Hump Day Giveaway: Witty, Flattering AMR Shirts + Tanks

This is what you feel like in an AMR shirt:  Brilliant in a black-and-white world.
This is what you feel like in an AMR shirt: Brilliant in a black-and-white world.

Toot, toot: that's the sound of us tooting our horns because we can't get enough of our newest shirts in our store. And, actually, we should only to to--that's half a toot, in case you couldn't tell--because we didn't come up with any of the newest perfecto sayings that epitomize the spirit of mother runners.

So here's the ot ot for Samantha and Erin, who came up with two of these tee slogans. And Samantha gets another full toot toot since her six-word sentence--I am stronger than I thought--not only netted her a NordicTrack Treadmill, but will be preserved forever on mother runner chests around the country.

Without further ado, here are the three newest additions to our store: Lavon-in-Something-nice-to-say

If you don't have anything nice to say, go for a run. Wanted you to note that we've tweaked our logo a bit for this shirt, and have just a single mother shoe and a sole  kiddo shoe so it represents all flavors of families.



Someday my PR will come. This beauty, a wicking tank, is perfect for all Disney Runs, as well any other run where you have swift aspirations.

And bonus deal on this baby: Normally $35, this pinky-PR-la-rou is marked down to a mere $22 for just five days, through Sunday, January 20. (Which, ahem, happens to be the day of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon; if you'd like to be pink for Tink and order today, Wednesday, we can Priority Mail it to you, no extra shipping charge. Just email us after you've placed your order and tell us to push on the priority gas for this tank.)

Literally fresh off the press: Runner Ashley works for our T-shirt printer!
Literally fresh off the press: Runner Ashley works for our T-shirt printer!

And finally, I am stronger than I thought. So fresh, this photo is of the first tee off the production line. It's the same awesomely soft and universally flattering Bella tee that we use in I run things. and It's all good. I ran today. and the emerald green pictured above. Sarah is picking them up late this afternoon; in the meantime, you can grab it here juuuuust in case Or at least in your mailbox within a few days.

So this sounds like a sales pitch, which wasn't my intention. We actually are giving away five AMR tees today; five winners get to pick one of the three styles above. In order do be entered, we just need a simple answer from you in the comments below: What kind of running-centric shirts are your faves?

Would you prefer we focus on lifestyle tees? Tech tanks? Long-sleeve tech shirts? Short-sleeve tech shirts? Feel free to mention more than one style, and any other products you'd like to see us consider. Our current storeroom, in Sarah's finished basement, is getting pretty tightly packed, but I'm sure her daughter Phoebe won't mind if we take over her bedroom, too. Right, Phoebs?

805 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Witty, Flattering AMR Shirts + Tanks

  1. all kinds of tech tops, pls/thx! like scoop or V-neck on both short and long sleeved as well as long sleeves w/holes and glove alternative feature.

  2. Either long sleeved or tanks in a tech fabric. But I would also prefer that it’s not super tight. I hate the recent trend for super fitted shirts. I don’t love my body that much…yet.

  3. My faves are long sleeve tees with thumb holes, preferably with a solid color body and vivid cool patterns on the sleeves, and I like regular rounded necks, not V’s. Cheers!

  4. I vote for long sleeves with thumbholes during the winter (and those little flaps that pull over your hands to make mittens, so you don’t have to bring running gloves) and then scoop neck tanks for warmer weather. V-tanks never quite fit right for some reason …

  5. I love all shirts but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the lifestyle shirts so i can still feel like a runner while running errands etc….

  6. Sometimes I wanna wear a cute shirt like this even when I’m not running so I’d like to see a super soft like butter cotton tee. You know, for my rest days, or for when I’m just heading to the grocery store. 🙂

  7. I wear simple baggy cotton tshirts. When it hits the 95 degree mark I wear my race tech shirts. Winter time I own one long sleeve new balance longsleeve tech shirt. I wear it under my Cottonwood Elementary School Hoodie to keep me motivated as a BAMR !

  8. short sleeve cotton and scoup neckline. not really a fan of the cheesy tech shirts many races are giving out now they are cheap and snag bring back the cotton t’s

  9. I know it’s not very runner-y of me, but I run in my husband’s old oversized t-shirts. It’s a sure-fire way to hide any jiggle. And I agree, if you made a hoodie with thumb holes, I’d buy one in every color!

  10. Long sleeve tech in the winter, and tank in the summer. Plus, I love the cotton T’s for everyday wear…I like to let everyone know I love to run!

  11. I typically run in tanks (I did the Nike Women’s Marathon in one of your tanks) but for running around town I like t-shirts or long sleeves. Or even hoodies 🙂 No such thing as too many hoodies, right?

  12. Its ALL good! But I favor the long sleeve and hoodie with thumb holes. Maybe add a little reflective on them. (reflective shoes or just the shoe string perhaps) I love all the slogans. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  13. Any tech tee/tank that is long enough and doesn’t “hug” too much. Bonus points for wording in the right spot to mask “nipp-age” which we all know happens a LOT. 🙂

  14. I wear semi-fitted to fitted tech tanks the most. Sometimes tech short sleeves. Also, some BAMR arm sleeves would be awesome!

  15. I actually like every-day cotton (fashion) T-shirts that I can wear to work, to the store, etc. I have too many tech t’s now from races and certainly don’t need to purchase any more!

  16. Hoodie with thumb holes! Tech long/short, and tanks! And maybe even some every day styles. I love rocking my I <3 running shirts around town when "running" errands.

  17. Always a shirt that i can run in – so the tech material is sweet. If not v neck, make sure its scoop neck. I really hate crew neck

  18. I prefer short sleeve tech tees most of the time. Although a warm hoodie would be great right now! I love the third slogan, “I’m stronger than I thought”.

  19. I love short sleeve, longer body, thicker material t’s. Non of the almost see through stuff for me! Thumb holes in a long sleeve are another favorite for cold weather running.

  20. I love to run in your long-sleeved tech shirts and your tech tanks. But I’d SUPER love a “Dont think. Just Go” hoodie and a regular cotton tee to wear proudly on errands and during the rest of my day!

  21. Wow! There are so many great ideas on here. I am going to jump on the bandwagon for long sleeve tech shirt with thumbholes and long torso so their is no tugging the shirt down. I’m also a big fan of short sleeve v-neck with long torso.

  22. I love them all 🙂
    I want a tank (no v neck), but I’ll jump on the hoodie or long-sleeve thumbhole.
    The blue bamboo is my’s perfect for everyday or running

  23. I have more opportunity to wear short sleeved shirts, except for winter. I prefer scoop neck style and I do like anything that says, “Ultra,” “Runner,” or “Mother.” I do like “If you don’t have anything nice…” because running did calm me down. It’s my ‘zen.’

    1. I love to run in your long-sleeved tech shirts and your tech tanks. But I’d SUPER love a “Dont think. Just Go” hoodie and a regular cotton tee to wear proudly on errands and during the rest of my day!

  24. v neck tech t-s, with the fabric that has the little holes. The thicker rubbery tech fabric is kidn of creepy. I’d love to see a cool buff from you ladies, and that shrug from last week’s giveaway is genius!

  25. Love the long sleeve tech tees and I am also jumping on the hoodie bandwagon! With thumbholes!! I got the hot chocolate hoodie & can’t wait to wear it! I also like the non-tech shirts to be able to wear around, I’m a tshirt gal!

  26. Love them! Partial to tech shirts, either long sleeve or short. And “don’t think just go” seems like a next logical saying…

  27. I like v neck and scoop neck tanks for the gym. Can’t stand a regular neck line. And thumb holed long sleeves or zip hoodies make me happy these days!

