Hump Day Running Giveaway: Three (3!) Strider Bikes

Push power: whizzing along and in control on his Strider Bike
Push power: whizzing along and in control on his Strider Bike

Portland is the Land of Bikes: Worker-bees commute on them; students pedal to school; families go for a ride together on sunny weekend afternoons (and often rainy ones, too!); mother runners cross-train on them. Everyone, no matter their age or fitness level, bikes. We start 'em young: My son, John, mastered riding at age 3 while I was off doing a marathon training run. (Of course.) And we believe training wheels are anathema; instead, many children learn on balance bikes, pedal-free bikes that teach children how to, you guessed it, balance.

But instead of me explaining what they are, let me share part of a conversation I had with Susie Marcks, a mother runner of two who ran her first half-marathon earlier this year. Susie is also a marketing and communications specialist at Strider Bikes; she helped developed Strider Camp curriculum, which helps teach children as young as 18 months to master a balance bike.

The wind in her hair, the sun in her face, moving at her own pace.
The wind in her hair, the sun in her face, moving at her own pace.

Q: How do you describe a Strider Bike to someone who has never seen one?

A: It's a bike without pedals. Children simply walk with it first, then when they become comfortable with it, they put their bottoms on the seat and glide with their feet up. Any child who can walk can ride and comfortably ride at their own pace through that progression.

Train Like a Toddler Learning to Bike: had to showcase the Strider 12 Sport that's the same color as our second book, Train Like a Mother
Train Like a Toddler Learning to Bike: had to showcase the Strider 12 Sport that's the same color as our second book, Train Like a Mother

Strider Bike v. training wheels: discuss. 

We like to call training wheels 'restraining wheels.' Training wheels give a false sense of balance. The only things training wheels teach is that when you lean to one side, the training wheel on that side will hold you up on that side. With training wheels, you can't go around a corner too fast and you can't go on any terrain except flat, smooth surface; they teach you everything wrong. One cool thing about a balance bike: They are all terrain. Can go on dirt, gravel, or a country road.

When your child is ready, they transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike, whether that's at age 2, 3, 5 or 6: Every child is different.

What are some other differences between a balance bike and a regular bike with training wheels? 

A Strider Bike is light weight, about 6.5 pounds. It's so light weight, a child can walk over and play with it on their own terms and pick it up. A bike with training wheels with chains, cranks, and the whole bit weigh a ton. You don't realize how heavy it is until you try to throw it in the trunk of your car. Then you realize you're asking a 30-pound child to ride 20-pound bike. It's like asking me to ride a 100-pound bike!

Pink power minus pedals
Pink power minus pedals

We hope you are now raring to get your kiddo on a Strider Bike, because we have a special giveaway today: Three winners will each get a Strider 12 Sport bike. Thanks to easy, no-tools-needed adjustable handlebars and seat, the Strider 12 Sport fits children ages 18 months to 5 years. (It even comes with a bonus padded seat and XL post, in case you grow your children tall!) Each winner gets a choice of one of seven colors. To enter to win, tell us how bike riding fits into your life. Do you do triathlons? Pedal to do errands? Swear by Spinning? Ride your kids to school? There's no right answer, so be honest. Click on the Comments ribbon under this post on our website, and clue us in on where you land on the cycling scale.

This little dude (who we know is putting on a helmet in one sec) is our kind of guy: He's sporting Saucony kicks while playing with a Strider Bike.
This little dude (who we know is putting on a helmet in one sec) is our kind of guy: He's sporting Saucony kicks while playing with a Strider Bike.

We are pleased to announce this giveaway kicks off a special promotion Strider Bikes is doing with Another Mother Runner: If you use the promo code HRTSTRIDE on any purchase of $89.99 or more at Strider Bikes website now through December 31, 2015, you'll get free shipping. Even better: Strider Bikes will donate $20 to AMR's non-profit partner, Heart Strides. Might we suggest you hop on holiday shopping to take advantage of this great offer that lets you give the gift of running shoes to a mother runner via the charitable outreach of Heart Strides? Please share this deal with your gal-pals, too. 

Which color Strider 12 Sport will your little rider love?
Which color Strider 12 Sport will your little rider love?

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on10/21/15 and ends on 10/27/15. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 10/29/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $119.99. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

242 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Three (3!) Strider Bikes

  1. My whole rides bikes daily! We live across the street from a big beautiful park and we go on after dinner bike rides. And we take longer rides during the weekends.

  2. I race triathlons and I am trying to lead by example for my kids. The older ones ride with me but my little is the perfect age to start with a Strider. Our family loves to bike together but need to get the youngest on board!

  3. Green, to match all of our John Deere vehicles. Although I’m tempted to say pink – I have three boys, pregnant with #4 – maybe my little girl?!? But we’d better be safe and stick with green!

  4. I have to admit that I run, walk, hike, swim, kayak… but not bike. I did as a child, and loved it. But I long ago grew out of my bike and never replaced it because adult bikes are so expensive. But my toddler loves her plastic push-from-the-ground bike and would love one of these!

  5. I love being active and try to run, walk, or bike to do errands instead of taking the car. Now that my daughter’s getting older, biking is a great option for us. It allows us to go a bit farther than we can on foot (at least in the same time frame). I just moved to an area with beautiful bike paths, so I hope to do even more biking in the near future!

  6. I do triathlons. My kids love to ride in the driveway. I hit a spinning class once a week when I”m in the think of training.

  7. I love spin classes! I have a road bike and sometimes ride on bike paths but my city is not at all bike-friendly if you want to commute, unfortunately.

