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Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Mirage 3

On long runs, I daydream about jumping into a cool pool. This one even has a towel and glass of carb-replenishing O.J. waiting for me....
On long runs, I daydream about jumping into a cool pool. This one even has a towel and glass of carb-replenishing O.J. awaiting me....

In Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, Dimity and I wrote a short chapter entitled, "Aid Stations We'd Like to See." We let our imagines run wild as we made up stops along a race course. We often read the section at house parties, and the imaginary aid stations get a lot of laughs, especially:
"A make-your-own sign one, about two miles from the finish, where you can craft your own poster that says something along the lines of, “Shut the f*&^ up! I’m not 'almost there.' But thank you for being out here.”

There's also:
"A station that’s the human equivalent of a carwash: You pass through it on a conveyor belt as sweat, dried salt stains, pit-odor, boogers, and leaked urine are cleaned off your body, hair, and outfit."

"A station with immaculate, scent-free, flushable port-a-potties, which magically clean up and sanitize each time the door is opened. Oh, and there are actual sinks, too, with real soap and clean towels." (A mother runner in Atlanta chimed in, "And tampons, too!" which made us howl with laughter.)

Coming off Disney Princess, I'd like a combo station where I could get toweled off mid-race...then sprayed with pixie dust. I'd then flit down the race course, looking fresh and sparkly!

One stop I'd love to see at the start of the Vancouver Marathon this May: a time machine. I'd step in fully trained and tapered...then step out, ready to run 26.2 as, say, my 27-year-old self. Old enough to have some wisdom, yet fresh enough to bust out a massive PR.

Pink, powerful, and putting your feet in prime position.: Saucony Mirage 3
Pink, powerful, and putting your feet in prime position.: Saucony Mirage 3

Ah, the wonderful world of make-believe. One running-related thing that's real, however, is the Saucony Mirage 3. Just introduced this month, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a pair. The Mirage 3 is part of Saucony's Natural Running collection, allowing a runner to enjoy a mere 4 millimeters of difference from the height of the heel to the height of the toes while still offering cushioning. With just a smidge of guidance, the Mirage 3 is the perfect natural running shoe for this slight overpronator. And with a super-light upper, it weighs in at under 8 ounces.

If you want a pair of Mirage 3 to magically appear on your doorstep, tell us what  you envision on the side of the road when racing or running. It could be something as simple as an ice dispenser or as far-flung as a massage table manned by Bradley Cooper, holding a margarita and wearing not much more than a smile. What mirage or fantasized scenario awaits you along your route or a race course? One winner will be chosen at random to win a pair of believe-it Saucony Mirage 3.

Jessica over at Pace of Me  ( her running pal Maddie--felt serious love for the Mirage 3 when they tried them.
Jessica over at Pace of Me--and her running pal Maddie--weren't hallucinating when they each got to demo the Mirage 3.

[Some fine print for this fine prize:  This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 2/27/13 and ends on 3/5/13; the winner will be announced on 3/9/13. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $110. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.]


1,110 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Mirage 3

  1. It depends on the run, but I’ll envision anything from a Sonic cheeseburger & tots waiting for me at the end to a nice comfy couch or bed along side the road to take a little nap in. This past weekend at the Phoenix Marathon I really wanted to just curl up on the sidewalk to rest for a couple hours!

  2. When I feel like I can’t run any further I imagine I’m running beside Terry Fox up Montreal River Hill…and there’s slurpee’s at the top!!

    1. “sigh” so much for a jig of joy.Thought I got entry in with one minute to spare,but due to what the post is showing I be thinking with my pea-sized noggin that we be dif time zones eh? Oh well.

  3. I try to plan my long runs for really scenic locations, so I just have to look around me for a source of inspiration. And I usually think about the food I am going to eat afterwards.

  4. On my long runs during marathon training, I would picture cheering crowds and photographers on the side of the road…no one wants to be caught walking with an audience.

  5. I would love to have Sean Penn cheering me on every three or so miles with the theme to Rocky playing in the background.

  6. When it starts to get really hard I think about people in my family that are having a hard time. I try to pray for them while I run. I imagine that if I stop running that they will continue to have a hard time with whatever they are going through. It helps me to think about what someone else is going through rather then the immediate pain or discomfort that I have at the moment.

  7. When I’m running, I envision a winning lottery ticket worth millions of dollars on the side of the road 🙂 Then I spend the rest of my run thinking of all of the different ways I can spend the money (including hiring a fitness trainer 🙂

  8. Oh the health foodies are gonna slay me, but all I can think about is a tall, TALL glass of Coke, with (this is crucial) crushed ice. I’d say about 37%, ideally. Ah, sweet fructose fantasy 🙂

  9. I’m currently training for my first half marathon and when I’m having hard time on my long runs I try to envision myself when I finished my 10k and how tired and beat I was but how I pushed myself along to finish, it reminds me that I’m not THAT tired.

  10. When I ran my first marathon i always wanted flush-able toilets instead of the porta potties. It was so hot and hilly in nashville to be able to sit instead of squat would have allowed me not to burn my leg with my own urine (yeah that was fun to explain).
    It would also be nice to have an aid station with sprinklers.

  11. When I was training for my first marathon and we started to hit those really high miles, I would always picture myself finishing the marathon. It always kept me going on the long runs that were tough and even on the ones that weren’t as tough.

  12. When I need a boost, I envision friends and family that are going through struggles and remind myself how fortunate I am to be running at that moment.

  13. I completed my first half marathon in January. Around mile 10 I was hurting and battling that negative inner voice when I thought about my 3 kids and about how far I’ve come since I started running a year ago. I wear a necklace that has their names engraved on it, and so as I trudged along I ran my fingers over it and envisioned them and how they are part of the reason I was out there. I still use that as motivation now…my beautiful kids.

  14. At about mile 10 in the 1/2 marathons I run, some scary zombies or monsters need to jump out and chase me! I always lag at mile ten. I don’t think of this as a rest stop, more of a motivational side table. Lol

  15. Sometimes, on the hardest miles, I would like an attachable massage therapist! lol I would like to run and keep going and feel my calves and shoulders massaged as I finished my races!

  16. I love the ocean and it is the only place this mother runner can relax. Living in the Midwest I don’t get to see it as much as I would like. So my mirage is to picture the waves crashing along my path, hear the seagulls, feel the ocean breeze and taste the salt air. Time for my run! Hang 10!

  17. I see my children and my family cheering me on with nothing but proud happy smiles on their faces. This always gets me thru those moments when I’m having a moment of doubt.

  18. I’d be running on the boardwalk in perfect temps, with my family cheering me on every step of the way. My legs would feel light and strong, and I’d be confident about the PR I’m about to run (as well as the beer that’s waiting for me at the finish line!)

  19. I envision an ever-present (with no line) porta-potty, endless high-fives from strangers calling me by name (“great job, Sara”), and my amazing cheer-squad of three kids and my wonderful hubby smiling and proud. I love it!

  20. I usually picture my family cheering me on…of course, I picture myself having the race of a lifetime, too.

  21. It would be great if the drink stations could magically be dry and free of debris. Since I injured my knee at the Princess, I was hobbling along at the back of the pack. By the time we got to each drink station. We had to slow way down to avoid slipping on all the thousands of cups and spilled water left behind by everyone else. And, while I am dreaming, it would be great it someone could run along beside me to hand me the cup and take it back when it is empty so that I wouldn’t get trapped in that crowd around the tables and wouldn’t have to slow down at all. 🙂

  22. I’m not asking for much, but could Ryan Gosling just run beside me the entire time and give moral support, carry my bottle, and supply me with GU when I need it?

  23. I envision, especially near the end of a long race, a dinner and a cold drink and yes the drink is usually of the non child sort of drink. I envision this yet rarely does that actually happen after the race. hahaha

  24. I like the “human carwash” station one. Made me laugh (because it’s true!).

    What else? Maybe an awesome roadside smoothie shop with my favorite flavor waiting?

  25. Best aid station would be one that handed out freezer pops. Someone was giving them out when I ran Boston a few years ago right at the bottom of Heartbreak Hill. It is just what I needed to help me climb to the top. Thanks to that person, whoever you were and to all the spectators that help us to cross the finish line.

  26. The Disney races are my favorites so I imagine the sights and sounds of Disney everywhere minus the long slogs along the access roads. I wish for a pixie dust enhanced bubble of space around me so that the crowd magically parts as I make my way along the route- no worries about getting around groups running 5 abreast. I have the Disney Princes (including Jack Sparrow and Tarzan in his loin-cloth) holding out cups with EXACTLY the right amount of cool water JUST when I need it. The Princesses are there cheering me on pronouncing my name correctly. Mickey and Minnie are at the finish line to put my medal and my mylar blanket over my shoulders and direct me to my private shower cabana filled with clean towels, clothes and free park tickets for my personal use.

  27. I envision my sisters on the side of the road ready to join me on my run when I need the encouragement and motivation to keep pushing on.

  28. I envision my grandpa on the side of the road. He had a stroke so it is hard for him to get around. There is a big marathon in my city, and the 18th mile actually goes through my old college. I have always envisioned running my city’s race as my first full marathon and having my whole family, including my grandpa, cheering me on 🙂

  29. After this last race, all I can wish for is a real clean bathroom and people on the side that don’t lie to you about how much longer it is.

