Hump Day Running Giveaway: Veterans Day + Nuun Edition

Proud military family: Nicole and her family in decidedly *not* running attire.
Proud military family: Nicole and her family in decidedly *not* running attire.

Military families make up an important, meaningful part of the Another Mother Runner tribe, so when we realized we had a Nuun running giveaway scheduled for Veterans Day, we knew we had to pay tribute to veterans. Here are a few "snapshots" of military wives who also happen to love Nuun tablets, which serve runners to turn water into a tasty beverage that's high on electrolytes, but low in calories. Without further ado, meet Maritza, Maggie, Nicole, and Katye.

A 26.2 smile: Maritza running Wisconsin Marathon.
A 26.2 smile: Maritza running Wisconsin Marathon.

Maritza, mom of three kids (10, 7, and 5). Lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Most recent race: Milwaukee Running Festival Half Marathon on November 1.
Husband in Navy.
A runner "on and off since high school. Running keeps me sane so I can better handle the curveballs that motherhood and the military can throw at you. Years ago when my husband was deployed, I relied on the gym daycare and friends to babysit so I could get my runs in."
Discovered Nuun: When her husband brought it home after buying it at a race expo.
Favorite flavor of Nuun: Grape

Maggi and her man on train (!) to start of Grandma's Marathon.
Maggi and her man on train (!) to start of Grandma's Marathon.

Maggi, mom of two (6 years and 10 months). Lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Most recent race: Twin Cities 10K on October 3
Husband in Army National Guard
Started running, "five years ago when my family move across the country for my husband to attend flight school. I was still trying to lose the weight I had gained during my first pregnancy, and I started with Couch to 5K. As soon as I could run longer than 30 minutes, I was hooked. Being away from my family for the first time and at home with my then-1-year-old, running kept me sane.
"We have dealt with our share of deployments and separations. I won't lie: getting workouts in is tough. I have had to revise my running plans for this year; instead of a half marathon, I have tackled a couple 10Ks. I am lucky we have family around who love to help out when I need a long run, and where I work there's a fitness center I can use over my lunch breaks. Unfortunately, this has meant a lot more time on the treadmill than I would prefer."
Discovered Nuun: when I took part in the AMR No Limits 5K Challenge. "I typically carry a bottle of Nuun with me on my runs, and have a Nuun All Day during the day. I'm still breastfeeding my baby so anything that helps me drink more water is awesome!"
Favorite flavor of Nuun: For workouts Tri-Berry, for the rest of the day, Grapefruit Orange All Day.

Nicole (right) and her bestie, Michele, after one of their annual half-marathon meet-ups.
Nicole (right) and her BRF, Michele, after one of their annual half-marathon meet-ups.

Nicole, mother of three kids (14, 12, 7). Lives in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
Most recent race:  Runner's World Half Festival Oct.16-18. I participated in the Hat Trick: 5k and 10k races onSaturday, 1/2 marathon on Sunday.  Also a 3.8 mile trail run on Friday brought the total mileage for the weekend to 26.2!
Husband in Army.
Started running almost 20 years ago, when she met her husband.
Running is, "not only as a stress reliever, but one of the best ways to get to know a new community when you move frequently. My best friend is a runner that I met during a military spouse orientation to living in Germany. We sat next to each other and found that we had running in common. I have known her now for 10 years. We haven't lived in the same place for the last eight years, but we get together at least once a year for a race weekend getaway."
Discovered Nuun: From you ladies at AMR. You had mentioned Nuun on a podcast way, way back. I found it at my local running store and tried it. Love at first tablet! I use Nuun Energy pre-run for that nice caffeine pick-me-up, then fill up my Ultimate Direction hand-held bottle with Nuun Active for any run over one hour. I like Grape Raspberry All Day Nuun to sip on during the day. Sometimes I also like to mix 1/2 tab of All Day and 1/2 tab of Active to sip on: Yesterday it was 1/2 tab Watermelon and 1/2 tab Blueberry Pomegranate--so yummy.
Favorite flavor of Nuun: currently Orange

Post-race glow partly thanks to Nuun: Katye and her older daughter.
Post-race glow partly thanks to Nuun: Katye and her older daughter.

