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Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Triumph ISO (Whoa!)

WHOA new Triumph ISO Saucony
Just two crazy mother runners getting their Saucony Whoa on. Nothing to see here, folks.

Back in August at a trade show, Sarah and I got to try on a pair of the yet-to-debut Saucony Triumph ISO, a. After a long day of walking to and standing at booths, my feet felt like they landed smack dab in the middle of the best pillow ever. Truly, the Triumphs, which fit like a sock and feel like a million bucks, make you say, "Whoa."

We sat down, shoes still on, and went through the rest of the Saucony gear, but all I could think was, "I want these shoes. I need these shoes. I wonder if they'll notice if I walk away in these shoes."

Alas, we had to give them back, but I thought about the Triumphs ISOs often in September and October, especially when things started to go south with my foot. I wanted cush, pillowy protection under my zinging nerves.

Towards the end of October, Sarah and I were lucky enough to receive a pair. I immediately put the left one on, and once I got out of my (decidedly non-triumphant) boot, I've been wearing them pretty much non-stop (with my new orthotics, natch).

Don't believe me? Here's a little fashion show of all the ways I've sported my Triumphs...

I've worn them, of course, with my favorite Saucony bottoms, including the Bullet Capris, which conveniently hold treats for the reindeer.
I've worn them, of course, with my favorite Saucony bottoms, including the Bullet Capris, which conveniently hold treats for the reindeer.


With jeans (clockwise from upper left): my floods; my only pair of skinnies (bought at Target about 3 years ago); my splurges that only come out for special occasions; my work-around-the-houses.
With jeans (clockwise from upper left): my floods; my only pair of skinnies (bought at Target about 3 years ago); my work around-the-houses; my boutique splurges that only come out for special occasions like this Tuesday afternoon photo shoot.


The triumphs work with my bicycle skirt (I could wear my swimsuit underneath and rock a retro tri look!); my madras skirt that used to be my mom's (and lived in our dress-up box forever until I rescued it); my holiday bling skirt on which I scored a sweet deal.
The Triumphs work with my bicycle skirt (I could wear my swimsuit underneath and rock a retro tri look!); update my madras skirt that used to be my mom's (and lived in our dress-up box forever until I rescued it); and zing up my holiday bling skirt.


And then the colored cords: sense a trend: preppy pink. light pink, orange pink, purpley pink. (Time to edit my pants?)
And then the colored cords: preppy pink. light pink, orangey pink, purpley pink. Sense a trend?


And, of course, my comfy pants. Walking on bare feet is excruciating, so I slip on my Triumphs before I turn on the light. And my hausfrau brown sweatpants are as ugly—and comfy—as they look.
And, of course, my comfy pants. Walking on bare feet is excruciating, so I slip on my Triumphs before I turn on the light. And my hausfrau brown sweatpants are as ugly—and comfy—as they look.

While I've fallen hard for my Triumphs, they're actually the men's model. Today, we get to give away a pair of these beauties:

The women's Triumph ISO. Feels as lovely as it looks.
The women's Triumph ISO. Feels as lovely as it looks.

In order for the chance to let your feet experience the Whoa of the Saucony Triumph ISO, please answer this question in the comments below: What is one triumphant thing that happened with your running in 2014? Can be big (a PR!) or little (I ran on a Wednesday when I didn't want to!): Anything works.

As you ponder your answer to leave in the comments below, I'll leave you with my last, most triumphant look.

My beloved red jeans. Bought in Germany in 1993—I was sure they were the epitome of hip then—and moved with me at least eight times. Why? After trying them on again, I'm not sure. But I just can't give them up. Kinda how I feel about my Triumphs.
My beloved red jeans. Bought in Germany in 1993—I was sure they were the epitome of hip then—and moved with me at least eight times. Why? After trying them on again, I'm not sure. But I just can't give them up. Plus, high waists are back, right?

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 12/17/14 and ends on 12/23/14. We will announce the three winners on our Facebook page on 12/29/14, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value is approximately $150.00. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


805 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Triumph ISO (Whoa!)

  1. After taking a somewhat of a hiatus from running, I jumped back in with both feet last Spring, when I signed up for our city’s 5k. Not only did I run it, I placed 3rd in my category and getting my very first running trophy. To this day, my little boys still look at and talk about the day Mommy got her trophy. Definitely my most triumphant moment of 2014.

  2. I started running in August 2014 to train for a half marathon in Feb 2015 my best friend convinced me to do! My biggest triumph is that I look forward to my runs, I feel healthy, and I have met new people through running ( my family and I moved from NY to Florida in June 2014). Running has made the transition a bit easier for me.

  3. I re established a weekly running routine of 3-4 days per week after about s two year hiatus. Looking forward to training for my first half.

  4. My biggest triumph was completing my first marathon at age 51! I was literally the girl chosen last for gym my entire school career so finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in 4:14:44 was a major triumph for me!

  5. My biggest triumph in 2014 was completing and knocking the socks off my first half marathon. I ran the Empire State Half and came in at 1:47:06. About 3 minutes less than my goal. My husband was also there to witness my triumph which made it even sweeter.

  6. My biggest triumph was completing the Huckleberry Half in Welches, Oregon in August. Used it as a final training for Hood to Coast 2014. Huckleberry was the hardest, most beautiful and satisfying half I’ve done. Love it! Will be back.

  7. Every winter I run in a local winter race called the “snowflake series”. It is 3 5k’s and 1 10k and a ton of fun. In January I place 1st in my age category and this year I hope to as well. (I must add however that I am the only one in my age category that ran all 4 races, but it still counts, right!?)

  8. I could say my biggest triumph was getting a runner up PR on the hillest half marathon route I’ve ever run; however, I think the triumph I’m most proud of is psychological block of realizing I needed to back off running, go to PT, and focus on strength in order to let a hamstring tear heal. First time I really embraced NOT pushing myself through an injury, let a couple of pounds creep on, and understood my limits.

  9. I have to say that my triumph would be that I ran a good pain free Colfax Half Marathon. My time was OK but the fact that I finished and my back didn’t hurt was amazing. I also got to run in the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon which was an magical experience. It was just a great running year.

  10. 2014 started off rocky with a miscarriage and then my husband leaving our eight year marriage. Its been one of the most difficult yet amazing years. My triumph was what running brought me….perspective and the ability to see i am way stronger than any circumstance brought my way. I ran my longest race distance this year and had a blast training for it.

  11. My most triumphant experience has been sticking with running…..I’m not very athletic, but running has been a part of my life for several years now!

  12. decided to have “mommy time” while kids were safely at soccer practice or karate. Other moms may have thought I was crazy but I knew I was worth it.

  13. My triumph is that I kept running this year…. After a 2013 back injury, 2014 was my “new normal” year, and while I wasn’t out there doing half marathons, I did keep up with my walk/running intervals which has been great. Thanks so much!

  14. I joined the sub 30 club and had an amazing time at the Runner’s World festival. Through the club I met amazing people and have abandoned my comfort zone. I ran 10 miles on Sunday with members of the Run Streak Association. We ran across the Ben Franklin bridge and back and all through Philly. I met up with the Philly November Project group and gave/ received a million high fives. Ran the Philly Marathon and attended an AMR party. Best year ever!!!

  15. I became an early morning runner! I meet my BRFs at 4:45am in order to get in a run before my 1 year old b/g twins and my 3.5 year old son get up. They don’t even know I was gone…except for my running tights and sweaty hugs.

  16. Although I DNF (re-route LRM2014)…I trained for my 1st marathon. I now have an idea about what kind of a commitment it takes to train for 26.2 and maybe I will attempt it again some day…but not today…maybe later.

  17. My biggest triumph this year was my pr in the Princeton Half marathon. It was my second ever. But my first was a gluke. I was a brandnew runner and only trained a month for my first. This second half was my validation. This time i chose the race, dutifully trained and pr’d. In a way it made me feel like a real runner finally.

  18. I didn’t run as much as I wanted to in 2014, due to injury upon injury. But it was a blessing in disguise as I realized I needed to work on mobility, proper movement, and strength training to prevent future injuries and to keep running the rest of my life.

  19. My most triumphant experience related to running was overcoming excruciating heel pain from a combination of high arches, wearing heels,often to work, walking around barefoot and of course, running. After a lot of rest and rehab I finally was able to successfully run 5 miles with no pain last week! That felt so amazing after almost 6 months of only being able to cycle or swim.

  20. I started running in January 2014! I found the AMR tribe in 2014! I PR’d a 5k race in October! (Firsts have perks!)
    2014 has been amazing and I’m setting big goals for 2015 including doing the RW Half marathon in October.

  21. 2014 was an amazing running year for me. I finally ran my first half marathon after many years of wanting to but something always popping up, you know injury, pregnancy, or life in general. I also set a 5K PR and placed 2nd overall for women in that same race, best finish ever! Here’s to the great running year that was 2014, bring on another great one in 2015!

  22. My ‘triumph’ this year was when I kept at it after a disappointing first half marathon (and the embarrassment of having ten relatives lining the course to watch it unfold). Got back out there, learned from my mistakes, and signed up to run it again in 2015!

  23. There were so many triumphant moments in my running life this year from completing two half marathons (including one just a few weeks after losing my dad unexpectedly) to running a Ragnar Relay as part of team BAMR! It was a great year and I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds!

  24. My biggest triumph this year was signing up for a Olympic tri. While training I ran the longest I had ever run, 6 miles! Twice! Unfortunately the event was derailed due to I jury and pregnancy so I will go again in 2015!

  25. My biggest triumph was to keep running through a really rough year with really rough stuff. My husband went to rehab two separate times, and it has not been easy. I stress ate through the first months of the year and gained almost 20 pounds – but still kept running. Now I’ve lost all but 6 of what I gained – and I’m facing the reality that I may end up losing a 17 year marriage – but I am still running. Running has been a lifesaver for me this year.

  26. THE BIGGEST triumph run happened a few weeks ago. Let me preface this to say I hate running. I still run and am trying hard to love it. Several races under my belt, and I still don’t like it. Good thing I’m strong willed.

    I made it past the double bra-ing and lacing up my kicks to actually get on the treadmill. I had to dig through toys to get ON the treadmill only to realize it won’t turn on because the extension cord that is usually there, was now missing. Found it. Nearly calling it quits, I made it on. Now, the kids know when I’m on the treadmill to NOT interrupt unless there is blood. In true kid fashion, they didn’t listen. My kids (I have 4. Ages 3-11) interrupted me SEVEN times in the first 30 minutes. SEVEN. (For the record, there was no blood, just the typical tattling.) Also, My treadmill is in the basement and faces my piles and piles of laundry. Most day’s it’s up to my knees, that day it was up to my waist. It was hard to stare at that and keep going~ but I did. And, I finished. It was triumphant. I was triumphant!

