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Hump Day Giveaway: Spring Running Outfit from Saucony

This profusion of apple blossoms had me stopping my Garmin for a flower-appreciation moment.
This profusion of apple blossoms had me stopping my Garmin for a flower-appreciation moment.

Several times this spring, my looking-for-validation daughter, 7, has queried me: “Mom, which do you love more: flowers or me?” I assure her—Daphne, named after a heavenly fragrant blooming bush in our backyard—that I love her and her siblings far, far, far more than any blossom. But that, sure enough, I do adore fleurs. Daffodils, hyacinths, lilacs, irises, jasmine, peonies, tulips, and azaleas. The blooms restore vitality and color to the dreary-for-too-long landscape.

Green as the burgeoning leaves: Saucony Transcendence Jacket
Green as the burgeoning leaves: Saucony Transcendence Jacket

The same can be said for a new running outfit. After months of long black tights and tops obscured under fleece and utilitarian jackets, it’s time to peel back some layers—and burst into bloom with some vibrant new running clothes. Consider us your workout wardrobe landscape architect, as we're here to bestow a brilliantly colored outfit from Saucony on one lucky lady, starting with the Transcendence Jacket. This lightweight, breathable beauty is ideal for warming up or slipping on post-run--or offering protection from spring showers. (Dimity has one to showcase at our party this evening in Connecticut, and she says it's gorgeous.) Slip it over a Run Lux Short Sleeve tee, offered in a bevy of bud-colored options and made from a sweat-siphoning fabric for comfort from start to finish, no matter how far you go. Anchoring these two toppers is a pair of Ignite Tight Capri. Yes, they are black (the fail-safe option for hiding fluids of all sorts!), but they have bright racing stripes down the side. With a drawstring waist and 16.5" inseam, I'm thinking these will be my bottoms when I run the Vancouver Marathon on May 5.

Wake up to color in the Saucony Lux Short Sleeve.
Wake up to color in the Saucony Lux Short Sleeve.

To be entered to win this fresh-as-a-daisy Saucony outfit, tell us: Which, if any, flower stops you in your tracks on a run? Click on the "Make a Comment" link below this post on our website (in other words, don't hit reply if you're reading this on a mobile device), and tell us what flower most catches your eye. (Or maybe you don't stop to smell the roses--or any other buds; that's a fine answer, too.)

Saucony Ignite Tight Capri is raring to go.
Saucony Ignite Tight Capri is raring to go.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 4/10/13 and ends on 4/16/13; the winner will be chosen through and announced on 4/20/13. The value of the prize package is $150. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.]


1,470 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Spring Running Outfit from Saucony

  1. Anything with color that is sprouting from the ground!! Stuck indoors with 3 boys and forced to run on the treadmill all winter in Illionis will make you appreciate ALL that spring has to offer!

  2. I pause to enjoy Daffodils because I appreciate their growth from bulb to beauty. I’d like to think that can happen to me too!!!

  3. I stop for most any that I have not seen before. I love to run on trails. When I can find a new one to run I typically will have to stop and look at different things along the way. Makes for great interval training! 😀

  4. I love cherry blossoms, but never see any on my runs. However, I do see wildflowers in the ditches of the country roads I run and they are beautiful too.

  5. I just want to see green grass and any flower in bloom at this point. It’s mid April in Montana and we just got another foot of snow. Spring where are you…I love my treadmill but I’d really like to run outside sometime soon.

  6. LILACS! HAVE to stop and smell them. Don’t see or smell them too often in the mountains but I’ll stop the car to smell them when I see them!

  7. I love to run near a big open field near my house. You can tell that spring has arrived because the field is loaded with wild flowers of all different colors and shapes.

  8. I don’t stop while I run, but I love running by wildlife. My last two long runs deer ran in front of me! It was awesome!!

  9. Well, I never stop when I’m running, but seeing flowers up ahead does help to propel me forward. I’ve been really enjoying smelling some jasmine at this one particular spot on my repeated loop – look forward to it the whole way around. And I’m sure it makes me go faster.

  10. I love big peonies, but there is a flower that smells like orange blossom and I don’t know what it is! Training for my first half in Worcester, that smell was so wonderful-brings back good memories and motivation every time it wafts my way. Good luck in Vancouver I cheered my sis in law in it last year-what a gorgeous event!

  11. I love running by all flowers, it makes me breathe in the fresh spring air and know summer is coming. But I don’t stop.

  12. I am not flower-savvy by ANY stretch of the imagination. However, I did see some pretty little purple flowers popping up out of the ground today and they made me feel like Spring may actually be here!

  13. All beautiful spring flowers are a nice running distraction–love blooming azaleas, daffodils, and tulips in the spring.

  14. I stop for the blossoming weeds–the dandelions, the Queen Anne’s lace, the Tiger Lillies running rampant along fence rows and ditch banks. Weeds are overlooked, viewed as a nuisance, sprayed, mowed, dug out, etc.. Much like how I feel in the middle of a long run, but weeds keep persevering; and oddly enough, they motivate me to keep on doing the same!

  15. I live in Texas (though I’m originally from Puerto Rico) so I definitely will stop for the bluebonnets when they come out during the spring!

  16. Depends on what kind of a run it is (good=nothing can stop me, not so great=ANY flower, tree, weed, blade of grass has potential)! Lilacs are probably the most likely to stop me, since you really have to stop and smell them to get their full effect.

  17. All. All flowers stop me in my tracks because it’s an excuse to stop. HA. Just kidding… kind of…

    I will stop for magnolia blooms – the scent is heavenly!

  18. I generally do not stop for the flowers since I’m in the zone. But that being said I do go back and photograph them if one catches my eye while out running.

  19. Lilacs are my favorite to see and smell on a run. They remind me of my childhood home, where we had a number of them. Every time I smell them I feel young and carefree again.

  20. I Love the sight and smell of Plumeria. After living in Hawaii for a few years, whenever I see Plumeria it takes me right back to the island life.

  21. Mother nature forgot it’s supposed to be spring here (north of Chicago), I haven’t seen any spring flowers. I’d stop to look at any at this point.

  22. How cliche, but it’s the cherry blossoms that got me this week. They have such a short bloom time, I feel like each glimpse is a gift. And running through the drifting petals is nothing short of magical .

  23. I just started running last fall, and I have yet to see a Spring flower! Any would stop me in my tracks at this point, as the peek of green grass through snow did yesterday.

  24. Running through the cherry blossom petals drifting down from the trees is magic. Has to be the cherry blossoms for me.

  25. Spent yesterday admiring the cherry blossoms in DC with my family. They hadn’t budded enough to distract me when I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler last week!

  26. Lilacs and buttercups! My grandfather loved buttercups and I would collect them when I was a little girl and bring them to him. He had Parkinson’s disease and this was a way we could communicate. Lilacs my grandmother had lilac bubble bath and it was heavenly, the smell of lilacs always reminds me of her. I love seeing and smelling both of these on a run. I feel my grandparents seem to “push me forward” from heaven.

  27. Hibiscus flowers always make me stop and admire them. They are so rare that you have to take a moment to enjoy their beauty!

