Hump Day Giveaway: Two 6-month JustGoGirl Pad Subscriptions


Brooke Solis, the mother runner behind JustGoGirl, and the four "reasons" she has a need for the athletic-leakage pads.
Brooke Solis, the mother runner behind JustGoGirl, and the four of her five "reasons" she has a need for the athletic-leakage pads.

One of our newest partners is JustGoGirl, which makes discreet pads to combat "athletic leakage," a term the company founder fit-mama Brooke Solis, has wisely trademarked. We suspect you have as many questions about the company and product as we did, so we went straight to the source--mother of five Brooke Solis. 

AMR: JustGoGirl: What’s up with the name? Does the name imply, “Just go exercise already, woman!” or… “go ahead and pee your pants—we got this!” Or both—or neither?
Brooke: The name is a double entendre – just go get your workout done, whether it’s a run or a group fitness class, CrossFit, tennis, aerobics, dance or any other high-impact activity  you love and when you do, just go ahead and pee because we will have you covered.

AMR: Talk us through the creation of these pads.
Brooke:  I designed the pad originally because I needed it. I was a long-time runner and group fitness fan who was sidelined by the birth of my children. After years of low-impact activities, a friend invited me to take a conditioning class with her, and I came prepared with a traditional incontinence pad. I loved the class but hated the bulky pad  I was sure could be seen by every person behind me in class. I knew  I needed a pad but I didn’t need it to be the size of a submarine sandwich. I started designing it by cutting pads in half and taping them together into the shape of what worked for me. I took that design to a friend who is an engineer, and she created the CAD [computer-aided design] drawing of the pad.  We went through several designs before landing on the final, which is the pad we launched in January.

Imagine this JustGoGirl pad soaking up, um, fluid in your dark workout bottoms instead of floating in black space.
Imagine this JustGoGirl pad soaking up, um, fluid in your dark workout bottoms instead of floating in black space.

AMR: Marketing pee-pads isn’t as easy as, say, promoting a new breakfast cereal, car, or even a line of diapers. What’s your approach? 
Brooke:  No, it isn’t but in some ways that’s what I love most about our company. We aren’t promoting a product as much as we are starting a conversation about an issue that affects millions of women. When we talk about this issue, we refer to it as 'athletic leaks,' rather than incontinence because clearly, incontinence is a stigmatized word but more importantly, this is an issue that affects us when we are running or doing jumping jacks or jumping rope. We are starting a conversation among a group of active women who we want to know are in good company because this issue is so common. Yes, we are selling our product, but more importantly we are creating a community of women who inspire each other to do more. [Right there with you, sister!]

AMR: When we showcase JustGoGirl pads at our Mother Runner parties, we hold them up and tell women, 'the wider end goes in front.' What other tips to you share with first-time wearers?
Brooke:  Wear them with anything, thong underwear, just your workout pants. The adhesive on the back of the pad was also designed with athletes in mind so the pad will stay put, do its job, and won’t cause chafing even under the toughest workout conditions.

AMR: What’s a standout testimonial you’ve heard or read from a customer?
Brooke: We recently got some online gratitude from a woman who had just run her first half-marathon. She was so relieved by, "the security" a JustGoGirl pad gave her during the race, explaining it was, "a distinct improvement over similar feminine products you would find at the drugstore or grocery, based on the unique shape and 'holding capacity.'" She told us she's now training for half #2, and "JustGoGirl will be right there with" her.

Thanks for the straight talk, Brooke! For this week's giveaway, two winners will each receive six months of Dedicated subscription, which means every month 20 JustGoGirl pads will arrive on their doorstep, ready to be rocked on that month's runs, on the tennis court, or in CrossFit classes. We realize this prize package isn't for every mother runner, but those of you who experience athletic leakage, this prize will be a game-changer.

To enter, tell us how you've been dealing with leakage so far. Sanity pads? Black bottoms? Running less frequently than you'd like? As Brooke points out, this topic  isn't  discussed very widely, which is why we think these conversations need to happen. In the Comments section below this post on our website, please share how you've dealt with leakage while exercising for your chance to win 6 months of 20-pad Dedicated subscription from JustGoGirl.

