Hump Day Giveaway: New Soleus GPS One + Fly

The Soleus GPS One: A sleek running machine. Just like I wish I were.
The Soleus GPS One: A sleek running machine. Just like I wish I were.

When my foot went on strike last fall, my beloved Soleus GPS Fit that carried me through many, many miles took a break too. She hibernated In my top dresser drawer, where special birthday cards, headbands, my expired passports, and other stuff that I want to keep (or more accurately, don't want to lose) goes to hang out.

Once I started running again, I knew she had to stay in not-junk junk drawer. Comebacks alone are hard enough; comebacks, where I can monitor my progress with every step, can be excruciating. So I wore my Soleus Dash, a streamlined sportswatch, and used it to time my run/walk intervals and my overall run. Ignorance was bliss because I was moving forward on my own two feet, and a mile is a mile, no matter how long it takes.

I could've lived with that situation longer, but then Soleus, a company that makes affordable, adorable, and accurate GPS' and other timepieces, just had to introduce two new GPS'.

And like any good mother runner, I had to bite.

The Soleus GPS One: A sleek running machine. Just like I wish I were.
I love it so much, I have to show it again. The Soleus GPS One.

First up is the Soleus GPS One, which is as simple and streamlined as a GPS can get. Push a button, it tracks satellites in the sky. Run. It beeps when you have run a mile (or kilometer, for the other 99% of the world), it tracks your distance, pace/speed, and calories burned. Push a button when you're done. Review your data. The data clears. Start again tomorrow.

The One does not record your runs—it's basically a stopwatch with a GPS—so if you're the type that wans to document every mile, this probably isn't a great fit. for you But if you're a runner who lives in your present run, the One is a perfect tool—and at just $79, a mother of a deal.

(Or another way to put it: the One creates run that leave no trace. If you have a great one, write it down. If you don't, no harm, no foul. Tomorrow's another day. By the way, for these exact reasons, I am crushing oh the One these days.)

The Soleus GPS Fly: minty delicious and motherrunner capable.
The Soleus GPS Fly: minty delicious and motherrunner capable.

Next up: The new and improved Soleus GPS Fly, which is an update on my beoved Fit. (No wonder I like the Fly so much! It's like coming home.) The Fly records, natch, how fast you're flying: speed, distance, pace. You can also count your calories, and customize the data you see. The Fly does record runs (up to 30) and can be downloaded so you can study your data to your heart's content.

And this is also a sweet deal: just $99. (Seriously? Yes.)

The back of the One;  the mini (which actually belongs to SBS. Just ended up in my suitcase); and the Fly.
The back of the One; the mini (which actually belongs to SBS. Just ended up in my suitcase); and the Fly.

As much as I love both the Soleus Fly and One and the data they provide, I equally adore the sayings Soleus puts on the back of each device. Not only are the sayings sassy and smart—If you can read this, you're not running, reads one—but it also shows that Soleus as a company pays attention to the details. And whether you're a runner (4 intervals vs. 8 intervals?), a mother (where are the shoes? the cheese stick? the playdate's address?), the details make the difference.

We have one Fly and one One to give away to two lucky, random mother runners. In order to win, let us know what short, sassy phrase you'd write on the back of your Soleus GPS. Please write it in the comments below.

Thanks--and by the way, if you can read this, you're not running.

If you can't wait for the winners and want to nab one now, use code AMRSOLEUS15 at Soleus checkout to save 15% on all Soleus products. (Yes, your GPS will cost significantly less than a new pair of shoes.)

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 7/22/15 and ends on 7/29/15. We will announce the random winners on our Facebook page on 7/30/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $79 or $99. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

590 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: New Soleus GPS One + Fly

  1. My phase would be “No Excuses, Just Do It”. It sums it up short and sweet – no excuses, just do it!!

  2. I saw this on a Bandiwear head band: Sweat is my fat crying. That or to paraphrase a great woman runner writer, Rachel Toor, “No more hypocondria in the mitochondria.” In other words, just do the work!

  3. Love/Hate/LOVE

    For me that’s the essence of my relationship to running. I love it, then I’m hating it (I hate this hill, omg only 2 miles in?) and when I’m finished, I feel so good, so strong, so proud of myself that I am reminded how much I am in love with running despite all the challenges.

  4. My friend got this from a second grader in a card when diagnosed with breast cancer. Be Strong and Have Fun! I use it on everything now

  5. What’s your goal? I wrote that on a sticky note and put it on my bathroom mirror to look at every day when I was getting back to running after having my 2nd child and it was hard to get back into the swing of it and find my groove again. I set small goals (I will run twice this week) which cascaded into a bigger goal of running my first marathon when my daughter was 14 months old. That sticky note stayed on my mirror through it all!

