Hump Day Running Giveaway: a Polar M400 GPS Running Watch

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Here are the days when sunshine filters through open windows, our little cherubs wake bright-eyed and chipper, when morning cereal and cartoons lead into long pool days that end with Popsicle treats, when backyard BBQs transform as neighborhood block parties, and summer reading programs inspire afternoon quiet time and late-night armchair travel!

Wait… what? Whose summer looks like that? “Not mine” said the little red hen…

The reality is that our days are more often a a mashup of camp schedules, pick ups and drop offs, playdates, games, endless trips to the store (we're out of Popsicles again?!?!), houses cluttered with the aftermath of said activities, and always hungry bellies begging for more. The reality is that the hope of a long run has become a mad dash out the door because there’s always someone on our hip, at our heels, or underfoot.

So, Mother Runners: We need to unite, we need to be swift, and we need to be organized in order to get out and run. That's where Polar—yes, Polar of-all-things-fitness-tracking-related—comes in to help you out. Specifically, they're setting up a couple of you with brand-spanking-new M400 GPS running watches.


We need to be swift: The M400’s built-in GPS keeps track of your pace, distance and altitude. With the “Back to start” feature you can safely explore new routes.

We need to be organized: It tracks your steps, activity, sleep and calories 24/7, encouraging you to stay active every day.

We need to unite: Plan, sync and share your training (with your fellow Mother Runners) using the exclusive Polar Flow online service and mobile application.

Ready to #win at #summer vacation? (Or at least be pulled together enough to make it out the door?) Two random runners will win the Polar M400 GPS Running Watch, a $179 value. To enter, tell us: if you could give the M400 any capability (running related or not), what would you track? No activity is too little or too big. Tell us in the Comments section below this blog post on our website, and you’ll be entered to win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 7/13/16 and ends on 7/19/16. We will announce two random winners on our Facebook page on 7/21/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $179. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

546 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: a Polar M400 GPS Running Watch

  1. I would like to track how many hours I am spending on the internet, just to keep that time limited. I think it would really help!

  2. It would be terrific if it tracked everything I ate, without me having to write it or enter it into a database. And then, on some days, not very day, tell me when I should rethink the eating decision I am about to make!

  3. I’d love to track all of the times that I think about shortening my route during a run and the amount of time that it takes me to convince myself to keep going. What a fantastic giveaway!!

  4. I’m 12 weeks pregnant and looking forward to tracking all the miles this little bean and I log together before they join us in January!

  5. Bummer. First time I read this I thought it was tell us what you would want the Polar to do – answer – drive my car and get my kids to camps and practices. I suppose tracking when I had to drive the carpool would also be helpful, but not nearly as much as if it could take over the driving. 😉

  6. I would love for it to track where all of the great sales on running shoes and running gear are and turn by turn directions to the stores!

  7. I would like it to remind my kids to fold and put away their laundry because it drives me crazy how many times I have to say it.

  8. I would like it to track how often I start thinking that I have lost my speed so it could send me a jolt and remind me that all is well…

  9. I’d want it to track my kids’ sleep cycles so I could run without the constant fear of hearing the baby monitor go off before I’ve even run a mile. Though the fear does make me run faster 🙂

  10. I need something that will alert me when I walk out the door, “Keys? Wallet? Phone? Headphones? Water?” so I don’t waste precious run time walking back & forth from the car to the house when I forget it all.

  11. Sleep for sure. For some reason I’m obsessed with this info. Maybe it’s cause once I know how little I’m getting I feel better being tired all the time.
    A really cool, but totally unrealistic thing to have it track would be body fat %.

  12. It would track my mood, and when needed give me pep talks such as “you look so cute today!” Or “your are indeed bombdiggity” and “you just rocked that workout!” Even better if it could be in Daniel Craig’s voice please. Thanks!

  13. Oh wow! My first thought was “track steps!” but it seems it already does that. I’d like it to measure sweat output to make sure I’m rehydrating well.

  14. I would want it to track my nutrition without me having to input anything in, it would just know what I ate.

  15. I think it should track number of dishes I wash and items of clothing folded. There has to be some calories burned in housework.

  16. I’d love for it to track the number of times per day that I think to myself I’d rather be out running right now.

  17. I would love for it to track when the combined contents of my refrigerator and cupboards do not add up to an actual meal, and it would preferably do this before 5:30 pm when the entire family is standing in the kitchen ready to eat.

  18. I would make it have teleport capabilities so that I wouldn’t have to waste time sitting in traffic to and from work. I would have so much more time to run!

  19. For work purposes I’d want it to track miles between clients’ houses for when I forget to reset my trip odometer…

  20. I’d love for it to track positive thoughts. That way I could get a base line and make sure those negative voices don’t take over.

  21. HR! I want more HR data! I’d give the sleep tracking a try and the return to start feature. I’m forever getting “lost” on the trails near my house. Why do those trails never look the same?

  22. I would like it to track how many times I think about eating a non-nutritious snack and then calculate the rate at which I eat/do not eat the unhealthy snack.

  23. I would love to track my heart rate. I would love to know what calories I burned not only running but during my strength training and cross training sessions.

  24. I wish it could take the calories burned and tell me what calorie-equivalent treat I could have!!

  25. I’ve never used a fitness tracker, so I’d love it to track running, walking, & fitness classes/crosstraining (can it do all that?)

  26. I would want Dimity and coach MK’s voice to come out of the watch when my heart rate goes over 140 beats per minute and say “slow down! But you are coached and loved!”

  27. I would like it to track the runs I almost skip because I don’t feel like I have it in me which then turn out to be the runs that feel so good they make me feel like a “real” runner despite only starting a year ago and having only two halfs and a handful of shorter distances under my belt.

  28. I have a garmin right now but the white polar looks so much cuter – and who doesn’t need that pick me up when they’re running?! I would love it to track my HR in big bold numbers across the screen, and nothing else, so I don’t get distracted by the rest of the running numbers.

  29. I would track how many steps my 7 year old takes and calories he consumes. I’m guessing 1 million is the answer to both!

  30. I would track quality time with loved ones. Its precious time that we can never replace or get back. I want to make sure I am spending enough time with loved ones.

  31. I would like to track how many calories are going in based off of what goes in my mouth! No entering in any data about what I just ate, just give me a number on that donut and keep a running total for the day 🙂

  32. The ability to pause time. Not the timer. To stop and take a look around. To take a breather when mom overload happens. To pause and enjoy each age of your kids.

