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Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Bras

Just call me (or my bra) the Curve Crusader!
Just call me (or my bra) the Curve Crusader!

I tend to be a creature of habit: Once I find something that works, I stick with it. Whether it's the pork meatball banh mi sandwich at my favorite lunch spot or Trader Joe's Nourish Shampoo, I keep reaching for the same thing. Thus I had a drawer full of one style of sports bra. Different colors, but all the same style. Then, thanks to our new partnership, three new sports bras entered my life. I didn't have to make room in the drawer for them as I immediately put them to use on my Vancouver Marathon training runs.

The bras are from Saucony, long trusted for its shoes and apparel. While the company has made sports bras for many years, but they were mostly basic, over-the-head bras. Decent, but not enough to knock my faves out of their place literally near and dear to my heart. But these new ones I'm testing are a whole new breed: This spring, Saucony debuted a new line of five bras that are the product of countless hours of design, testing, and tinkering. And all the innovation paid off.

The Athlete Avenger slays "high beams."
The Athlete Avenger slays "high beams."

There's the Athlete Avenger that looks, at first blush, like a traditional pullover style. But once it's in your hands--or on your chest--you appreciate the light padding provided by lightweight "spacer fabric."  Thick enough to not let the world know, um, parts of me are chilly, yet thin enough to let sweat out.

There's no doubt about the support provided by the Diva Believa.
There's no doubt about the support provided by the Diva Believa.

I tried my first underwire bra, the Diva Believa (such cute names, to boot!). My 36B girls don't really need 'em, but it provided me with a more oomph-atic profile than I normally have under my badass mother runner tee. I sported that bra on a 16-miler and now I'm a believa--no chafing or poking. I know D or larger cup gals would be loving this beauty.

All of the Saucony bras, except for the Energy Enforcer and Diva Believa, have spacer fabric for "my eyes are up here, fella" modesty.
All of the Saucony bras, except for the Energy Enforcer and Diva Believa, have spacer fabric for "my eyes are up here, fella" modesty.

My favorite, though, is the Curve Crusader, with its encapsulated, lightly lined cups (with mesh between the ladies) and back clasp. Few things I hate more than wrestling with a wet bra after my run. This one (like the Diva Believa), I unhook and, voila, I peel it easily off over my head.

The Energy Enforcer is a smooth operator.
The Energy Enforcer is a smooth operator.

The other two bras rounding out Saucony's new collection are the Energy Enforcer, a seamless, pullover that is sure to support you chafe-free, and the Dainty Dazzler, with pretty, adjustable straps and headlight-concealing spacer fabric cups.

Its name--Dainty Dazzler--almost begs you to tiptoe, but A & B cups should run in it.
Its name--Dainty Dazzler--almost begs you to tiptoe, but A & B cups should run in it.

Wanting to make one of these super-power bras your own? We are giving five winners the Saucony bra of her choice. Just tell us (in the Comments section of this post on our site): Are you a creature of habit about anything? If so, what? What you eat? What you wear? Where you run? What you say to your kids to get them to turn off the TV? 

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 3/27/13 and ends on 4/2/23; the winner will be announced on 4/6/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $36-$48. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


938 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Bras

  1. I hadn’t thought about going shirtless yet, but I am training for a marathon, and the heat hasn’t cranked up. I have a little issue with some not so tight core…but I would love a new bra for sure!

  2. I absolutely must have a training plan for my workouts so I can go down a list each time to meet goals….otherwise my motivation goes down the toilet!

  3. I must work out in the mid morning hours to get the most bang for my buck, but other than that I’m very spontaneous about everything else. One would think as we grow older, we want things just so, but I totally thrive on constant change 🙂

  4. I am totally a creature of habit about my work lunch. It’s the same thing everyday – banana for a mid-morning snack, last night’s leftovers with an apple and yogurt for lunch (if it’s one of those rare times when there are no leftovers, it’s often a pb & j sandwich) and a granola bar mid-afternoon. I used to think this made me totally boring and then I read an article that said people who have fewer food choices are less likely to overeat as they don’t have a huge variety of foods to “sample” daily. So maybe my boring, creature of habit lunches help keep me at my pre-mom weight. At the very least, it certainly makes packing my lunch something I could do in my sleep.

  5. I am a creature of habit on EVERYTHING! Where I run, what time I run, how I cross train, what I take with me to run, what I listen to while exercising, where we eat out, what I order, blah blah blah.

  6. I’m a creature of habit, love Saucony shoes. I’ll always try on different brands and they may feel just as good but I tend to stick to the same Saucony. I am in need of a great bra. Honestly I’m too cheap to buy a good one. Bad habit of buying the cheap ones which like to leave their mark after a long run. Its so hard to find one that fits and works well, I would love to try one from my trusted shoe company.

  7. I definitely need to have my coffee in the morning, no matter what! It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday, weekend, race day, lazy day…I need my coffee! After that, just roll with the punches!

  8. Definitely a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast – don’t like to think too much in the AM!! thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  9. I am the Queen Creature of Habit! As a 40 hr/wk working single mom and a full-time student, I would not be able to function without my routines!! Everything from our morning routine to what we eat and my study plans are all planned and coordinated, I have it down to a science, and Heaven forbid something throws a wrench in my machine, I find myself lost! My old bras are getting worn out after many years of faithful service, so a replacement would be a God-send!! Thanks for being such an inspiration, Mother Runners!!

  10. I love Saucony shoes. I’m still looking for the perfect bra! Could it be that Saucony will have a great shoe/bra combo??!!

  11. My weekday mornings are exactly the same every day. Down to what I eat and drink. I like the routine and it helps get 4 people out of the house!

  12. I’m a creature of habit about my mornings. I have to have a cup of coffee and my eye cream to feel like my eyes are fully open. Strange I know, but it’s my wake up routine. And preferably I like to finish my coffee before my kids are up if possible:)

  13. I am certainly a creature of habit in regard to my exercise routine. Up at 5:30am, exercise 5 days a week – same 5 days every week- Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I feel very “off” when I can’t exercise on those days and I have to change things around 🙂

  14. I am a creature of habit about what I eat before my long runs- always an English muffin with a thin layer of nut butter! Love the sports bras and I am in need of a new one. I hope I win. 🙂

  15. I just had my first daughter and excited to get back to running again. I need a new bra because these girls have changed! These bras look great.

  16. My creature habit is eating protein shakes after runs and being sure organized. I just had my first baby and can’t wait to start running again. I have large girls to begin with and I need a new running bra.

  17. I am a creature of habit with my lunches at work. 3 years strong of quinoa, beans, and frozen veggies in a tupperware, plus baby carrots, and an apple. Also after living and running in 3 cities, my routes in each respective city rarely change. I’ll usually loop and repeat to get my mileage in. Being too far from home with new terrain is too scary!

  18. Definitely with my coffee! No matter where I am on the earth, the first thing I must do is find some coffee. Then, the real day can begin! 😉

  19. habits: chocolate, a little tv before bed, running in the morning (if it’s not a.m. it’s almost impossible for me to kick my butt out the door).

  20. My husband and I have both become creatures of habit! Each morning we have the same exchange: “how are you this morning honey?” “Living the dream, baby. You?” “Yup, me too. One day closer to fabulous!” It’s become our daily exchange and I love it!!

  21. Definitely a creature of habit. If something works, why spend the time or money trying something else. I recently got a different running shoe (after using the same model for seven years). My favorite style/size was out of stock and I was leaving town for two weeks. I should have waited. I can’t wait to get back to the old standby.

  22. Oh. Terrible creature of habit. Same breakfast every day. Same running routes. I challenged myself at the gym this weekend to use a different locker…not just in a different section but in a different direction; and to use a different shower than I always do. Because I do always use the same locker and the same section and I need to challenge some of these things.

  23. I am definitely a creature of habit. While I love new adventures, I need a real push to change anything-my running route, what I eat for breakfast, even the style of socks I wear.

  24. I am a total creature of habit. I stick with the same order at my usual restaurants and have one jogging bra that I wear on every single run (even though there are 4 others in my dresser). Needless to say, I’m constantly doing laundry!

  25. I’m totally a creature of habit! I love my athleta hana running shorts and my brooks pureflows! I’m still searching for the perfect running bra though!

  26. One thing I am definitely a creature of habit about is the weekly Saturday morning running date I have with my mother running pal! And, thanks to one of your podcasts, I always eat applesauce before my early morning runs.

  27. I so am…once I determine a favorite on a restaurant menu, I rarely venture away from ordering that item! Too many fish & chip and chicken fried steak plates!

  28. Definitely a creature of habit. Three weeks before a big race, I stop drinking any alcohol (made a 1 day exception for Easter). Then, night before the race, I have a beer (hopefully, local to the race). Mornings I eat oatmeal with ground flax seed in it for pre-race nutrition. I do not deviate.

  29. Creature of habit on some things, like my breakfast before a long run and everything that has to do with my 3 kids, but that’s about it. Still changing up other things trying to figure out what works best. I like change, keeps life exciting 🙂

  30. I have a bowl of steel cut oats, with ground flax seed, raisins, a bit of brown sugar, and walnuts everyday. Just love it!

  31. It would be harder to name what I’m NOT a creature of habit about.. Like my three kids 5 and under, I thrive on structure!! From the same workout and run schedule to arriving at work at the same time and setting out outfits for me and the kids on Sundays for the whole work week (yes, 20 outfits picked out on Sundays), I love habits, plans and STRUCTURE!

  32. I am a creature of habit about everything — except exercise. That’s still an effort, but I’m working on it.

  33. I am definatly a creature of habit..I eat the same one or two breakfasts every day..I get out the door for my am runs becuase I follow the exact same speedy routine. I will say that my friends that I run with do however force me to break from my habits soemtimes..and its so good for me!

  34. I’m a total creature of habit! I have to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday, put away my clothes in a certain order, even taking a shower I have a certain order on how to do things! I’ve worn only Saucony shoes the last 6 years and refuse to wear anything else! I even have the same music playlist that I listen to every time I workout. There’s no denying that I’m a creature of habit and have been for years.

  35. I’m a total creature of habit. I eat the same breakfast and lunch for weeks at a time. I’d do it with dinner too but my family would revolt!!

  36. I have eaten the exact same thing for breakfast everyday for years! I have a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest with Blueberry craisins and a few nuts on top. Every. Single. Day.

  37. I am a creature of habit in nearly everything I do. I like the same restaurants every time, I park in nearly the same place at work every day, even when out shopping at my normal routine stores, I park in the same place each time (otherwise I will lose my car in the sea of cars when I return with two cranky kids and a desparate need for home). I run the same places over and over and rarely get bored with that.

  38. I think ‘creature of habbit’ should be renamed after me 😀 If I find something I like, I am the most loyal customer/user. It applies to everything: places to eat, item on the menu, running route, brands, friends, employer, husband, clothing style, bathroom stall, EVERYTHING 🙂 I own all the colors available of my favorite cloths and shoes. And yes, I do buy several pairs of the same running shoes when I find one I like. Did I mention that I’ve been eating the same breakfast for years? Luckily pregnancy shaked things up a little 😉

  39. Can’t get out of the same 3 mile run route habit. I’ve got a path that just works perfect, so it’s hard to change it up to see other parts of my town.

  40. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my running shoes. I stick with the same brand, same style. If it ain’t broke why fix it, right?

  41. I am a creature of habit too. My New Year’s resolution this year was to try something new each week. I ran a different race in January. I had run the same one for years so I got out of my comfort zone. I bought a running shirt. Turns out I really like it. I used parsnips in a stew instead of carrots. The one thing that I can not seem to change is the routes I run but I am running a few more new races this year.

  42. Chai tea every morning or my day just isn’t the same. I know I should give up this habit for morning runs because it makes me have to pee, but I still drink it and sometimes have to run off into the woods to deal with the consequences.

  43. I am a creature of habit in drinking tea year round. Hot, cold, mostly straight up. It is my choice before runs, especially long runs. My favorite? Kenyan tea my daughter mails to me from Nairobi. I sip it hot with milk – gets me through tough ones.

  44. I start my work day the same way. Get to my cube, find my friend, grab a coffee, check email, read the comics, get coffee #2, do real work 🙂

  45. Yes! …whether that be shoes I wear to work, length of hair, amount of cream in coffee! While it can be hard to start a new ‘habit’ once I’ve done something a few times and it seems to work it quickly becomes a new ‘habit’!…if only the bad habits were as easy to change!!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway….I’ve never tried the Saucony bras…but could easily become a big fan!

  46. Creature of habit. If it works, I stay with it, until I TOTALLY wear it out – food, clothes, shoes, actions. My husband is always pushing me out of my comfort zone. My big hairy goal this year is to push out of that: 1) Ran a Polar Bear Plunge, 2) Gave up French Fries & Soda 3) ??? I am not there yet!!!

  47. I am more of a chameleon…always immersing myself in new shades of life. This way of finding new habits led me to running….with an open mind and open heart:) New bra=brand new habit.

  48. I’m definitely a creature of habit with my running route. Same out and back since I started training, just a farther turn around point for the longer runs. Only exceptions are hills or track workouts. Also have all the same Target C9 sports bras currently and would love to try one of these, they look great!

  49. I am a creature of habit when it comes to clothes. Once i find something that I love i continue to buy the same thing in different colors.

  50. Creature of habit for everything! I eat the same cereal every day. I’ve been eating the same Pre-race breakfast since starting running in 1994.

  51. Yes- my sports bras are all the same but different colors.
    From Target. They’re ok. Actually they’re fine when they’re brand new, but after a few washings they lose their vibrant colors and nice fit. I would love to try a Saucony- their shoes are great!

  52. I do have a lot of routines when it comes to running. This training cycle as I prepare for Boston, I’ve done the same weekly training runs on Mon (hills), Wed (tempo) and Sat (long run with my training partner). I like the comfort of the routine, but I do push myself to get faster each time. I’ve been wanting to branch out of wearing the same type of shoes and try something minimalist, but I’m such a creature of habit that so far I haven’t….

