Hump Day Giveaway: Two Hyland’s Gift Baskets + Tees

I forego the booze (and the biz suit) in favor of Calms Forte to slumber on a plane (and hotel rooms and my own bed...)
I forego the booze (and the biz suit) in favor of Calms Forte to slumber on a plane (and hotel rooms and my own bed...)

I'm typing this post on Monday, staring down taking an overnight flight to Cleveland for a swing through the Midwest, ending at the ZOOMA Chicago half-marathon expo. (No race for Dimity and me, but we're looking forward to running along the banks of Lake Michigan while we're in town. Shout out greetings if you see us tall gals!) While I'm eager to meet many mother runners in my mother's birth state, where I spent many a sweltering summer vacation eating fresh-picked blueberries and watermelon from the fields around my grandmother's farm, I'm not looking forward to the flight to get me there. Any flight that starts in the middle of the night is called a "red eye" for a reason: After it, you awake bleary and stumble off the plane like an extra from, "The Walking Dead."

My trusty traveling companion
My trusty traveling companion

With eastward winds at the jet's tail, the flight will last only four hours and 15 minutes. Sigh: Too short to count as a "full night's sleep," but too long to stare into the dark cabin in my last-row aisle seat. But I've got wonder pills packed in my carry-on bag: Hyland's Calms Forte. These are mother's little helpers of the homeopathic set: All natural Calms Forte quiets the mind and helps you feel drowsy, with no impaired judgment or grogginess once you awake (or, in my case, land). Dimity and I both swear by it when our minds race, even the night before a real race.

Today’s giveaway is a treasure trove of homeopathic remedies from Hyland’s, everything from our swear-by-it Calms Forte to Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica and Bioplasma Sport,Β  Leg Cramps, and Restful Legs. All together, there are eight 100% natural products. Everything a mother runner needs to sleep well (no matter where she rests her head!) and stay pain free. In addition, each of the two (count 'em, 2!) winners will get a sleepably soft Hyland's/Another Mother Runner tee.

Get the goods: the Hyland's Homeopathic goods
Get the goods: the Hyland's Homeopathic goods

For a chance to win, post a response in the Comments section under this post on our website, telling us: Do you have any travel secrets that make long car trips or flights less "painful"?Β Could be a game you play with your kids that never fails to entertain them, a favorite on-flight snack you pack, or a dependable pair of ear plugs. Just tell us a coping mechanism you have to make travel easier, and you will be entered to win one of two Hyland's gift baskets + tee.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 8/7/13 and ends on 8/13/13; the winner will be announced on 8/17/13. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $90. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

379 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Two Hyland’s Gift Baskets + Tees

  1. When we go on long trips, the iPhone, iPad, and DVD player are essential! They give mommy a little break and keep my daughter happy for an hour or so. Thank goodness these technology gems are available to us! Goldfish and chocolate chip cookies are also essential. πŸ™‚

  2. I cope with travel by working out before I go and taking lots to read. It’s not always possible to fit in a run before travel – especially if I have a 6 AM flight. But, I am less impatient, less likely to get annoyed, and less likely to stress out when something goes wrong if I’ve run at least 3-4 miles at a good pace. Once I’m traveling (and ideally not the one driving) I pull out my backlog of magazines and my Kindle and lose myself in Sports Illustrated, a Harry Potter book, or whatever I’ve recently downloaded. Oh, and I have snacks. Especially if I’m traveling with the kids. If I’m traveling alone, I actually look at it like a vacation. It’s all about what *I* want…albeit on someone else’s schedule πŸ™‚

  3. My travel coping mechanism when I fly is bringing a few months worth of unread magazines (subscriptions I have but never seem to read when they come…thus I typically read the December one in April…) and just dig in cover to cover. It’s super gratifying for me to start with a heavy carry on and as the travel day unfolds, drop my magazines in the recycle bin at each airport stop. For long car trips, I am a big fan of the audio book. My mom likes to listen to them often, so she sends me the leftovers…usually the mystery/suspense/drama genre, so you stay pretty alert following who-done-it!

  4. A project keeps me non-irritated with travel: a book I have wanted to read or knitting. I never stop long enough day to day to ever indulge in either of these things. For the kids, managing expectations is key (what is coming next in the trip) and I am NOT above bribery with those critters.

  5. In June my two young daughters and I drove from Phoenix to St. Louis. We tried to find license plates from all 50 states. We saw 45!!!

  6. I always make sure to pack audio books for our family to listen to when we go on a road trip. We get really engrossed in listening to so many wonderful stories. Snacks keep us occupied too! With 9 kids, I just try and find something that works!

  7. Riding in a car or airplane automatically puts me to sleep. It must be the hum of the engines. Unfortunately I have a tough time driving by myself if my travel is longer than about 30 minutes. The irony is my mother is an insomniac and she is so jealous of my ability to fall asleep so easily.

  8. I haven’t been on a plane in many many years, so I can’t speak to that. I always drive on road trips as I get motion sick if I look down (and I’ll admit to my control issues there too), but audiobooks keep the kids happy.

  9. I bring new books. For everyone! Mommy gets to read. Girls get to “read” a new book or color in a new book – depending on the type I bring. One day, I’ll have a DVD player in the car!

  10. One great tip for traveling with kids is to leave very early in the morning. We had a 12 hour drive and left at 5am. Our then 3 month old and 2 year old slept for hours and were content until we stopped at noon to eat!

  11. I always pack them a little basket of items to take with them. I usually include some cheap dollar store activities. They love it!

    lemongreen915 at gmail dot com

  12. Audiobooks!!! and podcasts. I think I may be one of the few people that prefers to listen to talking (although I don’t really want to talk, I just want to listen to the talking) almost all of the time. While I’m driving, running, cooking, cleaning, etc.

  13. Just came back from a four hour car ride with my family. Best solution is to have such a fun vacation that everyone falls asleep on the ride home!

  14. I like to “freshen up” our DVD collection for the car ride from the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Twenty-bucks buys a whole lotta happiness in the backseat!!

  15. I save the portable DVD player as a treat for long car trips. My two kids take turns choosing movies, and they usually leave me alone so I can focus on a podcast if I’m driving or a book if I’m in the passenger seat.

  16. I agree with the hydration comments! I have learned to carry an empty water bottle through security at the airport and refill it on the other side to avoid the pricy water available for purchase at every stop on the way to my gate. The AMR podcasts have been a great traveling companion as well, since reading while flying doesn’t tend to bode well for my unsettled tummy on long trips. πŸ™‚

  17. I used my husbands iPad on the airplane to catch up on blogs or I watch movies. Makes plane rides go by much quicker.

  18. Traveling with a two year old and six month old is never easy, but making sure we leave at the right time is key. We like to get out early while they are still sleepy and then buy giant coffees for us. Makes it way easier.

  19. We take one “epic” car trip as a family each summer. This year it was just over 4,000 miles. We opt to drive straight through the night so our preschoolers sleep for a good portion of the trip. To make the journey easier on them, I hit the dollar bins at Target and provide a new “item” to play with every 2 hours. We taught them to read the navigation map to know “how much longer” so they don’t ask that question, and at night, we give them glow sticks for a middle of the night “rave” in the backseat in the event they wake up when we have to do a gas refill or Starbucks stop. πŸ™‚

  20. Making a special trip to the store, so that each kid can pick out a treat for the long ride, helps the miles to pass abut easier.

  21. When I get to travel sans children! I usually devour a new book, but lately I have been listening to audiobooks. That leaves my eyes and hands free to knit!

  22. I wear compression socks. It makes me much more comfortable, which makes other tough travel challenges easier to deal with.

  23. I drink lots of water. I think when I feel bad (especially when flying) it’s because I’m a little dehydrated.

  24. No great hints or tips because I try to just enjoy it for what it is (sometimes a pain but usually ok), take the opportunity to people watch, and realize that where I end up is just as important as how I got there.

  25. We try tontravelmduring nap times for our 2 year old and 3 month old. However they are never asleep at the same time so we make sure to have a movie for the 2 year old and that seems to keep her happy even if the baby is screaming.

  26. Audio books are our favorite way to pass the time during long car trips. Our long trips are usually around 9 hrs of driving. We’ve listened to all sorts of books, from classics to Harry Potter. Lately we’ve been enjoy Agatha Christie mysteries. Our entire family of 7 enjoys her mysteries.

    And I have to find this product. I heard you mention it on a podcast and I’ve been looking for it. Where can I buy their stuff? I need that Calms Forte. Now that I know the name and brand I will probably search online.

  27. Sadly we just travel overnight now. When even videos and candy bribes stopped working, we found this was the only way to stop the screaming!

  28. I start taking EmergenC in the two days before and after a flight to build up my immune system from all of the recirculated dry air and I hydrate well.

  29. My kids get carsick, so for long car trips — especially when I am driving alone without my husband — I supply my 7 and 5 year olds with travel sickness medicine to cut down on the car drama and the puke clean-ups. With this insurance, I have a safe and sometimes peaceful car trips with minimal “are we there yets.”

