Hump Day Giveaway: ZOOMA + so much more!

The ZOOMA Cape Cod 10k in 2015 was one of my all-time favorite runs. The mid-autumn weather was perfection; my legs felt like springs. But the location is really what bumped it into my top five. A course that meanders through coastline and cranberry bogs, then finishes mere steps from the ocean, is peak New England. It was a pretty great morning.

Bog? Marsh? Estuary? Darn scenic, no matter what you call it.

If you are one of two winner selected, you, too, can have a ZOOMA Cape Cod experience. Or, if Cape Cod doesn’t float your boat (see what I did there?), you can chose an entry into the Florida or Texas races. Not only will you receive race registration, we’ll chuck in a prize pack that also includes AfterShokz headphones, a ZOOMA tank from Raw Threads, a ZOOMA Bondi Band, and entry into a TLAM Traditional Challenge plan.

(But if you choose ZOOMA Cape Cod, the will be your finish line. Just sayin’.

Just in case you aren’t one of the lucky two who pick up the prize pack, ZOOMA is holding a flash sale on race entry for Cape Cod, Florida, or Texas. Just use the code AMRFLASH15 for 15% off. Shake a tail feather, though. That code is only good through June 28.

ZOOMA’s offering a couple of other perks just for AMR. Registered ZOOMA runners can pick up a TLAM Traditional Plan for $50 when you register through the ZOOMA site. Once you’re at the race, BAMRs will have their own booth at the Expo and Post Race Party + a group photo and customized bib. Yes, that rope that you’ll be on the sweet side of is velvet. Why do you ask?

In order to enter our ZOOMA Hump Day Giveaway, tell us about one of your top five run experiences in the comments!

The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 6/14/17 and ends on 6/20/17. We will announce two random winners on our Facebook page on 6/23/17, as well as notify the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of this prize is $345. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

199 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: ZOOMA + so much more!

  1. My hometown has a fall half marathon. It’s a beautiful course and it is lined with lots of friends and neighbors. I coach cross country and teach at our middle school so myfavorite year was one where many of my former runners and students were all along the course! They were at every other mile. It was so fun to get a high five or a cheer from them 🙂 It made my run go by so much faster- and it was so fun!

  2. In 2015 I trained for my first half marathon. My first son was just 18 months old and I finally felt like a could start running again. Three weeks before the race I ran the 13.1 miles in a long training run. I was so proud of myself. The next week I found out I was pregnant! While the news was super exciting we ended up having a problem and my OB said I should not run my half marathon race. I was devastes but knew that the baby came first. Luckily everything went fine with the pregnancy. Now I’m set to run that same race I had originally deferred in 2015 for this October 2017! So excited to train and finally run my race!

  3. My most favorite race was my most recent. My husband decided a few years ago to start running for me since i rock climb for him. Needless to say he is fast but learning what some of us who love this know. I run cause i love it. And to race sometimes. So i got him to do a local small race on one of our trips. He wasnt sure since he didnt get a participation medal. To his surprise he paced me to a pr for us both. But the reason i loved it wasnt winning although that didn’t hurt. It waz his saying he loved it. And now he calls himself a runner.

  4. My most recent 5k. I much prefer longer distances but coach had me sign up for a mid training cycle 5k. It was miserable but I shaved 2:16 off my previous PR.

  5. MCM 2015. Although the start was problematic (I and many others saw the parachuters with the flag from the WRONG side of security), there were so many wonderful moments. The marine who said, “let me do that” about filling my little hand held when I was shaking. Seeing a gray battle plane humming low over the Potomac with UNITED STATES of AMERICA on the side and crying. The emotional mile with faces of fallen soldiers, running under the flags and trying not to hyperventilate. To the music in Crystal City. To the Texan walking back to the hotel from the bus after the race discussing fueling and saying in a southern drawl, “I want to puke thinking about you eating seven gu’s.” I crack up every time I use one now!

  6. One of my most memorable and favorite running experiences was having my usually non-athletic twin daughters run the Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side 10K with me in 2016. They are huge Star Wars fans and the race fell near my birthday, so I registered them. It was a thrill for me to share my love if running and Disney with them during our 6.2 mile journey.

  7. One of my most memorable and favorite running experiences was having my usually non-athletic twin daughters run the Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side 10K with me in 2016. They are huge Star Wars fans and the race fell near my birthday, so I registered them. It was a thrill for me to share my love if running and Disney with them during our 6.2 mile journey.

  8. While training for a race after my last son was born, I was heading home and thinking, ‘I’m back, I’m really back.” I’ve run 2 marathons since then and many 1/2 marathons as well. My baby is now 7 and I’m truly back!

  9. Running my first half marathon was such a joyous experience. It was a beautiful fall day, I was super excited to run (and got an extra laughter boost from the AMR podcast episode I was listening to). The course was along a windy, hilly parkway and my husband and son met me after the race. Doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

  10. Running by the river in Austin, Tx. First thing in the morning (so not too hot), and startled a deer. My most peaceful run ever.

  11. It was running the OC Half Marathon in 2013. It was a beautiful course, weather was perfect but it stands out because I did it on my own, no friends or people relying on me. The experience was based solely on my effort.

  12. I started my AMR heart rate running plan while we were on vacation in Barcelona. I had hated running before that but wanted to change my attitude because I had started triathlons. It was so beautiful it helped get over that mental hump and I still close my eyes and remember how beautiful it was.

  13. Mine’s not a race, but still a top 5 experience! My brf and I had planned our last long run (12 miles!) for a perfect, sunny, 50-degree Saturday morning. Well…with 3 kids between us under the age of 5…life happened and the run didn’t. No big deal. We’re moms. We’re used to changing up plans, being flexible, etc. so we moved the run to Sunday. Long story short, it was not ideal conditions. Mother Nature decided it should POUR buckets of rain on us for the full 2 hours. This wouldn’t have been too bad except that we were running with a double stroller that weighed well over 100 pounds. So, here we are, running in the pouring rain, alternating which of us is pushing that stroller every mile. People probably thought we were crazy. Luckily, we only saw about 4 other people out the whole time so no worries there! We were soaked through when we finished, but so proud we stuck to it! And the best part, each of our daughters was there to see it and they cheered “go mommy go!” the while last mile. It was awesome to show them that it’s worth it to do the things that intimidate you. Also, we ended up with PRs at the race 2 weeks later so: worth it!

  14. My first 20 miler during med city. The weather was beautiful and I could see the huge wave of people running all around me. With the local radio station broadcasting the event (and cheering on runners), it made me feel like the entire city was cheering me on!

