Hump Day Running Giveaway: Hyland’s Good Morning + Calms Forté

Coach MK is our guest author today. Once she (and her husband) tried the new Hyland's products, she asked to write up their experience. Read on for a real-life testimonial.

The essentials for any Mother Runner's AM routine.


January 27, 2010. A date that is forever etched in my brain. I remember nothing about it, it was a totally unremarkable day. So unimportant that it would only be defined by all of the nights that came after it.

That’s the last night I peacefully slept through the night. That’s the night my soon-to-be-husband and I moved in together.

My husband served this great nation as a Naval submarine officer. A submarine is a delicate ecosystem floating at the bottom of the ocean carrying up to 250 American lives inside. Rules and procedures and checklists exist for a reason and every single one is URGENT: that big shiny thing in the back is a nuclear reactor, and it isn’t flexible. (The laws of physics SUCK like that.) Too hot and it explodes, everyone dies. Too cold and the oxygen scrubbers can’t recycle the air, everyone dies. That’s where the PTSD comes in: imagine a job where every mistake you could possibly make ends with, “…and everyone dies.”

Imagine sharing a bed with someone who has lived that way for five years. Yeah.

Nothing really prepares you for this level of sleep deprivation. Here is a short list of things that would prompt my husband to sit straight up and bellow, “WHAT HAPPENED IMAWAKE”:

  • Me, rolling over in bed
  • Me, joining him in bed after he’s gone to sleep
  • Me, coughing
  • Me, touching him in any way
  • Me, getting up to go run
  • Me, (insert any banal thing you do here)
  • Me, turning off that blasted fan because it is loud and it is COLD in here (remember those oxygen scrubbers? The sweat? Our bedroom stays at 60 degrees. Or everyone dies.)

Short of drugs (doctors don’t like prescribing sleeping pills since most sleep disorders are considered behavioral) we have tried everything: cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, herbal tea, lavender oil, earplugs, sleep hygiene… nothing really worked.

Then the box arrived. It contained two simple boxes, one of Hyland's Good Morning and another of Calms Forté. My husband sheepishly asked if he could try the latter; I said sure but no pressure and come on, it’s homeopathic. How good could it be?

Hyland's Calm Forte

The next morning, August 12 2016, my 38th birthday, for the first time in our marriage we awoke in the same positions we’d settled into the night before. My husband and I looked at each other and said, “What WAS that sh*t???”

As a run coach, I talk about sleep a LOT.  And I should--I have a PhD in sleep deprivation. I totally know how important sleep is and how much life sucks without it. We fumble through our days, marginally functional until we can crawl back into bed again only to find that we are just too tired to sleep.

As a rather unfiltered/profane loudmouth, my clients know I say pretty much exactly what I mean, leaving nothing for interpretation. So let me be perfectly clear: Hyland’s Calms Forté. THIS SH*T IS MAGIC.

Hyland's Good Morning

Are you ready to have a good night and a great morning, compliments of Hyland's Good Morning (also a winner in our books!)? Eight winners will each get a box of Hyland's Good Morning and a box of Calms Forté. To enter, tell us: what's the last thing you think about before you fall asleep? School lunches? Big work project? The laundry you forgot to switch over to the dryer? Tell us in the Comments section below this blog post on our website, and you’ll be entered to win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 8/31/16 and ends on 9/6/16. We will announce eight random winners on our Facebook page on 9/8/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $20. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


241 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Hyland’s Good Morning + Calms Forté

  1. I am either thinking about how jealous I am of my husband’s ability to fall asleep so quickly..or… I am wondering if I am going to get a full nights sleep tonight or will my girls be up every other hour; which means I should be sleeping but I can’t because I am thinking of not getting enough sleep…motherhood gotta love it 🙂

  2. The last thing I think about before falling asleep is usually thoughts of my child. This is her first year of college and I always have her on my mind. Hard for mama’s to let go and trust they’ll do all that they are supposed to do!

  3. The last thing I normally think about before I fall asleep is my most favorite place I’ve ever been on earth. Standing at the wall of the Edinburgh castle with the breeze coming up the castle walls rushing over my face and hair. It calms me and helps me drift off every single time.

