Hump Day Giveaway: Sof Sole Socks + Insoles


Let it grow, let it grow.
Let it grow, let it grow.

"Grow your feet into the floor," my yoga instructor pal, Bine, always says whenever we hit the tree pose portion of her class, "Give them roots." I do my best to visualize my feet sprouting little ferns like Timothy Green and digging through the hard wood floor. The more I can sink my feet into the soil—and ignore my limby branches swaying in the wind—the less chance I'm going to topple.

Makes sense: the feet are the foundation of all physical movement. They are ground zero, providing both stability and mobility and setting the tone for how the rest of your body will move: how your hips, ankles, and knees align, how your body absorbs the impact of running. (Insert a twinge of regret here that I didn't interview an expert about how pronating affects your stride, but this article goes into depth if you'd like more info.) In other words, feet are like parents—and many sayings on Pinterest: they give you roots and give you wings.


Long story short: you don't take care of your piggies and the house to which they're attached, you're playing with fire—or worse, blisters, bunions, and other ailments.

Sof Sole inserts and socks give your feet a leg up (hahaha...I crack myself up.) Seriously, Sarah and I call our Sof Sole Insoles our secret weapons for our feet, and they truly are. My left knee was killing me at the Tinker Bell expo, and I realized on Saturday morning—after two days of standing on it—that I hadn't transferred my beloved insoles into my new pair of Saucony Guide 7's. Bingo: problem solved.

They even look like weapons.
They even look like weapons.

We've got new products from Sof Sole to give away today: three combos of Thin Fit insole and FIT Performance Socks. The Thin Fit insoles are super lightweight at 1.3 oz. (and not surprisingly, thin), as well sweat-wicking, thanks to a layer of Coolmax fabric on the top. With a little cush under the heel and forefoot, the flexible insole support your feet and promote your natural stride. (And the good part? They not only fit into your running shoes, they can also slide into your everyday shoes to make you feel like Wonder Woman from the ground up.)

And the Fit Performance socks look like a lovely rainbow.
And the Fit Performance socks look like a lovely rainbow.

Sof Sole's top-of-the-line socks, FIT Performance socks pair well with the insoles. The arch support in these seamless, wicking socks hug your feet, while the compact padding under the toe and heel gives you a little spring.

In order to in a Sof Sole Thin Fit insole + Fit Performance sock combo, tell us what kind of shape your feet are in on a scale of one (I barely flip flops: they're so full of black toenails and bunions) to five (I could be a foot model, if an agent would just discover me). I know you're dying to know, so I—Dimity—would rate my scarred, bumpy waterskis a 2. (In the Sof Sole socks, they'd go to a 4: you can still see my bunions, no matter how beautiful the socks are.) Where do your feet rank on a scale of one to five?

[Some fine print for this mighty fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 1/29/14 and ends on 2/4/14; the winners will be announced on 2/8/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $32. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 


578 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Sof Sole Socks + Insoles

  1. 5 — Points for pampering them pretty with glitter nail polish and Body Shop peppermint lotion. Points taken off for chronic PF and other foot pains.

    However, one of the reason I pamper them so much is to show them some love — because if your friend were in pain you wouldn’t yell at them would you? You’d do your best to make them feel better. 😀

  2. My left foot is a 1 or 2. My right foot is better….maybe all the way up to a 3! I can’t bring myself to even get a pedicure.

  3. My feet are a 5!! And why do I rate them as such?? Because I broke my toe last week and that’s the first thing the ER staff said – you have gorgeous feet!! Can’t wait till this toe heals do I can pick up the TLAM own it plan for my next marathon!

  4. Even though they are kinda big, my feet are a solid three. They are long, skinny, and in need of a pedi, but I have nicely shaped and tapered toes 🙂

  5. Left one- 5, right one – 3. I have huge feet, and on my right big toe, I barely have a nail thanks to an ingrown toenail when I was 3 that resulted in some kind of surgery. I rarely get pedicures (no time!)and my husband complains that my feet are too rough!

  6. Definitely a 2. They’ve always been uglyish, but the Portland Marathon robbed them of any remaining vestiges of vanity. That said, they’re strong, stable and healthy so the functionality rates a 5!

  7. I would give mine a 4. They don’t look too bad. I have freakishly long toes which I could use as repalcements if I ever loose a finger (TMI) and they definitely need a serious pedicure but other than that they are ok.

  8. My feet are a 2 right now. Recovering from a bad case of Plantar Fascitis. I only gave them a 2 because I got a good pedicure a few weeks ago.

  9. I’d say their a 2. Not too bad, but I have some pretty thick callouses, some wiry black hairs on my toes (TMI?), and a brand new scar from a Kidner procedure in December. Not too pretty a sight!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  10. My feet are a two. If I worked on them, I could probably make them a 4, but I feel like it’s just not worth it. Callouses, bunions, dry cracks… they’re just ugly and I should probably just embrace it rather than fight it. 🙂

  11. My feet are a 2 on a “good” day. Between working on my feet as a catering assistant, being a newbie runner with plantar fasciitis, and lymphedema (I wear 20/30 compression hose even on the hottest days and the tension has started to curl my toes into “hammers”)and having 3 adorable but high maintenance kids, my feet take a beating and lack attention. SO hoping I win this 🙂

  12. I would say a 4.. generally keep my toes painted and scrub at the dead skin often. I do get regular pedis in the spring and summer, even if toesnails are missing!

  13. My feet are a 3. They are in great condition, except for toes and a toe nail. A bruised toenail last year continues to bugger me.

  14. I’d say a 3. It’s a wonder I can run at all with 2 bunions (one of the side of my left foot and one on the top of my right foot) and extremely flat feet. It’s not easy finding shoes with 3 different problems going on!

  15. My feet are a 3 minus. The corn I acquired two months ago finally went away (GROSS!!) and I have a pedicure that’s only a couple weeks old…..

  16. 3–not the most gorgeous of specimens but my feet have recovered from plantar fasciitis and pain-free feet always earn a 5!! 🙂

  17. Mine are about a 3 right now. Just repainted the toes after the polish wore off from many miles. Oh and my five year old asked me why I have old lady feet. (Lots of wrinkles).

  18. My feet are a 2 and I’m being nice to them. I use to wear flip flops all the time, now I won’t even walk barefoot in my own house because of my 2 year old twins making comments about all of “Mommies boo boos” on my feet.

  19. I’m definitely with Dimity on this one…solid 2. Bunions and gross toenails. I’ve tried medication and creams. Honestly, I feel bad for anyone who gives me a pedicure. However, with a good pedicure and dark nail polish..I move up to a 3 1/2-4 🙂

  20. I’m going with a solid 3. My feet look fine…kinda cute, even. But, they’re HUGE for a woman! So no amount of cuteness would allow me to model these tootsies.

  21. My initial thought was to give them a 1 since I hate all the running blisters, rough, dry callouses and mangled toenails, but then I decided to give them a 5 instead because these “beauties” are what allow me to run the trails I love!

  22. I’d give them a 4.0. Could probably improve to a 4.5 with some painted nails. I don’t think we could ever achieve 5 as I always joke that my big toes are morbidly obese and could use some liposuction!

  23. I’d give them a 3. Nails are painted an awesome teal and the bottoms aren’t too bad because it’s not flip flop season (yet… will be starting next month!) and they’ve been protected in shoes all winter.

  24. I am always surprised by how nice my feet are! I’m a 4.5 most of the time, except for the one toenail that gets a tiny bruise during marathon training!

  25. 3 today. But a 1 as I get closer to my marathon. I tend to lose toenails and the others I keep turn a lovely shade of black 🙂

  26. Proud to say my just-barely-over-a-year-as-a-runner feet are still in decent condition, though I’d have to say a 4 because they’re pretty dry while putting up with the pounding on the cold NH pavement. 🙂

  27. My feet are a 5 on top. Painted sparkly silver on toes:) makes me smile.
    The bottoms of my feet/ the soles- are a two! Rough dry calloused feet, they are tough!
    Warrior feet! Get me through the miles.
    Covered with warm fuzzy socks – a cozy 8!

  28. I’d rate my feet a 2. They are calloused, the 2nd toe is longer than the big toe, and I have repeatedly broken one of my 2nd toes so that it is permanently deformed. I also have the start of bunions. Hooray for ugly but functional feet!

  29. I would rate my feet a 4 because I make sure to pamper them. I get pedicures regularly and do foot scrubs and lotions. My feet don’t smell and I have never lost a toenail. They don’t get a perfect 5 because they do tend to callous.

  30. Mine are a 4 if the nails are painted (I have one that’s growing out a fungal infection). I have amazingly few deformities for someone who’s run a marathon, and my feet are long, narrow, high arched, and not very knobbly.

  31. I am training for an April 1/2 and for my yoga teacher certification. In other words, I can’t hide my feet. While my yoga friends call them (affectionately) ‘your little hobbit feet’, I think they are soldiers. Short and wide, my toenails dig into their surrounding toes. If not properly covered in Body Glide, my toes (crammed into the toe box of my shoes) rub up against each other creating blister upon blister. So there it is: hobbity warrior feet.

  32. My feet are a 2 at the moment. While the nails are nicely polished, the right foot is showing signs of plantar fasciitis and I am beyond grouchy from resting it this week and not running.

  33. I’m going with a 4 for my feet. I have Fred Flintstone feet (short and wide), but no other issues right now except for the partial polish left over from my last pedicure – 3 months ago.

  34. Hmmm… I would say a 4. I mean I have just started running, and my dancing years didn’t too much damage (thank goodness I never went en pointe!)

  35. Mine are a 3 – after years of doing martial arts barefoot my feet aren’t the prettiest. Plus with running I have quite a few callouses – they do bump up to a 3.5 after a good pedi.

  36. I’d say my clod-hoppers are a 3 or 3.5 depending on the season. No scars or blisters, but dry scaly soles and calluses on my heels and the ball of each foot is icky, especially in the winter when I just pull on a pair of socks rather than getting a pedi. Proud to say I’ve never had black toenails!

  37. My feet I would give a ‘3.5’, but my toes (and toenails) would only rate a 2! My last (downhill) marathon, Steamtown in Scranton, PA, was a great experience and a post-mom, post-40 PR… and I have several black toenails to prove it. 😛

  38. My feet are at a 4.5. They are a little callused but get me where I need to go with very little whining and almost look good while doing it.

  39. I would rate mine a 3. They don’t look too bad but were a darn sight prettier before I started running. A couple of lost toenails from last year are growing back slowly. Also got pain in he ball if my foot from wearing the wrong shoes to walk in at Christmas and now continued running exaserbates it. Non supportive shoes was stupid But now I really need to protect it.

