Hump Day Giveaway: Three Saucony Sports Bras

If only us mother runners had as much fun bouncing as kids do...
If only us mother runners had as much fun bouncing as kids do...

Whenever I see another mother runner bouncing along as she runs--and I'm not talking about her ponytail bobbing--I mentally clutch my breasts in sympathy. Like the other morning: My running partner, Molly, and I were heading along a straightaway punctuated by vivid pink rhododendrons and graceful Craftsman-style homes when we saw a woman running toward us on the opposite side of the road. It was a toss-up with bounced up and down more: her earbud cord or her ta-ta's.

As my modest 36A boobs empathetically hurt, I wished Molly and I could stop the woman and outfit her in the Saucony bra of her choice. With myriad well-engineered options, almost any mother runner can find the right bra to hold her in securely--yet comfortably--in place while running. I've tried a bunch o' Saucony bras, and my rack (such as it is) favors the Curve Crusader. Its back hook-and-eye closure eliminates the need for a sweaty shimmy post-run to extract myself from it, as well as offering adjustability to the bottom band. The separated cups (translation: bye-bye uniboob!) are lined with enough spacer fabric to hide high beams yet not too thick to feel soggy after a sweat-session. It offers high-impact bounce-protection for women all the way up to DD.

The Bounce Trouncer (gotta love bras with clever names, in addition to smart styling) shares some of the same features as my beloved Curve Crusader, but it boasts convertible back straps that can be worn crisscrossed or straight. It offers high-impact support for A-DD gals.Β In my bi-weekly barre-inspired class, I favor Saucony's Athlete Avenger, which is an update of a classic racerback-style sports bra. It also sports nip-hiding light padding and non-chafing support. If seamless is more your style, the Energy Enforcer is a study in comfort.

A sampling of the bevy of Saucony bras three winners can choose from!
A sampling of the bevy of Saucony bras three winners can choose from

Rather than stage a street-side bra intervention, we are giving three women the Saucony bra of their choice. To enter to win, tell us what is the most important feature you look for in a sports bra. Is it locked-and-loaded support? Do you long for chafe-free comfort no matter how many miles you log? Is size range your numero uno concern? Whatever you look for in a sports bra, type it in the Comments section below this blog post on our site for a chance to win the Saucony sports bra of your choice.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.]Β This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 5/21/14 and ends on 5/27/14; the winner will be announced on 5/31/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $36-$48. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.Β 


903 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Three Saucony Sports Bras

  1. I look for 3 things: 1)the right size, 2)just enough padding in the front, too much is a s uncomfortable as too little, and 3) comfort. The elastic in the Hanes sportsbras are melting into my skin- very NOT GOOD!

  2. As a “well endowed” runner, I look for something with maximum support, but no underwire. Often hard to find!

  3. I am lacking in the boob department so a padded bra that doesn’t chafe is on the top of my list! Also a pretty colour would be great!

  4. I don’t have alot to bounce, but I do like support without the “squish”. I like looking like I have boobs.

  5. I look for something that offers support and shape. I recently (as in 1 week ago) finished nursing my youngest, my boobs are horribly shaped. She would only nurse on one side so I have had lop-boob, now I have saggy goat-boobs, combine that with my small breast size NB (no boob) anyway. So I really want some shape with support!

  6. I have used the same sports bras for years now… whatever is clean is my motto. I have recently become WAY more involved in running though. I would LOVE to try a Saucony with my 3rd marathon coming up in October!!

  7. Support!! As long as it keeps the girls in place, I honestly don’t care what it looks like…but being cute doesn’t hurt either:)

  8. Definitely support!! I was blessed by the ta-ta fairy early in life and have tried everything under the sun to get rid of the bounce…even duct tape once in a wardrobe emergency!

  9. Funny- I often feel the same way when I see other female runners rocking it while being failed by their bra.

    I look for support- I like having a racer back or criss-cross straps and mega support for my 34 D rack.

  10. I basically look for a good solid uni-boob. Then, no matter how hard I work, my ample C cups stay nice and solid. No black eyes or bruised knees for this BAMR.

  11. I recently found out I am pregnant and my “ladies” are sore beyond belief! Having enough support to keep them from bouncing around while I run would be a huge incentive to keep running throughout my pregnancy. Support, support, support! Let’s keep these ladies from moving at all!

  12. I look for support in a sports bra and also style. I don’t want a sports bra that makes me look ten or that gives me a uniboob! I love saucony sports bras because the seem give sport and style! I have had one from them but it’s about wore out!

  13. Definitely no chaffing — seams, material, etc. I have had problems where my bra gets so wet is starts sagging down really low and chaffing. Ugh!

  14. Although I hardly have anything to brag about (my cups definitely do NOT “runneth over”!) I want my girls firmly reined in. Easy off when soaking wet ~ No elbows caught in unnatural angles, please. A tad of padding for modesty.

  15. I need good ‘lift’ that pulls the girls up whilst safely strapping them in! I also look for some padding so that it doesn’t look as though I’m ‘peanut smuggling’ !

  16. Looking for a bra that provides serious support. No bouncing, let’s keep’er strapped down securely. And the dream come true bra also includes fashion with the function. If the bolder holder is going to peek out of my tank, I want it to be cute.

  17. Most important feature for me is to have great bounce control. The girls need to be snug not moven’ around.

  18. Comfort, comfort, comfort! Tight across the girls but not under and no pulling on the shoulders. Basically, I want to forget I am wearing one.

  19. I just want a bra that helps my 38D’s not bounce. I also hate having to keep putting straps back on my shoulders:)

  20. Being a 36D support is definitely my top concern, but I always try to find something with a little padding too, I hate headlights!!

  21. I saw one of those bouncy gals on my run yesterday and I wanted to stop and help her – it looked painful!

    I look for comfort with a lock-down support in a racer-back. Still haven’t found the perfect one for me yet, but I’ll have to check out Saucony!

  22. I look for a full coverage bra that has a good fit and works well with a variety of tops I have

  23. Seamlessness…or at least as much as possible to minimize chafing, never realized how critical it was until post long run shower with a cute but tough seams

  24. It’s gotta hide the high-beams, and it has to feel “secure,” like a part of me rather than another article of clothing.

  25. Support that doesn’t make me feel like I’m putting on a straight jacket to get in. Plus, it needs to move easy for me to nurse if need be.

  26. Any bra that actually holds me in place, but that I don’t have to dislocate a shoulder to remove is AWESOME! I’ve only found a few…

  27. I’m on a constant search for the perfect bra to support my smaller friends without making me washboard flat. That’s great for abs, but not up top!

  28. I look for a sports bra that has some sort of lining or light padding to keep the headlights decent πŸ™‚

  29. I struggle to find bras tall enough for my torso. I can get tall shirts and long pants, but my only solution for a bra is really adjustable straps. Good thing I’m on the small side. πŸ™‚

  30. I like to be locked and loaded. I hate the bounce! I also do not want to struggle to get into the bra or have it cut too deeply/chafe.

  31. I like a tight fit (I range from B-DD cups depending on my weight, nursing, etc ). And little to no chafing! I have a scar from a particularly bad chafing bra (moving comfort Fiona) and I don’t want to go through that again.

  32. I want a sports bra that allows me to run without hearing my breasties slap together!! It’s either smash them so tight I can’t breathe or deal with uniboob/slapping in middle!!! The Curve Crusader sounds ideal!! I’d love to just hear my podcast for a change!

  33. It’s gotta keep the girls from bouncing! It’s extra icing on the cake if it matched my outfit πŸ™‚

  34. I would love a sports bra that doesn’t chafe holes into my boobs and it would be awesome if it had some, err, enhancing qualities as my boobs have shriveled up after nursing 4 kids.

