Hump Day Giveaway: Smith Pivlock Asana

Smith Pivlock Asana
I mean, how can you not drool over these new Smith Pivlock Asana frames? Plus, they make me want to be Elsa all over again at the runDisney races.

Although we're pretty much immersed in darkness from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. these days, the Colorado sun still does not disappoint. Bright and intense, it makes me feel like I'll be ready to audition for the California raisins before I'm 50.

I often quote a statistic I heard somewhere, sometime (or read somewhere, sometime) that Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine a year. (The Colorado Climate Center explains this isn't quite true, but adds the Denver area has only 30-40 completely overcast days a year. My translation: 300+ days of sunshine!)

Which means I'm pretty much always wearing sunglasses. While I try to run in the morning, my bed can slurp me up in the dark, cold morning, and I sometimes concede: I love a good lunch run in crisp fall air. As the snow begins to fall, I am even more in favor of a noon-time jaunt. So although I'm far from training from another Ironmother, my Smith Pivlocks still put in plenty of miles through the winter months.

Ah, my golden days. Good old 2013.
Ah, my golden days. Good old 2013.

Although my Ironmother glasses continue to run strong, Smith has restyled them a bit. Still featherweight and so minimal, the Smith Pivlock Asana, which feature an adjustable nosepiece, rest gently on your nose and ears—and, once they're in place, you don't notice them again. They don't fog, they don't slip, they provide supreme protection from all the sun's rays, and, perhaps most importantly, solidify your reputation as a badass mother runner.

We're thriled to give away a pair of the new Smith Pivlock Asana frames today; in order to enter, please answer this question—based on the bed slurping comment above—in the comments below: Say you plan to exercise five days a week. How many days do you typically make? How often are you coming up with plan B (I'll exercise at lunch, when my kid naps, after dinner, tomorrow) as you lie in bed?

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 11/5/14 and ends on 11/11/14. We will announce the winners on our Facebook page on 11/13/14, as well as notifying the winner by email. One entry per person. The value of  each prize is approximately $159.00. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

576 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Smith Pivlock Asana

  1. I plan on 6 – but know I am really going to make 5. Building in cushion of a day makes me feel not as guilty when things just don’t go my way.

  2. I plan on 5, but lately (thanks to Daylight Savings ending) I’ve been only making 3. This week’s goal is 4 of 5. Let’s do this!

  3. I change my plan at least 50% of the time. Between work, kids, volunteering, and a husband who is gone half the year flying planes, be flexible is the best way to ensure I actually get my workouts in. I do try to not drop days, though, even if it means shifting days off. I need my workouts to stay sane.

  4. If I make a plan to work out, I don’t miss it. Unless of course I’m ill or injured. That said it’s 3-5 times a week. It varies due to my children’s schedule. 90% of my workouts have to be done in the pre-dawn hours, but I hungrily await my long runs on the weekend when I get to see the sun! Plan B is only used when I’m hurt and have to adjust my planned workout to accommodate my injury.

  5. If I have it planned, there’s a really good chance that I’ll follow through. So I’d say that I’d do 4 for sure, but mostly likely 5. My guilt sets in if I don’t do it! I have to do it right away in the morning otherwise it becomes much easier to find excuses to not do it.

  6. During the week I get up to run before the kids are up for school while marathon training. If I don’t, it probably won’t happen. Early morning I don’t have time to think about what I’m doing, and don’t negotiate much. When I’m not training I’m more flexible but generally try to run 5 times a week, sometimes after dinner.

  7. I actually never miss a scheduled workout. I’m a morning person so if I have to get up a little earlier than normal to fit my run in then that is what I do. I always plan ahead, have workouts on the calendar sometimes a month in advance.

  8. Not lying here I promise…I’m managing 5 solid days right now! A few years ago I’d say 3.5-4 but now I’m doing well at 5 🙂

  9. I try to run at least four days a week. Depending on how busy the week is with extra-curricular school activities, I usually accomplish 3-4.

  10. I typically plan to do 5 and I usually get in 4-5 days. I prefer to run outside but we bought an elliptical about a year ago that is usually my Plan B. I’ll exercise while the girls are finishing their homework or playing.

  11. I plan for 3-4 and manage prob 2-3. Between 3 kids and full time school for myself there is always a plan B in the works 🙂

  12. I usually plan for five days a week, but usually only make 3 consistently and end up throwing gear in the car on the other days just in case a free moment magically occurs (almost never)…

  13. I shoot for everyday because I know realistically I will make it 4-5 days and I am happy to do that whenever possible!

  14. Always coming up with a plan b, and sometimes it works – sometimes it does not work. I have found that I need to give myself a break when I don’t get all the work-outs in that I plan to. It is not the end of the world, and tomorrow is another day. We all get a pass once in a while!

  15. My goal is always to workout 6 days a week. When I go to classes at the gym, the appointment needs to be made in advance, so I am always committed to 4 days a week. Those other two days are wild cards – but my motivation for sticking to it is finding a friend or group of friends to run with!

  16. I plan to exercise 5 days a week and typically make 4-5 of them…but only 2 are in the morning (and 1 is on the weekend so morning is really just before the college football games start)! I’ve been looking for a good pair of sunglasses those and would LOVE these!

  17. I love my smith shades! they’re the first glasses that I love to run in.
    lately, I’ve been running 5 out of 7 days lately

  18. Lately with the cold and rain I have been making about 4 days. I tend to end up with an extra rest day when work is stressful. But the next day I fight tooth and nail to make sure I get my run in 🙂

  19. I usually manage 2 days up early, 2 evening planned workout and a lot of time the 5th will be less planned due to work/kids schedules.

  20. As more of a triathlete than a runner myself, I certainly workout 5-6 days a week. The seventh (or 6th) is active recovery, so yoga, whirlpool, foam rolling, walk around the park with kiddos. Either way I’m always moving. When life happens, it must be acknowledged. So as I’m lying in bed with obstacles to my fitnes, I prioritize. Can I squeeze in a swim before nap time (kids can go to childcare at the gym, which is a massive bonus)? Are they too cranky so I should wait till hubby gets home and try to run 4 miles then instead? Oh but what about dinner? Slow cooker? Pot roast it is! That is just one example of the ridiculous conversations I have with myself when an unexpected runny nose presents itself, or I’m up at 3am with a teething baby, or a flat tire occurs. I’m sighing right now just thinking of it. Ah but such is life!

  21. if my plan is 5, I’m pretty reliable for 4. Sometimes I’ll swap in a bike for a run. It always helps if I have an audiobook that I can’t wait to hear the next part!

  22. I manage to consistently hit my days-run target, largely (I think) because I use running to regroup during the lunch hour at work. But I must admit that my weekend plans to get up early and get it done often get shifted toward later runs, especially in the winter.

  23. If I plan on 5 days I usually make it about 4. This week I ALMOST talked myself out of one of my runs but I still got it in. The alarm went off at 5am, I reset it to 6 and was laying there. After a few minutes I just thought, “Don’t think, just go” and I got up and went!

  24. I hate to admit that it is harder to stick to my plan as the days get shorter. And I regret it cuz it is hard to make up the time. I must do better!

  25. If I plan to exercise 5 days a week I stick to that faithfully unless I am sick or injured. I get so much satisfaction from crossing off a workout and I feel great when I’m done (whereas if I skip a workout or put it off for a day, I feel bad mentally and physically)! Sometimes that means I need to run in 90 degree CA sun, and sometimes that means I’m heading to the gym at 7 p.m., but it’s better than missing a workout!

  26. I’ve been training for the Philadelphia marathon for five months, and attempt to plot out the five days a week and how much to run each day to meet weekly mileage goals. My thoughts have been occupied until just this week (finally, taper!!!) with when will I run, how much, will I meet the goal. Weather, work, husband traveling, car troubles, you name it – it’s all happened and caused adjustments and more thinking about Plan B adjustments!

  27. I usually will miss one of my planned workouts a week. Sometimes it’s so hard to find the motivation when I have a million other things going on at the same time. I am not a morning person so my workouts are always in the afternoons/evenings so that makes it easier to skip them. I am going to try to switch slowly to AM workouts just so I can get them done and out of the way.

  28. I have to be up too early for work to run in the morning, so I usually end up missing at least 1 workout a week from life getting in the way. I actually tried once this summer when it was getting light out before 5am and my legs basically refused to move! I gave up after 2 extremely slow miles.

  29. These days I truly look forward to getting in my workout before 7am in order to clear my heads, get the juices running, and have energy for the day. My run often relieves a lingering migraine and balances out my IBS stomach. I know it’s crazy and not the norm, but my body feels so much better running than sleeping these days!

  30. I workout five-six days/week. I make them all. Plan B 2-3 of them as the guilt runs strong with regards to missing a workout.
    As a side note, these would be cool to win as my current pair broke in the starting corral at the Marine Corps Marathon. I managed to keep them together for the race Awkward! They officially bit the dust in the finisher’s chute.

  31. I wish I could get up in the morning and workout. I’m just not a morning person. I have realized that so all my workouts are Plan B. I work out either before dinner or after. That is my time. It is always planned around kids events. It’s just the way I roll.

  32. I feel like I spend a lot of time planning my runs and kettlebell classes, I check the weather check everyone’s schedule and make a good plan…then life happens and it gets all goofed up and I begin with plan b. I try for 4-5 days running and three kettlebell classes.

  33. I’ve just started planning my runs on my Outlook calendar — keeps me from scheduling other things and letting the running get away from me. Unfortunately I’m not so good with non-running workouts. Lucky to “find the time” to get one strength workout in during a week. Hmm, I think a New Year’s Resolution may be brewing….

  34. I planned on running 2 halfs and 2 full marathons this year. Instead, the whole year was a Plan B. I got injured and haven’t done any of those races. But, I did learn to swim. And, the plan is to get back out there in another couple of months and train for a spring race.

  35. I usually make it 4 unless it’s a good week and I stay on track. I’ll either skip that day or adjust (switch a cross train day into the run day for example).

  36. I generally plan on running 6 days and get in all 6 days but there’s probably one day every two weeks where I have to go to plan ‘b’ and get the workout in at another time in my day. I’m a plan follower so I try and always work off a plan so I stay accountable.

  37. Laying in my bed at night, especially on Sunday night!, my plan for the week is usually running 3 times a week with 3 other mornings for taking the dogs out for a walk followed up with some strength training. The reality? Runs 2-3 days a week, dog walks twice a week and maybe a strength training day thrown in. Damn my warm selfish bed!

  38. i try to run 5 days a week, but working 12 hour shifts in steel-toed boots is hard on your legs! i try to run BEFORE work at least 2 days and get the rest in on my days off. shoot for 5-6, but happy with 3-4 days. that’s life!

  39. I set my alarm for 15 min earlier than I need to get ready, so if the bed lulls me into “later”, It’s only 15 minutes later and I still have time for my run. I know if I don’t get it done in the am, the chances of a lot later is virtually nil.

  40. I’m not a slurper LOL… I run almost every single one of my runs with at least 2 other mother runners. I would hate to cancel on them! I love our conversations and would miss them if I didn’t go. I think I have cancelled all of twice… once for severe insomnia (4:30 AM hill repeats were on tap), and once for severe diarrhea!

  41. Unless I’m sick, if I plan on working out 5 days a week, I’m working out 5 days a week. And most of the times it ends up being 6 days. The internal guilt trip of NOT working out just kills me.

  42. I usually give myself 5 days with one of those days being “optional”. It is so much easier to be okay with missing one easy day of working out if I give myself permission ahead of time. Most weeks, I will make all 5, but sometimes life is hectic, and when it is hectic, the last thing I need is a self-imposed guilt trip.

  43. 9 out of 10 over my two weeks of 5 days 🙂
    I am a later-in-the-day exerciser so plan B usually evolves throughout the day and concludes with an announcement at dinner that I will be making a late night run to the gym after the kids are on the way to bed.

  44. If I plan on 4 days I do all 4, although not always on the pre-assigned day of the week. I will adjust to accommodate life and schedules. I am entirely Type A about training plans, but when I am in between plans (where I am right now) I flounder and fight with myself to do ANYthing 4 times during the week! It’s not pretty!

  45. Usually if I plan to run 5 days, then I run 5 days. BUT if something is feeling “not quite right”, then I take a day off. I definitely don’t want to get injured and lose many, many days!

  46. Sundays I have my “attack the week” attitude. I tell my boys and hubby all about my workout plans for the week and swear it’s going to be the best week ever. Then Monday (and soccer) arrives, then Tues (Spanish story time) then Wednesday… You get the picture. Luckily, we have a gym at work, so if I skip my morning workout I am able to hit the gym, or go out for a quick run, during lunch. Fortunately (or unfortunately), my job is pretty stressful, so I’m more than happy to take an hour for myself at least 3-4 times a week. And my Saturday/Sunday mornings are blissful because I try to get up early and just hit the pavement and not look back (until I get the text from my hubby: “Where are you?”).

  47. I plan 5 running days. If I’m on a training schedule, I’m really good about making all 5 happen when planned, even if it means dragging myself out of bed at 4 AM. If I’m not on a schedule, I usually make 4-5 happen, sometimes shorter than planned, and sometimes at a different time than originally planned.

  48. I plan for 5 but usually am fitting it in wherever I can and only planned a day or two in advance. I am queen of Plan B. Juggling fitting in both my husband and my workouts with both if us working and 2 young kids is always a challenge but we make it a priority. Communication is key!

