Special Thursday Giveaway: A Pair of Saucony Shoes

our feet cropped
Our big, Saucony-clod dogs: Dimity (blue laces) and me (the pair to her left)

Dimity and I are spending more time than usual in our running shoes: She's training for Pikes Peak Ascent, a race that climbs nearly 8,000 vertical feet over the course of 13.3 miles, which means it may well take Dim four+ hours to cover that half-marathon distance. And I'm working with a coach (same one who is training dear Dimity) to run speedy-for-me at Victoria Marathon. This week is already shaping up as a doozy for me, with a 6-miler after hour-long barre class yesterday and a super-challenging 85-minute run today.

Lucky for us, we have a several pairs of our favorite Saucony shoes to rotate through. (Especially fortunate for me, as my Guide 7s got soaked in unseasonal summer rainstorm on Tuesday.) Here are our current faves:

Every time I look at this Instagrammed image of the first time I wore these Guide 7s, I hear a chorus of angels singing!
Every time I—Sarah—look at this Instagrammed image of the first time I wore these Guide 7s, I hear a chorus of angels singing!

For me, the Saucony's Guide series is one of those line of products like Pepperidge Farm cookies and Sarah McLachlan albums that I will swear deep and abiding lifelong loyalty toward. My high arches appreciate the support they offer, and the shoe's moderate control keeps my overpronation from becoming problematic. But paramount to me is how lively the forefoot cushioning is: I might weigh in as an Athena, but I like to feel nimble. The Guide 7 is my go-to shoe especially on longer runs because I know it won't let me down. 

Saucony Cortana 3....and my neighbor's hydrangea for no other reason than I think it's such a lovely color.
Saucony Cortana 3....and my neighbor's hydrangea for no other reason than I—Sarah—think it's such a lovely color.

I tried the Saucony Cortana 3 after Saucony rep at one of our Mother Runner parties recommended it to me. Originally priced higher than the Guide 7 (but it's on sale now!), I sized it up as a spiffier version of the Guide series. Despite feeling like it offers a bit more stability, the Cortana 3 feels a bit zippier so it's my go-to shoe for tempo runs and intervals. The upper is a tighter weave than the Guide 7, giving a slightly snugger fit.

photo (42)
If I—Dimity—could design my ultimate trail shoe, it would be the Peregrine.

Can I tell you how much I love my Peregrine 4's? They are nimble, they are light, they are swift, they are bright. They make me feel supported and solid in on all kinds of trails and in all conditions, including snow in late June. My only complaint? I can't wear them often enough. Dang you, suburban Denver, for not having ribbons of technical trails next to the frontage roads and malls full of PetSmarts and Michaels.

Potato, po-tah-tah; Virrata, Vir-rah-tah!
Potato, po-tah-tah; Virrata, Vir-rah-tah!

The Virratas are the first pair of Sauconys I—Dimity—wore in over a decade, and I was immediately sold: loved the neutral shoe with a zero drop that promoted a natural stride—all the Born to Run rage—but...and this is an important but...didn't skimp on cushioning. So I could keep progressing towards my quick and light intentional midfoot strike (my ideal) but not have my joints bear the brunt of my sluggish, heavy, heel strike (my reality). My only complaint about these? Rumor on the street is that Saucony is phasing out the style. Is one mother runner who loves her Virratas not enough to keep shelves across the nation populated with them? I guess not. When the unspeakable happens, I'll migrate to the Kinvara 5's, which I also kind of love.

To expand your collection of Saucony shoes, enter our giveaway: The winner gets her choice of a pair of Saucony running kicks. To enter, tell us if you spend more--or less--time in running shoes in the summer. Maybe you're fresh off a spring marathon, so your milage drops down in warmer months. Maybe you jumped into our 13.FUN Challenge, and are running regularly now instead of sporadically. Or maybe you opt to run in your pool, so no shoes required. No right answer. To enter this giveaway, click on the Comments banner under this post on our website and tell us if you put in more or fewer miles in the summer and why.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 7/23/14 and ends on 7/29/14; the winners will be announced on 8/2/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $45-$150. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

941 responses to “Special Thursday Giveaway: A Pair of Saucony Shoes

  1. Running more – my husband is a teacher and it’s just so much easier for me to get out and go with him home to take care of the mini. I’m dreading fall when I have to figure out how to squeeze in half marathon training runs between daycare drop off and work.

  2. I’ve been running less. After a two month recovery from a stress fracture on my foot and the general summer activities and little get aways, I haven’t been able to get into a good running schedule.

  3. Runners = 50% of the summer. Flip-Flops = 49% of the summer. 3-inch High-Heels = 1% for the one wedding I attended a few weeks ago. Sunday church included. 🙂 But, I’m from Minnesota.

    I have run in Asics Gel-Nimbus since I began running in 2000. I always think about changing to a new brand/model, but I am so LOYAL to my kicks. This might give me a new reason to try something new. Might.

  4. During summer months I typically trade in my running shoes for sandals. It’s HOT in Texas!! I’ll run about 1-2x per week for fun, then hit it hard once school starts back up and everyone gets back to a regular routine 🙂

  5. high mileage in summer as I love to run the Sea Wheeze half marathon towards the end of August. Keeps me working hard when I’d be tempted to slack off at the beach!

  6. This summer is the most I have ever spent in running shoes and I love the idea of having different varieties to cycle through. I am in the midst of the 13.FUN Run Challenge and am excited to complete my first Half in October!

  7. I am loving my first 13.Fun experience! So, for the first time ever, I have to say my Saucony’s are beating my sandals!!!!

  8. I think I spend the same time all year. If I can’t get out due to winter weather, I hit the treadmill. I’ve never tried Saucony shoes, maybe this would be a good time (hint)??!!

  9. much fewer miles this summer. I’ve decided not to sign up for my typical early october 1/2, so I don’t have to worry about training during my vacations this summer. Just want to relax, run when I want, swim, yoga, etc. Once Sept hits, though, I’ll prob. be ready for a Nov/Dec 1/2…

  10. I’m in runners, year round! Right now I’m training for a fall marathon, so my distances are just ramping up again. When I’m not running, I’m in flipflops as much as possible though!

  11. Running less because of the heat and, now that we have a baby again, it’s hard to go early in the morning. I have, however, continued to wear my beloved Saucony shoes due to going to the gym more (I’m a momma of 2 now and I need a break more than ever!) and doing DVDs at home. Hoping to get back to running more when fall comes.

  12. I’ve been logging more miles since our family schedule lightens up during the summer. My husband teaches so he’s home more to watch the kids while I go on a long run.

  13. I have been ramping it up for 13.FUN. Its been hard with the hot humid weather in WI but relief is insight this week!!!

  14. The summer heat in Georgia knocks me out, so all of my running happens indoors. The reward is running the race I’ve been training for in the fall when the weather is much more runner-friendly!

  15. I’ve put in so much more this summer. It’s easier to get up and get it done early when it’s not freezing cold and dark

  16. I feel like I put in more miles in the summer – while it’s hot, it’s so much easier to get out and run when it’s not dark and I’m running around the same neighborhood loop over and over and over. Summer means I can venture farther from home!

  17. It’s usually the same but this summer it’s a little more because I’m trying the “Own It” marathon plan for the first time so my mileage has ramped up a bit!

  18. Normally I would run more during the summer. I like the Fall half marathon races! But… I am in THE BOOT!! Hopefully only for a short time but the broken right big toe is not too happy right now.

  19. Less time in summer. I mix things up with paddleboarding, sailing and swimming because I have to fit in all the water sports while it’s warm in MN!

  20. I put in more miles in the summer! Despite the crazy South Texas heat, my schedule is more flexible, and I take advantage!!!

  21. More during this summer, because I’m training for my first half (using the Finish It Plan!) Waking up at 5:30 to fit in runs is no joke.

  22. I live in Maine, so I definitely put in more miles during the summer! Once the Polar Vortex leaves town, I can hit the streets and ratchet up my training. That’s especially true this summer as I consider registering for my first half-marathon in the fall!

  23. Definitely more in the summer. The combination of ramping down after a fall race and unpredictable weather has made my winter running much less consistent over the past few years.

  24. more, more, more in the summer…I have more free time and am training for the Akron Half marathon in September…spend a lot more time in my running shoes in the summer..when I am not running, I’m walking the dog or walking to the store, etc..

  25. I’m spending more time this summer in my running shoes as I train for the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November. This will be my 2nd half. Yippee!!

  26. Running more (and healthy! knock on wood). Joined for my first half marathon in Oct. Excited to embark on double digit runs!

  27. Spend WAY more time in my running shoes during the summer! Training for my second fall marathon, and when I’m not running, I’m chasing after my two kids outside. So even my ‘retired’ shoes are seeing the light of day.

  28. I went on a streak this summer starting on the first day the kiddos were out of school and raced on the 4th. So that being said I wore them a little more. Now that it is almost August in Florida it’s getting tougher so I will probably spend a little more time in my flip flops until I start traing for a winter race!

  29. Wearing my shoes about the same amoubt, keeping to my regular running schedule in the summer (even with the icky humidity & heat).

  30. I spend less time running in the summer. I enjoy swimming, biking and playing volleyball in the summer. In the winter, it’s pretty much all running so I enjoy switching things up in the warmer months.

  31. I love my Saucony shoes!! I am training for a Tri this summer. Even in the humid New England summer my shoes give me spring.

  32. Definitely more! Super excited to be raining for my first full marathon in October – spending way more time in running shoes than flip flops.

  33. Started off the summer putting in less miles since I was fresh off a spring half. Now that I’ve started on a 35 day running streak to celebrate starting my 35th year, I’m spending more time in my kicks!

  34. Running shoes for sure! And my feet are so atrocious after the Newport marathon that flip flops are not an option.

  35. Though I’ve spent a little less time in my running shoes this summer I’ve gotten to spend more time in other activities. This summer we’ve hiked trails in Peru, ridden bikes on the beach and have been able to mix up the runs a little to include one of my favorites, trail running. But, alas, my running buddies and I are back now on a half marathon training schedule. Georgetown, SC Half Marathon, here we come!

  36. Happily I get to spend more time in my running shoes! I’m training for a September marathon in the Guide, and sneaking in some trails while wearing the Peregrine.It’s never enough to wear them as much as I’d like to though!

  37. I have run a lot more. It a great routine, getting up early and getting miles in before the heat starts for the day! Sets the pace for the rest of the day.

  38. Less time, much to my dismay! Not by choice, but because of schedule with my 5 year old son. I do love summer, but I won’t cry when September rolls around!

  39. This summer I’ve spent more time in my running shoes. I finally put myself out there and joined a local running club. I’ve met some great women and it motivates me to go to group runs just to socialize!

  40. I haven’t ran or been active this summer like last summer, but hope to change that with better running and athletic gear.

  41. I like to put in more time in the summer because I train for races in the fall and if I train in the scorching heat of summer, I would be racing the the cool weather of fall.

