Hump Day Giveaway: Smith Sunglasses (2 Pairs!)

The Smith Lowdown Slim: shades any mother runner could love.

Ok, Hump Day giveaway is one day late. I just had to cry UNCLE on this half-week of summer; the school uniforms I ordered were too small, tornado warnings cancelled our back-to-school night, I lost a tennis match 10-8 in the third set on Monday night (and holy cow: how I wanted to win that puppy!) and I'm in sleep debt from the Brandi Carlile concert at Red Rocks on Saturday night. (Yes, it takes me a long time to repay lost hours.) Cry me a river, right? Just explaining why Thursday is Hump Day. On with the giveaway.

School started today. Part of me wants to hire a choir to sing the Hallelujah Chorus, and part of me wants to dissolve into tears. I am a lover of school, of schedules, of an empty, quiet house, especially when it's been months on end without any of those three things. Yay.

But I also know that each time the kids load up the cart at Target with school supplies, endlessly sharpen pencils, and grow up a grade, I'm growing closer a house that will be soon too empty and too quiet for way too long. Boo.

I've often taken a long ride or run on the first day of school; losing myself in the rhythm of the miles is the best way I know to balance the simulateous feelings of elation and sadness.

I planned on going to to the gym today, but had one of those mornings where I thought too much and didn't go. Even though I'm rouhgly following the #FindYourStrong run/walk half-marathon plan, my motivation waxes and wanes. Today was an XT or rest day, and through mentally waffling as I drooled, I made the passive decision to rest.

I've got plans though. On Thursday, I'll be running by 5:40, and on Friday, I'll be riding by 6 a.m. Pinky promised myself this morning as I lollygagged around. It'll be fairly dark on both mornings when I start moving my feet, but I'll have my Smith Sunglasses resting on my AMR hat and bike helmet; they need to be ready for action as soon as the mighty Colorado sun shows her face. Maybe it's a sign of age, but I become desperately squinty in even a misty sunrise if I'm not wearing sunglasses.

The Smith Pivlock Asana: white hot and super light.
The Smith Pivlock Asana: white hot and super light.


When I'm sweating, the Smith Pivlock Asana, which feature an adjustable nosepiece, are my specs of choice. They rest gently on your nose and ears—and, once they're in place, you don't notice them again. They don't fog, they don't slip, they provide supreme protection from all the sun's rays, and, perhaps most importantly, solidify your reputation as a badass mother runner.

Meanwhile, when I'm trying (in vain) to play the part of the cool mom, I love the Smith Lifestyle line. Case in point: the Lowdown Slim, fashionable frames whose lenses are as protective as a mother dropping her kindergardner on the first day of school. (And hey: they also hide tears pretty well too.)

Because back to school brings two varieties of emotions and because we have two eyes (and two legs!), we have two pairs of Smiths to give away today: One pair of Lowdown Slims and one pair of Pivlock Asanas.

Here's how you enter: in the comments below, let us know a good back to school memory. Could be your own from years ago or one you have of your kiddos; after all, our collective futures are (still) so bright, we've got to wear shades. 

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 8/20/15 and ends on 8/25/15. We will announce the three random winners on our Facebook page on 8/27/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value the prizes ranges from $99-$159. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.



439 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Smith Sunglasses (2 Pairs!)

  1. Today was the first day of school for my son. 4th grade! This will be one for my memory book because he was so excited. His smile was priceless!

  2. We moved a ton when I was a kid and I remember the first day of Jr high school on what would be our last move. On the very first day, someone sat next to me AND TALKED TO ME on the bus. Someone not horrible. It was so…surprising. Also, it didn’t hurt that I’d gotten contacts, grown out my awful perm and lost the braces that summer. So jr high started out as best as it possibly could. I mean, it was still jr high, after all, so it was still filled with acne and awkwardness. But that first day was pretty memorable.

  3. Best back to school memories are crisp new uniforms, sharp new pencils, New teacher, New room, New year of possibilities. I always got so excited and a little nervous for the first day of school. Now get to revisit the feeling with my daughter who loves school too

  4. Today was back to school for us. Best memory of today is seeing my now 1st grader’s eyes light up when she saw that she had the same bus driver as last year- Mr. John. He wasn’t certain he would have the same route this year, but there he was! For a Mom of military kids, this moment was huge. Our family has finally found our “forever” home, and it is nice to see my children start to plant roots.

  5. I always loved getting a new pair of shoes for school each year. Maybe this is why a new pair of running shoes excites me so much now!

  6. Living about a hour and a half from OR I remember always driving down to Portland to go back to school shopping, then once all that shopping was done I loved laying out my new outfits. I usually planned the whole first week down to shoes 2 weeks before school started. I hated it when it was too warm to wear my new clothes.

  7. My memories of going back to school always involved picking a new backpack and lunch box and while my husband thinks this is a tad absurd, I happily carry on the tradition with my boys once they start grade school. I love letting my oldest son pick out a new lunch box and backpack that suits his personality. FYI, superheroes are sooooo second grade and a much cooler geometric pattern is just right for my third grader.

  8. Last year on my daughter’s first day of preschool, she was so excited to go back to school that she literally was squealing with excitement and ended up climbing out the window into her teacher’s arms at drop off line because she was too excited to wait for her teacher to open the door. While many of my friends were sharing feelings of sadness at babies growing up too fast, I had to smile because anything that makes my daughter that happy makes me happy, too. I can only hope she always holds on to at least a sliver of that excitement for school.

  9. When my son was barely two we enrolled him in a preschool program at the School for the Deaf. They actually came to our house to pick him up in a big yellow school bus with built in car seats. He looked so darn cute toddling up to the school bus and even cuter strapped into the seat. He’s almost ten now and still looks darn cute getting on the school bus.

  10. We haven’t had any back-to-school memories yet, but I’m bracing myself for when my eldest starts kindergarten next year. I don’t remember “back to school” being such a big deal when I was young (many, many years ago.)

  11. My daughter’s excitement is contagious. She starts 3rd grade in one week. Today her book bag and lunch bag that she designed (color, design, monogram) arrives AND she finds out her teacher. She can hardly stand it she’s so excited. Makes me so so happy and excited for her!

  12. My birthday is August 25 for school always seemed to start on my birthday. I remember the back to school shopping more and picking out the first day of school outfits. I remember one first day of school outfit when I was probably 1st or 2nd grade was a sundress that had apples on it. I loved that dress.
    One year my grandmother painted my school box for me with flowers and my name. I loved that box and still have it. I take pictures of my kids outside our front door just like my mom used to do with us. Fun memories.

  13. I am very excited to send my daughter off to kindergarten this year, I’m excited to be on the other end of things, creating new memories with my kids!

  14. I am actually hoping this year will be a good memory. After 7 years of homeschooling my daughter, she is venturing into 7th grade at our local public school. I will still have my two boys at home with me, but a void will be felt. At the same time I am excited for her to spread her wings and experience new things (hopefully good things with a little “life learning experiences”).

  15. As a kid I always loved getting all my new school supplies…didn’t always love the obligatory first day photo but now as a mom I get it…my little ones aren’t in school yet but we still do back to school shopping for my hubby who teaches high school!

  16. I’ve always loved and looked forward to the first day of school–when I was in elementary school, we’d anxiously await the day the class lists would be posted on the school doors in mid to late August. From then on, it was a countdown to the first day!

  17. I loved back to school and would obsessively stack and re-stack my school supplies. I still love freshly sharpened pencils. Now when I buy the kids’ school supplies, I stock up on tape and pens for the house.

  18. I always loved back to school as a kid. My favorite memories are picking out new supplies and sometimes a new backpack and all the exciting things I was going to learn while using those things. I always wish I would need new supplies for something when back to school comes around!

  19. Last week my sons started 5th and 6th grade. This year they were both genuinely excited to start school and happy with how it went all week. I can’t remember a happier start to the year.

  20. My favorite back to school memory is from seven years ago and it is not crying on my son’s first day of kindergarten. Boy was that tough. He looked so tiny to me, but he was so excited and ready for this new adventure.

  21. My back to school memory is my return to college in my late twenties. It was my second try at college and I felt very old with all of those eighteen year olds, as I registered for classes. But also excited about all of the possibilities opening up for me. Back to school indeed.

  22. My personal back-to-school memory: New shoes, particularly saddle oxfords. As a child, I had narrow feet (quad A was often too wide) that required custom made shoes, so my parents only bought me new shoes each August. It was a pretty big deal, and I tried to take good care of them each school year.
    My favorite memory for my own two boys is the annual “back to school picture” in front of the Burr Oak tree that my husband and I planted 16 years ago when we built our house. Each year, the “back to school” picture shows not just the growth of my boys with their smiling, exuberant faces, but also the growth of the tree in front of our home. I love it.

  23. I just love walking my boys to school on the first day…clean uniforms, the excitement coupled with the anxiety, new supplies, clean school. Such excitement.

  24. I know I am older than most of you young mother runners. My boys are 22 and 25. While I thought they both would do the school thing the way we’d expected–high school graduation, 4 years later, college graduation, things did not go that way. My younger guy did a massive emotional face plant after 6 weeks at a prestigious college, and has spent 3 years recovering from it at home. In January, he went off to a less intense school and did brilliantly. He is now off in a week back to school for his first full year away. I am so proud of him and while this experience is not nearly the same as sending then back to school when they were little guys, I am welling up with pride and sadness to see him go. He is a joy to have in the home and we will miss him!!!

  25. I am such a nerd! I just LOVE all the shiny new office/school supplies– the brand new lunch boxes, the binders, fresh pens and pencils. I’m a teacher now, so I still love it!

  26. My dad always took pictures of us on the first day of school. We would line up on the front porch shiny and ready for the new beginning. We were slightly annoyed at the process but fondly look at those pictures as markers in time.

  27. I loved the first day of school when my brother and I were able to drive for the first time. My poor mother just stood on the porch waving (and praying!) for us. I realize now how awesome she was to let us go and look like she was enjoying it

  28. School shopping with my mom the summer before entering first grade. I’ll never forgot discovering the scent of crayons and realizing this would be the year I’d learn to write and read. I remember being scared and excited. A familiar feeling as I’ve grown older. I am feeling that way this summer as I train for my first Olympic triathlon and first half marathon. Instead of learning how to write and read I am learning how to open water swim and bike. I remember the importance of looking good on the first day of school. I would look pretty sweet in those Smith glasses!

  29. Last year was an exciting first day of school when my youngest entered kindergarten! My husband took the day off and we went for a hike after we dropped off all three kiddos. I did a FREEDOM pose at the summit!

  30. My middle child started kindergarten on the same day I started a new job. She was crying and didn’t want to go. I told her we are in this together. It’s a new adventure for me at my new job too. She will be an 8th grader this year and I’m currently at the same job. Guess we both made it past that first day.

  31. On the first day of first grade, I had to climb up onto the bus with my daughter to take a photo. Only after the bus left did I find out that parents were not allowed on the bus! The bus driver was so kind and never said a word to me. It’s still one of my favorite pictures!

  32. My twins will be going to 4k this year. Last year on on their first year of 3 k I called my eyes out. God only know what this year will bring. Thankfully I have my running to get me though!

  33. My favorite back to school memories involve mom lining us up on the porch in our new outfits for a picture. My sisters and I (4 girls) loved back to school 🙂

  34. School memory 🙂 After school my brother and I got dropped off about a quarter mile from our home and had to walk. One day a small hand dolly fell off a passing truck during our walk home and I remember having so much fun giving each other rides on it all the way home.

  35. 3 years ago, when my 3 boys had their first day of school, on the same bus, at the same school for the only time in their lives (unless they all go to the same college and my oldest stays for 5 years).

  36. I teach in an elementary school and have for the past 15 years. I get to experience the joy (and sadness) of the first day every year. This year, my own son starts kindergarten! I’m trying to get us both ready to make it a great first day.

  37. I remember my mother cut my bangs that I was rocking in first grade. Ugh! Who let that woman use scissors on her own children. I wanted to hide the whole day. Misery loves company…my sister looked worse than me.

  38. A year ago we moved from Oregon to Boise and I was very nervous for my kids to start at a new school, in addition to that, we enrolled them in public school after spending their previous school life in private school. I was so nervous, and I cannot imagine how they felt. I was so so happy when I picked them up from school to hear how awesome their day was, how much they loved their new school and how nice all the kids were to my kids, the new kids. Best first day of school ever.