  8. Ooh, I wish I’d known about this product years ago. My girl is about to turn 6 and still relies on training wheels! Maybe it’s not too late for her? Bikes are pretty important in my family’s lives: daughter loves to take hers to the park, her dad and I commute on ours.

  9. Oooo…the bright green. For sure. It would make my son so easily seen (by me, other biker kids, cars) as he’s careening about!

  10. Our Daisy could stride along with us on runs and mountain bike rides! She’s ready to branch out of just riding in the bike trailer.

  11. I don’t do triathalons or anything, but I do ride my bike a lot — often to work or to the store. My son would love the green bike!

  12. I started of as a biker chick..switched to running. Biking is still my love, running is my addiction. I bike when I have time or just need to switch it up.

  13. I am a triathlete and runner with an active almost two year old daughter. I am sure she would love her own bike after watching me so much on my trainer!

  14. Before kids I was a runner turned wanna-be triathlete. Now my road bike’s hanging in the garage, but I will get back out there some day! Until then, we bike around town dragging our littles in the bike trailer!

  15. I don’t have any children, but I teach. I teach at a school that fundraises regularly for the children…If I were to win this bike I would donate it to our annual school auction and proudly say that Another Mother Runner made the donation. Not sure if this breaks the ‘rules’ of winning, but it would all go to a good cause.

  16. I don’t ride but my older daughter does. When she wants to ride her bike to school I’ll run with her. She’s really helped me with my speed!

  17. Pre-baby we rode our bikes around recreationally but we haven’t done much of it since she was born. Now that she’s getting older I look forward to her learning to ride and doing it as a family!

  18. I currently don’t ride my back at all. We only have one baby seat and two littles. But I do bring the little ones on some runs with me and my 3 year old is always anxious to get out of the stroller. This is a perfect solution!

  19. Right now with a two year old and a four year old, our family biking includes the four year old racing around like Speed Racer on his three wheeled ruby red tricycle around our driveway, and my two year old scooting along on her musical ride on little tykes car. (and trying to keep the two year old off of the trike, because she can’t even touch the pedals and has an adventurous streak in her that usually results in a fall from said trike!!)

  20. We love family rides to the park and grocery store! With child #3 on the way we are doing it right this time and skipping the training wheels!

  21. We love biking as a family! My husband and I both ride while I pull my two little ones. We use the time as exercise, but more importantly-family time! Our daughter is 3.5 and just can’t get used to riding her “big girl” bike yet. A strider bike would be wonderful for her!!

  22. My daughter loves to ride her balance bike to daycare, my son is almost old enough to start doing this too and would love his own bike!

  23. My kids love to ride at the park and around the neighborhood. My husband and I like to take the kids out to ride while we run along side. Their love is inspiring me to bike again as an adult.

  24. I love biking on vacation. One of my favorite ways to explore a new city or town is by bike. Whether it’s riding around a lake in Colorado, along the beach in Los Angeles, or through the hills of Missouri, I enjoy packing lunch and a good book and setting off for a few hours.

  25. I enjoy riding bikes with my girls. My older daughter rides on her own and my younger daughter rides in a trailer attached to my bike. The little one is getting more active and would love to have a balance bike to scoot around on. We have many paths in our community that we can ride / walk as a family.

  26. I got into triathlons as a break from endurance running. Then I discovered an awesome community of females cyclists and fell in love with road biking and group rides. THAT lead to wanting to share cycling with my three year old and a hybrid and trailer which we take every day to daycare/work. She LOVES it and now it’s bribery to eat breakfast quickly so we can ride to daycare!

  27. My hubby and I each have a road bike and a mountain bike. I think our bikes are worth more than our cars. Haha! I try to cross train every so often. My hubby and I have also done duathlons where he bikes and I run, and that was a ton of fun! Sometimes he will do his ride and then come back home and get me to do our ride. It’s a nice bonding activity for us. We always have a great time and laugh a lot.

  28. Ooh between me and my husband we have 6 bikes 4 in the garage and 2 in the house! We both do triathlons and used to mountain bike. I would love one if these strider bikes for my girls 2 and 4. The 4 year old needs to learn balance on a bike!

  29. These look awesome! We just got my 3 year old his first bike (with training wheels) so he could start learning, but learning to balance and peddle at the same time is hard! This would really help him I think!

  30. Haven’t ridden a bike in over a decade… But plan on getting back on one now my son is two! Hopefully the expression ” it’s just like riding a bike” holds true!

  31. Fitness is a huge part of our family’s every day life. Biking is great for those days where you just can’t run another step but need to get some exercise in. It’s a great break for your joints! The strider bike looks awesome and I have always wanted one for my kids but never got one. I think it’s a great choice over training wheels!

  32. We try to go on family bike rides (with the kids in the bike trailer) but we need to do it more! They love it and would love a strider bike!

  33. Unfortunately I don’t have a bike but have been wanting one for forever so that I can ride with my kiddos. They are the big bike riders of the family – the Strider bike would be perfect for my littlest boys to learn on!

  34. Right now bike riding is a fun way for us to get to the park. My son rides in the bike trailer and one of us pulls him. He had a tricycle but can’t quite get the pedaling and steering. A balance bike would be a great new challenge for him!

  35. Would love to win a bike for my girls! Would love to fit in biking but right now my son is the one who bikes with me while I run. Waiting for the day my twins can bike with me instead of being pushed in the stroller

  36. My husband, son and I love to go bike riding! Our little guy has always been in the iBert up to this point, so I’d love to teach him to ride on his own new sweet set of wheels!

