of me! But I also love new adventures too!!

  50. I’m a repeater! But I love running a variety of races. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. After the last podcast I was inspired by SBS and Molly to go for TCM again (coming back after baby #4).

  51. I find a run a course better the second time through. Not sure if it’s knowing better what to expect or if my nerves are better in a familiar environment, but races and training runs are always tough for me on a new route.

  52. YES!! Maybe I’m biased since I live in the Twin Cities, but the TC Marathon is one of the best out there! Beautiful course, nonstop crowds. Can’t wait to take my third stab at it this year!

  53. I have only repeated a half marathon once. I’m not opposed to it, but I like to see new places and try new things. Honestly, I will run almost anywhere, anytime, for a break from my kids and some good girl talk.

  54. I am both. Each year I run the Fargo Marathon, but love to plan out of state races like ragnar, ultra and a tri.

  55. So far I’ve been a “give me a familiar route-r,” but there aren’t that many options for routes or races in my area. Would love to go to Minneapolis/St. Paul to experience somewhere new!

  56. I have run TC Marathon twice and it is a beautiful and festive course. I’ve also volunteered at the mile 20 waterstop a few times. Can’t beat staying close to home and running a familiar route, especially with my Moms On The Run friends.

  57. I love the excitement of a new race but feel comfort in a familiar race particularly if I have scouted out the best hotel, pre-race dinner spot and have an idea of the how to navigate the city.

  58. Oh I am a fan of my usual route but plan to do the twin cities- haven’t actually signed up so this is a golden opportunity ! Hint hint! It would be a familiar route as I went to Macalester college and have an aunt and uncle who lived on Summit ave!!!

  59. After logging most of my miles on a treadmill at 4am with the view being the light on the baby monitor, I’ll take whatever I can get 🙂

  60. I will run the Twin Cities Chain Lakes over and over again. I never get tired of running around Lake of the Isles, Calhoun or Harriet!

  61. I prefer to run the same routes but race different ones! I’m a TC native that grew up watching my dad race this race every year and would love to make it my first marathon!

  62. I kind of like running the same race twice if it’s a great one! I also like exploring new routes. A full is on the horizon!!

  63. Somewhere in-between. I like the excitement of the unknown and no idea of finish time but sometimes it is nice to run a familiar route and see if I can better my time. Of course, after not running for 18 mo to 2 yrs, I will take anything!

  64. With there being so many races to choose from, I tend to do a race only once and then pick another. But after the unseasonably hot weather of the other fantastic MN race, Grandma’s Marathon, think I may have to tackle that one again! Hopefully with better results this time!

  65. No issues running the same race here. Never ran a full but starting to toy with the idea of the Twin cities full. This would lock it in for me

  66. Both! There ar a few local spring races that I do almost every year, but I love a new race, route, and scenery!

  67. Never run the same race twice-r. I would love to win this. I live in the Twin Cities and haven’t ran the TC Marathon!!

  68. I tend to stick with familiar races and routes. I send my only son off to college in the Fall and am looking forward to exploring some new races.

  69. For races I seem to gravitate towards the never-been-done side but for training I’m a creature of habit. My treadmill or the reassuring familiarity of my favorite routes keep me feeling safe and strong as I stride along.

  70. I’ll run a familiar route if it’s worthwhile. Some courses are meant to be one and done. Others are worth a second (or third) trip.

  71. I prefer running the same route. It is a bit less stress. I only do the same route though if it is a nice one. Also so I can compare my times.

  72. Typically I’m a once and done-r type but there’s always those races I can’t wait to tackle again. Some races are so beautiful and well put together that you have to go again.

  73. I have a few favorite races that I like to run every year! Portland Shamrock Run 15k and Missoula Half Marathon are my top two favorites

  74. I have no problems running the same race twice. In fact, there is a marathon where I live that is only two years old. I plan on running every year – I want to be a streaker!

  75. I have a few favorites, like the TCM 10 Mile, but I love trying new races in the hope of finding another must repeat!

