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Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Summer Running Outfit

A true hamper is too unsightly--not to mention stinky!--so I opted for illustrated clip art.
A true hamper is too unsightly--not to mention stinky!--so I opted for illustrated clip art.

In yesterday's TMI Tuesday post on our Facebook page, I inquired about how often you mother runners wash your workout wear in the summer. Here are some responses that jumped out at me:

Christy does what I used to do when I lived in breezy San Francisco and had a clothesline: "Wind wash! My theory is that any smell blows off, so I leave it all hanging outside all summer. P.S.: I run alone."

Dondria gets a second wearing out of her tops: "I NEVER re-wear the bottoms...the neighborhood cats would chase after the sweaty fish smell trail I leave behind. Just saying."

My Saucony tee and bra as they disappear down our laundry chute. (One of my favorite features about our house!)
My Saucony tee and bra as they disappear down our laundry chute. (One of my favorite features about our house!)

On the flipside is Alison: "Shorts are the only items I could consider re-wearing, but that would be a desperate situation."

It's situational for Sue: "I usually run alone, so I may wear again if it's not too rank. If I'm running at the gym, I always wear fresh duds though."

Sara feels strongly about the whole reuse/recycle concept when it comes to clothes: "Eww, no re-wearing! Mine don't get smelly, but they get stiff enough they could take themselves out for a run!'

Perhaps Kimberly is related to Sara: "I'm a stinky, sweaty mess after even a short summer run... Everything must be washed!"

At the other end of the sweat-spectrum is Jennifer: "I'm not a big sweater.... So I do air dry and wear at least twice."

Resourceful Julie reports: "I throw mine in the bottom of my tub while I shower and then hang it to dry. If it doesn't smell to bad once dry I will use it again, if not I throw in the wash pile."

Saving perhaps the best for last is this detailed retort from Gina: "OMG, are you kiddin?. Here in humid S.C., my run wear is DRIPPING when I'm done. Absolutely must be washed--no question. It's so disgusting that I hang it on the porch out back to dry. Then all my dry but dirty wear has its separate hamper. I wash that separate stinky-ass load by itself with Tide sport, no fabric softener, extra rinse, and hang it on a drying rack--no dryer. I consider myself a BAMR but not badass enough to wear any of those sweaty smelly clothes without washing!"

Dimity going all matchy-matchy on us with her Saucony Impulse Print Short and coordinating Saucony kicks!
Dimity going all matchy-matchy on us with her Saucony Impulse Print Short and coordinating Saucony kicks!

Wash, wear, whatever: I suspect we'd all love a new summer running outfit to postpone the urgency of laundry by at least a day. Saucony to the rescue! One mother runner will win a Saucony Premium Tech Tank, which Dimity asserts, "is so lightweight, I forget I have it on." To pair with that sweat-wicker is a pair of Saucony Impulse Print Short, this summer's go-to short for both Dimity and me. The wide, knit waistband--with a continuous drawcord and zippered pocket just roomy enough for an iPhone--is incredo-comfortable and flattering, as is the shorts' 4" inseam.

The X-Static fibers in Saucony's Premium Tech Tank fights odor when you're fighting doing another load of laundry.
The X-Static fibers in Saucony's Premium Tech Tank fights odor when you're fighting doing another load of laundry.

To enter this sweet-not-sweaty giveaway, tell us how you deal with your workout wear, post-run. No judgment: Just share whether you wash after every sweat-session or if you get a second (or third or fourth...) wearing before putting your duds in some suds. Click on the Comments link below this post on our website and (over)share how you care for your running apparel for your chance to win a summer running outfit from Saucony. 

A winning Saucony combination for one lucky winner.
A winning Saucony combination for one lucky winner.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 6/25/14 and ends on 7/1/14; the winner will be announced on 7/5/14. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $93. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

996 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Summer Running Outfit

  1. every thing gets worn once but sometimes hangs out in a utility tub for a day or two until I have enough stinky sweat saturated separates to do a half load

  2. For shorter runs, I’ll air dry and get another wear. Not for long runs though. I run alone, but my husband won’t let me store even my clean running stuff with his, so maybe I should be washing more often!

  3. In the summer, I do wash my clothes after every work out. However, I put them on the shower floor when I am showering and soap from my body/hair drips off and gets all the sweat off of them prior to washing. No stink build up here 🙂

  4. Living in Florida, my clothes are all wet with sweat when I’m finished running, so I always wash my clothes after one exercise session, except my hat, which I hang to dry and re-wear another time or two. I don’t want to smell myself during a run and I can’t believe others wear used running clothes before washing, gross!

  5. I have never been a particularly sweaty person, but I get enough going that I always wash my stuff. I will wear a tech shirt again depending on how wet everything else is. I hate that stiff, sticky, salty feeling sweaty clothes get though!

  6. Hang bra in the bathroom. Usually wash everything else. For shorter, less-hot runs, I may recycle shirt or shorts. Sometimes I hand-wash shortts liner and hang dry. I know, ewww!

  7. Hot and humid south Florida are brutal for running clothes. After Saturday long runs I actually stand under a public park shower and take a “hobo shower” to get the stink off and cool down my core. I take all the running clothing and hang it on a drying rack outside and let it dry before it gets put into the laundry hamper.

  8. The problem with Alabama weather is that we call summer running – “swimming”! My husband & I both run so I wash running clothes every other day. I have found in the summer we need to double wash to get the funk out, wash first in vinegar & next in baking soda then hang to dry….keeps us from repulsing ourselves!

  9. I am embarrassed to admit it but I have recycled running gear multiple times at work mostly because I forget to take stuff home and bring clean stuff back. My solution – febreeze. I have basically smell like a sweaty dryer sheet.

  10. There is no way, no how, I would EVER re-wear my top, bra, undies, pants or socks; I am WAY TOO sweaty and smelly. I will re-wear my ponytail binder and that is about it. If I need to warm up after a cooler run, the jacket also needs to go in the wash (trust me).

  11. I could have used that outfit last week. Went on vacation and only packed one pair of running shorts. What was I thinking. Hot, humid Mexico. Tried to rinse them, wouldn’t dry. Needless to say, by day 5 I could smell myself coming and going. I tried to disguise the odor with perfume, no avail. Thank God no one knew who I was.

  12. It depends on what time of day I run. If it’s early (7am or earlier) or rainy, I’ll probably rewear my gear once. When I sweat though, forget it.

  13. If I could run naked I would, but nobody wants to see that so I MUST wash every item on my body after every run. I wish I could wash my Garmin sometimes it gets so gross! I run in Florida (AKA The sun). Enough said.

  14. I am ashamed to say that my bras are the most over used and re-worn item. I don’t have a lot of running outfits so yes they get re-worn many times. And yes they are permanent stinky!

  15. We have a deal in our house. DH washes and I fold and put away. He just asks that I leave them at the top of the basement stairs and away from the rest of the laundry. He hangs them on the treadmill to dry. Awesome right!?

  16. For the most part, all workout clothes are hung up to air out before placed in the hamper. A lot of times, I do wear them twice. I have 2 kids that think wearing multiple outfits a day is okay. After taking each outfit (whether dirty or clean), they nicely place in the hamper. By wearing my workout gear twice, I feel like I am doing my part to conserve the water that my kids are wasting. 🙂

  17. The clothes lay until they are dry on my un-used soaker tub then I have my own hamper for sport clothing. I wash it with Sport Wash versus regular detergent. I have to wash every other day or the smell gets set in…bleck!

  18. Call me the dirty kid, but I usually wear and rewear. 5:00 am workouts aren’t usually entered into or exited with much brainpower. Of course, this is all pre-coffee.

  19. In the summer, I have to let my running clothes dry out before they go in the hamper! It’s HOT and HUMID here, even at 5am!! No matter the season, everything gets washed after each workout. (Well, except jackets that can usually go a few times before needing to be washed) With 3 active boys, my washer is always running anyway!

  20. Everything is washed every single time. My clothes smell too bad after one wearing to even think about wearing them again. I ride my bike to work once a week and it’s hard enough putting on the clothes from my morning ride to work to ride home in (hold my breath while I put that jersey over my head and good thing I ride by myself!), I can’t imagine putting on twice as drippy, smelly running clothes again.

  21. In summer, everything in the hamper every time.
    In winter, when I sweat a lot less, the bras get to air out before I decide whether they’re safe for another wear. My sister swears this will give me skin issues, but it hasn’t yet.

    Love the shower idea though. 🙂

  22. I’m a mostly-gym-treadmill runner but whether I run indoors or out, I end up with sweat-soaked gear. If I’m at the gym, I wrap that nastiness up in my shower towel and stuff it in my gym bag until I get home, at which point I sort of drape it over my dresser to dry overnight, then it can go in the hamper. If I run outdoors, same rules apply except I usually have to hang it in the bathroom to dry because it’s basically all dripping wet.

    I have enough gear to only need to do laundry once a week (the bras drive it- only have 4 that work!).

  23. Eh, there have been a few times I’ve air-dried and reworn the next day, but I usually wash right away. There’s never a shortage of laundry to be done around here, so it’s never been a problem to wash same day.

  24. While preparing for Tri’s in the summer, I can usually get by with a four day wash cycle between bike shorts, running capris, and a tri suit. In the winter, I only have one favorite pair tights (even though I have purchased more!)…lots of air drying and smell testing.

  25. Post-run – especially in the humid summer months – I always place my gross, wet sports bras on the ends of our towel rack to dry out before putting them in the clothes hamper. I will admit to feeling a sense of pride when I can count multiple dry ones a couple days into each new week. As for clothes – I can never get more than one use out of them…particularly my nasty shorts/capris/tights. Ewww.

  26. In the winter (in central NY), I hang everything to dry and re-wear at least twice (more for jackets).

    Socks I always wear twice.

    In the summer, bottoms have to get washed, tops are subject to smell test 🙂

  27. usually one time use for shorts and shirts. Most of my running clothes are from walmart so they are fairly cheap and I can buy in bulk. I do have two pairs of running shorts specifically for races.

  28. Post run I throw all my clothes in a special pile on the floor. When I am low on running bras(because i usually have enough other items left) I than throw it in the wash. bras and compression socks are air dried.

  29. One wear for bottoms but almost always twice for tops. In winter I can get away with two wears on the bottoms but never ever in summer!!

  30. Almost always wear once and then wash, but some days, I just need that one item again, before it’s had a chance to hit the washing machine.

  31. I’m not too much of a sweaty person (downside is that I overheat easily), so I may wear an outfit again or just the shirt on my bike trainer in the fall through Spring. Summer in the South is a different story. Everything gets hung to dry, then washed.

  32. Hmmmm…….bras And shirts I usually wear two (sometimes even three times!) before washing. My capri tights are a different story, wash almost every run, unless I am alone and then I will wear them twice if I don’t pass out when I smell them. I probably stink, but the spiders in my basement gym don’t care 🙂 maybe that is why I run alone too….so I don’t have to worry about my stench! 🙂

  33. I wear my running clothes to bed, wake up, run, change, hang to dry, then afterwards they must pass the “smell test” if my dog can sniff them without passing out, they are clean enough for another go! However, if my dog passes out, they MUST be washed right away… lol did I mention my dog hasn’t passed out once… yet! So ya, my running clothes usually don’t get washed until 2 complete runs, judge all you want, no shame here 🙂

  34. I wear mine only once, but often I give my favorite shorts a quick handwash in the sink and hang on the drying rack, if I don’t have a full load to wash. When I do a load of workout clothes, I use half detergent and half baking soda with vinegar. Double rinse cycle. It really gets the stink out.

  35. Depends on the outside temp and the level of “oomph” achieved that day. But-most of the time everything is hung over the shower rod (NY apartment/no laundry room), and whatever bottoms were worn at least get a rinse out.

  36. My running clothes have been an item of…ahem…contention between my husband and me. With only one running outfit, it gets reused several times before washing. We finally found a towel hanger-type rack that we can hang on the porch railing. I can hang bra, tank top, and shorts on it to dry without stinking up the bathroom.

