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Hump Day Giveaway: Sassy Running Tank + Sweaty Band or Hat

One of five new must-have gear we added to our online store yesterday--and that you can enter to win today!
One of five new must-have gear we added to our online store yesterday--and that you can enter to win today.

I have a head for remembering dates: In addition to the usual--like my wedding anniversary and my kids' birthdays--June 6 stands out as the day I graduated from high school; November 25 was when Jack and I got engaged; and March 20 is the date in 2010 Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving--and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity made its debut. And that same date last year was when Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity came into this world.

To say happy RLAM-iversary and TLAM-iversary to all of  you, we've got a sweet giveaway of some of the merch we just added to our online store. Call it spring fever (it being the vernal equinox and all--I always remember all the equinoxes and solstices, too), but we went a trifle overboard with new stuff. Last night we debuted two new running tanks--one that says, "momathoner," and the other is a black version of our popular "badass mother runner" one--two Sweaty Bands (one lime green, one hot pink), and a new color of our badass mother runner hat.

Collage d'accessories!
Collage d'accessories!

Three gals will receive a tank + a topper (Sweaty Band or hat) of her choice. To enter this celebratory giveaway, tell us in the Comments section under this post on our site what running-related date stands out in your mind or has special significance to you. It could be your personal "runiversary" (the day of your first-ever run), the date you set your half-marathon PR, the day you and your BRF ever ran together, or the date you covered double-digits for the first time. Let us know the special day, and maybe the date we announce the three winners will be a standout for you!

Black makes this phrase extra-badaa$$, don't you agree?
Black makes this phrase extra-badaa$$, don't you agree?

[Some fine print for this fine prize:  This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States only. It begins on 3/20/13 and ends on 3/26/13; the winner will be announced on 3/30/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $50-$55. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.]

1,013 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Sassy Running Tank + Sweaty Band or Hat

  1. August 15, 2010. This was my 26th Birthday, and also the date of my first Marathon! I thought it was so cool that I got to run 26 miles, 1 for every year of my life, plus .2 for good measure ON my 26th birthday!! (of course at about mile 20… I said to myself… who runs a marathon for their birthday??? I should be sleeping in today and then eating cake.)

  2. June 2, 2012. After taking nine years off from running marathons, the Sunburst Marathon last summer was my first marathon after getting married and being blessed with 3 children. I ran a Boston Qualifying time which was a great surprise.

  3. November 1, 2012 was my first time running with a group that would become my running club! I think there were 6 of us that night, and now in March 2013 we have 160 members on our group page, and can see up to 25 people at group runs in our town. 🙂

  4. My special date is the day I set my half PR. It was also my last big racing “hurrah” before focusing getting pregnant. The first anniversary of the date was a couple of days after my daughter’s birthday and I hope to run my first marathon just a day or two before the second anniversary.

  5. Second weekend in March, remembering the LA marathon in 2001. This was my first 26.2 and I ran with a girlfriend from college who trained in CA while I trained in Boston. We thought we’d get lovely sunshine, instead it poured on us. We had a ball and finished together.

  6. I was training for a full marathon and my training group was out for a 19 mile run on Oct. 6th. It was a good run. I felt great the whole time and that was the first time that I didn’t feel nervous or worried about being able to run a full marathon. I remember thinking to myself at the end of that run, “I can totally do this” and I totally did!

  7. My running related date of importance was my 26th birthday, as it was on that date that I ran my first marathon, the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. I finished, but not strong because I underestimated the training needed to do well. Needless to say, it is coincidental to this contest that I will be running the Pig again this year, and with a much better expected finish time!

  8. September 15, 2013. The first day of our moms beginner’s running group (and my birthday).

    After reading “Run Like a Mother” and “Sole Sisters” I decided I could become a runner, but I needed and wanted the support and camaraderie of other women beginning runners. Find a group, find a coach, make it happen! One month, lots of emails and Facebook posts later I had a wonderful group and an amazing coach. On that beautiful fall morning I looked around to see the faces of old friends and new all willing to take those first steps towards becoming runners. We joked about testing the limits of running shapewear and slowly hit the pavement. Hearing words of encouragement and lots of laughter despite the labored breathing was the best birthday gift ever.

  9. November 2, 2008, the city of oaks half marathon. The day I ran my first half marathon and my love affair with running truly began.

  10. Jan 20th. For our ten year anniversary my husband and I travelled to key west to complete the half marathon-his first, my second. We made some great memories and love being able to tell people how we celebrated 10 years together.

  11. April 2003- Chase Corporate Challenge in NYC. The first time I ran over one mile without stopping. It was awesome and minus the time I was pregnant I haven’t stopped running since. 🙂

  12. I can’t remember the date, but it would be my first CC race in 9th grade, I came in dead last! That was 30 some years ago! I remember it like it was yesterday. What a race, I never came in last again.

  13. November 10, 2012 — first 5K with my husband and our two girls (8 and 6). I never did anything athletic as a kid, so it’s exciting to share running as a family, and to watch them enjoy what their bodies can do.

  14. March 2012. My boss gave us a “March Madness” challenge – make a health-related goal, put some money in the pot, and if you make your goal you get your money back, along with the money of anyone who doesn’t quite make theirs. I had started running just a little in February, and decided to run 3x each week in March. I made my goal, won lots of my coworkers’ money, and even felt good enough to sign up for my first half marathon!

  15. I’m not quite as good with dates but — April 2011 was when I started running and ran my first race (a 5k) and definitely holds the most significance — such a turning point in my own confidence.

  16. I ran my best marathon time (3:30), a time I had hoped to accomplish, at the age of 56 (my 12th marathon and 7th Boston) on April 19, 2010. I hope to run one more marathon in memory of my father to raise money for cancer. I ran my first marathon in memory of my mother who also died of cancer and raised $7000 with my sister for cancer research. That first marathon qualified me for Boston at age 46 and honored my mother at the same time. I am a mother of four grown children and a running Nana (3 grandsons and one one the way) and am so thankful to be running in great health as I cover the miles.

  17. July 4, 1996 ran an 8 mile hot hot hot race with my boyfriend, now husband, ran fast, and had enough of a kick at the end to beat him!!!!

  18. Oct. 27, 2012. Twelve weeks after having my second C-section and the week my doctor diagnosed thyroid cancer, I finished my first race back. It was a zombie inspired hilly Halloween 10k. It felt so good.

  19. 4.17.2006 Boston Marathon. The result of lots of hard work and dedication to qualify. The race was absolutely amazing and my mother was there to share it with me.

  20. 8/24/12 – the day I crossed the finish line of my first 5K… it was the second 5K I had signed up for but the first one I completed, as I got sick at my first one.

  21. Feb. 16, 2013. I PR’d a 5K, came in 2nd in my age category, and 7th out of 200 overall. To say I was walking on air is an understatement. Even better, my husband was there to great me at the finish line. A day I will never forget!

  22. 10/11/08 the most physically painful day of my life … And the most empowering. The day I knew I cold finish 26.2 miles. Even if I had to drag myself across the finish line (or limp, as that is really what was necessary).

  23. October 6, 2002. I had known my now husband for two weeks then and he was my support that day for my first Portland Marathon. He was amazing making sure I was hydrated and pasta filled the night before and made me anything I wanted when I was done. The race was amazing too!

  24. 12-12-12 – I made myself get out and run 12 miles and I ran 1.12 on purpose but ‘accidently’ came in at 2 hours 12 min and 12 seconds! 2:12:12 I think I will always remember that day and run!

  25. I have 2 favorite dates: Mother’s Day 2012 I splurged for my first set of “real” running shoes- for $175, I was committed to not have wasted my money and get my money’s worth out of those babies! It really has been my biggest motivator in consistency…which leads me to the other date ingrained in my brain: 4/28/13 will be my first half marathon!

  26. I would have to say last Sunday, March 17th because I completed my first half marathon. I have had ITB since my first 10k training 4 years ago, so I never thought I would reach this goal. And an added bonus, I made my second goal of a sub-2.

  27. 8/12/10–the day I started C25K. I don’t even remember what motivated to start running, but I am so glad I did! It has changed my life and I celebrate that date like another birthday every year!!!

  28. Right now my favorite date is 3/19/13 because that was the first time I was able to get out for a run after nursing IT band and knee injuries. It was only 1.65 miles, but it felt SO good! Headed back out for two miles now. Coming back slowly after injury is ss hard!

  29. My date is July 6, 2011. That is the first day I started the C25K plan and completed it. I have struggled with maintaining my running after completing so I have started it in various stages again and again. But, I started it that time with a friend who said she could only run at 4:30 in the morning, which I thought was crazy, but I met her and learned that if 4:30 is the only time you have to run, then that is when you should run.

  30. My date would be May 19 2012. It is the day of my first marathon, but most certainly not my only. I knew that day that when I said I was going to cross the finish line even if I had to run on bloody stumps I damn well meant it. I developed the worst blisters I have ever had starting at mile 10 and they were full blown by 12. My time went to hell but I kept moving. It was disappointing but awesome all rolled into one bc I now truly believe that no matter the distance, I am thinking of my first ultra next summer, I WILL do it. First though I have to repeat this marathon again and make it my b$tch. 😉 😉

  31. My date is Mother’s day 2009. I ran my first half marathon in my hometown and my husband and my two sons were waiting at the last corner with a enormous sign. It is so unlike him to 1. come to a race 2. bring the boys and 3. make a sign. As soon as I finished he was rushing to find me and through tears told me how proud of me he was. It was amazing!

  32. I have two. 8/19/12 the first time I ran double digits (10 miles) ever! Once I hit the 10 mile mark I knew I could keep going further, it was like getting to the top of the mountain and knowing it was all downhill after that. My second date is 10/13/12 my first half marathon. It was a bucket list item that I finally accomplished!

  33. The first Saturday of May I often think about the Indianapolis marathon and get nostalgic for my first half there that started the REAL endurance love in me. I did that race for four years straight so it’s not easy to forget!

  34. October 13, 2002 when I completed the Chicago Marathon! What a blast! I got to mile 24 and the man running next to me so only 2.2 left. I said 2.2 what? He said miles!!! I said you’re kidding. I was having so much fun I didn’t even realize we were that close to the finish.

  35. My running date would not be an actual date but time frame, last spring/summer I made that commitment to make running a habit (after almost 3 something years you think it would have stuck, but with illness and accidents not so much). I am now helping a friend complete his first half (he calls me coach :)) and I remember the day he ran 5 miles! Every day I run is special to me.

  36. February 24, 2013. The day I completed my first ever half-marathon (the Disney Princess). One year ago, I had my second beautiful little girl and had 61 pounds to lose. I started running and set a goal for myself that I thought was impossible which was to finish a half-marathon and lose all the weight. I did both and I will never forget the feeling of crossing that finish line with my husband and my two little girls there cheering me on, 61 pounds lighter. 🙂

  37. Thanksgiving 2009. The date I completed my first 5k. I felt sooo good! Also November 11, 2012, because that was the date that I finally set a new PR in the 5k, while having run two marathons, two halfs, and some 10ks along the way.

  38. 12/8/2012 – finished my 9th half marathon. I trained and raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of the 13-year-old daughter of college friends who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia earlier in the year. She runs cross country and ran the last mile with me. I still tear up thinking about how great this kid is and the challenges she has had to overcome.

  39. The day that stands out is the day my BRF and I started running together, 8/15/12 at 5 am. We were neighbors and during a rushed conversation together the previous evening both mentioned we missed running and exercise in general. We on a whim decided to meet up at 5 AM due to my work schedule at the end of our driveways and it all started from there. We have now ran two half marathons together and are training for our first full marathon in a month. We have since moved about thirty minutes apart, but still meet up twice a week to run together. She and the running keep me from going insane!

  40. March 17, 2013. LA Marathon, St. Patty’s Day, 2 days before my 36th birthday, most exciting race ever AND a marathon PR!

  41. August 2011. Ran a 5k race feeling not quite like myself! I wondered if I was pregnant. Found out later that day I was! Ran the same race the following year with my daughter in the stroller! Special times for me!

  42. A friend, a recon Marine asked my to run 9 mi with him. I was a new runner, converted by a need for sanity and a means to wear out an insane labrador retreiver during my husband’s deployment to Iraq. To that point my longest distance was 5k. I did not think I could finish; I was certain I couldn’t keep up. Not only did I finish but I finished ahead of him! I was so pumped to be near the end I started sprinting, feeling like I could fly…than my dog yanked me backward. I took my earbuds out to hear my friend yelling, “We were supposed to stop BACK THERE!” To have gone from obese to fit and keeping pace with a Marine special forces…that felt badass. I do not recall the date (with four small kids I’m lucky if I know what day of the week it was), but it was March 2012.

  43. March 22, 2013 – Because it was 25 degrees in North Carolina when I got up to run at 5:30 AM. I could have turned off my alarm and pulled up the covers, but I put on another layer, laced up my shoes and ran 4 hilly miles in the dark. That felt pretty badass!

  44. July 8, 2007 – I ran a 5k near my parents’ hometown. I hadn’t planned on running this 5k but was visiting and thought it would be fun to race (I was at the time training for my first marathon). I won my age division but also found out (because of that race) that I had an underlying health issue that literally changed my whole life.

  45. June 21, 2009- My date is actually my daughter’s birthday, because if I had never had children, I probably would never have started running. Another reason I’m grateful to be a mother!

  46. April 23, 2011 – my 39th birthday and my youngest daughter’s first 5k. (East Aurora Bunny Hop). Seeing her smiling face at the end of the race and having her run up to me saying, “I want to do that again!” She has since joined the cross country and track teams and runs a sub-7 min/mile. Tori makes me sooo proud!

  47. September of 2009 is a significant time for me. It was when I signed up for coaching to run the Hot Chocolate 15K that November in Chicago.Up until that point I never had any formal running training or did anything more than a sprint tri or 5K run. This program started my love of running. I have since run two half marathons, the Chicago Marathon, numerous 5 and 10Ks and have enjoyed many friends and family members running and training with me.

  48. I think of 01/08/10 as my runnerversary…the date of my first serious, I’m following a plan, run. Then the local 5k is my must do race each year as it was my very first!

  49. September 19, 2010 was the day I “ran” my first half-marathon. I had previously walk-jogged one about 8 years earlier that I don’t really count. 🙂 It was from that day forward that I feel like really committed myself to being a “mother-runner”.

  50. November 20, 2011 – Not only were my hubby and I celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, I was running my first (EVER and post-baby) half marathon! It was an experience that has changed me and I learned how strong I am. The decision to run this race, has inspired others to take up running for the first time.

  51. It would be in early December of 2006. I had been running and was trying to figure out why I was running so slow. I thought I was in a slump. I soon realized on my run that I might be pregnant. I was so nervous and excited how my life would change. I was lucky to run through most of my pregnancy and gave birth to a very healthy boy …..and I was thankful that he loved the running stroller!