  35. The two things I NEED in a sports bar are major support and the ability to get it on and off without getting all tangled up and sweaty before even starting my workout!!! πŸ™‚

  36. For me, I hope to have a chafe-free experience during long runs. That’s such a hard one to figure out just by inspecting the bra. A magic 8 ball sure would help.

  37. I look for no seams on the interior of the bra. Even though it might say chafe-free with ‘protected’ seams, if there is a seam, it is a no-go for me. So, seam free, and then no movement support. Oh, and no side boob (bye-bye Lulu’s Bitty Bracer).

  38. I look for sturdy straps that I don’t think will stretch out quickly, Look for light seams that won’t chaffe me under my boobs, darker color so I can wear it while swimming in dirty open water in a triathlon.

  39. I like solid (as is no movement) support! I want to jump up and down and move as one unit. Easy on and off helps and cute colors seal the deal!

  40. Every sports bra I have ever owned has been the basic uniboob type from Target so I guess I haven’t ever looked for any particular feature but price. It would be nice to have good running bra!

  41. I have found, by unfortunately looking at race pictures,that I require padding in the cups!!! I like thin straps too.

  42. The most important feature to me is a light padding in the cups. I think there is nothing worse than letting everyone know what’s going on with the ladies.

  43. Chaffe free. After my 2nd kid, I grew (sagged) from a wanta be B cup to a D cup….learned I needed to replace my bras after some serious chaffing….(of course, I haven’t gotten around to replacing them all yet – so the old highschool sports bras (20 years old)come in handy some times when I have had a busy work out/no laundry yet week). πŸ™‚

  44. When it comes to running bras, it’s all about the fabric. I want a fabric that breathes so you don’t have to walk around with a wet running bra the rest of the day. I want a fabric that “holds up” just as well on a 3-mile run as it does on a marathon. I want a fabric that doesn’t chafe. And oh yeah, I want a fabric that makes me happy and comfortable. Is that too much to ask?

  45. I look for support. A couple weeks out of the month my size B’s are so sore, I can’t stand to have any bouncing when I run!

  46. #1 need: Support the girls well
    #2 need: Keep everything separate and up.
    #3 need: A back or front closure. I am soooo done with wrestling a sweaty bra over my head after a run!

  47. I need a bra that holds everything down while I am running. I am a 36DD, and I have not found a bra to keep the “ladies” in cheque. What has worked a little are my mother’s regular underwire bras that are a cup smaller and smoosh them to minimize bounce. Underwires work well for me for daily dress, but not for athletics; especially when they start to poke out of their channel. I would like something functional, funky and fashionable.

  48. I definitely want good support and aim for some separation (not a fan of the uni-boob look, as my oldest daughter calls it). I am thrilled with the selection these days. 20 years ago and before my breast reduction I used to wear 2 bras and a leotard (think Jane Fonda) in order to keep the girls in check. Now when I run I get to think about other things besides my bounce πŸ™‚

  49. I want it to be comfortable and supportive with no chafing anywhere. And I want it to be cute and match all my running tanks.

  50. What I really want is sports bra that supports itty bitties like mine. So many options for my size (36A-) have “light” or “medium” level of support, but after 4+ cumulative nursing years, these lil’ things sag and bounce despite their failure to fill supportive cups (often B size and larger) to the tippy top.

  51. Running bras are just as important as running shoes to me! I will drop $60 in a bra if it means (as a larger chested woman) that I get fit, comfort, bounce control, no chafing, and fun colors. I am so glad we larger chested women are starting to get some fun colors besides the previous standard white and black!!

  52. I’m a petite woman in my 30s, so I want Comfortable while giving me shape rather than the flat, no-chest 10 year old girl look.

  53. I need a sports soooo bad!Not kidding. I just started training for my very 1st sprint tri. I’m starting from zip. I think I have two sports bras and those bad boys are getting abused! Wish them luck. πŸ˜‰

  54. I’m all for comfort. Since I’m quite small after years of nursing, comfort is key since there isn’t a lot to support!

  55. I am on the larger cup size, but not necessary larger in circumference, so I look for one that has lots of support and minimal movement.
    I try to avoid the smashing as flat as possible kinds because that’s not really support, it’s just painful, and sweaty.

  56. As a 5′ 1″ mother runner who ‘used to’ be a 32DDD, my answer the for sure would have been bounce control. But now (after a bit of an ‘adjustment’), I am a 32C. Running life has changed drastically as does my answer to this question. Today my two most important features are adjustable straps b/c I’m short w/ a short torso and I must be able to get out of the contraption w/o have to wriggle myself into all sorts of positions!

  57. No chafing and complete comfort. I recently realized I was still wearing a bra from 10 years ago. Yikes! (Got rid of it)!

  58. As a 32 DD (sometimes DDD) I would LOVE to see a supportive bra for us ladies with ample breast tissue and narrow rib cages (this gift, I got from my German grandmother).

  59. I don’t require much so I mostly look for comfort, and availability – meaning of I love it will I be able easily find it again in a few months?

  60. In my next bra I am looking for a quick release for my little girls. Post Run Sweat + an over the head struggle = unhappy momma and shoulder strains.

  61. I need a non chafing bra. If it has lots of seams or padding, I’m afraid of what I’ll look like after 13.1 mi. Also I need it to hold and still allow me to take in a breath.

  62. I look for something extremely comfortable that won’t dig into my shoulders and cause chaffing anywhere. And it’s awesome if there is one that feels like you actually aren’t wearing one!

  63. Definitely good support! I don’t want anything moving around. I also don’t like it to feel too bulky.

  64. I’m always on the lookout for a sports bra that doesn’t move. Don’t want any chafing and want lots of support. Fun colors are a bonus πŸ™‚

  65. I look for support. I had a breast augmentation and I need the girls to stay put! I also look for anything that’s moisture wicking.

  66. It definitely has to have hook-and-eye closures. I have one sports bra that has a super-cute pattern, but it creeps me out to pull it over my head when it’s all soaking wet after running so I never wear it!

  67. Total lock down! No bouncing, no jostling, nothing. I’ll even sacrifice a little chafing I have to. One of the indoor tracks I run on has a mirror on one wall and if I see any indication of movement I know that when I get home that bra is dead to me.

  68. Support, support, comfortable support!! Nursing baby #3 in the last 5 years. These girls take a beating as it is:=0

  69. I look for comfortable support. They need to be tight enough for effective, but not so tight that I feel like I’m losing circulation!

  70. My sports bra has to comfortably flatten the girls to my chest so there’s no movement at all. I’m not very well endowed, so that’s not my issue, but I am pierced so any amount of movement over the course of a long run can be soooo painful!!

  71. Fit, fit, fit! Just like regular bras, you have to try them all on before you can tell if they’re going to work. Really when you consider how different every body is, it’s a miracle any of them fit anyone!

  72. I absolutely need support! After having my son, I was nursing him at a cup size of GG..I didn’t even know they made bras that big. After losing some weight since I became a BAMR a year ago, I am currently down from the G’s but am still and have always been a larger busted girl and need the support. However, I would equally welcome a bra that can separate my “girls” so that I can worry less about my swoob! πŸ™‚

  73. You must have read my mind. As I examined my old, tired sports bras this week, I was just thinking I need to upgrade them soon. I am not very picky, but look for something that eliminates bounce and doesn’t chafe. Cheaper pricing is a big perk too!

  74. Honestly, one that doesn’t require that I “double bag” the girls. I’m a 34DD, and spent all of high school and college getting pretty cheap bras, and needing to use two. I’ve found some now that I can get just one! They are expensive, but it’s worth it. Winning one would be even better!!