  40. I’m going to say my feet are a 3. There is left over polish on the nails from the Marine Corps Ball in November, my heels are very Parmesan cheese-ish looking, and my nails are all different lengths. They are in bad shape…but good enough to run in!

  41. I’d say a 3. Always at least one black toenail, and dry, dry, dry! Plantar fasciitis is something I struggle with so could use some good inserts!

  42. I’m giving these dogs a 2. I just went to a podiatrist this week to discover that surgery is the only thing that will truly fix my problems. But since that is not an option right now (I’m pregnant), I will keep running on them anyway. She did recommend getting a good pair of inserts.

  43. Somewhere between 3 and 4, depending on the last time I’ve had a pedicure. Lots of callouses but no blackened or fallen-off toenails (not yet at least!)

  44. A 3, I have two toenails that couldn’t decide if they wanted to fall off, so I trimmed them, pinkie toenails that just don’t exist, and just general ugly feet 🙂

  45. 3. I’m notoriously bad with maintaining my feet (read: dry, cracked heels, half-polished nails), but luckily they do their job well and, knock on wood, they seem to take care of themselves.

  46. With nail polish on, a three…without, probably a two. Between my dead, dis colored big toenail and my thickened, possibly fungus infected 2nd toenails, callouses and general horribleness, a two might even be generous! Oh, how I love running! 🙂

  47. I give myself a three…I have the typical callus on the side of my big toe that many runners get, but I’m pretty good about staying on top of using a foot scrub twice a week and moisturizing them nightly with coconut oil

  48. I’ll go with 4. They’re pretty nice but I have the tiniest toenail on my pinky toe. It’s almost non existant. And my heels are dry. Most mostly good!

  49. I would go with about 2.5. They are not bad feet and I rarely get blisters but I do have thick toenails (hidden under lots of polish!) and I have to go in for ankle surgery on Monday so they are not very happy feet right now… darn!

  50. I’m going to give my feet a 2.5. I have a blood blister on the tip of one of my toes and on the top of my foot I have a bump that sticks out (some sort of cyst I’ve had drained and keeps coming back.) Gross!

  51. My feet are fairly nice *looking*, a 4, even a 4.5… But looks can be deceiving! I had a stress fracture, and my feet seem to be the window to my body – they feel the pain when something is not right. An in that aspect, they’re a 1.5.

  52. I’d give myself a 4. If my feet weren’t so wide, I’d be a 5. I have cute toes, all of my toenails and no blistes/calluses. You’d never know i run alot!

  53. I’d say a 1 – right now I have one black toenail, and another has a nasty blister underneath it. Have not had a pedi since last summer. My callouses have callouses, and I have peeling around a few of my toenails. How’s that for too much TMI?

  54. Unfortunately, my feet are about a 1.5. Hammer-toes, blisters, you name it. I have always had notoriously unattractive feet. Even my grandmother, in her later, more honest years would say, “Sarah, you have ugly feet!” They can use all the help they can get!

  55. I’m a 3. A year or so ago I would have said a 5, but recently several toe nails have gotten extrememly thick and dark in color. They no longer resemble toe nails at all. I’m afraid to go get a pedicure. I think I might gross them out.

  56. I’ll say 3.5. It’s winter and I really need a pedicure. That would bump me up to a 4. My feet are too wide to ever be a foot model 5!

  57. I’ll go with a 2. My actual feet are fine (if somewhat big). No blisters or dry skin. It’s when you get to my toes that it’s truly horrendous. Two toenails gone and two more that are shades of purple. And one that is missing is still black. I just keep telling myself that I have a few more months to get them cleared up for flip flop season, but with half Ironman training and then marathon training I can’t even fool myself…

  58. This time of year I’d rate them a 3. Which figures since we are in the middle of boots to our butts weather here in Indiana. During the warmer flip flop months, definitely a 1.9 rating. Multiple marathons a year have conditioned my feet for the miles but the toe nails previously lost have left less than desirable replacements and the ankle tan line does not increase the rating for sure.

  59. I’m a 2. Large bunions that limit my shoe options (love, love, love the foot-shaped Altra running shoes!) and one black toe nail that won’t go away. Actually, the black toe nail has morphed into a double toenail. Maybe a two is a little generous, now that I think about it…

  60. My feet are a 4. Unlike other runners I know, I shave off those calluses every chance I get. I love my feet and freakishly long toes.

  61. A four! I am BLESSED to not have runner’s toes or toenails…wear flip flops a ton so my only challenge is keeping away the cracking heels.

  62. Mine are a 3 – I don’t have any purple toes or bunyons thankfully, but I have total Flintstone feet! Not Betty or Wilma either, more like Barney or Fred.

  63. I’d go with a 4. I try to keep the feet looking nice and buy the right shoes for them. I HATE when my feet hurt! Also, shoes aren’t my thing so it makes it easy to choose support over “cute” 😉

  64. This conversation is so gross, but I love it! I would rate my feet as a 3. They’re about as wide as they are long…I wear a 6.5 wide shoe. my toenails are also fairly square and sort of look like they’re pushed into the skin like playdoh. Gross!! But, I do take care of them and get regular pedicures, so I will give them a solid 3.

  65. I would rate my feet at about a 2.5 – a few bouts of painful PF in both feet following months of emergency “twin” bedrest several years ago (yes, if still seems to catch up with me, even now) – but my feet still get the job done, allowing me to chase my three little people around, so I need to give them their due! It’s a love-hate… 😉

  66. I would give my feet a 5. Could I be a foot model? Heck no, but I still think they are beautiful. Every black/thick/missing toenail and each and every callous is a little reminder of how far I’ve come on this running adventure. I finally threw out my pumice stone last summer and now proudly wear sandals (with painted toenails), to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of my wonderful feet, who have, and continue to, carry me further than I ever dreamed I could go.

  67. I would rate my feet a 3.5. I have some calluses and dry patches, but other than that my feet are in pretty good condition inside and out. 🙂

  68. I am sad to say I have to rate both feet separatley.
    My left foot is sadly a 1 and my right foot is a happy 4.
    Not quite sure what happend to the left foot.

  69. Probably a 3, I have a black toenail, but I hide it with dark red polish on all toes in flip flop weather,but the polish doesn’t help the calluses and rough skin. I love what those feet propel me to do, though!

  70. Mine are a 2. I only get a pedicure for special occasions, but I do use my pumice stone on my heels regularly. But they’re just ugly, very bony and veiny.

  71. I rate my feet a 3. Several black toe nails and calluses. And curved 4th toes. But I love them because they allow me to run!

  72. I’d give my feet a 3. I’ve been using the red Sole insoles for about three years now and they’ve made a huge difference!

  73. My feet are about a 2.5. I don’t have bunions (yet) but I haven’t had a pedicure in several months. There are calluses on the heels and the longer second toe on each foot has thick discolored toenails from having fallen off and grown back so many times. My feet are also fat and wide, much like Fred Flintstone’s!

  74. I’m a 2.5…since my toes all go “in order”, i.e. the big one is the tallest, and each one is a bit smaller than the one next to it. No “tall 2nd toe” going on here like with my kids! Only had one pedicure in my life. Way too ticklish.

  75. Uggh, I guess I’d give my self a generous 2. My husband has described by feet as “Flintstone feet” before. Although not too wide, bunion on my left foot plus crooked toes make them none too desirable. Happy to wear socks during this time of year. Not looking forward to summer and having to paint the toenails and slough off the callouses to make them look somewhat “pretty”.

  76. My feet are at a 4. Looking down, they look like normal feet. My missing toenails are finally growing back from my last training session. However, the bottom of my feet are gasp-inducing. Calluses line both forefeet and toe pads.

  77. My feet are maybe a four in appearance. I need to paint my toenails and get the dead skin off my heels, but otherwise, externally, they don’t look so bad. Well, other then my weird shaped middle toe, but that more stands out to me. Internally, they are a one. My heels have been hurting so bad…I thought plantar fasciitis, but my doctor thinks stone bruising. It has been killing me, especially when I stand, since October. Now I am going to physical therapy.

  78. I’d give myself a 2 on the “foot index.” I don’t have black toenails but I have bunions on both feet and my feet are ugly! They’ve gotten worse as the years have gone on and are recently causing me more pain than ever. I think it’s time I head to the podiatrist 🙁 I’m definitely not interested in surgery so hoping for some other alternative. Maybe the insoles would help?

  79. I would rate my feet separately! My left one is a 1, full of yucky toe nails and really nasty looking. My right foot is a 5 in comparison! Not sure why only my left is diseased, but that is the way it is. 🙂 It still supports me and keeps me balanced anyway.

  80. My feet are so so right now… My dry heels are a bit gross. I need to start prepping them for flip flop season.

  81. I always had cute feet (or so I thought!) up until last spring when I did a half. One nail is still doing its thing coming back to normal that I wish it just fall off but it never did. So for now I’d say 3.

  82. I’m giving my feet a 4, which sounds ambitious, but it’s a reflection of my embracing them…finally! When I was a kid, I was so embarrassed of my long toes and what seemed to me like huge feet. I am ever so grateful for them now as they help me run for sanity most days!!

  83. I’ll rate my feet a 3. My heels are dry & cracky, I’ve given up on getting rid of a corn on the bottom of my big toe, and my toenails need some maintenance. (I was pregnant until last night & reaching my feet was a challenge I didn’t feel like accepting…)

  84. 3. I did just get a pedicure (which I love and need to do more often), but working out and going to the pool/beach on vacay destroyed them! Hopefully, they will be pretty again soon!

  85. Ugh, 2.5. I inherited horribly shaped, bunion filled feet. I had surgery on my left foot years ago and it’s beautiful thanks to the pin placed in my big toe. I have yet to have surgery on my right foot, and each year my big toe becomes more disfigured and painful; especially with the wrong shoes (aka anything cute.) I get regular pedicures so I can feel better about the situation!

  86. I would give my feet a 2. Plantar Fasciitis keeps flaring up in my right foot, my pinky toes tilt a bit out so my toenails crack, and my heels are always callused. And that’s not even mentioning the chipped,2 month old polish. I blame it all on running.

  87. Sadly, my feet are a 1 right now. Black toenail, check! Lumps in weird places, yep! Bruised on top AND bottom, probably should go to the doc for that! Needless to say I have been living in my running shoes the last few weeks.

  88. I’d give my feet a 4, especially when they’re newly pedicured (but still callused)! My toes are too squarish to be a foot model!

  89. I would rank my feet a 2-3. No black toes but bunion rich on both feet. My right foot takes more of a beating for sure. A runner’s specific pedicure really helped my feet before Tinkerbell Half Marathon!

  90. I am sadly a big 1. Bunions, callouses, corns (no black toenails). i am very thankful my husband does not have a foot fetish.

