Hump Day Giveaway: Ultimate Direction Thunderbolt Hydration Belts

My Vancouver Marathon "kit," complete with Ultimate Direction Thunderbolt.
My Vancouver Marathon "kit," complete with Ultimate Direction Thunderbolt.

When we meet women in person, whether at race expos or at our Mother Runner parties, there are a few standout personal admissions of mine that gals often remind me of. The top two: when I 'fessed up to peeing on a flower planter in downtown Portland and when I admitted drinking from a stranger's discarded water bottle on a roasting-hot run last summer. While I'll freely admit I haven't stop my public-peeing ways (turns out stonewalls are the country alternative), I have ceased the unsanitary hydration method. Since that steamy day, I sport an Ultimate Direction Thunderbolt hydration belt whenever my runs climb into the double-digits. (If I lived in a hotter or more arid climate, I'd wear it on shorter or more intense runs, as well. But here in the PacNW, the air often holds a lot of cooling hydration, a.k.a. rain!)

3 (bottles) x 10 (ounces) = 30 ounces. One Ultimate Direction math equation I can figure out.
3 (bottles) x 10 (ounces) = 30 ounces. One Ultimate Direction math equation I can figure out.

Dimity and I have sang the praises of the UD Thunderbolt on our podcast, and we did again Monday night at our fun party in Denver. In addition to telling about how comfortably the wide belt sits on the hips, how the belt has a small bottle for energy gel, and how the bottle lids don't leak, I also point out how fabulous it is the belt holds three 10-ounce bottles. I then point out that most other belts hold bottles that only accommodate 8 ounces of liquid. Both on the podcast and at the party, I acted all math-wiz-zy, spouting, "that's 20% more liquid per bottle, which really adds up on a run." I bob my head a bit as I say it, proud to do calculations on the fly.

My bubble was burst in Denver, though, when a true math prodigy (not a poser like me!) came up after our spiel to let me know, gently, that a 10-ounce bottle actually holds 25% more than an 8-ounce one. Do'ah! Going forward, I stand--and run--corrected.

In this week's Hump Day Giveaway, three (3) lucky ladies can win their own Ultimate Direction Thunderbolt belts (which come in sizes XS-L, ensuring a no-bounce fit). Given how hot it's going to be for the next weeks and, gulp, possibly months, we figured these belts will be working overtime.

To enter to win, tell us how you stay hydrated while running. Do you plan your routes to pass by your house or water fountains? Do you stash frozen H2O bottles on your long run routes? Do you have a kiddo cycle alongside of  you with liquid refreshment (hopefully laced with nuun)? Please tell us you don't drink from random bottles you find by the side of the road like I did that one time.... Just click on the Comments ribbon below this post on our website (if you’re reading this on a mobile device, do not just hit reply!), and tell us how you ensure you stay well-watered on your runs. 

Can't promise the Thunderbolt will make you lightning fast, but being well hydrated will keep you running strong.
Can't promise the Thunderbolt will make you lightning fast, but being well hydrated will keep you running strong.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 7/10/13 and ends on 7/16/13; the winner will be announced on 7/20/13. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $39.95. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 


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  2. I am lucky to live in a great area with a trail around a “lake” (just over 3 miles around) that has a drinking fountain on each side of the lake. So, on my long runs, I end up running around the lake a zillion times. I need one of these hydration belts so I can vary my course!

  3. I carry a small water bottle with me and fill it up at regular reliable drinking fountains on my run (sellwod park and hawthorne bridge), the water gets a bit warm by the end of a long run due to the hand holding but once my runs hit double digits and the Portland summer arrives a girl has gotta drink.

  4. I start by making sure I am well hydrated the day/night before a run. Also, I will run with a small Nathan handheld (too large of a bottle and I feel it later in the shoulders). If I have to drive to a group meet or trail head, I have a bottle in the car waiting for me.

  5. I use a handheld for runs longer than 7 miles or so, otherwise, I usually hydrate really well before and I seem to be okay.

  6. I definitely plan for the drinking fountains at local parks. I’m also forcing myself to learn to run with a hydration belt but have not found one I like — yet. Would love this one with the bigger bottles!

  7. I carry a very bulky water bottle on my back.
    I tried dropping bottles but someone took one once and it made me mad so never again.

  8. Still carrying a handheld bottle but really need to upgrade to a belt. On long hot runs I stage water or will plan my route past a water fountain to fill up the 8 oz water bottle I carry.

  9. I’ve always wanted a hydration belt, but have never been able to decide which one to get! I usually have to carry a water bottle while I run, which gets old fast.

  10. I make sure my routes run by a water fountain, my house or gas stations. I also carry a water bottle. Which doesn’t last long on hot days. Would love to have the hydration belt too!

  11. I would love to try something like this. I live in the South, and it is HOT! Most mornings the humidity is over 90%, so it is rather steamy.

  12. I’m terrible about hydration! I hate carrying things and can’t bring myself to buy another running accessory. Please pick me so I can stop drinking out of rusted drinking fountains (and sprinklers!) along my route.

  13. I hate carrying a water bottle in my hand so if I will need water I loop back to the car or by my house. I’m training for my first half marathon and would LOVE this hydration belt!

  14. I just bought a handheld water bottle for runs since I’m training for my first full marathon. I have a camelback for longer runs. I need to work on hydrating during runs though!

  15. I carry a 20oz hand held bottle and bring along some extra fluid, usually G2 or water, in a cooler kept in my car. If I need a refill I just make sure I run by my car. (I drive into a local park to do most of my long runs).

  16. I recently bought a cheaper belt from walmart to use during my runs. Its not the greatest but it does the job. With the weather so hot right now I needed something. Before this I never had anything with me during my runs.

  17. I have a Nathan waist belt, and have recently started using the handheld version, not crazy about either so far but maybe takes some getting used to?

  18. I’m not a huge fan of carrying a water bottle with me, but will in the hot Oklahoma sun! Love to try a hands free belt!

  19. I try to avoid carrying water but when absolutely necessary I have an ill fitting belt that barely holds its bottles (elastic holders have lost stretchiness). Would love to try a different brand.

  20. I always carry a water belt, and on long runs, I like to plan them to pass a water source to refill. I used to have my son ride his bike with me and carry extra water bottles, but now he is older and thinks he is too cool for that ;).

  21. I carry a camelbak for longer runs and I’ve been doing my shorter runs near parks and the local high school since it has been so hot this summer this far!

  22. Typically a Camelback and handheld water bottle for long runs, but I have had my husband save me and bring me out some Gatorade on a super long run one time (he’s pretty special, I think I’ll keep him 😉 ).

  23. I drag my kids along for runs so I can stash water bottles in the jogging stroller and my son’s bike. This can also be hazardous since I carry water bottles for both kids and myself as well as my daughter insists on carrying her blanket, doll, books, and a something to draw with, which occasionally get dropped and stepped on. I probably look crazy with all that stuff but hey we mom’s gotta do what we gotta do to get in our workouts!

  24. I run with a handheld bottle. For longer runs I carry cash & nuun tablets and make sure my route has places to stop for water. I sometimes have to assure the cashier I’m ok due to being so red faced 🙂

  25. Sadly I don’t hydrate during outside runs. But I don’t go far and I stay near my house so if I HAVE to I can stop there. Maybe I should start setting water bottles out along my community haha.

  26. When I was a little girl I rode my bike next to my dad and delivered water to him from my pretty wicker basket. I’m still trying to convince my boys to do the same for me!

  27. I carry a regular bottle of water. I’ll leave it on the side of the road somewhere that I’ll have an out an back. Until a few months a go when I returned, my water bottle was gone. I went up and down the ditch but no water.. Realy who would pick up a used water bottle on a country road where I only met one car. Need to come up with a new water plan, this belt would be awesome.

  28. Any run over 5 miles gets the Camelbak taken along. I feel silly as hell but the handhelds just slosh all over and I haven’t convinced myself to buy a waist belt yet in case I don’t love it. On a weird note – I have a hard time drinking from cups during a race (choking, which leads to coughing, which leds to trying not to pee my pants!) The straw-like top of the Camelbak seems to help.

  29. I use an old hydration belt with a bottle that doesn’t fit in it because the original bottle got run over by a truck. I also carry a smaller bottle in my hand, but one without a strap so it is very difficult. I have even tried to tough it out, and wound up with severe leg cramps due to dehydration. Getting ready to start training for my third half marathon and this would be so much help!

  30. I bring my fuel belt and plan my run to go by a water fountain to refill mid-run. I just bought my first ( of many) boxes of nuun (absolutely love it). In the future, I wiill stash a tab or two in the belt. Unfortunately, my second son found my belt the other day and bit apart 2 of the bottle tops. This meant I had a whole bottle of nuun on my leg 1 mile into this morning’s long run. Thankfully, it wasn’t sticky like Gatorade would have been.

  31. If I’m doing my long run at home, I keep everything in the house. When I do get to the park I like to stop by the car every loop. I did begin trail running but have realized that it’s not possible to come back to the car or the house so I need something that I can carry with me. This would be perfect!

  32. I haven’t been able to figure out how to handle hydration during longer runs yet! I guess I just either hope to run near a water fountain or suck it up and wait till I get home — I’m sure that’s not safe but I’m still learning!

  33. I use a handheld, but I would much rather find a belt that doesn’t drive me crazy. I’m hoping the Thunderbolt will sit properly on my hips.

  34. I carry a handheld bottle (placed in the freezer the night before) on my long runs. I used to drive around town and leave out frozen bottles the night before, but that was too labor-intensive…

  35. I have a leaky Camelbak bottle that has gotten my rear end soaked and led to many embarrassing moments on runs. I also learn where the McDonalds & coffee shops are on my runs. A new DRY hydration belt would be da bomb. (a leaky water bottle in the winter is no fun, either.)

  36. I carry Nuun with me in a handheld bottle for any run over an hour. My usual route has drinking fountains which helps, too. I just bought a hydration belt but haven’t taken it out, yet. And sometimes, if I’m lucky, my hubs or one of my kids will ride their bike while I run and will take my bottle for me.

  37. I’ve just been carrying a bottle, which kinda stinks! I’ve been contemplating a belt like this as my distance increases.

  38. I have a handheld bottle. As I starting to do half marathon training. I need a fuel belt. My last one (which will
    Be nameless) is retired after one season-as it leaks, doesn’t stay in place and is not runner friendly. Like this one would be!!!! :-). I’m a camel when it comes to running. So I need a belt that will work!!!

  39. Not a long distance runner, but I stash a bottle by a park bench not too far from home. Have been considering a belt pack, this would be great!

  40. I usually bring a water bottle with me, but it’s kind of a hassle, because I feel like I need to keep switching hands. Longer hikes/runs I’ll use a camelbak, but I really just need something small and hands-free like this belt of bottles!

  41. My long runs are still long enough to do what I like to call “The Grant Park Clover Leaf.” I run in loops around Grant Park and try not to think about what I might be drinking along with my water from the drinking fountain. I do let the water run until it is cool so maybe I wash away most of the guck?

  42. Most of my long runs are with my running group. I carry a handheld and refill at the water stops they’ve set out. If I’m running long on my own I’ll do 4-5 mile loops near my house and stop to refill.

  43. I don’t go on very long runs (furthest was 4 miles) so I drink a lot the day before, the morning of and then I have a bottle sitting for me when I return home. I run near my house, so I’m never far from water. But I would love to win the belt so I can take my runs further away from home!

  44. I sometimes run with my Camelbak backpack or Nathan handheld. I’ve yet to find a hydration belt I like – maybe this will be the one!

  45. I have a fuel belt that is good, but would love to have this one.
    I have also left water bottles around my route, it really does work 🙂

  46. I carry a handheld water bottle. I’ve always wanted to try the sport belt but due to the fact I try to keep costs down, I’ve purchased the belt. I would love to give it a try on my long runs.

  47. i have just started bringing a cup of water to my mailbox when i am running in the neighborhood. i stop to hydrate on 1 or 2 more miles whichever i decide i want to run.

  48. I carry a hand held bottle and stash a water bottle in the bushes to refill. A hydration belt would be the bomb! Computer, please pick me!!

  49. If I’m doing a long run I either run where there are drinking fountains or I use a hydration belt! I have used a belt in all my races b/c when I want water, I want it on hand, if I’m not near an aid station.

  50. I stay hydrated to avoid a drop in electrolytes. Having learned the hard way, I now have to have my fluids at the ready. I have my handheld but belts work so much better on tne trails.

  51. I try to hydrate well before heading out…only on my long runs do I take a hand held bottle. I’ve never ran with a belt and I’ve been contemplating getting one- so it would be great to win!

  52. If it’s not too hot I run a route with water fountains – bubblers as we call them here. But if it’s really hot, I carry a small bottle of water or Nuun which is why I actually need a belt!

  53. To me, that’s the bonus of taking the running stroller! I did an awesome 5-miler with my 2-year-old in tow just this morning. It was hot, but I was able to have my trusty bottle of water in one cupholder of the stroller, my phone playing tunes in the other. Perfection!