  15. Completing the Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50. It was my first 10k and insanely hot weather. I was so proud to finish and it was super cool to run across the 50 yard line at Gillette Stadium!

  16. One of my last half marathons in Bristol, Rhode Island was one of the worst rainstorms I have ever seen. The downpour begin the second the race began. I swear the rain came from every direction ESP along the ocean!! The best part of that race was the rain made me run faster and achieve my PR!!

  17. Running Ragnar Trail South Carolina in the middle of a Hurricane Matthew. Totally exhilarating… and maybe a little terrifying too!

  18. My last marathon I finally made my PB time of under 5 hours. It was so hot in Houston for this Alaskan girl but the flat terrain really helped and the spectators along the route were awesome. And making my goal of a sub-5 finish is a memory that I’ll cherish.

  19. The first long run in my recently-completed second marathon training cycle was 8 supposed to be miles. It was the first time I’ve felt as though I were truly “flying”. I went quite a bit further than planned, simply because the run was so stellar.

  20. Finishing my first marathon! Such an amazing feeling to complete and feel good through. Loved seeing my family waiting for me at the finish!

  21. My 1am night run for Reach the Beach. It was surreal starting on an incline that increased 500 feet in 0.4 miles. Running under the stars with just a headlamp was beautiful. So quiet and calming. It was the first time I experienced meditating while running. I was also free. I was awake for me not my 8 month old son.

  22. The top of my list is Rock n’ Roll 12/15 in San Antonio. It was my first run ever and I didn’t train. It was the day I said I would change my lifestyle and be a healthier version of myself. I have now run over 20 runs and 5 more half marathons. I’m not the fastest but I’m out there to be better and maybe encourage and motivate some of those that struggle with it just as much as me. We have to start somewhere. I love crossing the finish line but in order to do that 8 have to be at the start line.

  23. A recent half marathon race in San Diego was fantastic. I felt great, the weather was beautiful, and I earned a new PR and took 3rd in my age group! It was exactly what I needed to bounce back from my previous craptastic half race.

  24. There are so many race experiences that I would love to share! One of my top 5 would have to be when I ran (or rather walked a lot of) a 50 mile race. The support that I received from friends, family, and my running club was just overwhelming-so much so I cried a few tears during the race. It does take a village… : )

  25. Going for a run in Kona, Hawaii and finishing up the Run with a stop at the beach still in our running clothes. We shed our tank tops and just got into the beautiful clear water in our job bras and running skirts. It was a magical moment.

  26. Last summer on my 40th birthday, which happens to be July 4th, I ran my first 10K Midnight Run in my home town of Dunedin, FL. It was an awesome run over a few bridges out to Honeymoon Island and back. It was pretty amazing!

  27. Last year I ran my 4th Hood to Coast Relay, but my first as a team captain. I put together a team of women from across the country I’d met on social media- many of whom I met in person for the first time when they arrived in Portland for the race! We all had a BLAST and I love the lifelong friendships I gained from the experience. Seven of the team members are even returning for HTC 2017- I can’t wait!

  28. When I ran and completed the Marine Corps Marathon 2014. I had only started to run (walk/run) a year and a half earlier and I pushed through so much to finish.

  29. Any time i get to run along the ocean is a top run for me! But my favorite run was a half marathon training run in Australia…12 miles along some of the most beautiful coastline and forest I have ever seen. It was early morning and sooooo quiet except for the sound of Australian birds.

  30. The Whistlestop 1/2 Marathon in 2015! It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day with perfect weather, perfect scenery, and delightful trails! I’ll definitely do that race again. So many races so little time!

  31. One of my top five was running along th ocean in Cozumel with my BRF Julie. We went to Cozumel for a diving trip but the morning before we flew out decided to run along the ocean and absolutely loved it!

  32. I recently ran a local 5k followed by a kiddie dash for my 4 year old. She loved it, and insisted we were the winners and everyone else were the losers. Not nice I know… but funny!!! She caught the racing bug for sure!!

  33. Marine Corp Marathon 2015, the “Blue Mile” was the most emotional mile of my life. At mile 13-14, you run a mile that is lined with fallen soldiers. Most of the pictures are the soldier in their uniforms, but a handful of the photos include them in civilian clothing with family. Some of the photos could have been their family Christmas card photo…it was these photos that really impacted me. These family photos made it clear how much these men and women had given up for my freedom. How much their families had given up. I have never cried so much during a run. All at once I felt like running was the most trivial and the most important thing I could be doing. As you finish this mile, the families of the soldiers in the photos are lining the streets with American flags encouraging you to keep moving forward. I will never forget the woman, holding a flag of her own saying to me, “Don’t cry, just RUN!”

  34. Nothing earth shattering but the first time I really ran on the trails by my house this past spring as I began my training for a 13.5 mile run up & down a mountain on Sunday is in my top 5 because I realized how much easier the miles feel when your surrounded by something you enjoy & even though I kinda got lost if you keep going everything will work out okay!

  35. I ran a 5k for my bachelorette party. None of my bridesmaids were runners, but they all were willing to do it with me. It’s one of the few races I was not concerned about time and just enjoyed the experience with friends.

  36. One of my top 5 runs was the Avenue of the Giants Hald Marathon in Humboldt CA this past May. It’s hard to describe the feeling of running among the majestic redwoods. So much beauty…no headphones/music needed! I’ll be back next year.

  37. Top was running in Kauai, but one of my all-time faves was a 28* 5K race with my then-9yo son. The scenery wasn’t anything fancy, but the experience of running a race with him in the record-low temp for our normally temperate area was a blast. There was a pancake breakfast with hot chocolate afterward, and we both won age-group awards.

  38. One of my all time favorite and most memorable races was the Kauai Half marathon. We had Spectacular views all around from the mountains to the ocean. The spectators came out and supported us with music , home owners turned on sprinklers and others had garden hoses ready for any that may want a quick cool down, some served pineapple chunks. We had hula dancers and native music to keep us going along the route.

  39. My fondest running memory was the Avon 39 mile(we did a run/walk) with my mom. We spent 2 days hanging out collecting miles. This year I’ve done 4 runs with my daughter and all of those races are fun because I get to be with her bonding and hanging out just like I got to do with my mom.

  40. My top running experience was when I ran the Boston Marathon for the first time in 2016! It is unlike any other marathon I have ran before it! 😀

  41. Last year’s Syracuse half marathon featured below zero wind chill, 40+ mph wind, sleeting ice pellets, calf deep ice slush on the roads and 6 inches of snow fal during the race. It was freezing cold crazy weather but it was truly Syracuse in the winter – I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!!