  91. solid 3. I have all of my original toe nails, which is a plus, but they are wide and weird and just feet. I have yet to see a foot I would rate as a five. Because feet aren’t cute.

  92. 2 at best. No black toes at the moment. Just callouses and tring to free my feet from the last of PF. My husband is always saying my feet are the uglist part of my body. hmmmm.

  93. I’d give my feet a 2. I have managed to keep all of my toenails the past couple years, but do have some wonderful callouses, the tail end of some tendonitis in my right foot, and just some general funk that I was born with on my left foot!

  94. I rate my feet about a 3 right now. My right great toe nail is just about grown back in, but the big problem is they are soooo dry.

  95. I’m probably at a 2, been plagued by PF for almost 2 years. Went through 3 different brands of running shoes and finally fell in love with Brooks Adrenaline GTS, now they’ve been discontinued :(. Can never be barefoot, have cheap heel inserts in all shoes. After long runs, during PF flare ups, I can hardly walk after icing. Feet need some TLC. 🙁

  96. 2 at the most. My feet are so wide, I’ve been known to buy men’s shoes to be comfortable. I had bunion surgery on one foot, so have an ugly scar, and I have splotches of dark purple (go Ravens!) nail polish left on my big toes leftover from the beginning of football season.

  97. I would rate my smelly feet at a 3 for looks and a 1 for smell 🙂 no black toe nails here just some bunions and a lot of stink 🙂

  98. 4 – The trick is to find some other mother runners as a reference point. In the real world I am probably a 2.5 but in my running circle, where bunions run big and several of my BRFs have moved over to mens shoes for extra width, my dogs look good!

  99. I’m probably at a 2 right now, between some callouses and a toenail that doesn’t seem to want to come back to life. I have recently discovered the wonder of a pumice stone though!

  100. Maybe a 2 on the right and a 1 on the left. My right foot has a nasty scar from bunion surgery and my left foot big toe has a horrible bruise from dropping a sippy cup on it last June. Yes LAST JUNE!! I’m guessing that will clear up by mid-summer and bump me up to a 2 on that foot with my bunion and all.

  101. I would actually have to give these 50 year old feet a 4! They are tiny..size five. They do sport two symmetrical black toenails….one on each foot. But other than that (knock on wood) they are fine and I am in Week 9 of my first attempt at TLAM finish it Marathon plan! With these sof sole insoles and the pretty fit performance socks my feet can hopefully carry me safely to the marathon finish line!

  102. Oh my gosh, my feet are not pretty. Definitely a 1 at the highest. My pinky toes have no nails at all, my heals are so rough and calloused. I am embarrassed when flip flop and sandal season comes around.

  103. Rates a “1” for ugly toenails, corns, and bunions that scare even me! Sof sole socks would definitely improve my rating.

  104. I give my feet a 2. I have calluses from running, corns from high heels that I love to wear when I’m not in my sneakers and a bruised nail from training for and running my first marathon. My family is kind and rate them a 3!! Go figure!!

  105. I think mine are about 3 1/2; I have a bunion-who gets a bunion at 33 I ask you???-and some calluses, and I only paint my toenails when I know my BRF will see them! (She has a thing about painted toenails! lol) I used to get regular pedis but now that I’m crossfitting and running it just seems that my me-time is used up. So they’re sad little feet right now. lol

  106. This is funny because my friends had a joke in high school that my feet were sexy! They aren’t quite as pretty as a mother runner…so I will go with 3.75.

  107. I would rate mine a 3. I have some callouses from many miles of marathon training, and I don’t get pedicures.

  108. On the outside my feet aren’t bad, maybe a 3.5. The inside us a different story. Battled PF for 3 years. Finally able to move again albeit ever so carefully and gently.

  109. After having my bunions removed two years ago, I’d like to say my feet are a 5, but sadly, the lingering swelling and scars – combined with a slow-to-grow-back toenail casualty of half marathon training in the fall – make them a 3. Sigh!

  110. I’d rate mine a 2.5. My toes look cute, but the rest of my poor feet are plagued with callouses that just won’t go away. These insoles and socks sound heavenly…I’m super excited about the ‘no seams’. I tend to find the one oddly placed seam in a sock and have it rub rub rub through my entire run!

  111. Got to go with a 3. Dry and cracked soles and desperately in need of a pedicure before I put holes in my running socks..

  112. Right now I’m about a 3. Winter isn’t kind! Normally I’m a 4 without a pedi and 5 with: my BRF has accused me of having Barbie feet!

  113. I give my poor feet a 2. Blister-turned-callus on one big toe, and six black or thickened toenails (my podiatrist called them “traumatized”–damaged by constant micro trauma). I’ve taken to wearing little “toe hats” on the worst ones while I run, which is helping a bit. But I’m so embarrassed by them I won’t even get a pedicure. On top of that, I have a Morton’s neuroma and/or bursitis on my left foot, so I need to use a ball-of-the-foot pad. I’d love to try out these insoles!

  114. I’m very interested in this post, as I’ve recently been told I need inserts and I’m at a loss as to what to try. You girls got me through my first half last fall (yay!) and I’m gearing up for my second in April.
    I rate my feet a 3–not terrible, but in need of a pedi for sure!

  115. My feet are pretty awesome, minus the two missing toenails…..(which really don’t look at that bad from up here!). So I give mine a 2!

  116. This winter my feet are at a 2! In the summer I do better because people can see with all the sandals and flip flops. I find in the fall and winter I just give up. If it is covered = who cares! I know that is sad and I need to care of my feet, skin, hair, etc but I just get tired and say screw it! I look in the mirror every few weeks and fuss at myself saying you will feel better inside and out if you keep up with yourself. Still not happening! Maybe spring will blow this funk off of me.

  117. I’d say a 3. Although I have never lost any nails or had any turn black, my feet are freakishly dried and cracked. My heals especially need some TLC, but no amount of lotion seems to help. That doesn’t stop me from wearing flip-flops though! Flip-flop season is my favorite! 🙂

  118. I’d say a 4. I had bunion surgery on both feet a little over a year ago and am so happy I did! I can now run without foot pain and finally could buy bike shoes that don’t hurt as soon as I put them on. The scars are still noticeable, but I’ll take scars over pain any day!

  119. Mine are a 2.5 because one foot is fine but the other is terrible. I have been suffering from sesamoiditis for 8 months and have not been able to run or bike. I am going crazy!!!M

  120. My feet are probably a 2?? After years of waiting tables, dry scaley skin, and then taking up running, these feet are quite the sight!!

  121. I’ll give my feet a 2….The tops of both feet are graced with funky scars from surgery to remove Morton’s neuromas, and my freakishly long toes (seriously, I can hold utensils with those bad boys!) weren’t pretty to look at even before I became a distance runner. The only thing that saves me from dropping to a 1 is the fact that my nails are surprisingly un-bruised and in-tact!

  122. I’m gonna say 2.5. I have long, ugly feet with a cracked toenail on my bug toe . I used to feel like they were the ugliest in the world but at a pedicure recently I was reassured that they were “fine”.

  123. I’m giving myself a solid 4.5 thanks to my Altra zero-drop shoes with their wide toe box and my New Years resolution to ditch the high heels unless it is a very special occasion. Not a 5 because my feet weren’t particularly beautiful pre-running.

  124. A 4 for monthly pedicures. Minus a point for recurring plantar fasciitis that just won’t die. Sure, that’s internal, but it makes me cranky at my feet!

  125. My tooties are probably a 3.5. I could benefit from a pedicure, but I am a lucky runner whose toenails aren’t constantly beat up. Now my foot mechanics are a mess and I depend on insoles in most of my shoes. So winning these would be a treat for me!

  126. Mine are probably around a 3 or 4. I’ve never had a pedicure and my left foot looks pretty knarly from a surgery. However, I live in TX so flip flops are a requirement.

  127. I would rate my feet a 3. No black toenails, just don’t have much of one on my little toe! Could really use a pedicure, but way too cold right now!

  128. 2, after the tinkerbell half, my big toenail on my right food turned completely black and the nail is starting to fall off. The 2 in-between toes on my right foot were black before the rAce but after the race the nails fell off. The big toe on my left is partial black and one of my smaller toes on the left is black. I live in AZ and could totally pull off wear flip flops right now in or 75 degree weather but can’t because my toenails look so disgusting! 🙁

  129. As a runner, I’d rate my feet a 5. Unbelievably I have never lost a toenail, and my nails are only blue if I paint them that color. In view of the rest of the world, I’ll give them a 4. I could use a pedicure!

  130. I’d rate my feet a 3–no bunions, no black toenails. I have a thin scar near my right big toe, having had a bone spur removed, but my pedicurist says it is barely noticeable. I’d love to try the thin sole inserts.

  131. Probably a 2. I’m a dance teacher and I’m pretty rough on my feet. And I wake up with cramped feet nearly every morning. But when I’ve had a pedicure, I’m closer to a 3, at least in looks.

  132. I once had a friend ask me if he ever lost one of his fingers could he have one of my toes. Ass.

    I’d rate my feet a 5, because toe donation is kind of a big deal.

  133. I’d rate my feet a 4.5! I actually really like my feet. And so does my husband, who thinks feet are ‘ugly’ by nature.

    I do have one ‘runner’s toe’ – perpetually growing off, and back on my nail bed, but with polish, thankfully still maintains it’s ‘good form’.

    My feet are very finicky, though, my arches especially. In fact, I can’t live without insoles in my running shoes. I’d love to try Sof Sole!

  134. I’d have to give my feet a 2. I have on and off issues with plantar fasciitis. Luckily custom orthodics and Dansko shoes have been my savior.

  135. I’m gonna go with 4…..I need a pedicure because only 2 of my 10 toes have polish on them. then they’d be 5s. why?? well, they are full of well earned blisters and calluses that I so proudly show off.

  136. I think feet are ugly in general, so I guess I would automatically rule mine a 1, but others might say that with a pedicure they could be a 4! LOL

  137. I would give myself a 2 right now as I’m overdue for a pedicure so my cute merlot color is half on half off, my heels need some serious love from a pumice stone, and the toenails you can see are very messed up from years of running.

  138. I’d say a 3. Pedicures sometimes improve them but this winter has made them looking pretty bad in addition to what running does to them.

  139. I rate my feet 7. No deformities or defects, not even missing or black toenails (at the moment), but I could really use a pedicure!

  140. I’m going with a 4. Not because they look great. but, because they carry me where ever I want to go. I have to show some serious appreciation for these babies.

  141. I have pretty nice feet! I know bunions are in my future but right now, I’d rate them a 4. I really like my feet! The inside of the right one is about a 2 but outside it’s pretty!

  142. Around a 3. They don’t look too bad but sometimes the pain in my right arch is so bad it doesn’t matter what they look like.