  54. I plan my running routes around water stops (like the local parks, the fire station or gas station) and I always run through sprinklers with my mouth open!

  55. I have gone out ahead of time in the car and drop water. Also have
    Had my 9 year old son bike beside me, but now he is running and I have to
    Brag has received 2 medals for placing in his age group! And beats me by
    About 3 minutes ever time!

  56. I have a one bottle waist pack and I have been known to drop water bottles in advance of a run. That’s always fun…digging around in the weeds for your refreshment.

  57. I have a belt (I share with my husband) and a hand held bottle too. I have to say, I really don’t like having to hold or hang stuff on me. So for my next long runs, I might plan my routes so I don’t have to.

  58. When I lived in Hawaii, I was able to run by beach parks and always have easy access to water. I got spoiled! Once my son was born, I began to carry water in the stroller. He’s 5 now, so I don’t run with him as often. I think I will be begging him to ride along until he is 17 so I have an excuse to push the jog stroller. I will miss the ease of carrying everything I need. I guess, I need the hydration belt to solve that issue, since I don’t think he’ll let me push him much longer.

  59. I used to carry a water bottle for a mile or two, set it down on the side of the road, then pick it up on my back. Then I heard about a lady that drinks from random water bottles by the side of the road, so now I use a belt. 🙂

  60. Okay, time to confess, the dog carries my water and his. If he is not going then, it is nuun in the stroller. Gotta stay hydrated in the summer.

  61. I am a newbie runner and I am just starting to realize I need more hydration as I run. Up until now, I’ve been fine drinking after I run. This looks like a great option!

  62. I use a hydration pack (that does leak unfortunately) and I freeze the bottles at 3/4 of the way. If it’s particularly hot I completely freeze one, but regardless when it’s 95 degrees they are not only melted by warm when I’m 3 miles into a run.

  63. I’m just now beginning to train for my first half. I haven’t run super long distances before so don’t usually take anything with me. When I do it’s usually a regular water bottle stuffed in my pants on the side. This belt would be AWESOME!

  64. I do a number of things to stay hydrated. 1) I carry water in my small camelbak. 2) I plan my routes around the Twin Cities’ numerous parks and lakes which (during the late spring/summer) have plentiful water fountains. 3) I bring money to buy a beverage.

  65. We do a lot of hiking so everyone in our family has a CamelBak. Mine is a little too bulky for running, so when I head out on a longer run, I tend to steal one of my kids’. They are mini mules so they do not have all the extra space, making them much lighter. The only downside is that they do not hold as much water, and they are a little snug, seeing as how they are made for children and I am a 6′ tall woman. They also have a shorter tube, so it manages to hang right at my chest level, so if I forget to close the spout (which is almost always), it appears as if I am… leaking. 🙂 What can I say? It helps keep me hydrated and serves as running entertainment!

  66. I hydrate before and after my runs. I also stop at any drinking fountains or bathrooms(clean gas stations;)) I find along the route.

  67. I’ve become more creative about my running routes, strategically placing myself near water fountains in between miles. If I know I’m doing a long run or in the days leading up to race day, I’ll drink a lot of water or pop a few nuun tabs the night before.

  68. Currently I’m using either a hand-held water bottle with each run; short and long. I find my brain gets very loud and distracting and tries to convince my body that it’s going to stop and die right this very moment if it doesn’t get some fluid ASAP. So the hand-held is with me to keep the brain quiet. Not sure what I’m going to do when the TLAM Half-Marathon: Finish It training miles get longer. This belt system would work beautifully!

  69. As I do not have one of these clever devices, I hydrate before and after my runs and maybe at a drinking fountain I am gratefully find along my route. But training for my first marathon, this is becoming an issue, so this would be put to excellent use!

  70. I use a nathan hydration belt, but I’ve never really loved it. I’ve been eyeing a new system for awhile and now that I’m training for my first full marathon, I would love to win this thunderbolt belt!

  71. I always carry water (with Nuun) with me–whether on the treadmill (because of the scorching summer heat of my desert hometown) or around my neighborhood trails. I would rather carry too much water than not enough (although it almost always ends up being the right amount).

  72. I am on week 6 of training. I’m active duty, but I’ve only ever been concerned with what I need to pass my PT test. It wasn’t until 6 weeks ago when a friend of mine gave me some running advice: “You just have to keep running.” Of coure I gave her a, “Really?!?! That’s all!!” look. That really was all. I’m already up to 8 miles and I’m scheduled to complete 10 on Saturday. There is only one problem. STAYING HYDRATED!!! I need this belt for these longer runs I’ll be going on. It’s amazing how quickly one can become dehydrated. I’ve never had to deal with it!!

  73. I carry a 20oz bottle with Nuun, and on longer runs, try to pass water fountains or carry a little cash to duck into a convienance store if necessary.

  74. I am a beginning runner (4 weeks in…woo hoo!) I keep a water bottle near the treadmill or circle back past my house when running outside. Honestly I haven’t worked up to a “long run” yet as I’m only on week 4 of the training app I’m using…so basically every new run is my longest run yet! I hope to continue on so that I need a belt like this someday soon 🙂

  75. If I’m doing a long run in my neighborhood, I wear my hydration belt (filled w Nuun!), which, sadly, only holds 2 9oz bottles. But it is pink. Then I fill my 40oz Kleen Kanteen w Nuun & put on our fence post which backs up to the trail. I circle back as needed for drinks.

  76. I carry a water bottle but my chriopractor would be so happy if i didnt do this as it messes my back up. Maybe a belt would be better 🙂

  77. I take advantage of the drinking fountains at the many public parks in my city. In the winter they are turned off so I loop past the library or grocery store for a quick sprint in for their drinking fountains.

  78. I usually use handhelds and have extra hydration in my car…that’s if I run the trails near my house. If I’m going out on a long out and back…20+ miles then I use a hydration pack.

  79. I run with a camelback….I look like a Fred but I get so so so thirsty here in the high desert that it’s the only thing that helps. Have never tried a fuel belt–would love to!

  80. On my long runs i wear a belt then I run through the little town close by and pass a little convenience store. The owners keep an eye out for me and meet me at the curb with either water or Gatorade. Proof positive I could NEVER move very far away!!! 🙂

  81. Depending on the length of run, I wear a belt or carry a bottle. I’ve been near the end and thought about refilling in a spring.

  82. I tuck a few dollar bills or debit card into my pocket and stop by a gas station and get a water bottle that will last the middle 2 miles of my run (also, good time for a potty break).

  83. While training for the Portland marathon last summer. I would wear my hydration belt but with only two small bottles I would run out quickly. My husband would then meet me about halfway on the bike through my long runs with my sports drink, water, energy chews and the best part….words of support!!
    I don’t think I could have made it without him on those hot summer days. Marathon training is definitely a team effort even if you train alone.

  84. I park my car a mile away from the apartment with icy water bottles stashed in it. I’ll start a long run with a handheld and refill from the car as needed. I’m less tempted to stop if I’m at the car, still a mile away from home. Being able to carry more fluid with a belt would mean fewer stops. That would be great as summer temps rise and long run mileage increases!

  85. I use an amphipod belt, but it is not very comfortable. I would love to give this one a try. During my last 12 mile run in a humid 90 degrees my husband met me at mile 7 with refills of cold water and nuun and a frozen towel! It was great! He tracked me down with the find my iPhone app!

  86. I have been using a Fuel Belt, but the bottles are leaking, the zipper is broken and I am ready for a new one!! I also had a hand-held bottle, and I think it accidently fell into the recycling bin! I haven’t seen it for weeks. I hope I win!!

  87. On long runs lasting more than 2 hrs…I will wear the Nathan fuel belt….and that is a struggle….I hate to carry things in my hands and having things on my waist is just not the way I like to roll… I have tried many different types of camel bags and find them to be equally annoying. If I’m lucky my husband will run with me and share his water supply!!!

  88. How do I stay hydrated? I really hate carrying anything with me – I try to hydrate a lot before I run. I have had a bad run of luck with hydration belts rubbing a sore spot on my lower back (especially unpleasant with sweat mixed in!). Must be too much bouncing on the “junk”. I would love to try a belt like this with smaller bottles spread across my waist instead of one large one bouncing around!

  89. I’m still new at this, trying to figure it all out. I’ve only been running for about 5 months, and have just worked up to an hour. I hydrate before and after, but I haven’t felt like I needed during yet. I think I’m there, though. I was thinking about training my dog to run with me and carry a backpack with water for both of us.

  90. If I’m lucky, I might find someone to bring me a drink, but most of the time it requires pre-hid bottles stashed in bushes.

  91. My preferred hydration method is a hydration vest and I also use a hand held bottle for shorter runs. I’ve never tried a belt with small bottles, I think it would be nice to be able to carry water and something else like nuun.

  92. On shorter runs, I hydrate before and after the run but not during. I have not yet really hit my stride with how to hydrate during longer runs yet. Sometimes I carry a water bottle with me or leave water at my car and loop past it. I need to find a better system!

  93. Sometimes i run a loop and leave a large water bottle for when i pass by. Great plan until somebody stole my bottle one day!

  94. My marathon long runs were multiple out and backs due to mile long hills on the “Other side” and needing to keep close to home for the non-bottle feeding baby at the time. So I’d carry my hydration and fuel up to the 1.5 mile mark (carrying stuff helped slow that first mile down) and check in as needed. Now that the munchkins are older and Dad can pretty much handle all crisis that could arise I’m looking forward to venturing out on loops and other adventures and a belt is on the “I want” list 🙂

  95. On shorter runs I tend to go without. Long runs I have to carry a water bottle by hand which tends to get old real fast! 🙂

  96. On short runs I go without. On long runs I borrow my husband’s belt (which is way too big for me) and fill 2 of the bottles with nuun and the other two with water. Aside from the belt being too big for me it seems to work well 🙂

  97. On short runs I don’t take water but on the longer runs I take two of the three small bottles on the belt (they currently don’t leak). I also don’t like the bouncing of the water bottles which is why I don’t take them on short runs.

  98. I freeze bottles and dump them along my rural route on my way to work. Get home, jump into runners and away I go. Along the route, I have empties that I pick back up and recycle for the next go around.

  99. I use a handheld bottle and plan my route so I can refill it one or two times along the way. The handheld bottle can give me a sore shoulder so I am hoping to find a waist option that doesn’t fit awkwardly.

  100. I have never been able to find a hydration belt that doesn’t move around my waste and drive me crazy. For that reason, I don’t run with water, but I should. I’ve been wanting to try a belt such as this and up my game on longer runs.

  101. Living in Florida, I can’t run more than 5 miles without hydrating. Driving around stashing bottles got to be a pain, especially since they’d be covered in bugs by the time we picked them up again. I have a 2 bottle fuel belt now which works great up to 10 miles… but now need a three bottle belt or find a place to refill it since our long runs are getting longer. Thanks for all of the great advice! My husband gave me your book as an early bday present, love it!

  102. Staying hydrated for those long marathon training runs have always been an issue for me. I have tried using the handheld water bottle but find it interferes with the enjoyment of the run b/c it feels like an extra limb! The hydration belt is hit or miss for me. Often it feels like it is slowing me down. I’ve been searching for a natural fitting hydration belt (one that doesn’t feel like it is squeezing my guts out) for awhile now. They can be pricey so I have only tried two and neither one is the golden ticket to feeling comfy so that I can stay hydrated! I have MCM and the JFK 50 Miler ultra that I’m starting to train for and would be thrilled to be the winner of this Thunderbolt hydration belt! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  103. On long trail runs I use my Nathan’s hydration vest. Short runs, usually go without. Long road/paved trail runs, usually pushing the LO in stroller, so plenty of places to put water.

  104. I have a handheld water bottle that does the trick. For long runs I try to plan them by the bike path where there is a water fountain if I need to refill. I have been toying with the idea of a hydration belt but too scared to try it.

  105. I use a handheld water bottle. On longer runs, I will loop past the house a couple of times where I keep a gel and an extra couple of bottles on the counter by the back door. I just pop in and grab a new bottle and head back out. I’ve been wanting to try a hydration belt so I can venture out onto new paths for my longer runs.

  106. I just moved to Florida from Indiana and am still trying to work out the hydration thing. I carry a handheld Camelback water bottle (in a Nathan holder; I like the insulation factor on the Camelback bottle) when I run less than 6 miles. On longer runs, I have a Nathan belt that honestly annoys me because the bottles move a lot, and that makes the belt move. My long runs are along the Suncoast trail, which has water stations every mile or so. That’s a blessing and a half 🙂

  107. I use a handheld water bottle (Nathan) for my mid distance runs. I wore a hydration belt for the first time training for my last marathon and it was fantastic. I finally had enough water with me.

  108. I carry handhelds or a Camelbak on every run…you never know when you might get lost and really need it (I live in Central FL). Even in my little 12 oz handheld, I keep a little bit of cash should the unforeseen happen.