  28. Lilacs! I remember one run in particular last spring, it was very dark early in the morning and I could smell lilacs all along my run but couldn’t see them. Awesome sensory experience!

  29. Any brightly colored flowers make me smile – especially daffodils, tulips and peonies! After this never-ending Michigan winter, any sign of spring is welcomed!

  30. When I am doing a neighborhood run I often stop to gawk at the beautiful landscaping and gardens my neighbors seem to be able to effortlessly pull off. My favorites are the perfect rose bushes.

  31. No flowers, but Butterflies do. 😉 They are my “I love you sign” from God, so I get SUPER excited when I see them… Spring is definitely in the air!!!!

  32. Gotta say those bright purple crocus’ that peak through the old winter leaves…love them. Keeps me going knowing spring is in the air..and ground!

  33. Iris, My grandmother always grew them in her side yard. She passed away several years ago. But I remember helping her plant the new bulbs. Her prettiest iris were purple, so I always look for those.

  34. Right now, ANY flower would stop me on a run! We just got 5 inches of snow and there’s another possible 10 on the way Sunday/Monday. I’m starving for a tiny glimps of spring at this point…flower or spring running outfit 🙂

  35. Magnolias! Growing up in the South I’ve always had a fondness for them and on the rare occasion I see them in Ohio I have to stop and admire them. Also, and for totally different reasons, I tiptoe around azaleas. I fell in a bush at my Grandma’s when I was 5 and still have the scars and traumatic memories! I give those bushes plenty of space!

  36. This time of year, it is the cherry blossoms that might stop me in my tracks. We have a pink polka dot snowstorm in our driveway to quote my son, so I may slip on them and stop! Love the scenery in spring.

  37. After a long, grey winter, all the flowers are catching my eye! But I think I am even happier about the greening that is happening, on the bushes, trees and ground. Hopefully things won’t look so dead for much longer!

  38. Honeysuckle! In the south, the smell and sight will just about make you smile regardless of how crappy you might be feeling at the moment.

  39. Since Spring has been late in coming, any flower will surprise me! I am looking forward to tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.

  40. I guess I’m kind of a Scrooge, and flowers don’t necessarily catch my eye on a run, although I like a pretty sunrise! 🙂

  41. I love poppies. They remind me of my grandparents’ house when I was a kid, so I’ll always stop for a moment to admire for a stand of poppies.

  42. All flowers make my heart sing and seeing them makes any run better. My favorite is when the honeysuckle is in bloom. It is heavenly to run through that scent!

  43. I love running when I’m on vacation and just this week I paused while running in the Florida keys to take a look at a flowering tree that I had never seen before, so I guess I stop for flowers that I don’t recognize.

  44. I’ll be honest..when I’m running, I don’t stop to take pictures! But if it’s just a regular day, any flower that’s bright against its background makes me take a picture!

  45. I would stop for Irises – while the fragrance may not be great, I love how they tower with vibrant color!

  46. Always cherry blossoms. Until I moved to DC, I never got the allure. But seeing the soft pink clouds is pretty awesome. The shortness of their bloom just makes me appreciate them more.

  47. I used to run through a park that was filled with roses. I had to check them out whenever I passed by, since they were gorgeous.

  48. I love spotting the first forsythia of the season. They are, for me, the ultimate confirmation as to the arrival of spring!

  49. Love the outfits, my favorite flower that always stops me is the marsh marigolds that show up in the spring in the low lying areas on my favorite trail run. When I was young my mom would always send me out to pick them for her, always reminding me as I was standing in water not to get my shoes wet. My mom is no longer here but seeing them every spring when running always reminds me of her and how wonderful spring is. Love you daily e-mails even though my four children are all raised and I am now officially a running grandmother as our oldest daughter just had our first grandchild two weeks ago. Started running when they 4, 7, 9, and 11 years old and still running many years later.

  50. I love big, fat sunflowers. We have a beautiful field near my kids’ soccer field that gets planted every year. Perfect for pics.

  51. I love lilacs! I’ll detour through a ditch or a yard to “borrow” a bouquet! (I’ve been telling my husband for years that I would love him even more if he would stop and pick me some on his way home from work, but I think he’s only done it once or twice in the 9+ years I’ve known him…)

  52. I love seeing and smelling any of the woodland wildflowers on the trail, but Lilies of the Valley are probably my favorite. They are such tiny flowers, but I am always awed at their simple beauty.

  53. Lilacs! The scent of lilacs in bloom brings a smile to my face and reminds me spring has finally come to Minnesota!

  54. When I did trail runs in Oregon, the Trillium were always a sure sign of spring. Now in MT the lilacs are the judge and jury as to whether spring is here to stay (they are juuuust starting to let their leaf buds peek out- so we’ve got a ways to go I fear.)

  55. I don’t know which particular flower makes me stop in my tracks – J’adore tout les fleurs! Lilacs, Lilies, tulips, daffodils, CA Poppies, lupines, freesia, redbud and dogwood trees, azaleas, peonies, snapdragons….

  56. Stop me in my tracks? Lilacs for sure! the smell is just…AHHHH-mazing and they are so pretty. Always, ALWAYS stop and close my eyes and take a deep breath..and then say a little prayer of thanks for this beautiful world.
    Geez, i’m in a good mood today! Haha!
    happy miles everyone! Gigi

  57. I see absolutely nothing when I run, but I love seeing the violets pop up…means Spring has finally arrived! Which is much overdue here, I might add…

  58. Right now any flower. Anything green or vibrant color other than white would be nice to see after this mid April ice and snow storm. When will it be spring/summer?

  59. Lilacs, they remind me of the playground in elementary school. If Im doing a trail run, almost everything I see stops me- I love the scenery!

  60. Totally looking forward to the lilacs. As a retired teacher, lilacs conjure the memories of students arriving to school with a bundle of these wonderful smelling blooms. For me, lilacs were also a sign summer vacation was just around the corner!

  61. Daffodils are mostly what I see on my runs; however, no stopping here. I think I enjoy the trees more this time of year, Bradford pear and Dogwood are some of my favorites!

  62. Most recently, on a beautiful, crisp morning run, it was pussy willows. A sure sign of Spring in Vancouver, Wa, USA.

  63. I don’t know the names of all my favorites, but I love running trails in the springtime when the trees and flowers really come alive! Right now the Redbud trees are blooming here and I love to see them when I am out running in my neighborhood.

  64. My Grandma didn’t have a southern accent per say- but there were some ‘funny’ words & one of my faves was ‘High Biscuits’ (hibiscus flowers)! While I don’t exactly see many hibiscus flowers running in Oklahoma; they always make me think of her and smile. It’s been almost 4 years and I still miss her

  65. I pretty much like all the blooms and anything that comes alive after the too-long winter (even though my seasonal allergies beg to differ).

  66. Living in Washington DC it is all about the Cherry Blossoms. However when I am back home in Australia I always stop and look at the Frangipani (plumeria). The scent is amazing and I made necklaces out of them as a child.

