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Hump Day Running Giveaway: Pair of Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

Please give me a minute to finish pounding a last nail or two into these top boards: I need to be sure my homemade soapbox can support my full weight as I’m going to stand on it and preach for a few minutes, ladies.

Bang, bang.

Okay, that should do it.

Here I go, I’m stepping up on it now. Can everyone hear me? Alright, here goes:


You can't see her, but there's a black-clad runner pushing through mile 4 at o-dark-thirty here.

Why, yes, I AM SHOUTING at you because this message is important, ladies! It’s right up there with strapping your tot into a car seat or not drinking and driving. Whether on the road or sidewalk, you need to be able to see where you’re going—and to be seen. The past few weeks, I’ve had to almost physically restrain myself from telling black-clothed, light-less runners (and cyclists) to “LIGHT UP, MY FRIEND; LIGHT UP!!” (Of course, living in Oregon, that message can be construed a few different ways…)

At risk of sounding like an airline security video, safety is our top priority at Another Mother Runner. And if you’re going to run before the sun comes up or after it goes down—or even on low-light rainy or foggy days—you need to be visible to motorists from a distance. Wearing light-colored clothing or a reflective vest is fine, but they are far from enough: Runners need to light up the dark.

That's better.

My bright solution for the past year: Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights ($59.95), innovative lights that, you guessed it, clip to your running shoes. These lightweight LED lights attach to your laces and shine a bright white light (150 total lumens, if you want to get granular) in front of and on the side of you, while rear-racing red tail lights allow motorists approaching from behind to spot you. One feature I especially love about these clever lights: The batteries in them are rechargeable with a micro-USB charging port—no batteries to replace (or unexpectedly burn out mid-run—ARGH!).


I love being well lit without having to carry anything or wear something on my head. But what I love best is how visible I am: Countless times, motorists, other runners, and even cyclists have yelled out how much they love my lights—and how they could see me coming from blocks away! And I can see what’s in front of me, whether the lights are shining on a pothole, an uneven sidewalk, or #foundchange.


Hear me as I say: You need a pair of Night Runner 270s. And before I step off my soapbox, I’m gonna tell you how. In the Comments section below this post on our website, tell us: What do you do to stay visible and safe running during the early morning or after dark? Two lucky ladies will win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 11/23/16 and ends on 11/29/16. We will announce two random winners on our Facebook page on 12/1/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $59.95. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

462 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Pair of Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

  1. Sadly, I don’t run in the mornings anymore due to this issue. I have tried many different lights that don’t seem to work and cause me to feel like drivers don’t see me in the mornings. I would love to try these lights and see if I can get back into my morning runs.

  2. As a runner and running coach I’m really embarrassed to say I don’t run with anything in the dark
    Even worse I run with headphones in too so I’m pretty sure I need these and if I don’t win them I better ask for them for Christmas!

  3. I run most days at 5 or 5:30 am before the sun comes up. I used to have a flashing slap bracelet but it stopped working probably a year ago. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t replaced it and just run in the dark. I really could use these!

  4. I steel my son’s headlamp and make it a “wrist lamp” and wear reflective clothing. These look awesome (and without the theft factor)

  5. I usually carry my phone with the flashlight application on. That is sort of embarrassing now knowing I could have had these awesome shoe lights for my pre-dawn runs!

  6. I wear bright clothing, a reflective vest, and a light on my front and back. I’d love not to have to carry an extra light!!

  7. I wear a reflective vest and a headlamp but would love a pair of these shoe lights. They seem very bright and I’m guessing are more comfortable than a headlamp.

  8. I have to get my runs in at dark-o-thirty (literally get up at 4:30!!). I wear a headlamp, but I wear it around my waist (because I could NOT handle that thing bouncing around on my head!). Worked pretty well so far… I also try to run with a local group and we purposely drive to well-lit roads to run. Would love to have the shoe lights as well!

  9. I have a jacket that has reflective strips on it. I also try to wear bright colored clothes. These are pretty neat and I wondered how well they worked.

  10. I flat out refuse to run in the dark. Our neighborhood is not exactly sketchy, but I don’t always feel safe by myself. we also have a high rate of traffic accidents, and pedestrian accidents. 🙁 If I wanted to run off treadmill, I would always be running in the dark right now. My kiddo wants to run with me, and I think the lights would help us both feel a little better. I wanna get out there!

  11. I have a ski cap with a light on it, try to wear reflective tights and brighter clothes. These lights would definitely help, though!

  12. I can’t remember if I already commented but I am a light nerd. Knuckle lights to see. Lots of little clip lights to be seen. I stopped another runner one morning to tell her that she was virtually invisible. I don’t know if she went right out and bought a light but she was at least gracious about the intrusion on her run.

  13. I would LOVE a pair of running lights to give to my dad. He is 72 and runs 3+ miles everyday (has since I was a kid) but he is NOT LIGHTED PROPERLY!! I’ve been on his case for years but to no avail. He thinks his reflective trim is enough – it’s not!!!

  14. There are no street lights on our rural roads. These Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights would be very handy. I usually wear light coloured clothing, a reflective vest, running shoes with reflective patterning, a pair of red lighted wrist bands, and carry a flashlight.

  15. I always wear a reflective vest. Sometimes I grab a flashlight…my headlamp needs new batteries. Also running with a huge crew of mother runners helps us be seen.

  16. I don’t do much running on the dark because I don’t have the gear but when I have I wear bright clothing and run on less busy roads.

  17. I wear a neon shirt plus a reflective neon running vest, a headlamp, and a LED light armband. It may be overkill, but I want to make sure everyone can see me!

  18. I try to light myself up like a Christmas tree, but I always find something has burned out! These would be perfect for NW PA’s long winters!

  19. I run early in the morning before the sun comes up. I never leave without my reflective vest and when a car is coming at me, I turn in the flashlight on my phone to be sure they see me. Most times I cross to the other side of the road so I am not even on their side of the road.

  20. I love my Knuckle Lights! I also wear a reflective vest. Since doing Ragnar, I usually throw on a couple blinking red lights, as well. I have a headlamp, but I hate wearing it!

  21. I strap on a few reflectors and maybe a safety vest if it’s really dark. I have a few lighted bands that I put on my arms and legs. These shoes lights would really help light me up!

  22. Glowing/flashing red plastic light (it sort of looks like a 6 inch light sabre) and an actual construction site type orange mesh safety vest with the high viz yellow reflective stripes. Oh, and I go around and around my residential neighborhood block. I think my neighbors think I’m a total nut

  23. So i started c25k 2 days ago, and just realized this will be an issue. Tonight i put a hot pink shirt iver my black under armor shirt and pants and for some reason i thought “day-glo = night glo”, yea not so much. So i held out my phone to keep the screen lit up and make it look like there was something noticible floating down the sidewalk.

