Hump Day Giveaway: Your Right Foot?


If you're eating breakfast right now, hopefully you're not throwing up in your mouth as you look at this.

As much as I try to love every part of my body, I simply can't embrace my right foot, which is especially sad considering everything it's been through.

Starting at the left and working right:
Massive bunion (green arrow):
Caused, in part, from wearing shoes too small. Had a bunionectomy also about seven years ago, and the pain, post-surgery, I swear was worse than childbirth. Even worse? The operation didn't work. As you can see, the considerable lump is still there. It's just adorned with a nice red scar now.

Second toe (blue arrow): I've lost that toenail so many times, it's as thick as a roof's shingle now. Whenever I think I want a pedicure, I just picture the technician recoiling as she looks at that nail, and I go for the DIY paint job instead.

Between third and fourth toes (purple arrow): A small scar from a Morton's neuroma I had removed eons ago. Surgery, I think, was the best choice, as I couldn't walk without feeling fireworks under my foot, but now that portion of my foot goes numb on long runs.

Fourth toe (red arrow): Remember my friends Dan and Kathy from yesterday's post? When they were visiting me in Santa Fe about seven years ago, I tripped and broke the toe on a sidewalk curb. Yes, I was sober, and no, I didn't get it fixed (or even tape it to the next toe), as the 30-degree angle indicates.

Not inked up: the spot on my second metatarsal--fancy speak for the long bones in the forefoot--where I had a stress fracture.

Do I think my f'ed-up feet--my left foot has endured a bone spur and ingrown toenail and its own stress fracture--contribute to my propensity to be injured? Absolutely.

One way to mitigate my Quasimodo feet is to run more as nature intended. While my experience running in Vibrams, the five-fingered shoes, has been limited to very short stints, I do walk around in them quite a bit, and my right foot responds positively. Not only does my fourth toe actually straighten a bit, but I feel like my weight is distributed much more evenly and I engage all my foot muscles.

Five fingers, 10 toes, a more efficient, natural stride.

I can't be the only one with awful feet--or some issue that throws everything else awry.

What's your body's version of my right foot? Your IT Band? Your hips thrown off by carrying around your kids? Some other part? Let us know and you could win a pair of Vibram Bikalas LS shoes. These glove-like shoes, the next generation of the five-fingered revolution, are a good stepping stone for people intrigued by the natural method but can't quite take the leap. The laces accommodate all widths of feet and are more friendly to high arches than other Vibram models. The 3mm insole and 4mm outsole might feel too structured to true barefooters, but converters from typical running shoes will appreciate the anatomical sole, which promotes an efficient, natural stride and provides a helpful cushion between your foot and the road below.

No need for any picture (I've done enough damage for all of us). Just let us know what body part is more influential in your running than you'd expect it to be.

401 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Your Right Foot?

  1. Broke my left foot, twisted my ache so bad it end up braking, calves are tight, and my psycho lab dislocated knee cap, now it pops out sometimes when I’m running…fun.

  2. My lower back – from babywearing my 28 lb-er around and still getting back in prepregnancy shape 🙂
    Necd to visit my chiro and need to get new shoes 🙂

    Thank you for your story (love the arrows) and for a giveaway!

  3. Where can I start? Lol. I still suffer from occassional ITBS caused by SI Joint Dysfunction. Problem helped a little when I switched shoes but now my knees hurt. Always been curious about Vibram shoes and seduced by barefoot running so I can enjoy running more without the pain. Thanks for the chance to win! Great giveaway!

  4. freak an A! my whole left side from head to toe is rebeling against me in one way or another. Remember my injury where I was out FOREVER (6 months) and missed my half marathon and cried every day in PT? Yea, that was my tilted pelvis/hip down my cranky IT band, cranky calf/shins into my foot where I was over compensating by rolling my foot out to avoid the fact that all my tense angry muscles moved a little tiny floating bone in the ball of my foot under my big toe to the wrong place. Although tons of PT and kept up the exercises if I hurt somewhere its usually on that side of my body. My poor (I mean RICH off ME) Chiropractor!

  5. Achilles tendinitis – stress fracture- pinched nerve- physical therapy, cortisone, prendizone, anti inflammatory’a-the joy of “trying” to run between injuries.

  6. My boobs. They need to be contained, but to contain them often means wearing uncomfortable bras that dig in my shoulders or around my torso. So if I get a looser more normal bra, they bounce like crazy. Or I feel like I’m wearing a straightjacket and I’m going to suffocate if I take another step (i.e. the Enell). It’s a never-ending problem.

  7. Oh boy, my body fails me and my running plans on a fairly regular basis these days. Lately, it’s been my left shin. Stress fracture last year, and the goofy thing is still giving me problems with either pain along the bone, or pain on the inside of my calf. A very random sore spot that is impossible to stretch or foam roll effectively. Historically, it has been my right knee that talks to me most often. I had knee surgery after baby number 1, and I think it made it worse not better. I can run through it, but sometimes it creaks, groans and complains before during and after the run.

  8. Right now it is my scarred abs, post gall bladder surgery. Yet, it doesn’t stop me from donning a bikini anyway. Kind of like Anne Lamott treats her thighs – like “beloved elderly aunties.”

    “I could feel the aunties beaming as if they had been held captive in a dark closet too long like Patty Hearst, freed finally to stroll on a sandy Mexican beach.”

  9. My right foot bunion rivals yours. Then there is the plantars and IT band I sometimes get…it’s fun, right? As I type all that down I’m thinking a visit to the chiro to check my alignment might be in order!

  10. My left Achilles tendon is my “Achilles heel”!!! I tore it over 3 months ago finishing a half marathon and have not run since. I was booted for 10 weeks. In sneakers all the time for 3 weeks and now finally in “real shoes” with a heel. No flats for me yet! (no flip flops) My physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon are in agreement that I need to rework my running form, when they let me run again. They think the minimalist shoe may be the way to go, with proper training!!! I continue to rehab and drool for the day I get to run again!!

  11. I lug my children around all the time causing my back, neck and hips to give me trouble from time to time…but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! = )

    I am also in the process of being diagnoised with RA so I have massive pain in my joints, but I have been surprised that running is actually helping. I have a goal and running towards it is keeping me busy!!

  12. My left foot is my nemesis. I have a bone disease in my spine that keeps things interesting but my foot – Oy! Stress fracture, torn ligament, weird swelling, ton-o-pain. It’s a non-stop whiner and keeps me from running more then anything else.

  13. Wow, those are some feet! Mine aren’t that “weathered” but I really feel like I could use a more natural style shoe to help me be a better runner. I shattered my sesamoid bones in my left foot years ago and had surgery to remove the pieces (there goes my ballet career). Now I deal with constant pain from the site and the scar tissue which calluses and cracks and causes blisters no matter what. As I age I am also having a lot of knee pain and hamstring issues in that left leg which I am sure are all connected. I cannot imagine a life without running so I really would like to try the minimal shoes but can’t afford to buy them on my own right now.

  14. My back. Or my neck. I think they are related. But hard to pinpoint. I’ve seen these shoes, but never tried running with them! Sounds fun!

  15. Wow, your feet are gorgeous compared to mine! Running may be good for my health, but certainly not my feet! I’ve learned to accept painful blisters as a part of my life. I get them on the majority of my toes, but the second toe on each foot endures the worst. I always have a thick layer of dead skin on them from blisters forming on top of blisters. I’ve even had them turn purple a few times from being injured so deep. I religiously use Injinji toe socks to try to keep the blisters at bay, but even they can’t help me. My first toes get horrible callouses. One more than the other since I broke it many years ago and it grew a bony calcium lump and now the toe turns towards the second toe. I’ve had quite a few nails separate from the nail beds. Sounds lovely, huh?

  16. Those bunion bones…both feet ache so bad that I sleep with a hot water bottle every night! I’m a newbie (started training in January 2011 for an October marathon) and have never liked any type of running/athletic shoe I’ve ever tried. I wear Brooks now but still aren’t 100% happy with them. As a child, I took off my shoes as soon as they were put on my feet and during the summer played outside barefooted – awe such freedom – even running on a gravel road and later hot asphalt! Would love to try barefoot running with these shoes. Also one calf tightens up so and it is difficult to walk. Did I say, I hate running shoes?

  17. OMG! For a moment I thought I was looking at my own foot. I have almost the exact same injuries, surgeries as you; only my scars are 10 times worse. I had a double bunionectomy in grad school, so I couldn’t walk on either foot for months. The scars running across the top of my foot never healed well so they are numb and really ugly. I also experience constant numbing of my feet when I run, especially in the cold Minnesota winters on the treadmill. I get shots every once in a while as a quick fix, but it eventually comes back. My second toenail is a consistent shade of purple/black and I need a chainsaw to cut it. I too am far too embarrassed to get pedicures, the horror on their faces… My third toe takes a sharp turn to the right as well. My injury was from stubbing them on a desk when I was in middle school, of course we didn’t bother to fix them either…nothing a little tape and cotton balls can’t do. My last issue is the plantar warts on the ball of my foot making it impossible to ever be barefoot again. It’s painful just to think about arggh.

  18. I cross my fingers before every run now that I won’t have IT band issues and that I can finish my run. There does not seem to be any logical way to approach it. I have given up taking a lot of time off for it and so far (knock on wood) I have been able to keep running. I also have mortons toe so am constantly feeling bruised after a long run AND am super prone to blisters but have become better at running through the discomfort! Ack!

  19. I love my Vibrams…they’ve seen better days, though. I’ve run in them for over a year which included nine months of pregnancy! I have not had any lower body injuries or any issues since running in them. I occasionally wear them around the house, too.
    Sure I get some funny looks, but I don’t care…my feet love me!

  20. I’ve been in physical therapy for 2 months (and counting) for IT band issues. Can’t see it from the outside, but I can feel it on the inside.

  21. My lower back! I don’t know if it’s from having 2 kids or being out of shape too long, but I WILL restore my core and keep running, biking and swimming to a better me so that I can show my daughters that you can be PROUD of your body and its flaws!

  22. I’ve always had back problems (and I’m only 27). I started seeing a chiropractor when I was 19 years old. But since having my baby, my back has really gotten bad. Just this morning (around 5 am), I was trying to lay back down after changing and feeding my lil’ man. It hurt so bad to lay like I normally do, so I slept on my side with one leg straight out and the other with the knee all the way to my chest. I guess carrying around a baby (both during pregnancy and afterwards) really takes a toll on your body.

  23. Ugh, my knees and my calves. They’ve never been happy, but I popped them on an elliptical a decade ago, they held water for a few days and now they yell at me far too often. I was born with short calves, which does wonders for my ballet, but they are the first thing to cramp when I run now. Not too bad, it could be worse!

  24. I have a bunion on my left foot that, thankfully, hasn’t give me too many problems in that past. I do think it effects my form though since I over-pronate pretty bad with my other foot. I also have weak hips that always seem to be sore. I’ve had lots of problems in the past with shin splints too and have always wanted to try minimalist shoes to see if they would help. Gosh, why is it that running can make you feel so young and alive, yet so old and broken down at the same time!

  25. Where do I start? Runner’s knee on the left; stiff joint (my physiotherapist says) on the right; recurring plantar fasciitis in both feet; some wierd throbbing calf issue that flares up occasionally; and I’ve lost my big toenails more times than I care to mention. All this and I refuse to quit! Don’t care too much about my full marathon times but I have to do a two hour half!!

  26. I can totally relate! I have never found a pair of shoes I love so I have some seriously ugly & multicolored clam diggers. I just polish them up and creatively color in faux nails where the old ones used to be. Voila! Dainty diggers once again.

  27. I guess I can’t say ‘my whole lower half’? In my 2 years of running I’ve ‘enjoyed’ piriformis issues, PF in my left foot, some weird recurring ankle pain in my right foot, and my bladder hates me; I’m sure of it.

    But the 2 things that stopped me cold are ITB in my right hip – with recurring hip flexor spasms…fun times with that one. And a stress fracture in the 2nd toe of my right foot. I asked my dr if we could just cut off my right leg so I get back on the road….

  28. When I started running, everyone talked about the amazing stuff: the finish line of your first 5k, the runner’s high, the fact that your thighs jiggle a little less. NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE told me that your toenails fall off, you get blisters that retain more water than the Hoover Dam and that pedicurists run screaming away from you a day after a marathon. I’ve learned to love my purple badges of honor but, seriously, let’s be honest with new runners: start buying purple nail polish and A LOT of it. Cuz your toes will never, ever be the same. But neither will your thighs. 😉

  29. Right now I am suffering (nope, not being dramatic at all, I am totally NOT happy) with a potential stress fracture in my right shin. I am waiting to get a phone call about an appointment for a bone scan, and I am not supposed to run.

    Last week (week three without running) I went for what I intended to be a walk, and I ended up running 9km (about 5.5 miles). I felt so good to be running, that I ignored the hurt, and paid for it for the rest of the week. even swimming hurt.

    AAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to run!

  30. Everything on my right lower leg! Sometimes a shin splint, inner calf, knee, ball of the foot, toenail – all on that right lower leg. Could be worse and may get worse as I increase mileage working toward my first half in October!!

  31. My left hip. And my arches – which get blisters so easily. And there is lower back. Though never injured seriously, I do have trouble spots. Soon after the birth of my daughter, I tweaked my back and had such terrible hip pain I could barely stand; let alone run. Nothing a few weeks of rest and a good massage (or two) couldn’t fix.

  32. Usually my left knee is what will get me to stop running before my endurance gets me. I guess this may be IT band related (I have to admit that I had never heard of it). My pain is on the outside of my knee. I also get groin pain sometimes and this is definitely only a post pregnancy pain.

  33. You can see it but I can sure feel it, my groin. It stopes me from trying to run about a year ago and I have been giving it a try again lately with more success 🙂 a few xrays, ice and heat packs, stretched and advil later. If I don’t stay on top of of it I almost need A cane sometimes to get moving again. I am thilled though that I am able to be active and manage it! My first 5k is in 4 weeks ( and will be pushing a triple)

  34. I have a wonky right foot, a cranky set of IT bands, and *new this summer* tibias of glass. The IT band never said boo, until I turned 30. Then it turned my world upside down for 3 years. I went through 6 PT’s and every treatment in the book until someone looked at my back. After a wholesale posture makeover the IT is tamed, but can still wreck the best laid palns if I don’t take care. The wonky right foot has a bunion. The result of too-small shoes at a young age I’m told. It may have some relationship to the month-old stress fracture in my right tibia. Bummer. I’m also told it may be related to extended breastfeeding and depleted calcium. My son has been weaned for 4 months (hurray!) So here I am, run/walking a half marathon in 2 days and eyeing those Vibrams. I would just love to get into a pair. I’m a big fan of barefoot running, but can only afford one pair of shoes a year. I try to get out every few weeks for a mile or so in my truely-bare feet…but sure could use the extra protection! Fingers crossed for Christmas money 🙂

  35. My version of your right foot is my right foot, planter f. I use a tennis ball to roll on and it works out the knot in my arch.