  42. Havent been running as much this summer because I’m not as motivated as I was before but i’m looking to do more starting in August. 🙂

  43. I haven’t beenn running as much this summer because I work 12 hours a day and only have Tuesdays and weekends to run and train for a half marathon in October. 🙁

  44. Running the same amount if miles to make sure I reach my goal of 1,000 miles running in 2014, I have 5 pairs of Sauconys. Love them all!

  45. I did not take running seriously unti this year…so I started to put more miles in this summer until I injured myself a few weeks ago. :(. I am hoping for just two more weeks of rest so I can get back out there!! I plan to run my first half this October so training starts soon!!!!

  46. I run less this summer because I ran a June marathon (BQ!!) and I’ve taken a lot of time off! I’m ready to train again!

  47. I run more in the summer months because I have more time. I really enjoy running on the trails and the summer months are the safest time to run them because of hunters being in the woods in the fall and winter.

  48. Usually I run more in the summer as the kids are out of school so less morning hustle. This summer has been less though as I had knee surgery. I’m just starting to get back out there.

  49. Summer is typically higher mileage for me as I train for a fall marathon. I’m building back up post-baby right now, and feeling great! She was 5 weeks old on Saturday and I ran a 7 mile “long” run feeling fantastic!

  50. Unfortunately, I’m spending less time in my beloved running shoes. My son plays travel baseball and my daughter plays travel softball. When I’m not at work, most of my summer is spent in the car or on the bleachers.

  51. I run pretty consistently year round so I’m either wearing running shoes or my Spenco flip flops. My summer mileage has to stay a bit higher because I race Nov-March so the build up is mid-summer through fall. The only time I’m in a different kind of shoe is for church and nice sandals is as fancy as it gets. I wore heels to my daughter’s high school graduation in May and regretted it for more than a week!

  52. Usually more but in the summer I love to run outside. In the winter I usually hit the treadmill as I’m not much if a cold weather fan. Right now dealing with some arch pain so my mileage is low this week and maybe next:(

  53. I am spending more time in running shoes this summer. The great weather, combined with my kids being older and more independent, means that I can more easily devote myself to a training plan. I’m hoping that it pays off with a marathon PR in Chicago!

  54. More, as I am usually training for a fall marathon. In the Florida humidity I need more than one pair of shoes to survive. Thanks much 🙂

  55. MORE! Last year training for Marine Corps Marathon began in July and this year I’m already well into training for Lehigh Valley Via Marathon as well as my FIRST 50k!!

  56. Yep. I miss winter in Utah. I’d rather run in temps 10 below zero than 80 degrees and humid in California! But I keep moving forward… best foot forward (that would be my right foot).

  57. Me and my shoes pile on the miles in the summer. I’ve been wearing Saucony’s for the past 25 years and practically whip through them in the warmer months.

  58. Hopefully more–and less. I’m getting back into running after a sprained ankle. I had to wear nothing but my running shoes for 10 weeks but couldn’t run a step. Here’s to hoping that I can run more now, and finally wear all my summer sandals when I’m not!

  59. Summer! I get to spend more time in the running shoes because I am an educator and have some free time in the summer months. Put in a minimum of 4 mikes per day 5 days a week! Love this time of year for my run training!!

  60. Summer = high mountain trail running season which is my truest love in the running world. I tend to spend lots more time in running shoes from April to October and love escaping the intense NM heat in June, July, and August with lots of running adventures in the nearby mountains. I’ve had a couple pairs of Saucony Peregrines and love them. I’d be thrilled to not have to pay for my next pair!

  61. Living in Indiana, there are just more racing opportunities in the summer – that means more training and more summer running. This year it’ll all carry over into the fall and winter, though, as I’m beginning training for my first full marathon – Disney in January 2015!!!

  62. Probably about the same. I am training for another half, so I just set my alarm and try to have all my runs in early. As much as I hate cold weather, the heat is slowing me down more than I would like.

  63. More! I’m training for a fall marathon and just love to be outside after such a tough New England winter.

  64. Unfortunately I’ve decreased my mileage this summer. The kids are all home and I’m not feeling as motivated to get up early and get it done!

  65. I spend MORE time in the summer training… Especially this year. I am running the San Francisco Marathon tomorrow, Dumbo Double Dare in August, Ragnar Relay in September, Nike Women’s 1/2 in October, Berkeley 1/2 in November. Not only is that more mileage than in the fall/winter, I also take more care to have my feet protected and OUT of flip flop and other “dangerous” shoes!

  66. This summer I’m in my running shoes more than every before. I’m training for my first marathon in the fall and find that when I’m training, I’m craving barefoot happiness.

  67. This summer it was more than ever before as I trained for my July 4 half. After the race, though, it’s been very sporadic as having two kids home makes it difficult. Im giving my body some time off from training, even though, I’m dying to do another half.

  68. I spend more time this summer in my kicks because of!!! Enjoying my training. Great weather, beautiful summer in Upstate NY.

  69. Due to the winter half marathon challenge and the 13.FUN challenge, my mileage has been equal in the winter and summer. However, I’m certain I like cold and snowy winter miles better than hot and humid summer miles. My favorite miles are dry and 60, but those don’t happen around Boston all the time!

  70. I always put in more miles in the summer. Every year I run a fall marathon, so I have no choice but to log those miles! 🙂 Plus, living in the northeast after a long, cold, snowy winter, running outside has been a big treat!

  71. I’m a middle of the pack runner and like to increase my mileage during the summer to train for fall races. I had surgery for compartment syndrome in my calves last week so I’m sitting this summer out. My legs and feet look and feel like a human piñata. I should be running again sometime in September and have a brand new pair of Saucony Omni’s waiting for me at the back door. I can’t wait to lace up and beat the crap out of them. I’ll be training for a half in February and would like to do my first full in the fall of 2015. It won’t be long before I need another pair!

  72. I am ramping it up as usual in the summer because I seem to find myself more eager to tackle big races in the fall. After the horrible winter we had (polar vortex), during which I ran outside in subzero temps, I was looking forward to running in the heat anyway. Humidity is my kryptonite, for sure. So I am at about 40 mpw right now and my racerback tan line is the strongest it has ever been. My new mantra this training cycle has been “suck it up, cupcake.” It seems to be working!

  73. This summer I’m spending much more time in my running shoes than ever before because I’m training for my first half!!!

  74. Normally, I ramp up in the summer. This year, however, I spent two weeks in Haiti, and ended up getting a Caribbean virus that put my running on “slow” for over a month. Nonetheless, Saucony is my favorite brand, nary a blister in them, ever!!!

  75. Despite many years in Oregon, I hate running in the rain so I run a lot more in the summer and cross train in the winter!

  76. I am running way more than I have all year, because hey-who doesn’t love to run in 90 % humidity in Virginia?! Training for a half this fall so I’m hoping these runs will make fall he’s speedier 😉

  77. I’m spending less time running since child care isn’t provided daily during summer break. But I really should run more since Hood to Coast is coming up soon!

  78. It depends on what I’m training for. Last summer I did a 10k, this summer (actually this weekend!) I am doing a half so this year more, last year less 🙂

  79. I am trying to maintain my mileage right now. I live in S. Central TX so it is hotter than HOT. I would love to be training for a race, but it just can’t be done right now. I compare my summers to northern winters. Sometimes the treadmill is the only choice.

  80. My husband, who is an ultra runner, keeps telling me I will acclimate to the heat. Maybe it’s a mind over matter thing, but it just doesn’t seem to happen for me. I truly dislike running in the heat of summer, so I’ve been finding myself doing more cross training in the summer months. Strenght training, TCX classes…and funny as it sounds Hot Vinyasa Yoga class!

  81. I’ve only been running since May so I guess I’m wearing my running shoes more than I ever have before. I’ve been hoping for a pair of Saucony for my birthday in a few weeks.

  82. I signed up to train with the 13.Fun group so I am working on increasing my mileage. I have the Saucony Cortana 3 pictured above and I love them! It is almost time for a new pair so it would be so awesome to win a new pair!

  83. My mileage is increasing as I train for my first 10K, but I spend as little time in any kind of shoes in the summer!

  84. I ran my first 1/2 in the spring and then I had plans to lower my mileage over the summer. Crazy me! I got so hooked on long runs that I’ve kept them up and actually have higher weekly mileage now that when I was officially training.

  85. Less! I take a well deserved break after a spring half and before training starts for a fall half. Keep it moving for a few strategically placed 5k’s; but overall it’s break time!

  86. I definitely get more use out of my running shoes during the summer. From the first spring-like day of the year through the first frosty morning of winter, I can’t resist getting outside for some early morning miles!

  87. Definitely running more this summer thanks to 13 . Fun!! It is so flipping hot and humid here though. I keep questioning the sanity of starting this training now. I am telling myself that running now when the air just feels THICK is going to make the half in October feel like a walk in the park.

  88. Total mileage is down right now coming off a 50k in late June but I’m ramping up for a marathon in Oct and I’m totally stoked for that 26.2!

  89. I run so much more in the summer. I truly enjoy my early morning summer runs. It is the best way to start the day. I put in many more enjoyable miles during the summer. I would so enjoy to have a new pair of Saucony running shoes. I Love to wear Saucony’s. Thank you.

  90. I find myself spending more time in my running kicks. I am on summer break from teaching and it is my time to enjoy the open roads anytime of the day. I will begin my marathon training next week for my first ever marathon! Woo hoo!!!!

  91. Actually trying this “training” thing for an early October 10 mile race and my first half marathon in November, so my miles are way, way up during this steamy, hot Florida summer. P.S. I had the Glides…they are awesome…and I too, got lots of compliments on the colors. I could wear those shoes all day!

  92. I’m not running at all due to an injury (wearing the wonderful and oh so stylish hard plastic boot!!). I will need to go buy a new pair of shoes to start back up as my shoes may have contributed to the injury

  93. Summer months always equal more mileage for me. It’s the time to kick it into full training to prep for fall races…and I can’t resist wasting a gorgeous summer day on the couch 🙂

  94. Less – but not because mileage is less in the summer, it’s purely related to temps. This year round marathoner just spends as much time as possible in flip flops when I’m not hitting the streets and trails.

  95. I would say I run a little less in the summer due to this extremely HOT and HUMID weather here in New Orleans! I do spend alot of time in running shoes. Not the ones I currently use- but my older ones that are worn. With 3 boys in baseball, I am usually in workout clothes (sometimes I will manage to get a run in wherever they are practicing) MULTITASKING! I would love to win a new pair of running shoes! I am in desperate need of a pair- just haven’t had the chance to go shopping for some. Oh and by the way, I have purchased the pink and blue long sleeve shirts when they were on sale and LOVE THEM! I couldn’t believe how quickly I received them. Thanks ladies!

  96. I’d say about the same. I train for a fall marathon in the summer and then a spring marathon over the winter. I live in running shoes!!

  97. I definitely run more in the summer. The days are longer and warmer so it is easier to get up and get out or squeeze in a run at the end of the day! Winter was rough this year, so I am trying to enjoy every mile this summer!

  98. I put in more miles in the summer because I like to preserve the dignity of my ankles by reducing the icy NH miles – and I got bronchitis last winter thanks to running in the Polar Vortex!