  24. I wear a reflective vest and sometimes clip on my flashing lights that I use on my bike, but they’re not always totally secure. I’ve also used my bike light as a flashlight but it’s also not ideal because my arms are moving up and down and therefore, so is the light. Now that more runs are happening pre-sunrise & post-sunset, I’m committed to a better light system!

  25. I wear a light up vest and sometimes a hat with a light on it. Most of the time there are street lights, but occasionally I will run with a flashlight in hand.

  26. You’re gonna hate me, but almost all my runs are in the early morning darkness and I only try to wear light colored clothing. I do run on the sidewalk though and it is pretty decently lit. I know I should do more though!

  27. After nearly being hit by cars a few few times — (once by one of my BRFS) I am lit up like a christmas tree: bright clothing with reflective iron-ons, a LED flasher on my back, a light spur on my heel, and knuckle lights so I can see where I am going. But it a lot to put on and carry at 5am. I think I saw these on Shark Tank. These lights would be a good addition.

  28. I have a couple of bright tops with reflective and glow in the dark patterns that Target carried a year or so ago. That, combined with a flashing headlamp, a clip on light on the back of my shirt and coin sized lights on my shoelaces. I sure would love to ditch the headlamp though!

  29. I generally end up running in the dark 2 times a week. I wear an chest light with a connected back lite, lights on my cap visor, neon flashing lights velcroed around my calves. All I need now are some shoe lights and I’ll be fully lit up like a semi ready for Xmas!

  30. I am a new runner so I’m learning as I “run”! I wear reflective clothing and a headlamp to stay visible on my runs.

  31. When I’m not running in my very well-lit and safe neighborhood, I do wear a headlamp and reflective gear. I like the idea of these shoe lights but am wondering if the light bouncing around would make you feel woozy? Very interested to try these!

  32. My brf wears the lights for us. I’ve managed to put two lights thru the wash. Arg!!! Could definitely use a pair of these bad boys!

  33. I try to wear my brightest clothing but I don’t have much of it. Neon socks, reflective bands, reflective hat, etc. I also try to run in well lit areas when I can.

  34. I wear flashing lights on my shoes, hat and gloves. Still not enough. I was scared the last run I did around 6pm. It was so dark and cars were flying home from work in all directions.

  35. I try and stay away from early running or night running, I don’t have any light source while I run, but I do wear bright colors and reflective gear when I can.

  36. I wear a headlamp so I can see and I think it helps me be seen. I think I need to do more though so that cars can see me in the wee morning hours…

  37. I always wear bright colors and gear with reflective strips on them. Currently I use my phone flashlight to help illuminate my surroundings, but these little gems would be much better!

  38. I wear a “disco belt,” a flashing light on the back of the belt, arm bands, and Nite Ize on my shoes but I’d love to win a pair of these, they look awesome!

  39. I usually run in well lit areas and move to the sidewalk if cars are approaching. I have a headlamp although I’m not great about using it. And I will also go to a track so I don’t have to think about the traffic.

  40. I always wear a reflective vest, and (when I remember) grab my bike headlight and hold it in my hand. I love these shoe lights. Totally going on the holiday wish-list!

  41. Light colored clothing and the little bit of reflective on my clothes and shoes. Sometimes I just keep my phone lit up for something. I NEED these.

  42. I rarely run in the dark because I hate headlamps that bump around on my head. But I recently got on that clips to the brim of my running hat, and it works much better! These shoe lights sound awesome!

  43. I have a vest that lights up but these are cooler! My friend wears knuckle lights that are really bright too. I have a light up belt but it is very .

  44. I wear as much fluorescent clothing on top as possible. Then I have a wrist light up bracelet and a clip on red little light I put on my back shoulder. Definitely feel like I could use more because drivers just do NOT look!

  45. I use a headlamp, vest and blinker. I bought inexpensive ones and they work just fine! I also carry a flashlight in case my headlamp goes out!

  46. I try to avoid running in the dark, but early morning i wear my brightest colored clothing and stick to my neighborhood. I need to get a vest and lamp!

  47. Reflective vest over flourescent yellow shirt. Usually just use my phone flashlight while my running partner uses a headlamp.

  48. Geez I wish I could say I wear a head lamp or a reflective belt but I just depend on the light from the neighborhood street poles.
    I try to run during the day but that doesn’t always happen.

  49. I have a headlamp and a handheld running flashlight for night trails. I also clip a tail light to my lower back and like to dress in bright clothing.

  50. I have a small flashlight that clips the the dog’s leash/poop bag holder. I don’t use it so much to see where I’m going but to make sure I am seen. When running at o’dark thirty in the morning, I don’t trust the half asleep people to notice me as I’m crossing the street.

  51. I am getting back into running and am looking for ways to stay visible while running. Right now I’m just wearing light color clothing and have been looking at options that will work for me. This would be so great to win!

  52. I wear flashing LED lights when running at night, clothes with reflective features, and in the fall I wear brighter tops because I think it’s harder for vehicles to see me when everything is brown and grey around me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. I use a headlamp, but around my waist with some extra lights clipped on the back. Also wear light colored clothing…

  54. I wear neon tops, a reflective vest, a blinking light on the vest, and a blinking light on both shoes. Plus I carry a flashlight. I still feel like I’m not visible enough!

  55. I love my Nike reflective jacket for night running. Headlamps just aren’t enough. These would be a great asset for Ohio winter running. Thank you for the chance.

  56. I try to wear bright tops no matter what time of day, as drivers are not always attentive to runners/pedestrians. Reflective gear when it’s getting dark.

  57. I have a reflective vest that makes me feel like a construction worker. And headlamp. I do a fair amount of running in the dark during the school year, and gotta be seen.

  58. I wear a reflective vest and a headlamp to see and be seen. My runs usually start before sun-up, but end after sunrise, and I look SUPER cool in the headlamp when it’s light outside. But safety first!

  59. Right now I use reflective vest and tie Chem lights to my shoes. Then I run with expired chem lights during the marathon. Because you cannot change your routine the day of!

  60. I have a vest but haven’t found a headlamp that stays on my tiny head. We just got fun lights for the stroller so now we basically look like a parade float. Safety and fun!

  61. I use a NoxGear vest and I get a lot of compliments from drivers. Honestly, you need to be visible to your fellow runners as well. Especially those of you who insist on running with traffic. I have almost collided with a ninja runner because they are running toward me with no lights! I make evasive moves based on knowing who/what is around me. I need my fellow runners lit up.

  62. My schedule has changed so I am going to have to start running early morning. I am going to have to purchase some items before I go out in the dark!