  75. You can’t beat a supportive sports bra that eliminates the bounce factor. It’s truly a running gal’s best friend.

  76. I need a sports bra with good support, but my biggest concern is problem is finding one in my size – I am small, but have large breasts so the standard S, M, L sizing doesn’t work for me

  77. Finding the right size, no bouncing, the ladies need to be locked and loaded, no spillage, no chafing, then if I’m lucky enough to find all that a fun color is nice.

  78. comfort and durability. Comfort is number one though. There is nothing worse than being mid run with something besides my muscles hurting. (:

  79. I need support and lots of it!
    But something that gives a little definition too is nice.
    I would also be very happy with something easy to get on and off.

  80. Cheap (so winning would fit that bill!) and that’s about it. Nursing 3 kids has left them almost non-existent!

  81. Definitely no chafing! My running high has been killed so many times the minute I get into the shower and the stinging water alerts me that I’ve chafed. Ouch!

  82. I like support without compression or uniboob. I also cringe when I see a woman running without a good sports bra, it makes me hurt!

  83. For short runs, I’m not overly picky about my bra. I do have my “long run” bra that I know won’t chafe or irritate me. I definitely prefer bras with a closure so I don’t have to pull it off over my head when it’s all sweaty. Gross.

  84. I like bras that last through washings and won’t chafe. I don’t have to worry about support as I’m a 34A/B but I do like the ones that don’t have all the seams and easy on-off.

  85. All I want in a sports bra is something with support (although my A girls don’t require much), something that will not chafe and something with a little padding to hide the post run chills.

  86. I can’t be picky when it comes to finding a sports bra that fits my giant chest. But if I could, I’d pick a smooth front. All my bras have seams that show through all my shirts.

  87. Good support and coverage, breathable, and no chafing! A little shape/definition to it so it doesn’t look like I have a uni-boob is good too!

  88. A bra with some shape that hides the high beams is what I look for. I am small chested and don’t want a uni-boob.

  89. CHAFE FREE! Too many “ouchy” experiences showering after a run/race when my bra wasn’t smooth enough for my sensitive skin.

  90. I want a bra that doesn’t just compress and then let me roast in my own juices. I need one that will allow for some evaporation of sweat.

  91. I am always looking for a chafe free bra and willing to try anything as I have yet to find one! Paper tape is what works for me!

  92. I like a bra that holds everything firm and if it can keep the “headlights” from shining through my top, it’s a HUGE bonus!

  93. Tying Down The Tatas is the most important order of business. Once I’ve determined that gravity won’t drag the girls down, I’ll buy the bra–but I don’t take off the tags until I take a two or three mile test run to see if it will rub holes in my chest (if it does, back to the store it goes)….I’m down to two nonrubbing sports bras-hoping for a win!

  94. The most important thing I look for is support…I usually wear Old Navy bras because they are inexpensive and seem to support adequately (not perfectly, but ok)but they do give me the dreaded “uniboob” look. If I could afford one of the nicer athletic bras, I’d say the most important aspect would be that they support and separate, so there’s no “uniboob” look.

  95. I look for how easy it is to get on and off. Especially off after I’m sweaty. Is it going to be a battle pulling it up and over my head?

  96. I am all about comfort. Style and fashion are out the window when it comes to my running bras and shoes. Getting the job done and leaving me happy after a long sweaty run will put any sports bra at the top of my pile.

  97. My bras need to lock in the girls, but not make them feel squished into the bra. Comfort is very important as well, with minimal bounce and no chafing.

  98. A good sports bra is as important as a good pair of shoes. Both must be supportive, absorb shock, breathe, and look cute doing it!!

  99. I need a bra that is going to provide me with enough support so I don’t bounce and end up with a black eye.

  100. Being a nursing Mama means it’s a guessing game if my baby nurses before my morning run or not. It has to be tight fitting but not too tight to clog milk ducts.

  101. I need my girls locked and loaded…I love the Enell sports bra (11 hooks! 11!) but I admit…I’m intrigued by the Bounce Trouncer. Could it hold my DDs in place??

  102. I’m always looking for the perfect bounce-minimizer – big-boobed my whole life and it drives me bonkers when the girls get away from me!

  103. I’m “thrifty” (OK, a cheapskate) and “small potatoes” like SBS, but would be willing to put down some cash for a running bra that I could really love. Would love to try some of these beauts for free. Fingers crossed πŸ˜€

  104. I look for a bra that will lock and loaf my chest! I’m not big-boobed, but if I feel any bounce I’m uncomfortable!

  105. strong support & comfortable straps. Hate the bounce and non adjustable straps, my DD’s are ever so happy locked down when I run !

  106. Price, alas, since I’m a cheapskate. But also, a little padding in front. Too many race pictures featuring my headlights finally got me wise.

  107. I gotta have support but also no chafing. It can have all the support in the world but if I’m bleeding at the end I won’t wear it again.

  108. Traumatized at 21 when running in a non-supportive bra a group of 2nd graders started chanting “boobies flapping, boobies flapping”-I now go for full support with added padding. (I hate having “head lights” showing when I get cold)… who knows when I might pass another group of bratty 2nd graders!

  109. For me it’s the comfort. I’m a 36a also. Support is great but not a necessity. But comfort and nonchafing is where it’s at.

  110. I look for supper and no bouncing. At a 40DDD to 42DD I have a really hard time fund good sports bread that will actually fit and work.

  111. I look for support and coverage – I HATE bouncing! I have trouble finding sports bras in my size and when I do most of them don’t have the support I need.

  112. There are some weekend runs that once I get the darn thing on it has to stay on through chores, yard work, and the grocery shopping so it has to be comfiest!

  113. Post babies there is much to work with. So I really look for a sports bra that won’t chafe and is comfortable.

  114. I like to be locked and loaded but it is also important to be able to get into the darn thing! I recently discovered the kind that close in the back which is very helpful!

  115. Support! I am not exactly large, however I like my girls to stay nice and tight when I run otherwise I have visions of them being stretched like a long balloon that a clown would use to make an animal figure out of for my kids!

  116. I like the bounce to be in my step and not in my chest. Plus, I have been committed to one brand and style because I know it works for me. But a girl wants a little spice in her life without breaking her budget. It’s frustrating to try a new brand and realize it’s not the bra for you.

  117. I go for comfort and fit! I’m currently breastfeeding, and have learned that there is nothing worse than running with milk boobs! Normally I’m a B-C cup, but nursing bumps me up to a D-DD, which I have found challenging to run with if I don’t have enough support.

  118. Most important features would be no headlights, no uni-boob and one that is easy to get off… I think sometimes it is more of a workout to get out of the sports bra than to run 10K!

  119. I am on the bigger side (and not as young as I used to be) so I want the girls snugly put in their place and not moving!! A sports bra that can keep my ladies in place and be comfortable is worth every penny!! In my fantasy world it would actually be pretty too….

  120. Support. I’m not a big busted lady but I’m not small either. I need my sports bra to keep the girls in place but not suffocate me.

  121. Fit! I have had plenty of sports bras that were nothing special. Now I splurge on them but the most important thing is to make sure they fit properly.

  122. I look for comfort, support, and no headlights! Of course, all of this has to encompass making the girls look good and therefore making me feel good as well! πŸ˜€

  123. Really why can’t we have it all! Support, comfort, good looks, and no
    headlights. I love a running bra that covers, cushions, and makes the girls look awesome.

  124. In addition to hiding headlights, my biggest concern is comfort, especially for my neck. Sometimes they’re too constricting, and it feels as if it’s pulling on my neck, and a neck ache is not something I want after a run.

  125. Hold those puppies in place! Nothing else matters to me! I’d wear an iron chest corset if nothing else worked.

  126. A little bit of padding to hide the headlights is a big factor for me. In all honesty I actually don’t own a running bra – I wear a tank with a built in bra underneath my running shirt and am apprehensive to make the switch to just a bra even though it would be way cooler (temperature wise) with the increasing summer heat!