  37. Depends on the day. Summer usually means wear then wash. Hanging them to dry (before and after washing) helps keep the stink out.

  38. I wash after every wearing because otherwise I worry I’ll end up with a trail of wild animals on my next run because they will think I’m one of them.

  39. I will wear a top twice….ok maybe three times…in the winter. 100 degree Sacramento summers destroy clothes tho. Must wash everything in the summer!

  40. Mine usually go right into the laundry basket. Although there are days that I’m just hanging with my twins all day after my run, so I stay in my running gear for hours after.

  41. I might rewear an outfit once depending on how hard I worked. But watch out if those cloths get left in the laundry hamper, they can destroy a room !

  42. I’m a sweaty runner and wash after every run. I do keep my running clothes in a separate hamper so that when they come out of the wash I can hang them to dry.

  43. I toss the clothes in the hamper after my run. I will repeat wear if I am desperate (yes, this means I will claw through the nasty laundry my family has thrown on top of my dirty running gear just to get to that favorite sports bra) Then I wash all running clothes and the towel I have in my car (to prevent butt sweat from soaking into my driver’s seat) when I get low on socks.

  44. I usually run first thing in the morning and have hooks in the bathroom where everything hangs to dry inside out during the day. In the winter most things can get a 2nd or 3rd run, but in the summer I toss everything in the hamper at the end of the day. Exercise clothes get washed seperately and hang to dry. Seems to keep the stink away!!

  45. It really depends on what it is I may be able to get a second wear out of part of my outfit depending on the workout but I usually wash it all after running in the summer. Winter running is a different story I can go 2-3 runs between washes with the smart wool layers, they don’t get stinky!

  46. If they are not too sweaty, they get hung on a hanger to air out for a second use (no more than two). If I end up wearing them around for awhile after or they are majorly sweaty, into the wash they go!
    Thanks for the chance!

  47. I usually hang sweaty items on hooks in my closet until laundry day. My tech gets washed a few times per week and gets hung on my drying rack. No dryer for items I’ve spent a pretty penny on!

  48. It usually ends up in a lump until I have enough for a full load (it doesn’t take long between my husband and me!) We’ll then throw all of it in with a sports detergent.

  49. It goes in the stinky athletic clothes pile on the floor and then into the washer with all of the sneaky athletic clothes from the family. Tide Sport is a must!

  50. I live in hot and humid San Antonio. I think I may actually be more soaking wet after my runs than after my swims! I have no choice but to wash my running bras, tops, bottoms after every run. I either place them on the edge of my laundry basket or right into the wash. I don’t want to pollute the other clothes in the basket with the running clothes nastiness!

  51. Summer time one wear and has to be washed. I figure if I can wring sweat out it can’t be reworn. Winter is a different story.

  52. At least one air dry and ‘do over’ after a short run but those clothes are ready for the laundry after a long run – Vegas is a dry heat but it’s still hot!

  53. Have never even given a thought to wearing my running clothes more than once! My clothes are way to rank to even think of not washing them asap!

  54. I’m a heavy sweater, so into the wash they go after every run! The only exception is my Boston Marathon hat- I will wear that until it pretty much walks itself to the washing machine. 😉

  55. I am almost embarrassed to say this but I wear my running clothes 2-3 times during the week before washing. I am a single mom of two boys and put most of my miles in on my lunch breaks at work so I usually bring my gear in on Monday and take it home at the end of the week to wash on the weekend. I have super coworkers who even let me lay my stuff on the window sill of our cubicle area to dry in the afternoon after a run!

  56. Now that it is summer, the clothes come off and they they go into a seperate compartment (with a air freshmen ball) in my gym bag. When I get home they get washed!! One wear is all that I can handle

  57. When I lived in Florida, I always had to wash immediately after my workout but now that I’m in Ohio, I don’t usually have to wash immediately


  58. I wear my inside layer running bra twice. I am a super sweater so my shorts and shirts are too disgusting to wear again. I wear two bras when running and I only have a couple that are still elastic enough to wear, so I wear one on top that is just extra security against bouncing. After writing this, I feel like I should wash the bra every time I wear it though. Ugh!

  59. The only article of clothing that I can bear to “recycle” for more than one run is my shorts, or a l/s shirt if it’s a top layer and sub freezing weather so I’m not sweating like a faucet. Any other garment would make me pass out if I used it again!

  60. I don’t have a lot of capris I like, so we have a high turn around in laundry at my house. But if I don’t get around to it, I have been known to dig through the hamper and do the sniff test.

  61. I live in Texas. You can’t even walk a few steps let alone run without sweating like crazy! Wash every time, sometimes twice.

  62. Completely depends on the length of my run: under 5 miles hang to dry on a door knob and call it good, over 5 miles it goes into the laundry bin.

  63. Ugh….I definitely cannot wear my gear a second time around. Which is a good thing…it means I’ve sweat enough to have made my day so much better by running! Added laundry is two floors down from my bedroom – I get even more exercise going up and down the two flights of stairs. 🙂

  64. Everything goes to the wash!! I sweat! My hair usually is wet, feet are wet…. there is no second day to wear!!

  65. Absolutely NO WAY I could re-wear gear. I usually drap them over the hamper overnight to dry out a bit before putting in with less stinky clothes, just to make laundry day a little less gross.

  66. It’s pretty humid in Maryland and I sweat A LOT. That said, the first round of wearing for my workout clothes is a dog walk or sculpt session. Then I sweat it out on a run and it goes straight to the basement laundry!

  67. I will rewear a top and bra if it isn’t too stinky. However, I am relying on the mess insert to be my “underthings” down there- I don’t want that fabric touching anything until it’s been washed. It’s the first thing I peel off when I come in, regardless of how sweaty I am. I love my girly bit too much to rub funkity-funk on it. 🙂

  68. Shirts and socks are a one use. My bra gets washed everytime I do my running load but since I only have the one REALLY supportive bra, it gets reused. And kind of funky by wash day. And my short/pants wear is determinded strictly by smell. 🙂

  69. During winter months when I am not too sweaty I will usually rewear, but definitely must wash during sticky, sweaty summer!

  70. I am spoiled living in Colorado with virtually no humidity, but that just means that the sweat dries and leaves the stink all over my clothes (at least in my mind it does!). Post-run clothes go in the laundry basket, which may bother the rest of my family but doesn’t really affect me (since I think I am desensitized to all but the really horrible stink of my own sweat). Then it gets washed with the rest of our clothes. The only time I re-wear running clothes is in the winter, and with outer layers on certain minimal-sweat runs.

  71. In the North Carolina humidity, it’s very easy to work up a sweat. I hardly ever re-wear my running clothes. After each run, I peel off the sweat-soaked clothing and drape it over the hamper to dry before I have enough laundry to wash.

  72. My workout clothes go directly into the laundry basket. I also add 1/2 cup of baking soda with the detergent in wash. My workout clothes come out smelling fresh! On a rare occasion I will dig out something from a previous workout if I don’t have anything clean – Only for outdoor workouts – indoor hot yoga and cross fit is a no no. I don’t want to offend other workout buddies!

  73. Depends on my silly little figurative rating system. Ranging from a seriously hard “5 Dripper” (meaning I worked out so intensely if I were to hold up my shirt up after working out 5 Drips would pool immediately) to a stroll around the block “one” I will either hang dry before the hamper it goes, or just toss it in as is. It’s the compost effect of moist laundry that kills my running clothes so I want them pretty dry before I throw ’em in the ever present heap.

  74. Into the hamper (ewww, I know). In the winter I will rewear the top layers a time or two. In the summer it is a new outfit for everyworkout, because I am VERY stinky.

  75. My clothes almost always go directly into the washing machine. Running is a guaranteed sweatfest with zero chance of wearing them again. If I am teaching class and mostly directing, correcting and motivating, I can probably wear the top and sports bra again. I tell my husband I “need” extra workout/running clothes so I don’t have to do laundry all the time. 🙂

  76. If I run in it, it usually gets a one and done toss into the laundry. If I only cross trained or did yoga or pilates than I will give it another go around. But seeing as the heat and humidity have picked up, everything now is usually one and done. It seems with this policy I am steadily growing a larger workout apparel collection.

  77. I throw it all on a pile, and wash workout clothes for the whole family every few days. Not sure what we are eating but we are a stinky sweat factory kind of family! P U!!!!

  78. I always throw everything in the hamper after a run BUT I have been known to fish an item out of the dirty clothes if I discover I don’t have a clean something. I know that is gross but if you gotta run, you gotta run.

  79. I hang my sweaty sports bra and shirt to dry on my bath doorknob and then it goes straight in the washer. Love the Tide Sport detergent!

  80. I’m obsessive about not smelling like old sweatsocks, so I probably over wash everything! Even if it’s just a 20 minute workout, into the washer it goes!

  81. I’m probably kind of gross because I just let my clothes air out and toss them in with my gym clothes pile. Usually they only stay there 2-4 days until I wash them!

  82. As soon as I get in the door, all running items get hung from every possible knob and hook in the bathroom to air dry. Then, it’s straight to the hamper. I have a great running buddy that I want to keep!

  83. Shorts and pants almost always oh straight to the wash. My rule is if it’s wet, it gets washed. A courtesy to myself and my running pals!

  84. I will wear my sports bra twice before washing, but the rest of my running clothes go in the running/workout laundry basket after each run/workout.

  85. T

    Clothes so wet it looks like I took a shower. So into the workout dirty clothes bin in the closet. Bin washed at least two times a week (hubs stuff too) use white vinegar very few loads. Must wash every time. Therefore have enough outfits that if I can’t wash; can run or workout.

  86. Pants/shorts and shirts I wash. Sports bras I wash about every other run or every third run (risnse and dry in between).

  87. I always let my sports bra and skirt/shorts dry out on my tub post – run (my shirts are always to gross). I do the smell test the next day to see if they can be re worn. The exception is long runs – I never re wear any items I wore during those runs; I figure my clothes got plenty of use and deserve a good washing!

  88. I sweat a lot – I hang my clothes to dry before they go in the hamper – but they definitely get washed between every wearing!

  89. I sweat way too much to try to get more than one run out of my running clothes. I’m proud of my run stink when I come in from a run and make my husband gag, but I do believe my clothes and I have earned a “shower.”

  90. Wash after each wear, dry on low or no heat. If I’m desperate I’ll live on the edge and wear something a second time, lol.

  91. I don’t sweat a ton, so I try to get a couple wears in :-). With the summer heat, though, most everything goes in the hamper right away!

  92. My husband and I both sweat a ton when working out, so we have large loads of workout clothes, washed without fabric softner and hung to dry.

  93. Drop them on the bathroom floor as I head into the shower then hang them over the edge of my designated exercise clothes laundry basket. No mixing those sweaty, smelly clothes with any other laundry!

  94. I usually hang my drenched stinkies up to dry, and then gauge the rankness once they dry. I run alone, so it doesn’t matter that much if I would attract wildlife, unless I plan on making a stop or two before I go out, in which case I put on clean gear.

  95. It really depends on how sweaty I got. I usually wear things two or three times if they aren’t very dirty. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  96. Peel it off and air out in bathroom or throw in dirty laundry basket. There is no re-wearing for this heavy sweater!

  97. I don’t sweat that much so I tend to wear stuff twice, but I first give the clothes a sniff test lest I offend BRFs. When in doubt, I go fresh and don’t re-use.

  98. Oh I HAVE to wash after every run. Sweaty stinky mess. My clothes usually go straight to the laundry room the second I get home!

  99. Normally I wash everything after every run because I’m a sweaty disaster. I’m the purple faced fool dripping sweat all over the trails. However, I’ve been on a work trip for a week now and am taking advantage of being away from the kids to run daily. Unfortunately for those anywhere near me, I did not bring 7 running outfits and have now worn some of my clothes 3-4 times each. Yeah, I mean the socks too. I can’t wait to get home tomorrow and wash everything, possibly multiple times!

