Hump Day Giveaway: Sof Sole Insoles + Week’s Worth of Running Socks

Sof Sole + Saucony = treating my feet right
Sof Sole + Saucony = treating my feet right

As I get ready to toe the line of marathon #2 in as many months, I think about all the things that had to go right to keep me upright (read: injury free). I had to give my body time to recover after my first 26.2, without letting my mileage or effort drop to nil. I had to commit to flexibility, form, and strengthening drills to make sure my joints and muscles didn't stage a rebellion. I had to continue going to bed earlier than my husband would prefer me to. (You get what I'm saying...) I had to pay closer attention to the food I put in my piehole than I normally do.

And I had to take care of my feet. While my feet aren't as problematic as those of our dear Dimity, I have my fair share of issues, including a sometimes-painful hammertoe, crazy-high arches, and now-recovered plantar fasciitis. To this end, I enlisted my twins to give me foot rubs with extra-emollient foot cream; I used corn pads to soften (then remove) the thick patch of skin on my hammertoe (TMI??); I wore AquaHeal bandages to once-and-for-all heal a painful fissure on the ball of my foot. And, most importantly, I wear Sof Sole Fit insoles in all my running shoes.

Low, Neutral, or High: Sof Sole cradles your arch in comfort.
Low, Neutral, or High: Sof Sole cradles your arch in comfort.

Thanks to the support of the Sof Sole insoles, my high arch can relax and do its best to flex and roll as it should on long runs and pick-up-the-pace intervals. Even after 26.2 miles in Victoria, my arch never felt fatigued, and it's been ages since I felt a twinge in my PF-prone heel.

You can step in to this same comfort thanks to today's giveaway: One winner gets a pair of Sof Sole Fit Insoles (in right-for-her-arch of either Low, Neutral, or High Arch), plus--and this is a big one for us laundry-doing mothers--a week's worth of Sof Sole Fit Series running socks. Yes, seven (7!) pairs of seamless performance socks that boast an arch band for better fit and so they don't melt down into your shoes as you run. Thanks to these socks' fast-drying fibers,  your foot stays comfy no matter how far you go.

To enter this giveaway, rate your feet from 1 (ready for their close-up) to 10 (never see the light of day because they are so beaten up and gnarly). Cloaking feet in winter footwear instead of baring them in flip-flops has its benefits, but share with us (in the Comments section under this post on our website) what you're hiding under those bada$s moto boots or sassy clogs. 

One winner will get seven of these eleven pairs Sof Sole Fit Series Socks.
One winner will get seven of these eleven pairs Sof Sole Fit Series Socks.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 11/19/14 and ends on 11/25/14. We will announce the winners on our Facebook page on 11/27/14, as well as notify the winner by email. One entry per person. The value of  each prize is approximately $124. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

546 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Sof Sole Insoles + Week’s Worth of Running Socks

  1. 2 – I love being barefoot. I wear my boots barefoot in the winter so my feet aren’t SO encased in socks all the time. 🙂

  2. I’d currently give my feet a 3. They’re not quite ready for their closeup and definitely need a pedicure but besides one black toenail post Chicago Marathon, they’re doing pretty well!

  3. I would give my feet a 6. Bunions are the worst offense, and I’ve got some great callouses, plus a mysterious bump that needs protection from my shoes. Although I can say I have had black toenails, I have never lost one. And now that the balls of my feet are not sore, my feet ave been downright reliable for a few months now.

  4. I would say a 5. My feet have never been attractive, but with winter and living in the Upper Michigan area, they are now drier than normal and often get blisters when on long runs.

  5. I’d say my feet are an 8. I get regular pedicures and I don’t have blisters, dry patches, etc. For running 20 miles per week, I think they look pretty good! That being said, I have super high arches and I always have to wear insoles and socks with arch support, so I’d love, love, love to win this week’s give away!

  6. I would give them a 5. I try to get routine pedicures to help hide the issues. I’m sporting a pretty shade of purple to match my bruised toe from last week’s marathon.

  7. I think I would have to rate my feet about a 7 or 8. My toes (except the big one) used to all curl under so that you couldn’t see the nails – I even tried running with toe crests to keep the ends of my toes from pounding into the bottom of my shoes when I ran. I used yoga toe stretchers to relax them a bit. This worked wonders for the curl under part, but did nothing for the sideways curl. Somehow I still haven’t figured out how to keep my shoes from beating them up a bit (I think the curl under comes back some when I run), so not only do my toes look like they’re leaning in to talk to each other, but I pretty much always have either a black toenail or two or some gnarly, thick toenails growing out the damage. That doesn’t stop me from wearing sandals in the summer, but I can’t bring myself to put them under someone’s nose for a salon pedicure.

  8. Surprisingly, I have great feet. I would rate them a 1. My feet are never scaly and I don’t even need to spend money on pedicures. I cut my nails myself, quickly pumice the rare peeling spot on my feet and just pay for polish once in a while. I’ve had a sore toenail from running downhill, but never lost one! My physical therapist, who I spend quality time with because of my various ailments and injuries, says it’s because I’m such a sweaty person. I am hot and sweat all the time, so I guess my good feet are the one plus to that.

  9. Mine are a 7. 11 years of ballet and now running have made them not so pretty. They are also not so dainty, which doesn’t help matters.

  10. I would rate my feet a 7. I don’t do much to take care of them, but they aren’t so bad that I would be nervous to walk around barefoot.

  11. I would say my feet are a 5. After running 2 marathons and 1 10k ( and setting new records in them all!) my feet need a rest. I just have one shady toenail. Lol. I def need to try the insoles… My arches hurt! 🙂

  12. 5 = nails full of bright fun colors, filled with strength to carry me for many miles, peppered with calluses from hours on top of hours of work, and not exactly the most shapely for perfect pictures.

  13. My feet are a 5. Petite but wide, and I leave on my polish until my running socks rub it off. Thank you for this post! As I train for my first half my feet have been aching! I didn’t know there was relief for high arches.

  14. I’d say a 4. Having taken a hiatus from running (pregnancy and birth) mine are in relatively decent shape. They could use a polish and a ped egg but all nails are attached and unbruised!

  15. I rate mine a 2. While my nails are polished and mostly pretty, my bunions are gnarly looking regardless of what graces my feet!

  16. Oh, mine are a “perfect” 10…but they were never cute, so I don’t worry when running makes them truly unready for prime time.

  17. I’d rate my feet a 6. My first 2 half-marathons this year wasn’t too hard on them, but they have their share of calluses & semi-healed blisters. I used to get pedicures regularly but don’t have the time or energy for that any more, I think my only pedi this year was back in June! I should dress them up with a coat of bright polish, at the very least! 🙂

  18. I would say a 7. They always look a bit blue, because I’m always cold, but otherwise they are in good shape. I’ve been using almond oil on my heels everyday, and they are super soft, better than they’ve ever been.

  19. I think my feet are a 4. I do regular scrubs and soaks at home so the skin is not bad (not many blisters or calluses), but I do have some hammer toes and an oddly shaped toenail. I think I’m getting a bunion which has me a little scared!

  20. I’d give my feet a 4. They aren’t too bad, but since it’s been chilly here in Michigan for a month, I haven’t painted my nails or taken care of them in about that long. 🙂

  21. My feet are very cute and nicely shaped but they are dry and cracked as well as very callused. One of my toenails is rather disgusting. I would give them a 6.

  22. My feet are so dry and calloused that I would have to do an at-home pedicure before I would dare put them out for a professional pedicure! Love those wool socks!

  23. I would give my feet an 8. My big toes are both black most of the time, but if I am good about doing the pedicure thing about every 3 months no one is the wiser! Otherwise I have some pretty good looking dogs!! They only bark at the end of a 1/2 marathon 🙂

  24. Long gone are any numbers lower than 7! After falling in love with long distance running, I’ve given up on pretty toes and feet. As long as there are no blisters, black or lost toenails I call it all good. Light glittery nail polish can hide a multitude of nail sacrifices from a view a few feet away, but close up? NO WAY!!

  25. Mine are probably a 5. They could use some assistance through a pedicure but currently I have all of my toenails and none of them are black at this point.

  26. I don’t think the appearance of my feet will ever be higher than a 4 again. 11 months ago I had bi-lateral foot surgery and my scars and damaged big toe nails are still healing. The good part is that I can now run with very little pain thanks to the surgery.

  27. Mine are probably at about a 4. I need a pedicure (haven’t had one since finishing Zooma Cape Cod with my BRF), but now that training season is officially over for me, my blisters and black toenails are fading into nothing. Too bad this is all happening just in time for a ridiculously early winter (i.e. majorly NON-flip flop season!) here in the lovely Midwest.

  28. My feet are about a 6. My second toes are longer than my first toes. My feet are calloused, and I have a nice bunion. Their lack of beauty doesn’t bother me, but the bunion can be a real pain!

  29. I’d give them a five. They could use a pedicure, but they’ve never looked this good going into a marathon. That rating will probably go way down after Sunday!

  30. Mine don’t have anything too terrible to look at, just a total need for a pedicure that I don’t have the energy to deal with so I’d say a 5, 6 on a good day. But my low arches give me much trouble so I’d LOVE to win this prize!