  63. I wear a tracer 360 visibility vest! It helps others to see me, but I still can’t see where I’m going! Night runner shoes lights would solve the problem!

  64. I just started running in the wee hours of the morning. As I am new to the whole “no light” running, I find myself holding a head lamp in my hands. I can’t wear it as it is too awkward. I would love to try a tried and true product used by experienced “no light” runners!

  65. I dont run in dark because I dont have any reflective gear or gear with lights. I have been meaning to get a few things for this winter as it’s hard to run outside during daylight with the days being so short. These look awesome and would see a lot of use!!

  66. In addition to reflective gear, I run with my Moms Run This Town group. I think you show up better in a group as opposed to running solo.

  67. I have a blinky green light or two that on put in the back of my hat or shirt and then a headlamp to light the way. Lots of uneven cobblestone like sidewalks in my quaint little downtown area–I’ve known a few people to take a tumble. There is also a lot of traffic, even though we stay on the sidewalks, I’m always making sure the cars see us before we cross any streets!

  68. I use knuckle lights, but I usually only carry one because the batteries burn out so fast. I would LOVE these! No batteries and nothing to carry in my hand!

  69. I have a reflective vest with blinky lights, and when I remember to buy batteries I also have knuckle lights. Now that I have some of my kiddos running with me it would be awesome to have more light to go around!

  70. I’m so afraid someone will hit me or attack me, that I don’t run in the dark! Call me a wimp or a person who lacks night wear!

  71. Well I do pretty much nothing however I stick to the sidewalk. But these would help me avoid massive puddles that soak my full foot! I saw these on Shark Tank and have wanted them since!

  72. I LOVE my Noxgear vest – I will not run in the dark without it. And I wear light colored and reflective clothing. You can’t be safe enough in the wee hours of the morning!

  73. I own reflective EVERYTHING!!! Tights, shirt, compression sleeves, shorts, hats. Ams I don’t mean those little stripes along the sleeves or back. I am talking 360 degrees reflectivity…the selection today is not limited to those mesh vests anymore (hooray!). Many companies make gear that looks innocent enough in daylight,…but has blinding reflectivity in the dark. It’s phenomenal!!! I also use a headlamp and sometimes my iPhone flashlight.
    I would love those shoe lights — I desperately want to order my current running shoes in the ‘flash’ pattern (fully reflective) but they aren’t available in wide widths.

  74. I wear light colored clothing, wear an ATM band that blinks different colors & sometimes takes the BRD that has a blinker on her collar. Would be awesome to have something lighted on the lower half.

  75. I try to wear bright, reflective clothing but I just got a light up vest from Noxgear that I’m really excited to try out!

  76. Fluorescent vest with blinks light clipped to back and headlamp. I guarantee you I wouldn’t have tripped on tiny raised pavement and skinned my knee last week if these amazing lights had been attached to my shoes!!

  77. I wear my lights and bright clothing when I run-alone. But now my 7 yr old started running with me here and there. So when she is with me she gets all the lights ( clip on,headlamp, handheld)and the reflective vest. I really need to stock up on a 2nd set so we both are bright at night.

  78. I don’t run when dark, but if I do I wear white. My husband needs these shoe lights. The time change is brutal for getting in a run!

  79. I wear a flashing light on my coat, an LED light on my wrist to help avoid pot holes, puddles, and icy patches. I also wear light colored clothing with reflective stripes and most importantly run against traffic while being hyper aware of oncoming traffic and moving out of the way!

  80. I wear a headlamp and a flashing armband. And a reflective vest. My husband just laughs and shakes his headHey, safety first baby!

  81. I try to avoid running in the dark but when I do I always wear a reflective vest. However, it doesn’t have lights on it. The Night Runner 270 sounds like an awesome addition.

  82. I have a flip on light and wear reflective shorts but not much else 🙁 I do stay off the street and try to run on the sidewalk, which is not good for my knees. I definitely need these!

  83. Perfect timing! Just finished running in the dark. My lighted armband and flashlight were not enough. Hate carrying things and don’t feel a headlamp is enough.

  84. I run with my Chatty Chick friends at oh dark 45-usually I wear a headlamp but often end my run with a headache. These lights would be an awesome alternative, not to mention how cool it would be running through the fresh MN snow with lights on my shoes!

  85. I have some cheap shoe lights but they’re not very bright. I’ve tried some arm bands but having bright flashing light that close to my eyes gives me a headache. I’ve been wearing a head lamp but it drives me crazy!

  86. I don’t love running in the dark, but when I do, I wear bright clothing, a headlamp and “tail light”. These shoe lights look awesome, would love to try them out!

  87. I am not nearly as careful as I ought to be in the dark. I do have an led bracelet I wear from time to time or a head lamp when I remember. I hate wearing something extra though, so these sound like a great option!

  88. I wear a headlight, just got some clips for around the back of my running shoes w lights, and reflective clothing. Sure would love a pair of these….

  89. to stay visible in the dark while running I wear a headlamp and some sort of reflective clothing. I also have a Nathan light that I clip to my water belt. I have a running partner that wears these shoes lights and they are seriously amazing! I would love to be one of the lucky winners!

  90. I wear a reflective vest and red blinking bracelets as well as a reflective hat and headlamp. I don’t run outside in the dark often though because I need to find some BRFs. As much as I hate it, the treadmill is a safer option when alone. But I’m hoping to make some connections soon.

  91. I run with a headlamp, reflective belt, and reflective ankle wraps on all my early morning runs. I had clips for the back of my shoes but they just died! These lights look awesome!

  92. I wear my Ragnar night gear-reflective vest, headlight and red blinks light on back -I look almost like Rudolph from behind

  93. Since I do not have a light for running, I usually ensure I run with women more equipped than I. I do wear bright clothing! Whenever my weekly run group meets, I try to make sure I team up with someone who has a light!

  94. I wear a reflective vest and hat and carry Knuckle lights. I also just bought a cool reflective jacket from Athleta but have never put any lights on my shoes. I would love to use these!

  95. I don’t run in the dark but my husband does most days. We put a blinking light on our dog and my husband wears a reflective vest but he could definitely use lights like these!

  96. I have a pair of these and a set of knuckle lights, and I wear a reflective vest. But if I win these they will immediately be gifted to one of my early morning BRFs because I love them!

  97. I had some knuckle lights, but I left the batteries in over summer and they corroded. Now I am back to a headlamp(anyone say makes me dizzy with the bouncing). I also wear clothes that are reflective or brightly lit.

  98. I always wear tanks and capris with reflective strips, carry my knuckle lights, and when I remember, slap on a glow bracelet. These shoe lights would simplify and lighten my 5 am runs! Clever idea!