  100. I take them off and hang them off the side of my tub. I can’t put soaked clothes in my hamper. Gross. Depending on where i am in our family laundry cycle, sometimes I wear them again. They’re just going to get yucky again, so. 🙂

  101. On especially sweaty runs I strip out of everything the instant I walk in the house and immediately put the offending clothes in the wash. Then I walk through the living room and hallway naked before hitting the shower. I might get a raised eyebrow from the hubs and a giggle from the daughter, but it saves me dripping sweat and stink everywhere!

  102. Well I must confess…………even thought I sweat a lot I will wear my CWX tights over and over again before I wash them. And to be honest sometimes my sport bra too. It works for me and no one else is smelling me besides me when I am out for a run solo. If I am headed to a class I’ll put on fresh duds. I’d love to show this outfit off too… is so cute!
    I wash my active wear in cold with Shaklee Liquid Laundry Wash and hang on my drying rack. Dryer is forbidden!

  103. So, I wear a regular, very sturdy under-wire bra UNDER a tight sports tank (first bra is to keep my DDD sweaty girls off my belly and separated so sweat and boob-cheese don’t build up in between, second bra holds ’em tight so I don’t a.) get hit in the chin by them or b.) cause traffic accidents- get those girls bouncing and men just don’t care how sweaty you are). Needless to say, first bra gets sweaty and I.Just.Can’t. Sports Tank is a re-wear. And since having a baby in my 40s, whether or not I can wear my shorts/pants again depends on if I cough, sneeze, or stumble during my run. How’s that for (over)sharing on my first post? ;-). Glad to be here.

  104. I re-wear if it’s getting time to do the laundry. But I always get funny looks from the husband when I do that!

  105. It really depends on how hot it is (i.e. how much I sweat) and what article of clothing it is. Shorts/capris and sports bras I typically wear twice before washing, unless my run is longer than 8 miles in which case everything stinks. Socks and shirts only get one wearing. Important to note here that I do NOT run commando otherwise shorts/capris would be washed after every wearing!!

  106. Yep, I re-wear. And I live in Florida…and yep, I am running in the SUMMER!! Ewwwwww! But I am both too lazy to do more laundry and to cheap to buy more clothes (hey, in my defense workout clothes are pricey!)

  107. I admit, I rewear….eek! Generally I throw them over the chair or in a heap on the floor. The next morning, I stagger around in the dark to find them. I usually only wear things twice.

  108. Summer definitely makes it harder to reuse anything…but Febreeze works wonders! Lay everything out, give it a spray. When it’s time to run again, do the quick smell test. If it doesn’t knock me out, I’ll wear it again. 🙂

  109. I’m a sweater. There is no possible way that I could wear my running clothes again. As soon as I’m done running, into the washer my clothes go.

  110. I sweat way too much to re-wear anything in the summer (and the spring and fall). I usually have to air dry my clothes before putting them in the hamper. In the winter, I can sometimes get by with 2x on shirts and tights. Everything goes on the drying rack after I wash it (unless my husband or kids accidentally do the laundry – and yes, I mean accidentally). 🙂

  111. Weekday wear usually can get a couple of wears. Less miles and intensity and in the evening when it seems to be cooler. Hang out and wear again if not too smelly. Weekend usually is longer and/or more intense they go straight to the basement.

  112. I usually get a few wears out of it these days that I run first thing when it’s still cool-ish outside and I’m still recovering from injury so my runs aren’t very fast! I’m also run by myself and am not much of a sweater.

  113. I am a sweater! I have to wash my shirts and bras right after a run or workout. My shorts/capris I will wear at least twice. They just don’t get as sweaty as my shirt and bra. My husband says he knows when I have a hard workout because the towel smells after I dry myself off after a shower. So maybe that means I need to shower again? It does mean I have to wash my towels more often than I would like!

  114. As disgusting as it is, I’ll wear my workout clothes until the smell bothers me while I’m running. That said, if I’m running with someone else, I do put on a new bra & shirt. For me, shorts just don’t seem to get as stinky 🙂

  115. I will definitely re-wear unless it was a particular tough workout and the clothes just don’t feel good to put back on the next day. But always clean clothes when I meet my friend for long, slow runs. Loved the suggestion to air-dry outside. Did it yesterday and it worked great! Smelled better too!

  116. Summertime? Definite wear and wash. Maybe, just maybe I can re-wear shorts in cooler, less humid temps, but probably not. I sweat too much.

  117. I’m a heavy sweater so I wash everything nearly immediately post-run. Right now, my old stuff is so stinky and stained that I want to burn it and start over with a new running wardrobe!

  118. There is no shortage on heat and humity in NC and I’m dripping after my morning runs. I just throw my wet sweaty clothes in the hamper and hope they get washed sooner than later. I think my Tuesday clothes are now on the bottom of Wednesday and Thursday clothes. Maybe I should go start a load of laundry.

  119. Nope! No re-wearing of any garments after a run. I prob do laundry too often – but with fresh clothes I get a little pick-me-up in a get-up & go kind of way! Plus – my daughter tends to help herself to my running attire – so it has to be fresh and at the ready. 🙂

  120. I sweat A LOT, so I never re-wear skirts/shorts (I go commando in the summer, so ewww…) or tops, but I air-dry my bra and socks and will re-wear those 3-4 times before washing. I think what I really need are more running socks!!

  121. I usually wear my shorts and top twice, socks get stuffed in my shoes after each run and I wear them until 1. they are so stiff I can’t get them on my feet, or 2. my husband spies them and throws them in the laundry HA!

  122. I drape mine over the tub to dry, post-run (sweaty!) and then drop it in the laundry bin. I do a lot of running laundry in the summer…

  123. I live in Texas, so a good portion of the year my clothes are just too sweaty not to wash… but if it doesnt seem too bad I will wear again. One less thing to wash is always appreciated.

  124. I usually get 2 uses out of sports bra, tank and socks. (hung to dry after the first run) After delivering two 10 lb boys, the shorts or skirt get one use…who knew there even was a pelvic floor???!

  125. I usually get two uses out of my stuff before I wash it. I only have one REALLY good sports bra so I wear it all the time and don’t have time to wash it between workouts. Sometimes I run at night and the next morning so there just isn’t time.

  126. It depends on how desperate I am whether I wear my clothes more than once. I have a hard time finding the right length running short so sometimes I have to wear them twice before washing, even though I think its disgusting. But I run with my dog and he doesn’t care if I stink.

  127. If I run during my lunch time and my clothes sit in a bag the rest of the day, I soak them in the washer for 90 min first and then wash them. If it is after an early morning run, I throw them in the washer to wash as soon as I am out of the shower. I always hang them up to dry, never use the dryer. My clothes are always too stinky to even consider re-wearing. Heck I apologize to anybody running with me for my stench. No matter what I do, I stink.

  128. Depending on how sweaty I get after a run determines whether my clothes head right to the wash. In the winter I am more likely to wear my running clothes more than once or twice versus the hotter summer months where the sweat factor is much higher.

  129. I’m kinda a Sweaty Betty so almost all my running clothes are washed after one use. I may be able to get two uses out of sports bra and top if it was a cool day–but as a So Cal runner, that’s not often!

  130. I sweat far too much to wear anything more than once — which is unfortunate, because I don’t have a very large workout wardrobe.

  131. My clothes are WAY to sweaty after running to even think about re-wearing! Once after my run, I took off my clothes and lout them on the counter in my bathroom, half hanging off. After my shower, there was such a puddle of sweat on the floor I thought my sink was leaking. Plus, I chafe pretty easily. So the thought of dries, crusty sweaty clothes against my skin is a nightmare.

  132. I travel light, so last summer when in Philadelphia I had 1 running outfit for the week. I smelled worse than a homeless person by the end of the week. At home, I might wear more than once if I’m running by myself.

  133. If I’m hitting the gym – it’s new clothes but for a run I ‘might’ wear a pair of shorts or pants two times in a row. Only if there aren’t any clean and dry of course. I figure if you are outside running it’s ok

  134. Don’t cringe. Even though I’m a HEAVY sweater in South Louisiana…..I get multiple wears out of my gear. Yuck, I know. However, I run with my mother who does the same thing so it’s not really that big of a deal. lol

  135. It really depends on many factors. But mainly how stinky/wet is the clothes. I have been known to just keep the running outfit on, if the smell isn’t too bad (isn’t that what body spray is for??). But if its really bad, into the dirty clothes it goes. A side benefit for the clothes going into the hamper, is that I always have a gauge to know when its time to do laundry. When my running clothes run out, its wash day!

  136. I don’t have many running outfits, so I usually wear them a few times before it’s laundry day. I run in the early morning so it’s not too bad outside yet.

  137. If we’re being honest here, I wash my clothes after every run, but will hang the sports bra to dry and wear it one more time. A little febreeze can go a long way! 🙂

  138. I do the smell test. If they don’t stink…on they go. I can get a couple uses before I have to wash them.

  139. Yes I re- wear periodically and I am not ashamed to say it! Besides, I run alone most of the time and since the weather is cool or mild the majority of the year with low humidity- the sweat factor is average. If I’m running with a buddy, I’ll wear a fresh outfit for sure!

  140. I pretty much wear a clean outfit every time I run, unless I happen to wear underwear, then I’ll wear my pants a second time. (TMI?)

  141. As long as they aren’t too stinky, I’ll wear them again!! I wash everything with the rest of my clothes, but never ever put them in the dryer.

  142. I can usually get away with wearing bottoms more than once, but shirts are typically a no go and those need to get washed before worn again.

  143. I echo Gina’s comment (in the blog post) – here in south TX, there is NO WAY I could ever consider re-wearing any of my workout gear. Just the thought of re-wearing an article of clothing makes me gag. I won’t even re-use my spibelt – it stinks, too. We used to use Sport Wash, but between my dh’s nasty running gear and my own, we have switched to Tide Advanced for cost reasons. No fabric softener, hang to dry, and we are ready for the next sweat fest!

  144. Let’s just say, when the St. Louis humidity is at 100% at 5:30am, there is no way my sopping wet duds will get a second round! My sweat rag of a shirt is usually pulled off once I step foot on my driveway!

  145. Wash after every wear, except in DIRE circumstances…I will re-wear stinky clothes if it means not missing a run. 🙂

  146. I wash after every wear. Besides, with three active kids and a “father runner” in the house, too, I’m doing wash every day anyway!

  147. I wash my running clothes daily in the kitchen sink and hang dry. Turns out if I toss my running clothes in with my regular clothes, well, let’s just say that odor spreads to my regular clothes….yuck!!!

    I’ve never run in anything other than cotton sports bras and shorts, so they take a little longer to air dry (then say, my race t-shirts) but it’s totally worth it! I’m training for my first marathon now so smelling my B.O. while I run is not an option!

  148. Spring, Fall, and Winter, I can get away with wearing my running gear twice before needing to wash. But in the hot, humid summer, no way–wear once, then wash. Every time!

  149. I wish I could wear my clothes twice! Between my husband’s cycling clothes and my running clothes I do way more workout laundry than regular laundry!

  150. I try to wash them after each run/workout, especially in the summer, but honestly some times I forget to after I get home and don’t remember until I go to put them on the next day and whoa!! It’s hard with one set of running clothes. I have one pair of winter running tights, one pair of 3/4 tights one pair of shorts and one tank.

  151. I just wash with the rest of the dirty stuff and hang dry. And I’ve never had to wear my sweaty running clothes twice but I can’t say I’d be above it.

  152. usually I only wear workout clothes once, however if laundry doesn’t get done I will not hesitate to re-wear the least stinky of the pile

  153. It all depends on the sweat/stink of the clothes post run. Summer runs it’s always throw in the hamper. Winter runs possibly hang to dry and wear again tomorrow.

  154. So when I run in the mornings I haven’t showered = stinky! So those lovely fresh workout clothes are quite the aromatic delight by the time I get home! I want to stay married and be able to hug my kids, so my stinky self and clothes are instantly doused in soap and water. One wash only = happy family!!

  155. I shower and I wash all clothing items. I’m just too heavy of a sweater (not item of clothing mind you 🙂

  156. I cannot wear more than once. The humidity in the midwest makes me feel like I went swimming by the time I get back. I drop them in the washer on the way in the house.