  109. I thought I would like wearing a vest/pack for hydration for my trail runs — it’s a familiar paradigm from another beloved sport, mountain biking — but having something on my shoulders feels so uncomfortable for running. So I’m currently dating a one-bottle Camelbak waist pack … but not ready to commit. It likes to rotate from spine to hip to hip. I’m wondering if the Ultimate Direction pack, with its three-bottle format, would be more stable?

  110. On my long runs in the neighborhood, I leave a water bottle at the boys’ school. The secretaries think I’m a little crazy when I run in, take a quick drink, then run out for the next loop.

  111. I have been trying out a handheld water bottle and not really liking it, but it does help me! So far the longest I have ran in a 10k and I have been able to hydrate with the water I bring or at water stations during a race.

  112. Anything under 4 miles, I normally go commando (ie, without water). But anything over that I wear my fuel belt that I could desparately use a new one. I love my belt and it has been my life line for 6 years now, leaking bottles and all. 🙂

  113. Nathan belt (with 2 10-oz bottles) for long runs (refilling at gas station bathroom for REALLY long runs). For 4 miles or less, I’ve been okay without carrying anything (so far).

  114. My BRF and I just started doing a little trail running in the hot weather so that we can log some longer runs without the sun glaring down on us. We want to “plant” water along our street routes but living in a college town we are a little worried what might happen to our water/gatorade while we aren’t there!! 😉

  115. I stay hydrated by planning routes that have drinking fountains or coffee shops near by. It’s win win, I have a place to hydrate and go to the bathroom if needed.

  116. I thought of you this morning with the strangers water in CT. I had a tempo run (Off of TLAM), I had mile tempos, and had stashed a bottle, figuring people driving by thought I was scavenging. But to answer the question, for shorter runs, I carry a hand held. Longer, fuel belt, and plan routes past friends houses, starbucks, gas stations, public fountains…and I’m not above walking up to a stranger watering their plants.

  117. Running on shady paths decreases the amount of water needed on a run. I have to keep a waterbottle in my car since I don’t have a lot of other options.

  118. I generally try to loop by my car and will drop water bottls on my route. I try to hide them, last sunday I put one under a traffic cone!

  119. I have been using a handheld bottle thus far but I’m super over it. Not enough H2O and I’m sick of holding it as I follow the half Finish It plan. I would love this belt!

  120. I used to have an aid station set up in front of my house until someone stole my favorite water bottle. Now I use a small handheld bottle for shorter runs, a bottle belt for longer runs and a Nathan Intensity vest for the really long runs. I also run at 5am so the heat isn’t that much of an issue.

  121. I use a hydration belt. On really scorching days, it’s the treadmill. No need to pass out from heat exhaustion! 😉

  122. I wear a hydration belt and on very long runs I usually stash water ahead of time. Thanks for sharing about another new to me product.

  123. My development is exactly a one mile circle. So on my shorter runs I just place a water bottle near my house and drink when I do my loops. For my longer runs I have hidden a bottle at the half way mark. Now I need to start carrying water because my long runs are getting longer…

  124. I use a small hand held water bottle but I’m now finding out that it is not enough as I am stepping up my distance. I was trying to see if I could take my handheld strap off my small bottle and rig it to a larger bottle. I really need the UD Thunderbelt!

  125. Hydration … an extra challenge in the wilds of Canada where temps can swing from +40celcius to -40celcius (Not in the same day!!). City water fountains are occasionally functional. I have no pride about asking a home owner if I can slurp from their outside taps and occas stop at a patio restaurant and ask a server for ice water. Would have rather died than do this in my younger years but now I just hope they think it is “cute” that this “old lady(46!!)” is still running:)

  126. I use a small hand held water bottle but that won’t cut it as I begin training for my first 1/2 in this hot humid summer! Thunderbolt for my thunder butt;)

  127. I plan my route to hit water fountains at parks and carry a water bottle in my hand. It does get annoying to carry it though

  128. I wish I had a belt so I had a little more freedom for my long runs. Right now, I have to take sips from a water bottle I put on the curb after every loop in my neighborhood, which is only .8 mile all the way around. I have chafing issues, so I’m also scared to wear a belt! I’d love to try this one, though. It looks much more comfy!
    Casey Houseworth

  129. On my recent 20 miler, I took a few approaches. I carried a hand held bottle with nuun, my sister in law found us around mile 6 to offer wAter, I had dropped water bottles at the 13 mile mark also!
    The hydration was the easy part of that run!

  130. I try to hydrate the day before and that last mile is always the fastest because I’m running to get to my water bottle!

  131. I have a 5-6 mile loop I have been running this summer. I stop at my house to restock on cold drinks, I place in a cooler, in front of my mail box. Unless it is raining outside.

  132. I have been using a handheld bottle, sometimes two for long hot trail runs… I have been thinking of getting a belt like this one, since sometimes I get some shoulder pain from carrying the bottles…

  133. I also have two hydration belts. The first was terrible. It rubbed on my hips and actually made my back sore after long runs. The second is a bit better but only holds two 8 ounce bottles. Since I have spent the last four summers training for marathons, I have gotten to know where all the public restrooms and water fountains are. On a 20 mile run in August you need to have plenty of places to refill those water bottles.

  134. I have purchased 2 different hydration belts, needless to say neither fits well. They are both sloppy and move all over rubbing my spine raw. Therefore I have come to run with a water bottle in hand. Not nearly enough water when you are doing a 20+run and I don’t like to backtrack to my house for water. Living in the remote, country there aren’t a lot of options aside of stashing. So I definitely would be grateful for a new hydration belt!!!

  135. I really need a UD Thunderbelt! I don’t get to drink during a run, but just hydrate before and after. I haven’t run longer than an hour since May. If I had a UD Thunderbelt I could stay hydrated on a longer run and have enough extra water with me to keep my head cool.

  136. Just purchased an 8 oz. palm bottle from fuel belt. I grew tired of trying to keep hold of my daughter’s 12 oz. Barbie thermos! I’m still curious of an actual belt though!

  137. I have a hand held bottle that I use for my runs. Had to laugh a few weeks ago I completed a 1/2 and apparently didn’t close the top all the way when I filled it at an ad station so when I tipped it up for a sip I got a soaking instead.

  138. I use a belt, but I’m ready for an upgrade. I use a belt for anything longer than 6 miles. I will stash more water bottles for runs longer than 10 miles.
    I’m a thirsty runner, so I understand drinking out of someone’s discard!!

  139. I always carry water. I don’t get thirsty often but force myseilf to take just one sip every 15 minutes on my long runs. If I don t, I start cramping.

  140. I currently do my long runs in a FuelBelt that continuously leaks Nuun down my backside on my long runs. For speedwork and shorter runs, I’m learning to love my new Ultimate Direction handheld bottle. Definitely need a hydration belt with more capacity as my current one only holds 2 8 oz bottles and I’m already carrying Nuun on shorter runs thanks to the lovely heat and humidity so will definitely need more on the longer runs while training for NYCM this year!

  141. I take water in a belt mostly, but my husband always offers to be a domestique for me with fresh cool water.

  142. I am the poster child for why it’s important to stay hydrated. Two weeks ago, I attempted my first half marathon. It was in the 80’s and the race didn’t have a water stop until mile 6. By mile 11, I was throwing up in the street and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. The morale of this story? HYDRATE!!!

  143. Does plenty of summertime sangria count as ‘hydration’? 😉 Oh, you probably mean while I’m running! Green tea and Goji Berry Nuun!! My favorite’

  144. Staying hydrated is a tricky thing sometimes. I recently ran a relay and my first leg it was 105 degrees. We took turns dumping water on each other every half mile or so, and by the time we got to the next exchange, we were almost completely dry (don’t know if I will ever do that again!) I also drank a ton of water and every other 8 oz’s I used a Nuun tablet, which I think made a huge difference. It’s funny, I often have a harder time staying hydrated in the winter. I just remember that by the time I feel thirsty, it’s probably too late, so I try to drink a little throughout the run.

  145. I used to have to drive the route pre-run and drop water bottles in the bushes hoping someone would not lace my water with something before I made it back to them 🙂 Luckily these days I run with a water belt my hubby got me for Christmas a few years back

  146. It’s not really an option where I am now, but in my youth the answer was easy–sprinklers! I’d happily cross any street for a good sprinkler running.

  147. I always wear either my Ultimate Direction Katoa, or the Ultimate Direction Anton Krupicka “signature” hydration pack. I can’t say I had any brand preference before, but after experimenting with several options, I really like the features of Ultimate Direction products. Even though both packs are overkill for the single-digit mileage neighborhood runs during the week, I want to practice with what I plan to wear on my LONG runs as I train for a 50K. If there is any chafing, I want to know it on a 7 mile run, not a 17!

  148. I live where it is pretty rural so there are no parks or stores to stop at. I have had to learn to wear a hydration belt. Finding one that doesn’t leak would be awesome!

  149. I remember in high school during xcountry runs we would drink out of people’s hoses. For some reason the water always seemed to taste better. Now I have my three bottles stored in my double BOB stroller. Every once in a while I run out and ask my three year old for a sip from his bottle. What’s a nursing mom to do? My other son is 11 weeks… Heis the one I am nursing not the 3 year old just to clarify.

  150. I’m usually running with a jogger, so I stash the water bottle on top of the kids’ heads. Eventually, my 4-year-old will notice it’s there and ask for a drink. That starts a struggle to get it back. :o) When I’m solo, my runs are still short enough that I can get away with drinking before and after but I’m training for my first half, so I know I’ll need to formulate a plan eventually!

  151. I have a waist pack water bottle but it only holds about 18 oz. I usually carry cash to buy a drink for the latter half of my longer runs!

  152. I have a water belt with one sort of large bottle in the back. It is too awkward for me to get to it without sliding the belt all the way around, but then I pretty much have to stop running whenever I want to drink. (It bothers me too much to try to run with the bottle in the front.). I cannot use a hand-held bottle because of arthritis. My runs are getting too long for just one bottle. I keep trying different options.

  153. I’m usually pushing a single or double jogger so I have two handy cup holders stuffed with Camelbak water bottles. Sometimes I even have one stashed in the cargo storage area(: For long runs without the kiddos I sport a SUPER ugly water belt! It’s just about as dorky as they come, but it keeps me hydrated which keeps me going!

  154. I do have a belt, but it is bigger and bulkier and does bounce when I run. Plus, I always make that swishing sound that the little old lady in the movie “Sixteen Candles” makes as she is walking in the church at the end of the movie.

  155. You are not alone, I drank from a half empty water bottle I found along the trail once too. Usually I run a route where I know I will pass by a water fountain at least every 4-5 miles. And I have started carrying a few dollars with me too, just in case the water fountains are not on and I need to stop for water at a convenience store.

  156. I pack a bottle of water or sports drink if I’m running for more than an hour. I can definitely use a new hydration belt! Mine isn’t so great! I just tried Nuun for the first time, and it’s awesome! Need a new belt to carry it!

  157. I bring a frozen bottle of water, which doubles as an ice pack for the fist part of my run. By the time I need a drink, it’s about half melted. By the time I get home, there’s not a drop left ;). I’ve been looking around for a good belt. Happy running 😉

  158. Welllll, it’s not so hard since I haven’t run further than a 5K, I keep getting injured!!! But I do HAVE to have water even on short runs, because I mouth breath and I hate feeling dry. I have a belt that has a water bottle on it. I don’t love it though, so I’d love a new one that is BAMR tested and approved!!!!

  159. Trying to figure out a plan. I’ve always done long runs with a group, with water stations provided. Because of travel plans, I have to do 10 miles by myself this weekend. I’m thinking about money and route past a quickmart that I’ve stopped at for bathroom breaks.

  160. I park my car in the middle of my route and do an out-n-back in one direction, stop at the car for a drink, then out-n-back it in the other direction. Drink. Repeat.

  161. As of late, I have been sticking close to home, doing 1 mile laps so I can take a few gulps from a water bottle I stash in the empty lot next to my house. For longer runs, I usually just carry a bottle in my hands. It sure would be nice to have a great fuel belt through, I have tried using my hubby’s but the bottle leaks and the belt rubs a little too much. Pick me!! 🙂

  162. I’ve learned where all the water fountains within a six-mile radius are, and I plan my super-hot runs to pass as many as possible.

  163. I usually carry a water bottle in the jogging stroller. Lately, with all the heat, we’ve been running out of water. This would be perfect.

  164. So there is a church on my 6 mile loop that has a water spout on the side of the building. One hot day I was SO thirsty I stopped and drank from it. Now it is a regular pit stop on my runs! I figure its a church right… they are giving to the needy! hehehe

  165. I use a hydration belt, no matter the distance, on hot humid runs!! On long runs, Plan a route where I can refill my water as needed!!

  166. I dont carry water with me I basically wait until I finish because I didn’t want to carry it in my hand but this is a very neat way to do so ive never seen one of these before! Very nice!!!