  33. I would like a watch that could give you storm warnings. Weather seems to blow up quickly and can be dangerous on long runs in the country.

  34. I wish it would fold my laundry. Lol. I know that’s a pipe dream and I am looking at a mountain of clean laundry right now. But seriously tracking my sleep would be awesome. Thanks.

  35. A patience meter. It would let me know when I need to take a self imposed time-out before any damage is done.

  36. I would love to see a “running buddy” feature. Many times neighbors and fellow runners are out at the same insane hour pounding the pavement and we miss each other by a street or few minutes.

  37. I would want it to track the number of questions my 5 year old asks every day. I’ve tried keeping a Tally but always give up before 9am. My best estimate is 2000 but a watch that could track this would be AWESOME!

  38. I’m curious about it’s sleep & step tracking. My current GPS watch doesn’t have those capabilities so I wear another device for sleep & steps.

  39. I’d love a watch that could track how much time/energy/calories I spend doing errands, chauffeuring children, cleaning the house, cooking the dinner, etc on my days “off”.

  40. A watch that could play music and customize the tunes to my cadence and pace — faster beats for my speedwork, slow and steady for hill repeats, bouncy for my easier long runs. Customized inspiration in my ear is just one step short of somebody doing my run for me!

  41. I would love an alarm that let me know when I reach my calorie intake for the day every day! Would be a great reminder to eat often and smart to fuel my body correctly!

  42. I’d like a watch that tracks intervals and that you can change the intervals easily. And yes calories in without being told would be awesome.

  43. I would want it to track how many miles I drive carting my kids from place to place! They seem to think everywhere is “only 5 minutes away”!

  44. How many trips/miles back and forth to appts/practice/errands during the week…I just need ONE free day at home!!!

  45. I would love a GPS watch that tracks not only running, but swimming as well -specifically, open water. I also like tracking my sleep and my daily heart rates (not just exercise). I know there are triathlon watches that track run, bike, swim, but they are HUGE on my small wrist and they don’t track sleep and all- day heart rates.

  46. I wish it would track my serving sizes…it could beep when I’ve had enough chips and guac or Boom Chicka Popcorn.

  47. I wish it could be my “food police”. As soon as I start to eat something bad an alarm would go off and tell me “do you really want to eat that?”!

  48. I wish it could track everything I put in my mouth without me having to tell it what it was. I am not a good calorie counter 🙁

  49. I wish it could track how much quality time I spend with each of my children. Quality being the key word. It’s been a goal of mine to try to make sure all 5 of them get a little extra quality time, but it’s hard to keep track!!

  50. I would love it if it could sense when I need a little motivation and deliver me a message right when I need it most. For example, if I am starting to struggle on a run, it would remind me that I am a BAMR – similar to other runners who cheer you on during a race.

  51. I wish it could track how many times I remind my children to shut the door behind them as they walk in and out of my house all day long on these hot summer days!

  52. I would love for it to have a special power to make my kids get along! Some days, that’s when I want to go for a run the most: so I can get away from the screams of “Mom (enter name here) hit me in the stomach!”

  53. I’d like it to have the power to record calories as they’re going in my mouth…not just what I expend! 🙂

  54. I would so love to win this! I would want this to track if I’ve been sitting too long and have it give me a gentle zap to get up from the desk and move around.

  55. Would love to have a Polar. Not sure if it can take voice recordings but it would be great to record the ideas that come up on the run.

  56. A reminder for my required workout for the day and don’t stop the reminders until the workout is started!!!!

  57. I have been using the Maf method this summer with my iPhone and checking my heartrate every few minutes. The Polar would be awesome!

  58. I’d love to see how much time I have left to run. Seems like my Garmin can only tell where I’ve been but not how far left to go.

  59. I’d like the M400 to track my weight. I’ve always wonder at what point in the day my weight fluctuates and what I’m eating or doing to make it change.

  60. I would love it to help with credit. Keep track of what to pay when. How much to pay to make my credit score increase optimally. Basically help make achieving great credit easier with less guess work and then help you maintain that great credit.

  61. Track my kids stuff. Their practices, assignments, appointments, game practices and schedules. Test dates for sure! Anything kid related for sure.

  62. Keeping track of when library books are due and kids homework assignments;) And maybe my monthly cycle automatically since I don’t have much time to focus on myself;)

  63. Can it send some electric shocks to motivate me to get outta bed in the morning?? Ah, motivation…where are you? Seriously though, I would love to win this!! I’ve been trying to save my nickels to get myself a GPS watch…

  64. I would love to be able to enter perceived effort on the go with a mutlitap or press function. It’s hard to remember and can be valuable as we train our brain and body to work more efficiently together.

  65. It could synch with my todo list and shopping list so as I th k of stuff I need to get or get done while I’m out running, it’s populating the lists for me.

  66. This thing is exactly what I need to prepare for Ragnar Napa!! Wouldn’t it be great if it could track the whole team’s progress!!

  67. I’d like to have the ability to track all the things I ponder during the work day. I’m not a fan of difficult decisions!

  68. I would want it to be able to track my cell phone. I’m always putting it down somewhere and can’t find it. A GPS watch needs to be able to play hot and cold to find my phone!

  69. It would be helpful if it could keep track of when “my time” is each month. I always forget and often get surprised.

  70. Would love for it to remind me to do kegels, drink water, and get to bed on time! Doing those three consistently would definitely improve my run times!

  71. I would love for it to recommend running routes to me! Also track improvement over time and show how much faster/slower you are getting so I don’t have to figure it out myself.

  72. I am training for a full and am in need of something that does more than my fitbit! I would like to see my distance and pace!

  73. I would love if it could track water intake… And when we need more toilet paper!!! Teenagers do not tell you if they took the last roll!!

  74. I’d love it if I could track my work-related goals: sales calls made, conversions, etc. I need something fun and functional that isn’t my laptop.

  75. I would love for it to tell me that it’s time for a new pair of shoes, instead of me waiting for my feet to cry, “we have had enough!”

  76. It would track my 18 month old’s eating habits. If we get close to three hours without a snack, trouble can arise!

  77. I’d love to know how many times a day I tell my three little boys to “stop being so disgusting.” 🙂

  78. Hmmm… I can think of many things to track, haha! I will go with drinking enough water/fluid to stay properly hydrated. I know I should be drinking water, but get so busy at work I forget. I guess if it ‘beeped’ at me, reminding me to drink that would be even better!