  37. We would love this for my littlest, even though he is only 5 months for older two learned on striders and riding bikes by 2 now dirt bikes at age a 5 and 7. We are a family that loves the outdoors!

  38. honestly, biking doesn’t currently fit into my life right now because I’m terrified of biking in the city. However, I do look forward to having my little one riding safely on the sidewalk along beside me in a couple years.

  39. My six year old daughter just learned to ride a non-training-wheeled bike and her two year old would love to be just like her big sister!

  40. my husband is argue cyclist and we’ve always loved when he rode and I ran next to him. Instilling movement, a healthy lifestyle and a love of nature is important to us in parenting our three daughters ages 4 (twins) and 2.

  41. My dad has been a cyclist for as long as I can remember, so I grew up riding bikes. When I was in college I biked across the country twice with an organization called Bike and Build, which led to me ultimately working in the outdoor gear industry. Biking (and running of course!) has truly shaped my life! I can’t wait for my 1 year old to join in on the fun and I know she will LOVE a strider bike when the time comes!

  42. These look fantastic. We had a difficult time transitioning our youngest away from training wheels so I’m hoping a Strider would make for a smoother transition.

  43. After nearly 20 years without biking, I got back on the saddle in 2009, and now my entire family LOVES biking! I typically alternate biking and running with my toddler while my older daughters are at school, and with the change in weather, we haven’t gone for a bit. My son asked me last week if we were going running, and when I said we were not, he ran to bring me his bike helmet, cheering! “Oh! we going bike then,” he exclaimed.
    My entire family brings our bikes on our vehicles to church, and heads out to a local park after, and I would like to try a tri in 2016.We are in a very bike-friendly community, with main streets in our area having designated bike lanes and paths, and I would love for my son to grow up loving to bike as his older sisters do.

  44. Just did my first triathlon this last Aug so was riding quite a bit. Actually put our son in the trailer and he and dad would ride with me. Great family fun. My son just turned 2 last week so was looking to get a strider for him. Was just explaining to hubs what one of these was (nephew has one). Now I can share the info on the strider with him! Hope we get picked

  45. I was in the best shape of my life when I was commuting to work by bike… pre-baby. I haven’t had a chance to ride regularly since, but I’d love to get back in the saddle and even better have my baby girl striding along with me!

  46. My husband and I have always loved biking together for weekend exercise and quality time. Now that we have a 2 year old we bring him along for the ride. We look forward to spending quality family time teaching him how to bike one day so he can use all of his extra energy!

  47. I am a bike to work commuter, 8.5 miles each way. I quit commuting when my baby bump took over and I am ready to get back on the bike. We have a bike trailer for the baby and are so excited to get her out there with me. I’m all for the strider bikes VS the training wheels…wish they would have had these when we were kids! Brilliant.

  48. I bought my first road bike this year and completed my first triathlon. I enjoy riding bikes with the kids, too. The youngest could use one of these. My oldest and I did a family ride this year called Buns on Bikes at the local hot dog festival

  49. I work the town where I live, at a small t-shirt printing shop, and ride my bike to and from work, making deliveries. I also bought a second hand tag-along bike for my daughters who have yet to learn how to ride solo! So this would be great 🙂

  50. My husband and I just bought my 8 year old daughter a bike for her birthday. I’m ashamed that at her age she doesn’t know how to ride yet. >shrugging shoulders and shaking head in shame< The guys at the bike shop took the pedals off so she could learn "strider" style. BRILLIANT!!!!! I remember learning to ride a bike by accident. My dad was trying to teach my older brother how to ride and I took off! I haven't had a bike in a very long time but constantly consider pulling the trigger and getting one. I don't live in the most bike friendly city either. Such freedom in bike riding though. I love to feel like a kid!!!!!!!

  51. I sold my own bike a few years ago when it wasn’t available for me to use often with two (very) little children, but I LOVE bikes and have great childhood memories of riding. I’m really interested in this kind of training bike for my 3.5 year-old. I hope she has the same love of riding that I did growing up.

  52. Hubby rides to and from work everyday while I join him for rides around the neighborhood with a bike trailer for the kids!

  53. I love to mountain bike when we are in Park City, UT. When at home I use our trainer in the basement on cross training days or when there is a blizzard that keeps me from running outside or getting to the gym.

  54. We have a cruiser bike and trailer so either I take my 2 year old out for a tour of our open space or to the local park playground. It’s pretty close so I’m excited to introduce a bike so she can start to participate. Then I could run along side too.

  55. I’m 37 weeks pregnant right now and spin is the only cardio workout that feels good to me. I use my bike for lots of things. Exercise, fresh air, and pulling our daughter in her Burley. She loves it! I think she’d adore a pink bike 🙂

  56. We don’t ride and I miss it. We live in the country and there’s no sidewalks or bike paths close. I’ve been wanting my kids (5+4) to learn to ride though. These little bikes look fantastic!

  57. Both of our youngest children (ages 4 & 6) are struggling with the transition from training wheels to two-wheels. After seeing how quickly many of our neighbor’s children have progressed using Strider bikes, I believe a Strider bike will fit in perfectly with our entire family’s outdoor workout schedule.

  58. We don’t ride much. Honestly I love running more than riding. I want to do a triathlon so I need to conquer it. I have always dreamed of my kids being my water boys in my long runs so hoping to get them riding long distances soon

  59. On my long run days, if the weather is nice, my husband will get on his bike with my son in the back and will head out with me for the first little bit, and then will meet up with me later. The dog is usually in tow too!