  53. I would love to win this for my wife. She is training for a marathon and on her longer runs has been getting a blister just below the center of her chest from her current sportsbra. We are both creatures of habit when it comes to breakfast and lunch. Oatmeal with bananas, pecans, chia seeds, flaxseeds, dried cranberries and honey for breakfast and homemade “healthy” banana nut bread with a smear of nut butter, sliced banana coins and a heavy drizzle of honey. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  54. I am a creature of habit when we go out to dinner I always eat the same Chinese food meal, drive the same route to the store and I always listen to the same type of music.

  55. I’m not a creature of ha it at all. I’m more like a tumbleweed-all over the place. The o ly routine I have is my time with my running group and that’s probably because it’s been preset.

  56. For the most part, I am a creature of habit—for years and years now, I have read the same genre of books (mysteries), eaten the same types of foods, watched the same types of movies (suspense and drama), and enjoyed the same types of hobbies (gardening and gaming)—sounds like I should try something new!

  57. I am a total creature of habit. The more I commit to habit, the more bandwidth I have for making more important decisions. For example, I eat a geek yogurt for breakfast EVERY day!

  58. First off I have to have music. No run is complete without music! I have to have a headband or else it messed with my mojo. And I love my Brooks shoes!

  59. Before every race I always set out my clothes head to toe. I pin my bib on my shirt if I already have it and put my chip on my shoe. I pile on my accessories (Ipod & Garmin). Why do I do this? Because I am NOT a morning person. I am likely to forget something important so I prepare at night when I am most alert!

  60. I am a creature of habit – the first thing I do every morning is put eye cream on my eyes. I have a wonderful coffee bean cream that feels like it begins the wake up process for me!

  61. I have to start each day with two cups of coffee. Not sure if that makes me a creature of habit or someone with a caffeine addiction but its so much a part of my routine than my 5 year old knows to “give mommy space until she has had her coffee.”

  62. Well I would say that I have my routine for some things (my breakfast, bedtime routine for the kiddos, favorite “easy 3” running route) but I definitely like to change things up for dinner, afternoon & weekend activities for the kiddos, and for “long run” running routes!

  63. I always eat the same thing on mornings that I run: PB on whole wheat toast, orange Nuun, and a glass of chocolate milk once I’m home.

  64. I eat peanut butter and honey on one piece of wheat bread for breakfast every single morning. Definitely a habit. Thanks!

  65. I think in my head that I am a creature of habit but if you look at the facts, I do things a biit different every day. Sigh.

  66. I’m definitely a creature of habit. Same thing for breakfast (Shakeology) and same running shoe brand (Saucony…really excited they are new partners!). Even with my kids…every morning I yell the same thing “time to get up and do your 3 things (wash face, brush teeth, comb hair) HA!

  67. I am a creature of habit: I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning, and I enjoy running the same few running routes. Anyone who know me knows that I like routines.

  68. My habit is to run the same running route. Not exciting, but it is out and back so I know exactly at what point I need to get to before turning around to get the proper distance for the day. But, after four years, I’m getting a bit bored with it. Sigh.

  69. I am a creature of habit in just about every aspect of life — food, clothes, exercise choices. I like consistency.

  70. I am a creature of habit especially in the morning. Have a light breakfast of either a bowl of oatmeal or protein shake. Watch the Today show. See my two teen boys off to school (no more carpool!! Whoohoo!) then a cup of coffee with a little more news before I go to work. Of course a few mornings a week I say good bye to the boys then head out to meet my BFF for 4-6 mile run!

  71. I am a creature of habit when it comes to a couple of things my routine which includes waking up before my 3 kiddos wake up to tip toe around the house read my devotions for the day, hop on the tred for a run and then when i drop the kids off at school i stop for a hot chocolate/vanilla latte at caseys before going to work. Also a sticker on bedtime kids in bed by 730 on weeknights so i can read the bible and focus on the lord. My favorite foods are salads and chicken. When running I usually just throw on something comfy. I typically run on the tredmill because with my allergies its hard to run outside most of the year. To get my kids to turn off the tv I say are you ready to go to grandma’s or who wants a treat.

  72. I am a creature of habit for everything it seems like! If I like I stick to it! I get obsessed! Like running, I love it and I have to do it or I feel like crap! Food, I love nuts and dark chocolate, can’t get enough of it! I run in my neighborhood and 5Ks. My kids don’t watch much TV but to get them to turn it off I think of something fun to do instead! Like homework :)!

  73. On the one hand, why mess with success? Peanut butter on toast before a long run, honey stingers along the way, etc. If it works, why change?

    On the other hand, I’m open to new ideas. I’m a relatively new runner so I love reading about products and practices that work for others and I try them out for myself. Eventually, I get into a routine but I’m also really impressionable. A marketer’s dream 🙂

  74. I am a creature of habit about wearing a watch, I feel naked without one and I look pretty silly when I wear a nice dress with my trusty ironman on.

  75. I am a creature of habit in my daily “priority list” that I do with my free time.
    1. Run or Lift Weights
    2. Help kids with homework
    3. Yoga!
    4. Read a couple of chapters in whatever books I have going
    5. Meditate or take a nap
    6. Clean the house
    I rarely make it to that last one. 😛

  76. I am a creature of habit that I can’t go out for a workout without my watch or my music. I never wear a watch except when I am working out and if I forget it at home, I feel lost without it. I love being able to pace my miles based on time. My music keeps me going when the workout gets hard. I have a specific play list for various workouts. I have a “classic workout” playlist that gets me through all the hard, long workouts. I have listened to it so many times that I know what song is coming next.

  77. I’m a creature of habit. I find I run better in the mornings before the rest of the house is awake. If I don’t get out the door early in the morning, it is very hard for me to make myself go later in the day. I’m trying to get over it, but I prefer my exercise to be before the rest of the world is up and out there.

  78. I am a huge creature of habit, I have routes I run all the time but love changing them up and trying something new. I am a serious creature of habit when it comes to my running shoes though. Saucony only, I love my kinvaras and will not run in anything else. I am trying to be patient waiting for the 4’s to be released but finding it hard!

  79. Yes, I am a creature of habit! If I find something I like and it works, then why try other stuff?! Overall this works for me (and my kids) but when things fall out of routine, it’s hard on all of us–and it’s at those moments i wish we were more flexible. But then routine comes back and we are all happy!

  80. I’m definitely a creature of habit. I enjoy running the same routes. I put on my left sock and shoe and then my right sock and shoe every time. I love routine. I’m less of a type A than it sounds…children kind of force that, but it’s still in my blood 🙂

  81. Habits… Drink tea in the morn, read my daughter a story before nap, wear my favorite fleece when feeling comfy, go for daily walks with the dog, and usually run the neighborhood loop!

  82. I have a few good habits I tend to stick to but I am usually open on trying new places and things…Except for one thing. My friends tease me because as a runner, I love to get a good pedi from time to time but as hard as I try and grab a new color, nope, I just cannot do it. I can even give the nail tech a fun blue or purple then right before say no!! I need my “I’m not really a waitress”. It is really just the best blend of red there is and I can’t help it. My toes look good in their pinky red, why change it now. Ha!

  83. “Drink water,” is what I say to most ailments my kids present to me. I know they will tease me about it one day.

  84. Totally a creature of habit!! That is what has gotten me to actually run, i love exercising anything from swimming to roller blading but when i started to try trying to do short jogs into my daily walks it felt so good i just kept going. For me its the one thing in my life i can control and it makes me feel so good.

  85. I am definitely a creature of habit. I like following a routine and schedule since it keeps me focused! I don’t know what it will be like once the baby arrives, but I am hoping we can get on a good schedule after the initial adjustment so I can get back into my running routine! I would always get up, throw on my running gear, get the dog ready and get out the door so I wouldn’t have the opportunity to make excuses. If I was doing a long run, it would be the same except I would have everything prepared the night before and would also have a quick piece of toast and PB before getting out.

  86. Total creature of habit when it comes to my morning coffee! Must have it immediately upon waking and I refuse to out anything in it other than half and half.

  87. I’ve become less of a creature of habit as I’ve gotten older…actually becoming a parent meant that routines were always variable. That said, I do have habits of how I lay down in bed before I go to sleep : )

  88. I REALLY want to be a creaure of habit when it comes to journalling…but no. It seems the only real thing I am a habit of that I cannot seem to break myself of is licking flavored chips. I will lick the cool ranch off of the Dorito before eating it. I’s wierd, and I don’t know how it started, so I don’t really eat chips anymore.

  89. My quirkiest habit is that I tend to tap dance while waiting in lines and what not. I was a dancer as a kid and I guess it kinda stuck with me.

  90. Lately I have been a creature of habit when it comes to my winter “dreadmill” training runs. With my IPad resting on the console, I try to find something worth watching to inspire me and help the time pass. For the last month though I’ve always landed on “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Something about those girl-power songs makes me happy and motivated, I can’t seem to stop watching!

  91. I love stitcking to routine: same lunch every day, same start to every work day, driving the same path to get to familiar destinations. Even running the same route again and again is okay by me!

  92. God help me, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my tried and true underwear, a hipster made by Warner. There is nothing quite so comfortable as these four pairs of now faded undies, and I can’t find them anymore in stores, nor can I bear the thought of finding a replacement!

  93. I’m so a creature of habit. I like to do the same routine ech day. I done like to change what I eat to much b/c I’ m a creature of habit . I don’t do good with change.

  94. I’m a creature of habit with my running – the same routine of my gels, tissues, emergency banknote all in the same pockets every time! And I’m one of those that actually likes running the same route over and over (Which could be why my times never improve!!) Ho hum…..I so need a new sports bra – my creature of habit tendencies with my current ones have got to end since they’ve started chafing really bad! Pick me, pick me!! (pretty please!)

  95. I’m one of those weirdos that actually likes change. I’ve moved a ton and I love the excitement of trying new things. I know that my husband probably feels like he’s always playing defense, ready for any new hobby or activity or regimen I throw at him.

  96. Creature of habit when we go out to a family favorite restaurant – always choose the same thing even though I check the menu for something different every time. It tames the indecisive me.

  97. I am a creature of habit. I must have my coffee in the AM before I leave for my run, must wear my Road ID bracelet on my right hand, and wear my lucky socks when running a half marathon.
    BTW, I used bribery to get my son (now 30) to get him to turn off the tv. He loved to help me in the kitchen, especially when making sweets and I had no problem getting him to turn the tv off when I promised that we would make something good to eat!

  98. I’m definitely a creature of habit! My morning routine is exactly the same every single day. Heaven’s forbid I brush my teeth before putting my contacts in!!

  99. I feel so much more comfortable with set routines….but at the same time I’m grateful for friends who help me relax and “play it by ear.”

  100. Definately a creature of habit!!! That is my life! Everything has a purpose, reason and a time. My son is on the autism spectrum so for him a routine and habit is essential. So when it comes to when dinner is fixed, what day I do laundry or go to the grocery store, it is all planned and known. I will say we do deviate, but plan that as well. I do have certain things I would call a habit – creamer for my coffee, shoes Ascics, knee pants for running, shorts for lounging and t-shirts for bed. And after every run a glass of cold chocolate milk.

  101. When I run by myself, I run from my house and either go to the left or the right. One way I get a quick two mile run. The other way gives me almost unlimited mileage. Either way gives me beautiful things to see. I’m lucky, and I don’t mind this habit at all

  102. When my dogs get in the car, I always say “watch your toes, watch your nose, watch your ta-il” with a little tune. I do this every time before I close the door. It’s like the saying for kids to watch their fingers before closing the door.

  103. I eat the same lunch at work everyday. PB&J, orange, & a Kashi cookie. I keep the same menu for 2-3 years. I should be honest and say that I am a creature of habit with breakfast as well. It’s just easier.

  104. Definitely about my coffee. Half a cup while I get ready for work. Travel mug on the way & finished at work. One more in late afternoon to get me through the slump or fuel an afternoon run. Might be a habit, my husband would call it an addiction.

  105. I have my habits but I like to be adventureous too. That is how I have found some of my favorite running trails, shoes, energy chews etc…
    Without a little bending I never would have discovered my “current” favorites!

  106. Yes! A huge creature of habit! I eat the same breakfast every day, most days same lunch too, how boring is that!! I always run on set days & cross train on set days, never switching the days around. 🙂

  107. I am definitely a creature of habit, so much so that I haven’t bought a new sports bra in quite awhile! I like the ones I have and have trouble finding reasonably priced, simple bras with padding-I am an A cup, but hate headlights-and that is an issue when running in cold, windy Chicago weather!

  108. I am soooooo a creature of habit about my coffee in the morning. I’ve finally gotten myself in the routine of setting the timer to automatically brew it in the morning before I wake up, but as soon as I go downstairs, that is the FIRST thing I do, and woe to anyone who is in my way! NEED COFFEE!!!

  109. I am definitely a creature of habit. I always put on anything-ANYTHING-left first, then right. Shoes, socks, pants, bra, shirts,…everything.

  110. I am a creature of habit with most things. Not a big one for surprises. I am especially stuck on certain foods. I get the same things at most restaurants and eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch. I am in search of my “new” favorite bra!

  111. Definitely a creature of habit with walks/runs. I like being able to “not think” about a new (creative) route.

  112. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my workday morning breakfast of a protein bar nd applesauce packet. And of course on Thursdays is the day I allow myself a stop at Starbucks on my drive in.
    Currently I’m trying to making running my new habit :0)

  113. I am absolutely a creature of habit! Even before kids.. best example is breakfast – I’ve had the same bowl of yogurt, berries, flax, hemp hearts, vanilla soy protein powder and granola for years and still love it!

  114. Many of my habits are uninteresting or better left unspoken in polite conversation, but here’s one that’s safe: I always blow my daughter three kisses every night as I leave her bedroom. Not one, not four – it must be three kisses. Don’t ask me why!

  115. I’m a total creature of habit and I’m SO THRILLED I’m not alone! I’ll eat the same breakfast for weeks at a time, then try something different and eat that for weeks at a time. Same with my lunches that I take to school. I even come home every day from school (I’m an elementary teacher), take a nap, and then go for my run. I’ve found though, that habits are good and change can sometimes be scary, but they soon too become lovely habits :0).

  116. I love habits! They make things happen faster because I can just be on auto-pilot! My most consistent habbits are that I run early, eat my oatmeal, call my mom from the car after I drop the kids at school and we all wash our hands every time we walk through the door.