Katye, mom of two (5 and 2). Lives in Montgomery, Alabama.
Most recent race: The Striker Life Half Marathon/10K/5K Races at Whiteman Air Force Base at the end of May. I had planned to run the Striker Life Half Marathon, but an injury in April forced me to scale my mileage WAY back.
Husband is in Air Force.
"I’ve been a runner for nearly 20 years, since joining the track team my senior year of high school."
"Running is my therapy for the myriad of stressors that military life offers. When I lace up my shoes, I can literally run away and pretend I’m not about to pack up my household and cart my family across the country for the third time in three years. Somewhere along a good run, I process my emotions, begin to problem solve, and I get home feeling like I can conquer whatever curveball is coming. Although the dynamics of military life can make friends difficult to find, and even harder to keep, I've found running builds lasting friendships. And when a season of change dictates a season of rest, I start over, working my way back one mile at a time, reminding myself why I run:  Running is about making time for me, and about finding myself, no matter where the Air Force sends us."
Discovered Nuun: "I got a sample as part of my entry to AMR's 13.FUN Challenge.  I never liked electrolyte drinks because they were too sweet and upset my stomach.  Nuun was, and is, my only exception to my 'water only' rule. Initially, I just used Nuun after a run, and usually the day before a long run. Earlier this year, we moved south to Alabama, and the heat and humidity really sapped my husband and me. We knew we needed to up our hydration, whether we were running or not, so we started keeping more Nuun on hand so we'd drink more water."
Favorite flavor of Nuun: Lemon-Lime or Lemonade

Drink up the Nuun goodies!
Drink up the Nuun goodies!

Now for the giveaway details: Five winners will each get 4 tubes of Nuun, a Nuun water bottle, and a sassy Nuun trucker hat. To enter giveaway, tell us a veteran you want to salute. Could be a family member, neighbor, church member, or someone you've never met. We want to drink in the accomplishments of veterans. 

Katye (blue top) and her best running friends, all married to military men.
Katye (blue top) and her best running friends, all married to military men.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on11/11/15 and ends on 11/17/15. We will announce five random winners on our Facebook page on 11/19/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $51. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.











200 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Veterans Day + Nuun Edition

  1. I want to salute my boss, a Marine who served our country for the better part of his life and was a POW in Vietnam. He is an inspiration and a man of great character. He’s the best boss I’ve ever had, as well!

  2. Saluting my late grandfather who served in the Army in the 60s, and my cousin who just joined the Navy two weeks ago and is just beginning his journey.

  3. I want to salute my favorite veteran, my Dad. He served in the Navy during Vietnam and continued in the navy national guard until my senior year in high school. He’s an amazing man of honor and integrity.

  4. I just want to say thank you to all veterans out there. I ran Marine Corps a few weeks ago and it really made an emotional impact on me. These men and women are a special breed and deserve to be honored for sure. thank youo for R your service :))))

  5. My husband… and all the military wives who keep the home working and the kids happy while the husbands/spouses are away!

  6. I want to salute my boyfriend James who served in Afghanistan in 2011 and my grandfather Ron Jones who served in Egypt in the 50s. He snuck into the army when he was 16, lying about his age. Was kicked out when he was discovered as being under age and joined right back up as soon as he was legally old enough. He spent time in the army before joining the airforce where he went on to be a pilot. Flying was his passion. He passed away this fall and I’m so proud to have had him in my life.

  7. I want to salute all those veteran mommies out there… so brave and so strong. Saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough for what they do to ensure our freedoms.

  8. I want to salute my husband. He attended the Naval Academy for college, then spent twelve years in the Navy, first as a ship driver then as a helicopter pilot. He is now a civilian, but some days we miss the military life terribly.

  9. My Grandfather, he flew supply planes over in Europe during WWII he stated that there were many flights where they had to dump cargo to get up and over mountains. He only flew commercial a few times after leaving the service.