  60. We used a balance bike with our son and it worked wonders! But my husband sold it to a friend after that so now it’s my daughter’s turn. I used to mountain bike a lot but now I barely ride so I would love for my family to start making use of all the great bike paths that I have been running lately.

  61. Sadly, right now, I don’t even own a bike. :/ Though, if I did, I’d try to go out for a ride on trails on a nice day – and hopefully bring the family along too.

  62. After many, many year of not riding a bike, I recently picked the sport back up in July and fell in love all over again. I love to bike as cross training and recently completed my first Duathlon. It was amazing! Can’t wait for my little’s to live riding as much as I do!

  63. At least once a week, we go on a family bike ride/run- my husband rides his bike with our 3 year old in the bike trailer while I run with our 7 month old in the jogging stroller. We love the family time, and our girls get to see how fun it is to exercise!

  64. We’ve been on family bike rides (not nearly as often as I’d like) and my little guy really wants to ride his own bike. He wants to be just like big brother. I want my family to live life outside, and bike riding is a way to help us do that, and have fun.

  65. we love taking bikes to the farmers market and to run errands. My kiddos are ready to transition from the trailer to their own bikes and I can’t wait for them to bike alongside me on training runs.

  66. My ultimate goal for my children is to live a healthy, active life! We love to go on bike rides together and my son loves to run with me. We recently went in to a bike and run store where the manager spent an our teaching my kids to ride on strider bikes! They absolutely loved it and are still talking about how much fun they had! I would love to get them a balance bike!

  67. We love to go on leisurely family rides. Our 2.5 year old wants to be like big brother and sister and have wheels of his own. It’s a great family activity.

  68. I spin every Saturday and love it. This summer I got a new bike for my 10 year anniversary, best anniversary present, I even hook up a bike trailer for my 3 year old so I can ride and she gets to tell me all the animals she sees as we go. She would love a new pink Strider bike.

  69. I love a good spin class, but I love even more is to let my kids ride bikes while I go on runs. Even if we have to stop more often than I prefer and I usually end up talking a about Minecraft more than I like. I love some family time and they love being my coach! My 1 year old would love to tag along with his big siblings!

  70. I love cross training on bikes! Also putting the kiddos in the bike trailer and I feel so strong after a ride around the ‘hood 🙂

  71. We take leisurely bike rides as a family. My 18 month old loves riding in the bike trailer so we are pretty sure she will love her own bike too. I am excited to have her ride her own bike!

  72. i mostly bike at the gym, but my husband loves it so when I run, he bikes! And we want our 2yr old twins to love both!

  73. I love doing triathlons and riding my bike to work whenever possible! I can’t wait to share my love of biking with my daughter!

  74. While running is a love of mine, biking is favored by my husband. This would be a great compromise in our family to my son who is very active and enjoys always being outside.

  75. I have been on and off the spin cycle of biking for over a year. Come winter I will do my best to add it in again for some cross training. Hope to finally get out on the road next spring/summer.

  76. Biking is my commute of choice. I bike with a bike trailer for my little one (2 years old). Drop her off at daycare then to work. I log about 12 miles a day in commute wise. My older kids (11,8,8) bike to school everyday. By commuting, it has helped my running by making a crossover in my training for races. It has helped so much that I successfully finished a half ironman (boise), thus past June. I am striving to teach my kids that cars really can be optional, it’s easier to maintain a bike than a car. Lol.

  77. My little guy will be ready for a bike soon, and this would be perfect! I know he’d love to ride along when we walk the dog and eventually when I’m running.

  78. This would be perfect to transition my almost 3 yr old to – then I could just push baby brother in a single stroller vs a double! I used to ride often, but have put it on the back burner with pregnancies/babies.

  79. I have a three year old who’s like a dog that needs to be run everyday or he’s a disaster. We go for lots of walks and do lots of scooting. I’d love to add biking to the list of activities we can do to help him burn off some of that energy.

  80. My 7 and 5 year old love riding bikes in the afternoon, and my poor little 3 year old is too little to reach the pedals on her tiny bike–this would make her so happy and we could all enjoy biking together!

  81. We love to do family walks/bike rides in the evenings in the summer. 2 of our 3 kiddos can actually go at a decent pace. Hoping that soon I will be able to transition from pushing a stroller with kiddos to having them ride along while I run!

  82. My oldest son & I love to go bike riding, it’s one thing we love to do together. My youngest is getting too big for the baby seat I have for him. Would love to win this so we can go riding together.

  83. We use biking as cross training and just for fun. Someday I hope to do a duathlon. My oldest will sometimes ride her bike as my husband and I run with our youngest in a trailer. Our youngest is 4.5 but has sensory issues and we’ve been nervous to try training wheeled bike and have been intrigued by the balance bikes. She would LOVE the pink one. 🙂

  84. I use to be a more casual biker, going occasionally with the hubby. After having my son last December, biking became a bigger part of my life. I found that by putting him the trailer, I could get my workout in and errands run, and we could still spend time together. He loves biking (even more than stroller riding when I run), and gets excited when he sees we are getting ready to go.

  85. I have a mountain bike that is sitting in the basement, waiting for a tune up so that I can start to train for a triathlon next year…would love to invest in a road bike someday! I hope my young daughters will follow in my active footsteps!

  86. Not a lot of bike riding going on now, but there will be soon. I’d love to try my first trip in 2016 and my oldest will be turning 5 and my youngest will be 2.