  49. I plan for 6 and usually make 4 or 5. I exercise in the early hours, so it’s all too easy for me to skip a workout if I don’t employ Dimity’s “Don’t think just go” mantra!

  50. I usually plan for 5 and actually do 4… But I typically know at the start of the week that only 4 will happen so I mentally plan an easy one for the morning that I am least likely to want to get up early so that if (when) it gets missed it is the less important one and if I wake up that morning debating then I know I don’t have a tough workout planned which usually makes it easier to go. Lots of don’t think, just go mornings here!

  51. I set an attainable goal for myself – which is 3 days of running per week and I achieve it with 90% success. I am closer to 100 if I’m training for a race. A goal seems to be the motivation I need to get out of bed!

  52. It depends. If I am in the middle of the “1/2 marathon finish it plan” then I really try to make every day on it. If i am not trainng for anything specific my bed can sometimes swallow me whole, especially on the RARE occasion where my husband gets up in the morning and whispers “you stay in bed, i’ll get the kids this morning” then a 747 landing in my bedroom wont get me out!

  53. i usually plan 4 workouts a week, however most of the time I get at least 3 in. I’m a wus when it comes to running in the rain. I will wait until the next day to run

  54. If I plan for 5 workouts a week, I will find a way to make that happen almost every time. But every now and then the alarm sounds and I give it the old “F-U!” and go back to sleep. I’m only human…

  55. I map out my exercise schedule for the week on Sundays. I run 3-4 days, 2 days off and normally 1 day of strength training. I consistently make 4-5 days of exercise happen:)

  56. I’ll make every day I plan…in the morning before the kids wake up, I’m out the door by 5:30. Sleeping in is not an option.

  57. I try to exercise 6 days a week.I always seem to be able to squeeze it in somehow. It’s just a huge priority to me having a good day/week.

  58. Plan? What? I’ve read about “planning” on the internet…

    Actually I’m a great planner and need the loving task master of a training plan in my life. I plan 6 days a week and stick to it.

  59. I’m usually pretty good at meeting my exercise goals, but my schedule has a lot of flexibility, so it’s easy for me to find ways to fit in the exercise.

  60. If I have a firm plan (e.g. Half Marathon Finish it) I’ll make almost every workout every week. when I’m on a loose schedule, I’m a 3 out of 5 person. I do best if I have several run/workout partners to help me stay accountable.

  61. Usually 4 out of 5. If my plan is written out and pinned on the wall, the guilt trip, more often than not, keeps me on track.

  62. During the school year…3
    During the summer…5 and sometimes 6!
    I”m always thinking about plan B and sometimes that means walking with purpose to the van. 🙂

  63. If I plan 5, I’ll make 5, 95% of the time. I used to ONLY exercise in the morning – even if I had no plans for the day. Now I’m only guaranteed to get up if that is my only option that day… I’m starting to worry about the runner I’ll be in my retirement years.

  64. During the week, I do about 4 days a week and can usually make that work in the evenings after my daughter goes to bed. I do my weekend long run in the early mornings before my daughter wakes up…or at least that is the plan. It doesn’t always work out perfectly, but we try.

  65. I honestly do better when training for a race. Otherwise,motivation is lacking and I have something come up at least once a week. I wish I could say I would make up a missed workout in the evening. But if it doesn’t happen before 6am life honestly gets in the way.

  66. I have a few races coming up including a 1/2 marathon, so I am trying very hard to stay on plan, even if that means doing a 5 am treadmill run. I have found if I do not exercise in the morning, it just is not going to happen due to too many other commitments in the day; knowing that usually gets me out of bed and my running shoes on.

  67. On Sunday evening, I try to make an exercise plan for the week based on the number of meetings I have–faculty meetings, book club, Bunco, Happy Hour birthday celebrations, etc. If I plan ahead, I’m usually 90% successful. If I wing it, I’m maybe 30% successful. My plan B consists of texting my BRFs asking who can go for a last-minute run.

  68. I am pretty good if I’m following a plan. Not on a plan, making it happen becomes a challenge. My runs are all over the place (4:30am, lunch, after work, after my kid is in bed). You name it, I’ve tried it!

  69. since I’m part of a paid coaching program, where we post our workouts on FB, I rarely miss workouts. If I do miss the one scheduled for that morning, I squeeze it in after work but my evenings are busy, so it makes me late for something else and someone is usually waiting on me.From a 20 week training program,I have probably missed 1 workout…that’s why I went with a program…accountability.

  70. More often than not I end up meeting my goal number of runs. It’s not always easy with kids, work, etc. I’ve had to learn when I’m more susceptible to skipping workouts and make contingency plans. For example, I hate running in the summer (I live somewhere with high heat and humidity), so I decided to commit to running with a group of early morning runners to ensure I would get up (accountability) and avoid the hottest parts of the day. During the summer season I know if I don’t get up as intended, I’ll pretty much miss out on running so that helps. Hallelujah for the cooler temps we are finally getting!

  71. I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive. I’m much more likely to gut it out through my workout when I shouldn’t than I am to skip it or put it off. If I plan 5 workouts, I do 5 workouts. *note this is why I get injured every year!

  72. If this were summer my answer would be 5, but now that the light is fading I’m ashamed to say 3…it’s so darn easy to find an excuse when it’s dark. BUT I just moved to Salt Lake City from Maine and I am loving the weather!!!!

  73. I hope for 5, and usually hit them all…I am lucky enought to have a gym at work (lunchtime runs) and a dreadmill at home (late night after kiddos are asleep runs) 🙂

  74. I hate to admit that if I plan on 5 I actually hit 3-4. But, I’m working on that. I know I have to get my exercise in before work or it’ll get overcome by events and it’s hard to on these very dark fall mornings. The time change is helping and getting up a tad earlier than my work out so I have time for coffee has helped too…

  75. I tend to hit all my workouts, however I’m a big time staller. I’ll avoid and stall my workouts I don’t want to do. However, it’s made me enjoy a good lunchtime run!

  76. We (my BRFs) and I have set days we meet at the crack of dawn. We are in a routine, so we usually make it unless one of us gets sick. I always try to be there so that my girls aren’t running in the dark alone.

  77. ha ha I get 4 days in easy because I can only run in the morning before everyone is up but I ALWAYS SNOOZE ON ONE DAY ha ha

  78. Since my kids went back to school, I have been diligent about running five days a week. I have been wondering how committed I will be once the weather turns and there are some windy, cold, snowy days. That may require being adaptable by running later in the day or inside.

  79. I run 3 days a week and cross train the other 3 days. One day off per week. I am the neighborhood “crazy lady” out in all kinds of weather!

  80. Gotta run first thing in the morning! If I put it off, it won’t get done! Although, Indiana cold and snow are threatening the outside run….ugh, the t-mill!

  81. I run 4 days a week and cross-train one day. If something happens and I don’t get them all in, I rarely try to squeeze it in somewhere else. I left the idea of exercise being a have-to-do-no-matter-what behind a while ago. I already have stress – why add more? Running is my escape, not a burden.

  82. I shoot for 5. If I’m training for something I usually hit all 5, but may hit only 3 or 4 days if I’m not training for something at the moment. Winter is the hardest to get out the door, but once you’re out…it’s the best!!

  83. My goal is five workouts a week. I’m pretty happy if I get four. If I haven’t slept well or the weather is icky outside, I’ll often bargain with myself to get to stay in bed and workout later. Unfortunately, the later almost never happens – because, well, life.

  84. i generally aim for 5 and definitely do all 5. They may not be exactly what I’d planned for (plan on a run, but need to use my elliptical instead), but I do my best to do something!

  85. I’ve been getting in 6/6. I suffer from SAD and getting up at o’dark thirty and meeting friends at the gym helps a lot. The accountability factor (we text each other on our way to the gym) and being in the bright lights around other people also helps. On the weekends I can run outdoors so I get a dose of Vit D. Winters in the Northwest are LONG, dark and wet (or white).

  86. I plan for 6 days a week and usually make it 6/6. I think I’m so successful about getting out the door because I have accountability partners for all my workouts. If I don’t show, someone from my body pump class will track me down, and I run with my local MRTT chapter or BRFs 3X per week. If I’m running solo, I text my BRFs and tell them about my running plan so I have someone I have to report my workout to later.

  87. Usually that is how it goes. I plan for 5 and get in 4. No bed slurping here. I don’t run in the morning except on the weekend and then have friends I’m accountable to meet up with. But as a full time working mom sometimes activities get in the way.

  88. Hmm, during this time of year that’s crazy…probably 4. And 2 of those are set classes making the other 2 where I could easily talk myself out of doing. (Which happened all of October! Yikes!)

  89. Honestly, 5! Unless it is raining. I’m terrible at motivating myself to do something inside at my established time. Like right now… I guess ill go put a dvd in…

  90. In the winter my commitment falters. No matter the time if year if I don’t get out in the morning it likely won’t happen. So my five day goal often becomes three this time of year. Wish I could take advantage of noon runs, I’d like to think of be a perfect five!

  91. I’m a SAHM so I always plan to work out after I drop off the kids at school. I probably make it 4 days a week due to appointments, errands, and everything else I cram into the school hours.

  92. I’m lucky to be able to workout on my lunch break so usually make it 4 days a week. The weekends…..that’s another story. 🙂

  93. I try for 5 days a week running and biking mixed. I didn’t have time for a long run or biking today in between carpooling, volunteering and spending quality time with hubby before he went to work. So I went out for a tortuous kick my badass mother runner butt of 4 miles of 30/30 Fartleks in hood as my neighbors looked on as they did yard work! That was 5 1/2 figure 8’s of “here I am.. BAMR” in the bright desert sun kicking my own butt! I love my Fartleks!! BAM! Got er done!

  94. If I’m planning on 5 days of the week, I’ll probably make 4 of those and at least one of those 4 will have to be rescheduled due to a sleepless night with the toddler or the kid waking up too early before I can slip out of the house.

  95. 3 days a week and I try to make the most out of those workouts. Every day I try to work it in: stairs instead if elevator, walk the dog, power laundry. 🙂

  96. I usually make 4 out of 5. I try not to stress too much about life getting in the way and try to switch out an easy workout for a tougher one.

  97. If I were to schedule 5 mornings of running, I’d probably do 4 and have one day where I swear I’ll run when my husband gets home and everyone is eating dinner. But I usually get my runs in during the early morning. I would love to solidify my rep as a BAMR in those sunglasses!

  98. Those are some gorgeous glasses!! I am very Type A about my running…I may allow an hour or two leniency if I’m having a hard time getting out the door, but I don’t let myself get away with too much 🙂

  99. Typically only 3. Weekday workouts only fit in after kiddos go to bed and when they procrastinate, I’m not always up for working out until 10 at night and having to get up at 5 to start the day. As much as I want to get the work out in, I need sleep more to function.

  100. Right now, it’s sadly only 2 if I’m lucky. I keep getting sidelined with illnesses. 🙁 I keep thinking this has to be the end. Forever the optimist, I could use some new glasses for the sunny days ahead! 🙂

  101. If I’m training then I do it, or I get really really really unpleasant to be around, or so the hubby says. If my training plan says run and I haven’t, I’ll go, no matter when I have to fit it in. If I’m not training, then life happens and I’ll usually make 3-4.

  102. I typically make it 3-4 times a week. And the thought that I won’t get a chance later in the day helps to get me out of bed. I never regret it when I get up, but might regret sleeping in! Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  103. If I plan for five days I make five days(emergency not included)
    Now if I don’t plan how many days then I won’t be so good.

  104. Realistically, I can squeeze 3 or 4 runs in per week. And they tend to be in the morning but not early am because I’m really, really not a morning person!!

  105. If my workout is on the calendar and I’m up early, then I make my workout almost every time. If I don’t have my clothes laid out or if I miss my alarm, all bets are off. I live in Texas and we also have over 300 sunny days a year. These sunglasses would be an amazing addition to my running gear.

  106. I schedule 5 days a week and allow myself one miss or re-schedule. I have to plan it out and write it down or I will hit the snooze.

  107. i am making it 4 mornings a week. I don’t get sidetracked often since I have to get everyone to school anyway and my time is after that.

  108. I’m averaging about 2-3 days a week of running with one day for cross training. My most consistent time for running has been in the early morning. I do enjoy my Sunday runs when I can run later, longer, and with the sun!

  109. If I start out sticking to my plan, I’m pretty good about following through. But if I slip up early I tend to keep sliding.

  110. I run four days and cross train two. On this cross days, I’ve bargained my morning in bed BEFORE I even go to sleep. Naptime workout it is!

  111. I probably average 4 (3 on a bad week, 5-6 on a good week). If one of the kids gets me up during the night, I generally start thinking up plan B (two kids in the stroller while the oldest is at school).

  112. It depends on if I’m training for a race but 5 is a lot of days for me and the kiddos. I’d say likely three or 4 get done. Unfortunately due to my husbands work travel and my 20 minute lunch I don’t have much wiggle room for changing up the plan. I just have to do it when I say I will!

  113. I’m usually on target for my goals but a couple times a month I go to plan B!! Which usually means just skipping the workout entirely !

  114. I’ve managed to be pretty disciplined, but I allow some flexibility in my schedule. I set out a plan for the week and as long as I get all my workouts in, I’m happy.