  76. Definitely a repeater but always looking forward to something new and exciting, otherwise I would never get to experience the races and faces in theses fabulous cities.

  77. I usually lean more toward running a different marathon each time, but some are worth repeating like New York City or Ottawa (my hometown). I have never run TCM so that would be perfect for me to try a new race!

  78. What an exciting giveaway! I’m not much of a racer in general (I’ve done 5k-50miles, but only done one official race of each ONCE!) . That being said, TCM was my first and only official marathon and I LOVED it. I bonked for about four miles, was so disappointed with my time, but still look back on it fondly. I’d love to run this race again as my first ever repeat race.

  79. Would love to never repeat but I live 2.2 miles down one road in my neighborhood, only so much variety I can get. Try to mix it up on the weekend!

  80. Would love to be a never repeater but live 2.2 miles into my neighborhood. There is only so much variety you can get with shorter weekday runs. I try to mix it up on weekend long runs.

  81. I’m a repeater, only because its hard to get away to run new races. This marathon entry could change that though! 🙂

  82. I’m very much a creature of habit…all my races (not a ton; I’ve only been a runner for 3-4 years) have been the same local races. I have never run an out of town race (farther than an hour from home) and had planned to do a Trail Ragnar in Mont Tremblant this fall…UNTIL THEY CANCELED IT! UGH! I would love to branch out and try a big race like Twin Cities!

  83. I’m definitely a repeater! But I still love running new races. I could see myself not repeating any big races unless they are local but definitely repeat the local ones.

  84. I think there is something about slipping on a oldie but a goodie pair of running shoes. Same with routes! You can let your mind and body go on autopilot and just run!

  85. For some races I am definitely a “repeat offender”, especially ones that are close to home and are for a specific cause that is near and dear to my heart. If I really didn’t enjoy the race the first time, I won’t do it again. As for marathons, I have only run the TC marathon and would love to do it again. I am hoping to broaden my horizons and run some destination marathons once my boys are older and I have more time and money (if that truly happens)!

  86. With 3 littles 5 and under, right now it’s just easier to repeat races close to home. I seem to always need to go home and nurse a baby, so being at home just makes things simpler. Someday I will spice things up!

  87. Never the same race twice. Unless I run that race differently- like with a friend or for a reason…there is something so special about a new adventure. Plus there are so many races- it’s a great excuse to travel and experience another city!

  88. I play both sides on this one. One marathon I have repeated twice (Napa) and another I’ve done a three-peat (Milwaukee, two pr’s followed by a trip back as a pacer). Then six other one timers.

  89. It totally depends on the race! The bugs ones I’ve done more than once but I’m trying to hit all 50 states so I’m trying not to repeat them now.

  90. I am happy to do the same races – not only practical, but I like to know how the race changes from year to year.

  91. I like to think that I prefer new and different courses, but the fact remains that ALL my marathon PRs were on double loop courses in new places. So the combination of a new race but a double loop course works best for me.

  92. I like to travel and find races in places I haven’t been to see the world. I did Big Sur as my first marathon for that reason but would definitely do it again as the route was amazing.

  93. I love to do different runs, but have dreamed of traveling to MN to run the Twin Cities to run the marathon with my sister!

  94. I am a creature of habit….give me a familiar route-r, but I do love to run when on vacation and at new races in new cities.

  95. When training I like to try new routes, but especially for long-distance races, if I find a good one I’ll go back again and again. When I know what I’m getting into and have the confidence that “I’ve done this before!” I feel like I can keep improving, and I’m a lot more relaxed and able to enjoy the experience.

  96. I LOVE a familiar route. I know what to expect and can challenge myself to beat my previous time on that course. That said… Twin Cities sounds like a BLAST>

  97. I’m a familiar route-r, which is why I ran TCM THREE TIMES before running any other marathon. But it was worth cheating on TCM with Boston! =) Hope to see you back in the Minne-apple this fall!

  98. I just love running. I do love running new races and new places. For the most part to save money it just is better to run the same races in my home time.

