Hump Day Running Giveaway: Sweat X Sports Detergent

Anne Abbott works part-time for Team AMR, is a mother runner of three school-age daughters, and lives near Bend, Oregon. This is her first (!!!) post, and we're thrilled she jumped in with such enthusiasm (and honesty) to blog about...laundry.

The Holy Grail of odor and stain removal, Sweat X

Temperatures are still dipping below freezing most mornings where I live, but spring is definitely in the air!

The sun’s rays brighten the sky a little longer, the mountains of snow in front of my porch have finally melted, and I see green sprouting in the backyard… which makes this busy Mama’s heart a littler happier, because (*hallelujah*) my Littles are beginning to venture outside to wile away their free time. The (very minor) downside is that they return with well-played-in clothes, working up a healthy sweat and bringing in the fair share of assorted dirt and grass stains.

That laundry piles UP. And just like you, we are busy! 1 Mother Runner + 3 Active Girls + 6 busy days of the week = 1 McKinley-sized mountain of clothing. Unfortunately, no matter how much I close my eyes, fold my hands, and pray that stacks of perfectly folded laundry will greet me every morning, I find the mountain right where I walked by it. Until, every.single.week, while my first pot of Sunday morning coffee brews, I enter the danger zone and begin to sort through the fabric rubble.

Enter Sweat X, a 100% biodegradable and 100% non-toxic high performance detergent that is designed to remove the toughest stink, funk, stains, and harmful bacteria from your sportswear and everyday clothing.

Sorted: Spandex & Lycra. We spy some AMR tees in there!


One bottle of Sweat X Laundry Detergent ($19.99/45 ounces) contains 45 washes, works with any type of washing machine, and makes your technical fabrics smell as fresh as the first time you wore them.

Which means that one load of sweaty socks, bras, swimsuits, capris, and tees + one shot of Sweat X detergent = one car full of fresh smelling girls come Monday morning.

My favorite feature: Sweat X Fresh sticks with me ‘morn to nigh’ and I can unabashedly get through my day without being politely avoided. Yes, I’ll admit (*blushing*) that I don’t always have time between school drop off, morning run, preschool pickup, grocery store dashing, working-while-mom balancing, after school carpooling, coaching practice, homework helping, and dinner fixing (*takes deep breath*) to shower and change.

If you’re nodding your head along with me or looking at your pile-o-whites and just seeing grey… trust me, Sweat X will put a “spring” in your step (*cue groans and eye rolls*) and you’ll feel like stopping to smell the roses instead of suffering through the week with scrunched up noses.

Sweat X On-the-Go, for those running getaways or business trips (Kermit socks not included)


Are you ready to come to the clean side? Three random runners will win the Sweat X Bundle, a triple threat of Sweat X Laundry DetergentSweat X Odor Eliminator spray, and Extreme Stain Remover Spray, a $40 value. To enter, tell us: How many loads of sports-related laundry do you do every week? Do you sort your spandex or wash with cottons? Tell us in the Comments section below this blog post on our website, and you’ll be entered to win.

NOTE: If you can't wait to get your hands—or nose—on Sweat X products, use code AMR15 to
take 15% off your purchase. 

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 3/9/16 and ends on 3/15/16. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 3/17/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $40. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

205 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Sweat X Sports Detergent

  1. I do a couple of loads of sports wear a week and I do not mix them with others because I love using fabric softener and that cannot be used on drifit type clothing.

  2. I add my workout clothes each day to whatever else is in the washer, so yes, i mix it all up and even though my duds get washed, they still stink

  3. I try to separate out athletic clothes and wash them separately on cold with vinegar. I hang them dry. I have a son who does track, so there are lots of stinky clothes around! Three other children who are active add to the mix. My washing machine runs at least one daily load!

  4. I do a few loads of sports laundry a week. Between me running and my husband playing lacrosse, it seems like there is always technical gear that needs to be washed.

  5. We try to do one a week at least – with two runners going 5 days a week it really adds up. When we try to go longer, we found that our clothes tend to hold on to the smell when they sit in a hamper all week! I really want to try this soap – we’ve tried Tide Sport with febreeze and it makes me gag, and the Nathan sport wash is okay but doesn’t take care of everything. Even adding Oxyclean to our loads doesn’t help, or doing a vinegar soak! Maybe our 7 year old running shorts are the reall problem …

  6. I wash once a week. I pretreat when needed.. But since I have to go to a laundry mat I usually wash them all together!

  7. How honest do you want me to be here? By reading everyone else’s comments, clearly I’m an under-washer! Running wear gets worn numerous times before it gets washed (especially in winter!) Still, with a husband who works in construction, and two active boys, there are numerous loads of laundry per week. The running clothes just get thrown in there with everything else. They could definitely do with some special care!

  8. I’m lucky – my husband does all the laundry. I have a horrible track record (pun intended) of ruining all types of clothing. As we are both runners, and both our sons are involved in baseball year round, he has about 4 to 5 loads a week of workout related clothing. He sorts everything by color and type of fabric. When I do laundry, I just dump it all into the machine and cross my fingers that it will come out okay.

