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Hump Day Running Giveaway: Three Ultimate Direction Handheld Bottles

Getting my giddy on: I--SBS--love being at a race expo in AMR booth.
Getting my giddy on: I--SBS--love being at a race expo in AMR booth.

If you are a fan of the Another Mother Runner podcast (and we met SO many of you at our booths last weekend at Chicago and Hartford marathon expos--love you all!!), you might recall my story about drinking from a found-by-the-side-of-the-road Aquafina bottle out of desperation on a hot, humid run. Pretty sure I shared that sad tale in summer 2013, and gals still mention it in conversation. (Which makes me laugh every.single.time.)

Fast forward to Found Water Bottle 2.0: On Saturday at our Chicago Marathon expo booth, a customer left a Nuun water bottle at our booth. We tucked it aside, in hopes the owner would return for it. Nope, the half-full bottle was still there when we were frantically breaking down our booth. I couldn't bear to throw away a perfectly good (and cute!) water bottle, and I didn't think it was right to pour Nuun into our cardboard trash can. I'll give you one guess what I did next.

I'm still standing--and the second found bottle has been through the dishwasher.
I'm still standing--and the second found bottle has been through the dishwasher.

Yup: I chugged the Grape Nuun, and packed that puppy into a box o' merch. Let the record show, at least I removed the top before quaffing it and the thought, "it might be poisoned!" did flicker through my tired brain, but I drank it regardless. Given how much gals seem to marvel at my original water bottle store, I just had to share this most recent one.

Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 20 Extreme: padded to keep your bevvy cold or hot while you run.
Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 20 Extreme: padded to keep your bevvy cold or hot while you run.

And it seems appropos as we are giving away three water bottles today. No, not used ones, but brand-spanking-new Ultimate Direction hand-helds called Fastdraw 20 Extreme. As its name implies, this handy (tee-hee) bottle lets you carry 20 ounces of your favorite fluid while you run without having to clutch a bottle in a deathgrip. Instead, the adjustable hand strap lets you cinch the bottle to your hand, which you can then relax without fear of dropping the bottle. A large pocket holds most smart phones, along with keys, ID, and a GU or two. The true genius of the Fastdraw 20 Extreme is it is insulated, perfect for running and racing this time of year: In a warm race, it'll keep your Nuun chilled; on a chilly run, you can carry along the hot beverage of your choice. (Hmmm, cocoa versus chai: a whole new running debate.) I know I'll be putting in a lot of miles with a Fastdraw 20 Extreme strapped to my hand while I'm training for Boston 2016.

Several lucky ladies will also be enjoying an Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 20 Extreme as we are giving away three in today's Hump Day Giveaway. To get your hands on one, tell us what hot or cold drink you'd put in the Fastdraw 20 Extreme to drink on a run. Click on the Comments ribbon under this post on our site, and you'll be entered to win one of three Fastdraw 20 Extremes. Cheers!

See yourself carrying a Fastdraw Extreme 20: no more relying on water fountains or 7-Elevens for your on-the-run hydration needs.
See yourself carrying a Fastdraw Extreme 20: no more relying on water fountains or 7-Elevens for your on-the-run hydration needs thanks to Ultimate Direction.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on10/14/15 and ends on 10/20/15. We will announce three random winners on our Facebook page on 10/22/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $32.95. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.


398 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Three Ultimate Direction Handheld Bottles

  1. I had warm Gatorade during a snowy winter trail marathon a few years back. Now I can’t swallow that much sugar, but I think I’d try warmed Nuun because seriously the warm Gatorade hit the spot!

  2. Loving the idea of a warm drink, but probably just water for me! My Nuun gets too sloshy and fizzy when I run? Must be a bouncer.

  3. Water, possibly mixed with Skratch hydration if I was going long enough. Or if I wasn’t running with it, Nuun. (Love Nuun but not so much the way it tends to spurt out of a closed water bottle when being jostled by my apparently less-than-fluid running style.)

  4. My Fastdraw 20 Extreme would hold either just orange nuun, or a mixture of orange with nuun plus no matter what season it is in Maryland!

  5. Ice water or fruit punch Nuun. Hmmm, I’ve never run with a warm drink before, but when it gets below freezing, that would be awesome. I’d give hot cocoa a try.

  6. I’m boring … water. But maybe tea in the winter? I’d probably have to drink it within 5 minutes of leaving the house before it got cold.

  7. Why couldn’t this have posted last week,lol My water bottle is leaky and I am heading into MCM- this would be awesome with my pink lemonade Nuun I always carry.

  8. COFFEE!!!! It is getting cold (ok, chilly) in the South and I need a jolt of Java to kick me in the bum to get out and run 🙂

  9. I’m a minimalist – I can only tolerate water or Nuun while running. Afterwards I’ll chug some coconut water or some such electrolyte brew.