    And, since March it’s my back. I just turned 55 and things are changing body wise very quickly.

    I started wearing Vibram Five Fingers a few months ago and even though I never thought I’d run, I do! Albiet on the treadmill.

    Life is a process.

  36. My feet are BEATIFUL (minus a scar on the side from a broken and pinned foot and then the pin taken back out), but right now my knee is the awful one. Day 7 off of surgery and I have spent every day on the couch wishing I could just GO FOR A RUN!

  37. My left foot is the problem… I always tell people that I have a foot disease if they ask me what’s wrong. I have no idea if it’s a disease. I just know it’s pretty gross.

  38. For as many years as I am old, my right knee and I haven’t been buddies. It’s always been a thorn in my side. But thanks to an awesome PT and an even better Chiro, it’s worked it’s way back in. Heck, it’s carried me through marathons 😉 Currently in the running for “craptacular body part” is my right arm. Shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago…and now an elbow issue? Huh? You don’t want to see pics. It’s nasty 😉

  39. Geesh….it started with my IT Band and has gradually become my whole outer left leg recently. Fingers crossed that the ART that I started this week works! Then I can go back to appreciating my calloused feet….

  40. Glad I’m not the only one too embarrassed to get a pedi, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay full price for only having 7 toenails. I think running shoe stores should start a pedi section! As for my critical body part…my ankles!!! They ache when I’m barefoot, or going down stairs and when swimming, but not while running!!! I guess they ALWAYS want to be running…wish the rest of me felt the same way!

  41. All I can think of is the present, and right now at 6mos+ pregnant the only part of my body that is really holding me back is my bladder! If I could still trail run in the woods I wouldn’t even sweat it, but lucky me we just moved to an ultra urban area and the only thing around are people’s nicely manicured lawns.

  42. OMG! I’ve been wanting a pair of these for soooo long! My right hip is my problem body part 🙁 Not sure what it is exactly, but it just comes and goes with no rhyme or reason. It really puts a damper on running when it’s acting up! My feet aren’t jacked up yet, but I’ve spent alot of my 29 yrs running around barefoot so they’re not pretty, lol!

  43. Mine is definently my right hip. During the pregnancy of my first child I was on my feet working all day and still trying to run, I would consistently get sharp pains down my leg. I went to the physical therapist for a weekly massage and it didnt help. Second pregnancy and still running, even worse that they finally really looked at it and turns out my hip had been completely popped out of socket. Did physical threapy throughout and 6 months after to strengthen and almost every appoinment popping it back in. Now a year after my second pregnancy and it is still painful! Still running though : )

  44. My right hip wants me to wear those lovely shoes! It has been begging and screaming for them since November. 🙂

  45. My stomach is hurting my running…it wants me to eat things that do not agree with my running addiction. My feet work too hard for me to let my stomach get away with eating junk. Maybe if my ‘fingers’ were down on my feet, I would eat healthier!

  46. Well, before I lost weight, my left knee would act up when I started upping my mileage… now, I don’t have any problems except for a weird pain in my left hip/small of my back area that I don’t feel when running – only when I sit a certain way in bed. Yes, it’s strange, and I don’t know if it’s caused by running, or not running in ‘barefoot’ shoes… but, I have to say that I’ve had my eyes on the Five Fingers now for some time, and am planning on making my next running shoe purchase ‘barefoot’ friendly… so, this would be awesome, to win them.

    I feel so healthy when I look at your poor tootsie!!

  47. Shins – probably somehow related to the arthritis and bone spurs in my knees or the plantar fasciitis in both feet. Sheesh!

  48. Dimity – I don’t think you right and my left foot should ever meet! My left foot has had two stress fractures in two different places and it has tendonitis that runs towards the big toe. I finally got custom orthotics and knock on wood – all good so far! Well, except that I can still feel the tendonitis every so often and its really only been 4 months since my last fracture – but hey, I’m glass half full!!

  49. Well…I’m new to this “mother runner” thing and after doing C25K, I ran my first 5K in July and I’ve continued to run 5K distances 3 times a week since and just got my pace down to about 10 minutes a mile…so I think it’s official now, I am a runner. However, I’ve officially been a mother twice over for almost 5 years. I’ve got the normal aches and pains of a 42 year old and I think feet are meant to be covered, that’s why humans invented shoes and toenail polish. But I am definitely interested in these types of shoes (with a slight bit of trepidation)…but I also said I could never be a runner.

  50. The root of all of my problems is scoliosis. Because my spine is not straight it causes one side of my hip to be higher than the other and that causes my one leg to be taller than the other. So one leg gets injured all the time because it is working harder than the other. I also have bunions on both of my feet so I can’t wear many shoes. I’ve been thinking about vibram fivefingers.

  51. My sciatic nerve in my right leg has been aching for almost a year now. It’s getting to be excruciating. It actually makes every muscle in the back of my leg feel like they’re pulled. I had some relief after a deep tissue massage in April, but it has come back with a vengeance. I can’t afford a chiropractor or another massage so I’m just running through it.

  52. With acute Achilles tendonitis in both of my heels, I literally have no “spring” in my step.
    When I run (or even walk) with the heel pain, I end up having to lift my knee higher than I should, and eventually I end up hurting my knees as well
    I’ve spent much of the past few years with a corrective boot on one or both of my feet.
    But likely I’ve been told, a natural forefoot strike like the Vibram FiveFingers encourage will help me strengthen my Achilles and my calves and get back to running the trails. Maybe my terrible heels will finally stop holding me back and giving me grief!

  53. My left wrist. I broke it 10 years ago and it randomly just goes out on me. I love to strength train and there are days I couldn’t even lift a pencil! Good thing we don’t really need our wrists for running right?

  54. My sweet husband and I were in a very serious car accident 6 years ago. My left foot was very nearly severed, and after 5 surgeries I can’t believe how well it has healed. I have a stiff ankle, and limited range of motion and didn’t run for 4 1/2 years. It was hard, because I have run competatively from grade school to college. I am so happy to be running again and getting stronger and stronger. I have been so tempted to try the Vibrams. I am convinced they would help my poor left ankle and ITB problems that sometimes come up from the imbalance. OH I hope I win!!! 🙂

  55. My hips and my IT bands cause me the most trouble. Though I have to say since I have backed off to running only 4 days a week, even though I have increased my mileage, I have had less pain! Yay!

  56. Currently it is my darn shins. I haven’t been running long and my running partner and I just broke 10 min miles (consistently) on our last couple runs. The IT band (which normally does me in) seems fine with this but the shins are NOT happy! I even got new shoes to appease them, but no luck.

  57. Whenever I hit the 6 mile mark…almost exactly, My left knee feels like bone on bone. I hobble on walk/run to finish the races.. Hasn’t bothered me enough yet to get it checked though. I really think it is from my left hamstring so I’ve been trying to keep that stretched…but then my left low back hurts. I’m sure it is all tied together and I of all people should be able to fix myself and know what to do being a LMT but all I wanna do is get out and run run run.

  58. My hips and right IT band aren’t too happy with me, but I keep on keeping on. This momma’s gotta run for some sanity when it comes to having 4 little kids.

  59. Let me just say, I have learned a long time ago that I’m not Barbie. What part of my body bothers me when running…I’m short, so it takes me 2-3 steps to catch up to one average persons maybe Randy Newman was right about short people. No, I do know better but then I have boat feet that expanded in length and width with each child…I have 3…so now, short and clown feet. I have very muscular legs-a great feature but on short legs and they hinder my stride length (at least, that is my story and I’m sticking to it). Again, three kids…jelly belly which wiggles as I run and although I try to hold it in – gravity works and so my stomach and my breasts clap together making me a lifetime investor in BodyGlide. I try to move my arms more but the flapping they cause along with previous flapping makes noises that humans really shouldn’t make on the run. All that being said, anyone can make a story to either highlight their unique features for good or bad…I have a sense of humor about mine. Put in a complete package – I am not that bad and after having lost 40lbs, I can even wear some hot jeans (unless they only come in long, then I’m just mad). Now, I’m 46, so love my crooked feet, the jiggle in my belly —would prefer gravity not to work so well but who am I to argue. I can run and ride and each day I know I have accomplished something to improve not only myself but motivate those around me to keep moving. Standing still is not an option. Take care and everyone have fun on the run 😉 Keep smiling and keep your sense of humor—your worth it! 😉

  60. My right leg is 1/4″ shorter than my left which causes a Baker’s cyst in my right knee because I run crooked. My 4th toe on both feet is shaped like Gumby and therefore both nails rub a blister on the 3rd toes all…the…time, so I am constantly wearing bandaids or tape to keep them from blistering while running.

  61. While not a injury site per se, I would have to say my biggest distraction for running these days is my belly. I have been tempted to by a belly band just to keep it covered and still when a run. I lose weight first in the hips so every time I run my shorts/skirt just slip down and leave the 2-baby-belly bare and bouncy–since my running shirts never seem quite long enough. I know it is a vanity issue, and if I keep with running the problem goes away… but it seems to be a big demotivator for me on many days. I have my eyes on a skirtsport dress as a reward for running the next skirt chaser in Denver.

  62. My IT band. It frustrates me that I have to have such a high level of maintenece just to run. I can’t just “go run”. I have to warm up properly. I have to stretch. I have to do strength training for my hips. I have to use the foam roller. I have to ice. I have to massage. All so I can keep running a few miles a few times a week. And it has taken me a YEAR to work up to 4 miles. Because of injury, not stamina/motivation/etc.

    I am about to do my first triathlon in a couple of weeks, and I have found that the cross-training has helped immensely!

  63. Free my toes! They have been held captive by traditional running shoes for too long! And they are curling and bending. I fear before long I may be running on clubbed feet. I want to run, I want to grip~these piggies need to fly!!!

  64. I have been fighting an undiagnosed hip injury. It has taken me from a 1:42 half marathon to barely making two miles at a 9 minute pace. I took off my shoes the other day and walked/jogged on my treadmill barefoot…. my hip was still sore but not as much as when I was wearing my high-tech, motion control shoes. I guess there may be something to say for this minimalistic running.

  65. Both of my feet! From 13 years of ballet and now from running, my feet have definitely taken a toll. I have funny-looking feet to begin with–I have really long toes!–but ballet and running have made them worse. I have suffered from neuromas in both feet (that have finally gone away after several months of wearing custom orthotics), a callus under my left big toe that causes tingling through my entire foot. Why do we have to suffer through these issues when running is supposed to be good for us??

  66. It’s my right foot as well. It’s the only foot I’ve lost toenails on and the only foot I seem to get blisters on.

  67. My IT bands have plagued me for years. The foam roller is my best source of relief, but it’s a pain (literally) to use and keep up with the exercises. Would love to try a pair of Vibrams.

  68. I’ve been going to PT for SI joint issues for almost 2 months now, but after that first mile- no more pain!

  69. Maybe this is cheating, but I think the body part that is WAY more influential in my running than I’d like it to be is my brain! Why does it keep telling me that I can’t do things??
    (I also have knee issues that pop up on longer runs, but I’ve come to expect those and deal with them.)

  70. My right foot is the angriest foot. I get continual blisters deep under the skin of my third and fourth toes. I get a little blister on the tip/top of my second toe. I believe that I have a bunion on the outside of that foot. I also have plantar fasciitis in my heel. I am currently using a plastic mold and wrap with an extra pad around my arch. Some days it feels almost normal. Other days (today included) it feels like someone is stabbing me. Oh yeah, I forgot the lumpy thing I feel under my second and third toes where they connect with my foot. Don’t know what is going on there. The dr. couldn’t feel anything.

  71. I can’t really say if it is specifically one thing. I feel like I’m always morphing from one injury to the next with just a few months of goodness in between. *sigh*

  72. It used to be shin splints, but now it’s my knees. I was able to get rid of the shin splints by changing to a mid-foot strike rather than a heel strike. I learned that reading some of the barefoot running sites.

  73. Wow, I thought my IT bands, ingrown toenail and hips were problematic. After reading your post, I really can’t complain! Even if these things do throw major wrench in my running plans more often than not. Needless to say, IB is my best friend, along with frequent massages (my husband is going to have early-onset arthritis because of me!), and a heavy dose of stretching. Vibrams would help too. 🙂

  74. My lower back is what’s always making sure I remember that it is there. This contest is perfect. I was actually just looking at Vibrams the other day and thinking I’d love to get a pair.

  75. My right leg is longer than my left and it causes me all sorts if issues when I run. I feel like I run sounding like I am a pirate with a peg leg..I land harder on it and my injuries are always on the right side. Right is so wrong.

  76. My running gets to be a challenge with my right knee IT band, my right foot, the old greenstick break from dance days along with the pinky toe again on the right foot that well hasnt healed all that well from getting stepped on by a horse back in college.
    Seems I take a lot of abuse on the right side…..oh well…I still run anyways.

  77. Both of my Achilles tendons, after putting me out of High School sports, and after prohibiting me from running altogether, have plagued me for several years. After trying numerous forms of rehabilitation, including shock therapy and all sorts of stretches, nothing has worked.
    But after much reading, what I have discovered is that instead of avoiding the problem, it’s best to actually strengthen my heels and get backinto running. And with the forefoot strike that Vibram FiveFingers encourage, there is no better way to strengthen my Achilles, foot, and legs than with Vibram’s wonderfully minimalist shoe!

  78. If I drew arrows everywhere I’d look like a map. I have a bum left shoulder…still aches after labrum surgery/separation. It aches on hilly runs, or speedwork. And my feet look pretty similar to those. Some running store should offer pedis so we wouldn’t be embarassed to go to nice spas.

  79. I have huge callouses on each of my big toes. They’re so gross that the woman who did my last running shoe fitting commented on their nastiness. I was beyond embarrassed. I could get a pedi every day and still have these ugly things torment me.

  80. Not an avid runner yet – I’ve had a love-hate relationship with running since I was a kid. So it happens, I just came back from my first run this year. Did 2.1 mi in about 28 min. I know, it’s a humble beginning but it’s a start, isn’t it!?

    My right calf and the ball of my left foot are both killing me right now, so I think those will be the parts of my body I’ll have to keep an eye on for the next while.

    Cheers from Toronto, Canada!

  81. Not my problem really (thank God) but my husband has been suffering recently from chaffed nipples on his long runs–ouch!

  82. I currently don’t have any injuries…maybe from my lack of running this summer. Must get back into it and start training for my 1st half in December! Anyway…I often suffer from arch pain. I feel like my arch is “falling” if that makes any sense. LOL!

  83. I’ve been fortunate to not have any major injuries or even to have lost a toenail (yet!), but I have a super picky stomach. Especially when it comes to long runs, I have to be very particular about what I eat and when.