  67. When I first read this a couple of days ago, I realized I haven’t been enjoying my runs and the views they bring. After a disappointing race on Sunday and a hip that’s bothering me a bit, I slowed my run down today. Didn’t bring the gps watch. Didn’t worry about pace. And guess what! I saw the wild flowers that are out in Sacramento. Tiny, itty, bitty lavender wildflowers. I have no idea what they are called, but they are tiny and you have to slow down to see them!

  68. Honeysuckle – not so much because of the way they look but the lovely way they smell (and I’ve always thought that my sense of smell is heightened while running – a feature of running that can be at times good and bad!)

  69. I have to admit I don’t stop to admire the flowers, but that’s b/c I’m running slow enough that I can still appreciate them as I pass by. Also love seeing brightly colored birds.

  70. on the trail i run a woman that lives close by has a beautiful garden, and she has the most amazing lillies! I always stop and look at how gorgeous they are!!

  71. Flowers don’t stop me in my tracks, but the wildlife sure does. My favorite to date was the baby turtle I saw in the road who I safely returned to the stream in the woods.

  72. It’s the azaleas for me! I really slow down and enjoy their beauty and make a note to run the same route until they are gone by!

  73. Now that I live in lovely South Carolina there are flowers and flowering trees everywhere! I LOVE IT! BUT, if I stopped to smell them all I would never get home. So, I enjoy my runs – and thank the good Lord for my legs and all of His artwork.

  74. I LOVE lilacs and missed them like crazy while living away from canada for 12 years. We’ve just bought a house and spring isn’t here yet, so when it does come, I’ll be hoping that one of those hedges is a lilac bush. I can dream!

  75. Love to see the first Pacific Trilliums of spring in Forest Park and enjoy noting the change as the white petals turn slightly pink. Definitely worth a brief pause in the forest.

  76. I tend to lose myself while running, and zone out. ( my therapy), so I don’t normally notice flowers too often. Unless I run past someone gardening, then I seem to take notice in what they are doing. Planting flowers is like running, you may not like it while you are doing it, but you are always happy to be done, and never regret the work you put in.

  77. I don’t necessarily stop for flowers, but I do love to run past areas with lots of blooming trees and bushes–it’s such a treat to catch their perfume as I run by!

  78. Nothing stops me in my tracks, but I love when a breeze kicks up and the smell of flowers wafts through the air in the spring!

  79. I get into running too much to notice much of anything. I have always loved sunflowers, but don’t see to many here in FL. If I could run by a field of sunflowers, I might have to stop and gaze a while.

  80. Lilacs, the really deep purple kind, and they smell so good! A long standing bucket list item, (heard this from a friend years ago) biking through the lavender fields in the south of France.

  81. I love peonies but I gotta say, no flower would stop me while running. I only stop for potty breaks. Anything else and I’d be too tempted to not start again!

  82. Funny I never thought flowers would stop me in the midst of a run, BUT just the other day I noticed a neighbors beautifully arranged tulips! Made me sooo appreciate for spring!

  83. dogwood trees! beautiful flowers that smell so nice! spotted the first flowering dogwood of the season while out with a friend the other day – stopped us both in our tracks! beautiful!

  84. I think I take flowers for granted since we have them blooming all year ’round here in FL. I rarely take much notice while running, although, I am CONSTANTLY noticing what’s in bloom while I’m out and about on a daily basis.

  85. I love star gazer lillies. The smell reminds me of when I used to use Noxema on my face when I was in the 7th grade. Love, love, love that smell.

  86. I love watching all the wildflowers bloom along the trails. After a long winter, it is refreshing to see life bloom. It always makes me want to run further so I can see what else has greened up.

  87. I love lavender! I have a bunch planted at my house, so I will grab a handfull of the fragrant bush (doesn’t even have to be in bloom) as I walk past it all year, except the dead of winter when it is hidden beneath a few feet of snow. I’ll then rub the wonderful fragrance on me to keep it with me during the run, and again when I finish to calm me and relax me before heading back into the house and back into the chaos of everyday family life. 🙂

  88. Daffodils fill me with hope. My Mom used to send me a big bunch whenever I was really down in college.Turned me right around and they continue to do so now…

  89. I love most flowers, but I’m a sucker for wildflowers. I stop for bluebonnets (they are blooming like mad around Austin, TX right now). Sunflowers really get to me: the priest at my Daddy’s funeral said my dad was like a sunflower, since he was always turning to the Son for everlasting life – just like a sunflower turns to the sun 🙂

  90. The smell of lilac trees in full bloom doesn’t stop me but instead motivates me to get out there on the creek running path near my house.

  91. Those little purple flowers (Crocus, I think) that poke through the cold ground, sometimes surrounded by snow! You can almost hear them cry, “Winter is breaking! Spring is almost here!”

  92. Man, I love Saucony. Roses are probably my #1 b/c it’s my middle name and was my Grandma’s name…so they are a special flower to me. But anything that is bright and beautiful makes me want to stop and take pictures!

  93. Love the smell of lilacs and will try to find some bushes to pass by but also love the look and smell of hyacinth in the spring!

  94. Last month it was the daffodils. Even though I’ve lived in California for over 20 years, the Midwesterner in me is still stunned by daffodils in February and March.

  95. I live in the south where running in the spring is not our friend with the high pollen counts. But it is so nice to see all the flowers blooming. I love to see daffodils!

  96. Usually daisies, but if my daughters want a flower that they see when we’re running, I’ll stop and get it for them. 🙂

  97. Look, it’s thundersnowing today in Minneapolis — two days out from my first race of the season — so any old flower would stop me in my tracks. A dandelion would be as surprising as a rose right now. Sigh.

  98. I live in Canada and don’t qualify for this draw, however when I am with my kids we have to stop for every dandelion, flower-looking weed, flower and blossom. Usually come home with a handful of “flowers”, droopy as they may be. When I am by myself, I will enjoy every bright color of the season, wondering what I should plant in my garden.

  99. The first crocuses and daffodils alway make me smile after a long chilly winter. Especially when they pop up in odd places because of squirrels transplanting the bulbs!

  100. Tulips always make me smile and make me think of my Gammy. When I was 8 years old my grandmother and I planted yellow tulips in my yard. The sight of seeing them after a long winter was amazing.

  101. Today we currently have wet snow but I typically love nothing more than to see those first blossoms on the trees. Cherry tree blossoms for me signify not only beauty and the promise of Spring, but also a gentle reminder that it’s time to break out the allergy meds. 😉

  102. Definitely crocuses…just because they are always the first thing to show any sign of ‘spring’ where we live! 🙂

  103. I love lilacs so much that I can’t stay away from them even though I’m allergic to them. I cut them and bring them into my house, because I LOVE the way they smell. Then I commence sneezing. Crazy, right?

  104. It is impossible for me to run past a tree with blooming cherry blossoms. It is such a beautiful sign of all things good.

  105. Spring is such a mixed blessing. Weather is perfect, flowers and new leaves on the trees are beautiful, but when I run through it all, I sneeze!

  106. I love the smell of orange blossoms. When I’m out running in early March and begin to smell those, I know that my dark running mornings are almost over – spring (and much earlier sunrises!)is on the way!