  79. I’d love to be able to track my weight-lifting. How many reps I did, using how much weight, yielding xxx calorie burn.

  80. I’d use it to count how many times my kids say “Mommy!” in a day. I’ve always wondered 🙂 (sure seems like a lot!!)

  81. super power — that it would give me directions to keep me on my way on long trail runs, and tell me how far back to the start!

  82. I would track my run and it would tell me when I was slacking off or going steady as well as remind me to go run or when I miss a training session. In other words my own running coach

  83. A “keep calm and be patient” alert. Especially when it comes to my kids. A little beep beep beep telling me to take a deep breath and remember that the are only 6 and to enjoy the moment you are in with them because they will be adults way sooner than I want them to be. It would be priceless.

  84. I would give it a dictation feature similar to the Dragon program. I am working with a nutrition counselor so while writing down everything I eat is helpful it’s also time consuming.

  85. Shoe mileage – yes! And how many pieces of licorice I’ve eaten this week. Oh wait – maybe not that last one!

  86. I would track the mileage I accrue each day as I chase around my 3 kids and keep up on all of their activities!!! Ok, I would track my mileage on runs as well! 🙂

  87. track all that goes in my mouth!! And be my coach – when I get ready to run, preload my plan in so that it tells me when to run, when to speed up, when to slow down, what to do next 🙂 And when I wake up tell me what I should wear according to the weather!!! about moods. Can it track my cranky moods and prepare me for when they are about to hit again?

  88. I agree with one of the above comments – shoe mileage! I think there’s a gadget I can buy that does that, but I haven’t gotten around to getting one yet.

  89. I would love it if it would track my time talking to people! Love my friends, co-workers, even strangers I connect with, but sometimes you need to stop the talk and get down to getting things done!

  90. I’d love something to automatically track reading minutes for my kids without another form for ME to fill out! I’m pretty over tracking reading time!

  91. I would love for it to track the number of times I am called “Mom!”, or “Nurse!” in one day. I bet it exceeds the number of steps I get somedays. 🙂

  92. If it were ever to be I would love for it to track my negativity so I could work harder to turn it around to a more positive light. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  93. I’m new to the GPS running watch scene, I previously just used my phone. However, I love the fact that this watch can track my steps and sleep and my runs. It’s the perfect mutlifunction tool to help me develop more healthy habits!

  94. I’d give that Polar M400 the ability to tell me to rest! I have a crazy schedule and many days I just keep going and going. Occasionally I could use a reminder to take some (okay, just a little) down time!

  95. Oh so many things!! Resting heart rate, stress levels, mileage by run/day/week/month, recovery time, hydration level, diet tracking….

  96. I would love to be able to tell it what I need it to do. I find that the older I get the less patience I have for operating things with little buttons.

  97. I would like for it to track my miles ran for the week and also my calories burned for my crossfit class.

  98. I would like my calories and macros automatically added for the day. As in I don’t have to enter a thing. The devise could sense it. I want to be lazy like that!

  99. I like to be able to see total miles per week, month, and calendar year. Does it do that? I’ve been saving up insurance points to be able to get a more advanced watch like this so I don’t know all of the perks yet!

  100. I’m going to have to agree with the comment above me. But instead of “mom, watch this!”, it’s “mom, look at me.” A close second would be “can I have something to eat?”

  101. First of all, your reference to the Little Red Hen is epic. Thanks for that chuckle this morning. Secondly, being a middle-aged Mom who just this morning caved to the whole Pokemon Go phenom (and has already come up with two excuses to leave my office to ‘stretch my legs’), can I get a watch to track my myriad of questions I keep asking my younger co-workers? Because clearly none of us is getting any work done and I think I’ve asked the same things at least three times… #pokemonfail

  102. There are a lot of good ideas for things to track in these comments! I would love hydration tracking, and recovery times, how long should I wait before going on a hard workout again.

  103. If my watch could count how many “mom, watch this!” I hear in a day, that would be pretty funny and awesome.

  104. I would have it track my sleep patterns and tell me just what the best temperature is to maximize my sleep. I am finally learning/understanding the importance of sleep!

  105. I would love it to tell me that I still have more in me…I don’t think I push myself enough and I doubt myself that I can do more. That, and dinner on the table would be nice 🙂

  106. If that device could plan my next week’s meals and make my grocery list, that would be amazing. I spend half my runs trying to think of “what’s for dinner” only to find when I get home that I don’t have time to make what I fantasized about or am no longer wanting it.

  107. How about if the Polar M400 GPS Running Watch could automatically track and capture all the Pokemon Go characters I encounter on a run! Or just how many times I hear my boys yell “Mom!” throughout the day.

  108. My wish is that it would have the capability to whip up a smoothie and some ice cold Nuun, and have it waiting for me when I walk through the door after my run!

  109. Besides being able to upload my playlist so I don’t need to carry my phone, I would like it to have a button I could push if I felt in danger that would go to 9-1-1.

  110. The responses to this question are hilarious! I would give the M400 the ability to play music for me. And I wouldn’t need headphones because it would have a super powerful tiny speaker.

  111. I’d love some hydration tracking. I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with that lately, so it’d be nice to have something bugging me more about it! 🙂

  112. My function I would like is a friendly reminder that it is time to foam roll. I know that I need to do it. I have the gear to do it. After work and getting food on the table, dishes done, and at least one batch of laundry. I sit my caboose in front of that T.V and zone out.

  113. I would give the Polar M400 the ability to track insect populations and emit an odorless (to me) insect repellent. Horse flies especially would fear the M400.

  114. Auto-reply to my children when they call/text me while I’m on a run: “you’re old enough to do it yourself OR go ask your dad.”

  115. I wish it would record and interpret everything without requiring manual input: caloric intake; weather conditions; mood fluctuations; stress level; sleep data; hormone levels. It would then let me know what to adjust to maximize health and quality of life experience!

  116. I am pretty simple. I want it to have a really loud alarm that doesn’t turn off till you get up and walk 15 ft or something like that. A watch that could do that would be amazing!!!

  117. I would want it to be able to send my location to my non-running husband without the use of other devices. Going for a run should be simple, uncomplicated. One device to handle it all would be awesome!