  30. I often hit the trails to stay off the pavement and it’s so easy to lose yourself in the moment when you’re surrounded by nature. I always imagine branches and trees I pass are people lining the side of a track and I can’t help but give them high fives.

  31. I would love a personalized sign at each mile along the course knowing exactly what I needed to hear/read at that given mile – You = Badass; Your legs ARE strong; you’re almost there, for real; You’ve conquered bigger hills than this – you get the idea. Or to make it simple, I’d love to hear the Dave Matthews Band anywhere along the course!

  32. a personalized sign at each mile knowing exactly what I need to hear at that point in the race – You = Badass, Your legs ARE strong, You really are almost there, You’ve conquered bigger hills- you get the idea. Or to make it simple, I’d really just take the Dave Matthews Band singing anywhere along the course!

  33. I did my first ever 18-miler solo. It was hard, and I fantasized that my husband would suddenly appear to cheer me on. At mile 16, I saw him coming toward me on the path on his bike. It really did seem like a mirage!

  34. As it gets tough and I start thinking how nice it would feel to walk I start to imagine that I’m pulling on ropes. That each step and arm pump is a grab on the rope that’s pulling me closer to the end. I know it sounds weird, but it really REALLY works!!!!

  35. I always fantasize that my legs are stronger and faster, my lungs are larger, and my mind is more committed than it usually is. Always about 2/3rd of the way in a race (or 8/13.1 th for a 1/2), it seems like my legs and lungs give out, and my head just doesn’t care about all those carefully crafted goals I’d been working towards for the past several months. For one race, I’d like to lose the doubt, and gain the strength. I would pay good sums of $$ for a magic aid station 2/3rds of the way through a race that could ensure my mind would focus, and my body will follow.

  36. I picture myself running in movie-like slow motion looking glorious as throngs of people cheer me. And of course I have my fastest time ever.

  37. I am planning to run the Boston Marathon this April. My mirage would be having my husband and three children on the side of the road cheering me on through the hills of Newton!

  38. My aid station would be a piece of Hawaiian coast. Hearing the waves breaking on the beach, cool breeze, green cliffs inland… Alas, I live in the Utah dessert so it is a pleasing fantasy.

  39. This isn’t an aid station mirage, but when I run I fantasize about the finish line. Sadly, it always ends up materializing at the same place – the end of the race. 🙁

  40. My aid station would have a concierge who would get your order in advance, deliver it as you pass the aide station and of course- clean up after you!

  41. My aid station would have kids with water guns, ready to cool me off during that ‘oh my God, I am SO sweaty’ mid-race period!

  42. I would love a cheering section at each mile marker with water breaks for me. Some healthy snacks, a cool shower followed by a hot tub would be just lovely near the end of the run.

  43. My aid station would have a personal pacer waiting for me and they would carry water and food for me and know exactly when I need to consume it for optimal performance.

  44. Typically I am envisioning the crisp, cold taste of a beer during any race. There’s nothing better than having a brew with my hubs/cheerleader and celebrating a great race!

  45. My perfect Aid station with have my family especially the kids and friends cheering me on. There’s nothing like some LOVE to get your spirits up again especially when you’re just about to hit the wall.

  46. I envision a wine station! Where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine with good friends and beautiful weather and the timer stops while you’re there!!! And then jump back on the course and finish the race without any side effects 🙂 Or if it’s cold out I think of the same but with coffee and pancakes.

  47. Your very own motivational person to be there for you. They would know exactly when you need that support and be ready.

  48. I would love a station at the finish line that has recliners and persons giving foot massages. What a way to celebrate and recuperate. There could also be big screens there showing other finishers as they cross the finish line so we can all celebrate their accomplishment too.

  49. A dream aid station would be one loaded with yummy desserts guaranteed not to cause a rumbly tummy! Chocolate cheesecake at mile 10 in a half would give me the boost I need to run the last 3.1!

  50. My first half is May 4, and I think I would like to see a station with Rum Runners(I am not a big drinker, but I think that would be so wonderful near the end of a race)

  51. My aid station would have a fellow mother runner who is willing to run a mile or so with me at mile 24 of a marathon. The mile would go by so fast that I’d breeze through mile 26 and of course the .2!

  52. Perfect aid station would have great kick-arse music playing and be manned with people that say stuff like “you’re awesome for running in this” and “don’t worry, you’re not last!” Maybe some Ryan Gosling posters/memes too, for a laugh. “Hey girl…(the possibilities are endless)”

  53. I’d love a magic spot on the side of the road where my kids appear chanting, “Go Mommy Go!” everytime I feel like I need a little pick-me-up. How great would that be?!

  54. I love my saucony shoes. Been a kinvara fan for a few years but thinking I need a bit more support. Would love to try these out!

  55. I would love a banner you could run under or tunnel to run through that would erase all negative thoughts and self doubt that I have while doing a long run/race.

  56. My running friends cheering for me (if not racing or running along beside me) because they motivate and encourage me!!! And a nice massage table inside a dark relaxing room with soft music to my ears.

  57. I would like to see my kids smiling, a hug and kiss from my husband, a hug and kiss from vin diesel, a pool to jump in, a frozen margarita & chips and dip of any kind 🙂

  58. a fully charged and synced electronics station – with my own music and pacing, that I could switch out when my battery started acting up!

  59. Sometimes, when I’m really dragging at the end, I imagine Jesus, standing on the manhole that is my finish line…waiting for me to run into his open arms.

  60. My hubby loves his Sauconys. I’m currently an Asics girl myself but maybe you could award me these and change my mind?

  61. What I would like to see? How about a hot tub + glass of really good wine and all you can eat sushi service. All of my best friends hanging out in the hot tub would make it even better!

  62. Saucony is my “go to” running shoe!

    I’d just love to see all my running buddies at the finish line (because they would all get there before I would!) along with my husband and kids cheering me on.

    Starbucks frapuccino would hit the spot too!

  63. As I cross the finish line to a sub-4hr marathon, I’d love to see the man of my dreams on one knee with a small box in his hand while my lil man runs up to me with a “Go Mommy!” sign. Of course the course photographers will have the perfect pics to capture all the wonderful glory and excitment. Girl can dream…

  64. Seeing my husband and kids cheering and encouraging me to keep going. Also some chocolate milk and a yummy protien bar waiting for me at the finish line.

  65. I would like to see my family holding signs and cheering me on with approval. It would also be nice to see a whole line of Olympic swimmers cheering me on(men only) in their suits.

  66. My husband and son with our crazy pittie cheering/barking me on…and then I’d let the pup pull me the last two miles all the while smiling his big happy dog grin!!!

  67. I’d like to see all my gym teachers from jr. high and high school, mouths open in astonishment as I zoom by. I was a 90-pound brainiac w/ no muscles, and it’s so amazing to think of myself as an athelete now.

  68. I envision quiet mountains and a peaceful setting!
    Then when finished enter a bar full of BAMR’s and Channing Tatum dancing for us 🙂

  69. I envision Mat Kearney, U2, and Mumford & Sons all following me around on a parade float, serenading me during my entire run while giving me the nod to power on. Now someone just let them all know… 🙂

  70. When I think about race day I envision me running effortlessly. I’m not out of breath and I’m not even sweaty. I have a big smile on my face as I whiz past everyone especially one of my classmates who has beaten me by a full minute the last time we both raced.

    When I get to the finish line and see how good my time is I’m overcome with excitement. I of course get first or maybe even second in my age group. I modestly except my lovely medal and my family takes my picture. The pic looks great cause I’m not sweaty or gross.
    Of course this race is only in my dreams! 🙂

  71. Who’s been to the Olympus Spa outside of Seattle? A lovely Korean Women’s spa, with warm rooms and tubs, where you can get all sorts of treatments – an oasis… If time stood still while I stopped at *that* aid station… ah… I still might not PR, as I’d be sooo relaxed…

  72. I would love a containment area for all those people who run back, after finishing their run, and shout “you’re almost there! Just one more hill” when they know damn well that we’re not almost there and I thought there were no more hills. Just a little fenced off area. Electric fencing, of course.

  73. For a run in the heat of the summer, I would love sprinklers every mile or misting fans along the way! Just enough to cool off but not enough to get my shoes and feet all wet!

  74. I normally imagine the finish is just around the next turn. I also try to imagine that other people are watching me run. It makes me keep good form and go faster!

  75. Aid stations are distractions to me…I have to keep my mind on the finish line or I will stop or slow down. At the finish line – an ice cold craft beer would be lovely and some New York style chewy bagels. Yum!

  76. I imagine there is no one in front of me… I’m winning! I’m winning! Cash prizes! Yes, I guess I’m a tad competitive.

  77. Not to be a downer, but I imagine seeing my husband and 10-year old on the course cheering me on my race. Although the hubs does support me running – he is not one to sit on the course and wait for me to pass by.

    The most I’ve gotten from him is to be dropped off at the start and have him at the finish line waiting for me. That took a few years so I should be happy that he has come around – but I would LOVE to see his face on the course!

