Hump Day Running Giveaway: Valentine’s Day BAMRbox!

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Although it feels like we just finished the holidays, we have another big one around the corner: Valentine's Day! Instead of hoping your S.O. gets you the gift you've always wanted, why not take charge and get yourself a limited-edition BAMRbox instead? Check out all of the fun items we put in this box-of-love, a partnership with RunnerBox--and find out how to enter to win one!

Who needs chocolate? The swag in this Valentine's Day RunnerBox is so-weet!!


  • Ona Brownie Cookies  –  What’s better than a brownie on Valentine’s Day? A guilt-free brownie on Valentine’s Day!
  • Mixed Berry RXBar – This triple berry bar is pretty in pink and bursting with rich, decadent flavor.
  • You Love Fruit Passion Fruit Punch Leather – There’s passion(fruit) in every bite of these delicious all-natural fruit leathers.
  • Munk Pack Peach Vanilla Chai Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze – Ripe peaches and fragrant vanilla blend together in this Fruit Squeeze for a fresh take on oatmeal that’s sweet yet subtle (like any polite Valentine).
  • Nuun – Strawberry Lemonade – Runners’ version of champagne: Quick- dissolving Nuun tablets turn plain water into a low-cal, electrolyte-packed sport drink. [20% discount at with code hydrateAMR]
  • Balega Words of Grit  & Grace Socks –  Fire up your feet with Balega Words of Grit Grit & Grace Socks. These go-the-distance socks printed with inspirational phrases are made from soft, sweat-wicking fibers.
  • Momentum ‘❤ Run’ Footnote – Roses are nice, but a piece from Momentum Jewelry provides lasting inspiration. [Use code SWEETAMR at to receive a sweet deal: 20% off through 3/31/18.]
  • Trigger Point MobiPoint Massage Ball – Treat your hardworking body with love + kindness with this Trigger Point MobiPoint Massage Ball, designed to release tightness + stimulate circulation. [Save 20% off all TriggerPoint prehab tools with code AMR20 at]
  • Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Ointment – Muscles need love, too! A little Tiger Balm Ultra goes a long way to provide TLC for all your aches and pains.
  • Mile Markings Temporary Tattoo  – Mile Markings temporary tattoos make it simple to keep your motivation close when the running gets tough. What’s not to love about that? [Customize your own temp tats for an upcoming race at and use RBOXBAMR for 20% off.]
  • Good Day Chocolate (Energy + Sleep) – Your relationship with chocolate just got a serious upgrade. Say hello to your new favorite chocolate (with benefits).
This box will make your (or your loved one's) heart race!

“All that for $25? That’s a lot,” you say! We know. Which is why we were only able to curate a very limited number. Hurry and nab yours before they’re gone!

Two lucky-in-love mother runners, however, will WIN one of these lovely boxes to treat themselves this Valentine's Day. To enter the running giveaway, just comment below and tell us: What is the funniest gift you've ever received for Valentine's Day?

The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 1/24/18 and ends on 1/30/18. We will announce two random winners on our Facebook page on 2/1/18, as well as notify the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $25.00. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

213 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Valentine’s Day BAMRbox!

  1. In 5th grade, I received the gift of a boy telling me that he LOVES ME MORE THAN OATMEAL! I said back to him that I didn’t like oatmeal and walked away. For some reason this has just stuck in my head as being extremely funny (and no, I didn’t marry that boy).

  2. The year we were at different schools, my college boyfriend mailed me a box of animal crackers for Valentine’s Day! I had a quick moment of WTF and then doubled over laughing. It was hilariously random.

  3. My then-fiance (now ex-husband) told me that he had gotten another woman pregnant a few weeks earlier. As I was lying on the bed in shock he gave me the Valentine’s card that his mother had picked out and bought since he was busy at work. So why did I marry him? God only knows! It’s funny now that we’re not married anymore.

  4. A Ficus tree. Potted. From Safeway. We joked it was out love tree—-the health of the tree reflected the health of our relationship . It died a year or so ago but we are still going strong .

  5. Not so much a present, but I convinced my mom to do a Valentine ‘s Day themed road race in downtown Portland in the late 80’s. She walked while I ran, but awards were given to combined times of teams of two. As I was running, this guy kept trying to chat me up. I was trying to be polite, but neither speeding up nor slowing down was working. He wasn’t obnoxious,but I was not interested. I finally ended up going backwards and walking with my mom and talking to her, which as an angsty teenager was a rare occasion to have good conversation. So, it was a win for us!

