Hump Day Running Giveaway: Sof Sole Insoles and Sneaker Balls

I was supported in numerous ways for my first post-surgery walk/run workout: by the innovative Alter-G treadmill and Sof Sole Fit insoles in my Saucony Guides.
I was supported in numerous ways for my first post-surgery walk/run workout: by the innovative Alter-G treadmill and Sof Sole Fit insoles in my Saucony Guides.

My running shoes--especially my right one--were exceptionally lonely for a few months. Lonely like the dreaded SHU on "Orange Is the New Black" kind of lonely. But now my Saucony kicks are working their way back into the general population: I've been wearing them on bike rides. (Surgeon forbid me from clipping into my pedals.) On Monday morning, I sported them on a fitness walk, replete with five (5!) hill repeats. And I recently even took them for a walk/run on an amazing Alter-G treadmill. (Oh, the joy of working up a true sweat!)

After five weeks in a cast, then slightly longer than that in a weight-bearing boot, my foot is a bundle of issues. Inflexible toes, a locked-up ankle, and perhaps now worst of all: a tight arch. When I asked my physical therapist why my high arch was so sore and unhappy, she blamed it on the complete absence of arch support in the boot.

Different heights, different colors: Sof Sole Fit insoles for high arches are high-intensity hues.
Different heights, different colors: Sof Sole Fit insoles for high arches are high-intensity hues.

I don't have that problem in my running shoes: Thanks to Sof Sole Fit inserts, my crazy-high arch is cradled. This support allows my arch to relax and release stress. I've sworn by Sof Sole Fit inserts when training for marathons, now I'm equally grateful for them as I make progress toward taking my first running steps in months.

Mod looking, hard working: Sof Sole Sneakerballs.
Mod looking, hard working: Sof Sole Sneakerballs.

Oh, and while my running shoes languished in a bin by our back door, another Sof Sole product lived inside them, keeping them fresh: Sneakerballs. Give 'em a twist before putting them in shoes (or gym bags), and they suck up stink. My nose is always grateful for the Sneakerballs, whether they've been living in my shoes overnight--or for weeks on end.

Three gals will win their own pair of Sof Sole Fit inserts (in either low, neutral, or high arch) plus a 6-pack of Sof Sole Sneakerballs. To enter to win, tell us where you've been getting your support from this summer. Is it your BRF, who is logging training miles next to you? Your spouse, taking care of the kids while you get in your long weekend run? Your treadmill, that's been carrying you through multiple miles to beat the oppressive heat? Whatever (or whoever) is supporting you, tell us by clicking on Comments ribbon under this post on our site to be entered to win this Sof Sole combo-pack.

The trio of Fit insoles: Which one is right for you?
The trio of Fit insoles: Which one is right for you?

Can't wait to find out if you're one of the three winners? Get 30% off all products at using promo code AMR30.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 7/29/15 and ends on 8/4/15. We will announce the three random winners on our Facebook page on 8/6/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is from $49.98. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


184 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Sof Sole Insoles and Sneaker Balls

  1. My husband. Watching him train for his bike races in intense heat in his man closet keeps my motivation up (or at least, out of the basement of motivation).

  2. My support comes from my IR4 buddy, Riley, and my amazing hubby! I couldn’t run without their constant encouragement and confidence in me.

  3. My support this summer has come from my IRun4 buddy, Madelyn. Reminding myself that no matter the heat, humidity, or smoke from fires, that I am fortunate to be able to run and that she is counting on me to be there for her provides all the motivation and support a girl needs!

  4. My supporters this summer have been my running friends. After my father passed away this Spring, I could not seem to be back in the swing of what is generally my very natural running routine. Then my husband got sick while I was out of town and my running friends were very supportive bringing him meals and running errands for him. Now they’re getting me back out the door so I can feel more like myself. I am so grateful for this community.

  5. My biggest supporter and BRF this summer has been my sister in law who is fairly new to running. We’ve been running little races here & there all summer and giving each other encouragement and “pick me ups” whenever it’s needed!

  6. My husband has been a great support as I start to run again after a broken foot this spring. Slow going but oh so good to get back to running.

  7. my parents have been a great support this summer, babysitting so I can get out for a run a couple nights a week.

  8. My husband has been my biggest supporter. While he doesn’t get my running, he never complains when I go out for a long run or when too much of the family budget is spent on things I “need” for running like races, gear, clothes, etc. He even offered to buy me anything I wanted at Tiffanys if I started running sub-8 miles….but I think that was really for his own benefit to reduce the amount of time he spent hanging out at my races waiting for me to finish. Sadly, I’m not a sub-8 girl, but hey I have a new goal! Many congrats to Sarah for being back on both of your feet! So thrilled for you!