  78. At this point, just to cross the finish line is enough for me…….that being said…..I love that idea of Bradley Cooper wearing zip, offering a massage and or a margarita! Or Mike Rowe freshly scrubbed from a Dirty Job (at said run) talking in that sexy voice, handing me a bushwacker. Or Adam Levine at the finish line dressed in a suit looking dapper singing whatever he wants to offering a cold Jack and Coke to me as I cross the line! 🙂

  79. My dream pit stop in a marathon would be a salt stick/pickle juice and/or PBJ stop! Avoid the leg cramps and prevent hitting the wall. 🙂

  80. A perfect running photo booth! You have the option to select hair style (Farrah Fawcett anyone?). You can choose from a makeup option to natural, spray tan if needed.

    The booth would eliminate any weird eyes, open mouths, drool, sweat stains and more.

    It will also make you look as if you just started the race. A real AFTER picture that is better than the BEFORE!

  81. My fantasy scenerio is Doctor Who(sci-fi) in his Tardis needing my help. There is an aweful lot of running according to his companions, so I would need a good pair of running shoes to keep up.

  82. I would love to have Jon Bon Jovi running along beside me, wiping my sweat off my forehead, giving me drinks, telling me how amazing I am while singing my mantra to me. Oh, and Richie Sambora would be right behind us harmonizing and rocking guitar solos. Heaven.

  83. I’d take a Red Velvet Cake station with some chocolate coconut water to wash it down…and then magically my body processes it as if it was a healthy refuel snack and not a sugar soaked piece of cake

  84. I want an aid station where Incan drop off my 7 month old and pick him up after the race with all of his baby sleep issues solved! Now I am really dreaming….

  85. I would like to see the funniest signs ever that make me howl with laughter-especially the sarcastic ones! Since it is my dream, I would also like there to be a fan to cool me down and my awesome husband and sons to cheer me on!

  86. It depends on the weather, but if it is hot (which it is most of the time in FL), I am always dreaming about a nice cold drink! Sometimes when I am running along the river, I fantasize about jumping in!

  87. In the Disney theme, I want a magic mirror, that reflects
    me looking lean, light, and fast so I can fake myself into
    thinking I am running stronger!

  88. I don’t really picture anything on the side of the road during my runs, but I do think about the post run high at the end of my runs.

  89. a nice little hand towel station to wipe the sweaty brow…and a kleenex station so i can blow my runny nose & not have to carry clean & used ones up inside my sleeve like i do now..(i know, EW!)

  90. I look at birds almost time i want to check my watch, especially on the return. No matter the weather, there they are doing their thing, just like us.

  91. I think my dream “roadside” stop would be pretty simple, although Bradley Cooper would be pretty awesome! I would like to see my family and friends at regular intervals from say mile 21 on, and then magically all at the finish to cheer me on. (Not allowed to say “you’re almost there!”). This is simple, and yet, it would be so great. My next marathon, I told the hubby and the kids not to come at all, which I have done several times. You see, you might be a mother runner if you feel guilty that your kids and husband are waiting for HOURS with nothing really to do (I have 4 teens), until you slog across the finish. Half the time, I can’t find them at the finish anyway. So, seeing them along the course, holding up signs would be so great…and so motivating…

  92. Those are KILLER shoes!!!
    I was out on my run yesterday in 32º temps with 18 mph winds. Eck! I happened to be listening to your podcast on marathon recovery, particularly ice baths and all I could think about was a lovely, HOT shower!!! Lately, that’s what possess my mind when out on my freezing arse cold runs! 😀

  93. Chocolate milk and coconut water! I want my body to keep going and to do that I need to promise it will get what it wants… yummy fuel 🙂

  94. My mom, dad, hubby and kids sitting on the dock by the lake with some lemonade chilled and warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for me.

  95. At the end of my long runs I envision a large Starbucks Cafe Latte ready and waiting for me. YUM! Love this drink post run, especially on cold, winter days.

  96. Cozy flip flops (or slippers) depending on the season — I always forget flip flops for after a race and am stuck in sneakers. Also– my favorite foods and beverages 🙂

  97. A duplicator. I run through a machine and there are now two of me. One me finishs my long runs and one goes back home to clean and get the ice bath ready.

  98. A chance for retakes on your race photos so your mouth isn’t hanging wide or something. Maybe a make up artist to pop out of the bushes to make you look amazing before the photo too!

  99. My husband and all 4 of my kids. That really is the icing on the cake for me. When I see all those faces I’m good to cross that finish line. I would love to one day see members from the charity I run & raise money for. It would fill my heart full of joy & I know the good tears would come flooding out like I’ve never seen before.

  100. After a sub 2hour 1/2 I finish feeling fantastic. Mimosa’s at the end. AND my husband and kids are there at the end and they are all still happy, no one is fighting they are not all bored and cranky and we enjoy a post race party all together!

  101. I envision Dory, from Finding Nemo. Except instead of singing “just keep swimming” she’s saying “just keep running, just keep running, just keep running” : )

  102. I imagine a dark beer, a proud husband, and worshiping kids who had as much fun as I did celebrating the power of moving through space. I imagine my spiritual grandpa, Walt Whitman whispering these words in my ear as I finish my 18 milers:

    I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself,
    And what I assume you shall assume,
    For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.
    I loaf and invite my soul,
    I lean and loaf at my ease observing a spear of summer grass. (From 336 The Song of Myself.)

  103. I envision myself FINALLY crossing the finish line at the Country Music Marathon with my baby girl and husband waiting for me with the biggest smiles! This has been a goal of mine for a couple years now. Not there yet but I will eventually get there! 🙂

  104. I would love the entire road filled with fun bands playing, cheerleaders and kids jumping and dancing, yelling my name (and cheering for others from the names on the bibs), gummy bear and jelly beans “aid” station and beer at the end. Massage table would be nice, but only at the end — otherwise I wouldn’t finish 😉

  105. Definitely a massage table. I don’t care who is manning it and what they are wearing – just as long as they get my piriformis!

  106. I trained for the Princess 1/2 here in Indianapolis where it is cold, snowy, and windy all winter. When I am around mile 10 and the wind pushes me the wrong way I scream, “It’s the best run ever.” I would say, I embarressed myself but no one is usually outside. I get this saying from the movie Tangled which during my Princess training my 4 year old twins watched every day.

  107. I think something like this was in the book, but my dream station would definitely be a bathroom! It would be a sparkling clean bathroom with NO LINE! Most importantly, the time spent in said bathroom would not come off of my race time!

  108. At the finishing shoot, I’d love to see a line of hunks in tuxedos holding a rose in one hand and a glass of wine in another.

  109. I like to imagine my sweetie waiting for me at the very top of the last hill of my run holding flowers in one hand and a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts (with sprinkles)in the other hand. Oh,and he’s naked also.(It’s my mirage only, ladies!)

  110. I would love to see ice cold water bottles since I CANNOT run while carrying anything. Totally bugs me.

    Oh, and Dimity and SBS cheering me on. 🙂

  111. On the side of the road would be my very own ‘You can do it’ team consisting of my daughter, my departed parents, my beau and a masseuse. I admit, they will be holding things, such as a nice iced coffee, clean clothes, and flowers, welcoming me across the finish.

  112. A common vision for me is my husband and kids waiting for me at the finish line as I cross. It keeps me going to know that they are there waiting for me.

  113. On the side of the road I imagine all of the friends and family that have encouraged me throughout my life to smile and “find my strong” in all that i do, especially my kids. They have hands out for a path of “high fives” for a job well done, a life full of hope…… And maybe one of them has an icy cup of water!!!!!!

  114. Lately my visions have been that I see palm trees, feel a warm breeze and taste the salty air. ANd that there are bands of CHEERLEEDERS scattered around the pathways calling my name…GO TINA! This is particularly helpful on long 10 mile runs when it is well below zero and with a foot of snow (at least the pathways are mostly cleared).

  115. I’d love to look over and see my son and daughter cheering me on. I really didn’t think I was ever going to get this chance to run again. I’m thankful!

  116. I love the idea of the “human carwash”, with a fresh set of clothes included. Oh, and a massage station, complete with adult beverages and eye-candy masseurs.

  117. During my last half I had a cravin for Starbucks about midway. A little weird yes indeed. I was ready for a nonfat latte and some pumpkin bread. Heck throw in Gerard Butler serving me from my own little Starbucks aid station and I’d be cruising to the finish, of course only after I truly enjoy my pitstop!

  118. Okay, I know it’s cheesy, but I just like to envision the smiles and support my husband and kids will give me if and when I actually see them. A nice steaming pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks ia a great vision too…

  119. First thought that came to mind was a double-double from In-N-Out Burger with fries but with a tall glass of ice cold beer. LOL….my usual reward after my long training runs but sans the beer part. 😉

  120. I envision different things depending on the season…in this freezing, inversion winter we are having, I envision the side of the road that isn’t filled with slush, icy curbs & nasty black snowplowed mounds. In the summer I envision the side of the road is the beautiful trail that is minutes from my house, but I never seem to have the time to get up to!