  117. I always gu or gel right before a race. My worst flaw is I often try to bite off more than I can chew did any workouts :)…leaving me a bit sad after every workout.

  118. My habit is what I say to my kiddo when she wakes up in the morning and when she wakes up from a nap. “Did you sleep well?” “Did you have any dreams?” “What did you dream about?”

    It makes me so happy.

  119. In the past I ran the same route five days a week. It is out of my comfort zone to NOT be a creature of habit! Now I see how mixing things up especially with my workouts is far more beneficial than doing the same thing every day out of habit!

  120. I am a creature of habit about what I eat. Every day I eat the same homemade granola with yogurt. I did change to eating Greek yogurt recently. I eat the same foods for lunch and I fix the same dinners that I rotate.

  121. I always run with a pocket full of Jolly Ranchers. One Jolly Rancher lasts a mile and a half so I have to know how far I’m going so I can pack the right amount. That seems more OCD then habit… 🙂

  122. I think its hard to just name one thing. I am a complete creature of habit. Got about 3-5 breakfasts that I rotate between. My runs are almost always the same few routes, depending on the distance I need to go.

  123. I am definitely a creature of habit…about what I eat, what I wear when racing, and probably a million other things that my husband could tell you about.

  124. Creature of habit…as a working profession in the medical field ABSOLUTLY! Type A would be more likely definition. My patient recieve the best care because of my little habits that I perform over and over and over again. That is my career as a Nurse Anesthetist…
    Creature of habit…as a mom of two darling little girls. Most of the time yes. As all of you well know kids change those little habits in order to decieve and manipulate their mommy. Does it work..ABSOLUTLY! I love these two but my normal cabinets which used to be clean and organized are no longer…my habits of cleaning toilets after I shower are now spent running after two naked little beings who are attempting to shower too! So at home my habits are revolving around my little “creatures”! Totally worth it though.
    Creature of habit…as a runner…ABSOLUTLY! Everyday I run..I drink my gatorade…eat a peanut butter bagel…use my RunKeeper…Iphone pocketed on my arm…ear bud only in my left ear and the right one tucked under my bra. I tie my keys around my shoe strings and I am off. I listen to the same music over and over and over again because it calms me and allows me to focus on my breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. Type A-ness showing its colors again.
    Thank you for the chance to put into words my daily life in a nutshell.

  125. Creature of habit? I like to think of it as being consistent…as I try to think of something in the day to day that could be considered spontaneous and not a habit. And nuthin’s coming to mind except the recent decision to volunteer to be the foster parent of my son’s second grade class hamster during spring break. (?!) As for habits, I try to keep an open mind for adjustments if needed to keep the peace or accommodate the needs of the fam. Flexible habits still count?…

  126. Like SBS wrote, I am also a creature of habit when it comes to my running bras. I am still wearing the ones I got when I made my first (short-lived) attempt at being a runner… 12 years and 4 kids ago. I am not making this up. Yes the elastic is kind of dry rotted but I’m small on top so they still seem to do the job.
    Now that I am a year into !REALLY BEING A RUNNER! I have checked out the shiny new ones in the sporting goods stores but with all the styles and different fits it becomes too overwhelming so I move on. I would love some help in taking the new bra plunge!

  127. Yes, definitely a creature of habit! But, I like to ‘rotate’ my habits… certain breakfast on a work am, different breakfast for a workout morning or day off! And, I like to call my habits “my routine”… makes it seem more intentional and planned, rather than stuck in a rut, know what I mean?
    (Oh, and if the kids don’t turn off the tv when they are told, they are docked minutes – for every minute after I have politely asked them- off their bed time! Somehow, the threat of earlier bed time works!)

  128. I keep a pretty regular routine, but I’m not bound by habits..except that when I pick up a tube of toothpaste, I HAVE to make sure it’s all squeezed smoothly to the top of the tube!

  129. I am most definitely a creature of habit when it comes to pretty much everything. I know what I like and I know what works and I stick with it. For better or worse. I really should be better at changing things up in my life, which sounds exciting and scary all at the same time.

  130. I run early in the morning, so I have to get all of my gear ready the night before a run (my clothes set out, ipod, knuckle lights…). If this wasn’t a routine it would stress me out trying to gather everything in morning (in the dark) and get out the door.

  131. Im a mix of creature of habit and fly by the seat of my pants kind of person. If there is a dish on a menu that I have loved in the past – I will get it everytime I go to that restaurant. But on the other hand I love to try things and experiment with techniques- lord knows that I need all the help I can get.

  132. I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to what I eat. I have the same oatmeal for breakfast every morning, and every time I try to stray, I feel discombobulated and my day feels all wrong!

  133. I am a creature of habit about everything! From what I eat for breakfast everyday, to my morning routine, to my after work routine, to the running clothes I wear. Maybe I need to break out of my rut a little! A cute new bra would be a good start, no?

  134. I absolutely cannot leave the house without making all the beds! Not even for an early morning run (unless of course, someone is still sleeping in one of those beds!). Also can’t go to sleep in an unmade bed, so if by chance, the bed has become unmade during the day, I need to re-make the bed before I can get back in it to go to sleep.

  135. Not to ‘brown nose’ Saucony but I’ve only run in Saucony (Hurricanes for the last 5 or longer?) – my college roommate (a track star) introduced me to Sauconys. Saucony had a factory in Bangor, the town next to my college’s town, Orono, Maine. I strayed twice but came running back to Saucony both figuratively and literally!

  136. I enjoy having quiet time spent with my healthy breakfast of choice and coffee every morning following a group run and shower. It gets the day started in a nice way. Most of my habits are health oriented and I’m proud of that!

  137. I MUST have at least 15 minutes of “alone time” before anyone else in the house is awake. This requires me to wake up at the butt crack of dawn, get my run and shower done and then be happily sipping my coffee before the hubs and 2 yr old is up demanding my attention.

  138. I’m a looney toon about getting to races exactly an hour before they start (or earlier if it’s a big time marathon). I don’t want time to cause any unwanted stress when I’m there to relieve stress. I too have the “fave” sports bras that probably should have been retired years ago ;p

  139. Oh yes, I love routine! I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday: a green smoothie in the morning and for lunch hummus with veggies and whole wheat crackers and an apple with peanut butter. I think it’s mainly because it’s all easy to pack before work!

  140. I eat 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on an english muffin every morning, wear wrap dresses at least 3 days a week (I’m a teacher and its easy, comfy and cute!), I wear running skirts to run almost every day, and to get my kids to turn off the tv…I just tell them to and give them the option to read or go ride a bike. I also make sure I work out right after work on Monday to start the week off right and take a spin class every Tuesday night.

  141. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to getting my kids ready for school. Do you have lunch,books, brush teeth , brush hair, check..

  142. I’m not a creature of habit, though right now I am working to get back in the habit of running. Trying to find the time with a new baby and a preschooler, maybe some habits and routines would be helpful 🙂

  143. I have a habit of tucking my shoelaces in before a run. Once I ran a marathon and my shoelace came halfway undone at mile 20. I was trying to BQ so I couldn’t stop but I looked down at my lace obsessively the next 6 miles. Never again!

  144. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my workout routine and what I eat. Kale salad anyone? When my workout routine gets altered, I feel like the world is going to end. I especially enjoy my body pump class and body combat class.

  145. I am a creature of habit when it comes to putting together my transition are for my triathlons! I have the same towel, equipment and food all placed in its appropriate spots before leaving for the swim.

    We have also done the same routine with our twins and going to bed since they were babies! It keeps us all on track and happy twins means happy mommy and daddy!!

  146. I’m a creature of habit for just about everything. The biggest is probably what I eat before a long run/race. Haven’t changed that since I started racing 10 years ago.

  147. Before long runs I always eat hot cereal and a banana after words. WHen My kids are acting less than stellar I always say “stop being ridiculous”. When they were really little they would always say “I sorry Mommy for being diculous”

  148. I set my running clothes out the night before and generally eat the same thingg every morning in intervals while I’m getting ready for work…chocolate milk after a run.. banana…english muffin…V-8…and yogurt mid-day.

  149. I am definitely a creature of habit. I have routines for almost all daily activities. If I miss one, I usually get out of whack for the day! One thing I always say to my 4 year old to get her moving faster: “chip chop, let’s go!”

  150. I’m definitely a creature of habit… the embarrassing part is I’ve had the same sports bras since high school! My ten year reunion was last summer. They have definitely seen (and smelled) better days. Now I just have to layer 2 even though I shouldn’t need it.

  151. so a creature of habit, must do the entire healthy lunch packing the night before and the running/work-out clothes must be at the door, ready to go otherwise it throws me and it is a no go.

  152. I am a creature of habit in terms of breakfasts and lunches. I rotate out the same three things. Also, every day (7 days a week), at noon I brew me a tall glass of green mint tea. I love it, and if I don’t have it, watch out world because the shrew is out!

  153. I do tend to run the same routes (for safety & b/c I know the mileage) but since you gave me that example, it’s always amazing to me when I stop & think about my shower routine how it’s always the same. I wash the same parts in the same order, dry, moisturize, etc. Always the same way. Feels odd when I throw it slightly off.

  154. I can be…from my route through the grocery store to how I like my tray set up on my work computer. But I can roll with things, too.

  155. Out of bed, walk the dogs walk my son and make him breakfast, slip into my work out clothes, take my son to school and run at the beach. Everyday is the same routine unless it is raining. Then I try and slip into the gym.

  156. I am a creature of habit about everything: my schedule, how I read the paper, the routes I run. The one my husband teases me most about is how I put my groceries on the belt at the grocery store. He won’t even help me anymore, because I have a pattern that has to be followed : all heavy drinks first, then all of the cold foods, then canned foods, followed by boxed foods and toiletries then the light stuff-bread, chips,etc.

  157. Getting the kids ready for school is full of habits. It begins with the morning wake up song I created and ends with me sending them off in the car line at school with the same “Have a great day! Mommy loves you! Be sweet and use your manners!”

  158. My two kid have to have the same routing each morning when we wake up, right down to the breakfast they eat each day and what we do while we wait for the bus. Each day has it’s own different “breakfast”, and if I try to switch it up (like if I ran out of something), I hear about it ALL day and into the next! So, pretty much my morning look the same each day.

  159. Wake-up, get dressed in running/workout clothes, take my reflux medicine, drink coffee, eat Cheerios, work-out. That order, almost everyday.

  160. Everything I do in my daily routine is a habit! From the time I get up, the breakfast I eat, to the time I go to bed, its all the same. It’s how my life stays sane. Three kids, two full time working parents, two part time military parents and full time runners…. Habits are the only way to make it not fall apart!

  161. My habits involve my daily routine. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, sip my coffee, get changed, do my hair etc… Even with getting my 4 year old ready for school I always manage to do everything in the same order.Otherwise, I feel weird for a good portion of the day.

  162. I can’t help myself – I eat the same breakfast everyday – oatmeal. It’s such a habit that I I miss it for breakfast I crave it and I usually have it for lunch!

  163. I am a terrible creature of habit. Every morning, I have the coffee set to brew at the same time. I read the same news sites and eat the same breakfast. I have run in the same outfit all winter even though I have a drawer full of gear. I normall run the same routes but this winter a friend of mine pushed me out of my routine. Now I have to new routes to repeat.

  164. Oh , yes, very much a habit person. I have been running the same basic course for at least twenty years. And it is not really a great course. But it is what I have outside my door and I have never done much switching up. I finally bought a garmin watch and found out it is not even the distance I always thought it was! But I am still running those same streets.

    But with Train Like a Mother, I am at least attempting to run them differently!

  165. My morning is very routine. First thing is to make a cup of coffee. Then, I sit and check e mail, read AMR post for the day and then I’m ready for my morning run! Depending on how many miles I plan to put in, I also have some sort of a pre run snack-for shorter runs a cup of natural applesauce, longer runs a Kashi blueberry waffle with a little Nutella spread on it.

  166. I’m a creature of habit in many things: breakfast (croissant and decaf coffee), running clothes (I have 3 of the exact same outfit), the order in which I don my running clothes (socks, then tights, then sports bra, then shirt, then running shoes, then headband, then ponytail holder, then ID anklet, then jacket, then GPS watch), the way I stretch. Most of my weekday morning runs follow the same route. Sometimes I decide to change it up–but half the time I forget to pay attention and my feet take me along the same old route–which isn’t bad, because I get to see the sunrise reflected off Lower Manhattan, but it always surprises me when I realize I’ve been on autopilot.

  167. Lately my schedule has been so crazy, narrowly avoiding a crisis here and a crisis there, with lots of old, bad, habits rearing up (mostly related to food, lol), so I’m looking for a boost to re-engage in some better eating and exercise habits now that I’m – almost, dare I say it? – injury-free! 🙂 But when I first started thinking of habits and routines, I have to admit my first thoughts were more of silly, superstitious habits…like the one where I can’t set an alarm, or the microwave, or any timer for a time on the hour or in 5 min increments. For instance, if I have to be up at 7, I set the alarm for 7:02. If I have to be up at 6:15, the alarm gets set for 6:12, or 6:16…so I guess that’s kind of a daily habit of mine, irrational as it is! I wonder how many other mother runners out there have weird superstitions like that built into their workouts or daily, surely I’m not the only one???!!!

  168. I eat the same breakfast daily: steel cut oatmeal, blueberries, almond butter and coffee with almond milk. I have only fluctuated a couple of times, usually traveling.

  169. My runs are pretty routine. I always run in the morning after a 12 hour shift at the hospital. I always run the park near my home. I always shower first thing upon returning home….. with most other things in my life, I’m very laid back; however, I know if I’m not routine about my work outs, I won’t do them.

  170. I am so a creature of habit. I eat oatmeal every weekday morning. I get a diet Mtn. Dew every morning on the way to work (for three years). I eat cranberries and almonds each morning for my snack. I run mostly the same course three times a week. My bras are a habit too. I need something seamless (you say these don’t chafe, I would love that) and tight. My aftermarket boobs need good support.

  171. I love having a routine for the things I can. Same morning routine everyday, even always putting in my left contact first. I like to think it starts the day off feeling confident and in control. Well, until the kids get up-then all bets are off. Again, control the things you can!