  6. The guy I dated, now my hubby gave me a big Cactus, a candle and book ( cien años de soledad by Gabriel García Márquez) the candle and book make sense but a Cactus a big one?!! Still the most random thing I ever received! Lol!

  7. Argh! It posted without a comment! Not for V-Day, bc I’ve never really been one to celebrate it; but for my first Christmas with my ex-inlaws I got a fire extinguisher and a first aid from them. That was it. So effin random. My ex husband, however, got a brand new XBox. It’s funny now…

  8. We generally don’t exchange gifts, and I can’t think of anything funny I ever received, but this is an awesome collection !

  9. I don’t remember ever getting anything funny. It’s generally the traditional flowers and chocolates. Thankfully, my husband is a great gift giver so his gifts are usually on point!

  10. I once got a Happy Meal toy. Yep, that’s right. A McDonald’s happy meal toy. There was a lame story that went with it lol

  11. No actual funny gifts, as we typically don’t exchange them for V-Day. However, we did decide to build our house and signed the contract on V-Day 18 years ago, so we always say that was the ultimate gift to each other.

  12. My husband surprised me by replacing a lost diamond in my wedding ring. He handed me a jewelry gift box, which I assumed would be something I wouldn’t like. (We don’t always have the same tast!) Surprise! It was my fixed ring.

  13. For our first Valentine’s Day when we were dating, my now husband and I got each other the exact same gift ( a picnic backpack!)

  14. Brakes for my car, which doesn’t seem like a very romantic gift, but I didn’t have the money to get them yet, so he bought them for me! Love him!

  15. Ha when pregnant on vday the meal and “drink choice” home cooked at home which was rest but definitely let’s juat say was for the one who cooked it versus something we both could enjoy. Lmao. Sheesh! lol

  16. My boyfriend (now husband) got a haircut one year for Valentine’s Day. He was going through a wanting to look like Axl Rose phase in college…and in my opinion not pulling it off. For Valentine’s Day he surprised me with a haircut. ‍♂️

  17. I haven’t received anything funny for Valentine’s Day — maybe some cute handmade cards from the kids when they were younger!

  18. I don’t really have a funny gift that I have received but I used to sing with a Sweet Adelines chorus. We would deliver singing valegrams on Valentines Day to poor unsuspecting people. It was always fun to embarrass the recipients in their workplace with a quartet singing love songs to them!

  19. I haven’t ever received anything funny. Just typical chocolate, flowers, cute stuffed animal. My husband wouldn’t buy anything practical that I ask for but he also isn’t a creative type.

  20. The hubs left me a post-it that said, “call vet for Ranger. She has bad diarrhea.
    And Happy V Day!”
    (Ranger is the dog. And in his defense, we usually don’t exchange gifts. It was still pretty epic!)

  21. I’d have to say any valentine from my kids. They are nine now, but I love it when words are mis-spelled. It comes from the heart!

  22. The funniest gift is those cute ones made by my kids when they were little! And they are among my favorites, as well!

  23. The funniest gift I received was a new toilet seat. I had noted to my husband that the one we had after we moved in bugged me because it didn’t match in color with the rest of the toilet. He went and found an exact match and voila perfect and funniest Valentine’s gift.

  24. I don’t know if this is funny, but weird and useful and thoughtful. I got a new can of tennis balls with the promise of a tennis date when the weather was good (good old PNW weather for you). I loved it!

  25. We don’t be usually exchange gifts, but one year when we were dating we bought each other the same funny and slightly inappropriate card…must have been fate?!

  26. The funniest gift? I can’t think of anything funny. As long as I get Esther Price chocolate, I’m happy. And I always give myself a Valentine’s Day present.

  27. I gave a funny gift one year, although I didn’t really think it was beforehand. It was back in high school when putting things inside balloons was super popular. I got my then-boyfriend a new hat but had it packaged inside a giant clear balloon and then died laughing when he had to walk home from my house carrying a giant balloon.

  28. A rock. (And I don’t mean a diamond!) It was painted, so there is that. 🙂 Another year I got a floor cleaner but I actually WANTED that, so it was fine LOL

  29. Love love love everything in this box! Funniest thing received on Valentine’s day? It probably has to be all the handmade trinkets that the kiddos bring from school on this holiday!