  115. When I’m focused on training for a half or full marathon, I’ll workout 6 days/week; 5 of which are runs. As for now, my workouts are just trying to adapt to darkness at 5:00pm! Boo daylight savings time change!

  116. I try really hard to make it 3-4/5 days. I’ve come to grips that mornings are not going to happen unless I schedule a run with a BRF. Otherwise it’s evening sand days off. 5 will probably not happen ever and I have to be ok with that. There are just not enough hrs in the day.

  117. Unfortunately, my kids’ school schedules don’t allow me to stay in bed and negotiate with myself about when to do my run. ( I refuse to wake up before 5:30 to go for a run.) So when school is in session you will find me running after I drop everyone off at 7:00am or in the evenings after homework. Either way, sunglasses are usually a must down here in S. Central TX. But my goal is to run 3 days/week. I can usually accomplish that with 7 days to choose from.

  118. Before or after my marathon? Before I was a religious plan follower. But now it’s after…colder…and darker. I’m lucky if I make two out of five! I’ve been making up for it on weekends instead.

  119. I live in Massachusetts — where the winter days are dark and long — but I crave the sunlight and spend as much time outside as possible every day – I WILL exercise AT LEAST 5 days a week – although I may choose cross training for some I will still get out to exercise my high maintenance doberman — I NEED these glasses!! thanks for your inspiration, I’ll be thinking of you on these cold winter days 😉

  120. My friends tease me because I wear sunglasses on almost every type of day. If I win these I can at least look cool while being teased.

  121. I tried to run at least two/three days a week when I’m not training. Weight lifting strength class at least twice a week and spinning class once a week. Love to exercise! When life/kids get in the way, I just do it when kids go to bed or weekend when hubby is around 🙂 I’ve also used tv as baby sitter 😉

  122. If I’m training for something important, I’ll make 5/5 work. I may have to reschedule but I will get all 5 in. When I’m not training(like now!) I make 3 or usually 4 out of 5 work. I love to exercise!

  123. I try to workout 6 days a week, with two days being at 5 am. And those two days are when I talk myself out of it. Saying I could always do it after work….and we all know how that works out!

  124. If I plan for 5 days then I typically do all 5 days, especially when training for a race. I have learned not to let anything get in the way of my morning workout….I would only be cheating myself!

  125. the goal is 3-4 runs a week…lately I’ve only been making it out 1-2 times due to knee pain & kid’s school schedules!

  126. While training for Ironman Boulder, I usually make 4-5 out of my 6 days. I have to do it first thing in the morning or it doesn’t happen!!

  127. I usually get 5x a week in but 2 of those times is usually a rejiggered workout plan. It used to irk me but I’ve eased up a bit. My feeling, as long as I get some kind of sweat inducing, heart racing workout in on those 5 days, it counts…except when I’m in the middle of training for something specific (then I’m irked!).

  128. Shades are key in FL too! Wear mine religiously, and often have major fogging issues in races. Would love to try these out.

  129. I plan for running 4 days per week plus a pretty active job, wahoo physical therapy! I get in my 4 days but sometimes the workout doesn’t start until 9 PM!

  130. I generally exercise 6 days per week (3 running, 2 cross training and 1 yoga or pilates). Sometimes I’ll sneak in a 7 day, but I’ve really learned as I’ve increased my mileage that I definitely need a rest day.

  131. I tried to do 5-6 days, but have come to realize that my body needs a rest. So now I am thinking maybe every other day to run and then something else on the other days, maybe pilates, yoga or bike…

  132. I plan, but I have a flexible plan. My goal is to never allow more than one day off between “On days”. When I was only running my body needed the down day in between. But I’ve recently taken on triathlon and it has changed my life! I very rarely have that down day now because there’s always something else I can do that uses different muscles. I feel better than I ever have.

  133. If I say 5, I’m getting in 5, unless I’m sick or something serious comes up. I almost always schedule my workouts for first thing in the morning so there’s no room for interruption!

  134. Accountability to another mother runner….and she is as crazily prompt as I am given that mornings leave no minute to spare!

  135. Four days a week is pretty much written in stone and then two days I try but sometimes life gets in the way. One day is always a rest day for me.

  136. Honestly, I’m generally pretty good about it. I am definitely a schedule-person, so if it makes it on my calendar, it makes it in my life.

  137. When doing a training plan, I can stick to it pretty well. Without a training plan is a completely different story though….if I’m shooting for 5 days a week I’m good for 3 of them, the other 2 will probably not happen. I’ll have the best intentions of doing it later in the day but I know me…if I don’t do it first thing, it will not happen.

  138. If I plan for 5, I try my best to make it 5. The flip side is if I don’t get 5 done because life takes over, I don’t feel guilty.

  139. I’m either totally on it (doing every workout without fail), or I fall into weeks where if I can get two days a week in, it’s a win. Sometimes I can get a workout in after the kids are in bed, but it’s rare

  140. If I’m on a training plan I stick to it pretty strictly but if not all bets are off especially when the weather is less than enticing. Sometimes a warm bed and extra hour of sleep win over windproof tights, hats and gloves.

  141. I plan my workouts about 2 weeks ahead and make plans to meet other runners so I don’t stay in my bed after the alarm. Since I have kids I MUST workout first thing in the morning, it will never happen any other way. We meet at 6am sharp for a 4 mile run. I sked 4 runs a week and go 3.75 times a week (occasionally change plans if my running buddies bail or a kid seems to be coming down with a cold – though that usually means I better run because that could be my only sane hour of the day) Gorgeous blue sunglasses!!!

  142. When I am on a training schedule, I follow it like a book. My husband calls me BTBL (By the Book Laura) because I don’t like to break rules. When I am not on a training schedule, I have good intentions but sometimes prefer sleep!

  143. Ok, I fully admit, I am a streaker. I plan for 7 days a week, I do 7 days a week. The last day that I missed was Feb 6, 2010. We had a huge snow storm 23 inches. I could not run on the roads, and we had no power so I could not use the treadmill. We did shovel the driveway, does that count?

  144. Well…to be realistic, I only have a Plan A. If I miss my workout, it usually doesn’t get done 🙁 Right now I am in a challenge group working out (cross training) 5 days a week and I am training for my first trail half marathon at the end of January. So….I have a feeling i may miss a couple of cross training days because my runs are a higher priority. But…I do have weeks (yes weeks!) where the bed usually wins and I always say i will get back on track “tomorrow”. For those weeks, I try to figure out what is going on in my head and deal with it, then get back on track as soon as I can 🙂

  145. I try to get five in every week, but if it doesn’t happen I try not to freak out. I’ve got three kids and a husband, and sometimes our schedules don’t allow for my planned runs.

  146. I’m not a morning runner during the week; my work and children’s schedule won’t allow a morning run (running at 4 am is not an option) so my bed slurps me up until 5 am every weekday morning. I do most of my running while my daughter is at cross country or track practice from 3:00 – 4:00pm which is my plan A and I pretty much stick to 3 days during the week and a long run on the weekend.

  147. I plan for 7 and but never do less than 6. Unless a limb falls off or something. And two did actually. I had a double mastectomy in April and felt like I got shot out of a cannon once I got the OK to resume running. Sadly, and don’t hate me, I don’t lie in bed procrastinating. As of late, perimenopause has me up like toast out of a toaster at 4:30. Yipee! Of course I AM toast by lunch…..I’ll often think of the quote by Carlos Castaneda; “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same”. And it’s true.
    P.S. “thrilled” is mispelled in the 5th paragraph…..just sayin’
    Love you guys and where’s the 3rd book? AGGHHH!

  148. I don’t want to let my training partners down. I usually have a race, plan or goal I’m working towards so I don’t want to worry about what-ifs. If all else fails I think back to when I was injured and couldn’t run and that motivates me! I would love these shades to protect my eyes from the sun. I’m a skin cancer survivor and sun protection is very important to me! A fellow mother runner friend of mine is an ocular melanoma survivor so I always protect my eyes!

  149. I plan for 5 days, and feel amazing if I make 5 happen…but I give myself some leeway when hubby’s traveling, ice storm hits, or I’m simply glued to the couch with a glass of wine after a long day of work and kids !

  150. I exercise 5 times a week. I usually resort to my plan B for two of those days. I have a treadmill, so I know if I don’t wake up early to go for a run, I have the treadmill to squeeze a run in during the day. And I like sleeping in when I can

  151. Plan B happens once or twice a week and it usually means a date on the treadmill after the kids have finished their homework and dinner.

  152. I have the best of intentions.. Thankful my running partner gets me out the door three days a week.. However, my cross training days usually mean I am chasing my boys around.

  153. I plan to exercise in some way every day because I am terrible about pushing things back if I have a chance to procrastinate.

  154. I’m a creature of habit. I run on certain days, strength train on certain days and spin on certain days. Working full time, with 2 young kids my workout schedule is the only “order” I have in my life lol! I’m thankful that I have a supportive husband who entertains the kiddos while mommy is out running 🙂 I strive for 5 days a week, but sometimes life gets in the way and I can only do 4.

  155. I really shoot for six days a week and usually make it. I work out really early in the morning but I look forward to those early runs since I’ve got two little kids and it’s pretty much the only time I have to myself during the day.

  156. I try to stick with it, and do atleast 4 to 5 days… but if I get in a good 3-4, I don’t complain especially if I know I ran really hard and made good mileage!

  157. The best laid plans always occur while I’m lying in bed feeling guilty about not exercising that day. If I can run 3x a week that’s good for this busy mother runner. But sometimes life just gets in the way. No plan B unless I can find more hours in the day.

  158. I stick to a training schedule to a fault– which has led to many an injury. But I hate going to plan B– I always regret it! It usually means the dreadmill, and I always prefer to be outside over that heap.

  159. I really try to stick to my plan, and generally do well with it, but it’s really more often WORK that gets in the way, because I typically go run, or bike, or whatever, at noon. Darn job!!!

  160. I used to follow my training plan to a T, but since I’ve been recovering from an injury, it’s been more along the lines of how I feel when I get up. And more often than I should, I feel not up to it. I need a new plan 🙂

  161. If I’m following a training plan and it says 5 days that’s what I will do. It’s gratifying to check off a workout and makes me feel like I will be prepared for whatever race I’m tackling. But if I don’t have that commitment, I tend to make excuses or put my workout on the back burner (so probably 3/5).

  162. i have been getting my workouts in all 5 but most are while my kids nap or one naps. I am not liking the cold weather

  163. If it weren’t for my running group S.W.I.F.T. {Strong Women In Fitness Together}, I would be slurping saliva and sleeping more than I need. As it stands, these ladies get me out of bed, whether it is my turn to lead or I committed to be there and meet the group.

  164. I’m not that badass as to plan 5x/week. :/ but if I can get 3x in, I’m good. I try and have a weekly plan, but in my world, that has to fluctuate so I know I will take it as it comes. I guess my “plan” is to be flexible with what the week brings, but make it happen by Saturday midnight.

  165. Very new to a real “training” schedule. Ran my first 1/2 this year with NO training. What?! Just signed up for another 1/2. I have a certified “badass” on my team again. All trainings a go to kick the ass of my first race time. All the day before my 45th bday. Boom.

  166. I typically plan to work out 5-6 days a week and depending on the week get 4-6 days. Though, on weeks I make 6 it is usually because I have scheduled workouts with friends/tri-buddies. It helps hold me accountable when the alarm goes off crazy early!

  167. I’m pretty good at sticking to my 6 day a week workout plan. Three days a week I get up at 4:30 a.m. and go to a bootcamp class and I am back home before anyone is up. My runs are also planned around when the kids are at school or on the weekend when my husband is home.

  168. I recently took a job because of the gym in the basement so I could run during lunch breaks! I usually try to squeeze in three mid week, plus one long weekend run. I’m much better at sticking to the plan if I run before going home in the evening. Once I’m home with the kids, all plans go out the window!

  169. I have intentions of working out at least 5x a week but only get to the gym 3-4x a week. Plan B comes into play when I have work or sick kids.

  170. I typically stick to my plan. If I set my alarm & it goes off, I go run. There have been times, though, when I decide the night before to skip the following morning’s workout for one reason or another…gotta listen to the body!

  171. I “plan” to workout 4-5 days a week. (see, I get in trouble right there because I already give myself a “flexible” day.) Then, when it’s extra cold, or I’m just too darn tired, I decide, “Eh, I’ll just clean harder and faster today.” Then that doesn’t happen…so I make cookies instead and I get 2-3 workouts in a week. And I’m happy, because I had a cookie. : )

  172. If I plan on five I realistically run 3 or 4. Usually because I miss a scheduled run due to husband’s work etc and I’m hopeless at sticking to a reschedule.

  173. If I have a schedule I am pretty committed to the schedule. I wouldn’t still be running 5 years later if I made excuses – because they are ENDLESS. Especially when you are a ever-tired mom of littles.

  174. Running and yoga are part of my routine, 5 days a week. Whatever is not accomplished during the week is done on the weekends. I set reminders on run keeper and sign up for races to keep me motivated.

  175. I workout 6 days a week and I do it early in the morning, before my kids are up. I set my alarm before I go to bed and it is non-negotiable for me. I need it for my physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual help–it’s the only thing I do each day that’s kid-free and just for me!

  176. And this is what happens when you do this via smart phone. You don’t read the instructions!! Ooops! Right now, feeling very motivated. Sticking to my AMR 1/2 own it plan pretty religiously. Only in week 3 though.