If you're curious to give JustGoGirl pads a whirl, go to to request a free 2-pad sample pack.

Packaging so discreet, you might mistake it for a child's building block.
Packaging so discreet, you might mistake it for a child's building block.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 7/30/14 and ends on 8/5/14; the winners will be announced on 8/9/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is approximately $84. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. I talked to my OB about this and was referred to physical therapy. I did PT for a few months with exercises at home and things improved a lot. Don’t hesitate to talk to your OB, this is very common! Now I run with black skirts and sometimes liners just to give myself some peace of mind.

  2. I’m sure that having my second kid this November is only going to cause me to need these more than I already do!!

  3. I sometimes have to slow down or walk until everything is under control again. I’ve been hesitant to try pads, but these look like they’d be great!

  4. I have to take walk breaks during my runs to get my bladder “under control”. I must say that I’ve had to squat buy a bush or two along the way, too, cause when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! 🙂

  5. Cut back on participation. I’ll leave a class, stopping running and instead walk, or just sit out. This is something I’m seriously interested in trying out. Helloooow trampoline jumping!

  6. I have learned to wear nothing but black (bottoms) when running outdoors, which means I end up wearing my fun colors and patterns only on my treadmill. It should be the other way around!!

  7. I have chafed with a panty liner. so I don’t wear anything. le sigh. WEll. I wear bottoms when I run of course. haha. Skirts or dark shorts or capris.

  8. After a few frustrating years, I finally brought the issue up to my GYN, and I got fitted with a pessary. It’s a removable device (think similar to a diaphragm) that you insert and it holds up my bladder where it needs to be. I’d say it works 90% of the time.

  9. I either wear running skirts or black clothing and then if needed spill water on myself (to make it look like I didn’t do what you think I did)! lol!

  10. Oh my gosh. These sound amazing. I am 44 and have dealt with this issue since my hysterectomy at 32. With starting my running only a few years ago, I have had to resort to using the biggest Poise pad I can find. Not fun! Bulky, uncomfortable and I always worry every in can see it. However, I refuse to let this stop me from running and attempting my first full marathon in December. I have run 3 half marathons and the poise pads work but not fun and I very concerned about making it all the way through my full!!

  11. Black bottoms. I haven’t had too many leakage issues lately, but I’m expecting #2 in Feb 2015. I’m sure I’ll be dealing with that more as the pregnancy progresses and then after baby is here.

  12. My standbys are black fitted running shorts and a sanitary pad. My husband keeps telling me that I should see a doctor, but it’s such an awkward topic to initiate with someone you only see once or twice a year. I’ll have to give these pads a try.

  13. Black shorts and a bee line for the laundry room as soon as I get home. My 3 little boys think it’s funny that “mommy has accidents sometimes too…” Ack.

  14. Recommended to me by a friend, waiting for my first order. Yeah! So far just wearing black bottoms and wearing bulky sanitary pads. Can’t wait for my just go girls to get here 🙂

  15. Thanks! This sounds like an amazing product. I always have to pee before any class or run and sometimes during too. I have become the running joke among my girlfriends. I plan my runs around bathroom stops, wear black bottoms and poise pads too. I even went to a female urologist who said my problem wasn’t severe enough to warrant surgery. I look forward to trying these!

  16. 3 kids makes black running bottoms a must! Tried pink shorts for a long run… Big mistake as whole world knew it was not just sweat! Multiple bathroom visits before a run and wearing shorts with built in bike shorts helps absorb the leaks. Can’t wait to try this product!

  17. I have 5 kids…. That says it all!!!!!! I can make it through most races but track and speed work where you have yo push… That’s another story. Black bottoms are my friend 🙂

  18. I am so excited that you have created this product, and I can’t wait to try it!! And I am happy this discussion is taking place since so many women are plagued with this issue. I love that you are rebranding it. “Athletic leakage” I would talk about, but “urinary incontinence” – not so much. I deal with it by wearing maxi’s (Panty liners? Not even close!), black shorts or capris, limit liquids before a run, void multiple times before I walk out the door, and the locations and distances I run are bathroom dependent. I was referred to a PT but have been too embarrassed to go. Maybe I will make that appointment since I now have a new diagnosis – “athletic leakage.” Thank you!!