  127. I find sports bras to be too tight and restricting. I don’t have much to hold up but it is hard for me to find one that doesn’t squeeze me.

  128. Definitely a bra to control bounce for my size! I have not worn anything other than maternity bras for years, because it is too hard finding my size at reasonable cost and appropriate support. I also have 6 children, 2 of which are under 2 years old, so maternity bras were still appropriate. Getting back into athletics and running, it has been difficult to find something that fits right, supports, and even just looks right on. I am in a 36F maternity bra, which I believe is fairly comparable to a DD. I have done 3 half marathons in the past couple months, and the most recent one I wore 3 sports bras…each one of a slightly smaller size, just to keep things contained….there was still more bounce, than I feel should have been…not to mention the squeezing around my arms and upper chest due to improper fitting bras.

  129. No movement, no headlights and a hook-and-eye closure so the post-run shower strip-down doesn’t resemble Friday night at the fights…

  130. Most important aspect of a bra…padding! My three sisters used to say I had “pancakes with tits”. They were not lying. Even after nursing two baby girls like a milk cow, I still have pancakes for boobs. So, when searching for a bra I look for padding because one: I want to look like I have boobs, and two: to hide the high beams when they decide to turn on… oh, all the time!

  131. I look for something that will provide zero movement. Like, zero. As a 36DDD marathoner, I need something that isn’t going to give when it’s gets a little sweaty 3+ hours into a run! I need my girls to be as stable as I am!

  132. Well it has to be support because the “girls” have to be secure or there is no running for me. They must be harnessed up. My boys will ask me to run when we are casually walking to the park and if I’m in a normal bra I have to decline.

  133. A bra has got to eliminate bounce. Not one millimeter. And please find a way to get a bra to that poor woman you saw on the road. Oh, please, find a way to help all the gals that need more support!

  134. My main concern with sports bras is controlling the bounce! Size is also a big issue. I’m a 32DD and I’m finding it very hard to find my size! Especially at a reasonable price!

  135. My biggest priority used to be keeping the girls locked in high and tight, but now that I’ve lost some weight my biggest priority is finding a bra that doesn’t chafe to the point of drawing blood. In the middle of an 11 miler this weekend I actually stopped, took off my shoe, peeled a piece of tape off my blistered toe, and stuck it to my chest to prevent being rubbed raw. My standards have certainly fallen if I am apply stinky toe tape to my chest!

  136. I am so in need of new sports bras! I just want to get one that fits snugly, and that I don’t have to twist my arms into a pretzel to take off.

  137. I want a sports bra that makes me feel like Superwoman. And that means my girls are in serious lock down. I don’t care what color it is, or how difficult it is to get into as long is it takes out the bounce. I don’t want to be thinking about any other movement besides my pace, and my cape flying in the wind behind me.

  138. A bra must have nice padding to prevent headlights, but also the padding better not get all bunchy when I wash it.

  139. Being a 36c, I definitely need to be locked and loaded. Once when a was participating in a running clinic, the instructor recorded each of us running so that we could analyze our strides. I could not take my eyes off the fact that I was bouncing all over the place, and I turned to one of the other women and said “Why didn’t you tell me?” We had just met!

  140. I like something that is easy to get off afterwards when I am sweaty and tired, which isn’t always something I can find in tandem with a sports bra which minimizes jostling and bouncing.

  141. High Beams, I swear no matter what bra I wear or think will keep them covered they are in almost every race photo I have! I am not huge but apparently they like to show off!

  142. The most important feature in a bra is that it is chafe free. Or as chafe free as a bra can be under running conditions.

  143. I like a good ‘smasher’ bra in hot pink or purple. No movement is best, especially right before
    I get my ‘monthly bill’!

  144. I have a small band size and a big cup size and I’m always looking for a jog bra that can match both of these. Pretty colors don’t hurt either.

  145. I need maximum bounce reduction, but without it being so tight. Both factors even more important now, as I am nursing.

  146. I go for the double down for my double D’s. One very nice (read: expensive but completely worth it) topped with a typical but not supportive tank bra.

  147. Yikes! Now that I’ve learned about the “uniboob” effect, I’m looking at my pitiful passel of bras with a much more critical eye. Some structure would be a huge improvement. Padding for no headlights is also something I’m learning to look for. Plus, I love a racerback: makes me feel sporty.

  148. Love a sports bra that stops the bounce! But not smashing the girls to the point of being uncomfortable.

  149. It’s all about the support for me. Finding something that looks cute and hides under my tanks is nice too.

  150. I’ve got a small chest, so a little padding to help decrease the chance of being mistaken for a 10 year old boy and to help dim the high beams is my priority.

  151. SUPPORT! Ever since I bought a bra from Moving Comfort, I learned that the cheapo Target bras don’t work for this girl who is a D cup. I didn’t even know Saucony made bras this structured, so I may have to give them a try too πŸ™‚

  152. The ability to get it on (I know that seems obvious but if the hubby and kids are sleeping, I don’t have help with attaching straps) while still being tight enough to avoid jiggle! I too would love to avoid chafe and uniboob but those come in second.

  153. I need to feel like the girls are in tight with very little wiggle room! If it doesn’t chafe it’s a bonus- but I have yet to find that combo!

  154. Back closure is a must… I practically strangle myself getting sports bras off, over my head!

  155. I look for sports bra’s that fit by bra size and not sm, med, lg. I want mine to hold them tight and still look good under a shirt πŸ™‚

  156. No chafing!! That’s the worst for me, followed very very closely by the voice factor ( which needs to be zero.)

  157. I want it all. Strap them down. It’s painful to me even seeing another mother runner flipping around while running. Ouch!!

  158. “Locked and Loaded.” Or, as is more per my waaaayyy post nursing/weight loss condition, “Fight the flappy.” : )

  159. no movement at all! breast fed 2 kids…’s just all squishy now πŸ˜› i need ’em locked down πŸ˜‰

  160. Definitely the back hook closure. After 4 miles I don’t need a wrestling match with a wet bra before I get into the shower!

  161. Rib cage! After a twin pregnancy, I lost some volume but my ribs never seemed to go all the way back. Accommodating less cup and more rib is hard…at least if you want to breathe. Appreciated Dimity’s bra review in RW a few years ago. I currently own a few Sweethearts as a result of that, but it is time for some replacements.

  162. Support plus non-chafing! I tend to chafe along the bottom of the sports bra, getting a red welt that’s incredibly painful. And I don’t like to bounce at all.

  163. I look for a super supportive bra so that I only have to wear one to hold up these DD’s. In college my teammates and I coined the term “iron tits” meaning we were wearing 2 sports bras to hold everything in place!

  164. I’ve got to have great support with no bounce. Anti-chaffing is a necessity as well, especially as I increase my mileage.

  165. Ideally, a sports bra that makes me look perky because honestly, post 4 kids, they aren’t perky. OCD side likes one that isn’t too tight around my rib case while making me look perky!

  166. After a total of 37 months breastfeeding I need massive support to control the painful bounce. Being able to get myself out of the icky wet thing after a run is an added bonus.

  167. I need chaffe free bra!!! Everytime I run over 10-12 miles I end up with horrible lines of raw skin under my boobs. It makes me cry when I get in the shower:(

  168. My first priority in a sports bra is great support. I mean really…we’ve all had at least 1 kid and these girls aren’t going to stay put on their own.

  169. Haven’t bought a sports bra in a few years, but I like the snug support and one that I can get into and out of without it being a huge ordeal!