  99. I am mostly a “never the same race twice-r”…but for shorter races I have a few that I I repeat. Would be excited for Twin Cities to be my first 26.2!

  100. New route!!!! It is always nice to use running to break out of an every day routine, especially when You are a
    Mom and sometimes
    EVERY day feels like the same routine.

  101. I’m a change-it-up route runner but the only race I’ve done is TC 10 mile. Maybe it’s time to step it up to the big race!

  102. I do love a familiar route, but I also love to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I have the same race that I like to do every year but I try to throw a new one in there too.

  103. I definitely have local favorites that I do every year, but I try to pick one new race each year so I can see a new city!

  104. All too often I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having a really bad race my first time out. Those races leave me with an obsession to tackle the same race again and again (yep, sometimes it takes more than one do-over) until I can own the course and finally claim victory. New course or repeat course, it’s all a challenge I’m happy to have the chance to try.

  105. This year I’m looking forward to doing a bunch of new-to-me races but there is one hometown race that I will always plan doing.

  106. I like knowing the route when I am running for distance without time. I do love running races I haven’t before because it is such a great way to see a new city.

  107. My first marathon was the local Bellingham Bay Marathon, and my third was the same marathon, a year later. My first marathon is my PR, and my third is my worst….sooo…I now feel repeating races is bad luck! For my everyday running, I have my “Favorite Four” loop (I even have a reflector that got knocked off the center line as a token of my love for it), but I do mix it up a lot with other routes in my hometown. (and I’ve never done Twin Cities, so it would be good luck!)

  108. Both! My daily runs are usually the same routes, and I have some races I do each year, but I also love going to new races (which is my goal for 2017–so far I have done at least one new race each month). I would LOVE to do Twin Cities—an entirely new city and state for me!

  109. I love a familiar route. When I trained for the Honolulu Marathon, I lived on Oahu and trained on the course every week end of my training plan. On race day, it felt like a run in the neighborhood. New cities and routes are fun and interesting, but I love an oldie, but goodie.

  110. I enjoy both. I like to know what I’m getting into but I love seeing new areas. I often am a repeater due to convenience.

  111. I love to repeat my local half marathons, but for big races, I try not to do the same one twice. I’m on a mission (a very slow mission) to run in every state. It’s been such a blast to bring my family to explore our nation!

  112. I have a handful of familiar routes to choose from – but most days I’m not sure which one I’ll take until I’m out the door and on my way.

  113. While I definitely enjoy running in new places and seeing new things, I would probably say my tendency is to stick with the familiar with races and routes. Especially for an early morning 5:30 am run, I like to run a familiar route when I’m tired where I can go on auto-pilot and not have to think too much! I pretty much know routes from my house for different lengths from 1 mile up to 10 mile!

  114. I’m a little of both. I’ve definitely run the same race twice (sometimes even 3 times), but now I’m starting to branch out and run different races and in different states. Love me some new bling!!

  115. While familiarity is great, I am always up for a new adventure. makes the rance go quicker when you can look at new things along the route.

  116. I like to run a new place for a new adventure. I am never in jeopardy of winning so I may as well have fun and do something new and exciting at races.

  117. Give me the same route! That way I can pace myself better or challenge myself as I learn the distances.
    Can you “relay” the TC? I’m going to have to come visit regardless, since you’re finally in my neck of the woods!

  118. I am a “same route every day” runner. I like running the same path faster and noticing changes along the way. It’s also nice to be familiar with the bumps and hazards along the way if you run in the dark!

  119. “give me a familiar route-r”–ALL DAY LONG! Where I live, the option for variety is pretty minimal…I like knowing where I’m going, how close the nearest restroom is, and about how long my mileage is…always! 🙂

  120. same router! I’ll run different races but have no problem running the same race twice. (especially in a small community, it’s great to support them!)

  121. A little of both! I enjoy a few of our local races annually but if I am going to travel for a race, it has to be new! TC would certainly be new!!

  122. I’m a do it twice or even 10 times – I did Boston 10 years in a row – then switched it up – but I love (kind of) knowing what’s coming around the corner so to speak…..