  121. I envision an aid station filled with magical treatments that could soothe stomach woes, alleviate foot/leg/hip aches and cramps, and in general, just sprinkle me with fairy dust so that I feel like I can run (or fly?) to the finish line.

  122. A station with a foot massage and someone else to paint my toes (to cover the black toenails that are inevitable with long runs…), and maybe a margarita to enjoy too!

  123. My family just got word that we are moving to San Diego in the near future. On my dreary, rainy NW long runs I envision myself running along sunny cliffs along HWY 1, slight breeze, salt air, sunblock, maybe some palm trees, and nothing but beautiful views and solitude.

  124. I would sure enjoy a good rub down by Bradley Cooper, but I put stop for a pedicure in my remaining 7 or 8 toenails (if that) would be glorious.

  125. I envision a quiet house, a cold glass of chocolate milk. sufficient time to stretch and maybe do a little ab work, time to take a long shower (and maybe an ice bath first if it was a long run!), and dry my hair without the pressing needs of the kids that usually means I skip stretching, gulp down chocolate milk in hiding so they don’t ask for it and take a speed shower while answering their questions every other minute as they poke their head through the shower door 🙂

  126. My aid stations would be at my perfect 2 mile intervals and have Hammer gel, Heed, and Perpetuem, body glide, and extra Poise pads.

  127. My ideal aid station would have fresh feet!! You could take off your old, tired feet and get new fresh ones to continue on strong through the remainder of the race, and then also get freh feet at the finish line, so thy wouldn’t hurt the next day….oh, if only…lol!! LOVE the new shoes!! Pick me!! Pick me!!

  128. My station would have crashing waves on the shore with the cool breeze as a tail wind and frolicing dolphins pacing me. I just got back from a long weekend at the beach and fun running time.

    1. You can get this one at the Carlsbad Half and Marathon every January in Carlsbad, CA (San Diego County)…gorgeous course running down Pacific Coast Highway with the ocean to your side with an ocean breeze. I have run it the past three years. When I run at the beach, it is not uncommon to see a group of dolphins swimming parallel to the beach along side me…it’s awesome!!

  129. Just in the last two weeks, I’ve had several scary close-calls with loose dogs! So at the moment, I envision tall, strong fences to keep those animals under control. It’d be nice to be able to run safely on the public streets through my own neighborhood without the fear of being mauled. How about a pepper-spray station?!

  130. My husband and I are very competitive and try to train/race together when we can. When we can’t, I think about how good it feels to beat his time. It’s a healthy, fun way for us to tease each other and brag about our accomplishments.

  131. My imaginary station would have foam rollers and those electric foot massagers that they have at some theme parks. Yea…that would me nice!!

  132. My vision is kind of Rocky themed! I want a corner chair (like Rocky in the ring) with a coach shouting things in my ear. Some harsh – like “suck it up!” and some encouraging like “you got this” you eat runs like this in your sleep!” Also, someone there wiping my brow, giving me fluids, rubbing my shoulders and pumping me up before shoving my big butt back on the course!

  133. The thought of Caribou Coffee Turtle Mocha has gotten me through many outdoor runs in the winter. And when it’s hot, I dream of Diet Coke. (I know.. awful… it’s my one vice!) So Caribou Coffee, or a soda fountain!

  134. When it’s hot out – Diet Coke all the way. (It’s my really bad addiction! And when it’s cold out – Starbucks or Caribou Coffee. The thought of a Turtle Mocha from Caribou has gotten me through many cold weather outdoor runs!

  135. I always have a vision of someone like jennifer aniston and think “keep going, keep going” in hopes I’ll look like her when I’m done running 🙂

  136. I envision the massage table waiting for my sore muscles after I’m greeted with a big hug from my super supportive husband.

  137. A trustworthy and fun daycare station so my husband and I could run together and then pick up our 5 year old son and watch him do the kid dash before we all relish in the after party.

  138. During summer races I always have a visoon of a pool or beach right next me. The Bradley Cooper massage may be my new race mirage though! 🙂

  139. Id definitely like to see a clean well-stocked restroom with lots of toilet paper, paper towels and potpourri. Someplace where I can comfortably use the restroom. And quickly.

  140. My imaginary station would have all 3 of my girls near the end of a half cheering me on to a great finish as I admire their Finishers Medals. I didn’t start running until 5 years ago, I wish I’d been a better example for them when they were younger. It’s not too late! My motto is, if I can start at 42, you can start too!

  141. I’ve been lucky enough to cross the finishline of my first full marathon WITH my amazing husband. Having said that, a totally dreamy aid station would be at about mile 23 where Chris Hemsworth (Thor) would be waiting with a Pineapple Chobani and saying ” Just three more miles-you got this!”

  142. It is not so much a station along the way, but if at the finish line I could go straight to a massage table, with a huge glass of ice water with lemon, fresh fruit, and a really cozy pair of sweats and a t-shirt waiting for me. I could go for some fuzzy slippers too. 🙂

  143. being an ultra runner, I’ve seen my share of imaginative aid stations. so I don’t have to imagine. It’s a toss up as to my favorite in the heat an igloo aidstation with ice and popsicle is hard to beat but deep in a 50 miler a pizza delivery aid station is pretty sweet too.

  144. I could envision my family and friends that helped get me to the finish. Oh, each one is holding a sign saying for the next week I would be at the spa having massages and being pampered.

  145. Anything that makes me happy could appear on the side of the road as long as the music that is pumping through my earbuds is invigorating! A huge mug of hot coffee, an ocean wave hitting my toes, my girls holding up signs for me that I am their hero or seeing my husband waiting for me at the finish line. It’s the simple things in life sometimes!!!

  146. I’d like a “Jetson like” aid station. You step into the glass enclosed booth and exit fresh, clean and beautiful for your finish and post race pictures.

  147. Getting all sentimental, but my fantasy is going on a run with my son one day. He had a heart transplant at one week old, has an autoimmune disorder, had multiple strokes, kidney disease, and Gi failure. He’s only 5 now, but I’m not sure there will ever be a time he will be able to walk a mile, yet alone run. I’ll be happy to push him the rest of his life, but I still dream of that run together one day.

  148. I would love an aid station near the end of my marathon in May that is staffed with my jr high students – they have so much energy and it would be so great to take that in – I think it would help me power up for the home stretch!

  149. I do not have a mirage, but when it gets tough I talk to myself… the one thing that I most always say is “you had 3 babies drug FREE… if you can do that you can push through this!” … works every time!

  150. The bathroom from the grand America, and a tall glass of ice water with a massage table. Who cares who’s giving the massage so long as they do a good job! That is my dream aid station. I don’t ask much huh?

  151. I often imagine myself bounding along smiling, blond hair flowing in a nice pony tail, looking fresh and cute in the fun running skirts and costumes!

    Also, when times get tough on a run, I imagine a waterfall running for miles along the course, the sound drowning out my screaming legs and feet, the water oh so cool and refreshing and scenary as beautiful as Multnomah Falls, Oregon!

  152. Hmmm… I would love to be able to get a perfect-temp refill of my sports drink. I don’t like to fill my bottle to the top, but with longer distances and the temps picking up, a half bottle isn’t enough. And I’d love for my husband and kids to be there with awesome signs, too! 🙂

  153. Mine is my husband’s smiling face. I still remember seeing him near the end of my first marathon cheering me on. He was beaming he was so proud of me. Of course now 11 years and 2 kids later he is usually wrangling kids and not always out on the course at as many locations, but his smile from that day is. 😉

  154. I’d love a wardrobe change station! A place with a changing room and a complete array of running attire right down to socks to choose from! So I can cross the finish line in style!

  155. OK, sorry I didn’t follow directions! I always look down at my thighs while I am running. I don’t envision anything different, I just love how strong those bitches look!!! K, and I hope I win cause I totes need a new pair of shoes!

  156. How about a slushy station for those super hot long runs, like my 23 miler where it was 85 degrees by the time I finished. That would be awesome, but what really gets me through is thinking about what I’m going to do with the rest of the day, after the race or the run. Basically, imagining my life when the run is over!

  157. This is really weird but recently it was my old cat running along side like he did when he was a kitten. Otherwise its kids cheering for people they love.

  158. the end………I keep telling myself I am almost done:) Helps keep me positive through longer runs……..oh, and visions of food and beer, those help too!

  159. Oh, I always envision the palm trees along my favorite Destin run site, even when I’m on my treadmill in the dead of winter with several inches of snow on the ground!! 🙂

  160. Sometimes my mind thinks back to old high school boys that didn’t reciprocate my affection and I think what would I want them to see as I run by…keeps some pep in my step!!

  161. I just got into long distance runs this winter, great time to start training in the snow right!!! As the miles pass by with my running buddy I like to invasion us running in perfect form, looking great, and our husbands cheering us on with a lime a rita waiting 🙂

  162. My mind can play a lot of mind games with me along my long runs- I’m tired, I’m hungry ,I can’t finish- Then I imagine the end and how good I will look, how athletic I feel. That usually gives me the lift to finish strong.

  163. The ocean at the Jersey Shore (home, although I now live in Fl). Icy cold with rough Atlantic waves. I want to run in & freeze my feet & ankles!