  107. Yesterday, I totally forgot that I love seeing my pasque flower plant when in full bloom. The pasque is the state flower of SD, which I did not this until my daughter told me after studying it in school. The Pasque is the first flower to bloom right outside my front door.

  108. Jasmine! I could have sworn Tuesday morning we smelled it while running with my 5am group, but it was too dark to find it, so we only paused, not stopped, trying to locate it. We are blessed to have some great smelling trees, flowers and bushes in FL right now.

  109. I love breathing in the sweet smell of lilacs when I run, but the flower that would most make me stop in my tracks is one I don’t expect to see. The one that is poking through a wall or struggling to survive in an unusual place.

  110. Down one street I run there are about 10 mature cherry blossom trees. They also tempt me to stop, but two days ago I was encouraged to go faster by my two year old(in jogger) because the breeze was blowing the petals everywhere. Giving us “snow” and laughs of delight. Definitely a good running memory for me.

    Also on a new route yesterday I passed by a house with some amazing tulips. They looked fake they were so perfect.

  111. I’m not sure what it is called but once when I was running on a trail I stopped to take a picture of a tree with pink flowers on it. It just looked so pretty that I had to take a picture.

  112. It’s hard for me to pick one!! What usually draws my eye is a whole garden. I love running past the house of someone who obviously has a green thumb. (Because I definitely DON’T!) I love looking at the color combos, shapes, and overall feel of a garden. It truly is a talent! Then I try to replicate bits and pieces in my own home! Can wait to get flowers this year…although we still have about 18 INCHES OF SNOW, I think it’ll be a while 🙂

  113. I used to enjoy beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms in spring. It’s hard to find now where I live, so I started to appreciate bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and grape hyacinth.

  114. I don’t normally stop for flowers, but I always gawk at dogs and puppies!! Whenever I see them, no matter how big, small, cute or ugly, I smile! For flowers though, I have to admit, my eyes are drawn to blooming hydrangeas!

  115. Trilliums !! To see their beautiful blossoms poking out from amongst the brown and grey winter sadness is a sure sign on trail runs that spring is here !

  116. Tulips! Living in Minnesota, they were one sign that winter is finally gone. Now that I’m in Texas they are not common, so if I ever saw them I’d definitely stop and smell the roses… er.. tulips!

  117. I love the first signs of spring, the bluebells in the park by my house, the various bulbs that start popping up when it still feels too cold, but it gives you hope. However, a lilac bush will not only stop me in my tracks, it might determine the route of a long run, just so I can stop and take in their fragrance.

  118. Sad to say I just keep my eyes on the trail ahead.
    If I passed daisies I would most definitely stop!
    Alas, that has yet to happen.

  119. I run the same stretch of road year round. There is a home that has 500+ bulbs that bloom right along the edge of the road, not anywhere near the house, but right along the treeline and the road. I think about those little bulbs when there is 3 or more feet of snow piled on top of them in the Winter, miss them in the Summer, and wonder if they will come back in the Spring each Fall. And then just last week, like witnessing a miracle, there they are…those fresh green shoots poking through the packed ground. I cannot wait to turn that corner in a few weeks and see the magnificent color explosion, like a painted canvas right there along side the road. Those blooms are my reminder that I can do hard things, believe in miracles, and life is beautiful.

  120. Lilacs get me every time – brings me back to my Grandmothers garden. She had a huge beautiful bush now I have a lilac bush in my garden hoping to pass on the beauty of them to my grand babies. Always think of my grandma when I smell one on my runs. It also means summer is right around the corner 🙂

  121. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we don’t have too many flowers out yet, but one of my neighbors has a couple of beautiful camellia bushes in their front yard. They stand out and are so beautiful!

  122. Wildflowers always catch my eye this time of year. Arizona is typically pretty brown, so I get excited when I see any patch of color. 🙂

  123. This time of year there’s so many beautiful flowers blooming! I love tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, freesia, daisies…the list goes on! Passing by a sweet smelling bed of flowers feels like a little gift as I’m out running.

  124. Love, love, love scent of honeysuckle! Run by trellising bushes of white and pink on a trail next to the river. Always gotta slow down to inhale the beautiful scent.

  125. I love the cherry blossom trees. I always carry my phone when I run and of course I have to stop and take pictures when I run across a beautiful chery blossom tree.

  126. An Iris stops me in my tracks. It takes me back to when I was a kid visiting my grandmother’s house. She had a flower bed full of delicate Irises. My mom’s favorite flower was the Iris so it brings back tons of wonderful memories.

  127. Because we tend to have LONG winters in Idaho, it is beautiful to see the crocus poke their heads through the snow…purple and yellow beauties! I do the happy dance.. we’ve made it through another winter!

  128. I love all flowers – but that first crocus in …. February’? , usually March… Never fail to make me smile and always remind me that spring, once again, is here.

  129. I don’t stop until I’m done 🙂 When I finish, the lavender all over our area make me smell better at least 😉

  130. It would have to be lilacs. I adore the smell and their season is so fleeting – at least in Iowa. I was so excited the year I got married that the lilacs were in full bloom on May 1st and I was able to have buckets full of them scattered around our reception – not going to happen this year!

  131. Tulips and foxglove. I love the clean lines of the tulip, but the full cascades of foxglove are almost better. Especially if they are pink!

  132. Jasmine, especially after a rain in Portland. Gives me hope sunny and warm days might be near. And love all the cherry blossoms along the waterfront these days. So gorgeous! Nothing better than spring blooming in Portland.

  133. Love that you named your daughter Daphne after the bush! That is my favorite flower this time of year – stops me in my tracks no matter what. (And then I sneeze. Sigh.)

  134. I don’t really stop and smell the roses, but if I ever saw wisteria (which I don’t think I ever have…) I would stop. It is, hands down, my favorite flower fragrance, and reminds me of childhood.

  135. Love cherry blossoms! So bummed that they weren’t in bloom during the cherry blossom 10 miler this weekend–and I’m stuck on business travel the week they are in peak bloom

  136. I stop only to take a picture or two only if I think the pic will look exceptional on Facebook. Otherwise, I take a mental snapshot and keep running!

  137. I always stop to look at tulips and snapdragons! They’re so bright and cheerful and have a lot of personality! Spring running is so fun and colorful- love it!

  138. One morning, a neighbor’s Icelandic Poppy stopped me in my tracks. It was quivering and humming as several honeybees were inside, collecting pollen. Lovely!

  139. I love all the bulbs that are in bloom during the spring, but what stops me in my tracks blooms in the summer. About 2 miles out along my normal route is a house that has a large flowering vine growing on a trellis next to the road. The white flowers are beautiful and have a wonderful fragrance like Jasmine. It is truly something I look forward to enjoying during my runs every summer.

  140. Love lilacs! They smell so strong in spring you don’t even need to stop…just inhale deeply as you run by and smile!!!

  141. Lilacs & crab apple trees. But we may not get that in Minnesota this spring. 8-12″ of snow on the day tonight 🙁

  142. Lilacs! I love lilacs – they smell amazing, many are purple, which is my favorite color, and they mean SPRING IS HERE!