  30. I always have books in the car that both kids can reach and generally pack their Leapsters for long rides. And if all else fails – the DVD player always gets them to stop whining & sit quietly. Oh, and food/snacks work well too! πŸ™‚

  31. I have had to travel a lot more than normal this summer – both driving and flying. I try to interact with the kids as much as I can even though I want to listen to my own music or read my own books. It makes them less annoying and less likely to bicker. So we play car games and make up stories, Chinese Firedrills at red lights, and we stop often for the bathroom and have good snacks. I do butt clenches and quad clenches and flex and point my feet as often as I remember to.
    I have been using benedryl to help us all sleep and we all do have allergies, so it is legit! But it would be wonderful to not be groggy in the morning!

  32. When taking driving trips, I drive. That gives me the ability to stop and stretch my legs. I also pack snacks and games for the kids. When I fly, it’s a great excuse to grab a new magazine or book. You never know how long you will be sitting around:)

  33. We try to take the earliest flights we can find. It makes for an early morning but guarantees the boys get a nap on the flight and an early bedtime!

  34. I generally pack my latest running magazines, a large bottle of water from inside the airport, and a pen to be able to mark all the great “need to know” info. πŸ™‚

  35. I hit the Dollar Spot at Target to make a little goodie bag for each kid of “new stuff”. It usually holds their attention for quite a whole.

    On the rare occasion that I’m traveling alone, I like to treat myself to either a new book on my Kindle (air travel) or a book on CD from the library (for the car).

  36. The last few issues of Runner’s World and TrailRunner and a water bottle. I make sure to find ice before I get on the plane, so that I always have plenty of cold water. I’d rather get up to pee a million times than be dehydrated and puffy!

  37. A clipboard full of papers for each kids to do…..coloring pages, word searches, tic-tac-toe, the states game….etc.

  38. We travel between MD where we live and NY where my parents and sisters live pretty frequently by car. Last summer, we went even further all the way to Florida by car. Our saving grace has been car chargers for all of our electronics. Besides smartphones, there are Nook Tablets, DS games, and the like. Having car chargers for all those devices means we get where we need to and mom’s sanity is still intact!

  39. I usually pack a bag full of goodies and fun/car friendly things for the kids to do that I only give them after we’ve started driving.

  40. Flying is expensive for our family of 5, so we drive. We took an Epic Road Trip two years ago and drove over 6,000 miles! What pulled us through was the two-screen DVD player and we went through the entire Pirates series, as well as all of the Harry Potters. Saving grace, that DVD player!

  41. My travel secret… my husband and a good book. It rarely happens that I get to read quietly while he drives, as we have a two year old in the back, but 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there is nice when it happens!

  42. With two young kids, any long car or plane trip without them is sheer bliss – talking with spouse without interruptions, reading for pleasure, my choice of music, the list is endless;) With them, we tend to avoid still:(

  43. Car trip – breaking it up with stops that combine food/bathroom with another activity/outing.
    Flights – one backpack per person, including kids, and the kids are responsible for packing everything they need in that one bag. Eliminates the excess.

  44. Good music and good snacks, works for travel by car or plane! And for the kiddos, our smart phones and my Nook are invaluable!

  45. When traveling for a race, I try to eat a carb filled meal before the flight, so I go all carbohydrate coma during and can get a little nap in. Plus plenty of water to avoid the dreaded dry mouth/skin feeling with the re-circulated air in the cabin.

  46. On our trip to NC a few weeks ago, I packed a few “goody bags” for my kids. I let them pick a goody bag every few hours, as an incentive to get a good traveler. The items I put in the goody bags were from the dollar store, but the kids really looked forward to these rewards.

  47. Food, food, and more food. As long as the kid’s mouths are full, no one is yelling, screaming, or crying! πŸ™‚

  48. I have a 4yo and he loves when I bring special snacks and movies for a driving trip. Sometimes on the way I also have him pick out something at a gas station while we stretch our legs. He thinks it is amazing to get a lollipop that normally he would not get at home πŸ™‚ For me I have learned to pack socks, a few good magazines, a few of my sons books, crayons, and a notebook. It is a distraction for a fit or a nice break to enjoy between movies πŸ™‚ I have also learned to cut up veggies and fruit for our trips and bring along our sandwiches so we don’t have such tummy bloat while traveling.

  49. I bring a good book, comfy socks, and make sure I’m packed well ahead of getting on the plane. I find that preparation takes the stress away. Oh, and I make sure to not eat before a plane flight, or only eat bland food. Maybe this is TMI, but no smelly burps or gas/bloating on the plane is good for me!!!

  50. If we’re in the car, a book on CD for hubby and me and a good princess movie for the littles. On a plane, a good book for me and leave the kids at home!

  51. For plane trips, i pack snack bags with treats and munchies for each of my three kids. When the kids are happy, it is a good trip.

  52. Pack your running shoes and gear in your carry on so if your suitcase doesn’t make the it to your destination you can still participate in the race.

  53. I used to commute 4 hours a day total – books on tape were my savior. Now wondering if I could use them again (book on IPod?) for longer runs….

  54. If I know I’m going to be traveling soon, I treat myself (and my daughter) to newbies for the Nook–games and new chapter books for her; a new novel and downloading the Netflix app for me. I have a hard time sleeping on a plane, so it’s nice to have new books and/or magazines to look forward to for a long flight.

  55. Best tip: change expectations about how things should go. My number one: expect the unexpected. Also a good friend once told me that they point of travel is to experience haps and mishaps.

  56. Wear compression socks to keep the blood flowing (for planes and long car rides) AND leave the site-seeing until AFTER the race. My husband hates this because he doesn’t like the slow hobbling from attraction to attraction that I force on us, but it’s not worth it to wear down your legs before the race and have no energy.

  57. Sadly, I have a lot of anxiety with flying. I have started using anti-anxiety meds for flying and it has made a world of difference. Takes the edge off my fears but still allows me to function.

  58. We are road tripping pros. We go to our cottage in the summer and in the winter for skiing! It is about 3.5 hrs each way. Movies and healthy snacks for the kids, lots of water for,parents, good tunes on satellite radio or iPod – Kindle for the passenger.

  59. There is only one thing that makes travel tolerable – PODCASTS! If I need to rest, familiar voices can lull to me sleep, if I need to pass the time or tune out the screaming child in the row behind me (be it my own or someone else’s) a good podcast can do the trick and the really funny one’s can keep me awake while my hubby snores in the passenger seat!

  60. Armed with my iPad and, I am in book heaven. And of course there’s the iPad mini for my grandson.

  61. We’re road warriors. I clearly inhabit bad mommy territory, but what keeps me sane is the ability for my kids to watch DVDs with headphones on so I can listen to podcasts and occasionally music over the speakers while I drive.

  62. Blankets, pillows and stuffed animals to make the kids feel comfy. iPods and audio books to distract them. And snacks for all!

  63. With little ones we try to leave at naptime when driving to and from Grandma and Grandpa’s house (a little under a 4 hour drive) so that we get about half the drive done before we have to start entertaining.

  64. To make travel easier & make sure i don’t forget anything….Make a list of things you normally bring on trips….either laminate it or put it in a sheet protector….add what you need for this particular trip….then mark everything off as it goes into the suitcase.
    I always make sure to add extra healthy snacks & something new for the kids for car or plane.

  65. With a carsick-prone child, spare clothes for everyone and cleanup supplies are a must! And then we pray we don’t need them.

  66. Traveling is one of the few times we allow the kids to be consistently “plugged in”. Distraction via electronics.

  67. I am not a good flier, so I try to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to see the world from that unique angle. And hopefully a cocktail shortly after take off.

  68. Packing an extra set of clothes and 2 additional pair of underwear in your carry on just in case luggage gets lost or you need a ‘change” on extra long flights…di this whenever I traveled overseas and it gave me peace of mind…

  69. I have a box of special toys/crayons/books that is ONLY for long trips. It is not taken out for any other purpose – that way, the items in the box are special, not boring. I always pack snacks, water, tissues, and books in easy to reach places and throw our water bottles (half-full) in the freezer in advance and top off with fresh water on the way out the door. They function as ice packs and beverages. Lately (on some VERY long trips) we’ve added the option of a movie (with headphones) on a portable DVD player. For me? Compression socks & tights (esp important on flights but also long car rides) and I make sure we all get out to stretch (mom, kid, dog) every couple hours.

  70. I always bring my kindle or a great book! nothing helps me sleep better than reading before bed when I’m in a strange place!

  71. I swear by books on tape, umm CD, or make that Ipod. Guess I’m showing my age. Makes the longest trip seem like just minutes.

    If I’m flying I also have to add in my compression socks and airborn.

  72. Pack the night before, have the items needed to remove from your bag at airport security in a front pocket so they are easy to take out, you can always put it in your preferred location after you go through security. With the kids I like to pack easy to eat snacks like cheese sticks and almonds!