  170. I look for a lot of qualities in my sports bra. It HAS to be comfortable, non-chafing and supportive. A very close second in NO UNIBOOB! If it’s pretty, it’s a BIG SCORE!!!

  171. For many years, it’s been a sports bra I could get out of fast enough to nurse a hungry baby post-run! Support has been crucial, too!

  172. First priority is comfort. I like/need the support, but if it’s not comfortable, it doesn’t matter how much support it has- I’m not gonna wear it!

  173. I am looking for a bra that offers great support but also wicks sweat. Still looking for the perfect one!

  174. I look for a bra that is has a closure on the back so that I’m not struggling to slink out of a wet bra being pulled over my head. That also allows for adjustability in how snug it fits and how much bounce there is!

  175. I am a 36DD, so I need a bra that locks those girls down and keeps them from bouncing all over the place! I sure don’t want to frighten the people in the neighborhoods I run through. πŸ˜‰

  176. I had a reduction years ago, unfortunately they don’t have a lot of control in how the ladies settle when all is said and done. So I need a high cut bra or the girls like to find their way out during stretching/bending. πŸ™

  177. I like the idea of the snap back so I don’t have to shimmy out of a sweaty bra, but I’ve always stayed away bc I figured the support wasn’t as good. Would love to try one of those.

  178. It HAS to have size range. I have a tiny band size and not so tiny cup size so I’m pretty limited by what’s available in Canada… Well when it comes to cure bras anyhow. And really cuteness is totally number two!

  179. Lock and load ‘m with minimal chaffing but still cute and not overly bulky. Bonus if it reduces “headlights.”

  180. I look for sizing for sure. I have a rather small band size and rather large cup size so I don’t have a whole lot of options for regular bras or sports bras. I’m still looking for one that keeps them up and fully covered without requiring doubling up.

  181. No chafing and needs to fit lightly – if it’s a bulky or stiff bra, it’s definitely not for me!

  182. I have had the hardest time finding great running bras because I am bigger chested. Definitely look for light and supportive bras for comfort and minimal chafing.

  183. No chaffing. Seriously. I didn’t apply enough glide for my half last week and lost a few layers of skin- front and back! And that’s on top of the permanent scaring I have from doing this for years.

  184. The most important features in a sports bra for me are support, mobility and comfort, in that order. It never hurts if it’s hot pink either!

  185. As a general rule I aim to “batten down the hatches” as they say. Between now and June 20, which is my 40th birthday, I am operating under Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec “Treat Yo Self” rules each day so it would be most excellent to win!! I could wear it with my first running skirt I bought myself yesterday.

    Thank you!!!!

  186. I look for a racerback with enough support to prevent bouncing of any variety. I also love a bright shade to keep me feeling sporty and inspired!

  187. I am most concerned with how it looks does it smoosh them too much or is it flattering? Must not chafe and most not promote side books or side muffin tops? Not sure but lately when I shop that’s what I’m seeing and its not very pleasing to the eye…it happens where the arm meets the boob area, its like an overhang of boob-I would love to not see that but rather contain it in the bra :).

  188. Chafing is my main concern for running, but I’m looking for a more flattering sports bra for roller derby.

  189. Must keep the girls tightly locked in place!! Too much bounce and I will hurt myself or someone near me!! πŸ˜‰

  190. I want support that makes me forget .. I don’t want to notice excessive bounce, or chafing. I don’t want to see it sticking out beneath my tank top … Essentially I don’t want to remember it’s even there until I happen to notice I still look like a girl while achieving all of these things.

  191. I just need the girls to just stay in place!!!! I hate the bounce. Some days I wish I could make sports bras myself so I could get on that would actually keep them in place and not make them so smashed.
    Totally looking for some new sports bras.

  192. No, I repeat no bouncing. I also like an easy exit – no need to risk a shoulder injury while tugging and pulling to escape.

  193. Locked and loaded, without uniboob. HOWEVER, I’m a small (36) rib with a large cup DDD+ So I’d love to find one that finally fits! Right now I’m doubling up, pitifully!

  194. My DDs need non-uniboob compression to eliminate bounce that I am still able to take a deep breath while wearing. Help with headlights is nice, but not a deal breaker. Generally wear an MC Juno or and Enell. Have not tried a Saucony before.

  195. I look for an anti-chafing bra that does not require me to bathe myself in body glide before I put it on…I need a bra that allows me to say “no” to the boob lube!

  196. I want all the support and stuff– but I also don’t want to chafe. Gah, is there anything worse than peeling off a sweaty bra when you’ve chafed in all of those places?

  197. I like my ladies to be locked and loaded. I’m not big, but I can’t stand to bounce. I don’t enjoy the lined cups because its hot enough in florida without having an extra layer over the sisters. KWIM?

  198. No chafing & no bounce! I’ve lost 45 lbs from running & need to find new running bras that fit my smaller, but sadly saggier, chest!

  199. I am up for trying a new saucony bra, because my number one concern is to keep everything in place as it should be so that I am not tucking them in to my running shorts when I am 80 πŸ™‚

  200. Support!!! I have been wearing 2 bras since high school and after having a baby I need them more than ever!

  201. No bounce, anti-chafe. I don’t really care what is looks like as long as the girls are tucked away and out of my way.

  202. Love them all, but the bounce trouncer is my fave because of the straps. All of them look like they provide great support and hopefully hide the second set of eyes πŸ˜‰

  203. I’d love to say that I’m so enlightened that I don’t care what my bra looks like…..but that would be lying. I look for something cute that won’t chafe!

  204. I need some “bounce protection” without my breathing being restricted. I start training for my first full marathon in less than 2 weeks, and a really good sports bra would be AWESOME!

  205. Strap ’em in and keep ’em still!! After my first 5k I saw a photo of me during an “upswing” moment and I vowed to keep the girls under lockdown after that!

  206. Something that doesn’t make me look completely flat chested since I suffer from a less than ample supply of fatty chest tissue.

  207. I definitely need something to hide the high beams! After 3 pregnancies & over 3 years combined of breast feeding/pumping, I’ve got lots to hide!

  208. So much! In fact sometimes I think I expect too much from my bras πŸ™‚ I want no bounce. I started wearing two bras in high school track when my girlfriends affectionately named me “jugs” bc I was “blessed” with boobs they didn’t have. Honestly I wanted to duct tape the girls flat at that point. After nursing three kids I need more support than ever and have tried several “good” bras and haven’t found the best one for me yet. Thought I found a good match then could feel myself bouncing during boot camp sprints πŸ™

  209. No quite a mammogram(ok no where near) but a nice little hug to keep the girls contained and mostly bounce free.

  210. The most important thing to me in a sports bra is support and not super expensive! I have only found 1 sports bra that works well for larger chests, but I paid quite a bit for it. Would love to try this brand!

  211. Gotta hold the girls in place and keep their details hidden! One round of race photos with headlights made me someone who will forever look for just enough padding to keep that under wraps!

  212. I have a hard time finding a supportive fit for a small chest! One that fits well across the band and straps can be too big in the chest.

  213. I like smooth, silky fabric and padding to hide headlights because I get pretty excited when I see the finish line apparently!

  214. My number one concern is finding a sports bra that I don’t have to dislocate my shoulder to get in and out of. This became especially problematic this past fall when I was dealing with a shoulder injury and going through physical therapy. The Curve Crusader sounds great!

  215. I have yet to find the “perfect” sports bra. I don’t want to pay $50 for one to have it not work for me, and I sure don’t need a padded one when I have enough padding on my own!!