  9. My little boys, ages 9 and 7, who without fail say “You going for a run, mom?” every morning as I head out. Their voices sound so chipper and sweet. So supportive. And for my darling wonderful pre-teen daughter who cheerfully entertains said younger brothers while I’m out on my quick 3 mile loop. Couldn’t do it without her.

  10. My mom has given me a lot of support this summer. Between a family scattered across the country for job reasons and a rough pregnancy, I’ve really needed her support!

  11. I get support from my hubby, my friends, and especially my Fitbit friends. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  12. The most support I receive is from my lovely sport bras. They have the hardest job out there in my opinion. Also, the fam. is there and have been surprising me with finish line attendance! Nothing better hearing your name from familiar voice you were not expecting!

  13. My new (and first) BRF has been helping me come back after a fractured ankle. We decided we were officially BRFs after running through rain on a recent CBR 4 miler.

  14. I’ve been getting support from another new mommy and a friend at the gym who has a daughter getting married in a couple of weeks. We all want to look our best for the big event and have set up daily text message reminders!

  15. Every time I come back through the door after a weekend morning run I can hear my husband, 6 year-old and 3 year-old cheering, “Go Mommy Go, Go Mommy Go!” Hearing them always puts a smile on my face, even after my most grueling runs!

  16. My husband. He is training for his second half. He wants me to come along with him on his long runs. He even called me a “long run pro” last weekend because I have a half dozen halfs a full over him. Glad I have a husband that gets it. 🙂

  17. I get my support from getting out at 5:30am and seeing deer on the trail while I run. And if there’s a slight, cool breeze, it’s even better.

  18. My support has come from my DH, who is also marathon training, as well as from my favorite shoes – Saucony Ride 7.

  19. My new therapist is helping me deal with two very demanding people (severe depression in my spouse and Asperger’s in my child), while still allowing myself to be selfish in a good way and slowly release some of my burden back onto the people that should be carrying it, yet still supporting them too.

  20. My summer support has actually come from my coworkers. Most of june and jly has been focused on a big project (grant application) and my coworkers and advisors have given me so much advice and help on the application. My husband and son have also been very understanding of me when I’m tired and distracted!

  21. My husband and kids have been biking along with me on a lot of my runs this summer. I usually try to run in the early morning, but when my butt just won’t get out of bed, I go out later in the evening with my “cheerleaders”.

  22. My husband continues to be my biggest support. Not only does he take care of my littles so that I can get my long runs in, he pushes me to get out and get it done when I’m not feeling like it. Just the kick in the pants that I need!

  23. I am a solo runner, but on my running mornings my loyal dog is ready to don the leash and run with me. He’s my main support because he wants to go out even more than I do.

  24. I am getting support from my three sisters as we help our brother battle for his life against cancer. Tough summer but grateful for family and love my brother.

  25. My husband has always been wonderful support – he holds down the fort so I can run or train. My training buddies get me out on those days that are too hot…

  26. My BRF moved this summer. Upgraded to a fancy neighborhood, surrounded by hills! So luckily for me, she drives back to our ‘hood to meet me once again at the wee morning hours and run some flatlands. I love her for it, and love the hills in her new neighborhood more!

  27. I am very blessed to have many supporters around me. My supporters range from my friends and family to AMR. But my biggest is my Husband…he watches our 2 year old twin daughters so that I can run. He comes to my races and stays the whole time. Even when I run in the oddest locations. Finally, he pushes me to be better. He helps me analyze my races, listens to podcasts about running and encourages me to push beyond my current goals to get better.

  28. Unfortunately I do not have any running friends/group to support me in person. But I do have AMR! I am so thankful to have the AMR community. I also couldn’t train without the support of my parents who watch my little man and of course my little man who patiently waits for me while I run, or rides along!

  29. I thank my treadmill for helping me get in my miles and my children for letting me get on that treadmill. They know mommy needs her “running time”.

  30. My kiddos… They have been putting up with me doing long runs on the treadmill in the mornings as I contemplate a marathon….treadmill is the only way to get it done most days and they have generally been so good during these runs! A welcome surprise!

  31. I know it sounds hokey but my support comes from within. I do it for me. I’m a solo runner, I have no group, club, or running friends that run at my slower speed. The drive and support to runs comes from within me and it makes me a better, stronger, more secure person.