  39. My favorite back to school memory was picking out what I would wear the first day. As I got older, I had to call my bestie to see what she was wearing too. My daughter loves to pick out her clothes, so her first day of school outfit was selected about a week before the first day of school.

  40. My favorite back to school memory is about 5 years old…my second child was heading off to kindergarten. My oldest had gone the previous year, and had a bit of a hard time with tears every day for about the 1st three weeks. Now it was my son’s turn, and he seemed excited and happy to go, which made it a little easier for me! We walked to the bus stop, and the bus pulled up. All seemed fine, when suddenly he broke free from my hand and started running for home, yelling “I’m not going!” I had to chase him down and help him get on the bus. Thankfully he had a sweet, experienced bus driver and a wonderful first day at school. While it was hard at the time, it makes us all laugh now! 🙂

  41. before my daughter started kindergarten, we got a book entitled “kindergarten rocks” to help prepare her. When I got home from work I asked her if kindergarten did, in fact, rock and she was so excited that she ran in circles singing “kindergarten rocks!”, her little sister trailing behind her, caught up in the excitement and singing too.

  42. my brother sand “turn out the lights the party’s over now” before the first day of school…even through grad school 🙂 now I do it for the next generation…

  43. Every year, until high school, my BBF would pick me and we would bike to school after my mom would take our picture. Once we were in high school, we drove to school together. The best part is that we are still BFFs.

  44. My favorite memory was the first day of seventh grade when I was just old enough to help my sister get ready for her first day of kindergarten. I was so excited for her that I didn’t even get nervous about my outfit out where I world sit at lunch or anything.

  45. Going back to school at a new school presented the opportunity to re-invent myself as the person I thought I wanted to be. It never lasted very long before reverting to my “real” self.

  46. My fave is from last year when my then 2 yr old so proudly put on her Minnie mouse pre-k size backpack for her trip to daycare, on her older siblings’ first day of school, and announced she was going to school too.

  47. I always remember getting butterflies in my stomach the first day of school. Just so excited to wear a new outfit to school. I only wish my kids shared in my enthusiasm

  48. I always loved all the newness of going back to school–new room, new teacher, new school supplies–it was so exciting!

  49. My favorite back to school memory is when I was in 3rd grade. I had begged and pleaded for the perfectly pink sweater and corduroy pants to wear as my first day of school outfit. Little did I know that it was going to be 90 degrees and I was absolutely miserable the whole day. My mom told me I would be too hot. Again, mom’s know best!

  50. My favorite back to school memory, or more of a comment, perhaps protest, is from my five year old this year. When we told him that he’d finally be going to school five days a week just like his three older brothers, he grimaced and said, “Why? I really like my days off”!

  51. I have to admit it…my best back to school memory was 2 years ago when my kids started 2nd & 6th grades. It wasn’t traumatic like sending my babies off for their 1st days of 1st grade or kindergarten. I felt such a sense of accomplishment (look how far we’ve come!).

  52. Back to School shopping. My daughter loves it, but my son hates it. But regardless it always produces good memories. 🙂

  53. I always loved going back to school and seeing friends that I had not been able to see all summer. Every year was a great memory for me. Now my kids feel the same way. It is always an adventure to get to meet new people and reconnect with old friends!

  54. I loved “back to school” shopping with my brothers, mom and Nana. I look forward to similar shopping trips with my boys as they get older, and maybe my mom (their “Nana”) can come along!

  55. The year I decided to coordinate my grey and red polo-style shirt with my ponytail holder, socks, and Nikes. What.a.dork.I.was!!!

  56. Back to school—I remember it felt like Christmas morning. There were new not too small shoes, a haircut and markers that weren’t dried out. For my boys, they love getting supplies and picking out new sneakers. It is a whirlwind, trying to celebrate the end of summer and getting organized for those early mornings that are right around the corner, but fun!!

  57. When I was in elementary school, we lived in the country in Michigan. I woke up the morning of the start of 5th grade, looked out my first floor bedroom window (which was flush with the front rose garden) and saw GIANT rabbits sitting there! Our neighbor’s giant Flemish rabbits had all escaped from their outdoor hut overnight and were hopping around our rose bed! Being an animal love, it was the best surprise ever!

  58. My favorite back to school memories are the hand made smocked dresses that my grandmother made us each year to return to school. My mom kept them presteen. I can’t wait to have my children wear them.

  59. I loved back to school time and still do. One of my favorite memories was picking out what I would wear for the picture my mom would take of us by our front door on Day #1, something I did through college, and now continue with my own kids.

  60. I have kiddos going back to school this year, but my fondest memory of going back to school when I was younger was how anxious I would get the night before – preparing my backpack and laying my clothes out and not being able to sleep a wink! It was so exciting 🙂

  61. My baby started full day kindergarten this year. I wanted to remain positive and excited and happy in front of him so that he would have these feelings as well. I didn’t want him to be clinging to me (okay maybe I did want that a little) or refuse to get on the bus. His older sister was riding the bus with him and assured him that she would sit with him even though she is a big fourth grader. So I happily put them on the bus and he was so excited and I was so proud of myself for not tearing up!! Then the bus pulled away and immediately the tears came and my oldest- my sensitive 8th grade son- scooped me up in a big hug. Just wanted I needed. When my little guy came home from the first day and I asked him how school was his reply “It was amazing!” Wonderful back to school memory.

  62. I remember my first nervous day of living in a dorm and attending High School in Italy. My father was in the Air Force and we were stationed at a base in Italy where there wasn’t a High School. We had to be bused on Sunday evenings to live in a dorm at an Army Base for 5 days of the week, then bused back to our home on Friday nights. I did this for three years…10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Those years ended up giving me some of the most wonderful and exciting memories!!

  63. Back to school shopping with my boys is our favorite tradition of going back to school. They get so excited over new pencils and notebooks and particularly new backpacks (every few years). I take the day off of work for the adventure and we even get to eat lunch out. They love it and I love the time with them.

  64. Favorite back to school memory was going clothes shopping for new school clothes and loving the feeling of the hot asphalt of the parking lot with the cool airconditioned store, and the excitement and smell of new clothes.

  65. The summer that my baby was going to kindergarten I told friends that I would stay home all day and cry. When the day came my son was ready to get on the bus and he asks me, “Are you really going to cry all day?” What a sweetie. I only shed a few tears when they got on the bus. Then I enjoyed the rest of the peaceful day.

  66. I decided to be a foreign exchange student when I was a Junior in High School. My first day of school in a new school and a completely new language (Spanish). I also had to wear a uniform for the first time. We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves, I stuck out like a sore thumb since I was in Ecuador so everyone was more than I, had dark brown hair and brown eyes; I had blond hair and blue eyes and I have a very pasty pale skin tone (German, Dutch, and Norwegian ancestry will do that). I knew from my years of Spanish that Embarazada which looks like embarrassed truly means Pregnant. Yet, when it was my turn to speak and my accent was clear and the other students chuckled at my attempt at Spanish, I tried to say I was embarrassed and still used Embarazada, that was not good! Needless to say everyone quickly helped me to improve my language skills so it wouldn’t happen again.

  67. I loved (and feared) Back to school! One of the only times we got new clothes, new shoes, seeing friends, the SMELL of school! (and being carsick on the bus…) but school lunch and ice cream, recess, new supplies, and of course new things to learn.

  68. This question is so hard for me today, but it does force me to think of happier times! (I moved one of my twins to college for his freshman year yesterday and I move the other twin Sunday. Everything about back to school brings me to tears at the moment!) My favorite back to school memories of my boys is the first day of school pictures. The first couple of years, they were cute. After that, they were all pictures of them poking each other, striking body builder poses, etc. Cute, but in a different way!

  69. In our house the best day is school supply shopping- the kids love asking “what’s next on the list?” And then running off to find it – they feel so independent and important!!

  70. my favorite part of back to school as a kid was getting a brand new outfit to wear. As a mom, I’m in denial about the whole growing-up, back-to-school thing. Lalalalala

  71. My favorite memory is of my younger son’s first day of kindergarten. It warmed my heart to see my older son take him under his wing and guide him along.

  72. Every year it seems to be a little bit different. Last year my youngest was a nervous wreck and wouldn’t get on the bus but this year, seeing the look on his face as he ran down the hall to my bedroom on the first day of Kindergarten, he was so excited! And the new haircut and back to school outfit my 10 year old daughter rocked on her first day of 5th grade, she seems so grown up and confident! My middle son, just rolls with it, always so chill and ready!

  73. Back in the day, before computers, we had to fill out our schedules manually the first day of sixth grade. This would be our first time changing classes. I was told I had the meanest homeroom teacher. As she was telling us how to fill out the schedules, I was only one who filled mine out correctly. The teacher announced it to class and I became the student she would depend on to deliver things for her. This day wad also the day I met my the closest friends. It wad a great first day of middle school.

  74. Buying new shoes and a book bag were always highlights since I wore a uniform and that was all the new stuff we ever got!

  75. My now 16 year old when she started high school 2 years ago. All of a sudden she feew up, but was so excited to start a new chapter in her schooling life.

  76. My kids heading into 5th and 2nd and just giving an excited wave goodbye- they are so ready for school this year!

  77. My oldest is always ready 20 minutes early on the first day of school. It’s the only day of the year that she’s motivated.

  78. I always take the mandatory first day pic of the kiddos on the front step on the first day. Last year my oldest started her senior year and my youngest started Junior High. It was a big year at our house. This year, I’ll only have one kid on the steps for the picture, as my daughter is starting college in a few weeks.

  79. When my daughter started kindergarten last year as we were walking into school she turns around and say “I’m going to rock this thing!” At that point I was sure she had the confidence to conquer kindergarten. Love her spirit of kicking *ss and taking names.

  80. My oldest starts kindergarten this year… I have been in tears over this for oh, about 2 weeks now. He’s pretty excited about it. My husband keeps asking me if I’m ok, and I told him that the hardest part is that as he gets older and older, he needs me less (bittersweet- I DO appreciate the extra freedom). To which my husband replied “It’s completely normal. In 2-3 weeks he won’t need you anymore, and he’ll hate you when he’s 18”. And he was serious. NOT something to tell an emotional mom! Cried for 2 days over that gem. 🙂

  81. I have been taking first day of school pictures since I can remember. They are great because you can see how you change through the years like flipping a books pages. Now I’m taking pictures of my grandchildren going to their first day of achool.

  82. Taking my son to start his 2nd year of preschool, my daughter was so distraught. She tried to go to his classroom when they lined up & kept asking where brother was the whole 3 hours. It was sweet how she didn’t want to be left behind & how much he was “her world”. Still is that way-she is super excited that next year she will be at the same school as big brother. 🙂

  83. My mom always sewed our clothes for school and maybe it wasn’t the coolest or hippest thing to most kids but I always felt pretty damn special posing for that picture on the first day of school, I hope I can give my kids the same feeling

  84. My mother-in-law is German so she makes the kids a Schultüte on their first day of kindergarten. My youngest starts this year and I can’t wait to see what she makes for him because she is so crafty with it. While I’ve been waiting for this day for so long to have all 3 kids in school I know I’ll be teary eyed when it finally happens.

  85. Last year when I dropped my youngest off at college, she just smiled and waved; so confident and ready to take on the world. She was much stronger than I was 😉

  86. When the new school year was coming up, my 4 year old was so ready to start school. I naively thought the school would accept him early because he was so smart and ready to learn. We even got his shots updated, bought school supplies. To our disappointment, We had to wait another year, lol. Poor kiddo.

  87. My daughter missed her first day of preschool. The calendar changed to a pre-Labor Day start from when my son had attended two years earlier and I did not notice the earlier start. I was out on a 20 mile run in preparation for a marathon while she was home with a babysitter. Another mom called and asked if everything was ok since she hadn’t seen me at preschool drop-off. I felt horrible for a few days and then realized my daughter was 3 and would never know that her first day of preschool was not everyone else’s first day. We all survived!

  88. My mom used to stop and buy us donuts on the way to our first day of school which I was always to nervous to enjoy. We didn’t have Meet The Teacher nigjtway back then! I would be terrified thinking of all the unknowns.

  89. Although this was recent, I had the most amazing realization that I may no longer need to push a double jog stroller for runs now that I only have one child left in the house with me all day. Oh Happy Day!

  90. I don’t know if this is a “good” memory, but my mom hates shopping so for back to school shopping every year we would sit down with the JCPenney catalog and circle all of the things we liked. A couple days later UPS would drop off a HUGE box and my sister and I would spend all afternoon trying on our new clothes.