  177. If I’m training I’ll almost always make all my runs unless I am sick or my kiddo is sick. Strength training, well that gets pushed to the back burner way more often than I care to admit.

  178. When I have a plan and a goal 5/5, weekdays are best.
    Randon with no plan or goals 0 to 3 🙁 . Thankful I started new plan!

  179. My general plan is to work out 5 mornings; sometimes on the weekends if hubby isn’t working, I might move one day to the afternoon. I’d say 3 out of 4 weeks, I keep the 5 days!

  180. If I’m following a training plan, I will definitely get in the 4-5 days I have planned. However, if there’s no plan, I’m not as consistent. I need a training log for sure!

  181. I love the look of these sunglasses. I’ve been wearing a cheap pair of WalMart specials. Might be time to up my game 🙂

  182. I have to follow some sort of training plan or calendar so if forces me to exercise. If the training plan says to workout 5 days a week I sit down on my day off and schedule my workout times for the next 5 days so that I know I can get my workouts in even if I have to change my the days I do not workout.

  183. I plan on exercising 6 (sometimes 7) days a week and find that if for some reason my morning run doesn’t work, then I end up going to the gym on the way home from work to swim or spin or pilates.

  184. I usually get in 5 to 6 days a week. I very rarely skip a day of running part because I enjoy it so much and I figure that if I skip a day the only one I am cheating is myself. The glasses would be wonderful it is so bright first thing in the morning, the sun does shine brighter here in Colorado.

  185. right now, it’s 4 days a week (training for first half). If I start waffling, that guilty voice in my head tells me different. On a side note, I’m in Denver now preparing for my daughter’s Saturday wedding in Estes Park. I just commented to my husband that I think the sun is so much brighter out here (home is Minnesota)! But we have the sun bouncing off mounds of snow, so I’d love these glasses.

  186. Well, i am so NOT a fan of cold and snow, but here in Indiana we have to plan ahead because there is not a lot of options. Also, having 5 kids, one of which is homeschooled, my options are few. I find if i do not run in the morning, i don’t run or I have to squeeze it in on the treadmill later in the day. I am running Boston in April, so not running is really not an option for me. I worked hard to qualify and now i just have to suck it up and run. I plan on running 4-5 days a week. If something happens, i allow 1-2 days of cross training max. I have a schedule, print it off and post it where it is in front of me always and as i run, i cross off the days! I am a list maker, so this works for me!!!!

  187. I plan for 4 days a week of “therapy”. sometimes life gets in the way with sickness and injuries and other single mom duties but for the safety of us all 🙂 i try to always stick to the plan A!

  188. Well, if by “five” you mean “three,” then I’m actually pretty consistent about running all three days. The promised-to-self weekly yoga and strength training sessions, on the other hand, are about as frequent as sightings of the Yeti. Much to my physical chagrin.

  189. First of all 5 days a week is impossible for me. At best I get 3 runs and one Yoga session in. My go-to ‘adjustment’ is after dinner. I pop the kid in the stroller and go for a jog and swing by the playground before bath time. Of course now that it is winter I just let it go and figure tomorrow is a new day.

  190. Life throws curveballs so often!! Not to mention my nights tend to be pretty late which means my bed is nice and cozy to derail most thoughts of getting up and out early. My plan consists of 4 days of running, one day of cross training and 2 days of rest. I’m doing good if I get in 3 days of running consistently and I’ll count yardwork or an evening walk as cross training so I can cross that off the list. Love to cross things off the list!

  191. I stick with the plan…until I don’t stick with the plan. Which usually involves a child with vomit or a fever…then all bets are off!

  192. Since I am NOT a morning person plan B is always the winner. Usually an afternoon or evening before dinner run is my goal. Since the snow may be flying any day here, the sunglasses would be perfect to get rid of the glare off that four letter word!

  193. I am up and at it 5 days a week if that’s on my plan. It would be a really bad day if I missed my morning workout – it just won’t get done later!

  194. Since I am marathon training and I have 5 days of exercise I am supposed to do, I have to say I am really proud of myself for sticking to the 5 da a week plan – so far! I have been known to RUNCH but that is all part of the grand master plan!

  195. When I plan six days of workouts, I usually get in six days of workouts. I usually do weights in the morning and running in the evening, but things get moved around to work around weather and changing schedules. My main problem seems to be where I don’t have as much time as I thought, but I still try to do something. This ends up messing up my weight workouts a little, but I roll the workout over. I always feel better after doing a workout though, so it’s a good reward!

  196. I would work out every day I planned to. I have a spreadsheet that I track everything on and I hate to see empty boxes!!

  197. If I don’t get it in early, I know I”m not going to get it in. So I take skipping very seriously. I also benefit from two four-legged alarm clocks that wake me up for their pre-dawn breakfast whether I want to run or not.

  198. I plan to get up at 0430 every morning for yoga or a run…

    Plan B is put in play at least 4 times a week. Thankfully I work on a military installation and have free gyms and CrossFit box for my Plan B workout!

  199. My OCD side has a difficult time if I can’t check off a run/yoga/workout. These days I actually try for two activities unless the body screams for rest. I check the weather and my kids weekend sports and then plan which days I want to cross fit, run, and yoga. Goal, aim for six days of something, one day of rest.

  200. Oh, those are beautiful glasses!

    If I plan 5 days, I make 5 days, unless emergency work travel comes up (like this week). Generally I make 4-5, but my schedule is very flexible most days, so if I don’t make an early alarm (more often than not these days), I’ll get a post kid drop run or boot camp in, or a noon yoga session or run.

  201. I am Queen of plan B. I will give into anything that has to happen before about 8am. That being said I am always running in the sunshine. Would love these new shades. Mine are fogging pretty bad here in Texas. We are still seeing some 80° days.

  202. If I aim for 5, I usually make 4. I try to add an extra workout into the goal number so if I have to scrap one, I can- without too much guilt. 🙂

  203. The workout is not optional, or else it would be a slippery slope. The vacuuming or laundry might have to wait, but the workout will happen, six days a week and sometimes doubles. It is the one thing I am a control freak about. However, I am ALWAYS thinking up a plan B for my other responsibilities, usually thinking it up while getting the workout in.

  204. If I make a plan, I stick with it. With 3 small kids, a schedule guarantees that my needs aren’t ignored. 5 days a week… Rain or shine… 4:30 am is typically my window…. Funny, no one else wants that time.

  205. If I plan for five runs, then I will get them all done most of the time, but I don’t sweat it too much if only four are completed. My goal is usually miles for the week if I’m not training for anything in particular. ☺

  206. If I have 5 days on the plan, not much stops me from getting it done. The only time I miss workouts is for illness. I do have to move things around sometimes, and get up way before the sun, but I get it in.

  207. I plan for 5 days a week, and I will make it happen. Rearrange schedules, get up early, whatever it takes. The only exceptions are for unexpected kid illnesses, something that can’t be avoided this time of the year.

  208. I try to shoot for 5 days a week but lately between sick kids and a teething baby it seems like I’m lucky if I hit 3. I try to use my after the kids are in bed back up plan but if I don’t get it done first thing in the morning it’s less likely to happen. On a more positive note this weeks run have all happened so far!

  209. If I plan to run 5 days, I almost always get those runs in. It’s the cross-training that always seems to get thrown under the bus.

  210. I shoot for 6 – the 5 days a week of running and then I try to do strength or yoga. The strength or yoga gets skipped about 50% of the time in favor of sleeping in!

  211. Hey, stuff happens, right? I miss the occasional workout BUT my rule is it can’t be “just because I’m not feeling it”. Even if I’m not feeling like running, I tell myself to “just go two miles.” usually by the end of two in ready to finish the rest. I plan for 6 and I get them in… Unless there’s something out of my control.

  212. I might be 3-of-5 right now. Since the clocks have turned-back in NC, we are enjoying an earlier sunrise, which makes for a nice wake-up. so my stats are up! Let’s keep them improving. One day at a time.

  213. I am constantly rearranging my schedule to fit it my runs. With a full time job and 4 busy active kids something constantly comes up. It’s always a struggle, and my last resort is getting up at 5am to go before work, because I know I’ll hit the snooze! But if I’m scheduled for 5 days, I usually get 5, because I am so good at juggling my schedule.

    I am dying to win these, because I want them really bad but I’m too cheap to buy them!

  214. If 5 days are on the schedule then it’s 5 days to be done. I learned long ago no plan b self discussion while in bed, on the way home from a crappy day at work or anywhere else. GET THE WORKOUT DONE! It’s too da#n hard to fit the workout in somewhere else and I know how I feel if I don’t have a legitimate excuse to miss a workout. And there is no rearranging of schedules at 5 am so it’s officially no guilt time for being away from the kids.

  215. If I plan on exercising 5, then I always do 5. Rarely have a plan B unless something unexpected comes up. I’m not known as the “gym rat” by my friends for nothing! 🙂

  216. I plan on running 3 days/week because when I do more, it has always ended in injury (this 40-something body ain’t what it used to be). Cross train on the alternate days.
    Isn’t the time laying in bed intended for coming up with excuses and alternate plans!

  217. If I plan 5 days, I usually run 6 days. I never decide that morning. I always scope the whole week ahead and figure out exactly where my runs will fit in and then I follow through! If an emergency comes up, that’s when I have my day off and then resume the plan!

  218. I usually stick to the plan on number of days. I do have to re-arrange schedules quite often. If I think I’m going to be rushing, I’ll add 2 days of lifting to another day and just run or add another mile to another day to make a run shorter. I’ve learned I’m a much better person when I’m not rushing.

  219. I always aim for 3 days of running + 2 days of cross-training. The running always goes well, but the cross-training is tougher. These days, with our youngest son’s disabilities deteriorating, I’ve been doing good to get 1 day of cross-training in each week.

  220. Staying in bed is really not an option since my high schooler leaves the house before 6 am and needs a lift to the bus stop… and neither are lunch time runs (I usually eat lunch in my office trying to get work done – I know, not the best way to spend my “lunch hour”, but…), and evenings are the usual mess that exists in most houses where both parents work, kids have to be driven to practice, etc. So, I have no excuses – unless I want to be at the office extra early.

  221. The “strive for 5” as I call it sometimes only ends in 3-4. I am not a morning runner…or morning person for that matter. The bed slurps me constantly. Getting the kids up and to school and myself to work is an accomplishment most days. I typically run in the late afternoon or early evening. Afternoon runs on Saturdays and Sundays are awesome in the fall here in Ohio. And plan B happens quite often as my kids (12 and 8) are involved in many after school sports. I sometimes resort to running around campus while my daughter is at basketball practice.

  222. I plan for it everyday, knowing that with 3 kids 9,7, and 4, that ends up being 4 or 5 days at best. My husband travels, so I hit the trails when he is in town. It is early during the summer when they are all home, and during preschool hours in the school year. The most I can do on the dread mill is 8 miles, and it is SOO boring.

  223. I usually shoot for a minimum of 4 days of running. Most weeks, that happens but right now I’m still working out logistics (M-W I run before the kids get up and shower after drop off; except when I can’t. Sigh.). That leaves a long run on Saturday. I don’t always feel like it’s enough. I rarely stay in bed, tho.

  224. If I actually have a “plan” to work out I, generally, will do it. My problem comes when I say to myself “I’ll get up early, but just in case I’ll set this other alarm, too” When I set a later alarm, I almost never get up early. I used to use the excuse in the winter that it is way too cold – it is unsafe to be outside in -40F, but recently got a treadmill; so I’m going to OWN this winter.

  225. I usually plan for 4 days of running. I usually like to only run in the morning. If I miss the morning run, I cannot get my run in. I have to make sure I add more steps in my day. My day doesn’t go right if I don’t get my run in the morning.

  226. It depends on whether I am training for a race – if I am training for a race, then I probably “postpone” 1 out of 5 of my morning workouts in favor of sleeping in. However, if I am not training for anything in particular, then the number goes up to 4 out of 5. Which is why I need to always be training for a race.

  227. Most days I plan for five, lucky to get four! I signed up for a class at the gym and I also sign up for races so that I try to stick to a schedule. My problem is that migraines can put the kibosh on a run and my migraines are triggered by wonderful sunlight. For example, beautiful sunshine and then the shadows of trees quickly flying by while driving my car can set me off if I don’t have proper shades on. Winter is just as bad with the reflection off the snow!

  228. I try to keep to 4 days a week with wiggle room to do 3 only if something comes up. 5 days if I can find the time. I am a SAHM and work part time in between that so running for me is the only thing I do for myself and I try to make that happen. I have a schedule of Tues & Thurs afternoons and Sat & Sun mornings. It’s my therapy! 🙂

  229. i get out there and run about 4 days a week. every evening I aspire to get out there early but it never happened. Until today. Made it to the Philly art museum in time to run with November Project Philly! So much fun!!!!!

  230. I operate with no plan and expectations. However, If I don’t run right after dropping off kids in the morning, I won’t run at all that day. I don’t have a set number of days that I run but typically try to hit 4-5 days a week. I’m taking the weekends off right now but love meeting friends on Saturday mornings usually.

  231. I am pretty committed to my 4 days a week running schedule. Occasionally work/kid situations cause me to adjust – but usually it’s changing a morning, pre-dawn run to a runch on the work TM, or to an after-school-pre-dinner-prep run. Travel can hose that up but fortunately I only travel 4 times a year. And I would be lying if I didn’t try to adjust the travel days around my need to run on a given day 😉

  232. Three if the week is going well. I sometimes just cannot get out of a warm bed.I spend more time working out at lunch or just as the kiddo is in his nap…hello DWTS cross training.

