Hump Day Giveaway: Hyland’s Homeopathic Cold/Flu Chaser Package

The U.S. according to Google Flu: The darker the orange, the more people are suffering from the flu in that state.
The U.S. according to Google Flu: The darker the orange, the more people are suffering from the flu in that state.

I'm not a germ-phobe. The 3-second rule in our house is more like a 30-second rule--maybe longer if the dropped item is particularly tasty or landed right side up. We often eat off the same fork or share ice cream cones. (I'd confess we also share napkins, but that makes us sound gross and cheap!) I kiss my cat's head pretty much every time I spy its striped, furry-ness.

But, like many runners, I'm all about taking precautions against catching a cold or the flu, including getting an annual flu vaccine and washing my hands frequently. But with three petri dishes,  uh, I mean, young children, in my house, it's next to impossible to stay well. So when my time comes to be felled by a fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, and all the other nasty symptoms running rampant this time of year, I am prepared to combat them with a cabinet stocked with Hyland's Homeopathic DEFEND products.

Like a row of soldiers, standing at attention: the full line of Hyland's DEFEND products.
Like a row of soldiers, standing at attention: the full line of Hyland's DEFEND products.

Actually, it's more that I have Hyland's products tucked throughout our home so they are always close at hand. In our kitchen, on the same shelf as mint tea bags and chai mix, is a box of Hyland's DEFEND Severe Cold & Flu. Mixed with boiling water, DEFEND makes a soothing, hot liquid that tastes like honey and lemon and eases the insults of congestion and a cough. In the bathroom is Hyland's DEFEND Cold + Mucus. This liquid helps break down thick mucus, whether it's stopping up my chest, throat, or nose; the expectorant also helps bring it up, which works just dandy for this hawk-while-I-run gal.

My husband prefers to attack his sinus discharge and pressure with a pill, so he keeps Hyland's DEFEND Sinus on his side of the bathroom. When it's "only" a cough keeping us down, we reach for Hyland's DEFEND Cough, because when I put my head on my pillow, I refuse to be racked by coughing jags.

I could keep going on and on about all the Hyland's products that make my family and me feel better, but I'll just sum it up by saying I love how Hyland's homeopathic products ease the symptoms of colds, coughs, and the flu without leaving my head bobbing toward my computer screen mid-morning or containing 100 ingredients I'd rather not put in my body.

If you want to give Hyland's products a go--and make this cold and flu season a bit more bearable--enter to win one of three gift packages chock full of Hyland's DEFEND products. Each winner will get: Hyland's DEFEND Severe Cold & FluHyland's DEFEND Cold & CoughHyland's DEFEND Cough & Cold Night,  Hyland's DEFEND Cold + Mucus, Hyland's DEFEND Sinus, and Hyland's DEFEND Cough. To enter this giveaway, tell us one thing you do to feel better when you're sick. Do you live on chicken soup? Pull on your comfiest PJs and beg your sister to come watch the kids? Slather the area under your nose with Vaseline? Click the Comments banner under this post on our website and share what makes you feel better when you're sick.

Don't let this be you, stuffed up and miserable. (Although having the bed all to oneself sure is appealing....)
Don't let this be you, stuffed up and miserable. (Although having the bed all to oneself sure is appealing....)

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 1/14/15 and ends on 1/20/15. We will announce the three winners on our Facebook page on 1/22/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize package is approximately $75. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 




184 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Hyland’s Homeopathic Cold/Flu Chaser Package

  1. Throw on some comfy pajamas and snuggle in bed with my kiddo! Maybe drink some hot tea, and diffuse some essential oils if I feel well enough to get up and do so! Haha!

  2. I hit the local mexican restaurant for their version of chicken soup. It’s just regular chicken, broth, a few veggies, but it’s loaded with jalapeño and cilantro. Opens the sinuses up and I can usually taste it.

  3. I lay on the couch and binge watch the crappiest television show I can find. Something incredibly silly (my last cold involved Brooklyn 99). Also, so much hot tea.