  143. I’m a middle of the road kind of girl for most things in my life and my feet might excel above-woohoo. I would rate them as a 3 or 4.

  144. I’m going to go with a 2. Funky toenails, bunion, and extremely dry/callused feet are not attractive. I have never been a foot person but it has only intensified in the almost 2 years since I became a runner!

  145. For now, I would say mine are a 3. I have all my toenails (at the momment)and they are beautifully polished. A little dry skin but good to go

  146. Like Dimity, I would rate my feet a 2. The left one has a scar from neuroma surgery and the right one lives in a plantar fasciitis boot at night. I have on fluorescent pink toenail polish, which bumps them from a 1 to a 2.

  147. I’d rate my feet a 4. They are in pretty good shape aside from being quite dry during these winter months. I’d love to try these insoles out!

  148. I’d say a 3. In the winter, mine stay pretty nice. Although, I’m prone to blisters, callouses and hurting feet so I’d love to try these out!

  149. They are a 5 from the top they look smooth and polished but the bottoms are a series of healing blisters, callus, and dry skin!

  150. Looks wise, I’d give them a four. Not bad for runner’s feet. But, if they were rated on how they feel, about a 2. That nagging neuroma is not fun.

  151. I would rate mine probably a four, thankfully there is not much wrong, and the nails look pretty good…when they have had a nice pedicure!

  152. Funny you should ask…a 2 for me…have an appt. for a physical this week and my only question for the doc is do you know a podiatrist who can fix up my feet? Plantars warts and toenail fungus have taken over and though I desperately need a pedicure I am too embarrassed to go! My roots need help 🙂

  153. I would rate my tootsies around a 4. I try and always take care of my feet and view the slightly black toenail as a right of passage. 🙂

  154. It’s always been a joke with some friends that we are in the cute foot club!I think mine are a 4.5 right now but only b/c I need a pedicure right now. Otherwise a 5,, 😉

  155. I’d say a three right now. In need of a good pedicure, but hate to waste it when my feet are so covered in these freezing temps. Cold temps and snow on ground also makes for low mileage for me, so toes aren’t as damaged as other times.

  156. I’d say my feet rate a 3! Not much I can do to hide the starts of a bunion on my right foot, but with a good dose nail polish not too shabby 😉

  157. I give my wide short feet a three, even though others have been known to chuckle when they see them. I love my feet because I got them from my spunky joy-filled Grandma who gave us all the sanity-saving gift of laughter.

  158. I’ll call them a 4. Just starting to ramp up for a spring half, so the timing is perfect to save my feet from a fate worse than death! Otherwise after the race I think they’ll be a 1. HELP!

  159. I’d say 4, they used to be a 9! Even had someone comment that I could be a foot model – well, then running took over and now NO ONE says that! I still love them cause they have helped me log so many miles and meet new goals and people and lose weight! I don’t ever want to go back to a 9!

  160. 2 right now. I have two black toenails after a marathon a week ago, they will fall out soon. Coverage with those socks would surely help

  161. I would say a 1, ugh! My 2nd toe decided awhile ago to start to slide off the joint. As a result it looks like I have “vulcan toe” and it has started to cause toe crossover. I have metatarsalgia and PF off and on in the same foot. I can’t wear flip flops because they won’t stay on and even with a pedi I’m reluctant to wear sandals because my toes are so ugly and weird!

  162. I’d say a solid 4…A permanent callus on my left foot (below my pinky toe…evidence of supinating on just my left side) and that’s about it. Keep those feeties smooth and hydrated with a lather of Aquaphor before socks at night, and some Zeazorb during the day to keep the yuckies out!

  163. My feet need some TLC. I’ve dealt with PF-like symptoms (though never actually diagnosed as PF) and could really benefit from some insoles. Add that to the fact that its been a couple months since I’ve had a pedicure, and a rating of 2 is what you get.

  164. My feet are a 3. They are in good bone shape, except for a small metatarsal inflammation, but are ugly. Desperately need a pedicure and some really good lotion to combat winter running!

  165. I’ll give my feet a 3. Desperatley need a pedicure, but otherwise doing pretty well for being 50 years old and just running their first half-marathon.

    p.s. I love the Sof Sole socks that were thrown in with my AMR purchase at the Tink Half Expo!

  166. I would probably say my feet rate a 3. Before I started running, they were a low 5 or high 4 but running has definitely not made them prettier! LOL

    Let’s just say that nail polish on the toes is a constant requirement because what’s underneath is a 2!

  167. Well, my hubby has a serious aversion to ugly feet (like it could have been a deal breaker when we met), and he loves my feet. So based on that I’ll say this runner is a solid 4.5. I’m knocking a half point off cause it’s winter and my heels aren’t baby butt soft right now.

  168. I’d rank my feet at a 2.5 right now. Winter’s tough because I can’t quite justify a pedicure when my piggies are hidden in Sorels. Plus, I’m missing a toenail on my right foot. Not pretty, but could be worse.

  169. I’d give mine a 3, my calluses and permanently dry heels make me not quite flip flop ready. But covered up in some awesome socks, no one would know!

  170. My feet are 3-4 😉 I have 2 “bad” looking toe nails but the rest are ok. A few rough spots too. I do lotion and work on them almost nightly, so they can look presentable, but running is running and they look like i run! lol I love to run so i gladly have them look l ike this.

  171. They are a solid 3! I pedicure once a month. Unfortunately, within the first couple of runs the big toenail always looks a little worn. :/

  172. My feet are pretty hideous — I give them a 4. Still have black toenails from my last half marathon a few weeks ago. Need to paint my toenails this weekend, so I can put on some sandals! Right now my feet are way too gnarly!

  173. Right foot, 4 all the way. Thanks to grandma, years of gymanstics and ballet, I have some gnarly bunions on both feet, but I’ve never let the way they look bother me.

    Left foot, 1, unfortunatly. I lost all my toenails last summer one by one (too small shoes) except the pinky toe during training, then made the bad decision to go sandal free at the shower at work. I’m sure you know what happened next, yep, athletes foot which got into my toes too. 🙁 They are slowly but surely growing back, but it’s a process. Never again will I forget the shower sandals!!!

    My only saving grace, my ugly feet never stop me from running, and I got to buy some new shoes. 🙂

  174. Maybe a 4. With a bunion and a black toenail most of the time..not too bad.Though they are not the prettiest, I still love my flip flops and running shoes 🙂

  175. My feet are probably a three. Rough, cold, Maine winters have done no favors for them. They are dry and in major need of a pedicure! I also am only rocking 9 toenails…and I think I’m about to lose another one. (Hence no pedicure anytime soon). But – I love them and thank them every day when I am done with my run. 🙂

  176. My feet are currently a 4. I never have a nail on the smallest toe and my second toe is bigger than my first. I would much rather walk around in my Danskos or running shoes than in flip flops or sandals. I prefer to keep my toes covered.

  177. Maybe a 4. My feet are in pretty good condition, for being a runner. They could use a pedicure, of course, and some serious moisturization, but all in all, decent feet. 🙂

  178. I would give my feet a 3. They aren’t bad, but I personally think feet are the ugliest part of the human body. I am not a feet person. Granted, they are going to get worse as soon as this -20 degree weather comes back to positive numbers.

  179. I’m going to go with a 4 currently, which is probably about as good as they will ever get. Just 3 lovely months post-partum with baby #3 Means I haven’t had enough time to really get them worked back down to the 2 they usually are. My pedi could use a little work, though….

  180. maybe a 3 or 4! They used to be a mess (PF to the point I couldn’t walk or run) but since taking up kickboxing (in bare feet)… they are now one of the stronger parts of my body! And I’m proud to say that too!

  181. I would rate mine a 3. Desparate need of a good pedicure and foot rub but why bother while I’m working on my long runs.

  182. A 3….been dealing with plantar fasciitis on my right foot since 9/5/2011 and recently I started noticing a bunionette on my left foot. 🙁 A Sof Sole insole would do me some good! 🙂

  183. I’ve never been fond of my stubby “Fred Flintstone” feet, but they are currently painted and blister free, so I would give them a 4.

  184. I’m a solid two. I’m still possessed of all 10 toenails; however, my toes are so simian (long finger toes for the middle three, combined with a hobbity stump for a pinky toe) that they’re basically unappetizing. I try not to draw attention to them by never polishing them.

  185. My toes are probably a three. I definitely always lose toenails as my big toe and little toe are not much different in height and they just don’t make shoes wide enough in the front (I look at women in pointy high heels and can’t even imagine fitting my foot into them; I’m really hoping for the Dansko giveaway :))
    But regardless of how the toes look, I still live in flip-flops during the summer.

  186. I’m going to go with a “2;” toes are nicely painted about 70% of the time, but massive calluses and some new blisters make my feet less than easy on the eyes sometimes:)

  187. After dropping a scrapbook on top of my foot and it being bruised and swollen for the past week I would say a 2. Before that most likely a 4 due to a toenail I lost last summer (not from running, but from a hotel bathroom door accident, yes, I am clumsy) almost growing back all of the way.

  188. I would have to say a 1. Between a black toenail, bunion, calluses, Morton’s Neuroma’s and degrading fat pads, I’m a train wreck but I keep running 🙂

  189. I’m going to go 3 due to the tail end of PF that has lasted forever and the fact that I sport the widest dogs on the block!

  190. I’d give mine a 3 right now. Probably a 4 if I got a pedicure. They could definitely use a little pampering right now!

  191. Probably a four right now. My toe nails haven’t quite recovered from my half marathon in the fall, and I’m in week four of spring HM training. That four will be dropping to a three or two before long, I’m sure!

  192. Oh this is easy…a 1! I’ve got it all-bunions, black toenail, crooked toes, dry heels, surgery scars…it’s amazing I can walk on these disasters nonetheless run ;). But I have learned over the years to be as good to them as I can be and just be grateful that they let me do all the things they do!

  193. I would rate myself a 2. No black toe nails, at the moment, but my nails are definitely not “normal”. I am headed back into training, so I am likely to fall back to a 1 pretty quick! 🙂

  194. Two-ish. I have bunions and I always seem to be missing at least one of my toenails (2nd from the big toe) on either foot at any given time. They may creep up to a 3 in summer if I get an actualy pedicure instead of doing it myself, which rarely happens. Those socks look heavenly!

  195. 3. My darling 5 year old daughter insisted on home pedicures so they aren’t half bad – she insisted on painting them, so I won’t be showing them off either. 🙂

  196. I would say a 4. No big issues but my little piggies that say wee wee have been broken and dislocated enough times that they aren’t really “little piggies” anymore.

  197. Currently I think my feet are a 3. I have a toenail that was a mess that I think has finally recovered, but then the strange callouses at random spots on my feet…oh well…there’s worse things in life than my feet.