  143. I live in the high mountain desert of Utah and it will be a few weeks yet before I see the flowers I love most on my runs…wild sunflowers and cactus flowers. I run on the edge of town that is surrounded by sagebrush and when these desert flowers start to bloom, well, I get a little verklempt. While I love the beauty of the mesas and sandstone mountains where I live, I can’t help but turn into Ferdinand the Bull and stop and enjoy the blooms before the sun scorches them.

  144. While I stop for NOTHING on my run (it is, afterall, amazing I escape the house and four kids and am able to run), I often admire the beauty of the cherry blossoms when they are in bloom. We are stationed in Okinawa, and at one point in my run I am hilltop, cherry blossoms on my right, and sunset over the East China Sea before me. It is beautiful and I take a moment to remember how blessed I am to be here, if only for a couple years.

  145. Love seeing the blooms of spring. But unfortunately when I stop it rarely has anything to do with the scenery! 🙂

  146. Dandelions what most people would consider a weed! My daughter and I call them wishing flowers and she loves them. She is almost 11 now but we used to stop and pick them on the way to and from school. We started running together when she was about seven. Its hard to find a dandelion that has all of its florets. As we all know you cant make a wish if the florets are missing. Now that I’ve had another baby and she joins us on our runs (in her stroller) we stop for any complete dandelion and my eldest makes a wish and then we talk about her wish while running. Eventually the baby will join us when shes bigger and we will stop to pick wishing flowers with her too.

  147. Daffodils when they pop up and signal the end of winter. And daisies in the summer…because my daughter loves them so!

  148. Lilacs for the smell. Hyacinth for the fun flowers and “springy” smell. Forsythia for the burst of color that just says spring. And lily of the valley because they remind me of my grandmother. OK, guess I’ll stop for whatever reason I can come up with 😉

  149. Hydrangea! I love the variety of colors (though the deep blue is my favorite) and how dainty each petal is. No matter where I am, I’ll always stop to admire them.

  150. Love, love, LOVE to run along gravel roads and stop to look the prairie wildflowers in bloom here in Iowa. My absolute favorite is the purple prairie coneflower.

  151. I’m a sucker for a big old cherry tree filled with pink blossoms, especially on a rainy day so the petals have fallen down and covered the ground!

  152. Definitely lilacs! They always bloomed during the last few weeks of school when I was a kid and they still make me think of the freeing times of summer that are coming. It is not the same now that I am a grown up, but lilacs still make me so happy.

  153. I love tulips! They definitely stop me in my tracks because they don’t last very long and I like to soak them up as long as possible.

  154. I will always stop to smell Sweet Olive, it’s more of a shrub than an actual flower, nothing fancy to look at, but when it blooms, I wish I could bottle up the magical smell…thankfully I have one in my back yard…if you aren’t familiar with them, hunt one down, you will instantly fall in love!!!

  155. I love forget-me-nots. Their brilliant blue color always stops me in my tracks. Plus, they’re a welcome burst of color after a long winter.

  156. It’s the lilacs! I may have to find some time to run in Rochester,NY, before the Lilac Festival starts and the park gets mobbed.

  157. I love love love flowers of all kinds but my all time favorite are tulips. I’m so happy it’s finally spring!!

  158. I am going to be totally honest in that I don’t/can’t pay a lot of attention to the flowers I pass by when I am running. I have asthma. This means that every breath is a struggle. I use an inhaler, but any time my breathing gets out of rhythmn, I gasp for air. I have tompaynclose attention to my breathing. I started running to show asthma that it won’t get the best of me. I am a runner. I may not be a fast runner but I AM a runner! I will be doing my 5th half marthon in a couple of weeks and we run through a tulip garden……I will do my best to enjoy the beautiful scenery as I concentrate on breathing. I also do some great relay races including Ragnar. I am a runner and my Saucony running shoes are my favorite!!!! I would love some Saucony running gear!!!

  159. I love seeing all the flowers in bloom but my allergies can’t stand seeing them! I know this is my miserable time allergy-wise!

  160. I’ll stop for two flowers: when the Mountain Laurel trees bloom. Their blooms are purple, smell like grape kool-aid, and only last about 2 weeks. I will stop and drink in the smell of mountain laurels. Ahhhhh….just about 49 more weeks to go until I smell them bloom again….and Bluebonnets, which provide absolutely gorgeous carpets of blue in Texas in March/April.

  161. Growing up in South Florida, but transplanting with my husband 22 years ago to Northern Michigan, I never knew about Hollyhocks. The first time I saw one, I stopped completely in my tracks and literally asked the woman whose house they were in front of what they were. I just love the tall, sturdy, and very vibrant in color flower. Flowers that can grow that quickly in such a short growing season, yet be so beautiful, just amaze me. Kind of reminds me of how fast our kids quickly grow before our eyes.

  162. Well, despite being surrounded by all the cherry blossoms here in DC, it’s the smell of lilacs that I really love.

  163. A garden full of tulips – I love them! I also love seeing a meadow of wild flowers while on a trail run – it feels very “Sound of Music” when I see that – I want to sing “The Hills Are Alive”. Really, I do.

  164. When im running i run by lakes and beaches so flowers dont make me stop but a quick dip in lake michigan on a hot day that will make me stop!!

  165. I have two daughters, and their names are Rose and Iris. 🙂 I find lilacs to be such a wonderful scent to drink in, but there have been some gorgeous clematis on my route. Some beatiful wildflowers in the ditches, too. There were some that looked like astilbe, and I loved seeing those. Of course, the roses, irises and lilies in my own yard 🙂

  166. I just came back from Phoenix, Arizona, where we travel every spring to visit family. This time of year, only for a very short couple of weeks there is a cactus, the hedgehog cactus, that blooms this BEAUTIFUL purple flower. They are quite low to the ground so you have to really be observant of your surroundings. When I find one when I am on a trail run, I always stoop to take a quick picture.

  167. Lilacs, I just love lilacs. Living in Vermont our spring comes after a loooong winter and it is mixed with mud. The mud can be as much trouble as the ice, but smell of the lilacs makes a world of difference.

  168. I slow down long enough to thank the gardener out tending those beautiful flowers, no matter what type they are……

  169. I live and run in Tucson, AZ. Unless I happen to be jogging past a carefully planted flowerbed in a shopping center, I don’t see much in the way of fancy flowers. BUT, I typically jog on a bike/running path near what’s supposed to be the Rillito River. Though the river is dry, there are some absolutely gorgeous wild-growing flowers along the shoulder of the route this time of year. The prettiest, simplest purples, oranges, yellows, and reds keep me going when I want to quit. I think they’re even better than the manicured gardens around because they’re like nature’s unexpected cheering section.

  170. The lilacs in my neighborhood announce Spring like nothing else! All the older homes have at least one bush, so the whole neighborhood is awash in pale purple and that wonderful scent.

  171. I love, love, love tulips but about a month ago stopped mid-run to snap pic of the first snowdrops to poke their heads out of the winter dreary-ness!