  31. I’d say a 5, not great but not horrible either. They could use some love, but a pedicure hasn’t moved up too far up on the priority list these days.

  32. I give them a 10, they are not pretty, but running the Army 10 miler this year with all those brave wounded warriors makes you super thankful for what you have.

  33. I think I’m a solid 5. I have a funky bone mass on my right foot that causes pain if I don’t have enough cushioning. I’ll have to check out Sof Sole socks – they look perfect!

  34. I would give myself a 3. I live in San Diego and year round pedicures are a must. Just a couple small bunions I have to be careful about.

  35. The podiatrist referred to my foot as the “combo platter,” meaning a wicked bunion, hammer toe and painful plantar wart to be removed. Awesome…

  36. I’d say a 6, I’m not afraid to show off my foot blemishes because it reminds me of the good runs spent getting them.

  37. I’m proud to say that my feet are a 2. I get a professional pedicure once or twice a year, but I’m happy to say that I’ve never lost a toenail. I have scars all over my legs from ACL surgeries, compartment syndrome, and a pre-cancerous mole, but I still have all of my toenails.

  38. I would go with a 2, they are not too bad and I do get pedicures which definitely help! Just so ya know I do not get manicures. my feet are the most important!!

  39. I think right now I’d go with a 4. A couple of funky toenails, but nothing that some dark, opaque nail polish can’t hide. And those colors are totally in season!

  40. My husband tells me that I do have quite beautiful feet, so I’m going to rate them as an 8. However, the potential stress fracture, inflammation, neuroma, and pain I’ve endured the last 2 months (all the while NOT running) have muffled their high rating to a sad 3.5. So while pretty, my right foot is mostly useless to me right now.

  41. I would rate my feet a 9 at this moment. I recently recovered from several months of plantar fasciitis, so my feet are no longer painful to walk on. And a pedicure this past Tuesday has made them look all pretty…for a short time anyway. 🙂

  42. No blisters, and all toenails are present at the time so I’d rate them a 6 right now. A nice pedicure might bring them up to a 7, but that’s about as good as they ever get.

  43. I’ll say a 5. My feet are pretty beat up with blisters and bruises. However, I still have all my toenails this season, so that is worth a few points.

  44. A Hobbity 8 — hairy, twisty toes, scarring from bone surgery, and scaly during cold winters. Love the reverse scaling — I never rate myself near a 10 for physical features!

  45. I would rate mine at a 5. I’m desperately trying to keep two toenails from falling off, but the cracking and dry skin has not started for the winter running season yet. The negative is outweighed by the positive!

  46. I’m going to have to go with a 7 that may quickly move to an 8. My feet are horrible, the polish is barely there and there is something going on with 2 of my toenails that is absolutely disgusting. It’s so bad that I almost wish that the nails would fall off and start fresh.

  47. I’d give my feet a solid four right now. My missing toenail has returned and I’m currently blister-free. The chipped and mostly grown out pedi from early August might work against me, though.

  48. I would say my feet might be a solid 6, but I am proud of all the miles and wonderful things my feet have enable me to do throughout the years. Luckily, I still have all my toenails but my callouses are impressive!

  49. I’d probably rank them today around a 6. Not as bad as they were post half marathon last month, but still no where near approachable for a pedicure. With some unattractive healing blisters and a consistently missing second toenail, I am happy for the cold temps as a reason to cover these barking dogs.

  50. I’m going to say 6. My feet aren’t terrible, and I’ve been lucky enough to never lose a toenail, but I do have a slight bunion on one foot that can be troublesome and I’m also dealing with a little PF in the other foot. Feeling pretty good right now after taking it easy for over a month since my last marathon! This is an awesome giveaway, I love good running socks!

  51. I’d say a 6 in looks. They’re not beautiful, but not hideous. As for health, right now, they’d get a 2. Can’t get ride of plantar fascitis after a full month of rest and diligent stretching.

  52. I would say my feet are a 6. I have two ugly toenails that just keep getting uglier and I am in need for a pedicure. I live in PA so I don’t care right now except I am on my way to Florida and have to think about painting my toenails for flip flops. Ugghh.

  53. My feet are probably a 5. Pretty average. Overdue for a pedicure but not really gross. MY feet tolerate running pretty well. Have run more than 20 marathons and ultras and have yet to (knock on wood) lose a toenail or even get a blister! Yay feet!

  54. My feet are probably at a 6. It’s getting cold out, so naturally my heels start to get dry, and I am in need of a pedicure. But otherwise, unless it’s raining, I still sometimes go out in flip flops!

  55. My second AND third toes are longer than my first and usually suffer some sort of insult, but I have to say: for a Fall in which I set out to run a half a month [Sept-Dec — bring on Rehobeth], plus a Hat Trick for poops and giggles, my feet are faring better than I would have thought — one black toe nail, two recovering blisters, you get the idea. All I need is a pedicure….I am so embarrassed to even ask someone to take on that project right now!

  56. I have been suffering from blisters when I run (so pretty much constantly) since the birth of my fourth child in March. For some reason, that pregnancy did a number on my feet – they grew an entire size (!!) and the shape changed (weird as that sounds). But, vain to the end, I always have my toes done – even if it’s just me, my hubby and my littles seeing them!

  57. My feet are fine. They get me through my runs without complaint. It’s too cold to go barefoot, so who cares what they look like! 😉

  58. My feet are healing from blisters earned crewing for my best friend at World’s Toughest Mudder! Worth it! Because she took 6th place and I got lots of great photos to document her 60 mile journey!

  59. An 8. They’re so bad that I put polish on the bare skin where nails used to be. I lose two or three a year. And don’t get me started on the two hammertoes and one bunion on each foot. No pedicures ever; how can I ask someone to touch those feet? They’d probably look better if I went back to being a couch potato. Not on your life!

  60. My feet are a 7!! Training for my first half marathon (Disney Wine and Dine on Nov. 8–my running partners and I were Elastigirl from the Incredibles with BAMR on on the back of our shirts!!) and the cold weather have taken their toll! Calluses and nasty dry heels and soles!! Help!

  61. I rate mine a 1 – I love to wear flip flops and sandals (living in S. TX, we can wear them practically year round), so I take care of my feet.

  62. I give my feet a 1! One time, at a post race pedi, the pedicurist (who was a runner) said she would have never guessed I was a runner based on the look of my feet. At first, I felt slighted and then I decided that no, it was a good thing. Like my iron stomach, I count my good feet as one of my running strengths. I’m not the fastest runner which is probably why I’ve never lost a toe nail or pooped my pants, but whatever! Oh- and by the end of that pedi, I had convicted the pedicurist to run a full.

  63. I used to have a complex about my feet. My toes are freakishly long! But as I got older and started running I embraced them and thanked them for carrying me every single day! The old me would have probably given them a rating of about an 11,but today I know they have earned a solid 1! Long toes or not they keep me ‘grounded’. =)

  64. I like to say 2-3 because I like to get pedicures. My Mom is a manicurist so she gets after me to take care of my feet since I run.

  65. I don’t think mine have made it past a 5 since I was a toddler. Between the beginnings of some nasty bunions, a hammer toe (and callouses and blisters because of it) and lack of a professional pedicure for I don’t know how long because of recurring plantar warts, they are not a pretty sight!

  66. 5, my toes have been separating on both feet between toes #2&3. Looks like I wear my flip flops wrong. Or maybe I have Vulcan feet!

  67. I’d give mine a 4 — chipped nail polish, dry heels and never-ending nails with cracks in them! I try to get pedicures regularly so that they look better, but it’s tough to remember to that when they’re covered up. But, they keep me running so I’m happy about that!

  68. I would say mine are a 5. I try to make them pretty, but nail polish only covers (or can distract) so much. There is always a start or a remnant of a black toenail. If there isn’t, it means I haven’t been running enough!

  69. A 4. Since it’s cold here-my feet rarely see the light of day. My polish from my vacation in Oct is chipped and the nails are ridged. Definitely need to do something about them-but rarely have my socks off.

  70. I’d say a 6 only because I do get a pedi monthly to keep away ingrown nails. I have monstrously huge big toes and tiny pinky toes that get funky callouses.

  71. hmm—ID say wine are a 5 at all times. Not great but not horrible. I’m not a huge fan of my feet due to the shape of my toes. And the pressure on my smaller outer toenails makes it hard to grow those. 🙁 I did treat myself to an amazing pedi after I ran chicago and they look goodish now. Now, if I could address all of the aches and pains in my feet!!!!

  72. Warm weather a 3-4 but right now a 7 – I’ve been lazy about keeping them looking good now that flip flop weather is gone!

  73. Let’s go with a 6 due to the lovely calluses on the tips of my toes and dry heels. Oh the joys of a being a mother runner! Wear your flip flops proudly ladies, we are some amazing women doing amazing things!