  10. I think I’d put some cold water in there for summer and some Earl Grey green tea in there in the cold winter months. I love the idea of a warm drink on a cold run.

  11. I would probably put lemon lime Nuun on a normal day, but after running Chicago on Sunday all I was wishing for around mile 21 was a diet coke so that might go in there!

  12. My “brightest” hydration idea was to stop into dunkin donuts, a sign for iced coffee having spoken to me during a particularly hot, humid run. I ordered one and poured it into my bottles and drank it on the run. HOLY CRAMPS. Lesson learned: Don’t run on Dunkin. So I’d stick to water or nuun in my water bottle! As nice as some warm chai on a cold winters day sounds, that’s going to have to wait until I’m home from the run!

  13. I would love a handheld that wouldn’t need a death grip to hold it. I would most definitely fill it with my every run go to . . . Cherry Limeade Energy NUUN!!!

  14. I would put regular old water in there. My least favorite day of fall is coming… The day they turn the water fountains off on my trail so the pipes don’t freeze over winter. Time to start carrying my water again! (Hopefully in a new, fancy Fastdraw Extreme!)

  15. Because it’s still super hot ’round these parts (when will Ma Nature get the memo that fall arrived a while ago?), it’ll be filled with ice-cold Nuun. 🙂

  16. I would mainly put water in – though I’d be up for trying some Nuun! I could really use one of these handheld bottles since carrying one of the little bottles from my waist pack gets old really quickly!

  17. I’d love to put a hot toddy in there, but I probably wouldn’t be able to run far drinking that! 😉 I guess I’ll stick with water or some grape Nuun and save the toddy for a football game.

  18. Honestly the first thing that came to mind is a strawberry margarita! However drinking and running may not be so smart since I’m a light weight but it sure would make some of the long runs more interesting!

  19. I’m a water girl…and not too picky. Gross fountains, state park bathhouse sinks…friend’s hoses on routes, whatever. But I do like Nuun (TriBerry is my fave) for just plain ole sipping. (and, during a really hot week of soccer camp, my kids all had nuun tabs to make mom feel better)

  20. Nice warm coffee sounds tempting on those cold cold mornings but not sure I could actually stomach it during a run. I’d probably stick with my Tri Berru Nuun. It would be nice if it stayed cold during the entire run!

  21. Nuun plus and water are my running drink. Off topic, sort of, I once was in a race corral waiting for the race to start and as we walked our way to the starting line, the person infront of me reaches down for a water bottle he finds along the side of the road. After he realized it has never been opened, he opened it up and drank it. I almost gagged. 🙂

  22. Kona Cola Nuun always. But, for long runs or races I also add the Nuun Plus tablets alone with my regular nuun tablet.

  23. I love grape Nuun and have heard you can make it warm. I’m thinking I’ll try it this winter. I also like chicken broth after long cold runs. Not sure about during it though.

  24. Much as I love my pre-run coffee, I don’t think it would be a good idea to try it in a hand held. My favorite cold drink would be strawberry lemonade Nuun.

  25. I’d have to go with Strawberry Lemonade Nuun or water. Although I’d be curious to try it with hot coffee–but NOT during a run 🙂

  26. Am I boring if I say that I’d just put water into it? 🙂 I can’t imagine drinking a hot liquid while running. And lately I’m not running far enough to warrant anything but water.

  27. Freeze the bottle half-full the night before, then fill the rest right before leaving! A must-have for Phoenix summers.

  28. Some of everything. Sometimes water, sometimes Nuun, sometimes hot coca mixed with chia, sometimes a Captain n Coke shhh.

  29. As much as I love my Nuun, I would most likely stick to water in the bottle. I use Nuun for significantly longer runs or when I get home. During the run I like to stick with water.

  30. And there’s me not really ading the instructions. Cold drinks would be Lemon Tea Gu Brew, its Arnold Palmer flavor. Not drink would be a Mocha!

  31. I’d put plain water for shorter runs and I love NUUN grape flavor and would put that in there for longer runs. Love that it will keep it cold!

  32. Cold–NUUN of course. Cherry Limeade to be exact. Since I am one of the weird people out here that does not drink coffee or anything hot really, I don’t see myself putting anything hot in the bottle!!

  33. My absolute favorite winter drink is an adult one – hot cocoa spiked with peppermint schnapps. So my bottle would definitely have to hold my 2nd favorite winter drink which is peppermint tea with honey. So tasty and it always warms me right up on a cold Wisconsin day! I’ve never thought about talking a warm drink with me! Talk about a revelation!

  34. Hot chocolate for sure. My first marathon was really cold, and I was salivating thinking about hot chocolate for the last 8 miles. And I just ran the Hot Chocolate run last weekend, and it was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!