  73. Packing cubes to keep everything organized in the suitcase, snacks to keep away the hunger grumpy meltdowns, and water bottles with built in filters to refill where ever I can. Don’t forget charger cables and head phones.

  74. Don’t forget your chargers, buy snacks and candy ahead of time so you can begin gorging yourself immediately, keep a toothbrush and extra pair of undies in your purse, and make sure you’ve downloaded your AMR podcast to your phone ahead of time!

  75. I double and triple check I have everything the night before. Each kid has their own bag with special snacks, the oldest two use our iPads and we have to figure out how to entertain the baby:)
    If I’m traveling without kids (hahaha!) a good book, water and light jacket.

  76. We pack lots of things to do from coloring to card ganes abd onto our leap pads and lots of snacks :). A new toy sometimes helps too, nothing big something small but new…it helps!

  77. It’s been awhile since we flew but when my kids were 4&3 we flew to Florida and I packed a lot of new to them toys, special treats AND masking tape. Because the seats are vinyl the tape won’t stick…I think we used 2 hole rolls.

  78. The last mini-van we purchased has one of those built-in DVD players with headphones for each child!! I used to see those and think that was silly, but now that we have one, I couldn’t live without it on long car rides! Also, snacks. πŸ™‚

  79. Ear plugs are a must. I recently was on a 20 hour train ride and forgot my plugs…. couldn’t sleep a wink πŸ™

  80. Snacks are a definite must for a smoother trip, as well, movies for the kids works wonders too. Of course they have to listen to the movie through headphones so it makes the trip quieter too!

  81. I’ve become an antsy traveller. To keep myself and my significant otheir sane on road trips I treat myself to a bevy of new podcasts, whatever snacks I please at pit stops, and occasionally a dose of Benadryl. I’ve often forced my non running car mates to listen to running podcasts. Gas stations on long trips are the only time I’ll let myself buy Bugles, a childhood favorite that has no place in my kitchen. My partner doesn’t mind driving, but sometimes misses me when all else fails and I use something to help me sleep. For flights, I’ll save my latest issue of Runner’s World, or enjoy a magazine that I don’t subscribe to.

  82. Kids get to pack their carry ons with a few select toys and their fave snacks (trip to the grocery store the day before, each one gets to pick something-nothing off limits!) after they go to bed the night before the trip, sneak a new (in package) toy into their carry on. Something small like a matchbox car is amazing when they are not expecting it! We play “spy” games on airport layovers, guessing what the different people are up to. Also, pack twice as many underwear in their suitcases as you think you need.

  83. We have always tried to include our son in on trip planning and have him pick some activities for the car or plane. I also get a few surprises – treats, toys, card games, etc (age appropriate). These days , it also helps to load a new game on his iPod during the trip for those moments when we all want personal downtime. I love to travel, so I think it helps keep all of us going.

  84. My husband convinced me to always pack earplugs for any overnight trips.. if bringing kids on a long car ride, a portable dvd player and plenty of snacks we normally wouldnt buy. Not necessarily junk food, just items we dont buy on a regular grocery run. Best advice would be just go with the flow.

  85. To make flying less stressful, I simply avoid it at all costs these days! And long car rides are tolerable because I sleep and so do my two teenage boys. My husband is not a good passenger, so he takes the wheel and everyone is happy. πŸ™‚

  86. I pack a sachet of lavender in my bag to tuck in my hotel pillow. It’s got that calming aromatherapy thing and takes away that hotel smell. Aaaahhhhhh!

  87. Travelling without children–especially solo travel!–really makes the whole experience go a lot smoother πŸ˜‰ But with the kids, unlimited access to electronics (which is not our norm) really works well.

  88. On a 500 mile drive last summer, I taught my then 7-year-old how to do the “license plate” game — he was so into finding as many states as he could and the drive went by so quickly! Best moment: 7-year-old: “Mom — I just saw a license plate for Montenegro!” Me: “Umm, I think that was Montana.” 7-year-old “Oh — that makes sense.” We hold off on any electronics as long as possible – if the kids have been using good behavior, they get to watch something for the last 1-2 hours of those really long trips.

  89. I pack a bag for each child with fun things they haven’t played with in a while and let them get a new thing out after x amount of time. Also do fun snacks, dvds, etc.!

  90. For the long car rides, we bring lots of movies, coloring books, books to read for the girls (since they don’t get carsick), leapfrog stuff and play games.

  91. We do a lot of road trips with our kids. I ALWAYS make a list or I’m sure to forget something. I pack the day before. I always have a toy bag with “new” toys that are only for the car: books, crayons, happy meal type toys, etc. My daughter also has games and movies on the iPad (and head phones!). We bring a cooler with drinks and snacks. I spy is a favorite car game for us, too πŸ™‚ The final thing we always do is stop every couple of hours to run around. It doesn’t add all that much time to the trip but it sure works wonders on everyone’s disposition!

  92. I always make sure I have a good book downloaded onto my Kindle to read at the airport and during the flight. Reading relaxes me, and I don’t often take the time I should to relax with a good book.

  93. I always book the last row of the plane for me, my husband, and our recently-turned six-year-old daughter. We get to board the plane before the overhead compartments are full and we are right in front of the bathrooms, so there is no chance of being stuck behind the drink cart when you are trying to get back to your seat.

  94. I don’t get upset nor do I let anyone else get upset over delays, bad traffic etc. some how I manage to spew rainbows and sunshine no matter what the issue is. Strangely this occurs only when traveling πŸ™‚

  95. Road trips with the kids – plenty of snacks, books and movies! This year I gave each kid a special goodie bag 1/2 way into trip with books and treats unique to each of them. happy boys = happy mommy and quiet car ride!

  96. I let go of any weird issues I have with screen time and just let the flood gates open – videos downloaded on the Kindle Fire, her kid CDs downloaded onto our phones and a pair of headphones for her, pouches pouches pouches (those squeezey ones from Plum Organics and the like). And we make everything that would be normal at home exciting if it is done while traveling – “Look, your own HOTEL bed!” “Wow, an AIRPLANE MAGAZINE!” “A teeny airplane BATHROOOM/SEAT/AISLE/ARM REST!”

    After that, we pack extra ear plugs for our fellow travelers and offer to buy them all drinks. In a sign of all that is right with humanity, no one has ever once taken us up on either offer.

  97. On our frequent long car rides across Nebraska with four kids, we pack plenty of books on CD that are adventurous or funny. It makes the time fly by. Plus we have lots of “sometimes food” snacks like M&M’s, Pop Tarts, and Oreos. We also will do round the car stories where each person has to add a sentence or a “scene” to a story using objects we see on the road. With three boys, there are inevitably aliens and a Bigfoot in every story.

  98. carry some easy snacks along in your purse or carry on – one’s never sure anymore if there’ll be snacks on the plane, and it’ll keep you on track with your fitness goals if you carry something with you to keep you from that mcdonald’s in the airport! also, take an EMPTY water bottle through security with you and fill it up on the other side, that way you can have plenty of water for your plane flight…

  99. I always bring a bottle of water, something to read and an emergency snack bag with carrots, granola bar and pretzels. If traveling with the kids, I just triple that and add kids allergy chewables and a small treat for each to the snack bag just in case!

  100. I try to read and sleep my way through a trip. It makes the time go by faster and I feel like I actually have some energy once we reach our destination.

  101. Read. Anything. But I carry my ”train like a mother’ book on any plane trip because my random thoughts always return to running plans.

  102. When flying, my must-haves are my angel pin (slightly superstitious here) and a good book or magazine. In the car I usually fall asleep.

  103. I always pack food. That way I know what I am getting (I am Gluten free) and I can eat when i’m hungry instead of looking for food when i am STARVING and will make a bad decision. Also, bringing my own pillow helps me sleep better.

  104. I bring along a book of questions – there are lots of books on the market – and each person in the car picks a page number and question number then has to answer that question! VERY cool way to get to know each other — just preview the book as my 11 year old discovered a whole section on “steamy questions.” OOPS!

  105. As much as I hate to admit it, our saving grace is Dramamine. Both of our boys get easily carsick. It’s gotta be genetic, because my husband and I both did as children as well. And Dramamine has the added benefit of making people drowsy! So everyone but the driver gets some dramamine…the driver gets the radio to themselves…and everyone else gets a NAP!

  106. My husband and I always like to have something to read. That way, we don’t get bored…and sometimes reading induces sleep (for me)!

  107. Honestly, we stick with tried and true (these days) electronics and DVDs. When we get sick of that we go back to the (from our childhood) tried and true ABC game!

  108. I have a 7 year old and we can never get to where we’re going fast enough. My survival…a trip to the dollar store. A new toy, puzzle or drawing pad every 30 minutes keeps thing happy. Oh and don’t forget the endless DVD’s and M&M’s.

  109. Magazines and a good book always help take my mind away from the here and now. Also, dvd’s as I recently discovered on a long bus ride.