  118. I would love for it to track the macros! Eat an egg, boom! Marks a protein. Cookie? boom! Carb. Tow fists of greens? Boom! Gives me a prize!

  119. I don’t have time to analyze and record every little stat regarding the weather when I run – I know high humidity, bright sunlight, etc, definitely make a difference in my running but it would be great to have that tracked for me- then I would know what to expect out of each run based on the weather (in addition to lack of sleep or sore muscles)!

  120. If anything was possible I would love to have a device that could track calories, macronutrients, and water consumption without having to enter anything!

  121. Maybe if I tracked the calories I burn preparing mails and snacks for my hungry kids, I would be less crabby about it. All four of my kids are teenagers this summer. And it is practically a full time job keeping them fed. Granted, they are old enough to cook for and feed themselves, but I still need to plan, shop and prep for it all. Seems like I barely have one meal cleaned up and someone wants a snack or to know when it’s time to eat again.

  122. I would want it to track the mood my kids are in before I return home from a run so i can be prepared when I walk into the house! Nothing ruins a good run like a kid’s bad attitude the second you walk in the door 😉

  123. I would like it to track if I have had too much sugar or not enough wine for when it is mommy’s time out

  124. I’d like it to track and alert me when it’s the perfect time of day to run so I don’t let that moment slip by!

  125. It would track and display a frustration meter so when the kids push Mom’s buttons one too many times, I could show them the meter is rising, rising, rising so they back off. Conversely, when things are going well, it could display a happy meter for all to admire!

  126. I would love it to tell me what to make for lunch and dinner for everyone. It’s just one thing I despise thinking about every day! “Hey, Polar, what’s for dinner tonight? And do I have what I need in the pantry to make it?!”

  127. Wish it had voice capability so I could record “I said no” “go back to bed” “pick up your stuff in the living room” “stop talking toys from your sister” the phrases that I am constantly saying through out the day with 5 kids.

  128. I like a watch that can tell me current pace and let’s me know temperature, humidity and dew point. I also like to cross train so it would be nice to track for cycling and swimming.

  129. I would love for it to track how many calories I actually spend just heading my 1yr old twins around! I’m exhausted lol

  130. I would track my dog’s workout – good to know his pace, when he’s getting too tired and should head home and when he needs a rest day. The big yellow dog sees me pick up my running shoes and he’s unstoppable.

  131. I would track my [planned for] PR in the fall half-marathon I’ll start training for in a few weeks. Otherwise to track my runs with other BAMRs!

  132. I would love for it to track effort when pushing two toddlers in a stroller! I feel like I should get extra calories for that 🙂

  133. I would love to have something that calculated how my workouts at this time in my life (solidly middle age) compare to those I had when I was much longer. (I feel like my workouts are as strong as ever, even though the clock doesn’t feel the same!)

  134. I’d love it to track how many times my 4 kids say ‘Mom’! I’m genuinely curious how many times a day I hear it. My worst offender even says it in the middle of his sentences. Yes, son, I’m looking right at you- continue!

  135. I wish it would track effort. And it really does for running. But all out effort – it sure seems like we are all trying really hard each day – maybe it could track overall “mom” effort with a high-five when the house finally settles in (down).

  136. I would love for it to track those waves of gnats so I could get a heads up when running. I really don’t enjoy the extra protein.

  137. I walk to work every day! it is nice to see and track those steps! And everything in between my runs….i would be interested in its capabilities on shorter runs too! track it ALL!!! woop!!

  138. nearby Pokemon? ……okay, just joking!
    seriously though……I really want the weather on my activity tracker. I want to know how nasty it is outside now and how much worse it is going to get before I can get out for my run.

  139. I would like it to track my activity level when I’m planting our new landscape….I know my back feels the workout!

  140. I would give it the ability to track how full my bladder is so I know when to pee before it’s too late!

  141. I would like it to count how many times I say “I’m sorry” for things that are not of my doing. I think we all apologize too much for ourselves. Saying it less would make me feel stronger.

  142. I would love for it to track my hydration level and also if it could track sleep, or tell me when I need to get my butt to bed. Maybe it could just store all my thoughts so my mind could settle down and I could fall asleep quicker 🙂

  143. I would like it to send out a little wave that flows over the house and makes everyone quiet down, either playing quietly by their selfs or reading. So we mothers can have some time to breath, finish our tea, read the latest AMR post, or eat the ice cream without having to be sneaky! This wave could also be used on the stroller during a run to make the kids quiet and light weight.

  144. There really isn’t anything I wouldn’t track! Right now I am training for a half marathon and my first 25 mile bike ride…so my training runs and rides would be first to be tracked and then…just for fun I would track all of the running I do chasing after a very active 6 year old!

  145. I wish it could track hydration levels. I have the bad tendency to not drink nearly enough water when I’m doing strenuous exercise or physical activity, and often pay the consequences (pain, fatigue, other weird physical symptoms)!!!

  146. I would love for the Polar M400 to tell me when I need to charge my headphones! I seem to have a tendency to forget until they die in the middle of a run.

  147. I would love it to track how many times a day I walk by the office chocolate bowl and don’t pick up a piece!

  148. I like Martha’s idea of it counting calories without having to enter anything. Also maybe my period? Give me a little notice when things are about to get moving?? 🙂

  149. I would love for it to track how many times I have negative thoughts like “I’m so slow” and maybe a little buzz to bring me out of the negative zone!

  150. I would love it to be water proof as well as tracking where I parked my car . Lol Seriously a metronome would be awesome as well as being able to add timed speed work session in an hour run at certain times like at 20 min into the run go to heart rate zone 4 times 2 min. Then back to zone 2 .

  151. I would love it to zap me when I start the negative thinking wheel! Every run is a good run because I’m not sitting on my butt!

  152. If it could track how many times I jump while binge watching The Walking Dead, I think my calorie burn would increase exponentially.

  153. I would like it to track how many times I hear “Mom, Mom!” I’m pretty sure your Father lives here too! 🙂

  154. Can it track if I’ve taking my vitamins or not?!! I buy supplements to help with energy, fatigue and recovery but how will I know if they actually work because I ALWAYS forget to take them.

  155. I would give it MK’s voice to remind me to slow down when o start going too fast. That way I would always have her on my shoulder to remind me I am coached and loved. I would also love an appointment alarm to remind me when I need to get my butt in gear.