  28. For winter I like longer colorful tech tees scoop neck. Summer, both cotton and tech with color and some kinda powerful message. The longer, and a little fitted, the better (cause I’m tall like that). Yes, yes, yes to hats too!!

  29. I would love to see some LS tech shirts. I also think hats would be awesome! Some nice running hats and maybe some beanie style as well. Love the new slogans.

  30. IN addition to the ‘hoodie with thumb holes that says ‘Don’t think; just go!’, I love short sleeve tech tees. Not the unisex cut style, but the women’s cut style. Also, it would be rad if it had a zippered pocked to stach a key or small ipod or Gu.

  31. I just absolutely love YOUR short sleeved v-neck tech shirts! Perfect fit, not too tight, not too loose, and just the right length to cover all the not-so-perfect mother runner parts! I would love a long sleeved option with thumbholes.

  32. I love the hoodie/thumbhole idea. But I have to say that here in WI my favorite running shirt is a long-sleeved, very light weight tech tee that I got at a race — it’s perfectly fitted, and because it’s so light I wear it three seasons — with shorts, or tights, or a layer over if it’s cold.

  33. Scoop neck tanks please. Also, long sleeve tech tees for the chilly runs…then a soft long sleeve AMR shirt to lounge in after a good run, eating a nice hot breakfast. Lol.

  34. I really like the hoodie idea! I also like tank tops, but with thinner straps rather than bulky wide ones. I just get too hot when the sun comes out!

  35. Definitely a tech t so I could wear it in action and use it for motivation! Short sleeve or tank is awesome to wear to the gym or on the trails were I seem to get the most responses from people with regard to great running themed sayings!

  36. For cooler temperatures, midweight merino wool with a zip neck and thumb holes. For warmer temps, light weight merion with short sleeve or a short sleeve tech shirt.

  37. I vote for a long sleeved tee – quarter zip. Other products? I would buy a visor (love, love a Skirt Sports freebie one with elastic band — no headache and light!). I would also enjoy having shirts for my kids to wear to races – another contest!

  38. A tech shirt in long sleeves or a tank.A hoody in black would also be cool.How about one of those tech fabric head bands( like Bondi Bands) that match the shirt colors or of course the classic black. The band can also have the same quotes.

  39. My favorite running shirts are long sleeve tech tees that are long enough to feel like I don’t have to constantly pull it down over my waist. Thanks!

  40. I really like the short sleeve tech shirts but I prefer a v-neck. I get all anxious about things being too close around my neck. Other than that I love love love the bella tees, I have “the more I run, the less I want to run away”. 😀 I really wish you’d bring back “I run therefore I rl(am)” though… missed my chance on that one. 😉 It’d be cool to have an AMR Shrug, AMR Buff, and AMR hat. Honestly I’d love nothing more than to have AMR or the logo on every single item I wear to run. Wearing them is empowering! Thank you for all you do… this is such an outreach!

  41. Right now I would love a long sleeve tech shirt with the thumb holes, one that is a little longer would be preferable : )

  42. I like long tech shirts with a scoop or v neck with thumb holes, they are great for winter.
    also like the tanks with scoop necks the best in tech. Like it not so fitting, need breathing room and long to cover the tummy. I love this website and the emails I get from you I they are very inspiring and love sharing with my solo sisters

  43. I like long sleeve lifestyle tees with a long torso. I hate pulling down my shirt over and over. I also like bright colors, but not neon. Also, I have a large chest, so I have to keep that in mind when choosing tops. I like to run in short-sleeved or sleeveless tech shirts, but NOT skimpy ones.

  44. Long sleeve and tanks are my favs but the most important thing is not to much cotton and longer lengths. I am very tall and really struggle with feeling covered 😉

  45. I prefer short sleeve tech shirts…don’t need much more than that here in South Carolina lately. If needed, I will layer with a long-sleeved shirt. During the summer, tanks all the way…too hot for much else.

  46. I love running in either short-sleeved tech shirts or tanks. If its too cold (which has not been the case here in South Carolina lately), I layer with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

  47. I really wish you would do one in a racer back tank. Not everyone’s favorite, I know…but it sure does cut down on the chafing!! I also love the long sleeve with thumb holes!

  48. I like short sleeve tech tees and tech tank, but like then on the longer side. Would love to win a shirt. Found out today that I have a femoral stress fracture and can’t continue the half marathon own it plan. So very sad. 🙁

  49. I love short sleeved tech shirts, but I find that I REALLY LIKE wearing my race lifestyle shirts. I want the world to know that I’m a runner!!!

  50. Short sleeve v neck tech tees are my fab but I’m loving the hoodie with the thumb holes idea from above for the chilly weather!

  51. Tech Tees. I read a few comments about scoop and not V neck. I am in favor of this addition. The scoop neck tan line goes better with swim wear! 😉

  52. I like running shirts that make my boobs look “high” and my belly “flat”- just kidding! Sort of. Actually I like long sleeved tech shirts.

  53. I’d feel affectionate for any shirt that fits well on us girls who have ample, well, girls. I end up picking mens shirts (bleh) so that I get anough room around my chest area. Other than that, love all the MR shirts.

  54. Tech t’s short or long sleeve, so I can wear them to run or all day long. I need to expand my wardrobe with a few tanks for the summer.

  55. I’d like a long sleeve tech shirt with thumb holes as well – but I ALWAYS get comments and compliments on my original “another mother runner” pink tank. I need to pick something up in black, oh and that cute ribbed shirt with the turquoise heart on it is another favorite for a lifestyle shirt.

  56. Living in Minnesota – I love long sleeve tech tees, they work for spring and fall running!! I do agree if thumb holes could be added that would be amazing!! Lifestyle tees are excellent too. The new sayings are awesome!! Maybe I will get to see them live if you ladies are attending the Get in Gear race again this April here in Minnesota. Thanks for everything you do for running and mother runners!!

  57. I love the “I am stronger than I thought” slogan – I’d love to see that on a long sleeve winter shirt with thumb holes! Thanks for making these great unique inspriational shirts!

  58. Tech tanks for summer! Yay! Love ss race tees, but can’t run in them in the summer around these parts. And I would TOTALLY be all over a nice, girl-fit hoodie. Love the new sayings, you guys!

  59. I am seriously lacking in cute tanks with running sayings. But I agree with Adrienne – I’d prefer a scoop neck style 🙂

  60. I enjoy those witty shirts like… “I’m stronger than I thought. But truthfully… I like anything free :-). So pick me.

  61. I love your lifestyle tees – have two and adore the newest additions to your collection. Have already hinted to hubby that one of your tees would be a great Valentine’s gift…..

    Jumping on the bandwagon for a hoodie with thumb holes, but I would also love to see you guys develop a non-v-neck tech tank, too.

  62. I love tanks! It’s not just for summer, I use them to layer in the winter or treadmill runs too! However, my favorite tank has the pockets in the back (usually Nike) You can stick your ID, Chapstick, gels….You get the idea!

  63. I like the long sleeve hoodie with thumb holes idea as well! My running partner got me the “it’s all good” tee for Christmas, and I love that style as well.

  64. I love the v neck tech tanks. I wear them alone in hot weather and with more layers in winter. I also love long sleeves with thumb holes.

  65. I dream of running in a tank top but because I am generously endowed I have trouble finding tank tops that don’t reveal everything. How about creating a tank in a scoop neck style that is cut just a bit higher for us mother runners with ahem, excess cleavage? Also, I love the mother runner sweatpants and hoodie ideas! Love the fun sayings. The favorite among my friends is “Are my kids still chasing me?”

  66. Long sleeve with thumb holes! Bonus if it’s long enough to cover part of my rear so I’m not feeling immodest when I drop the kids off at school pre-run.