  30. My first baby was born on Valentine’s Day! He will be 17 this year and has the best sense of humor, so I’ll say he’s the funniest gift I ever received. My husband is about as unromantic as they come so we were never big on Valentine’s Day before kids, and since we had him on V-Day, it’s all about him now.

  31. I wish I had a great story for this, but I can only think of normal gifts. 🙂 I sure would love to win that runner’s box, though!

  32. My then-fiancee (now husband) tracked down the dishes that I wanted that were discontinued by the manufacturer. We still use them…16 years later!

  33. typically I get chocolate or flowers from my husband if he remembers but often it can be a practical item needed from the grocery store. I don’t typically do romantic gestures either so it works for us.

  34. A humidifier. Because hubs wanted to help me with the sore throats and nosebleeds I was suffering from one winter. The thoughtfulness actually made me tear up a bit 😉

  35. We finished the closing paperwork on our house last year on Valentine’s Day. Maybe not the funniest, but the coolest! I have to add that I was less than two weeks postpartum with my third child at the time. Busy Valentine’s Day that year!

  36. My husband loves cookie cake as do I. A couple years in a row we got cookie cakes for each other. Not very funny but we know what we like

  37. The first year we were dating my husband got me an immersion blender. Still have not figured out what the inspiration for the gift was, but obviously he was able to snag me for good.

  38. One Valentine’s Day I received a date to a Scottish Dance festival. I am not Scottish, I don’t dance and I never showed any interest in it. We had fun, but it was definitely strange!

  39. When my husband and I first started dating was around Valentine’s Day 21 years ago. He gave me a half eaten tootsie roll and said you save the last bit for people you really like. Luckily he’s become much better at romantic gestures and apparently I found it more endearing than odd at the time

  40. I don’t remember getting gifts for Valentines Day except for silly little gifts from high school “boyfriends”. My hubby has given me cards.

  41. The funniest Valentine’s gift I’ve ever gotten was…a stomach virus. The first year my (now) husband and I were dating in college. Instead of a romantic dinner out, he spent the night taking care of me – I was mortified (It was BAD…both ends) but he was a trooper. We’ll be married 9 years this July and look back and laugh.

  42. My husband thought this would be so funny…told flower shop to deliver my flowers at the end of the day. Every time a delivery was made I thought they were for me. He never did that again!

  43. The funniest Valentines gift I ever received was from my Hubby (he was my boyfriend at the time). He gave me silicon bale ware and new silverware. He said my silverware was “too dainty” for him and he felt like he would bend it.

  44. funniest gift? My husband isn’t much of the gift-giving kind. But I did really enjoy the lovely crafts my children made for me in pre-school.

  45. On Valentine’s Day every year, the seniors at my school deliver candy grams– they dress up silly and serenade younger students whose parents or friends have purchased the candy grams. It’s always so fun to watch them come in to my middle school class and dance and sing!

  46. My husband got me a bag of Hersey kisses. I know that’s not too unusual, it’s just that he hid them all over the kitchen in the cupboards, and I was still finding them years later. He’s the best!

  47. I haven’t received anything funny for Valentine’s Day. My wife came home from a business trip one Valentine’s Day and she is the funniest woman I know.

  48. I haven’t really ever gotten anything unusual. My husband gets me cards and flowers and such. When we first started dating I would send him silly things to his office like studded bears and balloons.

  49. 18 years ago I got a huge stuffed Eeyore from a boyfriend. It got packed away and carried around all this time and finally ended up being one of my 5 year olds favorite stuffies. I suppose it’s not funny per se, but it makes me chuckle a little bit… I didn’t envision that back in high school.

  50. I once recieved a delivery of flowers. I figured my mother sent them (I was single). But I thought it was SO ODD, because my sister is a florist and the flowers were not from her store. Anyways…I call my momm and thank her. She says they aren’t from me. I put the flowers in a vase (they were BIG and NICE) and an hour or two later i get a knock on my door. My neighbour asking me … did you get flowers delivered today? I think the delivery guys made a mistake. Yes. His wife’s name was Tina. Anyhoo…i gave him the flowers. And the next day he brought me chocolates. haha!