  4. I try to just think of one word and keep saying it in my head until I fall asleep…it could be as simple as, “breathe, breathe” or “beach, beach”

  5. Anything and everything! What will the weather be for my run tomorrow? Why did I eat so much before bed? Is the baby going to sleep all night? What 100 things do I have to do/didn’t do? Am I going to fall asleep?!

  6. I love Calms Forte! Haven’t tried the Good Morning yet. The last thing I think about is usually whatever is on the TV before I fall asleep (sleep timers are my everything).

  7. Always always all the things that went well or right that day. It is quite the mental exercise as some nights it can take me over an hour to drift off!!

  8. the last thing I think about before falling asleep is usually am I going to wake my husband up in the morning when I get up for my run. Will my youngest son wake up at night? I have to wake up in ___ hours, PLEASE go to sleep!

    The last two weeks I have been on the struggle bus with exercising and getting through my work day.

  9. If I don’t work the next day, I think about how nice it will be to have a day off. If I work, then I tell myself to get up when the alarm rings so I don’t over sleep.

  10. I’m usually counting the hours/minutes of sleep I’ll get if I fall asleep RIGHT NOW repeat every 5-10 minutes until that number is frighteningly small.

  11. If my alarm goes off at 4:45, how many hours of sleep will I get?!?!? Please let Olivia (6yr daughter) sleep in her bed ALL night.

  12. Been wanting to try this after I heard Coach MK on the podcast…I’m usually thinking about lists before I go to sleep…what do I have to do tomorrow, am I running – how long – what time, what’s on my work calendar, what activities do kids have – what carpools are we doing. When I’m lucky, I will have been able to do some reading before bed…on those nights I typically think about the book, which is nice, as it takes me away from lists…

  13. So many thoughts before I fall asleep. I think the very last thing that goes through my head is “I’m never going to get enough sleep”!

  14. My daughter hasn’t slept through the night ever. She’s 5. Every night before bed I think about what I’m gonna wear the next day.

  15. What DON’T I think about?!? I think about Everything: stress at work, combative opposing counsel and the nasty things that get sent my way almost hourly, whether we have enough lunch stuff in the fridge to pack lunches the next day, how I’m going to get the kids from school to taekwondo, swim, baseball, soccer, cub scouts, play practice, etc. while husband is out of town, whether that mean little girl in my daughter’s class that always give her a hard time will lay off tomorrow, whether I remembered to put out tomorrow’s school uniforms for the kids, blah, blah, blah…go to sleep already!!

  16. My oldest started middle school this year. She has to be awake at 5:15 to get to the bus hub which takes her to her STEM school, where she starts her school day at 7:05. Yep. 7:05. Lunch is at 10:00. What?!?! So my thoughts as I try to go to sleep? I sure as hell hope the alarm goes off for both of us!! Ugh!

  17. If I’m having trouble falling asleep I usually recite the Hail Mary – or get out my rosary and say it until I pass out.

  18. Most nights I don’t get home from work until around 11 pm and have to be up by 6 am to get everyone off to school. My last thought is usually, “I just need to get 6 hours so I can function.” Sometimes it happens, most nights it doesn’t.

  19. If my hubby goes to sleep before me, I try to be like and mouse and sneak in bed. But the bed betrays me and creaks, sending DH flying out of bed. He then can’t get back to sleep and so proceeds to toss and turn. Me? Ugh. My go-to relaxation technique is running through taekwondo forms in my head and hoping for a restful night. Crap, I’m getting up in 6hrs?!

  20. The last things I think about as I’m falling asleep are did I check that the front door is locked, did I set my alarm to get up at 5am to run, what time is that meeting tomorrow…and then I hear my teenager banging around in her room and I think (or say) please be quiet so I can fall asleep!

  21. Every. Freakin’. Thing.
    I don’t know what this menopause crap does to screw sleep up so thoroughly, but it does a kick a$$ job of it. The thought of sleeping through the night again, is literally the stuff of dreams.

  22. We know we should go to bed early to get up for our runs. But then how do we manage life? So…we stay up late and wake up early anyway. We think we’re managing … until that one day you lay down to read one evening after work…and wake up the next day…rumpled clothes and all. Yup. ..could use help managing sleep.