    I knew then if I could beat those odds to get on and get moving, I could pretty much do anything…maybe someday even LIKE to run!

  27. My biggest recent triumph was listening to my body and taking some extended time off to heal an angry achilles. My next big triumph on the immediate horizon will be my comeback – slow and hopefully injury free! 🙂

  28. I turned 40 and ran my first marathon. This was one of the hardest and greatest things I have ever done. 2 1/2 years ago, I could hardly finish a 5k. It’s been a long, amazing, agonizing journey — but worth every moment. I start training for my next one at the new year!!

  29. I trained and ran my 4th Half marathon with my 14 year old son. I pr’d by about 5 minutes. My son kicked my butt, but it was great spending this time with him!

  30. This was the last year my daughter could fit in her jog stroller (she’s almost 8!), so powering up one big hill with her on board counts as my biggest 2014 triumph.

  31. despite increasing life stress Ive kept running. most of the time. And through some injuries that are hampering it all.

  32. My triumph of 2014 was running my first 1/2 marathon! I got serious about running this year and now it’s a habit I can’t imagine not doing.

  33. My triumph would be to have started running again! I had a great week in May with 18 miles and then suddenly stopped running. Told myself that it was too hot during all of summer (it was) and in December finally laced up my kicks again.

  34. My triumph would be graduating nursing school in August…and getting to run again consistently! I’ve been doing the Thanksgiving to New Years run streak and it’s been awesome for getting back in the habit. A lot of days are 1-2 miles but I still find I’m getting faster, even on longer runs.

  35. I recently started running again after 6 months due to a knee injury. I have pushed myself to be committed and proud too for getting 3 days of running in this week; including a Friday which I have never ever run on a Friday after work!!

  36. My goal is to finish my half marathon in March without wanting to sit down as soon as I cross the finish line, as I have done in the last two I ran. Long runs almost every week, starting now!

  37. Decided to try picking up my pace during training runs, in order to PR in my next half marathon in the spring. So far, so good! 3 weeks of running almost a minute per mile faster!

  38. I just started running a couple months ago when a friend challenged me to train for a marathon with her. I decided to sign up for the half since it will be my first race ever. I started out only being able to run a mile and never thought I would be able to go farther. Now I’m doing 10 mile long training runs and so excited for the half!

  39. Led a group of neighborhood moms through half marathon training while I trained with a co worker for the marathon. Great running experience to see so many do something they never thought they could do!

  40. My husband and I are trying to run a race in every state and this year we added three new (far away) states to our list (Louisiana, Michigan, and Indiana!). That brings us to a total of 18. We feel so lucky to be on this adventure!

  41. I overcame a super disappointing 25K race in May with a 2+ minute PR in the October half-marathon I did. I signed up for the half with “redemption” as my goal, and man, was it sweet. 🙂

  42. I ran two half-marathons this year! I usually only train for a fall half, but I did one on Mother’s Day, too! Thinking I’ll do another spring half then tackle my second full in the fall.
    p.s. I need new shoes desperately!! 🙂

  43. I didn’t start off the year planning to add five new states to my running resume, nor did I plan to run three full marathons. But hey, life happens! 🙂
    And since 2014 hasn’t ended yet, it’s time to focus on my final triumphant plan, one more full, one more state, to celebrate my big 4-0!

  44. In the Spring of 2014 I triumphantly ran my first 10 miler and half marathon. That’s how I became hooked on running. I went on to run my second 10 miler and half marathon this Fall, and PR’d in both races!

  45. I ran my fastest (and the prettiest!) half marathon of my career so far. It felt really good. I mean it hurt, but in a good way 🙂 Thanks for all the support from the mother runner clan. I needed it.

  46. I ran my first, & what I’m most likely thinking last, full marathon! It was a truly life-altering experience in so many ways. I was so proud of myself for sticking with the training & not letting my self doubt get the best of me. It was ridiculously hard & by mile 18 & just wanted to scream “F*ck it!” & walk off the course, but I didn’t. I gutted it out & pushed myself harder than I ever had before. I crossed the finish line with my 4 year-old son running hand in hand with me. Looking down & seeing him by my side made all the pain disappear & I felt like I was walking on air. For about 5 seconds, & then I felt like I was hit by a Mac Truck.

  47. In November, despite having never run a marathon before, I completed my first 50K! It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. Now I need to find a marathon to run. 🙂

  48. I ran my first marathon! Following the AMR ‘finish plan’ of course 😉 It wasn’t pretty but I will probably do it again!

  49. I have stopped beating myself up for not getting up in the early am to run. I realize that I do not enjoy running in the dark. I enjoy running when I get to take in my surroundings without worrying about falling or what’s lurking ahead in the darkness (usually deer or rabbit), so I give myself a pass for only running 3xs/week during the light of day when it fits my schedule and lifts my spirits!

  50. I had surgery for my (very stubborn) plantar fasciitis in March. My triumph… being able to get back to running slowly to avoid injury and to run my first 10K in November (the day before my 43rd birthday)!

  51. After relocating in the summer months, I ran a 10-event summer/fall road race series as a way to put myself out there in my new hometown.

  52. I tore my plantar fascia in September 2013. After 10 months of wearing a boot and a cast, and going through physical therapy, I was finally cleared by the orthopedist to begin running again. My most triumphant moment of 2014 was running The Bourbon Chase (a 200 mile race between Louisville & Lexington) in October. I was the slowest member on the team, but being able to run and to feel those endorphins again was amazing.

  53. My biggest triumph is getting a PR on a half marathon this year. I shaved off an hour from my first half to this one. I learned that I can get faster and enjoy it!

  54. I ran the NYC Marathon in November. My first marathon every!!! Followed the Finish It plan and felt great. I want to do another one. I’m think New York again in a few years. 🙂

  55. I completed 3 marathons, with two of them being only 3 weeks apart. The first of the two was a PR, FINALLY getting under 4 hours

  56. I started running at 50, & at first my mile/minute time improved a lot, but for last couple of years I seemed to be stuck at 10 minute miles. I finally pushed through and improved by over 30 sec, so perhaps age is not the barrier, it is my mind. Recent ASIC shoe redesigns have made me “loose” my favorite shoes, these sound perfect.

  57. I quit smoking after 20 years of cigarettes and started running.
    I run 1,300 miles in 2014 and counting. A lot of them in Kinvara5 and Ride. So as a Saucony fan, I’d love these new shoes to ride more miles in 2015!


  58. I finally got rid of my hip pain during running after visiting a D.O. and going to yoga weekly. (This all started after I gave birth, and lasted for over a year, running was so difficult because of the pain) I was also able to shave a minute off my mile.

  59. The triumphant thing I did this past year is running way more than I wanted to. There were many times I didn’t want to go out there but I just laced up and went!

  60. I trained for and ran a marathon, while completing my last semester of nursing school, and preparing for an overseas move!

  61. Started the year with an original goal to run 300 miles… Someone told me I should increase that to 500.. I thought they were crazy, but moved it up to 500 miles… As of today, I am sitting at 601.20 miles and still have lots of running days to go!!!!

    (Did I mention that 2 years ago, I had my 3rd knee surgery after 8 years of chronic pain and never thought I’d be able to run!!)


  62. Ran my 20th half marathon; the first since having my 2nd son last year. It was a long road back full of setbacks (both mental & physical) but I’m back and that’s what matters!

  63. My triumphant moment this past year in running – sub 2:30 half marathon and it was a perfect race. I felt strong and fast and PR’d.

  64. I ran my first two half marathons, about 3 weeks apart. I’m now hooked on this distance! I also achieved a PR in the 5k…a huge triumph for this girl!

  65. My big running triumph for 2014 is completing my first half marathon. I joined 13.FUN, did the training, trusted my training and crossed the finish line feeling so proud of myself!

  66. My running triumph of 2014…running. Kicking my husband off the treadmill at 6:30 am because my day just goes better if I have had my run! Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

  67. I went out of my comfort zone and signed up for a trail race series. Not many of my running friends run trails (yet!) and I love to and wanted more experience but am often afraid of running trails and in the dark by myself. The trail series was just what I needed to get out there and meet new people and run fast on trails!

  68. I had a goal to run 1100 miles and my very first half marathon. I ran two half marathons and had great experiences each time. I am past the 1000 mark with mileage and still running.

  69. I would have to say the Half I Did with the Mother Runner Training Plan-Race It. It was a PR. I did not have “a Melt down” after mile 10 and have to walk/run. Pretty steady pace. I felt good the whole way and would have had a negative split but the had to stop to use the potty (boo). I owe it all to the training plan. It was AWESOME!

  70. My triumph was completing my first marathon this year. When I got to mile 16, I knew I would finish despite my IT band screaming at me from mile 8 on.

  71. This year I decided to try something different and run more than 3 miles at a time and to run 3 miles without walking. I have done 2 half marathons and ran for 8 miles without walking during the second one. But I’ve ran a total of 12 miles without walking (major accomplish for me mentally). The 2015 goal is to run the whole half marathon without walking.

  72. I crossed the finish line at my half marathon at the same time that the guy who won the full marathon crossed. He ran 2x as fast as I did, but it was a triumph as I finished!!,

  73. I ran 2 half marathons last year after starting C25K in July of 2013 and I’d like to incorporate these babies into Marathon #1 training.

  74. My triumph is getting on (and staying on!) the Bike-to-Run plan from TLAM after a late-in-training-cycle heel stress fracture knocked me off course for my first half marathon with the 13.FUN challenge. I’ve stayed sane, sweaty, and in shape to try again in the spring. Wish me luck!

  75. My triumph is just getting out there most days. After adding a third kid to the mix late last year and increased work responsibilities this year, it’s been quite the adjustment. Looking forward to getting my running back as a priority in 2015!

  76. This year my greatest running triumph was getting out there. This was oddly a one-race year (a lovely misty fall trail run) and I convinced a friend to start running with me. Oh, and I started a daily running streak which was really fun. Actually, I started a daily running streak three times! It’s been a quiet, but solid running year. A quiet, personal, daily triumph. Not a lot of flashy “umph” but I did “tri.”

  77. Becoming a 5:00 am runner so that my summer wasn’t a haiatus. Now I wake up at 5:00 with running music running through my head.

