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Hump Day Running Giveaway: Saucony Outfit for Fall


If you win, this image is like a virtual drying rack of Saucony apparel. (Okay, winner "only" gets one pair of Bullet Capris...but also wins Saucony sports bra and running kicks of her choice!).
If you win, this image is like a virtual drying rack of Saucony apparel. (Okay, winner "only" gets one pair of Bullet Capris...but also wins Saucony sports bra and running kicks of her choice!).

The signs are all around us: Darkness greets us when the 5:31 alarm goes off, instead of sunlight streaming through the window. Here and there, green leaves are fading and showing glints of orange, red, and yellow. School buses are stopped at intersections, boarding kids toting new backpacks.

Yes, mother runners: Autumn is coming. (Sounds like a promo for new season of "Game of Thrones"!) And as you start debating whether you need an extra or longer layer for your run, we want to hook one of you up with some new running threads from our favorite, Saucony.

In case you've missed our online (or in-person) ravings, let us tell you we are Saucony wearers from head to toe. Me, for example: I swear by the Saucony Guide series of shoes, which provide enough guidance to keep my feet aligned comfortably, yet they are supple underfoot, allowing me to push off strongly with my toes, which is my running M.O. Further up the chain, I, like all of us on Team AMR, believe the Saucony Bullet Capri is the most perfect running bottom ever created. (For realz!) From the belly-smoothing, wide waistband to two generous hip pockets (perfect for stashing iPhone, GU packets, moola, you name it), these babies are da bomb!

Check out why the evil Queen from SNOW WHITE or brown-nosing students would love Bullet Capri: The hip pockets are roomy enough to hold an apple!
Check out why the evil Queen from SNOW WHITE or brown-nosing students would love Bullet Capri: The hip pockets are roomy enough to hold an apple!

Dimity, who loves to layer a lightweight long-sleeve over a tank top to start even some summer runs, has been sporting the Dash Seamless Long Sleeve on recent mornings. This long, lean, seamless beauty doesn't ride up, and thumbholes mean the sleeves can be held down on cooler runs. When temps drop a bit here in Portland, I'll wear pair a Dash over a Curve Crusader: Its light padding hides chill-induced "headlights," and the rear clasp allows easy on/easy off access, important as I speed toward a quick shower before packing school lunches. The Curve Crusader is just one of several attractive, well-constructed sports bras Saucony makes. (Insert joke about us being firm believers in the support the bras provide!)

Step up to check out Saucony running shoes and  sports bras.
Step up to check out Saucony running shoes and sports bras.

Courtesy of Saucony, one lucky lady will win a pair of Bullet Capri, a Dash Seamless Long Sleeve, plus her choice of Saucony sports bra and running shoes. (Color and style subject to availability.) To enter this sweet fall-is-coming giveaway, tell us one running-related thing you're looking forward to this autumn. It could be the half-marathon you've been logging miles for all summer; it might be being able to run during school hours because your youngest is (finally!) starting kindergarten; maybe it's cooler temperatures. Whatever you are going to dig about fall running, tell us in the Comments section below this blog post on our website, and you'll be entered for a chance to win a Saucony fall outfit.

Spot the pattern: bra, shoe, bra, shoe...
Spot the pattern: bra, shoe, bra, shoe...

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 8/26/15 and ends on 9/1/15. We will announce the random winner on our Facebook page on 9/3/15, as well as notifying the winner by email. One entry per person. The value the prizes ranges from $263-$323 (!!!). The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


1,078 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Saucony Outfit for Fall

  1. I’m looking forward to running the Marine Corps Marathon (my third full!) and my favorite running outfit – shorts and long sleeves!

  2. I am looking forward to being a mentor this year for our local running club’s adult training group. Last year, they trained me for my first full marathon, so this year I wanted to give back and help others like me train to meet their goals. Growing up, I hated running. I was the girl who hated to run the mile in PE. I dreaded it. To evolve into the runner I am today shocks the hell out of so many people, including myself. I love that feeling! i want to inspire others and help them get that feeling too.

  3. My husband started running regularly and will run his 1st 10 miler on Oct 31. Can.Not.Wait. Cheering for my daughter since she joined cross country this fall.

  4. Looking forward to crisp fall temps as my body seems to run better then & the sweet sound of crunch, crunch, crunch of the fallen fall leaves thAt are sprinkled on my favorite trail. Pure heaven

  5. So looking forward to being able to run outside again! Fall is my absolute favorite running season and I spent 75% of last fall in a cast/immobilized! Can’t wait 🙂

  6. All of the above – half marathon in November, youngest out of 3 is finally starting Kindergarten (woohoo!), and crisp, cooler air to run in!

  7. It’s a toss up – the cooler temps or the half marathon I’ll be running in Oct with a new-ish BRF! I’m excited for both!

  8. Looking forward to the first rain of the fall here in drought parched No. CA. First rains mean cleaner air and easier running for my asthmatic lungs.

  9. The crispness of the air and the crunch of the frost on the grass at the beginning of a morning run, this is one of the things I am looking forward to this coming fall!

  10. The main thing I’m looking forward to this fall (besides the cooler temps & the leaves changing color) is the half marathon I’m running in Healdsburg, CA (wine country baby!) in honor of my 50th birthday! I’ve enlisted 4 other friends to join me for the Oct. 31 race. I would love to be sporting a new Saucony outfit & shoes while greeting my 50’s with a running start!! #findyourstrong

  11. I am really looking forward to the lower temps and humidity. It’s been “wring out the bra”humid here for awhile now. The Army 10 miler is next on my list, I was excited to register successfully this year.

  12. I’m excited for my upcoming half marathon in November – we moved to the Midwest last spring, and this race last year was its inaugural year, so I’m hoping to keep a streak of running this race as long as we live here!

  13. I am most looking forward to completing the Baltimore half in October. Also, looking forward to cooler running weather!!

  14. First Fall in Colorado and I can’t wait to see what RnR Denver brings! Still acclimating to the altitude and learning to embrace the “new normal” with my lungs 🙂

  15. I can’t wait for the flat (for Colorado) half marathon I’m running at the end of September–plus a pumpkin flavored treat afterward! Yay fall!!!!

  16. I am most looking forward to running one of my favorite trails after the leaves start falling. I love the crunching sound of the leaves as my feet hit them on the trail and seeing the colorful ones floating quietly to the ground.

  17. Tim looking forward to training for a 10k with my daughter- the race itself is fun (over the Chesapeake bay bridge) but the training and talking with her during our runs is the best part (that and cooler weather!)

  18. I can’t wait for the break from the heat and humidity. I can deal with one or the other but together they are a beast! The cool temps and lowered humidity is such a sweet relief!

  19. I’m running my first trail race and multi-run relay race on Labor Day weekend and I’m totally psyched (and terrified) to have a day off mommy duty and to be spending it running with friends!

  20. I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures, Fall races, and the switch from summer to Fall running gear. I love getting out on a cool morning in a long sleeve shirt and then after warming up wrapping it around my waist a few miles into a run.

  21. This fall I am looking forward to getting running a few races. I love running in the crisp fall weather and the races are great motivation.

  22. I’n looking forward tonstarting my marathon training for the Miami marathon in Jan 2016, and to the Zoo Miami annual rin (this will be the third time my family and I run it. And to cooler temps in sweltering SoFla!!!

  23. I’m looking forward to bearable temperatures! We had a nice “fall preview” this week, and it was amazing how much the temperature and humidity drop makes a difference.

  24. I love looking at the leaves while I’m running. Even though it’s the same route, every time it looks a little different.

  25. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures for running, crunchy leaves underfoot and long sleeve running tshirts. I am most excited about my first ever marathon on Nov. 1!

  26. I love running and cycling and have incorporated a triathlon into my race schedule for years. This year, I’m not tripping but instead am riding in my first bike race in Sept. This summer, I’ve used running as my cross training but every time I run, I feel like I *should* be on my bike (kind of like when you cross train during run-race training). I’ve loved getting ready for the bike race, but I’m looking forward to getting back to focusing more on running. I rather like the bike season/run season idea… and I’m ready for run season! I also have all 3 of my sweet girls in the same elementary school this year (YAY!!!) and am looking forward to incorporating more yoga classes into my week.