  19. How I cope: Running in the early a.m., black shorts, big ole maxi pad, extra bathroom trips prior to running and finally – after an 8 month wait list – I’ve started seeing a physiotherapist who specializes in incontinence. We’re training my bladder and strengthening my pelvic floor. Thank you JustGoGirl for thinking of us leaky ones.

  20. No more black capris on hot, muggy days? No more spending mile after mile of a half marathon scouting for places to pee in the woods? Drinking water without worrying? Who would’ve thought??! Thank you!

  21. I’ve been dealing with my athletic leaks via denial of the problem and showering quickly after workouts. This product looks like a great idea!

  22. Finally! I can talk about this with other moms and there’s no awkward silence! I’ve struggled with this since having my second kiddo. I listened to your podcast about it a while back and learned there’s even PT to help with it (I’ll schedule that appointment as soon as I have a moment of free time)! I’ve purchased special padded underwear which only allowed for a couple of drops. So my go to solution right now is: no liquids one hour before running, pee the second before I walk out the door, wear overnight pads with wings, wear black skirts with running shorts or capris underneath and bring a towel to sit on in my car. I have a half marathon in sept and so I’ve resorted to asking my husband “can you see my pad through these running pants?” Oh the things we do!

  23. Panty liners, darker bottoms and avoiding “jumping” activities. Thank you for the giveaway AND for bringing up this topic. It makes it much easier to deal with when we know we are not alone and there are some solutions out there 🙂

  24. I wear a black running skirt. When I was running the Country Music Marathon in Nashville in 2013, I was really thankful that it rained for most of my 5 hours – there was a mile stretch where it was like run, run, run, dribble, dribble, run, run, dribble. I didn’t think it would ever stop!

  25. Since having my son, this has been one of the most fearful things for me. I haven’t been to a group class in ages! I generally wear dark bottoms, don’t work for more than half an hour without a break, and I don’t do long runs during the day.

  26. This is a very frustrating problem for me because my leakage is inconsistent! During some runs no leaks and others it’s running down my leg. I usually wear some sort of liner but they don’t really stay in place very well once the sweating starts. Would love to try these!

  27. I wear my black bottoms and try not to think about the pool that forms … between the sweat and the leakage, it’s just ridiculous, but I refuse to let it stop me…

  28. I’ve been dealing with this problem for years. After running a couple half marathons with bulky pads and experiencing severe chafing, I opted for surgery and pelvic PT. Yet, I am STILL having issues! So I’m continuing to wear pads, but I’m also running less. I find running skirts are good camouflage.

  29. I just let it flow. I empty my bladder before a run and so it’s only the long runs that I have issues!

  30. I tend to use regular menstrual pads to help with my leakage but they chafe and move a lot. Pregnant with #2 now and starting to feel more pressure on my bladder now during runs so looking forward to trying these!

  31. Black bottoms, kegels, and not physical therapy for pelvic floor “insufficiency”. I’m 6 weeks postpartum with #2 and 3 days into the 5k finish it plan – here’s hoping it gets better!!

  32. I am a runner, track coach, aerobics and PE teacher and a mother of 3! I only own black athletic bottoms. I have tried liners and recently had to swallow my pride and by absorbing pads. I tried physical therapy NAND am highly considering surgery. I want a comfortable pad that doesn’t feel or look like a diaper. I was at the pint f wanting tone sign my own, because I couldn’t find anything out here for active females! Very excited to try this!

  33. The worst is jump rope and jumping jacks. Even if I run to the bathroom right before, I have athletic leakage. These will be wonderful for my half marathon as I was searching for ways to cover this problem. I was thinking of the black spandex personally.

  34. Not very well! Try to remember to go to the bathroom right before running or exercising and pads. Hate it and I’m sure I exercise and run less because of it!

  35. I would love these!!!! I have to plan my entire route around bathrooms (the library and co-op) and port a potties. Would love to worry less, especially during my upcoming 1/2 and full marathons this fall!