  10. My grandfather, Walter Brainerd Jr., who served in the Navy and is a big reason why I run today. He started running marathons in his 50s and survived a stroke at 81 years old because of the amazing shape he is in from running. After his stroke, his doctor told him to keep doing what he was doing, so he still gets out there and runs today at age 82. We celebrated his 80th birthday by doing a half marathon together with the family. He’s so inspiring!

  11. I salute many friends and family on Veteran’s but the #1 Veteran in my life is my husband, Jake. He just recently retired from the Navy after 21 years and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He defines Honor, Courage, and Commitment (Navy core values). And he’s always been a huge supporter of my running. He was deployed when our now 8 year old was a toddler and running saved my sanity!

  12. My cousin Julia. Great mom of two. Her husband is in the Army. He was recently deployed for several months and she took it all in stride!

  13. Hands down, I have to salute my Dad- he is a US Navy Veteran, and served on the USS Midway, which is now docked in San Diego, California. He’s a dedicated grandfather of my two kids, and I love him for all of his sacrifices and devotion!

  14. I have so many friends and family members that are Veterans. This special shoutout will go to my younger brother who is a Major in the Marines. He is stationed in Honolulu and hopefully will be retiring in 2016!

  15. My uncle who left the world too soon! A picture of him in uniform has always been present in my parents home and my grandmothers house.

  16. As a veteran myself I salute not only my husband, a fellow AF Colonel, but all those I’ve served with during my 29 years in the AF. I especially appreciate all the women aviators that came before me to help open to doors for women to serve as rated crewmembers.

  17. while my own father served in the Navy, it sounds like his “tour of duty” included mainly German bars. my father-in-law, however, served in Korea and still has recurring problems from injuries sustained while in service. he is active with the local Vets organizations and is a constant reminder about the price of freedom.

  18. The company I work for specializes in VA Home Loans. I salute all our active duty and veteran customers. It is an honor to help them get into the home of their dreams or a place to call home while they are stationed away from home.

  19. My dad and my father-in-law are both of my favorite veterans. My father-in-law served in Vietnam and suffers from health problems (including almost 20 years battling a chronic form of leukemia) related to his time there.

  20. As a veteran myself, there are so many wonderful people that I got to meet, know, and work with/for during my time in the US Navy. I couldn’t begin to pick just one! However, since this asks me to do that, I will answer: my Dad. While serving in the Navy himself, he (and my equally awesome non-veteran Mom) raised me to believe in myself. My Dad lived the values of the Navy and showed me that it was honorable and courageous to serve our country. He encouraged me to chase my own dreams and to know that if I worked hard, I could achieve them. He supported me when my goals led me to serve in the Navy, too. A huge thanks to all veterans, those who support our veterans, and those who are raising kids to work hard to reach their own goals (which might include becoming tomorrow’s veterans, too!)

  21. I honor all service men and women who are currently serving and all veterans, especially my Grandfather. He is a WW II Veteran of the Navy Submarines and I am so proud of him.

  22. My husband for his continued service and sacrifice. Also, my friend, Andie, for being one of the ladies that was around when I made my running comeback after too many years away.

  23. Living in a military town, there are too many for me to name just one. So thankful for all who have served. It’s truly a sacrifice.

  24. I don’t think I could just pick one vet to honor. There have and are many military personal in my life. But I would have to salute those that paid the highest price, and sacrificed their lives in the fight for our country. (at any point in our history)

  25. My grandfather was a proud veteran. He passed away in April, and I think of him often during my runs. I run for the both of us now.
    Thank you, and thanks to all who have served!

  26. Big Chops to our oldest boy, who is currently serving in the US Army. Returned from Afghanistan intact (thanks gods), and currently training for special ops detail in North Carolina.

  27. I want to salute my friend Javier Moton who lost his life in Afghanistan a few years ago. He was my best friend growing up and we lost touch and found each other again both serving in the Army, then lost touch again until I found out he passed. I salute him and the ultimate sacrifice that he made for our country.

  28. My brother in law, Aaron. My cousin anders, my grand father’s bob (RIP) and clarence. And many more friends! Much love to y’all!