  110. Since my now 20 yr old daughter was born and traveled before video screens in cars, we used to play both the license plate and the “I spy” game on long car trips. We drove from Atlanta, GA to western NY every summer until she was a college freshman when we were relocated to Cleveland, OH (and I was so upset that I was in western NY when you were in Cleveland). We still play both games whenever we drive here now even though it is only 2.5 hrs not 12!

  111. I buy new books/workbooks/small toys and hide them until the trip so they are new….that we recently got everyone headphones….wonderful!

  112. When my college senior was a little guy(time flies…) I knew all the Mickey D playgrounds on I-35 between my home in OKC and my parents in Houston…frequent stops helped burn off his energy and able to sit in the car. Now when I fly I save my favorite magazines or running books to read on the trip.

  113. Is sleep an acceptable answer? Before we had kids, my husband drove everywhere and I slept the miles away. It was nice πŸ™‚

    Most of the time, the kids veg out and watch movies in the car. It keeps them quiet and entertained. My 5-year-old likes to play I Spy, so we do that sometimes too. And thank goodness for iPads, they keep both kids happy on longer trips!!

  114. We do allow the kids to use their IPads on long trips (over 1 1/2 hours). We have rented movies from Redbox. Makes it so easy to return them to another Redbox (even in another state). We keep track of all of the different states that we see on liscense plates. My older daughter reads books to my younger son. I am not a huge soda person, but when it is my turn to drive, I need a fountain (not can or bottle)of Diet Pepsi. My reward for driving!

  115. When my college senior was a little guy (time flies….) I knew where every Mickey D’s playground was between my home in OKC and my parents’ home in Houston….those stops help break up the trip and burn his energy. Now when I fly I read my favorite magazines…or running books.

  116. I have electronics and I am not afraid to use them. DVD players were extremely useful when we travelled long distances on planes. I now have my 8 and 10 year old pack their own bags. They know they have to entertain themselves. When they were little I would have a few suprise toys that would be delivered when they were teetering on the edge of trouble.

  117. To keep the novelty of our kids’ handheld electronics, we only allow my daughters to play their Leapsters, LeapPads, iPods, etc in the car for road trips, never at home when bored. Also, we make them rotate every 30 minutes so all 3 girls get time on each one. Saves on the kids’ fights!

  118. I also tell my kids (11 and 7) no electronics for the first hour. so other than the usual movies and dsi’s, I try to help them fill the time with new arts supplies and some kind of brainteaser/puzzle workbooks. My older child likes the ones from GAMES magazine and the younger one likes the brainquest cards or kumon workbooks. They end up asking each other questions and every once in a while learning something new. They ususally spend more than an hour with these things before they realize it is time for video games πŸ™‚

  119. For exceptionally long car rides we pack a dinner for the car and leave in the late afternoon. We make a pit stop several hours later to get ready for bed/switch drivers. The kids sleep for most of the trip that way, with the awake times divided on either end of slumber and the parents take 6 hour shifts.

  120. Always bring my neck pillow, plenty of snacks, DVD+IPad for children, card games, and magazines. I’ve never been able to sleep on planes or cars, so for red eyes East, I just bring plenty of magazines and trashy novels and always plan for time for a nap and early bed time on my first day east. I never red eye with the kids.

  121. I try to get the kids a few new toys / items that they can play on while we are driving or flying. We make sure the DVD player is charged, and we have a lot of snacks to make it through. It still isn’t easy – but it definitely makes a long drive a little better.

  122. I fly at least 3 times a year coast-to-coast with my 4 kids ON MY OWN (right now they are all under 8), and our tricks include ipad, stickers, color wonders, candy necklaces, and a new small toy. In the car we branch out a bit, and I even let them play with playdoh! (I have even gotten it on the place before!)

  123. LO is only 17mo so we play music in the can and occasionally will allow her to play on the iPhone or iPad. However she loves listening to music so this keeps her entertained for a while and when she gets bored of that I have some new to her toys/books for her to play with.

  124. Movies, LeapPads, and matchbox cars are a must for my two boys, 5 and 2. We drive home from the beach in NJ to PA (about two hours) and play “I Spy” until my husband turns up the radio to signal that it’s quiet time. Hmmm… Anyway, my 5 year old usually falls asleep quickly (head bobbing all over the place – hasn’t anyone invented a “head strap” for a car seat to prevent the constant head bobbing?), but my 2 year old likes me to rub his leg until we get home… usually resulting in some sort of strained neck or back for me from twisting to the back seat. So the list is actually: Movies, LeapPad, cars, and Advil.

  125. When I was a kid, a family friend, who was like a grandma to me, would pack one little present per hour of traveling to be unwrapped and played with in the car. I have adopted this as well. It is usually something from the $1 bins at Target.

  126. For less painful travel with kids (3 energetic young boys), I load the car up with new (to them) dvd’s, games, books, snacks and more. I usually try to plan lunch at a park (or indoor play yard, in cold months) so that they can run off some energy on breaks. I wish I could find a less painful way for ME to travel – with my sciatic nerve bound up with a messed up hamstring, I get about 20 good minutes of sitting before the pain kicks in …

  127. We don’t let the kids have much time with the ipads outside of traveling, so they are super excited that they get to play ipad for hours at a time on a plane. And snacks. Many, many snacks.

  128. My boys would like to read or play the ipad, but they get carsick, so we use audiobook CDs that I burn from the library. I love the Overdrive app idea, Eliza! Am downloading the app now πŸ™‚ We also have an app for Mad Libs, which they love (using their favorite words — booger, vomit, poo poo, etc. etc.).

  129. On long car trips, when the bickering starts, I coyly turn up the heater and change the station to quieter music. Pretty soon I look back and the kids are mouth open, lights out. I make it cooler and change the station back to whatever I want and enjoy the peace for awhile. Turns the trip right around!!

  130. We have three kids – our oldest son just turned 4 and our boy-girl twins are 2. As you might imagine, a 12-hour one-way trip to visit my in-laws requires tremendous creativity and patience. Last trip, we bought three inexpensive cookie sheets and gave each of them some magnets, some crayons and some paper. The “lip” on the cookie sheet kept the crayons from rolling away (theoretically), the kids played and traded the animal magnets (read: fought over), and the magnets held their paper in place for drawing (or for their sibling to surreptitiously scribble on it). Our “cookie sheet” activity tables never bought us more than 15-20 minutes at a time (darn those short attention spans), but I’ll take every little bit I can get on those trips. Now, off to comb everyone’s comments for new ideas to use on our upcoming 12-hour Labor Day trip!!

  131. When I’m flying alone, my iPod never fails me! πŸ™‚ I shut my eyes and just listen to music. Family road trips are always a bit smoother with trusty snacks and frequent stops πŸ™‚

  132. The number one thing I do is leave my children behind. I have found that, after years of toting around snacks and activities, flying or driving alone is a wonderful bit of me time. For long car trips, with or without the children, I listen to books on tape. There is a great app called Overdrive that lets you check out audio books from your local library and download them onto your device for 3 weeks at a time.

  133. I wish I could just snooze or get drunk when I travel, LOL. I use my “OCD” to my advantage: in a car, I have my magazines, water bottle, tunes, headphones. In a plane, I book aisle seat, near the door, at the front, bring a magazine, headphones and tunes, of course, and I play the EXIT game. When taking off, landing, or turbulence I go through the letters E, X, I, T, and come up with as many words as I can for each one over and over. It helps keep my mind focussed on something other than my tummy being all squirrelly:)

  134. I don’t know if it counts, but I try to book travel on Horizon Air whenever possible for the free beer & wine. Nothing soothes my nerves better than a glass of booze……and sometimes they even REFILL me. This especially useful when traveling with children…..

  135. I’ve found that if we run our children to the ground and play really hard before embarking on a long car ride, they sleep soundly when we set out on long car rides. That or leaving exceptionally early so they want to go back to sleep have become two of our most frequently used “coping mechanisms.” Good luck in your ventures.

  136. Since moving from MI to PA, we have an 8 hour car ride in order to see extended family – honestly, our portable DVD player is a lifesaver during stretches of the trip!

    P.S. GREAT to meet you both last night in Cleveland!

  137. Traveling with kids is always a challenge. I make sure I have DVD player, gummies, gum and extra money for those unexpected things that always happen. A bribe from McDonalds on a car trip πŸ™‚

  138. After just flying cross country (Seattle to New York) solo with my three year old and one year old, my secret for my next trip will be to travel sans the kids! πŸ˜‰

  139. I used to get motion sick a lot when I was younger. it would take me two days to recuperate from a coast to coast non-stop until one trip when I was probably 16?!?!? a woman sitting across from me on the plane starting buying me Bloody Marys. (yes, I know, bad woman!) BUT……it was the very first time I did not turn green, puke, and require dark solitude for 48 hours upon landing. after that, I drank a Bloody Mary or two on every flight. when I stopped drinking alcohol, I switched to tomato juice and it has been equally successful.