  9. WOW, now that you ask this question, I imagine it’s somewhere between 12 to 15 loads every week. Greg and I are consistent in utilizing the Boise YMCA on the week day mornings. Then we take hot yoga classes 6 days a week in the evenings to decompress from work. And we get long training runs I on the weekends with shorter runs when we decide to not go to the Y. So there is a lot of clothing and yoga towels to wash. We would be excited to try Sweat X especially on the yoga towels!!

  10. Training for a marathon, having a husband who works in the dirt, and two athlete children…I do at least 6 loads of sweaty dirty clothes per week! Add in a few more loads for socks and my work clothes were getting close to 10 loads every week. Would love to try this product!

  11. I have one load of workout gear a week and it all gets washed together with some sort of (much needed) fabric freshener.

  12. We typically have 1-2 loads of workout wear a week. Would love to try these to help with the bad stink that accompanies great workouts.

  13. As much as I want to sort, sometimes you just have to get the laundry done. So with two boys in sports and hubby and I both trying to run, I feel like I’m doing laundry all the time. If I took the time, it would probably be 2-3 loads a week.

  14. Right now I am only doing about one load a week/every other week because I am usually able to get two uses out of most of my running clothes (score one for winter ). But come summer, I will probably have to do 1-2 loads per week, and I only do workout clothes together. I don’t mix my workout clothes with anything else.

  15. If I piled it together it would (usually) only be one load, but because I toss in the kids clothes and anything else that washes cold it’s usually two. In the summer it might be three, especially if I’m training for a triathlon. I don’t separate it, probably because I hang most of my clothes to dry either on the clothesline strung up across the laundry room (literally, so I have to duck under the clothes to get out) or outside if the weather is good.

  16. I do at least 3 loads (it’s practically all my laundry– and I work full time!) each week. I throw it all together in hot. Those cotton socks can get nasty, too!

  17. I wash all my workout clothing together…and with a family of athletes, there’s at least a load EVERY DAY! I’m hoping Sweat X can take the “hamster cage stink” out of the family workout wear! (Yes, to me these stinky things smell like a pet cage!)

  18. I do one load of sports-related wash each week, separated from other laundry. All of my running clothes get washed together (shorts, wicking tees, capris, tights, bras), and then I hang to dry. Although I use heavy wash and extra rinse, and i occasionally wash with vinegar, I am never able to get the stink completely out. It’s super annoying because my clothes are in good shape otherwise.

  19. I do two sport related loads a week. I take special care with them, and my family knows to not touch mom’s running gear! Regular laundry seems to never end, so I stopped counting a long time ago!

  20. I mostly separate out my running clothes from other clothes. I’m a solo runner in my household so I have just one load a week. (That is until my little kiddos get big enough to join me outside of the stroller :))

  21. I do one large load of smelly, stinky running clothes. I treat my running clothes better than my delicates. And never (I mean NEVER) dry them in the dryer!

  22. With sporty 2 teens at home and a husband who also works out, I throw in a load of smelly sports laundry every day or 2. It is a never ending cycle with 2 drying racks full of sports clothing in our basement at all times. At least tech fabrics dry super quick!

  23. I do one large and smelly load of sports related laundry each week. Between my tennis playing husband, me, and my active son we create a LOT of dry fit laundry!

  24. I usually just do one sports-related load per week, but my kids are pretty little so aren’t making much spandex laundry yet. I anticipate many loads in my future. Right now I mix it in with everything else because it’s just my stuff so there’s not really enough to justify an entire load and my Sunday laundry time has enough loads of laundry already that I don’t need to add another special one!

  25. It’s just me at home with my girls away at college, but I still accumulate a lot of laundry! There is at least one load of just running clothing (spandex) each week and then the whites (socks, sports bras, etc) get their own wash as well. Special wash treatments with baking soda and vinegar every so often, more during winter, to try to remove the stink. Some stink just never seems to go away. 🙁

  26. For the most part, I do one medium load of workout clothes a week. Usually this is done after my Long Run on Sunday, giving enough time to airdry before they are put back into use on Tuesday. This of course depends on how often I run, if I can rewear an item before washing and the weather. About a month ago I was able to go 2 weeks before I HAD to do laundry. The weather was such that I wore short sleeves with capris on the warmer days and layers with running pants for the really cold days. My workout clothes separate from all other clothes, it’s what works for me. My kids are off doing their own laundry in college, I am thankful for this.

  27. I can get away with 1 load of running clothes a week, but if I want to wear my favorites it is at least two loads. And the running clothes get washed in their own special load and lined dried…no cotton shall touch them. 🙂

  28. I don’t always separate my work out clothes, but I always make sure to hang dry them. I have to do 3 loads of laundry a day to keep up with my family, 5 kids and 2 adults can go through a lot of clothes!

  29. I usually do at least 3 loads a week. I separate my running clothes from everything else and hang them all up to dry. I have tried so many different things to get the smell out! I could seriously use this!!

  30. I do a couple a week, I don’t separate, but I do always hang my workout wear to dry vs putting it in the dryer…which makes for a “pretty” laundry room! Have been on the lookout for new detergent, mY have to give this a try!