  172. I used to run through a ritzy neighborhood in Downtown Memphis. There was this one house that grew tons of roses and from time to time the buds would spill out of her fence into the sidewalk area. When this would happen I would stop to pick a bud to take back with me. My friends used to tease me that was stealing from this woman’s plant but since it was on the sidewalk I felt it was ok. She saw me once and told me that she was glad that I really enjoyed her flowers and said I was welcome to pick a bud any time I wanted. I really miss running past those flowers.

  173. My neighborhood has beautiful flowering trees which line the main roads! Right now they are all in bloom. I love to run up and down a particular hill which is lined on one side by trees full of light pink flowers. The other day, I noticed that I slowed down as I ran under the flowering trees so that I could take in their beauty and fragrance!

  174. My grandmother had a lilac bush, and the smell always brings me back to being 8 and visiting her. Having snacks on those black metal snack trays, the ones with the gold legs and big flower on it!

  175. Without a doubt it has to be the lilacs-they are just so fragrant in New England in early Spring. I live in MA now, but they instantly take me back to my childhood in NY (when I was running around just for the fun of it!)

  176. I don’t have a favorite flower. Maybe this is because of my horrible spring allergies, but I do love seeing all of the bright colors.

  177. For the past few summers, we were lucky enough to spend several weeks in Rhode Island. The hydrangeas up there in mid-summer are stunning, amd would always give me pause during a run.

  178. Daffodils right now in this area, and I’ve been seeing some beautiful trees flowering but don’t know what they are 🙁

  179. Oh flowers -I’m trying to remember (we are getting a snowstorm here in April!!!)
    So when spring does come I have to smell the lilacs.

  180. It doesn’t stop my run, but I love the early spring flowers on bushes and trees. Bradford pear, forsythia, etc. it means spring!!

  181. I stop and smell daffodils. As a little girl, my pop pop would bring me daffodils from his garden every year on my birthday.

  182. How can you NOT stop and smell the first lilacs of the season? Lilacs are such an atirmation that spring is finally here and those cold, winter runs will finally be replaced by warm, Sunshined-filled, spring scented runs.

  183. Its finally Spring – and I have to stop and peak at all the little faces of the crocuses. I love how they weren’t there yesterday but have magically appeared today. Adorable!!
    Also the lilacs!!! Spring is so short lived that I need to deeply inhale and fill my lungs of their scent. Enough to last me through to next time.

  184. For me it’s the jasmine; it just blooms sometimes in one spot in the park where I run, and I always want to make that part of my run last and last.

  185. There is a moment in the spring when I round the corner at the end of my street and I am struck by the color green on the trees. It only lasts a few days but knowing the Buds r blooming warms my soul. I think it will be especially wonderful this year since it is still snowing!!

  186. The heavenly lilacs stop me in my tracks. I sometimes go back and clip a few branches, under cover of darkness!

  187. I love azaleas! And tulip trees always stop me in my tracks. I run by a house with a huge drooping wisteria that pats me on the head every time I run by.

  188. Seasonal allergies usually mean avoiding most spring blooms, lovely as they are. I do make an exception for violets. I rarely stop to enjoy them but they always bring a smile when I pass by.

  189. Cherry Blossoms! I guess why I have run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC 4 times, but this year it was cold up to the day of the race…blossoms were few and far between. 🙁 All in bloom now though!

  190. I LOVE tulips. I enjoy the colors and how they come and go. You have to enjoy them fast. I may not stop running, but I’ll play a game like count how many houses have purple or what was the prettiest color. Makes for a good spring run. 🙂

  191. Since I run after the sun has gone to bed, it’s very hard to see anything. I do enjoy the smell in the air of the flowers though. It makes me feel good since I can’t see them, but know that the weather is getting nicer.

  192. I don’t really notice flowers while running. There aren’t many flowers where I run in the city. But when walking, I always notice purple flowers. Lavender, tulips, those little weeds that grow in my yard.

  193. If I ever see it in big clump by a fence, I just have to stop and smell honeysuckle. So sweet and reminds me of being a kid again!

  194. Lilacs. There has never been such a distinct and memorable smell as a lilac. Running past them I instantly feel 9 years old again!So excited for our first spring back in New England and the first time I get to smell them again!

  195. There isn’t one flower that stops me but beautiful well planned garden area will make me jealous enough to stop in my tracks…I’m known for killing flowers 😉 my 13 year old and my boyfriend say that when I walk by the garden area at Home Depot the tiny flowers quiver and hide 🙂

  196. Living in West Texas where it’s dry and… (clay type dirt), I adore any flowers! But the jasmine is something I will always stop and enjoy the smell of.

  197. I don’t usually stop to smell, but I love to keep an eye out for them. Spring time in Colorado is beautiful!!

  198. I have to say when I first started running the Lilac’s were in bloom and I would use them to get me to go farther. I would just say I will run to the next lilac and give them a sniff and than I can turn around.

  199. I am not a flower person, but my daughter is! She had to bring in a picture of her house to preschool today, and her teacher asked her if she helped her Mom plant the beautiful flowers out front. She said, “No, I helped my DAD…my Mom doesn’t like flowers!” Not quite true, but funny nonetheless.

  200. As a runner with massive allergies I hate running around the neighborhood and getting a nose full of the “smelly” flowers sometimes I have to stop and sneeze! However, I do appreciate the beauty of running past what I call a “non-smelly” garden the flowers make me smile and NO smell! Tulips, and Iris are my favorite.

  201. I love daffodils! (And I still sing the summer camp song I learned about daffodils. But quietly, because no one wants to hear me sing.)

  202. I ‘stop’ by scent! I’d stop for daphne, if they grew around here. Will appreciate the smell of sweet olive, night blooming jasmine, and citrus! Yep, all super sweet!

  203. I agree with the song that says “Roses really smell like boo-boo”

    But they look great!

    Just like me when running! I may smell like boo-boo but i’ll forever say I look great doing it…no matter what is a jiggling’!

  204. Daffodils. My mother in law, whose birthday is on the First Day of Spring, always called them jonquils. Only person I know who calls them that. She passed away last year and I always think of her when I see them, and it makes me smile.

  205. I live in the high desert, so I don’t really have the privilege of being distracted by beautiful flowers and such. 🙁

  206. I don’t like to stop until I’ve hit my goal, but I am always appreciative of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. I love crocuses and forsythia and grape hyacinths because they’re usually the first to show their colors.

  207. We got lots of snow in Wisconsin today, but I’m ready for SPRING! Lilacs stop me in my tracks. Love them!!

  208. I must say, the first flowers of the season, crocus, stopped me because they were purple.. I usually will keep running but, cannot resist smelling lavander when I have an opportunity.

  209. A crocus stopped me this week. I had just finished a long run with my neighbor. While walking up the driveway to go stretch, I spied one tiny sprig of green with purple mixed in. It was such a welcome sight since the grass hadn’t even greened up yet here in Iowa.

  210. Lilacs! We don’t have many that survive the heat in Oklahoma, but when I see them (or sometimes I smell them first), I always stop. They bring back happy childhood memories.