  91. I’m sending my first child to school and I’m a wreck! But I do love the school shopping and getting ready, just like when I was young. And my son is so excited!

  92. I always loved organizing my new school supplies in my Jansport backpack! Every year getting assigned s new locker and putting the magnets on the inside personalizing my 4 square feet of private space!

  93. My fondest memory is of my Grandparents taking me back to school clothes shopping for the 4th grade, which made me feel so special. This time alone with them was precious (two brothers, younger is special needs). Remember every outfit, and how empowered these clothes made me feel. I finally got to pick out my own clothes that were most definitely better than in hand-me-down toughskins and t-shirts. To this day, I have the one shirt tucked away from this shopping trip. Hoping to make memories like this with my own two sons, and eventually my grandchildren.

  94. I remember rocking a pink Minnie Mouse t-shirt with the side tied in a knot on my hip. I was too cool for school them.

  95. This week was my daughter’s first day of kindergarten and it is something I will never forget! She was so nervous which makes momma 10 fold that but by the time I walked out of the room she was talking to a classmate with a big smile on her face, the tear immediately started flowing! Oh my big girl!!!

  96. The first day of my senior year in high school – my older sister had chopped off my hair the night before into a rockin bob! I felt as though the school year was getting off to an extra fresh start

  97. My favorite back to school memory was my brand new Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox in first grade. I was so proud! My son starts first grade next week… I better make sure he has a worthy lunchbox!

  98. Even though it was a huge emotional struggle for me, my favorite back to school memory would be taking our son to his freshman year of college two years ago. I was wreck, but he handled it like a star – confident, independent and excited. Proud momma!

  99. My daughter’s first day of preschool earlier this summer. We walked her into the classroom and she asked when she could play with the other kids (who were outside ). She went straight outside without batting an eyelash. I cried in the car, so proud of my baby and so sad how fast she’s growing up.

  100. Comparing the current year back to school picture with the picture from the year before is always so much fun. My two little ones stand in the same spot in front of the door so we can see how much they’ve grown from the first day the year before!

  101. My most memorable 1st day of school was my sins first day of 3yr old preschool. It was 9/11 – the day planes crisis crossed our country like missals. I dropped him off, walked into to work and saw everyone standing around the TV in our customer lounge as the Twin Towers started to crumble. I WAS TERIFIED!
    That same little 3 yr old starts his Senior year in a few weeks… And we’re still engaged in this war. When will it end, he doesn’t remember an Ametica pre 9-11, or Workd Peace. I still get a lump in my throat every first day of school when I think about all the families that lost people they love over this… And I hold my son a little longer before I kiss him good bye.

  102. My favorite memory is of our boxer. She loves to stand up at the front door and watch my girls when they get on the bus. The kids on the bus love her, too. They wave at her every morning.

  103. My most memorable back to school moment was when my confident 5 year old twins hopped into the bus for kindergarten. They looked back and smiled. The minute the bus left I cried my eyes out!! Ha ha!! If I only knew how great a quiet house could be 🙂

  104. Back to school memory: Our daughter’s first day of pre-school. It was so bittersweet, and I tried to savor every little detail. I can’t believe she just started high school last week already…

  105. I think my favorite back to school memory was when I went to grad school. My mom flew over to Belfast and helped me get settled. It was such an exciting time.

  106. I’m a teacher so back to school for kids means I go too. When my children were in elementary school we went together, everyday. I loved that time together. I left that teaching assignment when my youngest was a 4th grader. But my sister started teaching there and that felt ok. Now that youngest child is a senior. Where does the time go?

  107. I loved when all 4 of my minions were at the same school. First day of school I wore my baby niece in a sling & posed my 2nd, 4th, 6th, & 8th graders for an obligatory pic. As we walked around the campus my little ones peeled off for their appropriate playgrounds leaving me to head home virtually childless. I gave one last peek towards the big kids & spied my little 8th grader. His quiet excitement & enormous backpack made me giggle.

  108. My favorite back to school memory was our first. My son was five and starting kindergarten, and I was pregnant with our second child. Crazy hormones had overtaken my body, and I was well past the point of being able to go for a run to release some of my craziness. We dropped him off that day, worried about how things would go at “big boy school” and hoping he would have more fun than his anxiousness that morning implied. When I picked him up that afternoon and asked how he liked school, he was exuberant and replied that it was “the best ever!”. My day of tears and worries was lost in his excitement, and I was overwhelmed with joy that he’d experienced such a great first day of school! I can only hope that the remainder of first days we have left go half so well!!

  109. My favorite memory is the shopping for back to school clothes. As the youngest of six, hand-me-downs were prevalent. The opportunity to get something new – just for me – was only equaled by the thrill of new school supplies!

  110. I went to Notre Dame for college and studied abroad the spring of my junior year. On the first day back on campus that next fall, I was so excited to be back that I nearly wept when I saw the Administration Building (the golden dome) as I drove to my dorm for move-in.

  111. This has been my favorite “back to school” season yet. My daughter is a proud 2nd grader. My normally hilarious and confident son is a slightly nervous kindergartener. It’s weird to feel like you *finally* have a break (even if it’s for less than 3 hours- thanks half day KDG). But you feel lost during your break. I ran 3 today during my break and it was amazing. It just feels like my family is -there- happily in that moment where they are little enough to still want stories and bedtime snuggles. But not so little that I’m toting a diaper bag and bottles with my we everywhere we go. I cried a little on the first day. But I can already tell. It’s gonna be a great year.

  112. We take pictures every year with a chalkboard with my kids’ current grade on it. Fun to see how much they grow year to year!

  113. Every year my mom would let us pick out one junk food cereal for our first day of school breakfast. This was a big deal considering we were a Rice Chex family. As a sugar lover through and through this was a big deal for me. Just today I let my kids get the Star Wars Lucky Charms cereal. The tradition lives on and I was smiling inside and out. Funny this post came up today. I would trade any sugar cereal for those glasses!!!!!

  114. One of the most memorable back to school moments was when I returned to teaching after my first baby was born. It was that internal struggle of wanting to stay home vs. wanting to get back to all of “my kids” at school and cuddle my baby at night.

  115. I have obviously cried my eyes out as each of my 5 children took their turn starting kindergarten, but this year I also found myself to be a blubbering mess as I took my third child for his Senior Portraits. My God but it all goes so fast! Thank goodness I still have two more behind him…

  116. For myself, it was cutting some roses from our garden to give to my new teacher in early elementary school, stems in a baggie to keep them hydrated!

    For my kids, when the last one started kindergarten I cried. The first two I didn’t have that reaction. But realizing that I would never have my buddy home with me, just the two of us, was heartbreaking.

  117. My back to school best memory is 2008 when my daughter was entering the 6th grade and my son was a Kindergartener. 6th grade is a hard age for girls and this summer/year was like most but her brother got to be in the same school with her. It is my favorite back to school and yet one of the saddest as they both were in school. Last year was his 6th grade year and he starts Wednesday as a 7th grade Jr High student…time flies

  118. As a teenager, my parents would give us money to buy back-to-school clothes and drop us off at the mall. We would use the pay phone to call them when we were finished or, more often the case, we had spent all of our money. My sister and I learned how to budget our money and look on the sale racks at an early age!!

  119. I remember the excitement of when my house was added to the bus route in grade 4. I had looked forward to being chauffeured to school, I thought it would be amazing. In the end I very rarely took the bus because I missed walking too much.

  120. Every year our parents would take the obligatory back to school picture of us (my neighbor – best friends and I). All of the years blend together except for 4th grade. All 3 of us had these FABULOUS shirts from the Wisconsin Dells with the bottoms and sleeves cut into fringe (my phone auto-corrects that to cringe. So appropriate!). We are all standing there in that picture like we’re the bomb, and for a minute I guess we were, but wow, it was an awful look! Gotta love the 80’s!!

  121. My best memory is from my son entering kindergarten and how he was disappointed my husband was working day shift. He was a police officer but unknown to my son, he was able to be assigned as traffic control as his class walked to church a few blocks away for the starting prayer. His face lit up and he was so excited his class got to see his dad in uniform. The pride on his face is etched in my memory.

  122. I’m a teacher so back to school for my kids is back to school for me, too. I’m very fortunate to work in a district that allows up to 2 years of child care leave for each child, so the fall after our 3rd child was born was the one and only time I was a SAHM with a school-aged child. Our oldest was starting 4th grade. I had an entirely new perspective on Back to School! There was a whole world of cheering and tires squealing from the parking lot I never knew existed. It was lovely.

  123. My favorite memory of back to school is going to buy a new outfit for the first day! It was a big deal, we didn’t have a lot of money growing up so this outfit was extra special!!

  124. The day I took my oldest daughter to kindergarten, worried sick that she would be upset knowing I was leaving her for the first time with a stranger for 7 hours. While I was trying not to cry myself, my little girl looked at me as she sat down in her chair and said “mommy, you can go now.” OMG, heartwarming and heartbreading at the same time.

  125. my most memorable back to school story is when my first two went to school- twins entering kindergarten. I had my 3 year old and my 3 day old at home. In one day everything about myore changed. I cried all day long.

  126. The biggest “back to school” memory is when we moved my older son first to daycare and then, it seems like just a day later, to college. That really got to me – he wouldn’t just be home for dinner any more. Three years later, I’m still not used to it!

  127. When my son went to kindergarten, I expected him to be so nervous to ride the bus for the first time. Nope! The bus arrived and he climbed right up those huge (to his little legs) stairs and didn’t even turn around. It made me sad that he could go so easily, but so proud that he was willing to tackle new things head on. Still makes me smile to think about.

  128. I always had a new outfit on and my mom always curled my hair. I also remember be so hot because most my new clothes were really for cooler weather. This year with my 8 and 10 year old I walked them to their class doors and snapped a quick picture before they sent me away. They used to keep me there till they walked in.

  129. When I was little, each first day back to school, my Mom would make a huge banner for me and my brothers. It was always a special treat that she hung in the kitchen!

  130. Growing up we didn’t have a lot, but that first day of school I had a new outfit and notebook for school. I loved that!

  131. I’m guessing the first day of school was very stressful for me each year… every photo I see of me from the 1980s was a little girl in pigtails, knee socks, and tears!

  132. As a former teacher, I LOVE the first day back to school. I get super excited to see who my kids’ teachers will be. I just love the energy and excitement on the campus when everyone is excited about the upcoming year.

  133. The best back to school moment was last year when my son (4 years at the time) was actually able to go back to school after having to stop attending his preschool in the spring due to starting chemo. It was such an awesome (and emotional) feeling to see him walking the halls of his loving school and no longer being in isolation!

  134. Being amazed when I dropped our daughter off for her first day of High School and there were boys with facial hair, tall and not little boys I became aware at that moment how big our little girl had become when she noticed too.

  135. A good back to school memory for me was my first day back to college after a fifteen year hiatus and not being the oldest person in the class!

  136. First day at teaching EVER – I’m a music teacher and was doing an activity with kindergarten during our first class – a little girl raises her hand and says she doesn’t feel well… then throws up all over the table. So I told the kids to come over to the reading carpet to finish our activity while calling the office to find out what to do… because it was my first day teaching… ever…

  137. I think my best one is this year. After spending all summer worried and anxious about starting middle school seeing my daughter come home from her first day overjoyed and excited was amazing! 🙂

  138. I just loved going back to school every year! I’m hoping that my kids will love to go, too (my 4-year old loves preschool and books, so I think she’ll take after me. My 1-year old is too young to tell). I’m looking forward to annual 1st day of school pictures!

  139. My daughter’s back to school years were uneventful and now that she’s 23 (how the hell did that happen???) I can’t barely remember those days! What I do remember from my school years is school photos. I was lucky to be able to afford new outfits each school year but must have had my favorite that was “timeless” because one day as my daughter and I were going through school photos she pointed out that I wore the same exact outfit three (YES, 3!!!) years in a row!! How I never realized that, I’ll never know. Fashionista, that is not a word I would use to describe myself!

  140. Finding out that my daughters 5th grade teacher to be is a girl u graduated high school with! It’s such a small world. 🙂

  141. I loved my son’s first day of pre-school. He had already been to visit a couple times and we had been playing on the playground quite often since we found out he was accepted. We pulled into the parking lot and my 3 year old told me I could just drop him at the fence and not come in. : … ( Well…I went in. Nowadays, its highschool and nothing has changed, still bossy, still independent.