  99. I spend quite a bit of time running in the summer. I live in mississippi so it’s really hot an humid; however, I run at night with friends. This is the only time we can work running in with our jobs and busy summer schedules; but, it works for us. I do not fare well with cold weather, and yes, it gets really cold in Mississippi. I will end up with a sinus infection if I run in cold, humid weather. I love to sweat and feel like I’ve accomplished something – so summer it is!

  100. Definintely more spring/summer/fall than winter. Cutting the grass joins the shoe rotation. I inserted trail running in between the last road run and the near last stand for kicks… grass-stained garden shoes. The last stand is the wash machine where they are cleaned, dried, and insoles from the newest shoes inserted so they can be donated to the local homeless shelter.

  101. Spend more time in running shoes in the early mornings of summer. Gotta get ready for those fall half-marathons!

  102. I always wish I could take it easy in the summer, but seems like there is always a fall marathon to get ready for. So I continue to sweat it out!!!

  103. Summer. Because it’s nicer and not as rainy in the winter living on the Oregon Coast. Love the beautiful cool mornings along hwy 101.

  104. Spending more time in running shoes in the summer as I have gotten into the habit of a fall marathon. But, the minute they are off it is only flip flops.

  105. I have no idea! I think if you took my miles and divided into summer & winter they might be close to same. Maybe more miles in winter since that’s when my higher mileage runs are done. Usually in prep for a marathon! But I’m consistently out there in summer too building my base and stayin fit. Hmm?

  106. I tend to run more in the summer. Living in Canada, winter running for me means treadmill, and while it serves its purpose it’s not my favourite place to run. This summer will my my highest mileage ever, as I’m training for my 2nd half-marathon (ran the first one this spring but some mild injuries stalled my training).

  107. I definitely wear my running shoes more in the summer. With a hectic nursing school/clinical/family schedule during the rest of the year, summer is my “catch-up” time.

  108. I’ve been giving my legs a little break, as I just finished a half-marathon in May (and PR’d- yippee!). I’m focusing more on cross-training, so cut my running down to 3 times and about 20 miles total per week. I have never run in Saucony shoes before and would love to try them out!

  109. I backed off to just walking 5-8 miles per week after spring half marathons were over. Now I’m trying to start ramping up my mileage in preparation for the fall season.

  110. I really only wear my running shoes when I run. My miles are starting to increase, so I’m wearing them more, but if they aren’t in my running shoes, they are in flip flops.

  111. I am a runner who only wears running shoes to run. And that is really the only time I have my feet covered in any shoe. Yesterday a volunteered for a aid station at a marathon. (I wore my running shoes) following, my husband took me golfing for my first time. I wore shoes from 4:00 am to 4:00pm. My feet were in shoes for 12 hours in one day! (This may not be the reason I put miles in the summer because I don’t like to slip in snow and ice, and I am training for a marathon in six weeks, but I thought it should be documented somewhere that I wore shoes!)

  112. My running shoes are getting fewer miles this summer than last summer but are still getting regular action. Last summer I was training for my first marathon so I ran A LOT. This summer I’m just trying to stay fit and training for a half marathon in September.

  113. My running declines in the summer, but not by my choice. A lack of miles due to kids home, yard work, gardening, painting, baling hay, farm work, kids events. No matter how early I get up, there’s just never enough time, things always come up. ERRR, I miss the miles cause they keep me smiling!!

  114. I get to spend more time in my running shoes in the summer. My area of Minnesota has many more fall races than spring and they of course are all my favorite! I am signed up for 5 in October alone (eek! What have I gotten myself into??). Add to that triathlons throughout the summer and I practically live in my running shoes. Ok honesly, I would live in them if they looked good with my business suit at work 😉

  115. I spend a lot more time in my running shoes during the summer. I do a lot more walking, on top of running, and my running shoes are generally the one shoe in my closet that always provides the most support. As a more “mature” mother runner, this is a very important consideration!

  116. Always low mileage in the summer. 3 small boys at home with no school means far fewer opportunities to run. And I just DON’T get up in time to run before my hubby leaves at 6:30. I could. But I don’t. So, my summer mileage drops to about 15 miles a week, when it’s usually 20-25. I try to make myself supplement on the elliptical machine.

  117. I love, love, love Saucony. Kinvara, Ride, and Triumph are the the three in my rotation right now. Living in Texas, I tend to back off my mileage in the beginning of summer and use the time for a little recovery. Fall training begins slowly in mid July, though this year, I am focusing on a fall tri so am trying to convince myself that I love swimming laps. I don’t know how you did 2+ miles in open water, Dimity.

  118. Love Saucony shoes- these are the ones I’ve trained in for the last three years. I definitely put in more Running shoes wearing time in the summer due to training current for triathalon 70.3 and 1/2 marathons.

  119. Volume stays pretty consistent throughout the year. The only thing that changes is the type of terrain I run (trails, pavement, treadmill)

  120. This summer, I am in my shoes more! I am training for my first full marathon!! I have wanted to try Saucony running shoes, but have been afraid to stray from my old reliables…Asics Gel Kayanos.

  121. More time – I do a lot more 5k’s and fun runs. I’m doing a mud run next month so a new pair of shoes are going to be needed.

  122. My mileage is climbing. I’m training for my second half in August and my first full marathon in November. Pair one is 7 mo. old. Pair two is a year and a half. Shoes to train in or registration $ for the race to train for. Lucky for me, I’m a light stepper and they still feel o.k.

  123. Summertime running means I’m training for fall & winter races! It’s the tough miles you put in on extreme heat days so that you can enjoy the cooler autumn day runs. Then ultimately on race day, I’ll fondly look back at the summer months behind me & how far I came to get to a fall or winter race.

  124. My mileage is staying the same since I’m training for marathon number 2. But everyday since the weather is nice I’m always dreaming of lacing up my shoes and just running and running..

  125. I just picked up running again a few months ago and am training for my first half marathon. I love my Saucony’s!

  126. I’m afraid I am in my running shoes a little too much. My husband has decided to become more active this summer, so I have been walking a few miles with him in the evening in addition to my regular runs with my friends. I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends, but in a good way.

  127. Have been scaling back the past few months after a few races but plan to ramp up again soon for the fall. Eager to push myself again and a new pair of shoes always gives me a jump start!

  128. I definitely run more in the summer! I’m a morning runner, so getting to see the sun rise is far more enjoyable than those cold dark mornings of winter!

  129. I’m living in my running shoes, old and new, this summer. I’m fresh out of the dreaded boot, and while I can run again, I still can’t wear lady like shoes for more than an hour or so.

  130. I run MoRE since my big triathlons are in September then Disney wine and dine after. I average 200 miles a month in the hot humid south during he summer months so I could use a new “fresh” pair of shoes!

  131. I wear my Saucony Guide 7s all the time. I put plenty of miles in there all summer as I gear up for the fall racing season. They get abused with the amount of sweat that pour into them, not to mention sitting in my hot car all day. I wear my older ones when I got to mow the lawn, or do yard work. If you see me wearing shoes, they are Saucony!

  132. I run more this summer as I have two half marathons this fall. I do about 20-25 miles a week. Most if the time it is outdoors on trails which really puts a lot of wear on the shoes as it has been so wet – my shoes end up pretty nasty with mud. Otherwise I running in the treadmill when the weather is unbearable or if I am short on time ( treadmill is in the basement). But I do have two different pairs of shoes on hand all the time – one for treadmill and one for outdoors.

  133. I’ve been running about the same mileage this summer as prior to the school year ending. I raced a 5k last weekend with one of my best friends (who I think I’ve finally convinced that running is magnificent). She called and wants to sign up for another 5k in August. I’m ready to up my mileage and hopefully complete my 2nd half marathon this fall. Looking forward to being in my running shoes more often!

  134. This is my first summer running, and between the heat and humidity of the Deep South and the shin splints I got from poorly fitted shoes, I have not been lacing up often. But the injury is better and I near fall coming (eventually), so that will be changing soon!

  135. I am training for my very first half marathon; the Women Rock Chicago half at the end of September. I have never run any type of distance before this so have been spending a great deal of time in my running shoes this summer. My feet are happy!

  136. I took a short break from planned runs after my spring 13.1. I was still running but enjoying the feeling of getting up and going with no set training plan. Back on the training plan and mileage is ramping up for Fall races which is allowing me to take advantage of the brighter mornings and longer evenings as I lace up the shoes.

  137. I have decided to scale back this summer. I was starting to resent all the training and time away from the house. I have had a lot of races planned back to back for the past year. Instead, I started taking a yoga class and love it! I am looking forward to increasing my miles in the fall without any planned races but just to run for fun.

  138. Summer is fresh out of track season. After two weeks on the couch using the opportunity to build some fluffiness, I start building the heaviest mileage of the year- my main motivation being that, otherwise, I will be racing in a very snug pair of spandex the following fall.

  139. My husband and I are training for the 13.Wine Half Marathon in Michigan as we work toward running a race in every state. So I am happily spending more time in my running shoes. Thanks for the great shoe reviews!

  140. I was up on miles training for a spring 13.1 but had to drop the day before the race. So I took some time off early summer. Now I am just starting a ramp up for a late fall 13. Jazzy new Guides to put a pep in my step would ROCK! They are my favs!

  141. Having just finished the Vermont 100 and my 5 th ultra this year you would think I would say “off season” but being a mother runner, I’ve got a full list of races for the fall including 2 more ultras and 2 marathons.

  142. More time—but not necessarily due to increased mileage. Once I wear out a good running pair of shoes I save them to make a second appearance in the summer. All my Past Primes reincarnate for a second life mowing the lawn, climbing about rocky tide pools, and mucking about on adventures camping or boating with the kids. My shoes have long, productive lives.

  143. Fewer, sadly. The past two summers have been nothing but crazy with life, kids’ sports, family needs and more. I’m hoping that will change before the end of this summer and I can get back at it!

  144. I spend more time in my running shoes during the summer months. Currently, I live in Germany (courtesy of the US Air Force!), and the summer months are pretty mild. I schedule half-marathons for the fall months, and train during the summer. Winter is my time to cross-train and work on shorter mileages (up to 5K).

  145. This summer more for sure – been training for Ironman Boulder next weekend! But…even when not training for a summer IM, I would much prefer running shoes over sandals. I’d prefer the extra support, and also not having to worry if my toes are painted!

  146. Sadly less. I woke up at 4:30 am today to go for as run before the heat set in. It was 96 DEGREES and cloudy with sprinkles. Hot and humid, Reached 115 today. It is very hard to get out the door in these temps. Winter is run time when you live in Phoenix,Az.

  147. More time! Still recovering from plantar fasciitis so I wear my running shoes with my custom orthotics constantly; while running, walking around the house, at work, chasing the kids, with shorts, even with a dress!

  148. I put in less miles running in the summer but more miles walking around at Disneyland in my old, retired running shoes. I’m a Brooks girl but would love to try something new!