  140. I’m a flight attendant! I’ve run all over the world and many times at all hours. I try my best to stay on “my timezone.” And my best advice…..WATER, tons of it. Keep hydrated and it really helps with jetlag.

  141. Unsure about the coping, but it helps put my mind at ease. I put a copy of my passport inbetween the insole and shoe. That way if I lose or am robbed, I still have a copy of my passport. that and ziplock baggies! They can used for almost anything!

  142. For long drives over 2 hours, I need to have something to drink. Every two hours, I stop and stretch my legs to relieve the stress.
    Blasting the radio and singing along also helps πŸ™‚
    Never been on a plane..

  143. Traveling this week between Florida & Indiana and for some reason airplane seats always make my hips hurt. I was distracted this time by downloading a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones on my Kindle, however my daughter told me I was gasping outloud during the violent parts.

  144. We took what we thought would be a beast of a road trip earlier this spring with our (then) almost 6-year old and our 15 month old, traveling from St. Louis to western New York in a day and a half. The trip went surprisingly well with little electronic distraction. We brought nearly every electronic gadget we owned (portable dvd player, DS, Leapster, iPhone, etc), but we were so pleasantly surprised that our kids didn’t really use the electronics, save for a movie here and there in the car. We had a great time play car-ride karaoke and playing the license plate game. The license plate game was a favorite of mine growing up, so it was a blast sharing it with my husband and my boys. Next time, the electronics are staying at home!

  145. Oh my goodness, I am reading this in a super-sleep-deprived state & craving these pills & my bed!! Alas, I’m at work so that ain’t happening for a while. I am suffering from menopausal insomnia, going on four years & getting worse, & it SO gets in the way of running in the mornings!
    But I digress.
    My best travel tip is really the simplest one, patience & making the best of whatever situation arises. I used to be impatient & easily aggravated by little things. Old age (it’s not like I’m 80, I’m only 50!) has brought an abundance of patience for me (along with that insomnia. I look at the patience as the silver lining to the black cloud of insomnia!) So when you travel, enjoy the hiccups that are to be expected along the way & embrace the experience of new people & situations you may have otherwise missed. πŸ™‚

  146. I seriously love to travel. I do take my foam roller in the car with me and have used it in the car – while someone else is driving, of course. To add to my love of travel, I can sleep anywhere. If I am tired, I fall asleep with no issues – airplane, car, bus, hotel, good mattress, bad mattress, ground, sleeping bag, gym floor (a girl scout event where I was moved by pulling my sleeping bag to another location as I slept – great chaperone, eh?).

  147. We are taking our first big road trip (MN to WA and back) next week with our kids…ages 2 and 5. I have been soliciting advice from all of my mother friends. Here is what I have come up with…mad libs, stickers, surprises along the way, movies and snacks. We are also going to pack food and stop at rest stops for lunch, where the boys can run around for a bit. Wish us luck!

  148. I introduced my children to Mad-libs (wasn’t sure they were still published), and they LOVE them. They are good travelers in general, but this is a nice change up from reading etc., and they are fun to do as a group.

  149. We try to travel during the night or during nap times. We have a 3yo and a 1yo, so the attention span is EXTREMELY short! When we do travel during the day, I packed one of my old purses full of toys, notebooks, and pens/pencils/colors. The girls can both reach it from their car seats, and play with whatever they want to. It’s not fool proof, but it buys us some valuable time on the road! πŸ™‚

  150. When traveling alone, my Kindle is my saving grace. I bury myself in a book. Traveling with kids, I hit up the dollar store and buy several goodies, then slowly pull them out over the course of the trip. Also special snacks we don’t usually have help, too!

  151. I really enjoy crocheting on long car rides or plane rides. I get motion sick when I read, so that is out. Also, I am short enough that I can generally fold up my legs, snuggle a pillow in my lap and snooze on almost any flight. One other advantage to being short is I can generally stand up at my seat and not hit the overhead bins. This means I can do calf raises or stretch to my short heart’s content.

  152. Having just driven from eastern upstate NY to Chicago (and doing the reverse again next week), this is fresh in my head! I traveled alone with my 6-year old, and some no brainers for us were AMR podcasts for me and a DVD player for her. The podcasts I had saved up lasted me until nearly Buffalo, NY and I made a stop into a Target in PA to buy a new movie for my patient travel companion.
    Traveling is one of the times when I try to say “yes” as much as I can as well.
    “Yes, you can watch another movie.”
    “Yes, we can get McDonald’s.”
    “Yes, you can eat the whole bag of Swedish fish.”
    It really does make the travel less painful (and yes, I did say all 3 of those things on my recent road trip!).

  153. Alone, I have to have my kindle loaded with books, a pack of gum to help pop my ears and my trusty travel pillow. With my kids its all about the portable DVD player.

  154. We have a three-year-old, and make once or twice-yearly jaunts to England to see the inlaws. Must-haves: stickers, ten or so Dollar Tree pairs of headphones, snacks of all sizes/shapes/colors that we would never allow under normal circumstances, and yes, Calms Forte for the parents. Thanks for that, by the way – it’s made a world of difference. We’re heading over again at the end of September, and we’ll definitely be stocking up. Thanks ladies!

  155. On a 15 hour road trip this past year with just me and my 10 year old to the St Jude Race in Memphis I found movies helped entertain my son, and me as I got to listen…. counting license plates and stopping every 2 hours to stretch help make the miles fly along, it was the first big drive for my son and I was the only driver! He didn’t sleep a wink the whole 30 hours we were on the road that weekend….

  156. In order to make travel more enjoyable, I make sure to have THREE chargers in the car, as there are three of us, and running out of battery mid game/entertainment is no fun for anyone! Of course as the driver, I’m not playing a game, but I use the GPS and music A LOT!

  157. We have yet to find the magic formula to make traveling with our boys easier. Maybe that’s why our longest road trip has been 5 hours. Books and toys do help as do taking breaks.

  158. The kids are older now so any trip is much easier. Music, Nook, iPods, each kid their own headphones and bag of snacks. Of course, rest breaks to stretch everyone’s legs and let the kids run around a bit. For me, all I need is a good book and I’m set. πŸ™‚

  159. Some calling it giving in but I call it keeping my sanity – the iPad. Our daughter loves it and happy for me loves the letter and word games as much as the mindless videos. We try to save it for longer car rides and plane rides (doesn’t always happen but hey, we try) so that it will be a treat and not seem like old hat. For me? Love a good book for a plane ride but I always end up falling asleep when I am a car passenger – I can’t read while riding (motion sickness).

  160. We recently drove to the Grand Canyon for a family road trip. Before we left for the long drive in the car, I had made activity binders for both my kids (8 & 10) that were filled with games, puzzles and coloring pages. I thought that the binders were for my children, but it turned out to be for my husband and myself. While the kids were in the back seat working in the puzzles and coloring up a storm, my husband and I got to talk to each other….something that is a rarity in our busy work schedules!

  161. The best thing for long flights is the in-seat entertainment system on long distance airplanes. We travel US West Coast to Europe to visit my parents, and the 12 hour flight is bearable when the kids can watch as many movies as they want.

  162. Tunes! We can get in some major miles in, as long we have a great mix of driving music. And good snacks πŸ™‚

  163. Traveling is so much easier now that the kids are grown and my hubby and I travel alone! The most important thing for me is to make sure I have my little fleece blanket with me. My DH loves keeping the car very cool with the a/c, too cool for me.

  164. I wish my nerves could be calm on a trip in the car, even down the street sometimes with my husband’s driving it’s scary. I don’t mind a plane ride, but of course from what I just said I’m sure you can understand why!

  165. Never underestimate the power of a good list! If I have made a good list of everything needed for trip and can check off before departure I feel much more relaxed!

  166. Snacks, water, leg stretching breaks for long car trips – our boy used to be ok with watching all the trucks go by but on our last trip we resorted to tech stuff to keep him occupied and he spent part of the trip chasing dinosaurs on his ipad. On a plane its movies or his fav tv shows, snacks, neck pillows and a bit of melatonin to get some sleep.

  167. I hate flying but love to travel, but have noticed I’m naturally calmer on flights with my son…wouldn’t want him to pick up on my nerves. I cope by picking shorter non-stop flights if possibl with bigger planes, and by giving him my iPad to watch movies while I read, the trashier the book the better. On road trips, open the windows and turn up the radio!

  168. Recently took an overnight flight, and brought along ear plugs and eye shades– looked pretty cute, but wow did they make a difference!

  169. We take a 5-hour car trip to the beach each summer…2 adults and 4 kids. What’s helped is:

    1. Car bags – Each kid has their own little bags – has snacks, water bottle, spiral, colored pencils, book and ear buds.

    2. Kindle

    It keeps the arguing to a minimum and we normally arrive relatively sane… πŸ˜‰

  170. First I have to say I have been wanting to try the calms forte stuff ever since you mentioned it in a podcast way back when and have yet to do so.