  87. We just bike for fun. The older kids love it when we can all ride together. We don’t have a balance bike for our youngest and it would be super awesome to get one, so she could start biking with us too!

  88. No current biking in our family, but the weather just became cool enough to do some outside activities with our kids (3 and 1) in Las Vegas. I’m looking forward to the day when we can go camping again and bring our bikes for the campground and the strider would get us on our way!

  89. I am on the bike trainer twice a week! My husband I used to ride outside a lot together last summer until I got pregnant. And we’ll, now baby of course.

  90. I have an 18 month old daughter who’s absolute favorite things to do is bike right. Right now, she has a seat that’s attached to our bike but we would love for her to have one of these. We are a running family but we bike for leisure. We have a great bike path just down the road from our house that extends for 26 miles. Most summer evenings you can catch us out there taking a spin.

    And wow, what a great give away AMR!

  91. I love my bike, but don’t get to use mine often enough! Pre kids, I loved mountain biking, and really want to get back to it!

  92. Biking is part of my kids lives, 6 year old learned to ride without training wheels this summer and 3 year old is a crazy speed seeking kid on a balance bike! Biking is not part of my routine but I keep thinking it’s something I should pick up again to be able to go as a family. Love the balance bike concept!

  93. I actually don’t use my bike. 🙁 I’ve been wanting to but it’s tucked away in storage. my kids tool around on theirs in our small neighborhood. My daughter would love one of these bikes. We tried to take the pedals off of her bike so we could make it like a Strider but it doesn’t work quite the same unfortunately!

  94. I was a cyclist first, before I started running so that I could do triathlon (actually, I was first a swimmer, then a cyclist, now a runner and triathlete ;)). My husband didn’t know how to ride a bike when we met, and taught himself so that we could ride together! We just started taking our daughter (9 months) along with us in a trailer. We both ride to work, and drop her off at daycare on the bikes. We do most of our errands by bike as well. We’re definitely looking forward to family outings by bike, and a Strider would be such an awesome way to start our daughter off on her own two wheels next summer!!

  95. I use a roadbike to cross train for half marathons. I do one day want to run a triathalon (however I need some swim coaching). I also take cycling classes when the weather isnt so great in Wyoming. I have a beautiful little girl (age 2) who would love this strider bike! She has used her cousins and really enjoys it! I would love to have her riding soon and then I can ditch the BOB (stroller) when I train with her.

  96. I like to bike for cross training, but I’m usually short on time. I love just cruising with the kids. I also ride when I’m injured and cant or shouldn’t run.

  97. Riding doesn’t fit into my life right now due to my twin daughters being 3 and not really interested in bikes YET. (A strider bike might change that) However, I can’t wait for them to be riding bikes for two big reasons. 1: Ao that we can go for rides together as a family, it is great for cross training. 2: The biggest reason…….I won’t have to push a stroller or get up really early to get my runs in during the summer. I will be able to have my kids ride their bikes while I run along side them………… excited for this phase 🙂

  98. I ride my bike as part of training for half marathons and other races. My kids are at the perfect age to start learning how to ride a bike. My kids are 5 and 3 and I would love to go on fun family bike rides together around the neighborhood!!

  99. We live close to downtown and many fun places in the downtown area. The B-cycle program is perfect for showing friends around when we don’t want to worry about parking the car! It adds a lot to the fun memories we make with our frequent guests.

  100. My husband and I do long bike rides in the summer, when I’m usually not training for a run. As my boys get older, I look forward to some family bike rides around the neighborhood.

  101. I haven’t ridden my bike since I got pregnant with my baby boy, who is now 14 months old! I want to get back on it and train for some more triathlons when the timing works out. Focusing on running right now.

  102. Bike riding connects us as a family. It is our time to get away from all the distractions that separate us. We end up talking more, joking around like goofballs and even sometime race each other!

  103. I haven’t done much bike riding lately, which I need to change because I have the CUTEST cruiser that would make my 13-yr old self jealous. My hubby, however, has been accompanying me on some of my long runs, which I totally appreciate. I even bought him a new gel seat cover for his birthday!

  104. Cycling is my husband’s first love and mistress; he rides weekly Sunday rides during the spring/summer and competes in cyclocross races during the Fall. Cyclocross is like cross-country running with bikes and though the field of women who show up each Sunday is small, they are amazing, tough and inspiring. I’m just starting to get back into a fitness groove (nearly 2 years since my second was born). I’m hoping to do my first triathlon next June and might just try my hand (er, legs?) at cyclocross next fall (which my husband has been suggesting since 2010). In time, we hope that we can make cycling more of a family affair like it was when it was just the two of us.

  105. I teach spinning twice a week! It forces me to get crosstraining in and the energy from my riders is amazing! Getting my spin certification was a goal of mine after baby #3 (who is the perfect age for a Strider)

  106. Bikes are a big player in our family. My son is finally getting big enough to ride a balance bike so I am hoping he’ll be able to ride alongside my husband and I on short runs. Currently we take a lot of family rides to the farmers market, playgrounds and restaurants with my son in a seat behind my husband. I love biking and the time it allows my family to spend together.

  107. We are just moving to a bike friendly town with parks and bike trails. I’m hoping to bike to the store and to school – it’s the ultimate in cross training!