  211. I am not a huge flower person and I do not like to stop when I start running, it messes with my mojo!! However today, I actually stopped and smelled the roses on my long/hot 8 mile run. It was @ a traffic light when I saw them and thought “Wow, that is too beautiful not to stop and take in”. Also, I have often heard “you need to stop and smell the roses”. This is very unlike me but was the best moment of my day. I now know what they meant. haha 🙂

  212. I love the spring when the daffodils (sp?) and tulips are coming out. It just makes you feel like there is so much to come, almost like a rebirth. My favorite time of year to run.

  213. I love to smell a Lilac bush. There was a large Lilac tree in my neighbors back yard that I would climb as a child to hide and read a book and no one ever looked for me in the tree—I was invisible in a large family!!!

  214. I live in the desert, so I would definitely stop in my tracks if I saw FLOWERS! But we do live by orange groves and right now they are blooming. The smell has to be one of my favorite scents ever! Makes you wanna keep running and breathing hard, LOL

  215. I love to see all the cherry blossom trees in bloom in Okinawa in January. Makes for a beautiful site. Don’t really get up there and smell them though.

  216. I have recently hiked the mountains and stopped for a display of daffodils. But I have to say, I favor any flower I find that is purple, lilacs, lavender… Purple is my favorite color and am blessed so much when I see it out on a run!

  217. I love daffodils! On my 11 miler the other day, some yards were just bursting with beauty and fragrance! Also, Dogwood trees! Gorgeous! Daffodils remind me of my Mama- so I feel like she is still near me as I run!

  218. Tulips stop me in my tracks. They’re such a stunning flower and after a seemingly endless winter, May’s tulips remind us of the beautiful weather ahead and make me feel grateful. I’m grateful to be able to see and smell them, and I’m grateful to be able to run by them. Winter aint got nothing on me, I know the tulips will be just around the corner!

  219. That’s the beauty of the outdoors…There is so much beauty to be seen outdoors and I am inspired by it continually. I take it ALL in when I’m on a run/walk.

  220. Any! I live in the desert so flowers are few and far between! But Spring is a gorgeous time to run in the desert! The flowering cacti and wildflowers are breathtaking! They almost make me want to walk…ALMOST 🙂

  221. Birds of Paradise blossoms are always amazing to see! Her in the bay there are blossoms year round but I do love to seem them when they bloom, also I love Calla Lilies too!

  222. I wish there were flowers where I run! Maybe this summer I should try out a trail! Wildflowers would be such a nice change of pace from concrete!

  223. I love running the old country back roads around me and finding wild phlox growing along the roads. It has stopped me in my tracks while I grab my phone/camera for a picture that I know will not do it justice.

  224. I honestly don’t know what kinds of flowers they are. I think maybe cherry blossoms? Here they grow white and pink in trees. I love running under the trees and smelling them. When I smell these flowers, I know it’s Spring!

  225. Tulips! My favorite place to run has lots of flowers and I enjoy all of them. However, the tulips always make me stop.

  226. On the trails where I run, I’m used to all the wildflowers. But the one that made me turn around and gape was hanging above my head on a very long stem – it was the first Humboldt lily I’d ever seen. As big as a grapefruit, gorgeous!

  227. The route that I run most often goes through a heavily wooded area that is *covered* in trillium in the spring and another section has wildflowers (as well as deer, turtles, the occasional snake…)in the summer – it’s part of why I run there!

  228. Hyacinth! Although they aren’t very long lived in the spring. 🙁 Close second would be lilacs – I have one planted outside our bedroom window. 🙂

  229. I love seeing the daffodils and tulips creep further and further out of the ground as spring arrives. On each run you can see a little more of them and then one day, there is a bright pop of color! Love it!

  230. I don’t ever stop to smell the flowers unless I am with my kids and they want to look at something. Maybe I need to stop more often!

  231. Texas Bluebonnets of course (I’m from Houston). I love to stop and smell Gardenias as well (though my allergies beg to differ).

  232. Nothing! I am terrible. I occasionally run with a great group of gals who force me to enjoy nature, wildlife and my surroundings. Last weekend we were in a wooded area and they commented that we should come back in the winter to gather red sticks instead of buying them at the craft store. I just laughed since I would never have noticed the sticks/bush had they not been with me.

  233. Lilacs are my favorite for the color and the fragrance. But I also love seeing Queens Ann Lace I know they are not a flower technically but mere weeds by most standards. They remind me of my mother-in-law, whom I adored and Loved dearly,sadly we lost her to a brain infection a few years back. Seeing those along roads gets me teared up everytime.

  234. Lilacs! I have happy memories of the tree in the yard of my childhood home that would fill our house with their heavenly scent. They were also the first flowers my husband gave me before we even started dating in college. They just make me happy 🙂

  235. I have been known to stop running to examine lots of different flowers. I think my personal favorite right now are tulips. If I’m running and see something unusual, I will definitely stop. I am so glad that it is finally Spring!

  236. the amazing Magnolia Tree that booms next door. as soon as I step out my front door, you get a whiff of the fragrant flowers and what a sight the tree is!!! It’s stunning!!!

  237. I let my Golden Retriever, Bella, choose which flowers we stop at. That said,the flowers are just coming up here in NJ.

  238. After the dreary, grey Oregon winters, I’d say anything with color!!!

    I love the first daffodils of springtime, and especially love it when the tree start growing their buds.

    Rhododendrons always work for me.

  239. I am a sucker for a full bloomed Dogwood Tree which we have plenty of here in Athens, GA the thousands of tiny white leaves are just beautiful and inspiring.

  240. I love the smell of Lilacs – they are so aromatic and heady. What really stops me in my tracks is a beautiful cottage garden at a cabin on Lake Melissa in Minnesota. For the past two summers, my family has rented a cabin on nearby Lake Sallie. One of my running buddies and I started meeting up on Saturday mornings for a run around the lakes. One Saturday last summer the humidity was high and our willpower low and we simply stopped running and took time to look at and enjoy all of the beautiful plants lovingly cared for in this roadside garden. I cannot wait to see what it looks like this summer – if it ever arrives considering it it about 30 degrees in Fargo, North Dakota today!

  241. I don’t stop (because I won’t start again!) and smell flowers, but I always admire gerbera daisies! They were my wedding flower, and I don’t think a prettier, more perfect flower could be made!

  242. Easy one! MAGNOLIA! I stop in my tracks at the sight of the Magnolia trees here in PA. They are stunning for about a week. The kids make fun of me. I drag out the word MAAAGGGLLLONIA when we see a 40-50 year old tree in full bloom. Once we get a hard rain it’s all over so I appreciate what I have for the nano seconds they are here. Already have one on order to be planted in the yard this year. 🙂

  243. I have a personal mission statement to brighten the lives of others. I’ve been told when people think of spring, sunroofs open, messy hair, big smiles and the beach they think of me. I’m constantly trying to project a fun positive energy in life. It all starts with the Cherry Blossoms! I’m simply inspired by them. When I see those Cherry Blossoms I’m filled with happiness and re-energized for things to come. To see them bloom is like the birth of all that is good within me that has been dormant. When I decided to run my first 5K it was a no-brainer, it had to be the Cherry Blossom 5k. It represents leaving behind anything negative and breaking free into a pool of unlimited possibilities. Even when they fall to the ground they are magical to me. We are given “do-overs” every day we wake and our feet hit the ground running. The Cherry Blossoms just happen to be my start line.