  52. Wow, I don’t have a specific date, but I do remember the race~Sunburst, Notre Dame, Indiana, my first 5k that started me on this whole running thing, two years later, still trying to keep going! I have my ups and downs, but I still run. Maybe my new date will be March 11th, I just started coaching a GOTR team! 🙂

  53. March 31, 2012 was my first half marathon and Running alongside my two running buddies was in itself memorable. But we are also Social Workers, and for the race, we made our own shirts with the wording “Social Workers Running the Distance” printed on the back. As we ran,it was amazing to hear other fellow runners not only cheering us on, but also Cheering the Social Work Profession on!(WE LOVE SOCIAL WORKERS!!SOCIAL WORKERS ROCK!! ) That was what made my first-ever half marathon race the most memorable of all

  54. Can’t remember the date – but went out for running meeting with a colleague knowing it may rain. It was an out and back, and when we turned around it was sprinkling, 1/2 way back it was pouring, and the last 1/2 mile it was hailing. We were drenched when we got back but it was invigorating and we felt great!

  55. March 2007 …. My first 5k. I was worn out the whole day but never prouder. Now I have countless 5ks, a 10 k, and 4 halfs under my belt … and I am getting ready to run my first 26.2 on April 27 in Nashville.

  56. August 18 2012 1st time i ran a 10k and did it under 2 hrs. I was so excited!! I cant believe i ran that far and now i cant believe im training for my 1st half marathon

  57. July 19, 2011 I broke 2 hours in the half marathon at the Presque Isle race in Erie AND my daughter was conceived on that weekend getaway!!!

  58. june 14, 2011 was the date a local running club had started. I recruited my daughter(a college runner) and 2 other friends who had started running to join me as support. I wanted to begin running and knew I needed a running club. I’m still running with the club, have entered numerous 5k, 8k, & one 10k and feel Great that I have stuck with it!!

  59. I’d have to say Memorial Day 2007, when I ran in my first ever 5K! I remember doing the C25K program and thinking that there was no way I’d ever be able to run for 3 miles without stopping for a walk break. Here I am 5 half-marathons under my belt, and currently training for the 2013 Chicago marathon…. yiipoo!

  60. No specific date but in March and April 2012 as I trained for my first (and only so far) half. On Sunday afternoons I’d go for my long runs at a local park. Then we’d go to Sunday evening Mass and I’d be struggling to keep my eyes open and my legs were so weak but I was also totally proud of what I’d accomplished that day. Hope to get that feeling back this summer when I train for the Baltimore Half in October.

  61. 4.14.12 – first run post pregnancy. I peed myself a little and my boobs were way engorged by the end of only a 1/2 hr run, but it still felt great to get out there. I think I needed to prove to myself that while my life had completely and totally changed forever (in a good way) I could still put one foot in front of the other and run three (albeit slow) miles.

  62. Mine is my “runiversary” – March 17th of 2012 – our local St. Patrick’s Day 5K run. It was my first race ever and I finished feeling so awesome that I knew I was hooked.

  63. Sept 7, 2012 – The day I was cleared to run after having my son! That postpartum healing time was the longest I had gone without running. I took my son on daily walks but it was not the same. I remember, I came home from the doctor, fed my son and told my husband that I was going running! He was on baby duty and to not bother me unless it was an emergency. It was one of the hardest, most frustrating runs I have ever had but it was a run! A baby-free run! A run to clear my mind and release all the stress from having a newborn at home. It was me time! I came home so extremely relaxed, happy and ready to tackle anything. That was the run that made me realize how important it is for me to take time for myself. I am a better wife and mom when I get time to exercise.

  64. March 19, 2013 – yes, just this week. I am African-American, and sometimes worrying about my hair has stopped me from running. This week, without access to my fantastic hairdresser because I am on a business trip I STILL WENT RUNNING because I realized that running was more important to me than the fact that my hair might not look perfect the next morning.

  65. 6/16/12 Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon
    Growing up Duluth, MN Grandma’s Marathon weekend was the biggest one of the summer. A year after having my son, I decided to enter the lottery for the first time and got lucky. Going back to my home town and participating in this race was amazing. Not only was it Kara Gouchers’ homecoming, but mine as well. At the top of every hill, around every bend, a familiar face was cheering. Everything came together for this race and I may never duplicate it, but it was worth it with a PR of 1:41:09.

  66. Two dates stick out for me:
    August 2008-First Triathlon-IronGirl in Columbia, MD
    August 2011-First Triathlon 6 months post baby (Same race, I was super proud of myself)
    I had been running for years and also played sports but adding in the Mom part was a whole new thing.

  67. August 9, 1992 – My first 10K race, as part of a relay team of runner, cyclist, and two canoeists. The 10K was the first leg of the relay. I told everyone I had trained, but I really had no idea what I was doing. I came in dead last, at 1:07:02, but I did get my picture in the paper! My teammates (all guys – it was a coed team) were not thrilled . . .

  68. Mother’s Day 2012, I ran the run like a mother 5k and it hit me, I can say I’m a runner, it didn’t hurt that my daughter came in 2nd in the mile run, she’s a runner, too! Fastest girl in her class, 5th fastest 3rd grader in her whole school! Wow. I have to set an example for her.

  69. I have 2 dates that are stand-outs for me: the first being May 15, 2011 the day I completed my first half marathon (7 months postpartum). The second standout is June 2, 2012…the day I finished the 2nd of two half marathons that spring, ran with Dim, and showed my body who is boss! After hearing my cancer was back I doubted I’d even finish the first half I was training for…so I signed up for a second race and practically ran the same time.

  70. I will never forget the last weekend of January 2007 and I was training for my first marathon. I woke up to solid ice outside on a day that I was supposed to run 20 miles. For this west Texas girl, there is no running on ice. So, I decided to prop my computer on my treadmill and bust out all 20 miles while watching movies. Fun times!

  71. I was treadmill training for my first half marathon, I had to run while my baby was napping. The thought of him waking up only added to the stress I felt about not getting full run done. I ran 7.85 miles for the first time. Felt really proud. Other ‘versary was when I did first long run outside, not an out and back but a loop that required I do the whole thing bc there was no way to cut it short. I gained so much self-confidence with that run. I had been terrified to do it.

  72. The weekend following Memorial Day is always my Spring race, the Dam to Dam 20K. Every year, we keep recruiting more friends to join us and have more and more fun!

  73. 3/16/13 the first time my husband ran a 5K race with me! I’ve been asking him to run with me for 3 years and he finally decided to start.

  74. December 11, 2011–Ran my first Marathon! It was exhilarating to finish and I’ve been motivated to run more ever since!

  75. This is a hard one… but October 11,1998 was my very first marathon and truly began my “running life”. My mom (who has been my #1 run inspiration and has run more marathons than she can count!) ran with me. Since then I have run 4 more marathons and am currently training for an Ironman. My 3-year-old son frequently joins me (in the stroller 🙂 on my training runs.

  76. September 4, 2011- was the first 1/2 marathon that my family was at the finish line. It was actually my worst finish ever but I was thrilled they were there! After May 19, 2013 I am hoping it will be that date as that is the date of my first FULL marathon.

  77. December 7, 2007 I ran my first marathon (Honolulu). So far it was the only one, but there will be more, once my kiddos are a little older!

  78. It’s not so much as a specific date as a year! 2010 is the year I started running. I have now logged 4 marathons, 10 half marathons and looking toward a 50k in 2014! 🙂

  79. My running date changes each year, but is Mother’s Day. Ran my first “real” race on Mother’s Day 2011 with my kids watching. In 2012, ran the same race and PRed by 6 minutes. Running that race on Mother’s Day makes me feel like a true BAMR.

  80. Every Wednesday morning is my favorite running day because I get to go out with my friends for a lovely run in the woods.

  81. May 6 was the first time that I ran a half marathon. It was an amazing day, I wasn’t as prepared as I could’ve been but still so incredibly proud of myself for being able to finish!

  82. September 29, 2012……… of my first 5K. I did this alone at age 56 for my daughters, both of whom are runners. You all are an inspiration to me!

  83. November 10, 2011, was my first half marathon. I’ve done several since but the feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line was so memorable. Once in a while I still get a whiff of that ‘holy cow, I can’t believe I just did that” memory.

  84. Oct 15, 2011 – that was the date of my first half-marathon and I hope it’s just the first of many. I am not a natural born runner so the fact that I completed a half was such a big deal. And I ran it with a BRF who I moved away from a mere 2 weeks after the race.

  85. Love that shirt! Mar 20 is a standout day for me too, it was my Granddaddy’s birhtday, with whom I had a special relationship as the youngest grandchild. It was also my father-in-law’s birthday, he was such a great role model to my husband and our children. I miss them both, but always rejoice in the new life that springs up on their special day.

  86. November 25, 2012. After 12 attempts, finally broke 4 hours in the marathon with the help of a dear friend as the official pacer. Hubster was there on his bike for added encouragement, making it a spectacular day for me.

  87. May 28, 2011 my first >5K race which made me feel like a real runner. Oh, and March 28, 2011 when I started coaching my first group of Girls on the Run… been doing it ever since! <3 my GOTR!!

  88. I have 2 dates actually the first date is 2/28/10, my first & so far only 26.2 miles!! About to finally sign up for my 2nd!! My other favorite running memory is 5/28/12, I ran with my daughter during her first 5k!! It was such an awesome memory to run and finish with her and celebrate that moment with her!

  89. The day of my 2nd full marathon. Though I had been a runner for years, this race made me feel like a REAL runner. I was 9 months post baby #2, felt well trained and stayed with the pace group I wanted to and finished faster than that group in the end! October 13, 2012 for sure.

  90. 13 May 2012: When I was training for my first half marathon I was on my last long run of 10 miles, the week before the race. I had never run 10 miles in my life. I felt like a rockstar for some reason at mile 10 and kept going to 11.5 miles. Today, I’m training for my 3rd half. Wish me luck!

  91. October 24, 2009….my first 5K.
    The weather was miserable (not at all the crisp fall day I had pictured in my mind). My hubby and kids missed me at the finish because they were warming up in the food tent…..but I ran the whole darn thing and that’s when the running bug officially bit me 😉

  92. I don’t remember the date, but it was the last race I ran with my dad. It was too long ago. My dad has since passed. Now I wished that I’d have run more races since then.

  93. 4/30/11 First (probably last) full marathon. Now looking forward to 7/14/13 first triathlon (sprint) and then 9/1/13 Olympic distance tri.

  94. Not very good with dates but May 5, 2013 I will be doing my first sprint triathlon. I am more excited about the fundraising for Lymphoma & Leukemia Society than the race itself & may 19th 2013. Will be my first half marathon!

  95. The running date that stands out to me is July 17th 2010. It is in my Calendar as “Run”. This was the day I became a runner. I had never participated in any sports growing up. After my first daughter was born and we were struggling with infertility AGAIN I started biking to take charge over SOMETHING in my life. I never went far, but liked the mental benefits. By the time our second was 3 (5 years from the time I started riding)I had done a century ride,tackled Highgrade and Deer Creek (I sooo related to the 40 miles post) and my hubby talked me into doing a 6 day 750 mile bike ride. Two of my friends were training for a half marathon and SWORE that if I could ride those distances I could run a half marathon. I had NEVER ran more than a 5k (which had occurred accidentally 1 month prior). I decided I wasn’t training for a Half ANYTHING. If I was going to train for something, bite the bullet and find a Marathon! I joined my BAMR friends on their 6 mile run on July 17,2010 and I SURVIVED!!

    July 17th was the beginning of a new me. Since then I have trained for 3 and finished 2 marathons (I was injured two weeks prior for my first attempt), multiple half marathons, started a running club at my daughters school, and am training hard hoping to BQ when I do my next marathon. Since July 17th, 2010 I have met my BRF and maintained very strong friendships with the two BAMR’s who got me into this addiction. July 17th, 2010. Who would have known?!?

  96. 2/26/12 which was my first half marathon. I lost my running partner a week before the race to an emergency appendectamy and ran it alone. That was the first time I experienced the runners “high” and I think I ran the first 8 miles with a big stupid grin on my face.To honor my friend who couldn’t join me in person I taped a picture of her to a stick and then video taped her (while I ran,never stopping) on the course with me.
    It made for some funny footage.

  97. May 19 2012- that’s the date of my first 1/2 marathon, ran it in 2hrs 4 min. This yr I’m doing the TLAM own it plan- Really want to finish in under 2 hrs:-)

  98. When I read this post, an immediate date came to mind. May 5, 2012. It was a 5K breast cancer race. I had done many 5K races before but this race was special in that I was running it for my friend, Lisa who lost her battle the very next day. I remembering running that race and coming to the finish line seeing Lisa’s daughter, Justine right there waiting for me as we were going to go see Lisa later that morning in hospice. Every race I run, since then, a mile is always dedicated to my amazing friend, Lisa. I can hear her pushing me along each step of the way! Love you and miss you Lisa! Thanks for teaching me so many things!

  99. Early June of 2002. That is when I decided to train for my very first 5k. I had always hated running and didn’t really think I could do it. But once I started, I just kept going. Now, nearly 11 years later, running has become part of who I am.

  100. The date is March 17,2013. I ran my second 5K and finished 3 minutes and 46 seconds faster than my first 5K. I had ran my first 5K a year ago on the same course for the same race.and was dissapointed in my time I had started tofeel like running was not for me. But I did not want my girls to see me quit. So I joined a local running group and downloaded a running app. And here I am a year later 3 minutes and 46 seconds faster. I am a badass mother runner.

  101. My significant date is the 11th May 2013. It will be my first ever 5 km and I was never a ‘runner’ and couldn’t understand why people did it – and now I do. I can conquer the world after a run and it’s the best anti-depressant out there 🙂

  102. I don’t remember the day I started running or the day I went for that amazing run with my brother in Norway that changed my attitude and outlook. I do remember October 16th, 2010, the day I ran my very first half marathon and will remember April 20th which is the day next month that I’ll run my first full!

  103. 9/30/12 First full marathon. Hoped to break 4 hours, and did it in 4:01:52….planned on only doing one to cross off my bucket list, but would love to shave those critical 2 minutes off my time. We’ll see……

  104. Nov. 2, 2010. My first 5K! From a girl who couldn’t even run a mile in high school, this was a pretty big accomplishment!

  105. June 24, 2012 – Ran my first 1/2 marathon in Hawaii. At that point I had lost over 100 pounds and had completed several 5k’s but really wanted to see what I could do with my new body. I’m now down almost 160 pounds and will run my second 1/2 marathon this June and I signed up for a full marathon this December.

  106. I have two dates…5/10/2010 – my first 5K and 3/10/2013 – my 10th half marathon and the date I qualified for Half Fanatics!!

  107. This may sound silly but March 15, 2013 is the day I signed up for my first 5K race. I’m totally new to running and need to get my behind in gear after having my 2 kids. Thanks for all the great info on your site!

  108. August 25 2012, best trail race ever done in the most amazing Alaska running terrain with mountains , glaciers and sea as the backdrop. Flowers and Alpine meadows and blue sky ..heaven on earth. Plus so many women running it felt like a day out with the girls.

  109. October 2012: first half marathon with my husband and a PR – beat my previous half marathon time by 30 minutes!!!

  110. My first Half! October 14, 2012 🙂 ran it with my sister and finished in 2:29:38!! Best part is hubs and kids were at the finish and my older 2 ran to the finish line with me!