  167. I carry a water bottle or wear a hydration belt. OR run from ymca to ymca in my town. That way i can use the bathroom, get water, towl off, eat a gel…all in one stop 🙂

  168. I’ve been running a year now – I’m 58 and nearing my 59th birthday. I am currently in the beginning of training for my first half marathon in late November. I am slowly accumulating the tools/accessories needed. Currently (yup, I’m frugal!) I use a $4 hip back from Walmart and put a kid sized water bottle of cold water in it. I do my long runs on a path along our city’s river and there are water fountains and bathrooms I use to refill it as needed. It works for me but I realize I’m not being very trendy. 😉 I’m saving my $$ to fly to Kenya with hubby to visit our only grandchildren! That water belt sure looks like what I need to consider as our days of upper 90’s and 100’s continue on northeast Oklahoma.

  169. I carry water with me and if it’s going to be a long run in the heat I plan a route that takes me by my house mid-run so I can refill and stand in front of the AC for a few minutes to cool off. It would be awesome to be able to take more water with me from the get go…when I bought my water belt I wasn’t planning to be running as far and as long as I am now!

  170. I have a waist pack that carries a sinle bottle. I’d love to have one that carries multiple choices of fluid. Sometime I want plain water, sometimes an electrolyte energy drink, sometimes a long run drink like Perpetuem. With this belt I could bring all 3!

  171. I hate to carry water with me, but these days, it’s a must! I typically carry a handheld bottle, but at my last 1/2 marathon, I threw it to the side of the road b/c I got tired of carrying it! Just this morning on my steamy run, I was thinking that I need to get a hydration belt b/c I am training for my first full marathon, coming up in November!

  172. I try to remember to bring water always. I forgot the other night probably it was muggy but raining so I was fooled. By the time I was almost done I was so thirsty I had thoughts of desperation… Licking the grass or drinking from a puddle. Luckily was only a few minutes left until home and I made it, although that first drink couldn’t have looked or sounded very glamorous.


  173. I just started using a hydration belt or I’ve been pushing the stroller with extra water stashed in the bottom (and my son with his water bottle!) I’ve also recently started to use a cooling towel to keep my core temp down, and that’s made a huge difference!

  174. I carry an amphipod on long runs, but I’m not the greatest at hydrating for training runs. I’m diligent on race day. Does that count?

  175. Ok, that is one BA water belt. 3 bottles….that would be heaven in this Maryland heat on my long Marathon training runs. So right now I have a belt with 2 10oz bottles that keep leaking all over me. Ok, so not bad as it is crazy hot right now…but bad in that I really need the H2O big time on my long runs. plus the belt was a b-day gift from my hubby last year, but he got a size 2 big for me and the thing keeps flying off on the trail. Yeah, my 10 year old son thinks it’s a hoot!!! Thanks little dude. So right now, I’m in training for the full own it plan and I’m taking turns with each of the 3 bigger kids ages 10, 9 and 7 on my long runs. It’s now our one on one early am date time. I freeze a few water bottles the night before and then load up my kid with a backpack full of water and orange shot blocks for a long hot sweaty run. And I do mean wet. Who knew running clothes could weigh so much after a long run in the crazy summer heat.

  176. I rarely carry water. Sometimes my husband finds me on a run and hands me a bottle and sometimes he stashes bottles on my route. Every once in awhile I’ll carry a bottle. But, we just moved to a hotter, drier area, so I need to hydrate more on long runs. This belt would be my inspiration 🙂

  177. It’s water in a handheld for me, filling up at a drinking fountain on my route. I’ve tried Nuun in the bottle but prefer water. Hoping I win this belt so I can have options- like a shot of Nuun partway through but not the entire way.

  178. I usually just carry a water bottle with me. I would love to win this belt to try! Thanks for the chance!

  179. I try to plan a water fountain stop or two. Sadly, I don’t hydrate naerly enough on long runs because I hate carrying water and can’t afford a fancy hydration system. Sometimes it amazes me how far and how well I can run on little water, but I know it’s not good. I miss running in the ATX, as hot as it is, a local running store stocks the trail with water.

  180. I run along a country road (we live pretty far out) and stash 1/2 frozen bottles on the sides of the road. I drive the route before to drop em off and then go back and pick em up after my run-I don’t want to litter! Lol

  181. I hand carry a bottle of water. Now that it’s so humid, I have my kids ride their bikes with me and carry an insulated backpack with extra water bottles and trade them out. You can only imagine the drama the first time I asked them to carry the backpack. My 9 year old couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just wear it while I ran.

  182. I wear a fuel belt that holds one bottle. For long runs in very hot weather I stash another bottle in the freezer on my garage and swing back by the house when I run out. I am a massive sweater, so I have to drink a lot. The hard part is going back out and finishing the run instead of going on inside. I have also carried a couple dollars (in a ziplock so it doesn’t get sweaty) to buy a drink at a gas station along my route.

  183. On long runs u usually use my belt, but it only holds to bottles and doesn’t have that cool one for GU! I tried to bum some water off my local gas station the other day saying I would come back and pay in the morning – I guess that didn’t fly.

  184. It would be so great to have this belt! As an urban runner it is easy for me to plan my long runs around water stops. There are plenty of stores around. I usually keep my money in a my pocket wrapped in tin foil. This keeps my money dry. Before I discovered using the ttin foil, the poor store clerk had to make my sweaty, wet money- gross!!!

  185. handheld, usually. hydration belt or pack for longer runs (more than 10 miles), especially in the summer. This one looks really cute!

  186. I carry a small water bottle on my short runs. On longer runs I sometimes carry a fuel belt but there are those wonderful times when I can bribe my husband to meet me at certain points on my long runs with an ice cold bottle of water.. ( Have to bribe with something really good like Date Night privileges…LOL)Or, if I’m running in my neighborhood, I just stop and knock on a few doors; look pitiful and beg for water.. Works every time..LOL

  187. On long runs, I just hold a bottle of water. Short runs are around my neighborhood (1 mile lap), so I just leave my water bottle on the porch and hydrate each time around. I am about to start marathon training and would love to have a hydration belt.

  188. I have a hydration belt but the bottles leak, super annoying so I end up only filling them 80% full. So that might mess up your math there! I’m working up to some “longer” runs right now (6 miles by the end of July) then I’m plan on starting the 10k finish it plan. Too bad we can’t get hydrated from the HUMID air.

  189. Sadly I’m reduced to using my existing fuel belt with 2of my kids Rubbermaid straw bottles….they leak but get the job done…lol.

  190. Handheld Nathan 10oz for short runs, add in the 20oz Nathan belt with the pocket for my Shot Bloks and chia bars for long runs, run to my parents’ house for a cold water after the run, and run before the sun!

  191. I have a crummy belt with a water bottle that leaks down the back of my shorts so I’m never sure if I’ve peed myself or what. I would love a product that doesn’t leak!!!!

  192. I carry a handheld Nathan 10oz bottle for shorter runs, a 2x10oz belt for longer runs, and I make sure to run by the store for an icy yellow Gatorade on really hot days.

  193. I use a handheld Nuun bottle from the 2012 SARnR half, and in this South Texas heat, I head out well before sunrise. Right now I’m digging the cherry limeade flavor. I’ll stash another water bottle in my car and either make a loop, or just save it for when I finish. There is a Starbucks near my midpoint on one of my long runs, and they are kind enough to fill my bottle for me for free. I pay them back on many mornings.

  194. I carry 4 8-oz bottles on a belt. Surprising how much those suckers weigh. I’m grateful when I get to run a route with a water fountain and can refill. I’ve been so so tempted to stop at a firehouse in downtown Indy, but haven’t yet. Sooo tempting just for the scenery.

  195. I have a handheld, but more often than not I just plan loops back to my house and have water sitting at the end of my driveway waiting for me.

  196. I always wear a hydration belt, but I don’t like the fit of it. I also carry a few dollars in case I need extra to drink

  197. I carry a water bottle in hand ALL THE TIME and thus try to hydrate all the time. And I go one for one when consuming adult beverages. It does make it hard to get a good buzz though 🙁

    And I wear a belt with one water bottle and one nuun on most summer runs.

  198. Thankfully, our running group coach gets up before sunrise and puts a water stop–sometimes two–out on the course for Saturday long runs. (God bless her.)

  199. OMG I would love a belt that doesn’t leak! My current hydration belt leaves me feeling like I wet my pants from all the leakage. I need a better solution quick, I’m training for my first full in October.

  200. I’m still using the same single bottle belt I’ve had since my first marathon in 2000. Probably time for a new one!

  201. I use a pretty worn-out Fuel Belt with 10-oz bottles full of a mixture of lemon-lime Nuun and Powerbar Perform. Sometimes if the run is long enough I will put a cooler type bottle on my front steps, then loop back to refill the bottles. Then I grab whatever remains off the steps after the run is over and drink during a cool-down walk. I’d love to try out that Thunderbolt!

  202. Sadly, I am not very good at hydrating myself consistently – YET. 🙂 Running three very sports-heavy schedules for my kiddos (15, 13, 10) keeps me pretty wrapped-up most days. I began running just about a year ago and it’s the first real time I have carved out for myself since before they were born. I’m still learning, but I’m making a great effort. I usually remember to grab a Core Power that I enjoy throughout the run.

  203. I bring a water bottle in my old fashioned single regular belt and sometimes have to loop back to my house to refill with cold water. I have admired the multi-bottle angled belts for years but have never sprung for one. I could use extra water on my long runs now that I run in a humid climate.

  204. I run where there are water fountains along the way! But it would be nice to branch out and run other places with a belt!!

  205. I wear a belt on long runs and leave another bottle (with lots of ice) in my car for after. Water or wtaer with a tiny bit of Gatorade in it.
    I have been drinking water with nuun after a run for the last couple of months.

  206. I am a novice runner and now starting to train for my first half. The relatively low temps in Indiana have allowed the to hydrate before my runs and be okay. But now that I’m increasing my mileage I need to carry water. I may try the hide water along my way. Or this belt could be super useful!!’

  207. I stay hydrated with my FuelBelt that has 2 small bottles and 1 bigger bottle. It’s so old it’s falling apart. I would love to win a new one!

  208. My hubby has bad knees so he can’t run with me. He CAN cycle though! He rides along with me on my long runs. He’ll sprint ahead in search of water fountains when I’m empty and come back to me! I have the best water boy ever…. although, he might prefer that I have this belt instead! LOL! 🙂

  209. I have a Nathan belt but it only has 2 bottles. I plan my runs so I can stop and refill at grocery stores, gas stations and water fountains along the way (also pee stops). I did once solicit a bottle of water from the mailman. Your tax dollars at work!

  210. I live in AZ and doing all of my running outside even in the summer. I stash frozen water bottles outside friends houses on my long runs. I also suck on hard candy to keep my mouth thinking it isn’t dry and longing for water on those runs. Sometimes my husband and kiddos will surprise me with an unplanned water/Nuun stop!!

  211. Ugh. I’ve tried it all — stashing water strategically around my route, bringing the kids along as my personal hydration stop, running past my house, and just plain carrying it. Hydration is key not only for having a good run, but for having a good post-run day.

  212. I like to wear a belt on long runs. For short runs, I just try to stash water in the car for before and after a run.

  213. I’m still trying to figure out the best method!! I’m a relatively new mother runner,and I either drink way too much before my run, or not enough.

  214. I’m a new runner, and am not yet running long enough to need water on my run. I usually run at the HS track I can walk to, so the couple of times it’s been hot, I’ve just brought my water bottle along and left it on the bleachers. I usually just down a fair amount of water before I leave my house, and it’s the first thing I do when I get back.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  215. Usually don’t bring anything with me for <6 miles; for longer jaunts I've been using (though not as regularly as I ought to in these recent roasty temperatures!) my Nathan handheld….but would love to try a belt rather than have a suffocatingly sweaty hand the whole run!!! Hand chafing just seems unnecessary!

  216. I have a Nathan water bottle I currently use but since I need to start training for my first 1/2 I think I need a new system!

  217. I use a hand held bottle with water or Gatorade. I want to to ditch it most of the time but realize I would miss the hydration. A belt would be awesome!!!!

  218. Trying to figure out the right approach to hydration – last year would have been my first summer as a runner, but I tore my MCL in May and spent the summer on the couch! This belt would be amazing to work into the plan!

  219. Sometimes I’ll run with a plastic water bottle that I can squeeze, then about halfway or so, I’ll leave it on a neighbor’s mailbox out by the road so I can grab it on the return trip!

  220. On my runs longer than 8 miles, I hope for water sprinklers, and hydrate a lot before my runs.. the problem being I’ve tried 2 different belts, and they jiggle too much, and were so uncomfortable that I actually left one within the first mile of a long run. :). I also have the issue with the belt riding up my waist as well…. I need a belt that works for me, since my mileage is increasing….

  221. I take a salese tablet to start as it helps with dry mouth. I only bring water on anything over 6 miles…tried a handheld and belt.