  27. The fall means the kids are back in school and my running becomes more regular as I drop them off at school and go for a trail run with friends. I love the fall weather in Colorado not too hot and not too wet. I’m not training for anything but am always motivated in the fall to get back into the routine of running consistently four to five days a week.

  28. I LOVE running in the fall, by far my favorite time of year to run! I love the cooler temps, autumn colors, and leaves crunching under my Saucony Guides! My youngest just started Kindergarten (sad time for both of us, but we are adjusting), so I do look forward to being able to have more options in terms of when I run each day!

  29. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon returns to the Las Vegas Strip November 12 – 15. I am really going to try to do this! How much fun it would be!

  30. I am most looking forward to being out of training! I’m running the Air Force half marathon (for the third year in a row!) and this training season has been riddled with sllllooowwww paces, thyroid disfunction – causing weight gaing, joint aches, and horrible fatigue. Couple that with this being the first race season that my hubby and I have been trying to train simultaneously. It has been more stress than fun. More work than excitement. I love running. But, I honestly can’t wait to be out of training…. Except for one small problem…. Just today I registered for the Hot Chocolate 15k in Columbus, Oh in November. we runners- as a tribe. Are crazy. So, if I can’t look forward to a trainingless fall. I might as well say I am looking forward to bonfires and Oktoberfest beer!! 🙂

  31. I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures and rocking my first ever marathon. I would look so much better doing it in a new Saucony outfit! I also can’t wait for the kids to start back into hockey so I can run while they practice – it’s the perfect excuse to sleep in in the morning when I know I will have at least an hour or more later on in the day with not much else I can do during that time.

  32. I injured myself running. I have been discouraged. AMR has helped me. I don’t feel as isolated. Wearing a new running outfit by Saucony would be a wonderful surprise. Many thanks AMR!

  33. I am looking forward to running with my sister in her first ever Marathon in Victoria in October. I have done this one twice but this is her first one and I can’t wait to see her cross that finish line.

  34. The prettiest runs of the year are in early October when the leaves are bursting out fiery autumn colors! Fall *leaves* me happy!

  35. I am looking forward to seeing if I can meet my own personal “super woman challenge” … working full time, training for my first marathon, and taking a night class at our local college all while being a kick ass mother and wife! We will see if I survive!!!!!

  36. The best part about fall running is working with Middle School Cross Country runners who have never run before. Seeing the joy in their eyes as they cross the finish line on their first 2 mile run makes the time spent all worth while.

  37. I’m head coach of a mom’s running group here in Minnesota, and we are getting ready for fall classes. Fall for us will equal an emphasis on strength training and more focus on fast twitch muscle fiber development. I can’t wait to see my group of ladies grow into better runners (and hopefully I get more toned muscle out of the deal, too!) . Oh, and our season-ending Halloween costume run, just for fun!

  38. I am looking forward to sweating during and at the end of my run, not when I step outside my door! Thumb holes always put a smile on my face.

  39. I love running in the fall because the running clothes are much more fun! In the summer, it is so hot and humid here in SC that I am just trying to get away with wearing the least amount of clothing that I can! But in the fall I can break out the colorful tights, sparkly skirts, fun hats.

  40. I’ve got two 5K’s coming up, one in Sept. the other in Oct, then a 8K in a place I have ran in before! I’m looking forward to it in in cold November!

  41. I live in Florida and I look forward to run outside during the cooler evenings. I love running outside, but I can’t handle the heat. I’ve been stuck on a treadmill all summer.

  42. I look forward to running with my sister on Sunday mornings. It’s our time to catch up and have some sister time together. Just us with no husbands or kids. It makes the cold mornings more bearable.

  43. Training in the summer heat left me feeling defeated. But with the cooler fall temperatures, my legs feel like they are flying.

  44. I’m really looking forward to cooler temperatures this fall for training. I have a Ragnar race and a half to train for. I’m really excited for both races!

  45. I’m actually looking forward to watching my husband run his first NYC Marathon. We are both running a race in a few weeks but I know how special November 1st will be for him!

  46. Cooler temps, and lots of gorgeous leaves. Plus there’s an upcoming 5-miler at a Gorgeous local farm that is probably what I’m most looking forward to!

  47. I’m most looking forward to lower humidity, but I hope I get to “cash in” all of those high humidity days for a PR in my October Half Marathon!

  48. Oh so excited for the cooler weather! AND, my adventure race Sept.19. Run, mountain bike, orienteer, stand-up paddleboard and canoe. Bring it on!!

  49. I’m excited about running my very first half marathon this October! I’m looking forward to running in cooler weather.

  50. I look forward to cool morning runs and then walking in the door with icy-hot cheeks and a drip-drip-drippy nose. Nothing lets you know you have been burning it up in the cold like a sniffy nose and bright red cheeks!

  51. I am off on Fridays and usually do my long runs those days. Between county fair (we show a horse), vacation, and family in town, I have had to skip runs or put them off until another day. I am looking forward to doing those long runs and not having to be “on-call” for kids until 2:55pm!

  52. As a Texan, I’m looking forward to any run where I don’t sweat buckets and getting a little speed back after swimming through the humidity all summer.

  53. Definitely cooler temperatures. Fall is my favorite and I love the scenery as well. Changing leaves are the best.

  54. I look forward to running on a trail after a full day of teaching fourth graders. I bring my gear to school, finish my work after school, and head out the door. Running allows me to think about the day. I am often the only one on the path for ten miles, often much needed solitude!

  55. Definitely looking forward to the end of the humidity, so I can get some more of my miles outdoors, ready for the Silver Comet half marathon this October. Can’t wait to be breathing in that crisp cooler air. (As opposed to feeling like I’m breathing through a face cloth!

  56. I am looking forward to saying goodbye to humidity — it feels like it has been exceptionally humid this month, and we’re not used to that in Maine! Bring on the cool, crisp temperatures of fall!

  57. I’m looking forward to the crisp temperatures and the gorgeous Minnesota fall colors. It makes autumn my favorite season to run in! Also…my birthday is in the fall, and there’s an all women’s 5k that always falls on my birthday weekend!

  58. I’m looking forward to my last week’s of running (or maybe just walking) with just one child in the BOB stroller, baby #2 due in December.

  59. I’m running the Bellingham Bay Marathon at the end of September and then hope to capitalize on that fitness to build up a bit of speed for a later half marathon!

  60. This fall, I am looking to my first Chicago. I am recovery from a pelvic fracture in April. Chicago was supposed to be a big PR race for me. Now, I am going to just make it my “stop and smell the roses” race. My coach and I are coming up with a run/walk plan, my husband and I are bringing our boys and we are going to just enjoy ourselves. I must say, I’d feel even better wearing cute new clothes. Retail therapy and physical therapy are all part of healing!

  61. I’m doing the happy girls half marathon in sisters, Oregon and I know I can’t run the whole thing but I’m doing it anyways!!!

  62. Running in the fall in Nebraska means crunching through fallen Cottonwood tree leaves and I love that smell! Plus, warm soup after a chilly run is perfect.

  63. I am looking forward to running while the leaves are changing and are crunchy under my footsteps. But mostly, my Goldendoodle Nahla will be old enough to become my best running partner and she is going to be awesome!

  64. I’m looking forward to longer runs while kids are at school and way less humidity-cut back a lot this summer to spend as much time as possible with my oldest headed to kindergarten. Sniff, sniff!

  65. Cooler weather for sure! !!! The closer I get to 50, the more I fade in the heat. So looking forward to cool and rainy Seattle weather!

  66. Getting to run outside with my son and husband now that the weather is cooler. (neither one of them are big fans of the heat). Also watching my son, who is 5, run in his first school race this fall.

  67. About 10 days from now, I’ll be joining several running girlfriends to take part in the Market to Market relay from Cincinnati to Dayton. It’s my first relay race, and I’m looking forward to it!

  68. Honestly cannot wait to run the Steamtown marathon with two of my best runner friends, and then the Bay Bridge 10K with my husband a few weeks later. Morning date runs are the best !!! Topping off the fall season with the Rehoboth Marathon in early December, and will then enjoy a nice break for the holidays.