  29. I want to particularly honor the veterans who worked in intelligence or security-sensitive roles. Not being able to share or talk about experiences that were deemed “classified” is not easy, and requires an extra level of commitment and loyalty. I appreciate all that these people did, and are doing, for our national security.

  30. I salute my father in law Bill and my mom’s boyfriend Mike, who are both veterans! Thank you also to all those who serve and who have served!

  31. I raise my Nuun glass to all Military members and families, to shout out a huge THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU YOU!! Especially my nephew, for joining the Reserves even without the support from a lot of our family members. I am so, so PROUD of him for joining for himself, he is awesome!!

  32. Sending a shout out to all members of the military. Thank you for your service and all the sacrifices that you have made. You are all in my heart today!!!!!

  33. I am blessed to come from a very long line of Military Personal. Also, I was blessed to grow up as a military brat and see the amazing sacrifices soldiers and their families make everyday first hand. Due to this, I am unable to pick just one amazing solider. So here is a list of who I salute daily: both my grandfathers (fought WWII), my dad (12 years AF), my dad in law (20 years AF), my brother (currently NG), and three cousins and an uncle (army), plus many many friends in all branches. To these wonderful men and women and to all the other veterans who have or are serving…FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!

  34. I toast my favorite veteran – my father – with a little Kona Cola Nuun. My father lost his lower left leg in the Korean war, but that never stopped him from being a great guy. My miles are in his honor.

  35. I want to whole heartedly salute a friend from high school. He paid the ultimate price with his life and deserves all the recognition any veteran could get. So thankful for his service and others like him.

  36. I want to salute my cousin, Becky Barron! She is in the Air Force and has been deployed to Afghanistan. She’s now in 18th year with the Air Force and has 2 small kids! She is an awesome mom and total bad ass – not just a bad ass mother runner, but weight lifter, cross fitter, basketball player and everything else! She’s really the whole package!

  37. My sister, Lori Harrington, who is a USMA graduate and my sister, Heidi Winkler who has moved her family of 3 boys around our country for over 20 years following her husband’s career in the Air Force.

  38. As much as it saddens me that my best friend and SoleSister has to move away near Christmas to follow her husband’s army career…I salute HIM for serving our country. Any sadness I feel “losing” her to distance and miles between us is NOTHING compared to the sacrifice military families make every single day. I salute you, David Groves, US Army.

  39. My grandfather! He’s a 93 year old WWII vet. He never talked much about his time in Germany while I was growing up but as he’s gotten older, he’s opened up more. The last time I visited, he was showing my sons a small replica of the tanks he saw on the battlefield. My boys were enthralled.

  40. I salute my husband, Leonard, at 22 year Marine Corps veteran, and now retiree! Thanks for serving our country and being an excellent father and husband.

  41. I salute and thank my husband’s childhood friend for serving in the Gulf War. I am also appreciative of all those who have served our country at one point or another.

  42. I want to thank each and every veteran and their families. The sacrifice each of these individuals make moves me to tears. Daddys missing the births of their babies, mommys being the mom and dad through so many of life’s difficult moments, the kids missing their parents while all their friends have theirs to tuck them in at night. I am so blessed to live in the land of the FREE because of ALL THOSE BRAVE PEOPLE.

    Thank you.

  43. I am saluting my dad and my husband. My dad retired in 1978 after serving 24 years in the Air Force, including service during the Vietnam war. He passed away 10 years ago from service-related issues. My husband served 24 years in the Navy and retired in 2012. Both of these men have been my rock, and I am grateful to have witnessed their service.
    “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die.” -G.K. Chesterton

  44. I salute my grandfather and uncles who all served in WW II. My mom says her dad never spoke about. I can only imagine how all the young soldiers, sailors and airforce men and women feel/felt.

  45. I salute my father, an Air Force veteran who passed away 3 years ago. I miss him terribly. I have so many reasons to be proud of him, including his service to our country.