    When I am traveling with my family the best travel tool to get us through is to make sure the kids are well fed and well entertained. iPads, I touches, movies, comic books, pads of paper to write/draw on. Kindles. You name it we bring it.

    If it is just my husband and I or me solo (oh, a girl can dream;) ) a good book, earplugs, an my podcasts with earphones are perfect travel companions. Some day I will spring for one of those fancy neck pillows.

  171. I love using melatonin to help with the sleeping issues and the turn off the brain issues. For the little guy, we load the ipad with his favorite tv shows. Right now he is in LOVE with Little Einsteins. On a recent 9 hour car ride to TN, he watched one season three times. Let’s just say the theme song is embedded in my brain now as a permanent ear worm.

  172. I try hard to travel during nap time. We make a regular journey back to the grandparents that last 2.5 hours, and I’m usually able to get my 2 year old and 4 month old to sleep the whole time. Score!

  173. My kids have special travel backpacks for car/plane trips. They carry their own entertainment and snacks so I have one less thing to deal with, and the backpacks have special toys and coloring stuff they only use on trips πŸ™‚

  174. I’m old school with a book or magazine. But I ALWAYS pack the jumbo pack of Twizzlers pull ‘n peel. We all like them, they don’t melt in the car, and they take longer to eat than M+M’s by the handful!

  175. A movie or the iPad for the kids with headphones and one special snack for each of them. Always surprised how many people don’t bring along headphones for their kids electronics. I’m pretty sure no one else wants to listen to the Mario Bros. theme for 2 hours straight. I have kids and I know I don’t want to hear it. I always treat myself to a magazine I wouldn’t usually have the time to read at home πŸ˜‰

  176. Pack a lot of healthy snacks, a full water bottle, stain wipes, and a fully loaded Kindle never hurt. But let’s face it — flying solo is a luxury in itself for this mother runner!

  177. Two Secrets for this Mama:
    For my 5 year old, books on CD! She loves to “read” along and chat about the books as we drive. For my almost 9 year old, a portable DVD player with headphones. This keeps both kiddos happy and my sanity in place. He doesn’t have to listen to her “baby” books and she can’t bother him about whatever crazy Ben 10 character that is. I even put the sound on her speaker only, so I can barely hear the droning of Curious George for the 1000000th time. This means Mommy gets some-gasp-QUIET TIME! Sigh. It’s so rare, I will absolutely take it where I can get it! πŸ˜‰

  178. Nowadays with my son the portable DVD player is my best friends keeps him entertained the whole way…but this makes me think of when I was younger and my parents would take me and my sisters to my Uncle’s house about an hour away…there was this bridge that was about half way and when we got to that bridge we were allowed to open our travel snacks which were always rolos, sweettarts and sprees. Loved those trips!

  179. No matter where I travel I always pack a good book or magazine to read and lots of snacks, like cut veggies with hummus, fruit & nut bars, and most importantly rice chex (I’m addicted to them). I also try to take stretching breaks whenever my muscles start to feel too right.

  180. In a car we play the alphabet game..we have to find the alphabet, in order, on road signs or license plates. You will pass 100 cars with a Z or Q in the license plate UNTIL it’s the one you are looking for! We also see how many states we can find on license plates.
    On a plane, I’m usually solo, so I read.

  181. I travel with earplugs. They came in handy recently when flying back from Hawaii. Five crying babies within 2 seats from me :). Of course I had to put on the in flight earphones over them and wrap my sweater around my head LOL!!

  182. On a plane good reading material is a must. My kids are older now. I solved a number of problems on the last car trip by letting the 18 yr.old drive the WHOLE trip. It was fabulous!

  183. Noise blocking earbuds are a must, especially on overnight flights. And running shoes (of course!) to keep my feet comfortable. Some chocolate doesn’t hurt either…

  184. Kindle Fire makes the 3 year old, 7 year old and myself happy. When its just me my sleeping trick is always Benadryl. Thinking making the switch to Calms Forte would be a good idea!! Benadryl leaves me sluggish for two days after.

  185. We usually try to leave in the middle of the night. I keep the kids up until we leave-around 1 or 2 am-and then they crash in the car! My kids will then usually sleep for the first 6-8 hours of a long car trip! No fighting, no whining, no “how much longer”. πŸ™‚

  186. My trick is that we’ve traveled with kids since they were babies. They usually sleep well in the car, have each other for company. And they each bring their favorite blankie for cuddling My trick for Travel is good tunes and strong coffee!

  187. My son is 2, and his favorite game in the car is “Mom…Mom….Mommy…..Mom….Ma….Mom…” WHAT?! “Hi…”
    It does not however, make time pass any faster! Lol

  188. I always try to get a window seat so I can use the side of the plane as a head rest and so I don’t have to let anyone out to get to the bathroom or anything like that.

  189. For my kids, the iPad, portable DVD player and Chocolate Chex cereal. For me, a good bag of trail mix and my Kindle Paperwhite! 99% of the books in there are running related…you could say I’m addicted to a good running read.

  190. My babies are all young. Snacks and the iPad and stops at parks along the way to strech and play are all a must! Great X training for a Mother Runner to play like a kid at the park :).

  191. My kids love music as much as my husband and I do so, in long car rides, they love to listen, sing along, and even make requests for certain playlists. This also works on flights we’ve made together (along with reserving play time on their DS games for long trips). Movies, books, coloring, crocheting, or reading magazines also work great (for them and us).

  192. To help calm me, my husband and the kids down on long car rides we tend to plug our iPhones into the radio and blast music that we can all sing along too! Getting the kids to be silly and have fun is a great way to keep everyone happy would equals less fighting and less “are we there yet?” questions. We must look like quite the bunch going down the highway rocking out to Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” (my daughter’s fave) and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” (all of our fave…but it works! Some of the best memories we have made as a family has been in the car on the way to our destination …we have it all good snacks, laughter, dancing, and fun ,music! πŸ™‚

  193. Also, my husband and I use our ipods when the kids, and sometimes the passenger, are asleep. I like listening to your podcasts and my guilty pleasure… Loveline with Dr. Drew!!!

  194. We live in NC and our entire fam (both sides) are in MI, so we travel to and from many times a year. We bought in car double DVD players, which are great, but I also have multiple other things I always do…
    1. Pack a cooler filled with lots of pre-cut fruits and veggies (apples, strawberries, carrots, peppers).
    2. Pack a bag of toys/books. Even for the baby, handing back one toy after the other passes the time, in addition to having a bag full of paci’s!
    3. We have go-to rest stops planned out along the way. One includes a stop in WV that the kids love. It has a huge stuffed bear and a large open grassy field where we always run around for a bit (get out the energy) and sometimes take the time to have a little picnic. Stopping to let them run and get energy out is almost a must on road trips like this that are a minimum 11 hours!

  195. Funny– am road tripping w/ kids tomorrow AM to St. Paul, MN! 6 hour drive supplies for my 3 boys: Nintendo, my iPad ( I give-in for travel), and any snack ending in “-ito”. For mumsy, 70’s tunes, Tab, PowerBars, and my scrubs to sleep in!

  196. My secret probably isn’t much of a secret. We wouldn’t survive long car rides without a laptop/portable DVD player and our kids stack of Signing Time and Veggies Tales. This is the first thing we make sure to get so that we don’t go crazy!

  197. When my son was very little and prone to car sickness we found that we could entertain him by playing a Wiggles DVD. AFter a 6 hour car trip to the beach we threw away the DVD. I’m not sure which was worse, my son crying and throwing up or listening to “Fruit Salad” over and over. Luckily he out grew it, we listen to books on CD, each kid can select a CD to play on long trips as well as mom and dad. My daughter loves Taylor Swift and The Band Perry, my son, who loved The Wiggles, now opts for Metallica. Could use the Calm Forte to attempt to sleep through some of that πŸ™‚

  198. When I’m traveling by myself, give me my Runner’s World magazine and I’m good to go. When I’m with my husband and girls, give me chocolate and a diet coke and I can get through any long travel day.

  199. With 3 young kids, and a yellow lab, traveling can be interesting! We always get a book on CD from the library for the kids…and we turn the sound to the rear speakers so the adults can have a conversation up in the front. The dog gets a new marrow bone…and as a last resort we generate a scavenger hunt list with around 25 things that we need to find. The list consists of anything from a sailboat, to a NH state trooper, to a car with a dog in it… All in all, traveling for our family goes pretty well πŸ™‚

  200. Keeping the kids happy keeps mama (and Daddy!) happy! I make sure they’ve got what they need and when all else fails, I pull out a teeny, tiny bottle of bubbles and have at it (this is something that would relax me LOOOONG before I had kids).

  201. Books on CDs work for us as well. Just drove from Albany NY to Maryland and back with two kids and it went pretty well. Also, if I’m flying a fully charged ipod and lots of knitting to keep me occupied. That and a good book on my kindle. I can’t sleep on planes either. I remember a horrible 12 hour flight to Argentina, the whole plane was sleeping, I was wide awake and bored.