  69. I am really looking forward to my half marathon at the end of September to celebrate one year of being a mother runner (and baby’s first birthday). Then the wonderful chocolate runs!!! Cooler weather in Michigan also means long sleeve tech shirts for running races, which I also adore!

  70. I can not wait for marathon training to begin! After being sidelined in January with an “I know better than that” injury, I will embark on marathon #3 in February. Bring it on!

  71. Going back to work (I am a teacher in NYC) means sneaking in runs in Central Park during the day when time allows. Nothing compares to Central Park in the fall!

  72. Oh, the cooler weather. I make sure to never complain about cool or even cold and snowy runs because the summer heat just makes me miserable.

  73. I cannot wait to sleep in and get my runs in while The kids are in school. Of course, “sleeping in” means waking up at 5:30 instead of 5:00 but I’ll take it.

  74. I am looking forward to running through my very first Southern CA autumn. We have only been here four short months but feel more at home than we ever did in a decade in VA. So I am excited to continue my Cali love affair to see what she has in store for me next season!

  75. I am so excited for the ZOOMA Colo Springs race! I am thinking of surprising my hubby with a night at the Broadmoor to celebrate our birthdays!

  76. As both a motherrunner of a two year old and a high school biology teacher, I’m simply looking forward to how running keeps me sane as the school year begins again.

  77. I always thought I couldn’t run when it was cold out. Training for a my first marathon proved me wrong. Now I love running in the snow if I have the right gear on.

  78. Bring on my first marathon! I’m so excited for the fall, cool weather. Definitely my favorite season. The Saucony gear is the best stuff around. Thanks for the opportunity to win their swag!

  79. Bull City Race Fest half marathon!! Food trucks, a great atmosphere, challenging course, and third time around for me! Cannot wait for that cool, crisp morning!

  80. I cannot wait for this Fall as I have two half marathons and one full marathon on my calendar! So excited for all three races!

  81. I am definitely ready for cooler temps. This Texas heat is brutal. Have a February half to train for. Let’s do this!

  82. I am looking forward to running again! I ran through 38 weeks and delivered at 39 weeks. I am 3 weeks pp and am looking forward to running again. This month has been the longest break I’ve had since I started running again 2 years ago (when my first son was about 7 months old). But I am trying to be patient and give my body a little time to continue to heal. I signed up for a half in April and a 15k in January. Might try to do a small trail half this fall depending on how I’m feeling. Also I’m looking forward to mostly pushing the single stroller while my toddler is in preschool a few days a week! I haven’t even purchased the double yet , but couldn’t imagine not running without my big boy, who cheered me on through several half marathon training sessions. Looking forward to running with my boys

  83. I’m excited for my first half at the Marshall University Marathon! I’m looking forward to the seasons changing and it being cool enough to run in the evenings. Back to school means back to kids morning routines and after work runs fit my schedule better!

  84. I cannot wait to go for a run with my daughter before school! I’m amazed that she’ll forgo an extra hour of sleep to run with me and our running group of women and children. It’s the best part of my week!

  85. I’m excited for my first half at the Marshall University Marathon! I’m looking forward to the Desmond changing and it being cool enough to run in the evenings. Back to school means back to kids morning routines and after work runs fit my schedule better!

  86. Looking forward to the temps cooing off, to changing colors on the trees and the Inaugural Yosemite Half which should be gorgeous! Have been recovering from a hamstring strain so right now Fall feels like hope!!

  87. I love the feeling of freedom and a new I-can-do-anything attitude with running in autumn. It makes me feel alive and capable to reach my goals. As it cools off it feels freeing to run outside.

  88. I’m looking forward to running in Denali, Alaska, with my BRF, whom I can barely keep up with here at home in Colorado, but who will have to wait for me on the Denali Park Road because neither of us wants to get eaten by a griz.

  89. First of all, I noticed the pair of bullet capris on the lady next to me at piyo last week. So cute! Fall running won’t be here in NC until November maybe? For long stretches at least. I am SO looking forward to our runs that start/end at the donut store when I’ll be able to enjoy post-run hot coffee without feeling like I’m boiling from both the in & out sides.

  90. I’m super excited to be running in the fall cause I enjoy the brisk mornings where I put my Twinkies on the bus to school then run among the beautifully colored trees in my neighborhood all the while never feeling one hot flash cause of the nice cooler temps! Hoping my fall half marathon will be faster since it’s cooler. So freaking excited!!!!

  91. cooler temps, mother nature’s beauty, race season…what’s NOT to love about Fall running?? Fall, my favorite time of year!!!! 🙂

  92. I’m looking forward to plain running this fall. I haven’t been cleared to run yet, 7 weeks postpartum. I am chomping at the bit to go. Just half a mile on a cool morning sounds glorious!

  93. I spend the summer training for the Nijmegen (Netherlands) March, a walking 100 miles in 4 days event. I look forward to the Fall when I start up running again, especially in the farmlands that surround my neighborhood. I love the colors and the crisp air!

  94. In the Fall of 2013 I DNF’ed a super tough 50k because I was hypothermic. It had rained for hours turning the course into dangerously slippery ankle-deep mud that slowed me to a walk. In the Fall of 2014 I DNF’ed a 100-miler after I developed (can’t bend my knee) tendinitis at mile 35. This Fall I’m gearing up to FINISH a Fall Race. If I don’t finish this 50 miler – I’m going to stick with Spring races. 🙂

  95. After training in the heat all summer there are lots of things I love about Fall running. First, it feels as if my legs just fly in the cooler temps. The brisk air and the perfect temperature makes my body happy. I also love, I mean love, the sound of the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet and the smells of Fall. All my senses are happy while running in Fall weather. To me, nothing is better.

  96. I will enjoy running in weather that does not involve sweating as soon as I step outside. I will be happy to forego Bikram running for running in temps below 80 degrees.

  97. I sent my youngest to kindergarten this fall, after 16 years of having kids with me all the time, I am starting with running to help me be just “me”.

  98. I cannot wait for the cooler temperatures and the cool crisp fall air. I run with my pup Snacks (and yes, that is his actual name) and he LOVES it, but he gets hot and tired after mile 10 in the humidity of Georgia. We both have an extra spring in our steps when the cool weather comes.

  99. I will enjoy fall running because my injured feet are FINALLY starting to feel better. I look forward to logging miles with my 2 and 4 legged friends.

  100. Fall running is the best! I look forward to less humidity, a pumpkin spice latte after my long run and getting faster! I have been logging my summer miles but have slowed so much with the heat. Oh, and my first 26.2!

  101. I can’t wait for cooler temps! I have overheated twice in the four marathons that I have run and you do NOT want to know where they have to take your internal temp! Also I just sent my baby to all day kindergarten so now I have more time to run during the day!

  102. I adore fall running (and this sweet giveaway!) The temperature, the colors, the stress-relief that it brings to me during the back-to-school, back to sports, back to work rush!

  103. I love fall running! An injury the end of August last year forced me to sit out the entire fall season. So I’m just looking forward to getting to run this fall.

  104. I love watching the color changes in the leaves during the fall. Each run I notice something different in the trees along my route. Fall is so beautiful!

  105. I am looking forward to dressing as Cinderella as I run the Disneyland Half Marathon over Labor Day weekend and taking my 6yr old daughter to Disneyland for the first time! And I’m also looking forward to cooler temps. 🙂

  106. I am SO looking forward to fall because both of my kids are now in school which means I can run before work!! Plus, I’m training for my FIRST FULL MARATHON!! (Insert terrified but over the moon excited squeal here!)

  107. I’m looking forward to re-running the Des Moines Half Marathon – great fall race! – and running the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon for the first time. And the joy of celebrating post run with a warm cup of coffee, which just isn’t the same in the heat of summer.

  108. I am running two 1/2’s this fall within two weeks of each other and I’m very excited for cooler temps. NC has been like a steam bath this summer at lunch time for my daily runs. With my five year old daughter as my cheerleader, I know that both will be great races.