  74. I would rate my feet a 5…my husband would say a 10! Size 10 thin arches you could drive a train under and sry heels like the desert sands. I think a great blog post would be for tribe members to send in pics of our wrecked feet too…to commiserate and to prove to my husband “heah, you haven’t seen nothing yet!” The more miles the better I feel and the worse my toes look

  75. probably a 4. My size 10, narrow, flat feet need some love (cracked heels etc). But it’s November in New England, so they’re not seeing the light of day anytime soon.

  76. Ah, my runners feet and toes are around a 4 – super short nails, lots of calluses and did not receive a pedicure since the Spring. Keep them mostly hidden in funky boots or shoes if at all possible now that it’s downright cold outside – they are not worthy of cute peep toe heels!

  77. I’d say 6.5. They aren’t totally gross but there’s a couple turning-black toenails, a lot of dried skin and callouses, and some blisters.

  78. I guess I’d say 3! I am in need of a pedi and probably a pumice stone to my heels, but overall my feet aren’t that bad. Living in So Cal they see the light of day about 90% of the time!

  79. Oh my goodness, if I could have one thing amputated and replaced with new, it would be my feet! I wear a size 12 and have a bunion on my left foot! They are far from sexy! I wear black running shoes to make them look smaller!
    It’s all good though. Me and my Baggins feet will be just fine:)

  80. Hmmm…4. My summer pedicure is mostly chipped off and but my feet are in great shape. I could pull off sandals or peep-toes with a quick DIY polish change.

  81. Ooh, I definitely get a gnarly 3. I’m pretty petite but wear a 9.5!! Thanks to my ridiculously long toes! But hey, they keep me running!

  82. I think my feet are awesome!! Probably a 2, a point off camera-ready because, well, feet are weird. But since mine get me where I need to go, and rarely do they complain, I’m a happy mother runner!

  83. They are about a 6…they’ve never been beautiful, and there are still 2 blue toenails from summer 1/2 marathons, but they are getting better soon!

  84. 8, they are still recovering from a couple black toenails from my marathon. Never got any while doing the training for the marathon, but then got two at the actual race. What gives?!

  85. I’d have to say a 1!in need of a pedicure. I have been blessed with the ability to retain all my toenails and not have them black and blue. Even with running a marathon 2 weeks ago they still look good. I attribute this to good socks and well fitted shoes.

  86. My feet are a solid 4. A broken toe over labor day, bunions, and on again/off again plantar fasciitis are taking a toll on my feet, but I’m not afraid to sport sandals in the summer. Everyone around me will just have to deal. 😉

  87. 8. Not pretty. Still recovering from terrible blisters this summer and only now growing out the bruise from dropping a sippy cup on my big toe June of 2013. Yes 2013.

  88. I’ve always liked my feet, they’re big and flat but never look fat and never feel bloated. I’m not claiming pedi beauty, I’m sure if rated by others, they would be a 10, but they keep me upright, balanced and grounded and they are one of my fave body parts!!

  89. My are definitely an 8+. No matter the distance or where I’m at in my training my feet look terrible but I love socks!

  90. I’d give mine a 6. Four black toenails from running but that didn’t stop me from wearing flip flops during the summer. But there was polish over it.

  91. Let’s see, at this moment they have no polish (which is better than it’s usual 3 week old polish). I’ve never had a pedicure but I do have all my toenails. A 2 year old callus on one of my toes from too big running shoes I was wearing when I first started out and before I was properly fit, but otherwise, not bad – I’ll give them a 5. I’m not keen to show them off, but not horribly embarrassed by them 🙂

  92. I give my feet a 7 but my daughter says they are gross. I’ve had issues with nail fungus for years. And I’m pretty sure I have the flattest feet on the planet.

  93. In this season of gratitude, I will say I am grateful for my feet for all the thousands of miles they have run … But, I’m not gonna lie, they aren’t pretty lol. 8.5 might even be a but generous but that’s what I’m going with 🙂

  94. 8.5 – The one thing I always do for myself is a pedicure! However I do have bunions. Not terribly hideous but they are still there.

  95. My toes are an 8…I have no issues baring them in public, but they are the toes of a runner. Funny toenails on my long “index” toes, no toes (ever in my life) on my pinky toes. Lovely.

  96. My feet are so not good. I’d say an 8. My favorite was getting a massage before my last half and he said “pease tell me this is nail polish on your toes.” It was not.. lots of black nails thanks to this little running habit of mine.

  97. Probably a 6? My feet are actually not looking that bad right now, although my socks are hiding the remains of my bright-red, pre-NYC Marathon pedicure. Probably time to take that off…

  98. My sister would say my feet are a 10 – she’s horrified by them! But I don’t mind the bruised or missing toenails. But I’ve always got to wear shoes, even around the house. My arches are non-existent and without shoes on, I get shin splints very easily.

  99. I’d say 5. I have all my toenails, no cracks in my heels currently, but I have a fre callouses that aren’t too pretty. Of course, I haven’t run much in the last couple of months as I wait for my pf to fully heal, so I’m sure that helps.

  100. Probably a 6 or so. I have all my toenails but they certainly aren’t pretty, and a season of marathon and half marathon training has left plenty of callouses and dry heels that I haven’t remedied!

  101. 6. Dry skin is my middle name and I can’t stand pedicures on my ticklish feet. Would love to win this one. Great socks make such a difference!

  102. I’m going to say 6 because for the first time in as long as I can remember, I have all my toenails! I couldn’t believe I finished my marathon with all nails intact.

  103. Mine are an 8. They’re beaten up with bunion, calluses and a hammer toe however I’ve had a recent pedicure so they currently are 8’s as opposed to normal 9/10 range.

  104. Mine are 8’s. I would have said 9’s but after seeing the foot pic from Dmity I took it down one! I need bunion surgery — would love to know why her’s failed.

  105. I’d say my feet come in around a 5. A bit on the large side and in need of some new polish, but they get me where I need to go. Now when comparing them to the hubs feet, they are propelled to a 1!

  106. Pick me! My feet are a 7 because I am two weeks from my 6th marathon! I love socks! When I adopted my youngest son, the social worker knew it would be a perfect match because we both love socks so much!

  107. About a 6….regular pedicures, lots of blister shield on runs and I’m pretty good….and fantastic socks, thank you for some more!

  108. My feet are probably a 3 or 4. Need a touch up of the polish, and maybe a bit of lotion. I’m thrilled I have all my toenails at the moment and no blisters.

  109. I would say a solid 4. Most of my blisters have healed, and I have all my toenails at the moment (and they are painted!!!!).

  110. I give my feet a 7. I won’t wear open-toed shoes unless I slather my nails in dark polish. Even then they’re pretty gross. 7 of my toenails are thick, broken, and/or black. I have calluses on the balls of my feet and the tips of some toes. And I have hairy big toes, like a Hobbit.

  111. Maybe a 7? I actually think my feet are pretty cute, other than the calluses…but it’s hard to hate those because I know how many miles it took to build those babies! 🙂

  112. ugh! A 5. Not too bad but old nail polish and a thick spot on two….apparently the nail beds have been traumatized and callused too much.

  113. My feet are 10’s..I’ve got old polish on two toes only, ingrown toe nails, and one missing nail. Plus, my left foot itches all the time from athletes foot!

  114. I would rate my feet about a 5. I wouldn’t be too embarrassed currently to start sandals but they could definitely use some attention! A good foot rub, some moisturizer, and getting off the dried skin. Ahhh…I might just need to spring for a pedicure!

  115. my feetwith two recently lost nails are close to a 9. in a week or so tho I anticipate being able to put some polish on and pretend i am a 2 or 3. haha I really should have another pedi…I have a halfmara in 8 weeks. So need to spruce up for the holidays

  116. Probably a 9….gnarly bunions, purple toenail, crazy purple blister … It ain’t pretty. I have a pair of those sof sole socks and they are DREAMY.

  117. I’d say 3. I take pretty good care of my feet with regular pedis. They are a little beat up, but because I have fought through PF for almost a year, last year, I never take them for granted and often massage and use peppermint lotion on them. I use superfeet insoles, but need new ones and would be interested in trying this kind.

  118. Hmmm…an 8? They aren’t bad. My husband would say the worst offense is the months old manicure I bury under winter socks. When will half polished toes be in style?

  119. Mine are probably an 8 right now – some of the worst they’ve been! I ran a rainy half in September, and four of my toenails still haven’t recovered.

  120. 9… At least I try to keep them painted. Over five years ago, I got a pedi before my son was born and got a fungus. It’s still there! Yuck! The big toe! It makes my toe ugly and the nail grows funky and often pokes through my running shoes after awhile. Yes, I’ve tried oral medications and topical. I recently lost a toenail from marathon training. My heels are always dry and crackly looking. I’m pretty sure the bumps on the outside of my feet weren’t always there, were they??? It’s not a pretty sight, but I try to take care of them so they will take care of me(which I have an unexplained pain on the bottom/side of my right foot).

  121. Mine would be around a 4 or 5. They look okay, until you look closely at the dry, flaky, nasty skin on my big toe. Nail polish definitely helps cover the discoloration underneath the nails! Thank goodness for winter and the need for socks and shoes!

  122. For a runner my feet aren’t normally bad….after a good pedi up to a 2, but right now with no pedi since summer, maybe an 8 at best, but at least all toenails currently in tact!!! Hubby even saw my toes last night and suggested i was really in need of a pedi!!!