  42. One of my top 5 experiences was running the Carlsbad Half with my aunt last January. It was something we had talked about for years but I was always ileither pregnant or just had a baby. We finally did it alongside each other last year while running along the ocean for one of the most beautiful views this Clevelander has ever seen. The warmth on my skin, beautiful view, and 2+ hours to chat with my aunt. It was awesome.

  43. Top five?? We loaded up the girls early on an April Saturday morning to head to a nearby town for a 5K put on my the local Animal shelter. Stupidly thinking that it would warm up once the sun came up, I underdressed for what turned out to be a very chilly race. I got my HANDPAINTED race bib (97, out of maybe 102 ), went for a short warm up jog to keep my teeth from chattering for a few seconds . . . And then laid down my first sub-40 5K ever, mostly in an effort to stay warm. It was awesome. And it supported the shelter where my sweethusband and I got our first dog. I love small races!

  44. Running the Star wars 10k with my husband. He was like a kid in a candy store the WHOLE time! No kids allowed so it was a great chance to reconnect too.

  45. Ragnar Chicago! The 6 of us in our van just clicked. The time running seemed to get in the way of van life. This van consisted of a complete stranger to the other 5. And us 5 were not that far removed from stranger. 4 women 2 men and if pt.bowling was akind to a family roasted trip and something I will remember long into my years

  46. My top 5 running experience was completing the Disney Dopey Challenge. The challenge is 4 days starting with a 5k day 1, then 10k day 2, half marathon day 3 and full marathon on day 4. I would never thought in a million years that I could accomplish this challenge, but the support from family and friends was amazing.

  47. Being pushed along by my friend who was counting and playing her metronome sound to keep me on track. Tina was the only way I would have finished the race that I was not well trained for.

  48. My best running experience was training for and running the Queen Bee Half Marathon (my third). My 4 year old son was my training partner for speed workouts and recovery runs. Some of the best bonding time! And I made a commitment to do my long runs solo to spend time with myself and mentally prepare. The night before race day I received some unexpected well wishes from friends who I didn’t event think knew I was training. Come race day I felt my best in a long time. Just purely and simply ready to run. I started with a friend and remember enjoying our first 6 miles just cruising and catching up. Our husbands surprised us and jumped in for a challenging 2 miles which got me over the hump and kept me motivated to power through the flattest 5 miles of my life. When I turned the corner for the last 600 meters my best friend was jumping up and down like a crazy lady cheering her heart out. To this day it makes me smile thinking how excited she was for me. I ended up breaking 2 hours and running 9 minutes faster than my previous half. I still get a runners high thinking about that particular training period and race. Every aspect just fell perfectly in place and i got share my victory with so many people rooting for me 🙂

  49. #1 running experience was running my first half marathon two weeks after my dad died. I felt strong running 13.1 miles and know he was proud of me.

  50. My #1 running moment was running my first half-marathon at the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2016! I ran it with two of my aunts and five of my cousins! I never thought I could complete a half marathon, but I did and it left me wanting more!!

  51. My best running experience was training for and finishing my first marathon. I loved it so much I’m trying again this year.

  52. One of the best race experiences was running the Carlsbad Marathon as my first marathon. For one, the scenery was so beautiful! And just to finish was amazing!

  53. My most memorable occurred when a friend volunteered me as “her crazy running friend” to fill in on an Oahu Perimeter Relay team. Her friend had injured her ankle and was unable to run as part of Freaks and Geeks-a team of Navy engineers. I had run marathons at that point, but never a long distance relay. Seeing the entire island in 24 hours and being a team member was thrilling. I was also more tired than after any marathon, even though my legs only added up to about 17 miles. Running through the sugar fields at 1 am, seeing the sun rise over Kaena Point and fighting traffic along Kam Highway are part of my perfect Hawaiian memories. I felt strong and capable. The team was kind and welcoming.

  54. I still primarily run road, but trail running rocked my world. When I discovered it, it was like finding a whole new magical world of running. That first trail run brought me peace and adventure, and I was hooked.

  55. By far the best experience was my team in training half marathon in San Francisco. Raising thousands of dollars, training all summer with new friends, running a really hard race. It was all amazing.

  56. One of my favorite run experiences was the Across the Bay 10K: it was a great race, beautiful weather, I felt strong and fast, AND I got my best race photo ever!!!

  57. Running cape cod Ragnar this year. It was beautiful scenery, weather and all around a wonderful trip. I also ran way faster than I thought I would which is always a plus!

  58. 1) Ragnar ADK under the Milky Way. 2) First two miles of the NYC marathon. 3) Utica Boilermaker!!! 4) Tortoise and hare trail race with my bff. 5) finish line of a turkey trot, run in w my son Teddy.

  59. One of my best running experiences was running my 9th Boston Marathon in 2011. The weather was good and the mikes just went quickly. Haven’t beat that PR yet!!

  60. So many to choose from! Two though were on a family vacation to DC last year. My husband and I ran together from our hotel to the White House, and later that week my daughter and I ran together at Gettysburg. Both were absolute highlight runs.

  61. My best race experience was the first time I ran the Frederick, MD half in 2012. I had only run one half ever before that, about six months prior. I PRed by 25 minutes!! My boyfriend (now husband) was still at home in bed when he got the text alert that I was at mile 8- he had to jump out of bed and race to the finish line!

  62. Love running Covenant Half in my hometown of Knoxville. Running through the UT campus, by the lake, my neighborhood, lovely greenway and finishing in Neyland Stadium.

  63. My favorite running experience was running my first half marathon in November 2011 at the Richmond half marathon. It was an awesome experience to have all my hard work pay off for my longest run to date with my family cheering me on.

  64. Fav run experience #3- my then 10 year old son and I both won age group awards at a small 5k. The route goes through old rice fields and beautiful trails along the marsh. Probably the only time I will ever place in my age group thanks to an abnormally small number of women in my category. But it was thrilling nevertheless and fun to share it with my son’s aweswome finish too. And happened to be my PR 5k time.

  65. My best race experience was the 2016 Seattle rock ‘n’ roll half Marathon. My brother and I ran together. We talked and laughed the whole time. And I still took away a three minute PR.

  66. Hershey Half Marathon! I mean…come on?! Running, chocolate and rides all in one day! I ran this race with a smile on my face the entire time.