  67. I love short sleeve tech shirts for running and working out, cotton t’s for lounging. And the hoodie’s with the thumb holes sound great also!! Love the new slogans hoping I can get one for FREE!

  68. I like shirts that are long as I’m tall and I don’t like them riding up. I’ve tried Men’s tanks but the arm holes are too big. I like the V neck for summer and long sleeve that are soft on the inside with thumb holes for post run: Thanks.

  69. I love super soft tech tees to run in(long sleeve or short sleeve), and 100% cotton or wool to wear otherwise. I’m lucky in that I don’t have to “dress for work” most of the time, so comfort is my main goal 🙂 Have worn out my Oiselle “Running is Elemental” shirt – Would love a AMR replacement – wink, wink!

  70. Scoop necks! no more v’s! any tech T, especially long sleeve with thumb hole. No more white shirts….hmmm think thats it 🙂

  71. Summer, technical tanks and I love the V necks.. Winter, long sleeve, I’ve never been picky about the neck because they’ve been hidden under a jacket or a pull over 🙂

  72. I like long sleeve wicking for cooler days, and short sleeve v-necks for warmer days. It’s all about the moisture wicking for me. Love the “I am stronger than I thought” quote!

  73. I’d like a hoodie. 🙂 As much as the hubs hates hoodies, I could live in them.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green If You Can’t Say Anything….., but then when I saw the black, I’m Stronger Than I Though….WOW. That one blew my socks off. As a new runner, I LOVE that shirt. That shirt was made for ME!! Woo Hoo!! I’d like a hoodie in both, please. 😉

  74. SS tech tees for summer…long sleeve w/thumb holes for winter! Love the “I am stronger than I thought” tee. I often feel that way after a long run!

  75. Tech shirts, preferably with v-necks and longer bodies. Living in Canada, I need a whole range of them to suit the seasons – long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks. Ones with sleeves get the most use.

  76. I would love more short sleeve tech shorts–scoop neck is great! not baggy, but not shaped either–I got nothing to show-off when I run except my hardwork!

  77. I like the soft cotton Ts … The new moisture wicking BO fixing make you run faster shirts are not for me! I do love a shirt that inspires me with a clever slogan or a Tshirt from a race to remind me that I am a BAMR!!!

  78. Love short sleeve tech shirts, either v-neck or scoop neck, that are made for women and not the huge men’s shirts that are given out at races.

  79. C’mon besides AMR shirts what else is there?! ; ) I also really like a Lucy perfect tank or long sleeve wick with thumbholes since the climate in MI is hot for like 5 seconds ha ha ha!

  80. My very favorite shirt is my I Run Things shirt that I got from you. It looks and feels amazing. For running I love tech tanks and the v-neck is always flattering,

  81. I live in FL, so tech tanks are the best for running in. I like the option to wear the short sleeve lifestyle tees around when not running, too 🙂

  82. My favorites are definitely long sleeve tech shirts – being in MI, I can wear those about 11 months out of the year! Feminine cut with clever sayings are the best…

  83. Tech tees for sure. Either scoop or v-neck — not crew. Living in MN I boned long and short-sleeved, depending on the time of year. Love thumb holes on the long sleeves

  84. Lifestyle tees are my favorite! There is nothing better than a soft and comfy cotton tee for the everyday. I don’t wear tech tees as much because I get too hot with sleeves! I usually wear the built in bra tank type shirt over my running bra. If it’s cold I’ll wear a jacket over that of course, but on a warm day I can’t stand too much hanging on me when I run.

  85. Almost all races are giving out tech tees now, and I already have a bunch. I love lifestyle tees. I teach exercise classes and coach cross country, so I am always looking for fun, motivational, runner tees to wear to both places. And I just love them to wear around anywhere!

  86. Since we only have what seems like 2 seasons where I live (hot & freezing), I would like to see either tanks or long sleeve technical shirt w/the thumb holes. Also don’t mind just regular good old cotton tees. That way when I’m out and about other people can see that I’m another bad ass mother runner 😉

  87. Fitted tshirts! I ran a 1/2 marathon this fall and the t-shirt that was included instantly became my favorite. I am liking the look of the AMR shirts….time to get my hands on one of those!

  88. I think my most used mother runner shirt is my short sleeve tech shirt. I do love your nice cotton shirts that i wear post run. Honestly, I love all your shirts.

  89. Sleeveless girl here. I love tech tanks (but like rounded necks best). Otherwise, long-sleeves to put over sleeveless if it’s chilly outside after my workout. 🙂

  90. I love all kinds of tees! Long sleeve, tech, short sleeve, tank….I’ll find a way to wear your tees anywhere and everywhere…even to work! One day I sported the heart-run tee to work to show my support for a colleague running her first half marathon at the age of 60. Got lots of compliments from the staff and students at the school I work for!!

  91. I like tech tees. Any arm length is good. I love the grins I get when I pass other runners that read my run like a mother tank.

  92. If I had a long sleeved tech shirt with thumb holes and a zip pocket my running wardrobe would be complete…for now! 😉

  93. Cold weather I like long sleeves with thumb holes. Warm weather I like tanks. Short sleeves bug me when I run. Tech shirts are the best & no white!

  94. Love most everything but a preference for lifestyle shirts and more specifically 3/4 sleeves, since I’m always pushing them up. Long sleeves would be just as fine though! I love the inspirational messages too!

  95. First off, I love, love, love, “I am stronger than I thought.” I’m buying it immediately! As for other items I’d like to see: more long sleeve tech shirts and I like all the suggestions for hoodies. I’d definitely buy a grey hoody with “I am stronger than I thought” on it. Hurry up and make one!

  96. I made my own shirt that says Hugh Jass across the front so people can cheer for me at races. I’m working on some more. Jenny Taylia, Dixie Normous…

  97. My new found love is the tank top (more versatile to move between sport – kickboxing, cycling, running – my must have though is dry fit / dry wicking so that they don’t get soggy… I also love lifestyle tees in a good women’s cut, cause I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Long sleeves are okay but they must have thumb holes…

  98. I love tech tanks, personally. Loving my newest AMR shirt – the tank BAMR. Feel like such a bad ass when I wear it – like I can do anything!!!

  99. For running, I love a tech tank. For wearing around, I love the soft fitted tees. Thus, I own the run like a mother tank, and the “I run things tee.” So now would be a great time to add to that wardrobe, wink wink!

  100. WI weather is pretty extreme–I love tech long sleeves in winter (thumbholes are a definite bonus, or super long sleeves) and sleeveless tech tank in the summer with nice straps that hide normal active bras (no racerbacks here). I’m a v neck girl.

  101. I really love the lifestyle shirts. I’d love to wear the I am stronger shirt whenever I’m having one of -those- days.

  102. I have a thermal long sleeve shirt that looks just like a Star Trek: Next Generation uniform. Pair it with some black running tights and I have my Halloween costume! My dad said he would look into finding me an authentic communicator badge to take it over the edge :0) ….oh, and I love thumb holes.

  103. Long sleeves with thumb holes (what did I EVER do before shirts with thumbholes?).
    I would also love hoodies and tees with your great logos for the times when I am not running.

  104. Tech tanks or long sleeved tech. I’m in MI where we only get 2 kinds of weather, hot or cold. I just got my favorite running shirt that I can’t wear for my first warm race. It says “forget the glass slipper, this princess wears running shoes”. Love it so much.

  105. North Carolina weather can go from hot & humid to snowy & shivery. So, summery weather I can be found in racer back tanks with a built in bra (I’m small up top). Winter runs are fitted long sleeve tech tops with a cotton tee over top. I like being able to see my sweat on my shirts when I finish a run. Weird–I know.