  111. Memorial Day is my favorite running day because it reminds me of racing the Bolder Boulder with my son and my brother. Crossing the finish line with them at my side is my favorite running memory.

  112. March 7, 2011 is a very distinctive day in my life. This was the day I decided to become a runner. I was suffering from Postpartum Depression with baby #2, I was overweight and my husband was deployed overseas. I had to get my life in order! Running was the cure to it all. I absolutely LOVE to run! Becoming a runner has changed my life for the better and March 7, 2011 will always be a day that I remember.

  113. It’s not specific “day-wise” but January 2010, when a couple women I worked with sent out a friendly email to see if anyone wanted to train with them for a race. It’s when I became a mother runner! Initially I thought we were training for a 10K and it turned out the other two were going for 26.2 :). One of the gals, who then became and is still my BRB, decided to cut back to a half. I decided to believe and train hard and she and I crossed the finish line in June of that same year. I have never looked back!

  114. My big marathon race was Eugene, Oregon in May 2011!!! The day before our run was the memorial for my husband who passed away April 24,2011 Easter Sunday. I was not going to do the run, but I had trained so hard to prepare for it!!! I ended up staying up almost all night with family and then got up early Sunday am to drive down to Eugene which is approx 2.5 hrs away and I ran the race!! I was so tired, but so happy that I decided to run under all the horrible circumstances!!!!! I just worked so hard and knew I would regret not running for the rest of my life.

  115. October 6th, 2006 – the date of my first half marathon. The race officials let my then-9-yr-old daughter run out and hold my hand as I crossed the finish line. My husband had our 1-yr-old son in the backpack carrier, and he held me up as I bawled my eyes out. I just couldn’t believe that I actually ran that far! 10 weeks prior I had been a complete couch potato, and decided that I was going to sign up for a race to get back into shape after that second pregnancy. I didn’t make it past 12 miles in my training, so that day was the furthest I’d ever run. I’ve since run many more halfs, but none hold the same place in my heart as that first one.

  116. I’m terrible with numbers (even my kids’ birthdays are a bit foggy! :)), but I will remember October 2010 as my first marathon–and almos exactly six months after giving birth to Baby #4.

  117. Mine is my 1st half marathon. April 24,2011. It was the Nashville Rock n Roll. It’s also when I met Dimnity and Sarah for the first time and bought their book. Very memorable weekend.

  118. Jan 26, 2013. The day I ran my first 5k. I’ve always thought people that ran for fun were crazy and people that paid to run were even crazier. That was until my friend Kat told me I could do it. I had been trying to run but was still doubting myself until she told me it was all in my head. She was right. I love to get outside and run now and that day I ran my first 5k was one of my biggest accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what else I can do!

  119. Oh my, I really don’t have a special running date, but there have been so many special memories along the way. Watching the Marine Corps marathon in DC in 1999 put a fire in my belly and confidence that I could do it like all the other thousands of regular people/runners. Since then, I’ve run 19 half marathons and 3 fulls. Running through my pregnancies and sharing miles with each kid before I really knew him or her. Running 5ks with my 8 year old, each one rocks my world. Each weekend sharing a run with a running buddy or 2 can’t be beat. I have loved all my running dates!

  120. The first time I ran a full 13.1 without stopping April 26, 2012. Was so proud of myself. Looking forward to getting back to it.

  121. June 2004, I ran my first marathon with train to end stroke in honor of my mother who had a stroke the year before.

  122. This December 2012, I ran a 12K with my daughter, cold and hilly, but we ran together (she ran part of the way backwards and would run a little ways and then come back but we ran it together) and there was hot spiced wine at the end!

  123. January 6, 2007, the day I decided to be a runner. I have been running with the same BRFs for the past 6 years and we have recently recommitted to getting stronger and faster. Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. Was the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon in 2007; I had trained for the marathon while my husband was deployed; I hurt my Achilles during training and since the marathon was after my husband’s return, he graciously ran/walked with me the entire way so we could cross the finish line together.

  125. I am unsure of the precise date (everything in that mother-of-a-newborn phase of my life was rather hazy), but in October 2011 I ran for the first time after giving birth to my son. I had begun to believe my body would never work well again (extreme lack of sleep made a trip from bedroom to couch seem like a marathon!). But my “lap around the block” suddenly turned into a 15 minute jog into a glorious late summer sunset, and I finally felt alive again!

  126. 10/9/11 Portland Marathon – My first marathon! Such a day of achievement and being fully proud of myself. And when I reflected on the date later that day I realized it was one year exactly earlier that I had went for my first post-baby #2 run!

  127. I have two, which both happened recently. 2/16/13 My husband and I ran the Sweetheart Run together, and set a personal best for both of us! Also, 3/16/13 I ran/walked a race with a foot that is healing from an injury and realized I really am a runner! In the past I would have slept in and laid around the house all weekend, using the injury as an excuse. Instead, I dragged my husband and kids with me for a 5K run/walk on a cold Saturday morning. I am a runner!

  128. My first race since high school cross country was a small town 5K in 2005. I was 35, nervous as heck and my “training” involved running 2-3 miles 3 days a week for only a month. The winner lapped me, he ran the course twice! Looking back, I realize I love that day, i actually ran a race with real runners! That 5K got me hooked, hauled my self-esteem out of the dirt and released endorphins I didn’t even know I had!

  129. Probably January 2011, when I ran my first (and only so far) full marathon. My training cycle was pretty good, but stomach issues got the best of me and I was about 30min off my goal. But I finished 26.2 miles and I am proud of that.

  130. 11/13, the date of my first-ever half marathon! I’ve run that one twice and one other one and that same race will be my (lucky #!!) 4th half marathon, but it’s been moved to December this year.

  131. Well…how about a runniversary that is yet to come? I am a mom to 5 superstar athletes (although I might be a tad biased about their awesome athletic abilities!). A year and a half ago I decided to get healthy, and that’s what I did. After getting to where I wanted to be, my mind started going to the crazy place of “could I run?” I started off in out of the way places where no one could see me run.I was a hidden runner (hidden as in hide behind bushes). As I started conquering little feats (running for 10 minutes and not passing out or making it through a whole mile not wheezing) my confidence increased. I started running on the roads, and passing other runner’s. The first time another runner passed me and gave me the “whazz up runner” head nod I literally squealed out loud. A total stranger runner recognized me as a legit runner. It was on then! I run all over town. Roads, sidewalks, PUBLIC trails were mine! I now imagined that cars sped by me thinking, “Whoa look at that runner!”.
    I am on the Finish It Half-Marathon Plan. I have never been to a race before, so I took the advice in the book and signed up for a race to get the whole race experience. Found a St. Paddy’s day run, and was ready to go. But alas life happened. Two kids, two soccer games, at race time. I cursed soccer, and missed my race.
    But I am a mom to athletes, and now I feel like a bonafide athlete. I ran almost 11 miles last Saturday, and I felt pretty freakin’ awesome afterwards. So my soon to be runniversary will be on May 5, 2013 when I fill make my running status uber official by running my first Half, with my personal band of athletes there cheering for me!! I cannot wait….

  132. January 4, 2012 – The day my mom had triple bypass surgery and I decided I needed to change something in my life so I can reduce the chance it happens to me. I have since run 2 1/2 marathons and a full (and lost 20 lbs) and intend to keep it up!

  133. December 2, 2012. Day of my first HM. I’m proud of completing it and reaching my goal! I’ll never forget it or the date.

  134. April 28, 2007. Get in Gear 5k. The first day I ever “ran” the entire 5k distance. The day I said, “I will never run a marathon. This 5k IS my marathon.”

    June 18,2011. Grandma’s Marathon. The day I actually did run a marathon.

  135. November 2006 for my first full marathon as my mother got to see me cross the finish line! She listening to me talk about running a marathon for months and then listened to my trials and successes of training leading up to the marathon. She was my biggest cheerleader & someone who always had faith in me & she cheered me on the whole route flashing her homemade signs that read “Go Liz” in bright colors and balloons. Just seeing how proud she was of me will be engrained in my mind forever. I’m even more grateful for that moment because one year later she died of a blood cancer. I will be forever grateful that I didn’t quit, continued to train & that my mom got to see me with my medal around my neck!

  136. October 14, 2012….I ran my first full marathon after traveling across the country to San Francisco! It was incredible!

  137. 10/21/12. Completed the Army 10-miler, my first long distance race that I set as a goal! I ran EVERY step… Me!

  138. August 25, 2012 was my first 10K and the longest distance that I’d ever run in my life to that point. Now I’m training for a half marathon in June and I ran 8 miles (!) last week. I’m pleased that I’ve kept it up for so long that I have a shot at a HM–which I never imagined was in my future.

  139. July 27th…I had set my mile PR the day prior, but then during a 6 1/2 mile run, I couldn’t finish because I got a stress fracture that flared in my heel. This injury really cemented my love for running and I couldn’t wait to get back to it 8 weeks later!

  140. During April 2011 I happend upon RLAM at the library. I loved the energy and you two made me feel like I was a runner. I started following the blog too. It has changed my running! I feel amazing!

  141. I love Feb 19. I had trained and pre trained for over 18 months. I got into a local non profit marathon club who trains women for free for their first marathon. Twenty-six two marathon club. It was such a HUGE deal to me I had a baby and a 8 year old I was 50+ pounds overweight and I had this crazy goal to run a marathon before I turned 30 the next year. I got accepted and trained for the Live-strong Austin Marathon (in Texas) with the club for 6 months I was by far the slowest runner on my team. I was so incredibly proud and in awe of myself when I came around the corner after a tough hill and saw my family and that finish line. It was seriously up there with giving birth. No matter what happens I know how tough I really am now.

  142. 12/09/12 is my memorable running date because it was the day I ran my first half-marathon in Dallas (the town where I grew up). When I lived in Dallas I never dreamed I would run the Dallas Marathon formerly the White Rock which is close to my childhood home.

  143. October 6, 2012. My son was recently home from a year of school in Japan and he ran a 5K with me just to show his support for my running and for the changes I was making in my life. It was a loving thing for him to do, and since we both came in second in our age groups, it’s a memory I’ll cherish.

  144. June 6th 2012. My first run after having my daughter. I gained 45 lbs during that pregnancy, was on bed rest for 2 month and had a C-Section delivery. I had friends tell me I’d never again be a runner like I was before. Well a year later I have a 5K, 4 10K’s and 2 Halfs under my belt! BOOYAH!!

  145. November 6, 2011 the day I ran the New York City Marathon! It was my first full in 6 years (since before I was pregnant with my son) and I had raised $ for the Girls on The Run Program which made it even more special. As a runner this race was on my “bucket list” and I consider this the mother of all races (because I’m too slow to EVER qualify for Boston)! I was suffering an IT band injury and finished the 1st 20 miles in about 4 1/2 hrs and I hobbled the last 6 in an additional 2 hours!! I will never forget coming off the last bridge into Manhattan and a man with a boom box was playing Chariots of Fire…I got chills and tears started running down my face and I knew I HAD to run. I ran the next mile for as long as I could hear the music and then cried again as I saw the lights and finish line in Central Park. It was already dark & cold and I saw my step-mom waiting for me (I hardly ever have anyone waiting for me at the finish so this was special) she handed me one of those aluminum sheets and I wrapped it around me and ran across the finish line with it flying behind me like a cape!! It was THE MOST AMAZING experience of my life! If anyone has the opportunity they should definitely do the NYC marathon it’s an awesome race 🙂

  146. 5/27/12 first marathon
    9/30/12 second marathon
    10/28/12 first trail race (and probably my favorite race of all time!)

  147. Aug 27, 2011. I was able to get up travel to the other side of the city for my first ever 5k, change in the bathroom and make it to another city an hour away to see the kickoff off at my 13 year old son’s tournament football game!

  148. October 16, 2011… the day I did my first half-marathon, Nike Women’s Marathon in SF… It was the start of my running career! Since then, I’ve lost 15 pounds due to all the running, I’m eating healthier, and I will be participating in my 1st triathlon this weekend! Would’ve never started on this journey if my friends and I didn’t get picked and now it’s definitely my “runiversary”. 😀

  149. June 5th 2013 will mark the first anniversary of “The Day My World Turned Upside-Down”. That was the day a simple phone call from the school informed me that an ambulance was taking my 14 year old son to the hospital. He had suffered the first of what would become frequent seizures. A CAT Scan showed a “dark mass” at the base of his brain… a critical care transport ambulance was dispatched from a top hospital to our local ER to pick him up and whisk us away. MRI’s EEG’s, EKG’s, Spinal Taps, blood panels, dozens of doctors… A congenital abnormality in his brain has triggered what was first called Sudden Onset Seizure Disorder, and then amended to Partial Epilepsy.
    Long story short… my son is a High School athlete; Cross Country and Track are his passion, and his ability to participate was now in doubt. After an entire summer of neurology appointments, ambulance rides, and medication changes…he was looking forward to his XC season. School Administrators balked at his return, claiming he was a danger to himself and others (despite never having had a “drop” seizure), and we were pressured into withdrawing him from the team. After repeated discussions, he was eventually allowed to participate on both the Indoor, and Outdoor Track teams, as long as I was present to administer emergency meds at practices (coaches and trainers are prohibited! from administering drugs!), and I was present at all meets. Practices and XC events would mean that I needed to be on the course following the trailing runners… I now needed to get back into running form ASAP, to alleviate administrative “concerns” (despite the fact that all athletes’ parents are required to sign liability waivers).
    I spend my afternoons at every practice, training on my own…a familiar face sharing the track and trails with my son and his team mates, always within easy reach of his emergency meds. I call it multi-tasking…I have to be at practice, so I might as well use it to run and get back into form. I can be found at area 5K races most weekends…putting my “running rebirth” to the test, and wearing purple (as often as I can) to support my son and Epilepsy awareness. My son’s life and that of my own may have been turned upside down that day…but the tears and fears of that day have been turned into smiles each and every day that he is well enough to run…and that I am there running with him.
    MARCH 26th is Purple Day; a worldwide Epilepsy Awareness initiative. PLEASE wear purple :o)

  150. They day my best mother runner friend and I started to train for our half marathon (rock n roll in Vegas) we started at 2.5 miles (in 90 degree heat!) and we both crossed the finish line after 13.1 in December!!

  151. October 2011 I completed my first half. In the training process I lost 30 lbs and found a live of running I had
    Lost. That will forever go down as my favorite race. Ever.

  152. September 15, 2012, Wright Patterson AFB Marathon. Beat my fastest marathon time by 1 hour and 1 minute, finishing in 4:53:54. Now THAT’S one bada$$ mother runner! 🙂

  153. Two years ago, (I was sixty pounds heavier then) on March 16th, 2011, I ran .66 miles (as part of an assesment on a running app) and I thought I might die! I have since run two half marathons and several other shorter distance events. I am training for my first marathon in May!!! I couldn’t have done it without all the other mothers out there!!!! 🙂

  154. My first ever 5k when I had to stop running after mile one and walk the rest. Compared to my next 5k, 2 years later, when I ran the total distance with NO PROBLEM. I now have “It’s just a 5k” in my vocabulary.