  67. I love running the Never Quit Never 5k on Jacksonville Beach, FL. It’s so gorgeous watching the sunrise as you line up to race. The fact that the race is was created by his children to honor a military man who suffered a stroke but refused to give up. I’ve run in twice and it’s normally run on D-Day and it’s so moving to hear veterans speak of all they overcame.

  68. My most memorable experience is the first time I ran three miles without stopping – that was in January 2016. I felt like I had won a major marathon!

  69. My favorite race experience was finally catching and beating the man in the tutu at the Disney princess half. I had been chasing him from the start. Running a PR didn’t hurt either

  70. In 2002,my first real running experience was when I unexpectedly hopped in and finished the last four miles of the Boston marathon with a friend who was struggling. (Back when they allowed bandit runners!) what a way to start my running journey!

  71. I loved my last leg of Great River Ragnar – it was a trail run through a state park. I feel in love with trail running!

  72. One of my top running experiences was the Bourbon Chase in Kentucky. A relay race hitting up all the bourbon distilleries across Central Kentucky with bourbon at the end! It was a perfect race with great friends.

  73. One of my top 5 running experiences is…on Cape Cod! I grew up on the Cape and began my running career there. My parents still live there and I get to run by my favorite beach about 1-2x/year when I visit.

  74. Oh, the Wild Half in the Wildwoods, NJ — you start off running the boardwalk, along the sea wall and then over the causeway and it is stunningly, take your breath away beautiful. I’ve already signed up for next year’s being run in April!

  75. My most memorable run took place a few weeks ago. I only started running a year ago and my goal with was not to die after running. At the end of last summer I was running 10 minute miles. A few weeks ago on the beautiful boardwalk of Ocean City NJ, I ran 5 miles and my fastest mile was 9:17. This victory filled my heart with joy! I felt inspired and exhilarated. I couldn’t have asked for better surrounds. The cool ocean breeze coaxing me along. The soft bounce of the boards on the boardwalk helped propel me further without any jarring impact. At the end of the run I turned, looked at the ocean and rejoiced with the sun shining down on me and my latest victory!

  76. While I can’t say I ran much of it, I did the Pikes Peak Ascent last year, inspired by Dimity! It was amazing and I finished in the time limit, which is about all I could hope for, coming from Sea Level!!!

  77. My favorite race experience was setting a massive PR (by 16 minutes kinda PR) at the Bristol Half in RI as the first half marathon after having my son. It was a total surprise and a relief to know that my best running days could be ahead of me–even after having kids!

  78. The Richmond, VA half marathon last fall. I traveled to meet up with running friends, some of whom I’d never met before in person. It was a reunion of sorts for me for many reasons, including the fact that it was my college town. Perfect running conditions and a PR!

  79. The Army marathon in Killeen, TX! It was my first marathon and it landed right on my 30th birthday! My niece had just enlisted in the army, so it is why I selected this race and finally got the courage to run those 26.2 miles!

  80. Top five: Disney Star Wars half this year. I didn’t have a time goal, ran for fun. The miles clicked by and I truly had fun!!!

  81. The Maine Coast 1/2 Marathon, which is the day before Mother’s Day was my best race experience. It was my longest race and is on a beautiful coastal Maine course. The day I ran it was gorgeous but the true highlight was my two daughters (4 and 6 years old) cheering me on through out the race and then waiting to give me huge hugs at the finish line. I truly felt like a BAMR and was so proud of my accomplishment and the example I set for my girls that life is fuller if you move your body in whatever way brings joy. Even when you are, as my six year old said in a horrified whisper, “way way at the back.” To which I responded in a mock whisper “you’re right, I’m slow but guess what? I get the same medal.”

  82. My first half marathon (Race for the Roses). It was a magical experience: my legs felt fresh the whole time and my kids got to see me on the course.

  83. I ran an 8K in Austin for Autism Speaks in May a few years ago – hot and muggy, but I had so much fun with my sister and scored a killer race pic, so it bumped it up into my top 5

  84. Twin Cities 2016 was my ultimate… so far, that is! After two marathons that ended in cramping, this one felt triumphant. I felt so strong, hydrated, vibrant. I beat my Spring marathon, Grandma’s, and also got my BQ by 12 minutes. All I need this fall is another strong training season to get me to Boston healthy in 2018.

  85. My fave all-time race is Running of The Lights held every year on New Year’s Eve at midnight. Great way to start the new year!

  86. The Twin Cities 10 mile last year was one of my favorite experiences to date! Lovely weather, amazing people, and beautiful scenery. I don’t think I stopped smiling at all during those last couple miles!

  87. One of my top five races was my first 5K – technically 6K. I ran the CardinalsCare 6K, named for St. Louis Cardinal #6, Stan “The Man” Musial. I trained and ran the race with my sister, who encouraged me through the long out and back. The finish line was on the field of Busch Stadium, every Cardinals fan’s dream come true!

  88. I have only experienced one half, it was last March in DC, the best experience of my life. I live in Boston and would love to represent here at the Cape!

  89. 2015 Cherry Blossom 10 miler in Washington, DC. Running amongst landmarks and memorials, the cherry blossoms at peak blooms, and a beautiful cool morning. The course was actually a bit short that year because of an accident on the route, but the officials handled it amazingly well. And I saved just enough in my tank to pass dozens of runners on the last hill. Easily one of my top races.

  90. Ragnar Trail Zion–two teams of BAMRs who had met at the AMR Retreat. Beautiful scenery, new friendships and a chllenge that I was so proud to finish.

  91. The Delaware Canal Half Marathon was my best race. The course was beautiful even in November and it’s in Washington Crossing where Washington Crossed the Delaware during the Revolution. It’s fun to wonder if Washington walked in the same spot where you are running.

  92. Ragnar Napa Valley was one of my favorite run experiences. We put together the perfect group of new and old running friends. The landscape was amazing. The route was beautiful and challenging. And our own private after party mini vacation in Calistoga was truly one-of-a-kind!

  93. One of my favorite races is the Garden of the Gods 10 miler. It is very hilly and since it is in Colorado, it is at high altitude. The course is incredibly beautiful and the runners are very encouraging, plus there’s a great after party!!

  94. Grandma’s Marathon 2014 was the best. I felt fantastic, the weather was running-perfect, the crowd support was fab, and I PR’ed. I was so proud of how strong and smart I ran that day!

  95. My most epic and life-changing running experiences was the Bryce Canyon 100 miler. The scenery was like nothing I had ever seen before. Although it was my slowest 100-miler yet (took almost 34 hours!!), it was my most rewarding. It taught me how capable I was of tackling and completing hard things. After I crossed the finish line, I cried like I have never cried after a race. Pure exhaustion, both physically and mentally overtook me. Incredible is the best word to use to try to describe the experience.