  106. I prefer tech tees with a vneck with a decent sleeve, not a cap sleeve that bunches up under my armpit. 🙂 I like them to have a little stretch to them as well … it’s nice when there’s a little give. Almost like a second skin feeling.

  107. I love LS tech shirts with thumb holes for fall running and as a toasty base layer in the winter. Summer time, I can’t live without my running tanks with the built in bras!
    I’m also an exercise physiologist, so wearing workout clothes to work is a daily thing for me. I love having shirts from races or with smart sayings on them

  108. I like short sleeve tees, having my own personal heating system, hormonaly sourced, lol, I can layer and cool off when I need to:)

  109. how about the really cute floaty tanks that have the criss cross backs:) they look really adorable with a pair of capri running pants:) and the sayings will be adorable on them!!

  110. Wow, lots of feedback here! I love a Vneck – elongates the neck for us Master runners. At the same time, we have strong runner’s arms so sleeveless is nice. And not too long – we’re not teenagers and we don’t layer. If I found this – I’d buy one in every color.

  111. I love sleeveless tech shirts for running and lifestyle t shirts to say yes I know you never thought I would be a runner but I AM

  112. Love tech tees! They are perfect for alone or over a long sleeve shirt for an extra layer. I start wearing tanks early, because I don’t like to be hot!

  113. right now it’s chilly in MD and I love layering up. So I would love to see you offer a long sleeve with thumb holes. My all time favorite . I just got my 1st BAMR long sleeve shirt you sell from my hubby this year for Christmas. love it..may never remove it. I love all your short sleeve tee’s as well. I the crazy summer heat in MD…I live in tanks so that would be cool as long as it’s not see through. Would love to see a shirt in the color purple. That seems to be my top color of choice. Thanks for all the great tee’s I know own 3. I see more I want now. Keep up the great work!

  114. I prefer tanks – because I can wear them any time of year, alone or layered – and long-sleeved t’s – because I just like long sleeves. :> I’m tall, too, so sleeve length is always an issue for me. I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t care for thumbholes on my long-sleeved running shirts. It’s harder to look at my watch and to set/reset the timers. I’d rather just have longer sleeves. The sayings are great – I’m always looking for ways to keep my motivation up!

  115. Short sleeve or sleeveless tech shirts are the way to go in the GA heat! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE half zip long sleeves for the winter!

  116. Women’s cut tech tees–love short sleeve or tanks! I also love a good, flattering shirt for wearing with jeans. Short sleeves, scoop neck, flattering fit—not too tight, not too loose. 🙂

  117. Scoop neck tech shirt would be great. Love the long sleeve with thumb hole idea:) But I do love your shirts. Wore your this is not a speed bump shirt through my recent pregnancy. Got a lot of compliments!

  118. So hard to choose!! I feel like I generally go right from long- sleeve tech shirts to sleeveless tech tops. Those 2 would be my vote to see more of!

  119. Love the slogans! My tech shirts are all plain. I’ll need to remedy that situation soon. My husband and our neighbor, whose wife also runs, were recently discussing how much they like our running – makes for hot wives with more relaxed attitudes. They agree that that they don’t want to get in the way of our running. Hmm, perhaps a shirt along those lines would be good? Somthing like “Never stand between a momma bear and her run”

  120. I love variety, scoop neck, v neck, long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve. A shirt for every season, every day & any reason!

  121. HOODIE HOODIE HOODIE!! I do like long sleeved tech shirts and love any kind of regular shirt to wear around on a daily basis with a running slogan, but I really like the idea of a hoodie to throw over anything at any time!!!

  122. V-neck tech-tanks are my go-to running shirt. And I drool over your lifestyle t’s, but on a stay-at-home Mother Runner budget, I tend to have to stick to tech gear. (*pick me, pick me*)

  123. I love to run in tech tanks. Also would love some kick around type tees. Short or long sleeves. Just make sure the length on all takes care of us taller girls. Love the new shirts!

  124. I love the idea of long sleeve with thumbholes as well for the winter and tech t’s for the summer…..I think some of us CANADIANS should really win a t!!!

  125. Tech tees ala Lululemon would be awesome…built in bra, skinnier straps, fitted. This Florida girl doesn’t need long sleeves often but if you are going long, make them extra, extra long. Most long sleeved tech shirts don’t even come close to my wrist bone. While we are at it, a snuggly hoodie sweatshirt for lounging around in would rock too.

  126. I would love a tank with thinner straps and not so much a v neck but just cut how sports bras are cut if that makes sense and a razor type back. It is really hot where I live so less straps the better. Other than that I would wear the long sleeved tech style. I love the sassy ones and also love the honest ones, I love the variety!

  127. I think short sleeve tech tees are the most versatile, but I also think you should look into lightweight hoodies, ans running skirts/shorts with a slogan on the rear end!

  128. I like the tech shirts and right now long sleeve with thumb holes to battle the FREEZING weather in WA. I prefer shirts that are not too fitted though. I’m a mother runner…so my tummy that’s housed three beautiful little boys in it prefers some privacy to wear my “mommy badges of honor” as privately as it can 🙂

  129. I love the feel of short sleeve lifestyle shirts for any run less than 6 miles. Short sleeve tech shirts are my go-to for any longer runs; love them!

  130. I only run in tech tanks in the summer and long sleeve tech tees in the winter, but I would love these designs on a lightweight hoody.

  131. I like simple cotton t’s that I can wear with shorts in the summer. I like them to show my love for running without making me look like I’m wearing my workout clothes all day long.

  132. I pretty much run in race tech tees that I have participated in over the years. I have very little in my budget for running gear, 90% goes towards saving for new shoes every year. I love your slogans, and they sure would be a blessing to me. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  133. I love the lifestyle tees…. I love tshirts that you can work out in and wear out too! But I would love to see a sweatshirt/sweatpants combo! I love all of your stuff ladies!

  134. I love tank techs! I think you should do a cupcake themed one! I would also love a cotton hoodie to just bum around in with a fun quote 🙂

  135. In the summer, I like tight fitted tech tanks. In the winter I like long sleeve, tech shirts with a turtle neck zipper so of it super cold your neck is warm but as you run and get hot you can unzip.

  136. Spring, summer and fall – tanks please. Winter: would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE a fabulous long sleeved tech tee! Like the 10K, the FABULOUS long sleeved tech tee is too few in numbers.

  137. I prefer tech tees, most definitely. Short sleeved would be used much more often so that’s what i’d be more likely to buy. Love the new designs!

  138. Short sleeved tech are my faves (v-neck). I live in a really warm section of the U.S. and short sleeves are my most versatile item. I’d love to see the Someday my PR will come in a short sleeve in addition to a tank. My arms are not tank worthy :).

  139. I’m jumping on the hoodie with thumb holes bandwagon and also I’m suggesting “Don’t Think. Just Go!” Please, Dimity, Please?!

  140. Long sleeve tech shirts are great (Cold, Canadian Winters).
    and tech t-shirts are great.

    I love the new slogans!!!

  141. I love short sleeve tech T-shirts! I especially like layering a long-sleeve baselayer with a bright tee.
    Your new shirts are perfect!! 🙂

  142. I live in Michigan. Tanks in the summer and long sleeve (with thumb holes PLEASE) in the winter. Love the way my “Another Mother Runner” tank feels. I see other Mother Runners running in races and we cheer each other on! This is a community of wonderful badass women!

  143. Long sleeves or short are great. If I buy a sleeveless then I prefer somethig with spaghetti straps and a shelf bra or razor back with a shelf bra. I also love thumb holes in long sleeves.

  144. I prefer short sleeve tech shirts. That way I can wipe my face on the sleeves. I wear tanks if I am on the treadmill and have a towel to wipe my face. I love all tlhe slogans, not sure which one to pick. I am going to get one for my sister who is going to become a mother runner soon and join the tribe.