  51. When I was dating my husband he did this really sweet treasure hunt through his dorm and at the end was a pair of sweatpants! Not what I was expecting :/

  52. When my husband was deployed to Iraq, I woke up on Valentine’s day to my dog going crazy barking at 5 men standing on my porch. My husband had ridiculously ordered a barbershop quartet to sing for me. It was fantastic and I was super embarrassed because I was in pajamas! Definitely unforgettable

  53. Our first year together my husband got me a cute little teddy. But it was TWO sizes too small. I managed to put it on, but literally had to cut myself out of it. Needless to say he hasn’t bought me anything like it since.

  54. I have an incredible husband who never forgets me on Valentine’s. But I want to win this for my Dad. He saw me run the NYC marathon and he just signed up for his first 5k at the young age of 63. So proud of him!

  55. Some weird “athletic fuel” liquid gel stuff hubby bought at rite aid on clearance and expired in a month #thethoughtthatcounts

  56. We don’t really do Valentine’s Day gifts, so I’m at a loss to think of any gift. He typically gets me a dozen roses, on 2/15, because they’re cheaper. (And I’m totally good with that!)

  57. My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. Our first date anniversary is the end of Feb so we usually do something for that. However, sometime between Valentine’s Day and our first date, we went snowboarding together as friends/co-workers. I ended up in the ER with a torn ligament in my thumb.

  58. My husband and I don’t really do gifts instead we treat ourselves to an experience together (tickets to a show, dinner out, etc). One year we gave each other an awful GI bug. Does that count?!?

  59. Not too funny, but one year my husband brought me candy from CVS wrapped in the plastic bag:( He’s come around through the years!

  60. I’ve never gotten a funny gift!! My husband gave me a vacuum cleaner one year, which some would maybe be offended at, but we have an Elkhound. Lots LOTS of hair. It was a fab gift❤️

  61. Probably 15 years ago, a guy gave me a 6-pack of Michelob Ultra because he “knew I was watching my calories.” It was not romantic.

  62. My daughter drew me a bubble bath and put rose petals – made of paper – in it. My skin was stained for a week. But my heart was full!

  63. My husband and I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. I have no funny gifts but the best gift I received was a new inside central ac unit. We live in Florida it was needed

  64. What your supposed to get gifts on Valentines?!?! LoL my husband is a horrible gift giver and by that i mena he rarely ever gives gifts even on my birthday! So I usual gift myself what I want. 🙂

  65. A jumbo bag of ring pops because I had been telling my boys and other family members that I didn’t need fancy jewelry to make me happy, but my nieces insisted girls should get jewelry so my husband thought he was pretty clever.

  66. A fondue set which weighed at least 40 pounds… was a monstrosity of a device. Which my new boyfriend bought in Switzerland and brought back to Ireland for me, I was 24 and subsisted on boxed wine and potatp chips. Never mentioned liking fondue or dinner parties to serve fondue. And I’m allergic to cheese.

  67. My husband ordered me flowers via mail. They arrived and were pretty much dead. He called, they sent more, dead again…they happened like 5 times! He tried so hard, by the end we just laughed and stopped worrying about it.

  68. Couple years back my daughter helped my husband to pick up some flowers for me, and somehow the choice is Chrysanthemums… but in Chinese culture Fresh Chrysanthemums are for paying respect to your ancestors at their graves or for some forms of rituals… I’d rather them getting me chrysanthemum tea lol

  69. Funniest gift I’ve ever received? One year my husband forgot about valentines and so he ran out to Walgreens around 10 pm and brought home whatever leftover candy and balloons he could find. Ha!

  70. I don’t know it it’s funny, but I got a tattoo for Valentines Day! On our first date, on Valentines Day, my now-husband brought me a single red rose. So the next year, on our first anniversary, my husband and I went to the tattoo shop and he bought me a tattoo of that rose on my ankle!

  71. When we were younger and every penny counted, I received a broom. I had been hinting that I really needed a new one though so I was happy. Thankfully, we are in a much better place now and my hubby is an excellent gift giver of jewelry, roses and chocolate!

  72. My husband & I don’t make a big deal of the day between the 2 of us but we do usually celebrate with the kids. It has become a tradition to exchange names and then write down all the things you like/love about that family member which we read to them (aka flooding them with compliments) during dinner. A couple of years ago, my then 9 yr old daughter said she “I love you because you make sure the doors are locked each night before you go to bed”. It’s funny to look back to see where their mindset was at each age & what they thought about. 🙂

  73. My husband is the worst gift giver. I have been giving a toilet seat, TV trays and can cozies. Thank God we don’t give Valentine’s Day gifts. Who knows what I would get.