  108. I’ve grown up riding bikes all of my life. Now my children love to ride their bikes–for exercise, to cool down when their emotions have heated them up, for camaraderie, to enjoy the great outdoors, to feel fast, to move quickly from Pt. A to Pt. B, and to enjoy a few moments of freedom. Our only challenge is keeping tires aired up and making sure our bikes fit our kids’ growing bodies. 🙂

  109. Riding a bike as a kid was my only means of transportation. And freedom. Riding now (at 60), still gives me that freedom feeling. As an aside, I’ve tried to get my grandkids to fall in love with riding with mixed results, but after reading the StriderBike website, I realize that I may be approaching it all wrong. What came naturally for me is frustrating for them.

  110. We ride for fitness for my kids. We have 7 kids (blended family) and our 2.5 year old is the only one without a bike at the moment. This would be awesome for him!

  111. My mom and I trained for 100 mile bike ride with TNT in memory of her sister. Since then, I ride road or mountain, tri or for fun.

  112. I wish I could fit more biking in my life! I have a beautiful bike that I got for FREE that hangs “upside down like a bat” in our garage. I keep telling myself I will get it out for a ride, but something always gets in the way: marathon training, my 7 year old is not very confident on her bike (including the training wheels which I now understand is NOT the way to go), the weather, I could go on. Given that I live in the Northeast, maybe I need to make Spring of 2016 all about the bike…

  113. I love my bike. I never really learned how to ride when I was a kid, so I bought myself a mountain bike on my 28th birthday and made my husband do the run beside me. Now I am training for a sprint train triathlon and would love one of these for my kiddo to practice with as well!

  114. I don’t have a bike myself, but my two oldest love to ride, and we have a 2 year old who would love to get out of the jogger and join her brothers while momma runs!

  115. I love taking my bike out when I want to get out and get some fresh air, but I need a break from running! I don’t do it often, but I enjoy having that option.

  116. Getting on my bike is how I get centered.
    The hurries and worries rattling around in my head disappear as I find that steady cadence.
    The good and true things come back into focus.
    All is right with the world, and I can begin again, renewed and refreshed.

  117. I’m currently training for my first Ironman…actually riding on my trainer today. I would love one of these for my little guy.

  118. Thanks for the LOL about the photo of the little boy with no helmet – I start twitching when I see riders sans helmets – esp kids!! I love riding my bike but it’s hard where I live – lots of hills and windy roads.

  119. I have a bike attachment for my “short legged” four year old, to go behind me. I also hAve a seat that sits in my handlebar so that my 19 month old can ride with us. Then my eight year old rides along on her bike beside me:) so it’s a balancing act, literally !

  120. I am trying to get into road biking with the cycling part of our “Run, Bike, Hike” club. I love it, but am still a tiny bit (or a gigantic bit) terrified with the traffic! My 6 yr old loves to ride on our local Greenway and my 4 yr old hasn’t really gotten into biking yet. The Strider bike would be perfect for him! He’s tiny, so even the smallest / lightest bikes are too big for him!

  121. We just got back into bike riding now that my spouse is back in town. My son has a bike w training wheels we can’t seem to get him off of maybe time for a strider he can hand down to his sister in sunny yellow:)

  122. I don’t need a strider bike, in fact we have two that we’ve just outgrown. But I have to say, these bikes are the BEST thing EVER! My older two kids didn’t learn to ride a bike until age 8, but my twins had striders by 18 months and could keep up with everyone else in the family on walks/bike rides by 2 years old. They graduated to pedaling bikes this year at age 4, full speed ahead. I can’t recommend this product enough!

  123. I use my bike as my cross training when I don’t want to do the strength training my coach gives me for the week (shhh, don’t tell my coach). I also use it for active recovery from big races.

  124. I bike to the local stores, although I wish I could go to more places. I live in a small community. I also bike around the neighborhood for cross training or just because. These are great bikes for little ones to teach balance.

  125. I love to bike, I bike commute in the summer on non-running days, and in the winter my trainer and I have a love-hate relationship! I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to do family rides!

  126. We like pleasure rides as a family. My daughter loves riding in the trailer, but I can’t wait until she get to ride her own bike too

  127. I’m back on my tri bike and riding around local paths and peaceful roads. My kids love to ride to the nearby park, and I’m hoping they will soon be able to bike next to me while I run!

  128. We don’t do a lot of bike riding (I don’t) but my husband will take our boys on rides while he runs. Or ride with them. I like to ride bikes to school with them. So baby needs to learn quick (ok she’s only 3 months so she has awhile to learn). 🙂

  129. We love biking along our local bike path as a family. My youngest is 18 months now, so maybe mom won’t have to drag the bike trailer around much longer! 🙂

  130. I got into triathlons 6 years ago for my birthday. Besides training for those I like to ride my beach cruiser around town for errands or just to feel the wind in my hair.

  131. I have a bike with a basket for my dog. We love to ride when we need some time off of our feet. I take my bike to visit with my daughters and a strider is going to be my go to present for my newest granddaughter.

  132. I love to mountain bike! I have four kids who ride their bikes every day. The baby is still on a trike but ready to keep up with the big kids.

  133. I did triathlons pre-baby, and once my daughter gets a bit older (and I’m less nervous about it), I’m looking forward to taking her for rides in the trailer.

  134. I pull my daughter in the trailer on the bike trail near our house or have my family drop me off in a nearby town for a solo ride back to my house in the country.

  135. My two oldest kids are big bike riders around the neighborhood and we’ve been thinking about a balance bike for our two year old. As a family we love to take trips around the neighborhood and and conquer “the hill” – which is more fun to go down than up!

  136. I used to do triathlons and commute by bike, but an injury 10 years ago took cycling away from my life. Luckily, I figured out my injury and fixed it about a year ago, so I’ve been enjoying going on bike rides with the family and occasional rides with my husband or friends this past summer!

