Hump Day Giveaway: Sweet Trek Bike!

As our pal Danielle likes to say, giddy up.

My legs are hungry.
Wheels gobble up the pavement.
Delicious miles. Burp.

What machine allows for such a feast? Oh, just the Trek 7.2 FX WSD, a sweet $550 ride that we're giving away to one lucky reader. Here's are bike's details broken down into lingo I understand:

—WSD = Women's Specific Design. Which means everything from a saddle that works for your lady bits to a top tube that isn't Empire-State-Building high so you can get one leg over it to dimensions that fit us. (Not, ahem, them.)

—24 gears on this baby, which means you can climb the nastiest of hills with (relative) ease, cruise through the flats, and get a little speed on the downhills, if you're so inclined.

—A practical design that fits multiple uses. You can haul your kids in a bike trailer behind you, and it won't feel like a chore. You can put fenders and a rack on it and commute to work--and arrive at work in a much better mood. You can leave it as it is, and get in a killer workout on it.

—Upright handlebars offer maximum visibility and safety; you'll feel steady and safe. And the grips are oh-so-soft, so your wrists won't feel every crack in the road.

How do you win these wheels, you might ask? A haiku, I would answer, which is our favorite compose-an-entry-to-be-judged entry. It requires a little thought and creativity, but not too much time.

The rules of the haiku: five syllables on first line; seven syllables on second; five syllables on third. Rhyming not encouraged.

What your haiku should be about: anything to do with cycling. Riding with your kids, riding for crosstraining, riding for your trip to the farmer's market, why you're not riding because you don't have--and really need--this bike.

One more to get you inspired
Kids in car fighting.
Put them on bikes. Off you go.
I'll just ride behind.

Rules of the contest: You have two weeks to get your haiku on. Until June 6 to be exact. Then we'll cull through the entries and, with the help of a panel of judges, pick our favorite haiku. We'll announce the winner June 9. Finally: One entry per person.

Ready, set, ride!

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 5/23/12 and ends on 6/6/12; the winner will be chosen by a panel and announced on 6/9/12. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $550. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

528 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Sweet Trek Bike!

  1. I cant afford bike ..I have lot of debts to pay … Rightnow I have a mild neck arttitus.. and i feel time for me change my habit to get back excercise and eat right.. I was used to play sports.. hope i can get free bike . to help my health better and turn in firm sharp body.. enuff with fat things.. I want to join olympic one day but I am too old but not give up. i know i can do this unless i get my young health back.. lol

  2. 4 year mother runner
    just started to cross train
    spinning is fun but
    ready for the open road
    Trek it is……..Let’s GO!

  3. Want to spend time with
    Hubby and two kids while I
    Make my body strong.

    We’ve been looking into getting bikes so we could all do some outdoor exercises together. 🙂

    1. Sorry last line is too long – had a kid interrupt! Ha! How about:

      Kids on bikes at last
      Kid falls of right away cry cry
      Need alone time stat!

  4. I walk, I run, Daydreaming
    5k, Half, Full complete
    Proud I am.

    Splash in the water
    I swim, just me, smile
    See where this is going.

    Loving the adrenaline as I race down the road
    I can tri. Hesitate. Rethink
    I can’t tri without a bike…

  5. marathon achieved
    husband completes iron man
    wife must one up him

    such a great give away! thanks mother runners!

  6. Raise up off the seat
    Ride the trails, bye-bye asphalt
    Cherish my sweat time

    Thank you ladies for this contest. This is one super nice prize!

  7. I had an orange bike way back when
    I want to ride my bicycle…I want to ride my bike
    Need a Trek to take me back there again…

    1. I wrote the wrong one. Here is what I wanted to send:

      Running some errands,
      Crusing around town all day.
      Better for the earth!