  149. I have run more and spent more time in my running shoes this summer because I turned 50 and I want to be strong and a good role model for my young boys. The unanticipated consequence is that I feel better emotionally and physically! I am constantly craving my next run. Weeee!

  150. I have spent a lot more time in my running shoes this summer. Finally getting back to half marathon training after having a baby a year ago.

  151. Theoretically more, but between a busy work schedule and a freak foot injury (thanks to my horse) it’s not been a productive running summer. Oh well, there’s always fall 🙂

  152. I run way more in the summer. With the logistics of three kids home, I have to get up and out early to get anything done!

  153. I wish I could say more , but that would be a lie!! It’s harder for me to get out there (or on a treadmill) when it’s too hot! I tend to fill my summers with more walks and hikes. Thanks!!

  154. More miles because I have worked up from a 5k to 10k; less frequent runs because I actually have more free time to run when I am a part-time teacher during school than when I am a full-time mom during the summer…

  155. MORE: I love getting up early an getting some mileage. I have the St. George Marathon that I traditionally prepare for during the summer as it is the first weekend of October! Love the Saucony shoes.

  156. Usually I run way more in the summer but this summer life seems to have gotten in the way. Maybe new Sauconys would help get my mojo back!

  157. I definitely spend more time in my running shoes in the summer. This will be my 4th time participating in the Portland Marathon held in Oct. The summer weather in Portland is ideal for training.

  158. I spend more time in running shoes in the summer. The nice weather prompts me to run adn walk more, and with marathon training for a fall event, long runs fill my weekends.

  159. I put wayyy less miles in the summer, daughter is out of school and I am not about to have a very tall 6 and a 2 year old in a jogging stroller.

  160. Less- my kids are home more, and we have less
    Of a daily routine so I just sneak in a quick run whenever I can!

  161. I am putting less miles in this summer due to breaking my big toe in two places playing soccer over the 4th of July. I had just registered for my first 1/2 in November and my first full in January. I was also just about to order a new pair of saucony rides I am now waiting until I’m well. So this would be a great pick me up:)

  162. I hate hot weather but my mileage has ramped up this summer as I prepare for my first marathon in October. If I survive, I might pick an early spring race so I can get my winter groove on.

  163. I actually add less miles in the summer. With 3 young kids home from school and a husband with crazy erratic hours, it’s hard to fit in dedicated running miles. I’m not a fan of hot weather running either, so I try to stay active in other ways with more biking time in the summer months.

  164. Definitely way more miles in the summer! I can wake up early (because the sun is up so dang early in Ohio) while kiddos and hubbie sleep. Precious peace and quiet on the trails while enjoying the sunrise. And I can get back to my family before the day gets busy with summer activities. Plus, it is actually warm instead of, well, absolutely freezing!!

  165. I actually put in the same unless I am training for a race and then I put in a tiny more. Since experiencing injuries after having children, I have found the magical amount of miles and days for my body and I stick to it pretty consistently.

  166. More miles…starting this week, as I commit to the AMR Half Marathon Challenge, for an Oct. 26th race. As it happens, I just bought a pair of Saucony Hurricanes, as a second pair. I’d really love to expand my repertoire as my mileage expands–the Guide 7 sounds great.

  167. I tend to run strong from spring through mid July, then I fade until mid August, just a month off to avoid the heat.

  168. more..I am training for MCM…I am switching between two pairs of Guide 6’s right now so I would love new pair to finish out my training.

  169. This year I am spending more time in my running shoes in the summer, because I am training for a marathon in the fall.

  170. Usually more in the summer as I am often gearing up for a fall marathon. However, last year I did an earlier marathon and the whole summer was “off” and mileage was low which in turn lead to a super low mileage winter. But now I’m back at it again, following a plan and mileage is creeping up. Can’t wait to hit the bike trails often over the next few months as fall appears. I love running in the fall!! (And I do need new shoes soon, too!!!)

  171. More! I’m doing 13.FUN so my miles are increasing with the training plan. In addition, my toenails are so embarrassing that I cringe to wear open-toed shoes, so on weekends I’ve been wearing my retired-from-running Sauconys to walk around in.

  172. Summer is harder because of the complete shift in my schedule because of kids being in camps. And I really don’t like super hot temps.

  173. Less. My last race was the end of June and I take advantage of cross-training in the summer. But it would be great to have another pair to rotate between!

  174. Unfortunately more. To properly train for fall marathons I have to tough out the heat and humidity of south Texas. Considering that last year’s mid November rock n roll event took place on the day of the hottest temperature in history for that date I guess it is a good thing to train for those conditions. My water bottle from the YMCA says “sweat more….live longer” I should live for a very long time and hopefully still be running!

  175. About the same. But in the summer, I tend to change into my flipflops quicker. In colder months, I may be in my running shoes until I can find time to grab a shower.

  176. Less running but more “fun” runs. I love taking a couple months to just run. Run without a training plan! Training starts again in 2 weeks!

  177. I usually run a bit more since I get ready for the fall races I love so much. I love the fall–great temperature for racing, I love Halloween and it’s the time of year my husband and I met. But I digress….you were asking about summer!

  178. I tend to run more in summer because my reduced work schedule allows me to log more miles. In addition, I love early morning runs, and summer is the best time for them when the air is cool but not cold. It’s beautiful.

  179. I live in central Florida where heat and humidity is a huge hinderance in my weekly run mileage during the summer so unfortunately I do not get in the miles I’d like to!!! Thanks for another great giveaway!!!

  180. Althought I love running in the fall (because of the cooler weather), I get more time and miles in during the summer. The kids are out of school and without all their activities, this mama has some time to hit the trails and streets.

  181. Love signing up for early fall races so I add in the miles in the summer! A friend said I will run the best in the season I started, so July is my prime time!

  182. I’m a December baby and hate the heat, so I love a Spring or Fall race, and I feel that I usually end up doing more distance in the Winter than summers. While I know running is important all year, I just can’t deal with hot weather, so my summer runs must be before 8am or after 8pm and that limits when I can get out there.

  183. I run about the same mileage year-round (unless I’m training for something), but I run slower in the summer because it is SO humid here!

  184. I signed up for a half marathon at the end of summer. So I am logging more miles this summer l love running in the morning while everything is quiet with
    No one or tragic to contend with.

  185. I’ve always ran more in the summer…but this year has been less. First summer of our latest military move, living in Hawaii, so get summer weather year round. With kids home from school and travel to see family in the mainland has cut down on the mileage. But gearing up now the kids are already heading back to school next week!!

  186. A smart MN mother runner would get more miles logged in the summer! This mother runner on the other hand logs lots of miles in the snow and plays summer tennis league (inside!) when the weather’s nice. Oops!

  187. I put in less miles in the summer due to the humidity and heat in South Carolina so I’ve been doing more yoga and biking lately. But I can’t wait to get running more when the temperatures cool off in the next month or two!

  188. During the summer months I spend more time in my trainers. I am a sprinter, so my heavy sprint training begins in October and lasts through the end of April, but during the summer I do a lot of distance workouts to build endurance and strengthen my body. My high school coach found that having a broad endurance base helped prepare me for explosive and speed workouts later on in the season, and I still follow that advice to this day! So more miles during the summer equals more time spent working out in my trainers!

  189. Depends. Last year more than this year but that’s cause my half marathon training is starting later this yr, however I am getting in more running days so far this summer. I love Saucony’s

  190. I run more in the summer months. I live in the US Northeast and winters can make it really hard to run outside (and treadmills are no fun). So I typically bike more on the stationary inside during winter and run, run, run outside in the summer. Trying to work out hydration during runs, though. It’s more of a challenge this year since I’m able to run more than previous years. Yay, fitness progress!

  191. More! More! More! I always run a fall marathon, so summer is my training time. Longer daylight hours allow me to run doubles, too.

  192. Definitely more time in my shoes in the summer – there’s a real nice rive to get outdoors – in shorts – after our long winters, here in Wisco. Winter’svmore for indoor crosstraining.

  193. For me, more miles this summer! I was challenged to run 100 miles in the month of June, and am going to run my first 15k this weekend! Thanks for the contest!

  194. Just started running in March and I’m looking for that “shoe” that will make my feet feel great!!

  195. Im running more this summer because I’m doing 13.FUN! And I’m REALLY close to needing a new pair of shoes. I would love to give Saucony’s a try as my fav Asics are discontinued.

  196. I spend more time in running shoes in the summer. I love getting up early when it’s not too humid still and going for an easy 5 miler! I also feel I train harder in the heat during the summer months. These factors really help my fall races!

  197. I tend to run more in the summer. Warm weather and more skin exposure is motivation for me to keep in shape. Also I’d rather train for a race in the fall than in the spring!

  198. Oh less. Too much traveling. Plus recovering from too many spring halfs. Ovrerdid it. Time to recover and get ready for fall.

  199. I put in more miles over the summer, because I’m usually training for a big fall race. This year, it’s my first full marathon!

  200. I’ve actually spent equal amounts of time in my running shoes – summer vs winter. During the warmer months I’m running outside, and during the winter months I can be found on the treadmill. This past year had found me running two half marathons, completing two tris, and now I’m training for my first full. Loving every minute of it!

  201. Less than I had hoped—as we are packing to move to a new state next week. Moving to a new city with a ton of running options gives me hope and renewed excitement about the sport I love.

  202. For me, it’s runners all day every day. In my massive lab, I run around all day making connections to devices that power the internet, included. If I didn’t run as fast as I could, even in summer, to every machine I can get to that has an issue, the internet will cease to exist and great contests like this would too.
    Luckily we have the ac turned up or I’d die as well.

  203. I’m spending pretty much the same amount of time in my running kicks this summer, but they are more outside than on the ‘mill. Mine is my non-air conditioned garage so the Texas heat is unbearable in there! I love Saucony and would love love love to show off my new kicks on my next group run!

  204. I try to run or walk everyday as part of my recovery from a stroke that I had a little over a year ago at age 38, that plus running 5 kids around to various activities it seems I have my shoes on all the time.

  205. Actually, I put about the same since I fear getting too out of shape during cold, winter days. Plus, it keeps me TOUGH!

  206. I spend a little less time in summer running. I’m a cold winter or cooler weather runner. My mileage goes down about 20 miles per month in the warmer months. Anytime else I average about 90 miles a month. Thanks for the contest.

  207. Less miles… winter is where my main training happens to get myself faster and keep a solid base. Summer is about maintaining and racing! “Summer holds no secrets to go winter was spent!”

  208. Definitely more–as a teacher enjoy being able to get up and run with my BRF neighbor in the morning—hard to coordinate our schedules during the school year…plus in Oklahoma the afternoons are hot well into the fall!

  209. I usually spend less time in my running shoes in the summer…I don’t like to be hot. This summer, I thought I’d trick myself and sign up for an August race…so far it’s working. I still don’t like to be hot, but I’m spending more time in my running shoes and have fewer gaps in my training calendar!

  210. I am definitely putting in more miles this summer. Since I’m a teacher, my August-June is filled with lesson plans, track practice, lunch duty…you name it! Summer is a time I can have more “me” time, and I take advantage of it!