  109. Running Again! I broke a toe this summer (while doing laundry of all things!) and then when I was finally getting over that enough to run (albeit slowly), I had sinus surgery. We’re ecstatic the kids are back in school, so we can establish a routine again! Hopefully I’ll be able to start enjoying running again in the next week!

  110. Like most, I am really looking forward to the cooler temps. I am training for my second half-marathon, and I just keep telling myself as long as I can keep running in the SC humidity, I will be ready for the half in November. The race is being held in the town I grew up in, and I really wanted to run in the inaugural race last year but I just wasn’t ready for that distance. Now I am and I can’t wait!

  111. I am looking forward to cooler temps, less humidity!, more laughs with my BRFs, and continuing my training for my first full marathon- Baystate! #findyourstrong

  112. With the impending autumn season, I’m looking outward to getting back out there after a summer of physical therapy. I’m excited for coaching cross country and for all of the fun that comes with xc runners: haunted hay rides, apple picking, and of course racing! I’m even a little excited for the 4 am running alarm because it means I am back on track for training and getting ready for a spring marathon PR!

  113. Hi ladies! I am looking forward to cooler temps for sure! Also, I am training for my first marathon and I have a half marathon to race during the training. I am looking forward to that race being fun and comfortable as it will be further along in my training rather than the goal of my training.

  114. Since I am recently retired I am definitely looking forward to cooler runs in the morning!! No more evening runs or making excuses not to run in the pm!

  115. I am looking forward to running the Indianapolis Monumental for thr 1st time. And of course the beautiful foliage that will be arriving this Fall!

  116. I will be running my first half marathon race this fall! Looking forward to it and to enjoying the fall colors as I go.

  117. I am totally looking forward to running the Annual Hartford Half Marathon! It’s by far my favorite half- and the weather is always cooperatively NOT HOT!!!

  118. This fall I will no longer be a non running runner! In one month I will have a baby replace this high risk pregnancy and another month after that I will run! No more watching those races come and go without me!

  119. I’m looking forward to the cooler fall weather, which means running with my 2-year-old in the stroller again. I miss our time running together but it’s just too hot/humid to push 50+ pounds over the summer!

  120. I am in week 11 of my marathon training plan! One 20 down, another this week then a 22 and I am Portland Marathon bound! Yahoo!

  121. I’m really looking forward to seeing the hard, hot, sweaty, summer runs pay off during fall workouts and races! Love getting up before the sun for a nice cool run!

  122. Fall! I am looking forward to all the family 5k’s this fall! My siblings join in the fun with my husband, kids and I, and we make each run (minimum of 3 before Christmas) a family event!

  123. I had my first baby 7/1/15. The last race I ran before I got pregnant was the 5th avenue mile … A speedy, festive race down Manhattan’s “Museum Mile.” My first post-partum race will be this year’s 5th Ave Mile. It will be a totally different experience because of how pregnancy and recovery kept me from training. But I’m looking forward to just being out there in the running community and giving it my all. also looking forward to the journey back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level. I’m prepared to be patient …

  124. We just moved from Montana to Louisiana in June. I’m looking to temps that don’t leave me soaked, air that I don’t have to chew before I breathe it, and just more great miles. I love it here!

  125. early autumn is great for golden light after work and less humidity! (but it also means the dread 6 months of winter is not far behind!!!)

  126. I’m looking forward to refueling after my long runs with all things pumpkin!!! Coffee, donuts, bread, you name it i’m eating it!

  127. I am feeling finally ready to start running again after having my third son. I have had to get stronger and now I’m ready to be leaner. Winning this would really help me as I don’t have any good running shoes or running clothes that fit.

  128. I’m running my first half on oct 4th! I was supposed to do it last year, but my IT Band said no. This year I’ve trained super carefully and it’s GAME ON.

  129. How do I pick just one? Fall is my favorite time of year and I love running in the cool crisp air with leaves crunching under my feet.
    This fall I am really looking forward to the Detroit Half Marathon again and running through Detroit and Canada on a cool fall morning!

  130. I look forward to that clean, crisp, Michigan Autumn air! Running while watching the leaves change in color is my favorite!

  131. Cooler temps brings relief from my asthma while I run. I love fall and winter running because I feel so much stronger on my runs and that is the best feeling ever!

  132. I can’t wait for the cooler temperatures to stay around in the early mornings. Marathon training during the summer is brutal!

  133. I’m just excited to get started. I was sidelined all summer with a rectus femoris (things that sound dirty but really aren’) tendon tear in my upper thigh . Physical therapist should be releasing me to do more than walk soon…I hope! Glad I missed running in the heat and humidity, but itching to get running again.

  134. Running in the Door County Fall 50 with my financee! We met because I ran that relay two years ago post divorce so this year it has special meaning. My preschooler is excited to cheer us both on!

  135. I’m looking forward to runs that don’t involve stopping every couple of blocks to get cooled off in somebody’s sprinklers and, being able to handle long runs on the weekends without wilting in the heat and humidity.

  136. I’m looking forward to training for my first marathon this fall! Fall is my favorite season, and being able to run when it’s a little chilly outside makes it seem so much easier!

  137. I’m looking forward to breaking out my long sleeve shirts for my early bird runs (though I’ll miss my tanks a little).

  138. This fall in preparation for the Indy Half and Veterans Half (both in Indiana) I will be running in the dark, bike training in the dark and swimming in the afternoons. My long runs are the only workout that will be seeing the light of day!

  139. This fall I am looking forward to training harder for my St. Jude marathon without all the humidity that we have here in New England. I will be able to do my training runs during my lunch break and enjoy sleeping in a super plus since our days are getting shorter!

  140. Looking forward to Running in the dark with my new knuckle lights. Summer camp schedule is nice but there’s something about running at 5am that makes me feel super badass!

  141. Cross country season! I am the varsity boys and girls coach at my local high school. the whole season is painful and fantastic and so satisfying all at the same time. i get to see ups and downs in each runner. Seeing the huge smiles on their faces when they do well in a workout or nail a pr in a race is a one of the greatest feelings.

  142. Running outside again! The cooler temps are perfect for running outside where as in the summer the heat and humidity keep my on the treadmill for most of my runs.

  143. I start training for my first marathon….and BOTH my kids will be in school full time for the first time. I’ll actually have the time to train!

  144. You totally snagged my comment as my third child started kinder today along with his siblings. Finally, I can get back on the hills! There is a dead space between the stroller years and the school years that make getting out for a run very difficult. 😛

  145. Getting our BAMR running group back together! I missed those awesome, loving, funny, and supportive women!!!! Also looking forward to ditching the double stroller and only having one little one to push!

  146. I’m looking forward to getting back to running after a break due to a rough pregnancy. I’m so excited to hit the road again!

  147. I look forward to what I call “fun running season”. All my serious races are over and we do 3 family 5k’s: Creepy Crawl, Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell run. It’s about falling back in love with running.

  148. I’m looking forward to finally logging miles for the first time in almost a year after a high risk pregnancy and an unplanned c section!

  149. I’m about to run my first 10K and if I’m going to become a “real” runner, these old cut off yoga pants and my husband’s t-shirts aren’t going to cut it anymore. Plus, I could use a confidence boost from some super cute (&functional!) quality running clothes.

  150. I am looking forward crisp mornings wearing long sleeves and capris while crunching through the leaves after the sun is up while I just enjoying my runs without a race in mind. Then after my runs enjoying some hot tea while waiting for my girls to wake up. I LOVE AUTUMN!!!

  151. Looking forward to crisp air, crunchy leaves! Fall always feels like new beginnings to me, I look so forward to it.,

  152. If I ever figure out what’s up with my foot and get it healed up good, then I will simply look forward to running! I love fall for its nice crisp air. Loose a little humidity, gain color in the leaves, and I will breathe it all in every time the wind blows!

  153. I am just now getting back into running after a move from TX to UT this summer. Signed up for my first trail race at the end of Sept. Looking forward to my first “real Fall” this year!

  154. This fall I am looking forward to running pain free. My hip is giving me fits. Working on it, and hoping for the best. This has interrupted my training for the Indy Monumental half I am still hoping to run in November! Fingers crossed! #notgivingup

  155. I am really looking forward to the cooler weather. I am also very excited for the 50 mile relay I will be running with a team of 40-something mother runners. Our goal is to take home the female masters title!!!!