  99. I need these! I’m one of those who should be safer and wear reflective clothing / vest / lights but can’t figure out what to purchase and am running without… I just need to buy something.

  100. Head lamp and reflective vest. I share your frustration with those who don’t run with lights. Some of my favorite motherrunners are guilty of this – and it drives me crazy.

  101. I have a reflective vest and a light that I clip onto my hat. I’ve been looking into lights similar to these that clip onto shoes, and I definitely need some “tail lights”

  102. I have a jacket that is bright yellow and reflective. Also the knee part of my capri running tights is reflective. Still have to be careful though! Those lights would be good for dusk trail running.

  103. Reflective strips on clothing, headlamp, red light on back, no headphones, pause and use caution at all intersections. PS I LOVE these shoe lights!

  104. I wear a reflective vest and attach my dog to a leash that’s reflective the entire length. A good friend recently got hit by a car while biking–on the one day he didn’t wear all of his reflective gear. He’s okay, but reminded everyone that it’s important to light up!

  105. So I have a different perspective! I run dark (though I have a flashlight app on my phone) and I do wear a reflective vest and lit gear for my dog when I take here. Otherwise, my lack of shiny makes me feel safer from the boogie man…weird?? Plus I don’t have traffic where I run…if that makes me sound more sane.

  106. I have a great reflective vest sort of thing. I also have lots of clothing with reflective strips. These shoe lights would just make it that much better.

  107. The majority of my runs begin at 4:30 am so I spend ALOT of time running in the dark! I carry a small (and not especially bright) flashlight and last Christmas my dear husband bought me a light for my shoe and some reflective shoe laces. He thinks I’m nuts and wants me to be safe. He would love for me to have these lights just as much as I would!

  108. Thanks for posting about this. I have friends who run in the dark and wear absolutely no lights or vests. I always wear a reflective vest along with reflective clothing. I also wear a headlamp and knuckle lights. I don’t mind the knuckle lights, but hate the headlamp. I would LOVE to try these lights out. They look amazing!

  109. Without fail I always wear a reflective vest in addition to a headlamp. I would love to ditch the headlamp for these new Night Runner Lights! But as long as it’s still dark during those early morning runs, I’ll wear whatever it takes to be seen. Safety first!

  110. I wear a reflective vest and wear bright clothing. I used to wear a headlamp, but recently I got a pair of Knuckle Lights which I love! I’d love to try something that attaches to my shoes to keep my hands completely free!

  111. I wear a headlamp to see. To be seen I wear light up straps around my ankles, on my arms, and a blinky light on the back waist. I always wear clothes with reflective bits too.

  112. I really want these!! I use a headlamp wrapped around my arm, plus little clip-on blinky lights that ALWAYS BURN OUT. Also have reflective clothing and never run with head phones, so I’m always aware of what could be coming at me.

  113. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am nutty about being seen and constantly fret about those who do not have my same level of concern (a-hem, dear hubbie). Headlamp and reflective gear. I have invested in vests, jackets, tights, shoelaces and a host of other items that have reflective tape/stitching. It is never enough as far as I am concerned. These lights might make it on my Christmas list!

  114. These would be awesome as 5 runs of my week are in the dark early morning hours! Currently I try to wear bright colors with some reflectivity on them and I always use knuckle lights. I also do not leave my neighborhood – opting to do laps in a well-lit area with zero cars.

  115. I wear a headlamp and light colored clothes when I’m running in the dark. But I still worry so I try to do most of my running in the daylight.

  116. I try and wear light colored clothing but I also use knuckle lights. I don’t mind holding them because they stay on without too much effort from me. I used to have a red light for my back side but the battery died and its not replaceable.

  117. I have a reflective vest, a hat with a light, and a couple of clip on lights but it never feels like enough so I limit my early morning and evening runs when it’s dark outside.

  118. I have a reflective PINK jacket and I wear a headlamp when I run at night.
    I gave my reflective vest and blinking tail light to my husband for his bike commute to work. He used to look like a ninja on a bike- clad in ALL black!

  119. I usually just avoid if it’s dark or not well lit, but if I do sneak out, I wear something bright and use my knuckle lights, and get off the road for traffic, I don’t ever trust they will see me, even with lights!

  120. The only time I get to run is at night – either after dinner or while my children are at soccer practice. To stay safe when I run, I have a Nathan reflective vest and a headlamp. The vest does a great job of lighting up my body right where cars headlights shine. My headlamp does a great job showing me where I’m about to put my foot – so hopefully I’ll avoid falling into a hole or twisting my ankle on a rock. The one thing missing is lighting up my feet. And these Night Runner shoe lights would be the perfect addition to help keep me safe during my runs.

  121. I have a patagonia slopeside hoodie in white, and some reflective tights and shoes. But a light! Too bad there are not mini/heaters on those lights.

  122. head lamp and reflective vest (that vest is looking a bit tattered lately) i live in a very rural area and we don’t have a lot of street lights so a head lamp and all the extra lighting is a must

  123. I have a small light that attaches to my shoe laces on one shoe. I also wear a cap that has two lights in the front. Neither are great light, but at least I’m visible.

  124. I wear my husband’s blinkie lights and my hat and jacket are reflective. Although I do try to avoid really dark running, don’t like that at all!

  125. We have knuckle lights (that are old and not completely reliable) and a clip-on blinking red light, but these sound amazing. Nothing to hold!

  126. I have a small clip on light and I’ve really tried to buy more stuff that is reflective or brightly colored (oh-so-sad for this I love everything in the color black lady!).

  127. I wear a reflective vest, head lamp and a red “butt” light. Even with all of these I still end up finding the potholes by stumbling into them.

  128. OMG! This is such a pet peeve of mine! I serously can’t believe when I see runners out in the dark with no lights. Ladi s, I was stuck by a car last year while wearing full reflective gear. It can happen to you too. Plz light up! I wear knuckle lights, a blinkie, and a reflective belt.

  129. Before moving, I used to run with a small light that clipped to my reflective vest. All the boxes have been unpacked, but that little light seems to have disappeared! A set of these lovely lights would be much appreciated!!

  130. I don’t think I’ve ever run in the dark, but it seems like it would be fun 🙂 I do enjoy a dusk run though, and both my dog and I have reflective vests.

  131. I have a headlamp for my front, and a flashing light for my back. And my jacket is flashy/reflective. I also listen to audiobooks, rather than music, which is less distracting – easier to hear cars & things. I run 90% of my miles before 5:30 AM, so I’m always in the dark.

  132. I wear a headlamp, reflective vest/jacket and hat that includes a “tail light.” Dolly wears a strobe light and reflective collar and leash. The only area that doesn’t seem to be well lit is the area right in front of my feet. You know, that place where things exist to jump out and trip me!