  123. I run the same race quite often. Living in NE Wyoming we don’t have many options for local races. I sort of like knowing the route too – you know what to expect.

  124. I like different routes and want to do 50 states eventually but I also find myself going back to the same marathon time after time!

  125. Love running new routes but in my small village, I run the same 3 routes over and over and over….I also don’t mind repeating a race (doing Grandma’s for the 3rd time!) if it’s a great event.

  126. If it’s a marathon it’s one and on to the next but if it is a half marathon or shorter than I like to repeat my faves to keep my calendar full for the year.

  127. I love familiarity and repetition! But not as much as I love the BAMR tribe so I’d enjoy this new to me race.

  128. For a longer race that requires a significant training commitment, I’m all about new (unless it’s Disney, because, hello!). For 10 miles and below, I happily repeat especially if the swag & course are fun.

  129. I have ran several races multiple times just because they are close to home. I do enjoy traveling to different races to see a new city. I study the map for days before signing up.

  130. For shorter races, I love to try new routes. But for a marathon, give me familiar! This would be my third TCM and it would make me so happy!!

  131. Never run the same marathon twice! Anything shorter than that ok – and esp. with a little one in my life now I like to keep it local.

  132. I have to say that I’m in the BOTH camp as well. I never *travel* to the same race twice — but I run all the standards locally each year. That way I get both the sense of adventure and the sense of accomplishment…WIN-WIN. 🙂

  133. For training, I am all about the familiar route, but for races I am a little of both. I’ve done many local races multiple times, but for big races, halfs and full marathons, I like to explore new races. The way I see it there are so many races so little time!

  134. Both—I love tackling a race with a route I know year over year so I can try to beat my old self. But, I also love the adventure of a new town and by surprised by a new route.

  135. “give me a familiar route-r.” The familiarity gives me confidence in the race, especially if I have a previous positive experience.

  136. Equally both! I have 3 go to routes so I can get it done without much thought. But I also love a new route. It’s so much more entertaining and the run flies by!

  137. Actually both 🙂 I prefer and rather enjoy running new routes in unfamiliar cities, especially through a marathon and getting to run the streets without concern. But, that said, I do like to participate in my hometown marathon (and have about 4-5 times) to lend my support to the race in hopes it will be around for years to come.

  138. I don’t mind running the same routes over and over again but haven’t repeated too many races yet – it’s more about fitting it into the schedule and the budget than whether or not I’ve run it before! I have done the TC 10 mile a handful of times because it’s just SUCH a great race. And with the difficulty of getting in I always think I should try for the lottery just to see if I can get in! 🙂

  139. I run the same routes over and over because I live in a small town but I love exploring new places if I get the chance

  140. I am a repeat racer for everything but marathons – my three marathons have been in FL, VT, and DE, and I live in ME. I figure a marathon is something special, and worthy of traveling and exploring, and making the weekend about more than just the race, but also about wherever it is I am, and making an entire weekend out of it.

  141. I would love to say I live for new routes but I live in a VERY small town. So basically repeat routes are my jam! Cheers to TCM a bucket list run for sure!

  142. I enjoy rerunning the really great races. Generally, I only go back to conquer something I feel like I left on the table. I tend to be an explorer when I’m training, though. So… I guess I’d be “give me a familiar route-r” unless I find an interesting trail 😉

  143. This weekend I will be breaking my normal routine and I will end up running the same race, but with good reason. Two years ago my daughter ran her first race, a kids dash. Last year she upgraded to a 5K for the 1st time at this race, the Tutu race. She now considers herself a runner and this weekend is her race. We have now made it a mother daughter weekend getaway and I hope to continue for many years.

  144. It depends on my mood! Some days, I need a new route to get me out the door. Other days, I’ve enjoyed passing familiar landmarks while chatting with my BRFs.

  145. I love familiar routes. I also love participating in my hometown race, and I’m lucky that my hometown race is so amazing – I LOVE Twin Cities Marathon! I’m so glad you’re coming back and there will be a huge group of mother runners! We can’t wait to give you all a Minnesota welcome!!