  32. My Ragnar buddies, from my very first Ragnar, have supported me through a break up, moving and helped to keep me moving forward.

  33. Definitely my run girlfriends. Knowing that they will be waiting for me at 5AM (and ragging on me if I don’t show up) helps a lot!

  34. My BRFs and my husband. Note that BRF has an s, meaning I have multiple… Yep. I’m lucky that way.
    And my husband and kiddos meet me at specific mile markers to give me water because I HATE carrying anything that can’t be tucked into my spibelt. That and my husband is ever so patiently with the kids during my long runs. And considering how slow I run, the long runs can get particularly loooooooongggg

  35. My husband has helped a lot with kids this summer, and always! My sister, even from halfway across the nation has encouraged me to keep moving and training!

  36. My treadmill has been my support! I am currently Prego but have found my sanity in walking/ light running.

  37. I have found a ton of support in my bike this summer. It has lived a fairly lonely existence in the garage the last couple of years, but a MapMyRun challenge inspired me to dust it off and take it out for a spin. I fell in love! I have enjoyed riding again, and it has given me a nice option for days when the heat is just unbearable. The best bonus? My runs have benefited from my bike rides. Yay!!

  38. My hubby, my son, and my dog. All three would bring me my shoes. Two would say “Sweaty mommy is a happy mommy. Go” The love and support is more than I can ask for even if my furry child just wants one more lap.

  39. I have found lots of water support from my new Camelbak! I could not have survived training this late Spring and Summer in the dry Colorado weather without having a constant supply of water. And a place to put my chews and keys!

  40. My gym- is so fabulously supportive in so many different ways. It is full of people who do NOT look like super models and who did not spend a fortune on their workout clothing. It is full of mutual love, support, and respect for a diverse group of people under the same roof for a common cause.

  41. My support this summer has been from my new BELIEVE running journal. It is such an awesome journal. It has really been helping me crystalize my running goals and keep me on task. Love it!

  42. I’ve been needing new arch supports! Thought I would use the very generous discount to buy a pair of neutral Sof Soles today! In the meantime, my best support has been… my dog! He was a quasi=rescue a year and a half ago, and running together has been good for his behavior and for my motivation. He’s a wirehaired fox terrier, and a real clown. He’s ALWAYS ready to run with me. In fact, last Saturday was his distance PR – he did just over 10 miles with me. I have many other supporters, but lately, he’s been the only one to not poop out on me last minute for a run.

  43. My husband is always a great support. I can get out of any household or child related chore by saying I need to run. I think it is self preservation on his part.

  44. This year I am getting my support from every which way! First – My Self: I have pushed myself out the door solo more times this year, than any other. It is more pleasing than I thought it would be. Second – My Friends – always there for fun events and planned ahead runs. Last but not least – my hubby who has just started a beginner program, hooray!!

  45. My BRF. This is the first year I’ve had one and let me tell you, it’s been my best year running ever. She’s a teacher and she can’t run during the week, so we run faithfully every weekend together. Our chats have gotten me through my first half marathon. Her support and listening ear is another benefit of running I never knew existed!

  46. I’ve had to rely on myself a lot lately. Hubs & kids have lost enthusiasm. BRF has been working different hours. But I’m a dang good cheerleader. Go Me!

  47. It is definitely my running friends that keep inviting me to runs. My motivation has flagged over vacation/serving trips/humidity. Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is out there with you makes it all worth while.

  48. My BRF Sheri and I have been logging the miles together until my IT band flared up…sadness…but I will be back!

  49. I get support from my husband and a relatively new running partner. She’s way faster so we run only once a week. It keeps me motivated to make the most of every workout.

  50. Hubby is the key to supporting my running and a few great BRFs, once I with whom I am following the same training plan for a PR fall race (fingers crossed) and one who has started their first marathon training cycle. 2 new pair of kicks that I can switch between are also key supporters 😉

  51. My dog hates group runs where he’s excluded and he’s ALWAYS looking to log more miles with me, regardless of the weather, mood, or time of day!

  52. I have been getting my support from a new pair of Altras and my BRF’s. My hubby has been busy with work and my youngest just turned 18 and has no time for mom.

  53. My coworkers are extremely supportive in our high stress job–we have lots of laughs and snacks to get us through the day.

  54. I couldn’t do it without the support of my hubby, who takes over toddler twin duty while I take my border collie to the gym to run with my run club, my other major source of support.

