Hump Day Running Giveaway: GU Energy Gels + Chews for Two Winners

Just a few bottles of the KeVita chillin' in our basement fridge...
Just a few bottles of the KeVita chillin' in our basement fridge...

I stockpile favorite foods and drinks.

Dimity can attest to this fact because of what she's seen me do with Chupa Chups lollipops. Every time we are greeted by a bowl full of those suckers at either a Fairfield or SpringHill Suites hotel, I load up on them. When we check in; when we return from a run; when we dash out to a Mother Runner party; when we head to the race expo: I help myself to three lollis each (and every!) time we pass the front desk. I return home with a rainbow of Chupa Chups for my kiddos, easing my guilt of being gone.

Mother runners Krista and Jessica can also be called as Sarah-stockpiles witnesses, as they have seen me I load up on bottles of fizzy Lemon Ginger KeVita every time that sparkling probiotic drink goes on sale at Whole Foods. (Jess even aided my hoarding by buying me two of them while I was in my cast!)

Let's not forget vanilla Greek yogurt: gotta always have a major stash on hand for breakfast.

New packaging, same great carbohydrate-rich gels from GU.
New packaging, same great carbohydrate-rich gels from GU.

Then there's my "fitness food"--GU Energy Gels and Energy Chews. When I'm training for a race, I always want to have a cornucopia of flavors of GU products to choose to fuel my miles. Before setting out on a 12-miler (I'm talking pre-ankle-fractures, folks!), I'd assess my palate for the day: Was I in the mood for dark, rich Jet Blackberry or feeling a bit lighter, perhaps, say Mandarin Orange? Or did I have a hankering for a savory sport fuel, such as scrumptious Salted Watermelon? If I was feeling decadent, I'd step up to Salted Caramel (it almost seems like a delicious dessert!). And since I live in Portland, I'll have to try the new Maple Bacon (that's a popular doughnut flavor here....).

I always keep a handy stash of Vanilla Bean to alternate its lower-caffeinated energy with the caffeinated boosters. No matter what flavors I take, I know I can rely on GU Energy Gel's ideal formulation of two carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) to fuel my hard-working muscles, and its amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine--yeah, I had to look those up!) to keep my mind and muscles happy. All packed into 100 calories of easy-to-transport packets (which you can now recycle thanks to innovative program orchestrated between GU and Terracycle).

GU Watermelon Energy Chews: literally mouthwatering
GU Watermelon Energy Chews: literally mouthwatering

I also have GU Energy Chews squirreled away as they are the perfect pre-workout pick-me-up. Before a run or ReBoot barre class, I chomp four of them for 90 calories of quick carbs for my muscles to access. Watermelon, Blueberry Pomegranate, Orange, you name it: I have packets of them in our kitchen cabinet and a storage room in our basement.

It's no wonder my BRF, Molly, always jokes in the case of an earthquake, she's hightailing it to my house, where we can survive on my GU stash for months!

Now it's your turn: With training for half-marathons, marathons, triathlons, and even some ultramarathons underway, today's giveaways are a 24-pack of GU Energy Gels and a 24-pack of GU Energy Chews to two (2!) winners. Each winner gets to choose the flavors she wants (so-weet!) To enter to win, tell us what's your favorite flavor of GU Energy Gels or Energy Chews. If you haven't tried them yet, take a look and tell us which flavor you want to stock your pantry shelves with! To enter to win, share your fav flave of GU Energy Gels or Chews In the Comments section under this post on our website. 

If you want to follow my lead and stockpile GU products, it is the ideal time: Now through June 30, use promo code GU2015AMR25 to get 25% off all GU products at GUEnergy website. Please note: To use the 25% discount code GU2015AMR25, you must have an account on GU site (which involves entering your email address and a password) and be logged into your account when you checkout.

Stock up now, either by being one of two winners of this giveaway, or by using GU2015AMR25 code on GU store website for 25% discount.
Stock up now, either by being one of two winners of this giveaway, or by using GU2015AMR25 code on GU store website for 25% discount.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 6/24/15 and ends on 6/30/15. We will announce the random winners on our Facebook page on 7/2/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is from $64.80. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

370 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: GU Energy Gels + Chews for Two Winners

  1. Salted caramel! Although, a very nice mother runner sent me 5 caramel macchiato and those were super yummy too!

  2. I have never tried any type of mid run fueling. I think I would like watermelon, especially if it is as tasty as watermelon NUUN.