  142. i made both my kids laugh on their first days of school by telling them i wet my pants on the first day b/c i was too shy to ask where the bathroom was!!

  143. my favorite back to school memory was when my youngest (of 3) started kindergarten. I was so excited for her to finally be a “big girl”. Of course, my most independent child ended up bring my only child to cry on the first day of school.

  144. My one and only back to school memory (as my daughter is only 4) is me taking her to 3-year-old preschool on her first day and receiving a phone call to pick her up as she had soiled her pants :/ Hopefully this year goes smoother!

  145. I just love comparing the previous years’ back to school pics of my kiddos! I sometimes forget how much they’ve grown in just a year!

  146. I asked my four year old if she was nervous about starting pre-K. She replied “No, why? School is fun until you get to college. You have to do homework in college!”

  147. I can never forget the “First Day of _____ Grade” photos that my parents took of me starting in 1982, which are treasures that I can see and smile at now, which is why I have carried on the tradition with my own kids. 🙂

  148. The best first day was the when my kids were both going for a full day of school. I had a great run in my favorite spot, clean up AND have time to relax at Starbucks before they came home.

  149. I loved my daughter’s 1st day of Kindergarten. I was able to watch her get on and off the bus and when she got off the bus, she ran towards me, hair flying, back-pack toting and a HUGE smile on her face…she couldn’t wait to tell me about her day, she was so proud and excited. It’s still one of my very favorite pictures of her.

  150. I grew up loving going back to school. My family was not well off so we got some supplies and rarely some new clothes. But back to school for me never meant the supplies but instead it meant seeing friends and getting to do something other than stay at home all day. It meant more learning, more books (kinda a book nerd) and new teachers. In junior high it meant my first sports activity which was cross country, I still remember walking out onto the track for the first time after school and running the two miles, getting done and just smiling. Not because I was fast (I was the last girl to finish) but just the joy of being a part of something different and fun.

  151. Can it be a memory from this morning? I work full-time, but took a few days off to deal with sending my youngest off to TK (transitional kindergarten). Today was his second day, and after dropping him off at his classroom, I took off for a 7 mile interval run. I ran super strong, and it felt so good to not have to worry about kids, work, or being back at a certain time. The icing on the cake was that I timed it just right, and got to sneak a peek of him having fun at snack recess. Success!!

  152. My kids always lined up for 1st day of school pics, of course, and one of the pictures was always on the front steps. Invariably, one of the cats would be in the picture, in the glass of the door, looking out. This year will be the senior year of my LAST baby…. last 1st day of school picture!! 🙁

  153. I grew up in a household that was money poor but rich in love and laughter. Back to school time always meant a few new clothes and some crisp fresh school supplies. In my early years, I loved cracking open a brand new Big Chief tablet: the smell, the feel of the fresh lined sheets, and the promise of all of the letters, numbers, and drawings it would hold during the year. Who didn’t love a brand spanking new Big Chief?!?

  154. Dropping the children off at school and then having an back to school breakfast with all the moms! Complete with Mimosas or Bloody Marys!

  155. Watching my youngest (now a 5th grader) walking down the hallway holding my husband’s hand on his way to the 1st day of Kindergarten!

  156. One of my favorite memories is having watched my kids walking in to the school building a few years ago when the older ones (now high school and middle school) were all little elementary kids. They walked together until kiddo number 4, super excited to be back to school ran a few steps ahead, took a huge leap and fist pumped, yelling “YES!!” as I watched him race to those big front doors. I’m one of those moms who is always sad when summer is over, but I’m so grateful my kids love school.

  157. When my youngest son was 3 he said on his first day of preschool “I want to be a ballerina when I grow up.” Ha! Two years later and it’s changed to being a professional soccer player. My what a difference a couple of years can make!

  158. Picking out a new lunch box (the metal kind with the matching thermos) for the upcoming school year. I had a Muppets one that I adored. 🙂

  159. I loved my back to school shopping trips with just Mom and me. I had 2 brothers, so a chance to do some female bonding was definitely the best part. We made the trek into “town” and saved time for fancy soup for lunch after the shopping was done. I try to do the same with each of my 2 girls so the tradition continues!

  160. Our oldest 2 are about to start second grade and third grade. At our school for kindergarten they go to see their room the afternoon before the first day and the teacher gave them stars and glitter to put under their pillow and a lovely poem to read before bed to help them get a good nights sleep before their first day. I cried both times!

  161. My kids built great memories just today! Last year I was a mess, taking my big kid to Middle School and my baby to Kindergarten. This year, my sweet 7th grader wanted to have his parents around for all of the back-to-school stuff (I’m sure that won’t last much longer, so I’m enjoying it now!), and my 1st grader was so confident that she wanted to walk in by herself! (Okay, that last one was difficult on me, but independence is a good thing, right??!!)

  162. I always loved back to school in college. I was in a circus, and all my friends were in the circus, so the first day back to school was the first day back to circus. We were like a family, and it was great to see everyone after the summer, give hugs, and then get back to trusting our lives to the members of the circus. I looked forward to school and classes ending so I could spend time with my circus family!

  163. We took our oldest son to college this week! It was bittersweet to help him unpack his things and say goodbye. He’s very excited about this new phase of his life, and that makes this mom very happy. Although, it’s all I can do not to text him and ask how things are going.

  164. My daughter is starting kindergarten in just two short weeks and I can’t wait to form new good memories with her. Exciting!

  165. My son started kindergarten this year at public school. “Big kid school” as he called it all summer. As we were meeting his teacher and filling out hundreds of forms, the teacher had given each of the kiddos a lollipop with a little message on it about summer being over and how this year will be wonderful like this lollipop, or some sort of beautiful message that I totally missed because I was trying desperately to hide my tears. Happy, wonderful proud tears but tears nonetheless. Wow.

  166. Not really a memory yet, but our first grandchild was born on Sunday and the first thing I did was check the school district where my daughter and her husband live now to make sure the first day of school would never fall on his birthday. Whew! They start later.

  167. My daughter’s school does picture day at the school meet and greet the day before classes begin. This year as we stood in line to get pictures taken I noticed the male photographer and was suddenly transported in my mind to just 4 years ago when she was in preschool. The teacher came to me before picking Clara up and said “I’m really sorry, but we weren’t able to get her picture taken. She burst into tears when she saw that the photographer was a man and despite his best jokes and tricks we just couldn’t get her to settle down enough to smile. They said you can take her to their studio another day to try to get a picture if you’d like. I’m really sorry.” After much coaxing and a few more tears, we did eventually get a decent school picture at a separate appointment that year but I never understood what caused the nervousness. I smiled as I returned to the present and watched my brand new second grader grin from ear to ear as the photographer took her picture as though she’d been waiting forever for this moment. She was so excited to begin the new year and seeing that made me happy, but slightly nostalgic for that three year old who was too scared to get her picture taken. Where has the time gone? Is this how it’s always going to be, me wondering where my babies went? Something to ponder on my next run.

  168. My favorite memory is taking my daughters to their first day of school in 1st grade. They were so cute in their uniform shirts and jumpers. They were so eager to have photos taken with new teachers and friends. Now, 8 years later, they still wear uniform shirts but the jumpers are replaced by shorts and they don’t want to have their photos taken, posted or shared with relatives or friends. #theteenyearsarefun

  169. I always have fond memories of back to school shopping with my mom. It was usually the only time we shopped together and it was all for ME!

  170. I vividly remember dropping my daughter off for kindergarten and the irrational tears that came with it. I also remember walking out of the school last year (no tears for me this time) and seeing the teachers standing by the steps out, each with a box of tissues.

  171. My ‘back-to-school’ memories are all fond ones that smell like the fresh cut grass in the air as I walked to the bus stop with my younger brother, the scent of a freshly-sharpened pencil and the butterflies stirring in my tummy as I entered the doors of our little elementary school. Happy things, indeed…

  172. My best memory was when my dad was stationed in Japan and we had to walk at least 2 miles to the bus stop. On the way, we would see Okinawan men walking their bulls (yes, bulls…and we dared my little brother to touch the jewels on one – and he did)!

  173. My kindergartener this year took two days of convincing to let me walk her in instead of drop off at car line. Finally her desire to have her picture taken won out:)

  174. Our preschool gave kids the option of being dropped off at the curb and walking into school themselves, or having their parent walk them inside. My fave memory is of my then-3-year-old insisting that I just drop her at the curb on her first day… so I did!

  175. Getting new clothes for school was always the best. I’m taking my kids school shopping this weekend, after running my 20-miler. Thanks for the reminder of how fun it is to get a new outfit for school!

  176. My favorite memory so far was just yesterday. After physically wrestling (litterally) with drop off last year, my brave and grown up 2nd grader walked calmly and confidently into her classroom, sat down, turned around, and said “bye Mom, have a good day. See you after dance class”. I was so proud, my eyes were overflowing as I walked back to my car.

  177. I love being able to meet my BRF for a run after dropping boys off for school. Even though we run often, the first day of school run holds a special place in my heart as we share the run together and reflect about our kids growing up.

  178. The day all 4 of my kids were in school at the same time. I thought I would do all sorts of grown up things, but all I did was wander around the house with the kid TV shows on because I didn’t know what to do without someone at home.

  179. I love Smith sunglasses! I actually do not have a wonderful back to school story because I was always so very anxious about the first day of school and could never sleep the night before. It was always a relief when the second day of school came and I could sleep again!

  180. one of my favorites is sitting on the porch swing with my littles waiting on the bigs to get off the bus, they are always so happy to see each other at the end of that first day!

  181. My favorite memory is the time when I woke up at o-dark thirty (waaay before it was even called that) because I was so excited for school! I even put on my new outfit that was laid out for me.

  182. When my son was starting 1st grade, he told me that morning that he was excited because “I’m going to make new friends today!” Wouldn’t it be great if we always thought that when beginning something new?

  183. You had me at kindergarten. Sniff sniff! I dropped my daughter off on the first day of kindergarten yesterday. How terribly bittersweet. She’s my third out of four and it never gets easier! I echo your thoughts on elation and sadness and my Find Your Strong 10K interval workout yesterday blew all those tears away. It was just what I needed on the first day back!

  184. It was my oldest daughter’s first day of school. My younger toddler daughter and I were eating lunch talking about her sister at school. All of a sudden she said, “Watch Mom”, then crossed her big brown eyes!” So funny–I’d never seen her do that before.

  185. My little isn’t in school yet, but my favorite thing – all the way through grad school is new school supplies. There is something so great about a fresh start!

  186. Great memory, yet bittersweet, of back to school was when all 5 kids stood on the front porch for their first day of school picture together. After that they started on different days due to different schools.

  187. I have great memories of walking my kids into their classrooms on the first day of school and them being so happy and excited. These memories are only a few years old, but I still smile when I think about them and I’m looking forward to adding to the memories this year in just a few weeks!

  188. At the public preschool, teachers spend the first two weeks making home visits to all of their students. My son was so excited about starting school, and his teacher coming to visit him, that he set up all his Thomas trains in a “meeting” and wouldn’t touch them for three days until his teacher could see them. When she came, he was so excited to show her. It was a great way to start the year.

  189. I was a total school lover, so the first day of school was always exciting. I loved picking out the perfect outfit, getting new school supplies, getting my schedule, all of it!

  190. Packing lunches I find incredibly pleasing. I am not a creative lunch-packer, but the idea of crossing a task off my mental list and seeing those boxes by the door before I’ve finished coffee just makes me feel slightly less out-of-control.

  191. Best first day of school memory, meeting my PE teacher who my mother taught her first year of teaching. He showed me picture of my mom that I had never seen before. “This was the person he said who inspired me to be a teacher,” he said. When I got home, I told my mom who my PE teacher was…her response was hilarious. “That little weenie kid is now your PE teacher, whoda thunk it? It shows what hard work will do for ya.”

  192. I can remember in grade school we didn’t have a lot of money (3 kids) and so we would get ONE new outfit to start school as we had fall birthdays for which we’d receive more clothes. We were not allowed to wear that outfit until the very first day. I would be SO EXCITED to have something new (embarrassing) I would take a bath the night before and put on the clothes and lie on top of my blankets just waiting for morning to arrive. I’d spring out of bed, wet down my hair and feel like I was queen for a day. There was something pretty awesome about having something new ~ My own children share the same excitement! Although, they don’t feel the need to sleep in their new attire 😉

  193. I’ve taken two girls to school and picked them up everyday since they started school (they are now in 4th and 6th grades). I love getting that time to hear about what they will do that day when I take them and how their day was when I pick them up. It’s the best (and sunniest) hour of my day – uninterrupted time with the two most lovely girls in my world.