  157. I hang my wet clothes in my basement stairway to dry and rewear them a 3-4 times, afterall I am a solo runner.

  158. I sweat a lot, so I have to wash my stuff before wearing. I have thought about wearing again to avoid a late night chore, but so far I haven’t gone there.

  159. I lay it on my bed to air out and then into the wash pile it goes! If it’s cool and I didn’t sweat a lot I’ll sometimes rewear it.

  160. Early morning runs are for me in the summer. I usually don’t see anybody, but having a matching outfit does wonders for the run!

  161. Both my hubby and I run, so I have several loads of running clothes to wash every week. We hang our clothes after a run, once dried they get thrown into the laundry basket. I wash them every 3 to 4 days. They stink too bad to rewear, especially my hubby’s because his come out of a gym bag at the end of the day.

  162. I am a mega sweater and it always leaves a lingering scent of Mexican and Indian food on my clothes. Ergo totally one time clothes user and straight to the basement laundry room so the house doesn’t reek.

  163. We have been trying to get our runs in early In The morning but in South Georgia it is always humid and hot during the summer!

  164. I never realized that my sweat has an odor until I started running. I have have to wash after every session….

  165. Even in the middle of an upstate NY winter, I’m a sweaty mess after a run. So, I Embrace the stench, and wear the clothes a few times…who has time for doing unnecessary loads of laundry?

  166. I am a sweaty mess whenever I run so there’s never a thought of re-wearing any of my clothes. If I’m not doing laundry immediately, you’ll find my gross clothes draped over my bathtub to dry out before putting them in the hamper. My running clothes get more use out of my jacuzzi tub than I do!

  167. I sweat like crazy so I am a one time wearer – but have been known to throw the sweaty wet clothes in the hamper for a couple of days before washing!

  168. I wear my summer clothes exactly once before washing. However, on cold winter runs I might wear my favorite running tights 3 or more times as long as they don’t smell too funky.

  169. I’m washing my clothes after…well, on laundry day in the workout clothes load. I am a heavy sweater, so things are absolutely soaked and I have no interest in wearing a second time. I might wear a long sleeve or tights (if I wore undies with them) a second time if I didn’t sweat much.

  170. After having three kids (and a bit of genetic fun!) I have trouble holding my bladder. So about 50% of the time I pee my pants just as I close my front door. I never thought about hang drying and reusing… But I think for me that is not the best idea. Maybe I should borrow one of my son’s pull ups? But I feel like that would chafe around mile 3!!!

  171. I usually will wash my shirt everytime but I may wear my pants and sports bra a few times (assuming I didn’t go commando). I make sure I hang them to dry after my run. If it’s a really sweaty workout I will wash right after. I always hang dry after I wash my running clothes too so they last longer

  172. I’m a clean freak so I wash everything after each run. Everything except my visors, sometimes I dry them in the sun and wear them again.

  173. It is embarrassing to admit, because I’m normally super super clean and picky about my house… but my husband and I leave our sweaty post run clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor until one of us does a load of workout laundry.

  174. I carry the heavy, damp, gross pile into the laundry room as soon as I take a shower. Gross, yet I’m proud because I made it all happen!!!

  175. Living in Arizona, there is definitely no re-wearing for me in the summer months. Luckily though, I can hang to dry out the salty, sweat before washing. Speaking of which, I need to clean out my work out clothes again. Lots of stuff stuck a perma-stink.

  176. Usually no re wearing on the summer. That being said, I just realized I didn’t run a load yesterday. Oops. So glad I hung my skirt to dry rather than crumbling it up in the laundry heap.

  177. Once in awhile I will wear something twice…maybe if it was a cold or short run that doesn’t deserve a wash. Seems like all the hi-tech fabric stinks even if you use the sport washes anyway. Everything goes in a separate hamper to get washed and I NEVER dry any of it in a dryer.

  178. I don’t even like to drive home in the car with a sweaty shirt, I bring one to change into. Everything gets washed after one wear.

  179. I wash my running clothes after each wear. Sometimes after weight/abs classes at the gym I may hang clothes and wear again- I don’t get nearly as sweaty as when I run. Although, I’ll admit to the occasional desperate morning realizing I have no clean running pants, and digging them out of the hamper. Clearly, I need more workout clothes, like this cute outfit. 😉

  180. I spread mine out to air dry on top of the hamper and then put them in with other dirty clothes. Only wear one time unless I’m super desperate!

  181. Depends on the time of year. In Minnesota on a cool fall day or a winter run I could certainly wear my running outfit twice without a problem. But come humid summertime – no way José! One and done for this gal!

  182. I wash all workout gear in hot with Vaksa laundry detergent and a vinegar rinse. Then hang to dry. Summer is my favorite because that hot bacteria killing sun helps out!!

  183. I have to wash everything after I wear it – shoes,shirts, shorts. I get really hot and sweaty- no matter the time of year. It makes my laundry pile grow quickly if I am training but I just can’t bring myself to rewear stuff.

  184. I normally have to wash ’em after every run because I am a “heavy sweater.” Also, I live in Seattle, where hanging stuff outside might make it wetter or mossier, not dry! But on vacation in Hawaii, I have sometimes ended a run by cooling off in the ocean, then rinsing everything in the sink, then air drying on the balcony and wearing it all again for another run. That has to be my favorite method.

  185. I typically don’t re-wear BUT sometimes I wash workout gear in the shower with me then hang them to drive for the next day. I typically go commando in running gear. Grosses me out to wear my pants without washing LOL

  186. I’m usually a wash after every wear gal, but I recently purchased a pricey pair of running capri and one of the reviewers recommended rinsing it in the shower and drying, and washing every 3rd time or so. I’m giving that a try in an effort to make them last longer. So far so good! But I think it’s only because it’s amazing fabric, most of my other gear would just be way too stinky!

  187. I sweat standing still, so I’m usually drenched by the time I get done with a workout. No way I would wear it again. It get’s hung up to dry and then thrown down to be washed.

  188. I definitely wash after every use, however I have been known to wear my workout clothes to bed after exercising if I didn’t get too sweaty. I’m kinda lazy like that.

  189. I always wash my clothes.. i sweat too much and turn into a salt lick… I have to peal everything off. I could not imaging putting it back on 🙂

  190. It all gets washed after every wear. I can’t get over the fact that I know how much sweat dried onto everything to wear something again., I feel a zit coming on just thinking about the sweat.

  191. I run at lunch so I drape them over my AC unit in my officr to dry after a hot, humid run. My office smells like a gym bag. No one visits after lunch. I’ll dare to wear a sports bra or top twice…NEVER bottoms though. I’m a butt-sweater.

  192. I will hang and re-wear bras after shorter runs, very occasionally a shirt, and never shorts/skirts. I do like the shower floor idea though-will have to try!

  193. Well now I just feel like the smelly kid in class – I seriously wear mine for a week before washing (bra, socks, shorts, top). I workout about 5+ times a week, too, and sweat pretty darn well. No one’s ever complained of my smell though…

  194. Post run, I hang everything to dry in the bathroom. I can’t smell so I usually re-wear once (unless it hasn’t dried yet!). I usually run alone and start sweating pretty quickly so it seems like a waste to wash it right away! From everyone else’s comments though, it seems I should maybe reconsider as a courtesy to the rest of the world. My husband and I combine for a load of athletic gear once a week, drip dry pretty much everything.

  195. I so appreciate the ideas! I usually just pile and then wash every 2-3 days when I have enough tech fabric to justify a special load…prewash cycle w vinegar, then a stain soak wash w cheer, then an extra spin so they dry faster when I hang them up. My little laundry room looks like a NY alley in the 50’s between husband’s and my gear. But rewear? Never. I offend myself if I just wear the gear too long post run. Ew.

  196. I have an incredibly sweet husband who does the majority of the laundry in our house. He doesn’t even comment when I throw my soaking, sweaty gear in the hamper rather than being a good wife and hanging it up to dry out first. No re-wearing for me – I sweat way too much and the stuff just feels gross after that!

  197. I hit the gym on the way home from work to lift and get my run in after the kids are in bed. After two workouts, they need to be washed. It all goes in the hamper and my daughter is responsible for gathering the dirty clothes (stinky running clothes included) and take it to the laundry room the following day.

  198. I wash after every run. However, in the month of June I have fallen a bit behind on laundry as a result of running my parents business while they are away on holidays, as well as my own business. Sooo, I have had to reuse a sports bra on a couple of occasions out of necessity! Hopefully once July rolls around that won’t be the case…I don’t think my nostrils could handle that much more!! LOL.

  199. I employ the dry over the hamper, then wash technique as well! Running ( and cycling and swimsuit ) load at least every 3 days! Long runs tend to go straight in the washer – gotta love a Texas summer.

  200. After tonight’s run, in 60 percent humidity, I couldn’t wait to wash everything including me. As I finished my run I found my family at our neighbors pool so I stopped before heading home. My children 5 and 7 were in the pool begging me to go get my suit on and join them. Instead I jumped right in the pool with my sweaty running clothes on. The kids were shocked and thrilled! Best way to clean up after a run ever!

  201. There is no way I could RE-wear my clothes in this MS heat! Sweat is dripping off of me by the end! Yucky! Would love to see if this outfit could hold up in Mississippi!

  202. I’m a big sweater so I definitely wash after every wear. My problem comes when I go to dig my still-damp gear out of the bottom of the hamper on wash day and almost knock myself out with the stank!! Always, always, always line dry to get as much freshness as possible:)

  203. Hang over the side of the tub till dry, then into the “running clothes only” laundry basket. Drying before is a must or that basket develops a life of it’s own!!

  204. I’m pretty boring. Toss it into the hamper and wash at the same time I’m doing the rest of my laundry with a special emphasis on pre-treating the crotch area of any bottoms. At the point that they smell no matter what I do, or how I wash – they get trashed. I sweat pretty heavily as well, and I just feel better in clean duds.

  205. They go straight in the wash basket but,they may sit in there for 3 or 4 days until I do all the laundry!

  206. During the summer I HAVE to wash every. Single. Time. But I live in Texas so I’m dripping in sweat the moment I go outside. :-/

  207. Those comments are hilarious! I never wear the bottoms twice and after last weeks air dry of the bra, will NEVER do that again….stinky….and I am a walker/jogger…can’t imagine how much more I will sweat when I do start jogging more and more.

    Thanks for the laughter.


  208. I run trails near a popular swimming hole and I sweat so bad that people usually think I’m just done swimming instead of finishing a run! So I go home, wring out my clothes and usually toss in the washer right away!

  209. I wear an outfit once and then hang it on a hook. When I have a few outfits they go in the wash. I run 4 times a week and row 3 or 4 times a week so I’m washing exercize clothes every 2 or 3 days. Sport wear is its own separate load, nothing else goes in with it. I use perfume free powder soap and a double rinse. No fabric softener. Everyone in my house has sensitive skin. There’s nothing worse than getting up at 4 am to run and realizing you didn’t do laundry!

  210. I’m a stinky hot mess post run so I hang my sweaty clothes to dry first before putting them in the hamper. I have been known to re-wear a sports bra but for most part I wash after every run

  211. My clothes are dripping after a summer run, so they get hung on the side of the hamper until they dry. Then they get washed as soon as possible with vinegar added to the load to get rid of the smell.

  212. After a run I hang my clothes to dry before I wash them. I have been guilty of wearing the same sports bra or capris again if they pass the smell test.

  213. I usually just throw them in the hamper, but there have been times where I’ve re-worn a sports bra and socks — only when running outside, never to the gym!. My feet don’t get very sweaty so my socks don’t get too funky!

  214. If my run ads an easy run, I will hang the,, to air dry and febreeze them. If it was a hard run, I out them in the wash. My BRF’s ‘if hit not be my BRF’s if I didn’t wash,

  215. Separate hamper and everything gets washed in SportsSuds, I’m way too stinky to wear any if it a second time!! Awesome outfit, thanks for the chance!