  133. I wear a headlamp and a pair of these lights. (On the slim chance I win, I’ll give them to my BRF!)

    PS These lights are amazing for Ragnar. It makes it so easy to pick out your runner from other teams’ runners in the dark.

  134. I wear a reflective vest and have a flashlight that straps to me hand with a blinking light on the backend. When the dog is with, she wears a reflective vest and a blinking light too. I would love to win a pair! But just incase, I am going to put them on my birthday/Christmas list! Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays!

  135. I’m always reminding my morning running groups from Moms Run This Town to wear reflective gear and bring lights. We run twice a week at 5:15am. I wear bright clothing and a reflective vest. I love my Knuckle Lights! My Sweaty Band headband has a reflective strip, and in the colder weather I have an earwarmer that I crocheted with reflective yarn. I also sometimes wear a Saucony jacket that has flashing LED lights built in. I’m all about being safe and seen, and these shoe lights look amazing!

  136. I wear a headlamp with a hat to keep it up but the brim of the hat keeps it from illuminating the sidewalk well. I also try to wear light colored clothes

  137. I love to run at night. I work for a manufacturing company so I wear my safety vest if I am road running and I always wear a head lamp no matter if I am running road or path!

  138. I don’t currently wear lights but have definitely thought about doing so. I stay on sidewalks and try to run in quiet areas like the natural area near our home.

  139. I wear a headlamp, but I really don’t like wearing it. I also wear reflective & try to run in pretty well-lit areas. I’ve been really interested in these shoe lights, however, since Sarah mentioned them on the podcast a while back. As always – fantastic giveaway!!

  140. I have Knuckle Lights and try to wear reflective clothing. My German Shorthaired Pointer, Macy, has her own battery operated lighted collar. I would really prefer the lights on my shoes because Macy is afraid of her shadow that is created by me having the lights on my hand while also holding her leash! 🙂

  141. I have a small headlamp and I try to wear bright shirts, but that’s about all I have been able to do so far. These lights would be amazing as 90% of my runs are while the stars are still out in the morning.

  142. Whoa! I am sooooooo intrigued by these. I wear a reflective vest and a light source. On rainy days, it’s a headlamp that perches above my baseball hat to keep from slipping down. The rest of the time, it’s a light belt. I like that thing a lot, but it has a habit of slipping upward, rather than staying on my hips. Basically, I’m always looking for that “goldilocks” light solution…

  143. To be safe while running in the dark I use a safety vest that lights up as well, a head lamp, knuckle lights and a reflective “slap” bracelet. I also try to wear clothes that are more reflective as well

  144. A headlamp and if the dogs are with me they have LED lights on their collars. If I am running along streets rather than the paved running path I also wear the ugliest reflective vest so cars might think they’re in a construction zone and slow down. It’s on my upgrade wish list.

  145. I do not mess around with this one! I wear a dorky “safety patrol” reflective vest if I run at dawn, dusk or in the dark. If it’s dark, I wear Knuckle Lights or a headlight as well. Safety is a must – I have 3 kids who depend on me!

  146. I wear a headlamp at night, but on long runs, it begins to feel heavy. I’d love to try a light on my shoes instead. Perfect for an upcoming Ragnar trail run!

  147. I totally agree! People worry about being attacked while running at night when – in my opinion – the biggest risk of night running is cars. I wear lights on my feet and arms, plus reflective wear, but would love to try these!

  148. To be honest I try to wear something that has reflective or light color but mostly I just run with my dog. Which is helpful for safety but not in color because she is black

  149. Neon shirt and if it’s cold enough a reflective jacket too. I also have knucklelights to help see and be seen. I have one pair of tights that have good reflective blocks on them as well.

  150. I wear reflective bands on my arms and make sure not to wear all black…but I know I should do more. These would be great!

  151. I wear bright clothes, use only one earbud and carry a small flashlight – yeah, I probably need to step it up a bit. I would so love to win these!!

  152. I stick Athlights on my clothes and carry knuckle lights. I find myself squeezing the KL too tight as I run and am regularly having to tell myself to relax my hands. The shoe lights look awesome!

  153. When lighting is at a minimum, I wear a bright neon yellow, Brooks jacket with reflective inserts, and Nite Ize SlapLit LED Slap Wrap which has a flashing or steady light.

  154. I wear a circular running light that I attach to my waistband of my shorts or tights. It’s a great, bright light. I can’t attach it to my shirt or jacket because it bounces too much so in colde months I hold it in my hand (shirts and jackets cover it when in my waistband). These shoe lights would be AWESOME because regardless of how many layers I’m wearing, I can see the ground and on coming traffic can see me.

  155. My runs are usually always in the early morning before my husband has to leave for work. I wear reflective clothing or bright colors. My Christmas list consist of blinking lights or a reflective chest strap.

  156. I wear reflective clothes & headband and a headlamp. I’ve been looking for something for my shoes, so these would be perfect. I’ve been limiting my runs to the trails since I don’t have many lights yet, but that is getting old quick! These would be an amazing addition!

  157. I am incredibly blessed to be the stay home parent therefore all my runs are during the daylight hours. My husband however needs to run in the dark. He typically just wears brights colors, the reflector vest hangs at home. He will try to just run in neighborhoods that are lit up. He is a running streaker, over 2 years. The other day after a day of travel he ended up getting a mile run in our yard. These Night Runner lights would have been perfect for that.

  158. Headlamp and reflective vest, but the shoe lights would be so awesome! We have so few hours of daylight here (PNW) and sometimes it’s so foggy during the day that my dusk-to -dawn outdoor lights never turn off all day!

  159. The majority of my runs are in the dark before work. I use rechargeable knuckle lights, plus a clip on blinky light on my back.

  160. I frequently run in the dark. I use a reflective vest, headlamp, blinking light on my chest and back, and reflective striping on most of my tights. I’m adding a strobe light handheld water bottle to the mix too. There’s no such thing as too visible!

  161. I wear a strobe attached at the front neck of my shirt and the back of my belt, and my shoes have some reflective strips. I run on the sidewalk, and I ‘d love something more so I can see uneven areas better.

  162. When Sarah mentioned these on Twitter, I immediately sent the link to my husband hinting that they would be a great Christmas present! Right now I use a reflective vest and blinking light. Fortunately, my little town doesn’t come alive until 5:30-6 am, so traffic usually isn’t too much of an issue, but ice will be very soon (I am listening to sleet hit my office window right now).

  163. I have two blinking lights on my backpack, a blinking light on the front chest strap, and a handheld flashlight! And most of my running clothes have some sort of reflective strips.