  74. Didn’t seem funny at the time, but my fiance gave me a toaster. Didn’t he know the first of gift giving for women? Never anything with a plug unless specifically asked for? Looking back, we laugh!

  75. I have a really awesome husband, so I always get really awesome gifts! I can’t think of anything “funny,” just thoughtful and nice.

  76. The funniest gift I ever received on Valentine’s Day was a little jar of Red Hots – while I was in the hospital for G.I. issues. I still keep that little (empty) jar as a reminder

  77. I can’t think of anything funny I’ve ever received. I tend to do the funny gifts. My favorite “funny” gift I gave was a big stuffed bear i left sitting on the couch. I put him in a pair heart print boxers w/ one paw stuffed inside the waist band and the other paw on the TV remote watching the sports channel surrounded by snack foods. Go Bears 🙂

  78. When my now husband and I were dating he got me a little beanie baby for Valentine’s Day. I was super confused by it as usually is a much better gift giver and my face must have shown my confusion…
    Well come to find out the beanie baby was wearing fancy earrings for me.

  79. My son (who is 8) forgot to get me a Valentines present. Apparently he felt guilty because he gave me a card that one of his classmates gave him and just scratched out the names.

  80. My poor husband was rushing home to give me a lovely bouquet and he was so excited to give it to me. Then he got stopped by the police for speeding. Needless to say I got flowers and he got a speeding ticket. I don’t get flowers anymore for V-day. 🙂

  81. My grandmother always used Valentines Day as an excuse to buy funny socks for me. As an early elementary school teacher, kids were generally at lower-leg height and funny socks served as a great discussion point!

  82. Around 10 years ago my husband bought me a mug filled with candy for Valentine’s Day. He must have been in a rush at the last minute as it turned out to be an Easter mug with bunnies all over it lol

  83. Sea sick. Okay, so it wasn’t funny. We won a special Valentine’s dinner from a restaurant on a boat on the river near our house. The darn thing doesn’t even float up the river but just the very gentle lull of the ship was enough to turn me green. Wrong holiday Susan!

  84. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything funny for V day. But the best gift was when my hubby surprised me with a weekend getaway to a super nice resort. He never does things like this.

  85. It wasn’t necessarily a gift, but one year my husband rented Deliverance. I’ve never let him live it down! Least romantic movie ever!

  86. My husband (fiance at the time) presented me with a hand-typed “book” he made on Microsoft Word, printed, and then stapled together. It was called, “What does Cassie want for Valentine’s Day?”
    It included pictures of me along with a question for each page. Ex: “Does Cassie want chocolate for Valentine’s Day? No!” Finally on the last page, he revealed that he was actually taking me to Chicago to see a Harry Potter exhibit I had been wanting to see. It was super funny and odd…and then it got super awesome. 🙂

  87. Food poisoning. All I wanted was dinner, any dinner fixed for me. Turns out that discount meat that wasn’t cooked medium rare wasn’t the dinner I was looking for. We no longer celebrate V-day but we sure laugh about it now…

  88. The funniest gift has to be the “I love my mom” thoughts from the kids. I love my mom cuz she feeds me. I love my mom because she gives us donuts. Etc.

  89. My ex gave me a ring-sized box filled with skittles. While I enjoy skittles, it was not quite the gift I was expecting when I opened the lid… 🙂

  90. I can’t really think of anything funny. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts for Valentines and he doesn’t send flower, so when he did send flowers a couple of years ago, it was so special, rather than expected which I think is how most of those around me see it.

  91. I can’t really think of anything funny that I have received from my husband for Valentine’s day, although I usually try to find the bawdiest card I can for him. My kids usually have some great homemade art work that they give me to celebrate the day!

  92. My birthday is ValentinesDay and so I actually get the most awesome Valentines gifts! Probably the funniest was a pair of underwear with hearts on them given to me by my GRANDMOTHER!!

  93. i’ve gotten some funny cards from the kids over the years, especially when they were younger. One year my son glued all sorts of things to a card he made for me, the only thing I remember clearly being a heavy glass paperweight. i wanted to keep the card but eventually had to dismantle it because there was no way to conveniently store or display it.