  172. yes, my makeup and hair. everything else I can mix it up. but when I get a look I like, girl, nothing going to mess that up! I can go without makeup and hair in a pony tail but when I do DO it up, I like what I like. 🙂

  173. I’m a super creature of habit. Breakfast, my go to lunch and all the beauty products I use!. My first running bra that worked for my 36DDs is what I stuck with but as I’ve increased my long runs they aren’t working so great anymore and I’ve been on the look out for something new. I’m excited to check out these new saucony bras!

  174. So lame, but I clean the same every week. Monday is for vacuuming, Tuesday for my bathroom, etc. Every thing else is up for debate. Keeps things fun. Even my workouts.

  175. Oh my. Habit is my life. From having to fall asleep every night with nature sounds in my ear, having to set all my clothes out before bed or no sleeping for me, to my cup of pudding every night. I could go on but I won’t for your sake.

  176. Oh my word, SO many things! My running routes (well, almost everything about my running really!), my breakfast every day, my shut down the house at the end of the night routine…I guess the rest of my life gets so crazy that I cling to the little habits I’ve formed that I know I can count on!

  177. Such a creature of habit it’s almost not believable! I’ve done just about all of my training at the same park, on the same 2 mile loop. But I do alternate clockwise and counter clockwise!!

  178. I am a total creature of habit. When I break habits I get all thrown off. I’ll even forget to brush my teeth if I get ready out of order.

  179. Yes! I get ready for bed in the exact same order every night. My latest creature-of-habit habit is my routine while my kids are in quiet time. I make my lunch (I normally have a salad or pita), turn off the kitchen light, sit down with my lunch and drink and watch a show, sometimes curling up on the couch for a quick nap. It’s fantastic!

  180. I’m definitely a creature of habit with what I run with…I like my particular pants and shirt and headband and even socks!

  181. No, I’m not a creature of habit when it comes to running. I like to mix things up and try new things. I think there’s always something better out there and it’s my goal to find it.

  182. When it comes to races I always eat the same thing the morning of the race. Toast with peanut butter and pineapple juice. Plus lemonade honey stingers and a vanilla wafer prior to the start. When training I always gather my gear in the same order. Pants, bra, shirt(s), RoadID, socks, shoes, windbreaker, Garmin, (gloves, hat if needed) water pack and then phone in water pack. Just easier to remember if you do things in the same order. 🙂

  183. Definitely a creature of habit! I listen to the same playlist each time I run and I run the same 6 routes depending on the distance I need to conquer. When it comes to my kids and their daily schedule we are very much living in a “groundhog’s day” world. Maybe that is why I have the only 5 year old on the block still napping (along with her 3 and 1 year old brothers)…so hard to change the routine!

  184. Same running shoes for over 5 years. (thank goodness they haven’t discontinued them!). When I bought my last pair, the salesperson was amazed that I walked in, told him exactly what I wanted, quickly tried them on and walked out with them in 10 mn. His easiest sale all day.

  185. I always leave the timing chip on my shoe until I have to remove it to replace it with a new one for my next race. It gives me motivation on my long runs when I look down and think about how I did on my last race, and what I have to look forward to on my next one.

  186. Like most mother runners I’m a total type A (or borderline OCD). I am devoted to the same brand of running shoes and clothes, use the same GU flavor, run the same courses (in the same order) during training…I couldn’t function any other way!

  187. I ONLY wear my Nike running pants. EVER. I’m trying to step outside the box and go the skirt thing, but I just. can’t. The Nike pants suck me in in just the right spot (tummy) and make my butt look good. 😉 Win win!

  188. We have two kids with sensory and cognitive disorders so routine has always been very important in our home, One of my sons every nite at 5 when he was younger would say” I need to talk to dad” he didn’t ever wear a watch. AT 52 if I don’t exercise when I am supposed too my whole day is off.

  189. I’m a creature of habit when I run with my kids. I know exactly how long they’ll last in the stroller so I know my route, my pace, when to break out snacks, etc. They actually love our runs and I’ve trained them to shout “Go, Mama, Go!!” when we start up the long hill home. I kind of miss my cheering section when I run solo!

  190. I’m a type A’er, so I have to make sure I have everything I need before I leave the house, leave the house within 5 minutes every day, and park in the same spot at the Metro station. I also have to listen to certain songs at certain points during my run, depending on the length of run. And I always finish a workout (running or weights) with chocolate almond milk. Oh, and I can’t leave for a run if my clothes are not coordinated.

  191. I am not at ALL, which has made raising children (who seem to love routine) very difficult for me. I am constantly switching up my running routes because I bore easily and I am always more than willing to try new gear/nutrition/anything else!!!

  192. Total habit. When I’m in my routine it is like I’m on autopilot. Eat the same things. Follow a training plan to the letter. I live slow and steady.

  193. Is there any other way to live then by habit? My habit is to set the clock to 1 past an ten…for example 6:21 or 5:11, as my snooze is exactly 9 minutes so after I press one snooze I get up on an even number.

  194. You betcha – some of those habits save time for better things. or are just crazy. My husband laughs at my nightly habit of tugging the covers over my shoulder before i turn out the light. Since reading RLAM I’ve been better at changing up my running routine. Thanks!

  195. I generally park in the same area of the lot; I don’t think so much as a creature of habit, but rather so I can find my car 🙂 Otherwise, I’m pretty loosey-goosey as far as schedules will allow.

  196. I am such a creature of habit! I eat the same breakfast — fage yogurt w/ honey every day and love it! I sit in the same spot at the dinner table, I drive my children the same way to school everyday, I walk the dog the same route around the neighborhood, I say the same thing to our dog every time I leave the house. I also tend to run the same route…I have several different routes I use, but I never combine routes and run each the same way. The more I thought about it, the more habits I realize I have. Ugh…I think I need to shake things up a bit!!! Let’s start with a new bra!!! Yay!!! 🙂

  197. I try to be a creature of habit about everything, but I don’t quite hit the mark. I call myself a Type A- (instead of a full on Type A)

  198. Driving! I get on my regular routes and the next thing you know I’m half way down the road when I realize I’m heading home instead of turning to go by the store for milk. All the time! I blame it on mommy brain. The best thing to clear the jumble of things flying through my head so I don’t just go through the week with glazed eyes and on auto pilot? A run!

  199. I tend to be more of a “mood of the moment” girl, however, I run the same route every time on my lunch break. I just like knowing how far and how much time I will be out!

  200. With most things, I am typically a go with the flow type person. There have been certain things that I have just stuck with because they work very well and make my life easier. I will make the same post long run recovery smoothie when training for a half. And I always have to wash the dishes after breakfast. I try to stick to a general routine, but it doesn’t always happen.

  201. I am more a creature of habit then I realized now that I go through my day in my head…from the clothes I choose to wear, to loading the dishwasher or to my nightly routine of checking in on my kids every night. Plus other minor things, yikes!

  202. Definitely a creature of habit. Same protein shake for breakfast nearly every morning. Bedtime ritual involves my lip balm and hand lotion. And most ashamedly, I just pitched some sport bras that I’ve had for 10 years!! I need new ones, please! 🙂

  203. I buy the same running shoes, just the updated model 🙂 They have carried me this far, why mess with a good thing!

  204. I don’t have to be a size 4 with short shorts and a flat belly to wear this, do I?
    I promise to put a shirt over it

    My girls aren’t BIG…mama deflated boob bags do need a lift while jogging….no boob jobs likely here!

  205. I’m guilty too! Yep, a creature of habit. I bring the same lunch to work (Jennie O turkey burger, cucumbers, tomatoes)…it’s just easy for me! It continues on to the same meal before a big run…

  206. I am looking for a new sports bra! I’ll try one! Creature of habit? Hmm, just my morning routine of coffee first thing, or mama is not happy!

  207. I LOVE peanut butter and I have to eat it everyday as part of my breakfast! I have toast or a thin bagel with peanut butter every morning. I will only eat a certain brand so I even pack peanut butter when we travel!

  208. I find “creature of habit” is a gentler way of referring to some of my border-line OCD issues 🙂 I love to back into my parking spaces, I like to have my dishes stacked a certain way (and don’t even get me started on LOADING the dishwasher), and I do tend to stick with a reliable morning routine that includes a similar breakfast 85% of the year. Yikes–I’m scaring myself!

  209. I am a creature of habit in sooooo many ways. Breakfast-oatmeal with blueberries or strawberries (whatever fruit I may have in the house.) I can eat the same thing for lunch for a week (turkey sandwich or leftovers each day.) My long runs can be the same route, out and back. I always tell my kids each day to be a good friend and listener at school. Is it a bad thing to be a creature of habit, I don’t think so. I try new things every now and then, but there is always something to be said to come back to the norm for me.

  210. Such a creature of habit – same brand of shoes (brooks), same sock brand, have to have a banana pre run every-time.

  211. I like routine. I’m pretty sure I have ADD so if I don’t have my calendar and daily list of things to get done, watch out!

  212. When I find something that works well for me, I stick with it until it no longer is beneficial, whether it be my workout routine, my diet or how I approach my 3 year old mid-tantrum. Thanks and love you BAMRs!

  213. When I tuck my kids in at night I do the same thing, say the same thing. It’s funny because for the longest time I didn’t realize I was doing it all the same. Now the kids expect it and remind me if I some how try to slip out of the room without the routine.

  214. Every night i get my gear ready for an early morning run. .. it’s fairly ridiculous. . Bowl, spoon, cup, coffee ready and every detail of what I’ll need to wear on the table. Same routine every night then i can relax with a glass of wine! I get up though-it’s really hard to go out in the cold dark early morning, but I love it! !

  215. I am a complete creature of habit. From eating the same greek yogurt every day for breakfast, following the same routine in the shower, lacing up first my right shoe then my left – you name it, I’m predictable. And probably a bit OCD.

  216. I am not much of a creature of habit, except with eating. I fall into the habit of having the same thing day after day and wit little variation. My breakfast, especially. I’d be willing to try new foods or mix it up some, but I continue to make the same foods over and over.

  217. I’m really not… I love eating different things for breakfast, I like doing different kinds of workouts, I like variety!

  218. I am a creature of habit about most things. Routines of the day, running routes, pretty much anything! I do love trying new things and going on adventures, but when it comes to every-day things, its all routine!

  219. I drink a large glass of water every morning when I get up. I load the dishwasher the same way, I squeegee my shower the same way, and I put on makeup in the same order. I put the toilet paper on the holder the same direction every time (over, not under). But, for many other aspects of my life I am happy to go with the flow.

  220. a creature of habit on long run/race days. but otherwise, not so much. reading some of your comments though, I think I could benefit from a little more ‘habit’ in my daily routine… maybe then I wouldn’t be fitting in my runs/exercises @ 9pm!

  221. Oh yes…definitely habit. Before I go grocery shopping I always, well, 99% of the time have to clear the sink, dishes everything clean in the kitchen so that when I come home with ten bags of groceries I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Hmmmm, maybe it’s little OCD? I don’t know.

  222. At first I was going to say that I was a creature of habit, but after reading other people’s posts, I realized not so much. I think my problem is that I aspire to be a creature of habit but life just keeps getting in the way of me trying to create routine! Ugh! When I can make and keep a routine, I get very excited!

  223. I am a creature of habit when it comes to what I wear to travel to the office in, I change into my work uniform once there, so I always put on the same jeans, type of t-shirt, and shoes to travel to work in.

  224. When I posed this question to my DH and 14 yr old son they both busted up laughing! “I don’t even know where to start” said hubby, then son grabbed paper and pen and said “Let’s write these down! Number 1-you make a to-do list everyday, put exactly one splash of creamer with coffee in the same coffee cup you’ve had for 10 years, then head to work reminding us all to be good and be nice!” He and his dad were still making the list when I left the room. Guess that answers the question – YES!

  225. I ate oatmeal, every morning for breakfast, for over a year one time. I get into food ruts. It’s easy, I don’t have to think about it, and it’s easy.

  226. I have one habit…i fall asleep watching “Friends” i’m not sure how it ended up that way, but it seems to be the only way i can quiet my head to sleep. it’s weird….i know…

  227. Habit or ritual? My bed time ritual is not to be messed with! Makeup off, face washed, earrings out, bathroom, teeth!

  228. I too am a creature of habit. But tonight, I won. After a 12 hour work day, I came home tired and then further exhausted myself repeating the same mantra to my kids about picking up dirty clothes, etc. I retreated and found myself hiding in the laundry room eating sugar cookies with bad frosting from Walmart. No, I am not sharing. That was my “get even” moment today. Tomorrow, I run. Plus a bit extra due to the cookies.

  229. Creature of habit? Is there any other way?! I’m willing to try new things, new places, as long as someone else does the planning. That’s what keeps me in my habits: the planning -yuck.

  230. I definitely stick with the same running shoes, certain clothes (Nike Tempo shorts!), and we do love oatmeal for breakfast, but I try to change it up for some variety in our diet.

  231. I am definitely a creature of habit! I eat the same thing because it’s just easier than to figure out what to have and helps me keep tabs on my food consumption.

  232. Definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my morning routine, every single day. Also, same thing for breakfast…every day.

  233. I am a creature of habit when it comes to running. I do my short runs in my neighborhood, speed work at another location, and long runs along a well worn course. Plus, I always wear Skirt Sports skirts. LOVE them!

  234. I have a habit of saying the same phrases to my kids. They finish them as I am speaking. “Manners matter”, “Choose to have a happy heart “. I have turned into my mother.

  235. Definitely a creature of habit! Eat the same foods, run the same routes, buy the same shoes, and do the same hairstyles. Then I find something new because I’m bored and do it all over again:)

  236. Yes, I am a running creature of habit. When I race, I always have to wear one of my racing necklaces. Weird but true. Oh and on the eve of big race days, I must lay everything out that I will need in the morning perfectly or I am not able to sleep!

  237. TOTALLY a creature of habit! Always order the same thing at our regular restaurants, eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  238. I am a creature of habit…especially about routines and organization! With a family as large as ours, organization is a must! My husband thanks I’m nuts but I have a spot in the pantry for each and every item and everything has to be facing a certain way. My closets are the same…I’m pretty sure there’s a sprinkling of OCD going on but I find the habit of my routines comforting.