  8. I am working very hard to stay well, as I have a family with two girls, as I will need a heart transplant. I can only imagine the beneifts of this Trek 7.2 bike, it would have for me. It would allow me to stay stronger longer, it would give me a sense of pure joy, beautiful in my path as I would be able to experience going farther than walking. It would give me a true sense of accomplishment. I know I can’t go as far as many of you, but that is ok, I just need to be! It would be the biggest blessing and I would be extremely excited, and would love to wake up each day eager to enjoy my sweet ride. Wouldn’t that be wonderful enough!

  9. knee replacements need to ride
    need to ride with husband, 60,retired
    stay fit to chase grandbabies

  10. The wind in my hair.
    The feel of the earth below.
    Utopia, Now.

    *Would love to ride that wonderful bike!

  11. I try to go fast.
    Roller blades. Running. Swimming.
    But dogs need more speed!

    This was such a fun exercise to do/read 🙂

  12. Would LOVE a bike of my very own. Somehow my boys (??) find my bikes appealing. Haven’t had one for a while now.

  13. No wheels, no engine.
    Two feet hitting the pavement.
    Pedals and spokes please?

    Not having a mode of transportation in anon-metropolitan city is rough! Lost my vehicle in my divorce and this bike would be more than an exercise implement – It would be a life line!

  14. If I had a bike
    I would ride and ride and ride
    To the moon and back

    (gave my SIL my bike so she could ride to cope with a messy divorce…now I have none and MISS it…fingers crossed)

    1. Oops caffeine not kicked in yet..

      A Mother Biker
      Helmet, Terrain, Trails to Blaze
      Biking IS my Zen

  15. Boys on bicycles
    Me in my sneakers, running
    Going the same speed

    [ok, they have training wheels still. But it makes me sound pretty darn fast if I’m running as fast as a kid on a bike!]

    1. The fat has left me
      Now where will a bike get me?
      Biking to the finish line!

      I’m down 60 pounds from the 1st of the year and now I would LOVE to run AND bike!! :0)

  16. kid just learned to ride
    shiny trek would make my day
    better than craigslist

    I just rode for the first time since middle school this weekend! On a mostly not so rusty craigslist find. Would love something a little fancier! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  17. Friends all have bikes
    But I cannot afford one
    Please call me winner

    Ok, this is not my forte but I want a bike to cross train with my friends.

  18. weary running legs
    crave movement by other roads
    give me the bike please

    I haven’t written a haiku since high school. Clearly I suck at it but I really really need a bike 🙂

  19. 4,3,2,1 ages 7,6,4 & 2
    almost 3 & he will not pee…
    in the toilet
    run & bike I go
    to reduce my BP (blood pressure!)

  20. Twenty-three gears down
    shift into the last and then
    haul my BAMR a$$!

    (And yes, BAMR is pronounced bammer in our circles) lol

    1. Oops…I’m a fried Motha Runna!

      Their chariot waits
      They jump in with no question
      We ride, wind & smiles

  21. cycling down the hill
    is far more enjoyable
    than cycling back up

    My husband introduced me to distance cycling a few years ago, and I love it! I’m pregnant right now, so I’m limiting myself to the spin bike for the next few months (don’t want to risk a fall or crash on the road). I can’t wait to start cycling again, and I’d love to get back on the road with that new bike!

  22. Rode with my siblings
    Dragged man, pulled kids, all over
    Now racing my teens

    Thanks for the fun!! I’m Canadian (border town), but thought I’d have some fun coming up with a Haiku! Would still love a new bike though.

  23. Badly I want speed
    But my mountain bike is slow
    Trek is the answer

    First Sprint Triathlon coming up in August. Please don’t make me ride my mountain bike.

  24. When I run, I fly.
    When I swim, I’m like a fish.
    When I bike I die.

    Haiku by wannabe triathlete who is using her brother-in-laws 20 year old bike from high school and badly needs a good bike and MORE BIKE TRAINGING

    1. that was supposed to read:

      big hills way out west
      sawtooth mountains call to me
      old bike can’t compete

      sorry about that!

  25. Running is awesome
    But my legs yearn for more speed
    Trek to the rescue!

    I’d love to win this Trek bike!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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