  123. 10, I have 4 nasty nails right now, that I’ve been hiding all fall. 2 marathons in one month has done its toll. Heading to the podiatrist in a few weeks to deal with them soon, now that I’m not training.

  124. I’d usually give my feet a 1, but I’ve got a bruised toenail from 40 miles of running on an ultra relay team last month–I’m still wondering if/when that toenail will fall off!

  125. I guess mine would have to be a 7… not horrible, all toenails are intact, but they still clearly have a lot of miles on them. I never get pedicures because I’m too self conscious to let anyone get a close up view.

  126. 6 because I just gave myself a pedi and camouflaged my bluish second toenails that I’m sure will fall off…..again

  127. I don’t have a problem baring my feet in sandals! During relays I usuallybhabe a couple of gnarly blisters though! Hopefully these socks can help (if I win them!).

  128. My feet would have to be 5. Not horrible but not great. If love to try the sofsoles because after years of no heel pain my right heel has flaired up. Just when I am getting my grove back. Don’t get to run an upcoming 10 mile race 🙁

  129. Left foot is a ten. Shockingly perfect (probably the only perfect thingabout me). My right foot a 7. After 4 pregnancy, the circulation in my right foot and leg will never be the same. A lot of broken blood vessels and a monthly swell that reminds me, I am happy to be a mom of 4, 5 is not for me.

  130. 3 — I have two young kids so running and getting pedicures are my mental breaks. I love taking an hour every few weeks to go get my nails done at the salon.

  131. 10, for sure. I always say if I ever got plastic surgery, I would choose a foot job. My husband says I have lego feet because they’re so flat and wide. But, my toes could surely use a pedicure these days and I’m missing a toenail. I’m grossing myself out!

  132. As a newer runner, I’d give my feet a five. They are narrow and bony and I have bunions that have come back even though I had surgery at 17. However, I have yet to break a toe or lose a nail. I just wish my feet would carry me faster!

  133. I would have to rate mine a 5. Not bad, but not great. Now that I’m training for my first half, they’re getting pretty beat up and sore. : /

  134. My feet are about a 5 – they havent seen the light of day since my PF started in August. I do need a pedicure, but would rather have these insoles and socks!!

  135. I would have to rate my feet an 8…my feet are blistered (due to shoes that weren’t even that cute!!) and my toenails always take a beating because I have such long toes, but yet love to run so much! I am trying to get them in slightly better shape before getting a pedicure…but am grateful for winter months so they can hibernate.

  136. While I certainly won’t be offered a foot modeling gig, I still have pink polish on, and could wear flip flops (if it weren’t 20 degrees). I have a Ped-Egg that sloths off dead skin, and my daughters think it completely disgusting when I drag it out in the midst of winter. On a scale of 1-10 for middle-aged women, I’d give my feet an eight. The rest of my body? That’s another story!

  137. I would have to say 7. I have a massive plantar’s wart on my right foot that will never seem to go away no matter how diligent I work at getting it to go away. I have a corn on my left foot that flares up real good when I’m in training. I rarely ever get a pedicure but when I do I am sure to wear flip flops to show it off!

  138. I’d give my feet a 4. Not terrible right now, but short thick toenails are easily hid by a dark polish. Even my heels aren’t super cracked as they normally are.

  139. My feet are probably a 6. I finished my first marathon on Nov 2nd and even though I made it through all of the training with only one tiny blister on mile 16 of my 18 miler I somehow managed to get massive blisters around mile 8 on my marathon. WTH!! They threw in about a half mile of cobble running and it wasn’t supposed to be a trail run :-(. My nails came through perfect thanks to great running shoes. Then two weeks after the marathon, I bruised one from wearing the wrong shoes to work on our ranch. Might lose a nail after all 🙁

  140. My feet look great on the surface. Inside you’d discovered that just as the PF on my right foot recovered, my left foot developed an unidentified pain which I hope is related to worn out shoes so that my brand new shoes will bring quick healing.

  141. I think my feet are pretty beautiful. I’d give them a 2 with polish – hiding my FIRST bruised toenail, wondering if I will lose the nail or not. I occasionally deal with slight flare ups of PF from wearing horrible slip on shoes with no support. I try not to do that, PF is horrible.

  142. My feet are about a 6. My feet are actually in good shape, but my toes (specifically my toenails) are totally gross. Usually polish can hide it all, but my toes have blisters that just won’t quit.

  143. I would rate mine a 6… Maybe a 5 if I had a pedicure. I have bunions and my feet are wide. They just aren’t great looking to begin with. I wear sandles and flops in the summer but I’m choosy. They have to cover at least some of my foot.

  144. I would go with a 3. My feet aren’t too bad at all. I still have l my nails (right now, lol) and the blisters have gone away (for now).

  145. Visually–I’d say about a 3–not too bad. Functionally–8-9. Trying to heal from a really nasty case of plantar fascitis and insertion all achilles tendinitis:((. Ugh– will I ever run again???

  146. I’m right around a 6 or 7. Mostly, I just appreciate all they do for me. Visually low scores, but on functionality, I rate them a 9 or 10,

  147. My feet are a definite 10, mostly due to the horrible state of my toenails. One big toe nail is gray, the other has a ridge down one side that is flaking. My pinky toe nails grow straight up – try clipping that! Add to that the callus (corn?) on my right foot, and my cracked heels, and – UGH!

  148. I would say I’m at a 9. Besides being runner’s feet, my feet are formed really strangely and I’ve been self-conscious about them since I can remember. Basically, my first four toes are all long and about the same length and then I have a tiny stub of a pinky toe that barely has a toenail. It is not attractive. Oh, and add wide feet in with that pretty picture. I am doing the world a favor by keeping my feet hidden.

  149. I’d say a 7. I’m three days out from my first Half Marathon, and feet are looking pretty good. A friend advised me to rub vaseline on my toes, which I did. Good advice! I have yet to lose a toenail – knock on wood!

  150. About a 5 for both feet combined. Glad to hide that one purple toenail under socks and sandals. Maybe it will grow out by real sandal weather time!

  151. Overall, a 4 if you don’t include my 4th and 5th toes…those are 9s! Luckily, running hasn’t been hard on my feet or toes. I think I was born with those ugly 4th and 5th toes!

  152. 2. They are a bit dry and need a new set of jamberry wraps, but they don’t look like runner’s feet, even after last Sunday’s half.

  153. My poor piggies. I’d rate them at an 9 right now. I just had a Morton’s neuroma removed 10 days or so ago, so it’s better for everyone if we don’t look at what’s hiding under these bandages!

  154. I’d rate my feet a 6 right now. Lucky for a tropical vacation at the end of October, so a fairly recent pedicure and somewhat fresh polish.

  155. I think I have nice looking feet with no odd issues except for my thick big toenails which can rub holes in any kind of shoe upper faster than the shoe can wear out otherwise. Give it a 3.

  156. I’d say a three. Not too bad after 1/2 a few days ago. I’m with Christa though – I don’t show them off or hide them. I just try to take care of them always. I have a few Adias socks that I like, but I’m willing to be a convert!

  157. I’d go with a 7 right now – not horrible, but really need a pedicure though after one has been taped for about 6 weeks trying to let a plantar fascia tear heal…and now I think I have some bone issues in my heal…the sof soles and socks would be great for me!

  158. i guess 3-ish. not perfect…one really gnarly big toenail…but otherwise, not too bad. i wear Birks…the world can see my disfigured toenail! perhaps my standards are low!

  159. I would say about a 8. They weren’t doing so badly, but yesterday my toes had an ‘incident’ in the form of a small plastic tag left in my sock as I ran 10 miles. Ouch! Lots of sad, bloody toe issues now…

  160. I’d say mine around about 7-8. Luckily I’ve never had to deal with the dreaded black toenails. But as I’m contemplating running my first marathon in 2015, I think I may finally “get” the chance to!

  161. I’ll go with a 3. I recently got a little “13.1” tattoo on my foot which I adore and I’ve been keeping my toenails painted and wearing sandals around the house even though it is SO cold out!

  162. I’d rate my feet about 6. No bad nails but super calloused. Not too bad after a pedicure, but why bother if they’re going to be hidden in boots all winter?

  163. Perhaps others would disagree, but I think mine are a 6. Two mostly black toenails and a partially healed blood blister, dry heels and haven’t had a pedicure since mid-summer, but overall, they’re strong and healthy.

  164. My feet are probably a 3. No blisters right now, actually I am not sure why not, I seem to have perma-blisters on the sides. I was so sad not to lose a nail or have it turn black during my half!! I wanted that runners badge of honour!

  165. I would rate my feet at a 5. I don’t have nappy toenails, but I have a few calluses. My heels are a bit dry but not too gross. I prefers to wear socks and sneakers to keep them comfy and “hidden”, but I don’t care if I wear flip flops either.

  166. Well… after a toe hair wax and a pedicure, I could probably call my feet a 3. Some of the toes are looking more squared than round, but that’s just part of my charm.