  211. More! I live in iowa and while I loooove fall running, winter and spring can be treacherous here for outdoor running. I take advantage of the early morning sunrise and get out for my run while the kiddos sleep, and before my husband leaves for work, usually around 5am. I could really use some new shoes– the ones I bought in December will very soon become too tight for my 26 weeks pregnant tootsies!!

  212. I run year round, even managed to put in my early morning runs in the Minnesota winters…but I get more miles in during the summer because I’ve turned in to a bit of a race junkie and end up doing a little bit extra on the weekends.

  213. I’m still a newbie, so this summer I’ve been ramping up in preparation for a HM. We’ll see what future summers bring.

  214. More miles because I somehow managed to sign up for a November marathon. Still can’t figure out how that happened.

  215. I’ve been in my shoes less this summer as I finished my first marathon this fall and have cut back on my mileage. I’m excited to build back up soon so I can use a new pair!!

  216. I’ve done more running, trying to get as fit as possible. I’ve been thinking of trying a pair of Saucony’s for a while now!

  217. This summer I’m definitely spending more time in my running shoes as I’m training for my first half in the fall. My go to shoe us the Guide 7- and it would be awesome to win a pair!

  218. I’m actually putting in more miles because I’m training for a summer/fall half (Labor Day weekend). Normally my first fall half isn’t until October.
    I run in the summer, but not normally as much.

  219. Running miles drop a bit due to the heat but I am fortunate to work in a job where I can wear running shoes to work so it does not drop by much!

  220. Many more miles in the summer. I don’t have a treadmill yet so this past winter really cramped my style! I’m running sweaty and running happy!

  221. I have done a lot less running, what with my first half marathon in the middle of June and then vacation scattered throughout July. Hoping to get back into a groove soon to do a fall half!

  222. Mooooore!! 😀 Training for my second half in the fall, would LOVE to have a second pair of shoes to burn in! 🙂 x

  223. Less time in the shoes, but more mileage. I have recently moved to a rural area and left my beloved YMCA. Putting in the miles whenever I can find someone to watch the kids!

  224. Less because I’m so busy with other outdoor activities, mostly including my early-elementary aged kids that are out of school for the summer. Less run for mom, but it means every fall I renew my love of running. Alone.

  225. I spend the same amount of time winter or summer…mostly because I can only get one pair at a time! Honestly, as much as I’d love to have two pairs at a time, I would probably want to give my “pick” away to another mom who might be making a choice between running/sanity, and paying bills or feeding the family. I wish running shoes were covered by health insurance!

  226. Many more miles – I’m home with my son during the summer since I’m a teacher. I run solo, with my son in the stroller or with friends.

  227. More! Did the runners world summer streak and it really helped me become more consistent. No firm fall plans but loving my 6am workouts!

  228. I’m definitely putting in more miles this summer. I’m training for the Marine Corps Marathon — my first full!,

  229. This is the first summer I am putting more miles in than spring. My kids are finally old enough to stay home alone for 30-40 minutes! Of course, I still have one in the stroller… I am training for equinox half in Fort Collins this fall!

  230. I spend more time in my shoes in the Spring and early Summer leading up to RagnarNWP (mid-July), then I give my dogs a much needed rest before picking up the pace in late Summer for fall races.

  231. Since I just got back to running since having my 6th child just over a year ago, I am definitely putting more miles in my running shoes this summer!! That may or may not continue as I do LOVE pool running!

  232. Call me crazy but I prefer winter training for spring races. The summer can get too humid for comfort, so it is my time for leisurely 3-5 miles whenever I darn well feel like it.

  233. I run more miles during the summer to get ready for my fall races 🙂 This fall I am running my first full marathon in Tahoe.

  234. I spend more time in running shoes in summer for sure because I prefer to run in warmer temps and more daylight hours means more opportunity to get out there and run!

  235. I spend less time running in the summer due to the Florida heat and humidity. Right now I’m just maintaining. My current shoes are a year old (yikes!) and I’ll start preparing for my first half-marathon as soon as the weather gets cooler, probably in October. I’ll need a new pair of shoes to see me through that, and I’d love for them to be Sauconys!

  236. More time in the summer. I’m always training for something in the fall… This year it’s my first marathon: NYC! I hope I can cross in a sweet new pair of sauconys!

  237. More! I run fall marathons so my miles always increase in the summer months. Currently training for #4- Twin Cities!

  238. Definitely more in this summer as I’m starting to train for my first 13.1. Disney Princess Half, here I come!

  239. Less this summer than usual due to a little Achilles injury. I hope to be in my running shoes more come fall!!

  240. I’ve been spending more time in sneakers this summer since I’m training for a fall marathon. Plus I love sauconys.

  241. I’m in running shoes just as much in the summer as I am in the winter. When it’s really steamy out, I remind myself about what felt like last winter’s never-ending season of yaktrax.

  242. More! Here in MN, I have to take advantage of the beautiful weather! I also love the opportunity to run with my Mom’s on the Run group 2-3x per week and see how we can help each other get stronger!

  243. I am doing the Saucony 500 cross country challenge this summer, so I am doing more mileage then I normally would.

  244. Sadly, way less time in running shoes this summer since I crashed on my bike and broke 5 bones in my left ankle… 🙁

  245. Much less. I take a break from training plans & run for fun! Until school starts again then it is on like donkey Kong for fall races!

  246. A month ago I would have said more, but as this scorching July has worn on my miles have definitely dropped off.

  247. I love Saucony! I’ve been in the Kinvara series since the 2’s!
    I definitely spend more time in running shoes during the summer. It’s race season for me!

  248. Way more time in running shoes and loving it. Training for my first marathon in October is going to wear out my current runners pretty quickly!

  249. I have been cross-training a lot this summer, so my miles have been a bit lower since my first full at the end of April. However, marathon training has started again for full #2 in October, so those miles are creeping back up!

  250. Defiantly more miles in the last couple of summers! Last summer I trained for my first full marathon for Hope Water Project, and although I said it was my first and last marathon, I’m at it again this year! This truly IS my last marathon! (so says my headband!) Going back to my half marathons…. my perfect distance!

  251. What have I done?! I volunteered to run a half with My Team Triumph pushing a handicapped boy through the Chicago Half on 9/7 and then signed up for another half in October at the Dawn of the Dunes Half when all I was really hoping for this year was a single half in November. So, I am definitely in my running shoes a bit more this summer!

  252. I usually run a half in early June. So, I run a little less for a while. Then I train for a half in late October/early November so I pick it up some more. So the answer is both!

  253. I generally put more mileage in during the summer to train for fall races, but this summer I am training for my first tri, so I have backed off the running mileage a bit and am
    Spending a lot more time in the pool and on the bike!

  254. A little less in the running shoes because I have added Pure Barre socks to my routine this summer. Look Ma, I’m actually cross-training!

  255. Lots of time in my running shoes! Especially now that I won the Medtronic lottery and need to get ready for my longest run ever.

  256. My summer is being spent not in running shoes. I have a partial torn Achilles but hopefully I will be good to go in a three weeks!

  257. This summer I have been in my running shoes a little less than past years. I just had carpel tunnel surgery done, so I wasn’t sure how I would be feeling so I haven’t been entering as many races. I had the surgery over the 4th of July holiday and my hand is doing great. I am now looking forward to a half marathon I have planned to run in the fall and I just registered for my second ever marathon… I was so excited to get registered for Big Sur 2015! I was just able to get in yesterday, and my BRF was able to get registered too! This morning on my run I was already figuring out how many pairs of Saucony shoes I will need by my marathon. I love Saucony shoes… they have been the only brand for me since I started running!

  258. Definitely more, training for races (mostly triathlons) revs up for me in the summer. I run year ’round, but up my mileage in the summer. (So need new shoes more often… hint, hint!)

  259. Less time in shoes this summer. Much more time running barefoot after my babies. Can’t wait to train this fall once the Texas heat breaks!

  260. I put in about the same about of miles during the summer. I’m doing a fall race, but my training plan doesn’t kick until mid-August. Since my last race in mid-May, I’ve been doing maintenance running and throwing in some strength and cross training.

  261. I am recovering from an injury and getting ready for Dumbo! I usually put in more miles in the summer than winter.

  262. I’m spending less time in my shoes this summer. I just ran a half at the end of June so July and August are step back months for me. Marathon training (my first!) begins in the fall!!

  263. I was happy to see the summer finally make an appearance here in Canada; it was a long cold winter. I began to log a couple of miles every mornings when I woke. Short runs to start the day. It was great for my mental health. Some long runs of 10km + on the weekends, the run season was looking to be the best yet. Unfortunately the last three weeks have seen record high temperatures. Some days were too hot to run. Still, summer is best for logging miles in my world. 🙂

  264. I love my Triumphs and recently found the Rides for shorter runs. I run more OUTDOORS in the summer. During the school year, I am indoors on the treadmill due to my uber-early runs, but in the summer, I can run during the (more reasonably timed) morning while my son is at VBS or camp, so I take full advantage of the sun. In addition, during the school year, I am on more of a time crunch, so sometimes I have to cut my workouts short. Not so in the summer!

  265. I spend more time in my running shoes during the summer. Not only do I do more running, but my retired shoes are the best river and boat shoes out there. No river rock slipping (since I am very uncoordinated) and I don’t get rocks or grit in my shoes.

  266. I’m on fire! I found motivation with the challenge with a fall race and the Glass Slipper Challenge coming this winter. Kids are joining me on their bikes and they’ve been so proud of me that I just can’t wait to go.

  267. Overall I would say this is the least amount of miles I have put in comparing this summer to the last few. But I am hoping to change that in August when I begin to train for my fall half.

  268. I love my Ride 7, Peregrine Trail and Jazz shoes!!!! I would say I spend less time in them in the summer but ready to gear up in them again as I train for Ragnar Road in DC and Dirty Damsel Trail 1/2 in MD. This Momma needs a new pair of shoes!

  269. I am fortunate enough to live in Southern California which gives me the opportunity to run consistent miles and patterns all year long. I need to better learn how to cycle training patterns as a result.

  270. My summer has been a bummer! From Plantar’s Fasciitis to tendon tears to piriformis syndrome, I have put in WAY less miles than usual. Starting to feel healthy again, so it’s time to start collecting miles for the Richmond Marathon!

  271. Living in South Louisiana my mileage is reduced compared to the rest of the year. I just can’t adapt to the heat and humidity, even in the wee-hours of the morning. I will be lacing up again by mid-Sept to train for winter races and fun runs with the BRFs. I am enjoying my summer filled with CrossFit, yoga, and some lap swim sessions.

  272. I’m a Triumph girl, but this post sure opened my eyes to worthy cousins in the Saucony family!

    I think my miles are pretty consistent from last summer to this one. Last year was two 50Ks and this summer is Ragnar Ultra (in August! not quite ready!).

  273. I love being outside in the summertime, so I’m definitely putting in more miles this summer! Putting those miles in a new pair of saucony shoes would be even better!!