  145. For this time of year, I really like long sleeve tech shirts that are long and have the thumb holes. For the summer, looser fitting tanks are great (just bought one on clearance from Old Navy).

  146. I love slightly fitted racer back tanks in tech material, fitting slightly longer, lower on the hips. Also love long sleeved tech t’s with thumb holes.

  147. Tech material all the way-short sleeve, tank, long sleeve-living in Chicagoland we get to use them all! Not a fan of lifestyle/plain tees-have a drawer full that I never wear (I think I’m getting a little spoiled!).

  148. Lifestyle tees! Like others have said – I get plenty of tech shirts from the races. I prefer something fun to wear anytime.

  149. I like bright colored long sleeve tech shirts (love the thumb-hole) but also need the short sleeve tech shirt for layering. I think the bright colors help my cheering squad to find me in the crowd of runners.

  150. Tech material in short, tank, or long sleeve and V-necks please! Scoop or crew neck shirts are so unflattering on my body shape. I love the slogans on the shirts, they are so fun 🙂

  151. I like cotton tees, but hate the almost see through fabric that seems to be the rave these days.
    I also like a more open almost ballet neck rather than a V
    Love all the shirt designs!!

  152. I love tech tees that I can layer on colder days. I love the fresh and inspiring logos! Way to go ladies for making such an incredible community of runners. I always feel the sisterhood when I am running!

  153. I’m a fan of tech tees and long sleeve tech shirts. Not the crappy ones that get all stretched out or shrink into odd shapes, but the ones that actually look good on! 🙂

  154. I love the saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say…but I am not a fan of the green…I like wicking fabric or a good quality cotton shirt

  155. Thinking ahead to summer- I’d love to see some more fitted sleeveless racer back styles (similar to the lulu cool racer back). I have some old stroller strides instructor tanks that are made by alo. They have print on the front and are great for both running & cross training.

  156. My two running favs: short sleeve and long sleeve technical. But I like wearing cotton short sleeve shirts with fun running sayings just out and about. Keep the fun shirts coming :).

  157. Hey!! I’m only a year or so into this running love and I don’t have much of an opinion as yet about running clothes. I think the thumb holes in long sleeves is genius! The funny/inspiring phrases on your new shirts are simply super! Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  158. For running shirts it’s got to be a technical short, and either long sleeve or sleeveless. The short sleeve season is always too short to bother with. But short sleeves are great for just wearing around, and then non-tech is best.

  159. I love the tech tee v-neck style. And in these winter months, I need more long sleeve tech tees! With thumbholes make it even greater!! I LOVE your shirts and slogans, but have not purchased any yet. I would love to order a long sleeve tech tee or win one!! Hope I get the chance to make the tough decision as to which one!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  160. Love tech shirts in scoop neck, lets the ta-tas breathe for those of us runners with larger chests 🙂 Normal crew neck is just not as flattering and I MUST look cute while running! 🙂

  161. I love the wicking tops in v-neck, any sleeve length. I love the new shirts! Definitely not super-tight, a little loose is better.

  162. I would love to see some tech shirts that are not super tight and have some ruching or shirring. It seems to hide the muffin top just a little better! Anything shirtsleeved is good too!

  163. Current faves:

    * North Face technical short-sleeve t-shirt I received at the Run Like a Girl trail run in Portland. Fabric, cut, everything but the color is awesome (bright orange – I’m a redhead, so it makes me look like an orange.)

    * My other favorite shirt is a toss-up between my first marathon and my first triathlon t-shirts. Both short sleeve.

    I would LOVE some sassy RLAM shirts I could wear around town. They must be a women’s cut – hate the unisex.

    I wear short sleeve shirts most often (even when I start with long sleeve, I’ll often shed to a short-sleeve shirt), so that’s my preference. I love the concept of a hoodie – I just never buy them.

    Please continue to make RLAM shirts in redhead-friendly colors. Love the blue of the Are My Kids Still Chasing Me shirt. Lovely.

  164. Long or short sleeve tech shirts. That way, you can wear them at races where other like-minded moms will appreciate the humor.

  165. I’m an old fashioned cotton t-shirt kind of girl…but I do love tech tee’s, too. I do love your logo shirts, ladies! They make me smile and I plan on getting one at one point soon! 🙂

  166. My favorite shirts are short sleeve tech shirts – I don’t like running in form fitting gear because I tend to hold myself in uncomfortable positions.

  167. Definitely short sleeved tech tees, and then a couple long sleeved tech tees (with thumb holes?) for winter running. I would also love a nice wicking hat with a saying or two on it. I mean, I like my Nike one but I would rather have a RLAM one! Last thing – arm warmers/tech sleeves with fun sayings!!!

  168. I like long and short sleeve technical shirts, and I like to have regular t-shirts with running quotes too for those t-shirt and jeans days. I’m not a fan of tanks.

  169. Tech tees in all varieties and girly shapes. I love a nice flattering tech tee and can’t stand the boxy shape of most “unisex” race tees. I’m a girl – I’m not shaped square!

  170. I love a runnig shirt that makes me feel hardcore! I wear my marathon shirt until it can be smelled from a mile away. It makes me feel powerful. I also run in my badass mother runner shirt for the same reason.

  171. I feel like all my casual shirts have running slogans, but I love them anyways! Long sleeve and short sleeve tech tees are always great.

  172. I live in the Northeast, so any and all sleeve length tech shirts get lots of love! Really, anything that doesn’t chafe and keeps the sweat away is ok by me.

  173. I’d love to see some girlie tech shirts in BIG GIRL sizes. I have come to realize that runners come in all shapres and sizes. I feel it too bad the running world hasn’t caught wind of that.

  174. Lifestyle shirts so I can show some pride on casual fridays and tech tanks because they balance my broad shoulders and let my pits breathe!

  175. I am not yet a fan of the “tech” shirts…just too clingy for me to be comfortable to wear in public. So, I usually prefer a plain ole cotton tee. But, I am working on it!

  176. I love tech shirts with thumbholes, but I have to say my favorite running shirt is a dri-fit, cotton blend, short sleeve, that’s hot pink with pirates on the front from a race I didn’t even run. I know, don’t have a heart attack. It was my mom’s first 5k, and she entered in the stroller division pushing my first niece on my side of the family. Mom picked it up at the expo. It’s now the first shirt I go for after the laundry is done. The pirates are fierce!

  177. I seem to gravitate toward the tech tanks in summer and the long sleeved tech tees in winter (…for running in Wisconsin).

  178. I L.O.V.E these shirts. My faves are the cotton, short-sleeved tees. My fave sayings are “I am stronger than I thought,” “If you don’t have anything nice to say…,” “Are my kids still chasing me?”, “This is the easiest part of my day” and “High mileage mom”. Ok, ok, so I have a really hard time narrowing them down. I love the cheeky sayings! I REALLY wish that Sole Sister came in a cotton tee!

  179. I love all different types. My favorite short-sleeve right now is the “I run things” in the purple scoop neck that I bought from you all. I LOVE how it fits, feels, the message. Awesome! For long sleeve I love it when they have the thumb holes to help keep it down on my arms. And for sleeveless I like them NOT to be racer back since I don’t generally wear a racer back bra. I’m really just an equal opportunity runner though. I’m open to whatever. I also run in skirts and dresses! 🙂

  180. I like short sleeve or tank tech shirts with a V-neck. And I have a cotton short sleeved AMR shirt I love wearing around during the day. My boys like that they are a “pair of shoes” on my shirt.