  233. My runs must happen first thing in the morning or I KNOW they won’t happen at all. Thankfully, the “call of the bed” does not tempt me to miss a scheduled run ~but arthritis pains do. It helps for me to eat well, stay on some sort of training schedule, and have two GREAT running partners waiting for me ~rain or shine!

  234. If I plan for 5, then I typically make 5. Usually my week = 3 runs, 2-3 days of XT, and a rest day. Some weeks life happens, so I don’t get caught up worrying about missing a day or two.

  235. I’ve aimed for five days a week sooooo many times but 3-4 seems to be where I can live happily while moving regularly. I used to struggle more, telling myself I needed to be present at every soccer practice and every group activity. When I finally let go and told myself it was acceptable to soccer practice as my opportunity to run, it became easier. The kiddos soccer practice went from being an excuse for not moving, to a no excuses date with the pavement.

  236. Lately I’ve been aiming for 5 days a week and have been consistently doing at least 4 days…sometimes 5. I don’t really put it on a calendar as much as I remind myself that I never regret it…so get that lazy butt out of bed!

  237. Right now I am aiming for 5 days a week and usually getting either 4-5 days. I’m training for a 15k, so that is my motivation. After that, I’ll be happy to get 3 days in the dark and cold winter months.

  238. I’ve learned that I have to stick to my schedule. I give myself an out every few weeks but if I don’t go first thing in the morning on my scheduled days it doesn’t happen and starts a bad slide.

  239. I try for 4 days. I usually make 3. Excuses this time of year: It’s dark in the am, it’s too dark when I get home from work. Not ready for the wintry mix weather. I’m trying to hold off on the treadmill as long as possible, but it’s calling my name.

  240. My goal is to run 3 days a week, but that doesn’t always happen. I definitely have days on which I have to play the “don’t think, just go” game, which usually wins over not going. And it’s not while I’m laying in bed…it’s after I get out of bed and want to crawl back in!

  241. I am one of those people who if I plan on exericising 5 days a week-I exercise 5 days a week or I feel “guilty.” Type A- anyone?

  242. Well, lately it’s been something more like 2 or 3 – I have been sucuumbing to the dark and cold too often. It’s time to get my “fall running” game going! Still, I live in NM, so there’s no shortage of sunshine (and sunglasses are my constant companion) – it’s just restricted in hours these days!

  243. I aim for 3 days a week and usually make it. Our schedules are so busy right now that there isn’t much space for a plan B workout – plan A needs to be solid and on the calendar. And if life gets in the way of plan A, I accept it and try not to stress about it.

  244. My aim is to run 3-4 days a week, preferably in the morning after my kids are in school. When that doesn’t happen, the back-up plan is to run with my daughter’s youth cross-country team (and when I say “with,” I mean “behind”).

  245. I actually plan for working out every day (30 min of yoga is my “rest” day), and I almost always stick to it. I’m an all or nothing type of girl.

  246. It really depends on if I’m in training mode. If I’m training, then I do not make excuses, I get the job done. But, with out a scheduled race, I try to run 4 times a week. Doesn’t always happen. 🙂

  247. I plan 3 runs and 3 strength training knowing I won’t hit them all…especially this time of year when it’s dark before work and after work and I just want to be home in bed.

  248. In the summertimes, I hit my morning runs…. it’s hard to drag myself out but once I’m out there I’m so glad I did. In the winter, it’s dark as dark can be here in Whitehorse, Yukon, until we finally emerge from our offices to sunshine at lunch… so I don’t even try to fight the bed slurp in the early morning!

  249. I plan for 5 days of exercise – 3 or 4 during the week before work. However, I often do make a deal with myself in the morning that If I do not get up I can excerise after work (Plan B). I just did that yesterday in fact. However, I hate Plan B as it means I am missing out on family time with the kids. So I strive to get myself up in the mornings. I do complete my 3-4 during the week faithfully – the other 2 days I am excising on the weekends.

  250. I am a plan setter and a rule follower… if I have a plan to workout 5 days a week… I will hit 5 days a week in the morning as scheduled. It’s just how I have to roll!

  251. I shoot for 4 with my long run on a Fri/Sat/Sun. But usually I skip a weekday and only end up with 3. Excuse list is too long… Including, maybe one more day of recovery… Hahaha

  252. I usually plan for four, but that’s not always happening now that I’m entering my third trimester with baby #2. I know it’s not a good excuse, but I’m just too tired some days.

  253. Weekdays I usually have the intention of getting up early but rarely does that happen. Somehow manage to squeeze it in before dinner 4-5 days a week.

  254. I’m a 5 for 5 over the summer but so far fall has been 4 of 5 ’cause things are busier and I have a little more breathing room from constant kid contact during the days. I suspect winter break will be 5 for 5!

  255. well I usually plan 5 but that never happens anymore…I have 2 small kids and an ill mother (my father already passed)..and I work part-time…seems it is harder than ever to fit it in but my intentions are good

  256. I love your saying, “Don’t think, just go!”. However, this girl thinks too much and is ready for excuses, like needing to help kiddos with homework or it’s too cold out, lol. I usually get in 3 times a week and am ok with that!

  257. Usually make 4, my issue is setting an exercise date/plan after I’ve worked a 12hr night shift. It always sounds good in theory, but when the time comes, I just don’t have the energy and talk myself out of it in lieu of much needed sleep.

  258. I usually plan 5 days of exercising and usually hit that. Since I work and it’s hard to get up and work out in the morning when I have myself and two kids to get ready I always work out at least 4 days on my lunch break (because frankly I’m not worried about being a sweaty mess even after a quick shower when I go back to work) and then at least 1 day of running on the weekend.

  259. WHEN I plan to exercise 5 mornings a week, I typically hit that. BECAUSE there really is no Plan B time to get it in. Exercise before the kids and the hubs are up or not at all!

  260. Up until a couple of weeks ago, if I planned 5 I would generally make 5. As it has gotten darker and colder though 4 is probably closer to my average.

  261. I usually plan for five and typically make four. I meet people to run at lunch in the dark cold days so I can usually make those. Plus I run with a group on Saturdays it’s that second day on the weekend that gets me. I won’t wake up early to get it done and then have to rely on sheer willpower to get it done later in the day.

  262. My goal is 5x/week and I usually make 4. I’m doing yoga on the days I’m just not in the mood for intensity… it seems to be keeping me more on track with my goals.

  263. I used to plan six and so rarely met that goal that I just started planning five. My goal is just to run before I get home from work – after that my kids take over 🙂


  264. I plan six days a week, I usually make 4 days a week, and only about 2 a week are what I actually planned. I have a motto that I do the best I can in the time I have. Most of the time, it means changing what I planned to do.

  265. I plan 3 runs a week and 3 cross-training days. If one of my cross-training days gets slurped – no worries, I can rearrange the runs.

  266. I try really hard to stick to my plan. when I don’t I feel guilty. Unless I have a really good excuse (not a convenient one)

  267. I’m such a Type A planner that if I’m in the middle of a training plan that has me working out (running or cross training) 5 days a week, by gosh, I do it so I can get my satisfaction of checking off that workout for the day. I’m currently in maintenance mode with my running, I recently had my second kiddo, so I shoot for running 3 days a week. Strength training and cross training are non-existent right now. Sometimes life gets in the way and I may only get 1 or 2 runs in that week, but I try not to stress about it while also making sure it doesn’t become a habit. I don’t think I could skip out too much, I love running, it is my stress reliever!

  268. I am the queen of the reschedule! Usually it involves a blow up at work that delays my getting outside before dark!
    I have early signs of glaucoma and have to wear sunglasses all the time when outside so these glasses would be great!

  269. I am Ironman 70.3 training. Though my race is a ways out, it’s discipline I need now to get to the gym, get outside, get to the pool, and so on to stick with it. I get 4-5 days off a week and am committed to being present in a workout (or two) on each of those days off before life happens. I’m also committed to one pre-work workout which means a 430 am leave the cozy bed go to the pool day. So far, I’ve only missed one because I was sick. Let’s hope I can keep that momentum through race day!

  270. I usually achieve what I set out to do bc I run with a group and we hold each other accountable. However I have a new baby girl & it’s not so simple anymore so if I plan to run 5 days then I actually make about 3 of those if she allows it!!! Plan B is usually to take her with me if the weather is nice!

  271. I always need a plan B with a busy job and two young children. Because of that, I have an emergency running kit in the trunk of my car with old running shoes and various running clothes. I have used it a few times when I catch a break in my work and home schedule!

  272. Sadly, these days I’m barely 2 for’s hard to believe I trained for a marathon the last two years. But, reading the AMR emails that appear daily in my inbox keeps me wanting to get back out there on a regular basis (so thanks for the motivation!)

  273. I used to be money and hit all the workouts. I’m working to get my mojo back – just in time to avoid gaining 10lbs over Christmas. Morning is my steady availability but life has been busy.

  274. If you can get in the habit of running in the early AM (without disturbing the family) then it’s easier, but that alarm clock is so mean! I make it 95% of the time, if I tell myself “no regrets” when I really want to sleep more.

  275. Although 2014 has been an injury riddled year for me, I’ve done my best to stick to the plan. If I say I’m out there 5 days a week, I usually make it 4-5 times, again depending on the latest injury. Currently, it is a strained Achilles that’s been giving me trouble.

  276. Planning as a single mom of three is critical however doesn’t always come to fruition. I will manipulate as best I can. But ‘Plan B’ is double up on the weekend, especially when I do not have my kiddos.

  277. I avoid resorting to Plan B at all costs, because so often it doesn’t pan out, or makes the day far too hectic. But it’s much easier to stick with plans when I’m training for something specific. I’m fortunate to have crazy running friends that I meet at “0 dark-thirty”, so that definitely helps get me up and out!

  278. If I PLAN for 5, then 5 get done (barring injury), but there is still frequently a Plan B. People get sick, dishwashers break down, dogs get sick… you know the drill 😉 Having a Plan B is totally necessary for a Mother Runner!

  279. I am 5 out of 5, but if someone asks if I want to go for a bike ride or run on my day off…I have a hard time telling them no…so could always be more!!!!


  280. I typically get in the days I’ve planned to workout,especially after work. When I plan to get up at the 0 dark hour in the AM to workout (due to after work obligations), I usually do it. However, there are some infrequent days when my body and mind still want to sleep and then I sometimes choose my bed over my health club or run.

  281. I try to run or bike five days a week. I always go in the morning.I usually make it at least three days. I rarely have a plan B because that is the only time I can do it.

  282. I am 5 for 5 if I am done running or working out before 10am. After 10:00, the excuses start flooding my mind and I rarely get a workout done.

  283. I’ll typically get in all my workouts when I’m fully immersed in a training plan. Likely 1 or 2 of those workouts will happen at a time other than originally planned. Hence, the many photos I have of my kids having a dinner picnic on the living room floor watching a movie while I sweat it out on the trainer.

  284. I definitely adjust my training when life gets crazy. If I have 5 miles on the schedule, but only have a half hour to fit in a run, I cut it to 3 miles and have no regrets. When I started running a few years ago I would get discouraged and not run at all if I didn’t have the time to run what was scheduled. A short run is better than no run at all.

  285. I usually plan on 5-6 days per week and 90 percent of the time I stick with the plan. Occasionally I will delay a workout if I am super tired in the morning, but I rarely skip unless I am really hurting.

  286. I typically am doing “something” at least 5 days a week (running, bootcamp), and the ill feeling I get when I skip a workout is sometimes more than enough to keep me going. I feel like a slug when I don’t run. Does the bed win sometimes. ummm, yep. But – then I get back out there!

  287. It depends on whether or not I’m in training. If I’m training, then I pretty consistently exercise on the days I’m supposed to exercise, unless weather gets in the way. If I’m not in training, then I usually do 4 out of 5 days. The bed does a good job of slurping me back in too on those cold, dark, winter mornings.

  288. I go to a bootcamp that is 3 days a week and I usually make it all three days. I also run 3 days a week, but those vary depending on my running buddy’s work schedule.

  289. Wow- I would love these glasses! Honestly, I usually aim for 4-5 and hit 3-4 runs per week. Between 9-5 at the desk, a long commute both to and from work; and then trying to get as much time as possible with my 4 and 3 year olds, it is a tough balance.

  290. If I aim for 5 – some weeks I hit 5 and some I hit only 2. I am an early AM work-outer so if I miss the morning run/work-out due to being too tired or the torrential rain/hail storm we had a 5:30 AM this past Monday, usually I don’t have a plan B just due to work and kid schedules. So even if I think I could try to make a 5:30 class at the gym, it usually doesn’t happen!

  291. I usually lose one day to energy levels, and during the winter lose one to weather (and not being able to find a time to get to the gym), so of 5 I usually get 3. Hoping that changes this winter with a bike trainer in the basement!

  292. I usually plan on running 3 with 1 day of cross training, and it must be in the morning. If I don’t get it done before my kid wakes up or immediately after I drop her a preschool, it won’t get done. I almost never commit to a workout after I get home from work. Oh, and it’s usually the cross training day that gets bumped.