  244. This time of year it ‘s the hyacinths that stop me in my tracks. The fragrance is amazing and they are so beautiful! Why haven’t I planted some of my own?

  245. This time of year, I always make an effort to run through the University of Washington campus here in Seattle to catch a glimpse of the beautiful cherry blossoms. I love running underneath with the “snow” of their petals falling on me (and the jog stroller)!

  246. Generally most flowers are pretty but I feel very few have a fragrance as beautiful as their pedals. So, typically wintering daphne or honeysuckle is what I stop to literally smell while I run. We have two wintering daphnies by our front door and I could sit and just take in their sweet small all day.

  247. I love seeing the crocuses and violets, but just about any well tended garden or patch of wild flowers will catch my eye.

  248. I’m a sucker for lilacs. I would risk a PR for a fleeting affair with a lilac bush. And I’ve definitely risked jail time when I’ve trespassed into people’s yards just to get a sniff of the fragrant flower.

  249. I like all flowers and enjoy being outside now and seeing them. But in particular, I love the aroma of the lilacs!

  250. Flowering Plum Trees! I call them my “pink trees,” but I will always stop to sniff them. They smell like spring to me!

  251. Living in the high desert, its rare to see colorful blooms of any variety so I think I would take note of anything that wasn’t on the grey/green/brown palette. I think hydrangeas would be my favorite.

  252. Daisies! They’re such happy little flowers and always make me think of my mom. The smell of lilacs will stop me dead in my tracks, too. I’ll shove my whole face into a blooming bush and breathe as deeply as I can 🙂

  253. I usual will not notice one flower, however if someone has a nicely landscaped yard then I take notice. I mainly only stop for cute dogs.

  254. I thanked God for the beautiful wisteria this morning. I didn’t have to stop my run to take a whiff of my favorite flower because He kindly brought the sweet aroma to me on a gentle breeze.

  255. Completely oblivious to flowers; but because I live in one of the two legal-pot states, I DO notice where people are doing surreptitious pot-farming on the parkway I use.

  256. Lilacs – I have a large bush in my yard and love the smell. I may not stop but I at least slow down to enjoy the smell longer. And I always have to smile when I see a bunch of dandelions. Maybe not a true flower, but memories of my boys when they were toddlers picking them and bringing them to me always make me smile. (They grow up so darn fast!!)

  257. Recently, when I saw the first few Crocus flowers of the season, it really made me excited, since we’ve had such a long winter! I also love Hyacinth.

  258. Paper whites and daffodils! Wait, I mean the irises! Or the always-blooming lavender! Oh my, I cannot choose. To be out in spring is a joy and I feel like I could run forever. Even the wild mustard in the fields brings a smile to my heart.

  259. I love flowers! Peonys are my favorite – I carried them on my wedding day. Each time I smell them I’m immediately taken back to that amazing day.

  260. Crocuses(?croci?) and daffodils! When I finally see these little flowers pushing through the ground I know that it will start to warm up and I will have no excuse to stay on the treadmill.

  261. If I’m running with my two year, I’ll stop for any flower if it will make her happy and keep her occupied. If I’m solo, none because I usually run the same route and am slow enough to enjoy them.

  262. I adore the smell of lilacs and will definitely stop (if only for a second) to smell them! I also love sunflowers (we had them in our wedding flowers!), and usually take a phone photo if I happen to run past them. 🙂

  263. Lilacs! They seem to be many mom’s favorites. They have such a heavenly smell, and you can often smell them from down the road, before you get to them. I wish they lasted longer!

  264. Love Sunflowers!!! There is a field I run by and each year when they are in full bloom, I love staring at the sea of yellow.

  265. I have to say the Trillium just makes me stop in awe. Once you see the first one you have to stop and take it all in. Soon you realize there are hundreds more of these little delicate flowers hiding in the woods. Such a welcome to spring that it makes me smile every time.

  266. Well, since it snowed yesterday, nothing has slowed me down yet. I do like pansy’s, reminds me of my grandmother. She adored them.

  267. I just stopped last weekend on my long run to look at a really beautiful Cherry Blossom tree. I had past a few along my route and they were all pretty but the one that stopped me was really full and lovely. I long for one in my yard every spring.

  268. The lilacs do both stop me in my tracks so I can grab a photo, then I race away from their potent smell so I don’t start sneezing!!

    I’ve always dreamed of the cherry blossom races. The east coast cherry blossoms look so magical!

  269. Probably lilies but anything exotic looking and orange or red might lead to me stopping to snap a photo–I’m always inspired by other peoples yards when I run past for ideas about how to improve mine!

  270. I don’t stop to smell the flowers, but the tulips are up here and I LOVE all of the bright colors! The trees are also in bloom and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

  271. Oh, I have so many favorites. Lilacs and lily of the valley are two of my most fragrant favorites. It seems like I’ll never see them as we are still buried under a foot of snow…in April! So winning a bouquet colored running outfit will have to be the next best thing!!!

  272. There’s two flowers for me: Cherry Blossoms and Lilacs. The flowers bloom right around my boys’ birthdays too 🙂

  273. Tulips – there is a patch of brilliant orangey-red ones every spring in the yard of a house I often run by. When the sun hits them the right way, it is a SPECTACULAR sight.

  274. I don’t stop and smell the spring flowers, but I do love to see the blossom on the trees. They look like large sticks of cotton candy dotted through the streets! You just can’t beat it.

  275. I like to see our South Dakota state flower as it grows on the road side. Its the pasque flower and it is a pretty pink.

  276. Any and all except roses! Love those first crocuses…then the forsythia…then the fruitless crabapples…tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, anemones! I even stop to check out the early perennials that are just leaves coming up. I love spring!

  277. I love watching the trees and flowers bloom on the trail that I run after the winter season starts to wane. I will only stop to smell roses, though. There’s nothing better than a fragrant rose.

  278. honestly I don’t stop to “smell the roses”. But, I do take note of all the beautiful flowers. I’d say lilac bushes are my fav. Big inhales!

  279. Tulips are my favorite. I remember even when I was little that I loved tulips. I can’t grow anything but my tulip garden.

  280. It’s still feet of snow on the ground right now…so I’m in on the treadmill. My favorite flowers to see outside are climbing roses. Reminds me of the ones we had when I was little!

  281. I don’t really stop for any flower by itself. I do, however, skip a beat when I see a well maintained landscape with a nicely mowed lawn (you know, with the pretty lines), neatly kept bushes, and beautiful flowers and trees that are well placed and tie everything together! And then…I realize that my yard needs work! Ha ha

  282. Flowers are more my mom’s thing than mine and I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t even notice them sometimes. But give me a hibiscus and I will be immediately transported to Hawaii in my mind – and yes, stop and smell it.

  283. I am fortunate enough to live in San Diego, so there seems to always be something blooming. I don’t really “stop” for the flowers, but I do appreciate seeing them and smelling them as I run by.