  3. I really love blackberry. Yummy and refreshing but not so alluring as chocolate or carmel or peanut butter where I just want to sit down on the curb and eat several in a row. The mandarin orange is just as nice for the same reasons. My sweet tooth has boundary issues.

  4. I alternate Chocolate Sea Salt Roctane (for the little caffeine jolt) with regular Peanut Butter GU. Because how can you not like chocolate and peanut butter?!

  5. Wow! I haven’t used GU Energy Gels before, but after taking a peek at the flavors I would have to say that there are a few I would love to try. If I HAD to choose a 24 pack of one flavor it would be salted carmel hands down. YUM!!!

  6. So tough to choose! Vanilla bean is my fav- i can always count on that one. Followed closely by espresso love & chocolate outrage and salted caramel!

  7. Salted Caramel by a landslide! But I also like Mandarin Orange. I didn’t even know about Maple Bacon – being a Portlander, too, I will have to try it! Thanks for the hot tip! 🙂

  8. Watermelon chews and Salted Caramel gel. The best! I loved when the Yeti was on the salted caramel package.

  9. Salted Caramel got me through winter training for the 2014 Boston Marathon and race day so it’s tops in my book.

  10. I love the watermelon, but I want the caffeine. So, my choice in chews would be raspberry. Rootbeer gel is so good!

  11. Hands down, the Lemon Sublime….it tastes just like lemon curd, which is my kryptonite (even more so than chocolate, and that is saying a lot!!).

  12. I love the salted watermelon, my daughter loves the salted caramel and my son loves the chocolate outrage! Something for everyone!!

  13. My current favorite is Caramel Macchiato. Beyond the double hit of caffeine to wake me up for our 5am runs, it is a mix of my two older favorites — espresso love and salted caramel! (though I am DYING to try the maple bacon. . .)

  14. Call me a plain Jane, but my favorite is the vanilla! There are so many good ones though. I am a huge fan of salted caramel,so I was excited when I discovered that flavor, and all the berry ones are yummy!

  15. I use Roctane GU gels (they don’t have as many flavors) which I like Lemonade. For plain GU gels I think Lemon Sublime would be similar to Lemonade. I would like to try the Rootbeer & Naked. Really? Naked flavor I’m curious.

  16. I eat the chews when it is HOT, so strawberry banana hits the refreshing spot. Gels taste like buttercream, so I want the most frosting-like favors; mocha and chocolate outrage.

  17. I love the chews! I am training for my first marathon and finally decided to try the gel. I loved salted Carmel. Would probably go through the whole box training!

  18. Oooh, this is tough. I’d say it’s a battle between root beer, salted caramel, and salted watermelon gels. As for the chews, I love the blueberry pomegranate!

  19. My absolute favorite was the chocolate mint gu that they stopped making 🙁 I do loved the salted carmel and also root beer float is pretty delectable as well.

  20. I have a hard time with the gels… They always seem to end up all over my hands! Chews are awesome, I love the orange (mandarin?) flavor!!

  21. I would like the salted carmel or strawberry banana in the gels. I haven’t done the chews yet but the watermelon sounds wonderful!!! Fingers crossed I hope I win 🙂

  22. I like the salted caramel flavor. Salted watermelon sounds interesting too Haven’t used too many gel’s yet. Just haven’t had the need. Now training for half marathon using the run/walk plan. Will need to start adding some gel’s or chomps…

  23. I love salted caramel, watermelon and all favors of Roctane gel (always take one of those in a marathon!)

  24. Salted watermelon GU is my new favorite. I like it best in the winter time when it’s chilled from the cold michigan temps!

  25. I have only tried a couple. I usually like fruity stuff, but surprisingly I really like the chocolate flavor. That got me through my 1st half marathon a few months ago!

  26. The love all the fruit flavors, they are my favorites. Salted watermelon is quite good (even though I don’t enjoy the “real” equivalent). I take Gu on any run six miles or longer.

  27. Chocolate outrage and vanilla bean are my favorites! My husband actually likes the root beer, but that kind of freaks me out a little.

  28. Nothing goes down better on a bitter winter run than salted caramel that I ‘ve warmed up in my hand for several kilometers

  29. I just tried the GU chimps in watermelon on my run yesterday and Loved them! Would love to stock up for my marathon training!

  30. I want to try the watermelon chews and black cherry (I love everything black cherry!). Maple bacon sounds interesting, but I’ve found (surprisingly) that I prefer the fruit flavors when I’m running.