  164. I guess when I slip away from the present it is usually to encourage myself by picturing myself at my best… you know, a much younger, hotter, faster, more determined runner!

  165. My husband with a replacement costume or outfit , b/c I found that six miles was NOT enough to test the one I was wearing. And holding an Iced Chai tea for me with zero calories. I really like your power wash with sparkles and pixie dust! Thats one I would sooo stop at!

  166. When I run outside I run through my neighborhood, so I’ll often picture beautiful trail or mountainous scenery…lol. I have never done a long race, so I’m keeping it pretty simple. I just really love the “me” time during my runs.

  167. I would love to have a chocolate fountain with lots of good “dippers” around…strawberries, marshmallows, shortbread cookies….yum!

  168. Near the end of my long runs, I start dreaming of an ice cold dark beer, a big order of chips and salsa and a nice cold water foot bath. Simple but it gets me home.

  169. Oh many of things! Most memorable was my last half, around mile ten, when my PF seemed like it wasn’t going to let me finish my run. I envisioned my best running friend and our awesome long run chats, then my hubby, and my mom and dad and kiddos waiting for me at the finish line. I kept envisioning them all over and over again! Knowing the all supported me got me through the rest of that race! These awesome shoes will keep me going!! Please pike me pick me!!!

  170. If I need to be motived – like really motived – I see my imaginary arch-nemesis (or just someone I find REALLY annoying) running along side me. Not together, because that would never happen, but close enough that I can see her and she can see me, and she is in MUCH worse shape than I. I imagine sweat pouring down her face, her hair looks like she stopped at some point in the race to get in a fight with several raccoons, her gate looks tired and a little stumble -y, and her eyes have that pleading look like “Could someone just carry me?”… And I am good to go.

  171. I would love to get to mile marker 20 and be greeted by a Starbucks Barrista handing over an iced quad cappucino and a fresh running cap that reads look out finish line here I come!!!!

  172. My husband and I did not have a formal wedding, as we approach our 5 year anniversary I find my self planning a vow renewal during my long runs. On really long runs the ceremony is comparable to the Royal Wedding of 2011.

  173. I would love to see my 6 year old son at every mile holding his “Mommy, you can DOO it” sign. It speaks to my pre-race jitters. =)

  174. I think of running right past all of those other slower (imaginary) runners — and I am setting a personal record with my kids cheering me on 🙂

  175. I envision family and friends, holding signs made just for me. And maybe a fountain Coke… I don’t drink much soda anyway and none when I’m training but those bubbles just make me feel good!

  176. I want the magical series of aid stations where my kids can be in multiple places on the same race course cheering me on as only they can and not get bored or cranky as they are waiting. Those “Go mommy go!” signs are the very best!

  177. I envision all my friends and family cheering for me! And then my massage therapist would be there to rub my muscles while I drank a Starbucks Refresher! Lol!

  178. While running in my new pair of Saucony shoes I’m imagining all my favorite me, Bradley, Matt, George, Brad etc standing on the side lines with a smile and a sign, that’s all! Doesn’t matter what the signs say, I’m wondering what’s behind the sign. 🙂

  179. According to my daughter:
    Choice 1: A guy dressed as a bagel doing cartwheels letting me know I will soon have a bagel!
    Choice 2: A trampoline that you could jump on and give your legs a quick break

  180. I agree with the stoplights as I’m also an early morning runner…but mostly, I vision my two daughters, jumping up and down, ringing a cowbell yelling, “Go Mommy, Go Mommy”…which is also printed on my RoadID, so I look down and take a quick peek if I need inspiration.

  181. I have this fantasy that actors Djimon Hounsou and Denzel Washington would be cheering for me on the final mile of my marathon. And when I crossed the finish line Bruno Mars will be singing Just The Way You Are.

  182. When I am struggling with a long run I would love a sexy male voice coming through my ear buds with words of encouragement and things to make me laugh. You know like Jonathan Goldsmith -the most interesting man in the world- saying ‘I don’t always run, but when I do… “, or George Clooney, or LL Cool J, or maybe Dennis Haysbert or the Mayhem guy with some funny mayhem running story.

  183. I wish my race pictures came out looking like a toned, skinny, natural runner. I wish I didn’t always look like the running was so painful! Also, just once, I’d like to race alongside the ocean and not through the Midwest, far from water.

  184. I like to visualize crossing the finish line while still having the energy I possessed during the first third of the race. That, and just totally blowing by my arch nemesis (who thankfully I share only a few more months in our age group with)!

  185. I would love to have my friends and family toward the end of a half. We live a long way from them, so I’ve never had a big cheering section. I love showing my girls what hard work and dedication can do.

  186. I usually envision a water stand or the finish line, sometimes I get hungry and wish there were random snacks or if it’s hot out I’d like a water hose and and someone to spray me down to cool off, then it would be nice to have towels to dry off. Or just towels for when on sweating. Sometimes I also envision brand new pair of GOOD shoes to run in to see the difference in a cheaper pair to help me run better.

  187. I envision a stand with folks to freshen you up, make you look awesome just before you cross the finish line. That way you’d always have great race pics to post!

  188. I heard that Edward Norton is a marathoner, and even organized a marathon in Africa for a benevolent cause. For some reason, when my oxygen deprived brain begins to search for a distraction on a run, I envision running with him, and we’re ahead of the Kenyans!

  189. Id definitely want my mom there waving or cheering me on, even just on regular runs (i lost her 3 years ago) with a BIG sign : )

  190. I envision green filled trees for pure beauty and shade with a creek along the run. I see my hubby and kids cheering me on when I need it. As I near the end… I see Adam Levine holding my finishers medal and a margarita!

  191. Along the route of my race last weekend I was wishing for a ginormous wind break to cut the gale force winds coming off the river. Not only was it freezing, but running into a head wind at the end of a half marathon was not my idea of a good time!

  192. It all depends on the day I’m having. Sometimes, on days when I feeling like it’s me against the world, I’ll give a runner’s wave to the vision I conjur up of another mother runner like me, out doing their thing and just working to fit it all in. On days when I’m feeling invincible, I work on my gratitude and send thank-yous into the universe for all the good fortune in my life. Most days, when I’m somewhere in between, just picturing the shower and smoothie at the end of my run is enough to keep me pushing 🙂

  193. In the winter I envision a snow plow in front of me clearing my route of snow and ice. In the summer, those misting machines for when it gets too hot. The Saucony Mirage is my shoe of choice – I stocked up on the Mirage 2 when they went on clearance prior to the release of the 3. I can’t justify buying a pair so winning some would be awesome 🙂

  194. I would be very content with icy-cold water misters at every mile marker for the warmer months. Heat is what holds me back so cooling is what I need most! Not real dramatic, but I would still loove for it to happen!

  195. Towards the end of a long run, I start getting hallucinations of an oasis complete with Gatorade, preferably handed to me by my husband, who has really only ever seen me run once! (Somebody has to take care of the kids, right?)

  196. I envision the snow-covered pine trees to be palm trees and that thick snowy slush mix on the road is sand. Have to make it through the 5 months of Buffalo winters somehow!

  197. I had a dream once that I was running on the beach at dusk. No one was on the beach. As I ran it felt effortless, like I was almost flying. When I’m exhausted running I imagine that dream and try to recreate that feeling I had of effortless running.

  198. In the summer time, I would love for cooling stations (ie hoses!) to be available whenever my body temp gets too hot! (I usually stay cool by taking 2 cups of water at the stations – one to drink, one to dump on my head!)

  199. I would so love the opportunity to try these shoes! I’m transitioning to a more minimalist shoe and would love to become a Saucony-devotee!!!
    On the side of the road I would love to have the ability to change conditions from balmy to really sweat-soaking hot, to a cool refreshing drizzle, back to warm, a brief run through newly fallen snow….and back to balmy with the sun in my eyes! ….But I guess that’s why we (in Boston, at any rate….though certainly could have done without the drenching frigid downpour this morning!) run year-round, no?
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!!!

  200. I only did this once but on a difficult run I imagined Ewan McGregor running next to me naked saying “Use the force!” Totally ridiculous but at the time it worked :-).

  201. I would love to see my husband and kids, all happy to be there to cheering me on. Maybe they would have cute, inspirational signs too. I know..lame fantasy, but it would get me to the finish. If not them, then I’d be okay with Bradley Cooper too! A girl can dream, right?

  202. I would love a magical station about 3 miles before the finish that makes you feel like you are just starting out at the beginning.

  203. I’m pretty new to all this running stuff, but I have done a few races. At my first my mom and daughters were there at the finish line. At my second, my husband, two daughters, and son. Every other race I’ve done on my own without my family to sheer me on at the beginning, middle, or end. It makes me sad. Tackling 13.1 this summer and more than anything I’d like to see them along the route. I don’t think it will happen since my husband is the designated parent for our three and my running partners’ two kids. I wish.

    (As for shoes, I’m having a hell of time finding shoes that help me with plantar fasciitis. I can only afford trying so many per year, and so far I haven’t seemed to find the best shoe for my foot. I probably have a lot to learn about form and stretching, too.)