  4. I tuck myself in bed with a bottle of water and the TV remote. It’s hard to slow down but nipping it at the beginning seems to help me get past it quickly!

  5. I eat. Whatever I can get my hands on goes into my mouth. Typically, though, I don’t get stomach-related illnesses – not sure what I would do in that case!

  6. Udon noodles in ginger-miso broth with a ton of sriracha (or hot and sour soup take out if I don’t have the energy to boil noodles) and lots of Nuun to stay hydrated.

  7. I grab a cozy blanket and curl up in bed. I watch tv, self medicate with Hylands remedies and pray to feel better before the kids get home from school.

  8. I pout because sick messes up exercise! But after pouting in the recliner for a while, I accept that old-fashioned rest is the best remedy for sick.

  9. In our house we always run out to get Wonton Soup from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Somehow the wonderful smell and taste make our sick one feel a little bit better.

  10. When I’m sick, I lock myself in the room with the humidifier and my essential oils , while hubby takes care of the children.

  11. Lots of tea with lemon and honey, my warmest most comfortable pair of pj’s and resting in my bed with my trusty puffs.

  12. I take some meds, tuck a box of soft tissue under my arm, drink lots of water, and keep on keeping on (life tends to slow down when one of my family gets sick but not so much when Mom is under the weather).

  13. I slather vicks on my chest then put a warmed rice bag over my chest. If I am really feeling bad I make a hot toddy! A guilty pleasure that I save for when I am sick. Helps me sleep too.

  14. When I’m sick I know I need to rest–usually it’s because I’m run down. And oil of oregano has been a game-changer in our house to kick germs in the butt! But I love the natural products for when stuff hangs on.

  15. Surround myself in fleece. Fleece pj pants, blankets, and even sheets! This all is wonderful until the chills switch to the sweats;-).

  16. Vaporub under my nose to keep the stuffies to a minimum, cozies and couch plopping as much as possible, and white buttered toast and hhot chocolate (the only time I white bread and it makes me feel better I swear!)

  17. As soon as I feel something coming on I go into full rest mode. I sleep as much as possible and drink gallons of water. My body’s only job for that day or two is winning the war on germs. Works 98% of the time.

  18. Sweat it out (I don’t mean running)! I bundle myself up in the warmest lauers I can find, snuggle under 100 blankets, and go to bed!

  19. Not only am I a mother but I have an in-home daycare so there is never a lack of germs and other disgusting things lurking. This would be an amazing thing to win….by the way only a mother would say that! 🙂

  20. Being a mother I don’t get to just lay in bed, no matter how much I want! So when I’m sick it takes a good product like Hyland’s to combat the symptoms so I can be my best for my little ones.

  21. I believe prevention is the best; we up our vit d, c and take a few herbal supplements. I also try to go outside and get fresh air! It generally helps.

  22. Suck it up and go about my day. Twin toddler grandbabies don’t allow for down time. But if I could I’d stay in my jammies, snuggled on the couch with my Beagle.

    BTW – I think Hylands products are the bomb. Love the teething tablets (teeth pills to the gr-twins), allergy and cold products for them as well. Just bought cough syrup for them to use. Would love to see more coupons.

  23. essential oils, lots of water, and cozy clothes! I love my Hylands nighttime cold/cough…it is like liquid gold for those kiddos!

  24. with 3 kids it’s impossible for me to just lay down and rest. it’s business as usual, with some added vitamin C and lemon drops.

  25. We’re in the midst of the flu at my house – I fell first, now my 5yo. My fave relief is in Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea – steams out the congestion and tastes good too.

  26. I like to go to my parent’s house and have mom take care of me. At 62, she’s always stronger than I’ll ever be. I’m a big kid. My husband stays behind at home.

  27. I put on my pjs and socks.I get under the covers with a hot water bottle.Have the heating on full.Have my boxes of tissues beside me.Take my cold and flue medication.Drink lots of hot fluids and try and sweat it out of me.Eventually I know I will feel better!!