  6. No Regrets. That’s the text for my alarm each morning, because as hard as it is to get up early, I never regret when I do and seize the day. But I do regret when I hit snooze and sleep past my time to get my run done.

  7. #runtreatscapones

    My BRF and I use that hashtag (run, treats, Capones) anytime we get together to run after I moved away last summer. Run, because that’s what we do. Treats, because somehow, almost all our runs ended at Starbucks…weird, huh. Capone’s, because that’s our favorite restaurant in Coeur d’Alene, ID. My first visit back home after moving, we were super excited to plan our run, treats, then having Capone’s. So since last summer, it’s been our little BRF bond that’s helped keep us together through the distance. 🙂

  8. I love “if you can read this, you’re not running,” but my favorite running quote is “are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?” Might be too long…

  9. “One run stronger” is probably my favorite, but if I had to choose one, I’d put “Proud, Strong, Energized”.

  10. “Acknowledge all your small victories they eventually add up to something” as quoted by Kara Goucher…..seriously how true is that for us mother runners though love it! Live it!

  11. Be…
    That’s all, just Be… Be faster, be in the moment, be kind (including to yourself), be whatever you are going to be that day.

    And no, I wasn’t running while I read this post, but I was sitting on the leg press machine at the gym creating stronger muscles for running so that counts for something. Right? 🙂

  12. Just keep running. Sung like Dory in Finding Nemo sings Judy keep swimming. It’s her voice that really keeps you going.

  13. Seeing as I am also recovering from a non-running-related foot break, I’m guessing SBS can relate to my saying:

    “this too, shall pass”.

    I hope my 8 year old Garmin will crank up after my two month hiatus ends next month! I had no idea an injury could be this hard.

  14. Run like the kitty kitty.

    (My kids sing this when they are in wild, crazy moods, and it makes me smile).

  15. This is hard because I have two sayings that repeat in my head when I’m running and I can’t pick one to submit. So you get two!
    JUST KEEP RUNNING – I wrote this on my arm for my first half and I repeat it to myself during mentally challenging runs. And it makes me think of Dory from Finding Nemo and I love her.
    LEFT FOOT, RIGHT FOOT. REPEAT. I also channel this when I’m struggling but not just during runs. During a hard day or a tough moment, it serves as a good reminder to just keep moving forward.

  16. “If not now, then when?”
    Reminding me that it takes planning to be a mother runner, but also that I can’t give in to putting it off…because of ‘mom life’. I’m important too.

  17. I run for life. A lyric from a Melissa Ethridge song. It reminds me I’m in it for the long term, and that running invigorates me. It’s also on my Road ID.

  18. Right now I’d put “If found on the ground, please drag to the finish line”. (Just one of those weeks!)

  19. Not to be a butt kisser, but I always go back to “don’t think, just go”. My mantra for nit just running, but life in general 🙂

  20. Oooh, I like the classic “Are my kids still chasing me?”! I’ve never had a GPS watch – it would be fun to try one!

  21. The best advice came from my dad (now deceased) when I was running high school cross country and track: Run your own race. Still my mantra!!

  22. Sweat is only fat crying…… I really hate sweating to the point it grosses me out…. think I’m in the wrong sport but I can’t stay away.

  23. GYAIG – “Get Your Ass In Gear” While my husband and I are divorced (3+ years) he still tells me, now, to ‘get my ass in gear’ from a sign he made me more than 20 years ago. We are on pleasant speaking terms now, so this always makes us both laugh.

  24. Going along with my current training plan, I have a feeling mine would say, “Find your strong.” 🙂

  25. Perfect timing (pun intended) my watch strap just broke this morning on my GPS so I’m in the market for a new one. I would say: “Am I there yet?”

  26. “You can fly”
    Also, would you consider doing a tutorial on soleus watches? I have the GPS mini and find it a little intimidating to use but love the look and found it to be a very reasonable price.

  27. “Not just surving, thriving.” or “Get after it!” (my friends hate it when I say that because it usually involves running faster on a hill)

  28. I would write “U Try, U win”, which is also printed on my road ID. I love it because for so long I was simply afraid to try because I would fail. It’s my new mantra.

  29. Because I can.

    After losing half my body weight I am still amazed that I can run. It is such a privilege.

  30. “You can’t outrun your fork.” I’m not sure who said it first, but my husband (who struggles like I do) says it and I have to remind myself constantly.

  31. Ok maybe not running appropriate but the only thing I can think of is “you have to move your a$$ to lose your a$$’. It’s good motivation for me.

  32. Just rip the bandaid off. (Yeah, I know it’a an odd one but one I have always used for hills…or anything workout that is challenging that has to be done.)

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