  181. I love layers. Love light weight long sleeve with the thumbholes. I also like a bit longer in the back. I never run in v’s not sure why. I like a looser fitting soft tee in cotton and some tech fabrics. Not a big fan of the race shirts. Wish they would make them cuter!

  182. I love tanks but they are very unflattering on my lopsided smallboob broad shouldered frame. Wish there were a tank I could find that would make me feel less self-conscious! For now, I don tech tees when I run!

  183. I love the variety of what you currently offer. I love the snarky sayings for when I am running with my group, but love the other quotes for wearing around town to proudly say that I run without offending.

    Big fan of long sleeves with the thumb holes too for fall/winter runs. I love the v neck tanks for summer.

  184. Definitely tech tees (I have arm warmers so I can wear short-sleeves all year) and tanks! I have an AMR shirt already and LOVE the comments I get from other mother runners when I wear it. Keep ’em coming!

  185. ,I love the motivational shirts that are also nice and soft that way I can wear them for running for everyday use. I still remember my excitement when you had an XL In ‘I Run Things ‘at the Every Girls HM

  186. Love long sleeve tech shirts with thumbholes…but ask again in a couple of months and I’ll be all about the tech tanks! Also long sleeve lifestyle to show off when not running.

  187. I really like both the soft tees to wear after a run and wear around town and the tech tees to wear while running. I like tanks and v-necks as I think they’re more flattering to my body type.
    I’ve had someone stop me in the airport when wearing my “another mother runner” tee as they were fans of the group too!

  188. I love sporting the AMR shirts! Living in the northwest we wear alot of long sleeves, I would love a long sleeve cotton or wool shirt with thumb holes or a fleece/sweatshirt with thumb holes!

  189. I really like tech tees with a scoop neck and wish you had pullovers (with thumb holes). The sayings are great and hope you bring back the “I run so I don’t run away” (loved that one!) 🙂

  190. Short sleeve tech tees. Of course, 95% of my runs are in the dark morning hours, so no one will really get to appreciate them 🙁

  191. Tanks are my favorite, great for 75% of the weather in So Cal and great for layering the other 25% of the time. I like scoop necks and long enough to not ride up and cover the mummy tummy too. I get annoyed by lots of extra material rubbing and flapping around too!

  192. Definitely long sleeved dry wicking and always long pants or capri’s (both drywicking) for running (never shorts! I hate when my inner thighs rub together).

  193. 1. Long sleeve tech for cold weather or layer for warmups
    2. Lightweight Tech tank
    3. Soft short sleeve lifestyle T’s, so we can advertise for you 😉 and show our AMR tribe love

  194. I love sleeveless technical as I live in the warm humid state of GA! Long sleeves are great to put on after a run while I chat with friends. My technical shirts play dual duty as I use them for both running and sleeping – nothing helps the night sweats like soft technical! Love the witty sayings as some days they are necessary to get me moving when the ac calls 🙂

  195. Sounds like I’m in the minority, but I prefer lifestyle tees. I have enough tech shirts from races and I run early so I’m done before the rest of my family gets up. My lifestyle tee (It’s all good. I ran today!) is my merit badge: “Hey, you may never see me run because it’s too freaking cold and dark out there, but I’m there.”

  196. It feels repetitive, but bears repeating for free tee entry!

    Short Sleeved (scoop neck) tech shirts for warmer days and a long sleeved tech shirt with thumbholes for runs on cold days – or even just wearing w/ yoga pants while errand running!

  197. Love these new shirts! Would love to have long sleeve technical tees with thumbholes and sleeveless technical tees but without the v-necks (not a big fan).

  198. I like what the poster ahead of me suggested. For winter, a long sleeved v-neck with a thumbhole and for summer a racerback tank top. It gets so hot in the St. Louis area that I run through my tank tops pretty quickly. Thanks!!

  199. Loving long sleeved winter gear with the built up gator for warmth right now in Colorado! And always, any shirt that is long waisted for my long torso!

  200. I like long sleeve tech for most of my runs, but for the short period that it is hot here, I like tanks. I also like the idea someone had about a long sleeve hoodie with tumb holes! 🙂

  201. Girly tech tees in TALL sizes. Fun workout gear keeps me motivated. I also have ‘special’ body wash that I can only use after a fun. It’s Suave on the lazy days.

  202. I love the badass series. 🙂 And I really love the new slogans.

    I wear mostly tanks, so that would be my preference for running. We are mostly HOT weather.

    For something to wear around the house or for errands, I prefer long sleeve tech.

    I rarely buy short sleeved b/c most races give those out (around here).

  203. Tech tanks with a shelf bra and a little something to, ahem, dim the headlights. I also think a comfy hang-out shirt that says something along the lines of “Ask me why I’m walking funny and cannot go up or down stairs” would be fun to wear post-race.

  204. I prefer tech shirts that I can wear for training runs and races. It’s OK, because I also have no problem wearing them as “lifestyle” tees 🙂 Sleeve length doesn’t matter so much since I run in every season. Thumb holes are extra awesome on long-sleeved models. And it’s fun to sometimes have the “punchline” on the back, since that’s where most runners can read it best (either when they’re catching up to you or have just been passed 😉

  205. I think long sleeve tech shirts are great for layering. I also like the tanks. You may have these already, but I’d also like to see a baseball cap and headband.

  206. Summer time = tech tanks only!!!
    Winter time= long sleeve tech with thumb holes!! For some reason they make me feel bad a$$!!

  207. I like the long-sleeved tech shirts, but they never seem to long enough for my 6’2″ frame!! So honestly, ANY shirt that is long enough gets my vote. 🙂

  208. I love tech tanks, slightly relaxed fit. It’s hot here most of the time, so I can wear those in the warm weather and as base layers in the winter.

  209. I wear different sleeve lengths depending on the temp! Being from TX, my short sleeve and tanks probably get the most use tho! 😉

  210. I got this butter soft lime green with blue stitching long sleeve running shirt with thumb-holes, for Christmas from my sister, and I love it!

  211. I really like the tech material and prefer tanks. I do not care for the badass series, just not a fan of the language. I do like the motivational sayings and the heart w/run. 🙂

  212. I love lightweight tech tees that don’t stick to me. Since I live in a very cold climate in a “tough neighborhood”, I run on the treadmill a ton in the 5-month-long winter we have, and I sweat buckets!!!

  213. Since we experience all 4 seasons where I live, I’d like a variety please! Bring on the tanks in summer, short sleeve tech shirts in fall, and long sleeve tech shirts in winter…

  214. For running? Tech tanks…V please! I have not met a scoopneck with the same proportions as my chest.

    For life? I dig a tech or lifestyle t…also v neck…could live in those babies.

  215. I have probably close to a dozen of the C9 short-sleeve tech shirts from Target. They are flattering and feel great, and come in lots and lots of colors. And… frequently on sale!

  216. Something on the back of the shirt please 🙂

    I am always near the back watching the backs of other shirts ahead. I think I’ve seen something like “I’m slow but I’m ahead of you”…so something mother runner, like “ANOTHER MOTHER RUNNER, slow but still ahead of you…or something much more witty 🙂

  217. This time of year definitely the long sleeve with thumb holes. But lifestyle t’s are greatly appreciated also to enjoy the BAness even when not working out. Also want to thank you very much for some shirts not having all the shoes printed on them…ahem…woot for the currently single BA mommas!

  218. I love tech tanks and long sleeve tech shirts. I can’t stand tight sleeves under my arms while running in summer and I love long sleeve tech shirts to wear over my tanks during the winter 🙂

  219. Short sleeve lifestyle tees. Since I don’t run enough distance to worry about needing tech tees, lifestyle tees do double duty for me.

  220. I love all types of witty tees! My wardrobe would seriously consist of just that if I could get away with it. Living in Spokane and training for a half then a full during the winter calls for long sleeves for sure.