  94. My college boyfriend gave me the book, “A Farewell to Arms” on February 13. I was convinced he was breaking up with me. Apparently, that was not his intent. He back-pedaled and got me some flowers the next day.

  95. A leather trenchcoat…back in the 90’s, from my high school sweetheart, who is now my husband. He still talks about how much he spent on it!!

  96. Menopause the Musical tickets when I was like 31 from my husband. Lol! “Because you like Broadway shows.” I’m not sure if he understands the difference still and that was 10 years ago.

  97. Dove chocolates taped in the shape of a heart to a piece of cardboard by my now-husband (then post-first-date college boyfriend) It was sweet at the time, but also sort of funny. Now that we’re married we don’t usually give V-day presents. 🙂

  98. My husband and I don’t do Valentine’s but I often have work related events during the day and often people will bring funny stuff to those meetings – mostly food, occasionally flowers. I definitely don’t love those meetings, so it always feel very odd to me!

  99. My boyfriend and I had been dating for about 6 weeks when Valentine’s Day rolled around. He is a HUGE procrastinator and took quite a while to plan a nice dinner out, so we ended up with a 10pm reservation! By the time we were seated (10:45…), the kitchen had run out of most of their limited selection of entrees. I don’t remember what we ate. Dessert, however, was some sort of fancy ice cream sundae, served on a tray with a lit tealight candle – we promptly dubbed it the Flaming Moe. That was the funniest part of V-Day. We’ve been married for 10 years now. 🙂

  100. The funniest thing I ever received was a cookbook. The thought was nice because I had said I wanted to eat healthier, but it was funny that he thought a cookbook would actually motivate me to eat healthier.

  101. My boyfriend gave me a bag of peanut M&ms. Not even the valentine kind. Just a big yellow bag of M&ms. We’ve been married for almost 14 years now but we definitely had a How-To-Buy-A-Better-Gift talk after that ❤️

  102. Years ago my husband of 15yrs gave me a glass swan. I have no idea what he was thinking since I am not a tchotchke person AT ALL. After my initial shock, it’s now the running joke and emblematic of all bad gifts given or received.

  103. My funniest was from my daughter when she was young, it was this ceramic bunny she got at a garage sale with her grandma. Very sweet and I still have it.

  104. My husband is not much of a gift giver or receiver for that matter. Valentine’s Day is just another day for us. Over our 30 years together I have received either chocolates or roses perhaps 2 or 3 times. This isn’t a really “funny” gift, but I would say the gift I receive most on Feb. 14th is nada.

  105. I received a dozen roses from an admirer who I did not like. I cannot stand roses to this day. He ruined them for me!

  106. Just so happens my birthday is on valentine’s day. I don’t honestly rememvber any funny gifts, but one of the most memorable was when my husband proposed. It wasn’t actually on valentines because at the time he lived in VT & I lived in MD. I was going to visit him around my birthday. My sister asked if I thought he was going to propose. Never even entered my mind, and while it wasn’t planned (there wasn’t even a ring), sure enough he proposed right before I left. I was in shock & told no one . . . until he calked & asked if I’d told my parents. He’d already told his! And that ring? There was one on another visit but it needed to be sized & they MAILED it to me!

  107. I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Then, seven years ago, the Universe decided to flex its funny bone by gifting us with our first born. Now, Valentine’s Day really is about love for me. ❤

  108. Funny now because, well, we’re divorced… but one year I received a single gas station rose from my then-husband when he finally got home very late from his Valentine’s date with his girlfriend.

  109. I haven’t gotten any valentines gifts since high school. But, I clearly remember toting around life size teddy bears. The more he loves you, the bigger the bear. Right?

  110. We’re not into Valentine’s Day, so for my husband and me, it’s just another day. However, one year, that was the day we had an appointment to design our new kitchen, pick out cabinets, etc. The following year, they installed new flooring on 2/14. I joke that those were the two best Valentine’s gifts a woman could ask for!

  111. Not really “funny”, but most memorable was the time I had got food poisoning on Valentine’s Day. But my husband was very sweet about taking care of me and covering for me with our kids.

  112. I can’t really think of anything funny that I have received on Valentine’s Day. I guess a huge Hershey’s Kiss was probably the funniest cause I am not really a huge chocolate eater. I know, blasphemy!!

  113. Funniest gift would have to be a pair of superwoman Granny panties from my husband but at the time was my boyfriend. “Thanks hunny always wanted a pair??”