  36. Black bottoms are always a must and I use the thinner sanitary pads. Not a subject you like to discuss but a problem for many!

  37. I don’t have so much of a problem like this (only happened once or twice) but I have a friend who terribly needs these so I’d share them with her.

  38. Would love to win these! How do I deal? Panty liners every time I run or workout. Not drinking water on runs unless I know there will be a bathroom along the way. And making sure I pee right at the last possible moment before a race!!

  39. After a very embarrassing run with a group from work where I was hoping no one could tell I leaked quite a lot, I now pee as much as possible before going for a run. I also keep pads in my running bag just in case.

  40. I only leak a little with running, so usually I just wear black bottoms. But I do a martial art as well, and I leak *a lot* during that, so I wear a sanitary pad. And even that isn’t always enough , and it gets very bulky.

  41. After years of dealing with “athletic leakage” I just started using tena active pads. They have helped but still feel bulky under my Capri tights. I’m excited to see another product on the market that may be a better option for me.

  42. I make sure i have an empty bladder. This means MANY trips to the restroom mid workout. Contruction portopotty? Yep! A squat in the woods? Yep. No shame.

  43. I luckily have not had leakage with running but I abound all jumping/lynging/serious lifting types of activity. I would love to try this product and give some jumping jacks a try again.

  44. My first mile run race started with a big downhill and imagine my surprise when all of a sudden the pounding downhill caused “athletic leakage”. I was mortified and positive that everyone would know when I crossed the finish line. Since then, I’ve used sanitary pads with wings but had one of those work its way free, slide out of my shorts, and inch down my leg on an especially hot, humid run- quite embarrassing! Will definitely be visiting the JustGoGirl website!!

  45. After giving birth to my second son, I noticed I leak the most after a hard run. It happens usually once I stop and sometimes it’s a lot so I have to wear those huge, pillow like pads that I could never wear with spandex lol! Looked into the surgery but rather not and just deal with it. These pads seem exactly what I need!

  46. I just started running for the first time last year at the age of 52. It was surprising how much I peed while running! I use poise or similar pads, because running and fitness is more important to me than that. Over time I’ve gotten stronger and also found that when I run first thing in the morning before eating/drinking its not a problem. But any time later in the day I need a pad! I’d love to win this subscription. Thank you!

  47. I use incontinence pads – lighter ones for morning runs are not too bad but the larger ones I need for evening runs get really bulky. These sound way better!

  48. When given the option, I tend to prefer early morning runs while I am basically dehydrated, really good for me, I’m sure. I also wear only skirts because it is the best way to hide any leakage. After 5 kids I’ve decided that I don’t care anymore and that I’m not going to let it slow me down but it’s definitely something I’m not a fan of.

  49. Such a timely post. I refuse to do any jumping jacks related moves during my bootcamp workouts as I’m always destined to leak. I had my first full blown loss of bladder of control during a 5 mile race this summer. I was thankful for my black running skirt. These pads would have been a saving grace that day. It’s always in the back of my mind that it will happen again.

  50. I’ve been taking Elsa’s advice and just “letting it go” since regular pads have caused chafing in the past. I just had my third baby last week and weighing in at 9 lbs, she’s the smallest of my three so leakage has been an unfortunate part of running since baby #1 arrived.

  51. I have been using Poise pads – I buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club because I can’t do anything without them.

  52. I was absolutely appalled the first time I did sprints at my running clinic post-baby and peed myself. I knew I peed a little when I sneezed, but running?! Things have slowly improved over time but now that I’m pregnant with my second (and still running) I always run with a panty liner. Problem is I can’t seem to find a way to do a whole run without them bunching up by the end. I would love to try these – a purpose made product for athletic women. Love it!

  53. My problem is only minor, so I deal with it by running with a skirt sports running skirt and then when I have to go, I just let it flow. The skirt usually hides any evidence.

  54. I use a regular sanitary towel. Sometimes it’s enough, sometimes not. I find I’m usually ok first thing in the morning, but once I’ve been on my feet all day, an evening run is a different matter. Particularly if I’m doing sprints or going downhill.