  55. My super supportive husband watches our 2 girls (and preempts his own work out) while I get in my early morning beat-the- heat runs!

  56. I’m getting my support from my husband and new running buddies. I’ve been struggling lately and without the support…well, I’d be doomed.

  57. I’ve been sidelined this summer with an illness that is keeping me down and out. I haven’t been able to run in weeks and I don’t know when I’ll be back out there. I have a great group of runners in my life who I thought would tell me I could still run. But this group recognized that I needed to rest and told me how it will be way better for me to wait until my body is strong again. These were the words I needed to hear. I have zero guilt while I wait for my body to heal.

  58. My hubby has been joining me on my weekend runs. He’ll ride his bike alongside me while I push our little guy in the jogging stroller. While I love the support and time together, it’s definitely easier (and faster) running solo!

  59. I’ve had great support from my #AMRFYS 10k challenge tribe on Strava. My husband has been fantastic, though. He’ll accommodate any schedule I need to get my miles in and has started working out with me on my cross-training days!

  60. I have been getting some awesome support from my husband lately. I’ve been running right after work and he’s been doing dinner for him and our two kids solo.

  61. My 6 year old son who just finished a week at running camp. He is now very excited to hit the trail with me!!

  62. I’ve been getting support from my running buddy and my family. The heat (really – humidity) and being 7 months pregnant are not a good combo for me. But we make it work and I still try and get out there as often as I can!

  63. It takes a village right? My BRF is always there to log the miles with me, especially this summer as we’ve been out on the trails climbing hills and running down them. My DH is moving his schedule around to help make it work, and both my parents and my MIL are also close by to help watch the kids, I’m a lucky mama!

  64. From my running running group: The Montana Running Freaks. All badass mother runners. And my doggie Rosie, almost 14 pounds, fierce and ready for anything the trails can throw at her.

  65. I had surgery three weeks ago…it was supposed to be easy, outpatient, back to work the next day (I’m a summer day camp director). Complications on top of complications meant I had three days in the hospital, followed by a long, rough road to recovery (still). My biggest supporters this summer have been my co-workers and camp staff. They have been amazing in picking up and filling in where I’m limited, and have also been super supportive and compassionate as I recover. They know how important my running is to me, and to be out this long, well, let’s just say my coworkers have been helping me fill that void with things I can do.

  66. My two older daughters who rotate getting up early so I can run before the wicked heat sets in! It’s not easy to get up early and take care of your 4yo sister when it’s summer vacation, but they do!!

  67. Every summer I appreciate the support we get from an awesome all day daycamp! Most camps aren’t 100% hip to the whole 2 working parents thing.

  68. I have been getting lots of support from my mom! I am just back to work from maternity leave and my little guy has been sick while my husband is away. Thank goodness for Grannies!

  69. My local community center has been my support. I live in Phoenix and it is holy hot here in summer. Too hot for me to train outside. So I go to the community center where they have an indoor running track. 15 times around equals one mile but it is better than running in 110! The senior citizen walkers there are always so kind and supportive. They also have a workout room with a treadmill so I alternate with that. My teen girls have been great too. Keeping themselves occupied this summer while I am out on my run. 🙂

  70. My support has been coming from my surgical shoe this summer. Thankfully it’s coming off today and mid-August I can start marathon training! 🙂

  71. My husband has been above and beyond supportive this summer– we have a six-month old baby, are preparing for a cross- country move, and I just finished my PhD dissertation. Nonetheless, he has taken on the lion’s share of childcare and house duties so that I could train for three 5ks and two sprint tris, which have all helped me feel like myself again post-baby.

  72. My husband who (reluctantly) agreed to lots of kiddo time while I train for my next half. Love you sweetie!

  73. my relationship-undefined-person (aka sweetness) has been phenomenal

    but, MOST importantly, my little bug who told everyone in his VBS class about his mom “the runner.”

  74. I’ve been getting awesome support from my BRF’s and my (pretend) coach. I’m training for Twin Cities Marathon and there have been some hot, humid miles lately! Having those words of encouragement from the people I love mean the world right now!

  75. My husband has been standing by me supporting me through Ironman training. Now 7 weeks from race day I find myself injured and he’s still standing by me trying to help get through it.

  76. I have been getting my support from my BRF, Mike. He has never turned me down for a run – and i usually text him 15 minutes before I leave my house. He is THE best!

  77. My husband who shares the daily drive to and from our kids camp with me. It’s out of our way and easily adds nearly an hour to both of our commutes. But he does it without complaint and we both look at it as extra time we get to spend with our kids!