  222. I use a handheld bottle holder with a large pouch-my longest run has been a half marathon so a large bottle is usually enough to run with.I don’t drive so stashing bottles along the way would be a luxury-planning to run a full marathon so a belt would be handy-never been sure what to go for though!

  223. I have a Nathan belt and usually keep one with water and one with nuun. My routes typically have a place I could buy some water in a pinch too. I’ve also been known to

  224. Depending on the length of run, I either use a fuel belt or my Nathan hand-held bottle. I have also switched to evening runs, so I can hydrate throughout the day, needing less during the run. Plus, evening runs mean I get to run through a few sprinklers!!

  225. 32 oz of spark 1 hr before I run then know where all the parks are on my route and hope for the best.

  226. It was so humid this morning before 6 am in CT there was no way to become dehydrated. I was breathing in the moisture, didn’t need to drink it.

  227. On my shorter runs I usually carry a hand held water bottle. On the longer runs I wear a belt, but so far I haven’t found one that doesn’t bounce so I try to avoid wearing one for as long as I can put it off.

  228. I have been considering a hydration belt for a while now. Right now I use the water fountains at the park or carry a bottle but I would love to run free.

  229. I used to use a hydration belt but it would tear up my hips and tummy on 16+ mile runs so I switched to a camelback, which has started to chaffe my shoulders. Since I really struggle with electrolyte and straight water balance it would be nice to go back to a belt that allowed me the option of carrying both!! I just signed up for Portland Marathon today so I sure would appreciate a little love in the form of a new belt!!!

  230. Currently my hubby and I are sharing his Nathan speed belt. We have to alternate our runs and plan ahead to make sure we both can utilize it. The heat in NC is almost unbearable on my lunch runs so the belt is a must have!

  231. I plan my route so that I can loop thru the park where there’s a couple of hydrants and I can usually talk my husband into meeting me somewhere with a Gatorade. This belt would be great!!

  232. I try to hydrate the day before and I carry a bottle in a handheld holder with a small pocket for food or phone. My rotator cuffs have been operated on three times and my hands also three. Maybe I need to switch to a belt especially as I go for longer runs on mt trails.

  233. There is a county park 5 miles from my house so I’ll drink from the sink in the restroom there. Running with a water bottle in my hand drives me crazy but I keep putting off buying a belt since I wonder if it will bounce around and drive me even more crazy! But in hot Nebraska, I need something

  234. On a long run on a HOT North Carolina morning I will have a bag of frozen water in a ziploc and stash in UNDER my hat. I also have been known to preplan and stash water bottles on different access points on the local trail. Sure, it takes some planning but staying safe on a hot run is worth the extra 15 minutes of prep. After the run, I have a frozen bottle of water waiting for me in the car. It usually still has some ice in it to keep it cold. Happy running!

  235. I have used a camelback but got a crick in my neck so resorted to a handheld bottle. Which was not great but fine until my last run when I realized how much it reeked. Every sip of water was accompanied by a nasty whiff – who knew my hand could sweat enough to soak and stink up a water bottle handle?! I’ve tried other belts before but they always ride way up on my waist – does this one really stay on your hips? That would make me so happy because then I could try the nuun too!

  236. I am TERRIBLE about hydration while running. It seems even when I have it with me, I forget to drink it. Maybe this awesome new belt would help me!! 🙂

  237. I just got a Camelbak. Was using a single bottle mizuno belt. I like to drink Aquarius for electrolytes.

  238. I drink water before I leave or depending on the distance I “sometimes” carry my fuel belt which I don’t like anymore. Its gotten yucky, however, I normally run around the same area and know “where” the drinking fountains are whether at a park or grocery store and even Starbucks. Its a small town here and folks know me here as the Runner girl!

  239. I am about to start training for a half marathon. I haven’t had many long runs. I carry 2 20oz bottles water one on each hand.

  240. I freeze bottles of nuun and water and have had runs where they are still frozen at the end oops! I live in always sunny Arizona and it got to 119 a few weeks ago making it pretty miserable to run! Last week I ran out of liquid during my long run, so I ran to my parents house and refilled my bottles!

  241. I have a fuel belt, a handheld, and a camelbak, I pick a different hydration source depending on what kind of a run it is. I’m interested in the ‘does not leak’ part though, my fuel belt bottles are horrible for leaking!

  242. I have a hydration belt but could use another! Multiple stops at gas stations to re-fill, plan on planting bottles along the routes this summer. I use water and HEED by Hammer.

  243. I use a hydration belt that holds 2 large water bottles, but it’s very heavy – this one looks nice and light! I have also been known to fill up my empty water bottles in random sprinklers and park bathroom sinks when I get desperate on long runs 🙂

  244. I carry a fuel belt but it leaks. :-(. On long runs, I do loops, stopping at home every few miles to refill my water.

  245. On shorter runs I don’t bring anything and just drink before and after. Longer runs I have a hydration belt.

  246. The kids are usually with me, so everything is usually stashed in the stroller. I use a lot of ice. Regular ice, Gatorade ice and we also found Nuun (that I might make into ice). During races, I run with a belt because I hate the water stops.

  247. I try to hydrate by dropping off bottles of frozen water or Nuun water . I would totally benefit from winning this~ I am currently training for my first Marathon, and this is my dream.
    thanks for this chance!

  248. I’m still old school. I get up very early and plant my fluids along my route. I do a quick drive by when I finish to gather the items and recycle:)

  249. Over ten miles I use my hydration belt but the bottles leak It was fun this winter while training the tops of the bottles would freeze because f the leakage or else my back got all wet and froze !! . It’s pretty annoying. While running the Cleveland marathon in May one of my water bottles fell out at the start of the race. Thank goodness for water stations. Otherwise I always carry a single water bottle that I hold in my hand.

  250. South Texas is brutal months out of the year. I carry a hand held on longer runs and refill at park water fountains but I don’t like to hold it. I never get used to it but since I am starting to train for my first full marathon, I better get used to something!

  251. When doing my long runs, I do a loop by my house. My kids wait outside for me, and walk (or ride bike) with me while I take my gu and water. Now that I am training for my first full and the weather is getting hotter and I need to fuel more often, I realize that I need a new hydration plan…else I might be tempted to stop early! Bring on the fuel belt!

  252. I’m lucky to live in a town with a lot of water fountains, so I plan looping routes and hit one ever couple of miles.

  253. I live in southern California, so I can’t complain about the heat like some of these other ladies. But I still need to hydrate none-the-less. To stay hydrated I their 1) use my hydration backpack, which I actually don’t find too annoying. I prefer it to all the other running belts I have tried! OR my husband and kiddo follow me around on their bikes 🙂 I have YET to find a good running hydration belt. Would love to try this one!

  254. I currently have a Camelback belt, but the pouch is a pain in the arse to clean. I’ve attempted to scout out clean snow in the wintertime, but that doesn’t always work out so well…

  255. I use a hydration belt for long runs… It leaks, so it isn’t worth it on shorter runs unless it is REALLY hot.

  256. I do a lot of running on my treadmill, so I can keep a water bottle right there. But when I’m outside I just stop at water fountains when I need one. Distraction also works!

  257. I hide water bottles along my two primary running routes – thankfully I live in a tiny town so no one messes with them. 🙂

  258. I tive in Arizona so I try to pre-hydrate and carry a water bottle with built in hand strap. Works for shorter runs but I need more to go the distance!!

  259. I freeze my water bottles the night before (I live in Phx so it’s 110 out right now!) and run towards a park that has fountains to refill! I currently use a nathan belt but its on its last leg!I also keep a bandana soaking in water in the fridge overnight in my pack to put on my neck when I get super hot!

  260. plain and simple…I NEVER go for a run without water. There were times in the past that didn’t bring water and thought I was in the Sahara! So, maybe it’s mental, but I have to have it whether I drink it or not.

  261. If I have the kiddos with me I just keep my water in the stroller. If I’m going solo I’ll either stash water somewhere or plan it out where I’ll go by water fountains. If I get really really desperate I’ll stop at a gas station for a potty break and after washing my hands I’ll drink from the sink!

  262. I have a high sweat rate —6 pounds an hour on top of hyperhidrosis. 🙁
    I’m training for my first ironman and just trying to stay alive right now in this humidity.
    Basically I use anything I can. Fuel belts, (they chafe me sometimes and mine leaks)
    Hand held (they don’t hold enough water) or run my loop back to my car 1/2 way to drink from my cooler of beverages in my car. It’s a pain!! But I fall apart very fast when I dehydrate.

  263. I leave a water bottle near my neigh it’s mailbox and run one mile laps around the neighborhood and back:)

  264. I hydrate before shorter runs but carry a hand-held for longer ones. I hate carrying it though. I feel it throws off my stride.

  265. I live in central Illinois. The heat isn’t the problem, it’s the (FLIPPIN) humidity. My route takes me past 2 parks with water fountains and potty’s.

  266. I have two hand-heads — one 8 oz and the other 14. I’ve only used the larger one once because my hand kept going numb while carrying it.

    On a long run through the park I train in, I refill the small handheld at the water fountains halfway through the run.

  267. I live in Phoenix where it is over 100 every day for 4 months. I freeze water
    Bottles and wrap them in an old camelback holder. I’ve always wanted to try a fuel belt, but
    I’m scared it will be heavy. This one sounds awesome.

  268. My favorite hydration station is the drinking fountain behind retirement home on one of my long run routes. Seems there is always a smiling face there too! Otherwise, I rock the old school Camelback with the long straw that leaks blue gatoraide over my bum as I run. It’s a pain to clean out, but it gives the old folks something to laugh about as I leave the fountain.

  269. I use a handheld water bottle but it’s not enough. I often stop at the local convienence store to refi my bottle.

  270. I live in south Texas, so it can get very hot for a good portion of the year. I usually carry a handheld 22oz Nathan bottle for most runs–no matter the distance. I sweat a lot and feel dehydrated if I don’t have something to sip on while running.

  271. I currently hydrate by drinking as much water as I can right before a run and running very early in the morning. For longer runs (over 6 miles) I have a hand-held one. Not the best methods, I know, but I hate using the hand-held one that I have since I feel like it throws off my balance a little.

  272. I used to carry a handheld water bottle but once I ran hands free it was hard to go back. Now I just make loops to run by my car to get water or sports drink, or a water fountain.

  273. I try to make sure I’m drinking a lot before I go out for a run. I’m usually ok for short runs (3 miles). My long runs are 6 miles, so I’m going to need something like this!!

  274. I am using a belt at the moment but it shifts around and the bottles leak. Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m peeing my pants. Grrr. So I would be very grateful for a better belt to use in training for a marathon.

  275. I stow away water bottles on the side of the road along my route. It’s a little time consuming to have to drive around to drop them off and pick them up. My biggest complaint though is that some of my bottles have gone missing! Seems like someone has gone behind me and scooped them up…

  276. I’ve used an Amphipod Fuel Belt for the last 6 or so years and I’ve had to restitch it a couple of times because the blasted thing keeps coming apart! I’ve been getting up at 5am to do my runs and I still have to take water with me. Even though it’s hot, I’ll take summer heat over snow & freezing winter any day! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  277. I live in south Texas where we have brutal Summers and when running hydration is crucial. I have several forms of carrying water bottles or I having stops planned along the way depending on the distance. I also try to hydrate well before races and long runs. Stay cool ladies!

  278. I use a fuel belt one bottle filled with nuun the other water. In the heat we’ve been having lately I’ve gone through my water rapidly which usually means I also need to carry a few dollars and hope my run brings me past a convenience store.

  279. I stay hydrated by drinking lots of water the night before. Last ditch liter an hour before a run. If its a super long run I leave myself a bottle on the half way mark. Sometimes two mini ones. But my fuel belt started leaking. 🙁 so I just try to hydrate like crazy the night before.

  280. I love having water but I need a nice comfortable belt for running. Training for my first marathon!

  281. I have a very timely story on this subject.. This past weekend, my BFF and I set out for 5 miles on the trail in 90 Degrees with high humidity. She always plans ahead and brought a waterbottle which we dropped at the halfway point mile marker. Once we turned back, all I could think about is that Waterbottle.. When we got there, we discovered that someone else had helped themselves to all but a couple of drops of our Water.. 🙁 I’d like to believe they needed it more than we did but DANG… It was SO HOT and I was so thirsty! Help a Mother out and pick me for the Hydration Belt.. and I promise to still leave an occasional Waterbottle at the halfway marker for those who need it more!

  282. I use a frozen handheld bottle right now. Would live to try this belt. I’ve tried other belts with no success.

  283. I have a hand-held Nathan 10 oz. bottle that is my security blanket… I take it with me for every run, regardless of the length. However, if my run is in the double digits, I find myself running out of water! I totally need a belt.

  284. I plant water bottles at secret locations along my route. And when I get to run with my husband (not often enough) he has his belt and lets me have one of his bottles.

  285. It is really hot here in GA. When I do my long runs I tend to do them at the same place, around a 1-mile loop, so that it is easy to get to water. That gets pretty boring. A belt would be awesome to expand my running options.