  35. since I am about to try a Whole30 (and need to take a break from my beloved nuun) maybe some mint water will do the trick – while my mint is still healthy in the yard

  36. NUNN is the!!! I use it ALWAYS ~ my favorite is the citrus… AND I have even drank it warmed up… don’t judge me, try it!! (
    I love the bottle easy on your hands and a place to keep a few pack alongs)

  37. I’ve just discovered Nuun! I know….totally behind the times. So, Nuun or H2O. Depends on my mood. I’ve never run with a warm drink. I may have to attempt that soon.

  38. That bottle would be awesome to stop my water from freezing on super cold winter runs. I wonder if the pocket is insulated enough to keep my iPhone from freezing and dying too…

  39. I love sweet tea Nuun (sniff) which has been discontinued. I would not know anything about a hoarding situation going on in my pantry 😉

  40. Before my big race on Thanksgiving: Chai tea to warm me up before the race.

    Training days: Good old Nuun (Strawberry Lemonade is the best!), especially on long runs!

  41. I honestly don’t like NUUN, but I would fill the bottle with either plain ice cold water, or cold Powerade on a really long run!

  42. I’ve got a stash of grape, tri-berry, and wild berry energy in my running drawer. I would love to try that handheld on runs!

  43. Tri Berry NUUN, of course! And….thank goodness for BRF’s b/c one of mine, Amy Peterson, gave me the bad news last Saturday before I left for my 10 mile run that all the St. Paul water fountains had turned off for the season. Thankfully, she hooked me up with a regular water bottle filled with nuun to get me through, though not the most fun to carry while running….I need one of these Ultimate Direction hand held bottles to get me through these long runs!

  44. Nuun!, my current bottle does not work with nuun….randomly spits out fluid on me while running, so it is time for a new one!!

  45. I drink nuun during the week, but for long runs I like to use Skratch. I’ve never tried taking warm/hot drinks with me on a long run (no matter how cold it gets), but would be interested in trying if the water bottle can take it!

  46. NUUN lemon-lime is my go-to. Would love to try the UD Bottle– hubby took my last water transport to the beach on a warm September day ( with a gin and tonic) and surprisingly ( or not…) it never made it’s way
    back home!

  47. I’ve never tried NUUN, but after listening to you guys I figured I should try it out. Bought some yesterday so I guess that is what I’d be putting in a new water bottle. 🙂

  48. As a Central FL runner, I’d love to keep just water cold for a while! That is an excellent pocket for our electrolyte pills, as we need them here to avoid cramping in our always high humidity. Very nice!!!

  49. I love the size of that pouch!! and I don’t say that to everyone. WIth phones getting bigger and bigger its hard to find pouches that fit. I LOVE the idea of a hot beverage on a cold run. Never tried it because my water bottles aren’t insulated. Maybe a lovely chai on a 4 a.m run!! Yum Yum.

  50. I’d stick with water, although hot apple cider sounds really good for chilly fall and winter runs! Maybe have to give it a try on a short, easy run…

  51. Lemon Tailwind … fuel, electrolytes & hydration all in one. Bonus, the flavor doesn’t get old on me, even on 20+ mile runs.

  52. Water with an itty bitty splash of balsamic vinegar, or maybe fresh citrus juice. And is it wrong to think “oooh, hot. Can I put spiked hot chocolate in this?”???

  53. My choice would be Nuun, or water. Have been checking out handheld bottles, just didn’t know which one to try. Would love to try Ultimate Direction !

  54. Ice Cold water in the summer! Normal temp water in the winter. I’ve been eyeing these handheld water bottles and would LOVE to win one!

  55. Ohhhh baby I want one of these! Crossing fingers, saying Hail Mary’s and jumping backwards. My current favorite combination is Kona Cola Nuun with nuun plus.

  56. Ooh, cherry limeade Nuun if it is cold, but I am looking at an unsupported 50K in January (in Iowa!), so an insulated hot beverage is a great idea — coffee with a little sugar in it for that!

  57. It’s still getting into the 90s pretty regularly here, so if I could drink solid ice I’d go with that. Melty ice water will have to do. And perhaps an iced mocha after the run.

  58. Ok, those stories are just hilarious! I’m not sure I would ever do that, but I am not going to judge. Who knows, I might do the same one day. I would put iced tea or just water in it – I can’t imagine taking something warm on a run, but again, I might just try it.