  96. The Colonial 200 is one of my top race experiences. It’s 16 runners 2 vans over 200 miles. It’s amazing how quickly you can form friendships with 8 people in a van.

  97. This year’s Cooper River Bridge Run 10K has been my favorite race so far. Charleston is my favorite city and the weather was perfection. And what a view from the top of the bridge! It certainly is a large race, but very well organized. I am currently training for my 1st half marathon using the TLAM Walk/Run Training plan. My first 1/2 will be in September and I am signed up to run the Disney Princess Fairy Tale Challenge next February.

  98. Running alongside my daughter during her first 5K – I’ll never forget her determination and drive, all while having fun! Kids remind us to keep it real!

  99. There are too many – running with my daughter (and having her consistently beat me), running a Turkey Trot with my father, my siblings, and various kids, nieces, and nephews every year, running my first half marathon, there are so many. I’m already signed up for Zooma Cape Cod, and for the traditional TLAM half plan, but maybe this will help me talk one of my friends into joining me!

  100. One of my favority running experiences was my recent Pittsburgh Half-Marathon. My hometown knows how to host a race! I felt great even though I had no PR in sight. FInished strong 🙂

  101. I am the employee wellness coordinator for a school district and had the pleasure to train two women for the Sole Burner 5k, which raises awareness for those affected by cancer. It was one of my participant’s first 5k and she was deeply moved by our time together. She rocked the 5k and wanted to begin running to be able to push her son in a race with My Team Triumph. Our small group was so fun to train with and after the race we stopped at a local shop and also had the pleasure of sitting next to NFL player, Jordy Nelson!

  102. One of my top 5 running experiences, actually my #1 running experience, was at the 4 Bridges Half in Chattanooga. The weather was perfect, I was with two of my BRFs. When I looked at my watch at the 5K mark and realized I had a PR for that distance. Ended up with my half-marathon PR that day. I felt strong. I finally felt like a “real” runner.

  103. One of my top five? I feel like I have too many, and too few all at once. I don’t race a lot, but I’ve been running for about five years. I’ve run on the beach, in the mountains, on side streets and along busy roads. I guess my singular, stand out, was when I did MY half marathon. It was a virtual race so I chose the course and day. My family supported me and were there to cheer me on. I felt humbled and amazing to have completed such a task.

  104. One of my top 4 running experiences was the Marine Corps Marathon several years ago. It was a beautiful course with amazing crowd support. My then-boyfriend now-husband ran around and cheered for me at several different spots, and I ended up accomplishing my goal of a BQ!

  105. The finish at my second half marathon is definitely in my top five running experiences. My first half, the Go! St. Louis, had been an epic failure of too-high temps paired with the decision to run after a bout of stomach flu. I’d built it up to be the best thing ever, but it was beyond difficult and extraordinarily disappointing. Fast forward seven months to the St. Louis Track Club half …. cooler temps, no flu, reigned in expectations. I ran it with my BRF, who had nursed me through the first half debacle. To run and feel free and clear and strong was so amazing. When we crossed the finish line, our families were there to cheer us on. I felt such joy and redemption!!! I’ve called upon those feelings many times since then when the going had gotten tough. The memory is a great reminder that I can do hard things. And a great reminder that sometimes running is pure joy.

  106. Zooma Texas 2013 is one of my all-time favorite running experiences. The course was more challenging than what I had expected, and I went sub-2 hours for the first time. It was tough, but I persevered and had the biggest smile on my face when I ran across the finish line. I have since shaved more time off that 2 hour mark that had eluded me for years, but that first time to go sub-2 surrounded by bluebonnets at Zooma was just magical.

  107. My Top 5…one would have to be my first marathon! My dad ran with me, he was (is!) so much faster than me, so he kept running ahead, he’d stop for the bathroom, and then I’d catch up with him. Until mile 23 when I had to stop because I lost a toenail (my first, I thought I was going to pull over and my sock was going to be soaked with blood, I didn’t know any better!). Anyway, he thought he missed me, so he started running the opposite direction. I saw him coming up a hill at 24…and we both cried and finished holding hands! Side note, I’m now over an hour faster!!

  108. Running my lower-state 4X400 relay race many moons ago during my junior year of high school. My brothers played baseball & their teams were ALWAYS going to lower & state championships, so my parents often split time b/t their games (definitely the shorter & more exciting events than my hours-long events) & my track meets. This yr, however, both my mom & dad were able to make my meet & I’ll never forget hearing them cheering my name as I rounded my first & last turns during my leg of the race. It also helped that my team did pretty well that day too!

  109. One of my best race experiences was crossing the finish line in a local trail race – 9miles up a mountain with 5000 ft elevation gain. I had to overcome a fear of heights and being alone in the woods . I finished back of the lack, but the elation of what I accomplished was overwhelming. It was the most challenging race I have ever done – both physically and mentally.

  110. My first half marathon, the Detroit International Half is one of my top 5 races. My BRF got injured and couldn’t run the race, I had to find it within myself to cover those miles alone (when I had been training to cover them with my BRF). I did it and finished strong, but mostly I mentally conquered something I didn’t think I could do. The course is also awesome, 2 countries, across a bridge at sunrise and an underwater mile

  111. The St Luke’s Half in Allentown, PA was my first half marathon. The course was lovely and the cheers were energetic plus we had perfect weather that day. I’m sure that I have some bias being that it was my first big race, but I’d recommend running this course! Next year scheduled on Earth Day: 4/22/2018

  112. One of my top five running experiences has to be running New York! I was so overwhelmed by the crowds and it was an amazing day! I was bawling at the end and everyone was asking if I was ok. I was! It was an amazing race and an amazing day…even in the rain!

  113. My best was my second long run from my house to Lake Superior (17 miles) following your TLAM plan. Just knowing that I could accomplish something like that makes me grin from ear to ear!

  114. I ran Jack and Jill’s Downhill Marathon last year (2016) and it is a definite must do! The views were gorgeous, weather was PERFECT after a hot, muggy training cycle in the midwest. Even though I actually sprained my ankle at mile 3 and ran the rest of the race hurting, it was a great experience. And made for a great story. 🙂

  115. Chicago Marathon- Coming back from injury and one of those races where it just all comes together. I big PR. It was a dream come true.

  116. Zooma Cape Cod was my first half marathon. One of my best memories is telling a woman next to me at the 11 mile marker that 11 was the farthest I’ve ever run. It was also where I met the dynamic duo SBS and Dimity. Loved that race!