  204. I would love to see one of those moving sidewalks like they have in airports. I could either just stand on it and rest while it continues to move me forward or I could keep running and totally fly down the road for an awesome PR 😀

  205. One of my favorite places to run is on a track at the top of a cruise ship as the sun comes up over the ocean, and I would like to have my daugher by my side with her son in his racing stroller – she is also a mother runner! 🙂

  206. my husband and I cooked this one up.
    we’d like to see a station that offers cooled off cafe cubano (espresso with plenty of sugar)
    not too hot, so the runners don’t burn their mouths while shooting it back, and plenty sweet, please.

    we actually have some friends who own a coffee roasting company/coffee shops in our town, so there’s actually hope that this could possibly happen in the utopian race of our dreams

  207. I envision all my friends and family cheering me on. Wouldn’t it be great if they all just followed you around on your long runs with posters and noisemakers to keep you going?

  208. Daniel Craig doing pretty much anything wearing pretty much anything would be my kind of motivating mirage! He could hand me my chocolate milk at the end of long runs.

  209. I would like a magic half-marathon aid station at the 18th or 19th KM where you are suddenly made to feel like you are only just getting started – your legs are restored, all chafing and sweat disappears, your blisters don’t exist, and you don’t have that wild urge to sit down in the middle of the road and have a nap. This magic aid station would result in super-fast completion of the last few KM for a guaranteed personal best, picture-perfect finish line photos, and a pain-free recovery. That’s my magic aid station!

  210. I want one of those highway LED signs with a message from my husband telling me that the baby is being an angel for him and to not worry about them, to enjoy my run. Also, id like Bradley Cooper at the finish line ready to give me a victory hug and high five.

  211. I love this question! This afternoon I was envisioning a chocolate cupcake with tons of frosting! It’s the little things that get me through! 🙂

  212. I imagine an ice cold beer station at mile 10 (ok, usually I can actually find a friend or Hubby to make this one appear), and tissue stands — with lint free, tissues that won’t dissolve in your sweaty hands — to appear at least once per mile.

  213. I envision sitting on the beach, basking in the warmth of the sun, eating French fries with a nice margarita. Yumm. Especially during my icy cold winter runs!!

  214. I picture silence and nothing-ness because that’s what I need. Running is an escape from everything. I also need new shoes really, really bad, bad, bad, bad.

  215. One my long runs I usually run toward my family at the end of the race. But if it is a time in which my husband is deployed I imagine that every step gets me closer to him coming home and that welcome home kiss. If we are lucky enough to have him home I run toward that leg massage and pedicure my legs and feet are dying for.

  216. Normally, I would say just some great scenery. I might be the only one to admit this lol, but when I ran Ragnar last year, I was hoping to see porta potties… Yes, I am probably crazy, but I would love hoses and potties. Funny to say in February, but those summer runs can get pretty toasty!

  217. I keep attempting to get my boys (13 and 18) to start running with me…my mirage is one or both of them appearing when I turn a corner to finish a run with me 🙂

  218. I fantasize about cold AC equipped aid tent with ice, maybe a mister along the way and Brad Pitt cheering me on 🙂 Oh and how about some one to de-sweat me before the photographer snaps yet another unflattering shot?

  219. I am running my first half marathon in May (and coincidentally shopping for a new pair of shoes right now). I’m crazy excited about crossing the finish line of my first half marathon, and have frequently envisioned the sidelines AND the finish line, with my husband and two girls with bright signs, dancing and cheering me on! I also frequently imagine my daughters being old enough to race with me for the first time!

  220. I would love to have aid stations that had tents with either air conditioning or heaters, depending on the time of year, to hang out in while I hydrate and refuel. And if they had a section of the tent for families, my kids may actually cheer me on rather than hide in the warm car like they did at my last(January)race.

  221. I wish for aid stations with food/drink I can actually eat! I have tons of allergies and sensitivities, most sports drinks kill me. I want coconut water, honey, dates, almond butter….

  222. I’d love a nap station. Kind of like the hare in that story? I’d want to be able to nap while still keeping up with everyone. Who cares if I win, I just want some uninterrupted sleep!

  223. I would love to have a aid station with my very own non-smelly port o potty, Gatorade, and sports beans. Then I’d be sent off with hugs and high 5’s from my family, wearing a non-smelly and dry shirt! I see a pattern of wanting to be smell free in all of this… 😛

  224. I’d love a charging station for my Garmin and iPod (for all the times I’m stuck with a low battery on a run.
    My husband and daughters on the sidelines always make me smile… I never realized how much until they surprised me at my last half marathon. My husband didn’t think they would make it to the end in time to see me. I was SO happy to see them I burst into happy/tired/relieved tears!

  225. I just love the quietness of the outdoors as I run and the stillness around me. As for what I would love wating for me at home……..quiet and stillness. However that doesn’t ever seem to happen. :0)

  226. I would love to see some cooling mist fans chilling me down on a humid morning run. On a colder morning, I could go for a nice coffee stand to warm me up, pep me up and not give me run cramps, lol.

  227. There’s something about miles of cornfields and long, quiet stretches of road that keep me going. And I like seeing myself perfectly fit and flying at gazelle pace!

  228. You sit down halfway (drink a strawberry banana smoothie) and smoosh, your legs are replaced with bionic legs! You finish the race with ease :=)

  229. I picture my 3 year old cheering me on because he has been the only one that has been positive about me running my first half marathon in April. I think he wants me to do it so he can get the medal.

  230. The images I have when I am running are complete peace and freedom of mind. There are no worries and just flight like a soaring Eagle.

  231. I just ran my First Half Marathon last Sat. And I used my gloves as snot rags!! I’m a simple girl… Just give me tissues! I practiced shooting snot… Yes, I admit to that… But we ran on a trail system and we were close… I didn’t want to hit anyone or be the “look there’s the hot pink shirt girl who shoots snot”. I used my gloves but being a desert girl, I won’t be using gloves on my next runs! So, tissues please! I won’t be stuffing cloth tissues in my bra, I can handle sweat on the boobs… Not snot! Lol.

  232. Somehow my side-of-the-road mirages are always food and drink related…iced coffee, cold beer, red wine (depending in the weather) and French fries…always French fries even though I rarely eat them!

  233. since they powered my run today–a cadbury mini egg aid station and a whole bucket of strawberry lemonade nuun. A hugging station would be nice at mile 10 cause by then i need some support.

  234. I would love to see a pit stop where I could sip on some diet Mountain Dew and nosh on a juicy steak or some tasty treats while getting a re-energizing foot/leg rub! Maybe the rub given by Channing Tatum or Jensen Ackles? Guess I’ll have to settle for some gummy bears and G2 or water and a massage sometime after race day! 🙂

  235. I would love to have all my family and friends cheering me on – one right after the other lining the course. Where I live some of our local races may seem small, but I love them! There’s nothing like the comradrie and support of fellow runners. Some gummy bears would be nice too!

  236. During my long runs, I dream about returning home to a clean house where the chores have all been done and I can spend the rest of the day relaxing 🙂

  237. Since I am a new runner who never beleived I could run, when I do, it feels so good to envision the muscles in my legs that are allowing me to do so. I am truly in awe at the power they posses to carry me and the strength to make me move that way that I never believed I could. I see myself as I never thought I would, able to run. It gives me confidence like I have never had. It is an amazing feeling to me.

  238. I picture all of the people that I have know in life who throughout the years have told I would not be athletic or that I could not accomplish anything. I smile and wave as I run by them and feel so self confident with my own running accomplishments! I see these people during my toughest training runs and especially when I am running out of steam at a race.

  239. I’ve got little ones so it is not always feasible to get them out to races so I usually envision my family cheering me on. Yup simple as that! 🙂

  240. More Hammer products would be nice but maybe my kids or a friend to share in my excitement at meeting my goal, especially if they were holding a beer!

  241. Peace, quiet & tranquility! Sunrise, , dew on grass, and a rolling countryside. I imagine all of that…because I am a mother to 2 young boys (3yo & 7 weeks) and I live in the desert. Happy trails to me! 🙂

  242. I would like to see all my friends and family in funny matching custom-made shirts and hilarious signs to cheer me in to the finish.

  243. A “primping” station before the finish line, so that I don’t have that nasty gunk on my teeth, sweat stains, and hair all awry for the finish line pictures!(It would also be great to have signs that say, “Smile while we take your picture”…since I always look pissed or in agony!)

  244. Don’t know why but I envision myself as a kid drinking from a hose. Usually when I’m terribly thirsty & feel like stealing water from a neighbor at mile 10.

  245. A station where tired legs can be swapped out for a new pair, robot-style, with a complementary brownie to fuel the rest of the run!

  246. It isn’t funny or snarky, but it is the truth… I see my Mom. I lost her 9 years ago, before this whole running thing ever started for me. I see her, cowbell in hand, screaming at me on mile one when the adrenaline and excitement are overwhelming. I see her at mile ten when I am wondering why I paid for this abuse. She is telling me to get over it, and to suck it up and keep moving! And she is always always there at the finish line, amongst the crowd screaming congratulations. I can hear her, yet she is just out of sight and further out of reach. But she is there….