  84. My ankle pain gets in the way of me and the open road…there is also that hip that tends to come out of socket once in a while, but I’ll blame that on my 4 little hoodlums!

  85. I just did a blog post not too long ago about how now that I’m a runner, I’ve given up on having nice pretty feet. I constantly have blisters no matter what I try! In fact, right now I have one that is drying up that takes up the entire ball of my left foot under my big toe 🙁 I’ve also always struggled with ingrown toenails and that has not gotten any better with running! I would love to have a pair of VFFs as I’m more of a minimalist runner but just can’t make myself take the plunge into going barefoot.

  86. Right now my version of your right foot is my left foot. Just this week I lost the big toenail on my left foot. I was horrified when I realized a few months ago what was going to happen … especially because I’m have a terrible shoe addiction (high, high heels, open toes, etc.). About 2 weeks ago I decided I couldn’t give up my shoes, so I’m just covering the horror of horrors with a Band-Aid and hoping no one notices … unfortunately my shoe addiction means that a lot of people at work are looking at my feet to see what I’m wearing!

  87. My left knee sometimes gives me trouble, though usually not too much. I do hear that tell-tale Rice Krispies sound in it from time to time. I guess that’s because I fell off a rock ledge at camp when I was about 12 and landed on it. That earned me the nickname Cliff Jumper from the boys I was trying to flirt with at the time. I spent the rest of the week on crutches.

  88. I too had a bunionectomy and ingrown toenails removed. My 2nd toe now only has 1/2 of a very thick and ugly nail left and my baby toe is bent in half! In comparison, my left foot looks absolutely gorgeous!

  89. I must hobble… i tore my MCL in a soccer game years ago and I never got it repaired so my left knee usually always bothers me at some point in my run. Plus I have shin splints in my right shin. Toenails are slowly falling off one by one. My marathon is in 2 weeks so I have been training like a mofo.

  90. On top of the missing toe nails (since an April 1/2 marathon!), the bone spur in my left foot from skiing days, and morton neuroma spured by the spur in my left foot, my plantar fascitis in my right foot screams out “please give this lady a pair of Vibrams Bikilas LS!!!!” 🙂

  91. My Achilles’ heel is my Achilles tendon in my right leg. I tweaked when i first moved on from 10K to a half-marathon and never had it looked at and it now just needs the slightest little thing to be not right and it gets irritated again.

  92. My version is definitely my bunions. They make yours look tiny in comparison, but I can always tell you when its going to rain! I can feel it in both my feet. Would love to try some vibrams, they are intriguing!

  93. I only have 6 toenails and when I got a pedicure I had the lady paint the skin on the toes where the nail should be so my toes would all match.

  94. I have issues with my 2nd toes on both feet. They stick out past my big toes! I have bruised and lost too many to remember but that is one price of running that I will keep paying.

  95. Oh where to begin, I too have morton’s neuroma (in both feet, but only had surgery on my right), knocked kneed, double joined elbows, hyper extension in knees and hips. I was once told by a doctor that I wasn’t built to be a runner……3.5 year later, 39 race completed (5k’s to 1 full marathon).

  96. Would love to try a pair, I’ve been sidelined from running 🙁 because of problems that the doctor can’t identify after my MRI… need to try something new and different!

  97. Mine would definitely be my left lower leg. Not only does my Achilles tendonitis flare up but I also have a lovely recurring cals strain when I push to hard. And I’m pretty sure my hips are thrown off from my little man. But its all worth it!

  98. I’ve got this terribly wonky left shoulder…and I find that when it “acts up” (for no reason in particular), it throws my form WAY off! I scrunch up that shoulder to try to stop the pain, which in turn makes my arm swing uneven, which then messes up my stride…if I don’t notice that I’m doing it right away, I end up with everything from knee pain to blisters. I’d like to blame the shoulder on being a fast-pitch softball pitcher for too many years but I’m right handed so I can’t use that excuse. I think it’s age… 😀

  99. I never had trouble with my feet until early summer when I had one long run in the wrong socks…. Now chronic blisters and black toenails. Would these shoes help? I’d like a chance to try them :-).

  100. Never thought it would happen, but its my toe-after I started running longer, my toenail got all strange. I never even noticed it until I went for a pedicure and they told me I had two toenails growing! Ok, I just kept running, even though that toe got a blister on it after every long run. I go back for another pedicure a few months later and three days later I look down and my polish is off my nail. I go back and get it repolished. Come to find out, I lost my toenail, and they polished my toe instead!

  101. My biggest pain is my endurance…errr, my lack of endurance! I am RElearning to be a runner and what I once could do with ease, is now a frustrating & painful journey! I would love a pair of Bikala’s- then I could at least be wearing cute shoes, while suffering! =) lol

  102. I also have problems with my right foot/leg. I have a weak ligament in my ankle, shin splints, ITBS, and can’t forget the lovely veins that keep popping out. My left foot just gets black toenails.

  103. I don’t know what it is, but I think it’s a tendon of some kind that runs up the back of my right knee…connected to my hamstring but whenever I sit, stand, run, or walk for too long it tightens up and I feel it all the way down to my ankle.

    In fact, as I sit here now with my right leg straight in front of me, it is protesting. Bikram yoga makes it not hurt but no one can sweat that much for more than a couple of hours a day!!

    1. BTW- Mine is my hips. Having two babies close together and they don’t always want to stay in place 😛

  104. Warning: this is an icky discription.
    After a half I once had blood blisters on the balls of my feet that spanned the width of each foot. The only good part was the fun I had popping them and watching the blood spurt up my arm.

  105. My right big toe, for aesthetic reasons – blister, then blood blister, then repeat, with self-performed surgery inbetween. Thank goodness I am not in the medical profession, that’s for sure! But worse is my right knee – after years of abuse in the army it reacts like a rotten child as soon as I push it into that mileage range of “too much effort. I don’t wanna!” Bam. Runner’s knee. Like someone stuck a hot coal behind my kneecap. I try to ground it until it has a better attitude, but it just sulks until the next time I try to increase mileage again…

  106. My core is thrashed after 35.5 weeks carrying twin boys who weighed a combined 13.1 pounds.
    But even uglier, are my two second toes. They are both the longest toes on my feet and are black and blue or falling off.
    I would love to win VFF. I’ve been wanting to try them our for the longest time but pulling the trigger on shoes when there are diapers to buy is hard 🙂

  107. In college I bought some running shoes that I didn’t realize were too small. The sides of my feet were inflamed and in pain and the Health Services sent me to a podiatrist in town.

    The podiatrist took one look at my feet and then got out a foot skeleton…..he said there are not supposed to be bones sticking out on the side of your feet. I guess I have these little bumps that just stick out a tad on each side of my feet, always looked pretty normal to me but as my podiatrist informed me it’s very abnormal.

    So abnormal that it made his day to see such a fluke of nature he didn’t even charge me for my visit.

    He said get a larger size running shoe and take 2 advil every 6 hours until the inflamation goes away.

  108. My toes are horrible! I keep losing my big toenails — one or the other is always either black, falling off, or half grown-in. I have the same second toenail as you, it seems, and it always hurts when I run. My pinkie toenails are barely even big enuf to see. UGH!! TOES!!

  109. Where do I start? My right IT band? The plantar fasciitis on my right foot? The big toenail on my right foot that is half missing and the remaining half is bruised from the Half I did in May? Or the huge scar on my neck (it’s my permanent smile!) from 6 surgeries after a thyroid cancer diagnosis? Oh, I know, the squishy middle that I haven’t been able to drop from pregnancy yet. I feel like my body is a wreck and running is the only way I can get it back…but it’s also destroying me bit by bit!

  110. Sometimes I feel like its my whole body! But alas I must say it is also my Morton’s Neuroma…luckily the flare ups are few and far between!

  111. My gut, which collects air and needs me to lie down after most long runs.

    I’ve been so curious, and wanting to try VFF for over a year!

  112. My knees can be an issue as well as my huge calves. And recently my right three toes on my right foot have been bothering me when I run. I’m working on trying to figure out what’s going on there.

  113. My biggest pain in the butt is actually my butt/tailbone. I don’t know if I did something to it birthing my last kiddo or what, but on long runs I feel a lot of aching in my poor posterior. Chiro helps. I also have upper back issues that may or may not be related to running. I should have married a massage therapist…

  114. So funny you are writing about your feet…. I am badly in need of a pedicure due to many miles under my feet coupled with some cooky excema-type-ick-factor-gross flaky skin on the bottom of my feet! Summer running isn’t helping either! i am seriously considering being a traitor to my faithful estician in favour of one of those walk-in places… but I think I might be too mortified if they say “no pedicure for you! Those Vibram 5 fingers would surely help!!!

  115. This little piggie went one way, and this little piggies goes the other. My crazy feet have been thru the ringer this summer! My left foot particularly. In the beginning of the summer, tons of tiny shards if glass penetrated my left heel. I go barefoot frequently, but apparently the foot was not tough enough to withstand this glass. 2 weeks later, my toe (next to my “Twinkie” baby toe) as my 3 year calls it, somehow managed to get a Staf infection. Antibiotics for 10 days, staying out of direct sunlight when you live in a beach in Florida is challenging! But, they are mending now in time for a set adventure race! Hoping the Vibrams will hive them the love they need so my straw house of toes don’t blown down! 😉

  116. My knees have been a problem from day one. I strength train to try to help this and walk a lot to warm up and now am going to a chiropractor. Maybe these shoes would help. My husband just got a pair of Vibrum 5 fingers and has never had a pair of shoes to fit him (wide feet, narrow heel) and he LOVES them! He wears them everywhere!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. My upper back/neck/shoulders region is always sore when I run. The chiropractor I talked with said I need to be aligned – although I can’t afford it, so I live with the soreness. I know my lower back problem stems from carrying my 50 pound 4-year-0ld. Phew! My knee is acting up today and I don’t know what caused it – it started to …not hurt but not feel right, right away when I was doing Zumba last night.

  118. I want to curse the day that Plantar Faciitis reared its ugly head and sent my left foot into unspeakable pain. Yes it started slowly and built up. I have actually now gone 4 whole days without running just to give the darn thing a rest! A rest, I know it’s almost incomprehensible. And now all I think about is running and coming up with a fool proof and fast cure. It would make me rich beyond all dreams. My left foot is cursed. Bad foot with pretty pink toe nails.

  119. Thank you for your picture of your grotesque foot. You made me feel better. I have not ran since the 500 festival mini due to a neuroma and fibroma on the plantar fascia. After too many unsuccessful injections, the fibroma is coming out on the 26th. I think I will have to switch to walking because I don’t want to have sugery again if it comes back. So thanks. I am glad I am not the only one with horrible feet 🙂

  120. I have been jonesing for a pair of barefoot shoes! Due to $300 worth of repairs to the MommyMobile, I am still running in my broken down 3-year-old, pre-pregnancy running shoes. As a result, I now have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and my sciatic nerve is screaming from the top of my butt to the bottom of my knee.

  121. Would LOVE to win a pair of Vibrams to help me gain back my joy of running. You see a couple of years ago I began running and as alot of people do, I became addicted to it. It was my passion! But then I began to get plagued with injuries in my legs….IT band and shin splints mostly. Lately my knee has been causing me some grief. All these pains have taken my joy away and I so want it back. So I’m ready to explore running the way nature intended but have feared taking that step. Winning these Vibrams would be a sign to go for it! Happy running!

  122. Oh, wow….to pick just one….
    Right now, this very day, it was my breasts. Which is weird, because they aren’t big or anything (even though I prayed for MANY years that they WOULD be…). It has more to do with PMS and no matter how good the bra is, they hurt distractingly for about one week a month. That’s a lot of runs every year, when you think about it. My knee that I had surgery on a few years ago gives me less trouble!

  123. I am missing toenails on both feet, and duffer periodically from IT issues on my left leg. I’ve also experimented with forefoot striking and noticed it helps up my low low cadence. I’d live those shoes!

  124. I am wondering why I am one of the only ones with LEFT side problems? Is it because I am left handed? things that make you go hmmm……I’ve had knee problems since I started running at 15. (I am two weeks shy of 46.) Currently it’s my left knee, but in the past has been either/both knees. My father had knee replacement, which does not bode well for my future. Left knee, outer area, not sure what it’s called. I ice EVERY single time I get done running, and whenever I can, as I am training for a half and hoping to make the distance.

  125. My feet are a problem too. A long time ago I dropped one of those ice blocks for coolers on my big toe and it’s never been the same. The other big toe was ingrown at one point and I had to have part of it cut out. My heels are crusty quite often and not that long ago I was wearing the wrong running shoes so I got a blood blister. Makes for beautiful feet in sandals this summer. 😛

  126. As recently discovered through a running analysis due to recurrent left toe and right hip pain – left foot bunion and severely weak right hip. (BTW – have you tried a spacer for your bunion? Been using one per my physical therapist’s recommendation… Seems to help.) both issues contribute to a messed-up running gait. Thankful for some good old PT hip strengtheners and a toe spacer to work out my kinks. 🙂

  127. My right it band has literally been a pain in the knee. I have had months of therapy and it has only gotten better since I went to a neutral shoe. Everyone put me in a motion control shoe which just worsen the pain. Went to a neutral shoe and it has been doing good. Would love to see how thus shoe could help

  128. Hey — we share some of the same right foot arrows!! I have a massive bunion on my right foot . . . and my 4th toe has been broken several times and just doesn’t quite play as well with it’s friends any more!! I also have collapsed arches and the occasional bout of plantar fasciitis, to add insult to injury.(Or is that injury to insult?)

    If Vibrams will make running more comfortable, I’m alllllll over that action! Thanks for the chance!

  129. I started running again about 2 years ago against doctors orders after an eight year break. I was in a motorcycle wreck in 2000 and tore all the ligaments in my left knee. I had reconstructive surgery and though my knee accepted the tissue the doctors cut from my own hamstrings, it rejected the cadaver Achilles tendon they used to replace my Posterior Cruciate Ligament. I was told I would never run again. I got depressed, gained 40 pounds, and really didn’t know who I was anymore. Then, in 2003, in an effort to connect with my old self, I stood in a circle with some friends kicking the soccer ball around. My right Achilles snapped. I think it was because I was so mad that the cadaver Achilles did not help my knee. Fast forward to 2008 and i became a mom. My soul was aching from not running, so in 2009 I put my son in a jogging stroller and started running for 30 seconds at a time. Then I decided to try to train for a 5K with some other moms, knowing full well that the pain in my knee would probably prevent me from running the whole thing. September 2009 my son (in the stroller) and I ran our whole first 5k!! Tears poured down my face as I crossed the finish line. We did it! Then I had the running bug. I decided in Dec 2010 that I wanted to train for a half marathon. I tweaked the novice training program by listening to my knee and pushing myself to the point of pain, but not beyond it. It was a grueling process. I used a lot of Arnica Cream on my knee and took a lot of Epsom Salts Baths. April 30, 2011 I ran the WHOLE Nashville Country Music Half Marathon. Tears once again poured down my face, for I had done the impossible. All I could think was never tell this girl never!!!! I still have a lot of knee pain, but I don’t let it stop me from dreaming big!!