  286. I try and stay hydrated by drinking a good amount of water the night before and when I get up in the morning. I chew gum which helps but I’m training for my first half and was really thinking about getting one of these fuel belts. This would really help a lot on my longer runs. Thanks for the perfect giveaway!!! 🙂

  287. I am training for my first marathon ever and I know I’ll be needing one of these! I would love to win it from y’all especially after reading both of your books!

  288. Yes, please! If I bring water at all, I just have to carry it in my hand. Would live to win a hydration belt for my mother-of-6 escape runs! Thanks!

  289. Borrow my husbands hydration belt but find it heavy and uncomfortable. Lately I’ve been running with the dog, so I stash water (and bowl) so we both can stay hydrated.

  290. Well, I don’t really hydrate during my runs…I know, BAD!! I don’t currently own any kind of belt or hand held bottles, so I would be the perfect winner….hint, hint!! 🙂

  291. I have a fuel belt for those long hot runs and a hand held for the shorter hot runs. I haven’t tried to plan my route to swing past my house to refill. I don’t know if I would keep going once I stopped at home.

  292. My wife and I always take our jurek grip with the 20 oz bottle with kicker valve. One full of water, one with powerade. Works great in the humid morning and evening runs in georgia.

  293. I have a 5-7 mile loop from my home that incorporates hills and unfortunately, not much shade. So, depending on the length of the run, I get all my Nuun bottles ready, stack them in my flower beds and loop back to my house for a refill on my handheld water bottle.

  294. I live in Fort Collins so it’s pretty dry. On week days, I can stash a bottle in my jogging stroller. On long weekend runs, I’ll loop back past my house where I stash one on the porch. If its under 10 miles, I just grin and bear it until I get home!

  295. I tried a hand held running bottle and really hated it. Then tried a hydration belt but the sippies on the bottles were actually broken- didn’t find that out until I was already into my 11 miler:( This would be Awesome!

  296. I use chews and have strategic water fountain spots on my long runs – I also secretly tell myself there’s a hydration station at the next mile! Running a full at the end of September – been considering a belt for this summer time training!!

  297. I run past water fountains–I can tell you, to the tenth of a mile–the distance between all “hydration stations” within a 5-mile radius of our place. Not enough, let me tell ya, and the # is shrinking as the parks and rec budget shrinks. Stinks. Literally!

  298. carried a Nathan until my shoulder started hurting. Have been using a fuel belt I got for Christmas, but recently lost one of the bottles at a race so I would love a new belt, especially one that holds more water as I’ll be training for longer runs soon.

  299. I just hit double digits for the first time. I don’t have a trick to staying hydrated yet but I know I have to find one! Would love to win these and try them out!

  300. I always run with a water bottle in a hand holder, but on long runs I plan to pass drinking fountains to refill – my usual routes go past a few schools that have spouts in the playground 🙂

  301. On long runs in hot sunny Florida, my gal pals and I usually plan our routes, and one or more of us will drop water bottles at spots along our routes. If we’re feeling lazy, we put water outside my BRF’s neighborhood entrance and then run giant figure 8s so we will loop back around to our water every few miles.

  302. Well if I run at the track I just leave my bottle at the starting point and pick it up when needed. If I run down a trail that is more public and isnt a circle route, I take a small bottle and when I get tired of holding it, I stick it in between “the girls” tucked nicely in my sports bra. 😀 so a belt would be lovely and would save me some crazy looks from bikers and other runners..who probably have belts..or another cool gadget to hold their bottle.

  303. I need a water belt! In the Arizona summers, I make sure my routes are near parks and schools with water faucets. it also helps to stay cool when you know what time the fields have their sprinklers on. Me and my dog run to the fields, thru the sprinklers, get a drink and run back.

  304. My jogging stroller has a drink holder that is big enough for my Camelback bottle. This way I have enough water for me and my little man to stay hydrated during my workouts.

  305. I’m not quite at looooong run level yet but working towards that. Even short runs need water with this heat. Carrying water is currently my upper body workout. What? That doesn’t count?

  306. So hard to find a hydration system that fits all our needs and this one looks great. So far I’ve been carrying a bottle and switching it back and forth between my left and right hand. How dreamy it would be to have a belt like this!

  307. I use the Nathan hydration belt with two bottles, but need a smaller one! I’ve lost weight since I became a mother runner!!! 🙂

  308. I have a small hydration belt, but it only has 2 bottles and a very small pouch for my eats. This belt would be a dream and make my up & coming half marathon so much better!

  309. I’ve been known to swipe my toddlers’ sport bottles because they are the right size for my small hands! Down side? They hold only enough water for a short run.

  310. fuel belt with 20oz of nuun for runs +8miles. For 12mi+, I loop past my house mid-run to replenish. I wish I could carry enough on me to not have to coordinate my runs to get back to my house mid-run….I live up a hill, so it just isn’t fun thinking about having to get back up the hill to replenish my bottle 🙂

  311. I wear a hydration belt with bottles (that leak sometimes) on all my summer runs! For our 20 mile runs we also put out water for the last 10 miles and to refill by bottles! My friend hasn’t found a belt she likes (she doesn’t like mine). I am about to tell her about this one! Thanks for the giveaway. Maybe I will be a lucky one! Happy Running everyone.

  312. I use a hydration belt that bought from Amaxon because it was the cheapest. I hate carrying water but I know I need to, mind has 4 bottles and they fall out often and leak but I’m too “frugal” to buy a new one…

  313. I use a hydration belt with one leaky bottle and leave a frozen bottle in my car for when I get back. I would love a comfy belt with three 10 oz bottles while I train for a half this summer!

  314. I bring a water bottle with me and park it at the 1 mile point in my loop. Every time I pass I know I’ve made a mile and I take a swig. It helps me stay hydrated AND keep mental track of my mileage!

  315. I’m new to running and have been researching this. For the time being, I’ve been forced to run inside on the treadmill since the temps have reached triple digits.

  316. Until last year I swore I would never wear a belt to run but it is a necessity. I currently use an amphipod belt that is stretchy. Since I am very curvy it sits best on my waist but I wish I could wear it on my hips. I’m still experimenting with what to carry in the belt. I like to drink watered down coconut water but I need at least one bottle if plain H2O to pour over my head when I am in a long run.

  317. I drive my route first and hide water bottles in bushes, behind signs, bases of tress and sometimes on a friend’s front porch! A belt would sure be nice.

  318. it depends. sometimes I leave a bottle at my house and make that my mid-ish point of the run, sometimes I take my nathan belt with me. But god, I hate that thing. the bottles have a tendancy to bounce out of their holster and hit the pavement. I wrapped the bottles in rubber bands, so that seems to help them stay put, but its a pain in my tush.

  319. In the summer carry my Nathan quickshot (10 oz) on all runs and and the rest of the year I carry it on runs over 5 miles. I cannot stand thinking about being thirsty. To refill I will stop and purchase more liquid. I live in a Milwaukee suburb and we have these great trail systems that wind through the city so I usually just dump off the trail near a convenience store and buy more liquid as needed. I’ve been thinking about carrying more liquid so I would love to win one of these belts.

  320. I have a water bottle with a hand loop that I run with sometimes, but it’s pretty heavy when it is full. So I usually run without water or put just ice in the bottle (which I drink once it melts). Umm…so yeah, I’m probably not very hydrated on my run. 🙂

  321. I have a really old water belt that could use replacing. It hold 4 bottles, but I only run with 2. I’d run with 3 on my long runs, but I don’t like to feel unbalanced with two in back and one in front.

  322. I have this heavy handheld water bottle with a hand strap that I’ve used for ages… if I need to I’ll take it with me … but honestly, I’m so sick of carrying it that I’ll wake up early to run so I don’t need water before my 4 miles are done.

  323. I mostly do 1-mile laps that start/end at my house so I leave a bottle of water on the front porch. If I need to run longer, I have a 5-mile route and wear a fuel belt (wearing out so I’ll need a new one soon) and leave more water/snacks in the car to refuel.

  324. I have a nathan run belt(only holds 20oz) but since I am usually with my dog one bottle is for me and one for him. Not enough, so on long runs I also stash frozen water bottles at strategic points so I can refill my bottles. And I cut my nuuns in 1/2 because I really doubt my dog would drink nuun spiked water.

  325. I can’t run in the heat without something to drink. I wear a hydration belt and usually put water in one bottle and a sport drink in the other.

  326. My runs are usually short-under 6 miles-so I hydrate before and after. However I have started training for my 1st half marathon and I have lots of longer runs scheduled for the near future. A hydration belt would be ideal for the hot weather ahead!

  327. I run with an OLD OLD water belt… the Velcro latch barely holds now but it has a little pouch and can carry 3 10oz bottles easily. I am constantly “re-connecting” the Velcro. I usually make 2 with water and one with some sort of electrolyte!

  328. I tend to use a handheld but really like (and will probably try) the stashing bottles along my route at some point this summer.

  329. I use a handheld water bottle, which has always been big enough since I’ve never done more than a half marathon!

  330. Ice cold NUNN in my Nathan’s handheld carrier. But after listening to your podcast decided on getting the Thunderbolt. Just waiting for budget to allow it. PLEASE GOD LET ME WIN THIS ONE

  331. I started running last fall so this my first HOT hot summer in Texas as a runner. I am trying different things, from holding water bottles, running close to the house and using a camelbak backpack. So far nothing works-always need more water! Would love to give this a try!

  332. Most of my long runs are with a group and we set out water jugs along the route. I also always train with a water belt and race with it too. I like to know that I have water whenever I need it!

  333. I just bought a water belt because I am training for my first full marathon….it leaks. :/ So I end up pouring out half the bottles, so it doesn’t spill down my backside, which leaves me with half the water that I started with, which leaves me half as hydrated!

  334. Well once upon a time, I ran with the wee man in a hand me down Bob that had the most fabulous cup holder. However, since my grand discovery of the 6:00 AM yes child left behind running phenomenon, I now have no where to put my water bottle – which is why I was eyeballing these and crossing every dangly bit I had to win them in the raffle on Monday. As it stands, I chug as much as I can before I head out the door and then repeat the lovely chugging action upon my return. No aqua in between. I must remedy this. No bueno. So… I sit here in a very deja vu sort of way crossing my danglies and hoping and wishing for a hydration solution.

  335. I *always* carry water and/or Gatorade. But when it’s very hot and I’m planning a longer run, I try to either plan to lap past my car for more supplies or run somewhere that I can find a water fountain or two.

    I have a hydration belt, but this Thunderbolt dealie looks sa-weet!

  336. I switched to a Nathan fuel belt this year from a hand-held but it’s a 20 oz bottle so I’m finding it annoying. On long runs, my son ride his bike with me and has an extra water bottle in water rack.

  337. I stopped stashing water along my route after someone took my bottles. Now I just hold a water bottle when I run. I’m in the South, so it’s a definite must have.

  338. Well- currently I drink Smart Water and Coconut water before and after. During my runs, I stash a cool bottle close to my home. We are moving to Arizona from the St. Louis area and I am prepping for my first full. I really and truly could use this belt! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  339. I use a Nathan handheld with an Amphipod bottle. For 18 or 20 milers I take the 20 oz. bottle and a couple of bucks to buy a Gatorade along the way. Medium length runs I take the 16 oz. bottle and the 8 oz. bottle for shorter runs. When it is stupid hot and humid I don’t care if anyone laughs at me bringing water for a 5 miler – I have come dangerously close to heat stroke in the past and never want to have it happen again. Oh, and I freeze my bottles the night before for longer runs.

  340. I carry a small water bottle in my hand but I don’t like it. I’m looking for an alternative! Help! I need this!!! 😉

  341. I carry a hand held 20 oz. bottle. I started while training for a half, but like it so much I even take it on a 3 miler! So nice not to be thirsty!

  342. I have a hydration belt that I currently use but it leaks so I end up wearing a good portion of whatever I bring along.

  343. In the summer, even on shorter runs I always carry a small handheld bottle to combat our eastern NC heat and humidity. For longer runs I have a Fuel Belt 2 bottle belt, but have never found it to be very comfortable and always run out before I finish the run. This belt sounds like the solution!

  344. I always carry water or Gatorade with me. It’s hot down here in the south! Always hoping to find some sprinklers on, too!

  345. I try to hydrate well the day before long runs, and I either plan my route to stop back at the car on a loop, use a hiking belt (which is a PItA), or (best 🙂 ) I’m on a Team in Training run where they have water stops every 2-3 miles 🙂 (Go Team!)

  346. I carry a handheld water bottle with me and then leave water by our car in the driveway. This means I can re-fill mid-run without the kids seeing me, because once they see me it’s all over 🙂

  347. I live in South Texas – sticky, humid, thick heat. Temps of 90, “feel like 105” On long runs early morn/late at night) – a group of us have been known to put a cooler full of ice cold water bottles at a half way point, and finish off the run! It always felt like an oasis in the distance knowing it was there!