  117. Honestly, every moment of my second half… it was a beautiful day, perfect for running, and the route was gorgeous. It was one of those magical runs you enjoy from start to finish.

  118. The last mile of my first half marathon was running alongside the crashing waves of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. It was beautiful and I was amazed and grateful that I’d actually made it! One of my best memories.

  119. One of my top running memories was a half marathon I ran while I was 21 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. My then 4 year old son joined me for the final quarter mile with a huge smile on his face.

  120. One of my top five running memories was running a one mile fun run with my daughter and granddaughter. We stayed together the whole time, laughed through the whole thing and just enjoyed being out there running together.

  121. One of my top running experiences is running a race the next year stronger and better than the last. Pick me!

  122. While finishing Boston is certainly a highlight, my favorite was finding my family, including my 11-month old, at mile 20 of the NYC marathon. We’d just crossed the bridge into Manhattan and I knew they’d be on First Avenue so I hit that tunnel of cheering people looking for the tiniest one. I saw them and ran over for a quick kiss, and rode that adrenaline home through Central Park (to my first BQ, too!).

  123. My favorite running experience, to date, is running a half marathon in Vancouver! It was my first race that I traveled for, my husband ran his first half there, I set a PR, AND it was a beautiful location with an awesome combination of city and nature. Now all I want to do is travel to run!

  124. The first (OK, to date only) half-marathon where I broke 2 hours, finishing in just under 1:59—despite tripping and falling during the last mile. I crossed the finish line with blood streaming down my right elbow and forearm. My chest muscles were actually a little sore for a week or two afterward thanks to the impact of the fall. (There’s a unique running injury for you!)

    Posting that pic to Facebook separated my running friends from my non-running friends. The non-runners: “Awwww, poor baby!” The runners: “You’re a badass!”

  125. SUCH AN EXCITING GIVE AWAY!! #1 first 1/2 Smuttynose 2015-the year started out terrible (daughter diagnosed with T1D, among other things) but training and completing this 1/2 marathon made me realize I can be strong in so many ways. #2 Hip-HIp-Her-Race 5k 2015-a couple of weeks following the 5K and 5 years exactly since my 1st race ever. I ran faster than I ever have before. I shocked myself! #3 Hip-Hip-Her-Race 5k 2010-my very first 5K. It took me 40+ minutes, but it felt awesome to get out there and put my C25K training to the test. Plus this race supports a local women’s shelter. The “swag” is gloves and a flashlight lanyard. Love it. #4 Celtic 5K, Worcester MA 2012 this first time I ran the entire time. The first time I felt like a “real runner”. #5 Color Run 5K-2014 (?) with my daughter. We weren’t the fastest but we had the most fun!

  126. My favorite run was my very first race…the Twin Cities Marathon Shortcut to the Capitol 10 mile race back in October 2005. I had just started running that February and had only run 7 miles prior to the race. My BRF assured me I would be fine and stayed with me the whole way. I was so happy to finish and enjoyed the experience so much that I was hooked and running became a part of my life from that time on. In October 2015 I ran the same race with my 16 year old daughter and it couldn’t have been a better experience.

  127. My favorite race experience was the 2014 Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in Alexandria, VA. I had signed up for the 2013 race, but it was cancelled because of the government shutdown (most of the race is on the George Washington Parkway, a National Park). I deferred until 2014, but unexpectedly moved to Texas that spring. My BRF suggested I fly back to VA and run the race, and offered to join me. After a sweltering Texas summer, if was amazing to run in the chilly Virginia fall, and it was even more amazing to run again with my BRF, the person I missed so much.

  128. My very first 5K has to be one of my favorite race experiences. I REALLY wanted to do it, but had no one to do it with me. My dad volunteered. He is so tall, he was able to take very long strides as I slowly ran along side him. It was fantastic!

  129. One of my favorite runs ever was when we were on family vacation in Breckenridge and I snuck out for a trail run. It was difficult- thin air, jet lag, and lots of rocks to jump over- but the scenery was invigorating, and I even ran right past a sleeping moose!

  130. I have so many incredible memories from running….but my all time favorite has to be running the Birkie Marathon Relay 5-6 years ago. Incredibly hard course, really LAST place finish, but what a great group of girls and such a fun weekend in the Hayward, WI area.

  131. Right on Hereford, left on Boylston. I ran my first marathon, Boston, this April and it was AMAZING!!!!

  132. My first marathon – London in 1997. I ran it with my brother and sister to raise money for cancer research in memory of My dad who had died at a 53 from cancer the previous year. Now any time I’m at the start of a half or full marathon I think of him.

  133. One of my favorite running experiences was completing my first 20 miler while training for the Boston Marathon this year. I was so worried before that run-something about 20 miles is so much bigger than the 15, 16, 18 that I had already completed. I finished that run feeling strong and completely stripped of all worry for the marathon.

  134. To this date, I would say my favorite running experience was finding my training partner around mile 24 of an ungodly hot marathon course. We agreed that we wouldn’t talk to one another, but the sound of our footfalls was all we needed to carry us home.

  135. One of my top 5 race experiences was my first marathon. I did the Anchorage Midnight Sun Marathon through Team in Training. It was such a fun group of people to train with (I wasn’t a mom yet). The scenery was breath taking. The only thing that was not fun was the steep hill that seemed to never end at mile 25. Anchorage is a beautiful place in June!

  136. Running the 5K as a Girls on the Run Coach this June was in my top 5. To watch these young 8-10 year olds set goals, work hard and believe in themselves as they pushed through the heat and the course…there is nothing like it.

  137. I loved and was annoyed by the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2016. From registration to postponing registration to early, early wake-up, to shuttle bus driver NOT KNOWING where to drop us off – were the negatives of the race. But once kids ran the kids’ run to the fun, fun, characters, positive attitude of the fellow racers to the great days ahead in the park – all negatives washed away….much like giving birth! I would love to experience another Disney race. Wish it were cheaper!! :-p

  138. My most favorite race experience was this past May, when I ran our local, but well known, Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k. It was my first 25k and a gorgeous May mor ing of 58 degrees and sunny! My trai ing had not gone as planned and I felt lucky to just finish that day. The course stafted in our vibrant downtown, ran along tje Grand River and through our city parks with spring flowering trees. I saw my kids cheering for me around 10 miles and knew I was going to finish. The clenching moment is around mile 12, when tje city skyline comes back into view, after the beauty of the parks. My city! My race! I finished that day with gusto and the memories of a favorite race!