  194. I loved the first day of school with all my new school supplies and getting to see friends that I hadn’t seen all summer.

  195. Every first day of school, I would take a photo of my boys leaving the yard through the gate on their way to school. Nice to look back on those pix

  196. My oldest daughter is a peanut. When she was transitioning from Elementary school to Middle school, she told me that she didn’t want to ride the bus. When I asked her why she said the bus driver would think she was getting on the wrong bus due to her size. I assured her that wouldn’t happen because the pickup times were more than an hour difference. It turned out, she was right. The bus driver questioned her to make sure she meant to be going to the middle school. She is now 27 and works in a school. She has been kicked out of the teachers lounge (mistaken for a student) and even asked to prom. 🙂

  197. My favorite memory is the fact my kids ere ACTUALLY STARTING SCHOOL!! I enjoyed fixing their lunch and adding a special note in their lunchbox(once they learned to read). Glad those days are over…

  198. The first day of middle school for my twin daughters – seeing them walk to the bus hand in hand with their best friend even though they were almost “too cool” to do it. They’re starting high school this year and I’ll be teary on Monday!

  199. First good memory – this time last year, on the first day of school for a brand new kindergartener! So full of excitement and apprehension, stepping onto the big yellow school bus all by himself….

  200. My favorite thing with my boys is taking a photo on the first day of school. We take it in front of the same tree each year in our front yard. My husband asked me this year if I was going to do it until they graduated, college, law school…um….of course I will!

  201. I remember my first day of school Junior year in highschool. The tradition of posing for a picture and this one next to my old Blue 1981 Buick Skylark (almost as old as me!). The very first time I would drive myself to school and not have someone else take me. I would walk in by myself, I was finally an “adult”! LOL.

  202. A back-to-school favorite memory about my kids is ‘having fresh baked cookies (chocolate chip) waiting on them when they get home from their first day of school. This is a tradition we’ve been doing for 8 years, even my oldest (who’s a 7th grade)r, still looks forward to cookies on the first day of school.

  203. My birthday is right at the start of the school year so that’s always what back to school was about for me : )

  204. I love all of the new school supplies. Sharpened pencils, notebooks with empty pages – all of it brings back memories of the first days of school.

  205. My daughter was going into first grade and was so thrilled that she got to take a lunch box to school. She had waited six long years for the special day.

  206. One of my happiest back to school memories was the first day of college. I felt so strong and proud to be on my own in the “real world”, finally an adult! Even though it was a little scary, it was so exciting to have this part of my life beginning.

  207. I don’t have a favorite year, but we made a tradition to take a picture of my son in front of a tree at his school. We did it K-6, so 7 years of watching both of them grow!

  208. When we lived on Oahu’s North Shore, we always went out to Matsumoto’s for shave ice after the first day of school.

  209. It was the first day of school and I was maybe in sixth grade…the neighborhood kids, my sisters and I were waiting for the school bus to pick us up and take us to school that morning. I had my brand new backpack lying on the ground. I look down and a neighborhood dog lifts his leg and pees on my brand new back pack. I was devastated!

  210. I’m a teacher and momma so I always have back to school stories but the one that comes to mind is my oldest child’s first day of kindergarten which I wasn’t going to attend because it was my first day of school with my own students. I teach at my kids’ school so I was just going to be down the hall, my husband was going to take him, it was going to be fine. Except that it wasn’t. I was a wreck with mommy guilt and wanted to be one of the parents that walked their little one into that classroom. Luckily, a fellow teacher momma saw my distress and stood in my classroom for those precious 5 minutes so that I could take that impossibly small hand and walk into his room with him. I still work with that teacher and I still thank her every year for her lovely act of kindness. It takes many tribes to help this mother runner!

  211. I remember back to school shopping with my mom and two sisters. My dad came too, but I can’t imagine that he had as much fun as we did.

  212. A back to school memory that I have is my mother getting up the first day of the new school year and cooking us a hot breakfast. Usually always French toast and bacon. She did this until I graduated high school!

  213. I loved the first day of my daughters’ senior years. The seniors gather at the school’s entrance and wave and cheer as every other student enters. Cars honking…music playing…it’s a party.

  214. Memories of dropping off my oldest for his first day of kindergarten last year. My usually sensitive little boy was brave and happy and had a great day!

  215. I have always had mixed feelings this time of year. Love the lazy summer days with my kids but always ready for the routine of school again. I just like to be quiet in my house that first day, eager for their return and the stories of their days. It’s been like that since preschool. Now they are in college, a junior in high school and a freshman in high school. I can’t wait for them to come through the door (or call from college). By the second day, I can start my new routine again but that first day feels pretty sacred.

  216. My oldest daughter just started third grade and this is the first year she (and therefore, I) was looking forward to going back to school. Even at age five, I had to literally carry her kicking and screaming down the stairs to get her out the door. Maybe it’s that she has matured and finally understands the whole school thing. Maybe it’s because she has the teacher she was hoping to have. Maybe it’s because she has to be the responsible big sister to her kindergarten sister. Whatever the reason, it has been a good back to school so far and we are looking to have a great year ahead.

  217. My favorite back to school memory is choosing my new backpack and loading it up with newly-sharpened, perfect #2 pencils and clean, brightly colored blank notebooks. A clean slate all over again!

  218. Perfect prompt for me today! I sent my oldest off to his first day of his senior year in high school and my youngest to his first day of his freshman year in high school! My senior left before the sun came up to meet his friends to watch the sunrise from school. As I was driving to work, I passed by their school and saw the silhouettes of the class of 2016 framed against the backdrop of the mountains and tree-lined bosque! The image was priceless! What a great way to start a new school year!

  219. One of my best back to school memories is from my freshman year of high school. My sister and I fought endlessly about the fact that we both wanted to wear the same black skort. Now we each had one so sharing wasn’t the problem but looking the same was. I got my way and we wore the matching skorts, looking like my big sis was so cool to me then. Now as a mother of a daughter I cherish every time she wants to look like me or realizes we coincidentally match.

  220. A back to school memory of mine that sticks with me is my mother always walking me to the bus stop. She did it until I was in 11th grade and on the first day of school I would be so embarassed that my mother walked me there, but all my friends would chat it up with her and thought it was cool that my Mom cared enough to walk me. It makes me smile now every time I think about school because the memory that always sticks is my mother and the bus stop.

  221. My best back to school memories involve the outfits I chose for the first week of school. I loved (And still love!) “back to school” shopping and setting up my fall/winter wardrobe.

  222. Seemed like just yesterday I was tucking my daughters beloved frog that went everywhere with her into her pink plaid backpack as she prepared to leave for her first day of kindergarten. My youngest was off to start a new chapter in her life and I was doing everything I could not to loose it. As soon as she turned the corner and walked into her classroom the tears fell from my eyes. I walked out to the car and sat in the parking lot until I stopped crying long enough to see the road. Last night was just as emotional. It was freshman orientation at my kids’ school My oldest will be a senior this year and my daughter will be a freshman. It seemed like yesterday my son was walking the halls of Elkins for the first time and now he is walking them for the last time while my daughter walks them for the first time. I’m scared to blink, afraid if I do that the days will pass in a blur and soon she will be walking her final journey in highschool. But, I know in my heart my husband and I have raised 2 amazing kids and I look forward to seeing their future unfold.

    Their future looks bright… this momma needs shades 😉

  223. My first memory of back to school brings to mind a photo my parents of me. I’m 5 years old, standing in the driveway with our dog, waiting for the little bus to come pick me up. I grew up in rural Wisconsin and our “school bus” was actually a Chevy Suburban! Imagine! A close second is the photo of me a few years later holding my tin Bee Gee’s lunch box!

  224. I equate first days of school with first days of training groups.
    It’s a bit scary at first, however once the first class / mile is in everyone starts to settle down a bit.
    By the next day everyone is a bit calmer and friendships start to form, if you are truly blessed they last a lifetime.

  225. Though it’s only a few hours old, today could be one of my favorite back to school memories so far. Our oldest went off to Kindergarten and our middle child to his first year of Preschool. Our little mother hen held her brother’s hand and walked him down the hall of his new school. It was so heartwarming as a mom to trail behind and trust that he was in good hands before he even entered the door to his classroom.

  226. My mom has always loved to tell the story of how she came to pick me up from kindergarten and I refused to go home. She had to pry my hands off the railing outside and carry me to the car kicking and screaming. Yes, I’ve always been a nerd about school and since it didn’t get better as the week went on, the school (it was private and back in the day of half day kindergarten) let me stay as a “helper” in the preschool class. As my daughter starts kindergarten next week, I hope that I have passed on the love for learning and being in school although I certainly hope there no tears or prying of little fingers.

  227. Two years ago I relocated my family to a new school system. My 7 year old twins were use to walking to school but in this new town they had to be bussed. I was, of course, anxious about the whole thing but they were so excited for this new experience. Somehow it represented independence to them. I walked them to the bus stop and as soon as the bus came they ran on and didn’t even look back or waive goodbye. It was then I realized how quickly they are growing up. Couple more years they won’t even want me to walk them to the bus stop.

  228. I grew up as an only child in a single parent household.m. My mom would always plan a big adventure for the weekend before school went back, as a goodbye to summer. Whitewater rafting, a new hike, tubing down a river…she always came up with something new and exciting. I realize now that it was her way of helping me with the nerves of starting a new school year. I ant wait to continue this tradition with my two girls when they get old enough.

  229. My girls are 6 years apart. When the older one was in elementary school, she and the younger one would wear matching shirts the first day. It helped the younger one feel part of the day. They were so stinkin cute. They were both into Kim Possible so several of the years the shirt had that character on it. 🙂

  230. The start of the 2012-2013 school year. We were dropping our daughter off at kindergarten. We were emotional and not ready to see her go to “big girl” school. She would have been fine if we slowed down and let her jump from the van. Fast forward a few year, she is going to 3rd grade and we are taking the twins to pre-K. Time flies.

  231. I remember what I wore on my first day of kindergarten- a skirt and vest my mom sewed. She made me so many cute outfits for school that I didn’t have to wear the same thing for a month!

  232. I love back to school! My fave recent memory is when my first kiddo started kindergarten. I was a sobbing mess, but he gave me a hug and a little wave, and strolled into his classroom without looking back. I was so impressed with his confidence and moxie!

  233. First day of kindergarten for my now 4th grader. He was SO excited with his new backpack and new lunchbox and couldn’t wait to get to school!

  234. Probably one of my favorite back-to-school memories was my first year of teaching. I was fresh out of college–22 years old. My students were in 4th grade, and it was just an amazing day. It was 16 years ago, and I still remember what dress I wore and *most* of the students’ names. haha

  235. I love how my boys give me the biggest smile and hug as they come running up to me at school pick-up…as if they hadn’t seen me in days! They’re 7 and 5. My 10 yr old daughter doesn’t do this, LOL

  236. Kids have been sleeping in all summer. Start of school sneaks up on us and we don’t get around to earlier bed times and getting up earlier. First day of school is going to be rough. Yesterday was the first day of school and the kids jumped out of bed all bright eyed and bushy tailed. This morning, not so much.

  237. When I was growing up, back to school always meant a trip to the shoe store to pick out a new pair. The shoe shop had a carpeted big oak tree in it, from which a slide came out of the trunk. LOVED going on that slide. And getting a brand spanking new pair of Mary Janes 🙂

  238. I just sent all four of my kids to school last week and they are all gone for the full day! My baby started first grade and my oldest started junior high! I can’t belive it! I work from home so it’s not a ton of freedom, but it’s still weird. #allfourallday

  239. You can trust Facebook to bring back memories with a first day of school shot. It 5 years ago, fresh off maternity leave (and a reading of the then brand-spanking-new Run Like a Mother) — I saw #3 off to kindergarten and #4 and I went for a run. #4 is now heading to kindergarten and I will head to a different job. So much change — but you can bet I’ll run during my noon hour.

  240. My favorite memory is my son’s first day of kindergarden. He and a neighbor girl posed for photos, then she took his hand to get on the bus because she knew he was nervous. Of course, I was teary-eyed as the bus drove away. Then last year I was teary-eyed again as we took photos of my son and the same neighbor girl at their high school graduation. How did that happen in the blink of an eye???