  78. I am training for my first marathon, and I’m getting great support from my husband & son, my coaches, and my training group. I’m a lucky gal! (winning Sof Sole & Sneakerballs would make me even luckier)

  79. Shout to my dearly missed RF, Beth. Altho she moved out of state last week, she comments on my (thanks, running app), share her newly-found routes, and generally keeps me going. Did I mention I miss her?!

  80. Definitely my husband… Thank goodness we can balance each other out— I watch our little one while he mountain bikes, and then we switch so I can train for my first ultra!

  81. My new Orthaheel Vionic sandals. I finally sucked it up and spent the money, and now my arches are nice and supported! Hopefully that will stave off the plantar fasciitis that’s been knocking at my door.

  82. My husband. When I said I wanted to do an Ironman, he said “great, go for it.” Even though it is going to cost $$$ and loads of time.

  83. The family is a major support – the hubby understanding the need to get out for a run at any time of day it can be fit in – the kids for getting up really, really early to cheer me on at races when it’s probably not that interesting to them!

  84. My BRF has been amazing! It’s like therapy-on-the-go; we talk about everything, which is so incredibly cathartic — and distracts us from the humidity, too! Working out with her has definitely gotten me through some tough weeks.

  85. My husband. He supported my desire to purchase a treadmill for training as his job can require long hours and travel. With 3 young children sometimes this is my only option. Also, we have long cold winters here in MN, so I know the treadmill will get a lot of use then too. 🙂

  86. My husband and daughters are my constant supporters. Through training for three half-marathons – and now starting for #4 – they have never complained about the time I take out for my running. They know it’s my stress-relief and I’m in a much better mood afterward. My parents are also a constant source of encouragement and support. I’m so blessed to have them all in my life.

  87. Well, to be honest my Enell Sports Bra supports me like no one or no thing ever could and makes running possible. Besides that though, I am tremendously blessed with friends who are consistently encouraging despite the fact that they are unable to join me at this time. One such friend supported me and kept me company on a 14 mile run. She was on her bike and was the BEST Portable Aid Station anyone could ask for. She kept me well-supplied with water and GU and constant encouragement. I am spoiled for sure!

  88. My run group! I am training for my second marathon and without their support, I think I would have given up after that first hot, sweaty long run.

  89. My support has been my husband…allowing me to get up early, but not obscenely early to get in all my runs before he heads to work. Also to get my long runs in before weekends arrive he suggested I get a babysitter for long run mornings so I can sleep in an extra hour then get up and run. He has been my biggest cheerleader this summer on my newest adventure of training for the MCM in October!

  90. My husband has been my main support as I am training for a half marathon, joined a training group for motivation, but every week come home wondering why I ran alone again, why the group leaders weren’t even there to see if I returned.. whether I should keep going. It’s very alienating and my husband has been so supportive in encouraging me just to get’er done.

  91. This summer I’ve been supported the most by my husband who never (well, ok, rarely) complains as my marathon training runs get longer and longer. And now that I’m sidelined by a minor injury he is supporting my crazy efforts to find help and sympathizing with my mood swings!

  92. Definitely my husband and a new group of running buddies. Nothing helps me push farther than running with friends.

  93. My support has been from my cardiovasular surgeon. He’s closed 4 leg veins in separate procedures. I have poor veins in my legs that don’t pump like they should. So they closed them off. ALL THIS in the middle of training for my (3rd) 50 miler.

  94. My sweet best friend has had my back this rough summer. She has been my touchstone through the death of my MIL, my son preparing to leave for the Army, and my daughter navigating her way through her first serious relationship. I would have made it without her, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.

  95. My kids support me by accepting my morning absences and by not killing each other or burning the house down while I’m gone.

  96. Your podcasts are my support on my longish run on Saturdays. I have a wonky ankle right now and would love to try some foot support. Enjoy the wind beneath your feet now Sarah!!

  97. I’ve lost my mojo and my body is tired. If it weren’t for my BRF and some track workout inspiration from an awesome running coach, I think I would be moping and eating ice cream.

  98. My kids…. as much as summer is not a break (because my job doesn’t take a holiday), proving to them that mommy can push through is a huge support to me.

  99. While my husband has been working full time and going to school full time, my treadmill has supported me through my training so far!! I’ve logged a ton of miles on it this year!

  100. My running savvy PT! She has guided me back to running after plantar fasciitis. I am a new runner and barely cracked a 5K before I was injured. She never once suggested that I shouldn’t run or that I should find another form of exercise, unlike pretty much everyone else in my life. So grateful for her!