  23. What time do have to wake, how many hours is that away and then how many more days until I get to sleep In! I think I might need these Pronto! I am seeking them out this weekend. Win or not.

  24. I try to pray about anything that’s on my mind before I go to sleep. There is so much to pray about that I fall asleep mid prayer.

  25. Well now I just realized I forgot to put the laundry in the dryer! I almost always fall asleep reading and then wake up wondering if i need to take my contacts out and remembering to turn off the light.

  26. Typically the last thing I’m thinking about before I fall asleep is…did I set my alarm correctly to go off at 3:30am for my morning run! And also any ongoing lists of to-do”s related to my kiddos!

  27. I am usually thinking, “Wait, what day is it tomorrow? Did I set my alarm right?” And mentally prepping for what’s on my schedule.

  28. Usually I am thinking about my calendar for the next day and usually a difficult patient case that I am still processing in my head.

  29. Anything and everything . Thinking maybe this would be good to try for “growing pain nights” with my 6 year old…anyone tried this??

  30. The only thing that works for me is to concentrate on breathing. If I don’t, I start worrying about my to do list and then I am up all night.

  31. My thoughts are usually a jumbled stream of consciousness that generally ends by wondering how many times will my daughter will wake me up.

  32. I think about all the things I need to do the next day and then I start counting in 3 languages! It makes my mind focus and helps me fall asleep.

  33. I’m always thinking about my families safety. Is the baby monitor on in the toddlers room? When’s the last time smoke alarms were tested? Are all the doors locked? Windows shut? Alarm set? I can drive myself crazy! Then I convince myself that everyone if fine and I’d better hurry up and sleep fast because our twin infants will be up soon!

  34. If I fall asleep now I can get 5 hours of sleep ….. if I can fall asleep now I can still get 4 hours of sleep ….. looks like no run this morning but maybe I can get a couple hours of sleep before work.

  35. How I am going to sleep! I work third shift on the weekends and sleep is iffy throughout the week because of a flip flop schedule. Add in being a single mom of two you kiddos and the sleep is elusive!

  36. What time I have to get up, what I have to get done at work tomorrow, what errands I have to run, what’s on life’s eternal To Do list that I’ve neglected too long….basically all the reasons I shouldn’t be wasting time being in bed, should get up and get shit done. Sigh.

  37. If I”m running the next morning, my anxiety kicks right as I’m falling asleep, and I start worrying about injuries I’ve been battling and wondering if my run will be great, or if it will trigger my pelvis/SI joint issues.

  38. Usually wondering what time my 1 year old is going to be up in the middle of the night, and if he’ll stay asleep or if it’ll be another ‘hey I’m up at 2 and not going back to bed!’ kind of night. Woohoo!

  39. I have busy brain before I fall asleep and when I have insomnia, that’s what keeps me from falling asleep again. I tend to go over the schedule for the next day and get anxious before the day is even here if it’s a crazy day. Calms Forte take me away!

  40. I am the office manager of a company that seems to think money is always readily available. I usually fall asleep thinking of creative ways to make sure everything balances during the months with lower operating income. akthiugh it seems to always workout, the stress levels seem to always be high.

  41. I usually pray before falling asleep which leads me to thinking about what I could and should have done better each day. This can lead to some soul searching and loss of sleep.

  42. I’m usually thinking about the things going on tomorrow or later in the week. There is always something to plan and stress over.

  43. I used to be a GREAT sleeper. Now, with 3 kids, 2 (sometimes 3) jobs, and a husband who could sleep through a bomb, and you get me, waking up with the anxiety (how am I going to finish this task? Am I screwing up as a mother? Will my kids end up in prison someday?). I am currently on a camping trip in bear country, in a tent with my 3 babies, where last night I heard at least 4 bear visits and laid awake the rest of the night wondering what I would do if a bear and I came face to face. I just bought some of this stuff. We’ll see!

  44. As I climb into bed, I set my alarm which “helpfully” tells me how many hours until it will go off and I always think, “That’s it? X hours till the alarm? Why don’t I go to bed sooner?”

  45. I fall asleep listening to an audiobook. So I start the story from where I remember listening the night before, put the sleep timer on and shortly after its just zzzzzzz. It’s even better if the narrator is British!