  241. we have a tradition if walking to school on the first day. this year my lil girl scootered and i walked. the following weekend we were headed to the park and the scooter was nowhere to be found. suffice to say, mom’s walk back home from school that first day was sans scooter. when we drove by school, there was the dora scooter amd helmet exactly where mom forgot it!!

  242. My oldest son just started kindergarten yesterday, so this was my first “back to school” experience as a Mom. We took a pic of him in the front entry way of the school, something I plan to do every year. He looked so grown up in his new shoes and backpack. Sniff…sniff…

  243. When my eldest started kindergarten it was an emotional day for all; the beginning of his “school years”. I was sad, but did not shed a tear. My son was nervous, but did not shed a tear. However, when I looked over at my stoic, manly husband he was the one crying like a baby!! The same little boy is off to 8th grade now – the years have gone too fast!

  244. I have two younger brothers and there was only one year that we all attended the same school — me in 6th grade, one brother in 3rd, and one in kindergarten. I remember being SOOOO proud to walk them to school the first day of that school year, like a little mama duck. I feel a little guilty to say it was better than my own children’s first days of school, but as a 6th grader I didn’t think to be worried about them all day.

  245. As a teacher – I get the joy of having a “first day of school” every year. My favorite time of the day is when my whole family gathers at the end of the day and we all chat about about all the new experiences, the funny things that happened, and what my now high school age girls loved about their first day of school.

  246. I remember being in elementary school and having a special “first day of school shirt” all picked out and ready to wear. I looked forward to wearing that glittery shirt ever since I picked it out at the store. I don’t remember any other back to school memories, like I remember that glittery shirt.

  247. My favorite back to school memory was when my youngest son started kindergarten. He was so excited to go! I took a picture of him and his older brother, who was going into third grade, together in their school uniforms. It became a tradition to take a picture of the two of them together each year on the first day. The day my youngest went to school for the first time was bittersweet. Shortly after that day, I went back to work. I had been a stay at home mom for ten years before that.

  248. My favorite memory is of my (12 year younger) brother’s first day of Primary (Cdn kindergarten). He took me aside an said “Don’t tell Mom but a girl kissed me on the bus”. So cute. They have been best buds ever since.

  249. My favorite memories of my boys getting on the bus for the first day of school is the wait for the bus to arrive, the photo we take as they climb the steps and patiently turn and smile and the extra wave I get once they sit down and look for me as the bus pulls away. Those little waves melt me every time! Shoot- now I’m crying!!

  250. I homeschooled my kids for a few years. When my oldest was 8, I sent her to public school for the first time. I literally sat by the phone the entire day. I thought maybe the school would call- “you need to come get your daughter. She misses you too much.” It was stressful at the time but now I crack up whenever I think of it 🙂

  251. My favorite memory is last year when my youngest went to kindergarten . He was so excited. His brother put his arm around him and they walked to class.

  252. I remember a huge battle with my mom the night before my first day of middle school. She did not approve of my planned outfit, pink/white pinstriped jeans and a black t-shirt – “who do you think you are, Johnny Cash?” This was totally lost on me, as I had no idea who he was! (And now that I do know who he was, would he have really worn pink/white jeans???)

  253. My new favorite back-to-school memory was made yesterday. After moving to Colorado, our kids are attending much bigger schools with much larger classes. When I picked them up, they both said they’d made 2 new friends already and had good days! Moving is such a hard thing for any family and I’m so grateful their first days went well!

  254. We are about to start school again. The year kicks off with a whole school meeting. Last year, my kinder clung to us and didn’t know anyone. This year, he’ll be one of the little hellions, happily and energetically reconnecting with his friends.

  255. I loved the first day of school because it was the only day we could choose an outfit. I went to a Catholic school and always had uniforms. It was a big deal to get to wear regular clothes for the day. I would spend a lot of time picking my outfit and planning my hair- getting up extra early to put in those hot rollers and tease! lol.

  256. Always a special new outfit. The most exciting part of that first day….wearing the special new outfit. I’m trying to create the same for my kids, but wow. Special outfits are getting expensive!

  257. Six years ago was a huge back to school for my family — my oldest was starting junior high, my middle was going into 4th grade (which was a big deal since it was the “Intermediate” level in her elementary school) and my youngest was starting kindergarten. To top it off, I was back to teaching part-time after a period of years home with kids. We all had a great year. This year I am sending my oldest to college! Wow. Where did those six years go?

  258. I love sending my kids off to the first day of the school, and the return of a routine to my life…even though as a kid I had total anxiety about returning to school every year. I’m always hopeful that school is a positive experience for my kids, and so far it has been.

  259. My most vivid back to school memory is with my oldest, she insisted on riding the bus home. As i stood there at the bus stop to retrieve her a mass of children exited the bus, but not one of them was mine. The bus then took off. I don’t think I have ever felt so panicked in my life. In hindsight I’m not sure what I thought would happen, she was still safely riding the school bus!

  260. I remember my daughter starting kindergarten as a great day. She let me dress her in a cute pink dress and do her long hair in pony tails. Her kindergarten teacher was a real angel. She walked the line of kids and greeted them each individually with a warm smile and comment, touching their back during the exchange. It was an act of love and grace that put this mother at ease as my daughter entered this new world. Now, she is 13, and in some ways as vulnerable as ever. Rather than cute pink dresses I am the enforcer who requires that hemline to come down a bit, and insists on reasonable greetings as she goes to and from school. Oh, how things change.

  261. Last year was the first year that my husband and I had BOTH kids in school all day! To celebrate, we took the first day of school off work and spent the day running (my choice), biking (his choice), and paddle boarding on the little lake in our town. We ate a leisurely lunch out and got all done in time to pick up the kids! This year we have a new baby so it will be a few more years before we can do that again! 🙂

  262. The first day of school always meant my mom drove me. Other days I walked and my hair frizzed. But on the first day my hair would always look beautiful.

  263. My youngest child started high school this year. As he headed off to 9th grade, I had a wonderful flashback of his first day of kindergarten. I had walked him into the school to find his classroom and meet his teacher. We were running a bit late, so the class was full of children by the time we arrived. He walked straight into the classroom, raised his hands to get the kids attention, and declared loudly and enthusiastically “Good morning everybody…I’m here!!” As if they were all waiting for his arrival 🙂 He’s been that way ever since.

  264. My favorite back to school memory is walking my boys to school and seeing them light up as they see all their friends. My older one is in middle school now so he walks himself but I still get to experience it with my “baby” for a couple more years.

  265. We used to have a pool & lived right by our elementary school. As soon as the lunch bell would ring, we would race home, jump in the pool and eat baloney (yuk!) on crackers right before heading back an hour later. Living in Illinois, we wanted to get every last moment of swimming in before the weather changed.

  266. I just loved the first day back and the new choices for my first wardrobe – and getting to catch up with my friends.

  267. Every year the fresh, clean notebooks with tons of possibility and brand new pencils. Even now when I braved the Target aisles for my daughters’ back to school supplies, I indulged myself with a brand new college rule notebook

  268. Back to school means I will tell myself things will change (I.e. The kids will have a better routine, resulting in better attitude, I will stres less, etc.). It never actually does, but hey maybe this year is my year! All while sporting cool shades to block my excited eyes as I drop the kids off on the first day and the head out for my run!!

  269. I remember getting up and getting dressed for the first day of school when I was about 6 or 7 and I came out of my room and mom sent me back to bed because it was still the middle of the night!
    Stacy S.

  270. My two boys are in 7th grade and 8th grade. One of my favorite memories is the change in taking them to school over the years. In kindergarten my son wanted me to walk him to his desk and give him a kiss before I left. Then you go through time where it goes from ok to not ok to hold his hand in the busy parking lot, then we move into the years of :”Mom, can you just drop me off at the door?”. Now when I do have to go into the school when I drop them off I always joke with him and say “do you want me to walk you to class!”

  271. My favorite part of going back to school as a kid actually happened a week before classes started. Each year, we’d go to school and look for the class/teacher lists to be hung on the door. It was so exciting to see which teacher you got and who was in your class.

  272. My favorite back to school memories are from when I was a kid and waiting for the bus with my big brother and sister. There was a small divot of tar that was the official start of the line and you weren’t in line if you weren’t behind that lump. Funny what is important to kids.

  273. In junior high I loved going to set up my locker. It would be all organized and clean (for about 3 days). There was something about going in before the start of school and having the quiet hallway to sit and decorate your locker.

    Also, I LOVE smith sunglasses. I haven’t had any since I had my son and my last pair ended up in the bottom of a lake when we were fishing 🙁

  274. During Kindergarten orientation for my eldest they let the kids ride a school bus to “practice”. The school made a point of telling parents that everyone would not be able to ride with their kid as there wouldn’t be enough room for the kids plus both parents and siblings. My daughter looked at me as we walked into the hallway leading to the bus and said “Don’t worry mom, I’ve got this. You and Daddy can stay here.” Then she turned and walked down the hallway and didn’t look back. I was all at once very proud and a bit sad, but the memory still makes me smile.

  275. Getting to put on the brand new pair of clothes on the first day of school was an awesome feeling! Putting on your favorite new shirt, pants & a fresh-from-the-box pair of shoes was an unparalleled experience. You’d always feel special all day long.

  276. Another transition, 2 kids went off to Grad school, one in Utah and one in Colorado, they caravaned there, little cars loaded and off on another adventure, though so proud I will miss them (had one only an hour away for college and 4 years working after, and the younger one only home a few months after college between volunteering in Tiajuana and Africa); so enjoy those back to school days with new clothes and new supplies it will go so fast!

  277. One of my best memories was going back to school shopping with my Mom. She always made sure I had a new wardrobe, shoes and all the school essentials. She really made the school year start off right. This year, as my kids have gotten older, I finally saw them appreciate our back to school shopping spree just as I did years ago. Its come full circle for me.

  278. I remember going school clothes shopping with my mom and grandma every year. We would drive an hour away to a bigger city so I would have things no one else had. It was one of my favorite days of the year.

  279. Let’s see my good back to school memory was when I was in grade school and we had to swish mouth wash, God it tasted bad but was bearable I still remember it, there was this boy named Billy and every time we had to swish the mouth wash he put up the biggest crying fit ever! While I’m sure it wasn’t a good memory for him me being a girl thought it was funny a boy was crying like a baby. But then again it was the 1st grade!

  280. On my clumsy son’s first day of Preschool two years ago, it was about 30 minutes before I received our first of many calls from the school nurse to let me know that he had tripped on Lord-knows-what and had a fat lip. After the 3rd time, I told her she only had to call me if he needed stitches. 😉

  281. I’ve been doing the back to school thing all my life – 16 years as a student and 17 years as a teacher. My most memorable was the day I DIDN’T go back to school because I was very pregnant with my nearly 2-year-old twins. I remember thinking that there was absolutely no way I could have made it through an entire day, I was exhausted just doing basic housekeeping at home! SBSs, I’m sure you can relate. 🙂

  282. I am dying for these sunglasses! Except I’m too cheap to buy them so I really want to win them. Here’s my memory: In 5th grade I was part of an experimental gifted class that got bussed to a different school in the next town over. On the first day a mom in a business suit and high heels walks in with her son, a skinny gangly kid with red, curly hair. I remember thinking “oh they look familiar, I’ve seen them around town” but didn’t actually know them. Turns out, I met my husband that day- he’s no longer skinny or even has hair, but its been happily ever after for 22 years now!

  283. When my daughter started first grade, she picked out her own first-day-of-school clothes and ended up looking kind of like Madonna in her early years (leopard print leggings, jean jacket, bow on the side of her head). It was very cute 🙂

  284. Last year was my son’s first day of Kindergarten. Putting him on that bus brought up so many different emotions: pride, sadness, unbelief, worry, happiness, wonder… This year is his sister’s turn to start school. I’m sure I’m going to feel all those things all over again!

  285. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I read Judy Blume’s Are You There God… and finally realized that back-to-school was part of the rhythm of the year. It suddenly made sense.

  286. My most memorable back to school was 3 years ago, when I went back to school. I started an intense nursing program at 33, 11 years after my been in school before. I was super excited, but so much more nervous then ever before!

  287. I am a kindergarten teacher so I have so many back to school memories! I will often tell my nervous new students that it’s okay because I feel nervous too.