  31. I am obsessed by the root beer but also love Salted Caramel and Caramel Macchiato. Haven’t seen the Big Apple yet but that would be right up my alley!

  32. I’ve yet to try Gu, but after crashing during my last marathon, I’m going to give them a try for the Chicago Marathon.

  33. Salted watermelon is like summer in a gooey mess… and black cherry chews are my favorite. I grab a pack of fuel every time I go through a store that has some. I’ve started trying all the random options just for fun while I’m not training but still doing longer runs

  34. I trained for Boston this year in Boston, my hometown and got thru many long snowy runs with Salted Caramel Gel! It felt like a treat!

  35. The only GU I found I could use was cappuccino but I would love to try salted caramel!! For Chews I want to try the pomegranate blueberry, those sound delicious!

  36. My favorite GU gel is vanilla bean. I’ve never tried the GU Chews, but I think orange or watermelon would be my flavor of choice!

  37. During the cold winter months I love Salted Carmel but it just doesn’t taste right in the summer so then I lean towards Salted Watermelon.

  38. I like the Plain with Caffeine and the Tri- Berry and would totally stock up on either or both of those!! I’m not as adventuresome with my running food flavors, but I do like GU gels best of all the brands I’ve tried.

  39. I don’t know why because these are not my go to flavors for anything other than running hydration and energy but I am obsessed with Strawberry and Raspberry!

  40. My all time favorite flavor GU gel (and one I wish they would return with) is Island Nectar. Barring that, I love Mandarin Orange and would love to try the Blueberry Pom chews.

  41. Triberry and Jet blackberry are the only ones I can find in the store so they are my go to. I haven’t ordered online yet to sample any new flavors…..

  42. Salted watermelon. It’s humid here in the Midwest, and this flavor blew my mind when I tried it. I began training for my first Ultra (!!!!) this week so I am going to stock up on this yummilicious flavor.

  43. Being new to longer distance running, I have never had to worry about nutrition during a run before. I am now training for my first half-marathon and always have trouble during and post-run finding something that I think will sit ok on my stomach. Chocolate milk post-run is about the most I can take. With this in mind, the lemon sublime sounds light, refreshing and something I’d like to try during a run.

  44. Tri-Berry was my first GU and is still my go-to. I’m working my way through the other flavors…salted caramel and vanilla bean are on the docket for my 12 mile training run this weekend!

  45. Maple Bacon- say whaaaat??! I don’t think I’ve tried a Gu flavor that I haven’t liked yet. That being said, Salted Caramel is probably my favorite!

  46. Such a fun question! Since ‘variety’ is the spice of life, I typically favor whatever I manage to grab from the sampler box. Favorites have been: blackberry, peanut butter and the salted caramel. I ran my first half-marathon trail race last weekend and really noticed my energy level pick up after eating the gel. Thank you, Gu!

  47. I am also a treat horder (I also hide them so my hubby won’t steal some)
    My favorite gu gel flavor is peanut butter and my favorite chew flavor is blackberry! (I think, or maybe raspberry or maybe balck current…wait is that a flavor?)

  48. Amazing giveaway! This could fuel my summer of training! Training for what…. not sure yet…. but that’s another story. I am all about Espresso Love. I don’t drink coffee before my run, so the thought of having my “morning shot of espresso” is what powers me through those annoying first few miles.

  49. Salted caramel hands down! Caramel macchiato second and peanut butter third. Haven’t tried the chews yet but watermelon sounds yummy.

  50. In the winter when it’s cold out, I love the salted caramel (even if it gets a little hard, it’s almost like candy then). This summer I’m enjoying Salted Watermelon. Very tasty.

  51. Wow. Our local running store doesn’t carry all of these. Jetblackberry and Maple Bacon are on my must try list!

  52. GU: strawberry/kiwi, chocolate outrage, lemon/lime and lemonade (there’s a coffee like one that I like sometimes too). I too like to keep a variety and decide based on mood before a run
    Chews: watermelon or orange

  53. My favorite Gu is a toss up between Salted Caramel and Salted Watermelon (apparently I crave salt when running)! Watermelon is my go-to Gu Chew flavor.

  54. Gu Chews in Watermelon. I sprinkle them with a tiny bit of sea salt before I head out, if it’s a hot day. Don’t know why, but I need the salt if it’s hot out.