    And I love the idea of athletic leakage. It’s true that it’s totally a different contention from generalised incontinence.

  55. Would like to try this! I’ve been wearing a panty liner lately — but on Lon runs it’s not enough.

  56. I sneezed while running a while back… bad combination. I pee a few times before I go and am mostly okay, but trampolining? Completely out. Would love to try these!

  57. I’m really interested in trying these! I have been a runner since I was a teenager and never had to worry about this until I had my son 2 years ago. I currently use a poise pad, but it is often uncomfortable, especially on long runs.

  58. I use the bathroom when I am getting ready to go for a run and then also right before I head out the door. Sometimes that’s not enough and there is still leakage or I stop to squat. Where does all this fluid come from?! And I learned the hard way to wear black to minimize the showing. Sometimes I’ll throw on a panty liner, but they really don’t absorb much and often times come unstuck. At a race, it’s potty in the morning, potty when I arrive, potty after gear check, and potty just before the start. And lately there’s been a potty stop during the run as well. Ugh! I so need to try these!

  59. I use pantyliners, but sometimes they just aren’t enough! Combine that with running in the morning (without drinking water beforehand) and black bottoms, and you have my very carefully executed workout regime!

  60. I don’t generally have a problem while running but have found that kickboxing classes and exercises that involve jumping cause some problems!

  61. I run first thing in the morning so that I haven’t had any fluids for at least 6 hours. I pee when I wake up, again after I get dressed, and once more before I head out the door. I always wear black and use pantiliners. I’m getting worried about longer runs when I know I’ll need to hydrate during my run. I’m definitely interested in trying JustGoGirl!

  62. Boy, this is really the thing we need to talk about, yet find so awkward, eh? Thank you for bringing it out of the closet! I birthed four children over three pregnancies so when I’m out running I pray that I don’t laugh, don’t sneeze, and barely even breathe! I’ve used the old standby of a regular pad, but I feel like it irritates the delicate parts, ya know?

  63. Black capris and a Poise pad – which are SO bulky. I love how streamlined “Just Go Girl” looks – I’ll have to give them a try!

  64. Pee right before leaving the house, and then pee again one more time. And try to run a route with public potties available! Can’t stand running with any kind of pad because they move and stick to the wrong places — this product sounds pretty amazing!!

  65. I wear black and a thong pantyliner. I avoid any exercises at bootcamp that involve jumping and am fearful of too many squats. Jumping is the worst. Glad to see I am not the only person with this issue.

  66. Thong panty liners, black running skirt and limited water intake. I’m going to order the sample pack, so excited that I could run (any distance or speed) and not feel like I’m literally peeing my pants (like I did at my last 5k, hence always the running skirt)!!!

  67. I didn’t think I had an issue, but recently came to realize that I couldn’t re-wear bottoms because they smell like pee. I thought it was just sweat and normal female discharge, but am starting to wonder if I need to work on Kegels, or use something like these pads. I have occasionally used Always Thin Pantyliners Thong.

  68. My solution thus has been running in black shorts to hide it. Speed work or a sneeze get me every time. Not to mention the last time I ran with my husband and a bug flew in my mouth and as I coughed it out I peed everywhere. It was lovely and I ran home with wet pants. I just ordered my sample pack and hoping this will bet solution. Thanks for sharing the product!

  69. Dark bottoms or skirts, voiding right before running and trying not to bounce too much. No trampolines for this girl!

  70. Dark bottoms always…and Poise pads on longer/harder runs & races or any type of fitness workout. (Forgot to pack pads when went to Boston in 2011…had to find a drugstore so would have a pad for the marathon….husband not thrilled had something else to put in the suitcase….)

  71. Dark bottoms, slower speed and being careful with my water intake. I stop drinking about 2 hours before I run. Needless to say there is no spontaneity to my running. Booo! And if it’s my time of the month a pad. :-/

  72. I’ve started clenching my fist when I’m running and notice weakness. It seems to help but isn’t really a great solution. I’ve used JustGoGirl in the past and they are really amazing. 🙂

  73. Have tried poise pads but usually go with panty liner and black bottoms and fingers crossed. These look like game changers!!