  156. Cooler temps for sure!! Summer in Mississippi can mean it’s still 80 at 6 AM, so I’m am welcoming those lower numbers when I run!!

  157. Looking forward to a break in the humidity! The heat has lead to me slacking off so I need to get into gear for my an October half.

  158. Looking forward to participating in the Beat the Blerch half marathon in Sacramento! Cupcakes, nutella and blerches – hooyah!

  159. Love my kids, but I’m looking forward to puppy and me time and running in daylight while they head to part time preschool.

  160. I’m looking forward to running on flat ground again, and not a flight deck or a treadmill. I’m almost done with deployment!

  161. Cool days, less humidity, running on ‘my schedule’ as my youngest is in preschool..!??! Working up the miles again after a summer injury!

  162. Being able to sometimes skip the washing if the hair after a run. My running clothes are stinky…. I need some new ones

  163. I am looking forward to cooler weather!! I haven’t been running this summer because of the heat for my running partner ( my dog) and for me and off schedule with no school for my son. I can’t wait for school to start and the weather to get cooler. I have also lost 60 lbs and have no god running wear that fits me well. I would love to be able to have something that doesn’t fall off while I run. Lol holding pants up while running is not fun !!

  164. I live in the great inland northwest (Spokane WA) the fall is the most beautiful time of year. I get to watch both of my kids run cross county all over the state and I get to find new places to run!!

  165. I love to refuel with something tasty and look forward to a deserved Chai Tea Latte after a cold fall morning run! As I’m training for my first marathon I would love a new long-run-to-race-day-outfit 🙂

  166. I am so excited to run the NYC marathon this fall as part of the find your strong marathon challenge! I’m halfway there and some new clothes would definitely keep me motivated as I continue to the start line.

  167. I know I’m going to be a puddle the first day my baby girl goes to preschool, but the following week I’m going to go out on trail run at the greenway to celebrate being able to run outside of the Y’s child watch limits!!

  168. We just bought a house, so I’m still exploring our “neighborhood.” I’m looking forward to the long runs required for an October half that will give me an excuse to check out the lay of the land a little more!

  169. The cooler weather is definitely better for running, but the fun Halloween costume runs are also a good reason to enjoy autumn!

  170. I am looking forward to my half marathon on Sept 20, and also running during school hours when the kids are otherwise occupied. And running again with my BRF, when her kids are back to school as well. Bring on September!

  171. I love the cooler temperatures so I can get a run in no matter what time of day! And for the second year in a row I’m running a fall half. All those weeks of summer training lead up to a great fall run!

  172. I am looking forward to running with songs of my running friends again, that takes the summer off from running. I am looking forward to not feeling like I’m wearing too much when though all I have on is a tank and shorts. And I am looking forward to going home to run a half marathon and see all my friends that I haven’t seen in ages!

  173. Cooler weather! I live in New England and even though I absolutely love our short summers, I wish the heat would stay around longer. The only problem? I hate to run in the heat! So bring on the cooler days so I don’t melt into a puddle while out on a run!

  174. Looking forward to cooler runs through the colorful fall tree lined trails as I train for my first rundisney half marathon!

  175. I’m looking forward to less leg shaving emergencies when I can wear long tights. Pumpkin spice anything as after run treat

  176. Honestly, just wearing long sleeved shirts. It’s been very, very hot summer and I cannot wait for Fall.

  177. I wish I got to experience those changing leaves and the cool crisp mornings, but I’m currently living in Hawaii. Although I am definitely looking forward to running with just the single stroller now my eldest has started preschool.

  178. I am looking forward to the fall as my kids head back to school and I can downsize from a double to single jogger! Then I plan on stepping up my game and get a PR on my up coming half marathon!

  179. I’m looking forward to running my second marathon in early October, after which time I plan to enjoy many shorter, slower, Garmin-free runs! Taking in Wisconsin’s beautiful fall colors on a leisurely run is simply the best!

  180. I’m looking forward to cooler runs here in Denver Metro and the change of the trees. This will be my first Autumn here and I hear it is spectacular!

  181. I am looking forward to lower humidity so I can train properly for the Richmond Half Marathon in November. Summer weather in Maryland can be brutal, although today was pretty nice. 🙂 (and I love Saucony!)

  182. Running any time I want one the weekend….okay not anytime but it won’t be too hot if I want to go on a noon run while the 3 year old naps.

  183. A park near me has a tunnel of trees that are beautiful in the fall. I can’t wait to put on some long sleeves and go run there!

  184. Cool morning runs with my BRF where we can actually chat more than say a few words between gasping for breaths in the humidity of our summer runs!

  185. Running in fall…the smell of fallen leaves, the colors, and a light breeze with just a little bite in it. My all-time favorite thing about fall, though, is running all-out through a pile of leaves and sending them flying up around me!

  186. I am really looking forward to my 3rd half for this year and celebrating my birthday with my BRFs at Disney’s Wine and Dine in November! Hopefully with a super awesome PR too! New kicks and a fit to rock at the race would be totally sweet!!!!

  187. I’m running my first marathon in 3 years at the end of October, but I am so excited about pumpkin flavored everything after Saturday morning long runs! There will be many pumpkin coffees in my future!

  188. I am looking forward to wearing my long-sleeved running shirts again, including my Seattle Marathon shirts, which are my favorite race shirts ever…classic and classy. (Honestly, that’s about all I’m looking forward to, as summer running in the PNW is the best!)

  189. I can’t wait to run my first 50K with my husband in October! I’m sidelined with shin splints now, but hopefully I’ll be back to full training soon!

  190. I’m looking forward to the Wildlander race – its so inspiring to run with first responders who compete with their packs!

  191. Just today I was lamenting the fact that this fall will be the first fall in 4 years that I am not running a race. I just hope to be running SOMETIME this fall–plantar fasciitis is a bitch!

  192. I’m definitely looking forward to the cooler temperatures. It means I can run mid morning and stop at the park with the kiddos on the way home.

  193. I am so looking forward two finishing my fourth marathon this year in October to complete my second Grand Slam and begin training for my First 50 miler.

  194. I’m looking forward to temperatures that are not over 100! Also looking forward to running and finishing my first Ragnar Trail Relay in California.

  195. I can’t wait to hear the sound of the leaves crushing under my footfalls! It automatically transports me to childhood 🙂

  196. Cooler temps, trail runs, my city’s first running festival where I shall run/walk 13.1 past my fave city sights, and pumpkin everything!!

  197. This fall, I’m looking forward to running my first full marathon! Thrilled and terrified about it, all at the same time.

  198. I look forward to cooler mornings here is Phoenix Arizona (although compared to most of the country still warm)

  199. Training for Air Force Half Marathon in Dayton, OH Sept 19th, looking forward to running in cooler temps. Love fall running and really love those Bullet Capris!

  200. I’m looking forward to my first full marathon!! Excited, but a little nervous because the heat this summer has been brutal!! I’m also looking forward to the cooler weather so I can get some additional miles in to prepare!

  201. Fall foliage in NY, and running with the deer! And no humidity, and capris, and long shirts with buttonholes and pumpkin oatmeal as my recovery meal!!!! But mostly, no humidity.

  202. Looking forward to runs in the fall where the leaves crunch beneath my feet while running with my two BRF’s as we train for our fall half in Milwaukee. Of course wearing my Saucony hurricanes. !!!

  203. I am really excited about running a Halloween half marathon this year! I’m excited to dress up for a race!! And I always love running in the cooler temps and dark mornnings! So glad it’s just around the corner!

  204. My first marathon in October and I’m looking forward to the humidity going away! I don’t mind the summer heat, it’s the thick humid air that makes summer running in Massachusetts hard.

  205. Looking forward to: temps under 100, my thirty-fifth bday followed immediately by my first marathon, and, of course, pumpkin spice everything!!

  206. I’m looking forward to the month of October! Starting the month off with the Wineglass Half Marathon and wrapping it up with the Cape Cod marathon. As I type this, I think maybe I should look forward to Novemeber…when I will be resting and recovering, lol.