  221. My favorite are v neck short sleeve shirts and tanks! I think they are flattering for women! LOVE your shirts I sport the 2 long sleeve ones I have often! I need some short sleeve and tanks to add top my collection!

  222. I’m most likely to buy short sleeve tech tees. I can wear them as the first layer in the winter and all year long.

    I love loose fitting tanks for the summer. It’s too hot to have something too tight.

    If it was a really awesome phrase, I’d be all for lifestyle shirts.

  223. I love v-neck tech tanks, and long sleeve tech shirts with a zippered neckline. Nice to have the zipper to have a little airflow after warming up in cold temperatures. In the Pacific Northwest I find the season of short sleeve shirts very small, seems like I go straight from tanks to long sleeves.

  224. I’m loving my bella “I run things” shirt so much. It’s nice to have a running related shirt that I can wear everyday and it’s always a good conversation starter. Hoping to get the new one you have, but wondering if you may replace the green or add another color option to that one.

    That being said, I haven’t tried your tech ones yet so maybe I’ll give one of those a try!

  225. Tech shirts, short or long sleeve. The inspirational quotes are so great, but race distances would be way cool too! I’ve been looking all over for a tech shirt in a super-sassy color that has 13.1 on it!

  226. I would much prefer a tech shirt for running. What I’d really love is a long sleeve SPF 30-50 shirt that is cool enough to wear in the hot humid summer days. I hate wearing sunscreen when I go for long runs so an SPF shirt would be amazing!

  227. Short sleeve tech t’s with V neck and fitted tanks with attached bra. LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirts! I have four kids and people always get a kick out of it when I wear the shirt that says “Are my Kids still chasing me?”

  228. Love v neck sleeveless tech shirts – I wear them on 90% of my runs . Would love to see the “Run” w/ the heart style in a hoodie, too!! I would wear it everyday!

  229. When I run I like tech tanks/sleveless shirts with little to no writing on them. When you are running, people don’t have a lot of time to focus on what your shirt says, so big, simple words are best. However, lifestyle tees are also nice and then I would wear something with a longer saying.

  230. My AMR tee is one of my favorites: great color, soft fabric, technical fabric, cut for a woman’s curves and longer to hide my mom belly no matter which bottoms I choose. I wear all sleeve lengths, depending on the weather. I’m not big on wearing clothes with logos or slogans in normal day-to-day life. If I want to go somewhere declaring that I’m a runner, I can always wear my running tee (preferably when clean and not sweaty!)

  231. Since it’s cold now, I love the long sleeve tech t with thumb hole idea. LOVE IT. Tanks are great when it’s warm. I like regular neck on the long sleeves (warmer). My only improvement/suggestion would be to offer something reflective. It doesn’t matter what season it is, it’s usually dark for my weekday runs and I don’t wear anything that isn’t reflective. I would totally love a long sleeve BAMR shirt with the BAMR super reflective.

  232. I like tech tees – any sleeve length as I go through all three throughout the year. A long sleeve with thumb holes would be great! And definitely V-neck or scoop-neck rather than standard t-shirt neck.

  233. Tanks that are form-fitting at the top and loose at the bottom with a drawstring at the hem. I can tighten the drawstring for the perfect fit! (Especially great for those morning runs after I had a bowl of the ‘secret’ ice cream after the kids went to bed! Like I did last night.)

  234. I always wear tanks- my absolute fav ( even above all of my lululemon, athleta etc)- is my BAMR tank! I even googled the brand so I could find more like it! I will buy everything you put out in that style!

  235. Long sleeve “lifestyle” shirts for kickin’ it around the house or on weekends. And lady shaped tech shirts in short or long sleeves. I have the “badass mother runner” shirt and love it – I always get comments on it.

  236. Long or short sleeved tech shirts are great…thumb holes would be awesome. A nice lighter weight hoodie, no zip, would be cute too! 🙂

  237. I <3 the lifestyle tees and long sleeve with thumb holes. Love the slogan "if you don't have anything nice to say, go for a run." That's kinda brilliant 🙂

  238. Since this is an item I’d wear on a run, I vote for Long sleeve and thumbholes with a technical wicking fabric! (But, for tanks and tees….tech fabric is also a must!)

  239. I like sleeveless or short-sleeve tech shirts that have a long torso (since I have a long torso) so that they don’t ride up under a jacket or long sleeve in colder weather.

  240. Looks like I am with the majority! Long sleeve tech tee with thumb holes and a cute post run hoodie! Would love to sport some of the tee slogans around town!

  241. I like tech sleeveless or singlets for running. Longsleeve Tech shirts are okay too. I don’t do tech tees, if its warm enough for short sleeves, its warm enough for now sleeves. I don’t do lifestyle tees either. I have one or two but they don’t get a lot of wear.

  242. forgiving tanks and short sleeve tech shirts. I love a long sleeve with thumbholes but alas here in Alabama they don’t get too much wear.

  243. I like tank tops and long sleeves. I don’t really like short sleeves. I like flowier tank tops though bc I don’t like my imperfect stomach to show. 🙂

  244. Depends on the time of year. Long sleeves tech shirt are great in the winter, but short sleeves or tanks in the summer. I do a lot of layering this time of year and sometimes start with a tight short sleeved tech shirt to keep the torso warm.

  245. Ever thought about a half zip long sleeve tech shirt? I have one, and love that I can start my run zipped all the way up to my chin, and as I warm up, can unzip to a deep v to cool off.

  246. I think I would like to see TECH TANKS!! I need a bad ass motivational shirt to keep me running along with your super podcasts! I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my “It’s all good, I ran today” shirt though. : )

    Can we start secret handshakes soon? ; )

  247. I love life style anything, and long sleeve tech T’s. Would also like to see more sweatshirts with any of your slogans. I love them all!

  248. I wish I had one of every AMR shirt! That might have to be a goal for the year. I love the tech tanks and the long sleeve tech shirts – they are my fave! Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. I prefer v-neck, looser fit tanks in the summer. I have a short torso, so no super long shirts either. For the winter I do a lot of layering, so need some tighter fit shirts as well. Basically there’s room for all types of shirts in my running wardrobe, except for cotton.

  250. I love long sleeve tech tees and unfortunately most of the ones I get at races are just plain ugly or end up not fitting right.

  251. Long sleeve tees (with or without thumb holes). Long body shirt to cover my tummy after maternity time:) I love the feel of the “not a speed bump” shirt.

  252. Short sleeve tech tees for the gym. I do occasionally wear cotton t-shirts if I am getting low on laundry. For outside runs 3x week, I bust out the under armour long sleeve and mock t-neck tees.

  253. Short sleeve shirts get the most use. They can be worn in the summer and layered in the winter. I like the tech fabric that does not feel overly plasticky and slick, but like your Bella shirts.

  254. I love my lifestyle tee, but I would also like long sleeve tech tees. My favorite shirt from you is the long sleeve blue tee that is made from bamboo. It is so soft and is great for both working out or just wearing for comfort. I would love to see you make a zip up hoodie. I would buy that for sure!

  255. LOVE the new shirts! Thinking I may need to stock up on shirts soon… Nice job ladies! For summer, I like the wicking tanks and tech short sleeve shirts – v-necks preferred! Also long sleeve tech shirts in the winter.

  256. Love love love my new AMR tshirt. It’s the bella short sleeve and super soft! Would love this type of shirt in long sleeve for weekends, since I was bummed to have to cover my new short sleeve (If you don’t have anything good to say, go for a run) with a hoodie.

  257. I would love to see a long sleeve tech shirt with thumbholes in bold colors. I love to wear color when the weather is not so great…makes me feel better!