  31. 2 loads a week is standard. I will wear it dirty if it’s my favorite and it’s a long run, but I’d rather not.

  32. I keep my running laundry separate and run 1 load a week and air dry everything. I’ve tried several different brands of sports wash(haven’t tried this brand) and nothing seems to get rid of the smell on the high tech stuff.

  33. At least two loads per week and always sort and line dry the running stuff! (Especially my boulder holders!) 😉

  34. I average about 1.5 loads of athletic wear a week (3 loads every 2 weeks). I recently started separating workout wear from the rest of my laundry to help focus on cutting the smell.

  35. I have never seen this kind before (and I thought I had tried them all!) I do about 2-4 loads of sports/running related items a week, depending on what sports season my boys are in and how many layers I need running.

  36. Luckily, I only have to do 1 load of sports wear per week. I have enough gear to last an entire week (living in the south this is a necessity!), even if I run every day, and my husband only runs 2-3 times per week. All sports wear/tech gear gets washed separate from the rest of the laundry and is dried on low or air dry only-no fabric softener of dryer sheets.

  37. Sports stuff in its own load, at least 5 loads a week. My husband does triathlons, my teen still at home plays tennis and my youngest two are playing baseball. I could seriously use some of this for all the stanky laundry!

  38. We do about 3 loads of workout clothes a week – I try to sort and do only tech fabrics, but sometimes a stinky hot yoga towel gets in there too!

  39. I do 1-2 loads a week. I wash workout clothes separately and line dry. I have an ongoing struggle with the stinkies, so I’d like to try this detergent!

  40. With two runners in the house I feel like I’m *always* doing sports laundry! I don’t sort it (but should). Not enough hours in the day!

  41. 1 load every other day (my kids live in exercise clothes). Only technical material together — the cottons get a different temp, detergent, softener, and go in the dryer. My (and my hubbies) tech gear line dry.

  42. I wash my sports clothes separately and then hang dry. I just love seeing it all lined up to dry! I have two very active young adult sons -they wash their own stinky stuff!.

  43. Usually one workout-specific load a week, sometimes two… Always separate with a workout detergent. I’ve never tried this brand though!!

  44. I actually like doing laundry and take pride in my sports laundry. I wash 1 – 2 loads a week and only wash my sport clothes together (no cotton) and hang dry…always.

  45. Sort? It seems all the kids wear is workout clothes! Several loads of sports only. Most of mine is line-dried, kids go in the dryer.

  46. I do 2-3 loads of sports laundry a day!! I have two baseball players and two track and field team members. I don’t have to tell you how sweaty and stinky 4 teenagers playing sports can be as well as their 43 year old mother who is training for 13.1 in May. We need the sports detergent!

  47. I wash mountains of laundry because we have 4 swim practices, 3 soccer practices, 2 soccer games, and 5 runs that fill up each week. If I only did the wash once a week, we’d never be able to leave the house through the garage!

  48. I have only two sports bras. They get washed and hung up on alternating days! Wear one, wash one. I am excited about this stuff. I have two fave running T-shirts and running seems to activate a serious armpit funk in both of them, that just doesn’t seem to wash out with the regular stuff. Uh, it’s not pretty to think others can smell you as you run by! 🙂

  49. oh my… the “sports” laundry in our house is insane – I have swimming/running and biking attire of my own, a daughter who has softball and swimming gear and a son who has baseball gear ~ the loads are never ending – we toss the stinky stuff in as we come through the door ~ we are a smelly BUT ACTIVE bunch 😉 It is an every other day gig of JUST ATHLETIC items – if not daily!!

  50. Ditto what Audra said. I’m a mom of four & I work full-time. It’s a miracle I get laundry done at all, let alone try separating it.

  51. I usually do one sports-only load per week. But with spring break coming up, I hit the gym more often (to get into those shorts I haven’t worn since last summer) so it’s two full loads per week!

  52. Usually about 2-3 loads of sports only. We definitely don’t mix the regulars with the sporty — cotton seems to absorb the smell and comes out worse.

  53. I don’t necessarily do sports-only laundry, unless it’s been an overly productive week, workout-wise, or we go skiing. For those weeks I definitely separate all the “wash in cold and line dry” stuff and it could be 1-2 loads.

  54. As the mother of 5, I cannot afford to have any “sports only” laundry loads! My laundry machines seem to run 24/7! My sweaty clothes get mixed with the kids’ sweaty clothes and we all hope for the best!

  55. We do a minimum of two loads of sports related clothing a week. I tend to rinse out nylon items and hang dry in basement before I do a load. How ridiculous is that?

  56. One load a week, which includes my husband and I’s running clothes. You can imagine the forest of hanging clothes in our laundry room when we hang them up to dry!

  57. Probably 2 loads per week, mixing mine and my husband’s together. And cotton is always separate. Sports bras are hung to dry. We both sweat like there’s no tomorrow!

  58. I do 2 to 3 loads a week, it piles up quick with my workout stuff, and my husbands and my 2 active and messy boys. I usually mix workout clothes with other fabrics to keeps the laundry piles from becoming mountains.