  167. I’d go with a 5. Not horrible, not great. My one big toe was almost completely regrown and then I went skiing on Sunday. Pretty sure my new boots did not fit right and now that nail feels like it’s gonna go again. Oh well. Makes me feel badass!

  168. I’d probably say a 9. I have a couple of toenails in various states of re-growth. Heels are scaly and cracked. The whole foot is dry. Toenail fungus, pretty bad on several toes. Polish is about 40%. It’s bad.

  169. About a 7. No polish, thickened second toenail on both feet, dry heels. Trying to be kind to them by wearing Dansko clogs most of the time now.

  170. Oh about a 4 – nails are too long and unpolished, but they don’t see the light of day much during the winter, so my usually-cracked heels are looking a bit better from the constant sock-wearing. My PF is killing me, though, so these insoles would be a god-send.

  171. I have yet to lose any toenails (another good reason to keep doing 13.1 instead of the full), and for that reason, I’ll rate my feet a solid 5. My toenails are so tiny that they really don’t exist at all on my two smallest toes. My heels are dry and they crack in the winter (along with my legs, sigh).

  172. I would rate my feet at a 3. I am nit running outside right now so my toes don’t have blisters and are not bloody. They are a little dry and I need to reain my nails!

  173. Usually I would say my feet are a 4 but right now I am in desperate need of a pedicure and although I have clipped my toe nails, the polish is almost grown out. Today, I rate my feet a 1.5.

  174. I would say a 3. Constantly working on my feet to avoid heel fissure and ingrown toenails. But thanks to 13.FUN I am losing a toenail – a badge of how hard I worked.

  175. Not good. I’d say 9. A few toenails in various states of re-growth. Heels are dry. Polish is about at 20%. They’ve been worse, but not much. 🙂

  176. Maybe a 7. Old polish. Some corn things. Rough heels. Internally past PF is trying to come back. My biggest foot problem is they are not reliably healthy/ functional. Also, feet in general with the exception of baby / toddler feet totally gross me out.

  177. 8. Because they are not dry, cracked or peeling at the moment. Surgery scars from bunion surgery and neuroma removal. They have been in a state of spreading (can a foot get wider with age?!) from years of taekwondo (broken toe!) and running. Orthotics weren’t as helpful as I had hoped, but my feet get me out the door 🙂

  178. They’re at a 7. Big toe is black and blue and piggy toenails are almost non-existent. It doesn’t stop me from running though. I love socks and should probably have insoles in my regular day shoes with my high arch.

  179. 6 despite the lack of a pedicure. However compared to my non runner husband they are a 10. Not sure how his feet became such a mess….maybe its the hockey skates.

  180. 7! In their natural state they are hideous with huge bunions from pointe shoes (a past life) and high heels, plus callouses, missing toenails and bruises from marathons. But thanks to luxurious pedicures with a pretty colored shellac – they can be visible in the warm months.

  181. Ewww… I would say an 8-9. The only reason not a 10 is because I currently have all of my toe nails. No one needs to see these babies. On a side note, if anyone rates theirs as a 1 I want to see a pic! I thought by definition runners = ugly feet! 😉

  182. I’d say a 6 or 7. I danced when I was younger, so lots of callous. and I don’t do anything special with my feet – no polish.

  183. ok, I will admit my feet are around a 3. I have always been slightly obsessed with them and their upkeep. I lost a toenail this summer and wore a bandaid on it if I was in flip flops, until it grew back…
    But it is now back and I can proudly go sockless, except of course that it is below freezing now

  184. Mine are a 9, and the only reason I don’t give them a 10 is because they still have a few chips of nail polish on them from when my kids were brave enough to paint them. Calloused and beat up!

  185. Right now, 5. Toenails are chipped and overgrown and have a nasty blister from the aircast I’ve been wearing for my stress fracture. But by this afternoon they should be up to a 6 or 7-I plan to give them an at home pedi before going in for gait analysis this afternoon.

  186. Hmmm…I’d say my feet are a 6. I’ve got plantar faciitis that sometimes flares up, and my toenails are thick and sometimes discolored. Callouses and blisters are always present. Okay, maybe I’m more like an 8. 🙂

  187. Probably a 5 because my half-marathon lost toenail is finally growing back! They could be much better if there was time for a pedicure but if given the time, I would rather put in the miles on the pavement than sit in the chair!

  188. Before I started running I would have said a 10, I loved my feet. Now I am proud to say more of a 4 due to the callouses and blisters that have happened over the past year! But hey just a good excuse to get a pedicure from time to time.

  189. I would give my feet a 3 on the publicly presentable scale. The tops look fairly good, have never lost a toenail (knock on wood!)the bottoms though have little calluses between the big toe and other toes.

  190. About an 8! The bad thing about winter for my feet is that they no longer get the nail polish that hides all of my black and missing toenails. Post marathon this year, I am missing two toenails (partially black, and partially growing new ones!) and have two others that are regrowning from spring marathon! But I proudly let those toesies out for fresh air because they help me accomplish my goals 🙂

  191. My feet are a 5 on the outside (calluses galore if you look closely), but an 8 on the inside (plantar fasciitus and hallux rigidus).

  192. I’ll give mine a 5.. not so terrible, not so great. They’re wide, and wider post-babies, and they’re calloused, but they have 10 toenails, no pain, and toes in the right order. And they cover the miles. What more can you ask for?

  193. I’d say a 9 – not worth bothering with a pedicure until after my January marathon! And 1 blister I just can’t get away from- yuck!

  194. I am a complete dolt about visuals as far as my feet go. I don’t get pedicures and just generally don’t care what they look like, even in flip flop season. Currently I don’t have any cool running-related grossness – black toe nails, etc. But, I guess my feet are in pretty good shape bc whenever someone sees my feet who knows about such things – PT, chiropractor, MD – they almost always say, “wow, you’re a distance runner? your feet look pretty good considering your mileage!”

    That being said, I would never say “no” to yummy feet-treats! 🙂

  195. I’d say a 4? I’ve got a great pedicure (so what if it’s a month old!). And you really can’t see the underside of my feet.

  196. I love my feet – an absolute 1. Even when I get the occasional blister (or small bout of PF) I still believe they are super sexy. But they could really use to TLC with the PF that has been flaring up!

  197. I’m not training right now (since I’m 29.5 weeks preggo), so my feet aren’t as bad as usual… but they’re still in need of a good pedicure!

  198. I’d rate mine a 5. Somewhat decent pedicure, but two large dried blister remnants (one on each baby toe). A callus on tip of 2nd toe right foot (is my toe too long?). But from the top view, not too bad.

  199. My feet endured well this year, even after training for my first Ironman. I never even lost a toenail! Yay for well fitting shoes! My feet are about a 6 or 7, I’d say, even after a well-deserved pedi in Cancun only 3 weeks ago.

  200. I would rate my feet “nice” at about an 8. Just had a pedicure a week ago, but the second toe on each foot has a REALLY short nail due to a blister under the toe nail after my

  201. My feet are a 1 – One of my favorite body parts because of all they do. I take good care of them, got fitted for the right-sized shoe, and give them a little self-massage TLC at least 3x a week! With a quick self-pedicure, they are presentable just about all year. Of course, I also don’t run Shalane Flanagan mileage, either.

  202. Mine is an 8 – they mostly look ok since i pumice them pretty regularly and use foot cream when they get out of hand – but right now i have entire toes with no nail polish and all of them are chipped on both feet. I need a pedi bad!

  203. Mine are probably a 6. They aren’t too ugly, just calluses mostly. But I keep my nails super short and they currently have chipped polish leftover from the summer, I guess!

  204. My feet are probably an eight. Still have PF in my left one. The right has one black toenail and one half grown one. Both have countless blisters and callouses. So yeah, maybe they are more like a ten.

  205. I’d say 8. My feet are super wide with no arch and tons of callouses. I’ve actually had people look at my feet and say “you must be a runner.”

  206. Three? Still some PF issues at times and definitely not pretty to look at. They are very wide and hard to fit, but at the moment I’m wearing some Cobb Hill leather flats with added insoles.

  207. I joke a lot about how nobody is touching my runner’s feet but me, especially during marathon training! LOL I’ve got a lot of bruised toenails and have lost two (one on each foot) over the past 6 years, so all in all, I don’t think my feet look *too* bad. Oh and for a period of time following the marathon, my shoes were hiding some nasty blisters! Thankfully after a lot of pumice stone and heavy-duty Bath & Body Works lotion they are back to normal there. 🙂

  208. I’d rank my feet at a 7. I wear a shoe with a wide toe box so I’ve been able to prevent the black toe nail thing, but my callouses are out of control!

  209. I’d have to go with a 6. Nothing crazy right now, but those heel callouses might be a little out of control. Wait, I think it’s time for a pedicure!

  210. I would say a 5. They look fine, nothing wonderful, but I think that feat (how punny!) is impressive considering that I took ballet classes from age 4 through 18, including years of pointe (which is brutal on the toes and creates bunions). I also had to have ingrown toenail surgery last year (during which the podiatrist literally cuts a strip of the nail away along each vertical side of the toe and tries to kill the nerves so the nail will not regrow) which has made the nails on each of my big toes slightly narrower in width. My other toes are a little curly, but I have finally decided that’s a lovable quality. 🙂

  211. Probably a 5, not so bad at the moment since a lot of my running as been on the treadmill. Still some lingering blisters and callouses.