  258. I absolutely love the short sleeved tech tees when it’s warm. When it’s cold I love the long sleeved tees with the thumb holes so the sleeves don’t ride up.

  259. I love tech tanks, which I wear almost year round, layered under a long sleeve half zip top in the cooler weather. And yes, with the long sleeved top, the half zip and the thumb holes are a big plus. (As an aside, I’ll wait to see if I win one, but I MUST have the I am stronger than I think tee. I’m three quarters of the way through chemo and still running, and that makes me WAY stronger than I’d have ever thought.) 🙂

  260. Lifestyle tees are my favorite because I can wear them everywhere!
    I love tech tees to run in, but since I rarely race and run through the middle of nowhere I don’t get to show off my cute ones to many people. 🙂

  261. In the winter I normally wear a long sleeve shirt with thumb holes underneath a singlet. In the summer I love my wicking singlet or a wicking tank

  262. Right now? Long-sleeve tech shirts. Baby it’s COLD outside. But in the summer scoop neck tech tanks. Don’t know if I can even count how many of these are in my closet. BTW, I LOVE the shirts with a little pocket in the back. I don’t like wearing an arm band but still like to carry my phone.


  263. My favorite type of shirt to run in is a scoop neck tech tank; I hate running in sleeves sleeves (except when it’s stinking freezing out!). When not running, I’m a tshirt and jeans kinda girl, so I would also like some short and long sleeve cotton shirts with your clever slogans on them.

  264. I’d love to see hoodies and quarter zips to wear after a run or workout. Even capri tights with a logo on the hip would be cool. As for T’shirts, I agree that long sleeves with thumb holes are ideal for winters here in CT, and a short sleeve, crew neck, loose in the belly T for summer would be awesome!

  265. Long sleeve with thumbholes (love them). Zip-up hoody with thumb-holes. Short sleeve scoop neck tech shirts. tanks with a slightly raised scoop neck.

    Maybe I just should have said ALL OF THEM! Awesome shirts ladies, and thanks for the giveaway.

  266. For running I like sleeveless tech shirts. For showing off being a mother runner out and about I love the soft cotton tees you have 🙂

  267. Tech tanks, deep V, as little fabric as possible, and preferably lots of mesh. In the interest of disclosure: I live, run, and sweat in Florida…

  268. I’m all for tech shirts, and I especially like tanks and long-sleeved with the thumb hole. I personally do not prefer V neck shirts but will still wear them. Overall, though, if it’s cute, fits well, and has some saying that motivates me or puts me in a good mood, it’s bound to become one of my favorite pieces of running clothing!

  269. I love to run in tech tees that are not very fitted. I don’t need to show off all my rolls to the world while I run.

    However….I live in hoodies and would love to have a comfy motherrunner hoody to sport around after a well deserved run.

  270. I like the Bella shirts, nice to have a soft, light weight tee to wear when I’m not running! Love V neck and wear my pink “the more I run, the less I want to run away” tee all the time, always gets lots of compliments!

  271. Tech tees because I end up wearing them around the house, as well as runs. But I like the lifestyle tees too … I’d love one of each design because they all speak to my life!!

  272. Tech tee’s and tanks with a full back (ie I don’t want my bra straps showing :)). I have taken a liking to the loose style Under Armor shirts but I am always looking for fun new ones (like my bright pink Bia shirt!)

  273. Perhaps its just the particular day — er, time — of the month combined with two sick kids and the middle of half marathon training eroding my defenses, but the “I’m stronger than I thought” T-shirt nearly made me burst into tears. I just love that sentiment!

    I like soft T shirts much better than wicking ones (even for short runs)so my favorites are the witty lifestyle ones. (And I echo Susy’s request for thumb holes!!)

    Thank you for this community!

  274. Definitely tanks! The softer, the better. They are perfect for layering in both winter and summer in our state’s unpredictable weather!

  275. I have the “it’s all good, I ran today” shirt and it is so soft and lovely. It’s by far my favorite tee because of the fabric. I like the variety you sell.

  276. I like them all, short sleeve (just wore my BAMR grey short sleeve this morning and love it, always one of my fave’s), tanks, but dig the ls with thumb holes for cold runs

  277. As long as its a v-neck from wicking material it doesn’t matter to me if its, long sleeves, short sleeved or tank – all are good!

  278. It’s been in the 80’s here in Florida, so I wear a short sleeve tee. I like to wear the ones with catchy slogans (like your’s!). My most recent run I wore a tee that said “this is my kick butt shirt”.

    P.S. If you ever put the “someday my PR will come” slogan on a short sleeve shirt, I’ll be there! (I’m not a tank person)

  279. Living in the Pacific NW nothing beats a good quality hoodie, either zip-front of over-the-head. I love wearing my I RUN THINGS tee but no one can ever see it because it’s rarely warm enough to just run around in a t-shirt. Also it would be nice for AFTER the runs or races when the real flattering pics are taken!

  280. Would love something casual (lifestyle tee, I guess?) and long sleeved that I can wear with yoga pants or jeans when I’m NOT running. I often like the shirts so much I don’t want to ruin them by sweating in them while I run!

  281. I love tanks in the summer and long-sleeved tees and thermals layered in the winter. These sayings are great – very clever!

  282. I love the lifestyle shirts. I get to show off my passion to more people that way. 🙂 I would be all over a hoodie though!

  283. I adore my “I run things” shirt — it’s applicable on so many levels, works fine on a run, and transitions well to the real world. I’m absolutely getting “I’m stronger” too. And I’ll get behind thumb holes, because as you tall ladies know, thumb holes mean longer sleeves. I’m all over that.

  284. I like long sleeve performance tees best. Layered with a tank the sleeves can be pushed up or taken off and wrapped Around the waist. I’d love to see bumper stickers
    Of Badass Mother Runner!

  285. Tank! I live in Singapore and I would only wear sleeves as a punishment to myself!
    However, when I get back home I can’t wait to get my long sleeve thumb hole on.

  286. I love tanks with built in bras, and for winter (and spring and fall in Minnesota!) LOVE long sleeves with thumbholes. V neck OK if not too low, and regular if not too high! Love the “Rum” joke, LOVE the badass mother runner

  287. I love my shirts that have a great slogan and show what race I’ve done!! My current favorite is a lined Whoville Patagonia!!!

  288. I’m a sucker for shirts with cool running sayings (love my solid grey “Run Happy” tech-t) as well as ones with wild colors and patterns no one else has (my YMX by Yellowman in fushia/bright orange gives my feet wings.) Now if you could only combine the two styles into one shirt. Would love to add you “If you don’t have anything nice to say” to my rotation since I say it like a broken record.

  289. I hardly ever see these, but I like Y back tanks that hang a little loose. I have a bit of a tummy and clingy shirts don’t work for me. If it’s cold, I layer long sleeve tech shirts over a tank. I also like lots of color in my shirts.

  290. Tech tanks. I think it would be so awesome to have a tech tank or short sleeve with a pocket. I love warm weather running, but really miss the pockets my cold running gear has. How about some arm warmers or leg warmers too?

  291. Since it’s winter, the long-sleeved tech with thumb holes are my favorites. (There’s a favorite that I found that is a bit thicker than a typical tee. Comfy and cozy!) But…the other half of the time I like sleeveless t’s with thicker shoulders to hide my less-than-pretty sports bras!

  292. I’d say I go for anything but long-sleeved tech tees, just because I have plenty and the long-sleeve season isn’t very long here in Georgia. I could use a good lifestyle tee or two. My favorite is an Asics shirt my sis-in-law gave me that says “Girls run things better.”

  293. I love short sleeve tech shirts, but for my treadmill workouts I’m happier in tanks. Love your shirts – looking forward to picking one up at the Princess Half next month!