  155. 3/24/2012: My first trail race and first time run all in one race! It was amazing!!! I ran for 3 hours straight on a muddy, slippery trail for a total of 16.1 miles. The best part was the feeling of being free, even when I slipped, busted on my booty, and continued with a smile on my face!

  156. October 27,2013
    I will be running the Marine Corp Marathon with Team in Training in Honor of my husband making it to 5 years cancer free.
    My first Marathon. I ran my first half, the Runners World Half in 2012, am running my second half April 21st, and have already signed up for Runners World 2013 the week before the marathon. I am a proud member of the Turtle Club, but I am still faster than the folks sitting on the couch!

  157. 3/16/13 the day I ran my 1st 1/2 marathon. I’m not an athletic person at all, never played sports and practically flunked phy ed in school. So running is not something I ever dreamed I would do. Running that 1/2 marathon made me realize that I truly can do anything I set my mind to.

  158. April 6 2012 is the first day I laced up my running shoes after a fifteen year hiatus from running and giving birth to my twin boys. Also six days after my hubby came home from a teat deployment. Almost a year later I have finished my first half marathon and training for my second!

  159. September 30, 2012 running in support of my friend in the run for the cure 5 k. I had completed two half marathons previous but running with my daughters and friends in support of someone very special was a great feeling.

  160. 11-29-11. I ran my first ever 10 miler in memory of the most amazing man in my life, my dad. He passed away on his 38th birthday when I was only 10 years old. In those 10 short years he thought me everything I know about hard work, determination, never giving up, and putting one foot in front of the other to keep moving forward. Running one mile for every year I was blessed to have him in my life is the least I could do to honor his memory.

  161. July 8, 2012 was my first 5K. April 28, 2013 will be my first half marathon-when I complete it I will know I have earned the title of BAMR 🙂

  162. April 25 2010- I ran the More Fitness half marathon. It was my first race and it was the race that got me hooked on running. It changed my life, I became a runner that day. And I kicked butt!

  163. April 5, 2013–The date my baby daughter will be six months old, and we can officially start running together. The jogging stroller is ready to go!

  164. 1/3/12 is when I committed to running to lose the baby weight I gained. I couldn’t even run for 5 minutes without stopping. I ran in heavy cotton clothes because I was embarrassed about the baby weight. I NEVER thought I would be where I am today over a year later: lost all baby weight and 25 lbs more, running the fastest times I have ever ran in my life, 2 half marathons done and I am so unbelievably happy.

  165. February 24, 2013- My first half marathon at the Disney Princess. Only my second race ever, and it was 100% on my own training and running. What a freeing and motivating experience!

  166. September 24, 2011 I ran my one and only full marathon. The Roadrunner Akron Marathon in Akron, Ohio. I finished in 4:50 and my goal was under 5 hours and still walking. I accomplished my goal. 🙂

  167. The date for me would be 10/17/2010, Nike Women’s San Francisco full marathon……my first and only thus far. Not sure if I’ll ever do another full. For a gal who hated running as a kid, gave it a try as an adult to get in shape, I never would have imagined that I would complete 26.2 miles of running.

  168. Feb 12 the date I signed up for my first race. I had never ran one step and didn’t own running shoes. Talk about cart before the horse.

  169. Feb 12, the day I signed up for my first race, before I had ever even ran even one step or bought running shoes. Talk about the cart before the horse.

  170. 4/12/08: My first and only half marathon (so far?). I was a runner through high school and dabbled in it afterwards. After two kids, I realized I needed a plan to stay engaged in running. I followed a program I found online and I ran farther than I ever thought I could.

  171. 11/2/12. About 4:30 or 5 PM. The day they called off the NYC Marathon….I had agonized over going, knew I could make it as I was driving, but never felt quite right about going. Glad they made the decision for me. 11/4, some lovely running friends took me on “Lindsey’s Alternate Race”. That was incredibly enjoyable.

  172. September 19. On that day In 2010 I ran my first ever race – the Philadelphia Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 marathon. Exactly one year later, on September 19, 2011, my sweet daughter was born. Mama got her groove back and I ran my first post-baby 1/2 on September 19, 2012 – PR at the Philadelphia R’nR. A few days off from “my” special running date, but still just as sweet.

    1. September 16, 2012 was my “come back 1/2.” See, I’m so stuck on the 19th, I can’t stop thinking about it! 🙂

  173. The day of my first 5K. 11/18/12. It was the Hot Chocolate 5K. I ran it with my BFF, and we both rocked it (28:02 for her, 28:05 for me). Shocked both of us, as we just wanted to break 30 minutes! It was a deal-sealer for me… I knew from that point that I wanted to race again… and again, and again, and again! 🙂

  174. I was once told I wasn’t a “serious runner … I just liked the silly little running events”. And I never considered myself a runner, even with numerous 5k’s and a couple 10K’s under my belt. Last July (July 14, 2012) I completed my first half marathon, to prove to myself that I am a runner. I’m looking forward to completing the 4 half marathons I’ve committed to this coming summer!

  175. December 1, 2012. Our local Girls On The Run Gingersnap 5K. I had done a couple 5k’s in the fall, but this was the first one I was able to complete without having to walk at all. It was such a fun race too with all the Girls On The Run teams from a bunch of different elementary schools. Their enthusiasm kept me smiling the entire time. That is, up until I crossed the finish line and did the ugly cry because I was so happy I’d run the whole way 😀

  176. April 14, 2011. My first marathon! It was unexpectedly moving when I crossed the finish line. I could NOT believe what I had just accomplished. 🙂 (I’ve done one more since, and this year-2013-is the year of the half marathon….one per month!)

  177. May 1, 2010- completed my first 5k the morning after I learned of my grandmother’s passing. It was an emotional day!

  178. Exactly two years ago! On March 20, 2011, I PRed on my half marathon distance and I told all my running friends I was going to be a mother runner! I found out I was pregnant earlier that week and got to share with my BRFs my news as we were powering up a killer hill.

  179. This one is easy. It was St. Patty’s Day weekend of 2010, where I did the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge in Virginia Beach, VA. The first race was an 8K and the next day was my first ever Half Marathon, with very little sleep in between and a long ice bath with a beer that night.

  180. August 28th, 2011. First time I ever ran a marathon and it was during Ironman Canada! First Marathon and First Ironman. What a day!

  181. June 13, 2011 the date of my first Half Ironman!! Prior to that I had only completed a Sprint Distance.

  182. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was in spring of 2001. I had always wanted to ‘be a runner’ but had never really succeeded despite my fitness level. Running always beat me. I asked a runner friend what in the world I was doing wrong and described my plight to him and he said “you’re running too fast, start slower”. And so I did. I added intervals into my walks and one day, I decided to start running and see how long I could go without walking. Turns out I could run for 45 minutes. I was ON FIRE! I was SO EXCITED I didn’t want to go home. I had done it! It was an awesome day!

  183. My first three marathons were all run on July 24th (Pioneer Day in Utah). On my third marathon, July 24th, 1999, my husband proposed to me. So its a running and engagement anniversary!

  184. I know it’s cliche, but September 6 will always stand out for me because it was the date of my first ever marathon, in my college alumni town, Santa Barbara. We had made it a family vacation, and the whole family was at the finish to watch me blubber my way in….

  185. I celebrate my runniversary with the first race I ever ran (a 5k in 2010). I have run the same race every year since, and it always means a little more since it was my first. I’ve run it 3 years in a row, and each time I’ve managed to cut 1 minute of my previous time.

  186. August 17, 2010!

    My 36th birthday and the day I registered for my first 13.1!!
    I’ve been hooked on that distance ever since 🙂

  187. July 2012…my 1st 5K…and crossing the finish line with my hubby and my 2 girls jumping up and down screaming “Go Mommy, Go Mommy”…which is now printed on my RoadID for a little motivation each time I run!

  188. I can’t even remember the date, but running my first half with my aunt was incredibly significant. It was All Women and One Lucky Guy in October 2011. My aunt, a cancer survivor, really struggled and I stayed with her so we could finish together. A few months later, she discovered that what she thought was a spot of pneumonia was actually a recurrence of her cancer.

  189. The first day I began running… June 28, 2010. I was just shy of 50 years old. Gasping for air after running 60 seconds {W1D1 of the C25k program}…

  190. June 21 was the first time I ran. I remember wanting to try it but feeling like an idiot! I read a great article in runners world about it. 1 of Their suggestions was to hold money in your hand like you were running after the pizza delivery guy! Lol (I didn’t do this but did start that day!

  191. June 18, 2005. My first marathon. I NEVER would have thought I was capable. Now I know I am and I wear that with pride.

  192. July 20th, 2010…the day I went on my first run with my solemate, and I barely made it to 1.75 miles! It’s amazing to think of how far I’ve come 🙂

  193. April 7th. My 2nd half marathon at my alma mater 7 weeks prego. I was as sick as a dog, but it was an amazing morning!

  194. 2/27/11, My Baby’s 5th Birthday and my first Half Marathon, The Princess Half Marathon in Disney with my sister! 2/9/13…after losing 50 pounds PRd in the Run for your Heart 5k 30:52! So excited! When I started running about 5 or so years ago I finished in about 50 minutes!! Run Like a Mother is one of my favorite running books, it always helps to keep me sane!

  195. This is a good one ladies. It made me think back to why I started running.It was June 1, 2005 the summer before I started physical therapy school. I was living with distant family friends and I didnt have a car and couldnt drive (international liscense etc) and running was my escape from someone who was bullying me and basically treating me like crap. At that point 2 miles would leave me exhausted (now 45 mins/ hills sprints with the 25lb jogging stroller exhaust me). Wow didnt even realize how powerful this was.. thanks 😉

  196. The most significant date for me is September 24, 2011. That was the day I ran my very first race. It was a 5k and I WAS HOOKED!!!!!!

  197. 1 Nov. 1989
    The day I went into the military and thus ‘became’ a runner. I ran b/c I had to and now I run b/c I want to!

  198. My 2nd half marathon. Perfect weather and even better training cycle. I ended up beating that PR 6 weeks later by 8 seconds but I knew when I finished that one I had done my best and it felt great!

  199. My first half marathon on November 11, 2012 with a time of 2:08:16. I was 38 and NEVER thought I would be a runner. I love it!

  200. Several dates come to mind. Oct 6, 2013: the date of my first Half Marathon. Aug 31, 2013: date of my next challenging race, 10 miles with hills, a “tough run”. March 10, 2013: date of my latest challenging race; 5 miles on a bad ankle. Past many runners the last 1/4 mile and beat the last person by 1/100th of a second, it was awesome!

  201. June 23, 2009 The day I ran my first half-marathon. The Seattle Rock-n-Roll. And I was hooked. 🙂 I have 5 total since then, with my 6th being the upcoming San Fran Rock-n-Roll half. Hopefully, I will be able to get some lingering injuries taken care of and keep on running them and getting stronger.

  202. Two dates – July 3, 2010. Ran my first timed 5k. I was a good 50 lbs overweight and it took me 40 minutes to finish. Fast forward to May 20, 2012 – the date of my first half. Dropped the weight and crossed the finish line feeling strong and amazing (and at a respectable 2:12 finishing time). Since then, I’ve run three more and have a marathon planned for the fall. I may have been late to running (starting at 38), but I’m hooked!

  203. August 25, 2011 was the day I took my first step on couch to 5k. And I was hooked! I was 40 years old and the last time I had run was junior high, where I cried. I kept going to see what I could do, amazed at each step, and ran a 20k on June 2, 2012.

  204. January 2008. I ran my first half at Disneyworld and I was hooked. I’m slow, I’m chubby, but this became my first real grown up hobby as up until then I really didn’t know how to carve out me time. God bless running and Disney races.

  205. 4-10-10 My first Half-Marathon. When I began trying to run 5K races as a school coach for Girls on the Run in 2007 I never thought I would be capable of running 13.1 miles. When I finished my race it was such a feeling of ‘I can do anything’ I set my mind to do.

  206. December 25th, 2012. My daughter was 6 weeks old that day and it was my first post-baby run. And it was sloooooooooooooooow.

  207. November 28, 1991 was the first race I ever signed for… I was 13 and told my dad that I wanted to be a runner. He was 35, a smoker and decided he was going to become a runner too. Over 21 years, a full, several 1/2’s, and too many other races together to count and we’re still running together! In fact, I’m heading out in the morning for a 10-miler with him!

  208. 6/20/2009
    My 1st 5K after some rough personal things. I didn’t expect to run the whole thing but I did… and it inspired me to keep on going!

  209. February 24, 2013- I ran my first half marathon at Disney’s Princess Half Marathon to celebrate my 3 year, 60 plus pound weight loss journey and to honor my Mom’s memory (she passed away from brain cancer in August 2013). Three years ago, I couldn’t walk 3.0 at level zero on the treadmill for 20 min without feeling like I was going to die. Now, I am training for my second and third half and as long as my hubby doesn’t get deployed next Jan, I plan on doing a full at Disney!

  210. 9/12/2010 was the day I ran my first half marathon. I was supposed to run it a year before, but a car accident that almost killed me sidelined me for awhile. I was able to come back from 23 broken bones, including all 7 cervical vertebrae to run that half marathon a year later. Crossing the finish line was AMAZING!

  211. Is it weird that I don’t have any significant dates? I think I am like Dimity….I can’t remember that stuff! I am pleased when I can remember both kids’ birthdays….took me four years to be certain of our wedding anniversary!

  212. June 24th was the date of my first half marathon a few years ago, but July 3rd is the day I first started running.

  213. June 13, 2010. First run after having my daughter. Time by myself, it only hurt a little bit and it felt so good to move.

  214. On August 4, 2012 I ran my first ever 5K at the age of 38. Since I can remember, I’ve always told people, “I am NOT a runner and I never will be.” I said this when I was a competitive gymnast and in the best shape of my life. I just could NOT run any distance other than to the vault or to my tumbling run. As I got older, I got curious when I saw friends who were not always “athletic” running in races. However, the thought of getting into running clothes and running in front of people terrified me. I became a closet runner. I ran in my basement, on my treadmill, convinced this was an amazing way to exercise. Over the course of 5 months, I built up from 0.1 miles to 3 miles on my treadmill. Nobody could see me and I never worried about how I looked in my shorts or how sweaty I was. I wanted to run a 5K but my competitive side knew I could not actually “compete” in a race and, of course, I didn’t know if I could run outside in front of other people. Everyone told me that running outside would get me hooked. (I have to admit, I did not feel the addiction of running when I hid away in my basement watching the little block move around the circle marking my distance…) My neighbor convinced me to sign up for a race. In preparation, I ran a few times outside and realized running outside is WAY better than hiding in my basement. My first 5K was on August 4, 2012. I didn’t win the race that day but it was definitely not without reward. I enjoy running now. I enjoy getting other people motivated to run. I did 5 more 5K’s after my maiden voyage in August. This year I am hoping to do a 10K in June and – as long as my body stays healthy – a half marathon in September. I hope to bring a new friend along to every 5K race I enter. A year ago, I had myself convinced I couldn’t do it but as I’ve learned through this journey – the mind gives up long before the legs and heart. If I can do this – I’m pretty sure anyone can!