  78. My Triumph was sticking to a training plan and knocking 20 minutes off of my PR for a Half! It felt great and I am ready to start training again for my 4th Half.

  79. I completed my fourth half marathon and took 1st place in my age group 40-49…. and I’m way at the upper end of that age group, in fact I’ve almost aged out of it. Granted there were only about 5 or 6 other women in our bracket but still….

  80. I trained for and ran a half marathon as a MOTHER RUNNER!! While working, breastfeeding AND moving across the country. No wonder I’m so tired …

  81. My triumph was beating my sister in a 5K. Normally, this is not a big deal as I’ve always been faster. However, the little sneak must’ve been doing speed work and I had to hustle my tush off to do it! Next time, I may just let her win…

  82. My triumph was completing 4 half marathons in 2014. A feat I didn’t think was even possible three years ago. I ran two in 2012, and said I’d never run even another one after the first. Now, honestly, I’d run one every darn weekend if my body would allow. It’s amazing what our bodies (and mind) can do if we only give it the chance.

  83. My triumph was running my first half marathon ever! Something I can hardly believe today as I am almost 7 months pregnant and probably couldn’t last even just 1 mile right now!

  84. I ran 22 weeks into my third pregnancy. This is a triumph because I stopped running very early on in my other pregnancies and because a nagging glute/hamstring injury healed with the running break. 🙂

  85. My TRIUMPH for 2014 was running 2 half marathons. If you had asked me a year ago I would have said I could never run that far, my body just wasn’t capable of it. I trained for the first with a big group of gals and had a blast. Then I challenged myself to run another and completed all the training & racing solo. I am so proud and am going to continue to push myself in 2015. I wonder what I will accomplish next year that right now seems impossible!

  86. My biggest triumph for this year was running through all the heartache that I have experienced with my marriage. I’ve ran so many times while crying that I think I cried more than I sweat. I always felt better after a running session though. I’m hopeful that the coming new year will be full of happiness and tear free runs.

  87. I was finally able to convince my mind (my body will follow, right?) that I have a 3rd marathon in me and Iregistered for the Maine Coast in Mother’s Day. Fingers crossed – or guilting my family to cheer me on and pamper me the rest of the day.

  88. Nothing extraordinary this year. But, four years in to this new running endeavor I am finally starting to believe that this is a permanent lifestyle choice for me and not simply a passing phase. That’s pretty cool.

  89. My 2014 Triumph was running the air force half marathon and then the army ten miler within a week of each other while deployed.

  90. Between the death of my grandma and coming down with a nasty virus in April, I had to walk away from three half marathons this spring. I kept signing up for a later race, thinking I’d be better by then. The day my four-month fever started, I ran 12 miles. Within six weeks, I was unable to walk one. My running triumph for 2014 is that I got to a place where I was ok with not running. I was able to truly let go of my expectations and frustrations. It’s one of my running accomplishments that makes me most proud.

  91. ran two marathons, one better than the other (my first and second) and during one, i ran through the pain of losing my father 4 months prior. <— big wins.

  92. My triumph this year was to stay injury free – first year in as long as I can remember or not getting plantar fasciitis . I ramped more slowly, stretched my calves and wore better shoes when not running. Hoping this trend continues!!

  93. I started running again 4 weeks after my hip replacement, and signed up for the Princess Half Marathon in Feb 2015 as my incentive to train!

  94. I am proud of finally feeling like a runner– I committed in the spring after the rough winter to finish the couch 2 5K program and then run 3 5K’s a week. I’ve only missed that goal once this year :). Then, I signed up
    For a winter running series and have run 2 of the 6 5K races. In the first race, I shaved 1:30 off my pace from the adrenaline and ran a sub-30 5K! Now, my 11-year-old is catching the running bug and ran 2 5K’swith me!
    Next goal: switching to the 10K for the last 2 runs of this series–so I’m starting the 10K Finish It plan after our Christmas road trip.

  95. I raced in my first 10 mile road race – the Army 10 Miler – I killed my time goal and finished the race ready for more. 2014 was the year that I proved to myself that I am indeed a mother runner, not a mom who runs. 🙂 I love being a part of this tribe.

  96. Despite, a year that was difficult beyond words. I got myself a treadmill and have somehow managed to keep running. Certainly, not as much, as far or as fast as I was a year ago but I’ve held on !

  97. After running for over 20 years, I thought I lost my mojo. Could not push myself to run regularly for about
    ayear or so but then……a newie runner asked for advice to begin a running program because she wanted
    to train for a half marathon. We started running together for long runs and it was just the thing to help me find mty missing mojo!!!!

  98. (Oh Dimmity, you are a true fashionista!)
    My triumph this year was my consistency. I ran all year long, ran more 1/2 marathons in a year than ever before, and culiminated the year with a 100-mile November. I even suffered my first, and gratefully relatively minor, case of plantar fasciitis, but still got out there. I didn’t PR this year, but I may have developed a more amiable relationship with running than I’ve ever had in the 4 years since I started–a HuGE triumph!!!!

  99. I did a sprint triathlon for the first time and I was very pleased with my 5K time, especially after being worn out from the swim and bike portions of the event!

  100. My big moment in 2014 was running my first half marathon. I, of course, ran it in Saucony shoes and finished strong! I trained with Fleet Feet in Pittsburgh Pa and I will do so again this year. I had a fantastic experience with them and highly recommend training with them.

  101. My big 2014 triumph was a PR in my second half marathon, made possible by running it with my speedier BFF in Austin, TX. I was so done at mile 10 but my friend made me push through til the end. I was so proud…and sore!

  102. My 2014 triumph has been learning the value of cross-training. Last year I thought I had a back problem that would periodically cause me grief. Running only aggravated it. I saw a dr and discovered that the true source of the problem was my left hip- loose ligaments (leftover from 3 pregnancies!) not holding my hip in its socket were pulling downward and the misalignment of my hip was echoing in my low back! To date, I haven’t been back to see that dr for any adjustments since last Christmas! I have worked diligently to cross-train at least twice a week the whole year. If I ever missed, my body would let me know really quickly and I’d get myself right back on the cross-train wagon doing clamshells, squats, climbing stairs, monster walks,etc. Triumph is discovering what needs to be done so that you can do what you love!

  103. I ran a race on grass for the first time since college which at this point wasn’t so recent. It went well but as I approached the finish line my son called out to me, saying a kid had beat me! They speak their minds those little people!

  104. I had a baby in April and started getting into running to lose the weight. Lost 40 pounds and I’m ready for a half marathon now. I’ve found my new passion-running! I just discovered your podcast a couple weeks ago and I love it. Thanks for all the encouragement! You ladies are the best!

  105. My triumph was getting back into fall training after a Haitian virus put me way behind schedule for the summer!! Still did two sub-2 hour half marathons as planned. In Sauconys, of course!

  106. The Soldier Field 10 mile race was on my bucket list, but I had never run farther than 6 miles. I decided that this was going to be the year that I finally challenged myself to do it. I signed up and trained with a local running store and in May, I conquered the 10 mile!

  107. My triumph this year was a sub-2-hour PR at the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Hooray! And guess what was on my feet? My Saucony Triumph 16s.

  108. On January 1st 2014, my friend declared that she wanted to run a half marathon a month. I not only finished that goal with her, I also managed to squeeze in my first full this summer!!!

  109. I’m back to running (Dr. okay) after a stress fracture in my foot.I run slower and shorter but I am out there doing what I love.

  110. Trained for my first Half Marathon last year – St. Jude in Memphis & for the first time ever it was canceled due to terrible weather – ice, etc. I was going to run another one in April but decided I wanted St. Jude in Dec. to be my first since I work at St, Jude & it would just have more meaning for me. I did a 14 wk. training program & about a month into it was having bad breathing issues & ended up finding out I have “significant” asthma. I got that under control & my time improved a lot & then about a week and a half before the race my knee started hurting (had knee surgery 12 yrs. ago). Anyway I did everything I read & was told to do to try and help it. It was feeling some better until I tried to run & hurt again so the Wed. Of race week I went and got a cortisone shot in it – told orthopedic doctor I was going to do the race even if I had to crawl. He said we running people are crazy … Whatever. I ran the race & it started out well but with each mile my knee started hurting more & by 9 I really slowed & had to walk a lot but knew i hadn’t come this far to quit. I ran the last mile in & it wasn’t pretty but as I tell everyone – I DID IT! & I have the 13.1 sticker on my car! Made me feel such a sense of accomplishment.

  111. I switched to a 4:1 run/walk at the first of 2014 and it has improved my running life greatly in that I have had no injuries this year!!!

  112. I ran a marathon! I had some medical issues that derailed my training, so my accomplishment was actually that I made it to the starting line. It was the icing on the cake that I was able to finish.

  113. I helped a friend make it through her first race ever and it was the Tinkerbell Half. I was so proud of her and she was so thankful for keeping her going. It was a great feeling!

  114. I have never done a running streak till this month. Decided to end the year with a bang and 17 days into December and I have run at least a mile every day this month!

  115. 2014 is my year of triumph to be able to run. I caught a cold in July that turned into just a cough. 3 weeks later my doctor diagnosed me, I had a tumor in my left lung. After 2 operations, removal of the tumor and with one month rest I was allowed to start run/walking. I had a race scheduled for Nov 6 which I ran the whole way. I raced the 27, Dec 6, & Dec 13. I’m just glad i’m out here running. Next year.. longer distances!

  116. I have not been able to run ALL year because of a foot issue so I guess my only triumphs relate to persevering with many different treatment options. They culminated in surgery in October so I am really hoping that worked. Today it does not feel very good so I am having doubts unfortunately…

  117. i ran a bad race. I planned to run, run faster and run the whole way. Instead, I walked and walked and walked. Wouldn’t you know…I still PR’ed

  118. After a year of constant injury in 2011, a devastating loss and then a wonderful (although stressful) pregnancy which resulted in a beautiful, healthy boy… 2014 was my comeback year. I’ve knocked over 2 minutes per mile off my runs and bested my 5k time by 7 minutes. Soon I’m hoping to PR my half by 30 minutes!

  119. i realized I could actually run “fast”. I always thought I could only do distance, but not speed, but I pushed past my burning lungs and PR’d in a 5k. It turned out it was that extraordinary combination of believing you can do it and showing up for the workouts.i love running :).

  120. I went from running a 15K, to being in a boot 2 days later (and for the next 8 weeks) to rehabbing and running a half with a personal course PR time. And I decided to train for my first full marathon. It has been one heck of a year!