  207. I’m looking forward to both a later start (when the kids go to school!) and the nice cool weather. Any season is a great season… But running through fall leaves holds a special place in my heart.

  208. Looking forward to more flexibility in running hours (kids both in school!), but a little wary of the upcoming chilly temps for my 0530 bootcamp class……(PS, Saucony is the ONLY shoe I will wear racing…. three years, no injuries so far!! Knock wood).

  209. I am looking forward to cooler weather and the kids being in school so my running partners and I can get back onto a good training schedule!

  210. Saucony running shoes are my shoes of choice. they have been since I bought my first pair. I would love to try their other garments.

  211. I’m looking forward to running in cooler temps. Then coming home and making a cup of pumpkin flavored coffee. ☕️

  212. Fall won’t arrive in the So Cal desert until November or December. So I’m looking forward to my October 11th marathon in the much-cooler Pacific Northwest.

  213. I am sooo looking forward to no longer having to wring the humidity-based sweat out of my socks! Hello, crunchy, lovely, fall leaf-running season!

  214. Absolutely looking forward to cooler temps for running this fall! And here in Florida that’s anything below 70! 🙂

  215. Just this morning I was thinking about how excited I am about fall running. I live surrounded by orchards and mountains… so I really appreciate the changing of the seasons and autumn highlights all the loveliness of my usual running haunts. I am also super excited to be organizing a Ragnar team in the Adirondacks with a group of friends. It will be a perfect capstone of the fall running season and despite taking on the longest legs (over 20 miles total), I am so looking forward to the challenge and communing (kid free!) with other strong and happy mother runners.

  216. I’m looking forward to finishing my goal race and doing short runs or riding my mountain bike. No pressure to follow a training plan.

  217. I am a mother of 3 girls and a special Ed teacher so running as the school year begins helps me to have “me”time, it’s time to reflect and helps me keep my sanity to be the best mother, wife and teacher I can be

  218. It is so hard to choose what I am most excited about for fall running. I have two half marathons on my schedule, one with four of my sisters and one with my BRF. The morning temps have been fabulous and little to no humidity, makes it feel like you can run forever.

  219. These will be my first miles since March as soon as I can balance working out with a new baby and all that entails. 🙂

  220. We had a “cool” day in Houston at 88* today. I CANNOT wait for some actual fall weather to come our way! Cooler temperatures always improve my running!

  221. Great prize pack. Not looking forward to switching from my nice summer morning runs when I go back to work next week!

  222. I’m hoping to set a new PR at my October 3rd half marathon. I have one more long run left in my 17 week training program and then I get to taper. Yay!

  223. I love running in all seasons! But, there is something special about running in the early fall mornings! Love you ladies!!

  224. I cannot wait for fall! It’s my favorite season! I can think of a hundred things I’m looking forward to but I’ll limit it to just three. 1) Cooler weather for running! 2) My eldest starts preschool which will give me a little time to do some solo running with the baby and 3) switching out all my summer running gear for my long forgotten fall running gear!

  225. Being a teacher, I will have to switch from my morning runs to beat the heat, to after school runs to release daily stress. I am still nursing a bad hamstring injury I managed to give myself on my 60th birthday while training for a marathon(1/6/2015) but am hoping to run my first race of this year, a half marathon in the fall, as this recovery has been painful and long. I am looking forward to less humidity and cooler temperatures too!

  226. My 3rd of 4 children starts kindergarten this year and I treated myself to a new single jogging stroller! Can’t wait to run with just one again in the crisp autumn air.

  227. I am looking forward to my first Triathlon this October! Just over half way through the training plan and I am finding that the cross training is a huge boost to my run.

  228. I am greatly anticipating running my second marathon (and first as a mother) in Portland on October 4th! I have been wearing the same type of running shoes for years and have recently thought it might be fun to try something new after the marathon, so I would love to win a pair of Sauconys, plus some clothes (I don’t think I have bought a new running shirt in about four years – I just rely on race shirts).

  229. I’m looking forward to midday runs where the air is clean and fresh, when you can draw in a deep breath while you are running without feeling like you are breathing through a wet washcloth. Love to get home feeling like I’ve had a good work out without feeling wrung out by the heat. Ahhh.

  230. Fall running is my favorite. The cooler mornings hit right in the sweet spot of my perfect running temperature, plus the colors are fun to watch as the trees change.

  231. Fall is my favorite season! I love the golden light and the colored leaves. I love apples and pears and pumpkins! I love the nostalgia and comfortable feeling that that little chill in the air brings. And THIS year, I am super excited to run the Silver Falls Trail Half Marathon! I can hardly wait.

  232. I love running in the fall. When the air is crisp and cool, the miles feel so much easier and I feel stronger and more badass.

  233. This fall I’m looking forward to running my first half marathon. After starting running just over a year ago, I thought a 5k was a lofty goal. I’ve found that I can do more and go further than I ever thought possible, and can’t wait to see what my running future holds!

  234. The AthHalf, half-marathon in Athens, GA. After two babies and moving away and moving back…I FINALLY get to run it this October. And new capris would be the icing on the cake!! Perfect for cooler morning temps. 🙂

  235. I try to run a few times a week during my lunch hour at work. I will be glad to have cooler mid-day temps to run in, plus gorgeous fall leaves views.

  236. Fall is my favorite season! I got married in October, I love the weather and views while running in the fall, and I love going faster and farther in cooler temps!

  237. i am looking forward to volunteering for the 5th year in a row at what was my first half marathon! i love fall running, the new england humidity is gone and the cool air is coming in (but I am not looking forward to what comes next)

  238. Fall is me. I was married 28 years ago in the fall. “no one gets married in October!” My daughter was born in October. I count the days until that first string of chippy morning runs make me put on that long sleeve tee. Northern NJ can get pretty sticky in the summer and I feel like I can finally breathe and get those lungs filled up when that autumnal equinox comes around. My Saucony Viziglo Rides shimmer in those headlights and there’s a definite bounce in my stride! Love it! Oh and my house is decorated in bronzes, oranges, reds and browns. Fall colors? Yup!

  239. I’m looking forward to developing a routine that enables me to run more than once a week which is all I have been doing this summer (mostly I’ve been doing DVDs). With my oldest going to school 5 days this year and the youngest starting school for the first time I will finally have a consistent 6 hours a week to myself and I plan to spend some of this time running, especially in the beautiful Carolina fall weather. I know everyone in this community gets my joy and anticipation for this.

  240. I am so looking forward to running during school! My youngest starts pre-school next week and for the first time in ten years I will have 2.5 hours of free time 4 days a week!!! I can’t wait!

  241. I love Fall running…. I live in South Texas and it’s alittle HOT in the Summer. I can start moving my run to lunch time. This is great becasue 1. I get to sleep in a little longer. 2. It gets me out of my office at lunch and helps with a little stress relief. 3. I don’t have to run when I get off of work. It’s a win-win situation.

  242. I am looking forward to the nice crisp mornings for my weekend longer runs. I have 3 half marathons in Sept, so the rest of the fall with one a month will be more relaxed 🙂

  243. I am desperately awaiting the lower humidity levels in the north east! I don’t even care if it stays hot, I just want less than 85% humidity! 😉

  244. I absolutely love fall. And I love running in the fall for all the reasons mentioned—cooler temperatures, kids are in school so I don’t have to run at before dark early, changing leaves. My favorite thing about running in the fall, though, the anticipation of the fall post long run ritual. A football game on tv, an early night to bed without ac or heat going, and a good book with a dark sky at 9.

  245. I am looking forward to Portland Marathon on October 4th, with my BRF. Then, a month long rest before I start training for Ironman Couer D’Alene next year. Also thinking a lot about cross-country skiing this winter.

  246. I am looking forward to running a trail race with my teen daughter and adult cousin (and fellow mother runner) in September. The John Colter run near Three Forks, Montana. It has a musket start, a loin-cloth garbed John Colter to chase, and 2 river crossings to keep with the traditional tale of how he escaped from the Blackfeet (a Native American tribe) during the Mountain Man era. Lots of fun, and a nice way to transition from summer to fall.