  198. I’d say a solid 3. If I actually ever had a pedicure I could get to a 4. The last time I had one was right before our wedding (we were married in ’01). If I put on a pair of fashionable high heels (that cover my toes or shape them into a point) I might even go to a 5! 😉

  199. Probably a 2. I have 1 toenail that has fungus or as the hubby lovingly calls it my scuzzy toe! The rest of my feet are calloused and of course the lovely plantar fasciitis.

  200. My toenails are a 2 – on their way to 1. My big black toenail is hanging on by a thread and ready to separate at any moment. No pedicures for me for a while!

  201. I would rate my feet a rehabilitated 3. I suffered a Lisfranc fracture of my left foot about 7 years ago while running out of sandals and over a small dog trying to rescue my elderly father from a fall. Since then I have undergone 2 separate courses of physical therapy and learned the importance of properly fitted running shoes. Three years ago I was busted down to pool running only, but have made my way back to triathlon running. Long live PTs!

  202. I would rate my feet a 3. I have some awesome toenails going on, but the rest is pretty good. If I painted my toes, I might get up to a 4.

  203. A 3. One toenail that started to go black after my first half marathon last fall. Super dry and calloused. Plus, I rarely take the time to polish my toe nails. I so would love a mani-pedi.

  204. Definitely a 1. Inventory: black toenails; weird toenail that grew back like a Martian’s nail (if Martians have nails, this would be it); permanent callous on top of one toe, on balls of feet and heels; bulbous little toes; bunions. And don’t forget the invisible plantar fasciitis. Excuse me. I think I need to go lie down.

  205. I’d rate mine a 3 right now. If my toenails were painted, I’d give them a solid 4. Since I changed to a different shoe, I haven’t had any more blisters. So glad I went to a running store to get fitted!

  206. I’d probably give my feet a 3…no pedicure, but also no black toenails! Even when my nails are painted, I can’t get above a 4, my nail beds are so minuscule, they are practically nonexistent. 🙂 but nothing can keep me from wearing flip flops!

  207. My feet are currently barely registering a 1 in my book. They are letting me down, and keeping me from doing the thing I love most: running with my BRFs. I’m certain they are trying to teach me some kind of lesson… Heading to the pool for some aqua jogging today… sigh.

  208. I’m a 4, I have at least 1 black toenail year round which limits my nail polish choices to a dark enough shade to cover up the black/purple toenail! I finally managed to clip off the 1/8″ top layer that had accumulated from recurring blood blisters, big day!

  209. I’ll say a 3 because they’re so scrapy and dry, and my one poor big toenail that has taken 2 years to grow out and is still not all the way there. I haven’t gone for a pedicure since I damaged that one! Between running and taekwondo, my toes don’t have a prayer!

  210. 3 for now…it’s winter and they are pretty pale…but in the summer a 4…having some color makes them way better…

  211. I totally give my feet a 4. My husband would give them a 1. They are narrow, boney and have lovely calluses on the big toes.

  212. 3: lack of a pedicure in years has left them less than desireable! My heels are awful from my love of Birkenstocks in the summer.

  213. Right now I would rate them a 3, but give me another 2 months and those puppies will be getting a 1 rating after my half-marathon is over. 🙂

  214. I haven’t been trail running this winter, so I’d give myself a 4. All toenails present, if needing some polish remover and attention.

  215. I think mine rate at about 2.5 – 3….they used to sit at a 3.5 – 4, but then the dreaded pregnancy spread happened! Mind you, I try to love ’em anyway – they’ve carried me all over Europe, Canada and so far, 2 finish lines. Here’s to our feet, no matter where they rate!! 🙂

  216. I would rate them a 2.5. I have calluses and my heels are never “beach ready”, but they don’t make small children scream in terror or anything.

  217. My answer depends on whether you are asking MY opinion of my feet, or that of my husband. If you asked me, I’d say my feet are about a 2.5-3, with callouses to spare, pinky toenails that are so small I sometimes wonder why I have them, but not otherwise incredibly ugly. However, if you asked my loving husband, he would undoubtedly refer to them as “built-in shoes,” as he often does. He has teased me for years about my rough and tough calloused soles, which I defend by saying I grew up running barefoot around our gravel country driveway, and that those “shoes” were well-earned. Regardless, those “built-in shoes” have carried me over countless miles — many more miles than I would have ever envisioned myself running “for fun” while I was out earning those tough soles as a child. 🙂

  218. I would have to give myself a 2. I have very small feet but the ugly bunion makes me get a larger size shoe. I have my share of calluses and blisters. My last marathon my shoes gave me 2 nice sized blood blisters.

  219. My feet – currently a 10! Let me explain: I have had 2 bunion surgeries on each foot, dealt with Morton’s neuroma and had courses of cortizone shots in the nerves annually since I started running, and suffered through PF. Right now, I have no pain, aches or problems, so this 10 ranking is based solely (pun intended) on inner foot beauty.

  220. I rate my feet a 4. My BRF and I went for pedis after our last half and the pedicurist (who also ran the half and we talked into running a full ) commented on how good our feet looked for runners feet. We decided that our feet was one of our running strengths. Some people have speed, I have good feet, an iron stomach, and a HUGE bladder. Yea me! 🙂

  221. I’d say my feet are a 4 on the outside – they don’t look too bad – but about a 2 on the inside: a Morton’s neuroma, painful bunion joints (that haven’t yet turned into bunions, but the joints hurt and my mom’s are bunions so I fear I’m on my way!), and weak ankles (gotta work on that) mean my feet are not the rock-solid foundation for running I wish they were. I’ve tried some inserts but found them lacking, so I’d be verrrrrrrry interested to try this brand!

  222. I’d say a five. I have some corns but other than that, my toe nails aren’t black (yet). I’m going to start training for a tri so who knows where they will end up. The most messed thing on my feet though is my baby toe, the nailbed, as been split in half since childhood. Not sure why that is. So sometimes the outer half of the smaller gets the most pressure and I have to cut it off. Weird. I know.

  223. I’m going to rate my feet a 3. Generally my feet look OK, but right now I’m sporting a HUGE black nail on my left big toe, a souvenir of my first marathon exactly one month ago.

  224. I would say my feet are about a 2.5. The bottoms are worse than the top which is what you actually see. During flip flop season, I try to keep my toes cute to distract from all of the calluses.

  225. I love my feet … I have lost toenails, and scraped up feet, had blisters and soreness … but I love my feet! I was born pigeon toed and club foot … and you would never guess it. They’re cute little boats.

  226. I am fortunate that I don’t have the blisters and black toenails (knock on wood), but I do have the dry cracked heels and am in desperate need of a pedicure, so must go with a rating of 3.

  227. Mine are barely a three right now. No black or missing toe nails at the moment but my bunions and callouses aren’t pretty. My toes do usually look pretty and polished but even they are chipped right now.

  228. If it weren’t for my dry, cracked heels, my feet would garner a rating of 5. But my pathetic heels drive my true rating down to a 3!

  229. I’d say mine are a score of 1. I have 2 black toes and one toenail halfway gone. I have lovely bunions to boot 🙂 I am always embarrassed to get a pedicure….ugh

  230. I’d give mine a 2 for outward appearance, and a 1 for internal. I need a pedi in the worst way, and inside, I have constant issues with arch pain. I’ve done EVERYTHING under the sun there…

  231. I’d go right in the middle with a 3. Not beautiful but not too ugly either. Am in need of a nice pedicure though. Ready for spring as that’s when I feel like I can justify it.

  232. I’d give mine about a 2. I attempt to paint my own toenails because I’m too embarrassed to pedicure anymore (not to mention that they will NOT give me a 20% discount for missing two toenails…I asked!) The ends of two toes have calluses and I almost always have black or missing toenails. (It is a physiological issue, trust me, I’ve tried different shoes, bigger shoes, different socks, you name it.) Living in sunny Southern California, sandals are a must do, though. I’ve come to terms with my beaten feet and I bare them anyway most of the time.

  233. My feet are pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. I have chubby toes so cant give them a shoe model 5 but don’t have callouses or missing toenails so pretty close to a 5. If rating on how they feel I would give them a one. I have plantar and achy joints. They are my biggest running concern. Hoping for healing for the spring weather.

  234. Such a loaded question, if we were going on the basis of black toenails/bunions- mine would be a perfect 5. I run 4-5 days a week but I invest in nice running socks, shoes and moisturizing cream. Before you go picturing a smooth slender perfect foot- let me ruin that image for you. My toes are so fat they look like those little smokies (the miniature hot dogs). My foot is not fat- I have a normal build everywhere else on my body but for some reason my toes are overly chunky. So when someone says “piggie toes” they are probably talking directly to me. Unfortunately I was given this characteristic at birth and therefore foot modeling has never been a dream of mine. 🙂

  235. I would say a 3…I have a wonderful huge callous that doesn’t hurt, but it’s oh so pretty. No nail problems right now, but my mileage hasn’t been high in a couple of months, and I rarely take the time to pamper them. These inserts sound wonderful!

  236. My toes got so messed up when I first started running because my shoes weren’t big enough. I lost a few nails and it wasn’t pretty. Finally, 2 years later, my nails are looking a little better and I’m hoping hoping hoping that I might be able to get a pedicure this summer for my daughter’s wedding!!

  237. Can I say 4 1/2? My feet are always problem-free, thankfully! The only reason I knocked half a point off is because one of my toenails sustained some kind of running trauma (I’m still unsure to this day from what) about a year or so ago and now it grows in a curve like a rainbow (raised off the toe) instead of straight across and flat like the others. About once a week, I look at it and demand, “What’s wrong with you?!”

  238. My feet are currently, a 4. I’ve just started my running journey and I hope to one day drop down to a 3. 🙂 Unless my toenails ever fall out, (which I keep hearing could happen eventually) I feel like a good scrub and coat of polish will always keep my piggies looking decent.

  239. My feet rank a whopping 2. My toes are stubby and lack cute toenails. My heels are overly dry and sometimes crack this time of year. And I could really use a good pedi!

  240. I would say a 4. My toes are very pretty, the second ones are shorter than the big ones, and no missing or black toenails. But I get these “corns” on my feet that grow inward instead of outward. The only way to fix them is to have a podiatrist cut into my foot (painful!) to get them out. Luckily I only need to have it done once a year as they grow pretty slow.

  241. My feet get a 3; they are not to bad, but I definitely have a killer callus on the ball of my big toe on both feet. If I have done recent work on the calluses, I can do sandals.

  242. I would say my feet are a 2. Bunions since childhood, caluses from running and just overall dry feet from running/winter. There’s always a race around the corner that keeps me from doing anything to soften them.