  59. At least 2 sports loads per week, between my workouts and my daughter’s never ending running gear from cross country and track practice that is year round..we <3 laundry. We always wash separate and hang to dry. No mixing with cottons!

  60. I wash about 3 loads a week of stinky workout/running clothes. I separate out from rest of laundry. It makes it easier to grab all those sports bras to hang dry.

  61. I’ve gotta throw all types of fabrics together in one load or it’ll never get done! I separate darks and lights (most of the time), or put especially dirty clothes in the same load for a heavy duty cycle, and I usually remember to pull out anything that needs line drying before the whole business gets shoved in the dryer. That said, at least one load a week is probably just my running clothes.

  62. I probably do two loads of sports/workout clothes a week. I throw my husband’s biking spandex gear in with my running gear.

  63. We do a minimum of 2 loads of sports clothes a week. Well, maybe make that 4 since the extra socks and undies go with their kind and not in the “sports” pile and those numbers are double our “pre” athletic days. Sports clothes are never dried in the dryer but instead hung to dry across the shower bars in both upstairs bathrooms. THAT is something someone needs to figure out! How to dry all those things without taking over the bathrooms!

  64. We have ~2 loads per week, but we often mix in other fabrics if needed to make a full load. The other clothes get tossed in the dryer and our sports clothes are hung up to dry.

  65. I try to keep it at 2 loads a week. But sometimes with my work clothes (i wear jeans to work and only have two pairs that are work approp) It can be 4 loads a week!

  66. I keep all of my active-wear wash separated from the rest of the family’s laundry. It’s pretty easy as I’m the only one who regularly works out. It usually is one load a week, unless it’s winter and I’m really active. Winter gear fills up the laundry basket really quickly. Oh, and I just dump all of my sweaty gear in the wash together.

  67. Two teenage daughters in sports + one runner mom = one full load of lycra/spandex per week. No mixing with the other wash!

  68. It’s all mixed together. And can be 10 or 4 loads depending on how long we let the laundry go. And, bizarrely, I even love laundry.

  69. I usually do a load of sports laundry three or four times a week (after I run) because I don’t like the ‘stinkies’ to lay around and ferment. I do try to separate the spandex and cottons, and I never use fabric softener on the running/cycling apparel, so to have a detergent that added some ‘clean scent’ would be super!

  70. My kids clothes stay separate and I wash their clothes all together. The running clothes that my husband and I use are washed together and NEVER with the other clothes unless there’s a running capri emergency or something of the sort. 🙂

  71. I wash one load of workout clothes a week typically – and we have a lot including my husband’s and daughter’s gear. Always a load of just workout clothes, never any cottons intermingled. Then we have a rainbow of colored clothes drying on a drying rack for the afternoon. Never in the dryer. It’s a beautiful sight!

  72. With 2 sporty daughters and myself I do 2-3 loads of just active wear every week at least. I separate sporty clothes from our regular clothes hoping that will help them last longer! I also put vinegar instead of fabric softener to help take the stench out!

  73. I do at least two loads of exercise laundry per week – more as the weather heats up. If it sits in the hamper, WOW does it stink up my bathroom! I do wash tech apparel separately from cottons, etc. My washer has an “Activewear” setting that does a nice job but the tech tees still get rather funky after awhile.

  74. I’ve never sorted my exercise clothes from other clothes (is that bad??) – I usually have always sorted by color and fabric type – not sweat level, unless it’s my husband’s work clothes – but that’s a whole other story! Maybe I should be doing this? For super stinky tech fabrics I’ve always soaked in vinegar for a couple of hours and then thrown in with my regular wash.

  75. I do about two whole loads of sport laundry a week. More in the summer. The tricky thing is that the clothes come out smelling clean but after a minute or two of wear, the sneaky smell comes back. Ewwww! I would love to try a new laundry product!

  76. Between the running, athletes and ballerinas, we do several loads a week! And I do not separate spandex from cottons…with eight of us, I’m lucky to get laundry done!

  77. Workout items are washed independently, partially because of the sweat factor and partially because it makes up a large percentage of what I wear. 🙂

  78. With the tennis clothes and running clothes, there are at least 3-4 loads of stinky laundry every week. The black stinky stuff gets washed together and the colored loads get washed together, but both are separate from the rest of the laundry.

  79. I don’t separate by the materials for washing but I do hang dry all my running clothes. The only things I put through the dryer are cotton or outwear. I wash a load every other day so I wish that didn’t allow the smells to set-in. But alas the sweat smell lingers. I would like to find something to deodorize our clothes. It doesn’t help I run ultras (yes, you could literally wring sweat out of my clothes post run), and work as a farm hand, run a lawn care business (extra sweat & stink).

  80. At least 2 loads a week of just my workout stuff. The dirty stinky workout stuff is stored separately from my regular dirty clothes and definitely washed separately!

  81. Pick me, Pick me, pick me;))

    I have always washed my wicking workout wear separate from other loads (unless I am desperate for a piece), so it is an additional load for me, normally 1X/wk. Now that I am training with the BAMRs, I did my second load of just wicking wear in a week. And now that we have two runners who wear wicking clothing, who knows, I may be doing a third load.