  247. I can’t wait to test my mettle in the Eversource Hartford Marathon. I’ve been training all hot and humid summer and I’m going to enjoy the results whether I hit my goal or not.

  248. Every Saturday, someone in the neighborhood has a chiminea going with pinion pine. When I smell it I can’t wait to get out there and take advantage of the temperature and the scenery!

  249. I have lots of things I’m looking forward to – autumn is my favorite season! This year my youngest is in school three days a week, which means more outside runs instead of treadmill runs! I am training for my first 10k and I can’t wait for it to cool down. Oh, and I might enjoy something pumpkin….

  250. I am running my first 100k to start the fall off! I’m looking forward to that when I’m not busy feeling terrified about it, lol.

  251. Fall is my favorite time of year! Cooler temperatures, back to school, and my first marathon is October 4th! What’s not to love!

  252. Love love love the fall! The runs start in the height of the heat and humidity, and as the runs get longer the leaves change, the air cools, days grow shorter and then race day in November! Another year of being a runner, always feels like it’s a celebration of running.

  253. I’m definitely looking forward to the return of cooler, crisp weather so I can resume “runching” (lunch time running). It’s just been too darn hot to partake this summer for fear that I will run off my co-workers with my post-run aroma.

  254. Twin Cities Marathon!!! I’m so excited for cooler runs, crisp air, and colorful trees along the sparkling waters of my routes in the St. Paul ‘burbs.

  255. I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures and crisp air. I have had to drag myself out to run in the heat and humidity this summer!

  256. I am looking forward to the lack of humidity. I started training for Chicago at the beginning of June, so I have had a lot of long, humid runs. Hoping the humidity drops soon!

  257. I can’t wait for the humidity to drop for good! Midwest summers are rough. I’m also glad I don’t have to run at the crack of dawn now that the kids are back in school!

  258. After a traumatic delivery of my 1st baby last summer, complete with a nasty “birth injury” followed by months of pelvic floor physical therapy and doubts of ever being able to go for a jog again; I am most looking forward to crossing the finish line of my first half marathon on September 12.

  259. Oh do we have to be excited about fall already?! I am. This is my first fall as a school mama!! I am excited about running when I want too, within reason of course, because I am not a hot weather runner by any stretch! So it’s with bittersweetness that I admit I am excited for day time runs(I work night shift) and only pushing 2 kiddos in the stroller instead of dragging one “running” while I “push” the other two and the “runner” child alternates every 3-5 minutes but more like 30-40 seconds!!!

  260. I cannot wait to have morning runs be cool and sans HUMIDITY!! While the temperature has been upper 50s for my morning runs, 80%+ humidity just isn’t helping!

  261. With the kiddos back in school, I look soooooo forward to running without getting an “urgent” call or text complaining about one another!

  262. Might sound kind of weird, but I’m looking forward to the really long runs coming up in my marathon training plan. 18 this weekend, 20 next weekend…these are quality time runs with quality friends. Bring ’em on!

  263. What a awesome hump day prize! This fall I’m looking forward to cooler temps and the likelihood of rain or snow! I live in Washington and we have been dealing with extreme fire danger because of the lack or snow/rain last year. I hate snow, hate the treadmill, hate trying to run outside when it’s cold and usually love the hot days of summer. But after this summer I welcome the rain or snow even, I welcome the cold and will layer up Saucony will keep me warm 🙂
    Prayers to all the firefighters out there!!

  264. What an amazing prize!! I’m looking forward to cooler temps and the gorgeous fall colors – plus my first Disney race with my best girlfriends in November!

  265. Running with my 4-legged one, Dutch! He’s a malamute, and our unusually hot summer in the PNW has made him just have to lounge around.

  266. I am definitely looking forward to the cooler temps and running with the fall foliage! Plus the lower Pollen counts will make me a much happier camper!!!

  267. I’m looking forward to getting my miles in after the kids are in school. That way I don’t have starving kids waiting for me when I get home and demanding breakfast.

  268. I am looking forward to running in cooler temperatures! It’s so hard for me to run in the summer. Fall is my favorite time of year for running.

  269. I am digging in to a training plan for my first 15k — my goal is to finish the training plan; finish the race; and remain injury free!!

  270. definitely looking forward to running the Whistlestop half marathon with my husband and friend who is coming up from Texas!

  271. not having to be an emc runner to get the cooler temps and being able to run at night again!! There is a trail with exercise equipment a half a mile away that the kids love and I get to run while they play doing pushups, sit-ups, and the like at the stations!

  272. I look forward to my run club Saturday mornings starting at 8am instead of 7am, thanks to the changing light and cooler mornings!

  273. I love running / walking in NC in the fall bc of the amazing colors as the trees change. Against the amazing clear blue sky it is truly awesome in the original sense of the word.

  274. Oh my gosh, I can’t WAIT for fall running. I’m from Southern California and it’s been so hot and humid here. We’re used to hot, but not necessarily humid! Fall should bring that crisp, cool air I’ve been missing, and those crystalline skies at dawn instead of the belated June gloom we’re still experiencing. Can’t waaaaait.

  275. I live in sunny Florida, where it’s 85+ degrees and 100% humidity at 5 am! So I am looking forward to cooler temps and the fun racing season – I am running at least one local half marathon per month from September thru December!

  276. Fall is my absolute favorite season for running! I can’t wait for the cooler weather and to start adding miles while training for the 10 mile Monster Dash on Halloween!

  277. My “fall” marathon was early August so I’m looking forward to inspired running on beautiful mountain trails, rather than training runs to follow my plan!

  278. I am looking forward to getting back to half marathon ready! I was in physical therapy all summer to treat plantar fasciitis, and I will be cautiously ramp up my mileage to double digits. Hooray!

  279. This fall, I am looking forward to cooler weather. The sun is seems so hot! I’m planning for a fall half and looking forward to some cooler weather for my runs.

  280. I am looking forward to the crisp in the air. I think the fall is the most perfect running weather. I love to pair a long sleeve shirt with a pair of shorts. I also don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to beat the heat.

  281. I’m looking forward to “beating the blerch” this November in Sacramento. this race created by “the oatmeal’s” cartoonist and features cupcakes and nutella at the aid stations, couches along the course, and random Sasquatches and “blerches” running with you trying to convince you to slow down out take a break. Good times all around. A fun event to rock a new saucony outfit.

  282. Just one?!
    After spending all summer trying to recover from an injury, I’m looking forward to an “all clear” from the doc. It feels like a new season in many ways 😉

  283. I’m looking forward to shattering the ellusive 2 hour half-marathon I’ve been chasing for two year. I’m injury free and strong. Ready to build speed and crush some PRs! (Cooler temperatures will make that a little easier!)

  284. I am really looking forward to the cooler temps and I love running through fallen leaves! Autumn is also the most scenic time of the year for running, in my opinion. 🙂

  285. I am looking forward to the fall as I am running my first half marathon. I also love the cooler weather, running during the kids soccer practices….also anything pumpkin flavored

  286. I’m looking forward to my second marathon and the first one I’ve done in the Fall. I’m excited about the culmination of a lot of hard work in the heat, contending with mother runner schedule issues! But all will be worth it at the finish line! (and a nice break in October where I can focus on enjoying a little less running and a little more fun won’t be so bad, either!).

  287. Definitely the weather. Fall is my favorite season for running. I was recovering from an injury this summer, so this autumn should be especially sweet.

  288. This is the season of my two relay challenges! I am prepping to run the Blue Ridge Relay in September and the Tuna200 in October with the ‘Red Hot Mamas’. I am nervous, anxious and excited about these challenges because it involves strong teams of runner gals embarking on scenic adventures. Stay tuned!

  289. I am looking forward to the cooler weather this fall because I signed up to run a 1/2 Marathon Relay with a friend and I like that sometimes I can run during the day now that both kids are in school all day

  290. Definitely looking forward to the cooler weather! And less smoke in the air! (I’m from the state with the most amount of fires right now!)

  291. Fall is my favorite time of year! The cool, crisp mornings are excellent for running; the sun comes out just in time to make the post-run coffee on the patio the picture of perfection.