  274. Finished a marathon in May but I feel like I’ve been running just as much just not as long. I don’t mind the heat and I am in desperate need for new sneakers !!

  275. I signed up for 13.Fun after doing the Prove it challenge this spring. So I think my running time is pretty steady…but I spend my fair share of time in my running shoes! And I love Saucony shoes.

  276. I definitely spend more time in my running shoes (Saucony all the way!) in the summer. I run most of my races in the Fall so summer is spent training.

  277. I run more in the summer. I joined the 13.FUN group.
    I love sweating it out. I also LOVE Saucony
    Running shoes!!!

  278. I have been running more this summer than previous summers thanks to 13.FUN. I would love to break in a new pair of shoes during my training!

  279. I put more miles in during the summer because the sun doesnt really set until 2300 to 2400 and its up at 0430. Oh and there is no snow…

  280. Mileage increases over the summer for this Texas girl – so running shoes worn 4-5 days a week! Crazy cuz we hit 98+ deg temps in July and it can run thru Sept!!!

  281. Well, for the first time in four years, I’m taking off the summer from running. Just too dang hot! Now back in the pool to keep the fitness up, so definitely wearing my kicks less now, but as soon as fall rolls around, I’ll be back in ’em!

  282. Definitely spend more time in the summer in my running shoes! My mileage is consistent throughout the year, but I’m also busy chasing my two year old around the backyard and park on a daily basis. I also am on my feet and waling around a lot at work (I’m a scientist and work in the lab!), so my retired Saucony Rides are my go to work shoes, too!

  283. I’m in my running shoes about the same year round. I live in Houston- so the cold is not too cold and the hot is…..well hot (but I’m pretty well adapted to that).

  284. I generally run more in the summer because there is more daylight after I get home from work. My running club also resumes our training program in July, so after a brief hiatus, it gets me moving again and training for races coming up November through March. I would LOVE to have new shoes to start off my training season!!

  285. Everything stays pretty consistent during the summer, not a ton more, sometimes a bit less. It doesn’t get sick hot here, so that helps a lot with consistency. The only thing that gets in the way is vacation and travel 🙂

  286. I usually run less in the summer due to the heat. This summer I have made myself run MORE so that I would be ready to start training for the Disney Wine & Dine Half in November & then the St. Jude Half in December. Extremely siked to say that my mileage is up YTD and I am blowing last years miles out of the water. 🙂

  287. I try and run the same amount! My running group trains for two half marathons a year, so the distance question is out of my hands for the most part, which is somewhat of a relief.

  288. Despite the fact that I live in Austin and it’s SUPER DUPER HOT right now, I always spend more time running in the summer. Perhaps I’m just acclimated to the heat, no small feat for an East Coaster like me. Perhaps I take advantage of the longer days now that I have two littles. Who knows? I’m just glad I do it. 🙂

  289. Less time in the heat of this Texas summer. Luckily in these parts marathons are Janruary so training kicks into high gear in September. I’m fully taking advantage of the cross training this summer but look forward to my fall running days!

  290. My mileage stays pretty close to the same, maybe a bit less but, since I usually run pre-dawn the Texas temps don’t get to me as bad! I love adding in boot-camp as an alternative. I work in a comfy tennis shoe as well, so I’m in them all day long!

  291. Usually I spend less time running in the summer. The heat really gets me and I’m out of my school-year routine. This summer I made a commitment to spend MORE time running and I’m really glad I did! Can’t wait to see how it pays off once the cooler weather returns!

  292. I usually run more in the summer, and especially this summer, as I am training for the Portland and NYC marathons! I love, love, love the weather in Portland in the summer and running lets me experience that much more of it.

  293. I spend less overall time in my running shoes but more time running – because in the winter I wear my “retired” shoes almost every day to hang out in – but in the warmer weather I switch them up for ballet flats.

  294. I am pretty consistent in Spring, Summer and Fall. My miles tend to drop a bit in the winter. Minnesota can be brutal!

  295. Less! For me and my Army family, Summer = Moving! I always pack my running shoes, but despite my best intentions, I don’t find my running groove until we are all somewhat settled!

  296. I try to keep my time about the same in my running shoes year ’round, but I’ll admit, in Central FL, it’s pretty tough with 98% humidity and 85+ degrees even at 5 am. I’m not complaining though….we have beautiful Winters…..thinking of Winter….LOL

  297. Not way more, but more. Will bump up in August as I start training for the Big Sur Half Marathon in November. Blessed to live in California’s Central Coast, which allows me to run year-round, but enjoying our cool summer mornings!

  298. Typically summer sees me in my running shoes less, it just seems that there are so many other things scheduled on the calendar, and a lot more travelling as well. However, this summer my runners will see significantly more miles as I have signed up for 13.Fun and I am training for the Victoria Half Marathon in October, I can’t wait!

  299. More! Am training for my 1st M
    marathon, so it seems I’m always I’m them. Could so be the fact that there’s no time to change. Case in point: 14 this morn @ 5:15, followed by kiddo bagel run, park play action, Target run, then home to make pie for neighbor party tonite. Just took em off while reading email– it’s 12:42 !

  300. I actually spend more time in my running shoes over the summer. Partially because I’m outdoors more often and partially because I want to spare the world from looking at my ugly feet. I tend to do my errands after a run, that way I have a really good excuse to stay in my running shoes 🙂

  301. My goal this year was to run 3 days a week, even if I’m not training for a race, so I would say that my days in running shoes are about the same, despite the season. I am “unofficially” training for a fall half, so this year, Summer is as Spring was. And I’m proud that it’s working for me so far!

  302. I would love to say more, but the truth is I thrive in the colder weather and my summer runs have much less mileage. The good news is that I am able to use more of that time to run with my kids. We only go a mile but they have been my favorite runs of the year!

  303. My Saucony Ride6s get a little break in the summer…I’m running as much as, or more than usual (hello 13.FUN!) but otherwise, I’m in flip-flops as much as possible!

  304. I’m a teacher on summer break, so I have WAY more time for running. I train for the Portland Marathon and put in a lot of miles. I get up and go while the kids and husband are still in bed!

  305. Definitely more miles for me this summer, as I am coming off a rather extended running hiatus. I love running in the mornings when the sun is coming up!

  306. I’ve only been running for 2 years so I don’t have much to compare in terms of more vs less, however being that I’m training for my first Full, I am definitely running MORE than I have any summer, or any time in my life :). From here on out it’s at least a half marathon distance each long run, which just blows my mind!

  307. More miles in the summer– Hood to Coast and fall marathon training, more daylight for super early long runs, and gorgeous sunshine that inspires me to get out and go long as often as possible!

  308. Should’ve proof read, I was going to say “hit the trails” but changed it. Apparently I left “hit” in. Don’t want you to get the wrong idea about how I unwind. Ha! 😛

  309. I get less time in my running shoes in the summer because my three children are home all day and we’re spending time together. In the Fall, Winter and Spring when the kids are in school all day, I get much more running time in!

  310. I tend to get more miles in during the summer mainly because with the kids home all day and the longer summer hours my desire to run doubles increases. No better way to unwind than hit to lace up my running shoes after the kiddos are in bed!

  311. Definitely more mileage! I am working with a coach to break a 4 hour marathon so I am going through shoes like crazy! I am a Saucony “brat” and will wear no other brand. A new pair would be a God send!

  312. I definitely put in more time in my running shoes in the summer. This is when I start my fall marathon training so my mileage increases. Because I only teach one class in the summer, I have the luxury of running around the park while my kids are at morning swim practice, instead of having to get up before the sun and trying to get some miles in before dashing off to work.
    Also, when I am not in my current running shoes or my summer flip flops, I have my Saucony Hurricanes from my first marathon (2012 Chicago) that I wear for walking the dog, etc. I used to cycle through shoes with the replaced ones becoming my walking shoes; the walking shoes getting donated. Now, the replaced shoes are the ones I donate. I never want to get rid of those Hurricanes. 🙂

  313. I usually run more in the summer because the weather is nicer! If my only option is the dreadmill, which happens much more often in the winter, then I usually ditch running!

  314. Not more, not less, as I’m about 18 months in on an SI joint issue that’s become chronic at this point. But I WISH it were more, as I’ll be walking instead of running my fav 10K (TD Bank Beach to Beacon in Cape Elizabeth, ME) in just over a week. Sad face.

  315. I’m just starting to walk/run this year and so far I am definitely putting more miles in during the warm summer weather. So far I’ve lost 50 lbs. and hoping to lose the last 30 for my (realistic) goal weight! 🙂

  316. I run more in the summer! Longer daylight hours means it’s not so hard to get up for morning runs.

    I guess that means I’m spending a lot more time in my running shoes!

  317. Its been so hot and busy I feel like I haven’t seen my running shoes often enough. Maybe some new ones will help me remember that when mommy runs everyone is happy.

  318. typically, it is more miles. Unfortunately for this summer, injury recovery has become first priority….my running shoes are getting very lonely!

  319. I am spending way more time! I was marathon training this winter so I was still putting in the miles, but the Chicago Marathon waits for no one and I’m hoping to PR! Love my Saucony Guide 7s — they accommodate my wide toe box, and strike just the right balance of cushioning and lightness!

  320. I am currently in them less due to an injury prior to starting back on marathon training. Generally in the summer I am in my running shoes much much more!

  321. I admit my mileage drops a little during the summer due to not being committed to any races. BUT it has increased these past 2 weeks since I started training for the inaugural The Big Easy in New Orleans in November. I usually up my road rides during the summer to stay in shape too.

  322. I definitely spend MORE time in my running shoes! I love the two and a half months of sun we get here in the Pac NW and I can hear the trails calling!!

  323. I actually run a little less. Summer means vacation days but also means cross training. The community pool opens between may and sept, so we spend a few days a week swimming laps in the pool and riding bikes. We are trying to find a triathlon that doesn’t take place during our kids swim meets, soccer tournaments, and tennis matches.

  324. I have been spending less time in running shoes this summer but hope to ramp up again in August to train for my first trail half-marathon! Love my Saucony Hattoris!

  325. I actually spend more time in my shoes in the summer and winter, since I run on a treadmill when it is cold or very hot. I love Saucony! I use the ProGlide, I think, but i bought five pairs when I found them because I hate changing shoes. I am on my last purchased pair, though, so I need to find a new shoe.

  326. More miles this summer in my Saucony Guide 7s! Quite possibly the prettiest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. <3

  327. I definitely spend less time in running shoes during the summer. I blame it on more hiking, road trips, vacations, and swimming!

  328. More for sure! Early sunrises make it so much easier to roll out of bed in the morning. Plus, I need to stay connected to my friends…I was used to seeing them every day at school drop off!

  329. I really don’t have an off season as I train for spring and fall halfs. I do try and be smart about running in the summer by running by feel and not by my watch and I hydrate much more. I run with my pup most of the time so I also pay attention to her needs and will leave her at home if the temp is over 80 or the dewpoint is high. I try and run around 5 am but the humidity is pretty high here in KS at that time so sometimes i will run at 9 pm instead. The humidity is usually lower even if the temp is higher.