  139. One of my top 5 running experiences is the Big Sur Marathon, for sure! It was so beautiful, I really didn’t want the race to end.

  140. My top running experience as the 2012 Boston Marathon. So ungodly hot that day but the whole experience was just amazing. The crowd support, the other runners, running in my hometown, having friends and my husband cheer me on, I will never forget how I felt running down Boylston street and people cheering me on & shouting my name- I felt like a freakin rockstar. The overwhelming emotion I felt at the finish. Someday I’ll make it back but I’m pretty sure that first time will still be the most special.

  141. Not a race (though I’ve had some great ones) but the runs I love to look back on the most are the ones I did early morning on a business trip to San Francisco. I tried to keep my body on Texas time and got up with the city, running the Embarcadero. It was amazing.

  142. Hawaii. I think that is pretty self explanatory. I also love my hometown trails in Wisconsin. I love seeing them change w the season. I also love seeing who’s out using the trails and the activity.

  143. One of my very favorite races is the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, which I run in my hometown of Cincinnati. It is a wonderful family event, and a great way to start my favorite holiday. It is about the only race I can get my spouse to run these days, so that makes it enjoyable. And I spend the 10K thinking about all of the things I am thankful for – good health, good family, and lots of other amazing blessings….

  144. My top running experience would have been a trip we took just driving north from Louisiana, stopping along to way for me to run. We stopped at a state park in Missouri, and I was able to run a portion of the Trail of Tears. It was so memorable and moving.

  145. One of my favorite races was the Cambridge Half Marathon. I loved it because I had lived in that area in my early 20s and it was like a run down memory lane!

  146. I have 2 favorites! The first would be completing my first full marathon… Chicago! It was wonderful! I ran it with my friend Deb. Our training went smoothly, the day was beautiful (but hot), the crowd was supportive, and the scenery was awesome!
    My favorite run ever was a training run. I love near hershey, pa, so our weather is always iffy in the spring. My friend and I were doing a training run in early march… it started snowing. The snow was laying on the trails, no one was out driving, it was like the world stopped. Most peaceful and serene run I have ever had in my entire life… I will never forget it.

  147. I would have to say that one of my top 5 running experiences has to be running in negative wind chill/feels like temps in ankle deep snow with a BRF. There was no one else out there and we conquered.

  148. One of my top running experiences is running the Shape women’s half marathon with both of my sisters in NYC. We had a great weekend in the city and running in Central Park was an great experience. The weather was perfect and it was the first race that I was able to run without stopping – a goal that I had never thought was possible.

  149. The Arizona Women’s Running Half (no longer around) was my favorite girls weekend ever. Scottsdale is a super fun, beautiful city, the run was small and well-off I’d, and it was just far away enough from home to feel like a real getaway! Fun times with good friends really make a good race great for me!

  150. One of my most favorite running experiences had to be running the Mohawk Hudson half shortly before running NYC marathon. I was so trained that the run was effortless. Plus, I was cheering on one of my best friends who ran the full marathon that day. It was exhilarating!

  151. Over Memorial Day weekend, I completed a 5-mile race (Boston’s Run to Remember) – my first race since returning to running after knee surgery in Dec 2015 (I tripped while running and fractured my tibia and partly tore my ACL). Recovering from surgery, physical therapy, and gradually working my way back to running was a very slow and annoying process. But with the help of my awesome running coach/friend, I trained my a$$ off for the race, and hit all my goals. I even got to see my husband and son at the finish line!

  152. One of my favorite running experiences was last October at the Indy Half Marathon at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis. I hadn’t run this race before, but it was sandwiched smack dab in the middle of 2 other half marathons I was already registered for in September and November. So I signed up last minute and decided to use it as a long run with swag. No expectations at all. Plus it was my birthday weekend, and if Indiana does any season right, it’s definitely fall. So why not?The race took us through Ft. Ben, which is a former military base turned state park. The weather was gorgeous, fall was definitely in the air. I had heard the course was hilly, but whoa baby! For flatland Indiana, this was hella hilly. But I felt good. Sunny, cool, legs playing nicely, feet finally comfortable in a new brand of shoes. It just all fell into place, one of those races that you just think “yes, I could do this all day!” (Which at my pace is about how long it takes, lol.) About half way through, to my surprise, I figured out I was on track to PR. WHAT??? I was shocked, but off I went. I crossed the sunny, cool, gorgeous fall finish line with a shiny new PR and a renewed confidence in myself after a not so stellar September half. That race will always hold a special place in my heart. And to think I did it on a whim.

  153. One of my top five running experiences was during my first ultra- a 6 loop road 50K. So many family and friends came out to support me, but going into the last lap my legs had taken quite a beating and I was feeling pretty rough. I came through our set up and said to my husband, “You are running with me. NOW.” He was wearing jeans and Vans- not ideal running clothes. He told me to keep going and he’d catch up, knowing I couldn’t stop to wait. He switched shoes with my uncle, who had on some old tennis shoes, and ran the five hilly miles with me in his too-big jeans. It was just the pick me up I needed!

  154. One of my most memorable run experiences was when I was 33 weeks pregnant and running a half marathon in New Orleans. I felt like every training run leading up to it might have been my last run and discomfort increased but the day brought unusually cold weather which was fantastic for keeping my body temp normal. I paced with the speed walkers but relished being on course amdnfeelung strong with baby on board as I cruised through the French quarter and along st Charles!!!!

  155. My top running experience is running the Boston marathon in April this real. It was absolutely surreal. I was so nervous as it got closer to race day and even doubted that I could do it. I qualified, which was a huge feat for me, but I still wasn’t sure I could finish this race considering the course was like no other marathon I had done before. Well I’m so glad I ran the marathon and finished with a pretty decent time. The crowd support was amazing and Boston was a beautiful city. In fact, I have already qualified for next year’s race and I am hoping I can go back and do it all again.

  156. Philadelphia marathon 2016- feeling great the entire run and then suddenly at mile 24 water stop my legs start to cramp. A volunteer came up to me looked me straight in the eyes and said “I believe in you.” That was all it took to forget about those cramping calves.

  157. Running the Savannah RnR marathon. I ran with a dear friend who used to be my early morning running buddy before she moved south to Savannah. First marathon in over 20 years for both of us, first marathon in our 60s. We had so much fun.

  158. Definitely my first 1/2 Marathon, the Rock N’ Roll 1/2 in New Orleans in 2014. I never thought I could run a 1/2 marathon, but really wanted an excuse to go to NOLA, so I started training and made it through in 2hrs, 9mins at the age of 52! It started me on a running path/journey that I continue on today!