    I do not like to put knits (clingy socks) with my wicking since I do not like static. I do not use a fabric sheet in the dryer, since I read and forgot the science behind such a poor practice. I have resulted in using a bit of baking soda with the detergent to reduce any odors. So pick me, pick, me pick, me;)) PLEEEEAAASE.

  82. I have enough workout gear that I can usually get away with only 2 loads a week. Depending on my week though, it’s sometimes 3. And I do not mix my tech gear with other things. My gear gets special treatment.

  83. We have at least 2 loads of sweaty laundry a week….my running clothes get their own load and my sons baseball clothes get a load of their own too!

  84. I absolutely LOVE Sweat-X! It has changed my life. Before I was a serial abuser of Oxyclean to try to stay on top of the funk of not just my work out clothes, but the clothes of my farmer-husband, my two very active boys ages 22 & 14 (yes, my college grad, employed son is living with us (groan)) and daughter 18, I’m running the washer/dryer constantly. But until I met my true love Sweat-X, I always felt like our clothes never were truly clean (add well water to this mix as well). But Sweat-X makes everything super clean and not smelling that perfume-like layer over maybe-not-so-clean clothing. I do separate my synthetics from everything else. Number of loads? Too many to count! But thank goodness for Sweat-X LOVE IT!

  85. I try to keep the laundry to 2-3 times a week. The sweat infested clothes hang out in the laundry room until it’s time to take a spin. Everything goes in together, but I do keep delicates in a separate bag so they don’t get tangled up with everything else. Those then get hung up to dry. It’s an endless cycle!

  86. 1-2 loads of sports related laundry each week, not including swim suits in the summer. When I only wash once a week, it’s a huge, gross load! I do spandex and cotton separate because I use different detergent for spandex.

  87. Between my husband and I, we usually have a load of running clothes every 4-5 days! We wash them separately from our every day clothes.

  88. With three young boys in the house, along with hubby and me, the laundry is neverending. I try to do a load of laundry every day or two but it still piles up! I usually just throw everything in together and consider myself lucky to even be getting anything done! My running clothes get a lingering funk to them sometimes (not to mention unbearably stinky boy socks!) so I could REALLY, REALLY use some Sweat X!!

  89. At least 3 loads of athletic wear and probably 10 loads total each week. I wash all athletic wear together and then hang dry. Recently I noticed my athletic wear starting to stink even when clean and desperately in need for a detergent that works better. I would LOVE this!!!

  90. Usually 3 loads a week, which means there are some clothes that sit in their own stink a day or two sometimes. I try to keep them separate, unless I am completely desperate.

  91. I sort my running clothes from all else and wash it in cold on gentle and hang to dry. I usually do one load a week but sometimes if I’m running/training a lot I will do two loads.

  92. Oh geez, it seems like it’s never ending. There’s probably at least a daily load of sweaty laundry. Everything gets washed together, and synthetics get pulled out to air dry.

  93. I have not separated tech gear in the laundry and do it with regular loads – and am paying for it because they still smell! Need to use special detergent before it’s too late!

  94. 2 loads a week. One for mine, one for my 3 boys. No way on Earth I’m letting their stinky bball socks and chalky gymnastics togs mingle with my running tights. Even if my tights are stinky as well…

  95. Oh my gosh!!! My husband works out every day and runs 3 times a week, my 7 year old daughter runs with us 3 times a week and I run 6 days a week, so my sweaty tech clothes (literally!) outweigh the “normal” clothes in our laundry pile (which never seems to diminish). I am a slave to laundry….as I know you all are too. I would LOVE to try Sweat X, especially on the older tech clothes that I just don’t want to say goodbye to, even though they stink from .1 miles forward these days. 🙁

  96. I don’t separate laundry (unless it’s new and might bleed or super delicate). All laundry goes straight into the open washer and I start it as soon as the kids finish bath. Once it’s done washing, I remove the last night’s laundry load from the dryer and throw it on the living room floor so I can fold in front of the tv and plop the newly washed load into the dryer. I never use fabric softener and I dry everything on low heat to help minimize damage to the athletic wear and other special clothes.

    Basically, I’m lazy.

  97. I usually do one load a week of workout gear. I found that regular detergent just wasn’t getting the stink out so I switched to specialty sports detergent and it works much better! I’d love to give this one a try!

  98. I do at least two loads a week. My son likes wearing workout clothes to school on days where they are going to be doing PE plus what I wear 5 nights. I have been using vinegar to help out. I will have to check this product out. This would make life easier!

  99. Probably 5-6 total loads a week (family of 4 including a 4yo and 7mo). it depends on the week if the clothes are sorted or not. All workout clothes are hung up to dry.

  100. Three kids in various activities + running gear = daily laundry! It all goes in together unless there is visible dirt- then it soaks first!

  101. I wait and do them all in one load per week. I wash them separate from everything else because I don’t use fabric softener on my running clothes.

  102. Only separate sports gear if it is really muddy. I usually have one the equivalent of one full load of sports gear per week.