  130. i am not sure which is worse my left knee or the plantar fasciitis in my right foot. actually both have been improving over time with my running but they can both act up right in the middle of what was to be a good run.

  131. Both my feet… I’m barefoot all the time, so I have some wicked callouses on my heels and balls of my feet. I’ve been running barefoot and in VFF’s for almost 2 years now… I think it’s time for a new pair =)

  132. Oh, and now the bunion South of the thankfully healed reptilian blister has been feeling left out. Bocce ball & beer are the cause, 4 months ago and my same, beloved family physician broke the news that a bumionectomy is in my future. Thankfully, at this time, not in the near future.

  133. I am training for my first half marathon and have come across blisters in between my toes, black toe nails, calluses and not to mention my left knee likes to pop every time I go up steps. Went out for an easy 3 mile run today and felt like my knee wanted to explode, this is after two weeks off. Hope my knee feels better during my next run. If I knew how to post a picture here I would show you my “beautiful” feet, lol.

  134. TWO MASSIVE BUNIONS…they belong on a 90 year old….not a 35 year old. Even the podiatrist was a little offended when he got a glimse of the knobs.

  135. Have you ever had your family physician (keep in mind, he saw me through 2 pregnancies AND delivered both of my children) refer to the blister on your big (truly no exaggeration, we’re talking they look lime Barney rubble on a good day) to as “reptilian”. Ask friends who had the opportinunity to witness such an event, the other 4 blisters were virtually unnoticeable. My big toe blister was the equivalent to showing up to a party and pulling out the Elaine dance. No joke:)

  136. Mine’s my darn right IT band. I’m currently only walking as I try to REALLY get past this…I ran on it too much and made it worse.

    I have been running/walking in Vibram KSOs for several months…just wore through the heel on one of them!

  137. Definitely my right heel. Last year it was my left heel. Plantar fasciitis kept me sidelined last year and I had surgery. Now, it has decided it missed me and has traveled over to the right foot. 🙂

  138. Oh my hips! My right hip to be specific. Hasn’t been the same since having my two kids and has given me the most trouble since my first half last fall.

  139. My SI joint, pelvis, right hip, and everything underneath this part of my body. After beating myself up on the pitch (soccer) for the past 28 years, its as if all parts from my lower back down alternate giving out on me. My pelvis tilts up on one side and forward pulling my right hip and leg out of alignment. I’d never suffered a knee injury until my mid-20s and since have sprained both MCL’s multiple times (most recently about 5 months ago – do I stop playing? Of course not). I’ve had a partially torn hamstring, a partially torn calf, quad strains, ankle tweaks, plantar fasciitis, and am currently nursing tendonitis in both achilles. However, I love my feet, in all their calloused glory, for enabling me to keep playing and running…and to keep up with my non-stop 3 year old little boy. <3

  140. My right foot is aching now too, seems I’ve pulled a muscle on top of it!? My bladder is my current weak spot though, post-baby. For much of my life I’ve joked that it’s the size of a peanut, and now it leaks nearly every time I run. It’s a blow to my ego again and again.

  141. How ’bout the whole body?? Here’s the breakdown:
    -Age 11, kicked in the right hip by a horse resulting in a pinched nerve and a damaged growth plate.
    -Ages 15-17, ran track in high school with horrible shin splints and stress fractures in both shins 2 years straight
    -Age 20, joined the Army. Those combat boots caused nerve damage in six toes making it really painful to run.
    -Age 22, had my first child resulting in chronic lower back pain
    -Age 24-25, deployed with the Army to Kuwait and started getting swelling and pain in my knees from carrying heavy loads. To deal with the stress of deployment, I ran 3 miles five days a week even though all of the above listed body parts pained me terribly. Running was how I dealt with the sorrow of being separated from my husband and children. To combat my body’s problems I was on crazy amounts of Aleve, a muscle relaxer, chiropractic treatments, and physical therapy.


    What changed, you ask?? When I got home from deployment I switched to Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas and I can now run for miles pain free. I am even preparing for a marathon. I love Vibrams!

  142. So this may be TMI, but…my breasts!!! I was already big chested and now I just had a baby and am breastfeeding….need I say more? VERY hard to find a good sports bra in my size! Plus… my feet grew during pregnancy so now my running shoes no longer fit! So now I need new running shoes and knew sports bras! haha 🙂

  143. I’m a relatively new runner, but seem to be having some problems with my right knee. It doesn’t hurt when I run, but after I’ve had it all folded up (think criss cross applesauce), it really hurts when I unfold it or stand up. My husband just got some Vibrams, and I’ve started getting jealous and wanting a pair. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  144. My right shoulder- pinched nerve in my neck. Caused by carting kids on my left hip, 30 yrs of violin playing!

    Flared dramatically after a sprint on the treadmill. I’m very interested in those shoes! I have a pair of Nike frees that have made my knees feel much stronger for my normal runs in my normal sneakers!

  145. If having fully recovered from lower body peristalsis (due to Gillian Barre Syndrome) when I was 12, and shortly afterward being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis was not enough… I am a 27 year old mother of 4, who’s knees hurt more than you would believe some days BUT I have vowed to get moving, running! My youngest child is 10 months old and I have just recently started running (never been into sports before in my life!), after finding you book on This Mama Makes Stuff’s blog. Aching, throbbing and sore knees, I WILL run a marathon in the next year and training in these would be SO sweet! 🙂

  146. Oh, my poor feet.
    Actually, it starts in my back. I have scoliosis. Untreated. Right at my ribcage my spine shifts a little. That, of course, compresses my lungs and makes me sound like Im dying when I run. But, it doesn’t stop there. Once you get to the base of my spine, I have an extra little piece of bone that pushes one hip down and back. Not only does this make me run crooked (treadmills are NOT my friend, for many reasons, but the main one being that I run off the sides), but also causes my legs to be all twisty. If I stand “straight” with my feet together, my knees turn in, and my ankles hurt. If I turn my feet out so that Im comfortable, and my knees are straight, My right foot is turned outward so muhc that all my weight in in the inside of my foot. Obviously, I over pronate like a champ! Even with a brace, custom orthotics, and the “right” shoes, I still have to focus on my foot placement. When I get tired, my foot turns and I start running on the inside of my foot. After a year of running, I’m just now getting to wear Im not in pain after a run.

    I’m interested in the Vibrams…..I’ve heard they can help people who had foot issues like mine.

  147. My poor feet have a condition called Epidermalysis Bulosa. In short, that big gigantic word mean the layers of my skin don’t work right and I get to enjoy blisters on my feet pretty much all the time. It’s something I was born with so I have had it my whole life. But…I don’t let it slow me down. I get out and run and enjoy the euphoria that comes with it :)! These shoes look amazing and I wonder how good they would be for my feet. The toes intrigue me and I wonder if I would have less friction, therefore causing less blistering between my toes. hmmmm, interesting! Thanks for sharing you awesome pic and story of your feet. I loved it! Amy

  148. Has to be my knees…all they do is scream “don’t do it, don’t run”!! But I can’t listen, I have to do it, I have to run. They make me pay for my choice and I’m sure as I get older I might regret it…but I just have to do it…I have to run!!

  149. OMG where to start. Whenever I increase mileage I get shin splints. My left IT Band also gets mad at me for the increase. The sad part is I love my long runs. I have 4 toenails that love to be black and fall off. Those toes also get about three times there normal size after 10 miles or more irregardless of what shoes I am wearing. I have switched to Saucony Kinvara’s and the angry IT and shins is not nearly as mad at me but still…wonder if even a more minimal shoe would do the trick?

  150. My knee, hip and sciatic nerve are my problems. It is all related, my sciatic nerve is so sensitive that I can’t stretch my hamstrings so they are always tight. This causes my hips and knee to hurt because everything is so tight that my joints can’t move properly causing intense knee pain after only a mile or so. Very annoying. I have recently started barefoot running and so far it is allowing me to run farther with less pain. I just have to stay on the treadmill because running outside hurts my feet. SO BORING. I need some Vibram Five fingers so I can run outside again.

  151. My hips plague me so! I’ve carried four kids on these hips (still carry the youngest) and it’s thrown them out of whack. Around the second mile of any run my right toes start falling asleep.. which creepsinto the rest of my foot and beyond if I don’t stop, do some side leg-lifts and swirl my leg around at the hip joint. Once it moves around, feeling returns until I repeat the cycle. Makes long runs tricky.

  152. I would love to try those shoes! Have been going to the gym and out and about in Nike Free s and my knees are both much happier.
    My left foot is my right shoulder/neck.
    Its mostly caused by carrying the 4 kids on my left hip, and 30 yrs of violin playing.
    It blew this Febrary …. I woke up with in credible pain, instead of the normal stiff neck, shoulder that had been ongoing…. As I was making lunches…”mommy, why do you look like you’re about to cry?” ummm…. Kids, if you don’t make the bus, mommy isNOT driving you to school!!

    2weeks later finally gave up on normal medicine, and got in to see an excellent physical therapist/athletic trainer.
    Still flairs up. Youngest child is a very wiggly 15 mo old!

  153. I’ve longed for a pair of Vibrams,
    I so, so want to try ’em.
    My piriformis is hurt,
    it feels like dirt,
    but that doesn’t stop me from glidin’ . . .

    Marathon #3 is approachin’
    though my butt still insists on hurtin’,
    Vibrams might help me run pain-free
    which would really, really be worth it.

    Baaaahhhaaaaaa!! Off the cuff, cut me some slack. 😉 I do have a bum piriformis. It almost prohibited me from running marathon #1, but I’ve done PT, stretched, and learned some tricks to help get through it . . . but I can’t help but wonder if FiveFingers would improve the situation?!

  154. My right hip all of a sudden has huge problems. PT so far isn’t helping 🙁 I’m so tired of it but honestly can’t afford to do much more for it right now.

  155. I have a very bad right foot. I have spent hundreds of dollars on PT and nothing has come from it. It was recommended that o try something like FFs but I just can’t afford to since I spent so much on PT. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try them!!

  156. My poor toenails!!!! Started running last year & lost two toenails…:(. Got great sneaks again this year & they still bother me. Yucky thick nails on just those two little toes! No more cute little toe rings for this girl I guess!!

  157. My left side entirely injury prone. Pf, itb, runners knee, shin splints, SI distinction. All the left. Custom orthotics have provided some benefit but I would love to try these shoes!

  158. My feet aren’t so bad (well I don’t have to show a picture :o) LOL), but my left knee is my PITA. My longest run is still only 10 miles…I get to about 8 and my knee is begging to go home :o(
    But I am still doing it :o)

  159. My skin…over exposure to all the elements and now this extreme heat! When I come in from a long run I can hear the sweat dripping on the furniture. The humidity doesn’t help!

  160. My feet occasionally give me some pain. I feel very lucky I don’t have any chronic issues and can run pain free 98% of the time. I would just love to try a pair of these shoes!

  161. My knees give me the most pain after a long run. I’ve been dying to try the 5-fingers ever since reading “Born to Run”. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  162. Definitely my right foot…had to have a toenail removed, got plantar fasciitis last year, and now I get a burning pain the ball of my right foot when I run…think it may be Morton’s Neuroma…blah…go to the doc next week.

  163. My right foot is my Achilles Tendonosis. Took nearly 6 months of PT, rest, and finally Graston to get me sorted out. It’s still a work in progress but I’m up to 8 miles for my long run, signed up for my first duathlon and my 4th half marathon. Hope it holds up!

  164. My uterus. Two sets of twins. Need I say more? It’s coming out on Aug 30and I’m looking forward to many miles without it bouncing around!!

  165. My body part that is more influential than I’d like it to be is my knees. I call them my rice crispy knees because as I climb the stairs you can here them. I really have to keep my mileage in check or I have knee problems.

  166. My right ankle… I never really had problems with it until I ran my first half in May. It swelled up to the size of a grapefruit that afternoon and hasn’t been the same since then. Compression seems to help, so we’ll see how it goes!

  167. My right foot is my left hip from carting my kids on that side for the last five years. I know I should switch it up some more, but that side is just more comfortable.

  168. Any run over 6 miles gives me sore toes. Every single piggie aches for days. I’m thinking I need bigger sneakers? My last 15k they complained the entire second half of the race. All 10 of them!

  169. While my husband has always refused giving foot rubs due to my ugly feet and their thick leathery bottoms, it’s my knees that seem to give me the most trouble. As soon as one starts to feel better and I think all is well the other one starts to act up.

  170. My hips. Used to be that it was just my bad one (the one with the dysplasia) that bothered me, now it’s both. Just yesterday that actually seized up on my after I got up off the couch!!!

  171. I’m currently fighting a battle with a pulled tendon in my foot. I thought it was no big deal, then the dr told me that I couldn’t run until the physical therapist looked at it and released me to run. Well, tomorrow is three weeks and I’m jonesing to run but still not allowed to. I’ve been doing my physical therapy exercises and hoping that they will let me run soon. So much for the 5k I was hoping to show up for Saturday.

  172. I get pretty bad shin splints :(. I hate them but with lots of stretching, reading chi running, and more core workouts, they are getting better. I hate my core, probably my weakest spot and I think i still look preggers even though I had my last baby two years ago. love those vibrams!

  173. It seems that if I run over 6 miles on pavement one or both knees suddenly cramp and I can barely hold myself up! I have to walk it out for a minute or two and then I’m good to go again most of the time.

  174. My right leg. Jacked up knee has led to crazy migrating hip, calf and shin pain. It’s infuriating. I’ve done pt, chiro, acupuncture and ART. I’m transitioning to minimalist shoes very slowly and crossing my fingers of works.

  175. My left big toe is perpetually purple! I am patiently waiting for it to fall off or grow out so I can get a pedicure without wearing a disguise.

  176. My left foot. It is Always covered in blisters and I dislocate my pinky toe at least once a month. I usually hit it on a piece of furniture and then it dislocates and is so painful. I have to put it back into place which is even more painful, followed by instant relief. I have also had on and off Morton’s Neuroma on that foot too. What a mess!

  177. Man. ALL of me seems broken at some point. I routinely ask myself if running is REALLY something my body can take.

    Right now, my left knee is on The List.

  178. Oh man. My right leg. The whole thing. When I was in High School I cracked my knee cap in the last 2 minutes of the Area Finals. I finished the game and even played a week later in the Regional tournament. It has plagued me ever since. I have a hard time crawling on all fours or sitting on my knees. Moving on down the leg when they x-rayed my knee cap they recognized a pretty big crack in my shin. I got kicked in the shin playing basketball that season as well. I knew it had hurt but playing was more important. That same season I had a really bad ankle sprain in my right leg. Again, I didn’t really have limits so I iced it, wrapped it, and went on my way. Everyone thought I had it wrapped with an ace bandage it was so swollen, but instead it was just that medical tape. Turns out I tore a ligament in the ankle. So needless to say, my senior year on the basketball team was brutal and I opted out of spring track, with my broken shin, knee cap, and ankle.