  156. A built-in air conditioner!! Summers in California’s Central Valley are brutal, even at 6 am! A nice little cool breeze would be fabulous while out running the hellish heat (or as Adrienne calls it, Voldesun).

  157. I wish the Polar M400 could track how many times per day my children cause my heart rate to spike — bonus points for tracking how many times I DON’T yell at them as a result!

  158. Fun! I would love it if the M400 had an audio pacing feature like the running metronome devices I’ve seen some people with. Hearing the click for the pace I’m trying to match would be awesome!!

  159. I would want to track how much more activity I need to do in comparison to my food consumption to loose far. Macros would be perfect too!!!!

  160. Waterproof! So I never have to worry about taking it off to swim or shower. Oh, and an unlimited battery life.

  161. I second the tracking ability of total calories consumed and broken down into macros without entering data! Maybe via a continuous blood sugar reading through the skin 🙂

  162. I would love for it to help me track my memory! Who said what, when, where…living with teens isn’t easy to track. LOL!

  163. Having various health issues, while still trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I’d like to track my caloric intake for the day or when I’ve reached “my” calorie intake for the day, how much I’m active compared to inactivity and the amount of time I sleep per night.

  164. I would like the M400 to pack my kids lunches for me (peanut free, lots of fruit,younger won’t eat cheese, older one thinks yogurt is messy…)

  165. Track my “smile” time. Those moments when I am smiling because I am happy to be out on the road, not on a treadmill, happy to feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, and knowing how lucky I am that I can do this thing!

  166. I agree with another poster–it would be cool to track the amount of sugar I consume. I know it’s too much, but I’m working on it!

  167. I’d live to be able to track sitting – it would be powerful to see how many hours I am sedentary each day.

  168. I’d love to track the number of times my 3 year old says “mommmaaay!!!”

    But in reality… maybe it could track “mommy minutes” — those moments where I am doing something to relax; something for myself. It doesn’t happen often, but I could look back and appreciate what I am able to do!

  169. I would like to track my times of positive and negative thinking so I could compare it to what I am doing at that time, speed work, walking, hills, etc. Also, it would be nice if it could show the temperature on it.

  170. I’d like to see the exact point in my run when I’ve reached “my happy place”. Definitely after mile 1, somewhere around mile 2-3.

  171. I’d like it if the M400 could track the calories I take in, as well as calories burned (of course I’d like this to work automatically, without the need to input any information about what I’m eating).

  172. I would like it to track the amount of sugar I consume. I know I need to be aware, but I’m terrible at it!

  173. I’d like it to track the amount of time spent doing laundry so I can prove to my family how much time I really spend doing it!

  174. What wouldn’t I track?? I’d love to track my sleep, my heart rate runs, my graduate school deadlines, my kids’ events, and everything else I do every day!! This watch looks amazing!!

  175. I need help keeping track of where I hide water bottle on my long runs. Dropped off two in the bushes on the way out for a long run and forgot to pick them up on the way back.

  176. Laundry! With a family of 5 who all do different sports, laundry must burn thousands of calories each day.

  177. I would track what I do all day at work! I typically work 10 hour days and frequently leave wondering what I did all day! My to do list seldom shrinks and just gets longer!

  178. I would like my M400 to track the number of times I have to go up and down the stairs in my house…taking laundry, changing diapers, getting things I (or the kids) forgot, nagging my kids to get their chores done, and trying to wake up my husband after I come home from my morning runs. I feel like I should get extra fitness credit for all the stairs I do every day!

  179. It would track everything I do each day, including the number of times I get interrupted and tell me I’m #winningatlife!

  180. I would love it to keep track of what I went to the grocery store to buy and only let me buy the things on the list. 🙂

  181. I would use it to track the number of times that one of my worries or fears turns out to be unfounded — from “what if I can’t finish this run” to “what if the water heater blows up”!

  182. Can it track how many times my son says “I”m bored?” this summer? Or how about the amount of calories my brain burns organizing my mental to-do list? LOL

  183. I would love to track all of calories I consume so I did not have to weigh and measure everything so closely.

  184. Track the calories, carbs, fat, and protein I’m eating w/o having to manually enter every morsel of food I put on my mouth.

  185. I’d like it to have the ability to show me real-time video of my boys when I’m out on a long run. Moms still need to have an eagle eye on their kids while running. 🙂

  186. I’d like it to track all my food intake so I don’t have to… It can be so tedious, and impossible on those weekends when I’m not at home and not the one cooking!

  187. I would want it to track my Crossfit and strength workouts, too. But overall, it seems like it tracks pretty much everything!

  188. I would love it to track my thoughts: while running, while working, while negotiating with my three teenage girls. I seem to have a thought, get up to do it and on way forget what I got up to do. If I could look at it and it tell me what I was going to do, what my next rebuttal was with my teenager was going to be (boy can my middle daughter talk and talk in circles that you forget what the main topic is), remind me of the items I don’t put on the list to pick up in the store because of course I won’t forget it…basically a memory on my wrist would be awesome!

  189. My house is on a secluded so you can’t get anywhere without driving (even having to drive to a location to get my run in). I would track all the miles I I’m doing getting in and out of the car driving 3 kids to different activities every day.

  190. I would like it to keep track of the food in the cabinets + fridge and make a grocery list as things run out. We are ALWAYS out of something that is needed to make a meal. I loved that first paragraph, btw. As I was reading it I was thinking, “Wait! Do some people actually have this kind of summer?! Why am I stuck at work this morning?!” Oh yeah, you were kidding 🙂

  191. No doubt I want positive words to come up reminding me I am capable and strong .., so if it could sense when the doubt comes in and I think I can’t go any further and remind me I can … That isn’t asking for too much is it?

  192. Two things come to mind: I would like it to tell me to stop with all of the Amazon Prime purchases and to put the wine away. Even better if it could tell me these things simultaneously!

  193. I would use it to see how many laps around my house I do each day picking up after the hurricane that travels through each day, otherwise known as my 3 year old daughter.

  194. No doubt I would like it to track negative thoughts and replace with an encouraging thought … ok I would be happy with just great inspirational words linked to if it sees me slow down etc saying “push through it”

  195. I am really interested in developing my running program on a heart race basis. The more I read about this method, the more it makes sense, especially for an older..( Turning 58) runner. Started running at 55. Better late than never!

  196. This watch looks awesome! Can it keep me on track for who’s turn in the family it is to get their bedsheets washed? I’m constantly forgetting which beds I washed and when.