  114. Not really funny, but the best has to be sitting by a fire eating snacks after running the Austin half marathon in 2016 🙂

  115. I don’t think I have received a very funny Valentines gift! But once my husband gave me a GIANT jar of candy – like I mean 2 or 3 litres of candy!!! That was the best.

  116. one rose–which is only funny because he felt sorry for his sister and gave her one, too, and she ended up with over a dozen red roses!

  117. I really can’t think of a funny gift though getting candy when I am clearly on a diet has happened. Maybe he thought it was funny-or genuinely kind – but to me it felt cruel!!

  118. I was really hoping for the newest CD from a vocalist that I loved at the time. My boyfriend (at the time) got me a gift, shaped like a CD, wrapped like a CD, but it kind of rattled when I shook the gift. I was so frustrated that I was getting a broken CD for Valentines Day. When I opened it up, there was an engagement ring inside! No worries – I said yes, and he had the CD for me in another box.❤️

  119. My maiden name is Loveless. On Valentine’s Day in elementary school, I once got a card that said, “Don’t be Loveless on Valentine’s Day.”

  120. I received a lovely box of Shari’s Berries chocolate-covered strawberries. The reason this is so funny is because it wasn’t for me; it was for a neighbor down the road. The flowers that were delivered later were a disappointment after that!!

  121. We don’t do Valentines Day. But the first one we were together (pre-marriage) my husband had flowers delivered but I was at work all day. So I had to go to the flower shop the next day and retrieve my lonely arrangement. The only one that was left behind. Lol

  122. The funniest gift I received for Valentines Day was the year I was pregnant with my first kid. My husband put together a “cravings” package, with coffee ice cream, goldfish crackers, snickers, and tons of fresh fruit. Very sweet and thoughtful.

  123. I really haven’t gotten anything out of the ordinary. I have gotten flowers and chocolates, but after many years of marriage I am thrilled to get anything!

  124. We don’t do proper valentine’s gifts. But its been a tradition for my husband to get me the cheesiest, heart-shaped, velvet, sequined, glittery, box of chocolates he can find.

  125. No really funny gifts but the one that popped to mind was when I received one through proxy – my then boyfriend now husband lived in another state and his mom went to visit him. He sent home a valentine surprise with her – so I ended up receiving my mushy card, stuffed bear and flowers via my future mother in law…

  126. I don’t remember mine but I gave my husband a triggerpoint roller massager because he’s always complaining he’s sore after leg day at the gym.

  127. Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, I surprised my husband with an early wake up call so we could go sky-diving for the first (and only) time! My guide was big burly Bob. My husband got 5’ tall Juan who he practically wore as a backpack. So come landing time, my husband, being taller than Juan, had to bend his knees so Juan could touch the ground. He ended up falling on his butt and snapping his tailbone!! Even though it wasn’t funny to him at the time, we always enjoy a good laugh nowadays when we retell the story every year.

  128. A card that wasn’t Valentine themed!~ My bday is Valentines Day and I get a serious kick out of some seriously funny (ok, maybe a bit off color too) card that does not come in a red or pink envelope and there is no hart to be found!

  129. My husband has been great at Valentine gifts, but I’d love to be considered for one of these cool runner’s boxes!

  130. My husband got me microspikes for running one year and an LED running vest. He says it was actually a gift for him because he worried when I was out at night in the cold and ice.

  131. We do not exchange Valentine’s Day gifts in my house. The most memorable gift was my dad made a tradition out of buying my sister and I a card and chocolate covered cherries when we were teenagers.

  132. I can’t think of a funny gift I’ve received because I don’t think I’ve received many gifts for V-Day, but i’d love to give one of these boxes to my brf!

  133. I dated a guy and we broke up after Christmas. He sent me a dozen red roses…on March 14! Needless to say I never dated him again and felt kind of creeped out by the whole thing…

  134. My husband once bought me flippers to wear in the pool. I was pregnant and was having difficulties running. I was new to swimming laps and needed them to have any attempt of looking like I knew what I was doing!

  135. The funniest gift I’ve been given was another women’s flowers. Each year I would be Janice, or Mary, or Sophie.

    *my husband owned a floral company and I received the undeliverable flowers at the end of his long work day. Don’t worry! Janice, Mary and Sophie all got fresh arrangements the next day!! 🙂

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