  216. I need one that doesn’t add to my scars of chaffing. I have probably 10 lines. Always gonna be a runner I guess…

  217. i’m always on the search for the perfect sports bra that can hold the girls in. Rumor has it the girls move 8 inches each way when we run. The thought of them going another 8 inches down is horrifying…so i’m always in need of the perfect sports bra that offers MUCH support for the well-endowed runner

  218. The first thing I look for is size. My double-d divas require serious support, but I first have to be sure the brand even manufactures bras for busty broads. After that, I prefer a racerback styling, no bounce, and a white or nude color. I haven’t tried a Saucony bra, so this would be a great prize!

  219. I need layers. I may have “girls” that represent tube socks…okay, maybe ankle socks…but they have never had a problem informing those around me that its cold out.

  220. I am only a 36B, but I want everything snugged down so NO bounce per ounce. I avoid chafing by always using body glide, how do you find a bra that doesn’t chafe without body glide?

  221. My first concern is good support and good suppression of movement. After that I rank comfort, ease of care (I love machine-washable bras), and style.

  222. Still trying to figure out what bra will work best. Before having my now 2 year old I was an A. Now I’m a D and I guess it’s going to stay that way! Definitely need a bra that doesn’t cause chafing and prefer it to keep them from jiggling and shining bright!!

  223. I NEED one with a hook and eye closure. I can’t stand having to do a half naked shimy into an over-the-head bra. It’s even worse having to shimy out of a soaked, sweaty nasty over-the head bra.

  224. Honestly I am always looking for a super cute or even sexy sports bra. But I always end up with a bra that is comfortable and not so cute. Because, let’s be honest, I’m pretty much the only one who sees the bra and not chafing at mile 6 is pretty darn important!

  225. Something to tame and support the twins as well as look cute, though I am reticent to go shirtless except for the hottest of conditions (or if I’m on vacation–I figure no one knows me and I let me lady lumps free!)

  226. I dream of a miracle that never seems to exist…No bounce, and a mesh panel in the back for breathability. Or maybe a mini fan…really either would be grand.

  227. My sports bra needs to be tight, but not too tight it feels like it’s going to chafe. My go to sports bra that I used for all of my long runs surprisingly chafed for my first half marathon a couple of weeks ago! Looks like I need to try out some new options.

  228. 1. No headlights, if ya’ know what I mean! If I want headlights, I’ll drive a car!

    2. Easy on, easy off design. The run is the supposed to be where you work hard, not getting your bra on and off!

    3. No chafing, please! Burning lungs, tired legs are no problem until you start to feel that rub, rub, rub. Grr!

  229. Chafe-free is high on my list. Nonexpesive, odor resistant and an awesome color that makes me feel like I can run faster!!!

  230. Zero movement. That is all I ask and yet it is so hard to find. I can’t have the girls bouncing around or else I find myself walking instead of running, ugh!

  231. No jiggling and no chafing! Oh, and not expensive. I know “they” say to splurge on an expensive bra, but my 36C chest is just fine in a $12 Champion bra from Target. I’m not opposed to a more expensive one; I’m just cheap. πŸ™‚

  232. #1 a zipper or hooks so I don’t have irritate my shoulders with “get my sports bra off” dance
    #2, a lining to minimize showing off my “assets”

  233. I am looking for a bra that makes me faster! No? That doesn’t work? Then I am looking for a fun color, in my true size that can keep the headlights dimmed, if you know what I mean? I tend to get super cold right after I run which means that post race pictures always feature the nips. I need a bra that can keep those at bay!

  234. I’ll cut to the chase. I got biggum diddies. Maybe not the biggest, but big enough that I can’t just flounce in to any store & grab something off the rack. I need something that I know will keep the ladies in their place, but without stuffing them into a boob sausage tube. I need the miracle bra – one that lifts, separates, minimizes & secures.

  235. I am most concerned about being that woman you saw on your run. I do not want to feel the bounce or have others see the bounce. It has been hard to find a bra to stop that.

  236. I am concerned most with avoidance of chafing, I don’t have much to fill up a bra, so there is a lot of rib cage to worry about! #2, being able to get back out of it without injuring myself!

  237. I’m pretty small on top so I mainly look for comfort (no chafing and not too tight). Being cute doesn’t hurt either.

  238. My number one concern is the locked-and-loaded support, as you put it. πŸ™‚ If I have that, I don’t have chafing. But obviously, I’d need to be able to find my size, or none of the above matter. But absolutely locked-and-loaded support is most important.

  239. I just want a bra that keeps my girls secure and bounce-free. If it’s comfy and attractive, too, that’s icing on the cake!

  240. I look for comfort above all else. I don’t want to be battling my sports bra while getting my workout or run in.

  241. Comfort! No chafing, not too tight, not too loose, no seams, lightweight fabric, no padding necessary – just right! I do not have a “huge” issue with bouncing – if you know what I mean, but I want to be comfortable.

  242. I like one that supports the smallness I have : ) The best bras are the ones you forget you even have on.

  243. I’m also a 36A. I look for a sports bra that doesn’t allow my girls to move AT ALL as well as hide my high beams. This normally means I have to wear 2 at once though. Which makes twice as much laundry.

  244. I look for comfort and support. Some bras can be very supportive but itchy or annoying. I like for it to be so comfy that I forget that I am wearing it and sometimes forget I have ta tas

  245. I just want to minimize bounce as much as possible–I wouldn’t even care if I had a uniboob if there were absolutely no bounce.

  246. The price is the number one thing which keeps me from buying one. I am able to run in a camisole with a built in bra. I look at sports bras and think of buying them.

  247. This past winter I was on a mission to find a sports bra that didn’t get soaking wet and leave me freezing cold. I’ve yet to find just the right one…

  248. I love a supportive bra that zips up the front! I have nearly dislocated my shoulders trying to get a sweaty bra off after a good long run!!

  249. I am pretty small so can get away with pretty muc any sports bra… But I need support without tight straps that dog into my shoulders or cause chafing around the band. I think the athlete avenger looks good for me!

  250. Can’t say I’ve found the perfect bra, tempted to give these a try. Wide side panel and a to be able to purchase by band and cup size. Sorry, but SML typically doesn’t fit. My number one complaint is that most do not have have a wide enough side panel. At my age I need everything, lift, separate, minimize bounce, modesty padding etc.

  251. A bra where my barely B’s don’t bounce around causing my nips to feel like they are being rubbed with sandpaper after several miles!

  252. I love that it’s a bra giveaway on “hump” day. πŸ™‚ I love a good sports bra, but have a hard time spending the money sometimes. It is always worth it though! I need a bra that holds them in place and doesn’t chafe. πŸ™‚

  253. I only like the back closure, but of course no chafing, wicking and good support, even I am on the smaller side.

  254. I have tried a lot of them and have not found anything that i really love. Support is #1 on my list of must-haves. Looking forward to trying anyone of these! Thanks for the reviews.

  255. I just started getting serious about running this past winter. My number one feature was MODESTY PANELS to hide my high-beams. But now it is getting warmer and my high-beam hiding modesty panels are feeling like soggy rags long before my run is over and I clearly need a better bra solution!

  256. Two words:LIFT and SEPARATE! I have nursing boobs right now, and they bounce something fierce! With summer fast approaching (painful bounce and boob sweat…no thanks!), I am desperate for a good bra that keeps these by heavy baby feeders off of me!

  257. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent trying on “MAX SUPPORT” bras only to have them fail the dressing room jump test. A comfortable, back hooking bra that stops bounce would be awesome!

  258. I don’t know if I can narrow it down to one feature! I have to say no bounce and snug comfort without chaffing are my must haves to keep these ladies locked and loaded during my runs.

  259. Oh, clearly the ‘no chafing ‘ rule applies, but I also need a little padding or I’d take someone’s eye out with these nipples.