  288. I miss my boys when the school year starts. The house is too big and quite without them. And, and like you said, the house will be big and empty for too long too soon!

  289. Last year I put my shy little boy on the bus for the 1st time, and he went right on like a pro….while I was really sad, I was also so proud of him!

  290. I was always a bus rider. I also road the bus with some insane kids. They started the year off with a bang by using a red marker to color a tampon and throw it out the window at people. Kids!

  291. My favorite childhood back to school memory was going to the local drug store to buy school supplies. They were in the back of the store and there was a distinctive smell walkng through the cosmetic section. I loved picking out my supplies and going home to sort through and organize them. Also loved covering my books with the brown paper bags from the grocery store.

  292. This year my first started kindergarten. Actually her first day was on Tuesday. It was so bittersweet. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. She a little sad and anxious but was a trooper and walked right in. And I was trying to hold back the tears so she didn’t see me cry. And then I thought back to my own kindergarten experience and what a wonderful teacher I had and I remember her after all these years. The total grandma type and so loving and awesome. Love you Mrs. Hoch. Then I laughed because I remember the day my friend brought her dog for show and tell and the dog stayed all day. Mrs. Hoch must have been a saint because that would never happen these days. Ah the memories, the innocence and the good times. Makes me smile.

  293. My first day memory was from 9-11 years ago. Our elementary school is in our neighborhood, which means we walk to school. Our street had many many kids on it…..and we all walked together. The school age kids on bikes or walking and stopping at each corner for us with strollers to catch up. It was such a magical time….and one that I miss now that my oldest two are in high school, and the little two just have to catch a bus for middle school.

  294. My favorite memory was wanting so badly to eat lunch at school. I was sad to find out I would be half day in Kindergarten so my mom bought me a muppets lunch box and made me a lunch we ate together at my tea table. My son is entering Kindergarten this year and lunch is one of the things he is most excited for (the other is learning to read).

  295. Last year my son was in 1st grade and on his first day he cut his hand during craft time but was too nervous to tell the teacher. He had blood all over the back of his shirt from wiping it. When he got home he whispered in my ear saying “mommy i need to show you something”. Then he took me to his room and said “don’t be mad” and showed me his hand. It was sad and cute at the same time.

  296. My favorite moments with my own girls is when they stand on the front porch with their backpacks on smiling for that back to school photo. So bittersweet!

  297. For me, this year will be a one of “firsts” and “lasts”. My son will be entering his “first” year of middle school which is just so hard to believe. So excited for this young man as he transitions out of elementary and into the new world of middle school. But I also realize this will be the “last” year I get to drive my oldest to school as she is 15 and will be venturing out on her own next year as she drives to school. I will miss those long morning talks with her on the way to school!

  298. My memory that I will never forget is my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. I walked her into the classroom, and she hid under a table. It was so heartbreaking. She was totally fine when I picked her up, and she loves school. But that was really a tough moment.

  299. I remember sitting on the front step of my house with my little sister to take the first day of school photo each year. My girls are 6 and 2, so we have a lot of those photos to take in the future.

  300. My back to school memory is my own. I was sooo excited to start middle school. I had the back to school outfit ready. It was the 80s, back when we wore 2 or even 3 pairs of socks to coordinate with our outfit…and we wore all 3…haha. And I had big earrings. Teased hair with lots of aquanet. And probably blue eyeshadow. Oh, the 80s!!

  301. My daughter started 1st grade this year. I was sad. 1st grade is so real. There is still something cute about Kindergarten, but 1st grade? That means she really IS growing up. Through the sadness of it all my heart was full on the first day when she was so excited to start a new year and so excited to see all her friends that she barely looked back as I walked out of her class.

  302. For the first time in 16 years I have all of my kids in school. The first day of school this year was full of a lot of tears, a long run while I cried and a nap in my quiet house. I know the years go by so quickly!

  303. I’m with you on the mixed feelings about school beginning. I’ve got “only” six (of my dozen) children still in school now, and this year it was both wonderful to have a quiet(ish) house (with older college kids in and out), and sad, as I considered how quickly it all is passing.

  304. We moved between my sophomore and junior years of high school. I was pretty nervous at lunch, but I noticed a girl from a few of my classes who seemed friendly. She was with a small group of friends that included the strange boy who sipped coffee through my first-block calculus class. They all made me feel welcome. Many years later, I’m married to that boy and still friends with the rest of the group.

  305. Just this year my son started his senior year. So I’ve been thinking about all the back to school days this week. It goes by solo fast.

  306. I’m amazed to realize that this is our 4th back to school in this house. And now both of them will be in the same school and getting on the same bus (we are all very excited about this – well maybe not the big brother)

  307. Last year, my daughter had to miss her first WEEK of preschool because she broke her arm on Labor Day weekend. She was soooo sad she had to stay home while she healed/had surgery to set the bone. It broke my heart! On her first day, she was thrilled to finally meet her classmates and teacher. Even though she had her arm in a sling, she had the BIGGEST smile on her face in that picture!

  308. As a teacher, I love getting to know my new students each year. I love their responses to our icebreaker games and remember them as the year plays out.

  309. I have four brothers and sisters, so the first day of school was always a crazy mad dash to the bathroom, then down to breakfast and out the door. But first, my mom would take a picture of us all. Looking back at those pictures is hilarious. Someone always has an awkward haircut or is going through a cute pudgy phase. But we all look happy and ready for the new year.

  310. I always enjoyed rockin’ my new shoes, new backpack, and new lunch box! Change is always stressful for me so I always hated the first day back to school, but all my new cool gear helped make it a little more enjoyable.

  311. I recently found a picture of my kids on their first day of 1st and 4th grade (they are now 20 and 16 years old!). That photo immediately took me back to that morning – of new beginnings and bittersweet goodbyes as they boarded the bus. This weekend I take my son to college – going away for the first time and I wish I could hug his 10 year old self one more time and feel my daughter’s tiny hand in mine. So glad I took that photo so I can relive those moments. And the tears have started…..

  312. I love seeing my boys go back to school in their new clothes. So many opportunities are about to be opened to them throughout the year. Very exciting time for me 🙂

  313. As much as I hate to see summer end, there is a huge part of me that craves and needs the school time routine. And I love shopping for school supplies – something about a blank notebook and a pack of sharpened pencils that makes you feel like you’re ready to get something done!

  314. As a kid, I don’t have any bad memories, but there aren’t really any that stand out either. As a mom, the first day of school is always a relief for me. Summers are hard, and school gets everything back on routine … it’s a different type of “hard” but one that I enjoy a little more.

  315. A funny back to school memory of my now-20 year old starting first grade. Reading was all about “Whole Language ” then, and his teacher told the bright eyed first graders to look through the book tubs for the book they wanted to learn to read from. Nathaniel spoke up and politely said, “Mr. Spears, I won’t be doing reading at school, my mom has already taught me to read!” Mr Spears assured him that there was still much to learn about reading and shared this sweet story with me when I picked Nathaniel up that day.

  316. My mom would make a special breakfast for my sister and I the first day of school and I have continued the tradition with my daughter. It’s ranged from waffles shaped like her grade, and impossibly tall stack of pancakes, green eggs and ham, and this year her favorite “big waffles” (belgium) with lots of whipped cream.

  317. As a fourth grade teacher, I have back to school memories for many years! I love stores start to advertise school supplies! One of my funniest memories is when a fellow teacher was teaching in a portable. A skunk got inside and left its mark! I would have been overwhelmed, but my friend didn’t seem to mind, being an avid hiker and outdoorsman.

  318. My favorite memories of back to school were the excitement of the newness- the new supplies, the new clothes and new sneakers. I would take out my new things and stare at them for days before the big day. I would get butterflies the night before. But I loved school! I loved it so much I became a teacher and still enjoy the newness. You should see my classroom this year- a work of love!

  319. I always lived shopping for new school supplies! Picking out new crayons, new markers, and the cutest folders was always my favorite. Now I get to enjoy it all over again with my kids!

  320. As a child, I loved the back to school shopping and excitement. We homeschool, so we don’t have the “first day” excitement and nervousness, but I still look forward to starting school each fall.

  321. As a teen, I loved going back to school and football season. As a mom, I think I’d rather have another month of summer. I just don’t crave the schedules, the non stop activity, etc. that I once did.

  322. I can still smell my bright green “Trapper Keeper” when I was in grade school and I can still hear the sound the Velcro made when I opened it! I love new school supplies but why do kids need so many today!!! The list is crazy!!

  323. This one is definitely a way back story. So, my now 17 year old was starting kindergarten. I took some time off from work in the morning to be sure to usher her to school the first morning, hug her cute little self and send her in for her first day of school (all the while wimpering in my car that she was so grown, etc. after she went in). I get her all ready and snazzed out in this unbelievably cute dress. She is smiling ear to ear. We go to the school for drop because it is the first day of school for my son and I get to drop both of them off. I hugged my son and bid him a good day and then went to taking my daughter to her class. I didn’t notice another other parents with small ones around. We waited at the kindergarten door that never opened. I walked her into the office to inquire and was told that a.m. kindergarten did not start until the next day, only p.m. did that day. What?!!? How did I miss that notice? So, now I was mortified, emotional, shocked, felt foolish (fill in all of the bad adjectives). She was crushed AND I had to find a last minute sitter because I had to still make it to work. Sadly, I never did get to see her off the next day…and the super cute dress got dirty so she couldn’t wear it on her actual first day. #memories Luckily, she turned out ok 😉

  324. I loved going back to school. I love school supplies, still do. I would spend hours arranging my supplies and getting them ready for the first day of school. I may have passed that trait along to my two girls as they have been drooling over their school supplies for days before school started.

  325. We made schultuete (a German tradition of filling a cone with treats on the first day of their first year) and the look of joy on each of their faces makes it one of my favorite days to reflect on.

  326. When I was a kid, the first day of school was always a big deal. My mom was so excited that we were going back to school (she worked the night shift) that she would make a big breakfast in the morning and would welcome us home with a cake.

  327. I love the hunt of the school supplies with my daughter and the excitment of the first day of school.. seeing her smile from ear to ear all the way to school.

  328. The year before my younger daughter started kindergarten, she cried watching her older sister board the school bus because she wanted to be part of the action so badly. I savored the moment because I knew that all too soon, she would feel the same pit in her stomach and moan bitterly about having to go to school. (Note: Sure enough, the following year, about 10 days after the glorious first day of boarding the school bus with glee, she announced she was “finished” with school and I had to break the news to her that kids don’t actually get to decide to stop going to school until they are much older. That revelation was not a fun moment for either of us.)

  329. I always loved back to school. As a student, I loved getting my class schedule and comparing notes with my friends to see if our schedules aligned or who had “the cool” teacher. We woukd also compare notes as to what our “first day” outfit would look like. We were always nervous and excited.

  330. My mom used to always make chocolate chip bars for us to have when we got home! I loved having all new school supplies too.

  331. I liked coming home to the kids (when they were older) doing their homework around the island in the kitchen. We’d have Friends or Malcolm in the Middle on in the background and chat about their day. I miss the routine. (the ‘kids’ are in their 20’s now).

  332. As a kid, I loved the rare solo mom time I had with my mom shopping for back to school supplies and clothes. As a mom, enjoy the excitement of the first day with my girls walking into their class on the first day and the calmness that follows.

  333. I’m a teacher so ‘back to school’ isn’t really a specific point in time…there are many days of getting my room ready and meetings and such. My first days are filled with helping wide-eyed kindergarteners find their teachers, smiling at weepy parents, and then doing my actual job of teaching.

  334. Watching my daughter walk into school on her first day of kindergarten & seeing her future blossom as she opened that door. What a great memory.

  335. I have always homeschooled my kids. This year we made the decision to send my oldest to public school, which started last week. He is a freshman so of course I couldn’t walk him into school. As I watched him walk away the tears just came. I honestly wasn’t expecting it!

  336. My son, who is now 10, attended kindergarten in the afternoon as our district still had half day kindergarten. Because the bus came so early to pick him up, we would eat “lunch” at 10:30 and watch the last half of The Price Is Right. We still talk about that today. He loved it!

  337. As a mom, I actually like those first few days of the kids returning to school, creating quietness in the house after they leave. I feel like I can think clearly again. I like getting back into routines that school brings. HATE homework. ;/

  338. Watching my five year old pick out school supplies for the first time. Wednesday is his first day of kindergarten and he is so excited!