  179. My knees! If it’s not one its the other. I have incorportaed mild strength traning recenlty and so far it has been enough to keep them quiet. Great, I probably just jinxed it!

  180. My feet are so gross. Black toes everyt ime I run a marathon. Then of course there goes my toe nail. I still wear sandles. However I can tolerate that if my IT band would stop acting up. Up until I had my second child I never had any type of injury. Then I was training for the Philly Marathon and ran a 5k four months post pardum and that was it my IT band was flaring. Dr. thought it was a stress fracture after four weeks on crunches it was my IT band. Everytime I up my training it starts to flare. Help! I want to be injury free.

  181. Too many to count right now! I always need a lung transplant (for my asthma), and then, my knees/shins have been bothering me (shin splints, arthritis in my knees? I know it seems like they shouldn’t be related but somehow they seem similar on my body!). My friends say it is old age but I refuse to think it is that. And, finally, a re-flare up of athlete’s foot that I was trying to brush off as poison ivy for too long (when I’m not in my running shoes, I’m in flip flops). I’ve been dying to try the Vibram 5-fingers: running in the city makes actual bare feet completely off limits, and, of course, I was inspired by “Born to Run”! So I’m convinced that they will cure all of my ills. 🙂

  182. When my 12 year old was 2 months old I tore my acl and pcl and found myself with a foot drop and only partial feeling in my right leg from the knee down. Two years later I had surgery to fix what wasn’t fixed after the initial accident. My ortho called it a post partum accident. My stretchy ligaments never snapped back into place. I had Postero-lateral corner corrective surgery. After a long recovery I decided it was a good idea to become a hula dancer. I love hula almost as much as I love my children, but as a mainland hula dancer, in San Francisco, no less, I’m pained by Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. To make life more fun, I’m a brand new runner, tackling the couch to 5k program last February and finishing my 2nd 5k a few days ago. I would love some Bikalas to both dance in and run in.

  183. My lower back. It gets tight in direct correlation with use/misuse/stretch/pull of my hamstrings. I’ve had my eye on the Vibrams, would L.O.V.E. to try them!!

  184. You win!!!;) That foot has quite the history! My right foot over pronates causing weird aches in my right leg. No bueno!

  185. My inner thighs are constantly sore after running. I’m not sure why but I guess there’s something funkity funk going on with my stride of which I am unaware.

  186. My knees. I swore they were the reason I ‘couldn’t run’ back before I started running – but now I just politely tell them to kiss my ass and get on about my business. They usually shut up around mile 2-3 and then start yelling again after the run is over. Fortunately it hasn’t been enough to keep me down… made it through the 60 mile breast cancer 3 day – and I’ll make it through my first marathon in the fall.

  187. Also my right foot… bent from being put on toe shoes too early in ballet class, ankle broken while running hurdles in 9th grade, toe broken while chasing my son through a hotel Central Europe (during his adoption process… my labor pains, I guess), and generally neglected after a couple of years of running! I will never, ever, ever get a pedicure!

  188. My knees, I bent down to clean the carpet with my new born on my hip and stood up and POP….now I have to ice my knee after each long run.

  189. I love the arrows on your toes… I have a broken foot in four places and never got it fixed either. I have a toe that hangs out all by itself 🙂 Cute!

    I get really bad shin splints- BOO!

  190. I’ve had myriad issues over the years. My feet are fugly, though I do home pedis, I’m just blessed with strong runners feet! I’ve been barefooting for several years using watersocks or nothing and would love to try Vibrams. They don’t carry them local and I have a bit of a shoe snobbery thing going on and must try shoes before putting down $$:) I have IBand issues that barefooting definitely helps. Training for my first marathon this year and would love to add a pair of vibrams to my training collection. Also I’m a mother of 5 and physically work hard as a doula, I know that seeing a chiro keeps me in top form.

  191. My right tibia! Thanks to the length discrepancy between my two legs, my inability to stop when my body is telling me to and an intense training schedule, I suffered a lovely stress fracture in the tibia….and ran a marathon on it. A year later, I still feel like my leg will snap if I do too much. Darn leg!

  192. My knees. I’ve had 3 surgeries between the 2 of them. I know when I’ve pushed too hard because my knees start throbbing. Sometimes the pain travels up to my hips, and when that happens I know I’m done for the rest of the week :p

  193. My hips, oh my poor hips. My entire 3rd pregnancy (which so luckily came just 6 months after my 2nd pregnancy) was a series in aching hips but after delivery, they were ok. But after my 4th kid was born, holy hell, do I have some major hip pain now. I have found that regular chiro trips are the best way to deal with it. I feel out of practice with running and just ran again for the first time in a several weeks 2 days ago and am feeling it in my poor hip.

  194. Well, let’s see! It is my right shin (from an old softball injury) and my right hip. Luckily they never seem to bother me at the same time 😉 I would love some Bikalas!

  195. my brain is more then I expected it to be, I thought it would all be physical…it has taught me to master my thoughts to master my runs!!

  196. I love this post. And I love my beat up toes. When I get a pedicure…I get to tell the ladies that I run marathons and I lose my toenails because of it…and…just go ahead and paint one on for me. 🙂

  197. My feet look a lot like Dimity’s, and I don’t think they look that bad. The bunions aren’t great, I agree. And it makes me feel 1000 years old to talk about my bunions. But my current problem is my hair. My very thick, coarse, curly hair. I am growing it out from a pixie cut (that I loved but don’t have the time or energy to maintain). It is currently long enough that I have to do something with it, but too short for any kind of assistance from hair bands or clips. And I can’t wear a visor because that makes the top stick up like a souffle. So I have to wear a hat on my runs. I don’t love that, and it makes me hot. But there is no way around it. At least I won a Headsweats hat during last year’s holiday giveaway here!

  198. Right now it’s my c-section scar. Having just had a baby 4 days ago, I am having a hard time just walking around the house, let alone ever thinking of running/walking another half marathon again. I do LOVE my kids, but this is definitely one of those bumps in the road I don’t know if I’ll ever get past.

  199. Hmm…should I mention my sciatic nerve that never grew back together correctly on my left side after having my daughter (which does come in handy to predict major snow storms!) Or my recent battle with runner’s knee in my right knee…..knock on wood I have had no feet problems. My seem to be higher up.

  200. My knee is funk. I pretty much keep KT tape in business. It drives me crazy but nothing other then streanghten and PT can help. SO for now I do what I do and rock KT tape.

  201. AWESOME giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try some minimalist shoes. These look awesome.
    I have been having trouble with my IT band as I train for my first half marathon. But this injury has been very recent and hopefully short term 🙂 So I would have to pick my core–I feel like I could be a much better runner if my core was stronger. But after 3 big baby boys I’ve got a lot of work to do 🙂

  202. My left shoulder is my arch nemesis! i have horrible issues with strain all the way up my neck…which causes strain down my back..which causes my whole left side to be mobile at times. Ridiculous…especially seeing that it all started when i gave birth and my son preferred to be held on that side. Fed from that side. Fall asleep in my arm on that side. He is eight and i still have problems such as waking up in the middle of the night with pain shooting thru my shoulder. I do stretching exercises that help some and have been trying to work out more

  203. It’s August in Tennessee, so I can only say my lungs. Feels like I’m drowning while running these days. I so long for cooler days! I even ordered a long sleeve 1/2 zip the other day. It’s mind over matter here….only the strong will survive!

  204. While my toes leave nothing to be desired (bunions removed, bone against bone rubbing pain, toe nails gone [had one ingenious pedicurist pain one on anyway], and arch and ankle pain following long runs), it has to be my back. That sucker goes at the slightest insult – once when I was picking up my potty training son and putting him on the toilet. I always feel it and no amount of massage or pillow changes help. Amazingly, it does not hurt when I run!

  205. My back and hips…I have a pretty significant scoliosis (curvature) and add to that four pregnancies in a short period of time…can you say instability? I have been working on it, but yet a year out from my last baby, we are still struggling. I am a diligent exerciser and work on back/ab/hip exercises religiously, but am still trying to figure out the best combo. New shoes couldn’t hurt!

  206. My right wrist is sore from running. Blame my 86-pound Lab mix. I hold his leash (and his, um, output) with that hand when I run. He doesn’t pull me, but the angle at which I hold the leash has given me a consistent dull ache. However, the mild pain is worth having my buddy with me on every run!

  207. My feet are flat, ugly, wide, over pronated slabs and the shoe store salesman says my shoes would feel like bricks to others. I would have to agree from the sound they make. But who hears them with the tunes on? This causes hip pain, knee pain, and a strange tickle on my knee as well. Toenails? Who needs them. I have less pain without them.

  208. My knees! I had ACL reconstructive surgery when I was 15 and both of my knees get real tight after a run. In the process of switching and acclimating to Merrell pace gloves to see if they help!

  209. It is my left leg. Over the course of almost 20 years of running I have only ever injured my left leg (knock on wood). IT band, achilles tendinitis, quad bruise, knee tracking issues. There must be some asymmetry going on causing this left sided favoritism.

  210. Right Hip. It’s tight all. the. time. This problem was caused by a cluster of 30 warts on my left heel 15 years ago that put my pelvis out of balance until 9 years ago, when I finally killed them and lost that extra 3/8″ of skin that was throwimg things off. However, damage done. And the hip problems caused my left knee problem. And so it goes. My feet are pretty dang happy overall, though. Except lately my achilles have been tender…

  211. My knees, my knees, my knees. They are knobby and horse-like, sensitive and tend to get ouchy and full of pain if I don’t maintain my form and cadence JUST SO. I can usually coax them into compliance with keeping track of my form AT ALL TIMES and ice packs after long runs.

  212. I have horrid feet. I have huge bunions on each of my big toes. My feet are so wide that I can’t find a pair of shoes that fit really comfortably. My second toe is longer than my big toe. And when I wear shoes, my toes all crunch up against each other and give me blisters on the ends of my toes. Ugh, feet. I don’t even dare go and get a pedicure anymore. My feet are just too ugly to be seen by a professional.

  213. Any and all toenails. I’ve given up having normal colored nails and have just started painting them all purple. Now they match! 🙂

    Also have nerve damage in my right, big toe. It needs a lot of babying. Ice baths, pain patches at night. But it’s worth it for the long run!

  214. Oh my poor left foot. Actually I struggle with both of my feet but right now my left one hurts. I have been working with a PT since the beginning of the year to change my form and these shoes would totally help me. Please let me win and please let these shoes help my poor left foot.

  215. That’s what my stomach looks like.

    Stretch marks from two babies plus a lot of pregnancy weight.

    Old belly button ring scar from those years when I had a six pack.

    Scar on the side of my stomach from when I was a kid and fell.

    It really holds a lot of history- a lot of love, a lot of pain.

  216. my shin on my right leg. mostly the anterior shin. It needs a lot of ice and babying after long runs. and now my hip which maybe a combo of hauling around a three year old that is really too big to be carried and running. makes my butt ache.

  217. what body part is more influential in your running than you’d expect it to be?
    At 40, I am knocking on wood bc I have been fortunate in having decent health and minimum running aches. My husband’s back goes out for days upon days, my parents have both battled cancer along with chemo treatments…. my Mom is a 3 time survivor of cancer. I think my mind is the most influential in my running. There is NO way I would be training for my 3rd marathon had it not been for the strength and determination my parents showed me while they were battling cancer.

  218. my IT band, my knee, my toes, i feel like i’ve had it all!
    just started running in vibrams a few months ago, and i LOVE It!!!! and i would really love a new pair 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

  219. My whole left side! From my neck all the down to the bunion on my left foot… I think it from being hit by a car when I was 7. The left side of my body took the impact.

  220. While my hips bother me after a run, the body part that influences my run (or any exercise, for that matter) the most is my brain. I battle lack of confidence every time I set out to exercise, especially when I run. You see, when I was in high school (in the 90’s), I couldn’t run the half-mile required at the end of the term. I’d run a minute, and then have to walk the rest. As I walked, humiliated, the folks who finished (and ran it), sat on the grass, and laughed at the people like me. The bookworms, the overweight, the ones with health problems — we all faced laughter during gym class.

    So now, even 20 years later, I still see the “real” runners sitting on the sidelines, laughing, waiting for me to fail. I have to fight that back every time I’m out there. I’m getting much better at it, that’s for sure. For me, the mental is a much bigger influence than my physical aches and pains.

    But I’m pretty sure Vibrams would still help with it. 🙂

  221. my forefoot valgus on both feet. I will never be fitted correctly at the running shoe store. Custom orthotics will be the bane of my running existance for the rest of my life. But, since I can now run without crying, totally worth it!

  222. my lungs my lungs my lungs. they are just not efficient! i use my inhaler and take it slow – but any hint of humidity or anything out of the ordinary (for denver) just takes my breath away. literally.

  223. mine is my IT band. blah. Although recently the tops of my feet have been bothering me a bit. I have been wanting to try the vibrams to see if they could help any of these ailments subside so i can just run my little heart out and not fret about injury!

  224. I have bursitis in my hips…and just typing it makes me feel like I’m 82. And then there’s my sciatica…

    The worst, though, is my right leg with it’s disgusting length of multiple varicose veins. I am having them fixed at the end of October – IF (and it’s a really, really BIG IF) I don’t chicken out. I don’t know why I’m scared. Maybe because I finally started using my legs to run and I’m afraid having to take a couple of weeks off to recoup will make it all go away. {SIGH}. But they hurt. And they’re just plain gross to look at.

  225. Oooh! I just thought of another thing!

    I have some serious poop issues when I run—once, had to stop at the porta potties EIGHT TIMES in the first half of a marathon. Ended up very SLOWLY finishing the rest, so as to not jiggle things around any more!!

    Someone once said that I don’t have poop ‘issues’—I have a subscription!!

    To remedy it, I’m completely dairy free all of the time. It helps quite a bit. So does Align probiotic. And not running the day after a spicy or heavy meal. 🙂

  226. My right knee “bums” me out from time to time–did my first 13.1 last year with no problems and THEN just when I was all high on me and running, I spent the next 3 mos doing PT. Now I’m nrevous about pulling the trigger on this season’s races b/c not sure if the ol’ knee is going to cooperate!

  227. For the past 4 years, I’ve been struggling off and on with horrible plantar fasciitis in my left foot—heel spur and all. And now, it’s sort of started to move to my right foot, too. The best thing I’ve done for it? Buy one of those trigger point massagers ($25, I think), and use it at least once a day. Hurts so good! Helps so much!!

    And now, I have an ankle sprain (from the movie theater—yes, that was me on FB complaining about it) to deal with. I’ve been doing a TON of strengthening exercises for it, which, oddly, help my PF as well.