  103. I’m a horrible mother runner. I don’t separate anything it all goes in the basket and my husband does 99% of the laundry.

  104. I probably do 2-3 loads of sports related clothes between my running/yoga stuff and now my son’s soccer gear. I try and sort but sometimes it just needs washed when I can do it.

  105. Of my many loads each week, at least two loads of laundry are sports related. I’ve got two teens in sports (and PE at school), not to mention my own running clothes to deal with. I look forward to summer when we all need to wear fewer layers. Sports bras and running bottoms get hung to dry for sure!

  106. I don’t usually separate my sports gear, unless it’s getting uber-stinky.Then it gets its own soaking and washing. As my kids get older and clothes get stinkier, I’m sure I’ll need to consider sports detergent!

  107. I am the luckiest! My husband does our laundry. He separates all the workout clothes, washes them sans softener and hangs them to dry. Often some of mine are still wet from being rolled up in the gym bag, so gross!!

  108. I always wash my athletic wear separately.i try to save up to wash items together but most weeks it is two loads now that my daughter has joined the “pile”.

  109. I do two loads of smelly running clothes each week. Other items get thrown in with them, but only my clothes. The rest of the family does not want their laundry mingling with my smelly stuff!

  110. I do at least 3-5 loads of stinky sports related gear. Between myself and my very active 7 and 9 year old boys I feel like laundry never ends. As a full time HS science teacher and very active family we don’t always separate – sometimes just getting it all washed is a win for me. I’ve been meaning to try some new detergent b/c vinegar just isn’t cutting it any more and my husband is sensitive to the smell of vinegar.

  111. My husband and I both run, so I end up doing 1 full load of workout clothes per week. I don’t separate the spandex from the cotton, but I DO wash our workout clothes separate from our everyday clothes, just so that I can soak them before the wash cycle. As much as possible I hang them outside to dry – the sun definitely helps get the stench out too!

  112. My husband does the laundry. Great, right? Not so much… he mixes everything together and everything turns very dingy (but he doesn’t believe me when I say something). Thankfully, he will air dry my bras and compression gear. I guess I can’t complain since it leaves more time for me to run!

  113. I run and play tennis, hubby plays soccer, runs, and bikes, and 2 active girls … We have lots of sweaty clothes! No separate loads here but hopefully I catch the tech stuff before it ends up in the dryer. We’d love to try some Sweat X!

  114. One big load of workout wear. I have a couple name brand jog bras that stink as soon as I start sweating. I have tried various pre soaks and detergents. Yuck!

  115. Currently it goes in with the regular wash but now that my kids are getting bigger and have their own piles of stinky soccer/basketball/dance clothes, I’m going to start separating them out.

  116. I’ve always washed all types of clothes together – is there a reason I shouldn’t? Anyway, at least 2 loads/week end up being the “dirtier” clothes – my workout clothes & my son’s & husband’s sports clothes!

  117. I don’t separate my workout clothes from my regular clothes. With 4 of us in the house, I do at least a load of laundry a day. Most of my workout clothes stink!! Help me!!!

  118. I do one of my own sweaty stinky running clothes but I need to start using sport detergent for my kids’ laundry too – they are sweaty, stinky kiddos and it is only going to get worse!!

  119. I do my own clothes separately, but I mix my workout clothes in with reg clothes. I put the running clothes in the washer first and swish them around in the soap some…though now that I type that is sounds kinda strange 🙂 usually 1 load or 2 loads a week for mine, 1 for my son, and I make the hubby do his own 😉

  120. Yes, I separate and probably do three loads a week as my husband and I both train, my son is a gymnast, and my daughter a dancer. I hang out most of this laundry to dry…all over my garage. Yep, bras hanging right there in the garage!

  121. I do at least 2 & sometimes 3 loads of workout clothes. ALWAYS separate running gear from cotton !! Plenty of clothes that need to be freshened up !!!

  122. I sort colors, not fabric content. Washing our running clothes with the regular loads usually adds an extra 2 loads per week.

  123. I separate by colors but lately have been contemplating a separate hamper for the gross, sweaty workout gear. With my husband and i both training at the same time, the laundry has definitely increased recently.

  124. I do separate by color and wash my running clothes mixed in with whatever colored load they go in including my running hats. I always hang up my running clothes to dry and in the summer I hang them up outside. That’s the ultimate in freshness!!!

  125. I do 4/5 loads a week on the weekend. It all goes together but have noticed my older workout clothes not smelling too good even after the wash. Might start separating them

  126. I have one load of running clothes a week. Sometimes, in the summer with more sweat and stink, I will separate it from family laundry and try to zero in with vinegar, etc to cut smell. But most of the time it gets washed with all the rest of the laundry.

  127. I do my own laundry once a week, I’m a dump it all in the tub and go type person. My laundry ends up being 75% workout clothes! My running stuff is all super high quality and washes well no matter what I do.

  128. 1-2 times/week, depending on the families activities for the week. I definitely sort – gotta keep the investment on quality gear last!

  129. I don’t really sort out my technical clothes from normal clothes *blushes*, but I live in the south, and get really sweaty all summer. So, between tennis and running and just neing outside, at times all of my laundry is technical stuff anyway.