  74. A pantyliner for bootcamp and short runs, but an ultra thin maxi pad for longer runs and races. Looking forward to giving these a try!

  75. I go back and forth between letting it rip regardless of what I’m wearing and using a mini pad. I just usually pray that everyone just thinks I’m a BAMR for all the sweating I’m doing. Oh–in nice weather, I also use the trick of dousing myself with water to hide any stains! I NEED this product 🙂

  76. A feminine product with “wings”. Wouldn’t it be great if they could just fly away when you are done with them?

  77. i learned during the jumping jacks/jumping rope part of a bootcamp class that i am inflicted by this “athletic leaks” condition and it’s terrible! I have attempted to battle it with the dark pants, a panty-liner, but noen have been very successful. So I just wouldn’t jump!

  78. If I was less bashful, I would be an ambassador for this product! They are SO. MUCH. BETTER than Poise pads for athletic women. I love how thin and invisible they are and yet how very effective. Also, the customer service is over-the-top outstanding. They missed my email and sent me a package as an apology, along with a personal note. I’m a fan for life. Thanks, kids, for ruining my bladder!

  79. I already bought my first package of these pads and love them. Last night I tried CrossFit for the first time. Even though I emptied my bladder right before class I still saturated the GoGirl pad. I wouldn’t have been able to get through the class without it. I gave one to my BRF to try during our next class and I will be subscribing, but it would be awesome if I could win a subscription first.

  80. This is absolutely a problem I’ve had since I started running four years ago. And I’m not shy about talking about it! Sure, I wear only black running shorts or capris, and I ALWAYS run with a pad and a tampon in place (my OB told me the tampon will help lift my bladder just a little bit to help ease some of the leakage), but the pad frequently seems to ‘migrate’, which is uncomfortable. One good thing I’ve noted about summer time running…being closer to dehydration means less peeing! Also, early morning runs are far better for me than late afternoon. Probably the accumulation of all that coffee/water/nuun I drink throughout the day is too much for my poor bladder to handle. And if I have a really wet and messy run? I just shrug and use it as an example for my daughter by saying ‘don’t worry about accidents, EVERYONE wets their pants’.

  81. This is just what I’ve been looking for! I had an issue yesterday and had made the mistake of wearing light gray shorts. Needless to say, I quickly told my girls we needed to go back home for a minute and I changed. Usually I go with a Poise pad or pantyliner of some sort and hope my black shorts/capris are clean!

  82. I got the sling which I don’t think was worth doing. Sadly, I hold back from pushing my runs. When I finish a race I feel the urge coming on so I hold back. I would love to run hard and push it again !

  83. Black bottoms when I run. Poise at the gym, though they always seem to break loose and do a workout of there own. And I’ve stopped doing activities that involve tumbling altogether.

  84. I never realized how common this issue was. I thought I was the only one who peed themselves at the end of a run! I’m actually fine during the run, but the second I stop, things start happening and there are times I have no control. So I wear black and hope for the best.

  85. WOW! This is a game changer! I have completely given up any exercise with jumping. And running, well, I just go. I try to hold it in and get dribbles on any run longer than 5 miles. Summer is the worst, since I wear shorts and there is nothing to absorb. I have tried the pads, but the adhesive wears off and they move! I do try to run near bathrooms, but sometimes they are so gross it’s better to just pee my pants.

  86. Thank you so much for designing this product. I have been experiencing athletic leakage for about 6 years. It impacts my ability to run, participate in group exercise classes, and to play sports and be active with my kids. I have run 6 marathons while dealing with athletic leakage. When I run I always wear a poise pad, I wear black bottoms or skorts, the very last thing I do is go to the bathroom “one more time”. Lately I’ve limited my running to early in the morning before I’ve had very much to eat or drink and I only run from my house instead of going to other locations for a better route. I feel so humiliated knowing that I’m peeing all over myself. I will definitely try this new product.

  87. I wear Always Slender Ultra-Thin pads, which have helped for running and everyday use. It’s not just motherhood that causes these issues–I don’t have children (just fur kids)–but age also causes leakage 🙁

  88. My issues are much more prominent when I’m cross training with lots of jumping and less so with running…drives me batty, but I end up pausing every 15 min to potty break…eating into precious workout time!!! When I run, well, let’s just say I change quickly afterwards….