  228. Earlier this spring I had some shooting pains in my foot. My chiropractor told me I had a sprained ligament. NICE! I was also informed that I could have bunions in my future. Thank you to my genetics (Mom and Grandpa for that one)! Of late though since I started my first 1/2 marathon traning my issue has been tight hamstrings. Just this week I was highly caught off guard by this ailment. I was at my yearly appointment, you know the one with the stirrups! I put my foot in and all of the sudden this shooting pain took over my right thigh. I wiggled around and it happen again. Pretty soon my gyno has my leg up in the air flexing my muscles to get the cramp to subside. How embarrasing!

  229. I have MS, and when I run my legs and feet go numb. Unfortunately, this means that I am often not aware of aggravating an injury until after I stop running and my legs cool down. My coworkers have gotten used to seeing me hobble in to work in the morning!

  230. My knee. At some point between playing ice hockey in college and spending 6 years in the Navy, I tore the meniscus in my knee. I was told that I should have surgery to repair it. Between having 3 kids and moving (my husband is still in the Navy) several times, I haven’t gotten around to getting it taken care of. So I limit my outside running and to a lot of workouts on the elliptical to keep it from bugging me too much and puffing up like a balloon.

  231. I would have to say both of my feet. I have pancake flat feet, and fight plantar fasciitis…I even have to wear shoes indoors ALL the time to keep them happy! I can definitely tell when I don’t take my feet seriously enough.

  232. someone once told me everyone has a spot in their body that will always be injured, on the way back from an injury or on the verge of being injured again and for me….its my lower left leg. I have been to my Guru one too many times about it. He does his ART magic and I go home and try and keep up with, so far so good for a few months now. When I was in the injured phase, I would take a sharpie marker and write all over my leg so I wouldn’t forget where the pain was when I was running (because half of our injuries only bother us when we are active…not so much when we are sitting on the couch!)

  233. I would say my lower back. I have scoliosis and my right leg is shorter than my left one. I have hip trouble from this as well as nerve flare ups. But the biggest problem is the lower back pain where the spine is malformed. Makes for some pretty ugly x-rays.

  234. When you hear the doctor tell you, at the ripe old age of 12, that you have the “back of a 40-year-old” you know it’s gonna be a long road! Thanks to bulging disks at L4 and L5 I can expertly throw my back out getting into a car, picking up a small infant, sneezing, grabbing toilet paper, you get the idea. I am acutely familiar with the job of tingly pain down my legs into my feet. The cause? Training on my bike about 15 hours a week for 7+ years, plus a tight glute muscle (which I take as a good thing … as if it means I have a nice-looking rearend), uber-tight IT bands, less flexibility than a crow bar … I could go on. The fix? NOT riding my bike (which is nice in theory), a firm core, exercises which I sadly don’t do and, well, Advil.

  235. My weak spot seems to be my autoimmune system. Following the birth of my daughter (now 8 months of age), I have been dealing with chronic hives that seem to flare up whenever they feel like it. So, while it’s not musculoskeletal, the issue is annoying to the point of interfering with running (- no thanks to the hot/humid Ohio Valley summer.

  236. Both of my Achilles tendons have been hurting off and on for years. My toenails have also gotten to the point where I’m too embarrassed to get a pedicure.

  237. It would have to be my lower back, which I guess is impacted by my weak core. Still hasn’t recovered from 3 babies in 5 years and all the weight gain and weight loss that went along with it. They are worth it though 🙂

  238. My shoulders. They get SOO tight and I always seem to end up with a pinched nerve from sleeping or doing something, I don’t know. It drives me crazy!

  239. Well, both my legs and feet, from aching knees and hips to achilles tendonitis could be mine. I even have the same thick toenail as you do (but do not be afraid of a pedicure, they will not recoil in horror but they will pull out a dremel rotory tool and file that sucker down.- it is kind of embarassing, so only go to a salon where you are not likely to run into people you know). HOWEVER, the biggest hinderance to MY running I know is my brain. I tell myself to stop running or that I cannot go any farther and I know it is not true as I sit here and type, but when I am out there, I wimp out. Everytime. Arrgh. I think I really need some one to put their ugly running foot squarely on my not so small backside everytime I stop to walk. I am thinking baout hiring a coach.

  240. oh my, let’s see…the many calluses that have cropped up on my feet in the last few years, the spots where my legs rub together when I run & their counter-parts on the inside of my arms where they rub on my sports bra, my floppy bosom (from nursing three children) that cannot be contained in most sports bras, and probably the excessive ‘skin’ under my butt that bounces when I’m running. Thank you soooo much for not wanting a photo 🙂

  241. Absolutely my knees! My right knee particularly has been troublesome, as it turns out I have a good deal of arthritis in it at the ripe old age of 31. I had a bad bout of injury in it last fall as I was training for a half and managed to get through the race with a brace on; I’m trying my hardest to avoid going down the same path with my most recent training. Changing up my running form and concentrating on stretching, icing and popping ibuprofen has definitely helped!

  242. My mind is the most influential part of my body when it comes to running. I can “suck up” an astonishing amount of physical pain if I want it bad enough.

  243. Well, we’ll start with my feet: big toes with fused joints (NOT surgically, I was born that way), pinched nerves, lost toenails, low or fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, bursitis. I seem to be extremely prone to tendonitis, so I basically have that anywhere I have a tendon. And my knees are just awful. I don’t want to talk about them, it will make me sad.

  244. My upper back, shoulders, and neck. I hold all of my tension there. Occasionally, it’s just too much and the muscles spasm, which means the only exercise I can get is flat on the floor (no, not doing THAT!–just lying there, trying to release).

  245. I am feeling very blessed after reading everyone’s posts. I occasionally have to baby my right IT band, and I have a small nagging pain in my left big toe “knuckle.” I do have to battle the mental demons and know I need a stronger core. However, that is it. Yes, blessed indeed. 🙂

  246. My hands swell when I run distances somehow I forget this and have to try and pry my wedding ring off and then safely pin to my bib in races.
    I then have flashes of OMG am I screwing my body up…and my boss is going to freak on me (i am a dental hygienist)
    I also have awesome blister on my heels from running in this humidity and sweating from every possible angle!

  247. While running my biggest pain is my right foot – mostly due to blisters from sweating so much in the heat and not being able to keep them dry. After running my biggest pain is my lower back. I have tried stretching, yoga, pilates and other strengthening exercises, but nothing is working. I look like an old lady trying to get up.

  248. My boobs. They’re currently a G cup, I’ve lost 40 lbs and quite a few inches, but my tatas are still big. The muscle tension in my shoulders from the girls bouncing up and down as I run often trigger 1-2 day migraines – not fun. I did find an awesome sports bra for keeping the girls locked and loaded, but I still have to pay particular attention to the tension in my shoulders and do extra stretches so I don’t get a post-run migraine.

  249. The only thing worse than problems from running are the problems incurred by not running. Anyway, it comes and goes but I’ve got this weird thing going on with my peroneal tendon on the edge of my foot. Even the podiatrist thinks it’s unusual.

  250. It is definitely my right hip. I believe it is from years of carrying babies around (mine, my sisters’ kids, my brother’s, the neighbors, etc. At mile 18 of my first (and so far only) marathon, it just seized up and refused to let me run anymore. I was already slow and had to walk the rest of the way. Or practically crawl. Even the walkers were faster than me and I came in last.

  251. I’m rocking a patellar instability/IT band/hip issue right now. I’m quickly making friends with my physical therapist, who assures me that as soon as we get this strengthened, I’ll have to learn how to run all. over. again. (woohoo!)
    It’s totally worth it, though. 50 pounds down, 50 to go!

  252. My hips, but for a totally different reason than alot of the other hip-haters out there! Mine are too limber! Apparently, if you are pretty limber to begin with, and you combine that with what childbirth does to your body, you have a recipe for hips that can *pop out of place*! How gross is that?
    They totally feel it in the hills if I don’t pay attention to my form, and if I skimp on the strength training, it’ll catch up with me in less than a month. When I do leg raises or flutter kicks, they click sometimes as the pop around.
    You can’t see this, so no fancy pics, but the noise is audible and fairly gross!

  253. Training for my first 1/2 3 years ago, it was my right knee that was the weak link. After doing some ART and limited strength training (really, do I have to do strength training, isn’t running enough, who has time?) and really hitting the foam roller my knee has made it through another 3 1/2’s without an issue. Did my first trail run last week, tho, and made my IT flair. Apparently, though, it’s all connected to my weak glutes….

  254. My knees my knees! Scared up, torn meniscus, tons of floating cartiledge. Surgery on the left one and now the right one needs it. They lock up when they feel like it and sound like popcorn in the microwave when I walk down the stairs. But they have gotten me through 34 years, 3 kids and many miles so and crunchy, creaky and as unreliable as they are, they are mine.

  255. My problem is my shin splints. I constantly try everything I can but it always seems like my shins hurt. On the beauty side my toenails are hideous. Between running and soccer (and people stomping on my toes) I am constantly dealing with missing or bruised toenails.

  256. mine seems to be a combination- runners knee and calf strain have both caused me to take time off running recently. as one thing heals, i find that poor form, over pronation, or weak quads causes a new problem. such is life if i want to run though!

  257. Does it have to be a body part?
    I work with a long commute and help hubby with his retail business. We’re both on 7 days/week. Add in 2 kids in 3 sports, I seriously struggle to find an hour to hit the bricks. Housekeeping also suffers, natch!

  258. My right knee is my problem. I tore my ACL and some meniscus playing soccer just over a year ago. It was a complicated recovery. I’m finally back to running but my knee is a pain in the a$$. And – to add insult to injury – when they put it back together they made it a bit tighter than lefty. So my knees do not look at all the same. And righty is adorned with several scars. Sigh.

  259. It’d have to be my immune system. The rest of me holds out ok, even if some muscle groups are a bit tight. I don’t stretch enough due to needy children always needing things when I should be stretching. However, I don’t sleep enough due to the needy kids and everything else that needs to be done, and that’s resulted in a fair number of colds and other things brought home by the kids.

    One of those bouts of illness resulted in an asthma diagnosis this spring. It’s taken me a couple of months to get things under control, having gone from an original rescue inhaler prescription to a control inhaler than I use twice a day now. Unfortunately, my pace took a hit while I got things under control and is only just now getting back to where it was a couple of months ago. I’ve had asthma-like symptoms for years when my allergies flare, but never badly enough to require an inhaler, much less two!

  260. My legs…with lovely varicose veins! No way to avoid them it’s hereditary…but each kid added another and my new found love of running is making them even prettier! Oh well! Their mine, I gotta love em!

  261. LOVE the visual! My left foot is my issue. I have a bunion because it was dislocated when I was very young. It acts up when I ramp up my training, the chiro helps but it is a constant struggle. feet are kinda important for running…

  262. For as poorly as I take care of myself post-run, I have had surprisingly few injuries (knock on wood!) I had a high hamstring injury a couple of years ago – left leg — I call it my “gimpy leg” in part caused by what I call my “flippy foot” (my left foot turns in at the ankle and my knee goes in when I lift that leg running — it is a goofy site). Some of that I am working on with core/glute work…but I don’t know that the flip will ever correct, much as I concentrate on form (or try to). It is improving and I can go miles and miles without pain, but the leg tightens up if I run a lot faster/farther than usual. I also blame carrying a baby around on the left hip. I also have Morton’s Neuroma -mainly the right, but also some symptoms on the left. I do everything I can to avoid surgery and injections and, as long as I wear my orthotics when I run and good regular shoes each day, I just have some decreased sensation at baseline. If I don’t, ouch, I get burning and pain in my 4th toe when I run. I know some folks think MN can be helped by the barefoot trend — I am all for trying it! Then my flippy foot will at least look cool.

  263. My feet are just like yours, but I’ll change it up and say that my left lower back is my diagram-able injury area. I think it’s due to the fact that during my pregnancy both my kids big heads were on that side of my body. Now, whenever I try to weight train or do core work, I hear from this area in a big way. Nothing seems to fix it permanently–not yoga, not LESS core/weights, not MORE core/weights, not weird Boulder “adjustment” type therapy. So I just live with it. For now, it’s “liveable with.” Hopefully it won’t get worse than that.

  264. The pedicure people have seen much worse! Go treat yourself!
    My right foot has a similar bunion, a 5th toe that broke years ago and healed rotated so that the nail faces the side (and thus can bend outwards, my nice party trick).

  265. My long term issue has been my bum. I was treated for ischial tuberitis (pain in the ass) a few years ago, and can’t seem to get it to be completely happy again. Now I am on a hiatus from running, and the elliptical is not really a good friend! And your feet…. they aren’t bad at all… be proud of what they have done for you!

  266. No matter how much foam rolling, icing, and tiger stick rolling I do, my right IT band gives me daily whispers and sometimes screams that it is not happy. I’m still baffled on whether it’s my form, muscle weakness, or not enough stretching. I do have bunions on both feet thanks to years of tight dance shoes growing up. I’ve been told to wear orthodics and to forgo heels (I’m 5’1″ and hubby is 6’4″ – so I stand on tippy toes on all pics) to avoid surgery. Interesting to see that your surgery didn’t fix the issue.

  267. My biggest obstacle is keeping myself lined up with my chiropractor. If I’m aligned, everything is good, and if I’m not, then things are not good! And, wearing custom insoles. The insoles make a HUGE difference, but I just don’t like having to wear them all the time. It’s my inner brat protesting.

  268. I struggle with hip pain. It plagued me last summer, and I thought this year all was resolved, but low and behold, it has flared up again following my 14 miler this past Sunday. Bummer.

  269. Body part most affected is my right hip. Combination of HATING to stretch after workouts (hey, i’m tired!) and carrying around a 3 year old that thinks he’s a baby

  270. My version of your right foot is actually my LEFT! My left foot is so moody and the only part of my body that hates running- I’ve had laser surgery on my big left toe twice to remove ingrown toenails and now that toenail is quite the mutant. My left foot also insists on blistering in 4 different spots EVERY TIME I got out for a run. My left ankle has also always been very weak and creaky, probably listening to that diva big left toe of mine with her talkative callouses and bunyons. She’s not cute but right foot certainly makes up for what lefty lacks.

  271. My lower back just above my tailbone. I hurt it bad a few years ago (pre-babies) and now have to treat it like a baby. Needless to say it does hurt a bit post run and don’t get me started on nursing back aches.

  272. Three months ago I was playing with my over-weight weenie dog Bradley. He jumped up and landed on top of my left foot. My foot was bruised but it went away. Three months later every time I go on long runs the top of my left foot hurts.