  197. I would track how many steps I take corralling my kids out the door! I swear it’s an extra 1,000 steps, and what is happening to my heart rate during all of that!? Is it the same as interval training-could be! But it already does that, right? I would like to see it vibrate to alert me when my heart rate is higher or lower than my target during my runs-our corralling, ha! -The mother sheepdog

  198. I would want it to track how many minutes I would need to run to burn off the giant ice cream cone I am craving!

  199. I would want it to tell me to put down the donut when someone brings them to work and I can’t resist them.

  200. I would have a setting for night/early morning running. Rather than the light you can push on for a few seconds, something that is like a back light. Or make the numbers the kind that glow/stay lit when it is dark out.

  201. I’m always under-hydrated, so it would be awesome if it could track hydration and remind me to drink more water!

  202. I’d love it if it could tell when I’m procrastinating about getting out to run and remind me that I ALWAYS feel better after a run!

  203. I would love it to track my hydration level throughout the day, as well as my calorie burning. I am so bad about paying attention to how much I have had to drink, and would love to know when I am burning the most calories!

  204. I’d love for it to track where all the local coffee shops are, so I know where to get a tasty iced coffee post-run!

  205. It would recognize when my arm was rating to pit money on the candy machine at work and give an alert about how many miles it will take to run of the candy bar.

  206. I think it would be cool to track Oxygen saturation. And maybe not cool but helpful to track hormone fluctuations.

  207. Love the idea of it tracking child screen time; however, (although this falls under the TMI heading), I’d like it to track my output – how often and when I am using the bathroom. Actually being able to see that over a long term trend might help me with my run scheduling. 😉

  208. I would want it to sound an alarm when I’ve had too many carbs! and I would want it to give me a “gold star” when I completed my workout and ate right! 🙂

  209. I’d have it track my mood before and after a run…always feel better when I can clear my head or spend quality time with a friend out on the running path!

  210. I would give it the ability to get my eight month old to sleep through the night so I have more energy for runs!

  211. I would love it to track type of calories consumed do that you know what you took in. Also to alarm when you are going to eat junk, as a reminder to say you really want to eat that.

  212. Hands down…laundry! Find it, sort it, wash it, dry it, fold it, and most of all put it away. All while never losing a single sock! I hate all those that I am missing a match for!

  213. I would have it tell me to go to bed on time at night! Those 5am wake up calls come early, and it helps to get my butt into bed early 🙂

  214. A warning alarm when I am going to eat something that will mess up my stomach during a run. It seems the foods that bother me are always changing, so I want it to have a sixth sense to stop me from eating the bad stuff. I don’t think that is too much to ask!;-)

  215. I would have it track exactly when my 3yo daughter is about to poop in her Pull-Up so I can get her to the potty!!

  216. I wish it would track my hydration level and remind me to drink water during the day instead of another cup of coffee!

  217. Silly, but if it could track my calorie intake and alert me when I’ve gone overboard on my eating…which is probably more often than it should be.

  218. Wish it could tell me when to change my running sneakers!!!! A little alarm should go off that would notify me that it’s time to start breaking in a new pair and making the switch.

  219. I would track the amount of screen time my child gets each day. You could set a limit and a little alarm would go off.

  220. Insta mirror. Screen becomes super reflective to show “bats in the cave”, bugs in teeth, and other socially awkward situations.

  221. I’d love if it could track camp schedules, swimming lessons, and play dates. Between my three sons I feel like I’m attending “Camp Toyota!”

  222. May already have this…..the ability to judge the heat index and tell me what to wear when I run, or not to run at all.

  223. It would have programmable interval workouts with escalating pace times to help me be a strong runner who believes I CAN go faster!

  224. Of course I would want it to track what groceries we need and do some meal planning for me! Four kids always around are eating us out of house and home this summer…

  225. It would be amazing if it could anticipate when my 8 year old is about to do something really loud during my 3 year old’s nap and preemptively shush him!

  226. It would track the number of times you say “that” word…you know, the word that you started using after hearing a friend say it, and then all of a sudden, every other sentence is “awesomesauce” this or “awesomesauce” that (if “awesomesauce” were “that” word) 🙂

  227. Injury Alert mode – to let me know when I’m about to overdo it, or do something dangerously wrong, or when I’m recovered enough from an injury to start running again… 🙁

  228. How many times I tell my teens to get up in the morning or alert me 5 minutes before the garbage truck rolls down the road so the bin is at the end of the driveway and I’m not sprinting with it in my pj’s.

  229. I would have it alert me after every run to make sure I stretch and roll, and then bug me every 2 minutes if I don’t do it (and this is a feature you can’t mute!)

  230. I would love for it to track many of the things mentioned above, but most of all, I think my cycle would be great, and then my eating – and tell me what I should eat and when, so I don’t have to think about it – maybe throw in the groceries, too, so I always have on hand what I need to eat what it tells me. A girl can dream, right?

  231. I would have it track the amount of time that I toodle on Pinterest and Instagram each day. I would also love for it to track other habits that I either want to get rid of (scarfing down dinner) or develop (Daily meditation, journaling).

  232. I admit that my first thought is that I’d want it to track how long it takes me to get ready on a Sunday morning vs. my husband. He’s a snail, and I’d like to prove it to him, setting the record straight after 19 years!

  233. It would be great if it could track how many bananas are left in the house, so I am never out for my morning smoothie. It never fails, I get low on my freezer stash, and will be counting on the one remaining in the basket, and the hubby packs it for lunch. 🙂

  234. It would be awesome if it could sense when I start to feel discouraged and sent me some motivational message -“hey, you’re doing great and your butt looks amazing!”

  235. I love all the ideas the other ladies had but I would love for it to track my cycle (my lady days). I like to know when to expect it so I can be ready during my runs.

  236. If it could be the one to tell my kids to unload the dishwasher when I was on my way home so my kids don’t think the first thing I say when I get home is, did you unload the dishwasher. Better yet, if every time it is clean and the girls walk in the kitchen it could tell them to unload it. So many less fights.

  237. It’d be nice if it could track how often I’m going to put something in my mouth that I don’t need – maybe even complete with a little zap to tell me to knock it off!

  238. I would love it to track hydration. Give me some indicator that I need to drink. I do like the idea that it could track moods or crankiness. Give me a warning that I’m about to blow.