  164. I look like an Easter egg, everything in day glow. I also have some reflective bands from Brooks I wear on my arms or calves if it is super dark, usually the beginning of a really long run.

  165. I’m a dark o thirty runner and I wear a reflective vest, a headlamp, carry knuckle lights, have a blinking red light attached to my vest in the back and try to buy reflective clothing including my shoes. I LOVE the looks of these Night Runner 270’s and the fact that they’re rechargeable is a BIG bonus. I change the batteries in my headlamp and knuckle lights about once a month sometimes twice. These sound amazing!

  166. These are great! I have knuckle lights, but not the rechargeable ones – so always find myself out of batteries and out of luck. The rechargeable feature on these is brilliant! Not to mention that it will light the way on slippery streets since winter has already found me here in Canada (sigh). My kids are running with me more and more as well, so I need as much light/reflective gear as I can find!

  167. When I run early I wear a headlamp. Last time I fell anyway due to uneven sidewalk. The headlamps also give me a headache. These would be great!

  168. The truth is…. I really need these. Lately I’ve been running a few days a week at 4am and hoping my reflective clothing is enough. That and jumping into the grass anytime the newspaper deliverer comes close to running me down.

  169. I don’t run at night because I don’t have anything to light me up. I often think, man I wish I had something so I could run with at night.

  170. I love starting my day with a run! The light situation, however, has been a struggle. I wear a headlamp even though it gives me a headache. I also wear a vest and a butt light. My friends that go with me don’t wear enough and it makes me nervous. I’d love to try these. Maybe I can sell my friends on some as well!

  171. I routinely run in the dark and rely on only a bit of reflective gear, sadly. I run on the sidewalks most of the time, but still know I need to do more. I have had several friends recommend these and I’d love to try them! Putting them on my wish list! Thanks for the reminder about how important it is to be visible!

  172. I avoid running in the dark but I would love to start. These lights would help me get over my fear of running in the dark!!

  173. Thank you for getting on the soapbox and shouting! This is such an important issue and a pet peeve of mine. In addition to reflective gear, I aim for three points of light – headlamp so I can see where I’m going, shoe light around my heel so people behind me can see me and strobe on the front so people in front can see me.

  174. Such a great message. Saw someone wearing these on a night run last New Year’s Eve but didn’t know how to find them. Now I know.

  175. If I run in the dark I wear a headlamp. I’ve asked for a reflexive best for Christmas, but these would make a great stocking stuffer!

  176. I have small flashing lights that slip on my shoelaces and that I attach to my zipper or elsewhere on my shirt. They both help with being seen but do nothing to help me see. These shoe lights sounds amazing! I am always nervous I am going to trip on a bump in the sidewalk in the dark and these would help with lighting my way!

  177. I wear a reflective vest and a clip on light. I would love to have these shoe lights, for extra visibility! Thanks for the opportunity!

  178. I usually get to avoid the dark thankfully! A headlamp, reflective gear, and blinking red lights for behind are all ready when I get stuck in the dark.

  179. I wear a reflective vest. I have a light up clip for my shoe, but that battery is dead, and I haven’t figured out how to change it.

  180. I haven’t yet invested in lighty things so I don’t run in the dark, which is starting to bum me out. But as a driver who (barely) sees runners I’ve learned something important… what runners think are light impaired conditions and what impairs drivers’ vision are two very different things. Light up like a Christmas tree, my friends!!

  181. I have a reflective vest that I bought from Runners World. It’s not my favorite though….it tends to ride up and get bunched up. I also have running gloves with reflective strips on them. I should have a light though as it gets dark in eastern Ontario way too early these days. We had our first snow storm this week and I grudgingly hammered out a measly 5 km on the treadmill last night as I didn’t want to brave the dark outdoors.

  182. Recently it has been cold here so I have to bundle up, I look like a Bumble but in black so to light up I wear my Amphipod Vest and my Gander Mtn camo hat (my hunting hat) with lights in it. I try to run where the street lights are but the village isn’t to big so the lights run out.

  183. I try to avoid the dark because I don’t have any reflective gear. However, I do like getting a run out of the way in the early morning. I just be sure to stay on the sidewalk.

  184. I carry a lightweight flashlight. But it would be wonderful to have some lights for my shoes, since I run all winter long before it gets light out in the morning.

  185. How do I deal with running in the dark? I don’t go out!! Especially with he shorter days if winter I have really missed the opportunity to go for a run after 5:00 pm!!! I would love these lights to open up the night!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  186. I wear a reflective vest – night or day – once hunting season starts (or did when I was in NY as I was on back roads surrounded by areas where people were hunting). I also have slap bracelets that are reflective I wear. I have Nathan flashing light that I put on my backside. I also will run with my headlamp, regardless how long I’ll be in the dark.

  187. I’m probably one of the runners to whom you need to preach. I have a reflective vest, but don’t wear it as often as I should. All of my weekday runs start at 5am, so this is one prize I could really use!!

  188. My 5 am running friends and I carry lights and wear what the workers at the airport wear, all “High Visibility” clothing. We have it all…long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, lighter spring/fall time coats all the way to the coats that keep you warm down to -30 something (I hope I have the sense to skip a run when it gets that chilly here in Michigan!). Since wearing the hi-vis garb, not one of us has ended up in a ditch or had any near misses! Fingers crossed this trend continues.

  189. I have a headlamp, a reflective vest, and an ankle light. I have to admit, I am not that great at wearing it all in the morning because I usually run on sidewalks with lots of street lighting and there is little traffic. In the evening though, I wear it all!

  190. I have several tools in my arsenal. I use a headlamp that has a variety of settings and will blink when a car is coming to alert them of my presence. I also use a blinky light on the back of my hat that is red and has a variety of blinking functions. My saucony jacket has reflectivity built in and then if it is too warm for that, I wear a reflective harness. My dogs also have reflective harnesses and my hands free leash is reflective as well. In hunting season, my dogs also wear safety vests just in case. I take running safety very seriously! Too many people are NOT paying attention at 4:30 in the morning when we are running!

  191. I don’t run in the dark because I don’t have enough reflective and light up gear. In the winter months this drastically reduces my mileage and I have to resort to the treadmill. I’d love to give these shoe lights a try!

  192. Headlamp and what looks like a crossing guard strappy get-up that blinks tiny red dots. I am still dreaming of one of those night glowing jackets NIKE made a few years ago, but there were so expensive I just couldn’t do it.

  193. I will admit I don’t run in the dark because I am afraid of the dark. However my 76 year old mother walks in the dark. I have gotten her flashing light to wear on her jacket and she puts some on her dog. I have also gotten her a reflective vest. She had always carried a flash light. She could use light for her shoes so she can see the ice, sidewalk cracks better.