  239. Creature of habit in that I have to say I love you to my kids every morning even if I text it to my son if I missed seeing him before the 6:30 am bus.

  240. As a new runner I realized through this post that yes, I’ve quickly become a creature of habit. Must. Have. Smartwool. Socks. I also have a specific stretching routine which I guess is good.

  241. I’m totally a creature of habit… Kids and I eat the same breakfast nearly every day. I order the same running sneakers/clothes when my old ones are getting shot. I order the same foods when going out to restaurants (just because I often don’t have time to read the menu). I drive the same way to go to a certain location. Once I find something that works, I don’t mess with it. With 3 young kids (including twin 3 year old boys) and a hubby that works crazy hours and needs to fit his fitness routine in too, it’s survival!!

  242. I have an egg habit! Whenever I am out of meal ideas for my family I always make eggs. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it doesn’t matter. They are easy to make, cheap, a good source of protein, and ALL family members like them.

  243. Before every long run I have to have a New York bagel (I’m a total bagel snob) with peanut butter, a slightly green banana and Gatorade.

  244. I like spontaneity, but have become practically superstitious about walking a minimum of a 1/2 mile before beginning any stretching at the start of a race or run…probably because I get really anxious about reinjuring my hamstring.

  245. My nightly routine: get the kids to bed, relax with tea or coffee and the computer, then clean the kitchen and do nightly chores

  246. Very much so! After every run my cool down is cleaning house. I refuse to go anywhere the rest on the day unless everything is in its place. My kids know no playdates or park until momma gets the floors clean and toys all in their place.

  247. Definitely a creature of habit with running, run on the rails to trails path by our house (or treadmill if the weather is crappy).

  248. Every morning I sit on the floor to put my shoes on. My 90# choc lab has deemed this his snuggle time. He comes and sits in my lap for a few minutes of snuggling before his morning walk/run.

  249. I am a creature of habit! I ate the same lunch every day for about 2 years if that tells you anything… I don’t eat the same thing anymore, but I do like consistency in my life.

  250. Absolutely!! My husband gets so frustrated with me when we go out to eat because I always order the same thing, I’m not a big fan of trying anything new!! I like you, I have one type of sports bra that I love and haven’t tried any others since I found it!

  251. Be it running or walking I have used the same path to workout on for over 6 years. And even though I know every inch of that wooded trail I love the hills and that I can judge my distance without GPS. Plus the animals always help add a little bit of a surprise to it.

  252. I am totally a creature of habit, but running has challenged that a little. For example, instead of showered right away in the morning, I plan showers around runs : )

  253. Lately I’m less a creature of habit and more a creature of survival. Even running- as of late I’ve not had a real schedule so I’m not fitting it in as much as I’d like… but just squishing it in here and there. About my only habit is making sure I get my coffee at 5 something in the morning when the alarm goes off…

  254. I’m definitely a creature of habit in the morning when I have to get out the door. I have a very specific, expertly choreographed routine I go through every morning that gets me to work on time and with good food packed in my lunch bag so I don’t blow my healthy eating plan.

  255. I have to admit that I am a creature of habit when it comes to ordering food in restaurants. If I ever try to mix it up, the food usually ends up tasting awful. My husband thinks I’m boring…I just know what I like.

  256. creature of habit? Well, I’ve broken most of the bad ones! The only real habit is coffee in the morning. it’s the SECOND thing I do in the AM

  257. Omigosh, I am a creature of habit in ALL THINGS. One specific thing is that my days of the week are very ordered: monday is tempo (and laundry day), Tuesday is rest day (and toddler group) wednesday is intervals (and soccer) etc, etc. etc. 🙂

  258. Definitely a creature of habit. People have actually commented about my habit of parking in the same spot everyday at work, even though there are better spots available. And my lunches. I have 2 or 3 that I rotate through, but for a whole week at a time. I work too early to have to put too much thought into lunch, so it’s just easier that way. Lol.

  259. I am a creature of habit – when having a 11 month old, routine is appreciated. He knows bath time means bedtime, he knows morning is cuddle time and he knows when he’s in the running stroller, its time to run. Plus I know his ba-ba-ba and ma-ma-ma are his way of motivating me to run faster!

  260. Creature of habit 100%. It drives my husband nutty ( heheheh…I love it) I go to bed the same time every night, I get up the same time everyday, I eat a banana every morning for breakfast, a cup of my fav. coffee…Zekes from Maryland, 2 Tylenol, and I run the same trail almost everyday ( I see something new each day), and always stop in the same porta potty right after the mile 1 marker. I’m a nut & oh so happy nut at that!

  261. I would say I’m either a creature of habit, or OCD. My husband would say the latter. If I have good luck with an outfit during a race, I wear the same thing for the next, same bra,socks, leggings,top, headband, and hair worn the same. I’m positive this mentality got me through college.

  262. Creature of habit, why yes I am. Every time I go to the mall I must enter the same door. If I ride with someone else and they insist on parking somewhere else, I am unable to concentrate on shopping until I go to the door I normally enter. My running “habit” before a long run is half a coke and a rice cake.

  263. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to certain foods and grocery shopping. I also always put my left sock and/or my left shoe first. I just don’t feel right otherwise 😉 Strange? Yes!

  264. I’m an early morning runner. I always have my clothes laid out, shoes unlaced, coffee set to brew, and my banana sitting next to my coffee cup. I also have my Garmin and iPod in a box at the front door! Yey, a little OCD when it conmes to getting out the door !

  265. When I find that something is becoming a habit, I stir things up and change it around. I can’t run on a treadmill because I need the variety an outdoor run gives me. I need the variety so I don’t go crazy.

  266. I am a creature of habit. Every morning I must have a bowl of Fiber One and cup of coffee regardless of what else I am having for breakfast, even if going out for breakfast to a restaurant I will still have that bowl of Fiber One. It makes me happy and regular. 🙂

  267. I am a total creature of habit by necessity. I have a very hectic schedule between driving my kids to and from school, their other activities and getting my time to work out. If I don’t have something on my phone calendar it doesn’t exist for me!

  268. I am such a creature of habit, especially when I get on a health kick or good exercise routine – I like to eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch, and tend to walk the same route around lunchtime to get some exercise. I could use a little variety in my routine ( :

  269. I am definitely a creature of habit in the morning. Coffee first, then check e-mail, etc. THEN I’m ready to talk to my kids and start my day!

  270. Sadly yes, I’m a creature of habit. I wear my yoga pants most days, eat oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day, drink hot chocolate late at night almost every night before going to bed. But worst is that my running playlist is exactly the same for every run and has been for a few months. Same songs in the same order. Yep, creature of habit!

  271. Creature of habit? Not so much but if I find something that works, I like to stick with it…at least until something better or more interesting or just different comes along. Habits are meant to be changed.

  272. I am not a creature of habit. Sometimes I think my life would be easier if I was (no agonizing over what is for breakfast, lunch and dinner) but I can’t seem to do it

  273. I am pretty sure the phrase creature of habit was born because of my father! Now I tend to be the same way! I eat the same foods at restaurants, if I like a running item I always go back and by more of the same kind. It is kind of frightening actually because I am totally my father’s daughter. Now I am giving my kids the age old sayings too! Heaven help us all 🙂

  274. Definitely creature of habit. Especially about “routines.” And with volume of radio. Ok maybe that is not creature of habit…is always having to keep volume on a multiple of 5 a habit or OCD? ;-p

  275. I am a creature of habit to a tee. I crave routine in everything I do. But one must have for my runs are balega socks!!!! I can’t run in anything else 🙂

  276. I am a creature of habit about breakfast, of all things. I pretty much make the same thing or order the same thing for breakfast. (oatmeal at home and eggs benedict – I KNOW! – out). I do wear the same moving comfort bra and shorts when I run. Not the SAME shorts, but the same style.
    I’m not a habit runner, mainly because I’m in Montana and the Sydney Sherry thing scared me to pieces. I change it up and tell everyone where I’m going!
    As for the kids “We’re going to the library!” works wonders.

  277. I must have access to Chapstick at all times. It is in my purse, my gym bag, my running belt, and on my nightstand.

  278. I am a creature of habit about everything. What I eat, what time I run (and if I don’t my horrible mood), even down to the order I have to do things before getting into bed (glass of water, lotion, chapstick, etc). Like you and your running bras, I have a drawer full of the exact same running pants and socks. Once I find something that works, I try not to mess with it.

  279. Definitely a creature of habit! I use the same pump at Costco, I get ready for bed in the same order, ready for my runs in the same order each morning. I’m so habitual in my life that things vary very little as far as what goes on my grocery list, errand list, etc!

  280. I run around my local park as often as I can because I enjoy the natural setting and running beside the river. I also enjoy seeing the familiar faces of the regulars who walk and run there with me. I have a special friend who always brightens my day when I encounter him there. His name is Nate and he’s a 29 year old Special Olympian who runs, plays basketball and baseball.

  281. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my running clothes as well. I always want to try new brands but I’m always pulled to my old faithful bras, socks, running tights, etc. (out of respect for saucony, I won’t mention my favorite right now). So if I get a chance to try one of these I might be able to convert :).

  282. The only habit I have is NEVER buying new bras or underwear. TMI and sad I know. I will buy undies for the kiddos and nada for me. I can’t even remember when I bought my last bra or sports bra. If I won maybe another habit would begin!

  283. Yea, intend to be a creature of habit when it comes to some things and not others. I feel like lately I am not so much so. It is kind of weird, I’m finding that I can change things up the longer I run.

  284. I am a creature of habit with eating breakfast and lunch. It’s the same ~ ALWAYS!! Eggs whites with salsa and coffee. Lunch is a salad.

  285. I am a creature of habit! I LOVE routines and have one for just about everything, including a list where each day corresponds to a specific room or chore so that I don’t have to waste a whole day trying to clean the whole house 🙂

  286. Defenite creature of habit from wake up time until about lunch time. Wake up at 5, 3.6 mile run, shower/ready for work, same breakfast ( that I usually eat on my way to work b/c I’m usually strapped for time). Coffee, followed by the same chicken salad that I eat for lunch everyday. I’m quite predictable.

  287. A family habit we’re working on is one five-minute blitz pickup around the house before dinner every night. We can already find the floor in the middle of the week more often than we used to!

  288. I am often a fairly spontaneous person. But when it comes to running I am a creature of habit. Day before a race? I set out all my gear. Race day especially! Or those long run days! After running I have a Nuun, but almost always (unless i forgot to go tot eh grocers) I have a choc almond milk with a banana whizzed in!

  289. I’d love to be more of a creature of habit. I often feel pulled so many directions that I’d love to be one of those people who had a predictable schedule and kept to it. I feel like it takes me much longer to form a habit that sticks–like I’ve been running regularly for almost two years and I just finally feel like it’s a habit. But maybe a new, cute bra would help me stick to my running goals. 😉

  290. Very much a creature of habit – from how I brush my teeth, where I park my car to how I eat my sandwich (outside first, always!).

  291. I am definitely a creature of habit. I get up at the same time M-F [never hit the snooze button], take a pill, hop in the shower, get dressed, put contacts in, do my make up and then do my hair. After that I wake my daughter up at 6:25.

  292. I am a creature of habit about some routines, but I love too discover new things every day! Since starting to run, I have discovered more about my city and my neighborhood than before by exploring with my feet! Change is good!

  293. Not a creature of habit. Ok, I am for a time, like I get on kicks, then I need new. Like I’ll eat toast with peanut butter every morning. Then one morning it’s just not doing it for me. I love to find the new. What will excite me next. I get into a comfort zone with it. Then bored and off to find the new. And on and on and on . . . I think it keeps things alive!

  294. Not really a creature of habit, I’m laid back and go with the flow:) I try new things with running all the time. But one thing I do do is get everything ready for a long run the night before, clothes, food, stuff I pack for the run.

  295. I think my entire self could be described as one big creature. Habits, good and bad, set in for me rather easily.. whether it’s having to have coffee first thing in the morning, or habitually checking my facebook feed, or getting hooked onto certain foods for certain times (Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Cliff bars… oh my!).

  296. I am not much of a habit person – should be. I like to change things up, the routine has the end result, but the one thing I do almost every time when running is chew gum. It helps regulate the desire to hyper ventilate or gulp air. Calms my nerves at knowing I look like Shamu waddling along all land locked and such.

  297. I try not to be a creature of habit. But I am. Down to my all my routines. If I find a favorite article of clothing, I will buy more in different colors. Same brands and same styles. Music I switch up depending on mood. And same running routes. I found a sports bra I liked bought more of them, but now they no longer work for me. Would love to try out these.

  298. I run three times a week in wooded trails with my faithful husky of 13 years. We always go to the same spot, but take different routes. Never on the road, as she might get hit by a car.
    Even though the trail is the same, it changes with the weather and the seasons. It is never boring as there is always something different to experience.. How fortunate I am!

  299. My creature of habit acts……first thing I do every morning is pee….then head straight to my Keurig machine! …then later that night…put the kids to bed at night and pick up right away! EVERY DAY! 🙂

  300. I love spontaneity however, I can’t live without my morning routine on the weekdays. Step 1. Hit snooze at 5:21am. Step 2. Hit snooze again at 5:30am, and lie in bed deliberating; if I let the alarm go off again, will my husban wake up? Ultimately, I’ll decided to get up at 5:38am before the alarm goes off again. Step 3. Make coffee and sit on the couch reading until it’s done. Step 4. Drink coffee. I’m extremely grouchy if this ridiculous routine is interrupted, and I have to interact with another human being.

  301. My mornings must start with a cup of coffee and a stretch and nearly every night ends with checking mail and fb on the iPad. Everything else is totally moment by moment…

  302. I am most definitely a creature of habit – about everything from what I have for breakfast to where I park my car at the grocery store!

  303. I MUST get up a minimum of 2 hours before any morning run longer than 10 miles. Cheerios, banana and a cup of coffee as well as a big glass of water while watching CNN is part of this habit. I feel like the run is doomed if I don’t follow my ritual.