  247. Drink stations with workers actually ahead of the game and having the drinks ready when you run by. Along with some GU to get me through the next part of the race.

  248. When I ran my first Half-Marathon my family (DH & 2 children) were unable to be at the finish. All I wanted was a big hug from them. I would love to see them at any aid station routing for me, and especially at the finish. Of course in this vision, the kids are clean, getting along, quiet, and DH is ready to whisk me away to a secluded island resort complete with a spa & plenty of “Umbrella Drinks”

  249. A lovely tailwind pushing me along until Channing Tatum gives me a huge smile, a nice refreshing cool mist spray, a beer and a plate of brownies.

  250. I would love to see soda at an aid station. I hate soda, but there is nothing I want more than a soda when I’m running a long race.

  251. I envision the former me cheering me on telling me I can do hard things because I never, ever, ever thought that I would become a runner!

  252. Awesome live music the whole way… Brandi Carlile, JJ Grey, Black Keys, Black Crowes, Jack White… and of course the perfect margarita at the end.

  253. My three kids and husband with signs cheering me on and joining me at the end of the race to run me in. Love saucony – only shoes I run in!

  254. I always carry a picture of John Stamos in my pocket when i run a race. Other than my family, a big diet coke with ice and a bagel….he is who I imagine will take the chip off my shoe!!!!

  255. I actually see the artists of the music I’m listening to standing on the side of the road singing to me live. I listen to a lot of music by hot sexy men lol

  256. Running my first Marathon this weekend and I am going to envision all of you great Mother Runners cheering me on and giving support!

  257. I’d take my kids every couple miles cheering like only they can…..and maybe a pancake with maple syrup station. I seem to want breakfast food on long runs!

  258. I am slightly addicted to dt coke….and yes, I know how horrible it is for your body. I imagine a dt coke station to carry me to the finish line. 🙂

  259. I envision my parents cheering me on, they are in poor health and will never see me run. I run because of there poor health and want the cycle to stop.

  260. I visualize markers, just to the corner, just to the mailbox, just to the stop sign and so forth. It gives me little goals and breaks down my runs so I don’t get discouraged or psych myself out with having to run a distance, I can always do one more step and one more marker, til I reach my end!

  261. Fantasized scenario? My kids cheering me on… clean (no boogies or crusty noses, combed hair, matching outfits!). I always think of my kids when I’m running. Really, I run to get away from them, but then all I do is think about them — and how I can be a better mom — when I’m running. I know for sure I am doing a good job but the time alone helps me refocus on what I love: Which is being a mom.

  262. I imagine Hugh Jackman dressed in a tux, holding a sign that says “you got this!” And then he hands me a cold drink and winks at me…

  263. I always have Jon Bon Jovi running a few steps in front of me. I can watch his perfectness and try hard to get just a bit faster to catch him.

  264. My husband and son cheering me on as I power through to the finish! A finish line aid station with wine and a free massage would be sweet too!

  265. A race I ran last summer (100% humidity and 86 degrees at the start!) had a group handing out FROZEN washcloths from a cooler. It was the BEST aid station ever! Go back to that feeling when I need to get through!

  266. I would have to say The Biggest Loser trainers, esp Bob Harper. With him would be previous contestants. Seeing them and how hard they worked their asses off, having all the trainers screaming at me and Allison Sweeney saying in her ever so compassionate voice Amanda you have 5 miles left to run would be my image for my marathon. That alone would push my tired, sweaty ass to the finish line.

  267. A makeup counter! It would be so nice to have a decent post-race photo with full hair and makeup to match my snazzy running outfits! Put it just a couple miles before the finish line and I’ll finish looking better than when I started, because you know I didn’t do my hair or put on makeup before the race, races start early!

  268. At the end of my 1st half in Vancouver in August… I envision..mmmmmm.. a massage table set up by the ocean…with fresh nice clothes to step into right away. Oh ya….annnnnd beer would be awesome! That’s why we run. right??

  269. I envision the side of the road is actually a beautiful beach…and my husband and 3 kids are there waiting for me each with a very cold beverage…sometimes its beer, sometimes gatorade or coconut water…or a gin and tonic!

  270. My husband, on his bike, with my sweet pea on the back at each mile. Hearing her 3 yr old voice yelling ‘Go mama! Keep running!’ is the best motivation for me to keep on keepin’ on! And in the basket affixed to the front of the bike expressly for the race I was cold, fresh water and an assortment of honey stinger chews to sustain me. 🙂 Bliss…

  271. A Trailhead (member of Carrboro, NC-based trail-running club) playing the bagpipes. Wait. I wasn’t hallucinating. He really was standing up the hill…over the trail…in a kilt…playing the bagpipes. Pure awesome!

  272. Honestly, I picture my Grandpa running side by side with me. I know he would be proud for me just getting out there and running. I talk to him somtimes as if he were right there… it makes the miles go by quickly, and I can’t wait to get back out there so we can “chat” again!

  273. I envision the pre-runner Laura cheering me on and reminding me that I can do anything! Never thought I would run a 5k 3 years ago, let alone more than 10 halfs an my 3rd full this weekend in Little Rock. I feel so lucky to be racing!

  274. A cheering section just for me: my husband, my mom and my kids in front. Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Shemar Moore right behind them waiting to hand me cool water, a fresh outfit I can put on after a quick rinse off and one heck of a motivational speech to keep going because I’d be nicely rewarded when I got home to a clean house with dishes and laundry done and put away. Sigh… that would be the day!

  275. I’m running my first half this summer, and I dream of having tons of friends show up with big ol’ signs just for me. And the kid down the street with his lemonade stand, only free, because I never have a quarter with me.

  276. I would love an amusement area for kids and husbands (you know….games, snacks, TV) so that they wouldn’t be bored while waiting to cheer on the mother runner in their family.

  277. I know it sounds cheesy, but I imagine my two little boys with huge smiles on their faces cheering and jumping up and down. I want to know that they are proud of their Momma and that I inspire them to tackle a huge challenge of their own one day.

  278. I envision my kids watching me strive to do my best. I am not the most athletic person but I have found a passion for running.

  279. My four-year-old LOVES pink and this color actually matches one wall in her room. Not kidding. If I won this, I think she would be thrilled. As would I, definitely 🙂

  280. I envision my husband and kids along the race route. They are my biggest supporters and they motivate me to do my best!

  281. I just love to see my husband on the sidelines! Now I can’t wait for my son (who is now 18months) to see me run races and be excited and proud of his mama!

  282. I would love to see my boys at any point of the race, they have never been able to be there and it would be great to show them what I have accomplished at the age of 56! And then a wine station would be great too!

  283. I haven’t raced in awhile since I’m in training for my first Half but what I envision on my runs is simple, my driveway. Nothing fancy, no frills needed. Sometimes by the last mile or two I am so beat up that all I want is my cold driveway to lay down on! So as crazy and maybe even as boring as that sounds, my driveway is my focus point!

  284. A road sign with a message from my husband telling me to not worry about him and the baby, that I can run for as long as I like. Yup. That and non creepy great smelling very clean ports potties.

  285. I have never run a race where my kids were there to see me do it (they are 3 and nearly 2). They know I run, but they’ve never experienced the atmosphere of a race. Cheesy as hell I know, but I want to see them cheering for me; watching me accomplish goals and work hard.

  286. Honestly, I envision my daddy at every mile marker of a race…he is my biggest fan when it comes to running and just imagining him reminding me that I just got another mile out of the way helps me keep on keeping on 😉

  287. I wish all the doctors and nurses who took care of me in the NICU 27 years ago could see me cross the finish line(s) — and all those horrible P.E. teachers who said I couldn’t do it!

  288. On the run, unlimited Lemon Tea Nuun and tissues (my nose runs faster than I do!), perfect weather and maybe a cheering squad on the harder runs.
    Then coming home to a clean house, with the family up, dressed and smiling…

  289. I daydream about arriving home to a delicious, protein-filled meal freshly prepared for me! Preferably a veggie and ham stuffed omlette. And the dishes that I left piled up all clean and put away. And the laundry started. And the kids fed and busy cleaning their rooms. And… I’ve been knocking off some LONG runs lately, so I could keep going… 😉

  290. Honestly, I usually just envision the finish line (which is normally my house since I map runs that loop around and return home). There’s nothing like a finish line and a stretch.

  291. I always envision seeing my fiance on the side lines. Even when hea not at the race. Keeps my brain from.focusing on the run!!

  292. Cold drinks every couple miles so I wouldn’t need my fuel belt. A mirage that I actually thought I saw once was my car coming toward me when I was having a really bad run on an extremely hot and humid day. I really thought my car knew I was struggling and came to get me!

  293. I love/envy the families that I see at races that cheer, pile into their car, head down the course, and pop out to cheer again. It’s like where’s Waldo every few miles.

    While all the ‘hey girl’ fantasies would be nice, I run solo, so seeing my family up that early and making their way along a course for me would be over the moon exciting.

    As would winning these Saucony beauties, of course! 😉

  294. I would love to see my husband and kids cheering me on along the course. I love the support on course but get envious of the other BAMRs with their kiddos cheering them on with clever signs. Once my little ones are a bit older it will be easier for my husband to do.