  194. My family wears the headlamp, reflective vest and any clothing that has extra reflective tags on them. BUT clearly this is still not enough. My husband & 13 year old son we hit by a car last week. I now want to light my family up like a Christmas tree. Thankfully, they are both ok…..BUT I cannot stress how much this has made me angry & sick to my stomach. Running is the glue that keeps my big ass family going. I’m now on the hunt for some serious gear that shines bright so we can all get back to doing what we love. I would love to give these shoe lights to my little man in my life. He’s been pretty upset about what happened last week. Thank you so the safety shout out SBS!!!!!

  195. I used to use small attachable lights, but when my work schedule changed and I had to go out even earlier, I switched to a headlamp. I thought I would hate it – but I don’t even notice it. It’s so bright, I picked a great model and I’ve actually had other runners stop me and ask me what kind it is and where I bought it!

  196. Knuckle lights have made their appearance with the sun setting so early (mostly an evening runner here), and I try to save my tights with reflective strips on them for those dark runs. They definitely eat batteries but I have learned to store them with the batteries out and it makes a difference.

  197. I wear a reflective vest and my headlamp (with the strap let out) around my waist and also carry a flashlight. I usually try to wear a really bright shirt, also.

  198. I used to rely on my awesome Saucony jacket with built in lights, but learned the hard way that being visible to others is great, but does nothing to help ME see things like puddles, potholes, or sidewalk cracks. I bought some knuckle lights but they eat batteries like I eat M&Ms. Also, I bet these shoe lights would make picking up after my dog ever so much easier! Fun fact – dog poop and fallen leaves look alike in low light.

  199. I try and make myself wear either my head lamp or those lights you wear on your hands. I don’t find either to be very comfortable so I admit that often I defer to bright clothing…

  200. I wear a reflective vest and carry a flashlight with me. My BRF does the same and we always run together when we have to run before sunrise.

  201. I wear a white sweatshirt and white hat, not great at all, I could really use these shoe lights! Love seeing all these good ideas too. Thank you ladies!

  202. I use a light that is like one of those “slap-style” bracelets. You choose where you want to wear it, and then just “slap” it into place. I always wear it on my upper arm and it never moves during my run. It’s ridiculously bright and you can set it to either just stay on continuously or it can flash. I bought it at Lee Valley Tools. Its fantastic!

  203. I have an armband that lights up and an led light that clips to my running hat—- I did just dig out a light in a headband thing my son got for xmas a couple of years ago and figure I can put that over my knit hat! Also I wear ridiculously bright colors— I keep having runners go by in grey and black and you can’t see them at all!! Would love to add to the collection as I’m beginning to realize I need more! Also really like the rechargeable part of the lights!! Then I’ll need to get a recharging station just for all my running gear( watch, headphones, phone…)!!

  204. I wear a headlight & Noxgear lighted vest. The vest was pricey but SO worth every penny. People can see you from a half mile away. I also carry pepper spray and keep my finger on the button when I run alone in the morning. I did stop to tell a runner once that I couldn’t see her (she was also running with traffic, but I could only discuss one thing at a time). Sometimes people think “If I can see a car, then they can see me.” Not true.

  205. I wear a reflective vest and carry a flashlight. Would LOVE to try the Nightrunners on my first Ultra (December 31st …Pistol Ultra)…I am already a little nervous about this distance and looking at my feet all lit up could take my mind off the distance! Hahaha!

  206. I bought a set of lights last winter for my cold, dark early morning runs. I live in a neighborhood that is still under construction, so I have to have lights to see construction debris, mud, and other stuff on the sidewalks. My lights were put away somewhere in the spring, after daylight returned, but now I have no idea where they are. I need a new set of lights so that I can’t use that as an excuse to stay in bed. 😉

  207. These look amazing! I carry a knuckle light (only one because pepper spray is in the other hand) and wear reflective strips on my upper arms and clothing. But often wonder if cars can see me. I do assume that they DON’T see me which is the safest way to go.

  208. I run in the morning and probably don’t light up as much as I should… I wear a coat or vest with reflective strips and carry a knuckle light. (I run through a neighborhood with decent street lights and the major road has a well-lit sidewalk.)

  209. I do most runs in the early morning! I use a headlamp and a reflective jacket! If I can’t find my headlamp I use a small flashlight and shine it toward cars as they come by and look for potholes!!!

  210. I wear a light in the front which means no one can see me from the back. I find my main problem is seeing the ground so I don’t fall. So, I carry a flashlight which I don’t really like to do. But, I’ve already fallen once this year and broken a bone. Don’t want that to happen again.

  211. I had light which clipped to the back of my shoes, one fell off. 🙁 I normally wear knuckle lights, but they are in need of replacement. Thus, I have been running the mill.

  212. Reflective vest and headlamp. I also want to yell at runners I see who are not lit up!! Would love these shoe lights.

  213. Right now I’m using a vest, headlamp and tail light on the back of the vest. It doesn’t seem like enough most times, though and I’m constantly searching for another good solution.

  214. I keep meaning to buy some sort of lights for dark running- which is the early morning for me- but have failed to do so. I do have a reflective vest and this was a great reminder to actually put it on and keep myself safe!!

  215. I wear a headlamp, a vest and some of my clothes have small reflective stripes.
    These shoe lights are pretty awesome though. My biggest complaint about my headlamp is that it can start to hurt my head.

  216. Yes! I agree completely and jump on the same soapbox often. I currently use a reflective vest and knuckle lights. During winter I have a jacket that lights up. I recently bought a hat with lights but haven’t tried it out yet… these look awesome!

  217. I wear a headlamp and my brightest gear when I run before the sun is up but know I should step up my game– would love some shoe lights!

  218. I have a small light clipped to my shoe and a flashing light on the back of my shirt. Would love lights tat shine ahead of me to see better.

  219. Reflective clothing and a light on my arm. My dogs also wear a light on their collars since I am always walking or running in the dark this time of year in canada!!

  220. Since I only run in the late evening, or super early morning, I have to be well lit! I used to run with knuckle lights, but found that I ran in the rain often enough that they were getting ruined, AND, I couldn’t hold onto my TigerLady claw and knuckle lights. So, I have a headlamp now and wear bright colors. If I had these, I could use them to light my way and use my headlamp on the flashing red light function to increase my visibility! 🙂

  221. I wear a reflective vest & carry Knuckle Lights, but the KLs don’t fit my hands well (too big for my tiny hands) and the shoe lights look much better!

  222. I have a bright yellow reflective vest over I wear over my bright yellow top, which I wear in the early spring /late summer when I am running outside. At this point in the year I am not running in the dark, I’ve been hitting the gym.

  223. I don’t do anything because I figure I am running on sidewalks… but thanks for the reminder. I would like to try these out.