  304. Hmmm, my go-to is COFFEE! Lol I’m really not joking, if I don’t get it my day just doesn’t seem to go well. I know, I know, that’s ridiculous and it’s an addiction but I do feel better about it knowing it is the only caffeine I get in a day. Plus, it’s not a super expensive habit-unlike say….my running shoe fetish! 😉

  305. I am a creature of habit about too much to list….bed time, wakeup time, what I wear to run, grocery shopping, etc

  306. I swallow a spoonful of salt, “tequila style” (without the tequila, of course, or I’d be falling down, not running) and wash it down with a glass of water, before every run. I sweat so much that I am encrusted with salt after every run, and for a while, I was getting muscle-tearing calf cramps that made me miss runs, they were so damaging. But if I do the salt-in-the-mouth routine first, I’m golden. Annoyed for the first five minutes–the aftertaste IS pretty gross–but golden.

  307. Definitely a creature of habit, always wear pink when running, always eat honey Greek yogurt, banana, and a hard boiled egg before long runs, must sleep on the left side of the bed, and only wear BRIGHT shoes!! That’s a must :).

  308. Every morning I eat the same exact thing before my 5:15am run. One slice of Ezekiel toast with a thin layer of Skippy All Natural PB and six thin slices of banana. Banana slices must be all of the same width cause I am nuts. If it’s a long run I have TWO slices of Ezekiel. Everyone in the family knows not to touch my Skippy!

  309. After my morning workout I go to the gas station and fill a 20oz cup with enough ice to cover the bottom, 1/2 hazelnut and 1/2 dark roast coffee (that way I can drink it right away)…and either coconut water or muscle milk shake.

  310. My morning routine is very precise: Perfectly prepared (drip coffee) with half and half and raw sugar, carb rich item w/ a little bit of protein. Glass of water ice water, heavy on the ice, with a wedge of lemon or lime, or if I am feeling really reckless – both 😉 Then..RUN! I’m on my 127th day streaking!!!

  311. I am a creature of habit with my short runs – I have two routes, a 3 miler and 4 miler that I run over and over. I add to them if I need the miles, but I usually stick to my two mindless routes.

  312. morning routine and running definiely a creature of habit, if I miss something my whole day feels off. Learning to let go some!

  313. I am a creature of habit for almost EVERYTHING! I have a favorite dish at each restaurant. I always buy the same brand of everything at the grocery store. And, yes, once I found a sports bra with enough support for a heavy chest, I only shop that brand (umm…not Saucony). I would love to try one of these if you really think it could support the DDs.

  314. I am a creature of habit in the morning. Once I wake in the morning I have my coffee, 15min later I begin my workout.

  315. Am I a creature of habit about something? Nearly Everything! Where I park, which side of the bed I sleep in (even in hotels sometimes the husband wants to mix it up… What?) Where I run, when I run.. the order I accomplish my work. Oh my.

  316. I’m a creature of habit about my outside time. I crave sunshine, and have to get outside, daylight time for at least 5 or 10 minutes every day.

  317. I am a creature of habit with my coffee- as an Air Force spouse I have to be flexible in life or I would break!

  318. I am a creature of habit sometimes 🙂 How is that for contradictory! I like to run in the same places when I am alone but enjoy venturing to new territory when I am in a group. Love trying new food but tend to stick with the same clothes brands that I already have. Love having a set schedule but now that I work from home as long as it all gets done I don’t fuss to much about what time of day it happens.

  319. I am a creature of habit for my maternity bra that I should have thrown away seven years ago (daughter is now seven). I have no business wearing the thing, but hate to let it go. I am not the Victoria Secret type of gal and dread bra shopping.

  320. Every long run is finished with a big glass of chocolate milk and a hot bath. I know not great for recovery but….

  321. I always eat oatmeal & drink water before every long run & have 2 cups of coffee after. I look forward to the coffee the entire run.

  322. I’m Also a creature of habit with my sports bras! I have a drawer full of C9 by Target, and while they work well, I’d love to try the Dainty Dazzler!

  323. Definitely a creature of habit–I’ve got a lot on my plate and since I’m the only adult around heading up kiddos and critters…habit can be a sanity-saver.

  324. Between the Army and my 21month old twins its hard to be a creature of habit! These boys of mine keep me on my toes

  325. I’m most definitely a creature of habit… with many things. I sort of get thrown for a loop when something deviates from what I expect. I try to roll with it though, after all, you sort of have to as a mom!

  326. When I get to the park, I MUST run clockwise… If I even think about running the opposite direction it’s like entering a parallel universe! 🙂

  327. I’m a creature of habit in almost everything! I eat the same breakfast and lunch most days, run the same routes, wear the same outfits…that’s just how I work! 🙂

  328. I always like to run in our neighborhood. I know that is going to have to change when I start adding mired miles.

  329. I am a total creature of habit. I have a routine that I follow religiously, when I don’t I forget important things like deodorant!

  330. My fall back run route is always the same. I really like knowing that the end is only 1 mile from the red house, it helps me with my sometimes negative mental voices.

  331. I’m a definite creature of habit. There’s something comforting in the structure and routine in a life full of needing to be flexible. When I clean I always start with the kitchen. It usually needs the most attention and the rest feels more manageable once it’s clean. I take my lunch to work nearly every day and it’s always the same thing (pb&j sandwich, granola bar, apple, carrot sticks). And I don’t get sick of it. And I tend to stick to the same running routes because I know how long they are and I don’t have to think about where I’m heading. And every night when I go to bed I check on my sleeping kids.

  332. I always have to have a banana before I go for a run over 5 miles and when I am finished with a long run i have to get a coke.

  333. My morning routine (on workdays) is the only habit I’m allowed. With four kids in the house (17, 16, 12, & 4) everything changes day to day, minute to minute. The only reason I have a morning routine is because no one else is awake!

  334. I am a creature of habit and I need to change that! I tend to run the same rout over and over. To get my kids to turn off the TV I try and take them to new parks or think of something fun and creative to do outside. I tend to use the words “scavenger hunt” and “exploring” and “bug searching” often! It gets them pumped, they are boys. They like that kind of stuff!

  335. My one running habit is to go to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY before starting any run. My one habit for kids is the phrase “I’m done talking about it.”

  336. My morning routine on work days. Since I work anywhere from 10-14 hours a day I need everything to fall in to place every morning for me to accomplish workout/run, time with my kids, coffee, breakfast, showering and lunch packing. If one thing is off my whole day is off. That is where I’m mostly a creature of habit.

  337. Running habit….I like to run the same route but if I change I have to get in the van or on the bike as soon as I get back to see how far it was.

  338. I have a hard time buying new running shoes. Bad yes but I hate shopping for new shoes when I love the ones I have. Maybe I need to buy multiple pairs of the next shoes I buy. 😉

  339. I’m a creature of habit about eating! Two things: 1-I’m a separater, and therefore, my son is too! I don’t like catsup touching my eggs if it’s on the hashbrowns, don’t like the turkey gravy in my vegetables, ETC. ETC! 2-I save the best for last-I eat the yummiest part of my meal last, so I’m more willing to share at the beginning of the meal, rather than at the end!
    I like “creature of habit” rather than “having food issues”!

  340. my morning routine on work days start out the same…..get up, straight to coffee pot, pour cup and stand and look out the window and drink, then lunches, backpack/work bag….cloths in bathroom, l feed , dogs and shower…. if I don’t do a step I will leave shampoo in my hair and forget to rinse, use hair spray instead of deodorant… you get the point….

  341. I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to running routes. I like to do the same routes over and over because I can just zone out and think of other things. Plus I know exactly where each mile marker is. I always have to talk myself into trying a new route.

  342. When I was a teenager, I had the same thing for breakfast every day of middle and high school – toast and tea. But, I can’t think of anything that I would consider a habit today. I do consistently run 3 days a week – usually Tuesdays, Thutsdays, and Saturdays. I guess my running schedule is my habit.

  343. Im a creature of habit. My shoe laces have to be tied just right, tissues in my pocket (cuz my nose always starts to run), and I have to drink lots of water before I run. I have my favorite routes but will run anywheres.

  344. I get on jags for breakfast where it’s weeks at a time the same thing – oatmeal/toast and almond butter…

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Diva Believa 🙂

  345. My weekday runs are almost always Tuesdays and Thursdays on the same 3 mile route. My pre-long run and pre-race breakfast is always an English muffin with peanut butter and a banana.

  346. I eat the same lunch every day. Two white corn tortillas with turkey and melted cheese – plus a handful of pretzels. Yum.

  347. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my before run meals. I always eat a bagel spread with honey and a banana. I’m also a creature of habit when it comes to what I wear on race day. It has to be my Victoria Secret Pink underwear along with my Rock n Roll socks. If I don’t have any of theses, I’m kinda in a rut. 🙂

  348. I HAVE to start my day with a cup of coffee. Since pregnancy, I feel I must sleep with a pillow between my legs. These are my only habits (that I am aware of). For the most part, I just go with the flow of things. I could really use a new sports bra 🙂

  349. I have decided to become a creature of habit with the upcoming racing season. LOL! I keep reading about how many runners go for pancakes after a race. I rarely eat pancakes but somehow this has now become an obsession with me….thus my first post race pancakes will be devoured on April 6 after a nice little out-and-back 5K that will benefit Habitat for Humanity. I’m thinkin’ Chocolate Chocolate Chip….yummmm. Up until that day my breakfast has been and will continue to be a Clif bar and coffee. Lunch is always Chobani.:-)

  350. are there people that aren’t creatures of habit. I think my whole day is a habit, up at 430am, home at 630 in the shower, breakfast at 7am…and it just goes on and on every day. i guess on the weekends i mix it up here and there!

  351. If I could, I’d be a creature of habit in life. I’d love to have a running schedule, a working schedule and an everything else schedule that was consistent. Alas, life doesn’t work that way. But I’m at least consistent about how many days I go running…4…no matter what life throws at me.

  352. I’m mostly going with the flow these days. I’m off on mat leave with my two daughters and have to run when I can after eating whatever I can shove in my mouth. I’m just happy to have a few minutes to myself every day.

  353. Definitely a creature of habit with what I eat, and my whole pre-run routine. I feel “off” if I change it up. I was running the same place every week, but realized taking the unexpected route or letting the rest of the group lead the way down some new trails gave me more comfort with detours and changes, which is a good thing 🙂

    Those look like awesome sports bras!


  354. I eat the same three-four things for breakfast and lunch every weekday. Hey, at least I know I’m eating healthy for those meals!

  355. My creature habit revolves around sleep. The room must be cool so I turn on the fan, turn the pillow over so the cool underside is where I place my head, lay on my right side with my feet out from under the covers. No matter if it is snowing outside or 100 degrees. Room cool, feet uncovered.

  356. Yes. Being delightfully mildly OCD, I am a creature of habit about many things. The one I’m most qwuirky about is how my coffee cups are arranged in the cabinet. Starbucks souvenir mugs have their own shelf and the logo must face out with the handle turned to the right. 😉

  357. I am totally a creature of habit! I am training for my first half and my pre-long run breakfast is always, toast with peanut butter, a banana and one cup of coffee…. I will not try anything else until after the race because I am scared of it screwing something up!!

  358. I think “creature of habit” might be an overly polite way to describe me but there is one thing that stands out: Every night before bed (and I do mean every night) I brush with regular toothpaste, floss slowly and carefully, and then brush again with a super-fluoride prescription toothpaste. After all, I want my teeth to last as long as my running legs. What will the point be of going out for a run at age 85 if I can’t follow it up by biting into something tasty? Use your imaginations ladies!

  359. My habit is running or working out at 5:30 am on weekdays. I rarely miss one even when my running partners bail on me.

  360. I’m not a creature of habit by nature but being a Mom and working full time makes me one. I want to save my energy for decisions that are more important. Greek yogurt with berries every work day morning is one less decision.

  361. Habits? Who has time for habits? Ok let’s see, well, like yesterday for instance – I delivered healthy snacks to 24 preschoolers and then hit the indoor track to throw down a 10K because I’m boycotting any more outdoor runs under 15 degrees and I have to stand for something. I did the grocery shopping, picked up the preschooler, made lunch, showered, packed up the preschooler again because my son forgot his tuba. Had to park 1 block away from the school for a tuba delivery and didn’t realize the tuba case had wheels until I got to the front door. Picked up my other son from school, made snacks, packed kids back up to go get oldest son from track. Took preschooler to dance, made supper, sampled a thick muffin made in a Home Economics class and gave it a “good try.” Moved on to pajama time, put antibiotic ointment on where my sports bra chafed during my run and…and…there it is! My habit! I put antibiotic ointment on myself where sports bra chafes! I do it atleast 4 times a week! Who knew I had time for a habit.

  362. I always pack the same lunch for work. Greek yogurt with granola and a piece of fruit or veggies. I wish I took the time to be more creative, but I don’t and I only have about 10-15 minutes to eat anyways.

  363. It is embarrassing how much I am NOT a creature of habit. I am spontaneous to a fault! I tell my husband all the time that I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal!” With this said… I strive to follow Training plans, and form good workout habits. Hopefully someday I will master this.

  364. I always eat the same breakfast every day…old fashioned oats with a little Agave, cinnamon, walnuts and fresh fruit!

  365. I can’t fall asleep unless I’m on my left side, on the left side of the bed. I’ve been ordering the same Jamba Juice flavor for 14+ years. And my running music hasn’t been updated in about a year. Total creature of habit.

  366. What do I do that isn’t habitual? That would be the easier question! Related to my running life though, I would say that I have a pretty set post-run routine. Light stretch, recovery shake, water & vitamins, coffee then off to the shower!

  367. I am a creature of habit when it comes to night time routine. Dinner, bath time, book time and bed time (my kids are still small). From a completely selfish stand point a lot of it is to gain my own sanity after a long day at work!

  368. I am very much a creature of habit. I eat the same thing every morning for breakfast (Dave’s bread with peanut butter and fruit spread)) and I run almost the same path every time I run. I only vary it to increase distance. And, even though it my spring break, I still get up at 6am.

  369. Total creature of habit, but only in certain areas. Daily routines for sure – making breakfast, packing lunches, folding laundry. All fo these I do pretty much the same way, every time.

  370. I tend to fall into the smae routines with my breaksfast – so boring! But it works, it’s easy and takes hardly any time (since I usually run late in the mornings!)