  46. I am an Air Force med student attending the Uniformed Services University, which is at the Walter Reed Medical Center. It is incredibly humbling to meet many of the veterans, and it is a special experience to go to the gym and work out alongside wounded warriors. I am hoping to become a competent and skilled physician to help care for these men and women and to give back to these individuals who have provided me so much inspiration.

  47. I’d salute Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was fatally shot while on ceremonial sentry guard at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario , Canada a year ago. Je me souviens.

  48. I would love to salute to all veterans and say thank you so much for all they have done! And a special salute to my PopPop! He served in the Navy, years before I was ever born, but the the heroism of him (and every veteran) has allowed me to live freely in the United States of America! One day is simply not enough to honor those who have served and continue to serve. So today as well as EVERY DAY I would like to say thank you!!

  49. My Grandpa, who is still alive at 98 served in the Coast Guard as a career. I’m so thankful to those who serve for our country and try to pass on my gratitude by donating to Veteran programs.

  50. I want to salute all Veterans. However, a special salute to my husband Mike. He is an active duty soldier stationed at Ft MCCoy WI. He missed the birth and first year of our twins. He never thought he would get married or have kids but he is a wonderful daddy! Between taking classes and traveling for work he is not home as much as he wants to be but when he is here he is all in. He also makes an effort to call at bedtime do he can read to the boys their bedtime stories.

  51. My husband’s grandfather, (“Papa”) Russ. He always entertained us with his harmonica playing and stories from World War II. We miss him!

  52. Well, my family is full of veterans (including me). I have uncles, cousins, and my Marine brother and Air Force (retired) sister to all thank. My husband is active duty Army, too. I thank all my fellow veterans!

  53. My great-uncle served and has been thinking about his service a lot lately as he is 89 years old and in some pain and so thinking about what he wants after he dies. He wants a display of his medals by his casket. I hope that doesn’t come from a long time, but I think of him and thank him for his service.

  54. The veteran I’d like to salute is my Mom, who joined the Air Force right out of high school. She’s amazing and definitely my hero!!!

  55. I’d like to salute the sweet veteran I met on the train who is homeless and in a wheel chair. He smiled and said hello to everyone, didn’t beg for money, and saluted every serviceman who got onto the train. I wish I had more to give than the spare change in my purse – but he’s a reminder of the hard lives many veterans suffer after heroically serving our country. So sir, as you saluted all those servicemen, today we all salute you.

  56. My father-in-law. Career Air Force, then “retired” to teach in a low-income, majority-minority school. When he retired from that, started competing and setting course records in the Senior Games. Truly a BAGFR.

  57. I want to salute my grandfather-in-law. He served in Korea and Vietnam, and met his wife during his time in Vietnam. He adopted her 5 Vietnamese children, and brought them to America after the war. One of those children is my mother-in-law. Because of his service, I have my husband and a host of fun, Vietnamese in-laws.

  58. My Father-in-law, who served in the 82nd Airborne during Vietnam and my father who served in Airforce Intelligence during the same time.

  59. My husbands grandfather. He was in navy. I never got the chance to meet him , as he passed a while ago, but thank you John!!!!

  60. My brother-in-law Tim. He flew Chinook helicopters for 3 tours with the Army in Afghanistan. He now flys a helicopter for Life Flight at Vanderbilt in Tenessee. He’s still doing good for his fellow man.

  61. My dad, Randy (my namesake), served in the Navy during peace times in the 80s. I think he doesn’t feel as deserving of the term “veteran” but he was ready and able to fight for our country just the same as other soldiers. Also for my sister, Amber, who is currently in the Air Force!

  62. My youngest kiddo left for the Army in September and I’d like to give a tip of the hat to all the other moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and families of our soldiers (even our four-legged furbaby misses him). The sacrifice is real – I didn’t appreciate how real it was until I had to live it. Hugs and love to military families all over the globe.

  63. I would like to pay tribute to all the women and mom’s who serve. I serve in the Army National Guard along with my husband. I am a supporter in the trenches and at home. With two kids, we not only sacrifice ourselves for this country but also our family time.

  64. I really want to express gratitude to all veterans, for freedom is not free, and it is on their sacrifices that we stand. Thank you, and God bless you, all who have served and continue to serve our country!