    I do have a hand held one – but I’m so sweaty and hot handed, its always disgustingly warm through my run. I’ll drink it… but I don’t like it.

  348. I always carry matter the distance. I try to find sprinklers too …and run under them with my mouth open of course! 🙂

  349. when i run at a state park where there are several loops, i run past my car several times, so i stop and get a drink

  350. I use hydration belt on runs longer then 8km and sometimes will stop at friends houses to say hi and grab a drink of water

  351. Haven’t needed to stash water or look for extra hydration as my longest run to date is 5 miles. Working up o a 10k so this would be great in the heat.

  352. We run a loop around our city that includes several city parks that have water fountains and bathrooms. Nothing is more than 2 miles or so apart. However, living in south Florida, we have terrible heat/humidity so water isn’t always enough. We have a network of friends who each lay out a cooler w/ Dixie cups, water bottles, Gatorade AND chocolate so that we can help the sistas out as we all run around the circuit. We don’t all run together because our paces are different, BUT we always have breakfast together afterwards.

  353. I actually don’t have anything to stay hydrated. I typically cut a run short because I don’t want to carry a water bottle with me and I don’t have a waste belt. Would love one though and I think I could run longer…or at least til after my husband gets the kids in bed! 🙂

  354. In the summer, I wear a hydration belt if I’m planning to run more than 5 or 6 miles. Sometimes when I wear the belt and my Garmin, while listening to my iPod, I feel a little like Renee Russo in the movie Tin Cup. She shows up for her golf lesson with tons of equipment that will supposedly improve her golf game. The difference is that staying hydrated really helps.

  355. For shorter runs I don’t hydrate during (but plenty before and after); for longer runs I have carried a water bottle along with me but really hate it — need the water, but hate the uneven weight and sloshing and having to keep my hand wrapped around something. So this hydration belt would REALLY come in handy as I try to get back to longer runs!

  356. If I’ll need water and I’m running solo (meaning without kids alongside on bikes), then I’ll carry a water bottle in my hot little hand. If the kids are along, at least one of them wears a backpack in which I stow my water bottle.

  357. I usually use my Nathan Speed 2 for long runs, but often find that I run out of water. I think a 4 bottle would bug me because 2 of the bottles are in the front. THIS belt looks like something I need, because of the extra 10oz over my Speed 2, and all the bottles are on the back. I could put water in two of the bottles, and nuun in the third! PLUS it has velcro closure, something that is an absolute must for me. The hydration belts that clip do not stay down on my hips.

  358. I intentionally don’t hydrate on runs less than 1 hour. Runs greater than 1 hour I use a single UD handheld. Most training runs are less than 4 hours, otherwise I’ll refill along the course.

  359. I use a handheld water bottle and refill it at a local drug store or gas station on my longer runs. I am also a big fan of Gatorade.

  360. I have a couple UD hand held bottles for runs under 10 miles, but add a Mountain Hardware vest for longer runs. If it is a city run, always carry extra cash to stop for beverages (or call a cab if I get tired!)

  361. I carry a hand-held Nathan water bottle most times I run. I do have a waist hydration system but I don’t like how it rides up the waist. It’s relatively old so it would be nice to try a newer system that may stay down on the hips. I do like Nuun but am a post-run Nuun drinker.

  362. Hydration, to this heavy sweater in New Orleans, is very very very important. I carry a handheld 24 oz bottle, and refill it in the park where I usually do my miles. I refilled it twice yesterday during my 4 miles (finishing it after I’d completed the circuit) -and I also carry a Nuun tube in the bottle holder, so that every other bottle gets some of those much needed electrolytes.
    I don’t go on any route unless I know there will be water fountains to refill! (Which keeps me out of some nice areas, unfortunately – but safety/hydration first!)

  363. I plan my longer runs so that I run past my house. I keep a Nuun laced water bottle, a gel and a small towel on a little table on my porch. Such blessed relief!

  364. I have a Fuel Belt that I’ve only used a couple of times since most of my long runs are on a treadmill (ugh!) The bottle holder on the treadmill comes in handy for fluids and the TV remote!

  365. My daughter runs right now with her team and to drink she has to stop and get water from the coach’s truck that follows behind. A water belt would be so helpful to her ! She wouldn’t have to stop at all in her 60 minute runs.

  366. I either carry a handheld bottle or wear a waist pack, but my last long run was so hot that I set up an aid station on my porch and looped back. Would love to be able to carry 30 ounces!

  367. If it’s a longer (or hot) run, I run with an Amphipod handheld filled with water and a Nuun tablet. Other than a waist belt to carry my honey stinger chews, I haven’t used a waist belt to carry fluid, so I’d be very interested in giving it a go and having my hands free!

  368. I am just to a point where my runs are going past 60 minutes so I have been trying different things. I know for sure that I’m not getting enough though b/c I get a dehydration headache after each long run. I try to drink before and after, but have a hard time drinking during the run…

  369. I drink a lot all morning, and evening before. I then carry a bottle of really dilute Gatorade, either in my Amphipod Full-Tilt or my Nathan handheld bottle, and drink every 10-15 min.

  370. I add Fluid (brand) electrolyte powder OR CocoGo (brand) powder to my water. I usually carry 70 oz. for the long runs and 1 liter for the shorter. I am a heavy sweater and sometimes need to refill along the run.

  371. Nathan’s handheld but honestly I hate having to carry anything in my hands. More often than not I will keep a bottle in my mailbox. If I were to run back in the house, the kids would hear me and I’d never get back out. Getting out of the house once is hard enough! 🙂

  372. I run short. Or on a treadmill in air conditioning! I’m only somewhat kidding, and I know this bit of truth reveals that I’m not the hardiest of souls, but it’s not just heat-induced wimpy-ness that keeps me indoors. I am usually resigned to weekday treadmill runs during my son’s naps and a long run (more often outdoors) on Saturdays. The real answer to your “how do you stay hydrated” question is, “I’m not sure yet.” In training for this half, my longest run so far has been 8 miles. For me, this was short enough to hydrate at the beginning and end of my run. However, in the next few weeks, I’ll be running longer distances far away from home and I need a better solution. In one location, it’ll be easy to pre-drop bottles along the route. In another, not so much.

  373. I usually stop at random water fountains along the route or just tough it out and wait til I’m done.

  374. For short runs (3-4), I don’t carry water. For mid runs (5-9), I carry a handheld water bottle. But for my long runs, since I’m training for my first marathon, I borrowed my mom’s hydration belt!

  375. Once I hit 9 miles plus, a water belt is mandatory. If it’s really hot, I’ll bring it even if it’s a 5 or 6 miler. I tend to run in areas where I can find a water fountain, but I think it’s always smart to bring your own. And yes, nuun is a must!

  376. I try to keep a water bottle in my hand throughout the day before I run to hydrate well pre run. It gets really hot here. 90 degree days with high humidity. When I run, I carry a Nathan hand held water bottle that I freeze before hand. This allows my water to stay ice cold and keeps me from drinking it too fast along the run.

  377. I don’t have a hydration belt so I either run at the treadmill or try to hit up the water fountains on my trails. More often than not, I don’t stay we’ll hydrated. Oops.

  378. I borrow my hubby’s belt…which means lots of bounce-bounce-bounce…readjust…leaky bottles…belt up around my boobs…readjust…curse the belt…tighten hoping for best…readjust…and on and on. Truly frustrating :0)

  379. I hate my current water belt. It bounces more than my 34DD size chest out on a run. Lately I’ve just carried a bottle of water or Gatorade with me. It’s less annoying.

  380. this is a never ending battle for me. i started in a nathan single 21 oz carrier that i strapped around my wist, it moved too much so i went to the fuel belt, still moved too much, couldn’t be bothered to take out the little bottles once it felt right sitting on my hips. so i went to a hand held nathan for longer runs, for shorter runs i use the 10oz fuel belt palm size bottle. i did get a nathan vest with bladder that i have been using on my trails runs….

    so i think i have tried everything, except for something from this company

  381. I steal my husbands hydration belt:) Problem is it requires a lot of prep before I get out the door (which is a pain with a two year old and a nursing infant). His bottles always have his leftover water and the belts need readjusting every time. Would love to have one of my own!

  382. I have a hydration belt but I hate it. It bounces around on my hips more than my post-40-breastfed-two-babies chest would without a Moving Comfort bra to hold it down! Also, the bottles leak, leaving me soggy around the middle. My husband will kill me if I spend any more money on running gear so winning some would be fabulous!

  383. I wear a belt on runs over about 9 miles, but mine is a cheapy from Wally World and really drives me nuts. It’s always riding up or twisting around my waist!

  384. I just did a 15 mile long run this weekend and planned my route around two water fountains in my town. I hand carry a 10 oz bottle, only because I haven’t found a good way to wear it. I plan the route to refill my bottle at each of the fountains, sometimes, making a lap if needed!

  385. I use a hydration belt but I seem to battle a rub burn spot on my left side. My current belt doesn’t like me! My running partners all live in a 5 mile radius so we will leave water/ Gatorade etc out on our porches. We also know of all the places that welcome runners and give out free water! It also doesn’t hurt to carry a few dollars just in case you need to stop at a store!

  386. I have a belt that I use for pretty much all runs now that it’s so hot and humid every day even at 6 AM. And I also stash gatorade on long runs. If I run past my house again I will just go inside and not go back out.

  387. I forewarn my friends’ whose houses are along my route, “do not throw out any random water bottles you ever find in your mailbox. You’re my waterstop!”

  388. I can for sure say I plan my rides around houses and restaurants that I know I can refill my bottles with. I have given a case of water to a couple friends and ask them to keep a bottle or two in the freezer at all times. Before I start a long run, I ask them to put them out by the mail box and boom…instant water station and I don’t even have to slow down. (One friend sometimes leaves a snack which is always nice.) I could use a fuel belt like this one. Help me out!

  389. The last long run, I used my Fuel Belt even though I hate it. At mile 4, I finally ditched it under a tree. I ran without it for 2 or 3 blessed miles, then scooped it up on my way back home. I would love one that doesn’t bounce around or sit so high that it squeezes my diaphragm when I breathe.

  390. On a super hot and humid 15 mile run last weekend I wore my hydration pack (holds 50 oz!!) and planned to run past my car halfway through the run to refill!! I filled the pack with ice water and it stayed nice and cold the whole run!

  391. Anything over 7 miles I carry large hand held bottle and run by fountains. Under that I tough it out and drink before/after the run. Tried my husbands water belt which fits me okay but no matter how loose or tight I wear it, it rubs on my hip bones.

  392. I do a couple of different things to stay hydrated down here at sea level in Mobile Alabama. 1) I freeze up to 3 handheld bottles and run with 2, alternating between bottles to keep things balanced in my hand. The 3rd bottle I leave frozen in a cooler in my car or in my home. I come
    Back to it to reload before going back out on the road or trail. 2) I schedule my run on the road around 4 different water fountains in local parks. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that no jerk unplugged he fountain and I’m forced to drink sketchy water from a bottle I find to survive. 3) I carry a free nuks in my pocket and buy a water out on my run from a gas station.

  393. I currently use an Amphipod belt that has seen better days. It would be great to have a belt that this meant to hold 3 bottles. Living in the Sacramento Valley means you have to think about hydration.

  394. On my long runs I bring my trusty Australian shepherd and his doggy pack loaded with gels and water! He feels like her has a job and I can drink a ton of water…and we can both stay hydrated!!!

  395. I usually drink a few sips before my 5 mile runs because I don’t want to hold my 750ml water bottle. If I bring the stroller, I have my water bottle in the cup holder and chug it every 1/2 mile or so depending on the weather.

  396. I leave a water bottle by my mailbox and loop around and drink as I pass by every 3-4 miles on long runs.

  397. I carry a large handheld full of ice water, and I make sure my pup carries his collapsable bowl either on his leash or in his backpack so that I can share it with him. He’s only 11 lbs but he usually ends up drinking more than half of it! I have been known to take two handhelds on longer trail runs.

  398. I carry a bottle in my hand. I’ve tried switching hands, but I have to have the bottle in my right hand, which leads to crampy hand/wrist/arm muscles. For really long runs, I drop bottles every 2 to 3 miles, but that requires me to drive around before and after the run. Please BELT me 🙂

  399. I carry a fuel belt but it only has 2 small bottles and I plan loops that go past my house so I can refill my bottles and empty my bladder 😉 I had a desperate moment a couple of weeks ago when my bottles were emptied faster than I expected and I peered into a well at the cemetery but the excessive cobwebs sent me back trekking home thirsty 🙁

  400. I hydrate for two on my run. Me and my dog.I have a two bottle hydration belt for quick stops (Yes we share but lips never touch). Then I have 4-5 different places that have hose bibs on the wall (where they haven’t removed the handle) so my dog Ginger can drink to her heart content.