  215. January has my favorite half marathon. I consistently run more miles in February than any month of the year and I have no idea why. March is Shamrock Run Fun. April is Spring Break which means running on location. May is my birthday and because of running I look and feel better each year as I get older. June holds the fun 5k that I started to benefit my school. July is the heart of summer: Runs are sweet and sunny. August is Hood 2 Coast! September means the back to school stress is stemmed by the routine of running on a schedule again. October is the Portland Marathon! November is a home grown turkey trot. December is… training for my favorite January half marathon. I love running every day, every month, all year long.

  216. August 31, 2003. My first half marathon, RNR Virginia Beach my parents flew out from Alaska to watch and cheer me on. Was the last time I’d see my Mom alive. She passed unexpectedly that November. I run now in her memory and honor.

  217. Feb 26 2012, my first half marathon, two of my cousins ran with me. I wanted to do it when I turned 40, I ended up training that year and ran it right after turning 41. I wanted to start running to show my 4 year old daughter that she could do anything, even start running in your 40’s and run half marathons, i’m now addicted to it!

  218. 10-10-10 when I ran my second Chicago marathon. I ran it in 2004, but soon after became pregnant and had severe back problems that sidelined me from running for a few years. In September 2009, my nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia and I instantly decided I was going to start training to run with TEAM in Training for the LLS. I ran the Chicago marathon with team in training on 10-10-10, and have been running ever since.

  219. I’ve run my entire life, but not until this year did I know what it meant to be mentally tough. 1/19/2013 I ran my second marathon. I was in great shape and felt 100% except for hip pain that I ran through …pain at every step bc…..I would never let my running partner and friend down! She hung with me and had a fantastic run that should have been her run of a lifetime. True friendship where friends matter more than a finish time. (And we still beat our first marathon by 6 minutes)

  220. March 6, 2011 – my first 5k, in honor of my dear friend who was dying of cancer (the race benefited the American Cancer Society). It was the reason I even started running. I found out about her passing 2 hours after the race. I have now run the same race a total of 3 times in her memory, plan to continue this tradition.

  221. October 13, 2012 was my first half marathon ever! I’d never run that distance, or ran a race by myself without having a buddy. Having my husband and kids cheer for me at the finish line was such a spectacular feeling! I’d remember thinking I couldn’t run a 5k much less a half! It was liberating, my proudest running moment by far! I’m training for my 3rd half now 🙂

  222. April 13th is a significant running date for me. I’ve decided to do my first 1/2 marathon on this day, of this year. But more importantly, it would be my grandmother’s birthday if she were alive. She was an inspiration to me and many others when it came to health and physical activity. Well into her 80s she was walking miles upon miles (like 13 in one day), dancing, and “Doing the stairs” (this is what she called walking up and down the 10 flights of stairs in her apartment). So when this date, April 13th, came up as a possibility to run a 1/2 in a local race, I knew I had to take it to celebrate and honor my grandma.

  223. The whole month of July in 2011! I put my kiddo, who became my BRF, in the jogger and got moving. I fought depression, my weight, and pushed my self to a new level!

  224. On November 10th I became a marathoner!!! That date will always stick in my mind! Also, my “runiversary” is March 18th (just passed!) and I ran my first half marathon on June 6th so those two dates will always be important, too!

  225. Would have to be the Sunday in April 2009 when I did my first event. The REAL Women’s Duathlon in Wellington, New Zealand. 5k run and 10k cycle. The feeling crossing that finish line was awesome!

  226. A few big races (including the pikes peak ascent) come to mind but I’d have to say the day recently when I was cleared to run after a long injury.

  227. The date that stands out most for me is Oct 3, 2010 when I set my marathon PR at Wineglass Marathon. It was a nearly perfect day- weather was gorgeous and I finally had a marathon where I just felt great the whole time!

  228. Every mothers day – this year will be may 12 – is of running significance to me. I get up and race a 10k every year and usually get teary during the run thinking of my many blessings as a mom. And then I go home to the family and open cards and gifts and drink mimosas. Perfect!

  229. August 7, 2011 Ran My First 5K by Sept.18,2012 I Ran My First Half Marathon ! Read Both Books Back to Back. You are my running gurus. My Kids were 5 and 2. Gave Up Pushing the Sit-N-Stand Stroller Walking in 5K’s. to start running for me ! I love hearing Run Mom Run along the race routes when the kids watch me.

  230. My first half marathon with 4 of my best BAMR’s ever. We are all military wives and lived at the same base together while running the 2012 Rock n Roll Half in DC. The following summer we all moved and are scattered around the country yet we all managed to train for another half (Myrtle Beach 2013)while keeping up with each other’s long runs via Facebook and texts. These ladies will be in my life forever and make the memory of my first race even more special and significant.

  231. September 2, 2012…my first half at Disneyland
    May 14, 2012…my first run with my BRF (she helped me train for the half…yeah!)

  232. So far, it’s 4/2/11, the date of my very first half marathon! I’m hoping that date gets replaced by 10/13/13, the day of my first marathon!!

  233. October 20, 2012. I ran in a 3K for my kids’ school, and ran with a teacher the whole time (the first time I ran without intervals.) Then, I mentioned the possibility of running the Disney Princess Half, and a father of kids I know said, “You should go for it!” So, I went home and registered. I alternated between feeling giddy and feel nauseous – what had I done???? But I trained hard and well and blazed (well, sort of) through the Princess. It was the day I decided “I can!”

  234. March 27, 2012! The day I first ran over a mile! After being a MOM for more than 26 years, I had an empty house. My son had moved into his own beautiful home and my daughter had been gone to college for more than six months. I realized I was lost. I started running and have LOVED it! And October 13, 2012. My first half marathon and I ran it with my son’s fabulous girlfriend! I am an older mother, but I am a BAMR!

  235. March 17 2013 is very special to me. The day I ran a 5k with my 5 year old daughter for the first time! We trained together and made great memories. Every run she improved and her love for running grew. The day of the 5k she pushed her self and achieved her goal of running with mommy. I will never forget the huge smile on her face as she crossed the finish line. She was so proud and her little eyes taking it all in. She said she was sweaty and tired. “Mom I want to do it again” Nyla was hooked. The day my daughter became a runner, and I a mother runner.

  236. The date is January 13th, 2013. The day I crossed my first 26.2 finish line. I took my first running step January 11th, 2010 with the intent of training to run the Walt Disney World marathon in a year. It took a lot longer than a year thanks to pregnancy and injuries, but I never gave up that goal and I relied on the support of the RLAM community all along the way. There were no words when I crossed that finish line, but lots of tears of joy. THANK YOU all for being there when I needed you.

  237. May 8th holds a lot of significance for me. On May 8th, 2005 I ran my first half marathon. A year later I had my first daughter, Emma (5/8/06), and three years from that May 8th, I had my second daughter, Lila (5/8/09). My first half marathon, post kids, is on May…12th, this year (oh, well). But, my girls will be there, on Mother’s Day, to cheer me on.

  238. Two dates stand out- today , March 20 because it’s my 43 birthday; and May 02, 2010 because it was my first marathon. I chose the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon because it was the closest one to my 40th birthday that I could find. So that marathon was my ,”I can get old and still be in good shape” gift to myself.

  239. March 16, 2013…the day I ran my fastest 5K and placed first in my age group while pushing a double stroller!

  240. March 28, 2010… My first full marathon. An incredible day for me bc my Mom who was battling breast cancer for a second time, was able to be there for me. Just 3 weeks before my race, she underwent a double mastectomy. I was very blessed to have her encouragement during training, on race day and I continue to be blessed bc she hardly misses any of my races and is always interested in my training.

  241. Jan 23, 2011–my first half marathon (Carlsbad Half–in Carlsbad, CA). I went into thinking I would run just one and I got the running bug after I finished it. I just ran my 7th half earlier this month. 🙂

  242. March 17, 2013 is day I ran my first ever race. A 10k. June 23, 2013 I’ll run my first half marathon with my training partners, best friends and sisters!

  243. July 4, 2012 My husband just got home from a year-long deployment. During the entire time he was gone, I really tried to get into running, but it was a hard year. Seeing him and having my support system back pushed me over the edge. I soon went from hardly being able to run, to training for my first half-marathon. (Plus, he is one hell of a running partner!)

  244. June 5th 2010 was my first race. A 5K that I had trained for using the c25k program. From there I went on to the One Hour runner program then on to various training programs for distances all the way up to the marathon. (I was training for NYC which I didn’t get to run last year) But that is where the fire started!

  245. I have two stand out dates, June 17, 2007 was the my first triathlon. The other date is January 13, 2013, my very first marathon.

  246. December 20, 2008-My first race. A 10k on compact snow and ice, with a temperature of 6 degrees at the start. Crazy conditions, but I ran a 52:02, a PR that stood for well over a year.

  247. Jan 1, 2005…40 yrs old…when I decided I HAD to do something after an easy New Year’s Day bike ride left me winded (but I was in shape in high school….really!!). Needed to take up a sport, that sport was running. Started with run to one mailbox, walk to the next, run to the next, walk to the next, and so it goes. I still call my friend I biked with to wish her a happy anniversary of getting my butt in shape.

  248. Hmmm…In 2009, I ran the Portland Marathon (my second full) in the rain with a broken toe. From there, I just kept running. Midlife crisis maybe? But because of those cold and wet 26.2 miles, I have two marathon’s on the book this year, have run a dozen 13.1, two Hood To Coast’s (a third this year)–and I got my husband running too. More importantly, I have made numerous friends thanks to Sunday runs as well. As a matter of fact, my roommate from college is reading your book to prepare for HTC this August.

  249. June 30, 2012 my first 5k. That day I decided to commit to running 1 race a month for the next year. So far, so good!

  250. February 24, 2013: Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon
    My first: attempt at a big race
    My first vacation without the kids
    My first get-away with my awesome cousin, Audra
    And…my first time meeting AMRs and purchasing both books at the expo!
    Pretty awesome weekend!

  251. February 17th will always be a date that I will remember. It was the date I ran in my first run — the “Fun, Flirty, and Fabulous 5K” in St. Louis. I won a copy of RLAM and it has become my go-to guide for everything I need to know to be a better runner! I certainly cherish it!

  252. sept 5 2012 the day I started running after years of being told I couldn’t because of injuries. I proved them and my fears wrong.

  253. October 2011- I met and started running with by running buddy, which led to two more running buddies. How can I not love girls who run with me at 5:15am?! When I’m the only one who HAS to run that early!

  254. Oct. 25, 2009…my first half marathon. I never, ever dreamed that I would be able to run that distance!!

  255. Hmm, April 17, 2009 was my first day of my first round of C25K. Start of a beautiful friendship with my BF, and the beginning of an on-again off-again relationship with running. This last round -I think it has finally become a long-term thing. 😉

  256. The only running date that sticks in my head is 4/13. That’s when I ran the Sabino Sunset run. It’s a tough 7.4 miler with a huge hill in the middle. It wasn’t my first race, or my longest, or my fastest, but it was the first race after a long break from running, and the births of my 2 kids, and I was really proud of myself for doing it.

  257. March 10, 2011…the day I started Couch to 5K all on my own, and being certain I would never finish. Now I am just 4 weeks away from my first half!

  258. Two:
    1/26/2013 – The day i signed up for my first half marathon.
    10/20/2013- Hasn’t happened yet but its the day of my first half marathon.

  259. September 23, 2012 – the date that I PR’d doing a half marathon and I did it with my favorite running friend.

  260. June 4, 2011. It was my second marathon – Newport Marathon in Oregon- and my first attempt at a Boston qualifier. Didn’t quite get what I needed, but what a gorgeous course! I had a great time racing along the Oregon Coast

  261. The date that I will never forget was my very first Half Marathon that I did with Team in Training, the Disney Half in 2010.

    It was so special to me for many reasons; I trained with Team in Training in Honor of my Dad who has Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My Parents were able to join us for the weekend. I was in the top 3 fundraisers for TNT for the Palm Beach Chapter. I completed my first half ever, at DISNEY WORLD! The Team in Training pasta dinner in EPCOT is something I will never forget! 1/10/10

  262. Jan 2012 because my walking parter & I made a plan to enter my first half! We came up with a plan to start regularly running together, training & registering for a race!

  263. Nov 29th is my runiversary. One year to the day that I was diagnosed with a large DVT in my left leg I started running and I haven’t looked back 🙂 Happy Anniversary to you!

  264. May 12, 2012
    I ran my first half marathon. It was SO MUCH better than I’d expected! Running has been a hard thing for me to love. I really respect what it’s done for me, but the love is something I’m really working on! Running (and feeling good about) my first half was a great thing for me. And now I’m tackling my first marathon schedule. So June 29, 2013 should be another memorable date!

  265. I don’t remember the exact BUT I do remember the month of May as my first running event ~ 13.1 miles. I was hooked 🙂

  266. As team coordinator for the ONLY spouse ten-miler team, I would love the chance to sport AMR band or Amy gear! Talk about advertising in action! WOOT

  267. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is my runiversary with my 2 RBFs. I started running in Spring of 2011 and talked a friend at the gym about how to keep it up through the MN winter. She invited me to join her & her training partner. They are marathoners, Ironwomen and just generally badass runners. I have no idea why I thought I could keep up with them, but I joined them that week. I think it was naivete! I had only run 8 miles once before joining them! That was November 2011. I have run 8 miles with them nearly every Tuesday since then. They’ve introduced me to the triathlon world, kept me running, helped me PR in last week’s half marathon, and so much more. They have changed my life. This past November, to celebrate our runiversary, they gave me a pair of Yak Trax to make sure I’d make it through another winter with them 🙂 Here’s to many more!

  268. I’d been contemplating running a marathon for a long time, but wasn’t sure I could do it. So, I went out and ran 13.1 miles all on my own. When I came home from doing that on a cold, windy day, I knew I could conquer a marathon if I put my mind to it. I still remember that feeling that day, but I will admit, I don’t remember the date. 🙂

  269. My first running date I remember was October 15, 2011- the first ever (and my first ever!) 5k at my alma mater, the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, NY. I’ve gone every year since, and plan to every year on. I was so nervous, and it took me almost 45 minutes, but I did it, with my old chef/instructor, husband, and 4 year old son cheering me on <3

  270. without a doubt 2/17/2013 when I finished my first marathon. I can still close my eyes and remember how proud I was that I had finished, that it was over, and I could take a short break from the intense training. I remember how proud my daughters were of me:)

  271. As team coordinator for the ONLY Army Spouse ten-miler team, I would love the chance to sport a AMR band!!! Great advertising in action!! WOOOT!!

  272. Jan 1 – the day i could not achieve 6 miles..I thought I’d never get to 13.1 in time for the princess half – then 7 days later I flew through 7 and I finally felt like a “runner”. I don’t know how, maybe it was not giving up or giving in..maybe my body turned a corner physically, but mentally I knew I hated how I felt when I could not do the 6 and never wanted to let myself feel that defeated again. And I never have. I appreciate the progress and the work to get there.

  273. I never thought I could be a runner. My husband is in school and challenges himself everyday. I gave it a whirl and ran my longest run yesterday…7.5 miles. I felt amazing. I am running my first 10k in May and can’t wait. I feel like every day I hit the pavement is a challenge overcome.