  65. I would like to salute Robert K Flachbart, my husband’s grandfather. Grampy Bob was a decorated WWII hero who passed away this April at the age of 95. We salute you and miss you this Veteran’s Day.

  66. I would like to salute my Dad was in the Navy for Vietnam. I also need to salute my very good friend Dom, he was in the Army in Vietnam. Thank you to all of the veterans.

  67. I night nannied for an awesome family, The Keils. They had adorable twin babies that are now 4! They have an amazing story. Matt and Tracy married, then Matt deployed to Iraq for a second tour. Just weeks after their marriage, Matt was hit by a sniper bullet in the neck. This severed his spinal cord and he is now a quadriplegic. They went through IVF to have their babies, and were pregnant with triplets, but lost a son during the pregnancy after dealing with TTTS. After much bed rest and hospital stays, the babies were born at 29 weeks. More hospital stays and they came home. This is when I got to meet this awesome family. I loved caring for those sweet babies! This family has been through so much, but they are such kind, loving, and happy people. Every Veteran’s Day I think of them!

  68. Not sure I can choose just one from my family, so I’ll list them all. Marty Daneman (Husband’s Grandfather, 10th Mountain Division, WWII); both of my grandfathers, Reggie Guess, Sr. (Army Air Corps) and Lewis Hilson; Father-in-law, Phil Daneman; cousin Nick Hopkins, brother-in-law Miles Cunningham…(I’m fairly certain I’m missing someone…)

  69. Both my grandfathers served. I also have a very good running friend who served in the army, along with her husband and now their daughter has joined the Air Force. Thank you to ALL veterans and active servicemen that have made sacrifices for our freedoms.

  70. I would like to salute my Dad, retired from the Navy after 30+ years and now working for the VA. We moved 14 times by the time I was eleven, but I learned so much from the changes of states, military life and adjusting to new schools, neighborhoods and friends. I used to hate that part of my childhood, especially when I was a teenager, but now I appreciate that it makes me the stronger person I am today, and I am so eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by our military and their families to keep us all safe. Thank you, veterans!!!

  71. I would like to salute our neighbor here at work. He served in Vietnam as a soldier that rescued prisoners of war. He was in the Army. Just hearing his stories and seeing the leathered worn look on his face is both saddening and inspiring. He is certainly not as old as he appears, but I’d guess that is partly due to the things he saw over there. He is a good and gentle soul who I’m happy to have met and chatted with over the years. I salute you Lonny!

  72. I’m thanking and remembering all of our veterans, Canadian and American, but especially those who struggle with the lasting effects of war long after their tours of duty are over. May they be blessed, and may our newly elected (Canadian) government treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

  73. I would like to salute a group of neighbors on Sycamore Lane. Every 2-3 years we have a new family move in to a rental house on our street. As soon as we get to know the Navy or Army family, they leave for another destination. Thank you for your service!

  74. I am proud of my family’s military past. My grandfather’s, dad, brother, and husband all served. But this year I would like to also salute SGT. Brandon Roswell, who is currently serving. He was my student when he was in middle school (gasp, 15 years ago…) and I have remained close with him and his family ever since. I am thankful to everyone who served, but especially for the sacrifices of the families that continue to serve our country.

  75. I started my journey into running b/c of a military hero, Lt. Michael Murphy. He sacrificed his life during Operation Redwings with grace and honor. I heard about The Murph Challenge online and thought what the heck why not…..well a 1 mile run followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and than another 1 mile run is not exactly easy. Needless to say I didn’t make the 1 mile run (ha…never ran in my life…..and well the rest, hahahaha.
    But he inspired me. I kept telling myself if this man could give his all for his fellow service member’s and this country that I love I can run a freaking mile!!!! I kept at it despite having to do PT to strengthen my hips and that first time I made it a full mile it was all for Murph. Now every time I run I am always reminded of military personal and all that they give up to protect my ability to be able to run the streets of this country. So today and everyday I thank everyone of you for all that you do and feel blessed by your commitment to protecting our freedom.