  260. My list of bra needs is embarrassingly long. No uniboob, no seams across the boobs, hide headlights, tight enough to keep the girls bounce free, also must be able to remove with reasonable ease (removing a sweaty bra should be easier than the run itself), and needs to stay in place for really long runs. I have given up on chafing – they all chafe I just body glide really well and hope for the best. I do not believe this bra exists for those of us in the DD category. And I own a lot of bras all serve one of the above purposes. Never tried Saucony perhaps they have designed my dream bra???

  261. As a 44DD runner it is all about no bounce and comfort. I realized after my first run when I got black eyes from the girls bouncing that a good sports bra is a must.

  262. I would love a bra that was easy to get into (with an underwire) that really held the girls in place (38DD). I tend to wear 2 bras (one a size too small) to get the ‘lock and load’ I need.

  263. Tight enough so there’s no bounce, or downward ‘slippage’…but not too tight to get stuck in after a long run.

  264. I need a bra that crosses across the center of the back instead of pulling down on your shoulders. There’s something wrong when your shoulders hurt more than your legs while running!

  265. I definitely look to trounce the bounce!I don’t like chafing but the fit is more important and I always apply glide anyway.

  266. Comfort with no chafing! As a veteran of 12 marathons, I need a sports bra that holds the girls firmly without rubbing me the wrong way on longer runs.

  267. Personally I am looking for comfort (aka seamless) – I am a 36D and I’ve realized I can layer bras (what I usually do) to build the support I need but I can’t under any circumstances make an uncomfortable bra comfortable.

  268. I look for a bra that is a balance between being close-fitting enough to eliminate the bounce but also loose enough to be comfortable to keep on even after my run is complete… or to allow me to dress for a run hours before I actually have the chance to go!

  269. No bounce! As someone who has some really old bras and lots of tenderness before that favorite time of the month, I have started to wear 2 bras to reduce bounce! A new one would be great!

  270. Built-in padding so the high beams aren’t on full display (I hate the removable kind that gets bunched up in the wash). Also, after nursing 4 kids, serious support is a must!

  271. I like bras that make me look like I have boobs because my post-weight loss, post-nursing physique leaves much to be desired. I will say that after participating in a mud run this weekend in chilly temps, a clasp would be nice. I had to ask my BRF to get my bra off. #classy

  272. I’m really looking for support for my larger ladies. Hiding high beams and avoiding uniboob, would be bonus. I’d also like no chafing, but that is usually less of an issue.

  273. Must reduce overall bounce! Plus needs to be supportive enough to last until I shower, which could be all day honestly.

    When I was nursing, any sports bra that was adjustable seemed to be the best support while letting me adjust for comfortability.

    a plus if the bar has a cute color or design!

  274. Most important for me and my small rack is support without making it look like I have no boobs at all. I also appreciate comfort – who doesn’t?

  275. Nipple padding. #1 priority since support isn’t an issue. Bonnie & Clyde (my new girls, thank you breast cancer) have a mind of their own in the nipple area. Mind you they don’t have any feeling back yet so they don’t know when it’s cold or hot, so generally speaking they shine their headlights pretty much whenever they want. It’s embarrassing to say the least.

  276. I was just thinking about this this morning after my run! Since it’s probably not possible for a sports bra to evenly distribute sweat (why was only my right one sweating today?!?), I would love a sports bra that prevented uniboob and hid the “high beams”. After all, if only one is sweating, do I really need to draw more attention??

  277. I have more than my share to cover and protect so I look for somethign that will support without the bounce but also adjustable straps as some of them tend to fall down on me and obviously don’t support then.

  278. I’m a DD with a very small rib cage (size 30-32 inch)… good luck finding a bra that doesn’t cost a fortune in that size… must be able to convert to racer back (I love showing off my shoulders & arms in tanks) and must not chaff. Nothing like coming home from a run bleeding from your bra running, which I have and it’s not the most comfortable!

  279. As a DD with a short torso, size and adjustments are most important. I have one Saucony bra, and I LOVE it. I just don’t get to wear it often because it somehow always gets lost in the laundry. I need a second one!

  280. I look for a bra that holds the ladies in place, has a comfortable underwire or under support and most of all separates! Saucony seems to be the only brand that does all of this.

  281. I don’t need a whole lot of support. I do get back acne, so I try to find sports bras that have good ventilation in the back. Moisture wicking properties are great, too.

  282. I used to look for the cheapest one I could find that LOOKED like it MIGHT do the job. Now that I figured out you get what you pay for I look for ones that have great customer reviews, and a little padding to dim my headlights. Unfortunatly I’m willing to pay $50 or so for a running bra but still comb the clearance rack at Target for my every day bras. I should treat my girls better than that!

  283. I look for comfort and moisture-wicking; my ‘girls’ are so small I don’t have to worry about them staying in place lol!

  284. I don’t want chafe, and I want a bra that doesn’t require me being a contortionist to remove it while still sweaty. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, right? πŸ™‚

  285. I want running bras that are moisture wicking, that allow for absolutely no movement and that are cute. Even though I’m not a sports bra only runner, I still like it to match my outfit!

  286. My most important factor in choosing a sports bra is the bounce factor. I need to be comfortable when I run. Other factors include whether I’m in need of a racerback or straight style at the time and the price. Having the bra be cute is just a bonus, but a happy one.

  287. After breastfeeding 2 babies for a year each then losing a lot of weight through running, the girls are not as full and perky as before so I need a comfortable fit, good support and if any of them would make the girls look a little bigger I wouldn’t be opposed!

  288. I like a sports bra that doesn’t fight like crazy with my heart rate strap. It drives me nuts when the bra pushes the strap down too far, and then I find myself running with my hand up my shirt trying to move the strap back into place. It feels out of control at that point.

  289. I need support, but don’t want it to feel like I’m wearing a compression vest. So breathable, easy on/off, and light. Which is pretty much impossible to find, it seems.

  290. Support…the ol’ breasts aren’t quite as perky as they used to be after having my lil guy soooo support is super important.

  291. I definitely like support – I’m not that well endowed, but am getting older and would like to keep the girls north of my waist πŸ™‚

  292. I look for a sports bra that I feel absolutely no bounce in. I like to feel no movement at all in the upper parts when I run.

  293. I wish I could find a bra that would eliminate the sweat that collects between my *ahem* ladies. Other than that, I’m pretty easy to please. πŸ™‚

  294. Most important to me is straps that STAY on my shoulders–usually that means going with a racerback or criss-cross style.

  295. The most important feature I look for in a sports bra is its wicking properties. I don’t want the making of the Suez Canal between my breasts!

  296. I love a sports bra that is sized like “regular” bras. I’m always confused trying to figure out if i’m a medium or a large. These Saucony bras look amazing though — love, love that plum color!

  297. well, the first thing is to find out if it comes in my size…..40 or 42 C or D. that usually eliminates most of them. I suppose that is the most important.

    but assuming ALL bras came in my size, I would say bounce minimalization! even after a breast reduction, my friends like to “move it move it” a bit too much!

  298. I still use Target or Academy brand, but have been wanting to upgrade to one with padding and easier to get on and off. Tired of the headlights and the crazy contortionist moves to get my current sports bras off.

  299. Good Support with NO UNDERWIRES. I also have a hinky shoulder, so easy on and off are paramount. I’m too old to take up contortionism.

  300. A bit of padding. Nothing worse than a pair of headlights greeting fellow runners on that nice brisk fall morning. Support and comfort are always a plus too πŸ™‚

  301. Big enough to accommodate my bodacious breasts!! Sturdy enough not to bounce up and knock me in the head! Comfortable enough to breathe without thinking I’m experiencing tightness in the chest!!

  302. Since I am a fellow 36A (SBS!) support is not my biggest concern. But I’ve recently recovered from a really long episode of frozen shoulder. So most of my current bras are of the zip-front style. I need some new ones, now that I’m mostly healed, but easy on/off is still highest priority.