  46. I’m usually thinking of all the things I would like to accomplish the next day. And I’m always hoping I will have the energy to workout before my kids wake up (unfortunately this has never happened yet).

  47. Typically I fall right asleep, but then wake up at 3 am going over everything that will be happening that day. I’d love to try this to see if I can sleep through the night finally!

  48. I’d love to give these a try. Thoughts – why is the cat sitting on my head? Is my son going to sleep in, finally? What is that sound? Where are my earplugs?

  49. Are my kids home safely? Are the doors locked? Where is the dog? Did someone take her out? Is my alarm set? What time is my meeting in the morning? Did I get everything ready for the meeting? Why is my husband snoring so loudly? I forgot to call my mother again – how much trouble will I be in for that? Did I hear a kid awake? Arghhh…why can’t I sleep??? Every night…

  50. The last thing I think about before dreamland is usually “did I really set the alarm?” and then a review of what the HRT training plan has in store for me the next morning. I review what the workout is, and where I am going to run…and then triple check the alarm again just to make sure I don’t screw it all up – since I have to have my run done before the kids are awake…and then get us all to school and my teaching job on time.

  51. I must try this. I have turned to taking a sleeping pill and having a sound machine because I can’t sleep through the night. I just think about the whole day, then I think what I need to do tomorrow. Did I get the dog in? Damn it. I didn’t. Did I lock all the doors? Lets check. Oops gotta get that bag ready for tomorrow. Dam nit I forgot to put my running gear out. And on and on. Finally I get back in bed. Mind you – I took the sleeping pill already!!! Love to give Hyland’s a try.

  52. Last thoughts…what’s my workout for tomorrow. Where’s my son. Is everyone OK? Then I plug in an audible book, because I can’t sleep!

  53. Typically my thoughts are about what’s on tap for the next day and if I got everything done before climbing into bed to make the morning a little easier. Not enough hours in the day or maybe it’s just that there’s too much on my plate!

  54. I usually am thinking “why won’t my 10 year old go to sleep?” as I hear her moving and pounding around in her room right below my bedroom.

  55. With the school year just starting I think of all the things that I need to do to prepare for teaching, activities and fundraising….last night I was trying to remember how many volunteers need to work the concession stand fundraiser for OU football games!!! (I think the answer is 23….)

  56. I usually think about the chapter I just read – that is if I can turn my mind off from the tasks of the day that didn’t get accomplished.

  57. Last thing I think about when my head hits the pillow? Do I know where my children are? They’re 20, 18 and 14…two in college, one in high school. I want to know that they’re safe. 🙂

  58. I am usual thinking about how much I need to fall asleep as my mind sounds through a dizzying to do list that did not get done and that needs to be migrated to the next day and the next. . . The calms forte would be a blessing of it worked like it sounds like it does.

  59. Usually I think about what is on the schedule for the next day ahead. I used to be a worrier and thought about EVERYTHING! Sometimes that still happens, but I have learned to let it go much more than usual.

  60. I struggle getting a solid nights sleep just about every night. I’m a light sleeper and any time my husband moves, coughs, touches me or talks in his sleep I wake up and then it takes me sometimes 30 minutes to fall back asleep. I’m leery of taking the traditional sleep aid and would love to give this a try!

  61. I try to push away tomorrow’s thoughts and focus on relaxing my body for sleep. Last things I think of before I go to bed are the checklist of “relax my feet”, “relax my calves” and working my way up.

  62. I guess I’d say I usually think, “I’m really going to get up and run in the morning when the alarm goes off.”

  63. I usually think about what I did that day and then what is looming the next day. It can really be hard to crash when your mind is on a treadmill.

  64. Work projects! Without fail, it takes me a very long time to fall asleep because I just cannot shut my brain off.

  65. I’m usually thinking about the next morning’s work out … run or spin? with friends or alone? before daylight or after? so many decisions.

  66. Usually a read right before bed so I can think about what is happening in the book instead of work, my next run, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, dinner, etc, etc…..get the point? I love Calms Forte and frequently recommend it to friends. I haven’t tried Good Morning but think I need to!