  273. My right leg. She always gives me problems. She’s given me sore hips on my first and only marathon (Marine Corps – 3:22! So excited I ran 6 miles a week later only to bring on the dreaded ITBS and a forced layoff for 8 months.) She’s given me achille tendonitis after moving to South Africa and battling lots of hills. She’s given me a suspected case of plantar fascitis though mild enough to only be in the heel at present. And she’s also given me some jabbing knee pains whenever I get over enthusiastic and decide to run longer or farther than I should. What I’ve learnt from my right leg? Patience. Mental fortitude. The power of yoga every day after my run. That I can’t run every single day. That I’d rather run consistently and every other day and forever than do too much and be laid off for six months at a time. So here I am, 14 years and 3 kids after my first and only marathon, slowly slowly increasing my long runs, religiously sticking to yoga post run, and training for a year of 10ks and half marathons before I attempt a nice slow marathon in 2013 – all to qualify for the world’s most “beautiful” race, the Two Oceans 56k. I’d love those vibrams!

  274. My back is the culprit. Spinal fusion at 28…neither I nor the surgeon could explain. Hereditary?!? It’s gotten through four kids, but latest diagnosis is that I’ll need another one now that I’m 39. Latest advice was to stop running. I’m heartbroken. Funny thing is my back feels great when I run. What to do now?

  275. i think its my hormones. i have 5 kids and there is a 4 year gap between the last two. i really think my homrones and the constant wieght fluctuation has totally messed with things for me. i am thinking of heading to a naturopath here soon to get it all straightened out 🙂

  276. A week before my first half I woke up and could not turn my head either direction. I went and got a massage, the next day accupuncture, then some energy work, and myofascial. The work helped and got me back to a place where I was able to run. I did not realize how much of your upper body you use to run!

  277. I’m down to officially having only 60% of my toenails. That was something I never saw coming when I took up running about a year ago!

  278. Well, you sure opened a can of worms! Nothing like a forum where we can all complain about running injuries. Well, I don’t want to be left out. I was doing great until I ran a 10K I wasn’t ready for (imagine that!) over a year ago. Since then my right leg/knee hasn’t been the same. I’ve gone as far as to have it x-rayed and it looks fine…next step is an MRI…and/or maybe try a chiropractor first. The Stick and foam roller help a lot. One problem I have is I start running again when I feel better, get so excited, I run too far and re-injure myself.

    It’s interesting to see how many of us are determined to run even when it hurts.

  279. My left leg gave me quite the run for my money when training for a marathon. I started having knee pain that was tolerable but quickly became alarming when my weekly mileage approached 40 miles. I eventually gave in and saw an orthopedic doctor. He diagnosed me with ITB syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome. While looking at my x ray films, he explained to me that I have a Q angle (huh?) that might cause more problems in the future if I continue to run. I ended up going to physical therapy and getting a cortisone injection, which I am convinced carried me through 26.2 miles.

    I am training for a half marathon in November and I am terrified my left leg issues will resurface. I have learned to cross train, add strength training, and the stretches my beyond brilliant therapist showed me.

    On a side note, I had a dream two nights ago that I was running barefoot… perhaps this is a sign I should give it a try.

  280. After having 3 kids in 3 1/2 years, my hips definitely ache after running, but overall its been a chore to get my whole body moving and feeling ok w/ this foreign new hobby. I would LOVE to have a pair of these shoes, considering my high arches, and the fact that all my runs are on the road…oh and lack of funds due to my three little chillies who are still in high demand. 🙂

  281. My right hip and butt. If it’s not IT, it’s piriformis. Perhaps too many years of soccer has left my sides lop-sided and imbalanced. As long as I ramp up slowly and make sure to stretch – oh wait, still waiting to practice doing both of those – I should, in theory then, be fine.

  282. Definitely my hips…there have been multiple hip replacements on my dad’s side of the family…he’s had them both replaced and he’s only 55! I’m sure it will be my turn someday. Running really makes the pain flare up, but for some reason I keep going!

  283. Fractured my tibia plateua in late March in a freak accident walking my dog! The fractured healed in record time, but my flexibility in my left leg where the injury occured took a serious hit. Sitting with my kids on the floor with my legs “criss-cross-apple-sauce” style is no longer pain free. Also, post long runs my left knee always reminds me to give it extra attention.

  284. What is funny is that my right foot has taken about as many beatings as yours. My second toe’s toenail is also super thick from losing it and I have 2 huge bunions from having wide feet in narrow shoes. My third toe is shorter from having surgery to repair a fractured 3rd metatarsal. The only cool thing about that is that it happened while I was trekking in the mountains in Nepal. The militia had closed off transportation that day so I was forced to walk on it to the nearest village hospital! The story gets crazier, but I’ll spare details. Anyhow, my right foot has lived 9 lives of it’s own.

  285. My hips (my most ample asset), my head (migraines) and my baby home muscles (core has never been the same since a 23 staple c-section.) But just writing that makes me grateful to still be able to run! : )

  286. I have two things, my core and my mind. Forced to choose just one, I go with my mind. The mind is a tricky and sensitive thing, and you have to treat it just right in order to get the right result from it. I have to speak nicely, think nice thoughts, and dodge those bullets it throws at me while I’m struggling with that extra mile or few extra minutes, or when my IT band speaks up. When all the parts of my body are in agreement about our common goal, whether it be 5 miles or 9, my mind is cooperative and supportive and encouraging. When any given part of my body tries to speak up and be heard over the rest, my mind takes over and dominates. My mind tries to play games with me, causing me to lose focus on the task of bringing my body back to unison. It tells me to just get this much farther, go this much longer, just walk a little, you’re not a real runner if you can’t get through this, you’re not going to reach your goal today, and on and on and on. I try to override it and think positive thoughts and words, I think about the song that’s playing, I tell my mind to just stop it! When I silence the mind and bring it all back together, it’s a beautiful feeling and very powerful and encouraging. The mind, however, is the most challenging thing to get back on task and to heal after anything takes us off the path of positive. Even when my body is physically healthy, I’m always caring for my mind to make sure it stays healthy and strong.

  287. My issue(s) is my left hip & lower back. Of course they like to flare up in the most inconvenient time. I’ve had hip problems since I can remember & being in drill team doing high kicks hours upon hours only made it worse. My lower back didn’t start hurting until I became pregnant & I’m to scared to see a chiropractor. I’m thankful that my problems are mild compared to others & that I can still run. 🙂

  288. Dang! After reading these posts I’m *grateful* that my problem is *just* my weight. I started running a year ago. I’ve slowly lost 12 lbs, and have “only” about 50 more to go. I must be blessed not to have any of the above problems!

  289. I couldn’t stop laughing reading this post. My foot and your foot would be BFF’s LOL… although the arrows go up my shins, through my knee, and all the up to the top of my IT band! HA!

  290. I think I’d have to go with my upper back/shoulders. I’ve always struggled with posture & though I continue to strength train I still have major muscle knots & pain on my right trapezina muscle.

    I thought my broken toe was bad this winter, but it healed way better & is at least straight, so I’ll thank my stars for that one.

  291. For me right now, it’s my watch. I’ve been running since March after loosing 54lbs. My husband started running last week, and he works swing shift. I run before he goes to work or after he gets off and before he goes to bed (when working nights) so I have to adjust my running to the amount of time I have before the kids (3 and 1) get up, when the hubs is home and not passed out from a long night at work and still make sure he gets his runs in as well!!

  292. 2 broken legs and a broken foot at the age of 16 resulted in two titanium rods and 8 screws. I have a nice rod that cuts into my hip muscles daily. Running actually saved me from all the discomfort. It has built up a lot of scar tissue in that area so it only hurts sometimes.

  293. Well I didn’t have to think about my answer to this one for more than about a second–my feet are my problem spot too! I still remember a friend years ago years ago saying, “Well, you’ll never be a foot model!” – and that was before I took up running! My father passed on many wonderful traits to me, but one I’d like to give back is my feet. My mother has perfect feet…not me and my dad. We have flat feet, hammer toes and bunions. My miles of running have added many layers of nasty callouses, and a toenail (just like yours) that has fallen off so many times, it will never be the same. In my early years of running, I struggled with plantar fascitis, but thankfully it has stayed at bay over the past few years. (knock on wood!) I wear prescription orthodics in my running shoes and always get the high stability, motion control ones. My husband (with much more normal feet) has made the jump to minimalist running shoes…and I’m curious to try, but am skeptical of how my high maintenance feet would respond. I’d love to give them a try!
    For all you ladies ashamed to get pedicures…don’t hold back! Treat yourself! Just rest assured that they have seen much nastier feet than yours in their work…and maybe give them a little bigger tip. 🙂 I don’t get them as often as I should, but it sure is a wonderful treat when I do.

  294. My knees. I actually try to ignore them most days…if I think about them too much they start to “talk” back. Ignoring them seems to shut them up.

  295. As a teenager I was brutally raped and it is an experience I speak about publicly to this day. I was cut in the back of my left knee, not enough to cause severe damage for life, but enough that I get nagging pain when I run. In fact my rape experience is why I started running because it helped me battle the severe depression and PTSD that followed. So I am a barefoot runner now, at the age of 36, and I find I do not have knee pain (knock on wood) for the past year I have been doing the barefoot thing. I would love those Bikila LS!!

  296. I would so love to put these to good use. My issue is the IT band. they just get tighter and tighter and tighter. Time off and lots of yoga seem to help. My plan to to start running again this fall when things cool off in the city.

  297. Hmmm…for the last couple of moths the one part of my body that has taken a beating hs been my SMILE yes, my SMILE…my running has sucked for various reason – allergies, illness, sheer exhaustion, some physical pain, emotional stress etc…while I KNOW in my head, logically that all these things are temporary, short lived, my heart tells me something else…I trudge along at a slow pace, telling myself I can and will do better next time out, it does give my running smile that hitting-the-wall-at whatever mile feeling…the sun is bright and it is still cool out, so maybe my smile will be out today!!!

  298. My right hip is funky and has random flare ups that then cause other things down the leg (IT band, opposite knee…)

  299. My issue is also on the right, my right high hamstring, which is basically up into my butt. I have tendonitis there and it flares up on any run over about 8 miles. Sometimes it yells at me even on shorter runs if there are lots of hills. I have to ice it after a run of almost any length. I also have psoas (deep hip flexor) tightness and cramping. I stretch and stretch and stretch and it just recoils back like a slinky!!

  300. Go for the pedicure with the arrows. It will provide a road map for a little more TLC during the massage
    My lower back. My 30 lb 11 month old has me aching. I have always wanted to try Vibrams!

  301. Actually, my right foot is your version of your right foot! I have some similar issues and never, never get pedicures because of it!

  302. Well might right hip is the body part that causes me all the pain, but my left knee has all the stories. 11 scars on one knee – scars from having a large mole removed when I was 4, the busted knee from falling on my bike when I was young, the cut from falling in the dark one 4th of July after the fireworks, the cut from the barb wire fence where I kept my horses, etc. My kids love to go through my scars and hear the stories.

  303. It is either my hip flexor, which protests during long runs, or my right ankle, which swells during long runs. My body just likes to complain I guess…

  304. My left IT band/hip flexor area have given me pain for years! I mostly just run through it, but I would love to see if the new Vibrams could help me out.

  305. Currently my IT band but it rivals with my heels + lower back. Nice to know I am not the only one who deals with this stuff just to get out and run!

  306. My feet! They are worn and battered from wearing high-heeled shoes. I’ve been trying to where better shoes now, but I love the heels for work!

  307. This could be my foot! (Except for the broken toe and the fact that I haven’t had sugery yet for the bunion or mortons neuroma.) But I have the bunion calouses and I am currently missing that particular toenail and dreading the look when I have my pedicure on friday. 🙂 I have figured out that the right shoe is critical. The wrong shoe(s) gave me IT band troubles, runners knee and a myriad of other pains. I love the way technology is changing the health of our runners bodies, for the better. I haven’t tried the Vibrams yet, but it’s on my list.

  308. For me it’s my hamstrings. They are always super tight. I try to be consistent with stretching, foam rollering, and treat myself to a massage occassionally. While all of those things help, after each run they go right back to being tight again. Would love to try the Vibrams and see if running in them combined with consistent stretching would help.

  309. Oh my hips and low back. After carrying a very large 10 lb baby that did a number to my SI joint and from 4 years of lugging that big guys around my hips are all out of whack. I stretch them, roll them and my hubby is sooo tired of me asking him to massage my low back! Long runs are the worst, the next day I look like a granny! I just keep pushing through, for the love of it!!!

  310. Wow – your post sure hit home, except I’m in need of a bunionectomy. Up to 6 months of recovery time – yikes! So yes, the bunion on my right foot definitely makes some of my longer runs less enjoyable, but I think my mind is still my biggest obstacle. I’m constantly reminding my brain that my legs still feel good! Thanks for the chance at a pair of Five Fingers – I’ve tried them on a few times now, but have yet to make the leap!

  311. Mine is my lower back. Depending on which doctor/chiropractor I’m talking to, I have either a rotated pelvis putting pressure on a nerve root or arthritis in my L4-L5 (in my late twenties, no less!). In either case, a strong core and transverse abs can do wonders to alleviate pain. In that sense, it impacts my running because the more regularly I run, the better my back feels. However, it’s also sometimes seriously painful after a 10+ mile run.

  312. My hip flexors and groing tend to give me trouble. I did competitive martial arts in college and my groin/hip flexors always flaired up. I never bothered to let them recover and spent a lot of time in pain…sometimes not even able to lift my knees. So now when they get angry I try to listen.

  313. It’s all in the hips, baby! Tilted, rotated, twisted – why can they not just stay in place! Carrying kids, breastfeeding babies and sitting at a desk all day have wreaked havoc on my hips which leads to IT Band issues, knee pain, calf issues, etc. Once I get my hips back in line with my massage/PT guy, the rest seems to fall back into place and then I destroy it again within a couple of weeks.

  314. I consider my damaged feet to be badges of honor! I worked hard for those ugly toes!

    My immediate thought was “my head” because nearly all my battles are mental. But seriously, it’s my right calf. A severe muscle tear a little over a year ago, then repeated bouts of soreness ever since. I honestly think I have scar tissue causing the problem in there. My solution has been a foam roller which I should use as often as my dentist recommends flossing, but instead use it as often a I actually do floss. It really has seemed to help. In fact, I’m off to do that now…

  315. Hahaha, this is the story of my last 2 months! Went to the doctor for a hot spot under the left three toes (Morton’s neuroma) and found out that this was most likely irritated by arthritis in right great toe which is further exacerbated by a whip of the right foot to keep from pushing off of said right toe. This all led me to change my gait. Now I am suffering from bursitis in my right knee from trying to change my gait. I haven’t been able to run for the last 3 weeks and I am going nuts. I almost wish that I would have lived with the burning under my left foot but I don’t know how that would have been in higher mileage. Still hoping that I can finish training for my fall marathon.

  316. For me, it’s my left foot. My bunion looks worse than yours – I had it checked out and the doc said it’s not too bad and he wouldn’t go under the knife until it’s really killing me. Interesting to hear a surgeon say that! The bunion most definitely affects the shoes I can wear. And my feet in general are ridiculously blister-prone if they get the tiniest bit wet.