  303. For some odd reason, even most no bounce bras still leave me bouncin’. So I usually wear a couple of them. For an all-in-one bra, I look for underwires, padding, adjustable straps. good clasps, and a pusher down fabric. In a cool color helps. But that rarely happens with the industrial sports bras.

  304. I haven’t upgraded from my Target sports bras – good bras are next on my investment list. What I would like is one that supports and is easy to get on and off. I tried a compression bra on once – the girls stayed put and so did the bra! I was afraid I was stuck in it and would have to ask for help, it took me a good 15 minutes to get it off. So support & ease of entry / exit.

  305. It has to be all of these things. I need no bounce (or the perception of it) comfort without constriction, light padding, and ease of use. It’s a bonus if they look cute under tops.

    I wear them too much for anything less! Curve Crusader is my fave saucony!

  306. Of course, I assume good support is just a given. What I look for after that is a hook closure. No fun turning into a contortionist to get free of it after a run!

  307. Support is key being on the larger side of a DD, but anti-chafe is also right up there! I have yet to find a sports bra that I like (and does not give you the dreaded uniboob..). It would be great to be able to try one of these bad boys πŸ™‚

  308. The right size with no uniboob if possible, can hook and unhook without assistance even when hot and sweaty and if it is cute and colourful all the better!

  309. Support, no headlights and a hook to get out of it. I realize this sounds crazy, but I had a pretty good crash on my bike at a tri. I had several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. When I got to the hospital I could not get my bra off over my head! Ouch! Not that I plan on crashing again, but if I do . . .

  310. I love the phrase ‘locked and loaded’ in reference to my girls in a sportsbra. Seriously, I am an ample DD gal who has nursed 3 kids and these girls have a mind of their own. They need to be locked and loaded. Otherwise, they could be a weapon for those around me. πŸ™‚

  311. In 2004 I underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Although my surgeon promised I’d be the same size, I ended up a 32 D in order to fill the loose skin. My girls need some serious support and I would LOVE some new bras!!

  312. I look for cute colors that don’t mind peeping out from under my tanks, but also love a convertible strap for flexibility. My perky Bs don’t need massively constructed support, but just because I’m small, doesn’t mean I want a log of sog-holding padding either. Fully operable back or front closure is a must–I’ve been trapped inside a sweaty bra, elbow locked behind my ear, screaming for assistance before, and NEVER want to go there again.

  313. Fit is #1. I was larger until I lost 30 pounds…but now the sag factor plays a part (three kids, 40s and lost weight…not a cute combination for the girls). My second factors are racer back (loving the idea of the convertible) and cuteness.

  314. I always have the idea in my head that it has to look great IN CASE I decide to take my shirt off on a hot day. Which I never have done, and may never do. But I guess that makes the answer to the question- style.

  315. Seriously the STRAPS! Having a bra where the straps stay put throughout your run is priceless, I don’t have time to be adjusting myself every few minutes : )

  316. #1 – Support!!! #2 – Proper sizing. (So many choices for skinny A/B cup runners. My size not so much.) #3 – Hide the high beams without overpadding.
    I do not need fashionable – I need functional!

  317. I’m a Survivor that had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I’m the same size as I was before….small BUT it’s so important to keep my foobs (fake boobs) in a good supportive sports bra! And gosh do I need some new ones……please pick me! πŸ˜€

  318. Support, no headlights, and NO squash!!! A little bit of a womanly figure under my running tops is a bonus!

  319. As an admitted, run in only a sports bra mom (heat and humidity ridden FL spring and summers) I tend to look for supportive but cute. Oh, and I always jump around the fitting room to see how the “girls” react in any given bra!

  320. Comfort with some padding to add to my 34A (I’d probably count as Negative A if they had that) but I don’t like removable pads. They either get all scrunched up, lost in the laundry, and then never inserted back into the bra…hence I normally look like I am back in 3rd grade! πŸ™‚

  321. I like ’em held firmly in place! Nothing is more distracting than bounce pain when I’m trying to focus!

  322. I need me some support and I can’t stand to look like I’m in a VERY cold climate all the time (if you know what I mean.) I also like my sports bra to coordinate with my outfit.

  323. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my AA’s don’t need much support so I look for comfort, no chafing and the ability to pull it on and off without being a contortionist.

  324. I need great support (getting older we must keep everything up!) and I do have a problem with chafing so need something to help with minimizing that too.

  325. I do not want a hook and clasp in the front or the back, which means it’s got to be stretchy enough to pull it on without hurting my shoulders and yet snug enough that it does its job. A tall order!

  326. The very first “feature” I look for first is size, because I wear 34DD, and that’s a nearly impossible size to find. After I locate that particular holy grail, adjustable straps come second in line, preferably straps which adjust in the front, because when you’re lugging that much tit around, the straps tend to stretch out a few miles into the run.
    Feel free to pass this along to Saucony, BTW.

  327. Overall support and comfort without feeling like I am wearing a piece of medieval armor would be a good start! I don’t like a big, chunky sports bra and just want it to feel natural on me while providing some support. A little padding to knock down on the directional pointers would be nice, but after running for so long with ’em out I’m only slightly concerned about that nowadays.

  328. What do I look for in an “over the shoulder boulder holder?” I want something that is comfortable and does NOT have removable pads. I don’t have a problem with holding these puppies back. That is exactly what they are..puppies. No bid dogs here! I strongly dislike having to adjust the padding after a spin through the washer. Nobody has time for that. Happy Running!! πŸ™‚

  329. I’m always looking for the right fit. Between weight fluctuations with pregnancy and nursing I was changing sizes often. Now that I have a better idea on the size I am, I’m trying to find a good fit that doesn’t chafe under my arms and back. Also, a racer back style is always appreciated to look cute under tanks!

  330. Support! Even though I am a small B, 2 kids and age have made it necessary for me to have more support which in turn equals comfort. And the no-show headlights is a plus!

  331. Where to start? I have no idea – I just want some good ones but it is SO hard (and expensive) to play trial and error.

    SO, what I dream of is the right overall fit (now fat overflow on the side/back to make sure the front is compressed enough and the girls upright and centered (ahem, no wandering). And no pointing! Just saying, that’s not a good look.

  332. I want something to hold them in without being so tight they’re uncomfortable. No chaffing is nice too! I have nursing boobs (They’re big!) right now, so good support is essential!

  333. I want my sports bra to be simple and comfortable. I don’t need much support, so stretchy & comfy are most important to me. I’m thinking the avenger is most my style.

  334. Most important sports bra feature for me is comfort! I also really appreciate sports bras that don’t turn my B cup girls into a uni-boob. Give me enough support to prevent bounce, without resorting to strapping them down where I feel like a boy.

  335. It has to be good support and zero chafe. I have the hardest time finding a sports bra that I love. I have a few that I’ve purchased that I use just for low impact activities, since they failed the test with running!

  336. Must have thick padding…I love one particular Under Armor bra but can’t find it anywhere, I hate that!

  337. I so would love to find a sports bra that didn’t chafe!!! My old standbys seem to be letting me down this spring and the chaffing sucks (and that is with the use of body glide)!

  338. I always look for sports bras that offer compressive comfort. It shouldn’t hurt my shoulders, either πŸ™‚

  339. I look for something that won’t chafe under the girls or the armpits. I would also love to have something to hide the “high beams” and get rid of uniboob. (I’v never tried a Saucony bra, but I’d really like to try the curve crusader.)

  340. Like all girls….my girls like stability!…and the other most important factor…hiding nippage! Ever seen the movie new in town! Wow! Hahaha!

  341. Just support for the gals! However, I recently had a baby, and the old stand-by isn’t supporting since there is a little more there. Need something!