  293. I plan for 5 and get 4. I only get those 4 because I meet a running group for three of them. I know if I contemplate a plan B that means I’m not going to do it.

  294. Even with a great training plan, I have fibromyalgia so I am daily waking up and assessing my body and the day to come (often depending how the night prior with my son was!) in bed. I then determine what my abilities and fitness goals will be for that day. When I get up I try to go through the day with the intent to accomplish my goals for the day. I have learned that fitness NEEDS to be a priority daily for me to be the best mom and person. It makes everyone’s life better!

  295. If I am meeting someone for an early morning run or workout at the gym, I will get my behind out of bed. But if it is just me, then I occasionally succumb to sleeping in and find the time at lunch to make up the workout. It’s much easier to get up in the summer — so much harder in the winter when it’s cold!

  296. It is seldom that I don’t get my runs in, but it helps that my goal is 4 days a week (I know a lot of runners do 5 or 6). I have kept this up for 30 years, only taking breaks during the last part of two pregnancies and first months of breastfeeding. I run not just for physical exercise, but maybe more important, for my mental health, and I hope to always be out there logging the miles.

  297. November is turning into a crazy workout month – it’s like I’m making up for lost time after my gallbladder surgery and knee injury! I’ve got a strength training class, TRX, running clinic, and Taekwondo.

  298. My accountability is better when I’m meeting friends, which is typically my Plan A for Monday – Friday 5am workouts. It works most of the time, but there are always days that I have to use Plan B or C. Although these alternative plans are ok and good, I always feel bad about not making Plan A!!

  299. I usually plan for 5 and almost always get 4, mostly because my early run days are days I have to take my daughter to early swim practice anyway. So much easier to run when you are already up!

  300. In the warmer months, it Is much easier for me to change up my plans to include stroller runs. In the winter, I don’t have that same option!

  301. I have been coveting these sunglasses. I’d totally wear them on the medium # of days of sun here in the Midwest on my 5-6 days per week. I make it a priority to get some workout in and it is rare I miss. One of the few things you can’t put off to tomorrow is today’s workout!

  302. For years I stuck to my plan well. Lately I have been making excuses and NOT following through. And it shows – in mind and body. Time to get off my expanding tush and get get busy again!

  303. If I plan to exercise 5 days a wk, I typically make it all 5 days. Don’t get me wrong….I almost always want to be doing something else, but I stop to think about how I will feel AFTER my run, yoga, bike ride, etc. I know that if I just get it done, I will be much happier with myself than if I postpone my workout or skip it altogether. Beginning with the end in mind works 99% of the time!

  304. Right now I am planning 6 days a week but I have totally given up on getting up early, thanks to my night owl 2 year old son. I was actually so exhausted from not getting enough sleep that I was getting little mystery fevers. I have found it easier to hit the pool for pool jogging over my lunch hour at work since we have a pool on campus and run, walk or bike after I get off work. Now that we have daylight savings time, the bike trainer will be coming out but I will still enjoy walking and running outside at night with the proper attire on for weather and reflection:)

  305. I usually get my planned number of running days in, however, the time of day that I run often varies – I get it done when I can.

  306. I am so goal oriented that if I say I am running 5 days, I run 5 days. I need to get it done — in the morning. I don’t want to come home from work and have to run after dinner. I can’t run at lunch during work. I feel so much better after running before work.

  307. I usually plan 6 days and make 5-6 of them without difficulty. 1 or 2 days a week I slip to plan B but still get it done. But starting a new job with change of schedule–we’ll see how it goes.

  308. I stick to my plan. I run 3 days per week and also do a workout at home (currently P90X3) 6 days per week. But I am fortunate to be a homemaker so all of this is AFTER the kids go to school.

  309. I try to work out 5 days a week. A typical week: On Sunday evening, I tell myself I’m getting up early to work out so I set the alarm. Monday morning, the alarm goes off and I spend an hour bargaining with myself and rearranging my schedule to workout at lunch or after work. Following the Monday evening workout, I tell myself I’ll get up early on Tuesday. Tuesday morning comes and, well … you get the idea. The vicious cycle repeats itself all week long! So Plan A is early morning workout. And Plan B, the evening workout, becomes the norm. I wish I was a morning person, but so far I haven’t been able to change that behavior.

  310. If I set a goal of five days per week, I usually make about four. I make ALL of them if I have to be accountable to someone! (The guilt of staying in bed is usually not worth it.)

  311. I have a set plan of exercising 4 days a week, with a 2-a-day on Thursdays. I feel guilty if I miss, even if I’m not training for a race. Plus, I feel so much better when I exercise, so why skip it?

  312. 99.9% of the time I exercise when I say I’m going to and almost always do in the am as I know very few other people are awake to deter my plans. If something does crop up I try to replan it right away but of course illness or true emergencies have gotten the better in the past.

  313. I only run early in the morning in the summer. Otherwise I save my run for after I walk my kids to school. I usually get 4 weekdays in and hopefully a long run on Sundays. I live in SUNNY colorado too and always wear my sunglasses!!

  314. I make it for plan A usually 4 out of 5 times but end up coming up with a plan B when I can’t get out of bed. My plan B go-to right now is Nike Training Club app on my phone while I am making dinner. Not ideal…should just get up!

  315. Confession – I bed-slurped this morning when it was dark and pouring rain. I’m pretty good about dragging myself out 5 mornings a week though but it’s easier in the summer when I know it will be too hot later in the day in Texas.

  316. I do workout 5 days a week, doing two-a-days at least once a week, sometimes twice. I rarely miss, unless I’m really sick or injured. My key to making sure I’m getting those workouts in? Working out with friends. 90% of my workouts are with others–I joined local running groups and a swimming group–and because I know other people are counting on me, I’m there. I do one or two solo runs a week, and while those are harder to get motivated for when I first get up, I find I treasure that snippet of alone time to be with myself, get caught up on podcasts or my new favorite music, and just soak up the world. So the short answer? Mix it up between friends and working out alone, and you’ll always have something to look forward to.

  317. I average 5 days a week. If I get myself out of bed at 4:55 and get my workout in before the day starts I am golden! I force myself to do the early morning workout 3 days during the workweek and save my runs for the weekend. And Fridays are my treat sleep in for 30 more minute days! 🙂

  318. I will have to say I do much better in the summer months getting 5 out of 7 days of exercise in. As it gets colder and darker, I tend to want to snuggle under those blankets for 30 min. more and then switch out my bag for my workout gear vs. my work clothes and go over lunch. There’s also something about seeing where I’m running vs. only seeing the distance of a headlamp!

  319. I am lucky that I somehow have the motivation to get up five days per week to run in the wee hours of the morning while the house is asleep. However, when I travel for work, things become tricky. I often have to flip the schedule to fit in a quick run in the late evening hours on a short, unfamiliar route, which jolts my body. I am grateful if I can fit in a run, but it is a challenge. Since I am a solo momma, long training runs on Saturdays get pricey because I have to hire a sitter to watch my daughters. Somehow each week: it works out!

  320. 3-4 days a week is realistic. I also know Plan B usually falls through due to cranky kids, late working spouse, etc so it’s better to stick with Plan A.

  321. My average is 4 outta 5 – (I actually aim for 6 outta 7 days a week and end up doing 5) – weekends are the toughest for me, everyone else (husband and two boys) is in their jammies and watching movies or playing video games, just vegging-out and it takes a monstrous effort to be less than equally lazy. If I’m going to do it, I usually plan to “meet” my BRF (via phone since we are 4-5 states apart) at a specific time and we run “together” while we chat!

  322. I am really realistic with how many days I can workout so once I commit, I will do them ALL even if I need to do Plan B (or C or D)!

  323. I try to get some form of exercise every day. Five days a week I mix cardio and cross training, including running, kickboxing and boot camp. On my “off” days I aim for a 2-4 mile walk around my neighborhood which is very hilly. I am always calculating when and where I can get some exercise.

  324. Well, if I plan on running 5 days a week, I usually make it three days. I make deals with myself ALL THE TIME, much to my chagrin. I need more self-discipline!

  325. I stick to my plan unless injury or a horrible night of sleep makes me do otherwise. I can only exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, thanks to Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis.

  326. I usually run 2 or 3 times a week and on my off days alternate with strength training. I work out 4 to 5 days a week allowing 2 days of rest for this 47 yr old body.

  327. If I was on a training plan I was always true to my work out plans, now I give myself a break maybe more than I should …I”d probably do 4 days.

  328. Typically I plan on working out 6 days a week but I’m happy with 5. I like to run four days and cross train two. What usually happens is the kids busy schedules delete one of the run days. I think as a mom you have to make a plan B.

  329. I attempt to get up before work 4 days a week, if I fail (because that alarm somehow gets turned off), I make myself run after work.

  330. I frequently shift around my workouts based on how my day is going. I often wait to work out until after my toddler goes to bed (mornings are too unpredictable) and I get as many workouts during lunch as I can.

  331. In the summer I run 3 days without fail, but in the winter by bed also turns into a slurping beast, so I schedule more midday runs and am less consistent. The good news is that I am a fitness instructor, so I’m able to cross train on the job. And, if I don’t show up to those workouts (3 boot camps, 1 spin, and a couple others), I don’t get paid. Needless to say I don’t miss many of my cross training days. Total number of workout days = 6.

  332. I am constantly making deals with myself. I try to run 4 times a week at 5 am, but there is a lot of self-negotiating going on for those mornings. And if I miss it, I know that means a run after the kids are asleep at night which throws off the next morning’s run schedule. But it happens… a lot.

  333. 4-5 days per week but the schedule varies depending on if I’m training for a race, summer vs. kids in school, things like that. If I’m miss more then 2 days, someone starts to get grumpy!

  334. If I don’t make it out when I plan on going then I never seem to make it out to exercise later on. Something to work on. 🙂

  335. i am currently not actively training for something, so it’s more difficult to stick to a plan. But since I work nights, it’s nearly impossible to get in a morning run before the kiddo gets up! But I do find the more I run, the more I continue to get out there. The more days I skip, it becomes easier to skip just one more!

  336. I am working hard on giving myself permission to listen to my body and my needs and to cut back when I need it. I’ll get better at it as soon as this 13.Fun is done this Sunday!

  337. I DO exercise 5 days a week, but often it’s a plan B if weather or work gets in the way. Yesterday, my run was rained out, my strength training class got replaced by a meeting so I did 20 minutes of tabata while dinner was in the oven and kids were quiet.

  338. If I try to do too much (like running 5-6 days a week), I get burnt out and will definitely skip a workout or two but if I stick with running 3-4 days a week and usually on an every other day schedule, I’m usually consistent.

  339. Scheduling is so difficult, I have just learned to make my expectations fit with our family life so I get 3 days to run a week and I STICK to it no matter what! But I HOPE to get 2 days of cross training in and that almost never happens.

  340. I was usually pretty good about a solid 5 days od working out until I had my 2nd baby, who is now 4 months old. Recently it’s just a matter of if I get enough sleep! I know I’ll get back to the point of a steady 5 days a week, but for now, I’d just like to get a steady 5 hours of sleep at night!

  341. My schedule seems to change every minute, so it is very often that I am making alternative plans… probably why my most consistent goal is to be more consistent. That being said, I am keeping my goals closer to home and only trying to plan 1 week out. I am finding I am more successful that way.

  342. I make all five (barring sick kids that keep me up all night). I have regular workout partners Monday-Friday — three days for running and two for cross-training. My friends are my reason for getting out of bed!!

  343. I tend to get almost all of my running days done, but am terrible at skipping cross training days. I’ve been planning to do yoga after the kids go to bed to stretch the marathon kinks out every day since October 27th. Haven’t gotten to it yet. In that same time, I’ve gotten in one of three scheduled bike rides. Oops.

  344. I really try to stick to my schedule if possible, but if I am just too tired to get up for an early morning run, I will definitely get it in during lunch. Waiting until after work is never a good idea!

  345. To run ultra distances – I train 5 days a week WithOUT fail. However my last race (a 100 mile attempt) has me sidelined with a injured knee. So no running until my MRI results.

  346. My plan is always 3 runs plus 2 strength training sessions per week. The one session with my personal trainer is never missed. Lately 3 runs have become 2… and the 2nd strength training session on my own gets pushed further down the list of priorities than it should. But I am bound and determined to get back on track.

  347. If I’m on a training plan for a race and it says 5, I do what it takes to make 5. But if I’m not training? 5 would rarely happen, which is why I commit to races.

  348. I set the alarm for a 5 am run (which is a 4 am wake up because I have to drive to meet the running club) probably 5 days a week, but only make it 3 or 4 days. Some days I just need the 2 extra hours of sleep to face the work day!

  349. I usually make 4-5. My built-in rest days sometimes get switched, but I have a mileage goal for the year that keeps me accountable.

  350. I get a work-out in (running or boot camp) at least 5 if not 6 days a week. But I can only realistically plan on 3 5 am work-outs/week. I’m lucky that I do most of my work from home and that I can get the other work-outs done after I put the kids on the bus. But if I don’t work out by noon, it won’t happen! I’m a 1-shower-a-day gal. Once I’m showered, no work-out.

  351. Typically 4-5 days with some “Plan B’s” thrown in there. I prefer morning runs (and exercise) but will often get in a lunch sweat session (run or workout) so I can snuggle deep in the covers for “just a few more minutes” (as my tired kids mumble most mornings).