  216. I am 9 months post partum and still trying to lose my “baby weight” I refuse to buy new clothes until I have lost another few inches, so I only have a handful of running clothes that fit. They have to last me a few workouts because I suck at getting laundry done. I hang them up in the bathroom and let them dry. Then run in them a few more times before washing. I am sure they smell bad but I am only running with my dog these days anyways!

  217. Oh I definitely have to wash everything after every run. Just another excuse to have more cute running clothes!

  218. I have been known to wear my running clothes twice but there is nothing like putting on clean running clothes to go out for a run. There are times I do enjoy the after glow sweat after a great run. I like the idea of putting them in the shower with me to rinse them, great thinking.

  219. Oh – I am a huge sweat-er! Peel it off, down the laundry chute (also one of my favorite house features!), and washed every wear!

  220. In Oregon I can get by with hanging them over my tub (used only by my 4 year old for “swimming” or after-run ice baths) and then they are ready to go for a second run. Helps that I can’t miss them when I walk in the bathroom on early run mornings.

  221. Summer in Virginia means hot and humid, so no choice but to wear, peel down in the laundry room and wash. Cooler temps in the other seasons might allow for a repeat wearing before wash. I love seeing the exercise gear pile up as a reminder of the time well spent on the road!

  222. I used to air out sports bras for one re-wear, but since Christmas I’ve had enough to wear once & wash weekly. I’ll re-wear top layers in cold weather once.

  223. I immediately strip in the bathroom and leave it in a sweaty pile until I do the next load of laundry then in it goes.

  224. Since it is swass and swoob season pretty much year round in Arizona, I wash my clothes after each run. It helps to have Tweens assist with the laundry! (Almost makes up for all those preschool loads of laundry I did for them- almost. ; ) )

  225. I run in 90+ percent humidity so my clothes are literally drenched when I get back from a run. Not wash them? Not an option! I usually soak them in cold water in the sink while I shower and then wash them later.

  226. Washing after each run is a must. It’s so hot and humid that even though I run at 7am it is soaked when I finish. When I get home it all goes in a separate basket to be washed away from everything else because I don’t want the smell to get in other stuff…I’m convinced I smell like cat pee….. not pleasant

  227. I wear it until I can shower. Sometimes that’s 30 minutes after I’m done. Sometimes that’s 5 hours after I’m done. It all depends on how much I have and want to accomplish that day. I have also started wearing my sports bras into the shower and washing it in there. They stay better than throwing them in the washing machine.

  228. Must wash I look like I stepped out of a shower or sauna most days even after a short run.I figure if they smell bad to me I should not torture anyone with all that stank!

  229. Depends on how much I sweat! I get 1, sometimes 2 wears before I wash! I would love to be washing this saucony outfit 😉

  230. Wash every time I run! Even though I don’t sweat a ton, I just feel gross re-wearing running/workout clothes.

  231. One of the things I love about winter is the fact that you get to reuse your running clothes! I decided to do the Runner worlds summer streak and I have been forced into several repeat performances this summer….. I am not sure my clothes will recover but at least I will be stronger!

  232. I leave sweaty stuff on the tile floor in our bathroom for a day or two until there is enough to wash with my husbands workout clothes then into the wash with a pre wash and extra rinse plus oxyclean. I do hang my bras up for at least two runs each because I don’t have enough or the time to wash them every other day.

  233. Always wash after each run unless it’s 5 am and I can’t find a clean sport bra. Then I can squeeze out one more wear but usually it’s run & wash.

  234. Sometimes I end up wearing my running gear all day, my husband thinks I’m disgusting. Lol. I never wear twice as result. However, in belize, when we are at the farm, I often contemplate showering in my clothes, kind of a two-fer wash my body and my clothes!!!!o

  235. In the summer my clothes are soaked by the end of a run, so straight to the hamper they go (well, maybe first a detour onto the floor while I shower). In the winter, I sometimes save my running tights to wear a second time. And often I’ll wear my socks more than once–I only have three pairs of my favorite thick socks, which usually won’t be enough to tide me over between laundry loads. And last spring on vacation I had to wear an entire outfit twice because I hadn’t brought enough running clothes with me.

  236. I sweat like a pig, so even just reading the weather forecast of anything above 76 makes me sweat. Needless to say, I wash everything after every run. Gotta thank family genes for that lovely trait.

  237. In summer, if it’s a lighter workout I will re-wear. Hard workouts they get washed! My kids will tell me if I stink-they are usually the deciding factor if I’m on the fence 😉

  238. Definitely wash all workout gear after every work out. There is a gym where I work, they will wash our workout clothes every day for us. It is an awesome perk!!

  239. In the winter I can usually wear things more than once, so I usually hang them in the hopes that I can get one more wear. However, one whiff of them in the morning makes me toss them in the hamper more often than not.

  240. I used to wash after every wear, but as my beloved shorts are wearing out I find myself in full (and stinky) preservation mode.

  241. I almost always have to wash after each wear. I can go a few runs without washing the bottoms but my bra and shirt are too gross to recycle.

  242. The shirt and leggings or shorts always get washed, but during the cooler months I’ll rewear my bras. They’re made with that magic coffee bean material, and the hype is true, they really don’t get stinky.

  243. The humidity here so far this summer has been ridiculous, but I’ll take this over negative temps any day! So the clothes get hung up to dry and then into the hamper they go! Occasionally a bra will get recycled if I’m to lazy to get a fresh one out of the drawer!

  244. I’m a wash and hang kind of gal. I always intend to do the wash and wear but sometimes life gets in the way.

  245. It depends on the season, but I can say in the summer I am a sweaty mess so everything goes in the wash after each workout.

  246. In the summer I only wear my clothes once. But for some reason my bras are a different story?!? I wear them until the stink and crust can’t be taken anymore! Which, by the way, adding a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your load of laundry will take out any stink and crust! Works like a champ!

  247. I wear a clean outfit each workout. I do confess to running in a sports bra on the treadmill in the comfort of my own basement (something I’d never do outside) just to save on having to wash a tank.

  248. I wash mine on the “active” setting in our washer with the Tide for Sport with Febreze! My husband is a 10 hour plus a week mountain biker/cyclocross biker so we have a LOT of activewear!

  249. I lay out my wet-from-running clothing in my closet to dry. When dry, I check the stinky factor to determine if there is a chance for round 2. If not, into the dirty laundry. If yes, on my body and out the door! 2 wears is the max before a wash.

  250. It depends….if it’s just a short run in the cooler evening, then I hang everything to air dry and wear again (if running alone). But if it’s a long mid day sweaty run, then it all goes straight to the washer. If I am running with my running club, I always wear fresh duds.

  251. I will only rerun in clothes in the winter. I have a separate hamper just for my running clothes, they get washed in Tide Sport when I run out of weather appropriate clothes, socks, or bras. Then I tumble dry them in the dryer (no fabric softener).

  252. Weeeeellll, the tops are always one and done. I used to reuse my bottoms (I do not go commando), and thought they were doing fine with wearing two and even three times. But one day, after pulling them a little too close to my nose while “folding” them up, I got a whiff and tossed them immediatly in the laundry basket. So now, it’s one and done for the bottoms too. (I wish my hubs could change into fresh duds mid run. His are stanky too!–but then there would be even MORE laundry, so that’s no good.) I like it when it rains during a run. It’s sort of like running through a rinse cycle. : /

  253. I am a stinky, sweaty mess. I sweat 365 days a year. No way I can wear my clothes more than once. I have to wash them.

  254. I wash my workout gear after every run. I sweat too much and smell too unpleasant to wear them a second time.

  255. Summer in North Carolina. Shirt and Skort get hung on the edge of the bathtub to dry. Then the bra and undies get thrown in the shower and rinsed. Once everything is dry it goes in the laundry pile. Launder with regular clothes.

  256. No way I could re-wear anything I run it. I sweat just thinking about running. It’s super gross, but it is what it is.

  257. Love the outfit!! Some of my bras I re-wear if they don’t smell after they dry out. Most of the shirts and shorts though need to be washed after just one workout. In the winter, I might be able to get away with a couple of uses, but definitely not in the summer!

  258. It gets super-hot, super-humid, and super-steamy here in NC during the summer. I let my sweaty clothes air -dry all day, then wash them and air-dry them overnight. Even with all that, I feel like I can’t ever get them completely scent-free. A BAMR friend suggested adding a little PineSol to the wash–I may have to try that!

  259. I break a sweat just getting in my gear, the humid mid-atlantic summer doesn’t help! My gear needs a hot wash with vinegar then a trip to the clothes line for some sunshine sanitation! Then I am smelling as “sweet” as my training times!

  260. It depends on how much I sweat. I may get a second use out of the top, but the definitely not out of the bottoms.

  261. Here in Delaware, the humidity is killer in the summer. My running clothes are worn once and then washed and hung to dry. I’m not sure I would be able to stand my own smelliness if I wore them again. The thought alone makes me want to hold my nose.

  262. Here in Delaware, the humidity is killer in the summer. Every piece gets only one wear before going right into the hamper. Then they’re washed and hung to dry on a rack. I’m not sure I would be able to stand my own smelliness if I wore them again!

  263. Here in lower Alabama with nearly 100% humidity even in the winter the thought of re-wearing my running clothes has never occurred to me. Not once. Ever. I was so shocked by all the responses yesterday :).

    I peel off the drenched clothes and either wash immediately or hang to dry until I can wash. I never dry any of my running wear. I always hand up to dry and threaten my husband life and limb to do the same:). From my saucony rides to my saucony capris – by far my favorite run wear!

  264. This outfit is adorable! As I run in the heat and humidity, I keep reminding myself how much I dislike winter. Cute running clothes help motivate me to get out there and get going.

  265. I live in humid south Texas, the sweat starts before I start running. Running clothes always get washed, every time, and then hung up to dry to help them last.

  266. I’m a moderate sweater…SO sometimes I wear layers, like a tank under a looser T, then the T can be reworn! Shorts rarely get another use out of them unless it was a cooler summer morning run, in which case I may consider re wearing the whole outfit!

  267. In warm weather I definitely wash after every run. I lay them out to dry then toss them in the wash as soon as I get the chance. I only have 1 decent running outfit so it gets washed a lot!

  268. That outfit is super cute and perfect for this summer heat in Houston!! Just In time too since I’m training for my first FULL!!

  269. I put every sweat soaked piece on the tub that we never use to air dry and wgen there is 3 or 4 outfits they go in the washing machine.

  270. I sweat a lot, and it’s not pretty. I can’t stand the smell of my running clothes in the hamper, so I can’t even fathom wearing them for another day. No, they must be washed pretty much immediately after every workout.

  271. I will wear my tops & bras 2-3 times before washing, depending on how sweaty I got in that particular workout/run, etc. Shorts, though, I can only get 1-2 wears out of… I wash them separately from my non-workout/running clothes.

  272. I usually end up wearing it for two runs since I don’t wash clothes that fast and usually end up running before it has been washed.

  273. I hang things all over the house. A sports bra on the bathroom doorknob, skirt on bedroom door, tank on a closet. My main floor hallway is very colorful these days! Then, it Depends how I feel when they’re dry, sometimes I re-wear, sometimes they go straight to the wash. Not sure I have rhyme or reason to it.

  274. We have a special laundry basket for workout wear-that basket gets washed in Tide Sport once a week. 🙂

  275. Running gear gets washed after every wear, by itself and hung to dry. only item I’ve reworn when desperate is my sports bra

  276. Bottoms get washed every time no matter what! Top and bra occasionally get air dried and worn again…

  277. In the winter I can go days without my sports bra or shirt smelling. In HOTLANTA during the summer, it’s like so disgusting I can barely stand to walk inside the house with my clothes. No matter the season, though, I always wash my bottom garments (shorts, tights, capris, etc) every time. No double dipping there!

  278. I always wash after every wear unless I just wore them for yoga. I was all my stuff on gentle and hang most of it dry:) if I splurge on the good stuff I want it to last!

  279. Ok, this might sound weird, but I wear an ultra thin pad when I run, and no joke, it soaks up all my sweat and stink. So, I can wear shorts for several….several runs. Shirts on the other hand get washed after only one run.