  28. I use my Young Living Essential Oils to beat the bugs!! Apply them to my feet, chest, neck, and sinuses;) I just got over the flu and I am positive my oils shortned the duration and severity!! Love my oils!!!

  29. I put on warm cozy clothes, snuggle under a blanket and just relax, even if that means the kids are going crazy around the house and nothing gets done. At night it is Vicks Rub over my sinuses.

  30. I go to hot tea! Normally I’m a coffee drinker but for some reason hot tea feels so soothing to my throat.

    My 13 year old daughter swears that Jolly Rancher Chews make her feel better….but I don’t think there’s any true science behind that!

  31. I always crave egg drop soup with sriacha when I am sick. I also use humidifiers and steam to help me break it up. I am a big fan of more natural remedies, but I like to be comfortable too. Hylands is a great balance.

  32. When I graduated from University, a gf and I went backpacking in Europe. Our last stop was Paris…and I managed to get a raging cold. Being miserable and that far from home, there were 3 things I desperately wanted: a pair of warm, fuzzy jammies, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and my mom. Now that I’ve got a family of my own, I still want those three things when I’m sick. And sleep. Long, un-interrupted, blissful sleep!

  33. My family heads to our steam shower when we are sick. Nothing better then a good steam to help clear out the sinus, chest and relax the body. The only problem with this it heats up our bedroom if they don’t shut the door or turn on the exhaust. I don’t need that much moist in my room.

  34. Room-temperature nuun, vaseline around the nose, and a quick squirt of nasal decongestant to get me through the night. Oh, and lots of blankets.

  35. I keep a jar of honey with fresh ginger and lemon slices in the fridge to add to a cup of hot water at the first sign of a cold. All three of those ingredients have medicinal properties and you can’t beat that combo for comfort!

  36. Sorry to say that 3 out of 4 of us have the flu right now. We have not had a bug in our house that was this bad in more than 10 years. Wash those hands everyone! I just got out of a hot shower taken with a halls cough drop. That is definitely a sore throat busting combination!

  37. I swear by Afrin nose spray when I’m sick. I can handle fever, fatigue, and general crappy-feeling, so long as I can breathe. A runny nose makes me want to tuck into bed and quit life for the week. However, I am generally a homeopathic girl, and I do hate that I squirt more than the recommended amount of chemicals into my brain just to get through every cold. I use Hylands products for my daughter, and would be really excited to try out the adult versions when I catch my next cold (with a 2-year-old in daycare, that will inevitably be soon. Hurry and pick a winner!)

  38. What makes me feel better? A couch, a blanket, and the remote! (Where I typically fall asleep!) Thankfully I can usually coerce the toddler to snuggle up with me for a few minutes!

  39. I complain to my husband that I’m on my deathbed and tell him it was nice knowing him, I make out my will, then I get up and feed everyone because let’s be real – we are moms and the kids (including husbands) don’t care who is dying, they just want to eat.

  40. I’m pretty sure the only thing that makes me feel better is lots and lots of sleep. Oh, and if I’m lucky enough, Mom’s chicken soup!

  41. Dear heavens, wish I knew about DEFEND last month when I got the flu. It’s brutal–and still lingering.
    I was obsessed with Vick’s Vapor Rub– on the feet, on the chest. Soothing, reminded me of hanging w/ mom on the couch back in the day. Also Crystal Light lemonade with Emergen-C.

  42. When I’m sick, or my family is sick, we try to eat extra fruits that have Vitamin C, and I make sure to add more greens to our dinners. It usually helps shorten the duration, but some of these Winter colds lately are hanging around for several weeks! Yuck!

  43. If I am too sick to continue as normal, then I crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head, and warn everyone to leave mom alone!!

  44. As someone who has bronchitis now Ian putting Vicks on my feet, sleeping the day away, listening to the pod casts and generally grumpy this is the second year in a row that this has interrupted my training schedule.