  239. Without hesitation – laundry. Wash, dry, fold, put away. Honestly, if it would just put the stuff away, I’d sing its praises from the mountain tops!

  240. I would think that it should probably track how many times I open my mouth and say something I wish I didn’t……lol.

  241. Wow sers. Where to start? This would be the ultimate hydration tracking, heart rate monitoring and trying to keep up with my kiddos headquarters!

  242. Sync with a weather app & alarm clock to wake me up earlier on really hot mornings or let me sleep in if it’s storming.

  243. What an amazing gift!!! Id love it to tell me how I sleep. If I am getting the much needed sleep I need. In the meantime, it would be a GREAT addition to my runs.

  244. Oh, man. If this baby could track my calories, that’d be sweet. If it could enter them into my food log for me, that’d be even better. On the sleep tracker side, it’s cool that this does all the daily tracking. If it somehow used that info to create the perfect, non-groggy wake up time (and magically made my toddler cooperate with that!) that’s be ah-mazing.

  245. I asked my hubby for the Polar M400 for my birthday–but that’s 6 weeks away! The M400 would replace my FT4, which only gives me average and max heart rate. I want to see it all! I would definitely use it in my heart rate running training, and I would track sleep…my Jawbone Up is giving subtle clues it’s about to go to sleep forever. The M400 is the whole package. How exciting for a couple of BAMRs!

  246. I’d love for it to tell me when and what I should eat, remind me that I’m falling behind on water consumption, and that I need to go to bed NOW!

  247. It would be awesome if it could track the best time to workout with my crazy schedule, it would take the thinking out of it and get me out the door more often.

  248. In addition to what the polar watch already tracks I would love to see how many times I hear the word Mom in 24 hrs. More motivation for me time.

  249. I would track the time I’m wasting on Facebook. After a few minutes, it could say something like, “Get out of the Facebook Vortex and go play Legos with your son.”

  250. If only it could send my husband a message when I’m having a rough day- “Your wife NEEDS to go run. You’re in charge of bedtime” or “You will wake up early with the kids in the morning, your wife will be gone on a very long run” would be quite helpful!

  251. I would love for it to have GPS tracking on my kids. This way I wouldn’t need to search the neighborhood for them when it time to come in for the night.

  252. If it tracks my sleep I wish it would help me to go back to sleep quickly in the middle of the night or better yet help me NOT wake up!

  253. It would be awesome if it could track calories going in and out without having to enter anything or search for your foods on a database.

  254. It would be great if it could drag me out of bed for early morning runs (and maybe have a cup of coffee ready and waiting for me).

  255. A couple of things…it would be awesome if it could remind me to drink water when I haven’t had enough (which is most days) and 2nd to do something with my attitude to give me a heads up when I need to redirect.

  256. It would be great if the Polar M400 would track hydration – and also it could be a metal detector for all those coins I try to locate on my runs.

  257. I would have it do laundry. Wash, dry, fold and put away. So that I have more time for important things like running

  258. Sounds like this watch already does all things needed when running…in keeping with the realities of summer, I would track how many times I ask my boys to clean their rooms and how many times they ignore me. :/ I’m sure the numbers would blow my mind!

  259. It would clear the traffic every afternoon so that I am not in a panic to get to camp and daycare pick up on time!!

  260. As I read the description, I mis-read altitude for attitude. Yep, definitely need the Polar to be like a mood ring and track attitude – my own and the other people in my house!!!

  261. So excited for this giveaway!!! Practically, it would give a super accurate heart rate from my wrist. Imaginatively, it would automatically and accurately record the calories and nutrients I eat automatically!!

  262. Maybe this already has it but how about tracking tempo runs? If not, a nice place for happy hour on my running route would be a nice bonus. :o)

  263. I would like it to help me decide what to make for dinner that is somewhat healthy and then also let me know if I need to stop and pick anything up from the store. Actually if this watch can do anything, can it just have a healthy meal made for my family every night when we get home?

  264. I’d like it to track calories so I wouldn’t have to. It’d be nice to eat something and then have it logged.

  265. I would love for the watch to sync with my kids sports calendar so I would get 1 hour alarm warnings for their pick up and drop off times. This way I know how much time I have to run!!

  266. I would love for it to track cycling too. I just started up cross training with a road bike and using my phone to track. Would love for my gps watch to track as well

  267. With three littles (5, 2, and 1 day), I’d love to have a visual tracking of my patience levels. That way rather than warn my kids when they are pushing I could say “check mommy’s patience levels, do you think now is a good time to be doing that?!?”

  268. I’d love it to track the best time of day for me to get my best run in. It would tell me words of encouragement, best route that day, etc.

  269. I want it to track my stress levels and set off an alarm in my head when they get too high. Maybe then I could learn to remove myself from the people and situations that send those levels thru the roof!

  270. I would want it to track my “to do” list and keep me on track with my “to do” list never fails I forget something off or leave my house and forget why or where I’m needing to go sometimes

  271. If I still had littles, I’d love for it to track where they are. As an empty nester, I want it to track where my clients are so I know when they are going try to get a hold of me. That way, I don’t think about them my whole run.

  272. How about if it gave us a warning when we’ve said the same question or asked the same thing more than once of our kids to help deal with selective hearing…..”mama you’ve said that already; kids get to it”

  273. Summer vacation??? I am already back at work…we just had open house last night to meet my caseload of kiddos for this year- I have 38 (and counting) already, so I don’t need that number. BUT I would love to know how many miles I put in during work after the 3 or 4 I run BEFORE I get there before 7 each day. That or how many times I squat down to tie a shoe or be at eye level with the four year old….not an easy task when you are almost 63, but it sure keeps me young!

  274. This would help me track calories, which I love to do but don’t do it as consistently due to time,etc. I would also like to track minutes I read….would love to read for FUN 1 hour a day!

  275. Same thought as some of the other BAMRs here – I would love it if it could keep track of when we are running low on milk. I would love it even more if it buzzed as I passed a grocery store, as a reminder to go in and get some!

  276. Track all of my “to do” lists -I think of things all the time and if I don’t write it down right away, I forget….I’m a lot like Dory!

  277. If the watch could track how many times a day my daughter says the words “Mommy can you…” Pretty sure NASA would need to be involved in the calculations.