  202. My travel secret is to be prepared!! I usually stop at the drugstore before a long car trip and fill a bag with stickers, washable markers and notepads, books, quiet-ish toys, and of course – snacks! Now that my toddlers are getting bigger, we play “I Spy” and tell silly stories, as well.

  203. I don’t travel by plane very often but anytime we drive longer than 2 hours with my wild & crazy children we plug in the DVD players and hope for the best πŸ™‚

  204. I hate to say it but as someone who has lived overseas for the bulk of my twenties, I’m still looking for secrets that work on the long-haul flights to and from Africa. The best for me is to just accept beforehand that it might be terrible and I’ll get to sleep once I’m there. My husband, on the other hand, can sleep in/through anything and none of his tips work for me!

  205. we just returned from a road trip and drove 12 hours straight, stopping only for gas, coffee/tea, and bathroom breaks. My boys wanted to get home as quickly as possible so they opted to skip stopping for dinner, but we did pack lots of interesting food for lunch. We also swear by books on cd. They actively engage the mind so there is no backseat fighting, and the whole car is entertained. We drove from Chicago to Florida twice with no issues at all as long as we have interesting book to read. Gregor the Overlander series was a huge success as was the Septimus Heap series.

  206. I have been wearing my compression sleeves to be more comfortable. I have a teenager now, so he takes care of himself by sleeping. He misses everything, but he’s quiet!

  207. Socks! I am habitually cold, and I finally remembered to pack a pair of cozy socks on my last coast to coast flight, and what a difference! Slipping off my shoes, slipping on my thick socks, and curling my legs up in my seat = heaven πŸ™‚

  208. I have to do a 3 hr jaunt solo with my 3 year old very frequently. I try to coordinate it over his nap time so he sleeps most of the way. Then I hand him my tablet LOL. For flights I always have headphones and a book — I actually get excited because I can read uninterrupted for that period of time!!

  209. Before we fly I make sure my 3 year old has taken some Tylenol/ibuprofen to help her ears adjust. Plus I make sure there are suckers or gum to help with changes in elevation!

  210. We only allow the car DVD player to be used on vacations in which we drive to our destination. Because of this, it’s still a novelty which gives me several quiet hours!!!

  211. I just drove 16 hours solo with my 4 munchkins sitting in the rows behind me. We’ve made the jaunt dozens of times since I’m from Texas but we currently live in Nebraska. Our number one survival rule: throw rules out the window! Massive amounts of screen time, chocolate milks, skipped naps… Anything to survive with the majority of the fam smiling! The results? Memorable trips including popping squats in rural Kansas while the kids run circles around the van!

  212. This past weekend for our long (7+ hours) car ride to CT, I bought the kids their own neck pillows. We all thought they had died and gone to heaven they liked them so much. And I hardly heard a peep from them the entire time. Sugar-free gum is my go-to for long car rides as well.

  213. Right now I’ve got 8-month-old twins, and we haven’t worked up the nerve to take them on a long road trip yet. I’m sure that will change our travel habits in a big way. But in the past, books, magazines, and snacks always worked for me!

  214. The only time I travel now (for the most part) is with my 2 kiddos so for me the best way to sleep is to give them complete access to the plane’s in air entertainment no matter what the cost! πŸ™‚

  215. I can get through almost anything while knitting. If I keep my head down and just keep counting stitches I can even get through sitting on a grounded plane for a couple of hours without the plan or me moving. This weekend the knitting will have to get me through a 3.5 hour car ride to the beach with my teens, their music and a dog and hubby’s competing NPR radio station.

  216. The best is a book. I take a book or Reader’s Digest everywhere and save it for the reading in the spots where waiting is required.

  217. We haven’t traveled on a plane in a very long time, but for car rides, I follow the map along with where we’re driving and the kids have their many hand held devices to keep them busy πŸ™‚

  218. The DVD player saved my sanity on car rides with the kids. We have had to make several trips to Maryland (from Michigan) for my son’s doctor appointments and the boys like to “rate” reststops and toll booth takers! Keeps them very entertained.

  219. I usually read a good book to pass the time when traveling, but on long car trips I get so antsy that I drive my husband crazy. This summer, during our two day drive to Phoenix, we wore running clothes and shoes for the drive. At each rest stop, we would walk for 5 minutes and run for 5-10 minutes. Being more active for the short time we stopped made the hours between stops more bearable.

  220. Considering I do not sleep well in cars or planes-this would be a great thing to try! Go get me through the long hours -snacks, good books, and more snacks! And new apps for the kids!

  221. This would really be helpful! My secret – pack healthy snacks and cold water. And bring stuff to do – it makes the time go faster. Luckily none of us get car sickness.

  222. Keeping the kiddos entertained is my key to easy travel. The DVD player in the van is priceless tool in that pursuit. I learned the hard way that junk foods and activity books are a no-go with kids prone to car sickness. So road trips are pretty much movie days for my kiddos. Keeps the noise level down and maintains mama’s sanity!

  223. No great secret here – just lots of snacks and activities for our four kids and my own pillow for me! We are driving from MN to CO in a couple weeks for a family vacation – wish me luck with our 20 month old! πŸ™‚

  224. We loved in Massachusetts during my husband’s residency, so I made the trip back to Oregon with my kids solo several times. Packing simply was a must, with a spare outfit (and tee for me), gallon ziplock bag, storybook and snack being high on my list of must-haves. Topping it off was the magical lollipop (for older than nursing age) for take-off and landing to help with little ears. I love the arnica cream and need to try the calms forte to help turn off my brain on those busy jittery nights.

  225. Traveling- especially on a plane is one place that being not so tall really comes in handy. I’m 5’0″, so physical comfort is pretty easy to come by most anywhere. iPad for the toddler, books for the baby and plenty of slow finger foods to keep them occupied! As for me, travel is when I indulge in magazines!

  226. I get car sick if I try to read (or do anything that keeps my focus off the road) & when I was younger I couldn’t sleep unless I was in my bed in the dark. The older & more worn out I’ve gotten I can sometimes doze in the car now. For the kids, we have iPods, iPads, e-readers & a stash of fat free candies. They get drawn in to a good book & you won’t know they’re even in the car πŸ™‚

  227. The most traveling we have done lately is 3-4 hour car rides. My son is older and can entertain himself, but my husband is a restless rider. We recently got a new vehicle that has sirius radio that he finds fun to play with.

  228. I always take a book in the car or airplane. Sometimes it’s tough to read in the car, but in an airplane reading tends to put me to sleep pretty quick. And with any luck I’ll sleep the entire flight!

  229. Secrets that make long car trips β€œpainful”. When I am in control and the kids are not fighting. Quiet kids and music that is what will make the trip less “painful”.

  230. When my son was 1 year old we moved from Minnesota to Southern Alabama. In total we made the trip 3 times and our best trick was driving all night. The hubby and I are both good car sleepers to we would take turns driving, and make sure the kiddo had lots of brand new car toys.

  231. Three small surprises for each little traveler. A treat snack we don’t get often, like lucky charms or mms, that takes a bit of time to eat. A new book and a small Lego or playmobile toy. Space them out and then I get new surprises for the travel home. All else fails, it’s benedryll for everyone but the driver! Kidding, but not a bad idea?!

  232. When the kids were younger I’d make each of them a travel bag packed with snacks, writing materials, coloring books, mad libs, etc. They were not allowed to see the contents until the car ride started. It kept them pretty well occupied and made it a little less painful.

  233. I would love to try Calme Forte for my 4 (four!) red-eye flights in the next 30 days. My flying strategy is to wear compression socks so my legs looks less like an elephant at the destination, and to sip water nonstop during flights.

  234. During our multiple 15 hour car rides each year, I need my pillow and snuggie! (We take our 80 lb dog with us, so we keep it very cool in the car.) Even though we drive through the night, whenever the kiddos are awake they like to watch movies. So DVD players are a must for us, also.

  235. As my kids get older, this gets easier and easier! They have a car bag with headphones, iPod, books, magazines, computer and any other game or toy they want to bring along on the trip! When they were younger, my secret was to pack a few surprises to pull out at stressful times, to try to divert their attention!! Of course snacks and drinks are a must!!

  236. I also was on a red eye flight coming back from Ragnar NWP. I took the Calmes Forte and it definitely helped me get some shut-eye. Thanks to Dmity and Sarah for introducing me to it during a podcast!

  237. I NEED IDEAS, I am traveling to London to watch my daughter and husband compete in the World Triathlon and they are leaving several days earlier, I will be traveling by myself, and I do not like the Big Bird, no ideas but I will wear my tie dye compression socks.

  238. It always gets so cold when I travel, probably because my body wants to shut down. So long cozy pants, fuzzy socks, and a blanket are essential!!!

  239. Although I am not a great traveler I use reading to calm me and my little ones!! I bring so many books! Both on iPad or hard copies! Something about holding a real book always calm my nerves too!!