  243. I give my feet a 1 (really more like a .5) I have an anti-foot fettish. I don’t even like looking at my feet. Missing toe nails , black toe nails, hardened blisters. My podiatrist said “I’ve seen worse” but I think he was just being nice as he surgerically removed my big toe nail last month!

  244. After 30+ yrs of running, you would think I’d be a 1, but actually, as long as I keep my toenails painted (a couple of them fell off back in the day and grew back a bit weird), my feet would be a solid 3.5. a 4 if they weren’t so skinny! I’m always proud of no bunion or callouses and I never feel self conscious getting that pedicure.

  245. Mine are around a 5 and my parents and siblings would say I’m a 20 as I’m the only one that appears to have not inherited the family bunions and have straight in mangled toes. So far no black toenails and no blisters but I always go to a running store to get fitted for my shoes and I can’t live without my body glide on my feet. Before that I couldn’t go more than 3 miles without crippling blisters. I would love to try these socks & insoles!!

  246. I’d say a solid 3.5, despite years of dance and running I used to get a fair amount of compliments on my feet but I have been trying to treat plantar fasciitis and I am currently battling dry feet.
    That automatically humbles you AND knocks your feet out of the running for foot model status!

  247. I’ll say 3.5 for my little piggies. I haven’t had any black toenail issues (yet), having trained for nothing longer than a half. But I admit I don’t have particularly “pretty” feet: my skin is dry and flaky in winter, no matter how much I moisturize, and I have the itty tiniest toenails seen on an adult.

  248. My feet are a two. I currently have all of my toenails, but a few of them are pretty bizarre looking due to multiple running-induced tramas.

  249. I think my feet are a 3, I run a lot, but have never lost a toe nail or anything, I suck at keeping up with pedicures though and usually have half grown out polish on my toes…

  250. 2…and that’s pushing it. I have a condition called Charcot-Marie Tooth, which is characterized by clawed toes. Before I was diagnosed, I always was embarrassed by my feet, but now, I see them as overachievers. They carry me through life and workouts even as they struggle with nerve damage and cement block days. Anything that helps me pamper these babies is much appreciated.

  251. Probably a 2 – I’ve never had a pedi in my life (don’t like people touching my feet…) and I have boat-sized feet! Pretty socks is the best I can do to pretty them up 🙂

  252. Surely no more than a 2. Between the cracked heels, the missing toenail, and the bunion surgery scar, well, I’m not a good sandal candidate.

  253. I’m going to say a 3, but marathon training hasn’t kicked in yet, at which time they become a definite 1.5. And I don’t even care, I bare those puppies in flippy floppies as soon as the weather breaks! Right now, I’m only rocking one black toenail and one toenail that is acting like it should be black, but it’s clear, so you can’t tell that there’s a new toenail growing under a dead one. And my token big toe calluses.

  254. They aren’t beautiful, could use a pedicure and have lots of callouses, but I’d say 4 – thanks to nightly coconut oil rub-downs and socks. I have to treat them with a little TLC, they serve me well!

  255. My feet are a three right now. I have struggled with sesamoiditis in my left foot and plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I now wear a metatarsal pad in my left shoe and a Superfeet insole in my right shoe. It seems to help, but I still struggle with pain, which then throws off my whole body..hips, knees, back, etc. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find something that would make me feel like a foot model!

  256. Mine are a 3! No blisters, bunions or cracked skin (lucky girl here) but my toenails are dry and I my pinkies are squished (hammer toes). I still wear flip flops!

  257. 3–My feet are OK though the heels always look dry and cracked, but I don’t really care very much. They get me where I want to go, like chasing my two little girls sround the house as they giggle in delight.

  258. I’d say 2 only because I have dark purple polish covering up the gross nails. But the calluses. Oh man, the calluses. Let’s just say, winter is the time for socks for this mother.

  259. I would say a 3. I have two ugly bumpy toenails. If I would put polish on I think I could say 4. Even better I should get a pedicure! 🙂

  260. My feet are a 4. Nothing a pedicure and a splash of polish can’t fix (and a little toe hair trimming. Does anyone else grow hair on their big toes, or am I related to Sasquatch?)

  261. I’d say a 3, I am in real need of a pedi, several calluses, and a bruised toe nail from a very serious game of kickball.

  262. I would say a 3 for my feet. They are definitely not my best feature, but they could be a lot worse! But I am a runner – so I have earned all those calluses!

  263. Today…a 3 since I’ve been diligent about lotion but I have three “tonails” that are just glorified callus anymore and bunion on the left. Maybe rating them a 3 is too generous! Yet these feet get me where I want to go!!!

  264. 1 – I’ve always been envious of women with small feet and toes. I wear size 11 shoes and people have said that I could hang from a tree branch using my toes. Plus, I ALWAYS have a black toenail (ultra distances) which I disguise with 2 coats of nail polish.

  265. I’ll say 3 right now. They are covered in callouses and haven’t had a pedicure in years. They’ll get worse in the summer because I try not to wear shoes unless absolutely necessary in the summer. But, honestly, I don’t care what they look like, as long as they get me down the road!

  266. 4–I have callouses etc., but have never had black toenails etc–despite running c-c in college and training for marathons. I have been cursed with recurrent plantar fasciitas however–that makes support paramount!

  267. 2 – leftover nail polish from September is a bit unsightly and my refusal to have a pedicure since, well, 2008? have left them a bit callused. The hairs on my big toes need to be shaved. My, my. Still think they don’t quite merit a 1 yet though.

    Also, can I just say how this post reminded me so of “Myra”, one of my favorite books of childhood? (In fact, I almost named my daughter Myra, I loved it so much.) Brought a smile to my day.

  268. Looking from the top down: 4. Toes are almost always polished and currently sporting all 10 nails.
    The bottoms: 1. callused and dry.

  269. Right now is a 1.5. I have an open blister on the ball of my foot from last week’s long run. Cracked heels the size of the Grand Canyon. The first of these has me limping on walking on the latter. Not good, not good.

  270. I would say 2.5….just average feet. My right one is especially troublesome and causing distress and discouragement in my running right now.

  271. I’d rate mine at a 3. I have minor bunions, and also have had nasty ingrown toe nails on both my large toes (which I’ve had the Doctor take care of because that’s horrible when dealing with that and running!!!). So, I wouldn’t say I’m foot model ready, but I’m comfortable enough to wear flip flops in the summer.

  272. My feet have issues…. so I would have to give them a 2. I live in flip flops most of the time so my heels are quite a sight. I have a ganglion cyst on the top of my foot that resembles a ski resort for fleas. My big toes do not bend (for real). My arches look like rainbows (maybe that’s a plus?!). My toenails look like they’ve been attacked by fungus but the doctor assures me it’s from nail polish… I’d say a 2 is being generous!

  273. I would rate mine a 3. My size 10 flat feet resemble duck flippers more than a human foot. Did I mention that my second toe is longer than my first?

  274. I’d say my feet are a 3. They look old but feel good. My only black toenail is from dropping a weight on my big toe in Body Pump, and I have lovely shallow and bumpy veins that make them look like crone’s feet, BUT as long as I get new shoes before the old start to wear out and keep with a half size bigger than normal, my feet feel pretty good.

  275. I’m probably a 4 in the summer when my toenails have polish. Right now – when I am wearing closed toe shoes all winter… probably a 3 – considering the chipped, old polish.

  276. My feet get a solid 3.
    They are calloused and dry from winter weather, running and martial arts. I never paint my toenails due to lack of time, but my feet are average-sized and an overall pleasant shape. Now if only I can keep that blasted PF at bay…

  277. Mine would be a 1 – or a 2, at best. The residual nail polish (that I painted on myself) from August probably doesn’t help, but the flat, narrow, long feet I have are definitely not my proudest attribute. They do get me where I want to go, though!

  278. I’d say a five, I have all toe nails present and accounted for, but my feet are pretty beat up with some calluses and healing blisters.

  279. I’m a 2. I am the callus queen. the bottom of my feet are as hard as a rock and CRACKED and Peeling. I wait for the look of shock from the person doing my pedicure. Then I mumble, “I run”. But none of my nails are black — so i can be grateful for small blessings.

  280. Hmmm, my feet are probably a 6 or 7? I have 1-2 toenails where the nail itself is really thick and a little strange looking, and I have a good size bunion on my left foot. But, right now – no black toenails or other issues, so yay?

  281. I’ll give my feet a 4. I’ve been lucky to have avoided black toenails or bunions, and they are the only part of my body that is naturally thin! However, I have calluses, rough spots, and the occasional white toenail – which means polished nails whenever it’s not “wool socks weather.”

  282. Well I have horrible flat feet and I have moderate arthritis in my big toe so they are not stellar but outside of that, they are in pretty good condition…so maybe a 3

  283. I’ll go with a 3 since I’ve been dealing with a plantar’s wart and haven’t done a pedicure in years and in general, neglect my feet.

  284. I’d say mine are a 4. If I had a pedicure, they might make it to 4.5. But these feet are staying covered in warm, fuzzy socks until at least May or June. I dream of sandal season.

  285. I am a five! My feet are two of the prettiest parts of my body (my father would insert some joke about my vanity here). I am, however, often remiss in the pedicure department.

  286. Right now, my feet are a 1 – I am in DESPARATE need of a pedicure. Being 35 weeks pregnant, painting my toenails myself just isn’t an option right now… As soon as I get one, my feet will probably be a 4 – at least in the morning until the end of pregnancy swelling sets in…

  287. most days a 4. I definitely have some calluses and blisters on the bottom, and sometimes my big toenail cracks halfway (leftover from a year of pointe)but they still look really cute after a pedicure, and are definitely sandle worthy in the summer.

  288. I’d have to say a 4. My feet are petite and pretty cute, though I’ve noticed the beginning stages of a bunion. I’m planning on doing my first marathon this year. Ask me again in October. I have a feeling things may change a bit, 🙂

  289. Okay a 4 most days,it depends on how bad my feet hurt from dancing and running. But my good days a 5, all because of my dance teacher who taught me to take really good care of my feet. I have learned to embrace my feet and learned to do my own pedis. Anyone need good lotion or pedi advice, email me. I think I have used most every product on the market.

  290. Right now they’re about a 3. A little attention could bring them up to a 4. But I’m about to kick off marathon training which, if history is any indication, will bring about a sure and steady decent to a 1.

  291. My feet have never been pretty, I enjoy walking around barefoot too much, now I just have calluses & blisters on my toes to go with the ugly heels. Haha Right now I would give them a 3, they are long overdue for a pedicure!

  292. I’d give my dogs a three. The toes are good at the moment but due to this ridiculously cold winter, my dry heals might shred my foot file when I try to do some damage control!

  293. I’d say 3. I have a huge callous on the outside of one big toe, and I also seem to be developing a bunion. My other foot I’ve broken my pinky toe so many times it is totally deformed and has a weird barely there toenail.