  121. I started running earlier this spring, gradually increased my mileage, ran my first 10K. Then, my first injury: It took about a month, but I conquered IT band syndrome. I feel pretty triumphant about that. 🙂

  122. My very first half which I trained with the 13.funners! I remember hemming and hawing if I could actually commit to train, now I know I can and have set my sights on a sub-2 half!

  123. I ran 17 races this year; the most I’ve ever run in one year! My biggest triumph, however, was running three marathons and qualified for Boston in all three! Oh, and I’m 55 years old ☺️!

  124. I ran 22 miles this summer while training for my first marathon. Although I didn’t get to race because of a stress fracture, I am still pretty damn proud of running that far.

  125. My Triumph run was my2nd half marathon, See Jane Run with my brother and 5 of his daughters in Wichita KS this past Fall. After my first at 50 years old I thought check, bucket list, done; never expecting to be able to accomplish another half or wanting to but my family inspired me.

  126. After 6 months of injuries/rehab I was able to complete the akron half marathon in the same time as I did the previous year. Major score and better than a pr. I’m a church musician who has to wear a robe on Sunday…would love to rock those triumphs with the robe. I could rock the house with those puppies!

  127. After a stressful year of moving to a new state and leaving my running buddies, I’m still trying to keep at a running routine. I haven’t been as consistent as I would have liked, but I’m still trying and that’s what counts.

  128. The fourth time was a charm! I followed my husband’s coaching advice during training and on race day, ran 26.2 miles with no walking and no bathroom breaks, and felt awesome the whole way. Now I can’t wait to try to break 4 hours in 2015.

  129. I finally hit a PR that I have been working towards for 2 years, but even better my daughters(15,11) have gotten the running bug and can kick my tail. It’s been a joy doing races together.

  130. My first Full marathon! Ran 26.2 with Project Purple to honor my Grandma,who lost her battle to pancreatic cancer when I was in highscool.

  131. I recovered from an injury that prevented me from running my fall relay race! I’m back to running three days a week which is a triumph. In the midst of injury I thought my running days were over!

  132. I finally got back to running this fall. After two years of stressful life, I made the decision to get back to doing what brings me peace. As a part of that, I signed up for my first half marathon! I’m looking forward to it!

  133. Ran and finished the Marine Corps Marathon this October after recovering from a torn meniscus & repair in 2013.
    Yay! Love those Sauconys-

  134. I discovered the best group of BRFs a girl could ask for. I may have PRed races and run new courses, but nothing beats running and racing with my ladies. Hoping for lots of miles with them in 2015, preferably in some fun new shoes!

  135. I just ran my first sub two hour 1/2 last weekend in the Holiday Half Marathon in Point Clear, AL! Listening to your podcast on how to achieve this goal on a recent solo long run of 10 miles really helped. All my long runs prior had been with friends. Now I am registered to do a back-to-back in January and haven’t had the heart to tell my husband I could use another new pair of saucony’s right here at Christmas….but my rides are just done. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try out these babies! Love your sight and your inspiration!

  136. After a second place and a third place finish in my age group earlier in the year, I finally placed first at a 5K earlier this month! 🙂

  137. I got back out there after months (I could have sworn it was years!) of rehabbing. Still negotiating with my hamstring after every run….but my voice gets a little louder each week!

  138. I conquered my fear of speed work, which had always seemed like something for only the serious, elite runners. I discovered I may not be anywhere close to elite, but I’m a serious runner in that running is an extremely important part of my life, and speed work has shown me that I can improve my running abilities and feel even more determined.

  139. 2014 was great for me! First marathon in 6 years! First marathon after 2 kids! First marathon after stress fracture! First marathon under 4 hours! I am excited to see what running in 2015 brings.

  140. I ran my first half in ten years, going 20 minutes faster than I did in 2004. Then I went another 15 minutes faster in my fall half. I broke 2 hours!!

  141. I had a 10k in July. It was the first time I had ever thought about stopping in the middle of a race. It was very warm and humid and more importantly, I was undertrained. I had lots of support from friends and co-workers and I finished happy!

  142. Finally ran a sub 1:40 for a half!! My trusty Saucony’s carried me through the miles…I’ve been a loyal fan for 25 years!!

  143. A local branch of Moms Run This Town got started in my town. I joined and have — after moving here seven months pregnant four years ago — finally met a group of women here who share my interests and challenge me to improve my running.

  144. Whoa. I need a new pair of running shoes and this post comes at just the right time! My biggest running thing in 2014? I started running! When I began back in August, I could barely run 30 seconds without stopping. I started the C25K program and can now run 3 miles!

  145. After years of injuries, I finally was able to train consistently in 2014! I ran 2 half marathons, but my happiest race was a trail run in the Silver Falls State Park where I placed third in my division! Training in the park and on the trails reminded me of why I loved running, and why, despite injuries and setbacks, I really can’t quit 🙂

  146. Even though it was a year of injuries (shattered wrist, pulled Achilles, and uncontrollable migraines), I was able to complete my first half marathon under my goal time. Best part was having my BRFs by my side 🙂 Here’s hoping for a healthy 2015 and meeting more goals

  147. I ran the Greek Authentic Marathon with my family-2 sisters, 2 nephews, 3neices, 1brother to celebrate my 50th birthday in November 2014

  148. I surpassed my goal of running 14 races in 2014 by running 1 extra race. Living in Illinois, many of them were in mighty cold weather. By far the worst was a St. Paddy’s day 5k -13 degree weather!

  149. I saw a cute medal that said 14 in 2014, so I decided to run 14 half marathons and I did. Proud of myself and that I reached my goal (half were virtual run and the other half will actually races).

  150. I ran two half marathons injury free and PR’d in a 5k…but the best part of my running this year was cheering on my hubby as he finished his first ever marathon!

  151. Completed my first EVER (and ONLY) marathon! While is was a terrible time, I had major fueling issues, it was still a PR 😉

  152. I stopped running for time & distance and started running for fun! Okay I still LOOK at the gps, but I enjoy runs just to run now and then.

  153. I finally finished a half marathon the way I wanted to! I finished my first in 2:08 and was thrilled with my time only to find out that my Garmin said 12.6 miles instead so maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere. I finished my second in 2:37 due to acute plantar fasciitis that started at mile 11. Then this August I ran 2:14 and my Garmin said I ran 13.1 miles- I was soooo happy to finish legally and injury-free!

  154. I got back to running after an injury derailed me most of the first half if the year. And then motivation got in the way! Proud to say got back at it with a good running buddy and last weekend did a 5k relay which was a PR for both of us!

  155. In 2014 I ran my 2nd & 3rd Half Marathons and decided to sign up for my first full Marathon which I will complete in 2015, but signing up and committing was the first big step!!!

  156. This year I finally ran my first race which was a 10k. The feeling from that success was amazing. This met my major goal I set for myself when I started my weight loss journey.

  157. I listened to my body and waited a full month after having a baby before getting on the treadmill to run. That’s thhe longest I’ve waited after a baby, and I am determined to train smarter to avoid injury!

  158. I’ve started back with running after having a year off, that included being pregnant and giving birth to my third child! I’m so excited to be back running again!

  159. what did i do to earn a pair of awesome saucony. helped my daughter in her 4th school in 4 yrs. and my son will be graduating with honors from high school.did i mention i saved im from choking as a baby.

  160. I ran my 1st and 2nd half marathons this year! The 2nd I PRd by 2 minutes. I was sooo close to going under 2hrs that it hurt that I didn’t. Running 2:00.00 flat! But I did that running the entire time, up every single gosh darn hill and not stopping once!! I also PRd my 5k time by 2 minutes (24:43). Hmmm I’m thinking 2 was my lucky number this year!

  161. I ran the Dumbo Double Dare. I was very proud to finish 2 back to back races and finished them strong and feeling great!!

  162. My first 26.2 in February!!! Proving as long as I stick to a plan, anything is possible! Finished in 4:18 beating my goal of 4:20, my greatest accplishment yet

  163. I had two big accomplishments in 2014. The first was getting back to running after my hysterectomy in November 2013, and the second was to run my very first 10K in November 2014! I would love these shoes as I get started on training for my very first 1/2 marathon in April 2015!

  164. I have only worn Saucony Spectrums for years and they stopped making them. Down to the last of my “stocked up” pairs. Hoping Saucony is making something similar.

  165. I trained for my first marathon. I didn’t run it (stress fracture 3w from race day) but I still did the work. Maybe these shoes will get me through 2015?

  166. I broke my ankle 1 year ago today (12/17/13) but training for Key West Half in January with my running club Ancient City Roadrunners. Could us some way cool running kicks for the race. But either way, I am proud to be back at it again!!

  167. I forgot to explain my big Triumph of 2014- I finally broke the 2:30 mark for the half. I finished last week’s Bryan-College Station Half in 2:25! PR by over 5 minutes. This marked a triumph over a huge goal all while battling hip/gluteus/IT drama.

  168. Well I ran my first 26.2 and it went great! As good as I could have ever hoped my first marathon would go. I did not injure anything and I finished in less than 5 hours so I was a happy, happy BAMR in 2014!

  169. My biggest triumph in 2014 was actually getting off my butt and starting to run. I surrounded myself with a ton of supportive momma runners both on and offline, filled my newsfeed with daily health and running articles and GOT MOVING!

  170. I ran a new race, The North Face Endurance Challenge. I got 3rd in my age group!! The first time I think that my husband was truly proud of my running performance. I was stoked too!!

  171. my family ran more races than I did. I have my nephew join me in his first half marathon, my kids ran their 3rd 5k and my husband his first. nothing earth shattering but enough to make me feel so proud.

  172. No BQ or first place for me. This year I had to learn how to handle a DNF at a marathon that I really like to do. I am a proud mid to back of the pack runner and do enjoy doing events but it still bothered me the first few days after the race that I did not finish. My Hip flexor is what did me in so now I am back in the gym and the foam roller is my best friend again. Happy Hump Day everyone!

  173. My triumph! It was running 26.2 on a broken toe. New York, New York — I HEART NEW YORK. You know I would not have done it if I was anywhere but the biggest and best marathon in the world … I am a proud Mother Runner for digging deep on this one and my 2014 NYC marathon is one I will never forget.

  174. This was a tough year with a foot injury that was hard to recover from, so not many triumphant running moments. But, I did feel pretty triumphant doing speed work at the track with my 7 year old – and actually enjoying it!