  274. June 26th, 2010. My first half marathon. I was soooo nervous! It was the Seattle Rock n’ Roll. I couldn’t believe it when I crossed the finish line.

  275. Danskin Pleasant Prairie Triathlon 2008. After losing 100 pounds, it was my first ever racing event (besides back in high school of course). I will never forget the feeling I had crossing that finish line, legs and whole body just spent, literally jumped into my husbands arms and was in tears at all I had accomplished that day and the whole year leading up to it. (Still use this memory when things get tough on a race course…gets me misty eyed every time).

  276. 3-18-13! Yes, just a couple days ago! Celebrated my 40th birthday by running my first “trails” marathon! All dirt, hilly trails, and the course ended up being almost 27 miles, instead of an even 26.2. It was a small race of maybe 200 people, but I was able to take 1st place out of all the women, and 3rd place overall… only 2 speedy men in front of me! All on my 40th birthday! I am not usually exceptionally fast and I have never won a marathon race, just a couple local 10k’s; but something about turning 40 and the luck of the Irish, gave me extra energy that day! I felt like I was on fire! This was huge for me!!

  277. July 17, 2010… My first ever race… It was a 5k in Portland, Or… I ran with my father and sister.. Running does not “run in my family” Before the race, we joked that, while we are all very athletic, we don’t run…. “I may run if some-one’s chasing”… “I may run to catch a bus”… we said in jest… I fell in love on the beautiful trail in Forest Park… I finished the race and proclaimed myself a runner. I ran Hood-to-Coast the following month and now have 5 relays under my belt! I’m hooked!

  278. Last Tuesday! After 11 months of running I finally was able to run 1 mile in less than 10 minutes! Thanks to the playlist from you two in Train Like a Mother, I wiped off all of my slow country songs from my ipod and downloaded lots of fast songs! So I thank you two…and your music suggestions!

  279. Memorial Day Weekend. That’s when I completed my first 10k and during training for that race, the love for running was born. Much pain, sweat and hard work went into training for that first race and I am so grateful for it!

  280. Ok, I don’t have a very specific date. But it is the day that I ran from the Louisville, Ky Ymca all the way to the bridge and back. I remember getting to the bridge and it being very much a rocky moment for me. Holding my arms up. Now keep in mind, It was maybe a mile from the y. Here I am 13 years later and am about to finish my 9 marathon. I love being a mother runner.

  281. 5-5-09 – Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!’ This is my first run anniversary AND my first run with my best friend. Right before we took off I commented that I had not run since volleyball practice in 1995 as a high school senior. I made it 5 minutes (appropriate for Cinco de Mayo) that first run. Many miles later we have completed many 5K, 3 Marathon Relays and 7 half marathons together.

  282. December 31, 2011….the day I started running…..again…and haven’t stopped since. Now I get withdrawals if I can’t get at least 20mi in a week.

  283. There are many dates that are bold in my mind regarding running, but the first and most important to me, is August 30, 1996. The day I ran my first full mile EVER. I was 20 years old, thought I would die, and when I made it, cried with joy. That has happened may times over almost 17 years later, but that very FIRST mile will always be the most special. 🙂

  284. The date that sticks out the most in my mind is Dec. 9th. After 9 months of being a mother runner, various races, and establishing myself as a runner, I ran my first half marathon (kinda). There was a half marathon that day, but I was coming off an injury so I didn’t sign up for it. Instead my running partner and I made a pact to run it on our own without walking. I set a PR distance and she set a PR time. I proved myself a BAMR that day.

  285. I have two dates. My first is March 7, 2010, my first half marathon, the Disney Princess. I only planned on doing that one, mainly to prove to myself that I could. It was great to run with friends. We didn’t have a great finish time, but we had a great time together. After we got back, a friend if mine told me, “Now you should do a marathon!” I thought she was crazy, but my second date is January 8, 2012, my first marathon, the Disney Marathon, again mainly to prove to myself that I could. I was fighting back tears of the joy of the accomplishment at Mile 23 or so, but let them flow after i crossed the finish line. After my first half, I didn’t think I’d ever do another one, but now I have 13 under my belt. I swore after the marathon that I’d never do another one, but I returned to Disney and even did the Goofy this year! I swore again that it would be the last marathon, but I’m counting down the days to register for the Disney one again!

  286. April 28th 2012 I started the San Antonio Chapter of Moms RUN This Town. I has been such a blessing not only in my running, but in my life. I have made great new friends. I also feel like I am doing something to help woman find strength in themselves through running milestones.

  287. May 16, 2011 and May 18, 2012 the dates in past 2 years of the half marathons that I was training for – where I made it to 8 miles of training before my ankle decided it did not want to persist and I needed to postpone the training…May 19, 2013!!! The date where I will FINALLY be able to make the half marathon, thanks to a dear friend and my physical therapist whom is teaching me how to stretch properly and how to troubleshoot the pain!! I WILL MAKE IT THIS YEAR!!! 🙂

  288. May 9, 1999 the Cincinnati flying pig half marathon – the day while laying on bed rest in cincinnati with my first child watching the marathon I decided some day I would run a half marathon and may 6, 2012 the day, 4 kids later, I did in fact run my first half marathon in Cincinnati at the flying pig becoming a bamr!

  289. I’m gonna go with 9/22/12. That’s the date of my second-most-recent half-marathon (Denver RnR), the first half I’d run with the guidance, support, and camaraderie of a training group. In previous halfs, I’d been all over the map, time-wise, so I had no expectations about how I’d finish. Plus, I was waiting on a dr.-predicted miscarriage that I hoped wouldn’t begin DURING the race. It didn’t, and although I bonked for a bit between miles 9-10, I took the early hills strong, finished strong and was greeted by my cheering family. All in all, an amazing race, and I can’t wait for next year.

  290. 04/13/2013 is my special date. On April 13th this year, I’ll walk/run my first race ever, a 5K. I’m so excited and nervous. As motivation, I’ve registered for 4 different ones this year. That’s my “happy run date”.

  291. March 17th – completed my 2nd half marathon and PR’d! I have two more lined up – Brooklyn in May and Chicago in June!

  292. 4/6/13…my 1st 10k!!! (sadly I’ve been sidelined with a stress fracture and will not be back to running until a week AFTER that date! grrrrr!)

  293. The month of October stands out as it has been a month of firsts for about 4 years. I ran my first half marathon (2009)and first marathon (2011) in the month of October. And it’s my birthday month, which makes it kind of special too. 😉

  294. Sept. 5, 2012…. I began running after years of believing I would not ever be able to because of injuries I received years ago. I’m happy to say I’m still running! I proved them wrong and conquered my fears.

  295. I’m horrible with dates but usually remember the year things happened and the general month so can’t say I have any special anniversary of when I ran a certain race.
    I will say that I always look forward to Memorial Day and running the Bolder Boulder 10k. I’ve done it for 16 years; probably the only thing in my life that I’ve done consistently year after year!

  296. It will be 5/19/13 when I run my first marathon! I can’t wait for it to finally happen after last year’s drop down to a half marathon due to knee injuries.

  297. 2.24.13 My first 1/2 marathon, the Disney Princess 1/2. You should see the photo of me kissing the medal! The second 1/2 is in 9 days and one scheduled for the fall!

  298. 2.24.13 My first 1/2 marathon, the Disney Princess 1/2. You should see the photo of me kissing the medal. The second 1/2 is in 9 days and one Schuyler for the fall!

  299. Well, this date hasn’t happened yet, but after over 20 years of competitive running, I registered to run my first ultra. 50 miles to be run on July 27, 2013. Bucket list!

  300. November 13,2011. This was my first 5 mile race and it would have been my mother’s 80th birthday (she is deceased).

  301. Memorial Day weekend, 2010. I did a half marathon but really didn’t train enough. While I finished the race, I didn’t finish strong and I vowed then and there that I wouldn’t do it again. That event still flashes in my brain when I ponder skipping a training run! #runstrong

  302. I could cheat and look back at my calendar or check my favorite for a notable date for me…but that would be dishonest. Alas, I am hopelessly terrible with dates. Sigh…

  303. 10/30/10 – my first Tulsa Run. For as long as I’ve lived in Tulsa (23 years now) I have wanted to do this 15K race. It is a huge event, and our local paper always publishes a big results section the next day. I would pore over this section every year, finding names I knew and imagining that I would run this some day. So – after many years and a few false starts, I trained and did it. A 20 year goal was realized. I’ve run it each year since then – last year as a training run for my first marathon. Having that goal for so long is really what got me off the couch and made me into a runner. I just can’t believe it took 20 years!

  304. May 20, 2012 My first Half Marathon! I ran under a friend’s race number (she wasn’t able to run) and was only planning on running 6 miles as a training run since I was in the middle of a training plan for–get this–a half marathon; the farthest I had run at that point was 5-6 miles. I ended up running about 12 miles of it. My husband, daughter, and father-in-law met me at the 6 mile mark to cheer me on. I was immediately sore after crossing the finish line, but I was so elated!

  305. November 25, 2010 – Thanksgiving, my 42 birthday and the first 5k I had ever run. I had decided to become a runner to prove to myself that I could do it. My best friend coached me and my husband, Mr. Coach Potato, best me, but I finished! It was start of something great and in the process I have gained am incredible amount of confidence! Now I am training for my second half marathon!

  306. I don’t have a specific date that is important to me, rather it’s particular race weekends that I always remember. Like Hood to Coast is always the last weekend in August before Memorial Day. Or that the Portland Marathon is now the second weekend in Ocotber. However, I hope that September 7, 2013 will be a very important day for me as that is the day of the first half marathon that I am co-race directing.

  307. November 24 is the day this “I’ll never run unless someone is chasing me” gal completed her first half marathon!

  308. October 2007 is when I ran my first marathon. This year I’m signging up for my 11th. I always get surprised when I realize it really hasn’t been that long.

  309. February 15 2009. The day I saw the Mercedes Marathon billboard and decided that I would run the half the next year. I had never run in my life and was 38 years old. I did run it. And have now run it 4 times. Plus two marathons and a few more halfs.

  310. Mine was my first 10K race that I did. I had never in my life ran that far and never considered myself a runner. I did the race completely on my own and actually didn’t even tell people I was doing it (for fear I didn’t finish). I couldn’t believe that I had run 6 miles. The next 10K I did, I improved my pace by over a minute a mile!

  311. Mother’s Day 2008 was my very first 10k. My cousin had to convince me (months prior) we could do it. Thankfully she was right because running is an amazing gift!

  312. My first running race after surviving cancer, September 3, 2011, Salt Lake Half Marathon. This was in the midst of still recovering from treatment. What was really amazing was that I PR’d at this race. I would have never thought that it was possible at that point in my life. Now I have run many more half marathons but that one is still my best time!

  313. October 2012 The St Louis Rock-n-Roll Full Marathon! It was my first time running 26.2 and my finish time was awesome! 3:46:05!! 🙂

  314. Mar 3, 2013…At 59years old, this was the date I PR’d my 10K and took a 1st place Female GrandMaster Award!! I’m getting older and faster…WooHoo!!

  315. June 24, 2012 The day I decided I WAS going to be a runner and January 20, 2013 the day I proved to myself I was a runner and completed my first half.

  316. May 6, 2012.

    I ran the Safari Park Half Marathon as my very first half marathon. As I crossed the finish line, I saw a text that my girlfriend had her baby boy, Champ, the night before and he went straight from his mama’s belly and directly to heaven. Rather than celebrate my run, I headed straight to the hospital, so it was a very bittersweet first half experience.

    I’ll be running the same race as my half-mary runiversary this year, and it falls on May 5, Champ’s birthday. It also happens to be on the day this same girlfriend is due to give birth to another baby, and all signs are pointing to a healthy girl on the way. SHE is a badass mother runner, and it will be a privilege to run this race in honor of Champy boy.

  317. 7/14/12: One of my best friends and I ran the Sneakers and Spurs 5k in Sheridan WY. It was no where close to a PR, I was sucking wind in the high altitude, I was a little exhausted from the previous nights fun and the course had us running through street barricades and single file on goat trails! But on the morning of my 38th birthday, running down main street, towards the finish line in the town she called “home” with a friend who I love dearly, exemplified what running is all about!!

  318. June 3, 2012 I ran my second half marathon and finished under 2 hours…just barely, but still…1:59 :)with no injuries!! Happy girl!

  319. June 4, 2012 = My 40th birthday and my deadline to have run a full marathon. I ran my first full marathon on May 20th, 2012!

  320. Nov 2010, I remember thinking Im too old and unathletic to be a runner but pondered about it. Then I watched a show on TV about a woman who was a new mom and overweight, dealing with personal issues who sought to change her life and slowly but surely ran her first mile. I said to myself, if she can do it with all her doubts then so can I with mine, Dec 2010 I ran my first mile and been running ever since and now my kids run too!

  321. September 11, 2011 is a pretty big date to a lot of people, myself included. Not just due to the historical significance, but it is the date I ran my first half marathon. I ran the race as a 40th birthday gift to myself, and it was a cause for celebration. I had trained so hard all summer in the DC swamps getting ready to tackle 13.1, my longest distance ever. The moment of silence at the start was quite moving, and hearing the National Anthem sent goosebumps down my spine.
    The glee that came over me when I crossed the finish line was unimaginable. I not only achieved my goal time, I beat my goal time. Tears filled my eyes, and a smile spread through the rest of my face as I crossed the finish. We were all handed AMerican Flags as we finished the race, and I was proud to wave mine. It felt so good to run that last .2 for those who couldn’t that day.
    They say you always remember your first.

  322. July 20-21 2012 – Finished my first Ragnar ever on an Ultra team running 200 miles in 33 hours. I had no idea what was in store for me, but it was the greatest experience ever! Team “Six Crazy Chicks” is going for a repeat this year 🙂

    1. Ooops–don’t type when children are talking.

      This is the date I ran my half marathon, and the 7th anniversary of my brain surgery.

  323. First day of the year. I went out to a wildlife preserve. Ran the most incredible 5 miles of my life. Fastest mile, fastest 5k, fastest 10k. It was awesome.

  324. Two dates, the first 6/12/2008 that was the day my daughter invited me to go to the track with her to run “only a mile”. I had never done that before but thought “How hard could it be?” After the first lap, I threw up! The next 10/25/2008 the day of my first 5K in which I placed 1st in my age group:)

  325. I have two dates: May 6, 2012, my first half marathon and Sept 22, 2012 my second half marathon. The first obviously is memorable because I finished that distance! The 2nd is memorable because I trained so differently the second time around and felt super prepared to achieve a new PR. Everything was going great, but then when I was at mile 7 or 8, the race was cancelled due to a severe thunderstorm! Insane wind, rain, & lightning! Didn’t get to set that PR, but it was a fantastic run before prematurely ending.

  326. Well the only date I can think of is March 20th. It’s the day I learned I am NOT a date remembering kind of gal! I might be able to tell you the month of something important but the actual date…clearly I don’t have that brain cell. 🙂

  327. The date that stands out most in my mind is the July 9, 2009. It was the date I decided that after 2 c-sections within a couple of years that I needed to put my running shoes back on and get myself in shape not only for an upcoming wedding but also for myself and my family. Running was life changing for me, my mood and my family. Now I have another child which makes 3 c sections and running is my time to breath.