  294. A 2 for sure. Even without running I have really flat giant feet with strange callous formations and really strangely proportioned toes.

  295. My feet are a 4 and will never see a 5 again. I used to love my feet until bunions appeared sometime in the last couple of years. My husband also says I have E.T. toes, but he rubs them all the time so I can forgive him for that. 😉 I’m grateful that my feet can carry me where I want to go, but my days to be a foot model have passed.

  296. I would have to say a 4.5. My husband loves my feet and I have been told by him and others that I should be a foot model. The only issue now is a tiny scar on my middle right toe from where a bowl literally exploded on it. I also see my running blisters and small bunion, but no one else seems to notice those.

  297. I would have to say mine are barely scraping a 3. No bunions or black toenails, but let’s face it – my short stubby toes are just ugly.

  298. My feet look like a 2 and feel like a zero. The PF and tendonitis don’t really disfigure but are painful. I’ve developed a bunion, I think, on my small toe. Looks like a red flesh colored caterpillar and burrowed under the skin and took up residence. My solution, bought a size bigger in a wide for my running shoe. As long as nothing rubs then I can run. The callouses below the toes are rougher than any sandpaper and that is with me taking care of them 🙂 I must be the only person in Ga that dreads the warmer weather and sandals/flipflops. I know those ladies in the grocery store are staring at my feet.

  299. My feet are long and lanky. Once I started running long distances, two toenails in particular have become very thick – so th ick, they’ve had to be filed down by a doctor! I finally sucked it up and bought a tool to do it at home myself so I can be less embarrassed when I eventually go for a much needed pedicure.

  300. Mine are probably a 4 since I don’t see a reason to spend money on a pedi and I just haven’t done it myself lately.

  301. I”m a lucky runner girl; no black toenails, no missing toenails, and only a few nasty callouses. A foot model, probably not. I’m convinced that I cut too many corners short growing up and that is why my poor little piggies like to keep a sideways look out now.

  302. If I’m being honest, they are a 1. Big, wide, no arches, and calloused with my second toe longer than my first. With a good pedicure I’d bump them up to a 2. Regardless I still show them off wearing sandals all summer

  303. 4. A good solid 4. Not sure how but I’m going with it. Thank goodness we’re not ranking other body parts!

  304. Mine change with the seasons. Winter they can be barely a 3 with fat toes, hot spots and lost toenails from working in ski boots all winter. Summer they are a cuter 4 with a sandal tan and room to spread out.

  305. I would rate my hooves as a 3. They are cracked, almost no toenails on toes 4 and 5. Running in new socks is such a lift. I can almost talk myself into believing it’s as good as new shoes.

  306. Mine are a 3. I actually have polish on right now, ok, so it is chipping away… But just looking at my feet nobody sees the callouses on the bottom… Other than that they are in pretty good shape!

  307. I try to take good care of them, so probably a 4:)
    I need some inserts, I do not like buying new shoes all the time!

  308. I’m going to say a 1.5. My toe nails are in pretty rough shape and I loathe toe/foot maintenance. If i could afford it, I would pay for pedicures every week. That might bump me up to a 4. Sigh.

  309. My feet are probably a 2 and in dire need of attention. I can’t seem to determine whatever makes my toe nails thicken so much. But even though I don’t like how my feet look (my toenails, specifically), I’d much rather have ugly toes and be a runner than have the toenails I had and be sidelined.

  310. Today, my feet are a 2. But a good dose of sparkly purple polish and some peppermint foot creme would bring these babies up to a 4. I have such potential!

  311. Mine are a 3. My toes are super long like fingers, so my husband calls them tingers. It is super hard to make them look “pretty”. Closed toe shoes (other than sneakers) would totally destroy them, so I pretty much live in open-toed shoes and flip flops year round (good thing I live in Florida!).

  312. A four? Maybe? My funky toenail is grown out, I have polish on actually, no thick callouses or blisters at this time of year. Just a little dry all around. What a great giveaway!

  313. Mine are a 2.5 at best…short and stumpy, hard and calloused on the heals and little toes. But my toe nails are always painted…

  314. I would say a 2. Between black toenails, weird callouses, bunions, swollen right ankle from last year’s sprain and babying the left foot so it doesnt get plantar fasciitis again, my dainty tootsies are no longer so pretty.

  315. I am a 1. Seriously. Maybe 1.5 my toenails are notorious in my running group for being black and falling off. 3 have completely given up growing at all.
    I have been sidelined for 2 days with mystery pain on the side of my foot. My first days off in almost 2 years!
    I love my feet for carrying my stubborn body for 70+ miles a week, but they sure could use some more attention and care from me!

  316. I would say a 2 close-up and 4 from a distance. Nail polish hides the rough looking nails and distracts from the callouses:-).

  317. Teaching kindergarten plus being a mom to two tweens, I am on my feet at all times! That said, my feet have suffered over the years and are the source of any and all running injuries I have had. Lets see….plantar faciitis, a tarsal tunnel release (due to running through a pregnancy), and currently sesamoiditis/arthritis in the big toe! Ice and or heat (due to raynauds too) are in my daily routine. I currently give my feet a 1, but am hopeful for a 3 soon so I can get back to running!

  318. Mine are a 2 right now. Too short toenails partially covered in nail polish (the result of being busy or lazy). Dry, cracked heels, & the biggest, nastiest callouses on my big toes. Add that to my unshaven winter legs… My poor husband! One of these days I’ll make the time for some needed grooming. LOL

  319. About a 3, I xc ski more in the winter than I run so they have recovered nicely from the summer/fall. However I jacked my toe up playing broomball a few weeks ago so I have bruised and large toe.

  320. My feet aren’t bad. 4 maybe.? Not perfect or pretty, but only a few callouses and maybe a few blisters by times. However my knees, hips, back……a 2. Help me!

  321. Mine are below 0, just like our freezing temps. I’ve had bunion surgery on the left foot, which left a big scar; I still have a gigantic bunion on the right, which is visible in nearly any shoe; I haven’t had a pedi since summer (not counting what I call my peep toe pedi, where I quickly paint over whatever is on my first 2-3 toes in order to wear a pair of peep toes; plus with the running and stilettos on top of all of that, my feet are in dismal shape. I could use the socks just to cover them up and save the world that view!

  322. I would say a 3, maybe a 3.5 with a fresh coat of polish. I’ve lost 3 toenails (so far). Two have grown back in fine, the third is a gnarly mess. I once had a nail tech say to me “it’s okay, I’ll just paint over the ‘lump’ and make it look like a nail.” He tried, but it didn’t quit work.

  323. about a 3…look good for now…have a nerve disorder that will create hammer toes and high arches so I gave myself a middle of the road score….will be a one in a matter of years 🙁

  324. My feet have a tough life. My job as a nurse practitioner keeps me on my feet all day; running only makes them work harder! I’d give my feet a 4.5 for appearance; I’m often told I have nice feet “for a runner”. However, I’d give them a 2.5 overall. My left big toe hurts all the time (most likely arthritis); I have been battling plantar fasciitis for several years now; have had a stress fracture of the 3rd metatarsal in my right foot. Every morning my feet are on the heating pad to loosen them up.

  325. Haha..this is a funny one but I will say a 4…I haven’t been running long enough to start loosing toenails..I really hope I dont!

  326. My feet are a 5. Just starting my running hobby/workout. I try my best to keep a pedicure and pretty nails. Although I would like to see my feet be a 4. That would install that I was a runner. Working on it. Hope to run my first 10K in May.

  327. I’d give them a 3.5. They were a hot mess of cracked dry skin and calluses last month, so after 4 weeks of being encased in bag balm and worked over with the pedi egg every week, they’re coming back from the dead.

  328. My extra wide and short feet are about a three, even though they’ve been known to make people chuckle. I love them though because I got them from my spunky joy-filled Grandma who gave us all the gift of sanity-saving laughter. So I wear my funny feet with pride.

  329. Has to be a two. 12 years as a swimmer and 23 as a runner and I will never, ever have pretty feet. It’s worth it though to keep the rest of me in shape.

  330. I would rate my cute feet a 4! Not model material, but good enough to show around
    In the summer. They’ve lost two toenails. The pedi/mani place I go to always make some
    Korean jokes, but hey, they do a good job at cleaning, massaging & pampering my awesome cute feet!!

  331. My feet feel like a 2, but look like a 4. I currently don’t have any missing toenails, etc! Besides having big feet, I have pretty feminine looking feet that tend to with stand all of my running pretty well. I’ve been dealing with a lot of foot pain though.

  332. Current rating 3, spring/summer training rating would likely be a 2 with several lost/bruised toe nails. Maybe a pretty pedicure could take them up to a 4, that is until the polish wears off and callused heels build up again 😉 I am slowly discovering the joy of performance socks, thanks to a hubby who nearly bowled over at Christmas at the price of some socks!

  333. I’d give mine a 2. Years of ballet followed by the 20’s full of poor footwear choices and now running make me embarrassed to get a pedicure.

  334. I’d give mine a 4. They go between there and a 2. But right now i have all my toenails, just got a pedicure Saturday and have a lovely deep inky blue color on them. I usually keep the toes painted- hides a lot of toenail damage- I’ve even painted my toe when it’s been missing a nail to make it not so obvious!

  335. I would give my feet a 4. Once my big toe’s nail comes back I say a 5. My feet are the only part of my body I do like.

  336. my feet are a 1!!!!! only 7 toes with nails. 3 are permanently black and crusty! and they’re big! a size 9 1/2. when I wear sandals I wear socks with them. this is extremely embarrassing to my children.

  337. I used to be a 4, but now that I am running more I am a -4 (if that is possible). I have lost two toenails and my big toe is an ugly yucky color. Yuck…

  338. I’d say a 4. I’m usually polished and really don’t give my feet too much thought (from a “pretty” perspective, I’m fairly obsessive about the arthritis, neuroma and heel spur hiding in the left one!). Although, if you asked my sisters, they would likely take my score down a bit as they used to call my big toe Mr Potato Head!

  339. My feet are probably a 4. I’ve been a recreational runner (save for one 10K) for almost 4 years and so I don’t have a life-time of running abuse. I’ve lost a few toenails, but right now they look pretty good, and with a pedi would be flip flop presentable. 🙂

  340. I’m gonna go with a 3- no visible deformities, cuts, etc.( at the moment). But it has been a very long time since I painted my toes, and that makes me uncomfortable!

  341. my feet a 2 on a good day. I hate seeing feet. I think everyone’s feet would be in the 1-3 category cuz feet are gross!

  342. I would rate my feet a 1. I have very cracked heels and flat feet. New socks or insoles would be greatly appreciated!!