  352. Fortunately 3 of my 5 days are scheduled…group run at my local Fleet Feet store and Bootcamp twice a week. I try to go ahead and plan my others 2 days and if I have to change anything about those days it is just a minor time change difference. EXERCISE KEEPS ME SANE SO I MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS!!!

  353. I rarely miss a planned workout because I know if I let my bed suck me back in, my plan B attempts are also rarely accomplished – it’s the reality.

  354. Once I come up with my plan for the week, I typically stick with it. If I try to change it up on the fly it’s too difficult to fit the puzzle pieces back together. Every week looks different, but I figure it out.

  355. When I am following a plan, I complete all 5 days. When I’m off a plan, like now, I’m more likely to complete only 3 of 5.

  356. I’m only training for life right now (i.e. – no upcoming races on the calendar), so my bargaining about what activities I’ll do today is pretty high. The plan is almost always a early morning workout, but that usually changes to mid-morning, early afternoon, or squeezing something in before the sun is gone at the end of the day…or…going to the gym later after work… Maybe a little took much bargaining lately…

  357. This totally depends on the time of the year for me. After marathon season when it stays dark later and get dark earlier I would say I get out there 60% of the time. When it’s summer it’s 100%.

  358. Um yes, I do this almost every morning 🙂 I’ve given myself a break and cut running back to 3xs/week when I can run during daylight.

  359. I am only child-free two days a week for about 3 hours each day. I try to always use that day to run so I don’t have to use the stroller. As for the other 3, I run with my son 2 of those and then try to get in a weekend run. Since I’m not training for anything now my runs don’t get the priority they do when I have a race.

  360. Usually plan for 5 days a week. The early morning darkness these days can dampen my motivation, but if I put it off it usually does not happen later unless I have extra energy to push my almost 4 year old in a jogger stroller.

  361. Hitting 5x a week isn’t too hard for me, since we have an elliptical trainer in our basement. But it’s also easy for those workouts to be short token placeholders instead of really good sweatburners.

  362. I plan to exercise 6 days a week. And with the job and the kids and the cold, I’m often altering my plans to workout. Swapping work for a run and vice versa. As I type I’m already thinking about how I can sneak in a quick 3 miles while my son has guitar lessons.

  363. I plan for 5, actually make 2-3. Work schedule and our home schedule can throw a wrench in my evening plans easy, and I haven’t figured out how to get my indoor workout in the wee-hours of the early morning (3am?) without waking everyone up, before heading off to work at 4:30am. Excuses? Yep, but I’m making progress, I’ve moved up from 1 workout a week. I thought having the kids get older would make my workout time easier, but it only frees up my weekend early mornings. Our night schedule just keep getting busier.

  364. I exercise 5x week…3/4 days running and 2/3 days cross training-weights, Jillian Michaels DVDs ..being a nurse that works 12 hr’s hard to get a workout in on days I work, but if i can’t i make up for it! My kids are older so I don’t have any excuses!

  365. I shoot for 5 and usually complete 4 days of running or hiking – lately it is too hard to get out of bed on these cold Colorado mornings!

  366. I don’t imagine plan B in bed I think about the alternatives at lunch at work. 5 days per week is tough. My amazing husband makes sure I get in 3 solid runs in a week by distracting my 3 year old. Sometimes I can get in a bonus Sunday run. Any other workouts need to be something I can do on the fly while chasing the 3 year old (running after him counts right?!?).

  367. I aim for some type of workouts 6 days a week, and 4-5 days of running with some Pilates, yoga, weight lifting thrown in. If I don’t meet that goal you don’t want to be around me ;). I am so much more pleasant person when I get my A goal 🙂

  368. I plan on exercising 7 days, 4 days running, 3 days walking, I usually get in 2 days running 2 days walking, if I’m lucky, the other days bed always looks more appealling

  369. When I’m training for a goal race, my ROCD (Runner’s OCD) makes it impossible to skip a run – if it’s on the training plan, it must be done (Polar Vortex or not!). When I don’t have a goal in sight, I’m completely the opposite – “oh well, there’s a 5% chance of rain, maybe I’ll just run tomorrow”.

  370. I am ALWAYS coming up with plan B and planning to workout 5 days a week and really on make 3 during OFF season, but once I start training for spring races and tri season, I usually make 5 of 5 or 4 of 5. I’ve been known to skip cross training days… until I absolutely can’t. 😀

  371. Currently, I aim for getting out for a run 3 days a week and am really only getting out once or twice. I have a 4 month old that isn’t sleeping through the night so I am not motivated to get out of bed in the a.m. Something always seems to come up when I try to run in the evening. I’m giving myself a break until the baby is 6 months old. 🙂

  372. My plan is to exercise 5 times a week, however that accounts for 1 day that can be missed and I will still achieve my weekly mileage.

  373. I typically get in at least 3-4 workouts per week. Whether it’s running or PiYo. My Plan B is typically heavy duty cleaning/chores – we’ve just moved and are still in the throes of unpacking/organizing.

  374. Now that my kids are a little older (youngest is 4) there are a LOT less Plan B days, I shoot for 5 days a week and usually hit right at that. But of course there are still days when mother runner needs to adjust on the fly….

  375. I usually have no problem making 5/5 days. I’m super competitive with myself and don’t like to fail. So I make myself do it. That’s not to say that I don’t always have a plan b. Lol. Usually my treadmill either before the kids get up or after lunch.

  376. My plan is always 6 days of workouts, 7 days every other week. But I’m an oddball– a competitive CrossFitter. I don’t skip workouts. If I’m tired, I rest. If I’m not motivated, I mix up the workout. I also sleep a lot! To ensure that I’m staying healthy.

  377. If I aim for five runs, I typically get in four. Getting up early to run doesn’t work for me because of my husband’s work schedule and it never fails that at some point during the week, something goes long (Cub Scouts is notorious for this) or someone needs something and I end up not having time to run. I think this training cycle (I’m on week 9 of an 18 week training plan) there has been one week where I’ve done all of my scheduled training runs.

    For cross training, I can usually get all of those in, since I can do them at home while the kids are snoozing. Now to convince my hubby that we need a treadmill so I can say the same about my runs! 🙂

  378. I am still in recovery mode after my marathon so I’ve been giving my body a break. But in order to hit my usual exercise goals, I hold myself accountable to my BRFs with early morning runs a couple times a week. If I don’t get exercise in in the morning, it’s hard to squeeze it in around the kids’ schedules after work.

  379. I pretty much get in very scheduled workout – it really helps that others in my running group are counting on me showing up! My eyes are light colored and so I wear sunglasses pretty much everyday all year long!

  380. I plan for five and make five happen, even if it means getting up at the a$$ crack of dawn to spin or strength train in basement!

  381. I have fallen off the running wagon. I say I’m going to get back on but after running 2 days in a row-it turns into sometimes 6 days before I get out again. I used to follow training schedules like clock work! I won’t even sign up for a race right now because without my groove, it won’t happen.

  382. If I say I’m going to do it, I do it! So I’d go 5 out of 5. Plan B would show up if I chose to walk instead of ran or did bootcamp on my tired days.

  383. i usually don’t plan on getting out on the running path until late morning/mid-day… once everyone else in the house has gotten out and on their way. So if something gets in the way of that plan, there is not much wiggle room for a plan B (late afternoons are way too packed with activities and homework and dinner prep) and I try again the next day. If I’m envisioning getting out a couple times a week to run, it usually happens – plus or minus a day. Sunny days are easier. Winter is always a challenge.

  384. If I’m on a training plan I usually always do all the scheduled run days. But….. I’m injured right now so no running at all! 🙁

  385. I am a rule follower so I always follow my training plans to the letter. Typically my marathon/half marathon plans call for 5 days a week, so I do 5 days a week. I almost always run in the morning because, as lots of mother runners know, my evenings are full of the other kind of running…. running errands, running to school, running to dance, running to football games…..

  386. If it’s on my schedule – it’s getting done! I recently trained for and ran my first marathon and I was hell bent on sticking to my schedule — even if it meant squeezing my 18 and 20 mile runs in before work.

  387. The best thing I did years ago was to take my training (my ME time) as seriously as anything else…and put it in the calendar. That way, It become part of the PLAN for the week, rather than something I TRY to fit in around everything else. And, when 5 days are planned in, 5 days happen. AND, we all know, when Mom’s a happy Mom (and a running mom)…everyone is happy!!

  388. I am a pretty good schedule follower. So, if it’s on the schedule, it gets done. Now, I am VERY good at talking myself out of a 5am run when I don’t have a buddy meeting me and end up cursing as I do it in the dark after work. Before work is always the better choice…but in the nice warm bed it’s sure hard to remember that!

  389. The best thing I did years ago was to take my training (my ME time) as seriously as anything else…and put it in the calendar. That way, It become part of the PLAN for the week, rather than something I TRY to fit in around everything else. And, when 5 days are planned in, 5 days happen. AND, we all know, when Mom’s a happy Mom (and a running mom)…everyone is happy!

  390. I’d love to workout 5 days a week but most of the time it only ends up at 3. Between 2 kiddies and a hubby that works a lot, I have a hard time getting out as much as I want too. And bed slurping??? Well let’s just say that my 10 month old still likes to wake up at least 2 times a night. Although…her most recent schedule is waking around 5am…just need to convince myself to stay up!

  391. I’m super anal, so barring illness I get them all in. I’m embracing the morning runs so that I get them done before the kiddos wake up and my husband goes to work, but it has taken me years to get to this point. Pre-kids I was an evening runner.

  392. I am so streaky! I will go a while with great discipline and then completely fall off the wagon and reschedule almost every workout for a few weeks. Sometimes I wonder if that is just my body telling me to ease up a bit!

  393. Oops–didn’t post the first time…Typically 5 days planned; 4-5 days executed. On rare days when work eats my early morning hours, I make lunch time plans, but then work eats those too. As for staying in bed when I have the time for a run? Don’t think, just go!

  394. Typically 5 days planned; 4-5 days executed. On rare days when work eats my early morning hours, I make lunch time plans, but then work eats those too. As for staying in bed when I have the time for a run? Don’t think, just go!

  395. If I say I am going to exercise 5 days, I exercise 4 days! I am nothing if not reliable and consistent. If it is pouring, however, I will bump a run. I will run in drizzle, but not full out rain.

  396. Barring an emergency, I usually get in my planned workouts. Since they are my “me time,” I usually find a way to fit them in if possible.

  397. If I plan to exercise 5 days, I will most likely exercise 5 days. Of course, some days it may be an abbreviated version. But I try to do at least 20 minutes of something. I think I am allergic to a treadmill, so all of my runs are outside…with my sunglasses on. Hint Hint Wink Wink

  398. I usually make 3 days out of the week. I figure if I can train my brain for 3 days to get up and get going, then in a few months I can sneak in the other 2!!

  399. I usually work out 4-5 times a week mixing between a workout video at home or treadmill at the gym. Once my youngest is eligible for the jogging stroller I’ll be able to get outside again, can’t wait!

  400. I try to plan for 6 days and usually get 5 days. No matter what, I try to put in 2 solid workouts on the weekend. During the week it is a constant battle between going back to sleep and running in the dark…

  401. I’m injured right now, so I have an excuse not to venture out into the cold dark morning! 😉
    However, I do have my bike set up in the basement and have been pretty good about getting in all my workouts so I can stay in shape for my return to running. Usually, if I have plans to exercise 5 days, I’ll exercise 5 days. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from checking off days on my plan.

  402. I have been pretty good lately as I am training for the OBX marathon. I still have days when I have to be creative and fit it around my kids schedules – all 9 of them!

  403. Almost like SBS, I’m a rule follower. I say almost because if the plan calls for 5 days of runs, I do it for 5 days. However, if there are time constraints, some of the runs may be cut short but I still put in the five days.

  404. Seven days. Every other day running. The Rest cross training. Get up at 4:30 if I have to. That’s the only thing I do for myself so it’s a priority. Happy mom happy kids!

  405. I have been pretty good lately as I am training for the OBX marathon. I still have my days when I have to fit it in early in the morning or late at night to fit it around my kids schedules – all 9 of them!!

  406. I have been pretty good lately, as I am training for the OBX marathon . I still have the days when I have to fit it in late at night or early morning to fit around my kids schedules – all 9 of them !!

  407. If I say 5, I typically make 4. And the 4 are often shuffled around a little. My long run is the only thing I have set in stone…

  408. If I plan for 5 I’ll usually make 5. If I have to bail, excuses are usually work related and if it gets delayed most likely it won’t happen that day. Noon hits and my motivation declines greatly!

  409. 5 days a week? Setting myself up for a fall right there. I consistently shoot for 3–anything else is gravy. B/w kids and work, am always in “Plan B” mode. My go-to “B” is to work out @ lunch–can always eat at my desk later in the day:)

  410. I haven’t been making it very much at all lately. I will feel better if I do more. I think it needs to be in the morning, or the busy demands of the day fill up my time and before I know it, I didn’t run. again. I think a cool new toy (sunglasses) will help with motivation! And I might not wait for a very sunny day, since we don’t really get many of those in Wisconsin lately!

  411. I usually workout 5 days a week, but a lot of the times it’s plan B, I make it a priority to “get it in” but I’m always working around the kids life. So there are days I’m not even sure when I am going to make it happen.