  328. It was a hot, sunny day in November 1983, or maybe it only seemed hot because a I felt like I was dying after a 2-mile conditioning run with my club volleyball team. My coach came up to me afterward and said I needed to work on my cardiovascular endurance. I took him very seriously, and encouraged and often accompanied by my dad, I began running. Almost 30 years years later, I’m still running and hope I have at least another 30 years of running left in me!

  329. 2/20/00 – first (and only) marathon. I thought I was the for finishing that bad boy!
    Fast forward to 6/9/13 – this will be my first race (a half marathon) since having baby #3 on 8/29/12. Not only will I have accomplished the task of simply getting back into running shape but will have done it while nursing and working FT. Plus I’m using the TLAM – Finish It! plan so I’m sure to be successful 🙂

  330. The day I decided to become a runner: Feb 17, 2011. Before then, I would occasionally run at lunch. That was the day I got up before work to go to the gym, and I haven’t stopped since. I restarted C25K and just over a year later (Feb 26, 2012) I ran my first half.

  331. Three of them:
    February 17, 2007: the day I got my PR, which was also my BQ, of 3:44:32, at the Myrtle Beach Marathon.
    December 12, 2009: The day my now-husband proposed to me, just before the Kiawah Marathon. 🙂
    December 8, 2012: The first marathon my BRF and I ran together (well, together until mile 20, anyway. She PR’d, but I was just happy to break 4 hours for the first time in 4 years, especially exciting after giving birth to my son in March.)

  332. January 9, 2009 – my son was born on 2/5/2007 and complications due to preeclampsia and an abruption left me in a medically induced coma for 15 days. I vowed when I was learning how to walk again that I would get strong enough to complete a marathon. On that date, I finished the Walt Disney Marathon surrounded by family and friends.

  333. One of the best running day I remember was my first marathon, Oct. 22, 2006. I ran the Mount Desert Island marathon in 4 hrs exact, this was my goal time!!!!

  334. March 7th, 2010! My husband and I had some marital troubles in 2009, we separated but in Feb of 2010 we decided to work on our marriage. I signed up for this race because it was on my birthday, it would be my first race, and it was in NY, where I grew up. It was very emotional for me, and I was so grateful to have my 3 kids and husband there to cheer me on! It would mark a new beginning, in our marriage, as a running mom, and for me as a racer. Three years later, our marriage is stronger than ever and I continue do this race with family in tow.

  335. October 8, 2011 I ran my first 10K. At mile 5, I decided to kick up the pace for the last mile – totally forgetting about the .2! I ended up sprinting the last 1.2 miles and ran faster than I ever thought I could. Bonus to this – I found out the next week that I was pregnant with my third baby, who is appropriately named Dashiell (Dash for short).

  336. June 23, 2013!! My sisters and I have never been “runners” until recently. We are so excited to be following the Train like a Mother 1/2 marathon finish it plan together. We will be meeting in Chicago for the woman’s half marathon and running together. Bonus is a girls weekend in Chicago with my sisters and our first 1/2 together (with no kids 🙂

  337. July 1, 2011 We just got back from visiting family in Maine and that Spring I lost 10 pound by following the WW plan. I knew I needed to do something more to lose 5 more pounds. My husband started running 1/2 marathons about 8 years earlier so I decided to start running. I hated it! He talked about this ‘runners high’ I never got. Finally, August 1, 2011 I had my first great run. Since then I have log on 800 miles on my Nike+. I ran the Princess 1/2 this past February and have been on a natural high. I have just a great running support group. We have 2 other couple friends and we all run and the girls also scrapbook. The girls all went to Princess 1/2 together and we had so much fun! I also met Sarah at the Princess Expo and went home to download your podcast and I now LOVE you girls. Can’t wait to see you in Indianapolis at the Women’s 1/2 Marathon.

  338. my significant date that stands out in my mind is not one that has past but one that is coming up in the near future…May 5th… will be my first marathon!!! Every day is one more day closer to this important date, 46 days to be exact… and every day that passes I want to poop myself just thinking about it…ok..TMI…lol…but you have to admit its a little nerve racking!!!

  339. April 19, 2010. My first Boston Marathon. I had actually registered for the 2009 Boston marathon, but had to drop out due to IT band issues. I was devastated. I was a new runner. I miraculously qualified on my first race, the SLC marathon. Injuries were foreign to me and I quickly found myself in a downward spiral of self-pity. I found an excellent doctor who practiced Active Release Technique and got me back on the road.

    To be honest, it’s not the race that is most memorable to me. It was the packet pick-up. When we finally made it to Boston, my husband was secretly videotaping me picking up my bib number. The woman handed me my packet and with a huge smile said, “Congratulations!” (I’m almost positive that’s the only race where people congratulate you before you even start running!). I instantly broke down into sobs. Boston wasn’t just a race. It was the reward for hard work and perseverance. It was the prize for all the sacrifices my family and I made. Watching the video of that moment still gets me choked up. I will be running my 4th Boston this year, but there will never be a moment like that moment!

  340. Dec 28, 2009 – the date of my very first run! To that point, my motto had been “I only run if someone is chasing me”! It wasn’t pretty and I couldn’t run far or fast but I got out there and got started!

  341. October 26th (2003) – I told myself I would do a marathon when I was 26. I searched events close to me, and found one, ironically on the 26th! So I ran my first 26(.2) when I was 26, on the 26th!! This fall will be 10 years, and now, 5 children later, I am training for my 3rd – the same weekend!!

  342. June 1, 2012 was my first run as a member of Black Girls Run in Baltimore! I had only started running in November 2011 and couldn’t do 5K continuously. Running with the woggers of BGR, including one trained in the Galloway method showed me it is fine to run and take walk breaks. I’m now preparing to run Zooma Annapolis with BGR to celebrate on June 1st this year!

  343. For me it’s June 24, 2012

    That was the day that my dad, my daughter, and I all ran the Pacific Crest 5k together. I had raced in various events in that festival in years past, but nothing compared to crossing that finish line together and hearing the announcer say, “Three generations racing together!” It was awesome, and I”m hoping for a repeat this year. 🙂

  344. September 13, 2009 was the date of my first half marathon (the Chicago Half). I didn’t want to do it, even though I’d been a jogger for 20 years, but my husband pushed me. I dragged my feet all throughout the training I was supposed to be doing, but I never did more than 7 miles. Around mile 10 of the race, my legs cramped painfully. It wasn’t until a week later that I thought, “I want to do that again.”

    I’ve done 7 half marathons now, and one full marathon. My PR is a full HOUR off that first 1/2 marathon time! I hope I can run in events forever… Because I am truly hooked!

  345. April 2, 2012. The day I laced up again for the first time after my son’s heart transplant and four years of continuously battling for his life. I did it for me. I did it for him. I think I said it best that day on his blog though when I was done: Each day I continue to run out that door, I remember how blessed I am that I get to run back to him.

  346. April 5, 2012. This was my first run back after my third and final baby. Since then, I have logged many miles including my very first marathon!

  347. May 3, 2008 was the date of my very first half marathon. I had just started running the year before and signed up for this one with 3 friends. We didn’t all finish together but it was a great experience. I’ve been running steadily ever since!

  348. My memorable running anniversary is April 1, 2012 – yes, April Fool’s Day! Last year I ran my second marathon on April 1. No worries, I was not the fool in this scenario! My nearly ex-husband played that role beautifully. He was not the least bit supportive while I trained for the race. On race day, while still married and living together, I had to twist his arm to get him to bring our son to the finish line. My son ran beside me for a few hundred yards to show his support. My friends and my massage therapist hugged my sweaty self and cheered with reckless abandon when I crossed the finish line. However, the nearly ex didn’t even congratulate me. How foolish! Thankfully, the pride I gained that day empowered me to move forward with my life and to set my sights on the next chapter…and my next 26.2!

  349. So this is kind of a sad response, but the date 5/20/93 stands out for me….highschool district track pre-lims as a freshman, had a great prelim 400 to qualify for finals and then came home to find out my grandpa had passed away after a very long fight with cancer. Many moons ago, (almost twenty years ago, but still makes me sad!). I’ve had lots of great runs since then, but that date of course sticks out.

  350. My runniversary is very dear to me. It was October 10, 2011. That morning I woke up and threw away a nearly full carton of cigarettes and decided that I was going to exchange one addiction for another. Every time I had a nicotine craving, I’d go run. I quit cold turkey. I am now training for a half-marathon.

  351. March 8, 2008, my first half marathon. The Disney Princess and I ran it with my friend Annie while our other 3 girl friends cheered for us. I never thought running would make me cry in a good way until I crossed the finish of that race.

  352. The first time I ran the entire five miles around the lake by my house. When I started running, it was the one goal I set for myself and I thought it was impossible. Finishing that run let me know that I can do anything as long as I try.

  353. March 16, 2013

    The day I ran my first 5k! We made it a family event… my husband and I took turns pushing our two little ones in the double jogger. Hubby and I also celebrated being together for 10 years that weekend, and we couldn’t think of a better way to do it than with our sweet little boys!

  354. 10/27/13-The Rock and Roll Mara date me and my cousin are running together-both of us running the Half for the FIRST TIME! Girls Weekend/Roadtrip/HalfMara-I can’t wait!!! Eeek!!!

  355. October 10, 2011 was the day I finished my first marathon …. Just shy of one year after having my third baby.

  356. 3/17/13 – my first marathon. I ran track and some cross country in high school and started back with marathon walking 3 years ago (after my kids were 7 and 12). In August, I finally joined a running/walking club – the LA Leggers. Now at 48, I just did my 1st marathon and I am proud to be a momathoner and a badass Mother Runner.

  357. January 1, 2006 – My first run (run/walk would be more like it) after giving birth to my first son two weeks earlier. I had been running on and off for almost 10 years, but I became much more dedicated to running and started running longer distances once my kids were born.

  358. This up and coming May 19, 2013! My first half marathon. The year of lucky 13. Two weeks after my 13th wedding anniversary, I’m going to nail 13 miles in 2013.

  359. March 25, 2010…first run with local running club. I had run on my own a little before this, but this is what I mark as my runiversary. That club has not only supported my ever-increasing addiction to running, it has led me to some of the best friendships I have ever had. (side fact: this was also the day that our courthouse burned, detouring the usual run–and all the local traffic–onto side streets not designed for either, much less both!)
    Close 2nd: March 18, 2012…first marathon, run with BRF on her 40th b’day (it was her first full mary, as well)…a day to remember!

  360. I ran the Color Me Rad in Indianapolis last year and my husband did it with me. I’m not usually a talker but he ran backwards and started singing a love song to me. At the time I didn’t realize it and I was telling him to turn around before you hurt yourself. A couple ran by us and said he was so sweet singing to me as we ran. At that point I realized what he was doing. Concerned about him falling… I shldve just listened to him. Lol

  361. I can honeslty say I do not remember a single running date. I’ve stopped and started running at least 10 times over the last 15 years for various reasons – mostly injuries. But I can’t remember specific dates. can I still win?? 😉

  362. October 7, 2012- I PRed and broke 2:00 at the Urban Cow Half Marathon. It was such an accomplishment for me- my first race post-baby and I really put in the effort (studying and running the race course, putting in the miles, etc.). It was the day I actually felt like a real runner! 🙂

  363. 1st date would be my first half-marathon. Had only been running for about 6 months and finished and felt good. 2nd date would be whatever date is associated with my most recent PR in a 5K…

  364. I ran…on a clunky treadmill…in the middle of North Dakota while traveling to the funeral of a woman who was one of the most influential people of my life. I was struck that my life was so different that what I envisioned, and as the miles passed and the tears flowed, I resolved to keep running and to make my life count. I still remember everything about that run.

  365. I don’t know the exact date, but it was either late 1996 or early 1997. A co-worker (who has since become a close friend) talked me into running a two-mile race at a local Navy base. It was my first race, and I was hooked. It was also the only race I’ve ever run with my dad 🙂

  366. The date that stands out in my mind right now is May 4, 2013 because that will be my first half!! I don’t think I will ever forget this date! I am so excited!

  367. March 21, 2010 – my marathoniversary. 🙂 3 years tomorrow! I was way undertrained and bonked like no other, but crossed the finish line determined to come back with a vengeance, but also a little bit and awe that I just ran 26 miles. A year a half later, six months after having my first baby, I came back, finishing the NYC Marathon 38 minutes faster than my first marathon. Can’t wait for marathon #3!

  368. How funny and strange is it that I do not have a particular date. Maybe July since I run the Ragnar Relay and have for the last three years. That weekend stands out but that is about it. Huh, interesting.

  369. My first running goal was to run a 5 mile YMCA race in November 2009. Since then I’ve run 3 half marathons and 3 full marathons. I’m gearing up for another half and another full in May. I LOVE the Momathoner shirt!!

  370. November 2010 – I completed my first half marathon. I never dreamed I’d be a “long distance” runner. I pieced together a training plan and trained solo day after day. The more mileage I built up, I realized that I was stronger and capable of so much more than I ever thought was possible. That accomplishment has given me the courage and confidence to push myself further and harder and to face challenges head on, not only in running, but in other areas of life.

  371. August 23 when my life was turned around end I ended in the hospital for 21days and not being able to run for the rest of the year.

    Jan 7 when I did my 1st three miles after such along illness.

    March 13 when I was able to run again 6 miles non stop with my brother who is a marathon Runner and was beaming with joy at my accomplishment and now training for my 1st half that was cancelled out of my plans when was ill,Yay!!!!

  372. September 2011– Ran my first Half marathon almost a year after my third child was born and finally felt like a “true” mother-runner!

  373. I always think of november- the month of my first half marathon in 2010 and the month of my most memorable, fun and painless full marathon this past November. Its like a rebirth month. Crisp air, clear mornings and clarity.

  374. May 20, 2006 will forever be apart of my life, so much that I had it tattooed on my ankle. If you had asked me on May 20, 2005 if I would be running a marathon one year later, I would have told you, you were CRAZY! I could barely run 1.5 miles to pass my Air Force fitness test. I left that summer for a deployment and found myself with a whole lot of time. There were no distractions, just my duties and then lots of time to myself. A co-worker suggested we start running. He was looking to get fitter and I really needed the push from someone else. We started entering the free weekly 5k that were put on by the Moral folks. There was alway a t-shirt and it was a goal. I started at a 33 minute 5k but within a month I was down to 30 minutes. I had made small goals to get faster working in 30 second goals. I was challenged to do a 10k and was terrified! As I crossed the finish line some other guys I worked with (the “real” runners) were so impressed they tried to talk me into a half marathon. Our deployed location was putting together their first ever half and these guys saw a light in me and I signed up. While the day of that half marathon is also forever in my heart it was the beginning of my running. It was the first time I had ever worked that hard for something all on my own and I knew I wanted to keep going. I completed another half in preparation for the Fargo Marathon and knew that I had trained hard enough and was strong enough to do it. The best part was my whole shop was doing it to. We had been training together and supporting each other for months and we started together with our Air Force shirts on. It was amazing. It was such an overwhelming experience that I cried like a baby when I finished. This past year I was able to share that feeling with my husband as we finished the Nago Marathon in Okinawa, Japan. It was his first and he had that same amazing feeling.