  89. Wow what a great idea! Currently its all black all the time as far as workout pants are concerned and a panty liner ( not that it does much good) because pads are just too bulky. My current loop has two bathrooms about a mile apart so I can stop as I go around. I can remember the first 5k I did I wasnt even a mile in and was hit by an uncontrolable bladder. Needless to say I peed myself. Thank god Im a slow runner and was in the back of the pack.

  90. I was at a physical therapist for a pelvic alignment issue, but as it turns out she was a specialist in incontinence (I did think some of the questions on the intake form were “interesting!”). From her, I learned some key exercises that have helped not only my pelvis but also helped me learn to recognize that an increasured feeling of urgency equals something is out of alignment. Just writing this makes me realize I’ve been slacking on my exercises! I definitely learned that even at an older age, there are ways to strengthen key muscles. The pads are so great in addition!!

  91. After 3 kids running’s just not the same! Haven’t found a way to help the problem – just wear black and hope for the best. Would love to try these!

  92. black bottoms, running on an indoor track which has an adjacent restroom, mapping outdoor runs with porta-pots/convenience stores in mind…

  93. Athletic leakage is a problem for me about 3 big babies – the last one 10#8oz!! Any time I over exert even a little, especially at the end of races/runs it happens. I usually just “let it go”. Would love to try these!!

  94. Pregnancy at age 42/birth at age 43 really did a number on my insides…at that age, things don’t go back to where they ought to after delivery. Running skirts are a godsend, because “everything” is hidden by the skirt. In winter, I layer the skirt over tights or capris.

  95. No matter if I go right before I head out for a run, my body finds a little extra to squeeze out once I start running. Ugh. I only wear black on the bottom and walk straight to the laundry to toss my soaked shorts/capris in and hit the shower. I’ve tried pads without much success. I’ve tried pills which have just left me thirsty. I’m considering surgery as this issue is so annoying but it won’t keep me from running!!! Would love to give this a try for sure. Wet bottoms after working out have become
    My norm after 4 kids.

  96. The onset of menopause should have been relief to having to wear pads, unfortunately that is not the case. I have been seening a urologist for 4 years now due to a leakage issue and of course all I hear is that there is nothing wrong with me. Ok, tell that to my running shorts. I deal with it by using the the traditional leakage pads. However, they shift so much when I run. Any run over 4 miles I become sore, raw, and bleed. Now this becomes an additional problem. I would love a product that stays in place and makes me comfortable enough that I can focus on running without worries.

  97. I so need these! Since having kids my body does not want to hold the pee in! I often have to stop along my runs, even short runs which is super frustrating. Then when I want to push harder at the end of runs/races I often leak and it can be an embarrassing situation. I have been wearing sanitary pads for races and long runs but they are not very comfy and feel bulky. I’d love to try these!

  98. Brooke, you are an amazing woman! Thanks for going the extra mile to create a product to get women out the door again! I try to go before I start exercise. I can get in a long or short training run in now without having issues. But as soon as I speed up a hill or try to sprint to the finish line leakage happens. Also the jumping jack in a class- are you kidding me! I do them one legged which helps some. I only have black shorts, and prayers right now. Can’t wait to try this product. Want to up my workouts for a Spartan Stadium race!

  99. This is just what I need! For a few days each month — yes, that time of the month — this is a real problem. Mostly when running, though I recently had the same trouble in a clogging class and was embarrassed by the situation. I have fabric pantiliners which I use when I anticipate having trouble. They help, but aren’t designed to capture the same volume. I look forward to giving these pads a try!

  100. Oh the leakage after my second pregnancy was ridiculous. I’ve worked on some exercises to help but still not always enough. I resort to black pants/capris and pads on a long run where I know I won’t find a washroom or appropriate tree coverage. When I really push myself on a race my body just tends to give up on that bodily function, I had to pit stop on a 5k race or else it was down my leg! These would be awesome!