  67. The last thing I TRY to think about before going to sleep is how restful I will feel in the morning. The last thing I actually think about ranges from “did I lock my car?” or “Did I set the alarm?” to “Was the kid coughing? I hope he isn’t getting sick. I don’t want to get sick either. MOre Vitamin C for everyone. I need to get more vitamin C. I should write a grocery list. Ooooh, meal plan would be good. I should browse Pinterest for meal plan ideas.” and on and on and on. 🙂

  68. The last thing I think about before I fall asleep is what I’m going to wear the next day, and what my work schedule looks like. I should absolutely pick my outfit out the night before but don’t..

  69. I’m in the last push (TAPER!!!) for Ironman Wisconsin, so I’m asleep these days before I even know it. Otherwise, I’m typically stressing over my work to do list that I didn’t write down and for whatever magical reason, I think I’ll remember it in my brain…

  70. I do my best to be be thankful for today and all that is good. Focus on my breathing exercise. Helps. 7 breathes in and 8’out. Good night everyone

  71. As I fall asleep I think about the things I should have done during the day like many of the other commenters. But, what gets me is when I wake up at 2:00am thinking about the things that I ate, drank or said that I shouldn’t have! 🙂

  72. To shut my brain down, I will pray my gratitude list and my watch overs. I leave the worrying up to God and remind myself of all the good things. This helps my brain shut down. But I always worry if I don’t say Amen before I sleep. Is it like leaving telephone line open? I wonder if God thinks “did she just butt dial me?” lol!

  73. often i think too much about what i should do tomorrow. of didnt do today. or what i could do when i get up. Then i try to inhale deeply and think of unicorns and rainbows. 🙂 sheesh

  74. I think about all the things I should have completed but didn’t. Lately I have been thinking about what I am going to do with one of my sons for homeschooling this year. Yep, I realize it is a bit late to be thinking about that… that is why it is stressful!

  75. When I go to bed, I am usually trying to figure out what the schedule is going to be for the next few days. Who has a playdate where & what time, should I get in my run or is it a bike/ swim day, when was my last core workout anyway, when do kid soccer & swim practices start, etc…

  76. I have 4 kids starting school, so their school list. My washer is not making pretty noises and a repairman is coming, if my kids are sleeping or up getting into stuff and how I should have ran but was too tired. Really my brain never shuts off

  77. I take mental inventory of what might be available on DVR when I am unable to sleep in the middle of the night.

  78. Typically I’m thinking about finances. what bills need paid next, how am I going to pay for this or that and what I can do without until next week, next month etc.

  79. I think about my schedule for the next day. I’ve been a fan of Calms Forte ever since Dimity mentioned it .

  80. On a good day, I write in my gratitude journal and fall asleep thinking about the blessings in my life. On the other, much more frequent days, my mind races with what I didn’t do, what I must do tomorrow, and the details of my most recent skirmish with my teen. Not a recipe for successful sleep, I’m afraid. :/

  81. Last thing I usually think about is, I hope I remembered to set the automatic coffee maker to brew at 6:08am, so that its beep coincides with my 6:15am alarm.

  82. I try to think about the good things that happened during the day, but sometimes my thoughts turn into a running list of things to remember for the following day.

  83. I try to clear my mind if at all possible, as I’m prone to anxiety-induced insomnia. I tend to steer my thoughts toward positive things like what went right today, what I’m happy about, what my intentions will be for tomorrow.

  84. I try to make my last thought about something really cute or sweet that the kids did that day. Often, however, it’s something that I forgot to do today and which I must do tomorrow.

  85. I try to remember all the things I need to remember when I wake up, then worry that I won’t remember them. So. Remember and worry.

  86. I don’t have trouble sleeping, so please don’t give this to me. Thank you for sharing something that works. I see so many people struggling, really struggling to get through their day, and I am thankful for your post. I am going to tell everyone I know about it, and I’ll give you all the credit! God bless you!

  87. Wow, you nailed it, I think about all of it: is my daughter’s lunch packed? do we have lunch for her? which group am I running with in the morning? did I finish that work project? is the laundry in the washer or dryer? will I have time to get it from one to the other? etc. etc.

  88. I think about what needs to happen in the morning and about how much sleep i can get if I fall asleep right now…..lots of funny math happens at bedtime for me

  89. I think about all the stuff I didn’t get to yet… The basket of clean laundry that needs to be put away, the clean dishes in the dishwasher. What can I do better tomorrow?