  137. I love to do triathlons- Olympic distance is my favorite! BUT riding with my kids- talking and laughing is my favorite!

  138. I was born a runner and converted to triathlete after battling multiple injuries in 2014. With the extra biking (and swimming) I’m actually a faster runner now!

  139. I ride to the post office to check my mail with my son in tow. He’s 3 and ready for a stride bike now. Thanks for the chance!

  140. I love my pink beach cruiser and try to ride as much as I can which sadly is only about a week or two every summer. I also spin but it’s just not the same experience as the wind whipping through my hair, sunshine on my back and the smell of clean ocean air when I ride my bike at the Jersey shore.

  141. I don’t currently own a bike but I’m itching to get one! My son has a bike with training wheels and it’s bulky and hard for him to maneuver. I think a Strider is just what he needs! I’m hoping to get a bike with a trailer so I can take the baby on-the-way out and we can go for family rides next summer!

  142. I bike with my family and I also train for triathlons. My step-daughter learned to bike at age 4! My son is 13 months and will be ready for a bike soon! (has to do everything big sis can do!)…I would love to bike into work, too. I just need to get up early enough!!!

  143. Bike riding has always been a fun go-to activity for our whole family. Currently it’s also filling a huge void for me as I am requiring an extra long recovery from my most recent 26.2. As our kids get a little older (6, 3 1/2, and 2) it’s finally getting close to becoming an activity we can ALL do together, as opposed to some of us pedaling and some of us being carted around!!

  144. My daughters ride bikes, but my son cannot. So right now the bike riding is pretty much limited to my girls cruising around the neighborhood. I dust off my bike when I need to zip around to find my kids and I’m not sure which neighbor’s house they landed at!

  145. my oldest just mastered a two wheeler without (eek) training wheels, so i’d love to avoid the training wheel dependence with my youngest. Plus, it would be great if both kiddos could ride while Ir an and I could retire the jogging stroller.

  146. For the most part it would be to watch my son ride and have fun. The park I like to run around is a great place to ride a bike for kids, so I would probably do an easy run with my son riding along from time to time too.

  147. We are working on getting back into biking – I need to get my bike (long neglected) tuned up. Kids have used bikes and training wheels that need spiffing up.

  148. I had to give my pedals of my bike to my daughters whose were not working right. So right now I dont bike 🙁 I would love to get back into it though!

  149. Right now it’s mostly just watching my kids ride, or having them ride along next to me when I run. We sold my bike when I made the leap from triathlon to running, so I don’t have one for myself now. Hopefully next year!

  150. This is going to sound lame, but none of us own a bike. Well, not really. My daughter, who is 3 1/2, has a little tricycle. She’s not the most coordinated kid ever…this would be so cool for her. And my son, who, at 18 months, is *super* coordinated, would also love it!

  151. I’m currently 9 months pregnant and just had to stop running, but for the last several months my husband would bike alongside me and tow our almost two-year-old in the Chariot while I ran. She just started running “races” and I know she would love to bike by herself, too!

  152. I used to do a lot more riding than I do now. (My husband and I trained for months to do a 2-week cycling trip in the Italian Alps for our honeymoon.) But I still love riding my bike and would love to get my 1.5 year old son started on a balance bike!

  153. Currently our family rides for fun. Sometimes my oldest will ride along side me while I go for longer runs. I can’t wait until the baby (who is now 5 months) is big enough to ride in the bike trailer so we can all go out.

  154. Before my pregnancy I use to ride a lot because in was doing duathlons. My some will be 4 months at the end of the month and I am hoping after we get settled into our new home that I can hopefully starting riding again, and even take my little man with me!

  155. We live in a small town so we try to ride to school, church, etc. right now I’m super pregnant so I’m taking a break but otherwise I will pull two babies in my trailer, put one on the seat I front of me, and have two others trailing behind! I think getting one out of the trailer and on to one of these may lighten my load when I get back in the “race”!

  156. Oh how I want a bike! My husband promised we could get new bikes, but that was almost 5 years and 2 kids ago. Maybe winning a Strider for our daughter will be the turning point for us to become a biker family 🙂

  157. I spent the summer that I turned 16 training to ride a century, just because. My sister and I rode to places that floored our parents! We built up our legs and finally rode 100 miles on a glorious day. Now I spin with a great instructor once a week, and ride the rail-trails with my 16 y.o. son on the weekend.

  158. I ride for pleasure with my kids! Spinning class for bike exercise. Still have on that I need to get on a bike so this would be great!

  159. I love riding my bike!! I get a short season here in ND, but all spring, summer and fall (5 months if I’m lucky!), I’ll ride for my errands! 😀

  160. I haven’t ridden a bike in 6 years. Getting one of these for my 3 yr old (in blue) would be a good excuse for me to get a new bike.

  161. My husband and I only just got my first bicycles in a decade. We mostly cruise around the neighborhood or ride with our older son. Our younger son is just the right age for these!

  162. About the only biking I’ve done as of late would be the recumbent bike in the basement because we are one bike short of being able to ride as a family. That lime green is fantastic! I would actually gift it to my niece for Christmas because she is the optimal age.

  163. Sadly my bike has been hanging in the garage for a long time, but my toddler is ready to get off his tricycle, so once he starts biking I will return to it too!

  164. I am not into bike riding as I am pretty obsessed with my running. My almost 5 year old has a bike like this he started with that he loves. I think these are perfect for teaching agility, balance and confidence. I would love one for my two year old!!