  175. My biggest triumph for 2014 was doing almost all of my running OUTSIDE! Spending a year in New Zealand without access to a treadmill was huge for me. I HAD to run outside and I learned to LOVE it!! Now back in the US, it’s almost torture to use the ‘mill on below zero days (but I do it anyway).

  176. This past August, I finished a strong trail half marathon. The race itself was great, but carving out the time to train, despite having two year olds twins and a three year old and working full time was the real triumph.

  177. winning a 5k first in woman in age range this fall and 3rd woman overall!!! strangely my second triumph was simply finishing a half ( my 6th) in June despite having the worst feeling run ever!

  178. I had baby #2 in June and finally got my running back on track post birth! Yesterday’s four miler really clicked and I felt back to my old running self.

  179. My triumph this year has been that I realized how much I love running, through good times and bad, and how much I need to keep running for my mental health!

  180. my triumph was running a half marathon in may. my first big race since having my first baby in august 2013. I beat the time of my first half by 8 minutes. it felt good.

  181. My 2014 triumph was running the Princess Half four months after two surgeries for cancer. It was my goal race for all of 2013 before I was diagnosed and my light at the end of a sometimes dark tunnel.

  182. I ran a half marathon on a newly built highway hours before they opened it up to cars. It was not the most pleasant race…all concrete, no cheering spectators, and no shade. No PR I’m afraid but every time I drive on the highway, I feel proud that I actually ran 13.1 miles on it!

  183. My best triumph is stealing any part of the day to run —4:30 a.m., noon, or 9o’clock at night—- it must be done, it will be done, and I feel so much better when I am done!

  184. My kids and BFF finally watched me run a 1/2 marathon. I had ran 9 others before this, but this is the first time I had real fans on the course cheering for me. It was awesome

  185. My running triumph of 2014 is that I’m still running, and the injuries I’ve had have been small ones that didn’t sideline me for long! Running is happiness, so whenever I can’t, well, it’s a problem!

  186. It’s not specifically a running thing (although it did include a marathon), but my most triumphant moment of 2014 was crossing the finish line of my first Ironman. Not bad for someone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago. Take that MS!

  187. I ran the 13.Fun Challenge in October, 7 months after I had my baby girl. I did not register for a race but ran 13.1 miles with my sister on a beautiful fall day. After our 1/2 we enjoyed a well deserved coffee and treat! It was a great 13.1 and a great time to catch up with my sister!

  188. New PR in the St. Jude half improved by 44 mins. Also, improved from the half I did at Disney Wine & Dine just a month earlier — went from a 2:18 to 2:10 at St Jude half! WHOO! WHOO!! Cross training does wonders!!

  189. My most triumphant moment was coming BACK to running! I took a year off due to exercise induced anaphylaxis, but determined that I CAN NOT LIVE without running. I need it in my life every day, even if I have to take special precautions. In October I got brave and ran a few miles, and the next day I ran a few more. I carry my epi pen with me every run and have had no problems so far. SO thankful!!

    And those red jeans are off the chain!!!!

  190. My most triumphant moment would have to be training for and completing a half-marathon on my own…and PR’ing by 10 minutes.

  191. My triumphant run was a PR in the Little Rock half marathon this past March. The temps dropped throughout the race to below freezing. We had plenty of cheers for our “beer” and “wine” capes that helped motivate me towards the end. The best part was running with my sister. We live in different states so it’s rare for us to get to run together, much less race together.

  192. My triumph was seeing how I positively impacted my 14 year old son. He has taken an interest this summer in running in several races (5Ks) and although he does not train he is very active and loves to run various races. It is a pleasure to share my interest with him and more importantly to celebrate his accomplishments.

  193. My 2014 Triumphant Moment is the coming together of several undertakings. After a battle to lose weight I finally reach my goal weight (lost 100+lbs), I ran several 5 & 10K’s and topped it all off with two back to back 13.1’s!!!! The training for the 1/2 was a personal best for me. I followed my training program to the letter and NEVER missed a day (3 months of training). I ran in the 90+ degree heat, the rain, and even when my running group bailed. 2014 is a year that will always be special to me!

  194. I ran my 2 dream races and then went in to complete my first 50k trail race! When I totalled up my race miles from this year it was over 100! That was a Whoa! moment for me. I could use another pair of shoes because I’ve blown through 3 pairs and a 4th is getting ready to hang up its laces.

  195. In February of 2014 I ran my first half marathon. I felt such pride that day, proving to myself that I am way stronger (mentally and physically) than I ever thought possible. It’s amazing how strong one can feel running 13.1 miles wearing a pink tutu! 🙂

  196. I started 2014 in PT for arthritis in both knees. My ortho and PT were understanding of my “need” to run, but were skeptical that I ever feel like it. I worked hard for about 12 weeks of therapy – stretching and strengthening. Finally, the doc and the PT released my to run, but recommended less mileage overall, encouraged other forms of cross training. Almost immediately, I laced up and hit the road. I never looked back, while adding in the cross training. I have reduced my mileage – nothing over 10 miles for me, or I really feel it in my knees and hips. But, I have come back stronger and way faster (for an old gal of 44). Several PRs over the past few months – a 5k, 8k and 10k. I might never run a half again, but I’m running and that is a triumph.

  197. In 2014, i turned 50 and re-committed myself to running! I had fallen off the running wagon for a couple of years letting life’s stress take over. I set the intention to turn that around in 2014, and rolled back the years while piling on the miles. I ran the Nike Women’s Half in SF and flew through the California International Maraon last week in 4:07! Feeling Fit at Fiddy!

  198. A new PR in the half….albeit it wasn’t “official” but I don’t care, it was a great run/race and I learned that I can still stop at water stops and PR… 🙂

  199. My goal for 2014 was to maintain my 20-25 miles per week so that when I hit marathon training (Jan 2015) I would have a solid base. Without races on the calendar I did find myself saying “I could skip this run” but I never really did. I am pleased that I feel like my base is firmly in place and that on the many days when I wanted yoga I put on my sneakers, and ran. I was always happy I chose to run after the first 5 min but getting out the door seemed harder. Bring on the marathon training!

  200. My biggest and hardest triumph of 2014 was to relax a little more and actually run less. Whenever I’m getting ready for a race I feel like I need to get all my mileage (cram it in whenever I can) in and I get a little anxious and irritable. The hubby gets a little irritated too. So I somewhat mellowed out and let it go and had more time to spend with family. Funny thing is my race times weren’t too off from the previous years.

  201. Running noncompetitively, but super-consistently, was my goal. (As in, I didn’t find reasons not to run — I ran a minimum of three times a week — but I also let myself run only as much as I needed to/enjoyed.) It actually felt great to get off the hamster wheel of running-as-training.

  202. My biggest triumph for 2014 is that my family is so supportive, encouraging and interested in running as well. I ran a pr in both a 1/2 and full marathon, my husband ran a pr in a the same 1/2 and marathon, my 8 year old ran his first 5k and won a middle of the pack award, my 10 year ran a 5k and won in his age group and my 12 year old joined cross country and liked it! So proud of my family!

  203. After a couple of years of trying, 2014 is the year I broke 1000 miles in a calendar year!!!!! 1000 miles, in deep snow, through high winds, over slippery ice, under blistering sun, and claustrophobic humidity. I’ve run through it all!

  204. What a year! I started running in April and couldn’t even run a mile. I ran my first ever half marathon in October, and I got my sub 2-hour half marathon finish… BARELY… with a time of 1:59:35 in December. I’ll take it and celebrate it! The best part was that it was the St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis that took us through the St. Jude campus with cheering patients, families and staff. What a moment, and to PR was even greater! It’s been nothing but a year of running accomplishments. I’ll never forget 2014.

  205. I ran my hometown’s annual Turkey Trot race. It reminded me how much I love running and gave me the boost I needed to stick with my physical therapy instead of dropping running altogether. I also reconnected with several high school friends who were initially surprised to see me there (I was NOT a runner in high school) but quickly embraced me into their tribe. Total bonus – eating two pieces of pumpkin pie that night.

  206. I was able to establish an early morning running routine…so now I go at 5am so that I can get in a run before the little ones wake up and before I go to work!

  207. My moment of triumph was 2 weeks ago. I had signed up for a 5k at the last minute thanks to a discount through work. I had planned on pushing my daughter in the stroller and then letting her run the kid’s race at the end. Well, apparently there were no strollers allowed. My amazing 5 year old ran/walked the whole 5k with me and then ran her kid’s race on top of that! This was a triumphant moment for both of us as I forsaw many races to come that we would do together and it was so empowering for her to see how far she went and even better, she walked away with TWO medals!! I was such a proud Mom of my little girl!

  208. My Whoa moment this year was after suffering a personal loss in the spring, I signed up for THREE half marathons, two of which I completed with a friend who had suffered a similar loss years prior and kept my chugging along….pounding my emotions in the pavement and having a should to cry on when needed as well.

  209. My most triumphant running event of 2014 is running my first marathon- the Marine Corps Marathon. Going into the race, I thought that it was just a bucket list fulfillment, however I am planning for another marathon in 2015!

  210. Completing New York road runners 9+1 program (9 races and 1 volunteer stint) to get me into the 2015 NYC marathon. My first marathon!!!!

  211. Hopefully my “Whoa!” of 2014 is getting my asthma correctly medicated, two years after diagnosis. I’m hoping 2015 + advair brings me back to some speed work and more racing and less walking + no bronchitis.

  212. My triumph is that I have increased from running 3 days per week to 4-5 days per week, and with that increase I increased my speed. Whoop! Whoop!

  213. I nailed my 2014 New Year’s resolution! Before this year I was a “sometimes” runner. I made a resolution to run at least 3 5ks. Well I started reading your books and listening to your podcasts and signed up for the 13.Fun challenge. I completed FIVE 5Ks (1 sub 30) and ran an entire Half! It has been a huge a learning experience and lots of very early runs. And I am also now wearing orthotics full time, but I look forward to an even better running year in 2015!

  214. 2014 was a triumphant year! I ran not one but TWO sub-two hour half marathons and logged over 1,000 miles — 1,033 to be exact and still counting!

  215. I joined and trained with the two AMR plans (Prove It, and 13.FUN) and ran two half marathons (as well as two in training) and knocked 17 minutes off the second race for a big, personal PR!

  216. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I decided to do a full-marathon six weeks before the event, so I only had six weeks to train. It was really difficult, but I did it.

  217. My biggest triumph of 2014 was not stopping. I didn’t get injured, I am just not a natural born runner. And I wanted to stop, often. But I didn’t!