  146. I have never run the same race twice. Though i just did a 10 miler in Charlotte, NC that I would do again next year for sure! Great massage, great local beer, and well supported!

  147. Right now I’m a one timer at each of my half marathons, though I certainly would love to run the Donna Half in Jacksonville Beach (supporting breast cancer research, great crowd support and the beach, what’s not to love)!!

  148. Give me a familiar route’r! I love running the same marathon especially if it’s the NYC marathon! I’ve been blessed to run NYC five times and welcome a new route in the Twin Cities as I’m a mother of identical daughters!!

  149. I like both! I like the memories consistency of running the same routes (I’m doing HR training so it helps to know where the HR will spike!) but I also love seeing new places by running races. It’s a great way to sightsee, even in my own community! Twin Cities has been on my list…. 🙂

  150. I don’t mind running the same race route more than once (there is a year between each one!). I’m also not really into destination races either…yet (as Coach MK has taught us to say). However, my daughter moved to Minneapolis a year and a half ago and it would be very cool to be able to run a marathon with her. She is running my half with me in 45 days close to where I live.

  151. I am more of a route repeater…I usually run the same handful of familiar routes at home and often will go back to the same races year after year. I do love a new adventure once in awhile though!

  152. I think I’m pretty close to my PR days being over therefore I will be a one and done. I don’t like to see that I run the same course slower than before.

  153. I’m both! I have one local half that I run every year (Berry Half Marathon) – this March was my 4th time. But just over 3 years of running I have done 30+ races including 20 halfs. So I love to do them all!

  154. I’ve never run the same marathon twice, halfs yes, but for a full I want to experience something new each time I tackle the mileage. I’ve been searching for a perfect race for marathon #10, maybe TCM is the one!?

  155. I’ll love both! I love running my hometown half each year on the roads I train on. It’s a pleasure. But I think marathons are evolving into a different story for me. I’m eager to run the ones I’ve heard about that I don’t want to miss, and TCM is one!!!!!! OMG fingers crossed a million times…..

  156. A little of both! I love trying new races and places, but I’ve run the Richmond Marathon the past 3 years. Totally unplanned, I ran it the first time only two days after my 4 year old son was declared in remission from his cancer. It became a huge victory lap! Plus it has awesome swag! So I keep going back 🙂

  157. I love running new routes when we travel but at home I tend to be a creature of habit both in my routes and the races I run.

  158. Though there is one local half I always enjoy running, I prefer to mix it up. I dream of a travel budget that will let me run all over the world!

  159. Because i live in a small rural town with only one rail trail, I’ve become a “familiar router” by default. All that said, I’ve come to love getting to know my route, noticing small changes, which birds have returned in spring, what flowers are in bloom, and looking for the first changing leaves in fall on the trail. I’ve come to love my familiar route!

  160. I prefer different routes / races. There is only one half that I repeat every year because I love it, otherwise I do not want to run the same race twice.

  161. I absolutely love a new race. I enjoy taking in the new sights, especially on a marathon when the distractions are needed when it gets hard.

  162. Give me a familiar route-r. I like being able to see if I can run the same route better then last time and I like knowing what to expect.

  163. Guess I never thought about it. Since I’ve done local triathlons more than once I’d say I’m not opposed to repeating but I do love seeing new venues as well

  164. I tend to run the same local races each year, but enjoy the new races more. I’d love to see what the Twin Cities have to offer.

  165. As a newer runner and recent half marathon finisher, there are too many races to experience to repeat. I am a never give me the same race twice-r.

  166. I like both actually, because I love to try a new race especially if it comes with a different view (read: new state). However I’m going with “give me a familar route-r” because I have repeated a marathon and there are neighborhood 5ks that I like to do each year with my run club.

  167. This (like everything in my life!) has a hard rule (no repeating races!) with an exception (my fave Indianapolis Monumental Half- run it every year!) We usually incorporate a race into family vacations, so this way we see many different locations.

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