  165. I have 2 bikes one for my triathlons and riding long distances. Recently my husband and I purchased second hand cruiser bikes so we can just go on a “bike date” and enjoy the trail we have near us. Those cute strider bikes are just what we need for our grandson to learn to ride a bike for life.

  166. My husband does not like to run (yes, I’m still with him anyway) – but he does like to bike. So when I go out on my tempo runs he rides with me and helps me to keep my pace up. I was amazed at how much improvement I’ve seen, and the time really flies by! We have some of our best conversations on those training runs – and I find myself looking forward to them every week!

  167. I ride every week on my bright yellow Trek! We have a gorgeous trail along an old rail line, so it’s a peaceful, smooth, only as vigorous as I want it to be 10-25 miles. Riding has really improved my running and I get a bit, shall we say, grumpy if I miss a week!

  168. I have completed two sprint triathlons, my husband has completed a half and full ironman and I would love for our daughter to do our local kids triathlon. The problem? She’s not so great on the bike yet. We’ve tried removing the pedals but the “pedal holder thing” gets in the way. The glider bike would be the perfect way for us to all transition into riding together!

  169. I am very fortunate to have a group of BCF’s (best cycling friends). We organize via group text when the weather looks good for a ride. At 46, I am the baby of the group. We are a rag tag bunch of middle-aged ladies on wheels having an absolute blast. We’re talking about our kids away at college, sweating out the worries and keeping in shape. Alas, winter is coming so I will be heading to spin classes a couple times a week.

  170. My oldest rides his bike with me on my runs. A balance bike will help teach my younger kids how to ride a bike so they can join us.

  171. I ride in our neighborhood or on the greenway near our home with my son on the back he loves to bike. He loves the speed and being able to see so much on two wheels and being outdoors

  172. My kids use their bikes to explore the neighborhood. We’re lucky enough to live on a cul-de-sac that lets even the littlest one bike with some freedom. Now that 3 of them are great bike riders we’re ready to enjoy the forest preserve trails near our house. A balance bike would help our little guy learn to keep up with his sisters!

  173. I ride to wherever – whenever I can! With four drivers in the house and two cars to share, I most frequently ride home from work 🙂

  174. I took up biking after a car accident left me with an achy knee and forced me to cut down on running miles. I have a 1 and 3yr old and my oldest has been asking for a bike for months. I left my job last August and we’ve been putting off this purchase bc of costs. Would love the opportunity to give my daughter her first bike sooner than we thought!

  175. We used this technique for our younger two kids and they picked it up so easily. We love to go on bike rides to school and to the coffee shop! I would love to win and gift one to a friend!

  176. Biking is a huge part of our lives! Hubby does triathlons, while I bike as cross training for running. Our two older boys love to ride with their dad, but our youngest hasn’t learned yet. We like to bike as a family on vacation – the little guy is looking forward to not having to ride in a seat!

  177. These bikes are so neat. I am not the biker in the family, mostly because I enjoy other forms of working out more. But my husband commutes on this bike and pulls the kids in the bike trailer all the time. He even brought them to my race on Sunday in the bike trailer. They love it and my 3 year old wants a bike like dad.

  178. I love doing triathlons and also riding my bike with my family, two youngest in the bike trailer behind me and my oldest behind my husband on the pull behind wheel. A Strider would be perfect for my three little girls ages five and under! We tried teChing the oldest to ride without training wheels, but she’s too scared to keep trying. Maybe next summer…

  179. Bike riding is the one activity that my husband can participate in with me – he and I ride on my “light training” days. A Strider would be great to have for my young grandkids so they could “ride” around the park with us big kids!

  180. My oldest adores riding his bike after school, right now my youngest try’s feebly to keep up with him via tricycle. It’s not pretty! I’m not too big on the bike riding, unless my PF kicks up and sticks me in the gym :/ Would love to have a Strider❤️

  181. I pull my little guy in a bike trailer to day care, then head to work on bike. In the summer do a family bike ride most nights! We call it our goonies ride as we visit friends in our neighborhood! Our little guy loves it!

  182. Honestly, bike-riding is my go-to when I’m injured and can’t run. Otherwise it’s an “Oh, I’d love to bike to cross train but I would rather run every day” kinda thing!

  183. This is so awesome!!!! My little 20 month old man just learned how to say “bike” and “green”. A green strider bike would be so awesome for him!

  184. My husband and I both have long-dormant bikes that we’ve been meaning to get tuned up for years. I spin quite a bit, and love it. Our 5-year-old loves his training wheel setup, but everything in this post rings true! The weight! The clunk! And we gave our 25-pound 3-year-old a tiny training wheeled bike, but she can barely move it at all, so she always opts for running. Strider Bikes, where have you been all my life?

  185. These bikes are awesome! We’ve had the same one for 3 out of our 4 kids! I know our 4th would enjoy the green or black Strider!

  186. I do spin class in the winter (which is basically now–I’m a wuss about cold weather!) to get a break from the treadmill! But also I have 6 kids, the 3 older ones all learned on a gliding bike with no pedals, which disappeared. 🙁 The younger 3 have yet to take on bike riding–I would be thrilled to get them on a Strider bike, I’ve been ogling them for Christmas!!

  187. We fit in bike riding any way we can! I do triathlons, and my partner is a bike commuter. We’ve also instilled the love of biking in all four of our kids. The youngest two (5 and 3) are still getting the hang of it, but the youngest yells all the time for “Mama’s bike!” because (of course) I’m the one with the old Dutch bike with her bright orange Yepp. (NB: tris are not done on the Dutch bike)

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