  278. I’d love for it to have a “countdown timer for the kids”. You know, of the “okay, you get five minutes in the toy aisle” or the “okay, ten minute warning til we leave!” type of thing. I do this in real life, it works, but it requires setting real life timers. I want this to be voice activated, whatever Mama says it just automatically sets it and we’re off!

  279. I would track how many different grocery stores I have to go to in a week to feed my family…..every time I come home someone is asking for something i didn’t buy!!!

  280. It would be great if it could track type of terrain ahead so I would no where to go for all the flat and downhill spots !

  281. I would like it to monitor how much milk we have at any given time. We run out of milk so often and it seems as if I never know until I’m fixing my morning coffee!

  282. I’d want it to keep track of all of my random thoughts I get throughout the day (story ideas, to-do list additions, etc). By the time my kids let me get to a pen and paper, I’ve forgotten most of them.

  283. I would track how many loads of laundry I’m doing this summer: endless clothes, swimsuits and especially towels. And I would like it to count folding laundry as an aerobic (or at least a strength training) activity!

  284. I want it to be my food journal and calorie counter. But, I don’t want to have to enter the info. It would be able to get the info by monitoring my body. Then it would give me guidance on my eating.

  285. It would be wonderful if it could keep track and journal for me all the funny cute stories of my kids. I always think I should do that but never get pen to paper.

  286. I wish it could track “best times”. I don’t mean PR’s but things like- the best time to leave my house to avoid morning traffic, the best time to go to the grocery store to avoid the crowded aisles, the best time to buy something at its lowest price, etc. this capability would be AWESOME!

  287. There is never a bathroom around when you need one. I would have it track locations where the showed all of them nearby on a map page and vibrated when you were close.

  288. I would track electrolytes! After finishing Grandma’s, our first marathon, my sister and I were woefully shy on this very important thing and suffered leg cramps for the final 8 or so miles….it was HELL. Next time: more electrolytes.

  289. Hydration! If it could tell hydration levels the way some watches tell heart rate- that would be super helpful in marathon training!

  290. Socks. I would have it track socks so they never got lost again. And my favorite running shirt because I’m always looking for that. (I also loved the bathroom idea someone else mentioned!)

  291. I would track my steps from the kitchen table to the dishwasher, because I seem to spend all of my waking hours this summer putting kids’ snack dishes away!

  292. As a working mother of four busy children (ages 7-15), I could really use it to keep track of our schedules too! I feel like I’m never quite on top of all the places I need to go in one day!

  293. I would track the number of times I was back at the grocery store because all of a sudden wer’ee out of something and I never noticed.

  294. A water or bathroom locator. It would beep at you when you were within a certain distance. That would be really nice!

  295. I would love to track the number of happy, positive things that happen through out the day! As sometimes we focus on the negative. As a reminder to be grateful.

  296. A babysitter button! When you are ready for a run, push the button and a babysitter appears, no matter what the time of day! And the babysitter stays until you have foam rolled & showered!!

  297. Both time spent and calories burned bouncing my fussy 9 week-old on the exercise ball. That counts as core work, right!?

  298. An alarm to remind me to hydrate would be the best. Would love if itcould track the amount I drank too. I never get enough water!

  299. I would like to load my whole training plan and have it tell me each day what to do, and keep track of my overall progress–how much faster I get, how much stronger, how dedicated…

  300. I would love to program it to speak to me in Coach MK’s voice. That way, it could remind me to lock my cage and tell me that I’m #winningatlife whenever I’m running <140, no matter how slow!

  301. After being up all night with the baby, I’d give the M400 the magical ability to tell me whether or not baby fussing is a real need or can be ignored. I’d also like it to predict how long it will be until said baby sleeps through the night again. Can you tell I’m tired??

  302. If it could give me just a sumall little “zap” to my wrist in the morning to wake up. I need more than a buzz to get out of bed and go for my run somedays.

  303. I’d track life. Info so much it’s a blur. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a tracking of it all. Thanks!!

  304. I’d track my distance and pace during runs, and I’d also be looking at my sleep patterns. I’ve been a horrible sleeper for many years, but truly have no idea how long I sleep on the average night.

  305. I’d have it time-manage the frantic 10 minutes before we have to be anywhere. It would have countdowns for getting shoes on, going to the bathroom one last time, finding keys, finding my purse, finding the baby, putting shoes back on (someone always takes them off, right?), AND track my calorie burn during the whole thing.

  306. Can the M400 keep track of laundry?? I feel like I am always rinsing bathing suits and drying towels after camp or the beach! I have my HUGE Garmin that works great which is why I can’t buy a new one, it would be awesome to WIN one!

  307. I would love it if Polar would track negative thoughts and maybe we could set it to vibrate so that we can immediately put them out of our heads.

  308. ❤️ This watch!! Could it possibly help me keep track of how many times I stretch my IT band each day? — I am great in the a.m., but then next thing I know is that it is 10pm and I have totally forgotten to stretch any more. And I need to do this so I can run again!!

  309. Could it track how often I worry about stupid stuff and/or things I can’t control? A little slap upside the head when I get in anxiety mode would be a nice bonus feature! Mindfulness and presence don’t come easy to this mother runner.

  310. A meltdown timer. How long do I have to relax before the next time I have to handle a toddler and preschooler crisis?

  311. Amongst the chaos of 4 kids needs, wants, social events, sporting events etc.. Amongst my busy work schedule, cleaning, cooking, endless laundry trying to fit my runs and workouts in and other “adulting” we all are expected to do. I would love my Polar M400 GPS running watch to track the sweet slower days where I can soak in the amazing people my children are becoming. We blink and they grow up. The running around we stress about is gone and we long to be needed again, we hope they can find time in their busy lives to sit down for dinner as a family, we anxiously await to hear about their ackomplishments, My M400 would track all the sweet memories of those days that so quickly disappear.

  312. I would love the M400 to know where all the baseball equipment is at all times and be able to wash it daily since that’s how often the games are in summer ball!

  313. I would like it to remind me not to spend money. I have everything I need and should be happy with what I have.

  314. I would let it track my positivity or thoughts of gratitude. Sometimes on This journey, we forget to be thankful (which leads to looking and the beautiful and positive side of things). I would think that just like it reminds me to MOVE, I could be reminded to be grateful!

  315. I would track how often I run the dishwasher. Because I swear it’s multiple times a day… Especially in the summer! Just me? I hate unloading the dishwasher… #worstchoreever #firstworldproblem

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