  330. More! Training for my first half in Sept! 🙂 When I’m not in running shoes I’m in flip flops or bare foot.. Running blisters are no joke 😉

  331. I live in Southern California, so I run pretty much the same year round!!! I have a couple fun 5Ks coming up as well as the Marine Corps Boot Camp Challenge, so I’ve been doing a lot of short fast runs lately. Lots of fun 🙂

  332. Generally I run longer half marathons in the spring and summer shifts to shorter, but more frequent runs generally b/c I shift to Triathlon training. However this year I decided to throw in a 12 mile race in the middle of “tri season” so I think I’m putting in equal sneaker time spring and summer this year.

  333. Training hard for two marathons and hopefully Boston in April soooooo, yes, spending all mine either in running shoes or barefoot stretching ! Awesome awesome give away!!!!!!

  334. No race currently scheduled, so fewer miles this summer. But my BRF and I love the early morning light this time of year. And we both love our Saucony shoes, too!

  335. Desert temps in the summer mean less time in my running shoes and more time cross training INSIDE or swimming. Forecast this week is over 115 degrees every day…stay inside!

  336. I try to maintain my mileage in the summer months, but it’s not always easy. This month my mileage has taken a hit! On the other hand, I’ve been swimming laps and going on bike rides with my son. Crosstraining bonus points 🙂

  337. Summer running in NorCal is fun as long as it’s early in the day though. So far this summer I’ve been running more but I think I’ll ultimately end up running less, I’m starting a new job on the 31st and don’t yet know how they’ll feel about me disappearing for an hour+ each day.

  338. I am spending more time in my running shoes this summer! I am training for the Wineglass marathon (2nd marathon) and I am hoping to PR! Working hard and tacking on the mileage.

  339. I have been spending more and just this morning on my run I was thinking about how I need a new pair and even more amazingly was contemplating trying a saucony shoe. Haha. Normally I wear Brooks, but sometimes change is good. (:

  340. More! Gearing up for fall races, my favorite race season. Plus it gets nice and cool-ish (60s-70s) here in summer in the morning, so it’s much more motivating to run in those temps than in the below zero temps of winter.

  341. Summer season is my off season for running. With the kids home full time, I find it hard to get away for a run and I’m not an early morning person so I rarely get and out the door before they’re awake. I recently found out about Oofos flip flops and absolutely love them. Lots of support and cushioning. I’ll go back to running most days once school starts so a new pair of shoes would be great!

  342. I put in less miles in the summer, I am so busy with summer school and works it’s hard to find a time to run.

  343. Hood to Coast is just around the corner, the Vancouver RNR (13.1 fun) is looming, and the big goal of a 70.3 next summer is out there. I’ve been spending just as much time in the pool as on my feet (the bike thing needs some work). I’ve appreciated having different shoes to rotate in over the last few weeks as my poorly pedicured feet have been ripped up by blisters and mileage. My dogs and my dogs are tired!

  344. This summer is different for me. I spend a fair amount of time in my running shoes – but 50/50 for working out/running. A new pair would be awesome to treat my feet to a treat. 🙂

  345. I put in way more miles in my running shoes in the summer. I work in a school and I’m so fortunate to have the summers off with plenty of time for running. I always register for a race to motivate me through the summer, and this year I am doing the Tri for the Cure Denver!

  346. I’m running as much as my bum foot lets me, trying my best to keep up with my BRB, Alice Barnett! She doesn’t quit for ANYTHING (pouring rain, 4:45 a.m. start times to beat the heat, runs hills on her WAY to the hill we’re supposed to train on . . . ). So, yeah, I could use another pair of Sauconys!

  347. I’m in training for first sprint tri in Oct after my first marathon this past spring, so I’m divided between running shoes, barefoot and bike shoes these days.

  348. My summer schedule as a ballet instructor gets a little crazy as I’m trying to pick up extra hours all the time so i find it challenging to run regularly. Lately you’ll find me dancing, teaching, cross training at barre class, yoga, and running. It’s been one great summer!

  349. This summer has been less, unfortunately. Staying up late working at home makes it hard to get up early for a run before the heat kicks in. I’m looking forward to more running in the fall!

  350. This year my mileage has increased over the summer. Prepping for Cascade Lakes Relay and restarting my running after a foot injury. Happy to be putting in the miles!

  351. I definately run more in the summer. Its cold here in the Winter and fall marathon training means hitting the pavement from June on. Love my Saucony shoes too.

  352. I tend to spend more time in running shoes in the summer since my schedule is a bit more flexible and I prefer to spend the extra time outside (alone). I love to take advantage of the early morning sun and warmer temps…no cold winter runs for this girl!!

  353. I have to say I’ve spent about 25% of the summer so far in running shoes, 50% in flip flops and the rest barefoot doing yoga/Pilates. My goal is a half in November, so I’m beefing up the runs now. Great giveaway ladies!!

  354. As a high school math teacher, I definitely run more in the summer because I have summers off! In addition I’m training for my first marathon (MCM!) so I’m logging in more miles on my Saucony shoes (I love the Kinvaras!). I desperately need a new pair so I’d love to win this giveaway!

  355. After a number of years of being a couch potato, I gave myself a goal of running at least 365 miles for 2014. I hit 300 miles this week and continue to build up my mileage. Now I’m shooting for twice my original goal. I also mix in swimming and biking too. This has been a year of fitness for me.

  356. Well I would say 1/2 my time is spent in running shoes and the other 1/2 in flip flops. I have a 1/2 in October so I am definitely gearing up. So I’m either running , doing yoga , or at the beach 🙂

  357. Honestly I keep my mileage about the same year round. What does go by the wayside in the summer is the long run. It’s just too hot. I save those for the fall winter and spring.

  358. I definitely run more miles in the fall, spring and winter. Summer is so busy, and with a active family and races on weekends, I generally get a long run in and a few during the week. The lower miles don’t seem to effect my performance, but the heat certainly does at times!

  359. My usual summer routine involves lots more time with running shoes on since I’m usually training for a fall full or half marathon. Not so much this year – not a lot of motivation and small foot injury = lots of time in sandals instead of sneakers.

  360. Here in hot hot hot Phoenix, I run way less in the summer. Logged only 3 miles yesterday, but to be fair, it was 111°. I don’t have any races planned until November, so I’ll start ramping up the training in late August.

  361. More! I am finally off the injured list-I had not run for 7 torturous months. Cross-training is great, but I don’t get that same giddy, wild feeling of freedom on a bike or in the pool like I do when my feet hit the trails. I am lifting, doing yoga and pilates, biking, and running so much more in the summer that I am sure my family and friends will tell you I save money on pedi’s because I have my skips on all the time! Would love to add a new pair of skips to my trail runs!

  362. I’d say I spend the same amount of time running in the summer months as I do the cooler seasons. I just modify my runs or take them inside on the treadmill.

  363. Definitely more time in warmer months. In the middle of training for the MCM and because I have serious supination on my left foot, I’m going through shoes like it’s going out of style.

  364. I’m doing more running this summer to keep up with my 100 miles in July challenge, and to keep the crazies at bay as the kids are on summer break yet I AM BACK IN SCHOOL-yak! But most of my runs are on the TM before they wake up, or on the hot streets round the hood when Dad is home to give me a break. I ADORE my guide 7s but they are getting up there I mileage. I’d love to try the Cortanas too!!

  365. I usually spend more in running shoes in the summer. My hubby, who is a teacher has a lighter schedule in the summer so there’s more time for me to get out for long runs. This summer, however, I had baby boy #4. So I have spent zero time in running shoes 🙁 I cannot wait to hit the trails again!

  366. I am definitely running more this summer as I train for my first half marathon this fall. That running will continue through the fall and winter this year

  367. Summer is when I have the most time to run even though it is the hottest time of year in North Carolina! I spend a lot of time in my running shoes!

  368. I run fewer miles in the summer. My boys and I are spending our days off together doing whatever we feel. As a special education teacher, I unwind in the summer….and (gasp) wear A LOT of flip flops.

  369. I am spending just as much time. I’m gearing up to do an inaugural women’s half marathon this fall. I’m loving some of these cooler mornings.

  370. This summer I am in sneakers much, much less. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and dealing with painful SPD so I’m unable to even do the elliptical. Very much looking forward to running again in the fall!

  371. I am a newbie to running so I try to run at least 3 days a week. So far I’m up to 2.5 miles! In between I am learning how to do cross training as well. I wear running shoes almost everyday! As a new runner I also don’t have a lot of running shoes yet, just one pair. I would love to try these shoes because I also have a high arch and worry about cushioning. These sound perfect!

  372. I spend almost the same amount of time in my running shoes all year long. I’m always training for something, so I’m out running at least 4 times a week, rain or shine, hot or cold.

  373. I spend less time in my shoes in summer, generally, although this year is shaping up better than most. Must have something to do with the fact that I’ve scheduled a marathon on November 1, another marathon on January 24, ANOTHER marathon on March 1, and a trail 50K on April 25. Can’t imagine what I was thinking.

  374. Much, Much more! My kids are home from college so I need the escape:) So off I go. I will also wear them now when I walk the dog and use her as a running partner! She likes interval training!!

  375. Running more with the warm weather. Early morning runner so I am so excited to get out the door and not have to head to the gym and run on the dreadmill. Happy Runner 😉

  376. Right now, it’s slightly less, because of summer schedules and vacations, but I’m trying to get back to my four-runs-a-week happy place!

  377. It’s about “even steven” for me. I’m not training for anything right now, so I keep my mileage around 10-12 miles per week. Good for me!

  378. Generally I run fewer. My girls are home with me, so I have a tighter schedul. II’mjust ramping up for a Sept 50k, so iI better get back to it!

  379. I definitely put more miles on my shoes in the warmer months. I am not much of a treadmill runner and the cold weather keeps me indoors. I hope to run a winter race in a warmer climate to keep me motivated.

  380. I hate running in the heat so I’d prefer to do less miles, but I’m training for a marathon in September so more miles are a must!

  381. I definitely put more miles on my shoes in the warmer months. I am not much of a treadmill runner and cold weather keeps me indoors. I plan to run a race this winter maybe in a warmer climate to keep me motivated!

  382. Happy to say more! My true running journey began last summer. I have fallen in Love with running. Being a single momma of three teenage daughters, running is a welcome outlet. They even cook dinner sometimes. But, with a budget, I would LOVE to win some new kicks. 🙂 13.Fun is amazing by the way!

  383. My running kicks & I are true besties right now. I’m training for the MCM in Oct. then a trail marathon in Nov. I’m always going, going, going!

  384. Definitely MORE time in my running shoes, since I am off for summer break. (I’m a teacher.) I love wearing running shoes, I just went they were acceptable to wear with dresses and skirts!! :0)

  385. I don’t put my most mileage in the summer as it gets ridiculously hot here in Arizona but I do still run–especially if I’m training for a fall marathon like I am this year. Most of my mileage comes in the fall/winter from races and in preparation for Spring races

  386. I have put a ton more miles in my running shoes this summer than last summer. I think because the kids are in less camps so I have to get away from them or I will explode from the fighting. LOL Plus less rain, less snow, less anything but humidity so my running buddy and I love to go out at 6 a.m and hit the road in our running shoes.