  218. I’m trying to come out of triumph 10s – these look perfect!
    My triumph is that I got a garmin and I can now see how “fast” my splits are. Fun to compete against myself 🙂

  219. I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant with #3. After about a month off of exercising (random groin pull from literally sitting too long, then a nasty cold, Thanksgiving, and kid colds that mean the gym daycare is a no go) I wondered if I should just throw in the towel for running for the rest of this pregnancy. But I decided just to lace up my shoes on Monday and I’ve run (or woggled – a cross between jogging and waddling, as my sisters joke) twice this week already. I won’t lie, it’s a little tough. But there’s something about being able to say you are sore because you did something good for yourself instead of just being sore from spending months growing into a giant blueberry. I feel triumphant.

  220. The fact that I run at all is triumphant. Not because I’ve been injured, but because every time I run I think, Ugh, I should really just give up, I suck at this. But yet, 2 or 3 days days, I’m back at it again. I just can’t give it up!

  221. Each day that I have run through arthritis pain seems like a triumph to me. 2014 has been no exception~and I am still running 🙂 I recently tried the Triumph and my exact response was “whoa!” Saucony nailed the marketing campaign AND the shoe design!

  222. I had a half marathon PR and reached my goal twice (one of which was a hilly race in the 20s)! And a 5k PR and goal that I really didn’t think I could achieve! You all have inspired me this year!

  223. I went out of my comfort zone and signed up for my first trail half marathon in 2014. It was so much fun that now I am aiming for a 50K trail run in 2015! I love Sauconys and would love to try these out!

  224. I’ve really upped my consistency when I am not training for anything. I tend to be a slacker if left to my own devices. It was done with the help of schedules aligning with a running buddy.

  225. My running triumph in 2014 has been that MY ANKLE IS HEALED AND DOESN’T HURT AND FEELS GREAT!!!! And those were words that I never thought I’d be able to say in my life!

  226. Ok, so I get the feeling you like the shoes!! They sound like heaven on your feet. I had to cancel 2 running related trips this past summer due to fibroids and having to have surgery. Since my recovery (which went very well) I am running stronger and faster. I have focused on strength training the last few months and it has really helped my running.

  227. My triumph came in the form of a running break. I had just begun my running journey but have taken a break to resolve some health issues. I still feel the itch to run though so hopefully I’ll be back before too long.

  228. On January 1st of 2014, I was unable to run at a 12 min mile pace for more than 1 minute.

    I now can run a 9:36 mile, and run for over 6 miles without needing to take a break.

    It’s amazing what can happen in a year!

  229. I found my happy! I was such a grumpy runner that when I finally realized I was enjoying my 10k I elevated myself from a “baby runner” to a “runner”.

  230. Oh dear. This year feels anything but triumphant. After canceling my half, 15K and 10K due to injury, I’m still fighting with this stupid foot! Can my triumph be that after months of PT and chiropractic care, I still want to run? Some days I feel like throwing in the towel.

  231. 2014 has been a very triumphant year for me in running! The beginning of the year in April I ran my first half marathon. Proceeded then to do more halves and in November I ran my first marathon in Philly! I am a saucony lover and I would love to try the new Triumphs!

  232. The most triumphant thing that happened with my running in 2014? It STARTED! It was around February (coincidently near the Princess Half) when I just suddenly decided I wanted to run. I’ve never run before. Athletic is not a term anyone would use to describe me. Coordinated would be a stretch. But darnnit anyway, I was determined (read: obsessed).
    Nine months, one 5K, and roughly 140 miles later, my family still thinks I’m crazy. I’ve dealt with numerous injuries. I’ve been through PT to treat some of them. Others have required weeks of frustrating recovery. I’m not even sure I’m good at this sport. But I’ve been bitten by the bug. I am undaunted. I just want to run!

  233. I bought a Believe I Am running journal. 2014 didn’t quite work out as planned, so I’m looking to 2015 to accomplish some big running goals!!

  234. My big moment in 2014. Was hitting my goal of under 2 hours for half marathon which I accomplished in Sept, with a 1:59 at the Harvest Fest Half in Wisconsin !!! Feel very accomplished since I am not getting any younger at 43, this was my 5th half !!

  235. One of my most triumphant “moments” this year was also the least expected. Signed up for a Thanksgiving weekend half marathon with some friends, with NO expectations. It was cold, windy and icy in many places. I started with a pace group but left them to minimize the wipeout risk. Felt unexpectedly strong through the first miles, so I flipped my sleeve over my watch and said, let’s run this by feel. For perhaps the first race in my history, I didn’t feel a need to walk, ever, nor take a pitstop, and powered through to the end without ever having that negative “I HATE RACING!” left brain time. In the end, I had a pr by almost 3 minutes and an AG 2nd place, but the best by far was just how I felt during the race–strong, capable, fired up.

  236. I don’t know if I’d say it was triumphant, but I went for a run on New Years’ Day…without my beloved running buddy…my dog. We had to put him down a few days later. Hardest thing, to go running without him. 🙁

  237. I ran 4 halfs in 79 days starting with my BAMR challenge race in September! I started running in March of this year and I’m 42. I hated running when I was in the military, now I can’t live without it.

  238. I ran my first marathon on October 5th, and then ran my second marathon on October 19th, which officially qualified me as a Marathon Maniac!!!! What a triumph 🙂

  239. We moved from Louisiana to Utah this year and my biggest running triumph was the day I found the courage to run on some of the hills in my neighborhood.

  240. The most triumphant running “thing” that happened in 2014 was the coming together of my Moms RUN This Town chapter. After a year of laying ground work, posting to Facebook, sending out emails and texts, hosting fun runs where no-one showed up, I am happy to see the results of sticking to it. We have a small, but active Sole Sisters tribe of all levels and from all walks of life. We have a dedicated morning Road Run group and a consistent weekend Group Loop group. I get a goofy grin just thinking about them!

  241. Running the Boston Marathon for the second time 18 years after the first and finishing 20 minutes faster was a great triumph! It felt like a circle was completed and the return to what I called home for many years was fun as well.

  242. I have simply started running again. I bought myself a new pair of shoes at the beginning of 2014 to motivate me to start hitting the pavement again. It worked!

  243. A running triumph this year…would for sure be coming back from some injuries and just being able to run again! A broken ankle, a broken foot, and twice broken toes…(all separate injuries!!) almost did me in mentally and physically. With a super – supportive husband and BRFs, I’m running again and training for three or four spring races!! So thankful for a triumphant end of 2014.

  244. I ran without my Garmin over my lunch hour. No idea of pace, distance or time. It started horribly but when I finally relaxed, I enjoyed it!

  245. My greatest running triumph of 2014 was running the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon after having to drop out at mile 8 in 2013 due to a knee injury. After dropping out (and cussing and crying), I went through rest, physical therapy, and finally surgery. It was scary tri attempt the same raise I had failed at a year earlier, but crossing that finish line was incredible!

  246. I ran the Garry Bjorkland (Grandma’s half marathon) half marathon with my BFF!! It was the first race we had run together, as we’ve been remote BFF’s (she lives in OH, I live in MN). We follow each other on RunKeeper to follow each other’s running progress!

  247. My triumph….my eight year old and I both got 3rd place in our age groups in a 5k local race. I knew he would place, he’s speedy fast, but the fact that I did and we both got a 3rd place medal…priceless!

  248. My triumph is completing two half marathons in a six-week time span using the 13.FUN training plan! I have never run two half marathons so close together and I do not think I would have been successful without the 13.FUN plan. What a smart, fun and easy way to train. And after running for 20+ years using the same old training, I was ready for something new. Thank you!

  249. Making running an individual sport into a family event! Our family has run a few 5K-10K’s now and that motivates me to keep going!

  250. My triumph is that I’m still running! After 2 marathons on a year for many years in a row, personal & life activities made training for a full (or even half!) marathon out of reach, and there were many times that I wanted to quit. I’ve been slowing down, runs are much shorter, and without a goal race have really struggled. But, with the help of some great BRFs who kept me motivated and moving, and the realization that I CAN run without a goal, ‘still running’ has been a big triumph.

  251. I stepped out of my comfort zone by trying to meet new “running” friends and joined my local MRTT group. Really the BEST DECISION EVER.

  252. Running the Chicago Marathon after fracturing my collarbone over Labor Day weekend and being diagnosed with low iron a month prior. I had very low expectations going into the race and just hoped to finish but ended up coming in only about 5 minutes slower than my marathon PR. The body (and the support of friends) is an amazing thing.

  253. I LOVE my Saucony’s! In 2014 I joined a running group and was committed, even on dark rainy mornings when my flannel sheets seemed like a better option.

  254. My triumph of 2014 was that I didn’t let the disappointment of missing the Boston Marathon registration cut-off get me down (at least not for very long) and I re-qualified for Boston in November at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Hopefully this time it will be enough to get me in, but the lesson is to always keep trying.

  255. I don’t even have to think about it for even a second – my most triumphant moment in 2014 was completing my first/only marathon!!! It was amazingly hard and amazingly rewarding all at the same time and something I will hold onto for the rest of my days…like your circa 1993 red Germany jeans! 😉

  256. The day of our Fall 2014 Girls on the Run 5k was cold and dreary and RAINY! Not just a little rain, we’re talking about blowing-sideways-stings-when-it-hits-your-face rain. But, as a coach, I bundled up, sporting my knee-high GOTR socks, packed a bag of comfy, dry, post-race clothes, and headed out. And I got to run with a girl who doesn’t like to run. Didn’t really want to be in Girls on the Run, but came because her mom made her. But, girl, did she run that day! We sang while we ran. We played games while we ran. We talked while we ran. And she RAN right through the finish line. THAT was triumphant! Best running moment of 2014!!!

  257. My triumph this year is training for my 3rd marathon with a new baby and a 5 year old. And then of course actually running it. But the best part was watching my 5 year old cross the finish line of her first 1/2 mile race. Her longest to date. She did it and for that I am so so proud!

  258. I am coming back after multiple injuries sidelined me since last May, 2014. This Saturday (12/20) will be my 11th half marathon, and the first since my initial injury last spring. It feels GREAT to be “back” after a long, and at times, dark and depressed, non-running state of being.

  259. Well the most triumphant thing about my running is that I can now!! Started out weighing at 372lbs but in the last 2 years I have got down to 300!! Yay! My goal for this year was to get in the 200s and I’m 1 lb away!! My dream at the beginning was just to get healthy but now I have this insatiable desire to run and that now has become my goal to finally run! I can run probably for a minute to a minute and a half now which is major coming from I couldn’t not to mention I just got out of a cast at the beginning of the year that was up to my knee and I wore for almost a year for which drove me crazy! Lol! But looking back on it it was an amazing journey and only fed my desire to run more!