  130. When my son is in season, I do 3+ sports loads a week. My husband’s and my workout clothing usually just gets thrown in with everything else. I got Sweat X for Christmas (yes, I asked for it as a gift) and am impressed! Much better than Tide Sport!!!

  131. I have four kids….three of them are very active, but since they all do their own laundry now, I’m only doing two loads a week of activewear, which just gets thrown in with the regular wash.

  132. Usually two loads of sports related laundry per week. All the tech fabric stuff gets washed together on delicate cycle while the cotton stuff gets washed with other regular clothes.

  133. I probably wash 4 sports loads a week. With three kids in their own sports, my running clothes and husband’s sweaty work-out clothes, it feels like I am constantly washing clothes to get the stink out! I usually don’t take the time to separate.

  134. Everything goes in one load together and then gets sorted our when it is time to hit the dryer. Doing a running streak= a laundry streak!

  135. I’m trying to be a better “sorter” and wash workout clothes separately. My daughter dances so we have plenty of stink to justify separate laundry loads!

  136. I used to just wash my running stuff with regular clothes because I would run out. Now that I have accumulated more they get washed by themselves. I’ve been using vinegar in the load and that helps. I got a sample of sweat x at my running store, and it is wonderful stuff. I often don’t have time to shower after my run, so being confident that I don’t stink as I run the kids to school and errands is a definite plus.

  137. I just started doing separate loads for my running gear to try to address the pervasive chronic sink that inevitably presents itself once I start a workout out. What is it that a running shirt starts out perfectly pleasant smelling and then bam! 5 minutes in, it stinks to high heaven?

  138. I combine but sort colors as usual and only wash in cold water. But I never dry my technical stuff I feel like it actually bakes the smell in, in addition to killing the fabric. How many of us have ever gone: ” is that me?!” when you got a whiff of yourself in something freshly washed? I also tried vinegar, baking soda, etc. Smells O.K. at first then… (cue the theme from Jaws)

  139. All sweaty clothes get their own load. I don’t sort out cotton, it all goes in together. I do 1 to 2 loads a week bc my hubby is a runner too. More loads get done in the winter due to all the cold weather gear.

  140. Oh laundry …. The struggle is real! I have two kids and a husband and we are all active so I feel like laundry is my shadow. My stinky annoying never folded shadow. I do most of it on the weekends but by Wednesday, I toss a load in to refresh the tween’s supply. She’s 11 and very picky! I will wear my saucony bullet capris once or twice before washing them, which means that Wednesday load is well-timed. I always feel like my sports bras reek so I would love to try sweatX!!!

  141. I really want to try Sweat X now I’ve read about it on your website! I do about 3 loads of sports laundry per week. I try to throw my running clothes in the laundry sink to soak shortly after my workout. I have had awful problems with reeking running clothes. I can hardly stand to wear my own clothes, and they are clean. Sometimes I have to take them off right after I put them on and wash them again, and wear something else instead. I’ve tried vinegar, Tide sports, baking soda, washing items 2-3 times, and soaking after wearing. I need something that works, I hope Sweat X is the answer! 🙂

  142. I do 1 load of laundry with sports items in it weekly, but I am awful! I don’t separate out the spandex from anything else and just wash it all on the delicate, cold setting. Oops.

  143. I do a combined load every day that I run. I live in a warm climates and the stink is too powerful to allow to linger. Would love to do only a sports load, but to avoided multiple loads of clothes, I usually combine them. If I can get things washed and dried in the morning, I can fold while my son does homework. It allows me to supervise, but not hover.

  144. Back in the good ole days when my four were tiny, I gloated about how under control I had all the laundry. I smirked at those who bemoaned the piles of stinky clothes “knowing” that’d never be me! Fast forward, those sweet little angels are now stinky, filthy creatures with the ability to foul up even the hardiest of material, add the white uniform shirts, sports clothes, daddy’s clothes (who has to change at least 2x/day) and mommy’s ever present sweat soaked Lycra, multiply that times four…the math is beyond me and the laundry is even worse!

  145. I wash my workout clothes separated in 1 load each week. However, my son only wears sports clothes so I guess if you count that, it’s 2-3 loads per week. His are no wear near as smelly as mine tho! 😉

  146. We do a lot of sport laundry! My husband runs 5 days a week, I run 4 days. My 11 year old runs and plays soccer and my 8 year old is a gymnast!
    So much laundry! I always hang dry though, never in the dryer.

  147. I do ~4-6 loads per week, and don’t separate workout from non workout. I got a bottle of sweat x at a race last year and can say that it is amazing stuff. And my stuff STINKS. Kids aren’t super stinky yet, but lots of mud/grass stains to contend with.

  148. I haven’t been sorting active clothes out. I do light and cottons in hot water and anything technical in cold water with the darks but I’m rethinking that now.