  59. I am not sure about running with something warm to drink. I would drink water/gatorade with my bottle:) It would be awesome to win one. My regular bottle this past winter, the mouth piece froze on me and I couldn’t get any water out. It was “painful”

  60. Ahh, refreshing water! Just got done with my second to last taper run before my half marathon and came and home to drink lots of water. As thirsty as I’ve gotten over these hot summer days, I can’t say I would be brave (or crazy, sorry Sarah) enough to drink from a found water bottle. Way to build your immune system! LOL

  61. I used to do sports drinks. But I prefer the taste of our well water. Straight from the ground – unprocessed – and pure. Nothing better!

  62. My bottle would definitely have Nuun in it. I can’t stomach water on the run, so I always take a citrus, lemon-lime, or orange Nuun. Haven’t had any luck in finding the lemonade flavor yet. Sarah, you’re truly a badass! Just the thought of saving myself from dehydration with unknown water freaks me out.

  63. I can’t imagine running with something hot in my hands because I feel like I would burn myself so my choice would be plain old water. I know it’s not very creative, but it sure gets the job done!

  64. Water! Never used a handheld before but I’d like to give it a try. My hydration belt sometimes make my belly uncomfortable.

  65. I would put my Nuun Plus in it while I was getting dressed for my long run. I could be sipping while getting ready. Then I could finish it on the first 2 miles, thereby letting me tackle the rest of the long run with hydration, energy and um, enthusiasm……yea, enthusiasm.

  66. As a cold front is about to hit Chicago the thought of heading out the door with a Starbucks Via White Chocolate Mocha sounds fabulous!!!! But in reality I am sure it would just be water.

  67. Most definitely water or water and Nuun. I would also try putting my protein drink in there. On cold days, hot chocolate or lemon ginger tea.

  68. Not sure what I’d do if my water didn’t freeze while I run long during the winter. Warm stock for winter runs would stay warm as opposed to getting cold, right?

  69. I would fill that sucker up with cherry limeade Nuun energy for longer runs or plain old H20 on the days I share with my BRD (best running dog)

  70. As much as I love a cold Captain Morgan and Diet Coke, I would reserve this bottle for my favorite berry NUUN!

  71. Honestly? I would just be jazzed to have it so my Tropical Nuun didn’t freeze in the subzero winter temps here in PA. But….coffee would be fantastic on some of the early early runs…as long as a porta pot was along the route. 🙂 Can you imagine carrying chocolate milk in that? Or a fruit smoothie as you run? Awesomeness!

  72. Strawberry lemonade Nuun for sure. Love that it has a small attached bag for keys and stuff. That would be great for hiking as well as running.

  73. A few years ago, I’d say I would fill it with Pepsi MAX. Now that I’m off the soda, I’d fill it with water spiked with a bit of MIO flavoring.

  74. Just plain old water for me. My kids would put some apple juice in it. They love drinking out of my hydration pack and water bottles after my run.

  75. I’m a Nuun lemon lime girl, but I’m more interested in running with a hand held bottle instead of bottles around my waist on a belt.

  76. Usually water, sometimes lemon lime Nuun. I like my water cold, so I freeze my flask in hot weather. It gets noisy as the ice melts and sloshes around.

  77. If I could drink it on a run, either cold brew (homemade, decaf) on hot day or hot decaf Irish Breakfast tea on cold days. But I don’t think either would sit with my stomach. I think icy cold water or SOS Rehydrate Citrus flavor would be what I’d actually carry.

  78. My VT special drink: maple syrup, water, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt! (This drink has gotten through both a marathon and labor!!)

  79. For a cold drink…orange Nuun, maybe with half a tab of lemon lime. For a hot drink…maybe tea with a nice shot of bourbon?!

  80. Plain Jane water, unless the run us over 10 miles! I am a coffee addict, but am certain running and coffee shouldn’t mix when you’re as clumsy as I am.

  81. I’m pretty boring with water, but I have to say throwing in some coffee on an early and dark morning holds a little appeal! Just because I haven’t done it before – doesn’t mean I shouldn’t at least try it

  82. Cherry limeade Nuun – yum! And I’ve never tried running with a warm beverage but in MI winters that might be an idea! Maybe some salted caramel hot chocolate…

  83. I would put either Tropical Nuun or Citrus Sword. Love them both and really need a job at either one so I could (maybe) get a discount.

  84. I’ve only run with water but think I should start putting NUUN in my bottle. O love all the flavored I’ve tried before but it’s too early right now to remember which ones!

  85. I would def put the nuun strawberry lemonade in it – BUT if I knew I could run and not become so dehydrated and pass out or belligerent I’d fill it up with my fave adult beverage and run! LOL Seriously – here where I currently at – it’s gotta just be the big H2O for now. Yummy yummy yummy!!! and those pockets? Well, those would be filled with loads of great stuff – $$$ ID keys and guuuugugugugugugug!!!

  86. I love Blue powerade (I have no idea what flavor its supposed to be) I fill half powerade, half water/ice to dilute it down. It has powered me through many a long run.

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