  212. ohhhh…….I would say a 3…..maybe. I deal with bunions and right foot is very painful with 99% of the steps I take, especially when running. My feet have gotten so bad and so contorted, they are two different sizes. Anyways….they keep me going and I’ll run with them for as long as possible.

  213. I would rate my feet about a 7 or 8. I have a thing that my toenails must always be painted, but I rarely get a pedicure (like 3 times in my life) so I get calloused. I did break a foot and have to have surgery years ago, so my left foot has a 4inch long scar on the top – along with a little deformation of the bone that didn’t quite heal normally.

  214. My flipper feet are a 5, super wide, high arch, short toes make them look more like flippers than feet, not too cute in sandals, but I don’t worry about that stuff anymore. They are going strong, and that’s good enough for me.

  215. About a 6 or 7. In desperate need of some TLC and a pedi. I’ve also developed some weird skin thing on one toe that may or may not be a wart. I’m now sporting some lovely wart pads to see if it will go away. Feeling thankful that it’s cold and no one needs to see these dogs.

  216. Maybe a 6. I rarely trim my nails, can’t remember my last pedicure, have some stray big toe hairs, and of course I have calluses. That said, they aren’t gross and there are parts that are soft and I don’t have any fungus, so overall not horrible.

  217. Mine are about a 6. My feet and toes are not shaped too badly except for a couple of toes that are a bit misshaped, but my nails are horrible. I’ve battled ingrown nails and fungus on the big toes and little toes for years!

  218. My toes? About a 7. Home pedicures help to mask a big toenail that is abnormally large. Heels? A two. I cringe every time a go to yoga class and have to bare those nasty things!!

  219. My feet are probably a 7. Nothing misshapen or disfiguring, always with polish (sometimes chipped), but always dry & not treated as well as they treat me!

  220. I’m close to an 8, as in, oops, never ready for open toed shoes, or pretty strappy sandals….last pedicure was, what year are we in? 🙁

  221. the tops of my feet I would give a 7-8 but the bottoms are a def 2! I am also (hopefully) recovering from PF. ugh hoping to make the turkey 10k I already signed up for!

  222. My feet are a 3… I live in South Florida, so they are in flip flops nearly year round. I also go barefoot often around home, so they are pretty tough. I do have a toenail on my big toe that gets angry often, but under polish, no one can see the bruise under the nail.

  223. My feetsies are about a 4. I have a two-month-old pedicure flaking off, bunions beginning to grow, and calluses forming on my big toes. And you know what…I’m darn proud of my feet. My feet have taken me more miles than I could have ever dreamed of. My feet will take me 26.2 for the first time in March.

  224. My feet are about a 7. Good, old reliable feet! They look better now that I treated them to a pedicure after the 13.FUN challenge. I wish I had a regular pedicure appointment.

  225. My feet are about a 5. Bunions on both, a tiny speck of nail polish left from the summer on both big toes, dry, and callused. 😐

  226. I’m easily a 7 or 8 now, thanks to completing a marathon on Nov 1! Getting back to some reasonable mileage before spring and flip flops. =)

  227. I would rate mine a 5, and that’s only because I happen to have all ten toenails at the moment. (One is looking like it is going south, but it is still there for now!) Because I regularly lose a couple toenails no matter what I do, I shy away from regular pedicures, so my feet could probably use a little more love…

  228. So I would say about an 8. Toe nails are none too pretty and weren’t even during sandal season. Probably better that wearing boots most of the time now in snowy Wisconsin. Still outside running, the weather won’t stop me.

  229. About a 6. Prefer dirt trail running. So dirt, sand, pebbles, gravel, etc. find cushion next to my toes, metatarsal areas. Blisters are common. MN winters are drying them out. DH lovingly commented once while massaging them “you use to have such pretty feet.” Remember I said, “while massaging them,” but I agree. <>

  230. A 3. Thanks to my own callous razor and a good file, my callouses are pretty tame right now. I’ve been good at keeping the skin good and smooth as it’s starting to get drier. They’d look much better with an actual pedicure and a coat of polish!

  231. I would rate mine a 3/4. I am still building back my mileage after baby #3. Hopefully, mine will be more of a 7/8 by the spring from all the miles I am getting in! 🙂

  232. After completing my first full marathon a few weeks ago…my feet definitely have seen better days! Right now, I rate them a 9! I have two nails that are working on falling off, one totally black nail and don’t even get me started on on how crusty my feet are. My three year-old son said to me, “Why do you like your feet like that, mom?” Nice, huh? I struggle with foot/knee pain all the time. I have tried different insoles, but I haven’t been totally satisfied. I would love to give these ones a whirl!

  233. 5 My friend once called my feet “Fred Flintstone” feet. I don’t have any gross foot deformities or ailments (currently, knock on wood) but they definitely have a stubby appearance. Although right now they are sporting a nail polish the same exact color as they sneakers I’ll be wearing during my first marathon this Sunday! 🙂

  234. Probably a 4. I usually have my toes painted and no funny foot ailments. But they would look LOTS better if I had a pedicure once in a while!

  235. I’d say a 7. I had an ingrown toenail removed and my nail is just starting to grow back. Ick and ouch!! Plus just the general ickiness of dry winter feet.

  236. I would rate my feet a 7, its not the feet as much as the toes. Can’t shake the black-n-blue nails. but its winter in Northern Minnesota, so I don’t concern myself with those pesky nails. Lt it be is my motto for the cold months.

  237. My feet are an 8. Thanks to my first marathon!, I’m rocking two purple toenails on my left foot and an inch long blister on the right foot.

  238. I’d give them a 7 or so right now. Caluses, missing toenails, pedicure that has grown out on 8-10 toes, flaking skin on the bottoms…it’s not good.

  239. Mine would be 7-8. I’ve lost several toenails over the years as an ultra runner. Plus, I’m dealing with ingrown toenails, which I never had before?! I paint them in the warm months to make them less purple but I should probably have a full-time pedicurists on payroll.

  240. I would say a 3. I only have a few nails that have been damaged a long the way. I lotion at least once daily in winter and am really careful on my shoes and socks to limit blisters. Probably little lucky as well.

  241. My feet are never that pretty – can’t stand nail polish and rarely put it on, it seems my nails aren’t able to breathe when I do – and they are more like boats than cute feet, and I have 2 toes that lost a lot of mobility since I broke them years ago. But right now they’re doing their job, and I’m not injured, so for me, that’s a straight 10 :)!

  242. I think that my feet may be a 9 or a 10 right now. Just yesterday during Yoga I was hoping that the people behind me were not staring at them!

  243. Right now I’d rate them at a 5. I could move them up to a 3 if I’d at least paint my toenails. LOL. I’ve mainly recovered from the wrath going barefoot and wearing flip flops usually puts upon my feet. Still have some callouses and rough spots on the heels and ball of my foot. I’m hesitant to work too much on them though because I don’t want to battle blisters again.

  244. As a Type 1 diabetic, I have to pay extra-special attention to my tootsies. Today, I would give my feet a ‘3’. Each day, I inspect my feet to make sure there aren’t any blisters or cuts and I wear performance socks when I run. As a treat, I use a little (nicely-scented) foot scrub and a pumice bar to rub around my big toe and heel once a week. So far, so good…

  245. Currently I will say a 6 as I have one black toenail that I have no idea where it’s going. Luckily, with Portland falls and winters, no one is going to be seeing these feet anytime soon.

  246. Looks I’d give them a 9 – pain wise a 5 🙁 (Bone bruise on my heel, tailors bunion, and morton’s neuroma on the other foot). I need cushioning!

  247. Oh man, I’m going to say 8 and that’s being fairly generous. My pedicure is months old, two toenails are planning to secede from the foot-nation, I have so many blisters my skin just looks white around the toes, calluses have built homes on top of blisters, and to top it all off? My toes are hairy. TMI, of course…but you asked 🙂

  248. Maybe a 5? That’s being generous, but with the callouses I can’t bear to pumice because I’ve built them up over countless half marathons and marathons, even my husband wants me to wear socks around the house!

  249. Mine are behaving themselves at the moment, so I’ll give them a three. A few months ago, a sore left toe brought their rating down to nine. I could walk but forget the running!

  250. 5 is the best I would get – yellowed toenails from summer polish. Tip – cutting them straight across avoids ingrown toenails. Not as pretty, but over 40 with 3 kids….

  251. My feet are a 6 – after recovering from a stress fracture in my heel, due to high arches! Because I haven’t been able to run since August, the blisters have healed up from a failed marathon training season, but one toenail still looks like it is clinging to life. I’ve been in a boot until last Friday, so haven’t dared let anyone touch my feet to pretty them up. It’s definitely time, snow boots or not!

  252. I rate mine a solid 5. That stands for the five toes that are not beat up with knots or damaged nails. I can now say I’m truly a runner since my first nail is about to fall off. Is that something to be proud of? YES!