  149. We are a family of three daily runners (four when our daughter is home from college). Thankfully everyone does their own laundry and we have designated laundry days. You can tell when we all need to do running clothes as the aroma from the kitchen is not delectable but that dried sweat funk smell. We are in the south and we are all heavy sweaters. So much for my mother’s “women feel the heat” I try not to put our athletic wear in the dryer as I heard that can set the smell. And I have been known to toss a beloved piece that I couldn’t get the funky oder to leave. I’ve tried other ‘sports’ washes and they worked okay, could still smell a faint order. Would love to try this on my sweaty bunch!

  150. Empty nester, so 2 loads a week of running/exercise clothes mixed in w/ casual clothes. I wash my work/dressy clothes separately in cold water/gentle cycle.

  151. I do sports gear about once a week–luckily my kids aren’t old enough to stink yet although I have a sports-loving 9 year old boy! So it’s mainly my running/fitness gear and hubby’s mountain bike/ski/hiking gear. Sweat X is da bomb for getting the stink out!!

  152. I do a load of sports gear about every other day. Between my teen daughter’s volleyball (oh, the spandex!) and soccer clothes, my 10 year old son’s lacrosse gear (so, so gross!) and my running clothes, the piles are big and stinky!

  153. I’m coaching our school’s Girls on the Run team this year, and both of our daughters are participating. Now we have three people in the house contributing to the stinky running clothes pile!

  154. I do a load two or three times a week – this time of year, I am not as able to run as much, but once tax season is over, it will likely be more than that. Mix my laundry up with other stuff, but always hang the spandex to dry. And I have my husband trained to do that as well!

  155. I do so many loads of laundry I lose count Everything is jumbled together in the wash – but not all of the workout apparel makes it into the dryer! Which is why my husband is banned from “helping” with laundry – he feels there are too many rules to remember for the dryer So he tosses everything in

  156. I have three boys and one girl. My husband and I workout/run daily, my daughter is in gymnastics (but recess on the playground seems to make her sweat and smell worse than gymnastics) and the three boys are all in sports. I do one load of sports clothing laundry a day. I only separate the socks from the sports clothing. They smell terrible and need a special soaking before being washed. So maybe that counts as two a day?

  157. I do two loads of laundry a week, not including linens. I do not separate out my workout gear. I just have a lot of it, evidently. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point in life. I remember doing 2 loads a day at one point in time.

  158. I do laundry every other day, and that’s everything–sports and non-sports clothing! My husband and I both work out almost every day so believe me it’s necessary. I don’t sort clothes by type, but I line dry almost everything but underwear, socks, and towels, so I don’t think it matters. 🙂

  159. I do two loads a week of my running duds. It gets its own separate load, runs on gentle and most of it does not go in the dryer. I’m fanatically particular about it! Sadly, while the detergent I use now does an OK job of masking the stink, but doesn’t really seem to eradicate it completely. I’d love to see how SweatX handles the task!

  160. I do about 3-4 loads of running clothes per week. I tend to put all smelly clothes together regardless of fabric content. But I always hang the spandex clothes up to dry!

  161. We do one load a day with everything and then hang it on the clothes line in the basement to air dry. The next day we take that load down, fold it, and put it away. Then we do a new load and the daily cycle continues.

  162. We do roughly one bazillion loads of laundry each week, with running/workout/hockey clothes mixed in. And yes, the most beloved running tees and shorts have permastench!

  163. One specific load of all running for me, one running/cycling load for my husband, and usually two loads for kids of sports stuff (depending on the season) per week! Definitely separate it all.

  164. I wash 2 loads of my clothes each week everything mixed together. Then I wash 3 loads of our ranch clothes each week ( we work cattle) I have never thought of using Extreme Sportswear Detergent on them but I bet we would all smell a whole lot less like a barn animal if I did!

  165. I was 2 loads of workout gear/week. Always separate from regular laundry, Always in Cold/Cold, air dry/line dry in the summer….and it always STINKS. My husband has secretly thrown my workout clothes in the TRASH bc I can’t get them fresh smelling enough. . I need this product!

  166. I do about two load of my own plus diapers every other day and the little guys clothes mixed in to my own. I don’t sort and occasionally have new pink clothes! (Diapers are the exception. They are on their own!)

  167. I wash everything together but avoid putting any of the “tech” stuff in the dryer, even if the label says I can.

  168. Sometimes I let the laundry get out of control, but that’s just so I get the “high” of feeling back in control when it all gets finished. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone actually. Everything gets washed all together in my house except in extreme situations.

  169. I wash our workout attire 1-2 times per week and usually all by themselves while dumping some white vinegar in with the detergent to help eliminate the smells.

  170. I wash many loads of “sports related” clothes. With how smelly my kids are after coming in from playing I think every load could fit the description! I had no idea they made this stuff!!!! It could be an answer to my prayers! And yes…it all goes in together baby!!!!

  171. I wash one load of sports-related clothes each week, but more often if my husband also has an active week. I just wash all of the sports clothes together-no need to create more work by separating the fabrics.

  172. My laundry strategy is to do one load per day, every day. I pretty much just wash whatever shows up in the laundry room that day. It keeps the chaos under control.

  173. Right now my running gear goes in with my daily clothes, but nothing I really care about too much. My husbands biking clothes however, those will NEVER mix with anything else we wear! Stank!

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