  260. I tackled the marathon for the second time in my life…after a 15 year break after my first one. It didn’t go well(i.e. Lots of walking at the end) but I felt like I was triumphant for completing it when it would have been easy to DNF at mile 20. And this hard experience has left me wanting more from the marathon – San Deigo 2015 baby!

  261. I ran my first 13.1 without a formal training plan or planning spreadsheet. Just ran for fun with a friend and caught up on life.

  262. I raced for the first time in four years! And it hurt so bad, but made me remember why I love racing. And I won my age group, which was a nice bonus.

  263. I had two triumphs this year. One I trained for and ran my first half Marathon. I was slow, but I finished and got the sticker for my car. After the Half, I lost my mojo. I suspect this happens to lots of people that have a big accomplishment. So my second triumph is that I started a Holiday Streak, and I am killing it.

  264. Finishing a race everyone told me not to run because of a minor injury to prove to my daughter sometimes things are possible – she got the medal.

  265. I am finishing my 32nd year of running, with only time out for injuries and pregnancies! I almost always go four times a week, come Hell or high water! With a little help from good shoes like the Saucony Triumph ISOs, I may still be at it in another 32 years!

  266. One triumphant thing that has happened with my running this year is that on April 1st I started working out 5 days a week which has tremendously helped my running. Almost immediately I noticed a difference in my pace. I am still religiously working out 5 days a week and running 3-4 days a week. 🙂

  267. My most triumphant run was my first really long brick during IM training this summer. I rode a very unenthusiastic 60 miles with my hubby then tackled a two hour run at 11 a.m. in the blazing heat of the day. It was hot and difficult but I felt amazing afterwards and that day gave me a ton of confidence as I moved through my peak training. Those shoes are awesome-sauce. I’d love a pair! Thanks!!

  268. I ran my first half marathon in October in Hershey Park and finished in 2:03:50 and am now training for my first marathon in Disney on January 11, 2015. My longest run ever occurred on Monday of this week at 22 1/2 miles and I did it in my Saucony shoes. And by the way this was on my bucket list to do before I turned 50 and since I turned 48 in August I am on my way!!!

  269. Set a course PR on my 5 yr run-iversary. It wasn’t my goal but it was a PR for me and showed me with the right work, I can be faster than I knew and not die. LOL

  270. While I am not a fast runner by any means, I did just complete my second Honolulu Marathon, shaving 26 minutes off my time from 2013. I was so surprised. The windy and rainy weather was perfect for running, but most of all I wore a different pair of running shoes which made a world of difference. Be good to your feet!

  271. My triumphant moment was PR ing in the half and doing it with my husband but my second was not PR ing with my friend and helping her complete her first half!!!!

  272. Finally did a Ragnar and LOVED it! Got 4 new Besties and we have group texted literally every single day since then (August)!

  273. I had a PR pace at the Greenline Half in October at 12:30/mi. I ran my first mile without walking at age 40, and have since completed 9 half marathons in less than 3 years. I only run in Saucony shoes and can’t wait to try these out!

  274. Completed my first relay with a great group of women. Just moved and am now injured, so 2015 will be about healing and finding new walking/running buddies, so I can build back up to another awesome relay!

  275. I started a new job (Yay!) and was afraid it would really interfere with my running. Yup. It has. Seeing as the reason I started running 2 years ago was having all that free time. But, alas, a paycheck seemed to be required and so it goes. Yes, running has had to be put on the back burner for a while, but the GOOD news is that I got out on the trail last week and, man, did it feel good! I almost cried when I put my shoes on cuz I missed it so much. Now that I am getting more used to my new schedule I promised my shoes we would see each other more often. I’d love the new shoes as a symolic new email in my running.

  276. I live in a pretty ugly part of Texas and I flew to an absolutely gorgeous part of Montana to run my first trail marathon this fall!! Although my time was horrible (I finished last, yes- dead last!!) it was, the MOST enjoyable, peaceful, beautiful run of my life!! This was my greatest achievement this year! 🙂

  277. 2014 was s bust for me- running wise- due to lots of injuries and recuperation. But, my big triumph was winning my age group for a race! (Granted, it was a naked 5k, with only about 7 people in the 40-59 age group, but I will take it!!!!!)

  278. Ran my first trail race – a 25K after not having run more than 6 road miles in 3 months and no trail runs at all. It was a total blast and I even committed to doing a 50K next year!

  279. Oooooh, I want those shoes. My moment of triumph this year was getting a PR in the half-marathon. I felt so great at the end of the race, I wanted to keep going!

  280. My triumph is running while pregnant until March and then again yesterday with my 3 month old in my running stroller. I’ll be back running half-marathons in no time.

  281. After years of running alone, I found a running partner who I’m helping to train for a half using the “own it” plan. This has helped vitalize a long running career that’s been slowed by aging.

  282. I could say my half marathon PR, but right now what comes to mind is keeping myself strong while my daughter was sick. She was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November and despite three days in the hospital with her, I was able to sneak in two runs…which helped me be more present for her.

  283. After a less than stellar performance at the 2014 Boston Maraton I PRd and BQd one month later at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN.

  284. I helped run my BRF to her new half-marathon PR! It was so much fun as I have never run a whole race with anyone before. Both of us were less than a year post-baby (#3 for each of us). I got tears in my eyes around mile 12 when I told her we were ready for our last big push to the finish and her brand spankin’ new PR. It wasn’t my longest or fastest race, but it was definitely one of my most memorable. Here’s to more great triumphs in 2015!

  285. My triumph in 2014 was making all the “other” stuff a habit. I now do regular core work and foam rolling. After a year of keeping it up it is definitely a habit!

  286. I did my 3rd marathon 4 weeks after completing my 2nd one. It was great; I had no time goals and just ran it to enjoy the beautiful weather and the love of running.

  287. I came back from injury, after 12+ weeks of not. running. at. all, I was able to start adding small runs, and I’ve even built back up to 7 milers. And while I’m not 100% pain free, I’m being careful and celebrating every step and run – no matter how short! THAT is TRIUMPH!

  288. I (somewhat nervously) started the Hanson’s Marathon Method training plan, and I’ve managed to run several 50+ mile weeks without injury. That’s huge for me!

  289. Committed to running a marathon. Trained, and pushed myself–mentally, physically. Even tho I got injured and couldn’t complete the event, I accomplished something: getting outta the comfort zone! 2015? We shall see!

  290. I finished the Vancouver USA Half Marathon without throwing up, even though starting at mile 8 things were starting to go really poorly…
    A happier triumph was making it through Hood to Coast with my sanity and health and not too much soreness.

  291. Helped my husband train for Boston. Now I am helping him train through cancer. Running reminds us to keep moving forward.

  292. I helped coach the cross country team at my daughters’ school. I am a slow runner, but never give-up. I like to run with the kids at the back of the pack and encourage them to keep going. My most triumphant running moment of 2014? Every time we all crossed the finish line at practice! Helping kids learn to love running is a great feeling! I bet it would feel even better in the new Saucony Triumph!

  293. I managed to convince myself that dropping my daughter off at daycare early a few days a week is not the worst thing ever and that carving out time for me to run is better for everyone.

  294. I planned and trained for a destination race with my college roommate. It was a perfect weekend, and we both had a PR in the 10K!

  295. My new years resolution for 2014 was to do something I had never done before and I’m so proud to say that I accomplished that in Triumphant fashion. I completed my first 10K, 10 miler, half marathon and marathon this year!!

  296. I ran. That’s all. It was a very crazy busy year, the year of juggling aging parents and my regular life and I was happy to keep running through all of it.

  297. Unintentionally (meaning I didn’t set out in 2014 to run this much!) running a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon, and my favorite 2-mile Turkey Trot with my boys. It was a blast!

  298. I conquered my years-long running-related hip issues by starting a routine of several particular hip-opening yoga stretches after every run. So tedious, but it completely cured all hip pain, which is something no doctor or physical therapist had been able to do. Wow!

  299. I finished my 2nd Ragnar (Great River) and it was fantastic. Nothing else like it (for 2015, our team has signed up for Chicago Ragnar). I need new shoes! Love you ladies!

  300. 2014 was the year I came back to running and back to me. It was the year I did something for myself – take back my health – and prove that I was stronger than I thought by running the challenge in November. Thanks for a great year!

  301. I broke my toe this summer and getting back out on the running road had been a struggle. But I did it and I am soooo happy!

  302. I ran my 1/2 marathon PB of 2 Hours! Felt Great!! I also ran the most runs I have done in a year in 2014. It was a great year!

  303. Too many Triumphs in 2014 to name: my first hat trick race (Heartbreak Hill), an almost 18 minute marathon PR, and staying injury free! Woohoo!! I’ll spare you the rest but it was a great year!!

  304. Running Cape Cod Ragnar and two 1/2 marathons! My husband made me a medal holder last year for Christmas and I love seeing it fill up with bling!

  305. My return to running on November 1, 2014 after a 14 month hiatus forced by a surgery and then an ugly crash. 14 months of PT and no running (after 16 years of running 6 days a week!) and now, I am FINALLY back at it!

  306. One triumphant thing that happened in my running this year was losing all of the baby weight I put on when I was pregnant with my son in 2013. To me, it is huge to be able to squeeze back into my jeans! BTW, loving the red jeans, Dimity! 🙂

  307. 2014 is/was a great running year. Injuries of the past came to an end (PF, stress fracture, & IT band issues). As a result I ran several more races and MY.FIRST.HALF! 13.FUN got me to the start line confidently. (and I’m not broken after!) WAHOOO!!!!!!!

  308. My big triumph was coming back from a devastating knee injury that took me out of ultra training. I had packed a LOT Of emotional and physical energy into running 40 for my 40th, including a whole project of “Paying it (40)-ward.” Had surgery in March and was a PT rock star. I’m back at it and ready to rock Boston in 2015. I hope I never have to triumph like that again… But I’d sure like them shoeeeesssss……!

  309. My triumph was completing my first half-marathon! I’ve wanted to run one since the birth of my first child almost four years ago but kept making excuses. In January, I made the commitment that 2014 was going to be my year. I trained. I got injured. I stopped training. I wavered about participating but decided I would regret it my entire life for not trying. It wasn’t pretty, but I finished. The next day, I signed up for my next half. I’m a Saucony gal and would love these bad boys to start the next leg of my journey.