  45. I at first try to continue activities as if I’m not sick. But when this gets tough, I drink lots of fluids and lay in bed and read if able.

  46. Homemade chicken soup for the win! I love smelling it cooking all day (if my stuffed up nose will allow it), and it warms me up from the inside. Plus, I usually make a large enough batch that leftovers are a sure thing.

  47. Give me my sweats, a comfy quilt, and a pillow (I also turn the heat way up) and snuggle in for a comfy nap, or tv marathon depending on how bad I feel.

  48. Hard to rest with an active two year old, so I usually hide in my bedroom and watch gilmore girls on netflix while texting my husband in the next room to bring me tea. I turn into a big baby when I am really sick.

  49. I can’t really rest with a 2 year old and 6 dogs in the house so I try to stay as stationary as possible by bribing the kiddo with thomas on the computer and the dogs get chewies. Some times I will just go to work to get more peace and quiet and rest. I just hang a sign on my lab door to keep people from coming in and exposing themselves to whatever I am sick from:)

  50. I don’t have the time nor the patience to be sick. I can’t sit still. There’s laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and a million other things that I “need” to get done! I am REALLY sick if I take a nap on the weekends! I also hate taking medicine unless I absolutely need to. The Hyland’s stuff sounds like the perfect solution! And I felt a little bit of a stuffy nose and sore throat coming on this morning that I am trying to ignore….

  51. Having someone take care of me. We as Mom’s take care of everyone else that it’s nice to have a cup of tea or glass of juice brought to you.

  52. First, I form an agreement with my daughters to aim for decent behavior and to limit the mess creation in the house. Next, lots of warm things help: comfy sweatshirt, chai tea, soup and some vapor rub underneath of the nose.

  53. Sleep and lots of it! Also, gatorade is always my go to to keep the electrolytes up.
    Most of all, making my teenagers take care of me and do all the housework!

  54. I use Vicks on my chest, and even under my
    nose when I’m sick. It reminds me of when
    my mom would force me to let her slather it on me.
    now it makes me feel warm and snugly and
    loved! ❤️

  55. Vicks vapor rub and sleep. The best medicine though are my granddaughters bringing me get well cards and water. You have to feel better after their living care.

  56. I go for chicken soup. Works every time. And despite all the pro and con research data, I megadose on oranges and vitamin C.

  57. Here’s my remedy: A shot of whiskey with a teaspoon of honey, warmed in the microwave on power level 5 for about 20 seconds. Repeat until feeling better or you pass out, whichever comes first.

  58. I’m a mentholatum slatherer… I use the kind made by Watkins, because it’s very similar to the Raleigh’s ointment I grew up with. That tin lasts FOREVER! I use it on my chest, throat, lips, under my nose (I mustache you a question… 😉 ), edges of my nostrils, inside my nose, and I have discovered the joys of Mucinex, although a homeopathic version has be intrigued..

  59. Elderberry syrup, Zicam lozenges, Badger Balm, and lots and lots (and lots) of hot tea!! (and the couch, and my jammies, and unlimited sleep time).

  60. I find sleep (in comfy jammies) and a shot of Fireball whiskey to be the best way to handle a cold or the flu 🙂

  61. When I feel a cold coming on I suck on a Cold-Eeze and that helps me to either not get the cold or at least helps it not be as severe. As a first grade teacher Iand having three of my own little kiddos I get a lot of germs!

  62. Put on my comfy PJ’s, hair pulled up and right to bed. Add in some juice and good ole fashioned Campbell’s Chicken and Noodle and I’m on my way to better health!

  63. If I’m only starting to feel crummy, I go for a run. Usually a run helps knock the crud out of me. If I’m feeling really bad, I curl up on the couch with a comfy blanket and watch some girlie movies and take a nap 🙂

  64. The only thing I do to feel better when I am sick, which thankfully is not often, is lots of fluids, and trying to convince myself that my family still loves me as much as I love them when they don’t worry about my well-being. Sigh…

  65. In all honesty – I take some Emergen-C and go for a run. 85% of the time, that makes whatever I feel “coming” go away. But if I do get sick, I sit on the sofa with my comfiest blankie and watch Rom-Coms all day.