  371. For the past 10 years every morning I have a cold Starbucks Frappuccino. Last few years it is paired with a Kashi Trail Mix bar. Best start to a morning….especially after a wonderful morning run….

  372. I am totally a creature of habit with my breakfast routine. I’ll go months eating the same thing. Usually plain yogurt with chia and flax seeds or oatmeal. Totally crossing my fingers for a new bra though! 🙂

  373. Does wearing the same 2 running bras for the past 10 years count? My bras are older than my running (not to mention also from before kids when I still had boobs). I like to think I’m okay with change, but sometimes it’s just easier to stay with what you know.

  374. With some things, yes. I’m a total creature of habit. I’ve eaten the same breakfast since my youngest was born 15 months ago and see nothing wrong with it. Every morning. I ALWAYS eat a banana and peanut butter on toast before a race. ALWAYS. But other things, like running gear, I like to shake up a bit. I love trying new shoes, hats, gloves, and my latest find (perfect for at-work running), arm warmers.

  375. I have been waking up my daughter with these seven words since she started pre-school … “Time to get up, said the cup!” She starts high school in the fall! =D

  376. I am a creature of habit about most things. I make the same meals until I get sick of them…I wear the same clothes that I feel most comfortable in…I usually stick to my daily routine and do not do anything out of the norm! But recently I have ventured out of my comfort zone and have been skydiving and have run a 1/2 marathon within the past two months! Step out of that day to day, same ol’ same ol’ routine you have. ITS FUN!!!!!!!

  377. I’m totally a creature of habit…anything outside of my “normal” routine throws me off. That is why I have been loving my adventure in running the past two years. I have learned that I can run a new route or push to a new distance and it is a good/fun thing. That being said, I have found a way to be a creature of habit in my running. Before my long run, I always follow the same routine for getting dressed and fueling. Any break from that routine and I fear chafing and/or digestive issues the whole run:) Oh well, baby steps:)

  378. I am a creature of habit and my daughter (8 yrs old) made fun of me yesterday because of it. I always send them to the bathroom right before we go anywhere over an hour….they go first then I am go. When you live in the middle of no where (especially in the winter), potty breaks are not option for us girls. I also always grab something to drink for the ride. Figure that one out….empty the bladder only to fill it back up right away.

  379. My whole life has been about being a creature of habit! From starting running in high school to the sbux coffee I treat myself to after my run! And now I am creating mini creatures of habits in my daughters! The know and embrace my running routine as their own and ask who will stay with them so I can run. 🙂
    I was just thinking today that after three kids it might be time for new running bras!

  380. I am in bed by 9:30 every night, otherwise I like to change things up! I do like to run to your podcasts though…just wish that there were more of them for every run!

  381. I wish I was a creature of habit. I don’t do anything the same twice. I am trying to be more consistent with the kiddos, it just doesn’t seem to be in my nature.

  382. Yes. I eat the same breakfast every morning: 1 egg and 2 egg whites scrambled on top of sourdough toast. Yum. 🙂

  383. I am definiteyl a creature of habit when it comes to brands of running clothes. And shoes! As soon as I find a favorite, I quit trying anything else.

  384. At each restaurant I frequent, I (almost) always order the exact same meal, usually with some special preparation. But, I also tend to frequent the same 4-5 places all the time, so once you learn my order, you’re golden!

  385. Creature of habit??? Hmmmmm…I don’t think so. My husband, however, would strongly disagree! 🙂 Just because there is a right way (ie MY WAY) to load the dishwasher does not mean I’m a creature of habit…right?!?

  386. I am such a creature of habit, but nowhere more than with my breakfast. Every morning – plain oatmeal with walnuts and dried fruit. On the rare (two or three times a year) occasions that I don’t have this for breakfast, my husband asks me if I’m ok. At least it’s a healthy habit : )

  387. I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to snacks.. carrots and hummus everyday; my favorite! The same when it comes to certain running clothes; I always tend to wear the same tank tops and long sleeved shirts together 🙂

  388. Definitely a creature of habit…must always run in a skirt! I am also very brand-loyal about many things, although I’ve started to branch out a bit. I must always run in my asics nimbus, and I must always have my Gu on a long run…

  389. I am a creature of habit about everything, which is pretty neurotic… from daily breakfast (oatmeal, scoop of chocolate soy protein, and 1/2 banana) and snack (apple, w/ peanut butter protein) to how I shower and get ready in the morning, load the dishwasher (yes there is a right way)… and on and on.

  390. I am a creature of habit. Every day I oil pull for my health, I make a green juice and I run. Long ago I had the tv taken out so that I wouldn’t be distracted by it and so that my kids would learn how to play outside. I need a few more healthy habits but these have made a world of difference to me

  391. Definitely a creature of habit in everything from workout clothes to the order I unload the dishwasher. I prefer to think of my habits as “efficiencies” rather than a rut. 🙂

  392. I am definitely a creature of habit. From the way I tuck in the kids at night to the way I wake them up every morning. As far as running, I like to stick with my favorite running path. I know exactly how long it will take me and I feel comfortable running there. One day it was blocked for construction and I was completely out of whack!

  393. I am a complete creature of habit. Same cereal, same snacks, same general routine most every day. I do like to mix it up every now and then and run a different route, try something new for lunch, but mostly I like a predictable life. 🙂

  394. I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my runs. I know the distance I want to go when I head out the door, and I do the route that I know covers that amount of mileage. That way my brain is free to wander wherever it pleases while I’m “pounding the pavement” — I’m on total auto-pilot. This is when some of my best thinking/decision-making gets done.

  395. I definitely stick to the same running routes. That way, I know how I’m doing for pace and exactly how far I have left!

  396. I definitely have a favorite go-to pair of UA capris for race-day, and you’ll always find me in my orange Zumba ZP cap as well. I’m a big fan of the Saucony Kinvara 2s, and have three pairs, different colors!

  397. I am a creature of habit. I love my end of the work day run. Shower, eat, curl up with a book or a hubby or a puppy. Nothing better!

  398. When it comes to routines, I am queen. Some people would say I’m in a rut, but I just know what works for me. My whole week is fairly predictable, but I like it like that. I always tell my husband that I love surprises so long as he warns me ahead of time. Same turkey sandwich every day. Throw in a frozen burrito if I’m crunched for time. Same bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. I submit my running article every Sunday even though it’s not due until Monday.

    My biggest habit last year was wearing the exact same outfit for every race. I PR”d every race I ran last year and finished the season off with my first sub-3 hour marathon. Coincidence? I’m not going to chance it!

  399. I am definitely a creature of habit – especially about what I wear to run. I like my capris best. of. all! The only thing about which I’m not a creature of habit is where I run. I like for the scenery to change!

  400. I was a creature of habit for many years.. Same breakie and lunch every single day for years. And then I got bored! Now I go for variety in my meals. For clothing, when I find a tshirt or socks, undies, bras that I like then I stock up on them. Same for running shoes.

  401. Such a creature of habit I eat the same thing before each run. I stick to the same items at the restaurants I eat at. Once I find something I like it is what I use!!

  402. Same breakfast – Greek yogurt and granola; same shoes – Nike; same shorts – Under Armour. Why change when you’ve found a good thing. Would love to try those bras.

  403. Definitely a creatureof habit with my running capris, I have used the same style of nike capris for four years and havent found anything I like as much so i just keep buying the same ones. Plus, it eliminates shopping time 🙂 I have also been a die hard asics shoe lover and recently branched out and got blisters for the first time ever. I like to try new things but sometimes it’s best to stick with what works!

  404. I drink a large cup of cold tap water every morning and night after I brush my teeth. (Preferably in my favorite plastic cup that has a picture of an octopus with only 7 legs!)

  405. Socks, underware, bras… when I find a brand/style I like that’s what I stick with. Especially the bra. So hard to find one that fits and is comfortable.

  406. Greek yogurt and Granola with a toast or Greek yogurt and blueberries with a toast and if I don’t have blueberries….. then Greek yogurt with granola and a toast : )
    I have to make my life easier and when it is good then why change it. Lets say I like routines. From time to time I get bored but come back to it…. it is funny… for my kids I do vary but for me I am more than happy to stay with my Greek yogurt with granola or blueberries.

  407. I’ve had the same 2 running bras for… 6 years. and I wear them, alternately, EVERY DAY for EVERY RUN… after having-nursing-weaning 2 more children AND dropping 4 dress sizes.

    creature of habit? maybe. necessity? definitely. (oh my word, sports bras have gotten COSTLY since I last shopped for one – in the pre-dawn of the modern world.)

    My girls are desperately in need of a face-lift 😉

  408. All of my coworkers could answer this for me – I eat the same lunch every day! Organic Girl mixed greens with carrots, cucumber, walnuts, ham or turkey and avocado with sun dried tomato vinegarette. Every. Single. Day! 🙂

  409. Definitely a creature of habit when it comes to food, once I know it’s good and works for our healthy lifestyle it stays in rotation!! Same with my sports bra, but would love to try a new one!

  410. I do tend to go have go-to foods–blueberries, peanut butter, hummus–that I snack on frequently, but if I don’t have an apple every day, there’s trouble. I’ve derailed or postponed outings to hunt down a grocery store so I can get an apple if there are none in the house. I know of someone else who has this problem and calls it a “fruit emergency” if there is no fruit in her house.

  411. Is it weird that I buy things in twos? I never buy one can of beans or tomatoes, and it makes sense to buy 2 tees or pairs of socks together. Right? 3 is okay, too, and that’s how many New Balance running bras I rotate through.

  412. I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to food. Same breakfast every day. I know it works for me pre-run and it doesn’t upset my stomach. Same with snacks or meals for work. I also get into a rut with dinners, if I’ve made something and it turns out great, I put it on the menu too often!

  413. I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my running gear! When I find a piece that works (whether it be a sports bra, shoes, or tights) I will buy it over and over again in several colors.

  414. I am such a creature of habit!!! I keep telling myself that I’m going to change up my running route, but well, that hasn’t happened. 🙂

    As soon as my tired body hits the pavement at 5:30am I just head out on the same path. I don’t think I’m awake enough to think at that hour.

  415. No not really and it drives my husband nuts!! I do the same things maybe twice. then I look for a different way to do it, be it drive somewhere, my breakfast smoothie, supper, how I do laundry, etc.! I like to stick to the same few routes for running, tho. Come to think of it, that may be the only thing I really like to do repetitively the same way:)That and the order I take showers (get wet, wash face, shampoo hair, put on conditioner, lather up body, rinse all off.)

  416. Lord yes I’m a creature of habit. I’m like a 60-year-old man and a 36 year-old womans body. I like to run the same way the same place the same time. When I’m on vacation it really screws with my head. We recently moved and it’s taken me a month to get back outside because I just didn’t know how to do it outside of my comfort zone. So I’ve been on the treadmill 10 miles a day. which in turn provided me with the motivation to get the heck outside. I probably rotate through a few breakfast a few lunches –dinners are always up in the air. As far as the kids at the TV just load them up in the car taken to a trail and make them walk. Put them in a situation where there is no TV and they get creative.. And bring your iPod and crank up the volume see you don’t have to hear the whining.

  417. I’ve got girls that need to be locked and loaded, so bra must be able to divide and conquer. I have only run in Moving Comfort bras, but rotate between 3 models, if that counts as routine? Routine two is 1 1/2 tablets of Nuun All Day into my water bottle as soon as I get to the office, then one more on the way out. Happy hydration for this mother runner. 🙂

  418. I’m very much a creature of habit about breakfast–same thing every work day…. But at least I’m eating breakfast, right?

  419. Creature of habit I am. Weekdays are strictly routine from the time my alarm goes off to the time I go to bed everything is somewhat planned. The baby throws things off quite a bit but we usually get back on track. Running, I let myself go wherever the wind takes me. I need relief from the structure. It’s my time to fly free!

  420. Grocery Shopping- I buy the same items and quantities every week. I could double up and shop every other week, but that isn’t my routine 😉

  421. I always run in the same place because I don’t have to think, know the distances, bathrooms (important when pregnant!) and the markers, and there’s a playground at the end for my constant companion in the the stroller! 🙂

  422. Sports Bras – like you, I need to try something new. For now, I rotate my 2 Moving Comfort pink Fiona’s…but game for a newer option!

  423. I eat the same breakfast every morning (bran flakes) and almost the same lunch everyday (turkey sandwich, almonds, & strawberries w/ yogurt & granola). I vary every once in a while but I tend to go for what is easy – which for me, means repetition 🙂

  424. Yes, very much a creature of habit about what I eat during the day. I pack my breakfast and lunch to take to work and have pretty much the same thing every day.

  425. If I wasn’t a creature of habit, I don’t think I would know how to function. Routine, routine, routine! I haven’t strayed from my Adidas shoes since I started running in high school – LOVE them! They work for me, so why mix it up?!

  426. If I wasn’t a creature of habit, I don’t know how I would function! Routine, routine, routine! I haven’t strayed from my Adidas footwear since I started running in high school (well, there was the fours years of college that I ddin’t run!), but since I’ve been back pounding the pavement it’s all about the Adidas kicks for me.

  427. Some call it being a routine-stickler, some say it’s a touch of OCD, but “creature of habit” just sounds so much nicer! I definitely tend to stick to a routine and my work wardrobe of the same sweaters and polos in various colors would showcase that. I tend to find something that works and stick with it. Before every race, no matter how big or small, I have to eat a small bowl of Rice Chex with 1% milk. Random but it hasn’t failed me yet! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with these quirks!

  428. I am complete creature of habit, especially with breakfast. My tried and true is whites and oatmeal with strawberries. I’ve tried other things, but this is the one I look forward to every morning.

  429. I wish I could be a creature of habit, but what I like to call adult onset ADD has set in and I’m lucky to make it out of the house with shoes on!

  430. I try really hard to not be a creature of habit…..that being said I do have my favorite things. Like the Pj’s woren so often that I know I should toss, the kind of cheese I buy, to the fact that I have a 3 mile run that I have run from the start of my running life that when I get to the last 3 mile of any run or when I don’t want to go for a run I will chant “Down to the church and back.” over and over in my head. Even a few of my running buddies and kids will say it’s just to the church and back!