  280. I used to be able to rewear. But, like most other things that have required, ahem, more maintenance over time, I find myself needing to wash my gear after every workout. Except sports bras…I rewear the heck out of ’em!

  281. I have some serious sweating issues and the humidity is wacked out in NC, so in the summer, one wear and then stuff has to get washed. With two kids I’m doing a load of laundry every couple days and so my clothes do have to sit too long all gross!

  282. If it is cool only then can I reuse for another day! Summer means a hot sweaty mess. Or it can mean thunder showers and then I am soaked to the bone. If I am on trails sweat and mud!! I was only run gear together with my WIN sportwash. Hang to dry! THe only thinkgs I will put in the dryer are socks!

  283. I wash them when I can no longer stand the stench or when I am “catching up” on laundry and want absolutely everything clean… or after running in the rain. wish I had it together enough to wash right away…

  284. I have to wash after every workout – everything smells and I’m a big sweaty mess! I usually keep all mine and my husbands workout clothes separate from regular clothes. His have more of an onion smell and mine just smell like sweat!

  285. I always throw mine in a mesh laundry bag on the back of the bathroom door to dry out. There is no way I can wear them again. I don’t sweat much, but they stink. I have a phobia of wearing any piece of clothes more than once without washing them-let alone smelly running gear! Perhaps I need some counseling.;)

  286. I always wash mine after each use. Of course I usually wear them for awhile after I finish running but between running stink and being used as a towel by my toddler, my clothes need to be washed.

  287. I let my work-out clothes hang dry then put them in their own special laundry basket. I then use Tide sports detergent to wash the stank out of everything.

  288. Must wash after every run–or else!! I use a little vinegar in the wash water and use the “extra scrubbing” setting (or whatever it’s called). Mine clothes usually come out ok, but sometimes my husband’s still smell! That guy sweats just thinking about sweating!

  289. If it’s particularly wet, I will hang it on something (like the edge of the laundry basket) to dry out. I will then sort my clothes, always washing my running gear separately. I actually like washing my running laundry…proof of my hard workouts of the week!

  290. I let my clothes air dry after a run until I’ve got enough for a small load of workout clothes, then put them into a vinegar/water soak until I remember to put them into the wash (usually 30 minutes…sometimes a day, if I forget about them. I have laundry ADD). I use half the usual amount of detergent and line dry.

  291. I was told once that “you can’t smell your own sweat, only other peoples” this is absolute BALONEY! I can smell me and everyone else! i will definitely re-use if I go to the gym before work then throw my stuff in the dryer at work for a little”refresh” and re-wear for the nightly trot with the pooch…otherwise no way Jose- it’s a straight shot down the laundry chute

  292. Wash every time- although I’ve been known to dig a bra out of the hamper out of desperation. Everything else definitely gets a full wash because I can’t stand my own stench. I’m a sweater!

  293. I wear the same sports bra all week because it’s the only one I like but the rest of my clothes get washed before they are worn again.

  294. I sweat a lot but try to wear my clothes more than once. My clothes are soaked but I hang them over the tub to dry. I sweat a ton but don’t usually stink. If something gets really stinky the first time then I’ll wash it right away. Truthfully, what happens most often is I hang it up to dry because there’s no way I could throw it all sweat-soaked in a pile or in the hamper, so it’s dry and I grab it because it’s handy.

  295. After a sweaty run, I pull off my soppy wet clothes and put the on the lid of my hamper. They are too wet and smelly to even touch my other dirty clothes!

  296. I have to wash the gear after a run or workout! They may not go in the machine until after an errand or chore or two, but they deffinatley make it to the wash more than my son does!

  297. I wash in washing soda, Oxyclean and Tide Free mixed together. Vinegar for fabric softener and air dry it all.
    Be gone stinkiness!

  298. I am way way too much of a hot and sweaty mess to wear and reuse without a wash. Also, I live in south Florida… It was 94 today= Sweatyass mother runner.

  299. I throw it in the bathroom floor, hang it on the door, throw it in the wash, whatever suits me that day! Sometimes I even rewear if it isn’t too stinky and I’m running alone!

  300. I definitely sweat a lot and it’s super humid right now–so I let everything dry and do a separate load of laundry with WIN sport detergent and an extra rinse cycle. Then hang everything to dry. Otherwise I end up with super stinky running clothes. I tried a lot of things before this, even considered throwing some stuff out, crazy, I know.

  301. I sweat like crazy, and I have a sensitive nose, so I never re-wear running clothes. They go right into the hamper. With having a one year old I am doing laundry all the time anyway.

  302. I’m so ashamed to admit this, but my workout wear stays on a pile on my bathroom floor until I’m ready to wash that mountain of sweaty nastiness. I do, however hang my sports bra up on the hook on the bathroom door to dry immediately after peeling it off my body.

  303. I live in Texas with 200% humidity at 7:00 AM. After I peel off my clothes, I toss them in a pile in my closet. I think about how I should really take them straight to the laundry room, but a shower always wins. A spritz of Febreeze suffices.

  304. Bras–air dry on shower rod. Tanks–maybe depending on how much snot and sweat are wiped on them. Shorts-never! In the hamper or to the machine.

  305. My stuff HAS to be washed after wear. It’s go big or go home…and my clothes are so ripe that they might beat me there 🙂 I guess that’s a sign of a great run!

  306. I don’t re-wear tees or tank tops because they’re often used as sweat rags when I get home. LOL Shorts I will consider re-wearing once or twice if they don’t get too smelly. I’m weird about socks. I don’t ever re-wear them, even if I only wore them for an hour and didn’t get sweaty. If I have to go somewhere after I’ve already taken them off, I get a fresh pair or wear flip flops! My husband teases me when we do laundry and tells me I could start my own sock colony!

  307. I have no choice but to wash it all. Storage until washing is a problem but I’m gaining great ideas from this post.

  308. I throw them in the hamper. Never wear twice UNLESS I need my fave pair of something and they’re not clean yet…then hamper diving definitely occurs.

  309. I always re-wear my sports bra and shorts, unless they are just too far gone for words, lol. (That’s usually true after long runs). But my tops get pitted out and so those hang in the hamper for a bit. Is it bad that I sometimes rewear my socks? After short runs I feel like it’s a waste to wash them again, and since they’re expensive, I figure it’s best to keep them out of the washing machine. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  310. I will consider re-wearing a tank, but never shorts or bra – for some reason, my bra sweat smells like pee. Ew! Someone told me it is too much protein in my diet. Who knows? Doesn’t really matter. I’m not changing my eating habits because of it. Wet clothes get hung on the closet door handle to dry (the outside of the door, otherwise the closet reeks), then thrown in the wash, no softener, and hung dry on a drying rack that seems to have taken permanent residence in the bathtub.

  311. I sweat like crazy. So I hang clothes off the knobs of my dresser to air dry between runs. Gross, but functional.

  312. If I wasn’t running that long, and I didn’t get too “sparkly”, then I’ll likely re-wear my running clothes. But after long runs or if I “sparkle” a lot, then the running clothes get tossed in the washer (where they might sit for a few days before I wash them).

  313. I run by myself…when there are very few others out. As a result, I will re-wear clothes. I do put on clean clothes for my long weekend runs, as I have a tendency to see more runners then, but for shorter weekday runs…no. I will even recycle socks. Just LAZY…what it really boils down to! Like that they are already laid out, so to speak!

  314. when I lived in an apartment with no washer and dryer I would re-wear ALL THE TIME – too bad if they were a little rank, I was out of quarters and not hand-washing! I thankfully have a washer and dryer now. 🙂

  315. According to my kids, I stink after a run so most definitely my top and sports bra go to the hamper after each run. I hang them to dry along the edge of the hamper though and then once dry toss them in with the rest of the dirty laundry. I may occasionally re-wear the bottoms if it wasn’t one of those swamp-ass sort of runs. Winter makes that more of an option.

  316. This time of year in FL, nothing gets worn twice without washing. The clothes get laid out over the edge of the bathtub to air dry until time for a load, usually every other day. We did start using a tiny bit of bleach in a full washer of water. Doesn’t hurt the clothes, helps with the odor!

  317. Winter time… I do re-wear some items. Summer time, forget about it! yucky, stinky, sweaty, yucky clothes go right to the hamper in my utility room (not the hamper in my bedroom)!

  318. I keep a small plastic bin (file box) in the laundry room. Sweaty duds go in immediately with enough oxiclean/water (mixed per “soaking” directions on box)to cover. They sit there, safely submerged, until laundry day when they are washed with Woolite (dark), no fabric softener, extra rinse, gentle spin, and hung to dry. I have not had a problem with odor, and very minimal stains.

  319. I just through them in the regular wash and then hang up my super good and expensive articles.
    With the way I sweat I could not re-use without washing. I would gag myself with the order of my funk!!

  320. I usually get a few uses out of my workout gear. I get sweaty but as long as they don’t stink, they get air dried and re-used! Less laundry is always a good thing!

  321. I wash after every session. I may rewear in the winter when it’s too cold to sweat much, but I definitely wash every time in the session. Everything is soaked in sweat!

  322. After my run (especially in summer– I live in Sweaty South FL!) all my clothes go in the floor of the shower, and I pre-wash them and hang to dry before washing them with the rest of the laundry. My sports bra usually gets worn twice before the laundry wash.

  323. To be honest (and if there is no judgement) I give my workout clothes at least two rounds of workouts before dropping them in the laundry. But socks go in every time for sure!

  324. I NEVER wear anything twice. I am too grossed out. I wash it on cold with vinegar to get the smell out. Then I hang everything in my laundry room. It never goes back to my bedroom. I just leave it all there on hooks so I can go there to get dressed in the dark of the morning without waking my husband.

  325. Living in NC I wash mine after every wear and also do the “leave it in the bottom of the tub while I shower” routine. So it’s getting a double wash and somehow I still smell after every run. Must be because I’m a heavy sweater.

  326. I also run by myself and so I usually wear the same thing for 2-3 runs. i just lay it out after I’m done and then grab it for the next run!

  327. I wash after every run , I sweat waaaaaaaay too much not too! Even in the winter. Cold wash & rinse, hang dry!

  328. I’m a sweater and totally wash. I’ve I’m really, really, really desperate I would consider a re-wear but only if it was a last case, run-mergancy scenario.

  329. I will re-wear shorts until they can practically stand on their own. Gross, I know, but I run outside and can rely on a midwestern breeze to cover any trail:). Bras are a different story…they’re usually drenched by the end and I am convinced my chest/back breakouts are related to re-using running bras. That was a lot of TMI:)

  330. I live in S. Central TX so in the summer washing is mandatory after a run but in the winter I will rewear my running pants 2 or 3 times before washing them. Always a clean shirt though.

  331. It goes in the laundry as soon as I get it off… Everything.. Headband to socks. I wash all my workout gear in a seperate load or two, in hot water and am religious about hanging it all to dry.

  332. Post run my clothes always go in the laundry. I will admit that I have pulled out a pair of capris once or twice to re-wear the next day because I forgot to do the laundry. And I have even air dried some of my gear while on vacation because I knew it would be worn again the next day. But mostly it really needs to be washed. I sweat a lot!

  333. Bottoms almost always go in the wash but tops depend on how much I sweat then I might use them a 2nd time!

  334. Washing after a run is mandatory. I’ll someone’s reuse clothes after powe yoga, if I’m running the next morning, but even that grosses me out.

  335. I only re-wear my running clothes when traveling. If I am at home, I hang them to dry and then wash when I have a load full. If traveling I will bring two sets and re-wear and hand wash as needed. One set on me and one hanging to dry… Traveled Europe for 6 1/2 weeks with just two sets and I ran 6 days a week!

  336. I wash after every run/workout. My hat is the only thing that will sometimes get a few wears out of…but only in the cold temps!!! In summer temps, the hats get washed after one wear.

  337. Gotta wash after every run! Don’t even want to think of the micro-this-and-the-micro-that that may linger…

  338. Generally, I wash after every wearing. Every once in a while I will re-wear but only for a home workout. I always wear fresh clothes to the gym or whenever I am meeting friends for a workout.