  240. We take advantage of the books-on-CD from our library when we travel. Our kids are older (12 & 10) so we all hunker down and listen to a book series that the kids want to hear. FYI: Ontario (Canada) to Florida is the perfect length to hear all 3 Hunger Games books. πŸ™‚

  241. We travel a lot by car and I have been known to pack snack bags for the kids. This way I’m not turning around every 10 minutes to give them something. They’re very small portions (maybe 1 marshmallow) but enough to keep them interested and having something new throughout the road trip.

  242. When we go on road trips, we always bring along Looney Tunes on DVD. Excellent entertainment that keeps the kids from fighting and usually prevents the nagging “are we there yet?”

  243. We are military and have been stationed overseas twice. On my first flight with a toddler eight years ago through our most recent flight from NC to CA with older kiddos, I learned surprises are a great way to keep the kiddos thinking about listening and behaving. Prior to the trip I hit the dollar store and grocery store for random toys (playdough, coloring options, slinky, crafts, barbie, etc.) and snacks (just remember you have to store them throughout the trip and clean up!)then wrap them in wrapping paper. A few things may be the same to prevent fighting, but I do choose to get some different things so they can share and spread the entertainment. πŸ™‚ I have three kiddos, so each kiddo gets a sack of surprises that they can pick from. Depending on the length of the trip is how much I buy and how often they get to pick from the sack. The individual sacks start off in my bag, but each kiddo has their own backpack for the travels, so their goodies get stored in there after they open them. Really helps pass the time without me pulling my hair out! πŸ™‚

  244. We watch movies on long car trips. We also stop frequently and actually go into restaurants to eat. My boys (3, 5) are quite partial to their Magna Doodles and will draw for hours on them. For flights, we play games/watch movies on the iPad, read lots of books, make up stores for things in Sky Mall, and snack a lot.

  245. Ever since iPads and iPhones came about, our trips have become much easier. We just recently flew JetBlue and the personal tvs with direct tv were a big hit too.

  246. For long car trips (NY-SC) i usually drive overnight and shift drive so if one is driving the other is napping or staring at the stars or singing (off key) to the radio. Plus I make sure the cooler is well stocked with good stuff. I have grown to hate flying so I take a book, my laptop with movies loaded, and a stuffed pig for a pillow. I’d rather drive then fly.

  247. My 17 month old is addicted to Disney’s Choo Choo Soul music. We never leave the house without those tunes in the car, on our cell phones, and even on the iPad. Because with a toddler, you never know when a tantrum is about to happen. Also, the tunes are petty groovy, and that’s always a plus. πŸ™‚

  248. Technology has made long trips so much easier! I rely on Ipad and a portable dvd player to keep my son entertained. If I can survive a 17 hour plane ride from Guam with a 2 year old I can do anything! πŸ™‚

  249. I like to be well fed and well hydrated and don’t mind if I’m a little sleep deprived. Then a big, fat nap starts before our plane hits the end of the runway on take off. Zzzzz

  250. Always travel with a sleep mask and ear plugs. With 2 little early (and busy) wakers, you never know when you might be able to grab a few winks.

  251. There is no cure to make traveling with a 1,4 and 32 yr old man easier that I know of. Would love it if someone had a tip for me!

  252. I’ve got teenagers so I don’t have to entertain them anymore…when I travel by car, I like to read. By plane, I watch movies on my iPad.

  253. In the car, I listen to podcasts and let my toddler play with his loudest and most obnoxious toys and snack on as many Cheeios as he wants. For long plane rides I indulge in magazines! Celebrity Gossip and beauty magazines!!

  254. For my kids – iPods! For me – on an airplane I read, in the car I listen to music and play the billboard game. πŸ˜‰

  255. Because traveling tends to make me nauseous i pack cherry flavored life savers, seems to do the trick πŸ™‚

  256. I got my fill of long car trips when I was a kid, so I avoid them like the plague. Wherever I’m going, though, my running shoes are coming along so I get at least a few minutes to myself every day.

  257. When traveling by car, I drive. Not only does it make the control freak in me happy, but my husband often falls asleep, and then I can sing along with the radio. Our yearly vacation includes a red-eye flight. The best I can do there is make sure I’m wearing the most comfortable clothing and have a fleece blanket along.

  258. Our secret for car trips? Audio books for the whole family. Nothing seems to make the hours go faster than a great book!

  259. When the kiddos were really little and we has to drive to see relatives or the like we would follow our bedtime routine and instead of putting them to bed, we would let them sleep in the car seats. This way the kiddos slept through the trip. It was admittedly a bit rough on mom and dad but worth it since grand am would be happy to have quality time with the kiddos while we slept in for a bit

  260. My 11 year old is a great traveler, thanks to iPods and movies and a variety if music to listen to…he’s good! I normally depend on books and magazines, otherwise I sleep on a long trip which evidently gives my husband permission to “get there faster”! Fun giveaway, would love to try your sleep aid

  261. When I fly, I get airplane ear. Airplane ear is that painful pressure that builds up usually during take off/landing. I can not leave home without “Earplanes” (catchy name, right?). They are silicone screw-twisty-like ear plugs that once placed in the ear, lets air pressure in your ears release slowly and pain free. I wouldn’t be able to fly if these didn’t exist. Also, Earplanes could serve a second purpose…noise reducers for a loud engine or maybe a screaming child kicking the back of your seat…or wait, that’s probably one of my children.

  262. We spent 4 days in the car this summer with 3 to 5 kids depending on the leg. My kids are good travelers, but the portable dvd came on this trip. We also pack a car bag for each kid with books, coloring, and craft items. I also try to pull out a surprise car craft for when they get antsy. My favorite was tin foil and pipe cleaner sculptures. Tomorrow we leave for a 6 hour trip with 6 kids and 2 cars. We’ll see how that goes.

  263. I make sure I have a snack (trail mix or several Clif Bars), NUUN (for rehydration) and my teeny tiny pillow to put in the small of my back so I don’t have a backache for the next 3 days! (Why are airplane seats so uncomfortable?)

  264. We mark the miles every 1/2 hour on a sheet of paper. The miles just add up – when I drive I get a few more miles, haha. I can read while hubby drives, when the kids were young we would list all the licenses we would see from different states and countries! We still do this sometimes.

  265. We play the alphabet game. Someone gets to pick a topic, then we all take turns with naming topic items using our ABCs. πŸ™‚ Easy way to keep our minds engaged. πŸ™‚

  266. i make killer road trip music mixes if I am driving. If i am flying….earplugs, books, mags and good for you snacks. And of course earpods for the ipod…sometimes listening to a book. Love that.

  267. For long car trips we always listen to the “travel” CD my husband made long ago. Very nostalgic as it’s older songs, including the opening soundtrack from the movie from Jurassic Park – my son was very into dinosaurs! For a plane ride I make sure I have a brand new book to read.

  268. I always take lots of reading material and snacks and benedryll. It’s lights out for me before we take off. I have not flown with my daughter yet.

  269. It doesn’t work anymore but we got through rough stretches when my eldest was an infant by singing progressively silly alternatives to the final line of skidamarinkydink. Once for a full half hour until getting to our destination and getting him out of the dread seat.

  270. I always bring lots of reading material. I’ll either become engrossed in a book, or I’ll be put to sleep by it.

  271. For flights with my kids, I’ve always bought either a small toy and stashed it away or one of those DK sticker books. Then, at the airport, they’d get it and it would usual keep it’s novelty to get us through at least part of the flight. Then there’d be favorite snacks, we’d play games, we’d color the barf bag… most recently, I read my 6 year old a “Stink” book cover to cover. It took exactly the 2.5 hours for the flight. He was captivated! He usually won’t sit to read/be read to for very long at all, so I was stunned. Only problem with that is I didn’t get a chance to eat b/c I was too busy reading!

  272. My secret for a successful long car ride with my two boys is bringing my sister along. Auntie sits in the back and entertains them while my husband and I do the driving and get to talk.

  273. I bring foam earplugs, my ipad w/kindle app to read ebooks/samples when allowed, a book or two for when it’s not (&bedtime). I also read the inflight mag one way & skymall catalog the other. Got a good story idea out of the catalog once! Always pack snacks: quest protein bar, nuts, jerky, dried fruit plus sour gummies for when I just want something in my mouth. Empty klean kanteen so I can get bottled water, clorox wipes for seat, purell wipes for hands, tissues, lip balm, sometimes hand lotion. Important: my trusty Patagonia nanopuff jacket to keep me warm, and it folds down into pouch. Wear compression socks & when I can, upgrade to seat w/more legroom! Think that’s everything.. Use purell wipes on face & have a mint before arrival to feel more awake. If need to sleep, eye mask.

  274. I try to stockpile my favorite magazines if I have a trip coming up. I can never stay focused enough on a plane to get into a book (usually because I’m trying to entertain the kiddos), but a magazine or two is easy to pick up and put down.

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