  159. My first half marathon this past Memorial Day weekend. It was the Run to Remember Boston to honor fallen first responders killed in the line of duty. The weather was perfect, the views along the water were fantastic, and I just got out there and had fun! It was the first race where I invited my friends and fiancé to cheer me on. The thought of seeing them at the finish line kept me going!

  160. One of my top running experiences was training and completing my first full marathon- Salt Lake City! I ended up training and completing this marathon alone- my training partner got pregnant and couldn’t complete the training with me. This was a huge deal for me to then have to do all those long runs alone! Nothing felt better than competing something (the training and race) all alone! I did it!

  161. One of my top 5 race experiences was a small local 4.4 mile race that I did a few years ago. It was a brutal, hilly course for the first two miles. The volunteers and few aid stations that were out there were SO supportive and kind. I felt so strong that race as it was during a 10k training cycle. I still look back at it with such fond memories and remember how great it felt to be so strong.

  162. Definitely the VCM 2016. It was HOT. The volunteers were holding ‘Extreme’ heat signs by mile 4. They ran out of water. The race was shut down by organizers a few hours in. It was the biggest challenge personally because I hate the heat but I managed my first half-marathon of the relay team. It’s a great story to tell now.

  163. Nike Women’s marathon San Francisco 2012. The experience of a life time. The 4 Nike 1/2 marathons that I have done since are what inspire my runs everyday.

  164. The New York City marathon, 2007. Perfect day and felt amazed at how good I felt the whole way. Remembering the finish line still brings tears to my eyes.

  165. I participated in the Ragnar Pennsylvania Relay. I’m feom MI so we have no hills to speak of. Running my last 7-mile leg through the Poconos at 6 am in 2 hours of sleep might have made me delirious but the fog coming off of the hillside after some serious rain was breathtaking. I laughed at how lucky I was.

  166. Running the Twin Cities Marathon for the second time with a wonderful running group, beautiful weather and the crowds. The entire experience from the training to the after party and now the life time friends I have 10 years later made it one of the great experiences in life.

  167. September 2016 Greenville Spinx Half Marathon. I had been care taking for my warrior, hero, and friend- my dad. I had three littles and my mom is a teacher so during the day I got to spend time with him caring for a very sick man with a neurological disease while my mom taught and she was his warrior at night. He was my biggest fan and cheerleader in l tithings athletics and I wanted to run the best race I could in September to make him proud. I laid it all out and got to go home and tell him. He passed in January of this year at 61 from MSA a neurological disease. I miss him but that race I will never forget.

  168. I think it was the moment when I realized that the prospect of running 10 miles was something that no longer held any concern. That was pretty mind blowing since I still vividly remember the first time I ran 5 (and the many concerns)!

  169. I started running about 5 years ago at the weight of 312 lbs. my journing has been up and down, but I have had some amazing experiences in my 5 years of lacing up! Definitely in my top 5 is my first marathon. I was ahead of pace until mile 19, when I tore my right calf! I like to think I was running so fast and that was the reason for the tear, but, it was really just a freak incident. I hobbled for a quarter mile and had to stop and stretch. I did this for 7 more miles, the thought that kept me going was my beautiful wife, pregnant with our first baby, waiting at the finish line. I did get there, crying almost the whole way. I young man that I played leap frog with in that last 7 miles came up and gave me a hug and told me I inspired him that day. That evening we announced to our families that we were having a baby! Plus, I weighed myself and I was down to 180 lbs. I had lost a person…and gained a new perspective. That nothing was impossible!

  170. My first 5k! I started running when I was 29 using a couch to 5k plan. The 5k was on my 30th birthday. My mother, who ran when my siblings and I were young, started running again so she could run it with me. We ran the race together, from a start to finish. This race started it all–I was hooked on running from this point forward.

  171. The first time my BRF and I ran a 10-miler, we ended up at the ocean. It was a perfect run, and we capped it off by jumping in the perfect-temperature ocean fully clothed. Still one of my favorite memories!

  172. My last half marathon that I ran with my sister danced around New Hampshire and Vermont. Hilly as all get out, but beautiful scenery, and the best company. Also my PR!

  173. The Cherry Festival 15k in Traverse City, MI was an amazing race (not sure of exact year unless I pull out my shirt–2013? 14?) Not only did I discover that 15k is my favorite race distance, but I discovered the beauty of northern michigan. It was a flat, fast course and I had a time goal so I truly pushed myself more than I ever had. My time didn’t turn out as fast as I wanted but I learned the lesson about not setting goals that are too aggressive for reality. More than anything I just loved running by the lake, the quaint lakeside homes, and the camaraderie. It was my birthday by the way and we were on vacation (live in Kansas) so I ran all by myself and soaked it all up.

  174. Hands down my favorite running moment was about mile 45 of my first 50 miler! My BRF and I literally looked at each other and it dawned on us that we were really going to do this, like really truly finish 50 miles! There was so much unknown with our first ultra and yet there we were actually going to finish! It was a runners high like no other! We’ve since completed other ultras but the finish has never been as sweet as the first time when we realized the body is capable of amazing things!

  175. Nike Washing DC half in 2014. I loved the crowd vibe of this race! I thrive on crowd support, and this was a great one for that! Plus I had a very chill pace and soaked it all in! And when I finished my son called right after I crossed the line and was in line to get my necklace. He said “Look to your left” and he was standing on the side of the road! Topping it off my life long BFF from childhood was there to with me, photographing the entire experience! And I went with Team in Training which gave me cause to celebrate outside of myself. Best race ever!

  176. Never Quit 5k with my girls and my dad. I think we may have been close to last. My girls raced from seashell to seashell to finally finish. It felt like a struggle at the time but to listen to them talk about it with such happy memories and pride, AMAZING!

  177. Oh! I just had one of my top 5 race experiences. My BRF Cindy and I have done several races “together” (in quotes because I mean that we’ve stood at the same start line, waved good bye, run our own race and then found each other at the finish). On Saturday, we ran a 10 mile night trail race together. Together, together. We stayed with each other the whole way, crossing the finish line holding hands. It was even more special because this was the race we were supposed to run together a year ago– just 4 week after my sister died. But she lost her mom just a few days before the race and couldn’t go. And did I mention it was a NIGHT. TRAIL. RACE? EPIC.

  178. The Lake Placid Half Marathon-I ran it 3 1/2 months after having a lumpectomy and beat by time from the year before by a minute!

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