  339. I generally wash everything each run but once in a while I have to recycle the sports bra! I’m in the market for some new duds though!

  340. I will rewear my capris if I can. The bra and tank top get washed each time. I think, after reading this post, it’s high time for me to get some new running duds, though! ha!

  341. I always wash my long run gear, but sometimes I re-wear my sports bra and capris during the week. I run at 5 in the morning by myself, so I figure if I stink people won’t bother me!

  342. Man do I wish I could get another wear out of em! Alas, I sweat more than a man I think 🙁 I get done with a workout and I am literally dripping. They go straight in the hamper and usually get washed in the next day or so.

  343. I have to wash after every run. I sweat a lot and I’m in the PNW where it’s cooler, I couldn’t imagine the amount of sweat I would produce if I lived in a humid environment. My gear is usually pretty soaked and smelly. Wash and line dry and I’m good to go, good thing the tech material dries quickly!

  344. Post run, I peel the dripping, salty clothes off and throw them in the laundry basket where they saturate the basket (including my husband’s work clothes). I then wash all laundry with detergent and a cup of distilled white vinegar (to get the stench out). All running clothes get pulled out and are hung dry.

  345. My 4:30 a.m. runs are only 3-4 miles and in the cool air keeps me from sweating too much so I usually hang those clothes on a hanger in the spare shower and wear 2-3 times.

    My afternoon and weekend long runs are a different story. Those are stinky and soaked and get washed a.s.a.p. and are line dried to keep them lasting longer.

    On a related note, this morning I opened my closet door and almost keeled over from the stench!! My husband had hung up his workout shorts from last night’s “light” workout to wear again. Now I’m rethinking my 2-3 times of morning run clothes.

    I would LOVE some new clothes in the rotation!

  346. Gotta wash. Sometimes on a Saturday morning group run we stop afterwards for coffee. Cant even stand to smell myself on the car ride home.

  347. Only in the winter do I get a second wear out of an outer layer or potentially my tights. Other than that – into the wash! In the spring/summer/fall I swear I sweat like a man and soak everything. Directly into the laundry basket every time!

  348. I never wear the same shirt without washing but my shorts generally go another run or two unless I am especially sweaty or stinky!

  349. Hang over side of bathtub to dry then into the wash it goes. Winter time gets a second wearing before it hits the laundry.

  350. Either I’m not very sweaty, or I’m not working out hard enough! I wash my sports bras every time I wear them, but my tops and leggings I usually wear two or three times. I don’t think I stink, but maybe I should get a second opinion!

  351. I work out alone so I don’t really care…for the most part I’ll only wear sports bra & top once but the bottoms I’ll wear a few times…I’ve been known to go a whole week in the same shorts (!!! Yes, I said that out loud – but not doing sweaty runs everytime)

  352. OMG this is so embarrassing! I would love to say that I wash my gear every time I run but I don’t….I wear them twice! (Only once for the bottoms if I’m not wearing underwear, as if that thin layer of cotton makes a difference. LOL!)

  353. I wish this weren’t the case, but I don’t have laundry in my building so I definitely rewear running gear if it isn’t super disgusting after the first wear! I do at least hang everything on a drying rack to air out in between sweat sessions, so they’re maybe a little less gross? In the summer I sometimes end up washing gear in the sink in between visits to the laundry mat, too.

  354. Good lord, I would stink worse than I already do if I didn’t wash after each wear (except on vacation…who cares?) Half of my clothes have a permanent ammonia odor, but still, I throw them into the laundry and wash them when I get to them during the week.

  355. If I had a long hard sweaty run then I usually throw the clothes in the basket. Sadly they usually don’t get washed for a few days. If it was a short run I might rewear a bra every now and then because I don’t have as many good sports bras. I refuse to rewear bottoms unless absolutely necessary because I run commando and that’s just slightly disgusting.

  356. Only a 2nd wear in very desperate times! And am I the only person who sweats more on the treadmill than outside?? I’m convinced its something about the lack of air movement…

  357. Even though I run alone most of the time I can’t usually bare to handle the smell of my shorts and tank tops, BUT because I can’t afford to buy a whole lot of nice sports bras I do have to re-wear them. I tend to just throw them on the ground… When I should probably be hanging them somewhere to air out… They’re really stinky…

  358. I run indoors on a treadmill in my basement, usually before anyone else in the house is up. I get sweaty, but I don’t see anyone so I wear my stuff at least twice. I also don’t have enough workout clothes so if I didn’t re-wear I would have to do laundry every other day…and that’s not happening.

  359. I’ll air dry and decide based on smell and other options from day to day. I usually run alone, but I definitely can gross myself out if I try for more than 2 wears, max.

  360. If I’m running outside – wear once and wash. In the summer heat it’s sweater. Running on the treadmill at the gym though, I’ll wear it twice – less sweaty.

  361. I am so sweaty gross after a run, I offend my own nose! I consider it the not-so-sweet smell of success, but still… It’s all got to be washed after one wearing.

  362. Sports bra and shorts are air dried and worn 2-3 times…underwear and tanks get air dried THEN hit the laundry ASAP. Don’t need mold growing in my hamper!

  363. I usually let them air dry before I drop them in the hamper. Sometimes its really hard to get that moldy smell out of exercise clothes that you throw right into the dirty clothes. I can wear my exercise shirts a second time since my bra tops absorb most of the sweat. But my crotch sweats so much it have to wash my bottoms every time.

  364. I’ve amassed enough running clothes at this point that I can usually toss stuff into the laundry after one wear and not run out of clean stuff, but every now and then I have to dig out and hang up something to air out for the next morning’s run.

  365. during the winter I usually wear running tights at least twice but wash the bottom layer top after each run. During summer I try wash my clothes after ever run, although I’ll sometimes rewear an outfit if I’m running alone.

  366. Is it bad that I don’t do anything special? It get thrown in the laundry with everything else, and it all gets washed together, with the same detergent. Maybe I’m like the smelly kid in school who doesn’t know she’s smelly, but I think it’s no big deal.

  367. In the summer I wash more often, but I have been known to wear my stuff once or twice more. Luckily my running buddy does the same and we have vowed not to judge, lol.

  368. Wash. Daily. Enough said. I live in the sunny south and I’m a huge sweater; there is no way I could re-wear something without washing it first! And I’m OCD about laundry so I typically do a load a day to keep it from piling up around the house so throwing in my sweaty workout clothes is no big deal! I don’t let them lay around long!

  369. I’m a wear once and wash kind of girl. Except for headbands, which I only remember to wash when they are too stinky to put on!

  370. It’s hot and humid in TN, but I am not a heavy sweater and run solo. My gear gets at least 2 wears, and when I get a few outfits I wash them all with liquid detergent and air dry. I love my running gear, and it’s my summer clothing of choice!!

  371. I take my running clothes off immediately after a run (I have a nasty never to go away fungus from wearing a sweaty sports bra too long)and let them air dry on my tub. After I am sure they are 100% dry, into the hamper they go. I wash in cold and never put them in the dryer. I have a lovely drying rack in our guest bedroom that they call home. I have been known to purchase new running clothes rather than wear dirty ones. I also have been known to toss some dirty underwear in the trash after a really hot half marathon.

  372. In these hot DC summers, I have to hang my sweaty clothes up in the bathroom to dry before putting them in the hamper–or else it smells like a locker room in our apartment! I only ever get one wear out of anything!

  373. It all depends on how stinky they are or how desperate I am. I have worn running clothes more than once even though I think it’s disgusting. But I only run with my dog & he doesn’t care.

  374. Humid FL runs mean nothing can be reworn. Between the bug guts and buckets of sweat and salt I wouldn’t consider it. I wring them out over the tub and throw into the “nasty hamper” designated for smelly sweaty stuff, then off to washytown whenever I’m down to my crappy shorts

  375. I usually hang to dry after and if it doesn’t smell I’ll wear it again. Although after some of those hot long run days it just goes right in the hamper.

  376. I’m new to the running world, so I haven’t invested much yet in running clothes. I only have a couple shirts and one pair of yoga pants (yes, PANTS — black ones at that — in this 90 degree weather we’re having!) that I run in, so I usually get two runs out of them before I wash. Fortunately for those around me, I run alone and only outdoors, so hopefully the smell dissipates before it gets to anyone else! Haha!

  377. While traveling/not at home with laundry facilities, I go for the wash in the shower with me route. At home, I usually don’t get to change quickly, so stinky running gear becomes stinky mom gear. It definitely needs washed then! Little fingers, little messes and a lot food end up all over my stuff!

  378. Mine go straight to the wash pile. I sweat like a pig, crotch included. All my clothes are dripping and raunchy by the end of even a short run. Heat or no heat.

  379. I usually use my bra two – three times before washing, unless it really stinks (I run by myself). For the rest of the outfit, I usually only use it once. Pretty much my only logic in this is I’m trying to make my sports bras last longer, otherwise I’d probably wash them every time too.

  380. Everything has to go to the wash after a run or workout. Smell, sweat, and stains are not something I want to wear again. I keep a separate laundry hamper just for workout stuff and it gets its own laundry detergent and then hung up to dry.

  381. I air dry them after every work out and then decide from there. If they’re walking on their own, into the laundry they go!

  382. I’ll admit it, I’m disgusting. I will wear my sweaty, gross, clothes until I can no longer stand the smell of myself. Usually, I’ll wash after 2 workouts but I’ve been known to use the same outfit for 3-4 days if I deem it “unsmelly” enough.

  383. It depends…after a long run all of the clothes get washed! They are just so sweaty, plus the body glide is on them — it is just gross. After shorter runs, it depends. I used to be able to go two (sometimes even three) runs between washes for my sports bra and some shirts, but ever since I had my son, I have noticed that I am much more sweaty so I have increased my washing. It stinks (no pun intended) because I used to be able to go out for a long run and barely break a sweat, but ever since he was born 4.5 months ago things have changed — I am hoping my hormones are just a little messed up right now and will return to normal soon 🙂

  384. On business trips, I’ll try to get two workouts out of a set of clothes, but at home I have to wear something fresh!

  385. Wash. I sweat too much. The smell would gross me out and probably attract scavenging animals if I try and rewear any part of running outfits. Too hot and humid here.

  386. Oh,BMR! My stepdaughter is a scientist for P&G Laundry division, and she gives me not only Tide Sport, but special formulations designed for third world populations that rarely wash. She then insists that I need to wash my free run Tshirts every day. She threatens fashion interventions when she sees them hanging in bathroom to dry, but she is Not Judging, oh, no. Worse, she is a real awesome BMR, runs every day to help control her diabetes, has gotten my granddaughter hooked…and only washes every third run. Her stuff is really stylish, and looks great hanging all over her house. She calls her hangings Runner’s Decor, and mine, Test Batches. I accuse her of surreptitiously sniffing my stuff to see how her formulations are doing, and she does not deny it. Who knew that hanging sweaty running gear was a gateway drug to chemistry? This is what happens when kids grow up, and they do, you know.

  387. I will wear my running gear a maximum of two times before washing. If I do a long run, it gets washed immediately. I hang all my running clothes to dry believing I will not lock in the funk and sweat that the washer might miss.

  388. Sometimes I’ll rewear my tops and I usually rewear my sport bras several times after they’ve been hung to dry. But the bottoms are a no-go. I like to run commando so the bottoms definitely are a one-time wear!

  389. I cant rewear! Gross…I can barely get it off without dripping on the floor. I try to wash it right away and if my boys are lucky, I did my clothes the day before so I will wash theirs with it.

  390. I always wash. I am generally so sweaty that I toss everything into the washer immediately and do a quick load so it isn’t sitting around being smelly in a hamper somewhere!

  391. Everything gets washed and hung to dry. My neighbor built me a cool drying rack that flips down from the wall in my laundry room and folds back up when not in use. It’s awesome for both my exercise wear and my husband’s. We sweat too much to wear again without a wash.

  392. Definitely wash after every wearing! I sweat just thinking about running, so I’m a stinky mess when I actually do run! Plus, needing a couple of sets of workout clothes each week justifies buying new ones!