  431. Well, you could call it a “habit”, but it’s more of a necessity. I wear two sports bras at a time. I double-bag. And I probably just need one good one instead of two I purchased BEFORE having two children… Though I’d be afraid to go out running in just one. It would REALLY need to prove itself.

  432. Very much wed to my routines. Currently, every work day I have a Starbucks latte and Trader Joe’s cereal bar once I get to the office.

  433. I am totally a creature of habit when it comes to restaurants. I have ordered the Chicken Trio every single time I’ve eaten at Carraba’s over the past decade! If I love it, why mess with it! I also wear nothing but the “Handful” bra but these look awesome and I’d love to try one of them out…maybe mix it up a bit!

  434. I am definitely creature of habit, and not just running. Same type of bra – but willing to try the AVENGER. Same cappuccino every morning – low fat vanilla. Same pizza – pepperoni and mushroom, I’m drooling just thinking about it. Same stethoscope now for several years and there is something about that favorite pen that gets you through the day. 🙂

  435. It seems as if everyone in my house is a creature of habit. =) From what we eat for breakfast to bathroom schedules. =) I am a creature of habit when it comes to my brand of running shoes, I only wear Brooks to what I have to listen to on my long runs, DMB with some Phish thrown in. =) If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  436. My post run stretching is the craziest most structured thing ever. Even if I’m short on time I have to do each element, in order, plus sit ups. Same number of sit-ups each time, 5 different methods, in the same order. It’s actually laughable. But oh well. If I’m going to be OCD about something it might as well be that…

  437. Really enjoying reading all of the comments. I am also a creature of habit. I wear the same “uniform” nearly every day in the winter: jeans, a ribbed turtleneck, wool socks and either boots or running shoes. I floss twice daily and have the same shower routine. I eat the same breakfast daily and try to eat a salad every day for lunch. We have pizza for dinner every Friday night too. Variety may the spice of life but routine is what keeps it (and me) running!

  438. I’m a creature of habit with what I eat!. I always eat eggs during the week and high fiber cereal on the weekend. Of course I always have coffee.

  439. I am an extreme creature of habit. Every morning I have Starbucks unsweetened iced green tea, same yogurt with chia seeds, same lunch and a refill of the iced green tea. I hate getting out of my work day routine!

  440. My daily routine starts at 5am with two cups of coffee and the morning news. All this while putting in time checking the work email before anyone else wakes in the house. My run route is also predictable. I’ve been told I should change it up for my safety. I run it three times per week. 3-10 miles at a time.

  441. Same as you, I am a creature of habit for my running bras. I have three of the same one in different colors, and I wear the green one for all long runs and races. I don’t know what I’ll do when it wears out!

  442. I grad a 16 oz cup of ice water from the cafe before I start every and always finish it while clearing emails. It is a great way to start the work day!

  443. Coffee with plenty of cream… Rain or shine, run or no run. It became habit after my third was bien and became a necessity after my fourth! Four kids in five years, I definite deserve that small habitual moment of peace before I officially begin each day!

  444. I wish I was a creature of habit! I do consistently run the same two or three routes. Even if it’s a long run, I’ll stick to the tried and true path. It’s along Lake Michigan – it’s too beautiful to consider another route!

  445. I am definitely a creature of habit. So much so that I am completely stuck in a rut! Same meals, same bedtime routine, same morning routine, same workout routines, … all of it. I need a vacation!

  446. Every morning mon-fri(work week!) I eat a bowl of oatmeal with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Before I head out the door i make a go cup of coffee for the 25 min ride to work.

  447. I tend to be a creature of habit. It helps to keep me more sane. One habit in particular is my lunch, which I’ve been having every day for a year or so: Fage 0%, canned pumpkin, splenda, pumpkin spice, and Trader Joe’s fiber cereal. It’s almost like eating pumpkin pie for lunch! I’d love to win this. I think some of my current bras are older than my preschooler!

  448. i tell my kids the same things in the morning so i am starting to change what i say so they can’t predict it anymore. lol.

  449. I am a creature of habit to a ridiculous degree. I always start my morning with coffee. I have a two breakfasts (overnight oats and smoothies) that alternate. I wear the same clothes over and over. And it just keeps going from there.

  450. I’m a weirdo creature of habit when it comes to runs. I need to have certain things to be comfy. For cool weather, it’s been capris or capri skirt, sports bra, long sleeve top or half zip, Motoactv (music, HRM, GPS all in one), and phone. If I don’t have one of those, the run just isn’t the same!

    As it gets warmer, I’m switching over to running skirts and tanks instead of long sleeve shirts, but the rest is the same.

  451. My habit is that I listen to entertainment podcasts as I fall asleep – every night – regardless if I have a lot on my mind or not. They hold my interest but not enough for me to fall asleep during one.

  452. I am a creature of habit about EVERYTHING! Especially my regular running/walking routes and exercise routines. I usually only mix it up when I am becoming terminally bored. 🙂 I really should work on that…

  453. I am a creature of habit, especially when it comes to eating. I rotate my breakfast choices, but they are always eggs, green smoothie, or oatmeal. I also tend to wear the same type clothes everyday; a pair of Gap jeans and a long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt. To get my kids to turn off the tv, I say, “Turn it off!” In my, “I won’t argure about it”, mom voice.

  454. About freakin’ time for a bra that hides the headlights and ISN’T made of thick material! Especially for those runs with the guys.

    Definitely a creature of habit. I even wear the same tights, the same shirt, the same vest, same socks and the same bra on every single run in the winter. Come home, strip, shower and laundry. I call it my lucky outfit – lucky in that I have a great run, not “get lucky”!

  455. Coffee, and always I get up early in the week to work out. Before the house is stirring at 5 am. I can never find an ample amount of time in the evening.

  456. I used to re-tie my laces as an excuse to stop running. 🙂 Then I changed laces… No excuses. I still am constantly adjusting my goggles while swimming… again another reason to stop.

    Coffee is my other habit. One, I intend to keep.

  457. My co-workers and I are creatures of habit at our favourite thai takeout restaurant. We have lunch from there every week or so and we order Green Curry Chicken or as we call it GCC. I always say I will order something else but then order time comes and it’s GCC for me.

  458. I try to be a creature of habit, but I am basically like the dogs in “Up.”

    “My name is Meg and I love you and you are the best and – SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!”

    And then I’m gone. Uh.

  459. I would say that I am a creature of habit and yet I can’t think of anything I do with regularity. Maybe I once was a creature of habit and then I had a kid and now I just cling to surviving? Whatev. I want/need a bra. My husband made me throw some out because they smelled so bad.

  460. my morning run ritual is the same every day. Piece of toast with pb and a banana sliced on top. The only way I can get through 10+ miles. :o)

  461. My Converse shoes! I will plan my outfit around comfy shoes, which often means taking out fancier earrings or dressing down a nice blouse because they don’t go with Converse. I’d love to look nicer at work some days, but my feet say no.

  462. I am always saying We will see. Never a flat out no. So I have time to process what was asked and not stuck in doing something I was not going to do.

  463. I am a creature of habit about what I eat before a run bits that’s about it. I have a chobani yogurt and water . Anything else and I feel awful the whole time.

  464. I am a creature of habit that finds comfort in the consistency and reliability of engaging in my habit of wearing a favorite running skirt and top for big races.

  465. Whew boy, am I. The hubs got a new job, we changed our daughter’s daycare. And I have been thrown off for 2 weeks now. I’m not sure a new bra would help me get my shit together, but it sure is worth a try, right?

  466. Oh-HOOO my. Habits are the backbone of my life. They are the wind beneath my wings. As someone who has been OCD since childhood, they can also be the bane of my existence… But I believe I have turned into someone who is reliably consistent for my family, and also flexible when I need to be. After all, one can PLAN new adventures (and put them in the calendar with an exiting new shade of Post-It note). 🙂

  467. I am not always a creature of habit, it goes in waves or cycles. Same breakfast for a couple weeks then I switch out. I find a great piece of gear and buy a couple until something new or on sale comes along. I have 2-3 pairs of running shoes I rotate, all different brands.

  468. Definitely a creature of habit! Clothes, food, running routes, you name it!
    Would love to give these a try, for the girls!

  469. I am a creature of habit, TRUE! Before I go for my runs I have to have my serving of beef jerky and a piece of toast. I also have to have my “fanny pack” on me with shot blocks and mentos of all things for just incase low blood sugar attacks me. I have my nathan water bottle pouch too that I keep my key, ID and some cash incase of emergency. I can’t stand wearing long sleeves so once I start to feel slightly warmed up, off they go. I haven’t found a sports bra yet that is supportive and not smashing the girls up against my body making me feel even more lumpy awkard. I use a regular convertable bra for my running that must get washed frequently from all the sweat.

  470. Creature of habit with my morning ritual: wake up an hour earlier than my children so I can drink coffee, check Facebook and emails in silence.

  471. I have 7 pairs of running shoes. I found ones I am in love with and bought the lot. I can only drink Tri-berry NUUN on race days.

    That and I get up with the dogs, let them out, feed them, go to the bathroom, let them out again, and go back to bed. Every damned morning.

  472. I love having my habits. There is something easy and reassuring about eating the same thing for lunch every day or taking the same route on a run. For me, I think because my job and the kids require so much thinking and coordinating, it’s nice to slip into habit and not think about some things.

  473. I’m a creature of habit about pretty much everything! I love routine and knowing what’s coming. That being said, almost all of the best things in my life have come about as surprises!

  474. When I find something I like to eat at a particular restaurant, I order it every time. Forever. I don’t take chances on food, especially when going out to eat is somewhat of a rare event.

  475. I am certainly a creature of habit. I get up an hour before my run to get my digestive track going. I can’t run unless and until I “make my deposit” in the bathroom. (Sorry for the TMI.)

  476. Cute bras. I AM a creature of habit. When I go for a run, I have to have my shoes tied exactly right. Sometimes, I take 5 minutes to tie and re-tie my shoes to have them the right way.

  477. I’m a creature of habit, I have about 3 different running routes, one of which bores me to tears right now, but I’m limited by geography, as changing directions means uphill runs to end the run and get home again!

  478. I am very much a creature of habit. Like running the same route, the same drink at Starbucks, the same weekend breakfast routine. I could really use a new sports bra, mine have definitely seen better days!

  479. My oddball routine is during my showers. Same thing, same way, every time. Start by lathering up my hair (shampoo), then wash my face. Rinse all. Next is conditioner in the hair. While that tames the wild beast I wash the off the trail dirt. Rinse all. After that if I’m feeling frisky I just might shave my legs. 🙂

  480. Creature of habit – did ALL my long training runs for my first half marathon in an awesome pair of Sock Guy socks with 13.1 printed on the cuff. Was SO sad when a hole appeared. Also, english muffin w/ peanut butter is my must pre-long run meal. Oh, and the Sunday paper and a hot latte in my comfy “mom chair” every Sunday morning that I can possibly pull off.

  481. I am definitely a creature of habit. When I found my fave running shoes, I stocked up. (Sadly, they’re now discontinued so I must begin the hunt for a replacement since I’m in the last of the five pair I stockpiled.) I own multiple colors of the same running shirt. When I find a hair product that really works, I buy two or three. (Again, I’m sadly faced with locating a replacement since the latest discovery of curl-enhancing magic has been — yes, discontinued.) And I could go on. But it’s clear that change isn’t something that I embrace easily!

  482. I’m about half and half, I like to run in the same place but like to change up the route so it doesn’t get boring. I tend to eat the same things simply because I don’t want to look up new calorie counts lol!

  483. My routes show I’m a creature of habit. I tend to run the same places. Mostly this is to avoid dogs and be close enough to home that I can get back with enough water.

  484. I’m not really a creature of habit. After my achilles injury 5 months ago and my weird work schedule it hard to do the same thing everyday, even food. I love the look of the Energy Enforcer and the Curve Crusader bras. Thanks for the giveaway!

  485. I am a creature of habit with certain things. I love my coffee and oatmeal in the morning. I also wear the same thing on my long runs, including my sports bra. I’ve actually been looking to get a new one because my current one has thinned out and I took a look and realized it was from Old Navy! C’mon people….what was I thinking?

  486. Being a single mom with six kids (four at home), my life does not allow for the luxury of many habits. One ritual that stays in place come hell or high water, however, is my night-time shower. Every day, no matter how long or stressful, comes to an end. At that magical moment, I shut my bedroom door and take my shower before crawling into bed. Then I can get up bright and early, rush the kids to school, and meet my best running buds, Alice Barnett and Leslie Martin, for our morning workout!

  487. I like to have some changes but am not really extreme. I like to try different outfits/shoes but when it comes to an actual race- I find what works and stick with it. The same with long runs- I’d hate to do something really different and suffer from chafing or upset stomach b/c I changed it up too much.

  488. Am I a creature of habit? You bet I am! Same meal when we go out (why pick something you might like when you can pick something you KNOW you like?). Always the same soda: Diet Dr. Pepper. Really, why would anyone drink anything else? Same kind of running shoes: Brooks Ghost. Same kind of coffee in my Keurig: Vanilla Biscotti. I could go on…

  489. I’m definitely a creature of habit. I have to ease into change, but I would LOVE the chance to try one of the Saucony bras.

  490. So much a creature of habit that my two lab running partners know my moves several seconds before I know my moves 🙂

  491. I like the dainty dazzler or the high beams- hard to choose! I tend to be a creature of habit- same runs, same meals- although I love to be suprised.

  492. My only 2 habits that will make or break my day:
    I grab a cold Diet Coke before I head out the door in the morning &
    a warm bath before bed. I’m pretty go with the flow about everything else.

  493. I’m a creature of habit to an extent .. begin my run with my latest ‘feel good’ song that motivates me. Last one added to the playlist (on top) was Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson. Prior to that was Part of Me by Katy Perry. Tend to be songs sung by women who encourage strength and for me to continue to try to do my very best! As for getting the child (and husband) to turn off the t.v. I’m still waiting for the perfect answer for that one!

  494. I am a creature of habit with some things…mostly my runs…same sports bras, different colors, same runnning capris, same peanut butter & honey sandwich before I head out. Don’t mess with a good thing, right?

  495. Banana pancakes every Saturday morning – even my 22 month old daughter knows what’s for breakfast on Saturday 🙂