  66. When I am sick I drink tea and have a hot bath, cozy up in my pj’s and get comfy on the couch. If I just have a cold/cough I buckle up and keep on functioning as well as possible.

  67. suck on lemon drops or cough drops, take a nice hot shower, and then crawl into bed which is loaded down with blankets and fall asleep! Netflix for when I finally wake up!

  68. Mom’s arent allowed to get sick, right???
    That being said…..tea with honey, pretzels, cozy jammies and some good shows to catch up on . ( When I landed in the hospital 2 winters ago I watched the entire first 3 seasons of Downton Abbey!)

  69. Sleep on my husband’s side of the bed with the electric blanket on. I usually can’t take the heat, but when I don’t feel well, it helps.

  70. Raw garlic! When I feel like I’m getting a cold, I press and swallow 2 cloves of garlic 2-3 times a day. I chase the garlic with some juice to help. I’m usually feeling better within 2-3 days and during those days, it’s just mild cold symptoms. Raw garlic really helps.

  71. Probably my go-to is to toss on my comfy jammy pants…you know, the furry cheetah print purple ones that make my butt look 3 times bigger than they are….a hoodie and lay on the couch with blankets adorning my body and only my face sticking out.

  72. My mother was right, when you’re sick, somehow making the effort to take a shower can make you feel better and is exhausting enough to make you sleep!

  73. I become a couch potato. Rest is the best medicine. I can’t take OTC cold medication, it makes me feel really loopy, but I would love to try these homeopathic cold remedies. The flu is the worst!

  74. This couldn’t come at a better time! I’m a teacher and well….schools are FILLED with germs. Add to that that my daughter’s kindergarten class has 12…count them…12 kids out! She must be learning all the kindergarten essentials because she shared her funk with me! Today I’m home sick and it’s all about crawling back into bed with lots of fleece once everyone is out the door!

  75. Braggs apple cider vinegar!!! Will cure any sore throat and cut congestion!!! Close your eyes and pretend it’s tequila then let the kids watch a movie and make their own pbj!

  76. I buy things I normally don’t ever drink–juice, 7Up, sparkling apple cider–because I can’t stand the taste of water when I’m sick, but I always get really thirsty and dehydrated.

  77. I’m not much of a medicine girl. I try to keep it as natural as possible. Hot tea with honey, soup, a hot bath. This last time I made my first batch of miso soup.

  78. I like to curl up on the couch in my PJ’s binge watching Netflix and sipping Hot Tea with lemon and honey – if it’s in my head and not chest I try to get a job in to help clear my sinuses!

  79. When I’m down for the count, my favorite thing to do is rest. On go the sweats, down goes my head and up go my feet. A little crazy daytime tv doesn’t hurt, either!

  80. Hot shower, pj’s, bed with the heating pad, ibuprofen and hot tea. Binge-watching some tv show on Netflix or a good book helps too

  81. REST! Hot tea with lemon. I’ve struggled finding products that really help without annoying side effects (foggy brain), so I’m going to look for these! I live the Hyland’s allergy!

  82. Good book, homemade tea (my husband makes for me), homemade soup and rest.. Mommy totally off duty; only time my husband makes sure I get some rest. Lol

  83. I rarely get sick enough to think about it, although it feels like at least one of my five kids is coughing or sniffling all winter long. But last year I got a really bad fever one day, and after walking my daughter out to the bus, I never took off my full length down coat, just laid on the couch moaning and sleeping with my coat and a big quilt covering me. Finally a friend came over and gave me some ibuprofen— it worked a miracle, and I was close to functioning soon after.

  84. I love a nice hot shower when I’m feeling sick. I use an essential oil spritz in the tub before I turn on the shower so that the steam is filled with it!!

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