  393. Dude, if I didn’t wash my clothes after every run I think I would be arrested for being a public nuisance. Them things are stinky! I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything twice in a row. In fact I’m going to go on vacation next week and I packed some tide so I could wash my clothes in the shower!

  394. I’m a sweaty mess after every run. I also run with other moms twice a week. I couldn’t subject those fantastic running partners to my stench. I wash my running clothes after every run, no exceptions!

  395. It depends on who I am working out with, if it’s the same running buddy a few days in a row then I have to alternate outfits but depending on the weather and how sweaty I was I sometimes reuse bottoms, I rarely can get away with the same top twice without washing it first.

  396. If it got sweaty, I don’t re-wear. I usually drape the seeary thing over the edge of the hamper to dry before going in the next load. As much a possible, I line dry tech shirts.

  397. My clothes (and me!) are so sweaty and disgusting after a run that I can’t even stand to be around myself. So, they HAVE to be washed each time. However, I usually won’t get to washing them by the time I run again, so I bring my beloved sports bra into the shower with me and wash it with either bar soap or shampoo and hang it to dry for the next run.

  398. I always have to wash my work out clothes… I am trying to find the perfect combo to get the stench out! Currently I am using Tide Sport and vinegar.

  399. Mostly everything gets hung up to dry and then tossed in the washer. But I absolutely have to re-wear bras – if I washed them after every wear they just wouldn’t hold up and man they’re expensive!! I will also usually re-wear the workout clothes that I wore doing moderate stuff like walking around the park while my kids are at the play ground.

  400. Everything has to get washed every single time. I wish that wasn’t the case, but doing lots of laundry is a small price to pay for living the BAMR lifestyle.

  401. I wash every other time for the most part. I am not organized enough to wash them every time and have them ready for the next run!

  402. This topic makes me crazy because I feel like all my workout gear STINKS, real bad! I usually wash after every wear unless its outer biking gear.
    About every month I get grossed out by my stink and soak my gear in the tub with vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and tea tree oil.

  403. I don’t even put my sweaty clothes in the hamper when I get home. They hang on the back of the bathroom door until they dry out sufficiently (usually by the time I finish the next day’s run). Then I add Downy Unstoppables to the washer load and air-dry. Recycling is not an option when you live in humid Florida.

  404. I used to get a second wearing out of my running bras, but now I realize that I must not have been working very hard back then! Now all tops and bras get a single use. Bottoms get 2 wearings before going through the washer. I must admit that the odor from my laundry basket rivals my teenage boys’ laundry basket!

  405. I’m always drenched in sweat after a run, so definitely no second-wear for me!!! My running clothes go straight to the laundry pile.

  406. omg I run at 3am in hot steamy florida my running clothes get peeled off and deposited in the laundry room basket to await their weekly sat after the run washload!!!!!!!!!!

  407. After I run, my duds get draped over the opening in the hamper so that they dry before they get pushed into the hamper. My bras especially tend to be stiff after they dry, so no re-wearing here. Also mostly air dry my gear. It’s nice when it is warm out and I can hang it outside instead of draping it all over my laundry room/pantry shelves!

  408. During the summer it all goes straight to the laundry pile. In the winter the second (and third) layers get an extra few days.

  409. Hang over edge of tub after workout to dry… once dry, it goes in the hamper unless I am low on work out clothes… then it gets the sniff test!

  410. It’s so humid out here in the Midwest that I’m often tempted to change mid-run!! But I’m badass enough to try to outrun my smell!

  411. In the summer I just can’t get away with wearing anything twice. This morning I ran before taking a class at the gym. I had a hard time concentrating on the instructor because my smell was so overwhelming to me.

  412. When it’s this hot as today was with 95% humidity, I do wash each time. Otherwise, I can go a few days, I too run by myself so I am the only one who has to deal with it!!

  413. I’ll admit to re-wearing, especially bras since I only have a few good ones! Our linen closet door handles are usually draped with running clothes being aired out!

  414. If the washer is empty, they usually end up in the washer with enough water to cover, and cup of vinegar. They stay there until the next load is washed. Since my husband does most of the washing, they get washed/dried with everything else. Might be why they don’t last long 🙂

  415. Sometimes after yoga, they can go again, but anything else gets hung on the edge of the hamper to dry before washing. I’ll go so far as to say that because I go commando, I also spray some Shout on the crotch!!!

  416. I DEFINITELY wash after every workout. I’m usually a hot sweaty mess at the end of a running session. Not to mention, (ahem) there may or may not be leakage if I’m doing intervals (or happen to cough).

  417. Everything goes in the laundry basket after each wear. I wash when I have enough tech stuff in lingerie bags on gentle, then hang dry. I don’t stink, but I sweat BUCKETS. However, I have been known to pull something out of the laundry pile if I was truly desperate…

  418. When I first started as a runner I would wear things two or three times a week without washing them because I didn’t have the wardrobe selection. Then one morning my race buddies said they didn’t wash their clothes either and I discovered I was “normally gross”. Now I have a bigger selection of clothing so two day wearing is the limit, unless desperate. Love the question!!!!

  419. Bras I wear 2 or more times – they get the sniff test after they air dry. This is mostly because I don’t have enough bras for one per run. It is so hard (and expensive!) finding a solid bra.
    Capris – get the sniff test and if it was a hot one they air dry before they are put in the hamper. Although I think I almost have enough pairs for wearing one per run.
    Socks, shirts, and unders – one wear then wash! By the way – tried that whole commando running thing – it just felt wrong. Ha!

    I have to admit when I was utilizing a gym at my office I would wear the same outfit 2-3 days before I took it home. The gym smelled sweaty anyhow – I just figured I was saving on laundry!!

  420. Most of my running clothes I wear at least twice, sometimes 3 times. I know, gross. As I continue to add to my obsession with workout gear I tend to wear them less now. And yes, I also run alone. 🙂

  421. I always wash after every wear. I am a sweat machine!!! I have found that a 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the softener cup is great for getting the stink out.

  422. Bah, I am so lazy. It goes into the hamper with all other laundry. If it’s exceptionally rank (as my shirt was after my Zooma half) I soak in oxyclean for a couple of hours, then wash as normal. No dryer on running stuff, ever anymore.

  423. I wear once and wash. Everyonce and awhile if I don’t get too sweaty cross training I may extend it another day. My bottoms, tops, and sports bras all coordinate to make matching outfits; so when my bottoms get too sweaty the tops get washed too and vice versa. It’s easier when I put clothes away to put them in outfits so when I pack my bag in the AM all the clothes are ready to go, there is a method in my madness of matching workout clothes.

  424. I usually wear only once and then wash in Tide sport and the hang to dry. I have recently toyed with the thought of wearing my workout clothes more than once. I feel like I am over washing them. But then again they smell so rank after just one wearing I can’t imagine wearing them a second time. I’m considering installing a clothesline in my back yard so that I can air dry them after I run and possibly get a second wear out of them.

  425. If I am running the next day – I’ll wear it again. I run by myself before the sun comes up… no one around to judge! If I have a rest day in between it goes into the wash. But I ALWAYS wear a fresh pair of socks!

  426. Great timing on the article! I just put a load of smelly, sweaty running clothes in the washer and than sat down to check emails! If I am running alone, the clothes get worn for two runs. After that I can’t even stand the smell of them. If I am running with friends, I’ll do in the run in clean clothes.

  427. I have four boys. Im always. Doing. Laundry. So i just throw it in with whatever kid’s clothes are currently washing. Except my buff. I only hv the one, so i wash it in the shower and let it airbdry until i neefd it next.

  428. I usually hang to dry and then do the smell test…if they’re not too smelly they may get put back into the rotation later in the week, otherwise, it’s into the mesh laundry bag where they wait for a rest day to be washed with their peers. I have been known to rummage through said bag in the wee morning hours, however, if the weather surprises me and I need a quick wardrobe adjustment and don’t want to disturb my husband.

  429. I am wash after every workout kind of girl. The fact that I have way too many running clothes to choose from does help to support that habit. I would love some advice on how other BAMRs remember to not put the stuff in the dryer (or how they remind our every supportive but “you put my sports bra in the dryer AGAIN” partners)….

  430. Summer generally means, wash after every wear. In winter, I can get away with wearing twice, but never summer!

  431. okay NO JUDGEMENT ha ha….I give it the smell test and if it doesn’t knock me out I go again and if I cringe then into the laundry basket it goes!!!!

  432. I live in hot, humid St. Louis, where any summer run, no matter how short, leaves me a sweaty, stinky mess. I have my own plastic laundry basket for my running gear. I throw everything in there until I have enough for a load, then I was my gear separate from the rest of the family’s items. Yuck!

  433. I’m a pretty heavy sweater and live in a very humid area, so my summer gear gets washed every time. In the winter I always wash my shirt and bra, but tights I wear several times, or even all week. I only have one pair of winter tights, so that’s about necessity. Capris I will wear once or twice. But usually once. Again, I sweat like a horse.

  434. I will rewear shorts sometimes. Everything else gets hung to “dry” on a rack in my closet and then I wash when I have a few things to throw in.

  435. At home, I never rewear, but I have been traveling this week and I think almost everything has been worn twice and is SO smelly, but only so many outfits fit in my suitcase, and I need my daily exercise.

  436. There is no wearing a second time! My sweaty nasty running gear goes into their own hamper by themselves! I try to wash the same day and always add vinegar to the load to help with the stankiness.

  437. I tend to wash in warm water the same day I run (or I try) otherwise the stink takes over…sometimes I’ll add in some oxiclean and rewash if needed. Since I do most of my runs on the treadmill washing after is essential!

  438. I do not re-wear at all. I lovingly wash and hang to dry all of my super expensive running duds. However, during my Ireland trip in April, I had to sink wash and air dry. My sweatshirt was too large to dry so I re-wore it….NINE TIMES! Sooo worth the beautiful runs in Ireland. 🙂 I hugged my washer upon return and even clean, I had a hard time putting the neon orange Nike hoodie back on once stateside! I think it might STILL stink…or run along next to me!

  439. I (cough cough my husband) rewash everything. Except that I only have a single pair of trishorts, and they never EVER seem to be clean on peak training weeks. Whatever – they get lakewater in them and sweat anyway firs thing on a brick workout, so I just keep going with them!

  440. For super sweaty clothes, they just get thrown on the bathroom floor until dry enough to throw in the laundry basket it…or left on the floor until laundry day rolls around. Let’s just say you can’t usually see the floor by the time laundry day is there. Easier sorting?

  441. I re-wear my bras, unless it was an especially sweaty run. Nothing else, though. And even that’s pretty gross, I know.

  442. I wash every time. I sweat like a man and my nose drips occasionally when I run. Unfortunately, then my shirt gets used to wipe my nose. I am a nasty hot mess when I’m done and so are my clothes. I actually feel bad putting them in the wash with the rest of my family’s laundry. Not bad enough to wash them separately though 🙂

  443. Post-run all my workout wear is draped over the laundary hamper to air out and then placed in the laundary. I don’t recycle any portion of my gear. Admission…My husband does the laundary so this greatly impacts my choice 🙂

  444. I have to admit, I rewear. We simply cannot do workout laundry enough and I’ve spoiled myself with some good (expensive) workout gear, so it’s hard to have enough to get through the week. But, once I’m done with it, it has it’s own dedicated hamper and gets washed separately with a vinegar soak first to get all the stink out. But don’t ask me the details, I’m super lucky that my great husband is in charge of the workout laundry!

  445. I sweat buckets when I run, whether it’s summer or winter, so I never wear an outfit twice…that would just be icky. However, if I wear a clean running outfit as my outfit for the day, I will wear that same outfit the next day I go running. Less to wash later in the week!

  446. For a “free sport”, running is expensive! I am slowly adding to my running gear collection, but for now I have one favorite outfit that I do wear more than once a week and air dry between runs. Don’t judge!

  447. Living in Hot, humid Florida everything gets peeled off and washed. The only time I would ever consider reseating is on vacation , no access to a washer. Even the , I sink wash and air dry.