  101. Boo! I haven’t been able to run much because of the dreaded plantar fasciitis. So I’ve been getting support from my BRFs through a Facebook group we set up and aptly named, “Stinky Toes.”

  102. So glad to see you back in action! While training for my Half Ironman I did many of my workouts with other people who were training for the same race. We gave each other support and motivation.

  103. I joined a running group that is sponsored by a local running store. I’m one of the slower ones in the group, but those fast runners inspire and amaze me! I have motivation and some new running pals!

  104. My running support has come from having a gym at work and one at home with child care. I have to squeeze in runs when I can and it often happens on the treadmill. As a single mom, I’m grateful for the indoor options.

  105. My husband has been the biggest support this summer! He has been there every step in the way to ensure I’m able to get my run in. Even in our cross-country move, he would take the kids to the hotel pool so I could sneak in a run. He would do this even at the end of a long day when it was his turn to drive the “kid” car for 6 straight hours and was driving out second “kid-free” care (what we labeled the sanity car.). The man a saint!

  106. My mom, mother in law and sister in law who have been there for whatever I need while my hubby is deployed.

  107. My BRF Mandy. She developed an interval program for us so we are finally asking some cross training to this training cycle!

  108. This summer (and every season) I have been getting support from my amazing husband. He holds down the fort so I can head out on early morning runs…or since I’m a teacher some morning nap time runs!

  109. It’s definitely my treadmill and the AMR tribe. I just moved thousands of miles away from my BRFs and all my familiar running routes…so I’m leaning heavily on my virtual friends and my ‘mill to get me through my training.

  110. My hubby is always my #1 supporter! I’m also blessed beyond words to have my amazing Sole Sistas who are there to encourage me on the road and in my daily life!

  111. My Strava girls are so often my motivation to get up and out. They always know just what to say when I have a good or not so good run.

  112. My husband, best friend, and my other best friend who runs my long runs with me have been super supportive of me 🙂

  113. I get some amazing support from the ladies on my running page. My hubby has also just started running again so it’s nice that he “gets” things when we talk running and we trade off running times. I’m early morning and he runs in the afternoon.

  114. My friends at the local YMCA that are part of the classes I enjoy taking. It is always nice to get in the exercise with a little socializing. Also my road biking buddies. It’s great to get up early in the morning and ride the beautiful back roads. I’m lucky to have so many options to mix up my workouts.

  115. My biggest source of support is my husband who often forgoes his workouts to make sure I get my long run in. He wrangles our two energetic girls on weekend mornings so I can get out on run. On Father’s Day he even got up early to bring the girls to come watch me race a triathlon.

  116. My husband and kids are incredibly supportive and excited to see my training progress it literally makes all the difference when I don’t quite have the motivation to get out the door

  117. I wouldn’t make it through training this summer if it weren’t for my neighbor Anne who has joined me for every tempo, interval and humidity laden mile!!! She’s a great cheerleader and we get to hang out on our porches with our kiddos and libations to celebrate our progress.

  118. My assistant at work. My parents have been on vacation a lot (they live nearby). My hubby has been working a lot and marathon training as well. My work assistant has even slept at my house with my kiddos to help me:). Priceless!

  119. This summer, I’m getting my much needed support from the Find Your Strong AMR marathon group. Seeing their accomplishments keep me motivated. Reading questions and answers, feeling sad for the injured, laughing at the funny posts, it’s a great group to be a part of!

  120. Spin class has been supporting me as I deal with horrible shin splints. Hoping that these Sof Soles insoles will help me get back to running ASAP!

  121. Hard to pick but would have to be my DH for his unflagging support of my running. Props to my treadmill for getting me through my DH’s pneumonia that started a month or so before we just moved last week, my online tweeps, sis and distant friends, and a couple colleagues at work who listen to my insanity over coffee.

    I’m on a quest for insoles to replace my custom orthotics and would love to try these along with the others I’m buying! I’m a low arch gal for sure.

  122. I get a lot of support from my running Group the Old Bridge Road Runners of Old Bridge, My Determine Turtles of the Count down to 2015. The most support i get is from my loving husband of 16 years of marriage. I never used the Sof Sole before and i also have a high Arch. I really need the support in my Running shoes with training for two 1/2 marathons on the way.

  123. Feeling a little plantar so I hope these five support for that! My best support has been the ladies in my running group! Yay Karna Boston area!

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