  412. Now that my kids are in school full days and I’m not doing daycare, it’s a lot easier to make deals with myself so I can stay in bed longer. I used to be an early morning runner exclusively but now enjoy running a once the sun is up. Especially here in the frigid north, waiting those few extra hours can mean a pretty significant temperature difference, but it also means snow glare. I’d love to have sunglasses that won’t fog when I’m breathing hard and it’s -25c.

  413. I work part time 10-11 hours-so my training schedule has my off days on the days I work. And that usually works well for me. But if a training plan ramps it up a bit and I need to exercise on a work day I have a really hard time staying on track. I am a day runner, and to run after work in the dark lacks all the rewards of a run. Especially in the winter.

  414. I plan my work outs a week in advance and generally stick to the plan. I need to work out first thing in the morning or it usually doesn’t get done.

  415. I can typically make it to 4 strong days of training a week. I like to run before work but I will make deals with myself if I want to sleep that extra hour that I will run after work and take my daughter to the playground.

  416. If I’m training for something, I make it out of bed 99.99% of the time. That doesn’t mean I don’t come up with a million and one different reasons why I shouldn’t stay in bed (Wow. There were a lot of negative in that sentence)! Mentally complaining/whining is one of my ways to warm up. 🙂
    If I’m not training for something specific, that percentage plummets quickly the day after the race. My bed becomes soooo much warmer, comfortable and skilled at the art of persuasion!

  417. Coffee Cup days! Why I love your training plans. I do my best to stick to the schedule, but there are just days when it’s not going to happen. And that’s OK! So even if I don’t have a race planned, I still try to have a week similar to a week in the training plans.

  418. While training for a marathon I religiously stick to my training plan and don’t deviate from any scheduled running times. However, while out of marathon season I allow my family’s schedule dictate when I get my run in.

  419. I make alternate plans at least once a week it seems–I have 4 kids and get woken up at crazy times and then can’t wake up at 5…or spend all night in the ER with broken bones and miss days, etc. My life is barely-controlled chaos!

  420. I plan for five and I get there about 50% of the time. I juggle things as much as I can but if I don’t get my five, I’ve learned not to stress out too much because it does no good.

  421. I definitely have a schedule, but when life intervenes, I usually have a back-up plan because I know exercise keeps me stress-free and happy!

  422. I always workout 5 days a week (unless I am an vacation). I run 3-4 days and Crossfit 3 days. The alarm at 4:50 is not fun, but I feel guilty if I don’t get up.

  423. I tend to go in spurts of very consistent training that rarely strays from the plan to a month or so of “whatever happens, happens”….overall I’m on the consistent side of things as is evidenced by the fact that my family is all still alive and I’m not in a padded cell

  424. I do plan to exercise early Mon through Friday, but in the winter my bed is just too cozy and about once a week I put off a run or ride until after the kids are at school.

  425. If I plan for 5, I make all 5. I may need to get creative as to when they get done (like between picking up some of the kids….or I’ll run the 2.5 miles to the local Y before my strength class and then run the 2.5 home afterward to sneak in some shorter speed work sessions!)

  426. Normally I aim for 6 days a week…that includes running and strength training. I can pretty much bet on 5-6 days of something!! I still have to find the time on some days even if that means a start/and finish before the sun comes up!! Keeps me sane

  427. If I’m supposed to workout 5 days a week, that is what I do…no matter what. I just don’t feel “right” not working out. I get it done!

  428. Since I’m currently not on a training plan (yay!) ice been able to fit in runs and exercise when I have free time, and feel no stress about it! Of course I still look for windows of time, I’m just enjoying it more.

  429. My current training plan is 6 days a week in which if I set my alarm I am up almost all days. Maybe missing 1 or 2 a month. That’s because my bladder is like Pavolov’s dog and hears the chime and knows it’s time to go. Now, about once a week, I’ll change plans before I go to bed and rearrange the day to get the workout another time than originally set.

  430. Probably 4-5. If I miss a day, it’s probably because all hades broke loose. I’ll look to flip that day with a remaining rest day that week if I can.

  431. Unless I’m super under the weather, I make my workouts happen. On the hard to schedule days, I commit to at least 20 minutes of some form of physical activity. I use the Fitness Blender website a lot in the winter months!

  432. If I’m training for a race, most weeks I’ll hit the 5 (5 is my most common training plan). I’d bet I hit it three out of every four weeks, but I’m pretty anal if I’m in training. If I’m not training for a race, four days a week is really more likely. I almost never make a plan B-the majority of my working out is at night and if I skip one its because I’m tired.

  433. I have a great “problem” in my life right now! My 16 year old daughter (who was previously lacked self motivation) has taken up running. as a result, I am running a couple times some day to get my adult run and my kid run in! I do something every day..some lighter than others!

  434. 98% of the time. I do some form of exercise every day, be it yoga, strength training, or (at the moment) pool running. It is much easier for me to stay optimistic and motivated if I am consistent about sticking to my routine, so I build it into my schedule and it’s just part of my life. On the rare occasion when I do miss a day or I count it as a rare day of full rest and don’t feel guilty. I believe humans were made to move!

  435. I plan for 5 workouts a week. But if I get 4 done, I am thrilled with myself! I am so prepared; I’ve got plans A, B, and C, but I have the knack for re-planning on the fly 🙂

  436. I love a sunny run but work 8 to 5 in an office most days…so if I miss the morning I usually miss completely. So I am very faithful to my alarm 🙂

  437. I usually workout 5-6 days a week, with 4-5 days of running and 1-2 days of cross training. Since it is such a big priority for me, I usually make it work. Occasionally I will have to do an oddly timed workout to make it work.

  438. Training for Richmond Marathon next weekend! I stick to my plan 99% of the time. I did end a long run early a couple of weeks ago due to cold soaking rain.

  439. I usually exercise 4 days a week. It’s usually pre-dawn hours but on days like today when it’s oh so hard to pull myself out of bed at 4:30 am I will run at lunch or between meetings (work from home :-).

  440. I try to meet other mother runners first thing in the morning (5:45ish) both to get it done for the day and so I actually get up, since I’ve commited to them. However, living in new england there are occasional mornings where my bed looks better. On those days I either run in the afternoon or head down to the treadmill for a shorter morning run.

  441. I exercise every day, and look forward to each workout, so I’d say 100% of the time. The only time I take a complete rest day (other than if I’m sick) is the day before a race, and by the end of the day I’m antsy and grumpy.

  442. I am kind of obnoxious about it, but I exercise 7 days, out of 7 days a week. I have this “thing” about crossing it off my list! So… at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise each and every day! I wish I felt the same about strength training….

  443. I’d love to be working out/running 5-6 days per week, but it’s typically 3. Plan B? I just got a treadmill, so even though I by far prefer running outdoors, maybe this will help me get in those couple extra runs!

  444. I usually exercise 5 days a week but since I started marathin training, I’m tired. So I’m either skipping my cross training day or moving my 5 am runs to 5 pm, which interferes with the family schedule. Hope to get back to normal after marathon.

  445. I’m generally good – especially about getting runs in. Most slippage happens on mornings my husband goes to the gym and I am set to strength train in the living room. I skip that 2-3 times a month.

  446. I need to stay with my training plan as I’m training for my first full. Sometimes that means dreadmill or more often, and more fun, turning lunch into runch and getting a few miles in around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

  447. I shoot for 6 days a week and I am happy if I get 5 workouts in. I workout after the kids go to bed so I often shorten my workouts depending on how late i get started.

  448. I’m usually pretty good about sticking to the number of workouts I plan but occasionally I do swap an easier cross training for a run

  449. I schedule workouts on my calendar so I’m usually pretty good, but sometimes something gets in the way (usually work-related – a meeting, travel).

  450. I stick with my schedule. I make sure I work out the same days every week at the schedule time. That is just party of my routine. We also just get up early in this house. It helps with the routine.

  451. I shoot for 5 days a week and almost always make it happen. I am an early morning runner and so I just make myself get up and get out. It’s just a way of life. Everyone is happier and everything is just smoother when I get my run in.

  452. I really try to look at my life, work, and exercise schedule on Sunday and plan out when I’ll fit my workouts in (ie early am or afternoon) that way I won’t skip. This has really worked for me so I’ll get all my workouts in.

  453. Unless I’m sick from my sweet little first graders that I teach (and who love to share their germs) I workout 6 days a week and pretty much do it. I get up early during the weekdays (4am on days I work) and sleep in until 6 on weekends and then run in the daylight on Saturdays. Sundays are my rest days.

  454. Usually, I plan running 3 days a week and I can do that around our schedule. As I plan my week, they get plugged in and it’s much easier to get up early on a weekday morning in the summer. Cross-training is a whole different situation though. I tend not to plan those but if I don’t then they don’t happen. I need to get on that!

  455. If I commit to 5 days a week I usually do it. Most days I run at 5:30 am so if I don’t get my run in then, I run after work that day. Plan B is my Hot yoga class I can take or rock climbing.

  456. The best way for me to get in 5 days of exercise is to plan ahead for the upcoming week and schedule it in! Running with group of friends 3x week makes it much easier as I don’t want to miss on the run and chats! And on other days I may do a class that I’ve paid for so that motivates me to get going!

  457. I am a single mom so I am always fitting running in somewhere during our busy weeks. It’s often durning soccer practice or Taekwondo lessons. Sometimes I even ask the babysitter to stay late so I can squeeze a run in before it’s time for the bedtime routine. I’m already figuring today will have to be on the treadmill after my parent teacher conference.

  458. I plan on exercising 5 days: 1 yoga session, 1 weight training/boot camp, and 3 running. Recently (and sadly) I have not gotten in the running on all 3 days, but has been more like 1-2. But I am so much happier when I can do all of it. Weather and darkness are my biggest foes now.

  459. I usually make all 5! During the week I workout over lunch hour, rain/snow/or shine, with my BRF, so it’s easy to not skip workouts! Same goes for weekends: if you schedule them with your workout buddies, it keeps you accountable.

  460. I plan to exercise everyday knowing that will never happen. However, it does usually mean I will fit in at least 5 days a week. I usually try to fit it in during morning hours but if that doesn’t work its while one of my boys are attending one of there sports in the afternoon. I will also text my husband to run after work to hold me accountable to do it in the afternoon. Not one of my favorite times of day with dinner, homework, bath time and just exhausted from the day. But happy after the fact if I do it!

  461. If I plan to exercise 5 days a week that is what I do 99% of the time. The 1% usually only occurs when I’m really sick. What can I say? I know myself too well, if I don’t get those workouts in I am not a happy camper!

  462. I never miss a workout, lol! I usually plan for 3 days of running, 3 days of bootcamp a week. And if I hit 5 in total workouts I’m happy.

  463. All depends on if I’m training, then I’m motivated and hop out of bed. Right now I’m in a slump, as I lie here answering this email! I will probably go after kids leave for school.

  464. I plan on 4 (3 during the week and 1 on the weekend), but only hitting 1 or 2! No B plan! I am 3 weeks post marathon and after all the training I’m just tired! Still get up early enough in the a.m., but the thought of going out in the cold and dark when I’m not training for something is getting the best of me! Time to start thinking of a goal to train for!

  465. I plan to work out 6 days a week, so I can actually squeeze in four. I usually try to fit in a workout during naps, but it often falls out in favor of laundry, work projects, or collapsing on the sofa. My plan B is when everyone goes to bed. It really stinks to have to do it so late, but better late than never. My one big plus is that I can always count on my awesome hubby to cover me, so I can run early on Saturday morning.

  466. I plan on running 3 days a week but recently am down to just one. My motivation took a hike without me! Working on ot though!

  467. If I plan for 5, I usually get in five (unless I accidentally push the reset instead of snooze on my alarm!). If for some reason I miss my morning workout, I do my best to fit in something after the kids are in bed.

  468. I try to work out 5 days. With my schedule, there is no alternate time to work out if it doesn’t happen in the early hours. I’ve been running for over 20 years and I hate running on cold and dark mornings. Give me a day where I can wear shades and I’m in!

  469. I usually plan to get in 4-5 work outs a week and most often it turns out to be 3-4 since something unexpected always comes up but I am grateful for each and every time that I am able to make time to move the bodi

  470. Usually 4 times a week. I usually re-plan my work out for quick run at lunch with co-worker or late night run on treadmill will last night’s episode of the “walking dead”- (I pretend I’m running away from zombies.)

  471. I’m generally pretty good as long as we’re healthy. Right now I’m running 5 days a week and cross-training on a sixth. The schedule gets moved around a lot to accommodate everything, but most of the time that’s ok too. Today I usually would have done my speedwork while my youngest was in preschool. Instead, we joined her older sister on the annual school-wide field trip to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (the 4-year-old’s first time–she behaved perfectly). So I ran in the evening. Tomorrow, I have grand plans to run during the day, but if not, it gets done at night at the gym or on the treadmill. (I don’t run in the morning before everyone gets up. I’m a night person and I’m embracing who I am–a person who runs after everyone is asleep.) Or if tomorrow doesn’t happen, I’ll call it a rest day and run on the scheduled rest day (Sunday) instead.

    I’m most likely to skip the cross-training day right now, in part because my trainer was displaced by my sewing machine (to make Halloween costumes) and in part because I’ve been too lazy/cold/tired/busy to get back in the car to drive to the gym to swim. But I’m thinking I’m going to join USAT next year and do a bunch of triathlons, so it will be moving in shortly. Or at least as soon as I take care of a couple of other sewing jobs that have been waiting.

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