  253. I’d have to rate mine at a 7.5. I’ve never lost a toenail & they are looking pretty good at the moment, but have been chopping more and more toenails off as I run more because they ache when they get too long. Whenever I get a pedicure, they ask if I have in grown toenails! Nope, just a Mother Runner.;)

  254. OMG I will need a rating that goes up to 14 or 15! My feet are so bad that I’m pretty sure a pedicurist would turn me away! A few mangled toenails, two black ones, and a few trying to grow in new (but the newish nail looks 100 years old!). It’s all rather pathetic…sigh.

  255. My feet are a solid 7. They are almost completely healthy, with just a little second metatarsal synovitis that gets me because my second toe is longer than my big toe. I also have had issues with plantars warts, but those are gone for now. However, I can’t remember the last time I did my nails OR had someone do them for me. My feet are ugly. Hence, the 7.

  256. My Freddy Feet are about a 4 right now! A way too old pedicure’s last remnants, with a nice crack down the middle of the big piggy trying to hold on to that nail that I stubbed nicely over a month ago. And yes, Freddy Feet, as in Fred Flintstone, flat and wide baby…my brother always asked me to go start his car with a Yabba Dabba Doo!

  257. I hate to show off, but I’m at about a 9. Recently had a pedi with a dear friend about to have her first baby. Annnnd, I have all of toe nails intact even after MCM last month! Life is good!

  258. My feet are at a 5. Haven’t had a pedicure since August, big corn on my little toe, blister (first one ever) in between big and second toes. They are in need of help, but waiting until after marathon on Dec. 7 😉

  259. I would give my feet around an 8. I have two black toenails that I am pretty sure will remain bruised due to running, other than that my feet are pretty good.

  260. Mine are about a 6-7. I use lotion a few times a day to keep them descent without removing what’s needed to prevent blisters. I had a black toenail but thankfully it has finally grown out!

  261. 5. They aren’t terrible, but I’ve got some thick toenails and rough heels that could benefit from a pedicure and some pampering.

  262. I’d say around a 7. My poor feet are calloused and slightly blistered. I’m trying to stretch my shoes as long as I can…and my feet are paying for it!!

  263. My feet are probably a 5 at the moment. Not the worst they have been (thanks to more running shoes less sandals all summer, but they do need some massive TLC! The socks and insoles sound simply amazing! My high, inflexible arches have been an issue for 32 years now, since I was made to wear saddle shoes with orthotics starting in second grade to try and stretch them out.

  264. Most of the time I think my feet are not too bad. I have a few black toenails, and two of those are super thick layers of toenail (kind of weird – I think it comes from balling my toes up when I run sometimes?). I have a bunion on my left foot and I am dealing with a flare up of eczema on both feet that itches like crazy when they are too dry or too sweaty. Haven’t had a pedicure in probably 2 years or more as I am just not sure what they will say when they look at my toes. I paint the toenails, even the weird ones, just to make me feel a little better on the rare times I don’t wear shoes.

  265. Okay, after some thought, I would say a four due to callouses and well, my hobbit toes. With some polish, A two would be the best they would get since my pinky toes have both been broken, hey those were the point shoe days and the big toe got broken by the pointer dog.

  266. I would say a 3…No black toe nails. But after running my first half several weeks ago, i have a huge, ugly blister. And I only got one pedicure this summer because I worried about getting rid of my calluses and getting more blisters.

  267. I would say probably a 5 right now, had a pedicure on a recent trip. This was also the same time when I realized that the nail technician does not exactly see black toenails as a BADGE! Oh my!

  268. About a 3 right now, I guess that means I am not running enough:) I think my husband would say a seven since I have callouses.

  269. I would say a 6 because my black toenails have fallen off but new ones are growing in, and they don’t look so great. However, I live in the South and wear flip flops whether my feet look good or not. Oh well, it could be worse!

  270. I think i’m pretty lucky! Lost 1/2 a nail after my 50k but it grew back. One small bunion, a bit dry but i have the most gorgeous runner girl tattoo on the top of my foot. . . Nail polish to match! I have to wear fip flops 🙂

  271. This is just too Funny of a post! Actually I am right now in the middle of a foot-beautification project for a family formal 50th Wedding party this weekend. The nice heels & open toed shoes demand some attention tothe feet for sure. And, while I would love to have feet that rate a 1-2, I am not blessed with naturally beautiful tootsies. I do try to be forever thankful of their strength, carrying me through life & long runs…but they are anything but easy to take care of. I call them my high maintenance body part! First there is the failed bunion surgery scars & the need for Wide shoes (no fun as a woman…no cute running shoes or heels for me). Then there is the constantly bruising 2nd toe & nail rebuilding process, a 100% guarantee after any race. (I am great at painting on a fake one 😉 though) And then the rough heels that I am constantly shaving off to at least have some pride (I swear I must have been a hooved animal in another life). So, I would have to rate them a 7/8 at best ..but they need to be a 2/3 by this weekend. Well, better get to work on them….much to do.

  272. I think the scale is a hoot – only runners would give the “10” the rating for uber gnarly feet 🙂 But then again, each callous and horrible toenail is almost a badge of honor. I’d give mine an 8 or 9. I recently didn’t do a pedicure with girlfriends because I was too embarrassed of my callouses, weird-colored toenails, and oddly shaped toenails from having them half-way lost.

  273. Probably around a five. During Tri season, I shy away from pedicures, not because I don’t want sparkly toes, but because then they are probably 8 or 9 and I don’t want to get scolded for how gnarly they are!

  274. I would say 4 right now. A little toe nail polish might make them a 6. I’m going to lose my left big toenail and my heels are looking a bit rough but at least they are not yet cracked.

  275. Probably an 8. Just lost two black toenails after running a marathon in October. Went to a wedding this past weekend and had to put polish where the nail USED to be on those two toes. Yuck!

  276. I’m gonna say a 5. My husband says my feet are gorgeous, despite my mileage. Although, heels are dry and polish is chipped. Living in a suburb of phoenix, we wear flip flops almost year round. So I have to keep them somewhat presentable.

  277. Im giving these feet a 9! I used to be so embarrassed of my long toes and big feet in general, but I have learned to love them because they carry me through sanity saving runs!!! Plus, I just got a pedicure 🙂

  278. On the outside they are probably about a 6-7 right now…my last pedicure was awhile ago and I haven’t done much with them since! However, I’m fighting off some pain in the right foot recently, so that would have to knock me down a few points.

    Overall – 4.5

  279. I would rate mine as a 5, to most people they look just fine. My nail polish is always chipped and missing as it rubs off when I run. But the bottoms, heel and side of my big toe are so callused it would take a dremmel in order to get them smoothed out!

  280. I’d say I 5…as a nurse and a runner I give my feet as much TLC as possible. As it is after a stretch I have to stay off my feet (other than running) as much as possible for at least a day or two. Not easy to do with a 1 and 3 yr old 🙂

  281. My feet are usually in the 3-4 range. I get pedicures every 4 weeks, so my toenails are always looking pretty, and I don’t have bunions or ET toes that would make me self-conscious about showing them off. I’m in sandals or flip flops unless it’s late fall/winter time.

  282. I’d say a 7, they aren’t knarley but the heals are kinda dry, but if it didn’t fall below 50 degrees, I’d still be in flip flops showing them off

  283. I’m a 4 today. If i just took off the old nail polish I might up it to a 3! But never higher–being a runner for more than half my life means my feet look best in running shoes!

  284. Actually, I have to say a 3! As a SAHM, I am usually seen sporting a hat (to mask dirty hair) & my running apparel. Keeping my toes painted & feet moisturized help me feel a little “fancy” as my daughters say:)

  285. I would say 8! I have dry crackly heels and the rest isn’t too soft either. The remnants of polish arebprobably worse than having no polish at all. And I keep them burried in my “house” running shoes because after 5 children my PF and arches need constant support.

  286. I’m starting to question what type of arch I actually have. I’ve been wearing Sof Sole since shortly after I started running. I pronate and it seems like my arches are fallen to look at my feet while standing. But, (and this is what is causing me issues right now) I have a visciously high instep. In any event, I’m doing my best to heal up from my marathon from 11/10 for the next one on 12/6. I never dreamed healing sore feet would be so difficult.

  287. I’m going with a 10+ I have just recently run in Minnesota and Savannah marathon, I’m attempting to run 50 marathons in 50 states by time I’m 50, without going broke. I am missing 2 toe nails and one is black, it also doesn’t help that I wear combat boots for 10 hours a day, I’m a k-9 officer for the Sheriff’s Office. My poor feet get no attention 🙁

  288. I’d have to say a 4…between running, being on my feet all day as a nurse, and an episode of toenail fungus from a sketchy pedicure place, my feet are no longer the cute little things they used to be! They don’t look bad from a distance but up close they’re kind of a mess!

  289. I would go with a 3. No missing toenails, black nails, or blisters. I have dry heels that not even a pedi-egg can tackle. Only a few flecks of polish from many months ago when I was in my sand volleyball league.