  387. while last summer I would have said that I was increasing miles, this summer the focus is on the tri, so more outside but less shoe miles.

  388. I’m a teacher and so I definitely log more miles in the summer. Although I have to get up early to beat the heat and fit my run in before spending the day with my sons, summer is my time for rejuvenating and reconnecting with my love of running. My shoes take a beating though, with all the road and trail miles. Much more so than my winter treadmill runs.

  389. I have been putting in more time in my running shoes and I can tell that I need to replace them after next week’s triathlon… they are starting to feel broken down. However, I don’t want to change them up before the race because of the the advice of not trying out anything new before a race… This has been a year where training hs become my escape and time to process a divorce and the beginning of rediscovering me.

  390. It is either flip flops or running shoes. I’d have to dig deep to find anything else in my closet. I begrudgingly continue to run through the sauna-like conditions here in Florida through the summer only because it is so darn hard to “start over” when the weather cools here…especially considering “cool” is not really an accurate way to describe fall here.

  391. It’s split 50/50 so far. This is my first year running! August will be my running anniversery! I spent the winter outside when not fridgid or on the treadmill. This summer, I go out before the kids are awake & its a tad cooler.

  392. I hope it’s more! My running schedule has been subject to change based on school schedules, camp schedules,work schedules, sick kids, and a brutally cold (well, for this part of the East coast) winter. Summer running is my second favorite (next to gorgeous, cooling-off fall) because I can get out early in the morning. I love the quiet of an early run. But the good news is that even if the number of miles is less, my pace is increasing! Woohoo!

  393. Kids home from school + warmer temp + running partner traveling all summer + nursing a PF foot = fewer miles.

  394. I’ve dropped off this summer, with a house project and having spent the winter months training for Broad Street and doing my first half!!! It’s time to pick up the mileage, however!

  395. Sadly fewer time since it’s so HOT in Florida. Shorter distances also means I wear my Saucony Kinvara’s a lot more!

  396. I’m spending less time in my favorite running shoes right now because I’m training for my first triathlon – after a series of injuries including stress reaction on my hips I decided to diversify for now. Better than being sidelined for months on end – and a nice change of pace (couldn’t resist the pun!) when it’s 82 F and 90% humidity in pre-dawn Florida!

  397. Definitely wear my Keen Wamea H2 sandals when I’m not running! All time favorite for several years now and nearing 300 miles on my running shoes! Perfect timing if I am so lucky!

  398. I’m running less, because I’ve taken up tennis. Practice and match takes the place of two runs each week. My miles improve my conditioning and earned me the nickname “monster” on the court. By the way, I’ve worn my garmin on the court and run about 3 miles in about 3 hours of tennis.

  399. Run, run, run…that’s summer for me so definitely in my running shoes more but not just for my own running. It’s running the kids to camp, swimming, library, whatever that keeps me in them all day.

  400. I spend more time in running shoes in the winter because the kids are in school and I don’t have to ask someone to watch them!

  401. Way more miles this summer! Training for a sprint triathlon & the beautiful cool MN temps has resulted in many more miles this summer! Loving it.

  402. I try to keep my training consistent no matter what the season, but I get more time on the road in the summer.I get to run when its light in that magicial hour before the family and the neghborhood is awake. Its my absoloute favorite time to run!

  403. Fewer miles in the summer because in Texas it’s HOT and most of our races are in the winter. Love my Ride’s.

  404. Less because of vacations between myself and running buddy and not running in the predawn hours alone if she can’t run. Should pick back up about the time school starts!

  405. I spend more time in running shoes. My husband is a school teacher and my kids are home from school so I need some time away to refresh and get the stress out. I am actually more busy with them all home. It’s good to get some me time.

  406. Always more running in the summer! not only is the weather more favorable here in the Midwest (well, early in the morning anyhow…), but I seem to be a fall race kind of girl, which means summer is usually training season.

  407. More, actually! I’m a teacher, so in the summer I have much more free time, so I am able to put in more runs.

  408. Definitely much less! After training for the Pittsburgh Marathon, my legs needed some rest time and, although I always say I don’t like cold weather, after running in the cold all winter, I’m having a hard time adjusting to this heat and humidity.

  409. I am inclined to run less in the summer but I still try to get in similar mileage as the winter. I am so slow in the summer months that I have a hard time staying as motivated!

  410. So far, it’s been less, as our recent move from MN to FL has me loving my flip flops, but trying to get acclimated to the weather and get moving more again. A new pair of running shoes would help!

  411. Definitely more time in the summer!! I am a baby and hate running in the cold. I just had a baby so I am excited to run again and am training for a 10k!

  412. I spend more time in them in the summer because I’m a fair weather runner! If it’s too cold and windy, you’ll find me hangin with Tony Horton inside.

    Question: how are your contest winners chosen? Randomly or by the best response?

  413. Way more especially this summer! Training for a full marathon! Cant wait to see what my mileage is for the month of July! might be more then Jan and Feb combined this last winter!

  414. I’m spending more time in my running shoes this summer. The Rock and Roll half is in Philadelphia in September and I’m into the thick of training right now!

  415. Definitely less – it’s hot in Central Oregon! And, I take advantage of not working in the summer to sleep in a bit. I have a September race though, so the training is ramping up- would love a new pair of shoes to rotate with my beloved Pearl Izumis:)

  416. I would say I’m running less in the warmer months, partially because of our summer schedule and partially because I’m not training for anything right now.

  417. I live in Austin, Texas, so I definitely spend less time running in the summer, unless I am training. Last summer I was training for the NYC Marathon so I had to run through the heat and it was miserable. In the summer I usually spend my cardio time in the gym. Although, I am coming up to your neck of the woods Dimity, and I can’t wait to do some trail running in the cool Colorado mountains!!

  418. I definitely spend more time in my running shoes in summer. Our summer here in WI has been cooler than normal which has worked well with my running schedule!

  419. I’ve been in my running shoes more than usual this summer, thanks to finding awesome running friends at the gym I joined a year ago, folks who have revitalized my life-long love of running.

  420. Ahhh Summer…love the longer days because I run after the kids are in bed. I do run more in the summer months to gear up for September races.

  421. I spend about the same time in my running shoes in the summer as in the winter. This year, by two half marathons I the spring and summer have taken me through two pairs of running shoes so far. A third and fourth half are in the plans for fall, so it looks like these shoes will continue to get a workout.

  422. Running more by eagerly jumping on the 13.FUN challenge. 6 miles used to be my long run. Now 6 miles is part of an “easy” week day run. Who knew my feet could keep going? I would love to reward my feet that continues to prove to my doubtful mind that yes, I am a BAMR!

  423. This summer, I’m definitely logging more minutes & miles! I think it’s a combo of joining the 13.1FUN group and committing to a half in October, and the fact that we’ve had a pretty decent summer from a heat & humidity standpoint here in Indy. I’ve been a loyal fan of Asics running shoes for more than 5 years, but I’m curious about the love of Saucony from D + S….

  424. Definitely more time this summer. The weather has been a bit cooler than usual and I am following your “own it” half marathon plan. I decided after yesterday’s long run that my current running shoes are probably shot.

  425. I am spending more time in my Saucony’s this summer due to training for marathon #7. Since I have found this shoe I’ve made some great strides in my training. Continually training for long distance means I am always buying running shoes, would love to win a pair!

  426. Chasing around my 3 boys this summer with lots of camping, not to mention marathon training – I’ve been living in my running shoes!!

  427. I have spent less time in my running shoes at the beginning of the summer since I finished a half in late spring. Now gearing back up for a half in October so I’m back in them pretty regularly! But, when I’m not running or wearing heels at work, I’m in my Chacos. Love those sandals!

  428. I live in my running shoes and go through them quickly. I have challenged myself to achieve 10 million steps in a year which equates to a little over 13 miles per day. Shoes don’t last long at that pace!

  429. More time for sure, usually running from one thing to the next and keep my shoes on! But I definitely find it easier to run longer and even sometimes two times a day since it is light so much longer!

  430. I generally spend more time in my running shoes in the summer. We have to take advantage of any nice weather we get here in Michigan! Plus, I signed up for 13.Fun this summer. When I’m not in my running shoes, I’m usually barefoot!

  431. I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant, and haven’t been able to run at all…it makes me so sad!! This summer, I’ve been living in flip flops because my feet have been swelling, and I don’t have to bend over to do up any laces!

  432. I definitely spend more time in running shoes during the summer; its my way of celebrating sunshine and warm days.

  433. More summer running with a Fall marathon on the horizon. But a Spring half marathon keeps me wearing those running shoes year-round.

  434. I have been spending a great deal more time in my running shoes this summer than over the winter. I had a tough winter with injury and illness, so I am enjoying the ability to run as much as I want! There is also the bonus of no snow or ice in the summer to contend with…

  435. I wear a lot of flip flops and sandals in the summer. Running shoes start my day but if I can let the feet air out I do.

  436. I am an apprentice at a gym right following the trainers to learn from them, every day is spent in my running shoes now!

  437. I’m spending more time in old running shoes – the ones I use for bootcamp and weight class. It’s about time to amp up my running for my September half marathon relay and get back into my newer running shoes.

  438. Living in the Seattle area, our summer are THE time that runners revel in…sun..views..and that glorious 80 degree day! So I spent the same amount of time in my trusty running shoes as I do in the other seasons!

  439. More in summer…since the Rock & Roll series comes to Savannah in November, I train through the summer to get ready for that. Also, it’s so nice to be able to run in daylight up til 8:30 pm!

  440. Finally took the leap and am “full” crazy this summer. NYC Marathon in November is on the horizon for me. So a whole heck of a lot more miles on tap this season.

  441. More time in the summer, at least this summer, as I’m training for my first half with 13.FUN!

  442. Even though I have a fall marathon coming up, I am running less this summer. Family vacations, baseball (x3), and busy work stuff have prevented me from getting in my weekly miles. Fortunately, school is ramping up soon….so I can get my training back on track.

  443. I definitely run more in the summer. Since having my first kid (almost 4 short years ago), I decided that I’d run a marathon a year, just for fun. I love fall running weather, so I tend to lean towards fall marathons, which means lots of summer training miles! And it’s right about now in my training cycle where I ask myself why I signed up for yet another marathon…

  444. Unfortunately it’s much less this summer, just because of life I guess. Looking forward school starting so I can get my schedule back on track.

  445. I spend equal time in my running shoes in summer & winter. It’s a little harder to fit runs in during the kids’ summer break, but I do it for the good of everyone in the family!

  446. I run fewer miles in the summer. I live in FL and it’s just freakishly hot and humid. I also ditch the pace watch and shoot for getting miles in, not meeting pace goals!

  447. I have summers off work but sadly I can’t stand the heat so I run less. Spring and Fall are my best seasons.

  448. I run more in the summer just earlier in the day to catch the cooler air and for some quite time without the kiddos.