  76. There are so many veterans in my family that I like to salute including: my husband, two brothers, my dad, my grandfather, uncle, four cousins even myself. My family has had someone fight in every major conflict since before we were the United States. Every veteran should be thanked.

  77. Thank you to my Uncle Rocco an army doctor. My BFFs parents George and Mary Stolze also army and an army RN who both served bravely in Vietnam. Thank you to all the other veterans for your service, bravery, and selflessness in serving our nation, protecting us, and keeping us free. Bless you all.

  78. I am fortunate enough to be blessed with numerous family members who have served, as it has given me a real appreciation for the sacrifices made in military life. I am especially grateful that my grandfather served; it was during his service in Europe during WWII that he met my grandmother! (And I’m grateful she was willing to leave London and transplant to Evanston, WY. What a change!)

  79. My husband- after eight years retired from a 20 plus year career in the Air Force, he’s still the first Veteran I thank. Not just today, Veterans Day, but every day.

  80. I would like to salute my grandfather, my husbands’ grandfather, my great uncle, and uncle. Some served in WWII and others in Vietnam. I can’t imagine what they went through just so we could have our freedom. Thank you to all the veterans for serving!!

  81. We have a military tradition in my family. I’d like to thank my husband for his service in the coast guard, my father for his service in Vietnam and my grandfather for his service in WWII. There are so many wonderful men and women out there in our military- to them Thank You!!

  82. I would like to salute our next door neighbor’s son, Quinn. We have known him since he was 10 and now he is 21 and in the Marines. We are so proud of him!

  83. I would like to salute my husband, Pedro Correa. He was in the Army Reserves when he and I began dating. 9/11 happened and he was activated for recovery. Then he was deployed for a year in the beginning of the war for Operation Iraqi Freedom. While he was gone, i knew I couldn’t live without him. I proposed to him – on local television – and he came home on leave for a week for us to get married. Once he returned from the deployment, we started our live and our family together. The military is a huge part of our story and I will always have complete love and respect for all mililtary and their families. Happy Veterans Day to all and may all our fallen soldiers rest in peace.

  84. I would like to salute my husband COL Craig Unrath who has been in the Army for over 25 years now. We’ve been married for over 25 years also. Moved 13 times, two amazing kids, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Proud to say I’m a military wife. Our most recent move was from Nicole Hart’s area. She is a dear friend.

  85. I would like to salute my husband who is out of the military but still serving his community flying as an air medical services pilot here. Nothing phases this man, not even a bison charging the helicopter. We love you Chris! Your support team!

  86. My grandfather who served during WWII and continued his military career through ’till retirement.
    I would also like to salute all the women vetrans who are able to amazingly balance their service to their country and motherhood.

  87. I think every single veteran deserves to be saluted. Thank you ALL for serving.

    Today I especially think of a few people. First,my best friend’s grandpa who was like a grandpa to me too. He is WWII Vet and now is declining health. He is amazing. I also think of my husband’s great aunt, who I never got the chance to meet. She’s one of the few female WWII veterans in our rural area, and she became a Lieutenant as a nurse in the army. Thanks for your post about this important day!

  88. I want to salute my former students that have come back to me to tell about “the real world”. Those that have struggled to find their way (either academically or socially) through high school but have stepped out to join our military. You are heroes and I love to hear their stories and see how much they’ve grown up!!

  89. I’d like to salute my Army veteran husband who served 21 years. He is my rock and my support team for all my races and always encourages me. He still works for the Army and is working today on Vetetans Day. I’m proud of him and all the other veterans.

  90. I would like to salute my brother, brother in law, father, and grandfather, a long line of military folks. And their families, who also had to live the military life.

  91. I’d like to salute my great-grandfather, Ira Curtis, who served in WWI. We know few details…he refused to ever speak about it…but given how tough he was (he once filled his own teeth with soldering iron while my great-grandmother was shopping) I imagine there was quite the story there.

  92. I want to salute my husband for his time in the Army and my dear father-in-law for serving in the Navy and Army National Guard.