  55. It used to be salted caramel but I absolutely adore the salted watermelon either gel or chew. I’m definitely a salty/sweet kind of gal.

  56. Black Cherry chews are my favorite. I can’t eat any other fruit flavor of anything but I can put down Black Cherry chews like nobody’s business. PS I need to stockpile fuel for my #marathon training. Thanks for the reminder!

  57. I have never used gels, but Salted Caramel would be my favorite, I am sure. I have used some chews and I do like blueberry pomegranate. I am starting Half Marathon training for an Oct 11 13.1. Since I am so slow, I start using gels when my long runs are at 7 miles or more.

  58. I love the salted caramel, its like dessert midway through a run. Sometimes hard to find but definitely my favorite!

  59. My standard go-to flavors are vanilla bean, espresso and mandarin orange. My last purchase was Lemon Sublime-yummy

  60. I used to only want the fruity flavors, but my BRF got me hooked on vanilla…it tastes so much like frosting!!!

  61. Salted caramel has been my favorite for a while, but I’ve also been loving the salted watermelon and the watermelon chews. Can’t wait to try the maple bacon!

  62. Root Beer is my absolute favorite…….as long as it doesn’t get to warm. Salted Watermelon is surprisingly also a favorite! YUM!!

  63. I love the salted caramel and the vanilla gels. I love coffee so Espresso love has always intrigued me but I haven’t tried it yet. I haven’t tried any of the chews, in fact I didn’t know they existed. Raspberry would be my first try for the chews.

  64. GU Peanut Butter. It tastes the most “normal” – gooey like actual peanut butter, with peanut taste. On really long runs with multiple GU-ing, the sweet ones don’t sit well later in the run for me.

  65. I like vanilla and strawberry banana gel. I have used the chews in the past and look forward to trying watermelon on my next long bike ride.

  66. I’m all about the Chocolate Outrage! It’s good on long runs to alternate with salted watermelon though. I don’t want to burn out on my beloved chocolate.

  67. I would LOVE LOVE to try the Watermelon chews
    and the Lemon Sublime gel.
    I have not yet tried any GU products–and would love to try some since I am in Wave 4 and begin my AMR Half Marathon training plan July 7th!!!

  68. My favorite flavor is CARAMEL MACCHIATO! But what’s this I hear about Maple Bacon?!! Whaaaat?!!! This sounds amazing!

  69. I love the Salted Caramel and Salted Watermelon. I do find though on the summer runs I like the light and fruity flavors best. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Outrage were my jam in the winter though!

  70. I’ve not tried either of these yet, but I have eye’d them up at the store. The rootbeer gel sounds right up my alley and the watermelon chews sound great for summertime!

  71. I’ve only tried the flavored I got with the no limits challenge (peanut butter gel and orange chews). They were ok, but I think I would like to try the watermelon chews and vanilla gel.

  72. I have not tried Gu products yet, but the salted watermelon and chocolate outrage gels and the black cherry chews are the flavors I would love to try!

  73. Chocolate and espresso are my favorite gu’s. Chews, I like black cherry- wasn’t there a peach Tea one at some point? I liked that one also. Salted Watermelon sounds like it will taste like the watermelon Jolly Rancher!

  74. My favorite gels are the Salted Caramel and Vanilla. (Honorable mention to Root Beer!) My favorite chomps are the watermelon. Tried them for the first time before a 10 mile race and they provided energy while settling my nervous stomach!

  75. I love chocolate and peanut butter together. Before GU put them together into one packet, I would open one of each flavor and eat a mouthful of both at the same time. Yum!

  76. Favorite Gu’s are espresso and chocolate. Not sure if I’ve had the chews but I’m sure I’d love raspberry or watermelon

  77. I am obsessed with the salted watermelon GU and the black cherry chews. I look forward to long runs specifically so I can eat these.

  78. Salted Caramel gels and Watermelon Chews. Some days I have to remind myself to save those for runs, because I’d love those for an afternoon snack!

  79. My new favorite is Salted Watermelon! Great summer flavor. I first tried it when my husband and I were vacationing in San Francisco. We signed up for the Awesome 80’s 5k. The store that hosted the packet pick up sold all the GU flavors, including Salted Watermelon. Delicious!

  80. GU – Salted Caramel
    Chews – Strawberry

    I love all things GU! They really are the best source of energy for run! They have gotten me through many days!

  81. I love the Salted Caramel GU’s – so so good 🙂 I just started trying the Chews; so far my favorite flavor is Raspberry.