  375. August 1, 2008 – the first day I started running, just so I could Cindy a sprint tri. I’ve since run three half marathons, through two pregnancies and am training for my first full!

  376. January 21st 3 years ago – when I was brave enough (for me!) to join a beginner running group in JANUARY in Northwest Indiana (snow, cold, dark) and haven’t stopped since.

  377. October 5th, 2012- the day I signed up for my first half marathon! Since my first daughter was born I’ve suffered at times with almost debilitating anxiety, where even leaving the house can be a painful experience. When I signed up for the half I cried. I never had imagined I was strong enough to do something like that.

  378. Oct 5, 2012…ran the St. George Marathon & pr’d & qualified for Boston…God willing I will be at Boston next month!

  379. Sunday, May 2, 2010. It was my second half-marathon, my first half was in Februrary of 2010. This half; Heels & Hills in Irving TX, holds my PR of 1:56:30. I have come so close to beating this PR over the last few years, but haven’t been able to break it yet. It was a very memorable day! I’ve been hooked on running ever since.

  380. I’ll have to go with a current one since I’m not so good with dates. Events, sure, I can remember those! My date is Feb. 17, 2013 which was a pr for my 4th half marathon. What a fantastic feeling!

  381. My most memorable originally was the completion of the Marine Corps Marathon in 1999. 2 days before my 25th birthday, first military move across the United States. I ran it and trained a team of 7 for Team N Training. Didn’t think I could beat that feeling…but I was wrong. This weekend I finished my first 10k with my 3 year old and 11 month old strapped the double Bob stroller. My husband, who is undergoing his 2 round of cancer treatment, got up and went with us to capture the event in pictures. I started thinking…6.4 miles no problem!!! I’ve done 4 marathons it’ s a piece of cake. Ughhh, wrong all hills. But as I pulled on my shamrock socks, sparkle team skirt and wings I knew this was the day!!! Totally awesome experience!!! Icing on the cake? My sister completed her first ever 10k the same day on the other side of the US!! Amazed what running can do. God bless my brother & sister in arms. Special gratitude to my husband, brother-in-law, and sister for training with me. Even though we are separated by thousands of miles we’ve figured how to train for a half marathon (go Tink 14). Happy running BAMRs!! Lori

  382. Labor Day, 2012. I ran my first half marathon one year after I gave birth to my 5 child. I have been a runner since high school. (I was a member of the cross country team) however I was scared to run in a race for fear I wouldn’t be able to meet my personal expectations. I exceeded my hopes and ran a 1:46:12! 🙂

  383. I ran the St. Augustine half marathon in 2012, in November. It was not a PR, but for me it was special, because my daughter was born in February, earlier that year. I acquired a jogging stroller, free of charge, from a good friend and took her on shorter runs. My husband helped with babysitting on the long runs, in spite of his crazy schedule in law enforcement. I joined our local running club, where I had the support and companionship of other mother-runners and friends. It’s difficult, being a toddler’s Mama, but with a little juggling, shuffling, fanagling, etc., we make it work, because that’s what us moms do. We are great, aren’t we?

  384. April 29th. It was the day my husband and I got married on a mountain top in Alaska! Complete with blue hiking pants (something blue)for me, and a top hat made out of duck tape for my husband!

  385. January 28th. It’s the day after my second sons birthday, and the day after he turned 1 it was the date of my first 5k!

  386. May 31,2012. I ran my first half marathon. After I was done I had two thoughts. “Wow, I did that under two hours and I still think I could have done better ” and “huh, I think I should run a marathon! “

  387. March 15, 2010: my first EVER 10 mile run. I took the following 3 days off, as recovery, and ‘discovered’ (via intense vertigo and the onset of horrific morning sickness) that I was 11 weeks pregnant with baby #3… *surprise*

    March 15, 2011: my first run back, POST-BABY. That May, I completed my first EVER 5K and that July, I completed my first EVER 10K. Since then, I’ve also run 1x 13.1 road race and 1x 13.1 trail race.

    Best part: 1. having a ‘stroller’ buddy who rocks out to my run-playlists as much as I do. and 2. now having THREE little girls cheer me across the finish line!

  388. Feb. 18, 2011: I ran my first-ever 10-mile training run, which happened to be on my dad’s 69th birthday.
    June 25, 2011: I ran my first half-marathon — every step and every mile in honor of my dad, who passed away just 11 days before the race.

  389. March 4, 2013: started the training plan for the TLAM Virtual5K. Proud just to get up and out the door, with gentle shoves from my family.

    January 19, 2014: aiming for the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon.

  390. May 16, 2005 when I ran one of the toughest races of my life – the Big Basin Waterfalls trail half-marathon. I ran strong, hard and had a fantastic time.

  391. December 31, 2009: Went out for NYE pizza with a friend and our kids, and we met a lovely older couple who ran half-marathons together. They convinced me that yes I could run a 5k and I should go home and sign up for one that night. Which I did, and a mother runner was born.

  392. Christmas Day 2006-My son came home from college with this new tech thing called Nike+. Said he probably wouldn’t use it and gave it to me. I don’t think of myself as a true runner because my pace isn’t really that fast, but I love the endorphins I get from walking, jogging, and riding my bike. The Nike+ gave me an easy way to keep track of my miles, even on the treadmill. I know there are a lot of ways to track miles these days, but that little Nike+ got me started. And I love every mile!

  393. After many years of back and neck problems (including a disk fusion) I ran my first 5k at the age of 55 and was in the best health I had ever been! My goals that day were to finish and not be last and I met both!

  394. Sept 29th 2012–date of 1st 10 miler on a hard course!! Felt like a rock star when I finished!! Trained alone- ran alone- but had my family at the finish!!

  395. July 31, 2012–the first day I ran with the training group organized by my local running store. Two weeks earlier, I’d pushed down my intimidation and went in to get fitted for REAL running shoes. At that point, I’d been walking for several months, and throwing little bursts of running in. The fitologist spent loads of time, talked to me about my experience and my goals, and let me run down the sidewalk in at least 6 different pairs of shoes. When she told me about the group–which is truly all-levels and super-supportive–I knew this would be my place! I haven’t stopped since!

  396. The first weekend in December. Every year I run a leg of the California International Marathon and that race is always held on the first week of December. I look at it as a little check in to see if I have improved over the last year or if I need to work a little harder.

  397. august 2008! the day i put my girls on the bus off to a brand new school & hit the trail near our new house! new state, new house, new schools, new job for my husband & new active life for me!

  398. November 22, 2012. I ran my first race after giving up running 110 years ago. It was hard, but I was so proud of myself that I did it.

  399. November 2, 2008 – the date my BRF and I decided we should run the country music marathon. This would be our first race longer than a 5K. We made packing lists, looked into hotels and travel and training plans.
    December 10, 2008 is the date we finally registered for the race.
    March 2, 2009 – the date I found out that the court date for my speeding ticket was supposed to be April 24, 2009 (which just happened to be the Friday before the race). I thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it.
    March 5, 2009 – the date I had to hire a lawyer to get the date changed as they would only change the date if your attorney couldn’t make it. I was determined not to miss this race!
    March 25,2009 – the date that my BRF found out she wouldn’t be able to do the Marathon due to medical issues, but that she would be able to do the half. (this meant I was alone for the second half…EEK!)
    April 20, 2009 – the date I sent the live race result link to my friends and family
    April 25,2009 – The day 1 ran my first and only marathon (I’ll explain that in a bit)
    May 28, 2009 – the day I signed up for my first half marathon.
    June 6, 2009 – the day I sprained my ankle
    August 2, 2009 – the day I ran my first half marathon.
    June 5, 2010 – the day I had a Heart Attack and thought my life and running were over.
    October 2, 2011 – My first race since the Heart Attack. I knew I couldn’t take things as hard as I had been.
    I’ve run multiple 5K’s since then but the one most recently with significance is
    October 20, 2012 – Running the 5K to motivate a new BRF as this was her first 5K.

    So i know it’s a lot of dates, but having done what I had in the past to be able to run at all today is a miracle.

  400. October 2005. I ran my first-ever 5K and I didn’t stop to walk once. I was so proud! It was the fittest I’d ever been, and now that I’ve had two babies and just turned 30, I’m headed for a 10K!

  401. September 1, 2012 – my first ever 1/2 marathon and hitting my goal time of 2:00 – just barely!! The furthest I’d ever run and at an amazing goal time I set myself. LOVE Sweatybands to – those are awesome! 🙂

  402. May 16, 2010 – I walked a marathon with my best friend after many, many months of walking & training. It is an important milestone in my quest to be more active. Since then I’ve started moving faster, more of a run/walk & have completed many other events (half marathons, 8Ks, 5Ks, triathlons, a duathlon).

  403. I cannot think of a single running-related date! I guess all the bdays, anniversaries, and phone numbers in my head have pushed them out. But I do remember the first race I ran at age 7 or 8. It was a 5k in Hawaii, and my mom ran with me. I complained most of the way and won my age group. I remember running my first 5k after having kids. That was January 2009, and that’s when I really felt like I was a runner again.

  404. April 30, 2002-the date of my first race which was a half marathon with Team in Training. I was nervous and excited at the same time and I still get that feeling every time I’m at the starting line of a race.

  405. 8-2-2010: the first day that my friend and I started running at all and together. We have measured our running life like our babies’–by months and fractions of years now. 2.5 years, 5 half marathons, 8 5ks, 1 7 miler, 1 15k later, we are still so grateful and surprised to be running.

  406. October 28, 2012 – The day of my first race – Santa Fund Run. I had never run before in my life and started training in September.

  407. January 29, 2012 I ran in my first half marathon. I was pretty proud of myself for completing the training and running this huge race all by myself. So outside of my comfort zone!

  408. My accomplishment was running my first half marathon in September of 2011 at the Air Force Marathon in Dayton. I remember my goal was to run the whole thing, which is always my goal for any race or anytime I go for a run. I accomplished this goal had a great time which is still my PR.

  409. The running related date that stands out toe is 11/22/12. It was Thanksgiving morning, and I ran my first race. A turkey trot 5k. I accomplished my goal of running the entire distance without stopping for a walk break, and I beat my goal time. It was an awesome feeling, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  410. Thanksgiving Day 2012 ran first 5k after having my daughter. Ran the whole thing, but so slowly walkers were passing me. Still felt so happy to have finished at my own little pace.

  411. April 15. The day we brought my daughter home from the hospital. After a completely normal pregnancy and birth, she was born on March 11. I’ll always remember the gray color of her skin and the grimace on her face when she tried to take her first breathe. We were told that she would not live and that the doctors did not know what was wrong with her. She couldn’t breathe on her own, her body swelled to more than twice her birth weight, and she was sensitive to all stimuli. Prayers, prayers, and PRAYERS… and amazing doctors supported her fragile little body as it made changes on her own. She just celebrated her 3rd birthday last month. April 15 will always be the day my life started again, because the world as I know it had completely stopped 5 weeks prior. She is truly a miracle!

  412. November 11, 2012 was the day I ran my first half marathon. That was a distance I had never thought to attempt until I decided to run a full, and the whole race was euphoric, just a thrill. My first full will be the same race, this November 10, 2013.

  413. I’m hoping May 5, 2013 will be a huge one as that will be the first time I cross the finish line for a 26.2 (Flying Pig), but August 2011 will always be remembered as my first half-marathon month.

  414. 9/23/2012 My first 10k. Didn’t train for it, just signed up that day. I had a great time! Felt strong and no pressure since there was no training!

  415. Jan 1, 2009 the day I started training for my first Half. In retrospect it was also the day I decided to be a runner but I did not know that then. At that time I was just a really tired mom of a newborn and 18 month old who wanted to loose baby weight. In my exhausted haze I agreed to do the Half with friends when I could barely run 3 mi. Pretty sure deciding to run a half out of the gate and beginning training the AM after a New Years Eve party is not the right way to do it – I swore a lot during that first run. But I have been forward moving ever since that day.

  416. May…no specific day. I started running again after many years of here-and-there attempts. It’s been less than a year, but I feel like I’ve been at this forever!

  417. October 14, 2012 was my first half marathon (Nike in SF). I trained with Team In Training and raised over $3000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of my cousin, Sarah, who passed away a year ago. Her passing coincided with a friend telling me how great her TNT experience had been, and I realized it was the perfect way to honor Sarah’s memory. She was a nutritionist and public health advocate who was (among many other accomplishments) responsible for getting the soda machines OUT of the Oakland public schools. This Sunday (March 24, my daughter’s 9th birthday), I will do my second TNT event (and my fourth half marathon), in Sarah’s hometown of Oakland, California. I look forward to adding October 20 to my list of memorable dates, as I’m planning to raise funds for LLS again and complete the full Nike Women’s Marathon (on the race’s 10th anniversary).

  418. I can’t remember the exact date (I’m not even sure when my wedding anniversary is!–I’m that bad with dates), but when I ran my first half marathon it was a turning point for me. The photo of me crossing the finish line is the only race photo I’ve ever bought and I always remember how strong that race made me feel.

  419. November 5, 2007 was an emotional but needed run for many reasons. I had 2 miscarriages in the 1.5 years prior but was blessed to have a full term truly miracle baby boy born 08/07/07. On that same day my father suffered a watershed stroke and was placed in hospice care. The following weeks were a whirlwind of hospital stays with him, staying in a special “family room” so that my new born could be with me since I was also nursing. It was on 11/5/07 a day when I knew his time was coming soon, that my BRF came over. She and my husband had coordinated plans so she could get me back out on the roads. I had taken over a year off from running due to the pregnancy risks and that run was my first time back in my shoes and on the roads. I think we cried the whole run but I will never forget those miles or how I realized how running and running friends are priceless.

  420. February 2, 2013. The first time I ever ran 7 miles at one time. Huge accomplishment and I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day!!

  421. My running-related date will probably be October 21. It was the date last fall when I ran my first half-marathon, which caused me to get into running (training) last spring. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year now that I’ve been running…in some ways it seems like it’s been longer, and in some ways it seems like I just started! Either way, it’s a cool date to remember!

  422. August 25, 2012. It’s when I for sure knew I had plantar fasciitis. I had to walk a 10k. Dejected and rejected I tried to heal. 7 months later I think it might be better for summer running. I hope.

  423. April 6th, 2009. The day I started the Couch to 5K program. I’ve been running ever since. I thought it would be another thing I’d start and quit, but I’m addicted.

  424. Lots of awesome moments but I hope to top them all on APRIL 27, 2013 (Music City Marathon, Nashville) by qualifying for Boston. This is only my 2nd marathon and crossing the first time (Flying Pig May 6, 2012) gave me a lump in my throat and I have crossed a finish line and cried in pain from my bad ankle but I won’t be able to not shed a tear of pride and excitement if I pull it off.

  425. July 30, 2006. That’s my personal “runiversary”, when I “became” a runner. I’d run XC in school, and had run for training for playing other sports, but that was the point where I decided I was going to learn for the fun of it.

  426. My first official 5K race was St. Patty’s Day 3 years ago. I had just started running and it was the first time I “raced”. I came in 3rd in my age group. I realized at that point, anything was possible!