  339. Walking my oldest to the bus stop, while pushing my youngest, at the time, in a stroller for the first day of Kindergarten five years ago. Oh my goodness, 5 years ago! Anyways, my oldest couldn’t wait to ride that bus.

  340. My daughter’s first day of kindergarten is on Monday and I’m a mess over her being another year older and no longer my little baby. Hopefully Monday will become my favorite first day of school memory. 🙂

  341. Getting a new Trapper Keeper!! Remember those?! 🙂 Yay for back to school! I am with you on it being bitter sweet though. My 4 1/2 year old is heading to preschool and though I am anxious for a little quiet in my house too, I will miss him with me! Happy Running!

  342. I love the back too school rush of shopping and getting back into a more routine day. Since my oldest is starting grade 8 and the twins will be in grade 4, I have always taken the first day back to walk them to school. I would look so cool in the sunglasses, probably still not to my 13yr old but the twins still appreciate the time spent together 🙂

  343. Funny, school here doesn’t start until September 9, which still seems a long time off. But my favorite back-to-school memory is of my son’s first day of kindergarten, with his short haircut and his spiffy clothes and his little green alligator backpack, and most of all his proud smile. More generally, I always love the excitement in the schoolyard as you see everyone you haven’t seen over the summer and how much everyone has grown.

  344. Last years first day of school picture of my first grade son is a great memory. I wish I could include it here. He refused to have it taken by front door or anywhere else. The best I would do was snap a quick shot with him buckled in van. Unfortunately he is too quick and put his hands up and made weird face. Did I also mention he is wearing an old, stretched out and stained tshirt, too?

  345. This is my oldest son’s last year of high school. Just 4 years ago, I cried as the school bus pulled away on his very first day of high school. I went for a run after that, and since then have had to go on many angst filled runs! I can’t believe we are at the end of this road. Tomorrow, I take my youngest for his driver’s license. Sigh. Time flies. Most of it has been fun.

  346. My little boy started pre-k this year. He was so excited to start at a new school. There couldn’t be any tears because he was acting so brave and we are so excited about this new adventure!

  347. As years have passed since my own first days, I would probably have to say this year…. watching my now 8th grader confidently walk to the bus stop and her 4th grade brother enter his penultimate year at our local elementary with confidence (“you must walk in behind me mom”)- I felt like I must be doing a good job.

  348. secons grade, begging my mom to let me wear my yellow shirt with a larger than life photo of Kirk Cameron’s face. I has to wait until day two.

  349. My favorite back to school memory is packing and repacking my backpack with all of the shiny, new supplies. I love doing it now with my kids!! 🙂

  350. I don’t really remember any of my own first days of school but each year with my kids has been happy-sad. Two years ago was best Bc a friend organized a mommy brunch so we didn’t have to cry alone lol

  351. Last year. It was the first day they both started on the same day, one beginning Kindergarten and th other in second grade. The way they hugged each other as they walked to their separate doors is a moment I will cherish forever!

  352. My favorite back to school memory as a kid was my mom taking our pictures together in our new outfits before we left for school that first day. I love looking back on those and the clothes we wore! I do the same with my kids now and hope they have the same fun memories and enjoy looking at them years from now.

  353. I was 12 years old and had the perfect back to school outfit picked out, this brand new pair of Arizona brand shorts…white. As I was getting ready that morning I felt a little funny. Off to the bathroom and hello period! My first one. I was so upset becaue I just knew this meant no white shorts. I was crying and my mother reassures me that it is fine, and I can still wear white shorts. I spent that whole day terrified everyone know. But it was ok, just like she promised. 🙂

  354. It’s my favorite time, all new school supplies, backpacks, uniforms…my kids go to the same grade school as my kids and their first day ways feels like my first day. Just awesome.

  355. On my youngest’s first day of preschool one of the moms had all the moms and dads over for coffee and treats. Socializing helped mitigate tears

  356. My kids attend the same school I did for the first 9 of my very long academic career, so each year, I flash back to the days of yore. It’s a different building and there aren’t even any of my former teachers left, but I swear it smells the same and I hear my deeply missed friends calling my name….and I love seeing all my adult friends now. And now I’m going to wipe the mist from eyes and get said littles ready for the day. Some shades sure would come in handy ’bout now

  357. My oldest’s first day of kindergarten. Strange right? It seems like I should’ve been bawling but he was so excited to get on the bus – grinning from ear to ear – I couldn’t help but be happy and excited for him.

  358. Here is a funny one. We were shopping for school supplies for Kindergarten and I was reading the list to my son. He hated all things coloring/writing related in Pre-K. If it wasn’t toy Star-Wars guy or toy truck related, he was not interested. The kid would barely write his name. I said “pencils, crayons…” He says, “no Mom, I won’t be needing those” Um, “yes you will.” He says, “well you can buy them, but I won’t use them much.” Did I mention he was also stubborn? At bedtime after the first day of school he says to me, “mom, just how many days do I have to do this Kindergarten thing?” Oh, son!

  359. On my first day of my senior year at a new high school in a state we’d just moved to, I awoke to take a shower and prepare myself to meet all of the new hot guys I was sure attended my new school, only to find no water coming out of the pipes. We learned a valuable lesson that morning – our well could run the sprinkler system or let you shower when you woke up, but not both.

  360. I loved senior year first day. I got to drive to school, my first class wasn’t until second period, I took the classes I wanted…the first year of getting some independence.

  361. Last year was by far my favorite back to school day….we dropped our daughter at the perfect college for her and I was never so proud in my life. Our 4 hour ride home was filled with happiness, no tears, knowing she was in the right place. I actually had to rub my cheeks since they hurt from smiling so much. Cool beans.

  362. Back to school shopping for clothes with my mom was always my favorite tradition. I couldn’t wait to show up to school in a new outfit. I now look forward to doing that with my own kids. My son starts 1st grade and at on house he already seemed like such a veteran walking into that classroom.

  363. I loved the first day of school growing up. I painstakingly hand picked the perfect outfit with my girlfriends. We usually tried to match in some hideously obnoxious way. Shoulder pads were the thing one year! We all had matching blazers, the bigger the shoulder pad the better! Mine was pink! We strutted down the halls looking fierce, well 80’s fierce anyway!

  364. My two boys prefer to downplay the first day of school, but I still smile when I remember how much thought/obsession I put into picking out my own first-day outfit as a kid & teen, as if that choice would make or break my year. Hmm, not unlike the amount of thought I put into race day clothes!

  365. My mixed emotions memory was the year when one week I dropped my son off for his first day of junior high, my daughter’s first day of high school and my oldest daughter’s first year of college 700 miles away. I was an emotional wreck – but one proud Mom. Proud of all of them, but proud of myself for helping make it happen. It was the same year I started running.

  366. Always taking a picture of the two boys either standing by the front door or outside in the driveway amazing to compare all the years.

  367. I remember how much I loved back to school shopping!! Getting fresh, new clothes, new supplies, picking out a back pack, getting new shoes, etc. Nothing like feeling & looking your best on that first day of school!!

  368. I teach first grade and I love seeing all of my students in their best clothes with their hair all done nice and staring at me eager to learn that first day. They are so cute! I also loved that my oldest entered 4k last year so we got to hold hands and walk into school together!

  369. I love the feeling of s fresh start every September. Even though I’m years from school and my son starts his school year in the sand box, I still stock up on cute notebooks that I am sure will change my life.

  370. Going into my junior year of college, events transpired that made it impossible for either of my parents to come with me to move into the dorm. It was the first time in my life that I really felt independent and adult. My bad-ass self packed my tiny Honda, drive myself there, and unpacked all by myself. It was pretty awesome, and I had thought it would be depressing.

  371. Last year my daughter started kindergarten. For the walk to school, we met up with neighbors and veteran moms – it was a parade of kids and moms and I’ll always be thankful for the fun group atmosphere that kept the moment light and celebratory!

  372. Going back to grad school after taking years off was overwhelming for me. I questioned the decision to move across the country all for school until the first day got there. I had a lot of anxiety about starting that new chapter, but it’s now led to many more adventures. All that anxiety was worth it!

  373. Last year we moved to a new city and my kids were enrolled in new schools where they knew no one. I was so nervous for them and worried all day-couldn’t wait for them to get home to hear all about it. When I dropped them off for their first day of this school year, I couldn’t help but think “what a difference a year makes” as I watched them walk confidently in with their friends.

  374. My favorite memory is the excitement of the first day of school! Whether it was 2nd grade and using my new pens and pencils, or 8th grade and trying to find the perfect outfit to wear – spending hours on the phone with my friends so that we could all look great,

  375. For the past 5 years my kids have been in the same school that I teach in. They have both moved on and I’ll miss seeing them in the halls and driving them to school.

  376. My bittersweet favorite days were when each of my kids started kindergarten. My daughter had such a smile on her face on her first day. I had one as well, but also had to leave before the tears started flowing. My son was equally happy when he started a few years later and I was pleasantly surprised to be smiling and not having any tears. They’re in sixth and third grade now and I still love the beginning of the school year and the fresh possibilities each year brings.

  377. Since preschool, I have taken a photo of my kiddos on the first day of every school year. Now that oldest is in high school, she still indulges me by posing for the photo ( although a fair amount of eye rolling is involved.). But, I overheard the kiddos talking about the photos so I know that they secretively LOVE that I have these photos!

  378. the first day of school picture! When I was little and now for my kids. It’s such a stark marking of the passage of time. Mixed emotions for sure!

  379. I remember wanting to wear my new clothes on the first day of school and wearing fall clothing and sweaters even though it was still summer!

  380. My fav? So many. I’ve always loved school in some strange way. I still have my Mickey Mouse lunch box from the 1970s. I still have my 2nd grade book report on Clara Barton – my vision to be a nurse. I am a nurse and as I write my letter of intent to apply for my Doctorate of Nursing, I fondly remember the butterflies in my stomach I get when I know I was going “back to school”. Very similar butterflies before I run a race. It’s those “I’m gonna accomplish something” butterflies!! And to look so cool in those glasses while accomplishing my 15th half mary in Oct would be just icing on the cake!!

  381. My mom took a “first day of school” picture of me and my four younger siblings. The picture was cute when we were small and arranged according to age (and height until my brothers started to grow).
    The looks on our faces were the full range of giddy excitement (me, nerd) to nervous (brother Ryan, always a bit awkward) and full on mutinous (my other brother, our black sheep).
    I still continue the tradition with my kids and this year the picture will show both of them heading to middle school. No more elementary school-age kids in our house. This is all going too fast.

  382. I loved those metal lunch boxes with the Thermos. Cold milk and sandwhiches that did not get smashed. The last one I remember had the Partridge Family on it. Yes, I am an old mother runner who would be the cool mom in these sunglasses.

  383. I will always remember the first time I go on the school bus in my Holly Hobby dress and new haircut and red Tupperware lunchbox. “Wow! I’m really doing it. I’m going to school!”
    And I will always remember each of my children’s first day on the bus. My son has been riding a couple years now but this year will be my daughter’s first time. She’s looking forward to it. I am as well but I have some sadness mixed in. Good thing I have a run planned with friends after!

  384. A new school year always meant school shopping. Inevitably though the new clothes were much too heavy to start the school year with. I must have been in third or fourth grade and couldn’t wait to wear my new clothes. My mother kept telling me I had to wait. So one morning I didn’t ask and wore them anyway. A lie of omission wasn’t a lie, right? I knew I was wrong so I was out of the house quickly. In my haste, I wore two different sneakers to school!… So much for my cool new clothes.

  385. My favorite is from high school. We’d just moved to a new school district and I was starting my sophomore year. I was thrilled to be in a new school with many more opportunities and academic peers than my previous one, but I’m also an introvert and wasn’t looking forward to that first lunch period–especially because lunch at my previous high school typically meant eating alone. Suffice it to say that my geeky, studious self was extremely unpopular in the small, rural high school the year before. But this was a new school and a new start, so I promised myself that I’d open my mouth and find someone to sit with. Turns out it wasn’t necessary. As we left class to go to lunch, the girl next to me said, “Can I sit with you at lunch? I’m new here.” I enthusiastically responded, “Me too! Yes, let’s sit together.” We soon gathered a few other friends at lunch and all remained friends for the next three years. The best part was that the book I’d brought in case no one wanted to sit with me remained unopened, and a few months later I finally stopped bringing it along altogether. For the first time in many years, I finally had both friends and challenging academic work. Hooray!

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