  292. I’m looking forward to the cooler temps, especially the brisk morning air. Plus I love the beautiful colors of fall and of course a fall marathon!

  293. I am looking forward to cooler temps and less humid air. Plus, the beautiful New England fall scenery seems to help me run longer!

  294. I can’t wait to run through tree lined streets sporting their changing colors! Also cooler temps and 3/4 kids are now in school (daughter is a kinder this year) and it frees up M&Ms mind for enjoying runs…almost sans kids!!

  295. I am looking forward to tolerable temps in the evening when I run. Due to scheduling and my aversions to the AM, I only run after work- around 5 PM. When we have 100 degree heat here in Utah, it makes it suck to run. Fall means it’s not so hot when I head out.

  296. I’m looking forward to running being a great cross-training activity for hockey, on top of everything else great about it!

  297. I’m dreaming of the runs in the cooler temperatures, with the crisp smell of autumn in the air, and the beautiful colored leaves all around. Such an amazing feast for the senses!

  298. I’m definitely looking forward to the hot and humid weather going away as both cause me migraines. I love running the trans canada trail in the Fall because it’s gorgeous with the leaves turning. I’ll also be teaching a half marathon clinic come October which is exciting 🙂

  299. I am most looking forward to running in the rain and whenever I want! I am not a morning person so with cooler weather I can run in the middle of the day instead of waking up at god awful hours! I love the snap in the air and the smell of rain on pavement!

  300. No doubt about it – I’m looking forward to cooler weather. To be able to run in anything under 70 degrees, with little to no humidity, without steam coming off the pavement. As much as I don’t love the cold, cold winter — boy oh boy, fall is just livin’ the dream!!

  301. Oh “wear” to start? I LOVE fall because I get back to my routine. Life suddenly makes sense again. I’m of course looking forward to my fall, “find my strong” half marathon on the Towpath here in Cleveland, but I’m also looking forward to walks and runs with my BRF from a few years ago. Our schedules haven’t meshed well lately but we finally have some time to get together once my son starts preschool, so I’m looking forward to having that time to talk again. Yay Fall!

  302. Looking forward to my “baby” starting Kindergarten, cooler temps so I don’t have to
    run at 5 am and getting back to our routine! Summer is free and fun for the kids but I love the structure of a school day!

  303. Looking forward to the kids starting school so I can run after I drop them all off. When the weather is nice, I run with them while they ride their bikes to school, then continue on from there.

  304. Oh my stars…I’m looking forward to saying SAYONARA to southern heat and humidity! We’ve had a few mornings with cooler breezes and they’ve been heaven. Does wonders for my endurance, which could use a boost these days!

  305. You know it’s the weather. I love the cool mornings and changing leaves. It’s also the pre-holiday introspection. For me, it’s my favorite time of year to run.

  306. Oh my goodness my fingers are crossed on this one. I have two things I’m looking forward to this fall. My youngest is in preschool 5 days a week now! I only have until 11:00 free (only goes 1/2 days) but with my husband still out of town for work it makes getting my runs in much easier for this virtually single parent! The second is that my 1st grader has decided she wants to run cross country for her school team!!!!!! Her first meet is Sept 1 and I am super jazzed to go cheer everyone on 🙂

  307. I’m looking forward to settling into a schedule – the summers for me are hectic with travel and changes of our weekly/daily schedule, so it’ll feel nice to get a rhythm in place of days for running and days for strength work.

  308. I’m so excited for my first marathon this fall! I’m running St. George on October 3. I’m following the Train Like a Mother Finish It plan and it’s killing me but I’m definitely feeling stronger. I can’t wait!

  309. I’m looking forward to the fall color changes. Living here in Utah with all the mountains most of the runs have up hill. Don’t get me wrong we get downhill too. But I just have a mental break down when I have to run up the hill. One thing that is always a welcome is the beautiful fall colors in the mountains. It just is breath taking.

  310. Oh my goodness, there are so many things that I am looking forward to this Fall. Probably the thing I am looking forward to is the cooler, drier air that helps me go faster and not struggle so much.

  311. mmmmm…the sweet fragrent smell of the fallen leaves, runs through the apple orchards, cool winds blowing through my sweaty hair, splashes in small fresh rain puddles, long pants and long sleeved shirts to hide my not so perfect body, time to actually workout now that the kids are back in school….the list could go on!!

  312. Looking forward to the cooler weather, leaves turning colors, kids back in school and some rain. I know Oregon needs it, but please please let the cold dark downpour happen after the PDX marathon. I can’t believe at age 42 that I will be finishing my 2nd full marathon. Seriously…couch potato to marathon mother within just 3 years…..not even sure how that happened!! Be thankful for the things are body can accomplish everyday.

  313. Yep, I’m one of those who’s looking forward to lovely runs now that my youngest has started kindergarten. It’s been 10 years since I haven’t had a child in the house, so I’m celebrating. This will free up some time to hit the trails, and I’m planning a trail marathon in November (plus a trail 50k up Rogers Pass for Labor Day weekend). Woohoo!

  314. Fall always has me looking forward to cooler temps so that I can take my runs outside again. Desert in the summer means hitting the treadmill. Hurry up Fall so I can hoof it outside!

  315. Brisk morning runs when I can wear some light gloves for my hands, but still wear a tank and shorts. My favorite time of year!!

  316. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of friends tackle the Chicago Marathon for their first time and while raising money for parkinson’s – go Team Fox! Oh and the cool temps will be a blessing also!

  317. I am so excited for my first marathon later this fall. In the meantime, I am enjoying pulling out my fall running wardrobe of long-sleeve shirts.

  318. I cannot wait for cooler temperatures! Living in Houston we have the longest summers and August feels like the longest month.

  319. I can’t wait to Ragnar from SF to Napa Valley this fall! It’ll be Ragnar #6 for me, but my first in the area where I grew up. Due to injury, I haven’t Ragnared in over a year and I’m seriously jonesing for some sweaty bonding in the van! And Northern California is beautiful in the fall.

  320. I run a lot of afternoons when I get off work and I’m looking forward to the cooler temps! With a high of 95 today it does not make for a pleasurable run!

  321. Brisk morning runs that don’t leave me drenched with sweat, but also the sights and tastes of Fall. Pumpkins and pumpkin related food items, apples that are in season, apple cider, soup and chili, etc…

  322. I am so looking to my 26k race in October! It’s in little Bemidji, MN. It loops around a lake. The lake combined with the beautiful fall colors really does my soul some good. Last year it renewed my love of running, so I can’t wait to revisit the race again this year!

  323. SO looking forward to humidity levels that are below 90%!! It’s been brutal here in the midwest this summer. I keep repeating: hot summer training months make for fast fall marathons. Let’s hope that holds true! Twin Cities Marathon on October 4th, here I come!

  324. I am looking forward to cooler temps and looking at the beautiful changing tree leaves as I step out on a Saturday morning for my long run.

  325. Definitely looking forward to cooler weather and running before the sun comes up after the 110+ degree temps we’ve had here in AZ this year. The 5 AM sunrise makes it even worse. 🙁

  326. I am so looking forward to the Detroit Marathon on October 18, which happens to also be my 43rd birthday! A group of amazing women and a few amazing guys all agreed to join me for my birthday celebration, which happens to include 26.2 miles.

  327. The constant game of me vs the acorn/s .I consider it a ‘win’ every run I get home and I have out run the falling acorns or didn’t twist and ankle stepping on one just right (or wrong as it would likely be)!

  328. I am so looking forward to cooler temperatures. It is a little depressing to get up at o’dark thirty and open the door into air that is like a giant, hot, stuffy wet blanket. Ugh! At the end of the run, my clothes are literally soaked with sweat. With the cooler weather I am also looking forward to faster mile times and seeing all of the training groups out on Saturday morning.

  329. This fall I am very excited to run with my two kids and train for the Thanksgiving Turkey Dash. My young son ran it last year insisting he still wanted to do it even though he was getting over a nasty stomach bug.

  330. I will dig getting some sunrise and sunset runs in as fall approaches. Not complaining toooo much, but the sun is out a ridiculous number of hours in the summer in Boston. You can hardly get up early enough to beat it.