  93. i salute my grandparents who both served in WWII, Growing up i loved hearing my Grandmas stories of WAC (women’s army corps). Serving ones country is an honour and sacrifice. Thank you to everyone who is a part of our military!

  94. I want to salute by Grand Dads and my father in-law. Without them and the strong men and women that fought beside them we wouldn’t have the country we have today.

  95. My cousin Ryan and his wife Louise who are both army at Ft Jackson. They have had their fair share of deployments while raising children and for now are both together training others. My cousin is training for the dopey challenge to raise money for autism research.

  96. I salute my friend, Melissa N, and her husband Jerry. They served in the Army for many years, and are a proud military family with three beautiful children. Much love and thanks!

  97. My husband retired after 21 years in the Army Reserve with 8 years on active duty. He was gone a lot when our kids were little and it was really challenging sometimes. I am so proud of him for what he did for our family and our country.

  98. I would like to salute my great uncle Donald who was killed in England in WWII. Although I never met him, my granddaddy, whom I loved dearly, always honored his brother’s memory. Even named his only son Donald.

  99. I am thankful for the sacrifices made by all our military men and women and their families. I am especially honored to be the daughter of my Vietnam War Veteran father, Staff Sgt. Dan Seibel.

  100. My father-in-law was in the Army stationed in Berlin. And my nephew is in track to serve in the Navy, he’s at the Naval Academy now.

  101. Shout out to one of my BRFs Rupa who just left the Navy. She served in Afghanistan while her girls were both under age 5. She’s an amazing person, mom, friend, and Dr. Oh, and lots of fun to run with too!

  102. My friend Christina. She is a neonatologist by training but left her 6 month old baby to be deployed as a platoon doctor.

  103. I salute my dad and my father-in-law. I am grateful for their service and also the legacy of patriotism they are leaving for my kids.

  104. My brother was has been in the Navy for 20 years now. Whipped him into shape from an obnoxious teen to an amazing family man and husband!! So proud of him!!

  105. Every foot fall in front of another that I take is in the memory of and for Staff Sgt Michael Hollis, who was KIA at the age of 24. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light), Fort Drum, N.Y. Michael Ollis died Aug. 28 in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, of wounds caused by an improvised explosive device, small-arms fire and indirect fire … he died while saving the life of a polish soldier. He gave the ultimate sacrifice so that another man with a child on the way could live.

  106. I salute them all, of course, but today I’m going to say my Naval Aviator son, who’s currently in training to fly helicopters. tomorrow he flies home (God willing and the creek don’t rise!) for his WEDDING!!!

  107. I’m a proud Army wife too! I want to honor my husband who works so hard everyday and has deployed to Afghanistan twice in the last 5 years.

  108. Even though I was never a military spouse, I want to thank my husband for his service in the Marine Corps before we met. And of course to my daddy who was a Navy man at the end of Vietnam.

  109. Happy Veterans Day to all those who have committed to servicing this country. I would give a special thanks to my friend Jenn who has served for the last 18 years.

  110. I want to salute my grandpa for serving in he Korean War and my husband for serving in Iraqi freedom! Thank you to all that gave and those that are still giving!! God bless America and our veterans !

  111. I’d love to salute my high school friend and college roommate, Matt, who served two tours in Iraq in combat zones as a Marine, while most of us were complaining about Freshman English and getting up for 8am classes. He came home and spent the next few years catching up to where we were in college, but always having learned so much more.

  112. I salute my younger brother for his 6 years in the USMC, including 3 deployments to Iraq. I salute my dad who served 4 years in the Navy.

  113. I want to salute my husband who was on active duty with the Coast Guard for 34 years. Thank you to all veterans for their service.

  114. I want to salute my husband. He has been a member of the Air Force for 11 years. We have lived on three different continents and survied two long deployments (so far) but we love it

  115. I salute my father in law and my father who both served. It is an honor to know them and learn from them. Thank you to all veterans for the service to our country.

  116. What a lovely salute to women who sacrifice for our country. Don’t forget the women veterans (who are mother runners!) who also sacrifice.

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