  310. I ran a 10k with my three BRFs and we crossed the line holding hands. And My outside hand was on my stroller of my new baby (who won’t take a bottle). It was special as the Marine Corps moved one of them across the country shortly after.

  311. I ran 6 miles when I first found out I was pregnant. Probably the only triumph for this pregnancy (the bouncing makes my stomach queasy now) but it was good while it lasted.

  312. A strong 22 mile training run after a HORRIBLE 20 miler. I was playing mind games with myself the whole 2 weeks between these runs, my confidence was shot, and I was so proud I was able to do it WELL.

  313. I have found some awesome mother runners to share a 5am run with after moving states! I consider myself so lucky and very triumphant!

  314. I completed a 15k. My longest distance yet. I also encouraged other women in my life to run and feel great that a couple of them took me up on it… 🙂

  315. As an over-the-hill age grouper triathlete, running has always been the most challenging triathlon component for me. But last winter (which turned out to be the worst winter in 20+ years in Northern Virginia), I joined a running group. I was terrified and intimidated and felt shame at my poor running ability after so many years. But the group was so inviting, and many of us bonded each week, and there was encouragement and incentive to run on the horrible rainy/snowy/sleety/freezing mornings! I made it through last winter, I hit some good PRs during my races (2 halfs and many sprint/Olympic triathlons), and I rejoined the group this winter! As an avid “non-runner”, this girl is running. By choice. And kind of enjoying it!

  316. The biggest thing for me this year is recovering from a heel stress fracture and training for my marathon next month. Last year at this time I didn’t think I’d be able to run another marathon ever. And now I have a 20 miler on the schedule on Sunday. Triumphant indeed.

  317. Frostbit my nose during a -20 degree 5k and continued to run outdoors (mostly) throughout the entire winter (with lots of Vaseline on my face). Take that, Winter!

  318. Okay – after getting over the laughing at your wonderful little blog here on the shoe story – I love your short stories! They make me smile. They also motivate me!!! Let’s see for 2014 what run triumph did I accomplish? Well, for my 45th birthday, I purchased my own ticket to fly from NC to SD to run the Leading Ladies Marathon (no I actually ran the half). Just to show my husband I can – when he said I can’t. And, I did! 2:40:09!!! And Ladies, I’m embarrassed to say it and ashamed to say it – I didn’t even train! Nope, how horrible. However, that’s how determined I was to show my husband he was wrong and that women can do anything and so can a very determined Irish girl – I went there all by myself for about five days. And, I had the time of my life. Just basically doing nothing – no “mom, mom, I need this – or Honey, honey, I need this” Just taking in the sights and hanging with some old friends and doing some hiking and running through the Black Hills of South Dakota and creating a PR and a triumph that made me so very proud of myself that I literally almost cried when I past under the finish line. I will say it was kind of a lonely feeling when there was no one at the end to cheer me on for my accomplishment (seeing as how it was my first and it may be my only) however, you know what I did it and I was so proud of myself that I can’t ever put that really in words. You just have to feel it and let it rush over you. I’m sure many of you have felt that same feeling. However, for someone who really loves you to tell you that you ‘can’t do it’ over and over and he’s supposed to be the one to show you support. Well, you know, that was a real triumph in itself to get out there and do it and show myself that he was wrong. Even though when I flew back home he didn’t even have any type of celebration for me – it hurt inside but – my celebration was I did it. And he knew it! Thanks for letting me share. xxxoooxxx Happy Holidays and Here’s to Another Fun year of hopefully running strong!

  319. I ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K earlier this year with the goal of not having to walk the final incline to the finish line (which previously felt like Mt Everest). Not only did I accomplish that, I also PR’d that race. Woo hoo.

  320. My triumph is that I started up again after recuperating from a foot injury and sciatic pain combo. I just have to take it slow and steady and that’s okay!

  321. Love the fashion shoot! If I win, I will do my own!

    My triumphant 2014 moment was running Ragnar Napa Valley with you guys and the fabulous other ladies. My most favorite race of the year! I entered the contest, which is not a normal thing I would do. I WON a spot. And I worked out the whole mom being gone thing. Then I ran all my legs and enjoyed the rest! Lots of triumph!

  322. Something new happened this year as I trained for 13.FUN…I had other mother runners asking me for tips: advice to help them balance their parenting/work responsibilities with running, new routes to try or races to attempt. It was neat to shift to a bit of a veteran. This year was also special because it was the first time that my daughters got to see me cross several finish lines. Nothing makes my heart soar like the sound of them chanting, ‘go, momma’!

  323. In 2014 I met a running mentor friend and coach who helped me set new PR’s in my 5k, 10k, and half! He had quadruple bypass surgery last week and even though he can’t run it with me, he has inspired me to try my first marathon in 2015. I know he will triumph over this obstacle and return stronger than ever!

  324. I started training again after 4 long years! It doesn’t matter that now I’m sidelined with an injury, i finally feel like an athlete again.

  325. my biggest triumph has really just been that I’ve kept on running for one more year…….that’s an accomplishment in my book 🙂

  326. I ran my first sub 7.30 mile…and then ran another…to PR in a 5K cross country race. 2014 was the year I fell in love with shorter distances!

  327. I found out that I love speedwork! I heart the high school track, which serves as a nice “cage” for my 3-year-old to run crazy but be contained within while I do my laps.

  328. Didn’t race very much this year but I kept with it and am currently working on a running streak that I hope to carry into 2015. These shoes would help me plan for my first full marathon in 2015! 🙂

  329. I ran my first marathon this January while recovering from pneumonia. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it and now I’m hooked!

  330. One “triumphant” thing that happened with my running in 2014 was running as an Angel Athlete for “myTeam Triumph”, pushing an 8 year old girl with spina bifida in a racing wheelchair in a 10K and a full marathon! These races were all about HER, not me, and they were my BEST race experiences ever!

  331. I completed Ragnar DC with a team of old and new friends. The triumph was coming out feeling like a total badass and for ONCE not worrying about my time/pace. It felt awesome!

  332. I ran my first half marathon in May. It was a nightmare. I was having IT Band trouble and I ended up walking a good part of the race. After that I went through a couple months of PT and began training for another half marathon. I ran the second half in October and came away with a 30-minute PR over the first one! Needless to say, I am hooked. Next race: April 18!

  333. Returning to marathon training (my first) after busting my stem (distal fibula stress fracture) with the help of an awesome coach on Training Peaks. Thanks AMR for turning me on to TP!

  334. I’m excited to announce I’ve had my best running year yet… PR in 5K, 8K, half & full marathon AND finally qualified for Boston!! (yet, I’m sad right now that my knee hurts and I’m feeling challenged by running goals… but yet, better times on the horizon!!)

  335. 2014 was a GREAT running year for me! Full of triumphs. I am so grateful. I have been running for 3 years, increasing my mileage each year. In 2014, I have run 700 miles! Woohoo! I’m so proud of my ongoing effort. 700 miles means that I had to run pretty consistently all year.

  336. I’ve started running again. I had backed away to do some serious strength training and found I was missing my runs, so I’ve started doing them again and they are so wonderful!

  337. I organized a (successful!) 5K to support our public schools, I ran a 10K-running the whole way and hitting my goal time, AND I (finally) got my 5K down to 30 minutes. Actually, this was a pretty triumphant year ♥

  338. For me, my 2014 running triumph was running my first 5k race with my middle daughter(MG)as her Girls on the Run running buddy. After years of wanting to be a runner and tons of starts that ended almost before they began, I finally knuckled down and promptly got bitten by the running bug!:) I kept it up after the May race and last weekend ran my second 5k race, once again as MG’s running buddy.:)

  339. I had my fourth baby in March (not running related but sure is a triumph). I started training as soon as I could and, in September, I ran my first half marathon! Now I’m signed up for two more.

  340. I ran my first half to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Did another half a month later and yet another one in October. Momma needs new shoes!!

  341. My most triumphant in 2014 is training for my “A” race in May and finishing a 50 miler in under 12 hours. This was a epicly scenic course with 10,000 feet of elevation. I CONQUERED IT!

  342. My biggest triumph in 2014 happened on March 1…I started running. I have never been a runner; ever. But since deciding to sign up for that first 5k I have gotten hooked. Proud to say that I have run 5 k’s, a 10k, a 10 miler, and a half marathon this year! Looking forward to an even better 2015 and would LOVE to have these shoes to take me there!

  343. After foot surgery in December 2013, my most triumphant run was in March – the first time I was able to get a few miles in without pain.

  344. My triumph was being patient through injury and keeping my long term goal in mind and I was able to run that goal race and was very very close (but not quite to) my goal time.

  345. My biggest triumph this year was returning to running 2 weeks after a heart Cath secondary to a suspected heart attack. I’ve had to switch my planned January marathon to the half-marathon, but I’m still running!

  346. I started running (really running) in 2014- last January in an effort to lose the post babies chub. I ran my first 2 half marathons- something I never though possible. As a self-proclaimed “non-runner” I think I’m getting the hang of it!

  347. The STANDOUT thing – watching my son, a HS Jr., complete a 5k race 9 months after an accident requiring his lower left leg to be reconstructed with pins and plates. Brings tears even as I write the words.

  348. My 2014 running triumph was getting back in the half marathon game. I blew my PR away by 20 minutes and felt amazing (well, if you don’t count the last 2 miles!). Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.

  349. My 2014 running triumph is that I have learned how to run with two 90# German Shepherd dogs tagging along. As a side benefit, my arms have never looked better, LOL!!

  350. I ran my first half marathon for the strava prove it challenge, and ended up running two more this year. I never thought I’d be able to say I ran one!

  351. My triumphant moment took me all year to achieve and I’m so proud of myself. I started 2014 already 4 months pregnant and run up until I was about 38 weeks. A week later I was holding my beautiful, wonderful second child. I took my required amount of time off from running but when I got back into it, I really wanted to see what my body could do. This past Saturday, I shattered my goal of a sub 27 minute 5k and set a PR of 25:54! That’s a pace of 8:16! Next up for 2015, my first half (!) and to try and keep up (or even beat) my hubby in a race.

  352. these shoes are beautiful! my triumphant success this year was consistently running (no walking) 3 miles three times a week. i’m still working on increasing the distance and speed, but this consistency is promising.

  353. I ran two half-marathons this year as part of a challenge and motivation to prepare for the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge. My best friend moved across country, so we have been motivating one another to continue running and are meeting up in February. This year was about finding myself, a love for running and influencing others – I got my mom to run two 5K’s this year!