  295. I imagine a full spa waiting for me and my running friends– we train so hard together before the race, it would be awesome to finish the race together in total relaxation mode…Bradley Cooper and George Clooney massaging us would be an added bonus 😉

  296. I would love to have a machine about a quarter mile from the end of any race that would ‘Judy Jetson’ me; i.e. quickly zap me into clean and dry running clothes, socks, shoes, and perfectly coifed hair! Oh, and take all the red out of my cheeks for an amazing finish line photo!

  297. My friend drives around in her mini van hiding water bottles along her route. I’d like refrigerated lock boxes for her water bottles for her. Or a hunky guy who cheers for her. She’s a big cheerleader for me as I’m on the road to training for my very first marathon. *gulp*

  298. I’ll be running my first marathon in Eugene, OR in April. My imaginary water station would be manned by my middle school PE teacher. Considering I was the weird wheezing kid with severe asthma who couldn’t seem to run more than a lap without collapsing in a chubby heap… I always felt like there was an asterisk by my name to indicate that I wasn’t capable of delivering on even the most meager of expectations. If I could have Mr. M see me now as I “whiz” (Can you “whiz” a ten minute mile?) by with a huge smile and a wave, well that would give my inner 14 year old a pretty rad boost.

  299. As cliche as it may be, I seriously imagine my kids up ahead, around any corner and I always try to make them proud. My youngest is the most likely to actually BE at a race, so that moment when he is no longer a mirage but instead is really in front of me, cheering me to the finish is that much sweeter since I had been imagining him the whole way, anyway.

  300. My fantasy is that I could have an IV for hydration while running my half Ironman. This way I could finally finish one feeling good rather than having my body shut down and needing an IV after:(

  301. I envision seeing all the yummy foods I loved growing up in Taiwan. I also imagine seeing my grandparents who have long passed away. I love eating so treats all along the race route would make me so happy. Each station is a special treat that I must run to in order to savor it. Imagine a marathon with 27 treats to savor! Yum!!

  302. Having just signed up to run the Chicago Marathon (before all of the glitches shut down registration!)… I am already telling everyone I know that I fully hope/expect/wish/am begging them to all be on the side of the marathon route coaxing me along. It will be my first marathon, and I’m already nervous!

  303. I envision my on-line buddies along my route. I’ve never met any of them, but I feel like we’ve met. My ideal moment would be at each mile, or every corner I turn, I add one more of them to my posse until we are all running, giggling, helping each other across the finish line — only to be draped in gold medals by a clean-shaven, tux wearing George Clooney. Drool!

  304. I love to run with dogs. And since I am currently between big dogs — I have a dachshund who doesn’t like long runs — I often imagine my old golden retriever running along beside me with the crazy smile he used to wear. I’m holding an imaginary leash so he can pull me up the long hills, and we’re just happy to be out in the sunshine running together.

  305. I dream of the glass of wine I will have later in the day, and a towel/kleenex station where I could wipe the sweat out of my eyes and blow my nose! 🙂

  306. I envision my body becoming healthier with each step I take, each breath I take, each block I finish, and each corner I turn. Running has long been an interest of mine, and until recently, I was too overweight to even consider it. Now that I am making healthier decisions for my mind and body, running is a pleasurable escape for me.

  307. I envision people cheering me on as if I am an Olympian. Which is definitely a “vision” because I’m such a slow runner!!!

  308. What I imagine when running or would love to see at a race, is a station for last couple of mile runner-encouragers. You are at the end of your race, sweat flowing, heart pumping, trudging along like a turtle to make it to the finish-line, and out from no-where comes your last-leg helper. They run along side of you, fanning you, singing to you, telling you, “You got this…you’re almost there…don’t give up, etc.!” It’s like having a baby…you’re at the finish-line, but you don’t think you can give any more, and then that awesome labor and delivery nurse tells you you’re almost there…you can do it! Encouragement is everything!

  309. I’d love to see my hubby and kids along the race course or at the finish line. They have done it some but I’d love to see it more! Some magical refueling station that somehow refuels you without having to take the time to eat it! LOL

  310. I would love to see a crowd of barely dressed men with the likes of Channing Tatum offering me cold orange wedges and Nunn near the end of the race while spritzing me with water…. that would be a sure pick me up to finish out any race!

  311. Warning – it’s a gross one!! In Minnesota in the winter, my nose runs so much while running in the cold, I’d love to see one of those crazy bulb things they give you when you have a baby to suck all the snot out so I can breathe through my nose!!!

  312. I’d like to see my hubby and kiddos along the course and at the finish line…while he is supportive of giving me time to train, he is not one for standing around to wait with the bored kids at a race.

  313. Hot “cabana boy” waving me over from my long run to provide me with cold beer, yummy eats and foot massage! Someday….I will keep running until I see it! 🙂

  314. I’d want some kind of a magic mirror or something that I could run through and have fresh, un-runned legs. And, while I’m at it, beautiful hair + non-blotchy skin for fabulous finish line photo ops.

  315. I love the magical porta potty idea! And oranges as far as the eye can see. My family cheering and magic to make the last 5 miles feel as good as the first five miles.

  316. What I needed at the Disney Princess Half was a blow dryer and hair station. The humidity was a Beast and I started dumping water over my head early in the race. In most of my pics I look like a drowned rat. So a hair station at least before the Finisher Photo would be a Dream Come True!

  317. While running especially when it’s hot here in Phoenix I imagine its raining like it did when I was ride a bike in Ireland. For 4 miles in the rain. It wasn’t the best thing but the cool rain felt good on my skin and I was pushing myself to keep going. I imagine this to help motivate me.

  318. I envision a run that does not include a stroller or my children. I love them to pieces, but as a “single” mom while my husband is deployed, I really fantasize about them being elsewhere just a few minutes a day. Being able to get out and run for an hour by myself without them, well, that might be as close to heaven as I can hope right now!

  319. Normally I like to run alone with my dog and silence. No music. Just listening to nature. However…sometimes it sure would be nice to have inspirational coaches appear briefly for a pep talk just when I need it. Then they can disappear until needed again!

  320. During the winter I always try to transport myself back to the warmer months and imagine the cooler I keep in my driveway during runs that I use to stuff ice down my bra. I can’t wait for those days to return!

  321. A secret passage way that transports me from mile 2 to mile 5 of a 1/2. I usually struggled to get through the first 5, but get in the groove after that.

  322. /a veggie omelet and an IPA from Diamond Knot Brewery in Mukilteo, WA. Then, my couch. Those things rarely happen because I am usually immediately off to a child’s sports event. Showering is luxury. I should fantasize about that….

  323. Sprinkler along my routes in the summer every 2 blocks would be great. And at races, I want my husband to understand why I’m in tears after I finish.

  324. That is a good question, I obviously don’t imagine anything consistently, but sometimes I imagine a hot guy cruising by on a motorcycle and me jumping on behind him! LOL!

  325. I’d like a station where time stops and I could have my husband there. I could get a good pep talk and massage and a drink( that magically would not affect my run) then off I go to make my pr.

  326. I would love a water station that had sippy cups with beer in them along the route then warm chocolate chip cookies at the finish line.

  327. Having my kids at the finish line yelling GO MOM GO!! would be my first, a close second would be Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Pink (all the singers from my playlist really) lining the roadside singing their songs so that I wouldn’t have to carry my ipod. Think of how wonderful it would be to hear my kids cheering to the tunes of Bon Jovi in the background. AHHHH!!!

  328. I fantasize about a burrito bowl from Chipotle with a giant margarita and a side of Advil and a hot shower. Doesn’t take much to make this mother runner happy but it’s all I can think about for most of my run!

  329. I have two imaginary treats near the finish line beer tents. 1.) A spare set of legs to use tomorrow and 2.) a sans-stretch mark and butt pudding bikini body to slip on for vacation. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!?!

  330. During races I would love tables set up every do often with whatever I was craving to eat at the time. Be it waffles, soup, hamburgers, etc. and an extremely enthusiastic person to cheer me on at each of those tables!

  331. It’s sunny and warm and there are misting stations along the way, just enough to make you cooler and glow but not look like a wet t-shirt contestant.

  332. I would love to see a fresh produce stand, stacked full with all kinds of fruits and veggies. Next to that, bins of ice and rows of blenders for a fresh, made-to-order smoothie. I’m refreshed just thinking about it. And don’t forget the little paper umbrellas!

  333. You had me at the massage table manned by Bradley Cooper. DROOL.

    I run mud runs, so a station at the 1/2 way point with a de-mudder, fresh shoes and socks would be lovely. And also, Ryan Gossling there with warm towels to help remove the mud from me would be a nice touch.

    Wait, I’ve said to much, haven’t I?

  334. I imagine my lovely cousin who passed in 2006 and a dear friend who passed in 1999. I feel both of them often when I run. I hear their laughter as the wind rustles leaves along the trail… I see the light in their eyes as the sun peaks over the horizon… And during every race I imagine them on the sidelines cheering me on. I know they are there!

  335. Wouldn’t it be the absolute best to have someone fan you and tell you how amazing you’re doing all the while serving you McDonald’s French fries and a chocolate milkshake? Yes!