  401. Most of my runs (4-6mi with lots of hills) I have to do pushing a jogging stroller which I can load up with a big container of water but on my longer solo runs (8-10mi) I carry a fitted hand held water bottle. But it is never enough water! I’m going to have to get a belt soon cause I have plans to run farther and farther and farther 🙂

  402. We do some pretty embarrassing things, specially when running in the woods. Anyway, I usually use a handheld

  403. In the winter I don’t carry water but try to run by a water fountain. I have a hand held water bottle that I carry for shorter runs. Now that I am extending my mileage I bought a belt and use that for runs of about 5 miles or more. I need water to stay ok in the hot weather, so a higher volume belt would be great! Thanks.

  404. I hydrate the night before and right before my run. I also leave a couple of bottles in my mailbox. I just have to make sure my running route includes looping back around to my house.

  405. My husband rides his bike along my predetermined route and leaves water bottles every few miles by the road signs. We’ve had some good laughs a few times after i thanked him for the two waters and he swears he left me three! Oops! I run by a park so not only have a place to recycle my bottles, but I can also grab a refill in case I can’t locate one of the bottles.

  406. I am a camel. I carry my own water – in an Ultimate Direction hydration pack, but sometimes I want some more cool air on my back, and a belt would be perfect for keeping me hydrated and cool during these hot summer months.

  407. I wear the Ultimate belt with a holster for one bottle and plan my route to stop by my house. I leave a cooler filled with bottles on my porch. It would be great to be able to carry three!

  408. If I’m running 4 miles or less, even on hot days, I make sure to run on a path that has a water fountain at my 1 mile mark, which I’ll hit again on my 3 mile mark. For longer runs, I’ll fill my 2 8-oz ‘fuel belt’ bottles with half water, half gatorade. For REALLY longer runs (over 16ish for me!) I’ll also carry a water bottle (or half water half gatorade) in my hand and drink from that first, pitching the bottle when it’s done. Oh the lengths we go to hydrate!

  409. If I am running a long run of 12+ miles or so especially in the summer I will run with a hand-held Amphipod. Often times I forget the hand-helds at home and have to drag a 20oz bottled water and then stash it somewhere early in the run so I can grab it on my way back. If I’m doing an Ultra race then I either do hand-held Amphipods or drag the Camelbak out and strap it on. Most runs I do at work at about an hour run so I try to pick routes that have drinking fountains so I can try to stay hydrated.

  410. I’ve never run far enough to feel like I needed to carry water. I’m adding mileage now, so I’m starting to figure this out. I like the idea of planning my route by my house for hydration and this belt-thingy looks pretty rad.

  411. I have a terrible habit of not carrying water on runs–even if I’m going over 10 miles. I haven’t found the right way to carry water without being annoyed by (a) having something in my hands or (b) having a fuel belt that rides way too high around my waist. The Thunderbolt looks like it might stay lower on my hips.

  412. I have an old fuel belt but can only find two of three bottles. Depending on how far I am going, I may use a handheld bottle. I almost always have water and NUUN on my runs.

  413. I have trouble carying water on long runs in my hands, since I’m in Las Vegas and it’s HOT!!! if I”m going to run longer than 5 miles (the longest I can go without having water)I’ll either break it up and do the 4-5 outside in the morning and the rest at the indoor track where I can place my water bottle to the side or make a loop back to my house.

  414. I bring water with me, usually a hand-held but I’ve also used a camelbak. I’ve also stashed waterbottles along my routes. I try to run through parks that have fountains…I’m very water minded!!

  415. I have a belt which holds 2 10oz bottles, I only take it if I’m running 10 or more miles because I hate it! I swore I would not it use to train for another marathon because it swivels on my hips and drives me crazy. Yet here I am on week 6 of Train Like a Mother’s marathon plan with that same annoying belt. 🙁

  416. I haven’t done terribly long runs, but I always have a water bottle. Sometimes I carry my huge nalgene bottle, sometimes it’s a plain old Dasani I pick up at the gas station. I would love to have something like this when I start getting into runs longer than three miles. (Especially since it is 110 degrees outside when I run right now).

  417. When I go on long runs I either plan them near my home and stash a water in my mailbox or somewhere along the route. If I don’t do that, my wonderful running buddy usually packs for me and she carries our hydration on her belt since I don’t have one. Yeah, she rocks! 🙂

  418. I am a firefighter in our small town and when I do my long runs I arrange to my route to go past both stations at some point so I can run in and grab a drink on my way by. Also a great bathroom stop!

  419. I use a Nathan fuel belt, but it only has 2 bottles, so on runs longer than 15 miles, I run by my Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks to refill. I would love to have a belt with three 10 oz. bottles!

  420. I haven’t graduated to long enough runs where I need water. I’ve only made it up to 4-5 miles. My next step would be to carry a bottle of water and a Nuun tablet, but a hydration belt would be even better! I need one!

  421. I have a Nathan hand-held bottle plus a 10 ounce bottle on a belt. I live in SWFL where it’s horribly hot and humid so if I’m going out for more than two hours, my husband drives to meet up with me at the halfway point to give me fresh bottles of ice water as well as a pan of ice water to pour on my head!

  422. If it’s a long run like 3+ hours, then I carry my Nathan Intensity hydration pack…although I am fishing for a new pack with more pockets and that can hold more water.

    My problem is with my shorter runs. My 2 year old lost the caps to two of my bottles, and the velcro is messing up as well on my Amphipod. 🙁 Hence, I’m stuck on shorter runs. I usually do short 3 mile loops around a point that has a water stop or fountain.

    I’ve been known to drink from water hoses when unsuspected property owners leave them out. 😀

  423. One of the best hydration systems I’ve used is my kiddo’s Camelpack “Skeeter.” I never remember how many ounces it holds, but it’s more than most hand-helds (I do use those too), and it’s small enough that it fits comfortably on my back without sloshing/swishing around or rubbing. For long distance summer runs (20 miles?) out in the country, I’ve driven the route the night before and stashed water bottles (I should remember to freeze them next time–that’s brilliant!).

  424. I carry some water in a fuel belt as well as plan runs around water fountains. However, since I’ve lost some weight the fuel belt is almost too big…I’d love one that FITS!

  425. I started my Marathon:Own it Plan and I use a hydration belt with 2-8oz bottles. Unfortunately, when I start my runs with them, they spew out my NUUN laced water like a geyser! I now wrap the opening of my bottles with press and seal wrap, not convenient but at least it ensures I don’t lose any of my drink!!

  426. I have a Nathan 10-oz. hand-grip bottle that I like best. In races, I can refill it pretty quickly. But on longer training runs, I have to wear my camelbak. Anything on my shoulders annoys me greatly after about 15 miles, so this is *not* ideal! LOL!

  427. So far (my longest training runs have been 12 miles, and thankfully were in cooler weather days!), I’ve carried along a collapsible water bottle. The “swish” I hear of the water going back and forth is oddly soothing, but it drives me nuts to be constantly changing hands. I’ll be training for my first marathon this winter, and I’m planning to come up with a better plan!

  428. After a miserable long run with a hand held water bottle that caused shoulder pain for days, I now plan my runs around grocery store pit stops. And yes! I’m that uncoordinated that holding a water bottle in my hand throws off my whole running form!

  429. I almost pulled an SBS and grabbed a discarded water bottle the other day because I sorely underestimated my hydration needs! 🙂 I try to do a loop close to home to stay hydrated in the heat.

  430. I plan my runs so that I am passing by my home every 3 miles. When I am running near my parents home, I run the first three miles, stop for a drink, the run with a water bottle in my hand.

  431. I’ve never hydrated during a run or made a hydration plan. I usually wait until we get back to our destination or steal a sip from a gal running with us who wears a belt.

  432. For summer runs or shorter long runs, I carry a hand held bottle – just had to throw away a great hand-held that I had for over 15 years because I wore a hole into the finger notch! For marathone training I wear a vest with a water pouch in the back – very lightweight and comfortable – I love it! And it has pockets for phone, gu, food . . . . .

  433. I carry a 20 oz Amphipod water-bottle on runs between 7-9 miles (or on shorter runs when it’s hot), and a Nathan hydration vest made for women for 10 miles and up. The sloshing in the backpack is annoying, but the fit of the vest works fine. Carrying water is a hassle, but not having it when I need it is awful.

  434. I tried a fuel belt that wouldn’t stay put, sliding around my waist even cinched tight. It was so annoying. I usually plan a route with water stops along the way.

  435. I have a Nathan Belt that worked well in my marathon training this spring….but during my race, a bottle dropped out….I did the worst thing and stopped and went back for it, dodging runners…..bad race etiquette! My family was stationed a few blocks away and i handed off the bottles to them.

  436. It’s a struggle for me. I try to drink the Nuun throughout the day, and then lots of Gatorade after. I still get cramps. Am trying to find the answers. I got a fuel belt recently as a gift and can’t wait to try it out!

  437. While marathon training in Okinawa, I made sure to bring lots of change for the amazing vending machines that are everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean, there is no road/path/sidewalk that does not have at least one vending machine on it. Drink of choice- ice cold Aquarius. I really miss those vending machines now that we have moved to Tucson.

  438. I got a hydration back-pack thing at a Black Friday sale, but hadn’t tried it out until a couple of weeks ago. With the first steps out of the driveway, I was annoyed because it sloshed and I couldn’t hear my footsteps. I eventually threw down at the intersection of a gravel road and retrieved it on my way back. Depending on the route and milage, I either plan to run past water fountains in campgrounds, the softball complex, or parks or leave a bottle somewhere.

  439. I use my fuel belt if I have to run over 8 miles at any times and sometimes if over 6 miles during the summer. I do hydrate with Nuun prior and after! We don’t have any options of finding water on my run. My fuel belt only has the smaller 2 bottles and I need MORE so would love to try the belt with 3 bigger bottles!! When doing my longer runs I have had to store a extra bottle of water that I have filled my fuel belt with close to the end of my route.

  440. I don’t stay hydrated enough!! That’s why i would Love to try the belt!!!! Have relied on water fountains and wawas for Gatorade but since training for my first marathon and temps in the 80’s- have really been feeling the effects of not enough fluids!!

  441. I use a Nathan waterbelt on my runs, anything over 5 miles right now because it’s hot and humid here and I get thirsty really quickly. If it’s going to be an especially hot and long run, I also plan to run past a water fountain or two. Can’t run while thirsty!

  442. I drink before and after my runs. I never run more than about 10 miles at a time. The key for me to keep cool in the Chicagoland heat is to tuck an ice chipped filled ziploc sandwich bag under my cap.

  443. I carry a handheld right now. Have tried a variety of belts – each has pros and cons. Would love to try this one.

  444. Outgrowing the running stroller was the worst thing to happen to me hydration-wise. Now I carry a leaky hand held bottle that gets more on my hand than in my mouth.

  445. I use to wear my hydration backpack ALWAYS… I recently switched strategies and run through the park where I know exactly where the water fountains are and which ones actually work!

  446. I wear a hydration belt but this one would be much better as I usually run out of water since my belt only holds 16 ounces.

  447. I have an Amphipod handheld. I volunteered at the Chicago marathon a few years ago, handing out water, and a woman ran up to me and gave it to me. I guess she was tired of carrying it.

  448. I wear a fuel belt with 4 bottles and I also plan my routes to refill at home or somewhere I have dropped off drinks.

  449. I’m running with the 2 8 oz. bottles that a) leak and b) are no longer enough ounces to sustain my runs. Wish I had seen this belt when I bought mine!

  450. I usually don’t carry water on our short loopers, but my running partner, Wendy, carries a hydration belt and shares with me. She also gave me a small handheld and insisted I use it (Fortunately, I listened) on a half marathon trail run. I honestly used it more to clean my hands when I took a dive on the trail, but was thankful to have ready access to H2O during the race. I’d love to try our my own belt and haul the water for Wendy!

  451. I have been using a fuel belt for years, but the bottles notoriously leak. I stay true to the fuel belt anyway, because it sits comfortably and doesn’t bounce. Even with its four 8 oz bottles, on longer hot runs I stash a frozen water bottle on my porch and plan to circle back to pick it up. There is nothing better to me than icy cold liquid to quench my thirst when I’m running in the heat!

  452. Usually I just carry a lot of water, like a pack animal. When I run in the mountains, it’s my only option for hydration, unless I carry a sterilizer pen or open my mouth during a chance thunderstorm. If I’m running in the Denver ‘burbs, I make sure my route includes water fountains so I can refill my bottle, or that there’s a gas station along the route so I can buy more water on my way. Winter is more challenging because the water fountains are off, but a well-placed gas station on one route (yes, the same one I use in the summer) and an ever better strategically-located Target (with a free water fountain right next to the bathrooms in the front of the store) work well.

  453. This is my current dilemma! Up until last week’s long run, I didn’t do anything. Gulp. I simply drank when I finished. Double gulp. Last week I tired to carry a hand held water bottle and it DID.NOT.WORK. I wasn’t used to it, it was too big for my hand and I basically fiddled with it during the entire run. In fact, I dumped the whole thing out at mile 7 and may have said a few F bombs in the process. It was during the final miles of that run that I decided that I needed to look into a carrying belt.