  101. Yep, I deal with this problem mainly during running. Other exercises don’t give me leakage. After my morning run I just come in the house and throw my wet duds in the laundry and start a load of wash (which has accumulated from all the family members anyway). I find any type of pad I use gives me chafing or slips around in my bottoms.

  102. I use the restroom immediately before starting a run- but if all else fails, a lovely “stop & squeeze my legs together as I pretend to adjust my shoe” move is employed. Very transparent, I suspect.

  103. I try my best to be completely empty when I go out and I plan routes that include bathrooms. I have never had any luck with pads sticking and staying where they are suppose to stay. Would love to try a new product.

  104. Amazing! This is just what I have needed for a while. As I have said before, the worst thing is running in Upstate NY winter and having to sneeze after having had six kids. I currently just hope nothing leaks out. Now, I know there is a solution.

  105. First off, a million thanks to Brooke!! A little pee isn’t going to stop me from running but the pads I use don’t cut it a lot of the time. I’m so grateful for this conversation and that Brooke has developed this product!

  106. I had my second baby in 2011 & ran my first 5k six months after her birth. I quickly learned I needed sone back-up for my running pants! I plan my routes around pit stop location & wear a lovely, bulky pad. But I won’t be sidelined due to a little pee!

  107. Plan my routes that include bathrooms, wear black bottoms during races, and try not to worry about it when I have to go!

  108. I experience my issue the most when I am jumping up and down in Tae Kwon Do. We wear WHITE pants! I usually wear a liner and try to empty my bladder seconds before class starts.

  109. Black, only black on the bottom! And P*ise pads (don’t know if I can use brand names here!). I should own stock in the company. Excited to try these!

  110. This was the topic of conversation at a recent 1/2 I was attending. I was surprised how many women it affected – I thought it was just me! I use a pad, especially on runs that include hills (more effort = more leakage?).

  111. I don’t always have leakage and I never know when I’ll be in the middle of a run when suddenly my pants will be wet. I wear either black or a running skirt in hopes of hiding any wet spots. I have tried pads, but I haven’t found anything that stays put.

  112. I’m so excited to try this product! My current method is many layered. Only 12 oz of liguid within the hour before I go out. Many bathroom stops to try and empty out. Black bottoms with Dear Kate’s and pads.

  113. I do all of the above, including restricting fluids on long runs. I recently ran a half marathon on July 4, wearing my favorite grey capris. I tries a new energy drink beforehand, and paid for it the whole race. I’d love to be able to worry about one less thing when running.

  114. I love this! This is a problem that has driven me crazy for many years. It’s so embarrassing, there has been times that I have cut a workout short because of the uncomfortable wetness of my pants. Pads are so uncomfortable and they never stay in place! Always wearing black in hopes that nobody notices, never shorts or a running skirt because of being nervous pee will run down your legs. I can’t wait to try these!!!

  115. Oh the things we deal with as mothers that NO ONE ever warns you about!! I only run in black for this problem!! I was just trying to figure out how to wear cute colors. Need to check these out!!!

  116. I’m lucky in that in only happens in situations when I am really pushing, so my main coping mechanism has been to hope all the sweat masks and dilutes it.

  117. I had my second baby 4mos ago and have severe pee pee pants issues while working out. To my fellow workout buddies I play it off like it’s just sweat however I know the truth! I seem to do better when I run first thing in the morning when my bladder is empty. This is fine however my best running times are mid afternoon so I really miss those afternoon runs. I’d love to give this product a Go!

  118. YES PLEASE!! Currently I wear a “light flow” pad- it is thinner than a regular pad, but absorbs my little spurts that happen at the most random times. Also, black bottoms and plenty of restroom breaks. No runs longer than 30 minutes w/o a potty break. Not much fun to be my running buddy.

  119. I experience “athletic leakage” when I run downhill, and sometimes on hard efforts. I wear black-and-only-black bottoms, and sometimes wear a panty liner in my shorts liner if I know I’m going to be running in a group.

    For me, one of the most embarrassing parts, since the wet is hidden fairly well by the black, is the smell the pee/sweat mix – I run a lot from work at lunch, and sometimes feel dry self conscious walking back into the office post-run.

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