  343. I haven’t worn flip flops since I was single digit in age (they are bad for you) but would say the feet are probably a 3. Years of steel toe boots have a visual effect on them. They have done more damage to the feet than running has.

  344. On the outside they appear to be a 4 thanks to monthly pedicures, but internally they feel more like a 2-constant left heel pain that I keep ignoring. :/

  345. I’d give my feet a 4. They look a little worse for the wear but I could still get away with flip flops and I will in Florida next month at the Disney Princess Half. Despite training for a half, my feet have managed to stay in shape. I keep my nails short and painted, my feet moisturized and I wear my shoes a half size larger.

  346. Lets see… callouses, blisters, blood blisters, corns. I do have all of my toenails. But the other day, I broke out in hives because apparently I’m allergic to penicillin and it took 38 years to discover it. My feet were covered, red, and swollen, and they’re still pretty puffy and itchy from that. Of course, none of this has stopped me. I figure that running is a way of “scratching” them. Oh yeah, and I’ve also had plantar’s warts all over them since I caught them as a child at the neighborhood pool.
    I’m giving them 1.5. That .5 is for having all of my toenails.

  347. I’d say barely a 2. My feet suffer tremendously, despite trying everything to help them. But I consider that sort of a good sign….means I’m running a lot 🙂

  348. I ran a marathon in pouring rain, resulting is blisters on and between every toe. The blisters have long gone, but the skin still hasn’t healed. Its truly just gross. I’m just hoping it heals before it’s time for flip flops! No one needs to see these feet the way they are now. 🙂

  349. I would have to say a 2 right now… My polish is bad enough that my husband made a comment ( i didnt even think he knew I had toes 🙂 and well I have winter feet! Japan is too expensive to get pedis!

  350. I’d have to say a 3.5. Nail polish isn’t too terrible from a pedi I got awhile ago, and no bunions, but the almost non-existent pinky toenails and the awkwardly placed mole on my 3rd toe will always keep me from reaching the glory at number 5 level. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  351. I’d come in at a 5 – not really remarkable one way or the other. After marathon training that wd be more like a 2 😉

  352. I’d say 2 or 3, depending on the state of my toenail polish! A little color goes a long way towards prettying up an otherwise rough sight. 😉

  353. They’re about a 3. Some nice crooked toes and nail polish I should have removed oh, 6-8 weeks ago, really dragged the score down.

  354. MY feet are a 3 right now. Worn out pink nail polish still hanging onto each my big toenails, but otherwise, my feet are in decent shape.

  355. Mine are a 1! Ran a marathon 2 1/2 weeks ago and my blood blisters underneath my toenails and my bruised up pinky toe aren’t too pretty!

  356. I would say a 2 or 3. My husband often jokes that he can’t tell if I am wearing shoes or not because my feet are so covered in callouses.

  357. Mine are definitely a 1.5. I have huge bunions. And I get these (surprisingly not painful) blisters right under them. Trouble is the blisters never really go away…they turn into blood blisters and then callous over (hurrah!) The the callouses fall off–boo! And the process starts over. The blood blisters turn kinda black. So though I’ve never lost a toenail, I do have some funky black on my feet! Definitely not attractive. I really like to gross out my family members with my feet. They really don’t hurt but they make me look so badass!!

  358. My feet are currently about a 2, meaning I have lost one toenail and my heels are rough enough to sand furniture. After a half this weekend, my immediate plans are to get a MAJOR pedicure.

  359. Probably a three- during tri season that would be lower (sandy beaches, socks and no socks) they take a beating. But I agree, slap on some dark nail polish and I’m not the least bit afraid to show them off.

  360. Hmmm…maybe a 3.5 — they could use a little pampering but for some reason I’ve been lucky and haven’t experienced the black toenails yet!

  361. Mine are about a two. I danced for much of my youth so the are not pretty, but at least I am not dealing with a black toe nail at the moment. I don’t really mind my feet though. I throw on some dark colored nail polish and wear my sandals proudly during the summer (especially to show off the tattoo commemorating my first marathon.)

  362. I would say a 3, running over the past several years has definitely put my feet into a different ‘category’…with a pedicure they look ok but don’t look too close!

  363. Oh boy… well, I guess I’d rate them a 2 just so I don’t give them an inferiority complex! No bunions or warts, but I have “pinch” callouses that are not real attractive nor are they comfortable.

  364. My feet are probably a 4, as they are right now (nail polish from summer still barely hanging on!) but a pedicure might raise them to a 5, maybe 6. No glorious things, my feet.

  365. Well, before my bunions decided to “pop” out and say HELLO, I would have said a 3.5….now, sadly, a 2. Forget knobby-knee, I’m knobby-foot!

  366. I’d give mine a 4. I have one big toe nail that looks suspicious but if I put polish on it, no one would know it might be thinking of falling off.

  367. A 3 for appearance, 2 for comfort. They look ok as long as you don’t get too close, but they sound like popcorn when I wake up and when I walk. And they smell.

  368. Flip flops? never,NEVER! I give myself a -3. I hate feet. My size 11’s have bunions, corns and my big toes grow hair. Just lovely. On the bright side. I have one black spot where I dropped a CD on my foot, otherwise all toenails are intact.

  369. I’m a 3. I need a pedicure, and one of my toenails is permanently funky, but hey, it’s not black right now, and I currently have 10 nails, which is unusual.

  370. I am definitely a 2. I paint my toenails cute colors to disguise the fact that my bunion needs it’s own zip code!

  371. I’d say a 4, mostly cause I just got a pedicure (which I needed since my toe nail dug into my other toe on a long run and gave me a nice cut!).

  372. Right now mine are a 4. No black toenails, in fact they’re a sparkly purple. There are a couple of dry spots, which would probably blow the foot model gig for me.

  373. I hate my feet, so even on a good day I’d say they are only a 3, but add running to the mix and they become a 2. but I really don’t care what anyone thinks, on a hot day I wear sandals!

  374. 2…clearly I run. I always say I used to have cute feet before I started to run. I’d rather run. A few coats of nail polish and if no one looks closely, all will be fine.

  375. I actually have pretty feet, even with the running. I’d say 4-4.5. After my first marathon, I had a blister the size of a silver dollar on the bottom of my foot, though. It was not lovely.

  376. I would say my feet are a 3. Add a little nail polish and pumice the bottoms, you might get me into some sandals in the summer. But I’m always a little self-conscious 🙂

  377. My feet are a 2. While my feet were never cute to begin with, unless you think of my toes as tiny versions of ET, I kind of gave up on them a way back. They have calluses like crazy, which is nice since I won’t burn them when I forget that I live in Phoenix and try to run to my car barefoot in the summer. I am not even sure what is going on under the polish, I haven’t looked in so long. And just last night I forced my poor husband to compare the size of one rather swollen toe joint to the one on the other foot to debate whether or not my toe is broken. Eeek!

  378. If it weren’t for the arthritis-induced bunion (dammit), my feet would score pretty high; they’re fairly small and cute. But: arthritis-induced bunion. So maybe a 2.

  379. It’s been so long since my last pedicure that it looks like I have French tips done in red paint…ba cause I’m too lazy to take it off

  380. I give myself a 2. While they look cute today – a pedi a couple of weeks ago is to thank for that, I usually let it go too long. I have a scar from an old bunion repair, and when I looked down the other day while doing a barefoot plank, I couldn’t believe how crinkly they seemed!

  381. This might be the first time I admit out loud…a 5. Someone call the Toe Truck. I don’t even want to go to yoga in a dark room anymore because they are scary runners feet.

  382. Depends on the foot. My post surgical foot approaches a 5 after undergoing 2 1/2 hrs of surgical reconstruction; fixed spring ligament, transferred posterior tibial tendon and creation of an arch. My non surgical and still extremely flat foot is a one. Every nail horribly black & just not pretty to look at 🙁

  383. I’m up in the 3.5 range. No black nails or bunions, but my feet are dry and flaky. Ick! I have super high tight arches.

  384. In my opinion, a one. Two messed up toenails from a fungus I got at a sketchy pedicure place (damn my thriftiness trying to save a couple dollars on a pedi!). Bulgy veins. A nice Tailors bunion growing larger. A regrettable bluebird tattoo I got when I was 19.

    I’m waiting for medical researchers to figure out a way to do a foot transplant…

  385. Can I do a 3.5? If I have the time and they are polished it hides some of the damage, but no polish shows all the wear and tear and definitley puts me more at a 3.

  386. My feet are probably a 3. These tootsies look normal but on the inside feel like a 5. I deal with plantar fasciitis and sore feet daily. Currently, I’m wearing a custom orthotic, but I need a new pair but can’t find the time to get fitted. Yikes!

  387. I would say 3.5. I am horrible about getting pedicures, but keep my toenails polished since I pretty much live in flip flops when I’m not in running shoes. I have one toenail that is always either falling off or not reattaching when it comes back, but polish disguises it quite well!

  388. I would say a 2, because I really don’t like feet and they haven’t seen sunlight in forever. Maybe a 4 in prime flip flop weather with my little flip flop tan.

  389. Probably a 3. Nothing too offensive, save for a well past its prime home pedicure and a weird heel that juts out and forces me to purchase shoes that have a super low collar.

  390. I’d give them about a 4.5. I think they’re pretty cute, and with a pedicure (which I desperately need right now!) even better.

  391. I would say 2. I have a corn on my left little toe that always gives me problems, and my nails are not that great. A little polish helps. But they get me where I am going!

  392. While I don’t have bunions, I’d still give my big flat feet a 2 with nail polish to cover the dead toenails. Nothing can cover the odd looking shape of my too long toes.

  393. Mine are probably around a 3. I still have two bruised toenails from a long run in the wrong socks but otherwise they’re OK. 🙂

  394. I’d have to say a 2.5 for my feet. I have some gnarly callouses on the sides of my big toes, but other than that, my feet are in good shape. And I always keep my toenails painted! 🙂

  395. My feet on their own are a 4. With a French pedi they go to a 5! (That reminds me, I need to get them done before Princess!!).

  396. I would rate mine a 2.5 right now. We are expierencing record cold temps. between my boots and running shoes, my feet have seen better days.

  397. I would give mine a 3. I do live in Florida so I am in flip flops a lot but my feet are VERY ticklish so I don’t get pedicures and my feet clearly need one!

  398. I’d say a 2 because I’m too embarrassed to get a pedicure, but my blackened toenail finally regret, so my feet look better than they did a month ago. I hate to say bad things about my feet because they work so hard!

  399. Probably a 3. I don’t have a lot of callouses, but they’re not all that attractive. Plus, my little toe kind of bends sideways. It’s never been a problem but clearly it’s not foot-model quality either. Mostly, my feet have treated me well and I’m appreciative.

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