  82. usually try to have a mix of caffeine levels – more at the beginning, less at the end. But my favorite GU flavor is the lemon sublime. Haven’t tried the chews yet, but the Watermelon sounds yummy!

  83. This post is funny to me bc I tend to pick a flavor and stick with it for all of training. Last time I used mixed berry chomps. The time before that chocolate gu. I think I’d like to try vanilla though. I’ve always trained in winter and the chocolate gets a bit of a cake frosting texture when its cold but I don’t love it warm. The only thing I’ve ever really hated were these all natural ones that were not gu brand and were really just straight honey. My body rejected it so fast that thankfully it was the only thing rejected towards the end of that run but boy was it a tough run without the extra energy. I guess that’s why I’m consistent about these things now.

  84. I love blueberry pomegranate chews and salted watermelon Gu. I managed to pick up some lonely Tri Berries lying in the road after an aid station at a half marathon this spring and laughed when I realized I finished that race with more Gus in my pocket than when I started.

  85. Salted caramel and espresso love! I like jet blackberry also, but some of the fruitier flavors are too much for my tummy!

  86. LOVE the chocolate outrage GU gel and the black cherry chews! ( the maple bacon looks interesting though!)

  87. Oh by FAR it is salted caramel GU, but when it comes to chews, I’m a fruity type of gal with Strawberry! YUM

  88. I haven’t had any GUs for a long time, so I’d really like to try the tri-berry. I tend to like fruity flavors when I’m running.

  89. Chocolate Outrage!! I especially love them in the winter when they are slightly frozen, it’s like eating an over-the-top fudgesicle! Yummy!!

  90. I alternate chocolate and salted caramel Gu with vanilla for long winter runs, and switch to lemon of orange in the summer. Kinda like switching red wine for white when it gets warm out! 🙂

  91. Gotta get me some Espresso Love – I think that flavor (not having tried it before) will keep me from inhaling (the sweeter they are the quicker I seem to down them!) so this will help Pace Me 🙂

  92. Jet blackberry is my favorite closely followed by salted caramel. I’m going to have to try this watermelon one!

  93. My favorite isn’t made any longer! I loved the peppermint one. My current favorite is the salted watermelon. 🙂

  94. I’ve been back and forth between Salted Caramel GU and chews (black cherry is my fav, but not available around here.) LOTS of “GU-ing” going on with marathon training. Would L-U-V to stockpile some new flavors!

  95. Mmmmm….root beer. I’ve always wanted to try a root beer and vanilla bean together to see if it would taste like a root beer float.

  96. I think Root Beer is my favorite. I wish there was a way to make it ice cold for mid-run! To maybe mix it with vanilla for a root beer float 🙂

  97. Love the salted Carmel gu it’s like desert. I’ve never tried the watermelon chews I might have to buy a pack. And thanks for the tip of alternating a non caffeine chew with a caffeinated gu I will definitely try this during my marathon training.

  98. I still pine away for the Peach Tea chews, but I’m very happy with Watermelon chews and Salted Caramel gel. Not at the same time, though! (I do try to make sure that my assortment of flavors for a long run doesn’t clash…)

  99. How could I choose?! I’m loving Salted Watermelon and the fruit flavors right now, but Caramel Macchiato helps me wake up and Salted Caramel is a treat. Jet Blackberry is my go-to in the last miles of a marathon or long run since that’s what Deena Kastor uses then! I haven’t tried the Chews, but I think I’d try BluePom first as I like that flavor of Roctane, then the Watermelon.

    (SBS, the Vanilla has 20mg of caffeine….the Lemon is decaf though. Wish they’d make more flavors in regular and decaf LOL).

    I really want to try Maple Bacon though I suspect I won’t want it on the run. (Root Beer was like that though occasionally I think I want one on a run.) And the Vanilla Spice Roctane could be good. Don’t they have an Apple now too?

    I’m a stockpiler too! Very tempted by the discount but I bought cases in each of my flavors to get me through to Boston and beyond and I have plenty left. Then again, maybe I should just stock up to get me through my fall training too!

  100. Salted Caramel is my favorite gel and I like watermelon chews. I thought I would like salted watermelon gels but I did not like their taste.

  101. Jet blackberry and mandarin Orange are my go to flavours with a chocolate outrage thrown in on a tough day 😉

  102. I love anything salted, so I’m thinking salted watermelon and salted caramel… and blackberry for the chews!

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