  317. Physically, I’m lucky enough to be in pretty good shape (we’ll attribute this not in a small part because I’m only 30, 31 tomorrow!) … but my “right foot” is probably my relationship with food which is not particularly healthy. I really like food and limiting myself is not an easy task for me and it’s really gotten me in hot water over time. I don’t think I’ve really got it figured out yet, but I do know I’m better than I was so I guess that’s something.

  318. My right side has always been injured. Everything from shin splints, stress fracture, plantar fascitis, iliotibial band syndrome, runners knee…… I had so much physical therapy – I married my physical therapist. I learned recently I have a leg length discrepency of over an inch, which is likely the culprit!

  319. My feet get uglier every year and and hamstrings are always tight especially my right one. I love all the arrows you drew on your foot. I think My left foot would have that many arrows if I drew on it too. I have been wanting to try vibrams I have heard so many good things about them.

  320. I continue to battle right ITB pain at my knee and hip. PT says it’s due to weak glut medius so I am always doing these crazy balance/strengthening exercises. These shoes would be great to wear in the gym so I don’t have the stabilizer of a full shoe. I do all exercises at joke barefoot, but not daring to do that in a gym. Glad to hear these may fight better for people with higher arches. No Fred Flintstone feet here.

  321. I was in a car accident several years ago and my right knee never quite recovered. Running and walking seems to help keep it from stiffening up too much though.

  322. My “right foot” is my right hip – I was sidelined for 4 month with a “stress reaction” (didn’t even know that existed until I had it!) and was warned to either rest or count with a stress fracture in my hip, requiring surgery, etc. Just got back twice for 1 min jogging, 1 min walking – grateful to be moving again at all!

  323. My vocal cords!! Sounds strange, but I have vocal cord dysfunction. Yup. It mimics asthma, but my vocal cords close – not my lungs! It comes and goes, but it hinders my racing and running – very annoying, but I am working through it! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  324. I gotta say my feet are pretty jacked and still recovering from last years shedding of different toe nails late fall. I have two of those ‘thick’ roof shingles yo mention and they are ickky. my big toenail should be falling off soon from the healed blackness that graced it in spring. Thank goodness for dark purple nail polish which hides the ugly…but I am actually proud of my ugly toes and feet. I earned every once of ugly 😀

  325. My… ummmm… groin area? I don’t know what to call it, but on my off days, it feels like something may fall out of me. I’ve tried all the stretches for the groin and for the ITB, but it persists. I think it may have something to do with having had 5 babies and still having the last on my left hip a lot. Doesn’t bother me too much when I run, thank goodness, but other times, it can be a problem.

  326. My right hip has been quite painful lately. The diagnosis is tight hamstrings from (wait for it…..) not stretching adequately! 🙂 So I’m stretching and tolerating the elliptical so I can get back to running. Also lost a toenail; second toe, left foot. Initially grew back thick and gross, but feels and looks normal now.

  327. I too have the ugly foot syndrome 🙂 I have had 1 surgery to remove a bone that went awry, a black & blue toe nail also on my second toe and unfortunately PF which was a new discovery this spring. The PF has severly cut back my running so any tips on fixing that would be great!

  328. Man, looking at your foot made mine seem like a cake walk! My right foot also lets me know it is there on long runs. I injured it in my pre-running days getting up off the couch. I stood up after tucking one of my legs under me while watching a full episode of Monk and suddenly heard a loud, audible pop/crack followed by immediate pain. My foot had gone to sleep, and I had just put my full weight on it. They said it was a sprain, but now, it vocalizes loudly when the weather changes and when I do long runs.

  329. I had to laugh. I too, have lost a second toe nail (on left) on a 12 mile Army march and it grew back thick as a shingle. My body part that sends out warning signals is my right knee/IT Band. I like to throw in some long mileage but sometimes the knees says “not today” or “stretch me and I’ll let you run”. I envy the people who can head out the door just putting the foot to the pavement and without care or concerns. (That use to be me.)

  330. My right foot is also troubling with a recurring ingrown toenail, recurring stress fracture, and complete scaly and dryness! It seems to be the body part that slows me down by the end of the race. Second place are my knees and tight on third place are my IT bands which directly influence the knee pain.

  331. My trouble area is always my shoulders. Some days after a long run the muscles are so tight and tense I can barely turn my head. I know it’s because I tense them but sometimes it feels like the more I focus on relaxing them, the more tense they get!

  332. I’m just reading “Born to Run” and am intrigued by these shoes, and the barefoot running method.

    I am surprised how much core strength you need to run. I thought I would just need strong legs. Nope. I’ve had three kids, the last was 9 lbs, and my core is shot. Currently seeing a physical therapist to try to get things back where they should be.

  333. My hips are definitely it. I have one leg slightly shorter than the other. It’s not noticable, but when I had severe back pain a few years ago they determined that was part of the reason. I can feel my hips pop when I move certain ways and I’m just hoping everything will be okay and I can get through marathon training.

  334. Oh, my. Just one area? I’ll have to say my neck. A few months ago in a CrossFit workout, a creeping, hot pain started in my neck and worked its way up the back of my head to embrace my entire skull, becoming a headache over my left eye that felt like the worst red wine hangover of my life. This was followed by a visual aura (I think) that lasted an hour or so. Muscle spasms plagued me for weeks, and I subsequently found out that I have a bulging neck disk, presumed congenital (previously undiagnosed) hydrocephalus, possible undiagnosed spina bifida, and some weird thing that looks like a possible once-upon-a-time stroke. But the neck thing is the root of all this other evil, since it can start the whole cascade again if irritated. Most days I get away with just cracking and popping in my neck, shoulders, back, and chest like Rice Krispies, and that somehow releases the tension to avoid pain. Win! Though my neck is almost as far away from my feet as it can possibly be, it totally affects my movement from (near) the top down.

  335. Body parts that are influenced by running………it would have to be my core. I am a better runner when it’s strong and lean and I am sure gives me a better gait while going the distance. Who would have ever thought that some body part so far away from your sneakers would be helpful.

    Now as for the shoes……….I would LOVE to try those five finger things and see if it helps my heel during a bout of PF.

  336. My knees are creaky enough to seem 30 years older than me… but it’s my hips (and carrying babies on my left hip for 7 years now) that I know I should be worried about, and be kinder too.

  337. Well, my hindrance in running USED to be my attitude. I USED to think I couldn’t run more than two miles without needing a visit from LifeStar. But, as I’ve gotten older and tougher (and perhaps because very often I want to run away screaming from my house with three boys under 5), my attitude has become more of a “can-do” type of ideology. (I must also state that your book has helped me overcome my “I’m NOT a runner attitude.” However, since having kids, especially since birthing 9 pound, 8 ounce boy #3, my feet haven’t agreed with my head. There’s nothing worse than totally being into your run, feeling like you can run forever, and then suddenly, you notice a numbness/pain in the balls of your feet that spreads to your toes. Then, my “I can do this” mantra turns into, “Holy heck, it BUUURRRNS!!!!” Usually around 1.5 miles, this will happen to me. Usually in my left forefoot, which spreads to my middle toes, but my feet often take turns, or ever MORE fun, both burn/go numb at the same time. I keep thinking it’s my post-baby weight that’s hurting my feet. But after a recent Zumba class, I realized that my feet just hurt after about 30 minutes of exercise no matter what. I’ve always wanted to try these funky toe shoes but…well, I’m cheap.

  338. Luv the post since I was achy on my run today and wondered if others have similar issues. I can see by the post and comments that we are all alike. My problem areas are my right I.T. band and my lower back. Ice, Biofreeze, and a foam roller are my best friends!

  339. My SI joint-since my first pregnancy I’ve had trouble with it. While I was nursing, it would slide out of place during runs and leave me in lots of pain. Each pregnancy has taken more of a toll. I get physical therapy during my pregnancies to help deal with the pain and inactivity it causes. I try strengthening exercises a lot. I am hoping that after this last baby and nursing stint my problem will resolve itself without numerous trips to the chiropractor and physical therapist.

  340. I just throw in the whole right leg: IT band, calf, and knee. Somehow I think it is all connected. Dimity, don’t worry about the crocked toe. My 4 toes on both feet are crooked too and I didn’t break them. It’s some freaky genetics, my poor son has them also. On long runs my freaky toe has been know to leave a nice blister on my 3rd toe or the nail just ends up turning black from hitting my 3rd toe. So ugly!

  341. My version of your right foot? MY right foot! I’ve lost a toenail with another one on the way out. Also, my right hip is considerably higher than my left side- I keep meaning to make a chiropractor appointment to see if that will help, but always forget.

  342. I too am eating breakfast and didn’t throw up! My honest brutal answer is my boobs. There are times when I am in the everything hurts crowd, but since I didn’t become a runner til after my kids (now 9 and 5) were born, my breasts have seen better days. I am not too big, but the 38 year old, post nursing look, the girls need to be seriously reined in!

  343. Oh, dear Lord… your poor foot!!! My feet take a pounding that is for sure, but I baby them with pedis and I just love my feet! My problem area is probably my lower back and hips. Yeah, I know it probably means I need form/stride work. But sleeping on the heating pad at night seems to do the trick & I’m ready to go again the next day!

  344. Hip, Hip, Hooray! My right hip – which sits higher than my left, is increeeeeeeedibly tight (which I”m sure has something to do with it’s alignment). It’s started bothering me on runs longer than 1.5 miles and even sometimes on long walks. I’m going to stretch it more often, but I think the Vibrams would be great for walking and/or running in since I don’t seem to have any issues when I’m moving around barefoot!

  345. My right foot also, actually. I twisted it in my first 5k, which was in an orchard and I stepped on an apple. And since then it has just been one thing after another. Had PF, but changed to Nike Frees and that helped. One of my toe nails is always messing, and have to just paint the skin instead. Some big guy stepped/fell on another one a few weeks ago, and I thought it was broken, just bruised though. Went surfing for the first time this summer, and jammed one of my other toes. And then just this weekend I stepped on a piece of glass at home. Yikes, typing it all it sounds even worse.

  346. My weakness is my right leg from my hip to my knee. Right before I got pregnant I got injured on an 11 mile training run. I started the run with my knee feeling tweaky, but it was cold out that morning and I thought it was just warming up. 3 miles later when it was still tweaking, I should have known to turn around, but noooooo…. somewhere around mile 5 it was clear I had a problem, but it was an out-and-back route, so I was in it for the long haul. By mile 8 I was reduced to a limping walk, and I was out and injured for the duration of the season. Then I got pregnant and my baby liked to push against my right sciatic nerve. The Kid could drop me in an instant! I’m all healed up and postpartum now and trying to get back to running, but even only running short distances I feel the weakness of the knee and afterwards the sciatic, argh! Maybe trying some Vibram training would at least strengthen that leg and lead me to become less injury prone.

  347. My biggest problem is plantar fasciitis, which is thankfully relieved by supportive shoes (even just good flip flops like Orthaheels!). It also improved *when I started running and stretching* – so I’m very curious about my potential in Vibrams. Just afraid to take the leap!

  348. This post was hilarious. I WAS eating my breakfast as I read it. (I did not throw up in my mouth.) My body part that is more influential than I’d like it to be is my upper back. After being out on the trail for a long run, I sometimes start to ache between my shoulder blades. It’s because of my pack of course, but I’d rather wear my pack than carry handhelds or a waist carrier. No big deal, but it does sometimes take me by surprise.

  349. I hate my feet too. I just got a pedicure gift certificate and I feel like a second class citizen just trying to get the nerve to call for an appt. My toe nails I hate to let get too long and they yell at me for cutting them before I go in. My nails are thick. Thank God not as awful as my mom’s are but I worry to death that they will end up that way. Oh well ….we have to embrace the good and the bad of our bodies….I love how strong my legs are getting and finally finished Born to Run so I am ready for my vibrams.

  350. My IT band has slowed down my training for a fall marathon. A chiropractor has really helped me over the past few weeks and I’m getting back in the game! I used to just run as soon as I got out of bed. Now it’s lots of stretches before and after runs for me!

  351. My biggest foot challenge right now is after I’ve been off my feet for awhile the pressure of standing and walking/running makes all the bones in my feet ache. My real challenge is my knees which after years of dance training are worn out. I’m so wary of hurting my knees I’ve hesitated to run until recently and I absolutely refuse to ski. :-s. 🙂

  352. I get shin splints a lot, but my weak point has got to be my low back. I’m on a first name basis with my chiropractor and the whole office staff too. In fact I need to get in there soon.

  353. My feet are calliuses beyond belief…so no pedicures here either! My hips are out of alignment from carrying my son and my middle back has been giving me problems since he was born. Trying to work those posture excerises! Love the vibrams!!!

  354. My everything can be a problem. I know, I know…but it’s not a non-creative answer. With Fibromyalgia, it’s sometimes true. So…I guess I will tell The Columbus Marathon story for this one…I had entered as a race walker, so I had done very little running (in my adult life) at this point. But they had a rock band and fireworks at the start line, and it really had me fired up. So in the excitement, I ran a bit too much (in my walking shoes.) By mile 19 my IT Band (at the time I had no idea what it was) was killing me so badly I couldn’t walk without searing pain. So I limped the rest of the way…ok, until the finish was in sight, then I ran again. My desire to learn more about running was born that day…and run I do…in running shoes now…but this idea of minimalist footwear sure does have me intrigued!

  355. My version of your right foot is… MY right foot with it’s unfriendly heal spur and bunion. I use a spacer to correct the inward trajectory of my big toe and those Vibrams have me wondering if they might not do some help.

  356. I am with you on the foot–both my feet, actually: callouses, the effects of a few lost toenails, two little toes that are just darn odd-looking. And my right big toe joint can hurt on long-long runs. Oh, and my husband pointed out that I have bunions developing, but I am in denial and insist my feet have always looked (almost) like this.

    Oh, and my left hip has minor complaints.

  357. My right knee tends to complain on runs over eight miles. It requires ice, massage and overall babying if it’s gonna hold it together for those long runs.

  358. My high arches are the bane of my running and have caused arthritis in the ball of my foot. Luckily orthotics have been my savior. 🙂

  359. Nice arrows – you should wear them when you go in for your pedicure! ;o) My hips have to be my weak spot now. After having my daughter and gaining over 60 pounds while pregnant – my hips haven’t been the same. Sometimes I get super sharp pains as if my muscles are in there all wrong or maybe nerves or something. And my hips are now always sore after my LSR days. I feel like an old lady waddling around and I’m only 29 and plan to have more hip popping child birthing experiences down the road – who knows how bad this could get!

  360. My poor wimpy little lungs bring me down more often than I’d like and on the days I think I could climb Mt. Everest, a bus goes by and it’s exhaust causes my asthma to flair back up. Thank goodness for Albuterol!

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