  90. If I don’t read a book before I go to sleep, I can’t get to sleep. A book is like a sleeping pill for me. Usually it’s only two pages!! It’s waking up at 3 or 3:30 that gets me! Why does that happen? Then I think yes, two more hours until my alarm and then my short run or long run or swim. Thankfully, having everything ready for the start of my day…running clothes ready, work clothes ready, lunch made, coffee ready to go doesn’t make me think about that at 3 am. It’s just the darn annoyance of waking up then! Calms Forte to the rescue!!

  91. The book I’m reading. The next day’s schedule. If I’ll actually get good sleep. Did I turn all of the lights off in the kitchen? How I love clean sheets. What I’m making for breakfast.

  92. Going to sleep is the easy part and I usually have a pretty blank mind, it’s the waking in the middle of the night part when my mind won’t shut up about every single thing I have to do. That’s when I reach for the Calms Forte.

  93. I think about my to do list and what I did not finish today and what I need to add to it in the morning (which I often do not remember).

  94. I wonder which kid will be in at 2am, or will they all tag team throughout the night. And I have to say I love Hyland’s Calms Forte, works great the night before a race!

  95. Lately the last thing I think about is my alarm and whether I should set it for 5:20 to make sure my high schooler (!) gets up in time for the carpool.

  96. Usually thinking Aahhh… And then what happens first thing in the morning – am I getting up to run? School? Work? What’s on the agenda…

  97. Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to pick some up for my son. His sleep has been effected since he had brain surgery four years ago and nothing helps. I usually think about how early I am setting my alarm to run in the morning and how many hours of sleep I will be getting. Sadly, it is usually not as much as I should!

  98. I’m usually thinking about the schedule for the next day: who needs to be where when, what my training plan is for the day, who needs a lunch packed, etc. It’s often hard to shut those busy thoughts off to fall asleep.

  99. My husband’s new job has him traveling more than ever so I fall asleep worrying, I wake up at 2:00AM worrying and at 3:00 and 3:30 . . . he’s out of town this week — I am buying Hyland’s today!

  100. Most nights I go to sleep thinking, is my 4 year old asleep yet, because if he isn’t, I am not going to sleep yet either!

  101. I listen to guided sleep meditations or positive affirmations, so ideally I’m marinating in whatever goodness I’m hearing. I fall asleep quickly; it’s the 3 AM sleeplessness that’s so maddening!

  102. Yay, a post from my favorite coach MK! I overthink a lot of things so I have a mind full of items when I crawl into bed. My last thought is usually “Please fall asleep and stay asleep and have the kids do the same.” I’m actually pretty desperate for a good night’s sleep!

  103. Usually I think about “Don’t hit snooze when the alarm goes off at 5 a.m. for your run. Don’t hit snooze. Don’t hit snooze. Don’t hit snooze….”

  104. I’m a nurse and am on call a couple of nights each week. If I’m on call my bed always seems extra comfy and I’m thinking “gee, I hope I don’t get called in tonight”. If I’m not on call I’m thinking about getting up early for my run and everything I need to accomplish before going to work. I only have trouble falling asleep occasionally but I’m often waking up during the night.

  105. Depends on the night. Some nights, I’m pretty sure I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. Other nights, everything and anything enters my mind when I wake up at 2 or 3 in the am. Thoughts can run the spectrum from “Oh crap! I only have an hour or two before the alarm blares” or “What am I required to do tomorrow?” to “I have to get the trash out early and have to pick all the mushrooms in the yard. So the dog doesn’t eat them and puke them all back up on the carpet”! Clearly I don’t worry about the big world problems. I think about everyday schedules and irritants.

  106. My work to-do list is always the last thing I think about. There’s always at least one thing I didn’t get done, and even though it’s written down, my brain thinks I’ll forget it in the morning if I don’t obsess about it now. I’d love to try this stuff, and also have my mom try it. She has major sleeping problems.

  107. I’m usually a pretty good sleeper, unless Mr brain settles in some completely irrationally hypothetical situation to stress about. My husband is a terrible sleeper. We could both use some of this!