  224. I wear reflective gear, I carry a neon green light stick/flashlight (loving referred to as my light saber!) and a headlamp — and NO earbuds. My neighborhood has no street lights or sidewalks so it’s important for me to be able to hear and be seen!

  225. I wear reflective clothing and stick to the sidewalks. And I have a headlamp that I put around an ankle instead of my head to help light the sidewalks better since they are full of bumps and holes around here.

  226. Not enough! Just moved from the treadmill to outdoors and loving it. Currently only have a hand me down reflector vest and a light I clip on my cap brim. Hoping Santa is generous and some reflective clothing, etc turns up under the tree.

  227. I wear a reflective vest and sometimes some clip on lights when I run before sunrise. I always make sure my clothing is light colored and my jacket has reflective stripes. These lights sound like the ideal way to be seen!

  228. I wear light colored reflective vest (lovingly referred to as “bite me yellow”), a head lamp, and various clip-on lights on my shoes and pack. I like to wear at least two lights of different colors. I am a bit frustrated with myself because I stopped wearing my pink lights due to worry about safety implications of wearing a flashing light that seemed to literally state “Hey, I’m a lady runner”. I find it interesting that most men whom I encounter in the mornings are not wearing any lights or reflective gear.

  229. I wear a reflective vest, a lighted cap, and my kids ‘glow sticks’. The dog has a light leash. But I don’t think it’s enough. I need more lighting. As I also carry mace with me.

  230. I wear reflective clothing and do my best to stick to lit sidewalks, but I’d feel a lot more comfortable with something like this!

  231. I use reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. I also run a circle in my neighborhood where there is very little traffic. The circle is only a little over 1/4 of mile so that I am close to home.

  232. I wear a headlamp & reflective vest. I also wear a blinky light on my arm but definitely would like to find a way to light up my legs, feet so people can see the movement.

  233. Those night runners look awesome! I wear a reflective vest with 2 blinking lights in the front and one in the back. I also have a head lamp and try not to wear dark colors

  234. I wear reflective clothing, a flashing arm band, & carry a flashlight too. Use it flash in the road to watch for potholes as well to signal cars.

  235. I wear a Black Diamond Sprinter, a Road ID blinkie light, and an Amphipod Xinglet. And my heart hurts when I see non-lit-up runners. I know there are people who would be devastated if they were hurt!

  236. I have a headlamp and 2 reflective “snap brackets” I use to light myself. I just got some Sugoi tights that have micro dots all over them and make me look white when artificial light hits them. My hubs says I’m very high vis! I asked for a matching Jacket for Xmas!

  237. I wear a headlamp. My run club runs Tuesdays at 6:30 in MA. It is DARK. Some other members wear reflective clothes, but no light. I always have friends to run with because everyone likes to see where they are going:)

  238. Years ago I ran a 200-mile relay. They made us wear these strappy, yellow safety vests. I thought it was a waste of money at the time, but now I wear it anytime I run without the sun. (It’s also pretty handy now that it’s hunting season around here!)

  239. I wear obnoxiously bright clothes. I once had someone yell “where’s the batteries” and my husband has told me I’d be safe hunting in that outfit. The zipper broke on my bright jacket though ☹️️

  240. Headlamp: Recently while out running one dark morning I encountered a runner who was running in the opposite direction past me. I gave him a friendly “good morning” and he responded with “cricket headlight. Maybe I could avoid this comment if my lights were on my shoes.

  241. I run in my small town at 4:00 in the morning. I stick to the well-lit areas of the main street even if it means doing a loop or two for a longer run. I always wear bright colors – I have an awesome neon yellow windbreaker with reflective strips and my husband bought me a pair of tights that look like they have bubbles printed on them, that are actually reflective. In the summer, I wear a light that clips on to the brim of my hat, but in the winter I wear a headband or knit cap, so that doesn’t quite work. I’ve tried wearing lighted arm bands, but find they slide down my arm.

  242. I run at 5:30 in the morning here in South Dakota and it is very dark. I have a reflective vest and some clip on lights but it would be great to have these on my shoes! It would help to light up the road so I could see when a patch of ice is on the road or a rock! Run on 🙂

  243. It’s 4 am and I’m up! Ready for the day. It’s pitch black but I’ve got my knuckle lights, tights that are reflective and a jacket that practically lights up it’s so reflective. For Christmas I’m asking for a red light to clip to the back of my jacket…but these shoe lights would be perfect to increase my visibility!

  244. I try to run with someone. I always let someone know where I’m running. No headphones in the dark, and I wear a headlamp and as much reflective clothing as possible.

  245. Reflective vest, headlamp, small hand held flashlight, reflective top but if that’s dirty bright/light colors especially at dusk. When there is even less shoulder on the road, like we have now after our hit with snow, I’ll pull out those small clip lights and attach them to my reflective vest.

  246. Because safety is a huge concern for me and I live in an area not safe for anyone running alone I often have to run on the treadmill at the Y. It’s safer but I still feel uncertain at times. It’s open 24 hrs and I workout at 4 am. I’ve encountered some sketchy characters at that hour. I have my phone ready to dial 911 in a flash.

  247. I run back country roads pre-dawn. No street lights. I wear a headlamp, reflective vest and blinky back light. I also try to point my headlamp directly at drivers so there is no doubt that they see me. Still, I have taken many a header in a pothole (or scurrying over mice/squirrels who dart in my path) as I have to choose where to point my light. I was once stopped by the local Sheriff to complement my on my visibility 🙂

  248. I wear a head lamp, but have been wanting to beef up my visability lately after neighbors have started voicing concern over my early morning runs in the dark!

  249. I wear a headlamp. It works pretty well but I would love to try these. I have seen them advertised and they look like they would do the trick.

  250. Amphipod over bright orange vest with blinking lights clipped on plus my beloved knuckle lights. They are my new favorite accessory!

  251. I wear a headlamp and a reflective vest. The shoe lights would be a great addition in the early morning trying to avoid the unevenness of the road/sidewalk.

  252. I wear a reflective vest, a headlamp, and red blinky light for the back. Our whole group is pretty good about this, and drivers have pulled over in the past to compliment our being “lit up like Christmas.” Still, I occasionally trip. I wonder if shoe lights would help with thay, or if I’m doomed to be clumsy forever?

  253. I felt like you were writing to me in this post! My husband and I both run in the dark in the morning (alternating time or days since we have 3 little ones at home) and we don’t have any lights or anything. We do try to run where there are street lights so we can see most of the time.

  254. I’ll wear light colored clothing, a reflective vest, and a headlamp if I’m out early morning before the sun! I need to invest in more lights, as these dark winter days are here.

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