  290. I’d say…a 4 on the left foot and a 7 on the right! Both have fresh-ish polish, well-shaved toes (!), and newly clipped nails. Left foot has a big ole bunion that is my nemesis and a gnarly bruise where i mis-judged the staircase the other day. major ouch. So, average of 5.5 is pretty good. =)

  291. Mine are maybe a7 after a fresh pedi, but after my most recent half-marathon I’m gonna go with 9. I am missing two toenails (which is embarrassing to explain to the nail tech to just “polish the skin, it will look okay”), I have multiple calluses and bunions. However, I don’t have foot pain much anymore thanks to some Klogs brand clogs I found to work my 10 hour pharmacist’s shifts in. I can’t complain too much!

  292. I think a five. Nail polish would help my tootsies but I never paint them for fear that damage would be hidden until it was too late to remedy…

  293. a garage accident left me with an amputated right big toe. The doc sewed it back on, a little crooked. That, combined with the bout of hand foot and mouth disease over the summer left my nails a gruesome bunch. A four on my best, post pedi day.

  294. I’m probably one of the lucky ones. My piggies are probably a 3. They still have their nails (along with polish from a pedicure 5 months ago) and no calluses or blisters!

  295. 1-10….
    10 is picture perfect
    1, a sight for sore eyes
    probably a 6 on a good day.
    i still have hair on my toes, sign of good health.
    My black, gnarly nails from the marathon LAST December have finally grown out and the little pig who went to the market is hiding under number 4.

  296. I’d say a 5. I always keep my toenails painted (sport those “cute to me” Birkenstocks all summer long!), but my short stubby toes are definitely not model worthy!

  297. Probably a 3. They look pretty good considering what they used to look like. They function well…although the arches have been mildly miffed lately. Insoles might be what could help them!

  298. I’d say my feet are probably a 7. My feet definitely are not petite, let’s just say my son sometimes confuses my running shoes with my husbands! Toenails are usually painted and pretty (at least in the summer) but the scar from bunion surgery is really not a site anyone wants to see! When doing physical therapy after the surgery, the therapist was really concerned about the long, ugly scar. I guess I’ll never be a foot model!

  299. Abt a five. One and a half blackish toenails after training for my first half marathon. But lately ten really cold toes!

  300. I give my feet a 10. My feet look pretty bad and are flat. But they get the job done on my runs. Can’t complain about that. But new socks & insoles would be wonderful.

  301. I would rate my right in the middle. A happy medium #5. They are not ready for a close up, but really are not as bad as they used to be.

  302. I’ve decided that another benefit to my fall marathon is that I don’t have to worry about attempting to make the bruised toenails, blistered toe or calluses look better for a while. I’d rate my feet an 8…okay a 9.

  303. 5 is my number. As the left foot is very strong and ready to go. However, my right foot is in a boot and lacking strength,due to a stress fracture.

  304. Hmm…a 2 or 3…only because my yoga instructor said to me the other day, “You so don’t have the feet of a runner. Runners usually have pretty messed up feet! Yours look good.” I’m almost sure this was a compliment. 🙂

  305. My feet are about an 8 for surface beauty. They rank a 2 for function as plantar fasciitis and nerve pain has severely limited my running for the last 2 years.

  306. I am going to give my feet a 3. No polish since its cold weather plus a seed from a seed wart that I can’t see to dig out. Ugh the horror.

  307. I’d give mine a 3. Right now they’ve got no polish on them but the nails are in decent shape and all the blisteres have healed.

  308. Going to go with a solid 5 ranking… no loss of toenails and no major blisters, but could use some love from a good pedicure, but would rather use time away from work and kids to go for a run, rather than a pedicure!

  309. I’m probably at a 5 now that most of my ugly bruised toenails fell off after Ragnar, just one to go! I’m one and done on the pedicure though, can’t stand people touching my feet….

  310. I give them a 1 and not because they are physically beautiful but because they are beautifully strong. I inherited my father’s horribly flat feet that saved him from being drafted into the Vietnam war. My feet carried me through 5 marathons pregnant and although I’ve had one fully reconstructed they continue to be one of the hardest working parts of my body 🙂

  311. My feet are a 5 – all my toenails intact but with half of my summer pedi still on and cut super short! Didn’t realize how bad until sockless in Pilates last week!

  312. My feet are about a 5 right now. They look fine, except for a dry nail issue on my big toenails. I thought I had a fungal issue, but I was told its a dry nail issue. I’m trying to clear it up right now, but it means no polish for a while. 🙁 Good thing it’s cold weather season and I can cover up with socks and shoes.

  313. I give my feet a 5 since during the summer months I get a pedicure every couple of weeks. However, since it is getting colder now they will quickly be rising on the scale towards 10! I am happy to say that I am currently blister free, but do have some major calluses:-(

  314. 8 only because they’ve been worse! My feet were never cute to begin with, but now that I run, they’re awful! Dark nails (when I actus have nails), calluses…the list goes on.

  315. I give mine a 7 given I’m a runner…cause I live in vacation land I’m in sandals and flip flops most of the year (this week is an exception). I get weekly pedicures and don’t run enough to lose toenails. Keeps the calluses in check too.

  316. I’m gonna say a 3. I always secretly wanted to be a foot model but was so ticklish growing up that I couldn’t let anyone near my feet!

  317. I’d say they’re about a 6. No pedicure right now since flip flop weather is over, but they’ll be cared for once the warm weather comes back.

  318. Right foot is a 3…not many issues. Left foot is a 12….just got my big toenail surgically removed again (permananently this time)….still looking nasty. All due to my 3rd pedicure in 36 years…..of course I am sure running hasn’t helped the healing process 🙂

  319. I would say a 5. Depending on the day it could go either way, looking great or looking nasty. I have really bad eczema too that is on the sides of my feet as well as hands. Running doesn’t help with the look either.

  320. 8-no black nails right now but remnants of blisters past when I was wearing the wrong shoe. Honestly running is at least a good excuse for not showing feet as ive always had jacked up feet but now I can blame it on running 🙂

  321. I would say my feet are about a 5 right now. I recently had a pedicure and the nail tech asked if I was a runner as she grated off the calluses!

  322. I’d say about a 3. I put in a lot of miles but I also live in Florida where if I’m not running I’m in flip flops. Pedicures are a must and can cover a multitude of sins.

  323. 8 due to my very wide, flat feet (10EE easily!) my poor scrunched little toes (years of shoes that don’t quite fit) and my bunion(s) – start of one on the left and an obvious one, where the toe is even twisting a little, on the right. The little toenails have lots of layers on them that they’ve built up over the years as a defense against shoes and my other toenails are in various states of odd shape for the same reason.

    I’d love to try the low arch SofSoles. I overpronate and have custom orthotic$ but they’re not holding up the way they used to and I’m training more. I think I could use a bit more support, and I could replace the SofSoles more often to get that. The overpronation, bunion, and posterior tibial tendon crankiness for the last 10 years on the left, make me need the orthotics on top of stability shoes. (I even wore them in motion control shoes – but no one is making those that fit me properly now!)

    People are spared my bare feet because I can’t wear anything like sandals that won’t take my orthotics!

  324. I’m probably at a 6 right now, but Even in summer with a great pedi, I’m only a 4. Wide with stubby toes, my family refers to as snausages! Today, they are rough, calloused, my bunions (!) are aggravating & the polish from my last pedi in September has all but flaked off. New comfy socks sound delightful.

  325. My feet are probably a five. The two toenails I lost over the summer have grown in well, but a pedicure would make a world of difference!!

  326. I’d have to rate my feet an eight. In addition to running, I play roller derby. This translates to many hours of footwork (I’m not talking pedicures!) during which my feet are subject to alllll kinds of abuse! My skates are not the comfiest things, so I’ve battled blisters, lost toenails, and had a fling with PF just for kicks. My family refers to my feet as “man feet” because of their beauty! Did I mention that my job keeps me on my feet for 8 hours a day? (Literally!) I stopped wearing my fitness tracker because I always meet and exceed my goal. In short, my feet need some help!!!!

  327. My feet are recovering. The three nails I lost over the summer are growing back nicely. I have a nice dark blue pedi to hide the yuckiness for an event where it ended up monsooning so I wore boots instead of peep toe heels. Miss my flops!

  328. My feet are pretty bad. I have hammer toes and a fifth toe that curls under my foot and barely has a nail. I should use some foot cream to get rid of those cracks on my heels but who has time for that? Some new soft socks would be a treat.

  329. My feet are a 7 at best. Rarely manicured and often problematic, they can use all the help they can get. But, whenever the opportunity is there, I bare them anyway!

  330. My feet are not lovely but they are so healthy and sturdy that I forgive them. They have endured the look of elephant feet during four pregnancies and 13 half marathons along with thousands of other miles with no injuries or issues. Thank you feet!

  331. It’s that time of year in Michigan in hibernate in my Uggs and let my feet heal – no nail polish and missing a few toenails so I would have to say my toes rate about a 7.

  332. I’d say a 7. They’re a cute shape but it’s been months since I’ve had a pedicure and I have some lovely callouses molting

  333. I have happy feet lately, after recovering from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis a few years ago. Currently blemish free and just a little bit chubby. I’d give them a 3 🙂

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