  108. I have to read before bed to settle myself down… my last thought is usually whatever just happened in the book….or if I need to go to the library the next day!

  109. I think about what I am going to make for meals that given week. Do I need to go to the store? Do we have all that we need to make the meals? Will my daughter and husband like it? Should I make a huge amount so I can freeze it?

  110. I think about work and have to stop myself. So then I start thinking about decorating my dream house to calm myself down and make myself sleepy.

  111. I think about the permission slips I forgot to sign and the items I need to put on the grocery list that will never get written because I’ll just wing it and end up giant oatmeal cream pies in my cart!

  112. It’s my husband who can’t turn his brain off so I would give this to him. If he sleeps well we both benefit. But I fall asleep thinking how much I love my bed. How much I love my pillow. My blankets. Zzzzz.

  113. I definitely depends what’s going on. This week is how on earth am I going to manage this week of drivers ed and cross country practice and still have enough energy for my half on Saturday?!?!

  114. I think about the running workout I have on the calendar for the next day, of course. Actually I do. And last night related to sleep was if I should allow myself to sleep in since I have been traveling for the past 2 days and am now am kind of exhausted, but then suffer in the heat, or get further behind on my sleep to get out before the sunrise.

  115. Before I fall asleep? Not much, that’s not my problem. The several times I wake up? Pretty much everything under the sun. Or moon, more like it. I think I’m going to to buy some of this stuff and give it a try. I wear a Polar M400, and some mornings when I have to run early I don’t dare look at how much sleep I haven’t gotten, otherwise I’d never get out the door.

  116. I think about everything they tell you not to think about before you go to bed. Top of the list – what if I can’t go to sleep. According to my Fitbit, I sleep on average, 4 hours 16 minutes. I have 18 times restless and 2 times awake on my sleep chart on a daily basis. I’m buying this stuff on my way to work today.

  117. Really, just one last thing I think about before I go to sleep? How about everything, LOL, because my mind runs nonstop. Did my daughter shut the garage door when she came home? Am I really going to be able to get up at 4 am? And on, and on,

  118. First I calculate the maximum amount of sleep I can get if I fall asleep RIGHT NOW! Then I get sucked into reviewing my day in my head and figuring out tomorrow.

  119. Before I fall asleep…..I pray for my family. I think about my kids homework list, my husbands illness and how he will feel the next day. I think about how early I’m getting up to run to meet my friends and if I will still get to work on time. Then I turn on my sleep music and hope to go to sleep.

  120. Before I fall asleep I usually go through my morning to do list. Laundry, put away the dishes, get my run in, make breakfast and lunches and try to fit it all in so I can still make it to work on time. My husband and I decided when we bought our house 8 years ago that there would be no tvs in any of the bedrooms, since they are a distraction and can affect your sleep. We both seem to be very light sleepers we both need our sleep, espically since we are both training for the NYC marathon this year. His 1st, my 3rd!
    Waking up from a truly rest full sleep would be amazing Calms Forte sounds like what we need!

  121. The class I have to teach the next day, did I put out my running clothes for the morning, did I wash the baby bottles, is there clean underwear, what’s for breakfast…thunk.

  122. What do I think of before falling asleep? Usually mentally double checking that everything is ready to go for the morning. I don’t have much time for sleep, but I value every moment and the busy pace of getting two kids out the door and all of their belongings on days they return their father and I travel to my other house can cause a lot of chaos. We need to be prepared when that morning alarm goes off!

  123. What time is it now, what time do I have to get up? How many hours of sleep is that? I am trying to get at least 7 hours a night. Last week I achieved my goal 4 out of 7 days.

  124. I always pray for each of my kids and… I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I pray for whatever ache or pain I have to go away. 🙂

  125. The last thing I usually remember thinking about is “how much sleep will I get if I fall asleep right now?” the answer… never enough.

  126. The last thing I think about, is the fact that once again my husband is asleep in less than 60 seconds after his head hits the pillow, while I lay there mentally wanting to physically hurt him in some way because I can’t fall asleep! Ever since peri menopause hit I have not slept well, no matter how physically tired I am my brain just goes on. Sigh.

  127. I get up early every morning so I’m usually thinking of how many hours of sleep I’ll get if I fall asleep right then.

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